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Emerging Technologies Across the Curriculum

From Head’s Desk I am delighted to inform you of the ETAC (Emerging Technologies Across the Curriculum) initiative that has now become an integral part of the Early Years (Kindergarten through Class 2) program at BSTRK. The idea behind this program is to utilize all aspects of technology to create an environment conducive to learning. This will prepare our children to face the challenges of the future in order to be competitive and successful in a global environment. Accordingly all such classes have been equipped with air conditioners, personal computers, multimedia projectors and smart boards. Being connected to the world through the internet the aim is to provide the children access to information that is available globally.

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The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

News & Events

ETAC (Emerging Technologies Across the Curriculum) The Beaconhouse School System has successfully launched a learning programme for their Early Years by the name of ETAC (Emerging Technologies Across the Curriculum). This programme boasts international standards of education, and looks to prepare our younger generations with the array of skills needed in a competitive world of the future. ETAC is tailor made to enhance the learning progress of young children. It is seen that the younger the child is, the more rapid the learning curve is. Children from the birth to the age of eight are in command of every single one of their senses to absorb and learn from their surroundings. It is this inherent knack to learn that the ETAC technology facilitates and advances. The use of technology at such a young age will prepare these children with computer skills that are necessary for every walk of life at a later state, and will also help reveal hidden strengths with regards to learning perspectives and styles. Since there will be a vast variety of ways to teach and learn, each child may indeed learn faster if one aspect appeals more so than the other. The ETAC programme thus promotes the use of technology to not only demonstrate and facilitate teaching and learning at the Early Years stage, but looks to provide teacher training sessions, a revised curriculum and overall improvement in the classroom environment.


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

Kindergarten Branch

Art Gala Art Gala was organized at Kindergarten Branch Satellite Town, Rawalpindi on 14th December 2011 with a vision that art helps children come to terms with themselves and the control they have over their efforts. Through art, they also practice sharing and taking turns, as well as appreciating one another's efforts. Art fosters positive mental health by allowing a child to show individual uniqueness as well as success and accomplishment, all part of a positive self-concept. It's reassuring to know that we can relax! Where art is concerned, it is the process of creating -- exploring, discovering, and experimenting -- that has the greatest value. Through selfexpression and creativity, children's skills will develop naturally, and their ability to create will soar.

A student of KG Red using water colors to paint

Young children feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when they are involved in making art. Deciding what they will make and what materials they will use may be the first opportunity children have to make independent choices and decisions. Students from early years were involved by art teachers and class teachers in different activities and enjoyed various art techniques like painting, coloring, making pictures with cutting and pasting, collage work etc. Parents were also invited to see their children's work and appreciated the efforts of the teachers as well as the administration to organize the successful event. The school was decorated with the Students enjoying painting their pictures theme of fairy tales with models made by students to further boost the said occasion. 100% participation of early year students was ensured in this art gala. Furthermore the occasion was made lively with melodious music played by music teachers which was thoroughly enjoyed by students as well as by parents. To sum up, the event at Kindergarten branch our objective was achieved as once quoted by Friedrich Froebel, the father of kindergarten, “Art activities were important, not because they allowed teachers to recognize children with unusual abilities, because they encouraged each child's "full and all-sided development".

World Egg Day BSTR-K celebrated Egg Day in October .The objective behind it was to familiarize the young children with the nutritious value and importance of eggs .Teachers carried out discussions in the classes keeping in mind the core objective.


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

Kindergarten Branch

Bake Day Kindergarten Branch, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi(BSTRK) organized a Bake day for class II's on 15-12-2012, as it was related to procedure writing in their English curriculum. Cooking is an important part of the learning curriculum. Think of it as a kind of laboratory science -- there's weighing and measuring, carefully following directions, observing materials change from one state to another. But it also encourages vocabulary development, eye-hand coordination, sensory integration, even patience and selfreliance. And it starts kids learning an important life skill that Students singing songs after having fun filled activities at Bake Day will benefit them the rest of their lives. Plus, it's just fun! And don't forget, cooking together, whether at home or in the classroom, provides an important opportunity for social interaction too. Mothers were invited for baking: they baked Lasagne, brownies, cakes & few made open sandwiches as well. Teachers informed the students of the importance of good nutrition and they ensured hygienic conditions while material was being prepared for baking. The day ended when students enjoyed their baked items while singing songs.

