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Beaconhouse A-Level FC Branch


Sept/Oct Issue

Cornucopia ACROSS THE CAMPUS Bienvenido AS The Welcome party was definitely a glittering affair, seeing as most of money went straight from the A2’s brimming pockets into the cash register of the lighting guys as they attempted to fully transform what was the somber atmosphere of Jamrud campus into one fit for an epic party. And epic it was; if the twinkling fairy lights weren’t dazzling enough, the fireworks display surely helped brighten up the place! Gangnam style happened to be the anthem of the day [or night more like it!] as the Braaaather team rocked the stage with impromptu performances to the Korean beat every few minutes; not to mention their making selected victims from the AS groove as well! From attempting to eat donuts sans hands to doing the chicken dance, and from walking the runway like a pro to arm wrestling it out with peers, there wasn’t much the A2 chose to spare the newbies from. But they didn’t let the night end before helping out their juniors a little bit too, however, as a video of all the Do’s and Don’ts in A’levels was magic in motion, complete with some hilarious antics and genuine incidents as it unraveled the secret workings of all that goes on in the beloved institute that is Beaconhouse. Mariam Humayun

Oppa….A2 style!

tions began in the respective common rooms of the gentlemen and the ladies. On a dark, stormy night, in the middle of So large was the number of the boys flocking to give blood that two students nowhere….. Ok no , it was not that had to be accommodated on a single frightening at all. makeshift bed at the same time (good It was just another eventful and internews ;) ). The scene in the girls’ common esting Friday at our very own Beaconroom being different where half the enhouse F.C. campus. Some representatives from the prestige Fatmid Founda- thusiastic souls were turned away due to being under-weight for donating tion were welcomed on campus to enlighten the students about one of the blood (more good news!) The free juice aside, it was an experience greatest forms of charity: Blood Donaenjoyed by many, an act that refreshed tions. your soul and made you feel good about A speech was delivered by the Head Representative of the Foundation which being part of something that will help educated the youngsters about the bene- others. fits of donating blood (other than the Mujtaba Ghaus free juice, that is). After this the donaHead Boy/A2

Blood, anyone?

Stop acting boys...We know you are @#%@#% scared!

GIKI Mathematics Olympiad The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), Topi (Swabi), held an All Pakistan Mathematics Olympiad from the 28th of September 2012 (Friday) till the 30th of September 2012 (Sunday). A total of over 300 students, from around 20 Institutes from all over Pakistan, participated in this mega event including NUST, LUMS, Agha Khan School, PIEAS etc. The following A-level students participated accompanied by Mathematics teacher Sir Rashid Mahmood.

curricular activities of this year yet. All the participants were exhausted by the trip, so initially the atmosphere was quite dull. However, things got so much more interesting once the sessions of the events started. They were equal parts exciting and competitive, and grabbed the attention of our math-loving side. While the social events like Movie night, Discovery night etc sure appealed to our fun side! Most of the in-session activities were logic-based attracting the interest of all the participants. Solving the 24-hour research Salman Khan paper was very easier said than Teimur Khan done, if the fact that our esMusa Nisar teemed chaperon and mathematJibran Khan ics teacher could only solve two Aizaz Ehsan of the ten questions is any indiFaisal Ehsan cation. Fazal Ghani Sad to say, I can not sing any Abdur-Rehman praises of the management dur.The students performed well ing the Olympiad. We had not and managed to come 4th in The been given rooms to stay in until Mind Trap (quiz) and 5th in the two in the morning, and once we finally had been accommodated, Journey through Genius. we were very uncomfortable, to Below is an insider’s take on the say the least. Olympiad, by a fellow Beaconite The cafeteria and the tuck shop, himself: with their great variety of food were quite popular. The icing on The second All-Pakistan Mathe- the cake was surely the electric environment created as this was matics Olympiad of GIKI was one of the most engrossing extra- during the ICC 20-20 World

Cup matches. Everyone was discussing and watching with a passion that is innate to every Pakistani. The participants had come from all over the country. Thus, we were able to interact with people from different social backgrounds, which was an experience all on its own. Everyone was enjoying to their fullest, but then came the closing ceremony and the realization that all good things must come to an end. Musa Nisar A2

