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Glendale’s RD White Elementary School evacuated after false bomb scare



Kenton Nelson’s art, in vitreous mosaic, perks up Old Pasadena

At approximately 9:00 am Jan 7 an anonymous call was received at RD White Elementary School located on the 700 block of E Doran in the City of Glendale of a possible bomb on campus. School officials evacuated the campus to Whole Foods located in Glendale at the intersection of Glendale Ave and Lexington. All 880 students are accounted for and no device was found.

President signs Rep. Schiff DNA bill into law Legislation would award grants to states to implement DNA collection for felony arrestees President Barack Obama signed Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-Burbank) legislation, the Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act of 2012 (H.R. 6014), into law. Originally introduced in 2010 by Schiff, Katie’s Law bears the name of Katie Sepich, a college student who was raped and murdered in 2003 in New Mexico. Her attacker was arrested several times over subsequent years but was never linked to Katie’s Please see page 6

Kenton Nelson works on the installation Tuesday morning high above Intelligentsia Coffee. -Photo by Terry Miller

BY TERRY MILLER Pasadena artist Kenton Nelson is about to complete one of his more ambitious projects in Old Pasadena. For this installation, scaffold-

ing has been erected and a hefty climb was in order to get to the nearly completed mosaic Tuesday morning. Nelson, perhaps best known for his striking, colorful paintings, many of

Chinese New Year Festival - Feb. 2-3 in Monterey Park February 2-3, 2013 at Garfield and Garvey Avenues in downtown Monterey Park. The expanded 2013 Chinese New Year event will feature over 200 booths of delicious food from local restaurants, specialty items and gifts, all-day-long live entertainment on two stages, carnival rides and more on an expanded plan on Garvey Avenue. For more information please visit the city’s special events page at http://www.

-Courtesy Photo

which have adorned magazine covers like the New Yorker over the years, is thrilled with this new project and delighted to offer his vision to Pasadena residents. As a painter, R. Ken-

ton Nelson “brings to his canvases a trimmed and exact world: youthful, robust figures; clean and painted structures; landscapes that are polished and orderly. All those elements com-

bine to support the central theme in his work and the core of his canvases, the fight against loneliness,” according to Sullivan Goss Please see page 6

Governor Brown proposes 2013-2014 Budget Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today proposed a balanced state budget that boosts investment in education, implements health care reform and keeps California on a long-term path to fiscal stability. This budget builds on the work of the last two years to eliminate the ongoing deficit. “The budget cuts made in the last two years and the passage of Proposition 30 make it possible to both live within our means and to increase funding for education,” said Governor Brown. When Governor Brown Please see page 5

-Photo by Terry Miller

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2 | JANUARY 14, 2013 - january 20, 2013

Mike Gatto Bill: Broken meters shouldn’t lead to tickets Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-43) introduced legislation Januray 7 that will allow Californians to park for free at broken or malfunctioning parking meters for the maximum time allowed by the meter. The bill, AB 61, would prohibit local governments, such as cities and counties, from enacting an ordinance that bans parking in a space controlled by a broken meter or broken kiosk for on-street parking. Last year, California legislators unanimously passed SB 1388 (DeSaulnier), which authorized parking at an inoperable parking meter for up to the

posted time limit if no ordinance or resolution had been adopted to prohibit it. This language created a loophole that allowed for the Los Angeles city council to pass an ordinance to uphold the city’s policy of ticketing drivers who park in spaces with broken parking meters. Gatto’s bill would close this loophole and protect individuals from cities and counties that are overzealous in their parking enforcement. “It’s just wrong for cities to ticket people who want to park at a meter that the city has failed to fix,” said Gatto. “Or to force a motorist to drive around or park in a paid

Young musicians foundation gala with an evening with John Williams

lot when a perfectly good spot on the street is availRenowned composer able.” A NBC4 investiga- John Williams will conduct tion found that more than the Young Musicians Foun17,000 parking tickets had dation’s (YMF) Debut Orbeen issued, in a single chestra in a program featuryear, for meters that had ing selections from some of been reported as malfunc- his most memorable and betioning to the city of Los loved movie scores. It is all happening at the YMF’s 58th Angeles. “It is the responsibil- Annual Gala performance on ity of local governments to Sat., Feb. 9, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., maintain their meters and at the Music Center’s Dorokeep them in good work- thy Chandler Pavilion. “The Gala event is a ing order,” said Gatto. “The people should not wonderful way for the public have to pay for the govern- to realize what these young ment’s mistakes or inef- people can accomplish,” ficiencies, especially when commented John Williams. the people already paid “Much of my music can be to install and maintain the technically demanding, and it’s wonderful for me to hear meters in the first place.” Mike Gatto is the these young musicians perChairman of the Appro- form everything so capably Hollywood Production Center Hollywood Center and so beautifully.” priations Committee of the Production Williams is the composCalifornia State AssemAffordable ~ Luxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service Luxurious ~Full-Service of more than 100 movie bly. HeAffordable represents~the cit- er ~Turn-key scores, including some of ies of Burbank, Glendale, Office Space Office Space La Canada Flintridge, La Hollywood’s most successful Crescenta, Montrose, the and popular films. His credits Call to schedule a tour! Call to schedule a tour! include such movie classics as Los Angeles neighbor818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 / 323-785-2100 818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 / 323-785-2100 Stars Wars, Close Encounters hoods of Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, and of the Third Kind, E.T The portions of the Hollywood Extra-Terrestrial, Harry PotHills and East Hollywood. ter, The Adventures of Tintin, War Horse, Lincoln and more! “I am pleased to support Hollywood Production Center Hollywood Production Center Founthe Young Musicians dation’s work in helping Affordable ~ Luxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service Affordable ~ Luxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service these accomplished young people advance in their choOffice Space Office Space sen field. Through YMF, these young musicians are Call to schedule a tour! Call to schedule a tour! given access to invaluable ex818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 / 323-785-2100 818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 periences,/ 323-785-2100 such as playing in a pre-professional orchestra, working with great teachers, and collaborating with many established and inspiring musicians,” concluded Williams. The evening will also feaHollywood Production Center Hollywood Production Center ture violin soloist Bing Wang, associate concertmaster of the Affordable ~ Luxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service Affordable ~ Luxurious ~Full-Service LA~Turn-key Philharmonic, and a frequent collaborator with Mr. Office Space Office Space Williams. Three honorees will Call to schedule a tour! Call to schedule a tour! at the Gala receive awards 818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 / 323-785-2100 818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 323-785-2100 dinner: /YMF’s Humanitarian Award will be presented to Albert and Trudy Kallis. This entrepreneurial couple applies their many talents as documentary film makers and continues to use this imHollywood Production Center Hollywood Production Center pactful medium to celebrate the inspiration that comes Affordable ~ Luxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service Affordable ~ Luxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service from performing arts, music and music education in our Office Space Office Space country. Delores Stevens, reCall to schedule a tour!and recording nowned pianist pasadena 105 antour! hill ave | 93 e green st Call to schedule artist, will/ 323-785-2100 receive the Living 818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 / 323-785-2100 818-480-3100 / 818-536-7400 alhambra 410 e main st the Legacy Award. She has been involved with YMF for over 20 years including roles as the director of the chamber music series providing