Apple Day Apple day was celebrated in October . The objective of

the activity was to

inculcate the habit of eating healthy food .Teachers made them aware of the importance of healthy food.


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012



Eid Gala

The school hosted its annual Milad on Friday 24th February 2012 in Kindergarten/Primary Branch, Satellite Town Rawalpindi. All mothers of students were invited to grace the occasion.

The traditional Eid Gala was celebrated on the 23rd of September, 2011 at BSTRK/P. The children came dressed in their Eid clothes and enjoyed the day eating delectable delights and singing songs. It was a colorful school event with gaiety all around.

Beautiful and soul- stirring “Naats” along with Bayaans to highlight the importance of “Seerat- un-Nabi” were recited by students of Classes 1 through 5. The event was spiritually uplifted By “Darood o Salam” and “Dua” recited by students of class IV and V. Moved by the event, a grandmother from the guests also recited a beautiful naat. Sweetmeat was distributed amongst the guests and the students.

A general view of Mehfi-e-Milad

Class 5 students reciting “Qaseeda Burda Sharif”

Recycling Awareness Week

International Peace Day

If the natural resources of the world are not conserved or recycled, we will not be able to sustain our environment for long. We need to recycle material for sustainable development. From Nov 1417, 2011, students were made aware of the importance of recycling. They were told about all the materials that could be recycled. Some students made some stuff out of recyclable material.

The International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, occurs annually on 21 September. A White Dove represents the International Day of Peace. To mark this day, students made posters and wore badges. The theme was to create awareness of this important day.


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012


Handwriting Competition English and Urdu handwriting competition was held at BSTRK/P. The winners were awarded with certificates.

Green Living Quiz Green Living is also part of preserving our environment and our natural resources. An online quiz related to Green Living was conducted on Nov 4, 2011. Two students received awards. The Super Star Green Angel award was won by Maria Ali of Class 3 Green and the prize was an LCD monitor, a shield and a certificate. The Star Green Angel award was won by Saad Salman of Class 1 Green consisting of a shield and a certificate.

Mathematics Challenge Mathematics is also known as the queen of sciences. A maths challenge was conducted online from classes 1-5 and the winner of the challenge was Fatima Hassan class III Pink who won the 1st position at an international level and was awarded a Gold Medal.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital's 17th Birthday On the above occasion twelve students were chosen for the finals of a card making competition.

Reading Week

Junior Games

Reading week was observed from Dec 8-10, 2011. Children read books and wrote book reviews besides indulging in book reading sessions.

Classes 1-5 participated in the inter-region games. Class 2 team was the runner up in the Tug of War event whereas Class 3 was the runner up in the football event.


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

Primary Branch

Biodiversity Awareness Week Biodiversity awareness week was organized in BSTR-Primary Branch, Satellite Town Rawalpindi from 9th January till 13th January2012. Students were briefed about the importance of biodiversity and they were told the importance of conservation and how it is an essential part of building a strong and prosperous future for our country. Our theme was “You depend on biodiversity and biodiversity depends on you!” An art competition was also organized and students made posters on how can we help maintain Biodiversity all around us. A special assembly was organized in this context which was based on the concept of Biodiversity 4 R's i-e Retain, Restore, Replace and Recover. Students from class 3,4 and 5 presented their views in the assembly followed by a melodious song presented by the school choir on how to make our planet a better place to live.

Students busy in planting different plants with the help of the school gardener

Apart from this students enthusiastically took part in “Green School Campaign” by planting different plants in school as well as vowed to “Restore” greenery in their area as well. This helped to gain objective for organizing an event on biodiversity awareness. Morning Assembly: A student presenting her views on the topic “Leave Wild Things In The Wild.”

