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learning in the classroom, but ensure students can thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops. And they are also tremendously important for our nation’s well being. At Jauhar Kindergarten Early years branch ,we want our learners to enter the world with an understanding of what it takes to be a good citizen—one who can be civically engaged, critically thinking, digitally literate, globally aware, and an effective communicator. Thus we continuously strive as we do not have a moment to lose in preparing our students, and our nation, to compete and to succeed. The 21st century is not in the distant future – it is today. David Ross 2017

 Global Dignity Day 2019-2020………………………………... ………….14


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 Activity Calendar 2019-2020 Term 1…………………………………...15

Narjis Rizvi Dear Parents,

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Headmistress JKG-I (EY), JKG-II & J-PY

In this globally and digitally interconnected world, all learners, from cradle to career, need new skills and knowledge to succeed. If we want to prepare our children for success in school, work and life, opportunities to learn 21stcentury skills are essential. These 21st-century skills are more important to students now than ever before.

They not only provide a framework for successful

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LOOKING FOR SCHOOLS FOR YOUR CHILD’S ADMISSION? Below is the admission criteria for all the levels: Toddlers (Jauhar KG-I Early Years): Around 2 years and onwards in August Pre-Nursery (Jauhar KG-I Early Years): Around 3 years and onwards in August Nursery (Jauhar KG-I Early Years): : Around 4 years and onwards in August Kindergarten (Jauhar KG-I Early Years): Around 5 years and onwards in August I WANT SOME INFORMATION ABOUT SCHOOL, WHO SHOULD I CONTACT? Ms. Narjis Rizvi (Head Mistress) Ms. Lubna Amir (Senior Mistress) Ms. Hira Saleem (School Coordinator) Ms. Sundus Aamir Nawab (PRO) Sir Salman (Senior Accountant)

FIND US ON OUR BRANCH’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE Have you liked our page yet? If not do it now and keep yourself updated with the details and amazing pictures of all the activities and events happening in the school.

Grade One (Jauhar Primary Years): Around 6 years and onwards in August Grade Two (Jauhar Primary Years): Around 6 years and onwards in August

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CHILD PROTECTION TEAM OUTLINE OF OUR CHILD PROTECTION POLICY The Beaconhouse School System is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students enrolled at BSS schools. As a responsible organization we actively seek to promote the welfare of all students in our charge and ensure that they are protected from harm. Child protection team members of the school look into the wellbeing of your child. Below are the names and pictures of our Child Protection Team members: Narjis Rizvi (Headmistress) Lubna Amir (Senior Mistress) Hira Saleem (School Coordinator) Urooj Fatima (P.E Instructor) Satwat Zaidi (School Librarian)

FOLLOW UP ON OUR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND LATEST UPDATES ON BSS APP Downloading the official BSS Application on your mobile phones is mandatory for all parents. And why wouldn’t you as it offers integral information at just one click. Be it your child’s fee challan information or their attendance, the latest event’s pictures or details of any important notice and circular, this application offers it all and much more. Are you sure you are not missing out on this

one? Contact our PRO in case there is any issue with downloading or registering yourself.

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ANNUAL SPORTACULAR 2019-20 Jauhar KG I—Early Years observed its Annual Sportacular Event 2019-20 where it broadcasted the extra-curricular opportunities provided by the system.

(Students of Nursery and KG performing on the PT Display)

Students displayed their athletic strengths through various performances such as P.T Display, Yoga, Gymnastics and Zumba and Track Events.

(Students of KG performing on the Welcome Display)

(Students of KG conducting the oath taking ceremony for the event) These performances were prepared by students after regularly practicing in their clubs under the supervision of club instructors and assigned teachers.

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witnessed by our parents on the Annual Sports Day 2019.

(Students performing on Yoga in the Annual Sportacular 2019) Extra Curricular Activities are an integral part of a child’s education. It not only is beneficial for a child’s physical wellbeing but also their intellectual development.

Beaconhouse offers weekly clubs under the supervision on trained instructors who develop our students physical strength which is then

(Students of Nsy & KG performing on Gymnastics)

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A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace. -Ovid

HRCA Results (Outsource Competition)

Competitions are an integral part of learning, they not only teach a child to strive for their best but also teaches them life skills such as dealing with success and failures. Beaconhouse School System Jauhar Kg I—Early Years has been providing its students to participate in national and international competitions since years and has always managed to bring back some medals and certificates. In this session 2019-20 our students, Maaz Butt FROM KG-B won a gold medal and Irsa Waheed from KG-B bagged a bronze medal in HRCA Creative writing and Arts Competition.

