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Volume 1, Issue 1 Newsletter Date

VtÇtÄ VtÅÑâá `|wwÄx fv{ÉÉÄ Issue # 4 Editor

Shanzay Jawad

September– October 2010


The man who is fond of books is usually a man of lofty thoughts, and of elevated opinions. Christopher Dawson Reading is like providing mind nourishment. Apart from giving us the basic information about the world around us, it also provides us with the food for thought. The research has shown that avid reader stand out for the rest because of improved cognitive abilities. They can think creatively. It improves their grasping powers. Reading helps a persons to be successful in life. So it is advised that you should utilize your summer vacations for the enhancement of the reading habits. English Debate Competition Continuing the tradition of the students' training to cope with the needs of the hour, English Debate Competitions were organized for class six and seven. The topics 'Critics are better than role models' and 'We are drowning in information but striving for knowledge' provided an opportunity to the students to give vent to their thoughts in favour or against the topics. Our young debaters proved their ready sensibility by arguing about the topics with logical conclusions and Allahyar Rehman (VI Yellow) and Nauman Iqbal (VII Indigo) leapt the bounds and got the first position, Fahad Abdullah (VI Yellow), Saqlain Faizan (VI Green) and Ehson Ali Khan (VII Orange) got the second position, Hasham Nadeem (VI Indigo), Haadi Masoud (VI Indigo) and Bilal Khalid (VII Brown) got the third position and Zain Hassan (VI Blue), Sameer Riaz (VI Blue) and Abdullah Rauf (VII Brown) got the consolation prize.

Urdu Debate Cotest Intersection debate competition in Urdu was arranged in April. In a well organized event students of classes VI and VII made very impressive speeches. The names of winners are:

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Winners of Class VII Ist - Zain-ul-Abedin (VII Brown) 2nd -Ahmed Iqbal (VII Red) 3rd– Taimoor Arif (VII Green) Consolation– Waqas Zahoor (VII Indigo)

Winners of Class VI Ist - Ibrahim Hayat (VI Orange) and Mustafa Manzoor (VI Blue) 2nd –Waleed Arshad (VI Brown) 3rd– Abdullaha Amin (VI Brown) Consolation– Haider Ali(VI Red) and Muhammad Ahmed Abbas(VI Yellow)

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Documentary making Competition

Newsletter A new experience in New Lands

To highlight the pedagogical importance and the In account of a new Beaconhouse experience in a traditional effectiveness of the use of technology in teaching, a English setting, BSS has launched a new project “New lands.” “documentary making competition” was held For this Mrs. Shaila Shafqat is honoured to be appointed as an among the students of class VII. Students were ambassador to Newlands. During summer vacation, she is going very enthusiastic for the making and worked to New lands (England) with the group of 17 students to explore wholeheartedly to make this competition extraordi- the new horizons. nary and memorable. Different videos were made on interesting topics like , smoking hazards, Foot- WWF Spellathon ball, Spring Season, Heavy bags , poverty and recy- In corollary with the WWF fund raising campaign, a spellathon cling. Maximum devices were used to achieve their was conducted in class VI and VII and as the result of which the targets. Students were enthusiastic to handle digital students contributed for saving the animals from the danger of cameras, handy cam, scanners, voice recording soft being extinct. wares and creating pod casts. Inter classes quizzes For the revision and preparation of the final exams, inter section quiz competitions of all subjects were held for classes VI and VII. All quizzes were followed by the full length paper to familiarize the students with the pattern of the end of year examination. Extra Coaching Classes As part of extra and differentiated support to the struggling pupils, extra coaching classes were arranged for the classes VI and VII. Targeted support was given to the weak students so that they could cope with the standard of the class and end of year examination. Letter writing competition To highlight the importance of the Letter writing and to enhance the creative skills of the students, a letter writing competition was conducted by the General Post Office Pakistan. The students of class VII participated in this competition with great interest. . Dawn Spelling Bee Competition For the new academic year, ground work for the dawn spelling bee is completed. For the final competition, three students were selected from the middle school. This contest is designed to improve spellings of the pupils, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop the correct usage of English. The names of the selected students are: Taimoor Arif (VII Green) Bilal (VII Brown) Abdullah Ilyas (VII Red)

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