Hollywood Production Center

dh beacon 1-4th cmyk april 2012.indd 1

4/17/12 4:34 PM Production Center Hollywood

chamber music opportunities for middle school and high school students. She coaches ensembles, oversees the audition process for the annual Chamber Music Series and in 2011 launched the composition contest for young composers. Gala concert tickets are available for between $50 and $200. Tickets for the Gala concert and dinner are available for $500 and all tickets may be purchased online at www. All proceeds from the Gala will benefit children and youth ages 8-25 by providing music education, scholarships, pre-professional musical training and performance opportunities. The Debut Orchestra is the flagship program of the Young Musicians Foundation and one of the oldest and most successful pre-professional training orchestras in the country. Debut Orchestra alumni are members of Los Angeles Philharmonic and many other orchestras in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Notable alumni include Glenn Dicterow, New York Philharmonic concertmaster, and Robert Chen, Chicago Symphony concertmaster. Other YMF programs include the Music Director and Conductor-in-Residence post, one of the most prestigious training positions available to young conductors. Renowned conductors Michael Tilson Thomas, André Previn, Lawrence Foster and Daniel Hege have each held this position. YMF also provides music mentorship to underserved students and classical music experiences to elementary and high school students in the greater Los Angeles area. Julia Gaskill, YMF’s Executive Director promises a night to be remembered for all in attendance. “This will be a glorious evening in celebration of the tremendous talents of our current musicians, alumni, guest musicians and of course the wonderful life work of our guest conductor John Williams. The music will be exhilarating and the setting simply stunning. It is so important that the community supports our musicians who range in age from elementary to graduate school. By doing so we are influencing not just the lives of these worthy young musicians, but the long-term health of our cultural community and quality of life for us all,” she said.

Alhambra PRESS Baldwin Park



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JANUARY 14, 2013 - january 20, 2013 | 3

SoCalGas conservation tips help customers put a blanket on winter natural gas bills, focus on savings As winter chills continue to hit the southland, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is offering energy and money-saving tips and encouraging customers to take simple steps to help them stay warm while keeping a blanket on natural gas bills. Home heating is the number one natural gas use for residential customers, accounting for up to 65 percent of a home’s total winter gas use. “We know that a typical home’s natural gas use for heating increases during colder months, sometimes up to three times more than in warmer seasons. A good way to help lower winter gas bills is to conserve in two key areas that can account for most of our gas use: home and water heating,” said Hal Snyder, vice president of customer solutions for SoCalGas. SoCalGas offers these tips for a warm and energyefficient winter: Save up to 30 percent on heating costs by lowering your furnace thermostat by three to five degrees (health permitting). Install a programmable thermostat to help automatically regulate your home’s temperature for comfort control and energy savings. Keep your heating system tuned up to operate at maximum efficiency. Clean or replace furnace filters according to manufacturer recommendations and keep

all heating vents and furnace registers free of dirt, lint and obstructions. Caulk and weather-strip drafty windows and doors. Open your drapes and shades during the day, allowing the sun to warm your house. Close them at night to limit the amount of heat that escapes. Water heating is the second largest energy expense in the average home and there are four key ways to cut water heating costs: use less hot water, turn down the thermostat on your water heater, insulate your water heater, or buy a new, more efficient model. Setting your water heater’s thermostat at or slightly below the manufacturer’s recommendation may prevent scalding and help lower energy costs. While some manufacturers set water heater thermostats at 140ºF, most households usually only require them set at 120ºF. If you have a gas water heater, turn it to the “Pilot” setting when you go on vacation. Insulate exterior, uncovered hot water pipes. Take shorter, cooler showers rather than baths and install low-flow, watersaving showerheads. Showers can account for over 50 percent of your hot water usage. Save up to 10 percent of hot water costs by washing full laundry loads in cold water and wash full loads in

the dishwasher. Fix leaky faucets. One drop of hot water per second can waste 500 gallons a year. “SoCalGas is committed to helping customers manage their energy costs and has programs that can help. We encourage customers to visit our website for energy-saving tips, rebates and bill-assistance programs,” said Robert Visconti, regional public affairs manager for SoCalGas. Through December 31, 2013, SoCalGas is offering the following rebates: a $200 rebate on central furnaces, a $50 rebate on qualifying gravity wall furnaces and rebates of up to $75 on qualifying storage water heaters and up to $200 on qualifying tankless water heaters. In addition, SoCalGas offers assistance programs such as a 20 percent rate discount for income-qualified customers, no-cost home energy upgrades for qualifying customers and more. If customers are having trouble paying their bill, SoCalGas may even be able to offer payment arrangements. For more information on rebates, conservation and simple home improvement tips, or to learn about customer assistance programs, customers should visit SoCalGas’ website at www.socalgas. com or call (800) 427-2200. Customers are asked to have their account number handy for faster service.

Assemblymember Roger Hernández introduces legislation to honor La Paz as a state historical landmark Assemblymember Roger Hernández (D-West Covina) has introduced Assembly Bill 34, a measure which would establish Nuestra Señora Reina de la Paz (La Paz) as a state historical landmark. “Despite California’s labor, civil rights and cultural history, there seems to be a general deficit of state historical landmarks associated with our rich heritage. La Paz offers an exceptional opportunity to commemorate and conserve this distinct land,” said Hernández. La Paz covers 187 acres

of eastern Kern County, California. The site is significant as the headquarters of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) and as the burial site of the late labor and civil rights activist, César E. Chávez. From the site, César E. Chávez met with public officials, labor leaders, community organizations and industry representatives as a voice for the disenfranchised and the less fortunate. Today, the site encompasses César E. Chávez’s home, a visitor’s center, the United Farm Workers of America’s legal aid of-

fices, three structures and other buildings. On October 8, 2012, President Obama visited La Paz to declare the site a United States National Historic Landmark. According to the U.S. National Park Service, it became the 398th unit in the National Park Service system, and the first honoring a Latino since the 1700s. “The federal government has officially recognized the unique historical significance of La Paz. It is long overdue for California to do the same,” concluded Hernández.

