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No Bail Allowed for Daniel J. Healy, MD Remanded to Custody of LA County Sheriff Pending 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Thomas A. Suess, who lives in the mountains above Monrovia, investigates one of the trail access points in question near his house.

Not in My Backyard Local Activist Plans Suit Against City Over Management Plan Concerns

Charter Communications Slated to File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Dreier Calls for Direct Election of All U.S. Senators

By Susan Motander

On Thursday February 12 more than seventy people gathered at the home of Clyde Stelling to discuss the city’s proposed opening of the Hillside Wilderness Preserve. Stelling said that he was reluctant to sue the city, but that he felt the council’s plan to open four additional public access points to the wilderness preserve was not in the best interest of the entire community. “I realize that in suing the city I am actually bringing an action that I will have to pay to defend, but I feel I do not have a choice,” Stelling said. This position was echoed again and again by the residents present at the informal meeting. Stelling introduced Robert Silverstein, the land use attorney he had retained to bring a law suit against the city to prevent it from imposing the Wilderness Preserve/Hillside Recreation Area Plan. Silverstein explained that under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), those who wished to object to the action of the city had only 30 days to do so. Also, the residents maintain that the city is granting access to the

wilderness over private property over which the city does not have legal easements. In a marathon city council meeting on January 20 the Council adopted Resolution 2009-04 which accepted the Mitigated Impact Report and adopted the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan and adopted the Wilderness Preserve/ Hillside Recreation Area Final Plan. More than 20 people spoke at that council meeting including most of those who attended the meeting last week. The council meeting lasted until almost 1:30 in the morning. Mayor Pro Tem Dan Kirby presided at that council meeting with Council Members Mary Ann Lutz and Tom Adams also in attendance. With four members of the City Council having potential conflicts of interest on the matter it was necessary for two of those with conflicts absent themselves from the meeting. Mayor Rob Hammond and Council Member Joe Garcia were not present as earlier in the day they had drawn lots to determine which memBackyard on 13

-Photos By Terry Miller

The doctor who was arrested on a federal warrant last week on narcotics charges appeared in a Los Angeles court Wednesday and was not granted bail according Detective Rich Downey of Monrovia Police .On February 10 the doctor with a practice in Duarte was arrested on federal narcotics charges for allegedly dispensing powerful and addictive painkillers, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, directly out of his office without examining “patients” who instead simply paid him cash for pills. Daniel J. Healy, 52, who resides in Arcadia, was arrested by DEA at his office without incident. According to a criminal complaint filed last week and unsealed today, Healy allegedly ordered, dispensed and prescribed huge amounts of prescription painkillers over the past three years to patients he often did not examine. He faces 20 years in State prison.

Trading volume up, stock price down on news of bankruptcy

The struggling economy has now also hit one of the nation’s largest cable companies, Charter Communications. The company announced it will file for bankruptcy by or before April 1st. According to reports, company executives say their decision to file for Chapter 11 will not affect their services. Chapter 11 is commonplace in business for reorganization of financial difficulties. Charter is billions of dollars in debt. They have come to an agreement with some of the companies they owe money to and have reduced their debt by $8 billion. Anyone who has invested in Charter stock will probably be hurt the most according to analysts, since all of Charter’s common Charter on 5

Congressman David Dreier (R-San Dimas, CA), House Rules Committee Ranking Republican, was joined today by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) in introducing a constitutional amendment that calls for the direct election of all U.S. Senators, including those filling out-of-cycle vacancies. The amendment has also been introduced in the Senate by Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), John McCain (R-AZ), and Mark Begich (D-AK). Original co-sponsors in the House are House Judiciary Committee Ranking Republican Lamar Smith (R-TX), House Judiciary Constitution Subcommittee Ranking Republican Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Congressman Pedro R. Pierluisi (D-PR). “Recent events surrounding open seats in the United States Senate have made clear the system of governor-appointed replacements is antiquated and runs contrary to the

spirit of transparency the American people deserve and expect,” Dreier said. “While good people may be appointed to these offices, the process is not always above reproach. We should remove the potential for a tainted process once and for all and put the choice where it belongs, in the hands of the American people.” He continued, “I thank Senator Feingold for bringing this amendment forward, and my House colleagues for their willingness to work together in a bipartisan way on this critical issue. Working together, we can bring full circle the work of the reformers who authored the seventeenth amendment a century ago.” The constitutional amendment does not dictate the terms by which elections must be held, simply stating that any member of the U.S. Senate must be elected by the people of their state. The decisions about how elections should be conducted are left to the state.

FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25, 2009 2

Not for the neat and tidy... but definitely for the hungry.

• Op-Ed •

Modest Proposal for the Skilled Nursing Facility Problem By Sir Eric Maundry

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Thursday I wrote about a possible solution to the much discussed Skilled Nu r s i n g Fa c i l ity problem. And basically what the article said is that we could make very good use of this already medically config ured compound if we turned it an Emergency Medical Center. Something this town desperately needs. And it comes with the added bonus of being a positive solution that could be accomplished for relatively few dollars. The response to this article was very good, and quite a few commented. But let’s face it, just because the people of this town might want such a medical facil-

ity is no guarantee they’ll get it. The usual suspects could be doing all they can to keep this from happening. Why? Because they and their patrons would make a lot more money building stores and condos on the SNF site. Besides, if you’re not throwing millions of dollars at a problem, they just don’t seem to get it. Look, isn’t it at least a possibility that the guy who owns the Skilled Nursing Facility property believes that if he holds out long enough he’ll finally get the City Council he wants? Which could enable him to build whatever it is he wanted to when he bought the place? And could two of our City Councilmen be encouraging him to think that this could happen in 2010? Certainly seems possible to me. And is a solution now really in their interest? The urge to resort to political demagoguery here has got to be strong for them. Blame the Sierra Madre Boulevard blight on the people actually trying to do something about it, then praise those obModest on 3

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Place By Dorothy Denne

Coping With the Process The way my life has been going recently impels me to once again take up the subject of getting old. I guess I won't call it “getting old”. I'll refer to it as “the aging process.” Sounds better. The aging process is something everyone can relate to. It starts the day we are born and runs at fast speed for a time. Watching little newborn bodies age into miniature adult bodies is delightful and fascinating. Their acute hearing allows them to react to sound immediately. Then they begin to recognize voices, and other sounds become familiar. Their eyes first see light, then shape. Then they follow motion and begin to focus. Little fists begin to grab and hold tight. Limber fingers grasp tiny objects. Legs grow strong and feet take on a purpose. Minds grow sharp and language develops. That tiny newborn body becomes the miniature adult body that has now only to grow and experience. All part of the aging process. The process continues with reasonably moderate change then, before we can believe it, we begin to realize we are approaching the other end of the time line. Fascinating maybe, but not so delightful. The process begins to reverse, slowly at first. Perhaps slowly is the key word in the reversal process. We begin to slow down,

can't move as fast and can't accomplish as much. Familiar sounds begin to garble. Acute hearing begins to wane and disappear. Light dims and shapes become shadows. Focus becomes dependent upon bifocals and trifocals. Once limber fingers become stiff, and complaining knuckles sometimes cause fists to become permanent. Grasping tiny objects becomes a memory. Legs grow weaker instead of stronger and the main purpose of the feet seems to be to hurt. The body begins to bend, shrink and ache. If we're lucky the mind continues to experience, but it takes more effort. Everything does. It's part of the aging process. I'm willing to call it “the aging process” but no matter what I call it, I'm beginning to get old. This is one beginning I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy. But, since it is part of the process, I guess I'll have to take it in stride then adjust the stride as needed. I'm sure, now and then, I'll feel impelled to tell you how I'm coping as I proceed. -Image courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci

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FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25 , 2009 3


RE: Does Monrovia Have Its Own MiniMadoff? So far Di Pietro is no better, he does not return phone calls or communicate with his paying customers. I was audited because of this fraud business it has been 9 months of stress it took two months to find out that Mark was gone. Di Pietro took it over my case 5 months ago. I heard from him once after calling repeatedly for a week. He said my case was vanilla. Well vanilla or not I am still waiting to hear the outcome. If he is stating he is doing things differently I have yet to see it.


Colasuanno to Charles Ponzi. Know the facts before you make such acusations. It’s interesting that Mr. Colasuanno “has been released on his own recognizance.” What does that tell you….there is nothing to hold him on or even constitute bail! Obviously these investors were involved in a legitimate real estate investment and with the crash lost their money like every other American out there. De Petrio, I would never let you near my taxes “CPA’ or not!


- Deidre Corwin Posted this response at on February 9, 2009 at 1:09 pm

What a bunch of BS. Who the hell is this Di Peitro guy? The Tax Dr. has done my taxes for 20 years as well as no less than several dozen of my friends and family and we have NEVER had a problem or audit. The Tax Dr. is just another victim of a failing economy and the real estate crash. I came to The Tax Dr. after being screwed over by a so called “CPA” expert who did nothing but screw me up on my taxes and Mark cleaned it all up for me. Mr. Di Peitro needs to stop telling tall tales until he knows all of the facts. Terry Miller should also be ashamed of himself for comparing Mr.

Modest from 2 structing this economical and useful solution - namely themselves - as being the saviors. With high-density development being the solution, of course. Dirty politics? Naturally. But as anyone who lived through the Measure V election can tell you, that would be nothing new. Just the way things are around here. We have some elected officials who work for the people of Sierra Madre, and then we have those who are little more than messenger boys for developers. So look, maybe the problem here is that we’re just being too nice about this. Perhaps we should roll up our sleeves and play a little hardball for a change. So here is my modest proposal. If the current owner is refusing to do anything with the Skilled Nursing Facility property because he thinks he’ll get a better deal after the next election, then he is for all intents and purposes contributing to a serious blight condition on Sierra Madre Boulevard. One that he is pretty much responsible for already. Blight, of course, being the term used to describe decrepit properties that need to be taken over so that the condition can be remedied. So let’s make this work for us. The Skilled Nursing Facility should be declared for what it really is, a blighted property. We have a redevelopment agency in town that could, if used properly, seize this property as blight under eminent domain. Property values are very low right now, and we could pick it up at a good price. What do we do with it then? Well, with the current owner out of the way, and the obstructionists left to do little more than wonder what happened, I suspect we’ll have no trouble finding a reputable medical concern willing to step in and bring to this community something we actually need. And when they do we should throw them a parade. Eric Maundry is the Editor of the Sierra Madre Tattler, a rather entertaining an often informative blog located online at sierramadretattler.

-Eunice Posted this response at February 11, 2009 at 11:39 pm

certain amount, and probably suspect that a few more dollars in taxes, especially in times like these, is more than paid back in maintenance of the value of their property. The legislative Republicans probably know these things, too, but they have managed to paint themselves into a corner. They sold themselves the idea that a pledge of no new taxes is critical to their electoral success and they are fortified by some special interest donors as well as a couple of yahoos on the radio who love to pump up their ratings at the expense of the well being of the rest of us by making a political football out of letter on 5


Thanks so much for the great play you gave this media release in Thursday's Feb. 5 edition. Fabulous, and much appreciated. Scott Hettrick To the Editor: RE: Let’s hear it for Assemblyman Adams Let’s hear it for Assemblyman Adams. Recently he did the equivalent of saying that the emperor has no clothes. More literally he committed heresy among Republican legislators by admitting publicly that if we want to have the public goods and services that we all want as well as break the budget logjam, we are going to have to find the taxes somewhere. The legislative Republicans have adopted t he mantra of “no new taxes” no matter what and for that they have prevented a budget for over half a year and left California with the lowest credit rating of any state. (This is not to say that there is not plenty of blame on the Democratic side for not recognizing that we can no longer afford a lot of things that they have been wont to add, and much of it on credit). I have a house that even after the recent declines is valued in the multi hundreds of thousands of dollars. I, and anyone who would consider moving to such a house in Southern California, expect schools I would be pleased to send my grandchildren to, streets and highways in good condition, police and fire services to keep my family and property safe, clean streets, nice parks, and all the other public services we are accustomed to. If these things did not exist in my community I would expect the value of my property to drop by a couple of hundred thousand in no time. Most people recognize the reality that to maintain their property values they have to spend a

Metro Briefs


Metro Board Tells Gold Line, “Go East” Metro’s Board of Directors voted to continue the Metro Gold Line Extension now under construction farther east from its current end at Atlantic Boulevard. Alternative routes for the extension being looked at are State Route 60, Beverly, Whittier or Washington boulevards.

Metro Day Pass Is Going TAP Metro is combining the ease of the Day Pass with the convenience of the TAP card. TAP will be replacing Metro’s paper Day Pass on March 15. To buy a Day Pass after that date: load it onto your TAP card at any Metro bus farebox; in rail stations, load your TAP card at the ticket vending machine. For more information, go to

The Trains Are Rolling In East LA Testing is underway with real trains rolling on real rails along the route of the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension in preparation for the grand opening in mid 2009. The six-mile extension links downtown LA with Little Tokyo/Arts District, Boyle Heights and East LA.

Connect To Gold Line On Line 177 Metro Local Line 177 o=ers convenient connections between Pasadena’s Metro Gold Line Sierra Madre Villa Station and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, with service to Pasadena City College and Cal Tech. Check out the route and timetable at

Metro Ridership Hits 37 Million While the pain at the pump may have subsided, it seems the benefits of riding Metro continues strong. Ridership for Metro bus and Metro Rail during December 2008 increased nearly three percent from last year. A total of 37.3 million riders used Metro for the month, up from 36.2 million last year. If you’d like to know more, please call us at 1.800.464.2111, or visit

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Art of Living Grep ‘ART’ /NASA/JPL/Data

What do Mars, Radiohead, and Email Spam Have in Common? Just Ask JPL.

The unique exhibits at the museum include unique miniature robotics that create geometric designs are enjoyed by two children with their mother at the opening recently. Picture lower center is a representation of the commercial flights that are in the air at any given time. The image above that is of a leaf driven art project. As the leaf moves with the wind of people passing by, in turn the contraption moves a pencil which is aided by a rock and elaborate wiring and creates a drawing. The Huge one hundred dollar bill is one of the more impressive exhibits on display.

% man DATA+ART | story.txt Organized by the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) and curated by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Visual Strategist Dan Goods and Mars Public Engagement Outreach Coordinator David Delgado, Data + Art: Science and Art in the Age of Information explores how scientific data can be experienced and translated by artists into new and startling forms. This exhibition challenges the viewer’s assumptions by exploring the beauty inherent in the information and asking viewers to see science in a new light. These artistic interpretations of scientific data will empower the average person to see the invisible, hear the inaudible and understand the impossibly complex. A new generation of artists has begun to manipulate and use data as an artistic medium and explore its meaning and impact on our lives.

