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Beaconhouse School System

1st Edition Sep 2017 - Nov 2017

Life at WALTON

National Songs Singing Competition: Upper Primary hosted this melodious compe on. Walton li ed the shield as its singers clinched first posi ons, in all the categories, among eight branches of BSS and Ibn-e –Sina School.

Eid Milad Nabi (S.A.W) To express love and devo on for our beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) a beau ful Mehfil-e- Milad was organised by KG students at Early Years.


Pool Day To p r o m o t e P h y s i c a l Development among students' pool days were conducted on a regular basis.

Maximum Library Issuance Award Ceremony Young Readers were awarded Cer ficates to inculcate the love for Reading Books.

Near Farooq Colony, Main Walton Boulevard, Lahore Cantt. Tel: 042-35929683/4/5/6-35929607/8

Orientation Sessions As always, Early Years conducted a month long interes ng orienta on sessions for the parents to acquaint them with the school's prac ces and procedures. Orienta on Sessions for Classes I and II were held for parents. The Headmistress of Lower Primary conducted the sessions and answered the queries of the parents.

Global Dignity Day On 18th October, 2017 all sec ons of Walton Campus contributed to inculcate the importance of Respect and Dignity for everyone. Support Sta were given gi s and a treat by Early Year’s students.Representa ves of students of Lower Primary and Middle School visited Edhi Centre and Dar-ul-Kafala, with gi s, respec vely. Various compe ons were also held through which students expressed their views about dignity at Upper Primary and Middle School.

Teachers Day The hardworking teachers at Walton were given a thunderous applause by the students as they walked a Red Carpet on the day. A personalised souvenir was also presented to everyone by the Principal among students' cheers.


Urdu Week A 'Bazme-e- Sukhn' was organized to pay tribute to Urdu language.An outstanding session of Baitbaazi' by Lower Primary followed by their Kalam-e- Iqbal. Middle School Students adorned the stage with their MehďŹ l-eMushaira and Faiz's famous 'Hum Daikhein Gey.'The concluding performance came from Upper Primary in the form of a tableau, choir and humorous skit. Renowned poet, Farhat Abbas Shah, graced the occasion. Early Years also organized in MehďŹ l-e Mushaira to develop interest in Urdu language.

Eid Gala The excitement and vibrancy of Eid-ul-Azha was seen at Walton as all sec ons celebrated it on various days. Early Years set the stage with rides, magic show, food stalls, and invited the parents. Lower Primary had their share on the same day.

Investiture Ceremony The pres gious event was held to confer sashes and badges to the newly elected Middle School Execu ve Council.


BSS Turns 42 Beaconhouse turned 42 on November 4, 2017 and Walton Campus celebrated the auspicious occasion with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. The day began with a whole school assembly with the students along with Faculty Members, Management Team and Support Staff. Members of the Beaconhouse Alumni were invited to celebrate the day by sharing their experiences and expressing their love for this great ins tu on. Mrs.Tehmina Lodhi shared the history of Beaconhouse and Walton Campus in par cular. A erwards, the cake was cut and Beaconhouse Birthday Banner was flown with choir singing the BSS song in the background.

Inter school Bilingual Story Reading Competition Inter school Bilingual Story Reading Compe on was held at 78-A-1 MTL Girls Branch Peco Road. Overall, Walton secured shield for achieving highest marks among 6 schools and also won first posi on in Urdu Story Reading Compe on. Aitchison College, LACAS, LGS, BSS Ring Road Campus and BSS Gujranwala Campus also par cipated in this compe on. Vania Naveed (III-Yellow) won first posi on in Urdu Story Reading compe on. Fa ma Ali III- Violet par cipated for English Story Reading Compe on.

Inter-Branch Swimming Carnival BSS Canal Side Campus organized the compe on for the Upper Primary and Middle Sec on Students.

Middle School English &Urdu Hand Writing &Creative Writing Competition & Prize Distribution Classes VI and VII had an English and Urdu Crea ve Wri ng Compe on and Urdu Handwri ng Compe on in which the students were required to state their views on some interes ng yet challenging topics. The winning pieces went through an extensive screening process and were then selected on the basis of content, ideas and crea ve expression. A special assembly was held in which the winners were awarded with cer ficates as recogni on for their efforts.


Sports Day The much awaited Sports Day for Lower Primary Students was held on Thursday 7th December, 2017. The fantas c turnout from the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students, on this happening event.The Principal, Ms. Tehmina Lodhi and the Chief Guests Mr. Azher Zaidi, Mr. Akram Raza (Former Test Cricketer) and Mr. Imran Nazir (Former Test Cricketer) took the salute of the impressive Athlete Walk by all par cipants. A peppy dance drill set the tone for the rest of the event. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. The well-coordinated Karate display and boisterous Aerobics enchanted the audience. The day ended with the Chief Guests congratula ng the winners with medals and cer ficates.

Urdu Declamation Competition Walton Campus held Urdu Declama on Compe on for grade III, IV and V. At all class levels students par cipated enthusias cally and top scorers were selected for the final round. From Class III.1st, 2nd and 3rd posi ons were clinched by Saleha Sohail (III Silver) and Armeen Fa ma (III-Yellow)Vania Naveed ( III-Yellow), M. Abdullah Taifoor (III-Blue) and Zarmeen Salman (III-Blue) respec vely. Likewise, from Grade IV Ist posi on went to nd Zobia Fa ma Naqvi (IV Blue), 2 posi on was secured by Muhammad Hammad (IV-Silver) and Eeman Fa ma of IV-Silver. 3rd posi on was taken away by Muzzamil Godial (IV-Red) and Anniyah Shafiq (IV-Silver).From class V, 1st posi on went to Rana Zain Ahmed (V-Pink) 2nd posi on was secured by Seemal Raza (V-Green) and Abdullah rd Shabbir (V-White) 3 posi on was taken away by Dannya Zahra (V-Pink) and Zuhaab Arish (V-Blue).


Fun Rang Art Event Rang Event Planners held a pres gious Art Compe on on the theme 'Mujha Dushman k bachon ko Parhana haâ€? to express solidarity with the vic ms of 16th December 2014. Moin Arif (V-Red and Fizza Ahmad (VIISilver) secured ďŹ rst and third posi on respec vely along with the shields on prize distribu on ceremony held at Alhamra Art Council.The winning students were awarded shields by two renowned personali es Mr Nayyar Ali Daada and a Mr Saeed Akhter.

Excursion Trips Trips with friends are a welcome break for both students and teachers. All students at Walton enjoyed themselves thoroughly at various des na ons.