Monterey Park Tree Memorial Award nomination period open through February Nominations for the city’s 2013 Tree Memorial Award are now being accepted by the Recreation and Community Services Department] through February 2013. Since its establishment in 2001, 27 tree memorials have been awarded to recognize individuals who have made significant positive contributions to the community. This prestigious award is reserved

for persons who has demonstrated the highest level of civic involvement, and can be awarded to a person living or deceased. Recent recipients of the award include Ruth and Irv Willner, Benjamin “Frank” Venti, Verne Heitman, Horacio Diaz and Dr. Frances Wu. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of Historical Heritage] and Recreation and Park will take place in May. Plaques

will be installed under designated trees as recognition of their accomplishments. Groups or individuals who wish to nominate an individual must complete the application process. Applications are available at the city hall recreation department, 320 W. Newmark Avenue, Monterey Park, CA 91754. For more information, please call recreation at 626-307-1388.

Rep. Chu praises outgoing Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27) released the following statement about the announcement that Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis will resign: “I have had the great pleasure of knowing Hilda Solis for over two decades. Through every role she has filled – from environmental advocate to state

legislator, Congressional leader to Secretary of Labor – she has been a phenomenal public servant. This is someone who rose through the ranks by giving a voice to the voiceless, and because of her work, hundreds of thousands of people live a better life today. I am honored to have earned her trust and sup-

port along the way, and value the guidance she gave me as I filled the Congressional seat she left in 2009. Hilda has set a wonderful example for women and minorities all across this nation who aspire to change it, and I wish her the very best in her future endeavors in life.”

Antonovich attacks Brown’s prison plan The Governor needs to stop playing politics with prison advocates and labor unions and take responsible actions to comply with the court order in a cost-effective way without jeopardizing public safety,” said Supervisor Michael

D. Antonovich. “The option to contract for more prison beds provides safe and immediate relief to prison overcrowding and achieves compliance with the court order without causing harm to our communities. Early release

and shifting additional prisoners to the counties are dangerous options and will increase crime. The contracting option is costeffective with $65 versus approximately $150 per day per bed.”

Glendale teen killed on 210 Freeway An 18-year-old Glendale man died Thursday after he was struck by a truck on the Foothill (210) Freeway after exiting his vehicle following

a single car accident. Arno Shakhmalian was transported to Huntington Hospital where he died an hour after the 9:20 a.m. crash

on the westbound 210 Freeway, just west of Windsor Avenue. The victim’s name has not yet bee released.

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4 | JANUARY 14, 2013 - january 20, 2013

Sierra Madre to protest county’s Clean Water, Clean Beaches fee The Sierra Madre City Council voted 5-0 to approve a city protest over the “Clean Water, Clean Beaches Measure,” being proposed as a new parcel tax by the County of Los Angeles. At the Jan. 8 meeting, City Manager Elaine Aguilar said Sierra Madre, just like all property owners within the city, received a county notice proposing an annual fee to pay for clean water programs. The fee would be imposed on all property owners within the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. Because the proposed Clean Water fee is a “Proposition 218” fee, a protest process must be conducted before it can be put to a vote in a general election. Protest forms were included in the “Official Notice” sent out to property owners, and the deadline to submit these forms is before the end of the public hearing, which is Tuesday, Jan. 15. As part of its protest to the Measure, the City Council designated Mayor Josh Moran as the city’s representative to authorize and submit the protest forms for each of the city-owned properties. Sierra Madre’s fee on its 74 city-owned parcels is estimated to be at $16,919, according to the staff report. Aguilar said if the Measure were approved, the city would receive about $156,000 in funds to use for city clean water programs and reducing

By Jim E. Winburn pollution from storm water cumstances when there is no and urban runoff. alternative for funding. Councilman John “Are we putting ourHarbedian said he thought selves in a position that we are the measure was good in basically killing our own abiltheory, but that there is no ity to comply by voting this drawn-out plan to where the down?” he asked. “Because money is going. “It’s just so everyone on the planet knows flawed,” he said. “Sixty per- that you can’t do this out of cent of the money goes to existing funds. I’m okay bureaucracy. It goes to estab- with protesting it now, but lishing a watershed authority we need to think about this group, where, if you ask them hard when it does come to a what a watershed authority vote, and hopefully there will group is, they’re not quite be some adjustments to what sure yet.” was proposed when it actually Sierra Madre resident gets to a vote.” Pat Alcorn agreed that the According to a statement city should protest the Mea- by Supervisor Don Knabe, of sure. “It’s going to cost the cit- Los Angeles County’s Fourth izens, as well as the city, a lot District, if a majority protest of of money, and right now we the parcel owners throughout can’t afford it,” she said dur- the county has been received ing public comment. “I’m for at the public hearing on Jan. clean water, but not for estab- 15, then the item will be relishing another bureaucracy.” jected. However, if the protest However, city officials fails, the Measure is currently were not confident that scheduled to go to the second enough protest forms would step, which could be a mail-in be submitted throughout the ballot next spring. county by Tuesday’s deadPeter Herzog, from the line. Commercial Real Estate “The area that is involved Development Association, isn’t just Sierra Madre; so the said in his article for Foxandchances of them getting 51 that there percent in protests is mini- is a huge regulatory system mal,” said Aguilar. “So most already in place to address likely this will end up going to water quality issues. Such a vote anyway.” agencies include the Federal Councilman John Clean Water Act, the State Capoccia raised concerns Clean Water Act, as well as over what a ‘protest vote’ Regional Water Quality Concould mean to the city, es- trol Boards that create regulapecially when considering tions governing water runoff, that the city must eventually he said. comply - and under fiscal cirBut most disturbing is

Herzog’s claim that there is absolutely no indication of how the $270 million a year that the tax will take out of the economy will be spent. “Not one potential project is referenced,” Herzog wrote. “It is specifically stated the tax must be passed first, and then they will figure out behind some closed doors how to spend the money. Just trust us. Really?” What the official notice does specify is that the proposed clean water fee “would generate over $200 million annually in dedicated funding for reducing pollution from stormwater and urban runoff in Los Angeles County waterways,” while basing that fee on “the average amount of runoff that properties generate, based on parcel size (but not property value) and land use classification, such as whether the property is residential, commercial, industrial or undeveloped.” As the governing body of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, the Board of Supervisors will hold its public hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9:30 a.m. at the Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90012. Residents who have any questions on the specifics of the Measure itself are urged to call (800) 218-0018 or visit