Some artists use information from public websites and blogs, others collaborate with scientists to cull data from ongoing research, and others rely on highly personal information from their own lives. Together these artists are leading us to a new understanding of the ones and zeroes that surround us in the information age. “Spam Architecture” by Alex Dragulescu presents images generated by a computer program that accepts input and junk email. Various patterns, keywords and rhythms found in the text are translated into threedimensional modeling gestures. Much of these works are created by sifting through vast amounts of digital information to reveal hidden stories about the natural world and the human condition. Data for this exhibition will come from a broad range of sources including JPL, Caltech, social networking web sites, email spam,

scientific research data, and the presidential election. The art produced from this data will include sound, images, installations, performance and interstellar communications. Although art and science institutions have occasionally collaborated with one another, they have historically been seen as polar opposites. Pasadena is home to the illustrious aerospace institutions JPL and Caltech, and the similarities between science and art are now brought to life in this collaborative exhibition at the PMCA, which also features an accompanying exhibition about the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Eye in the Sky: JPL’S Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. This new satellite built by JPL offers a new glimpse at the surface of Mars through a high-powered imaging spectrometer, and the resulting “photos” expand the traditional boundaries of art.

-Photos By Terry Miller

PMCA FAMILY DAY Sunday, February 22, 3:00 – 5:00 pm Please join us in making arts and crafts based on themes in our current exhibitions. Refreshments will be provided. Free with museum admission. RSVP to 626-568-3665 x17 DATA + ART PANEL DISCUSSION

Saturday, February 28, 3:00 – 4:00 pm Panel discussion with the artists and curators of Data + Art. Free with admission. Free for PMCA Members. RSVP to 626-568-3665, ext. 14 EXHIBITION LECTURE

Sunday, March 22, 3:00 – 4:00 pm An in-depth lecture on JPL’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). Free with admission. Free for PMCA Members. RSVP to 626-568-3665, ext. 14 DATA + ART GALLERY WALKTHROUGH

Sunday, March 22, 3:00 – 4:00 pm Join Data + Art curators Dan Goods and David Delgado for a walking tour of their exhibition. Free with admission. Free for PMCA Members. RSVP to 626-568-3665, ext. 14




Same Family Ownership Since 1963

Training Tips: Teacher Gets Taught

• Full Line Pet Shop • Full Service Grooming

Where your Pets Needs Always Come First

By Lynda Linforth

-Photos By Terry Miller

Pasadena is a Place of Origin for a Plethora of Ear-Piercing Parrots The popular theory is that these birds, literally thousands of them, came from Simpson’s Nursery in east Pasadena on East Colorado Blvd. The Nursery caught on fire in 1969. But also there was a Simpson’s Garden and Bird Farm and it burnt down in 1959. Either the parrots were released to save them or they managed to get out in time. From these parrots, the infamous g reen Pa sadena Pa r rot s f lourished and infiltrates all areas of Pasadena and at times, one might think they are on the Hitchcock set of The Birds. There are other stories that claim the birds

migrated or were smuggled from Mexico. Most locals attribute the flocks of these extremely talkative birds to the pet store fire theory. Although no one seems sure how they actually ended up in Southern California, The Parrot Project of California has identified at least five and maybe even ten different species in southern California. Pasadena’s website states that they are yellow-head Amazon parrots, an endangered species that has been kept as pets for decades because they are some of the best “talkers” amongst the many different species of parrot.

Charter from 1 stock will be canceled. Charter Communications staff say they won’t be raising their rates for any services and it will be business as usual. “During this restructuring period we will continue to operate as usual and customers should understand that our

Cover Story

operations are strong,” said A n it a L a mont , Cha r ter Communications Spokesperson. Company staff says there have been layoffs throughout the company but not any recent ones in connection to their bankruptcy. Charter Communications claims their service which now includes telephone, will not be affected.

“My clients would love this” I thought as I lay face dow n on t he mat. “Come on, Lynda, just four more” chirped my enthusiastic trainer, Cesar. “No, I don’t have four more in me, Cesar, I don’t even have one left in me” I thought viciously as I shamelessly dripped sweat onto the mat. Let someone else clean it up for a change. Then, out of nowhere, I did have four more and after avoiding push-ups for the last 10 years, I completed my forty count. “Good job” enthused Cesar. Yeah, whatever. I have joined CrossFit in Monrovia ( a group workout regime which, described by their own definition is “ the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.” That being said, anyone can join, at any fitness level. One quote that I took away from their website that I thought described them well was “our specialty is not specializing” meaning that their range of accessibility is very broad. I have known the partners of this CrossFit affiliate on the local fitness circuit for quite some time but that was not why I chose CrossFit. I chose it because I was sick and tired of lifting weights. After 11 years, I was burned out and unable to motivate myself. I can jump on my bike at any time, tie up my running shoes and run straight from my gym door, even forge up the Mount Wilson trail, but use my expensive strength training equipment for my own end? Absolutely not, way too much office work to do. I was physically and psychologically burned out and this will happen to everyone at some point in their exercise lifetime. I chose CrossFit because it was the last method of training that I would try by myself.

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Open 7 Days (626) 447-0579 or (626) 447-5974 124 W. Las Tunas Dr., Arcadia ( West of Santa Anita Ave.)

Just like the mind, the body thrives on variety. I was satisfied to feel physically different after just the first four foundation classes. When the body is surprised, irrespective of the fitness level, it will respond. I can ride 80 miles in 6 hours on my road bike but I cannot manage one pull up. Try these points to stimulate your work outs: *try something completely different: as well as joining CrossFit, I took up racquetball (I recommend having a Marine teach you; they like to hit you with the ball to keep you on your toes). *find a different motivation: if your goal has always been weight loss, try and shift your sights to something more solid: 10 lbs to be lost by a wedding, a reunion or a special date within the next 6 months. *find a partner: having someone who keeps you accountable can help you win the battle of getting to the gym or completing an early morning walk. *Acknowledge a lacking element and seek other help: if you are comfortable with your exercise regime but know that the nutrition portion could be better, talk to a nutritionist or dietitian to develop a plan. As I stood in a hot shower this evening, after finishing a CrossFit class, I discovered that throwing a 16 lb medicine ball repeatedly over your head, makes it almost impossible to lift your arms to wash your hair. Things you learn when you surprise your body. My clients will love this. Lynda Linforth is a certified personal trainer, licensed nutritionist and owner of Train Inc., a private personal training studio in Arcadia specializing in weight loss, postrehab exercise, post-cancer exercise and nutrition. She can be reached at (626) 447-1049 or lyndalinforth@ Train Inc. also offers self-defense classes for men only and women only.

letter from 3 anyone who tries to recognize and solve complicated problems. As long as the Republicans are a single issue group, they are in no position to shape responsible long term solutions to our problems of

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public finance. I am one of Mr. Adams’ Republican constituents and he has raised his reputation many-fold in my eyes. -Eric Olson Sierra Madre


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Bellisima salon & day spa 501 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016 Salon located in Old Town Monrovia 626.357.0017

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could have d r iven t o the airport and taken a 22 -hou r flight to India to experience the exotic charm and beaut y of one of the world’s oldest cultures. Or, as a reader suggested, I could save a few days of travel and instead drive to the city of Artesia and experience a microcosm of the Asian country in a single afternoon. With time constraints and financial considerations factoring in, I choose the latter and spent a recent Saturday browsing through “Little India,” a block-long shopping district along Pioneer Blvd, featuring a vast array of authentic Indian restaurants, shops, groceries, clothing, jewelry, art, furniture and more. My getaway began at Cottage Art where I was immersed in a sea of colorful

Indian fabrics, furniture and art, all imported from remote, rural regions of India. One step in this store and my eyes were amazed by a myriad of cottons, silks and brocades all exquisitely embellished with embroidered designs in cotton and metallic thread, and ethnic and mirror appliqués. Ranging in colors from earth tones to fuchsia, peacock blue, emerald green and bright reds and oranges, the fabric’s embroidery is laden in gold, silver and copper metallic threads. The clerk told me the articles are used as throws, shawls, wraps, wall hangings, bedspreads, and other home furnishings. Besides fabric, Cottage Art also specializes in real Indian furniture from the northern deserts of Rajasthan to the state of Tamil Nadu. Their collection includes beautifully hand carved wood and marble frames and statues, marble tablets with intricate paintings, depicting the many eras, dynasties, and epics in Indian history.

676 E. Green Street, Pasadena (626) 795-8085 CONTRACT LIC: 283612

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There is even stuff from Thailand and Morocco. Leaving Cottage Art, I past women in saris and men in turbans, and followed the strong aroma of curry and other spices to Farm Fresh, a grocery store stocked with imported Indian foods from London and India. I wondered the aisles here, reading exotic labels, sniffing spices, and listening to customers speak Hindi, until purchasing a box of Badshah Tandoori Chicken Masala mix, and a box of Curry seasoning. My next stop was Highglow Jewelers where I learned about Indian jewelry and about the incredible popularity of gold jewelry among India’s population. In fact, while browsing, another customer informed me that the country has one of the largest markets for gold jewelry in the world. C o n -

tinuing down Pioneer Blvd, I spotted the old-fashioned, 50,000-gallon Artesia Water Tower, looming high above the street from a few blocks away. Sitting above a 1911 well, the tower is a leftover from the city’s historic days as a Portuguese-run dairy village. I wrapped up my day at Little India with a late lunch at Jay Bharat Restaurant, which specializes in a variety of delicious Gujarati, Punjabi and South-Indian vegetarian dishes. My combo meal included rice, pickles, vegetable curry, samosa, grilled potato paddies, and fried spinach with sweet and spicy chutneys. Little India is located in Artesia, along Pioneer Blvd, between 186th and 187th streets. For more info on visiting Little India and Artesia, visit:



Music News WEST COVINA, 7:30 - 11:30pm. 3057 E. Garvey Ave. North. In the bar area, but you can order food also. 626-915-3474. All ages ok. Joe Velosa, Danny Hesse, Felicia Bright. Acoustic Rock, Soul & Blues.

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FRI. 2/20 - MERCY & THE MERKETTES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8:30pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar & great Italian food. No cover, DANCE FLOOR. R&B, Disco, Funk, Rock, Motown, etc.

In Good Taste! By SierraMadreSue Behrens

It’s not too late to get tickets to the Friends of the Sierra Madre Library’s 39th Annual Wine & Cuisine Tasting that takes place this Friday, Feb. 20th at the Alverno Villa. For a tax-deductible donation of $60, you’ll be treated to a variety of fabulous food and wine selections, and you’ll be supporting our Public Library at the same time. Purchase tickets at the Library, Bottle Shop, Sierra Madre Books or on-line at http://www. and look for my sister Ellen and I who will be first in line, as always! Here’s a photo to prove it. That’s local drummer Ben Rushing and his wife Vicki right behind us. THURS. 2/19 - THELONIOUS DUB @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-8365414. Full bar & great Italian food. No cover charge. “A complete misunderstanding of both jazz and reggae.” Every Thursday. THURS. 2/19 - FUR DIXON & STEVE WERNER “TRAVELERS” CD RELEASE PARTY @ THE COFFEE GALLERY BACKSTAGE, 8pm. $15. 2029 N. Lake Ave. Reservations: 626-398-7917. With special guest Rita Hosking. Bluegrass, Americana. THURS. 2/19, FRI. 2/20 & SAT. 2/21 THE ALL AMERICAN WRANGLERS @ VIVA CANTINA IN BURBANK, 8 - 11pm. 900 Riverside Dr., next to the L.A. Equestrian Center. 818-845-2425. Full bar & great Mexican food. No cover, all ages. Country. Sierra Madre’s own Ben Rushing on drums. THURS. 2/19 - DAVID SERBY @ THE PIKE BAR IN LONG BEACH, 9pm. 1836 E. 4th St., one block west of Cherry. 562437-4453. Full bar and dinner ‘til late. A m e r i c a n a / C o u n t r y. http:// w w w . d a v i d s e r b y. c o m / h o m e . h t m l FRI. 2/20 - The MELLOW D’z (DAVE OSTI AND DEANNA COGAN) @ THE MAYAN BAR (inside the Aztec Hotel) in MONROVIA, 6 - 9pm Happy Hour. 311 W. Foothill Blvd. 626358-3231. NO COVER. Full bar, food, coldest beer in town! Acoustic Guitar, vocals. “Hot Chick, Cool Dude & Music to suit your mood!” FRI. 2/20 - 39th ANNUAL “FRIENDS OF THE SIERRA MADRE LIBRARY” WINE & CUISINE TASTING @ THE ALVERNO VILLA, 7 – 9:30pm. 200 N. Michillinda Ave. Info: 626-355-7186. Live music, magicians, fine art, silent auction. $60 Advance tickets ONLY at the Library, Sierra Madre Books, Bottle Shop, etc. It WILL sell out! FRI. 2/20 - “THE SUBS” (Better Than Blue’s acoustic alter ego) @ the DOCKSIDE in

FRI. 2/20 - LIGHTNIN’ WILLIE & THE POORBOYS @ GEM CITY GRILL IN MONROVIA, 9:30pm. 115 E. Olive, off of Myrtle. 626-358-0342. Full bar, no cover, dance floor, pool tables. Lightnin’ fast BLUES. lightninwillie

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FRI. 2/20 - THE NEIGHBORHOOD BULLIES and DUANE JARVIS & THE SINEMATICS @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626355-9045. Full bar, no cover. Rock, Alt-Country.

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SAT. 2/21 - VIN FIZ FLYER @ STRINGS MUSIC (aka Fretted Products) IN GLENDORA, 8 - 10am - YES - IN THE MORNING! 146 N. Glendora Ave. 626-914-4100. Vintage cars on display, breakfast available next door. “Bluegrass with a bit more fiz!”

( New Technique For Better Nails)

SAT. 2/21 - BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. Saturday BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. The Mission St. Gold Line station is just a short walk away, and makes for a nice outing. SAT. 2/21 - THE MERCY POWELL QUARTET @ THE WORLD-FAMOUS DERBY IN ARCADIA, 7:30 - 11:30pm. 233 E. Huntington Dr. 626-447-2430. Full bar, 5-star restaurant. Jazz, R&B, Standards, Swing. SAT. 2/21 - THE CRANE LAKE SERENADERS (aka CAIN ENABLERS) @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Full bar, no cover, cheap drinks, friendly service! BLUES from Rick, Pete, Bruce, Rick & John Wood on soprano sax. Should be great! SAT. 2/21 - MARTINI DIARIES featuring JEFF STETSON & friends @ COLOMBO’S ITALIAN STEAK HOUSE IN EAGLE ROCK, 10pm - 1am. 1833 Colorado Blvd. 323-254-9138. Full kitchen & bar. Jeff sez: first set will be Jazz & then evolve into “Acid-LoungeJazz-Rock!” 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month. SUN. 2/22 - BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-4412443 . All ages. BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. SUN. 2/22 - Have Lunch with NEW ASTROTURF @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 1:30 - 4:30pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food in a comfy setting. Bring the family! Acoustic Folk/Rock, Classic Country. SUN. 2/22 - WRECK ‘N’ SOW @ THE OLD TOWNE PUB IN PASADENA, 4pm. Corner of Fair Oaks & Union, behind the Container Store. Enter thru alley off of Holly St. 626577-6583. Not 100% sure about this one - I saw a flyer about a fundraiser ($10 admission) but WNS wasn’t on it! CALL AHEAD! Bluegrass.