Energy Conservation Day Energy Awareness day was celebrated in Kindergarten/Primary Branch Satellite Town Rawalpindi on 21-October-2011. Students were informed that this day is dedicated to providing people with information on energy conservation, its role in our everyday life, the importance of conserving energy, highlighting the Awareness lesson on energy conservation simple ways or efforts we can make to conserve energy in our daily routine.


Students participating eagerly in a quiz related to conservation of energy

The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

Primary Branch

Global Dignity Day Global Dignity Day is celebrated across the world on October -20th-2011 to establish and recognize the right of every human being to lead a dignified life. Keeping this in mind Beaconhouse Kindergarten/Primary Branch Satellite Town celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and zeal. The purpose of celebrating this day was to educate and inspire students in particular, about the concept and approach of human dignity that every human being regardless of race, culture or social background has the right to protect his or her dignity. Students at all levels from Pre- Nursery till class V made badges, posters and wrote dignity stories in order to mark the celebrations and create awareness related to this occasion.

World Kindness Day

Kids Athletics

This humane day was celebrated on Nov 18, 2011. Children brought gifts and food for the junior staff members and their families. They felt happy in sharing their good fortune with those who are less fortunate.

This was again an inter-school championship for Classes 1-5. Students of Classes 3-5 secured third position whereas Classes 1-2 were the runners up in their respective races.

Wild Animals Are Irresistible "Wild animals are a fascinating and joy-inspiring part of our world. We can learn more about the habitats, food webs, and social communities to which they belong by studying their pictures� “Animals around us� was the theme of a nursery lesson delivered by Mrs.Sarwat Afshan Amir. Mrs. Amir is a class teacher and conducts her lessons at Nursery Yellow. This specific lesson was about highlighting the differences between wild and farm animals. It was an inspirational lesson, and one of the students Ch.Haider Ali Abdullah, was so taken by what he'd learned in class that day that he actually went home and made a model of a forest with wild animals roaming about in it.

Ch Haider Ali Abdullah brought his imagination to his class

Haider Ali also came to class prepared with a story about the animals in his forest model, displaying a wonderful imagination and storyline that was thoroughly enjoyed by the rest of his peers. The proudest person is thus the teacher that inspired her students to learn, understand and appreciate what was taught, and weave their own world out of what they've learned. It is this insight into their own imagination, through proper stimulus and teaching techniques, that makes all the difference in education and enlightenment at a young age.


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

Kindergarten Branch

Interactive Workshops for Parents Beaconhouse Kindergarten Branch Satellite Town hosted its second annual "Little Leaders" event - a series of free interactive workshops, for parents and other activities for children on Sunday January 29, 2012. Commencing at noon, there were number of fun loving activities planned for children in the Art Corner like making and painting snowmen, painting pottery and observing potter's wheel and a potter making different pots live. There were other activities like face painting and hand printing.Apart from this there were story telling sessions which included techniques like shadow puppetry, telling story via multimedia presentation, through a poem and role play “Sally And the Apple” specially planned by teachers of grade two. The fun activities were followed by a series of interactive workshops. Each workshop was designed to provide simple strategies to instill a sense of leadership and responsibility in the young in a world that has become increasingly competitive. In addition, model class rooms were especially set up for the parents to witness the e-learning environment provided to the students. ICT integrated lessons were delivered on various topics, promoting the ETAC (Emerging Technologies across the Curriculum) initiative taken at Beacon house Kindergarten Satellite Town Rawalpindi. The school choir sang melodious songs throughout the event grabbing the attention of the guests coming in. Special food stalls were also set up for the young children.

Teachers of Grade Two presenting the role play “Sally and the Apple”, in the story telling workshop An Art teacher painting the face of a child

An interactive session on “Parenting for today” by Dr Fared Minhas.

The school choir sang melodious songs through out the event grabbing the attention of the guests coming in.

A story telling session in “Showcasing the library”


The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012

TBT Launch Beaconhouse has introduced The Beaconhouse Times, an online news portal where you will be able to learn about the latest Beaconhouse initiatives.

Cyber Fair Students from BSTRK participated in the mega Education Technology event organized by BSS School Group 1 Motorway North.

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The Beaconhouse Herald - March 2012