Irwindale Speedway announces NASCAR sanction agreement for 2013 racing season “We’re very happy, No...better than that, we’re quite proud to announce our 2013 NASCAR racing schedule for Irwindale Speedway,” said Irwindale Event Center President and CEO Jim Cohan. “We met with Bob Duvall from NASCAR yesterday at our offices in Irwindale,” said Cohan. “He really understands our mission to bring great short track stock car racing back to southern California and he’s very supportive of that goal. Bob made his presentation, answered all of our questions, we signed the sanction agreement, and he got back on a plane and took the papers back to Daytona Beach.” “NASCAR is pleased to bring our Home Tracks program back to Irwindale Speedway,” said Duvall, NASCAR’s Senior Director of Business Development. “This facility hasn’t changed physically in any way; it’s the same great race track. What has changed is the management group and spirit of teamwork that Jim Cohan’s people bring to the effort, they’re all top pros, and I’m really looking forward to working with them.” “There were a few doubts out there that this day

might not come, not on our part of course. Our team has worked very hard for this day, and to finally be able to tell the world that Saturday night stock car racing is back at Irwindale,” Cohan added. The 2013 racing season will begin on Saturday night, April 6 with a “Grand ReOpening Night” of racing featuring NASCAR Super Late Models, Late Models, Super Stocks, Mini-Stocks and an evening-ending funfor-all Demolition Derby. Late last year Speedway management announced an alliance with Kern County Raceway Park, the new halfmile oval racetrack that’s just completing construction near Bakersfield. Both tracks are working together to co-ordinate schedules and competition rules to allow teams in a number of divisions to compete at both tracks during the upcoming season. Irwindale Competition Director, Mike Atkinson, will soon be announcing divisional meetings at the track for car owners and drivers. Applications for 2013 NASCAR licenses for drivers and crewpersons are now available at the Speedway office during regular business hours (500 Speedway Drive, Irwindale, California 91706 626-358-1100).

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JANUARY 14, 2013 - january 20, 2013 | 5

A journey back in time and into the future By Greg Aragon Sometimes I like to rent a car and drive wherever the road takes me. I did this last weekend and found myself immersed in a world of strange and fantastic rock formations, resembling a lost city thousands of years old. I discovered Red Rock Canyon State Park. Located along Highway 14 in Kern County, about 120 miles north of Los Angeles, Red Rock Canyon was once home to the Kawaiisu Indians, who left petroglyphs and artifacts in the El Paso Mountains. The spectacular gash situated at the western edge of the El Paso mountain range was on the Native American trade route for thousands of years. During the 1870s, the colorful rock formations in the park served as landmarks for 20-mule team freight wagons that stopped for water. About 1850, it was used by survivors of the famous Death Valley trek. The park now protects significant paleontology sites

and the remains of 1890s-era mining operations. When a friend and I got to Red Rock, it was a windy January morning, with snow scattered about the desert floor and only two sets of campers sharing the rugged, 27,000-sq-ft Park. I imagine this place fills up fast in spring, when the weather warms and wildflowers line the desert floor. Red Rock features 50 primitive campsites, potable water, pit toilets, fire rings, and tables. Campers should bring their own firewood, or purchase it from a ranger or at the visitor center. There are no RV hook-ups or showers. Camping is $25 per night per site, As we slowly drove around the one road that circles the sanctuary,it felt like we were in a scene from the dinosaur classic “Jurassic Park.” Maybe that’s because the movie was filmed here. In fact, due to its unique landscape Red Rock was used in lots of movies, including “The Mummy,” “Zorro Rides Again,” “Westworld,” “Airwolf,” and “The Outlaw.” When the scenery became to impressive, we

stopped to climb the rocks and take pictures and look for native wildlife such as snakes, roadrunners, hawks, lizards, mice and squirrels. From the ancient rock formations at Red Rock, we journey into the future as we stopped Mojave Air and Space Port on our way home. This facility is the first

of its kind to be licensed in the United States for horizontal launches of reusable spacecraft. In other words its is known for testing some pretty wild and innovative aircraft. While here we examined the Rotary Rocket Roton ATV, which in 1999 became the first rocket-pow-

ered vehicle to fly at Mojave Spaceport. And next to this craft, we encountered a replica of Space Ship One, which was part of the first private manned space program in the country. We also had a great lunch at the Voyager Restaurant, located on the runway. While eating a bowl

of chili and onion rings, we watched planes and helicopters take off before our eyes. For more info on Red Rock Canyon State Park, call Mojave Desert Information Center (661) 942-0662. For more info on Mojave Air and Space Port, visit www.

-Photo by Greg Aragon

2013-2014 Budget Continued from page 1

took office, the state faced a $26.6 billion budget deficit and estimated annual gaps of roughly $20 billion. The first two state budgets under Governor Brown’s watch eliminated these deficits with billions of dollars in cuts as well as temporary revenues. The 2011-2012 and 20122013 budgets provided three dollars of spending cuts for every dollar in temporary tax revenues approved by the voters. To maintain the fiscal stability that has been achieved, the budget reflects the continuation of spending cuts made in the last two years, continues to pay down the “wall of debt” and recognizes risks that remain. “Fiscal discipline is not the enemy of democratic governance, but rather its fundamental predicate. In fact, it is through fiscal discipline that this budget can invest in education, expand health care and provide a safety net for the most vulnerable,” said Governor Brown. Significant Details of the 2013-2014 State Budget: Maintains Long-Term Fiscal Stability by aligning expenditures with revenues,

paying down debt and creating a $1 billion reserve, this budget provides long-term fiscal stability on a level that California has not enjoyed in more than a decade. Invests in Education and Increases Local Control: After years of decline, this budget significantly increases state funding per student in K-12 schools – $2,700 by 2016-2017. Funding for K-12 and community colleges increases by $2.7 billion next year, and by $19 billion by 2016-2017. While K-12 school districts across the state will benefit from the increased funding—through a new school funding formula—school districts serving those students who have the greatest challenges will receive more generous increases—so that all students in California have the opportunity to succeed. The budget increases flexibility at the local level so those closest to the students can make the decisions. Increases Funding to Strengthen Higher Education and Increase Affordability: This budget increases state funding for UC and CSU by an additional $250

million, 5 percent. It proposes a multi-year stable funding plan to strengthen our higher education system, ensure affordability and reduce student indebtedness. Higher education costs have risen rapidly and middle class students have paid the price. By shortening the time it takes a student to successfully complete a degree and calling on UC and CSU to deploy their instructional resources more effectively, the system can be made more affordable—both for the students and the state. Implements Federal Health Care Reform: This budget expands access to health care for Californians by implementing federal health care reform. It expands coverage by simplifying Medi-Cal eligibility and extending coverage to childless adults and uninsured parents. Given promised federal funding, the budget outlines two alternative pathways. It also recognizes that implementation of health care reform will require changes in the respective responsibilities of the state and the counties. The full budget document can be found here:

626 792 4441 · bm 1-4 vert march 2012.indd 1

3/8/12 5:11 PM

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6 | JANUARY 14, 2013 - january 20, 2013

Breakfast at Sena on Myrtle, Shevlin-style How does a popular restaurant-bar expand its business beyond the lunch and dinner crowd? Though adding a breakfast menu might sound logical, how do you get the word out – and, how do you convince your customers to start their day with you -- as well as end it? Looks like Damon Thompson, manager of Sena on Myrtle, has found a unique answer: convince a local dignitary to not only share a special recipe with you, but to spend a morning in your kitchen cooking it as well! Last Saturday morning Monrovia Council Member Becky Shevlin worked the grill in Sena’s kitchen alongside Chef An-

tonio, and prepared her famous blueberry buttermilk pancakes which those lucky enough to have tasted them know, are not like any pancakes you have ever eaten. Somewhere between a crepe and a pancake, loaded with blueberries and topped with a twist of Meyer lemon and a sprinkling of powdered sugar, Becky’s Pancakes (as they will now appear on Sena’s new breakfast menu) are surprisingly delicious. “As for me, I had a blast”, said Shevlin. “I showed up at 7:30 a.m. and left at l: 30 p.m. I experienced the full kitchen routine, including prep, cooking and clean-up. The kitchen crew, especially

Chef Antonio, were great supporters. Everyone treated me like one of the crew, including the servers. I have a new found appreciation for anyone working in a busy restaurant. This was a definite Bucket List accomplishment!” An interesting side note: the City of Monrovia has been spending a lot of time visiting individual Old Town businesses – getting to know them, asking for their input, and letting them know how they can stay connected. Although Council Member Shevlin’s morning at Sena was not a city-sponsored event, it certainly reflects the council’s dedication to local business.

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murder, as his DNA was not collected until 2006. “I’m so pleased that President Obama today signed this important legislation – Katie’s Law is a vital tool for law enforcement to help save lives and prevent future crimes,” said Schiff. “By improving our DNA system, we will make sure that more violent and serious crimes are solved, and we take more felons off the street every year. This legislation – now law – is another tool in law enforcement’s toolkit. Just as we fingerprint arrestees and those convicted of crimes, it makes absolute sense to collect a DNA profile when someone is arrested for a violent felony, and this bill will encourage states around the nation to join California and other states that have adopted arrestee testing.”

“We are so grateful for the support of our primary sponsors, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. David Reichert and Senator Charles Schumer who worked so tirelessly to support this bill and see it enacted,” said Mrs. Sepich. The Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act of 2012, also known as Katie’s Law, establishes a program to provide grants to states which implement DNA collection programs for arrestees of murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, and aggravated assault. States are authorized to collect DNA for a larger subset of crimes but must do so for those felony crimes. The bill uses funding sources within the Debbie Smith DNA Backlog Reduction Act and specifies that up to $10 million in each fiscal year from 2013 to 2015 may go to grants to

states under Katie’s law. An example of the power of arrestee testing comes from a case in Los Angeles. In 1987, Chester Turner was arrested for assault in California, but freed due to a lack of evidence. DNA technology was in its infancy at the time and Turner’s DNA was not taken upon arrest. Turner continued to terrorize a Los Angeles community and was arrested nineteen more times before being convicted of rape in 2002. Only then was his DNA profile taken, and it matched evidence found on twelve rape and murder victims, the first murdered only two months after his 1987 arrest. Had California taken his DNA when he was first arrested, as is now required under state law, his decades long crime spree could have been prevented or cut short.

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gallery’s John Strawn and Frank Goss. The authors continue… ”Although Nelson occasionally paints a pure landscape, most of his works include figures within the landscape. None of his figures are old, worn, haggard or undisciplined. They are never out of shape. These quintessentially American characters are beautiful. And yet they inhabit a landscape that, though lovely, leaves the viewer with a sense that the characters are forlorn. Even in a canvas with multiple figures, each figure is a solitary, isolated icon of a perfect world.” Over the past few years, Nelson has been working on this installation that has finally come to pass in Old Pasadena albeit after dealing with some inevitable and rather sticky red tape. The project which consists of 120,000 glass tiles in 84 separate colors make up this mural that will undoubtedly be the talk of the town before too long. The grand mosaic depicts a striking, pensive and perhaps lonely young woman, her hair in a bun , looking to the south as she holds an umbrella. What she’s thinking, what’s next in her life is entirely subjective. Nelson tells Beacon that he entitled the mosaic “Forecasting” Joking that it took him years to convince the building’s owner ( also a friend) to let him install the mosaic, Nelson felt it appropriate that the young woman is holding an um-

brella “ as if the sky was falling…” Nelson quipped. Nelson’s partner in the mosaic project is Niclas Hjelm of Morton Court Mosaic. Hjelm uses stunning, three-eighth inch Vitreous glass tiles which are hand finished in Italy for the mosaics. The tiles are then hand set and stored in sections until the installation is ready. Even the shade and color of the grout is carefully selected. Enter artist Frank Gallagher, long time friend of Nelson and owner of All Industrial Arts in San Marino. Gallagher (who was dubbed the ‘Poet of Pots’ by The Los Angeles Times ) has a inimitable passion for art, in all its complexities. He and his crew helped install these tiny tiles meticulously with Nelson and Hjelm to bring the artist’s visualization to sparkle … into something new and distinct. “I believe than one can take what is known as a ‘traditional, representational image’, re-present it in a different scale or context and arrive at something utterly new, ” Kenton said. Morton Court Mosaic retains the exclusive right to recreate Kenton Nelson’s paintings, which are avidly collected around the world. Owner Niclas Hjelm is energized about this latest Nelson project and ecstatic with the location. “ You wait til the light hits the Vitreous tiles in the afternoon… they’ll sparkle and create stunning colors,” he said. “ Each one-of-a-kind

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After hours and weekends available upon request