Come to Prayer... Come To Success! The beginning of the month of Zilhajj welcomed the staff members of the renowned welfare organization, Al-Huda International to our very own FC branch. In a place where there is a new drama every other day, it was refreshing to see an event that reminded us of our true purpose in life. A lecture was delivered that enlightened the students on how to make the most of this blessed month, especially emphasizing on the importance of the first 10 days. A slideshow followed providing visual stimulation. The Q&A session at the end ensured that the students leaving the doors were fully satisfied and many, including me, were reacquainted with faith! Zarbakhta Ashfaq Khan Editor/AS

Burning The Midnight Oil 1

Beaconhouse A-Level FC Branch


Sept/Oct Issue

Michelangelos of BSS Some of us may have always wondered why schools and colleges can be so vacuous. Why, in our generation schools may be lacking in their artistic edge, may it from any angle. Art revolves around creativity, imagination, originality and vision, and due to the establishment of the Arts Society, BSS FC campus’s A-level branch can also be associated with a positive change as this group brings more value to the branch. The Arts Society came up with different conclusions regarding their view of expressing Art on campus. The foremost task was to paint the walls of the courtyard/ Mall Road, which consisted of different sections, each designated a particular theme. The members, including both AS and A2 students headed under the President Sara Fatima came to college on a Saturday and started work on three of the walls. The wall designated with the theme of music was decorated with logos of popular bands on one side, and musical legends drawn on the other

half namely Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars etc. Marilyn Monroe’s profile was also painted, on a separate wall along with one of her famous quotations. Another idea was to decorate one wall with truck Art, and another being given the theme of cartoons. This was painted with different cartoon characters spanning the entirety of the wall. The members also have a vision of bringing life to the common rooms, which is under process at the moment. The Arts Society is still at work and is endowed with good teamwork, dedication and determination from every single member, which will definitely bring remarkable results. BRAVO Arts Society! Keep it up!

All Hail The FC Cricketers!

Hard at work

Winner of The Celebrity Look-alike Contest!!!

Bazinga! 2

On 15th of October we went to Islamabad to participate in the Beaconhouse A-levels Intra-region T-20 Cricket Tournament. Five different teams from the Northern region took part, namely BEC, BMI, Jehlum, WAH and our very own FC campus. The first game was between Jehlum and WAH. It didn’t start on time as it had been raining all of the previous night. Nevertheless, the show must go on. It was an easy win for Jehlum, beating WAH by a good margin. The second match of the day was between FC and BMI. FC won the toss and decided to field first. Our bowlers put up an excellent show, and managed to restrict BMI to a total of 120. Batting second we lost an early wicket, but the rest of the batsmen played sensibly to make it a well-deserved victory for FC. It was an admirable team performance with everyone playing their part. We chased down the total within 20 overs with the loss of 5 wickets. We were ecstatic to be in the finals! After the match we went straight to our hostel, and stayed there for the night. On Day 2, the boys were ready for the final. The first match of the day, between BEC and Jehlum would decide who would oppose us in the final. It was an exciting game to watch, and while both played well, BEC was triumphant in the end. It all came down to this. BEC versus FC. Right after the

lunch break the captains were called on to the field for the toss. BEC won the toss and decided to bat first. Once again, our bowlers showed their finesse with the bowl by restricting BEC to a score of 121. Coming off the field, we were confident in chasing down our target. However, the 2nd innings did not start as planned. Both the openers got out in just the first over. That lowered our morale considerably, something we were not able to recover from there onwards. Wickets fell at alarmingly regular intervals and we could not keep up with the required run rate. In the end we could only get to a score of 90. It was disappointing surely, but every battle lost must come with a smile. We had shown our hard work and determination in coming all the way to the finals. I am very proud of our boys. FC was awarded the runner up trophy, a great achievement all on its own. Salman Khan A2 To the team which made FC proud in the Cricket Tournament, we give you a *virtual* standing ovation! Salman Khan Fazal Ghani Aizaz Alamgir Faiz Mahad Mustafa Asad Ali Shahbaz

