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Monrovia Weekly ArcAdiA Weekly MONDAY, JANUARY 10 - JANUARY 16, 2011 VOLUME IV, NO. II

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1500 People Attend Rally and Parade for MHS CIF Champions By Terry Miller A huge party was held in honor of The Monrovia Wildcats CIF Mid Valley Championship on Thursday evening. It seemed like the whole city turned out to meet and greet their new heroes. About 1500 people took over Library Park where city dignitaries honored Monrovia High School’s football team for bringing home its first ever CIF-Southern Section championship. In their 10th finals appearance December, the Wildcats knocked out Whittier Christian with a final score of 38-8. While players like star Nick Bueno pretended to run off with the CIF Trophy by putting it under his sweatshirt, other team mates tried the same…without success. The plaque was too big and it was all in good fun anyway. The excitement of the night was not lost on the players, parents and the cheerleaders when it came time for the playing of the

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Nick Bueno (l)and Derrin Jenkins, celebrate their teams CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division title, as the team is honored Thursday night, January 6, 2011 in a rally at Library Park in Monrovia s Old Town – Photos by Terry Miller

Sierra Madre Police Issue Dreier Introduces Four Key Bills on San Gabriel Bulletin for Suspect in EVG Opening Day of 112th Congress Sex Offender Credit Card Fraud Killed by Sierra Madre’s credit to disclose. ongressman David also preserves major deduc- grams.” card fraud/ Identity theft asThe banks involved Dreier (R-San Di- tions, including mortgage In addition, Dreier Cellmate sociated with EVG gas station and possibly one other business has now caught the attention of the Secret Service in addition to other police agencies. The City of Sierra Madre is utilizing multiple sources in an effort to locate the suspect(s) involved in what is possibly the largest identity fraud case in Sierra Madre’s history. Mayor Joe Mosca and Sierra Madre Police Chief Diaz spoke at a press conference held at 7am Thursday in front of City and said they are looking for three men in possible connection to the crimes which now amount to over $82,182 in credit card fraud. EVG owner Eugeny Yakimenko is the prime suspect along with his business partners whose names Chief Diaz was not at liberty

include: Chase (76 victims); Wells Fargo (49); Bank of America (56); Bank of the West (18); American Express (14) and Citibank (9). According to the records thus far, 78% are Sierra Madre residents. The largest loss was $3,782. The crimes date back to at least June 2010 and authorities are asking anyone who may have purchased gas in Sierra Madre at EVG to carefully check their bank records and report ant discrepancies. “I am pleased to announce that the US Secret Service has graciously agreed to assign agents to jointly investigate this case with the Sierra Madre Police Department,” Mosca said at

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mas, CA) recently introduced several bills aimed at helping our economy recover, cutting federal spending, securing our borders and protecting our natural resources. “My top priority is to get our economy going again,” Dreier said. “Helping families keep more of their hard-earned money and providing businesses with additional resources to invest in their operations will help create jobs and get our economy back on track.” Dreier re-introduced the Fair and Simple Tax Act, a comprehensive tax reform plan to simplify the code and reduce the burden on taxpayers. The bill creates an optional one-page tax form with three simple rates of 10, 15 and 30 percent. The bill

interest, charitable, state and local taxes, the child tax credit and the personal exemption. Dreier also re-introduced his bill to enhance oversight of government programs and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in federal spending. The Biennial Budgeting and Appropriations Act, establishes a two-year budget cycle to streamline the budget process and improve the fiscal management of government programs. “It is critical to our economic recovery that we rein in the size and scope of government,” Dreier said. “Reforming the federal budget process will allow Congress to better scrutinize federal spending, helping us to cut wasteful and duplicative pro-

is demonstrating his longstanding commitment to stopping illegal immigration by introducing the Illegal Immigration Enforcement and Social Security Protection Act, to crack down on the hiring of illegal immigrants. “The roots of our broken immigration and employer verification system can be traced to three underlying factors: too many unreliable documents, including the Social Security card; a faulty employment verification system; and lax enforcement,” Dreier said. “Improving the security of the work authorization verification program will help to stop the hiring of illegal immigrants.”

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A registered sex offender convicted of assaulting a 5-year-old girl inside an Arcadia bookstore in 2008 and sent to prison in September was killed by his cellmate according to prison officials. Jaime Elizondo, 35, of San Gabriel was killed Dec. 20, and his High Desert State Prison cellmate, Steven Cisneros, 36, is the prime suspect. Elizondo was serving a 30-year-to-life term for lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 following his September 2010 conviction. Elizondo was convicted of exposing himself to the young victim inside a Borders bookstore at an Arcadia mall in 2008. The assault was captured on the store’s video system.

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