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By Deborah Ann Neely


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La Petite France Café and Bakery At La Petite France, we strive to bring you the best and freshest bread, croissants, sandwiches and more. For breakfast, stop-by for a cup of coffee, latte, cappuccino or espresso. Dip-in a pecan stick or biscotti. For lunch, try one of our sandwiches. Whatever the occasion may be, we also make cakes the way you want it. Call us for your special events and we will be more than happy to cater your party. Place your orders via phone: (626) 445-0392 fax: (626) 445-0235 email: Or, come visit us at: 411 E. Huntington Drive Suite 101-D, Arcadia, CA 91006

6070 N. Irwindale Ave., Suites A-D · Irwindale, CA 626.969.6100 M - F 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM Catering Available 24/7

“Where Great Food is a Work of Art!”TM

A l l of us feeding a family and going shopping every week know all about the economy without watching Sunday news shows. I am watching certain products every week that continue to go up in price, and as we have said before, you do have choices! Markets are still having “buy one get one” sales and huge sales on items as the expiration dates dictate. You have to be savvy though or you will have a pantry full of green beans that your family really doesn’t like so much or you end up with fattening and useless products. I am trying to consider what the family likes and needs and make slight choice changes while still being tasty and most importantly nutritious.

One weekend treat for many families is the backyard cookout. My husband loves steak, and I have a slight trick to please everyone this Saturday night. I have watched the price of sirloin steaks and found the week my local grocery marked it down. I like to find it by Wednesday of the week I am going to serve it or freeze it until you are ready. Cut two to three pounds of sirloin in 1 ½ inch cubes depending on the crowd you are feeding. Create a marinade as follows: Marinate the cubes of sirloin for several days and turn it a few times. The next step is to decide what vegetables will be added to these kabobs. You can customize and even let everyone make their own kabob which is fun for kids and adults! Cut your onion, green pepper,

mushrooms, red pep pers, tomatoes, or even artichokes into bite size pieces. I even like to run these in the microwave for a few minutes since the steak will not take long to cook. This meal of kabobs needs little else. I serve wild rice or a wedge salad if anything. This steak dinner is so economical compared to individual steaks for everyone. It is actually nice for the kids to have dinner in bite size pieces, but for a special dinner party try this recipe and use the same sirloin steak trick. Beef Burgundy Cut 3 pounds of sirloin into 1 inch cubes. Stir together a can of celery soup, a can of mushroom soup, ½ cup of Burgundy, and ½ package of onion soup mix. Pour this mixture over your meat and place in a covered Dutch oven. Cook at 300 degrees for 3 hours. Serve this over rice or buttered noodles and ad a simple salad. Make careful choices at the market but continue to be creative for your family and friends.

ar g e n i v e win r o e n i w y d n u d) g n r a u r b B y p n cu (a e c u a s k a uce a s õ cup ste e r i h s ster e c r o W 1óT uce a s y o s 1óT lt a s c i l r a 1óTg

American Fare Cameron’s Seafood With porthole shaped mirrors and wallmounted fish (sorry, no singing ones) giving this place the classic feel of a seaside fish camp, you’re sure to forget your an hour from the coast. Dine in or take home cuts from the seafood market. 1978 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 793-FISH Shrimp House Casual, comfortable, simple, and family operated for over 48 years. If you’re tired of the typical chain dining experience, give the little guy a try! Daily hand-breaded, huge Jumbo Shrimp, will haunt your taste buds for the rest of your days. Soon you will join generations of Shrimp House fanatics. It’s seafood you will crave. Shrimp, fish filets, steaks, chicken, salads, and food to go. 4488 E. Live Oak Ave, Arcadia (626) 445-6369, (626) 448-8742, www.

California Cuisine Picasso’s Café, Bakery & Catering Co. Try our upscale fast casual gourmet Restaurant and Bakery, conduct business in Picasso’s Private Dining Rooms, or explore other fresh food choices with our Corporate Catering division. Celebrating 20 Years of Business, and Awarded San Gabriel Valley’s Small Business of the Year 2008, we are focused on providing quality food products and events, consistent service, and competitive prices. Experience our ever-growing selection of menus, services, presentation styles, and creativity; at Picasso’s, Great Food is a true “work of art!” Catering Available 24/7 at or (626) 969-6100. 6070 N. Irwindale Ave., Suite A-D Irwindale, CA

Coffee, Sweets & Such La Petite France Bakery Not just cakes and desserts but a plethora of choices even not on the menu! Just ask for Chef Daniel and he will immediately come up with catering ideas from breakfast, lunch to a sumptuous cavalcade of home-cooked Mediterranean cuisine. 411 E. Huntington Dr. Arcadia, (626) 445-0392. Patticakes: The dessert Company Located in Altadena and featuring such heavenly and huge dessert delights as: Truffle dark chocolate flourless cake with dark chocolate truffle cream. finished with chocolate curls. Or if that’s not quite your cup of tea, try their old fashion :four layers of Devil’s Food chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse center. Glazed with dark chocolate ganache. 1900 North Allen, Altadena (626) 794-1128


Corfu Restaurant Family owned Greek and International homestyle cuisine set in a casually comfortable décor. Dishes range from waffles to rack of lamb with everything prepared from scratch. 48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, (626) 355-5993


Restaurant Lozano A menu peppered with Italian and Mexican dishes like a crispy goat cheese quesadilla with baby spinach accentuate Lozano’s elegant creativity. 44 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, (626) 355-5945


Pad Thai You can’t go wrong with the namesake dish at this colorful place with pink booths, bright blue table cloths and red napkins. The garlic pepper mushroom entrée is a favorite among vegetarians. 3500 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 568-9288 President Thai Spacious, elegantly attired where hospitality reigns and classic cuisine rules. Wide range of selections from apps to entrees and unique specials. 498 S. Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 578-9814


Crossword T


Across 1. Edible roots 5. Brides walk down it 10. Foul 13. On the peak of 14. In force 16. LAX posting 17. Member of a parish 19. RR stop 20. Pro follower 21. Vigorous 23. ___ de mer 24. Describes a gently cooked steak 26. Yorkshire river 27. Pertaining to the Jews in Babylon, e.g. 29. Confident 32. Japanese soup 33. Barbed.wire barricade 36. Unusual cleverness 41. Alarms 42. Fill to excess 44. Driver of a hack 48. Belonging to them 50. Spoken 51. Bridges of Hollywood




Down 1. Mouth, slangily 2. Tranquillity 3. Moral maxim 4. Roasting rod 5. Exclamation of relief 6. Less cordial 7. Rock 8. Queue 9. Constantly 10. Rouse to action 11. Clothing 12. Moved rhythmically

Or, “the numbers must occur only once”


3 6 3

1 2 9

8 2 6

3 7 4

5 7 6

3 9 1

7 5 2



53. ___ Darya (Asian river) 54. Loose.fitting overcoat 58. Knee 60. The whole shebang 61. Hoodwink 64. ___ Grande 65. Wide street 66. Actress Chase 67. Shooting marble 68. Relaxed 69. Visionary





4 3 8



15. Unit of energy 18. Dress often worn by Hindu women 22. Seine contents 23. 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet 25. Former French colony of North America 28. High hit 29. Env. notation 30. Midday nap 31. Georgia, once: Abbr. 34. Swiss capital 35. Paul Bunyan’s tool 37. Doctrine 38. Frozen water 39. Plane figure having three sides 40. Skullcap 43. East Lansing sch. 44. Capital of Tasmania 45. Decorative ivy 46. Immature 47. Dutch carrier 49. Quasimodo’s creator 51. Marriage announcement 52. Come afterward 55. Gotcha! 56. Bay 57. Space 59. Sponsorship 62. Marry 63. Projection at the corner of a door architrave;

Last Week’s Solution

Fill the 9 X 9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 X3 regions contain the digits from 1 to 9 only once each. Solutions run the following week.

Last Week’s Solution 4


8 6 5 7 2 1 4 3 9

9 4 2 5 3 8 1 6 7

1 3 7 6 4 9 8 5 2

5 9 1 3 8 7 2 4 6

3 8 4 9 6 2 5 7 1

7 2 6 1 5 4 3 9 8

4 1 3 8 7 6 9 2 5

6 5 9 2 1 3 7 8 4

2 7 8 4 9 5 6 1 3

AMC Santa Anita 16 Westfield Shoppingtown 400 Baldwin Ave., Arcadia ((626) 321-4270 CC = Closed Captions DVS = Descriptive Video Service DLP = Digital Projection Check with theater for pass restrictions Bride Wars (PG, 90) Fri-Sun (11:40) 2:15 4:35 7:05 9:35 Mon 12:40 3:10 5:35 8:00 10:25 Tue-Wed 2:10 4:30 7:05 9:35 Coraline (PG, 100) Fri, Sun (11:10) 1:55 4:30 7:10 9:50 Sat 2:30 5:10 7:50 10:35 Mon 12:10 2:50 5:25 7:50 10:20 Tue-Wed 1:15 3:50 6:25 9:00 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (PG-13, 167) Fri-Sun (11:20) 3:10 6:50 10:30 Mon-Wed 1:35 5:10 8:50 Defiance (R, 136) Fri-Sun 7:50 10:55 Mon-Wed 7:00 10:05 Gran Torino (R, 117) Fri-Sun (10:35) 1:20 4:10 7:00 9:55 Mon-Wed 1:20 4:10 6:55 9:55 He’s Just Not That Into You (PG-13, 129) Fri-Sun (10:30) 1:00 4:05 7:15 10:25 Mon-Wed 1:10 4:05 7:15 10:25 Hotel for Dogs (PG, 100) Fri-Sun (11:30) 2:10 4:50 7:30 10:05 Mon 12:20 2:55 5:30 8:05 10:30 Tue-Wed 2:15 4:50 7:30 10:05 Inkheart (PG, 105) Fri-Sun (11:50) 2:35 5:15 MonWed 1:50 4:25 New in Town (PG, 96) Fri-Sat 12:45 3:15 5:45 8:15 10:45 Sun 12:45 3:15 5:45 8:15 10:40 Mon 12:35 3:05 5:25 7:45 10:10 Tue-Wed 2:35 5:05 7:40 10:15 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (PG, 91) CC - Fri-Sun (11:45) 2:25 5:00 7:40 10:15 Mon 12:15 2:45 5:15 7:40 10:15 Tue-Wed 2:00 4:35 7:05 9:40 The Pink Panther 2 (PG, 92) Fri-Sat (10:35) 1:10 3:40 6:10 8:40 11:10 Sun (10:35) 1:10 3:35 6:05 8:30 10:45 Mon Noon 2:25 5:00 7:25 10:00 Tue-Wed 1:05 3:30 5:55 8:15 10:25 Push (PG-13, 111) Fri-Sun (11:15) 2:05 4:55 7:45 10:35 Mon 2:00 4:50 7:30 10:10 Tue-Wed 2:05 4:55 7:45 10:30 The Reader (R, 123) Fri-Sat (11:05) 2:00 5:05 8:00 10:55 Sun (10:45) 1:45 4:40 7:35 10:20 Mon-Wed 1:45 4:40 7:35 10:20 Slumdog Millionaire (R, 116) Fri-Sun (10:30) 1:25 4:20 7:20 10:20 Mon-Wed 1:25 4:15 7:10 10:00 Taken (PG-13, 91) Fri-Sun (10:40) 12:35 3:00 5:25 7:55 10:30 Mon-Wed 1:00 3:20 5:45 8:05 10:30 Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (R: 92) Fri-Sat 12:50 3:20 5:50 8:20 10:50 Sun 12:50 3:20 5:5; 8:20 10:40 Mon 12:05 2:30 4:55 7:20 9:50 Tue-Wed 2:45 5:15 7:40 10:10 The Uninvited (PG-13, 87) Fri-Sat 1:40 3:55 6:15 8:45 11:15 Sun 1:40 3:55 6:15 8:30 10:45 Mon 12:45 3:00 5:20 7:35 9:50 Tue-Wed 1:30 3:45 5:55 8:10 10:25

MONROVIA Monrovia Cinema 12 410 S. Myrtle Ave. (626) 305-7469 Krikorian Theatre M = Monday Morning Mommy Movie Fired Up (PG-13, 90) Fri-Thu (1125 150 420) 745 1020 Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail (PG-13, 103) FriThu (1110 135 415) 705 940 Confessions of a Shopaholic (PG, 112) Fri-Sat (1115 1150 155 235 430 510) 710 955 945 1030 Sun, TueThu (1115 1150 155 235 430 510) 710 955 945 Mon (M1000 11650 155 235 430 510) 710 755 945 Friday the 13th (2009) (R, 95) Fri-Thu (1130 200 500 720 955) The International (R, 118) Fri-Thu (1045 145 440) 730 1010 Coraline 3D (PG, 100) Fri-Thu (1140 215 455) 735 1015 He’s Just Not That Into You (PG-13, 129) Fri-Sat (1050 1120 150 435 450) 750 1000 1040 Sun-Thu (1050 1120 150 435 450) 750 1000 The Pink Panther 2 (PG, 92) Fri-Thu (1100 130

400) 715 935 Taken (PG-13, 93) Fri-Thu (1135 210 445) 740 1005 Gran Torino (R, 116) Fri-Thu (205) 735 Slumdog Millionaire (R, 120) Fri-Sat (1105 140 425) 725 1025 Sun-Thu (1105 140 425) 725

PASADENA Regency Academy 6 Cinema 1003 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena (626) 229-9400 Matinees $2.00 (shows before 6 p.m.), after 6 p.m. $3.00 Check with theater for pass restrictions Times followed by (*) = Fri-Sun only showing; (**) = Fri-Sat only showing Frost/Nixon (R, 134) Fri-Thu 100(*) 345 640 920(**) Marley and Me (PG, 127) Fri-Thu 1145(*) 230 510 745 Frozen River (R, 110) Fri-Thu 1245(*) 600 Valkyrie (PG-13, 133) Fri-Thu 315 820 Bedtime Stories (PG, 110) Fri-Thu Noon(*) 220 450 710 930(**) Waltz With Bashir (R, 100) Fri-Thu 300 750 955(**) Rachel Getting Married (R, 123) Fri-Thu 1220(*) 515 Revolutionary Road (R, 129) Fri-Thu 115(*) 400 700 940(**)