Beaconhouse A-Level FC Branch


Sept/Oct Issue

before election day, every member of the A-level branch laid eyes on a HUGE (and my use of caps is an understatement to its The month of October was full of Music Society: Hamza Khan size) poster of Mujtaba Ghaus staring amusement, gratification and zest for Mastkhiel (President) and Junaid ul down at everyone along with those loyal On one side of the “not-so-sphericalthe students. To plan extraMulk (VP) to planet “that we reside on, Mitt Romney curricular activities, the beaconites Science Society: Sarmad Ashfaq promised "real change" against President him, initiated various societies. Along alObama's "status quo" and on the other with the usual debating, sports liter- (President). VP yet to be chosen. most side (and we have shifted latitudes from ary societies, A-levels branched out as if Launching these societies gave an 40 N, 98 W to 32 N, 71 E) we had our very this year and Music, Dramatics and they opportunity for the students to preown Student Council Elections. I must Community Services were also cresent their talent and skills. Dramatic admit, it sounds rather preposterous to ated. This proved quite popular as it bring two events of such epic proportions catered to the diverse interests of all society perfectly handled its first into comparison, but hey, we had our own task, which was to come up with a the students and provided a condrama going parallel with the current skit on the Global Dignity Day. The structive release to their creative world affairs. moving message and the commendside. Initial meetings for each society The General Secretary, Deputy Head Girl able acting compelled the crowd to were held to get the members acand Deputy Head Boy were robbed of the appreciate it with a round of apquainted with the main aspects of chance to campaign for elections (an plause. On the other hand, the music their respective society. The Presiabomination!) and were chosen upon the society entertained and amazed the dent and Vice President of every socriteria of a mere "interview" with a panel school with its talented members. ciety were also elected by the memof teachers. On the other hand, the Head Different instruments accompanied bers. The following are the names of Girl was unopposed and all the ladies of with excellent singing created a very meant to intimidate the poor students to the heads of each society, incase you the A-2 were quite united in this noble melodious environment on the mall vote for him. In all this drama, it stands to need help or *ahem* make any comcause, bless them! road. Meanwhile, the Community great concern as to what (and more implaints; Service members delighted everyone The real drama began when it came to the portantly why) Nabeel was doing with Head Boy Elections. Initially, it started of his dances and speeches-I guess we will with their proposals; almost everyLiterary Society: Maleeha with three candidates, namely Ahmed one had very interesting ideas for never know. Hameed (President) and Saad socially aiding the needy. The aspir- Murtaza Khan, Abdullah Subhan and The conclusion to this story is known by Kakakhel (VP) Mujtaba Ghaus; but seems like the middle all. Let me just say this: Mujtaba, you ing debaters spoke on spur-of-theDramatics Society: Afzal moment topics without any content of the three backed out at zero hour, caus- were right about Victoria's Secret. ing the votes to be divided (as far as the Khushal (President) and Perkha prepared. This hot debating session The Student Council for the session 2012equal distribution of votes is concerned, Ali Khan (VP) revealed the level of confidence and we cannot say!) The god awful posters (I 13 is as follows: Debating Society: Mustafa Sa- zeal of the students. The Literary keed, I keed) that covered the walls read  Head Boy: Mujtaba Ghaus har (President) and Zarbakhta Ash- Society under Sir Fahad managed to something like, "Vote for Mandy, He will divide presidency, editorship etc faq Khan (VP)  Head Girl: Ramisha Asad give you Candy!" (And they were generamong its members. These initial Sports Society: Faiz Muhamous enough to stick a few eclairs up there days gave an idea of how well A-level  General secretary: Mohammad mad (President) students can manage their responsi- which were conveniently pocketed by a Ahmad Arts Society: Sara Fatima few members of the opposition party. bilities and let their true colours Talk about getting your Pakistani on;)  Deputy Head Girl : Wajiha Khan (President) shine, if only given the chance. Community Service: Murtaza Zarbakhta Ashfaq Khan While "Vote for Ghaus" shirts became  Deputy Head Boy: Shaheer Khan Editor/AS quite popular among his oh-so-trustedKhan (President) and Aryanne supporters(Bros Fo Lyfe). And then one Wajiha Khan Zaman (VP) fine morning, after Deputy Head Girl/AS first period, right

United we stand, Divided…. we create!