Kenton Nelson works on his mosaic Tuesday. -Photo by Terry Miller

mural recreates the original work of Nelson. Applying his bold colors and heroic imagery into the limited palette of Vitreous glass, we seek to create a unique pointillist effect,” Morton Court Mosaic’s Niclas Hjelm said. The installation, which should be completed by press time, can be viewed above Intelligentsia Coffee at 55 East Colorado in the alley between Raymond and Fair Oaks. Nelson traces his interest in painting back to his great uncle, Roberto Montenegro, a renowned Mexican muralist and Modernist. The style of Nelson’s paintings have their origins in American Scene painting, Regionalism, and the work of the WPA artists of the 1930’s. Nelson paints figures, landscape, and architecture suffused in subtle light. The intention in his paintings, according to Kenton, is to “idealize the ordinary with the intention of engagement, using the iconic symbols and styles of his lifetime in a theatrical style to make leading suggestions.” Nelson’s compositions of strong horizontal and vertical lines of architecture contrast beautifully with nature’s curves. Kenton Nelson’s ‘Forecasting’ is 14 feet by 11 feet and will permanently grace the west side of the building that houses the coffee shop. For more photographs of Nelson’s latest installation in Pasadena, please visit:

HLR Media

JANUARY 14, 2013 - january 20, 2013 | 7

Tribute to Ray Bradbury now on display Controller releases December cash update State Controller John receipts were affected by percent) monthly estimates. at the Duarte Historical Museum Chiang today released his a large timing issue at the Personal income taxes monthly report covering California’s cash balance, receipts and disbursements in December 2012. After accounting for timing issues related to sales tax deposits, December’s totals were $103.4 million above (1.1 percent) estimates found in the 2012-13 state budget. “While December’s figures were distorted by timing issues, the month’s revenues closely match budget projections and offer further evidence that California’s economy is slowly mending,” said Chiang. December’s sales tax

Ray Bradbury was a regular visitor to Duarte. -Photo by Terry Miller

He was a man who wore many hats: author, screenwriter, playwright and lecturer. But Ray Bradbury was mostly admired for his generosity and kind heart. A tribute to his life is now on display at the Duarte Historical Museum, collected and organized by Duartean Jack Collins. Playbills, photographs, books, a video and news articles in the exhibit are from Collins’ collection which he has built over the years. “I hold him in high esteem,” says Collins, “and enjoyed organizing the exhibit to honor

his many achievements.” Bradbury spoke before a record crowd at Duarte’s PAC Center in 2002, and despite his advanced age, he remained at the Center for two hours after his presentation to sign books and talk to the guests. Monies collected at the lecture and all proceeds from his book sales were donated to our Library. He then returned to Duarte for another lecture and twice more to participate in the Annual Festival of Authors. Bradbury is commonly known for the books he has authored, many with a sci-

ence fiction theme. However, his career is diversified, a fact Collins has incorporated into the exhibit. Bradbury died on June 5, 2012 at the age of 91. The Duarte Historical Museum is located in Encanto Park in Duarte and is open Saturdays 1-4 p.m. and the first and third Wednesday of each month from 1-3 p.m.. Admission is free. The Museum has an all-volunteer staff. For more information or to schedule a group tour call (626) 357-9419. The Bradbury exhibit will remain through February.

City of Glendale recipient of the organization of the year from Armenian Educational Foundation The City of Glendale is the recipient of the Organization of the Year Award presented by the Davidian / Mariamian Educational Foundation. The award, recognizing efforts in the preservation and promotion of the Armenian heritage, language, and culture, was announced at the Annual Appreciation Night held at the Western Diocese Armenian Church on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. “The City of Glendale is a diverse and vibrant community,” said Mayor Pro Tem Rafi Manoukian. “I am thrilled the City has been honored with such recognition from the Davidian / Mariamian Educational Foundation. It is one of the best after-school pro-

grams I have ever seen.” Also present for the evening event and accepting on behalf of the City were Councilmembers Laura Friedman, Ara Najarian and City Manager Scott Ochoa. Recognition was also given to R. D. White Elementary for School of the Year for their efforts in providing afterschool programs and the implementation of Armenian bi-lingual curriculum. The Davidian & Mariamian Educational Foundation established in 1987 is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality after-school programs that promote the high values of education and the beauty of their multi-cultural society. For

more information on the organization, please go to Glendale, known as the “Jewel City,” is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County. With a population over 190,000, Glendale is a thriving cosmopolitan city that is rich in history, culturally diverse, and offers limitless opportunities. It is the home to a vibrant business community, with major companies in healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, retail and banking. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, keeping you informed on news & events in Glendale, Glendale City Connection. And follow MyGlendale on Twitter for all Glendale updates.

end of the calendar year. While $1 billion of sales tax was deposited into the Board of Equalization’s bank account on December 31, those dollars were not transferred to the General Fund for another two days. Because the Controller’s monthly cash report shows General Fund balances reported by close of business on December 31, the $1 billion of late-deposited December sales tax dollars will instead appear in January’s report. Without accounting for this timing issue, total revenues fell $896.6 million below (-9.6

in the month of December came in $767.6 million above (13.4 percent) monthly estimates contained in the 2012-13 state budget. Corporate taxes came in $445.9 million below (-31.2 percent) those monthly estimates. The State ended the last fiscal year with a cash deficit of $9.6 billion. As of December 31, that cash deficit totaled $24.2 billion and was covered with $14.2 billion of internal borrowing (temporary loans from special funds), and $10 billion of external borrowing.

LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey to speak on Glass Ceiling at CFBPW public policy conference LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey will give the keynote address on the Glass Ceiling at the Saturday, February 9th California Federation of Business and Professional Women’s (CFBPW) Public Policy Conference

starting at 8:00 A.M. at the Ontario Airport Hotel (formerly the Hilton Ontario Hotel), 700 North Haven Avenue, Ontario, CA. The theme of the Public Policy Conference is “Empowering Women Across Gen-


erations.” Registration, which includes lunch, breaks and reception is $76 (student registration cost is $41). For more information contact Linda Lucas, CFBPW Legislative Advocacy Chair, at (530) 5272460 or

