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Parent-Teacher Meeting Sports Day

A PTM was held for parents to discuss the progress of their children with teachers. Parents who had special concerns about their children were guided as to how they could aid their child’s learning curve.

Students of Class I enthusiastically participated in the PT routine, races, hoopla and singing competitions.

Inter branch Declamation Contest An inter-branch English and Urdu debate and poetry contest was organised for students of Class III in which 79-G and Walton branches also participated. Students from our branch held the following positions; Name Postion Co m petitio n Hareema Kamran

3 rd

English debates

Ash ir Imra n

2 nd

Urdu debates


1 st

English poetry recitation

Zainab Habib

3 rd

Urdu poetry recitation

Long Service Award Ceremony R o y a l P a l m C l u b 3 0 / 4 /1 1 H e artie s t c o ng ra tu la tio n s to : M r s . T a y y a b a I m r a n ( H e a d m i s t re s s ) M r s . S y e d a R b i y a H a s s a n ( A c a d e m ic a n d I C T C o o r d i n a to r ) Mo ham m ad R am zan (Pe on) Beaconhouse School System 41,A1 Peco Road Lahore Ph:+92 42 35141541