Victoria’s Secret Revealed


In a day and age where there is so much conflict in the world (between cultures, religions, generations, socioeconomic classes and more) there is a great need for broad agreement on something –anythingunifying. Something that encourages and even grows a sense of community. That something is dignity. Dignity is many things. It’s having the freedom to make our own decisions and be respected for this right. It’s the basic guiding principle for all actions and most importantly, it provides us with the opportunity to live our lives to the fullest which is based on having a humane level of health, care, education, income and security. On 18th of October, 2012, Global Dignity Day, the students of Beaconhouse School System A-levels branch used this opportunity to perform a skit signifying the need for dignity- along with making us laugh with their theatrics. The skit depicted a typical Pakistani story, of a father and a daughter arguing on why the son was allowed to study while the daughter was told to stay at home. Frustrated and undermined, she runs away and comes back a decade later having become the CEO of a successful business. The son on the other hand had died, having achieved nothing in his life. The father then realizes his mistake aaaaaand…..they live happily ever after! This goes to show that only when everyone is given a fair chance at life, can their true potential come out and shine. Salar Nasir Khan AS

Death happens all around us, all the time. To brush it off, to ignore the facts, to feel jaded says more about us and the death of our own spirit than anything else. This month a fellow beaconite passed away. It shook everyone, friends and classmates alike. Students recalling small incidents of him. Friends acting as pallbearers not only at the funeral but to each others’ grief. Donations given to the poor in his name. I guess our generation is not so screwed up after all; if we can come together at times like these. I honestly am not sure why I am writing about this, when I didn’t even know him, when there are so many others who can fill pages. I don’t know if I even should be writing this. I am not saying to wallow in this sorrow all the time. But if something like this happens, it should make a difference, change something. Maybe I’m just rambling and speaking in clichés. I might even be hitting some nerves or bringing up repressed memories. Truth is I just want it to matter, to make sense. If all I did was make you think about him, pray for him even for a minute, I guess I can say my work here is done. Go home today, do something you wouldn’t do normally. Prove you’re alive. And remember him, remember Haris Abdullah Khan.


Good with words? Here’s a way to SHINE! Contribution of any kind can be given to Javeriah Zahidullah Mohammad Zai(A2), Royam Mahmood(A2) and Zarbakhta Ashfaq Khan(AS). Also, for the next issue, we are starting a new section called THE DRAMA QUEEN. If you have any kind of problems, complaints or basically just like to hear yourself talk, don’t hesitate to write to us. Full anonymity is ensured *wink wink*


Beaconhouse A-Level FC Branch


Sept/Oct Issue

LET YOURSELF GO will be asked way more faster lightens up after coming into than I could ever reply, have to confrontation with oxygen, and After grabbing a paper and drop this topic too. maybe I come up with someopening the pen, I decide to thing to write up on. So, skimThe youth, hmmm… the topic write on the current crises ming through my mind, I find needs to be catchy (not necesfaced by the people and the myself face to face with the sarily significant enough): state of Pakistan. But keeping in prehistoric nuclear war theory something related to Hollymind the allotted length of the according to which mankind wood, something about Gangarticle; I have to discard this had achieved its technological nam Style or perhaps, for the topic due to its vastness. InGolden Age millennia ago, but “interested-in-politics and deed, a bulky, voluminous book due an all-out nuclear war beyearning-for-change youth”, or books are required to contween Atlantis and India, the something about Imran Khan. tribute to this topic. U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. of the But again, this theme goes times, everything was destroyed *drumroll* This is to formally But now, having the topic out of down the drain too for a reason: and civilization had to start announce the new Chief Editors: the equation, the question the readers know more than me from scratch, maybe for the Javeriah Zahidullah Mohammad arises, “what to write about or perhaps, more than even hundredth time… Zai then?” Gave a thought to criti- Imran Khan (thanks to eleccize the youth of Pakistan, to tronic media) about Imran That’s more like it, the pen has Royam Mahmood discuss their problems and to Khan himself. started to flow; the base is outline the limits crossed by building up! But wait a moI decide to change my approach: them, but considering that ment: why involve nuclear warup till now I had constricted majority of the readers will be fare and conspiracy theories in myself to the affairs of the modthe youth itself who would an innocent school newsletter? ern world and hadn’t come up not be satisfied by the compreWhy go for 10,000 B.C. and not with something to write on so hensive article and may turn for something in the nearer maybe, after going into the past, defensive and hence demands past? Why not something about my writing power may light up for solutions and questions Egypt or Babylon or Greece or like a glowing splint which