PLAYHOUSE 7 673 E. Colorado Blvd. (626) 844-6500 Laemmle Theatre Two Lovers (R, 123) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 140 430 730 1010 Gomorrah (NR, 150) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 1220 330 700 1000 The Wrestler (R, 124) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 130 420 720 1000 Doubt (PG-13, 119) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu Noon 230 500 740 1015 Slumdog Millionaire (R, 136) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 1230 340 700 955 Milk (R, 143) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 1240 400 710 1010 The Reader (R, 138) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 1250 350 700 955

PACIFIC PASEO STADIUM 14 280 E. Colorado Blvd. Colorado & Los Robles (626) 568-8888 Confessions of a Shopaholic (PG, 105) Fri-Sat 115 230 420 725 815 1015 Sun, Tue-Thu 115 230 420 725 815 955 Mon 1100 135 230 420 725 815 955 Coraline (PG, 100) Fri-Thu 1220 245 505 740 1005 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (PG-13, 167) Fri-Sat 950 pm Sun-Thu 945 pm Fired Up (PG-13, 94) Fri-Thu 1215 250 510 745 1010 Friday the 13th (R, 97) Fri-Sat 1210 130 430 530 730 945 1045 Sun-Thu 1210 130 430 530 730 1020 Gran Torino (R, 117) Fri-Sat 105 415 715 955 SunThu 105 415 715 950 He’s Just Not That Into You (PG-13, 129) Fri-Sat 100 405 705 1020 Sun-Thu 100 405 705 1015 The International (R, 118) Fri-Sun Noon 240 520 800 1040 Mon 1130 240 520 800 1035 Tue-Thu Noon 240 520 800 1035 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (PG, 91) Fri-Thu 1225 255 525 735 The Pink Panther 2 (PG, 92) Fri-Sat Noon 210 455 720 930 Sun, Tue-Thu Noon 210 455 720 935 Mon 1145 210 455 720 935 Push (PG-13, 111) Fri-Sun, Tue-Thu 145 425 710 940 Mon 1115 145 425 710 940 Taken (PG-13, 91) Fri-Sun 1230 305 540 820 1030 Mon-Thu 1230 305 540 820 1025 Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail (PG-13, 103) FriSun 1205 120 235 410 515 700 750 930 1035 MonWed 1205 120 235 410 515 700 750 930 1030 Thu 1205 120 235 410 515 700 750 950

FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25, 2009 10

JCPenney Optical ®

Coming to Arcadia 3 Days Only! Friday, February 20 thru Sunday, February 22


Music News from 7 SUN. 2/22 - “OPERA TO BROADWAY” VOCAL PERFORMANCES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 7pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. Every Sunday evening. Get there early - they pack ‘em in! NOTE regarding Mary’s Market: read the digital message board at the entrance to the Canyon before entering. If we are in a YELLOW or RED FLAG ALERT situation (because of possible mudslides), then there is no street parking in the Canyon and in Mary’s Market parking lot. Park on Mountain Trail and walk in to avoid being towed or ticketed. It’s not that far!!! 2/24 - “TAPAS TUESDAY” @ MARY’S MARKET & CANYON CAFE IN SIERRA MADRE CANYON with RAY HILL, 6:30 9pm. Keyboards & vocals, with tunes spanning the decades. “A great guy in his 70’s who has a huge repertoire of all kinds of piano tunes. He used to do arrangements for Big Bands and he likes to tell stories about the pieces he plays....a real canyon treasure.” 561 Woodland Ave. 626-355-4534. Limited parking, YUMMY FOOD! “TUESDAY NIGHT TRIVIA” @ CAFE 322 with QUIZ MASTER MIDGE, 8pm. $2 to play. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-8365414. “WEDNESDAY NIGHT PLATTER PARTY” @ THE BUCCANEER, 10pm. Bring your favorite vinyl records and Dan Besocke will play entire sides on his turntable, commercial free! 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045.

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Santa Anita Mall (626) 446-2184 *50% off discount applies to all frames excluding Ray Ban and SunSpot Collection. Select designer brands will be discounted at 25% off. 50% off discount also applies to all lenses and lens options. Complete pair purchase required. Some exclusions may apply. See optician for details. Cannot be combined with any other offer, vision care plan, package pricing, or prior orders. Participating stores only. Void where prohibited by law. Eye exams performed by independent state licensed Doctors of Optometry. Offer valid February 20 through February 22, 2009.

THURS. 2/26 - THELONIOUS DUB @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 - 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar & great Italian food. No cover charge. “A complete misunderstanding of both jazz and reggae.” Every Thursday. FRI. 2/27 - The MELLOW D’z (DAVE OSTI AND DEANNA COGAN) @ THE MAYAN BAR (inside the Aztec Hotel) in MONROVIA, 6 - 9pm Happy Hour. 311 W. Foothill Blvd. 626-358-3231. NO COVER. Full bar, food, coldest beer in town! Acoustic Guitar, vocals. “Hot Chick, Cool Dude & Music to suit your mood!” http://www.myspace. com/themellowdeees FRI. 2/27 - “SWING DANCE PARTY” with FLAT TOP TOM @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food.

tion is just a short walk away, and makes for a nice outing. SAT. 2/28 - CLIFF WAGNER & THE OLD #7 @ THE FRET HOUSE IN COVINA, 8pm. 309 N. Citrus Ave. 626-339-7020. $15. Americana, Country. SAT. 2/28 - NO SUPERSTITIONS GIG @ 322 THIS MONTH. they’ll be back in March... SAT. 2/28 - T.C.’s LIVING ROOM and LUNGBUTTER @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Full bar, no cover, pool table. Rock, Alternative. SUN. 3/1 - BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. SUN. 3/1 - GRANT PARK SOFTBALL - ALL ARE WELCOME! NOT A LEAGUE - JUST FOR FUN & THE LOVE OF THE GAME! CORNER OF CORDOVA & MICHIGAN IN PASADENA, 3 BLOCKS WEST OF PCC. BATTING PRACTICE 12:30, GAME TIME ASAP. BRING YOUR GLOVE, BAT, CHAIR, ICE CHEST, GUITAR, UKULELE, ETC. We had a great opening day game despite the soggy field! SUN. 3/1 - THE MERCY POWELL QUARTET @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 1:30 - 4:30pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. No cover, all ages. Mercy, Josh, Marc & Peter Burke doin’ some standards & jazzy stuff for your dining & listening pleasure! SUN. 3/1 - LIGHTNIN’ WILLIE & THE POORBOYS @ THE BIG FISH IN GLENDALE, 4:30pm. 5230 San Fernando Rd. 818-244-6442. FREE blues festival, starts at noon. SUN. 3/1 - “OPERA TO BROADWAY” VOCAL PERFORMANCES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 7pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. Every Sunday evening. Get there early - they pack ‘em in! Please remember to call and verify all info. before making plans. Everything is subject to change. This is show biz, after all... Advance notice dept: Sierra Madre’s WISTARIA FESTIVAL - SUNDAY, MARCH 15th. Put it on your calendar now... more info. to come.

FRI. 2/27 - HORSES ON ASTROTURF @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Full bar, no cover, free parking, cheap drinks! Hillbilly Hippie Rock.


SAT. 2/28 - BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. Saturday BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. The Mission St. Gold Line sta-


This Week in Histor y 1986: Russia Launches the First Space Station In 1986, Russia launched the first of several modules of the MIR space station into orbit around the earth. It was the first permanently inhabited space station and was assembled by connecting several modules, each launched separately from 1986 to 1996. The space station could support as many as six crew-members at any one time. These included not only Russians but astronaunts from several other countries, among them the U.S.A. and Afghanistan. The MIR space station continued to orbit the earth until March 23, 2001.



Home&Garden Home Garden

Top 1% of Prudential Realtors Nationwide Reni Rose (626) 355-8400 145 E. Grandview Ave., Sierra Madre

Trading a Rainy Week for Garden Sights in New York

3+ Units offered at $1,475,000.

Huge 20,500 sf lot with many large trees create a unique, tranquil, quiet & private compound. Perfect for extended families or as a Single Family Residence with great rental income potential. 5 buildings with wood interior/exterior, vaulted ceilings, 3 fireplaces. Extensive remodel in 2007 - new kitchen, baths, utilities updated, low-maintenance landscaping, low-voltage lighting. Very unusual, must see to appreciate the possibilities.


110 Coburn, Sierra Madre Offered at $1,448,000.

This “Better-Than-New” well-appointed home is 5 years new. It sits on a 10,498 sq. ft. lot and is steps from Sierra Vista Park. This home is 3,513 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Three of the 5 bathrooms are Master Suites. There is a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel, high-end appliances, granite counter tops, large center island and walk-in pantry. It also offers: 9-ft ceilings, crown molding, plantation shutters, custom window treatments, recessed lighting, dual-paned windows, security system. Truly Lovely!


321 E. Grandview, Sierra Madre Offered at 1,148,000.

Offering stunning mountain views from the master bedroom, balconies & back yard, this home boasts a rustic design while offering extreme comfort. This 2,621 sq. ft. home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and is on a 12,297 sq. ft. lot. There is a salt-water pool and spa in a newly landscaped backyard. There is central air and heat, numerous fruit trees, sound-proofed music studio, new tankless water heater, copper plumbing, updated electrical panel, and has been seismically engineered. A very unique home!

838 Wick Lane, Glendora Offered at $1,295,000.

Country living just 30 miles from Los Angeles! Build your dream home on this wonderfully private and secluded property which is zoned for horses and consists of about 8 acres with approximately 2.2 of them being on a gentle slope. There is a possible development opportunity to build 2 to 3 homes. Buyer to verify with the City of Glendora.

Ask Garden Gal


2075 Santa Anita Avenue

By Sandy Gills

Offered at $1,275,000.

Located in the award winning Arcadia School district this lovely traditional home is situated on a spacious 15,000 sq. ft. lot. Wood floors grace the elegant and sun filled living room and formal dining room. The family room is conveniently located off the newly remodeled kitchen featuring Mission Style cabinetry, polished lime stone counter tops with onyx backsplashes and much much more. The assessed square footage is 2069, but the measured square footage is 3150 (verified by a licensed appraiser), 5 bd., 3 baths.Owner will finance 2nd T.D.

2025 Carolwood, Arcadia, Ca Offered at $1,048,000.

324 E. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre Offered at $848,000.

Situated on a large 11,134 sf lot, this property is for those who love to entertain. Spacious living room w/vaulted ceiling and fireplace. Large kitchen opens to Family Room. Kitchen has wood flooring, Sub-Zero refrigerator,water purifier, self-cleaning double ovens, built-in desk. Sliding doors from Family Room to deck w/large lattice covered patio and private rear yard. Master Suite w/his & hers closets. Home is 2,222 sf, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Updated Baths, 3-Car Garage w/storage & work bench.

50 W. Dayton, Pasadena Offered at $798,000 or lease $3,200/mo. Old Town Pasadena – truly urban living at its finest! This dramatic loft-style, single level condo located on the top floor is just steps from fine dining, shops, theaters and the Gold Line. The complex epitomizes today’s trend of a live/ work lifestyle – ideal for the sophisticated buyer looking for an ultra modern living environment complete with industrial design elements. Features: soaring 14-foot ceilings, fireplace, stainless steel accents, GE Monogram stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, separate laundry room, 1379 Sq. Ft., 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Balconies, 2 parking spaces.




169 Circle Drive, Bradbury Offered at $4,995 per month.

Located just minutes from the Santa Anita Race Track in the prestigious guard-gated community of Bradbury estates and situated on an acre of manicured park-like grounds, this beautiful Monterey Colonial home offers an East Coast/Hamptons feel. 5049 Sq. Ft. Home, 41,000 Sq. Ft. Lot. 6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms. Lease Term Negotiable.




1536 W. Del Mar, Pasadena Offered at $2,500 per month

This charming Mediterranean home is in great condition and offers spacious rooms; coved ceiling in living room and in formal dining room. The living room offers a fireplace, there is beautiful wood flooring throughout, French doors/windows; an updated kitchen with granite counter, stove & tile flooring. There is also a charming breakfast room with built-in hutch. Both bathrooms have been updated, CA & heat & 2-car detached garage. 1,781 sf, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, $4,125 security deposit.


470 Auburn, Sierra Madre


sion or no, this is now. How fortuitous to have five days of freezing, sunny weather to walk the length of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island instead of sitting indoors when possible, watching LAís torrential rainstorms. Sometimes things work out. So Iím being a good garden worshipper this week, doing my best to pay attention and stay on the path. Today I make amends for one of my trespasses. Having lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn for nine years I never once visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. What a fool to wait so long! But better late than never. I took a wrong turn out of the subway station so walked an extra 258 steps (thank you, pedometer application on my iPhone) to a side gate, only finding the splendid front entrance as I walked north toward Manhattan. But inside this pristine 52 acre garden, many happy surprises. Number one: Admission is free during the week in the winter months. Score! Surprise number two: This place is meticulously maintained with some of the most beautifully pruned tree specimens. Even leafless the flowering cherry trees of the Japanese Hill-and-Pond garden connote health, movement and grace. The paper birch trees are tall and fat with soft, curling flakes of mushroom colored bark. The weeping hemlock are cartoon-like with drooping branches. The cherry esplanade is splendidly European in its grand scale, with benches for repose along walkways and tucked into tall hedges for a private moment of rest. Surprise number three: The Steinhardt Conservatory, a jumbo glasshouse has several good collections worth seeing. The cactus garden, meticulously mulched with

gravel made me worry for my succulents out on these rainy nights. But most impressive is the bonsai room, filled with gorgeous, lovingly pruned acers, cherries and conifers, some more than 100 years old. Reproductions of plants are shown in a downstairs art gallery in water color and pastel form by day and evening students who learn to draw and paint at the Garden. Best of all, every corner of the place is clearly labeled, with directional arrows to get you in and around efficiently. The map the guard gave me was easy to read and thorough. Yesterday I made good on a longtime promise to visit the Staten Island Botanical Garden at Snug Harbor. Despite having one syllable more than the garden botanic in Brooklyn, Snug Harbor was a strange if not unpleasant day trip. It starts with a boatload of travelers. Well, a ferry-load of passengers, many of which sounded like European and South American visitors taking the free ferry round trip for a look at Manhattan from the water. Fair enough. Iíve done that myself many times in those nine years when I wasnít visiting botanic or botanical gardens. But yesterday my mission diverged from that of my fellow sailors. As it turned out my mission was to visit the home of retired sailors. Snug Harbor, home of the Staten Island Botanical Garden, is an 83 acre New York City park and National Historical Landmark District. And itís the former retirement home for maritime workers. The retirement home moved to North Carolina some years ago, and what remains is an assortment of Federal style buildings being repurposed as an arts center. The busiest spot on the grounds is the Childrenís Museum, bustling on Presidentsí Garden Gal on 13


his time last year I opted out of a T trip to New York when my husband went for work. That was then and reces-

Situated in Highland Oaks with awarding winning Arcadia Schools, this home offers: : 2,985 sq.ft. (which includes the 664 sq.ft. of basement) with a 22,440 sf lot., 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, family room, 2 fireplaces, 2-car attached garage & a 664 sf finished basement currently being used as a media room and 5th bedroom.