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Pasadena | sierra Madre | Monrovia (626) 355-1600

resort style Living! Located in north Monrovia, this pristineand jewel This home has sf) been beautifully maintained This property (13,787 and the vacant land/lot (10,178 sf) to the will make youS.feel likeisyou need to away from home! restored. There anarenever updated with granite counter tops, North (608 Ramona) beingagain soldkitchen together forvacation a total of 23,965 sf. Both lots The kitchen, living/dining room and enormous step-down great room flow stainless steel appliances andwith cherry wood cabinets. view out the are zoned R-2 (buyer to verify zoning the city). Front house hasThe 3 bedrooms, 1 bathtogether to create space with1amazing 16ft. leading room.window Second house hasopen 2patio bedrooms and bathroom. Thisglass property is being soldcity forto front andan front includes the mountains, treesliders tops and the backyard. 2269 sf. home, 9557 sf. lot, 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, $748,000.2 The 2nd parcel2tobaths, the north, referenced 608 S.www.833CanyonCrest. Ramona, San Gabriel is a lot lights. bedrooms, 1,460 sq. ft.asSee pool, spa, newer roof, HVAC system, 10ft. ceilings. For more information: priced at $488,000. The seller prefers to sell both lots together. com for more pictures and information. San Gabriel (610RAM) $1,236,000 Monrovia (Can)(833CAN) $725,000 Sierra Madre $585,000

not just a house, it is a HoMe. Remodeled English Cottage features

Notgorgeous just a house, it is a HOME. Remodeled This character home iskitchen tucked against theEnglish Sierra Cottage Madre and breathtaking gardens and updated with tilekitchen floors, granite features breathtaking gardens updated with tilecounter floors, foothills. Grand entry~step-down L.R.and w/custom stone fireplace~Formal Dining stainless steel appliances. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1603 sq. ft.pantry,2granite granite counter and stainless steel appliances. 3 bedrooms, baths, Room & French doors cook island, stainless refrigerator, dishwasher, counters. Family 1603 sq. ft. Room w/ custom built-ins~ 3/4 guest bath, skylights. Master Suite highlighted w/a stone fireplace & mountain views~Master Bath has dual sinks, Jacuzzi, 2 Bedrooms. Hardwood floors. Dual A/C. Dual paned windows.

Sierra Madre (LIM)


altadena (aLa) Altadena (ALA)

$629,000 $629,000


What delight,condo itVictorian will be in to come day toand yourthroughout, newly updatimmaculate Monrovia.Totally refurbished new This aVintage washome builteach in 1900 legend surappliances kitchen, two bedroom, twomost bath, with attached garage a Complex ed home! Situated inbuilt onefor of Lucky the family friendly neighborhoods rounds it inthat it was Baldwin’s sister. Its has 4 bedrooms of your new home offers generously sized 2 areAltadena, all upstairs with original full3bathroom and therebedrooms, is an office pool, Clubhouse, spa, andanJacuzzi. downstairs along a half bath and dining laundry room. The dining baths, a formal livingwith room with fireplace, room, a HUGE family room,with kitchen and spacious have seen manypatio a family room fireplace and glass living doors room overlooking the brick and gathering sellerlandscaping is sad to depart after 39 and years! yard. Thereand is the luscious in the front rear with new plantings, new sod (PAR) and automatic sprinklers. Sierra Madre Monrovia (MaY) Altadena (NEL)

Offering VIEWS of the valley and This home haswork been beautifully maintained and mounrestored. Perfect for tranquil live BUYERS!! Zoned Residential ProThere isthis an updated kitchen with granite counter tops,newly stainless steel applianctains, 4Adorable bedroom, 3 bath home is situated on a 14, sf. lot. fessional! craftsman type cottage with built401 addition es and cherry wood cabinets. The view out the front window and front There a largesuites family/media aninupdated kitchen, updated that has is 2 master and a denroom, (all built 2007), there is also a 3rdpatio includes the mountains, tree tops and city lights. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, bedroom withwindows, another bath. There is a porchinthat surrounds the front yard1,460 baths, new closet organizers all bedrooms, new bamboo sq.pretty ft. See fora private more pictures and information. with garden, in back yardlaundry you have . There flooring. CA & Heat, huge room and garden a largesetting 2-car garage! are 2 Mitsubishi air-heat units in for home. See photos and details.

$798,000 (373SIE) sierraMadre Madre (833Can) $329,000 Sierra $449,000

Sierra Madre (VALINT)

$775,000 $585,000 $848,000

©2005, An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Prudential is a service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.




6 bedrooms, 9 baths, 9,499 sq. ft. Gourmet kitchen w/wolf appliances, pantry, breakfast nook, and Chinese Wok Room, French Designer cabinets. 3D Screen, 9 seat digital home theater, 3 wet bars, wine cellar, very quiet walnut panel hydraulic elevators, master bedroom w/Swedish sauna, Jacuzzi. Outdoor swimming pool & spa, water fall, pool house with full bath, and BBQ area. 3 car garage, lot 28,597 sq. ft.(L306). Showings by appt. only. CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123



The property has 5 units on the lot. Lot is rm32 can build 7 units condominium(checkwithcity). Also70&80s.Vinedoavepasadena ca 91107 for sale $2,600,000.00. The property has 10 units, lot is rm32- 20,000 sqft can build 14 units condominium (check with city). Total 3 parcels (5748-012-004,005,006) lot size: 150 x 200sqfthavenewprojectfor22unitscondominiuminplancheck review process. You can buy all 3 parcels for $3,888.000.(V60) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123



Front unit is 2 bed/1 ba and was totally remodeled in 2001w/ new roof, copper plumbing and new electrical wiring, C/A and heat washer/dryer hookup. Back unit is a duplex with 3 bed/2ba each, built in 1989 w/remodeled kitchen and baths and have 2 car attached garage. Each has own washer/dryer hook up in garage. Walking distance to schools, parks, markets and transportation. This is a well maintained triplex, great for income property. (DEL) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888



2 units – one - 2 Bed/1 ba Unit with a good sized yard in the back and a 2-car garage in the front. (One garage space for each unit) The other unit is a 3 Bed/1ba unit with a large gated front yard. In addition to both of these units for sale, the adjacent property on the west side of this property is also for sale. That property is a nice duplex (two 2Bed/1 ba each with 1 car garages and very large private yards.) (SAX1) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888



This 2bed/1 ba home located on a nice tree-lined street in Arcadia features new hardwood floors, newer blinds, paint and central air & heat. Also features, Separate laundry room, one car garage and large back yard with many possibilities for expansion. (MAR) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)


This corner unit features 2 bed/1.75 Ba. Highly desirable one level condo north of foothill. Private entrance with large patio. Great floor plan, living room with fireplace, dining area, indoor laundry and master suite. Common area is well maintained with lovely gardens, paths and a recreation room. (FOO) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)



The property has 10 units for sale it is; 70 & 80 s. Vinedo ave pasadenaca91107.Lotisrm32-100x200sqftcanbuild14units condominium (check with city).Also 60 s vinedo ave pasadena for sale &1,288,000. The property has 5 units. Lot is rm32 -9997 sqftcanbuild7unitscondominium(checkwithcity).Total3parcels (5748-012-004,005,006)lot size:150 x 200 sqft have new project for 22 units condominium in plan check review process.(V70) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123



Remodeled 4 bedroom two level with 3 full bathrooms in 2,666 sq.ft. of living space. Kitchen and all the bathrooms with tile floors, stainless steel appliances and granite counters, bamboo wood flooring on a 7,502 sq.ft. lot. Probate Sale. (B2117) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM



House with 3 units. Front house is 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Plus three 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments in the hills of El Sereno adjacent to South Pasadena. (D3910) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM



Nathalie Marles

Zoila Athas

Brown Ho

Century 21 Village Realty

Century 21 Earll, Ltd.

