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BSS, Sukkur

Beaconhouse School System

November ,2011

Primary Branch From the Head’s desk

Another eventful and fulfilling academic term has come to an end. The exposures that were extended to our students during the Ist term through well planned academic and extracurricular activities will go a long way in bringing a positive difference in their lives and personalities; making them responsible and useful members of the society.

At BSS, we believe that with the world and the needs of the community changing at an ever increasing pace, we endeavour to be open to change, seek to adapt, innovate and keep in step with the goals that the society expects from us. As parental role is pivotal in better upbringing of children, we value your partnership for the social, emotional and intellectual development of children.

To ignite the passion of reading in your children give them exposure of books of appropriate level. Kindly ensure they take interest in completing their homework. I am confident that with our combined efforts we will prepare our children for the challenges of a new world.

Doris Mazhar Brach Head BSS Sukkur

BSS Assessment Policy 2011-12 classes I–III According to the new BSS Assessment Policy for Classes I-III, assessments would be held in the following manner: Two End of Unit assessments Per Year i.e. one assessment per subject per term Two formal assessments Per Year i.e. one assessment per subject per term Note: Students will be informed in advance of the topics that will be assessed in the EOU Assessment and this information will be noted in the students’ HW diaries.

This issue includes: From the Head’s desk

~John Dewey

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

Dear Parents,

BSS Assessment Policy Independence Day Celebrations Eid Milan Celebrations Students’ Council Elections Learning through different activities Security Measures and Professional development of teachers

Student Council Elections and Investiture Ceremony Every year a student council is nominated to facilitate the management in the functioning of the school. This activity is undertaken to orient the students on democratic and electoral process and to inculcate in them a sense of responsibility. The selection of school council was followed by a grand investiture ceremony, where the student council was awarded sashes. Student Council

Different school activities were carried out during the term to enhance students’ learning skills, observational skills, creativity and collaboration.

Eid Celebrations

Classes I to V enjoying their Eid Milan Party

Science and Social Studies Activities

Class III Page 2

Class V E D U C A T I O N I S N O T PR E P A R A T I O N F O R L I F E ; E DU C A T I O N I S L I F E I T S E L F .

Field trips

Class IV students learning about insects and habitat

Class II students learning about plants

Independence Day Celebrations

Students participating in National Songs

Collaborative learning

Class II-B and III students sharing their views during English Lesson BSS, SUKKUR

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Professional teachers:



For the professional grooming of our teaching staff, we keep sending them on different





workshops within the system and school.


Security Measures:

School timings from

Like always, we take our children’s security very seriously therefore; we need your

Monday to Thursday: For Early Years: 7: 55am to 1:00 pm

cooperation in this regard.


Please help the school staff at the gate in ensuring smooth flow of traffic and do not park your cars in front of the school gate to avoid

7:55am to 12:15 pm.

traffic jam in the morning

For Primary: 7:55 am to 2:00pm .

and at home time.

Please regularly sign your Kindly ensure punctuality child’s diary and check to maintain discipline. notebooks and books to Please pick your child on monitor your child’s progress time. and performance.

Beaconhouse has launched TBT,you can visit the website by the link given below. Your co-operation in all matters is highly appreciable. Regards,

Mrs. Doris Mazhar Branch Head BSS Primary/Secondary Branch