Offered at $2,500 per month

Lovely traditional home in North Sierra Madre and in very good condition. There is a wonderful new kitchen, bright breakfast room, fireplace, large rear yard, spa and 2 car attached garage. 1083 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Owner request 1 year lease. Available January 18, 2009. 1083 sq. ft. home, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 8600 sq.ft. lot. Owner requests 1 year lease. $2,500 per month with a $3,800 security deposit. Available January 18, 2009.

Email: • Website:


12 FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25, 2009


City News Black History Parade Will Feature Local Celebrities Pasadena’s 27th annual Black History Parade on Saturday, Feb. 21, will feature as its celebrity grand marshal Ken Whittingham, a 1977 graduate of Muir High School in Pasadena. Whittingham is a noted producer and director associated with television programs including “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Scrubs,” “Desperate Housewives,” “30 Rock” and “The Office.” Other celebrity guests in the parade will include James Reynolds, who has starred as Commissioner Abe Carver on “Days of Our Lives” since 1981; 14-year-old Mariah Wilson, who portrayed Effie’s daughter Magic in the film “Dreamgirls”; and 15-year-old Mishon Ratliff, who portrayed Tay on the ABC drama “Lincoln Heights” and whose debut CD will be released this summer by Streamline Records. The community grand marshal is Lena Kennedy, a Pasadena native who has dedicated herself to working with many local non-profit organizations in the areas of health care and increased civic and political

involvement. In 2008 she served on the national financial committee for the presidential campaign to elect Barack Obama. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. at Charles White Park, located on Ventura Street at Fair Oaks Avenue in Altadena, and will end at Robinson Park, 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave. in Pasadena. Following the parade, a family festival from noon to 4 p.m. at Robinson Park will include live music, food, information booths and a black history exhibition. The festival’s musical lineup will include Pasadena jazz artist J. Bokin and the nationally renowned R&B group The Delphonics. For the past 27 years the City of Pasadena has taken the lead role in organizing Black History Month activities. Major sponsors are the Pasadena Human Services and Recreation Department, Jackie Robinson Center, Wells Fargo Bank and Miller Brewing. For more information about the parade and festival call (626) 744-7300.

From Argentina’s Teatro Colón To PCC’s Sexson Auditorium Prize winning high school junior, Akie Jette, to appear as solo violinist with the Pasadena Young Musicians Orchestra She may have won the “Pursuit of Excellence Award” from Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada Flintridge last spring, but young violinist Akie Jette is definitely not resting upon her laurels. This past summer, the high school junior’s ‘pursuit’ of musical excellence led her to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study with world-renowned Argentine violinist Raphael Gintolli and perform with the Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón. Local audiences, however, will now have a chance to hear Jette perform when she appears as guest soloist with the Pasadena Young Musicians Orchestra (PYMO) at its annual winter concert, “Symphonic Dances”, on Sunday, February 22 at 3:30 p.m. at Pasadena City College’s Sexson Auditorium. Jette, who began studying the violin at age six and is currently Concertmaster for both PYMO and the orchestra at Flintridge Prep, will perform Saint-Saëns’ Violin Concerto No. 3.

“Akie has been a member of our orchestra since 2006,” says PYMO’s Music Director, Jo Stoup. “We’re delighted to offer her this opportunity to shine and share her artistry with the community.” Nor will the community be disappointed. Jette, who hopes to embark upon a professional career as a violinist, has already won first place in the intermediate division of TMJ’s Cali McGrath competition. Those attending “Symphonic Dances” will also hear a number of works inspired by the world of dance, including Sergei Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances, Pavane by Gabriel Faure, Malambo by Alberto Ginastera and Lt. Kijé by Sergei Prokofiev. “Symphonic Dances was Rachmaninov’s last composition and he wrote it looking back at his Russian homeland, from which he’d been exiled for over 20 years,” Stoup explains. “Faure’s Pavane was not only inspired by a Spanish court dance but was choreographed for the

Candidates Forum

State Senator Bob Huff Introduces Measure to Expedite Sale of Surplus Property Senator Bob Huff last week introduced a bill to the State Senate which would allow the sale of state-owned surplus property to be exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). While California owns a variety of assets, including buildings, stadiums, railroads, fairgrounds, printing plants, parks, office complexes and more, state agencies often determine that these sites, for a variety of reasons, are no longer needed. These properties thus become surplus to the needs of the state. CEQA requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions and to avoid or lessen those impacts. “The sale of surplus state property used to be non-controversial because it was a given that it was the responsibility of the new owner or developer to provide for

any CEQA requirement when the property is developed,” remarked Senator Huff. “Due to the strong political pressure of the environmental community, however, this common-sense practice has been brought to a halt.” “Senate Bill 136 will reduce unnecessary duplication by providing an over-arching statutory exemption to the sale of surplus property,” Senator Huff said. “My bill frees up revenue for the state, while making it clear that the final use of the property is not exempted from CEQA’s environmental regulations.” “In the midst of a harsh economic downturn, the California Legislature must rein in spending, create a rainy day fund and maximize our assets,” continued Senator Huff. “SB 136 will expedite the sale of underutilized assets and is a win-win proposal that crosses party-lines.”

Schiff Attends Meeting at White House with President Obama Blue Dog Coalition Discusses Fiscal Reforms with President



ballet, as was Lt. Kijé.” Ginastera’s Malambo, meanwhile, was inspired by Argentinean folk music. A malambo is a particularly fast paced dance in which gauchos, or cowboys, compete to show off their agility and machismo. “Our musicians won’t compete but they will show off their talent,” adds Stoup with a smile. “It will be an amazing performance guaranteed to make your soul dance.” Tickets for Symphonic Dances may be purchased at the door for the suggested donation price of $5 for adults and $3 for students and seniors. Children under age 12 are free. Pasadena City College is located at 1570 East Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, with parking available at any PCC student lot for $2. For more information, call (626) 403-1086 or visit the orchestra’s website, www.

Feb. 10th Rep. Adam Schiff and fellow members of the Blue Dog Coalition met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss the need for long-term fiscal reform, including ways to balance the budget and bring much-needed accountability to the federal government. The meeting lasted for over an hour and Rep. Schiff personally raised with the President the need to put in place a mechanism to address the country's long term budget problems. “It is great to have a President who is willing to listen to a broad range of ideas from a diverse set of people,” said Schiff. “We all acknowledge the need to inject money into the economy to create

Leadership Pasadena to Hold Televised Forum for Pasadena School Board and City Council Candidates Pasadena-based nonprofit organization Leadership Pasadena will host a televised candidates forum for local school board and city council candidates. The event will take place at Caltech’s Beckman Institute Auditorium, on Saturday, February 21st, beginning at 2:30 pm. The forum will be moderated by Tami DeVine of Crown City News. After the candidates make brief opening statements, a question and answer period will follow, with questions selected from audience member submissions. “Given the challenges facing Pasadena, including traffic, affordable housing, development, public schools, and economic issues, we are expecting to see some tough, probing questions for the candidates,” said Leadership Pasadena graduate and board member, Gordon Squires. Heidi Bloks, also a Leadership Pasadena graduate and board member, explained the motivation for hosting the forum. “Leadership Pasadena’s mission is to help emerging leaders reach their full potential. In this forum, the candidates will be challenged to explain how they plan to be leaders in our city, and they will be required to respond directly to the issues that are important to their constituents,” said Bloks. Parking and entry into the auditorium are free, and the event is open to the general public. For more information contact the organizers at jobs and that will mean deficits for some time, but we have long-term structural problems that also need to be addressed. I appreciate the President meeting with us and look forward to working with him to develop a plan to get back to a balanced budget and ultimately reduce the national debt.” Rep. Schiff has supported pay-as-you-go rules and other budgetary reforms throughout his tenure in Congress. The Blue Dog Coalition has been a longstanding advocate of responsible fiscal policy and is committed to working with the President and leaders in Congress to take meaningful steps to put the country back on a path to fiscal and economic sustainability.

FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25 , 2009 13


Backyard from 1 bers would not be involved in the deliberations regarding the wilderness area. Those who attended the council meeting questioned whether the recommendations council members made at the meeting where actually amendments to the resolution. Silverstein explained that he had spoken with Monrovia City Attorney Craig Steele who told him that the comments were merely “minute notes” and would be considered only as recommendations to the staff rather than as binding amendments to the resolution. But in response to comments reported to him, Craig Steele said in a letter to Silverstein that these minute notes were indeed binding amendments to the resolution already passed by the council at the Jan. 20th meeting. Those recommendations in question which were put forward by councilmember Tom Adams and recorded in the officially adopted meeting minutes read as follows:

Cover Story

“It was moved by Councilmember Adams, seconded by Councilmember Lutz, to adopt Resolution No 200904 and approve the recommendations for the Community Services Commission as outlined in the Staff Report, with the addition that the City do nothing to promote the sites, and to keep access points as camouflaged to the extent that we can refrain from making the trails highly visible, that each of these points come back with satisfactory proof that the city had legal access and easements before anything was formalized, conclude the evaluation of the existing fire road to determine if it was an alternative, and insure that the full Wildland Fire Protection Plan was in place.” Indeed, the question of how city staff will choose to interpret and enact the recommendations and will of the council remains to be seen. The city staff report which was submitted to the council for use in its deliberations summarized the uses of the land in the Wilderness Preserve as follows: “The area zoned Hillside Wilderness Preserve may be used only for natural open space including preservation of endangered habitats and species, wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors, open space for passive recreational uses such as hiking and nature studies, utility easements and reservoirs, and nature centers and educational facilities.” The area includes Monrovia’s City Park, Canyon Park and the Boy Scout owned area known as Camp Trask. The staff report further stated “The land may only be used for hiking and riding trails, nature centers, educational and incidental outdoor recreation facilities.” Part of the report did note “The trails shall be so designed to take into consideration impacts to residential development (new and existing) with respect to privacy and safety.” The residents who met on the 12th felt that the city was not taking into consideration the noise and traffic problems that opening up the Wilderness Preserve through residential neighborhoods would create. Several people also voiced concerns about the potential of increased fire risk and possible the increased need for police presence in these neighborhoods. The staff report to the city council pointed out that most of the monies received from grants required public access to the wilderness area. The first grant was “The State Wildlife Conservation Board’s Governor’s Challenge Grant” matching from the Measure B monies, required that the monies be used to preserve wildlife habitat and for “compatible public uses” which are “consistent with wildlife habitat preservation.” Additional funds were obtained from the State Habitat Conversation Fund with matching money from the Measure B monies. These funds were to protect Deer and Mountain Lion Habitats and Riparian habitat areas. These monies were also tied to public access to the areas. Additional funds received from the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (no matching

funds required) but again public access to the area was a condition of the receipt of the funds. In most cases the city highlighted Canyon Park as an example of the city opening the area for public use. One of those most directly affected will be Tom Suess, a Monrovia resident who spoke at both the city council meeting and the meeting at the Stelling home. Suess questioned why the city felt it needed to open the wilderness areas via residential communities. “Why can’t the city leave the access through Canyon Park and through Wilderness Park in Arcadia?” Suess asked those in attendance. “These parks already exist and trails can be expanded and improved to meet the requirements of the grants.” The Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) was adopted by the council in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The City report says that only Biology, Geology/Soils, Hydrology/ Water Quality, Recreation and Mandatory Findings of Significance were cited by the city as being impacted by the development of the Wilderness Preserve. Absent from the report were any mentions of potential issues with increased noise pollution and/or traffic congestion issues. Suess said that the law suit will be filed this week to obtain a Writ of Mandamus to force the city to reevaluate the issues.

Under the new plan access routes will include: Upper Cloverleaf Trail - Highland Place - Gated with pedestrian access only

Garden Gal from 11

Day. Several areas were not open, others like the Tuscan villa were under construction and yet others look to be abandoned and dilapidated despite wearing ìconstruction in progressî signs. The Visitors Center was far from what seemed to be the entrance, although nothing was marked very

well so perhaps the bus stop wasnít at the main entrance. I walked in circles with a confusing map, following paths that led to construction areas not reflected on the map. The grounds reminded me of the challenges of gardening in extreme weather conditions: cobblestone paths were loose, the ground was alternately spongy and like quick sand, or cracked and heaving where the temperatures pose risks for plants and people. The Chinese Scholars garden wasnít open but the Garden of Health offered a winding path that tested aerobic fitness. The rose garden wasnít yet pruned (according to East Coast habit) and it was refreshing to see hundreds of rose hips awaiting winter feeders. As I boarded the bus after an aimless hour of wandering the ramshackle grounds, the place reminded me of the shadow of a re-enactment village, like a crummy Colonial Williamsburg. Snug Harbor could be a cool old maritime re-enactment place, filled with salty old popeyes, reminding us of a by-gone era. How cool would it be to learn rope tying from a sea-faring re-enacter, to eat jerky and hard tack or sip quinine at Cookieís Cafe, and visit the Paymasterís office for a slug of rum instead of our wage? We could repair sails, not shave, argue over women, gamble away our money, and do it alongside those vagabonds of yesteryear known as sailors. Iím on vacation, so I can dream, canít I?

Lower Clamshell Motorway - Ridgeside Dr. - Gated with vehicle access for residents only with pedestrian access from dawn to dusk. Lower Clamshell Motorway - Cloverleaf Dr. - Gated with vehicle access for residents only with pedestrian access from dawn to dusk. Sleepy Hollow - Norumbega Dr. in the 900 block - No gates, No vehicular access. (This is an isolated area unconnected to the rest of the preserve and is completely surrounded by private property.)

Part of the city’s plan to mitigate the problems created by opening the wilderness area include the following:

Come and see how fun FAM ILY VALUES can be.

• Install Wilderness Preserve Signage to include hours of use, rules of use and applicable city ordinances.

We know times are tough.

• Install Mutt Mitts to enforce proper pickup and disposal of domestic pet waste.

Join the YMCA this weekend and pay no joining fee.