Century 21 Ludecke Inc.


Located on Tradition’s 18th fairway golf course this gorgeous 5 bedroom with 2 master suite/retreats, 6.5 baths, maid’s quarters, 6,504 sq.ft. home. Living room, entertainment bar, formal dining room with private terrace, chef’s kitchen & breakfast nook, study with custom cabinetry, covered patio and outdoor fireplace, BBQ, enchanting pool and grounds. Gated courtyard. (T78602) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451



Charming Cape Cod style with picket fence on a quiet culde-sac. Two bedroom, 1 full and 2 half bathrooms, hardwood oak floors, French doors open to a stone paved terrace overlooking amazing canyon and ocean views. Fireplace, updated kitchen with granite countertops and mosaic tile backsplash. Private and serene. (B520) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM



Single Level Ranch style on a cul-de-sac street with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, family room, detached double garage, pool. (W307) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM


Highly Demand rental area located in Northern San Gabriel with Award Winning Temple City Schools. Built in 1986 with low maintenance required. Front unit has one 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Back unit has four 2 bedroom 1.25 bathroom. Laundry Room on site. Each unit has 2 car parking. Stable Income with long term tenant.(A9024) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM (626) 445-0123



Industrial Space. Move into one, enjoy the income from the other. Two 3000+ sq. ft. buildings on a 22000 sq. ft. lot. Ideal for vehicle storage to the rear of the buildings. Large loading doors front and rear easy access. Close to 60 Freeway.(C2416) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM (626) 445-0123



This total remolded home features 4 bed/2.5 ba, new flooring in all rooms; Berber carpet in all the bedrooms ceramic tile in kitchen and all the bathrooms and wood flooring in entry, halls living room and dining room, some new lighting, new counter, sinks and fixtures in the kitchen and the bathrooms. New window treatments on every window. This home is truly ready to move into. (ROY) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888




Updated single level end unit on a tree lined street with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal dining, breakfast room in large kitchen, FA/CA, large patio and two car garage. New flooring, carpet, interior paint, smooth ceilings, dishwasher. Gated entrance. (M286) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM

NEAT Secluded and updated 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Hardwood flooring in separate dining room, kitchen with storage Island. Living room with cozy fireplace. Oversized master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Home recently re-wired and newer double pane windows in all rooms except garage. Recessed lighting. Rear patio features both a spacious above ground hot tub and a separate upright Sauna/Steam Room for four people.(P2114) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123





BEAUTIFULAPPLE VALLEY built in 2002. 3085 Sq.Ft. home with 1200 SF matching structure behind on 1 1/2 acres. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Kitchen with double oven. Master bedroom with patio and walk-in closet. Formal living room, family room with fireplace, dining room and kitchen with breakfast bar and nook area. Beautiful hardwood floors. French doors, plantation shutters, central vacuum system. Security system and 3 car garage.(S14002) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123



Fabulous units located north of the 210 freeway great neighborhood, the units are in a immaculate condition inside, the outside can use a little tlc, great long term tenants both units are, 1 br, 1 bath, please do not walk on the property or disturb tenants.(W821-823) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC

(626) 301-1888

CENTURY 21 Earll, Ltd 320 E. FOOTHILL BLVD., ARCADIA Arcadia WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM 626.301.1888



This beautiful two story, home features 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, family room with fireplace and remodeled kitchen. Large outdoor patio and balcony with peaceful views of the mountains and surrounded by beautiful lush plants and flowers plus an amazing rock waterfall. Nature lovers have got to see this one! (NOR) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)


DRE# : 01154618




Adorable home in a fantastic location. Wonderful for a first time home or investment. Open floor plan, living room, dining area, galley kitchen. Hardwood flooring, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, large back yard, double detached garage. (A2854) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM



Large home on a quiet cul-de-sac street close to schools & shopping, two master bedrooms, extra large living room, brick fireplace, wood flooring, dining area, covered patio, beautiful back yard, two car attached garage. (B1281) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451


CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888



This one level, 2 bed/2ba unit is in a great community complex with pool and spa, playground, clubhouse, gym and more. Large living area and the complex is close to Westfield Mall, freeways and more. (GRE) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)

(626) 445-0123

20 E. FOOTHILL 105, ARCADIA21 Village Realty CENTURY 21 Ludecke, Inc. BLVD. SUITE CENTURY Arcadia WWW.C21LUDECKE.COMSierra Madre 626.445.0123 626.355.1451

DRE# : 01360316


This 1 bed/1.5 ba condo is located in SW Pasadena and features a spacious living room w/frpl, large dining area, kitchen w/newer appliances, pergo floors & walk-in pantry and a large master suite w/walk-in closet. Community pool and rec room, security building with subterranean parking. All this located on a wonderful tree lined street. (PLE)

DRE# : 01360317



Large office building offering a total of 7,620 sq.ft. of space on a 13,561 sq.ft. lot. Small warehouse attached to the building with approximately 8 parking spaces. (C3454) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM





Lovely home in a great area of North Temple City. Bright and airy, beautiful floor plan. 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, large living room with fireplace, dining room, large kitchen with top of the line stainless steel appliances, central air & heat, new hardwood floors, two car detached garage, nice back yard with fruit trees. (W9861) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM

This great income property features 1 home and a duplex situated on a large lot (over10,000 sq.ft.). Each unit has 1 bedroom/1 bath. All units are one level and each have a garage space and extra parking in driveway. (STE) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)



Beautiful home with mountain views. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths , dining area, refinished hardwood floors, brand new paint inside., 1169 sq. ft. Lot 6815 sq.ft. Best Trust Sale Ever.(T70) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM (626) 445-0123





This fantastic home features 2 bed/3 ba (2 masters). Recently remodeled and Close to shopping, restaurants and Old Town Monrovia. Great spacious floor plan, 2 car garage, in-unit laundry, hardwood floors, crown molding, oak cabinetry, granite countertops and newer appliances. (MAY) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)

Vehicle Registration Business Opportunity. Step into an established business since 1994. Ideal for someone to walk right in and run a business with great clientele. (H2223)



(626) 355-1451




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