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2016 -17


HEAD OF SCHOOL’S NEWSLETTER NO. 7 Dear Parents, I thought I would start this issue of my fortnightly newsletter encompassing both the School Play and the Junior Sports Days which ended with Gulberg’s version last Friday. All 3 events were very successful and your considerable attendance at all a joy to behold! Thank you for supporting TNS but especially your children in their activities and for being so appreciative. It is what makes events like this such a joy for us as teachers and management. To sum up ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is to describe the large cast and backstage / directorial crew of over 70 as a great fun event with lovely sets and some quirky bits in a revamped hall where everyone can see everything that happens on the stage!! Interesting to see how parts of a building can continue to evolve! I want to thank in particular Mr. Aurangzeb for his masterminding the play; our Events’ Team and school support staff for an exceptional job which then went into a full week of Sports Days’ rehearsals and finals with the best atmosphere we have ever created for these highly charged events. In fact, TNS has got the ‘events thing’ taped it seems? Mr. Haseeb and his team of sports teachers can be very proud of these 3 very successful sporting events. Our MANDATORY Senior Athletic Championship at the Beaconhouse Bedian Sports Complex will be held on Friday, 24th February from 9 am to 1 pm. There is much more to come and a quick breakdown here will bring you up-to-date. MYP Project Presentations in our Hall on Wednesday, 22nd February 2017. Our Mother-Tongue Celebrations on 27th February at DHA Years 6 to 12, and on 3rd March at Gulberg. Our various French events “La journée de la Francophonie” on 2nd March at DHA and on 4th April at Gulberg. A French Lahore competition for many Lahore Schools in our School Hall on Saturday, 8 th April at 4 pm. Our Junior Concerts in our DHA Hall on 27th April for DHA and on 26th April for Gulberg. Our School Project Presentations at both branches will be held on 11th April for Gulberg and 12th April for DHA.

2016 -17

HEAD OF SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 16 February 2017 Where our main thrust academically at this time is with our final year DP2, Year 10 IGCSE & MYP e- assessment students and their ‘mocks’ starting 6th March until the 17th March before our Spring Break begins on 18th March to 26th March (inclusive). Much extra work, past papers and revision at all these levels is being undertaken as the final examinations begin in the last week of April. You as parents have a critical role to play in this run up to these transformative examinations and we certainly look forward to this support as we know too, our roles as teachers, mentors and management is pivotal. Constant follow ups on work performed / not handed in or completed / absenteeism and that all deadlines are being met (especially DP2) as well as related staff / student and individual meetings are taking place to ensure whatever can be done to assist the students in achieving success is our priority. We are not happy with the number of jackets / hoodies which are not uniform being worn by students especially in Years 8. Also some strange variations of trouser colours and very tight varieties are being worn by both boys and girls and this is unacceptable. You are stepping back into the habit of sending junk food with your children. We will NOT accept such food being carried in and consumed in the school premises and it will be confiscated if found. Examples of such food are: Cakes, Cookies, Chocolates, Crisps, Tetra packed juices and flavored milk, to name a few. Our DHA school phone numbers through which you can contact us if late in the mornings or at any other time of the school day are: 04237176241, 04237176242 & 04237176243. These phones are very busy so please persist!? I would like to give a quick resume of 2 staff in the IB Diploma division at TNS. Ms. Abeera is our Academic / Careers / Tertiary Coordinator and is looking after all areas related to academics / university entrance and references / recommendations for students in Years 10, 11 & 12. To date her advice and support of our senior students has been excellent. Her phone extension is 175. Recently Ms. Izzah Ejaz has joined the same area of senior students as our Extended Essay / Theory of Knowledge (EE & TOK) Coordinator. With a strong research background from LUMS, Ms. Izzah is advising all senior students with their research and writing / speaking needs at the school. She has a very appropriate learning space in our IB Library where students can meet and discuss these key areas of the Diploma.

2016 -17

HEAD OF SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 16 February 2017 I look forward to seeing class 6 to 12 parents supporting their children at our upcoming Senior Athletics’ Sports Day on Friday, 24th February at the Beaconhouse Bedian Road Sports Complex. Please make a firm date to join us and those parents of Year 10 students at our final MYP Project Presentations on Wednesday, 22nd February in our DHA School Hall and be amazed at what your children can do!

With my best wishes.

_________________ Clive R. Barnes Head of School

Newsletter No. 8