• Install Bear Proof Trash Receptacles for proper disposal of pedestrian trash • Assign personnel and volunteer Corps to maintain and patrol the areas • Install new gate system for pedestrian access from dawn to dusk. Vehicles only for fire police and park staff.

YMCA Open House Saturday & Sunday

February 21-22

up to

$90 savings

• Work with Traffic Safety Committee to mitigate problems.

Financial Assistance is available.

• Install mirrors to increase visibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and resident motorist only.

Santa Anita Family YMCA 501 S. Mountain Avenue, Monrovia CA 91016 (626) 359-9244

Finish the Job!

GREEN BANKING Save here, save more. Saving is always A Plus 18 – MONTH TCD





Californians, who change their own oil, purchase more than 20 million oil filters annually. However, less than 10% are recycled. Statewide approximately 1.2 million gallons of used motor oil is being landfilled, trapped in an oil filter instead of being recycled. When you complete your oil change - finish the job, take your used oil and filters to a Certified Collection Center for recycling.


ARCADIA C&L Collision Center 132 Las Tunas Dr. (626) 445-6630

Minimum $1,000

Minimum $1,000.

VJ’s Auto Service 400 N. First Ave. (626) 446-4900 DUARTE Advantage Ford Service Station* 1031 E. Central Ave. (626) 359-9689

Firestone 1500 S. Baldwin Ave. (626) 446-2164

Please contact Steven Chen or Connie Ho (626) 821-9188

Jiffy Lube 5 W. Huntington Dr. (626) 446-7980

*APY stands for annual percentage yield. Rate Subjects to change without further notice.

Auto Zone 1346 E. Huntington Dr. (626) 357-0554

Kragen Auto* 37 Las Tunas Dr. (626) 447-0748

** Savings account interest will not be compounded and will be credited to the account quarterly. If saving account is closed before interest is credited, account holder will not receive the accrued interest. Promotion applies to new money only.

Pick-a-Part Auto* 3333 S. Peck Rd. (626) 445-2922

Kragen Auto Parts* 723 E. Huntington Dr. (626) 303-2637

Sierra Autocars, Inc.* 1450 S. Shamrock Ave. (626) 359-8291

Oil Stop* 746 E. Huntington Dr. (626) 357-6711

SIERRA MADRE Sierra Madre residents are invited to use any of these certified collection centers.

Pep Boys* 201 W. Huntington Dr. (626) 303-3906

* Accepts used oil filters

Call for hours of operation and quantities accepted. DO NOT LEAVE OIL/FILTERS UNATTENDED AFTER HOURS


1-888-CL E AN L A 1-888-CLE

“ZERO WASTE - YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Paid for by a Grant from the Integrated Waste Management Board

Please contact Julian Liu or Alex Lu (626) 821-9188 WWW.

MONROVIA Homer’s Auto Service* 148. Lemon Ave. (626) 358-6259

630 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia 626-821-9188 OPEN HOUSE SUN 3-6 PM

ww $499,000

The Gold Standard SE OU M H N 4P




Huge expansive flat lot in Altadena, high ceiling & hardwood floors, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths with ornate tile work, dining room with built-in cabinet huge living room, family room with view of the backyard, pool & entertainment area with outside fireplace, double detached garage. (M2001)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451





This stunning home beautifully blends luxury with comfort. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large foyer, formal & informal dining, family room, Gourmet kitchen, bonus room above 3 car garage, all renovated and upgraded in the last five years, birch floors, Pella windows, stainless steel counter in kitchen, limestone accented baths, 2 magnificent fireplaces, FA/CA, custom built-in cabinetry and professional landscaping. Gorgeous! (F604)

This charming traditional 2 bedroom, 1 bath home has been remodeled extensively with upgraded kitchen and bath. Wonderful north Monrovia location with mountain views. (M257)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451

CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES •(626) 358-1858



This wonderful 3bdrm 3bth town home was built in 1987, 1580 sqft , separate dining area, downstairs den could be 4th bdrm, small patio, very clean walking distance to Arcadia Schools. (C406)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123




This 2bdrm 1bth has hardwood under carpet, newer paint, gated, big kitchen w/eating area & ceramic tile counters, laundry room w/sink, large bedrooms, fruit trees, close to schools, markets, park and well maintained. (H219)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123







This great 3 bedroom features family room wired for surround sound, second floor has large, loft type room that could be a nice guest room with its own entrance from outside. Two car garage with attached workshop. Large lot with pool, RV parking, nice curb appeal and so much more! (LIM)


Bank owned not a short sale. Great home for first time buyer with lots of potential. Enclosed patio with a good size lot for expansion. Living room has laminated floors and kitchen is very spacious. There is a 1 car garage plus a free standing building which is great for storage. (C1602))

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES • (626) 358-1858





(626) 358-1858

(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123

(626) 355-1451









FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25, 2009 15



By Lou Perlin

There Couldn’t Possibly Be More Than 260 Questions! When I wrote my first book (Just Ask Lou) I thought that I had answered just about every possible question about real estate. In fact, I thought that I would be repeating most of those questions in future newspaper articles. Yes, there were repeat questions, but asked in a different way requiring a different type of answer. The end result is that I am some 320-pages into my new book of questions and answers, and I am concerned if this new book will ever be finished. Here are some of the most recent questions asked: Q ) We are concerned about purchasing a bank owned property, but the real estate agent said that the bank had made repairs. Can I obtain a copy of the list of repairs made? A) It depends on who arranged to make those repairs. If the agency handling the bank property made the repairs, then they should be able to provide you with a copy. What you want to know is if the only repairs made were for safety and health reasons. The law may require that the bank/or seller of a Real Estate Owned (REO) property, such repairs must be made, but not all sellers of REO properties may do so. Best way to assure yourself that you are not purchasing a property with hidden defects is to have a professional inspection. Most states do not require that such inspectors be licensed, but there are associations that provide special training, and that is the type of inspector to look for, one that is affiliated with that training organization. Also look for one

that has Errors & Omission (E & O) Insurance.

etc. You really must have that talk with the lender.

Q ) Which is better to do, take out a loan that is payable every other week, or a fixed loan for thirty years? I’m really confused as to the manner in which payment can be made to pay-off the loan for the property faster. A) These are questions that you must ask of your lender, and if the manner of payment is not totally understood, then consider speaking to another lender. By making twice monthly payments, a normal thirty-year loan could be paid off in approximately 22 years. The same is true if you just made one extra payment per year, instead of 12 payments over the year, you make thirteen payments. If you were able to make larger monthly payments, then consider a fifteen-year loan, as the interest would also be less. I am not totally aware of your financial condition, income,

Q ) I have been out of work for nearly a year, and I had to use my credit cards to make ends meet. We are now employed, but want to consolidate our loans by refinancing our home, and pay off the credit cards, but we are having difficulty obtaining a new home loan. Why? We have always made our home loan payments on time. A) I made calls to a couple of lenders that I am friendly with, and they told me that those applying for refinancing of their home loan, or attempting to obtain an equity loan, and have high levels of credit debt may result with having the applicants loan denied. This is not happening with all lenders, so start searching around for a new lender, one that understands your problem.




This “better than new” well-appointed, 5-year new, home sits on a large Lot and is steps from Sierra Vista Park. 3513 Sq. Ft. Home w/5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms on a 10,498 sq. ft. lot. A lovely family home. (COB)


$ 5 3 5 ,0 0 0

California Bungalow shows its’ traditional flair with period moldings, and plenty of character. 2bd, 1ba, Batch elder fireplace with built in bookshelves in the living room wrapped with hardwood floors. Great back house that could be used as an artists studio. (ROO)

Q ) We are in the process of making an offer on a condo, and never

California Realty



Located in the Award Winning Arcadia School district, at the top of Santa Anita (above Grandview) sits this wonderfully maintained traditional home. The 2008 newly remodeled kitchen, updated bathrooms and creative floor plan make this a most desirable family home.Appraised Square Footage 23100 with 5 bds, 3ba, 15,000 sf lot.(SAN)

realized that there were so many pages to the agreement. One question has to do with Arbitration, and our agent suggested that we initial that portion of the agreement. We are not certain, as we don’t understand Arbitration that much. A) Advising a buyer or seller to initial this portion of the Purchase Agreement is giving legal advise, and that is never a good idea for an agent to do. Initialing this section of the agreement is “optional”. Arbitration is not as formal as going to court, and it could take years to get to court. Court process, meaning attorney costs, etc, could be very expensive even if the dispute is for a small amount. Going to Small Claims Court is much easier, with the maximum claim amount that Small Claim Court can handle is $7,500.00. You can have an attorney with you when going to Arbitration, but he cannot act in the same manner as in court. Arbitration is binding



– there is no appeal. The only one that could properly advise you to or not to initial this section of the agreement is your attorney.

(626) 355-1600


Fabulous View Home in the “Beverly Hills” section of Monterey Park. Charming home situated among million dollar estates. Views from Downtown Los Angeles to Pacific Palisades to Long Beach. 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms on large flat lot with copper plumbing throughout. A little paint and your dream home awaits! (RID)


626 355-1600

Q ) We have excellent credit, no outstanding debt, yet we are having difficulty purchasing this rental property. Our FICO® score is high, and we have never had any problems Lou on 17



Charming North Monrovia character home at the base of Gold Hill walking distance to Old Town – 3 bedrooms 1 bath central heat and air, inside laundry, hardwood floors, Bachelder fireplace, formal dining room. (MYR)

LOOKING FOR A CHANGE OF CAREER? FREE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL* MONDAY EVENING FROM 6-30PM • 8-30PM At the Sierra Madre Office • 115 W. Sierra Madre Blvd Call 626 355-1600 • *Call for details




Community School•Religion•Community Activities•Social

Library Dedication Ceremony & Celebration slated for Saturday, April 4 Work Continues - environmentally friendly lighting is installed

-Photos by Terry Miller

Pasadena Residents experience Pasadena Emergency Response Training (PERT) Approximately 100 people braved the rains this weekend for handson instruction in: disaster preparedness; assessment of medical needs; fire suppression; light search and rescue; other skills critical to the 72 hours after a disaster. With classroom and hands on training, this mini course was a true eye opener for many residents. While the Pasadena Fire Department’s goal is to respond to emergencies within five minutes, this may be out of the question after a major disaster. Able-bodied individuals and families may have to

be their own first responders and may have to be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours. For this reason, Pasadena Emergency Response Training (PERT) training is provided by Pasadena Fire Department at no cost to participants. This event is sponsored by Pasadena City Councilman Steve Madison for District 6 constituents. The Pasadena city website has an emergency preparedness page with a variety of topics, from earthquakes to terrorism to fires to storms, at www.

A celebration to dedicate Monrovia’s new library is on time and on tap for April 4 Monrovia’s new Public Library is near completion, with a dedication ceremony and celebration set for Tuesday, April 4. The new 28,000-squarefoot facility – twice the size of the building it replaced – will be open to the public shortly after the dedication date. Work began on the structure in early December, 2007. The Library is located in Library Park, where two previous Library buildings served the community since the late 1890s. Library Park itself has also undergone a renova-

tion during the construction of the new facility, with new lawns, seating, play areas, walkways and a fountain. The new Library is being constructed with funds from a March, 2007 voter-approved bond measure. The new facility will feature considerably more space for books, periodicals, tapes and DVDs; a Community Room and public restrooms; a Heritage Room; adult, children and teen areas; homework rooms; a literacy services area; an expanded reference section; individual sitting areas; self-checkout machines; banks of free public computers and a Friends of the Library store.

Photo by Terry Miller

Pasadena Sunrise Rotary Club Honors Local Teachers with Grant Money Pasadena Sunrise Rotary Club announced their 2008 Sunrise Grants on Thursday morning at the weekly meeting at Brits Pub and Eatery. According to organizers, there was a great deal of interest in this year’s Sunrise Grant Program and more applications were received than were funds available. Consideration was not of which schools were represented, but rather based on judgments of the Rotarians’ and the quality of the teachers’ applications. Pictured are some of the recipients of the grants and fellow rotarians: From Left: Katy Klotz – Chair

of Rotary Grants, Sunrise Club Pasadena; Ana Maria Apidaca, Principal Field Elementary; Kelley Oxley, Academic Coach – Blair Magnet School; Rich Boccia, IB Head of Schools, Blair Magnet; Vilma Martinez, Art Teacher at Blair; Nadirah Nayo, Math and Science teacher 7-8th grades, Norma Coombs Alternative School, Vanessa Watkins, Principal, Norma Coombs; Chip Ossman, Sunrise Rotary Club President.




T O P K C A R C By Wally Hage

Now that title shown above could be considered a very uncomplimentary remark, however, it is just a matter of how you hear it. Well I’ll let you be the judge! This story started with the yearly telephone call to my wife from her eccentric cousin, who lives in Boring Oregon. No, Boring does not describe the State, just the small town in which her cousin LucyLou lives! The phone message that LucyLou left for my wife to return should have been the clue to … Just Don’t Phone Her Back! But, when Pat returned LuLu’s call it was confirmed, this was her annual request for a special Christmas present. LuLu’s opening greeting, “Hi Pat, How you’all getting along? I just called to let you know … that we don’t know what to do about Christmas this year since Huey quit his job to go into real estate. He says the buying market should really be picking-up soon, as this is a great time for people to buy a house at bargain prices. That many people in Boring are out of work and therefore losing their homes.” Overhearing that phone conversation,

I thought to my self, wow that sounds just like some of the reasoning that has been coming out of “Washington D.C.” lately! Pat told her cousin LuLu “Oh don’t worry, just forget all about Christmas presents this year.” (Well that’s easy for LuLu to do…as she has already done that for the past five years). But it was Lulu’s follow-up remark that was very revealing. She hinted that just in case someone wanted to send her and Huey a Christmas gift, that a new Crock Pot would really be nice, as her old pot has a big crack in it! LucyLou claimed that several years ago, when Huey fell off of a hay wagon and knocked out some of his front teeth, that she has been cooking in a Crock Pot since then, so that Huey could gum his food better. Later, when my wife hung up from the phone conversation she said; “Now I know what I will get my LuLu … cousin … for Christmas. When I agreed with Pat, that she could not have said it better she turned away quickly and lost all interest in telling me any further details of the annual Christmas solicitation.