I once read somewhere that men with an extra Y chromosome tend to become serial killers. I do not know if that’s true, but living as I have with a father who I only met during prison visiting hours and a mother always drugged up, I can understand how violence and sorrow can seep into your DNA, shape who you are. As a kid I was always bullied being white in a generally Mexican area. During teenage all my

emotions burnt into anger, always boiling under the surface. Now I work for a major drug lord, piss off my boss and I am sent. Whether its breaking limbs, kidnapping family members or the usual dumping of a body in the river, I’m your man. Bateman was lying unconscious, after I’d attacked him from behind. He’d come hoping for a reprieve unaware that his death sentence had already been decided. I stood over him, my .22 in my hand. Do this enough times and all your victims’ faces blur together. Next morning I won’t remember what he’d looked like. Slowly, I aimed the gun at his head, and pulled the trigger. Royam Mahmood Editor/A2

What to write on, what towrite on, what to write on? Something about, something about… something… And once again, I come to a dead end with the same old question, “what to write about then?” Maybe, everyone faces a situation like this where he/she can’t decide what to do and what not to do, what to go for and what to leave behind… Shaheer Khan Deputy Head Boy/AS


Donations needed for Abdullah Subhan of A-2 so he can FINALLY buy himself a notepad and a pencil. BEWARE of his thick skin. Sir Faiz-ulHassan will be collecting the funds at the end of the day. Thanking you in advance for your generosity.

I threw my eighth cigarette on the ground. All color was bleeding out of the sky, and the shadows merging into one. An early November chill hung in the air. And then, Bateman appeared. Glancing nervously to his sides, he entered the warehouse I’d been watching from the alley. Pulling out my gun, I silently followed suit.

Rome or India or China or Britain? But then, the truth confronts me with all its might: these nations are just forgotten tales; everyone is just a spoke on a wheel and the wheel keeps turning. The problem with the ignorant ones is that they consider themselves to be the wheel…

Rapunzel, Give me your hair! The long-haired chicas of A-levels are asked to volunteer for a hair transplant for the needy. The top priority being teachers who lost all their hair trying to find x.

That Muuslimah I saw a muslimah on my way

If you know what I mean ;)

She lighted the world with her rays Modesty was her best tool Her shyness was what made her rule Simplicity was the secret to her beauty Love of Allah was what made her strong Fear of Allah was what protected her from wrong Quran was her strength, Salaah was her power She had control over her whims and desire Taqwah played a role in making her pious A great mother she was, carrying her child with affection Also consoling her husband, that wife helped him out of depression Many characters I saw in her Each was for Allah’s sake only That muslimah I saw that day

Trying to forget my last fiasco of a driving test, I turned the keys in the ignition. I checked the sideview and rearview mirrors.

Zarbakhtha Ashfaq Khan Editor/As

I tried again and this time I was able to get the car started and moving. Sending a quick thanks to the Heavens, I put up my best show. The rest of the test without much drama. Then again, I might be biased. Half an hour later, I was parked in front of the driving academy waiting for the verdict.

I’m going to ace this, I can feel it in my bones.

Oh God! Here it comes. I’m finally going to get it!

The car jerked forward and died.

‘’Miss Blair, that was not all too bad. Once you had the car running, you handled it quite well. However,, the instructor continued grimy. ‘you forgot one very important thing’’.

Damn! Damn! Damn it! Screw this clutch! They could’ve given me one of those fancy automatic cars. But oh no! they had to make me as miserable as possible. Trying to regain my composure, I pretended I was alone.

Impressed me with how she prayed


Focus! Focus! Deep breaths. Calm down! You eat driving instructions for breakfast! Wait that last one didn’t sound right. Last time I remember, it was the fox-face driving instructor who’d had me for breakfast.

That would be easy if only he wasn’t breathing down my neck. Literally.

‘’Whats that?’’. I asked, my stomach plummeting. ‘’You forgot to put on your seat belt’’. Javeriah Zahidullah Mohd Zai Editor/A2

345 - Frontier Campus,Sep-Oct 2012  

345 - Frontier Campus,Sep-Oct 2012

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