(Maaz Butt from KG-B with his medal and certificate)

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HRCA Competition Participants for 2019-20 (Outsource Competition)

Below is the list of all the participants who received their Below is the list of all the students who received their certificates of participation in HRCA Creative Writing: certificates of participation in HRCA Arts Competition: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Sabrina Farhan from KG A Masooma Mohsin from KG C Javeriyah Ali from KG E Baaria Siddiq Sheerani from KG D Muhammad Masab from KG F Umme Farwa from KG F Dua Ahmed from KG E Muhammad Ali from KG D Qurat ul Ain from KG C Zoha Sabih from KG C

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Shayan Muzaffar from KG C Ayesha Erum from KG B Hashir Ali Khan from KG A Maryum Amir from KG E Ghulam Mustafa from KG E Haris Usmani from KG D Aarish Ahmed from KG F Amal Babar from KG F Mahnoor Zehra from KG A

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Nothing beats an exciting hands-on experience to deepen learning. The magic of a field trip isn't just the subject. It’s the break in routine and adventure that opens up children’s mind to new things. Nursery & KG students’ field trip Students of Nursery and KG along with their teachers visited The Wildlife Experience Center for an exciting, meaningful and lifelong learning experience.

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Sneak Peak of Nursery Student’s Excursion Students not only enjoyed observing different animals and birds, but also got opportunity to pet them, hold them and have a very close interaction.

The purpose of the trip was getting them familiar with the wild and pet animal theme for Nursery students, whereas the Kindergarten students were encouraged to talk about the different classifications of animals such as birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians etc.

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Children learn best with first hand experiences in early childhood Pre Nursery Students’ Excursion to Grocery Store Beaconhouse School System’s curriculum is based on thematic learning experiences.

Thematic learning offers a wide and in-depth understanding of concepts with vocabulary as its prime focus. Our Pre-Nursery students found themselves in the setting of a Grocery Store to understand in depth the concept of shopping, as in their reader “Just like Jasper”.

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"I hear, and I forget/I see, and I remember/I do, and I understand -Chinese Proverb

Beaconhouse School System Jauhar KG I gives each subject area equal importance and celebrates learning in its one of a kind events. This year a new initiative was taken where students, on Iqbal Day, celebrated Urdu as a subject and as a language.

They presented different Urdu letters and broadscasted their knowledge of vocabulary in context to a big audience.

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Children who are fed healthy food, grow up loving healthy food -Toddlers’ Fruit Gala

It was a Fruitful Day in Toddlers where our toddlers celebrated Fruit Gala. After their short performance and fruit races, they along with their parents visited various stalls for a variety of fruit related activities. The parents had an opportunity to spend good quality time and engage with their child throughout the event.

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There are many ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love for books is the best of all. Literary Day 2019-20 Beaconhouse School System Jauhar KG I, has a special room in its heart for reading. Besides the day to day reading periods, library issuances and our Reading Programme, our students annually celebrate the world of story books in a one of a kind event i.e. The Literary Event.

On this event, students not only act on different stories, but they are conditioned to speak clearly with correct pronunciations and accent using excellent British English vocabulary.

They learn to use digital tools to create their very own versions of story books by inserting images of characters, recording own voices to re-tell the story page by page and even type them according to their own liking.

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Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them –Aristotle Global Dignity Day 2019 Beaconhouse School System offers to children from the very beginning of their learning years, an This year however we took one step ahead and floated an idea of donating preloved belongings to awareness of self worth and dignity. the children of Edhi Foundation. Our students from poured in their hearts and wrapped their most loved toys, clothes and books beautifully to share with their brothers and sisters in the orphanage.

Every year it observes global dignity day in October. Our students this year took pledges to display respect for themselves and everyone. They created posters and wrote notes to show gratitude to all the people who did any small act of dignity or love. They had a tea party with our support staff to express their love and respect towards them.

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ACTIVITY CALENDAR 2019-20 (August-December)

2 1





1&2 3, 4 ,5 & 6

Independence Day Celebrations Friendship Day Celebrations

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ACTIVITY CALENDAR 2019-20 (August -December)

1, 2 & 3

Open Day—Colors of Freedom


Goose’s Birthday Party by Pre-Nurseries


Phonics Workshop for Parents

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ACTIVITY CALENDAR 2019-20 (August-December)

1, 2

Pyjama Party by Nursery & KG


Goose Birthday Party

4, 5

Global Dignity Day

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ACTIVITY CALENDAR 2019-20 (August-December)

1, 2

Literary Day 2019


Beaconhouse School Birthday


Toddlers’ Fruit Gala


Open Day 2019

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ACTIVITY CALENDAR 2019-20 (August-December)

1, 2 , 3

Urdu Letter Land

4, 5, 6 Toddlers’ Annual Sportacular 2019

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ACTIVITY CALENDAR 2019-20 (August-December)

1, 2 Annual Sportacular 2019—Toddlers 3, 4 Annual Sportacular 2019—Nsy & KG

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