Well, when they say, “ it ain’t over till it’s over,” that really is true. Just after New Years Day, we received an unexpected follow-up, Collect Call, from Boring LuLu. This time LucyLou was in near tears. She said that she had received the new “Crock Pot” but there wasn’t any instructions or recipe book to know how to use it! Well t he last t ime I wrote a column about LuLu from Boring, I got a couple of critical e-mail’s telling me, that I need to be more patient and kindly. After all, Boring really is a very small farm town in Oregon and they don’t have access to what we have here in the big cities. Well I thought, yes … that’s probably true, as I recalled our last visit to her town over twenty years

ago. Boring is the only town I know of, that when you drive into town the road sign reads, “THIS IS BORING” and within a few blocks you are leaving town, and the road sign says, “YES, THAT WAS BORING.” Well, now to bring you up to date as I close this column. My thoughtful wife called, Crock Pot LuLu, back again and told her that she had sent her the latest book of recipes for Crock Pot Cooking. But still, Little LuLu wasn’t completely satisfied, as she now wanted a cookbook for Crock Pot Deserts?? Well, after hearing the latest “She Needs” request, I snickered a comment back to Pat, “Yes, that’s what Cracked Pot LuLu needs” a recipe book for “Crack Pot Deserts”.

(Free Makeup/ w Facial Treatment) • AHA (Reduce Fine Line/ Increase Electricity) • Acne • Age Define

Brazilian Bikini Wax Men & Women

Massage • Stress Relief • Back Walking

Permanent Make Up 626-689-6989

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145 E. Duarte Rd. Suite# A-1 Arcadia, CA 91006 626-254-8839 W E



K E E P E R S®

Professional Companion & Personal Care Services Free In-Home Assessment

626-254-0100 45 E. Huntington Dr. • Arcadia


Over 550 independently owned and operated offices worldwide.

© 2008 CK Franchising, Inc.


W W W. C O M F O R T K E E P E R S . C O M


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WE HAVE “SOMETHING” YOU NEED Sunday Worship: 8 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday School: (all ages) 9:15 a.m. Sunday Eve - “Praise” Worship 7:00 p.m. or Monday Worship - 7:00 p.m.

OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH 512 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia (626) 447-7690


11:15 AM

Lou from 15 purchasing anything on credit, so why are we having difficulty obtaining a loan for this property? A) Our conversation was short, and I did not have all of the details of your purchase, but here are a few reasons why you are not getting that loan. You said that you were coming in with twenty-percent down, while lenders (today) seem to want at least thirty-percent down on a rental property. The property is also on leased land, and that is a major problem as many lenders are declining loans on leased land, even if there is more than thirty years left on the lease. Those two

reasons can be your major problems. There are lenders that will lend on lease land, and Countrywide is one of them, but they may want the lease to be for longer than thirty-years. I feel that a loan-broker can possibly be more successful in obtaining a loan for you, as they can shop the loan with a number of lenders rather than just one specific bank or Mortgage Company. Louis Perlin CRS, GRI is a Syndicated Writer, Author, Professional Real Estate Witness and Mediator. Lou can be reached by calling Marilyn Perlin Realtors, Inc at (760) 327-8401 or by E-mail:

Pet of the Week

Chip, an adorable, five year old, Chihuahua mix is outgoing, friendly and full of life! He would be great in an apartment or condo that allows pets and will surely make a wonderful companion. Come visit with this sweet dog today!

The regular dog adoption fee is $110, which includes medical care prior to adoption, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and a follow-up visit with a participating vet. Please call 626-792-7151 and ask for A245274 or come to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, 361 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA, 91105. Our adoption hours are 11-3 Sunday, 9-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 9-3 Saturday. Directions and photos of all pets updated hourly may be found at

11:15 AM

11:15 AM

Rev. Paul S. Beck • Senior Pastor

One Spirit Many Paths

For Women Only:

“The Voice in Men’s Heads” Workshop by Maggie Bryant, MS, MFT


Santa Anita Church

Beginning February 26 Five Thursdays 7-9 pm For more information call 626-574-3310

226 W. Colorado Blvd.






626-357-2335 MON.-FRI. 8-6PM SAT. 8-2

535 West Huntington g Drive in Monrovia


MEDICINE: •Annual Exams •Vaccinations •Dentistry

•Behavioral Counseling •Dermatology •In House Laboratory

Sunday, February 1:

SURGERY: •Orthopedics •Neurosurgery

•TPLO •Soft Tissue

Garyy R.White, DVM

4:54 p.m. - Arrest, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, W. Sierra Madre Blvd. and Sunnyside Ave. A motorist was stopped for a moving violation. A records check revealed the male driver was on parole for drug charges and the female passenger was on probation for robbery. During the investigation, drug paraphernalia was found in the car. The driver was arrested and transported to the police station. He was booked and released on a written promise to appear.

Monday, February 2: 7:56 a.m. – Residential Burglary, 100 block S. Lima St. The victim recently discovered that she was missing some jewelry. The owner believes her house was burglarized last year between Monday, 8/17/08 and Sunday, 8/21/08. The loss consisted of three pairs of gold earrings, a diamond bracelet and a gold pendant. The total loss was estimated at $3,675. 8:53 a.m. – Vandalism, Mountain Trail Ave and Mira Monte Ave. The several body panels of a 2009 Honda were damaged with a sharp object. The crime occurred Sunday, 2/1/2009 between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. The damage was estimated by the owner at $2500. 3:25 p.m. – Arrest, Suspended / Revoked driver’s license, 100 block W. Highland Ave. A motorist was stopped for a traffic violation. A records check revealed the driver’s license was suspended/revoked. During the investigation, the driver, a resident of Ojai, was found in possession of marijuana. The driver was arrested and transported to the Police Department where he was booked and released on a written promise to appear.

Wednesday, February 4:

Paying too much for postage? Postage Rates are scheduled to increase May 12!! (Yes, Again!!)

FACT: There are many discounts available on postage. FACT: Mail with a correct barcode can save time and money


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10:25 a.m. – Vandalism, Memorial Park. Three flower vases from the Veteran’s Wall were stolen and the flowers were thrown on the ground. The crime occurred between Friday, 1/23/09 and Saturday, 1/24/09. No dollar loss estimate was available. 3:23 p.m. – Vandalism, 100 W. Orange Grove Ave. A home sustained damage when paint balls hit the residence. The damage occurred Monday evening, 2/2. No loss estimate was provided. 5:11 p.m. – Identity Theft, 200 block E. Alegria Ave. The crime occurred Wednesday 1/27/09 and the loss was over $25,000 from the victim’s checking account.

Thursday, February 5: 3:55 a.m. – Unlawful Display of registration, 00 block W. Mira Monte Ave. A car was impounded for expired registration. The car was displaying a current 2009 registration tab, but a DMV records check revealed the registration was expired as of 2002.

Friday, February 6: 5:29 p.m. – An unknown injury hit and run traffic collision, W. Sierra Madre Blvd. and Michillinda Ave. A witness reported a pedestrian was hit by a silver SUV while crossing on a green light. Officers found the suspect vehicle and the suspect on N. Michillinda Ave. The vehicle was impounded as evidence. The victim has yet to come forward. The case is an open investigation.

Saturday, February 7: 1:36 p.m. – Burglary, 00 block Suffolk Ave. The driver’s side window of a vehicle was smashed whilst the car was parked in the owner’s locked garage. The crime occurred between Friday, 2/6/2009 and Saturday, 2/7/2009. No loss estimate was available. 9:31 p.m. - Arrest, Suspended / Revoked driver’s license, 200 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. A motorist was stopped for a traffic violation. A records check revealed the driver’s license was suspended/revoked. The driver was arrested and issued a written promise to appear.


Sunday, February 1: While units were at Santa Anita and Live Oak on a call around 12:19 a.m., officers observed a vehicle strike the center median and the driver continued north on Live Oak. An area check was made, and the vehicle was located in the 2400 block of Louise. The car had a punctured flat tire, and a 43-year-old male Caucasian driver was contacted and a field sobriety test was initiated. Based on the results, it was determined that the driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and was arrested at the scene. At 7:20 a.m., officers made a consensual contact with a bicyclist at Peck and Live Oak. Record checks on the 38-year-old male Caucasian revealed that he was on parole for possession of marijuana for sale, receiving stolen property, and possession of a controlled substance. He appeared to be extremely nervous and a series of tests revealed that he was under the influence of a controlled substance and was taken into custody.

Monday, February 2: Shortly before 7 a.m., an injury solo traffic collision occurred at Second and Longden. The female driver claimed that she was trying to reach for a tissue and lost control of the vehicle. She drove over a curb and struck a tree, which caused the car to roll onto its side. The 68-year-old woman was transported to AMH for medical treatment. Loss prevention personnel from Nordstrom advised that they had detained a woman for theft around 4:39 p.m. The woman hid merchandise in a shopping bag while in a fitting room and left the store without making payment. She also admitted to stealing from the store in the past. A private person’s arrest was made, and the 31-year-old Caucasian was taken into custody for grand theft.

Tuesday, February 3: About 7 p.m., units responded to a bus stop at the Westfield mall parking lot regarding girls dancing on the roof of a vehicle. Investigation revealed that four female African-American juveniles were dancing on the car, causing a large dent on the roof and numerous scratches and dents on the trunk lid and hood. Private persons’ arrests were made, and the girls, between 15 and 17 years of age, were taken into custody for vandalism. They were later cited and released to family members. A robbery occurred at Subway, 100 East Foothill, around 9:35 p.m. A male AfricanAmerican suspect, in his 20’s, 6 feet, 160

BLOTTERS pounds, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and blue bandana over his face, brandished a handgun and demanded money from the cash register. Fearing for their safety, employees complied and the suspect took the money and fled the scene. An area check was made, but the suspect was not located.

Wednesday, February 4: Between 3:30 p.m. on February 3 and 7:55 a.m. on February 4, a grand theft from auto occurred in the 1000 block of South Sixth. Unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked vehicle that was parked in a driveway and stole a purse that was lying on the center console. The victim later discovered that the suspect(s) had tried to make unauthorized charges onto her credit card. Units responded to the 2200 block of South Fourth around 10:38 a.m. regarding a fire at the location. When an officer arrived at the scene, there was no sign of a fire; however, he found an 84-year-old man in the backyard. Upon seeing the officer, the man produced a gun and shot himself in the head. A suicide note was found at the scene.

Thursday, February 5: A residential burglary occurred in the 800 block of San Vincente between noon on February 3 and 1 p.m. on February 5. Unknown suspect(s) entered the house by unknown means and stole cash and a large amount of jewelry. Around 4 p.m., units were dispatched to the 700 block of West Huntington on a welfare check. A woman contacted police and advised that her brother was suicidal and he had been off his medication for the past few days. The 35-year-old African-American subject had extensive training in martial arts, and he also was known to possess firearms and was extremely combative with officers in the past. Dispatch tried calling the subject numerous times, but he did not answer the phone, so nearby residents were evacuated. The reporting party later arrived and produced a key to the residence. Officers entered the garage area and discovered that the subject had committed suicide by hanging himself.

Friday, February 6: Between February 5 and February 6, several auto burglaries occurred in the 900 block of La Cadena, and the 400 and 500 blocks of Fairview. Unknown suspect(s) broke the windows to five vehicles and stole GPS units, laptop computer, iPod, and other property. Around 5:35 p.m., loss prevention personnel from Macy’s advised that they had detained a woman in a wheelchair for theft. The woman took merchandise, hid them in her jacket, and left the store without making payment. Additional stolen items were discovered in her purse. A private person’s arrest was made, and the 45-year-old Hispanic was taken into custody for grand theft. A record check revealed that she was convicted on a prior theft, so she was additionally charged with petty theft with priors and felony parole violation.

Saturday, February 7: Officers were dispatched to AMH around 12:40 a.m. regarding a gunshot victim seeking medical attention. The 31-year-old male Hispanic advised that he was being driven to a bar. When he exited the vehicle, an unknown

suspect fired a single shot into his inner thigh area. An armed robbery occurred at Westfield mall around 9:45 p.m. The victim was walking to her vehicle when two male Hispanic juveniles approached. One of the suspects, armed with a metal baseball bat, demanded her purse. Fearing for her safety, she gave them her purse and they fled in a waiting vehicle. The total reported loss was about $3,400.


Thank you to the community for voting us in Plumbing EVERYONE’S GOT CLAIMS. MS K KE KEVIN’S VIN’ GOT CREDENTIALS

THE HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS • Select Service Seal of Approval 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009* • “Readers Choice Best Plumber” award winner 2009 • Better Business Bureau AAA rating • Los Angeles Contractor of the Year** • Approved by The League of the California Homeowners • Rated #4 plumbing company in the nation* *As rated by Nexstar Network, a national best practices organization **Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors- Greater Los Angeles Association 2003


Monday, February 2: 8:24 a.m. - Property for destruction 400 block Oakcliff Rd. 11:37 a.m. - Vehicle burglary 700 block E. Huntington Dr. 12:54 p.m. - Police impound on El Nido Ave. 1:36 p.m. - Grand theft 1000 block S. Myrtle Ave. 10:24 p.m. Threatening 200 block S. Heliotrope Ave.

Tuesday, February 3: 7:02 a.m. - Fraud report 800 block E. Royal Oaks Dr. 12:25 p.m. - Drug activity 600 block S. Shamrock Ave. 1:30 p.m. - Vehicle burglary 100 block W. Lemon Ave. 4:38 p.m. - Neighborhood dispute 400 block Genoa St. 10:04 p.m. - Shots heard on S. Ivy Ave.

Wednesday, February 4: 7:44 a.m. - Forgery report 700 block E. Huntington Dr. 11:26 a.m. - Personal robbery on W. Duarte Rd. 2:22 p.m. - Vandalism 100 block W. Lime Ave. 4:25 p.m. - Snake problem 300 block El Nido Ave. 11:50 p.m. - Drug activity 100 block W. Duarte Rd.

Thursday, February 5: 12:45 a.m. - Public assist 400 block S. Lincoln Place 8:08 a.m. - Trash picking on S. Violet Ave. 10:34 a.m. - Petty theft 900 block E. Royal Oaks Dr. 11:24 a.m. - Shoplifting 700 block E. Huntington Dr. 1:40 p.m. - Residential burglary 500 block Linwood Ave.

Friday, February 6: 12:38 a.m. - Battery in progress 600 block W. Foothill Blvd. 1:52 p.m. - Fraud report 700 block W. Huntington Dr. 2:39 p.m. - Alcohol offense 800 block W. Colorado Blvd. 4:55 p.m. - Residential burglary 700 block Bonita St. 6:08 p.m. - Family disturbance 1000 block S. Fifth Ave.

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Vista Cove at Arcadia, the premier independent and assisted living Tops in the Valley community in the San Gabriel Valley, Senior Living offers the preferred lifestyle for seniors. FORMERLY BEST OF THE BEST

• Conveniently located in the heart of Arcadia • Minutes from shopping, freeway access and Santa Anita Racetrack • Independent and assisted living, short-term stay, adult day care • Chef prepared gourmet meals and large selection of menu items • Personalized Life Enrichment Activity Program™ (LEAP™)

Saturday, February 7: 12:33 p.m. - Business dispute 2000 block S. Mountain Ave. 4:29 p.m. - Probation/parole violation 300 block S. Madison Ave. 6:17 p.m. - Residential burglary 500 block W. Hillcrest Blvd. 7:11 p.m. - Counterfeiting 700 block W. Huntington Dr. 7:23 p.m. - Grand theft automobile 400 block S. Mountain Ave.

Sunday, February 8: 3:13 a.m. - Peace disturbance 700 block W. Lemon Ave. 9:22 a.m. - Vehicle burglary 200 block W. Colorado Blvd. 11:39 a.m. Neighborhood dispute 500 block Norumbega Dr. 2:53 p.m. - Property damage 300 block N. Primrose Ave. 8:17 p.m. - Vandalism on California Ave.

Call and visit for a delicious complimentary meal and tour! 601 Sunset Boulevard | Arcadia, CA 91007 (626) 447-0106 | | RCFE No. 197607476



FEBRUARY19 - FEBRUARY 25, 5, 20 2009

Social Whirl


Send your social and club news to “The Social Whirl,” c/o Beacon Media, 125 E. Chestnut Ave., Monrovia 91016.

By Floretta Lauber

“Mardi Gras Celebration to Benefit Community”

“South Pacific: In Concert”

“Cecilia Rasmussen Speaker at Arcadia Benefit Luncheon” The unconventional Angelino will be the subject of author and columnist Cecilia Rasmussen, distinguished author/journalist, at the fifth annual “Dollars for Scholars” luncheon to be held Monday, March 9. Rasmussen will bring stories of real life characters in tales taken from her book, “L.A. Unconventional,” in support of the efforts of the San Gabriel Valley Alumnae Panhellenic’s scholarship program. The program has provided monetary awards for 200 high school senior women who opt to attend a four-year college or university. The award program was started in 1939. Chair of the event, Lauragene Swenson, remarked, “Cecilia Rasmussen is known as a lively historian. In addition to relating stories of the spirit and vision of the people she has researched, she has helped many young women achieve improved writing skills. We hope our scholarship program will similarly help young women entering higher education.”


An incredible celebration is planned for Methodist Hospital Foundation’s Mardi Gras on Tuesday, February 24, and everyone is invited. The annual fund-raiser is expected to pack Sirona’s at Santa Anita Park and benefit The Campaign for Methodist Hospital. “It’s going to be a big bash with fabulous food and great music for dancing,” said event chairman Lindburgh McPherson. “Our committee has worked endlessly to make this year’s party the best ever.” Guests will sample culinary delights from top restaurants from Arcadia, Pasadena, Monrovia, San Gabriel, and Sierra Madre, while bidding on unique items in the silent auction. The R&B band, Soulville, will keep everyone moving - on or off the dance floor. The festivities will culminate a spectacular Mardi Gras parade led by honorary king and queen, Shone and Sherry Wang. Most importantly, amidst the fun and revelry, guests will be supporting the hospital’s

plan in creating The Next Generation of Care. The cornerstone of this plan is a new five-story patient care tower that is currently under construction. It will house a new state of the art expanded emergency department, medical and surgical inpatient beds, two new intensive care units and a new pharmacy. “So, if you’re ready to celebrate Mardi Gras big this year and help a worthy cause, come join us,” said McPherson. The event calls for business attire, but feathers are encouraged. For more information or tickets, call (626) 898-8888. Sunday, March 21, 8 p.m., the San Gabriel Valley Music Theatre will present Rogers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific in Concert,” at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear wonderful music from talented singers. Cost is $20, $30, $40 and $60. Call (626) 282-1440 for tickets.

The Cinderella coach delivered guests from the parking lot to the door at the magical affair for the Shakespeare League.

Looking good - Mary Ellen Gridley and Louise Miller (gala decorations), with guest Gene Glasco of Arcadia, in front of the 2009 Maserati, an auction item.

Winning committee members of the successful bridge luncheon, January 28, for the Arcadia Woman’s Club. (L-r) Charlene Gillman, Millie Balance, Mae Craig, Mary Foley, Mable Fenogllio, and Jane Reichenfeld (chair). Seated Donna Osgood, Mickey Ball (president) and Jean Albright.

hirl W

The sizzling super stars of the Shakespeare League’s gala, held at the Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre on February 7th. (L-r) Lina Palomo (gala chair), Lani Ridley Pedrini (producer/drama chair), Barbara Sakuma-Germain (League director), and Lori Ely (auction chair).

Rasmussen has won wide acclaim for the tales of local history that have entertained Southern Californians for over two decades in the L.A. Times column, “Then and Now,” and in her book, “L.A. Unconventional.” She also co-authored ‘Angels Walk L.A.” with Time editorial writer Patt Morrison. The “Dollars for Scholars” Committee includes Lauragene Swenson, chair, and members Beverly Alcorn, Jane Lynn of San Marino; president of the organization, Debbie Andersen; Sandy Killian, Jodi Little, Jan Moscaret, and Pat Rodebaugh of Arcadia; Rita Lopez of Pasadena, Alise Ralston of South Pasadena, and Janet Peters of Sierra Madre. “Guests Followed the Yellow Brick Road” The Shakespeare League’s pre-production gala February 7th, was a kick-off celebration for its 63rd musical production, “The Wizard of Oz.” The magical evening will be held at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena on March 6 and 7, proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House and Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Be sure to get your tickets, (800) 5954849. I never miss these talented productions.

Community leaders, Sherry and Shone Wang, will be honorary king and queen for the fabulous Mardi Gras party Fat Tuesay.


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THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Admini-stration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many ac-tions without obtaining court ap-proval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to inter-ested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independ-ent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held on April 24, 2009 at 10:00 AM in Dept. No. A located at 300 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91101. IF YOU OBJECT to the grant-ing of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attor-ney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the de-ceased, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative ap-pointed by the court within four months from the date of first issu-ance of letters as provided in Probate Code section 9100. The time for filing claims will not expire before four months from the hear-ing date noticed above.

additional information and to submit an online application visit: https://qualityshopper. org. No Associated Fees.

FOR RENT ARCADIA COTTAGE, unfurm 1 be, 1 ba, no pets, stov, ref, near santa anita & duarte, $1,150 mo, (714) 828-9099

FOR SALE Drum Kit w/ Cymbals 5 piece drum kit with 2 cymbals + hi-hat. Kit has everything you need and

more: throne, drum and cymbal noise-dampening pads, all cymbal stands and bass pedal. Everything works well. It’s an off-brand (Pulse Percussion), and could maybe use some heads, but all in all this is a very decent setup for the price. Call John at 626.789.6169.

sets of tires come with the bike as well. Costs $480 new, asking $200. Email

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YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Re-quest for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special No-tice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for petitioner: DANIEL G MCMEEKIN ESQ SBN 94162 OLD COVINA BANK BLDG 101 N CITRUS STE 3A COVINA CA 91723 Monrovia Weekly CN814123 MURRAY Feb 19,26, Mar 5, 2009 NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF BULK SALE (Division 6 of the Commercial Code) Escrow No. 401084-20 (1) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to creditors of the within named Seller(s) that a bulk sale is about to be made on personal property hereinafter described. (2) The name and business addresses of the seller(s) are: AAA CORPORATION, 1 W. DUARTE RD, ARCADIA, CA 91007 (3) The location in California of the Chief Executive Office of the seller is: SAME (4) The names and business address of the buyer(s)

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are: ROCK TERIYAKI & ROLL, 640 NAOMI AVE #11, ARCADIA, CA 91007 (5) The location and general description of the assets to be sold are: ALL FURNITURE, FIXTURES, EQUIPMENT USED BY THE SELLER IN THE OPERATION OF THE BUSINESS, LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENTS, IF ANY of that certain business located at: 1 W. DUARTE RD, ARCADIA, CA 91007 (6) The business name used by the seller(s) at the said location is: JODY MARONI’S SAUSAGE KINGDOM - ARCADIA (7) The anticipated date of the bulk sale is MARCH 9, 2009, at the office of VIVA ESCROW! INC, 2549 HUNTINGTON DR, STE 103, SAN MARINO, CA 91108 Escrow No. 401084-20, Escrow Officer: JULIANA TU, CSEO, CEO, CBSS, CEI (8) Claims may be filed the same as “7” above. (9) The last date for filling claims is: MARCH 6, 2009 (10) This Bulk Sale is subject to Section 6106.2 of the Uniform Commercial (11) As listed by the Seller, all other business name(s) and addresses used by the Seller within three years before such list was sent or delivered to the Buyer are: NONE Dated: FEBRUARY 11, 2009 ROCK TERIYAKI & ROLL, Buyer(s) PCTS LA146746 ARCADIA WEEKLY 2/19/09

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FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 25, 2009 23


By Tom Gammill



By Jeff Corriveau


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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary 1958-2008



By Emilio Santoyo

The Gold Standard AGENT OF THE WEEK


CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES (626) 358-1858

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Isabella Cappucci

Adel McLellan

John Vostenak

Sandy Simpson

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC. (626) 445-0128

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451


UNITS $900,000 Situated on an ample lot down the long (newly resurfaced) drive. Remodeled front unit has newer kitchen cabinets, granite counters, slate and ceramic tile floors. The units have new roofs, new stucco, paint, trim paint as well as upgraded within the units. Across from park and recent residential development. (V142)


CENTURY 21 VILLAGE INC. (626) 355-1451


CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451







Spacious 5 bedroom in San Gabriel on a quiet cul-de-sac street with Temple City Schools, 3 baths, cathedral ceilings, kitchen with built in stove, oven, dishwasher, in ground swimming pool, air conditioning, intercom and alarm system, double detached garage. C8915


Beautiful Town Home w/Arcadia Schools, 3 bdrms 3.5 bth, FP, formal dining room, bonus room, loft upstairs, top quality workmanship, gourmet kitchen w/custom cabinets, granite countertops, laundry area, two car attached direct access garage, lots of storage, nice size front &side yard. (H1020)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123


T h i s 3 b d r m 3 b t h To w n h o m e h a s g o u r m e t k i t c h e n , granite counter tops, custom cabinets, South facing, close to golf course and Arcadia schools. (File #E139)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123


Four units each with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. For investment or Live in one unit and rent the other three. 3213 sq.ft. building, two levels, one building, corner lot, laundry room, carport parking. (H471)


Fives acres with Craftsman style home, 4bdrms 3bths, F P, d i n i n g r o o m , r e c r e a t i o n r o o m , k n o w n a s “ R O S E FARM DRESSAGE “, place to board horses, professional Dressage training and instruction. USDF qualified training facilities, 17 boarding stalls, a circular arena, two PGA Golf courses near by. Lot’s of income potential. (File #C38834)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123



Located in Glendora and featuring 2 master bedrooms, one for her and one for him, walk in closets, top of the line construction, oversized double garage, concrete fire retardant roof, beautiful private backyard with huge patio for entertaining and RV parking(M1664)


This beautiful 4bdrm 2bth home has mountain views, sparkling pool, 2 fountains, covered patio, topiary and sego palms located on a quiet cul-de-sac. Two master suites, large foyer, formal dining room, FP, kitchen w/modern appliances & eating area ceramic tile counters, 2 first floor bdrms and upstairs family room w/balcony. (File #A8815)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123




This 4bdrm 2bth is situated on a quiet tree lined street with an excellent school district, convenient location with golf course, parks, schools and shopping close by. Spacious floor plan, bright and airy, new flooring and paint, FP, granite counter tops, attached 2 car garage and move in condition. (File #D150)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123





Updated 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. High Ceilings. New flooring throughout. New paint, kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances (all included). Terrific curb appeal and huge back yard. Inside laundry room with washer and dryer included.(LOS)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. 626-301-1888



3692 Grayburn Rd., Pasadena.Large original Chapman Woods Home for a Small Price! New copper plumbing and central air. Needs some cosmetic work. This home is located on an 8,450 sq.ft., corner lot and features 1,920 sq. ft. living space. This one won’t last!!! (GRA)

This executive style condo shows like a model home. Located in a beautiful, well maintained gated complex. Kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances. Nice patio for outdoor dining. (ORA)

Two bedrooms, one bath, living room with lots of windows, indoor’laundry room, update plumbing & electrical, newer roof, detached garage, close to park, Old Town, shopping and transportation.(O633)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 233-1638

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451





This 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bath home is located in North Azusa. 1304 Sq. Ft., hardwood floors, interior has fresh paint. Enclosed patio, private large lot of 7,920, 2 car detached garage. (O1013)





Not a Short Sale! Not Bank Owned! This 2 bedroom, 1 bath is North of Route 66 end unit, located on second floor, one level, newer floors and carpeting, one car garage. (C1027)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451



This beautiful home features 2 bedrooms and 1 remodeled bath. Newly installed bamboo hardwood flooring throughout, new paint inside and out, newer roof, FA/ CA and much more! Close to City of Hope. (BRO)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

4,336 SF retail building on 7,492 SF of land. Property has 3 addresses (623,625 & 627) and was rebuilt in 2002. Currently 1 retail space with open floor plan in the front & 3 offices in rear. Parking lot in rear with 6 spaces. DRIVE-BY ONLY. DO NOT DISTURB EMPLOYEES. Seller financing available! (M623-627


CENTURY21ADAMS&BARNES•(626)358-1858 CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES • (888)804-2430

CENTURY 21 Adams&Barnes





Great 2 bedroom unit in terrific neighborhood. Master Bedroom with large closet and 3/4 bath. Full bathroom in hallway. Living room with large windows, dining area and kitchen with lots of storage space. Two underground garage parking spaces with storage compartments. Near shopping and La Salle High School. (MIC)


(626) 301-1888



AT THIS PRICE YOU CAN’T GO WRONG! OLD TOWN MONROVIA RETAIL BUILDING $187,900 $1,500,000 This bank owned home is cute and has loads of potential. Large yard and plenty of room to play. The garage was converted into another room an may be converted back. This is a great starter opportunity. The majority of the floors are tiled and in great shape. With a little TLC and at this price you just can’t go wrong. (F2039)


SAN MARINO RETAIL/OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE $2.25 PSF, MG Located on desirable Mission Drive, this Urban-Contemporary space offers 3,900 SF for lease. Features an open team area, conference room, kitchen area & 2 restrooms along with ample parking. (M2451)



(626) 358-1858

(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123

(626) 355-1451









2009_02_19_Pasadena Independent  

Local Activist Plans Suit Against City Over Management Plan Concerns „Get Your News Before Someone Else Does‰ WWW.PASADENAINDEPENDENT.COM TH...

2009_02_19_Pasadena Independent  

Local Activist Plans Suit Against City Over Management Plan Concerns „Get Your News Before Someone Else Does‰ WWW.PASADENAINDEPENDENT.COM TH...