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The Multan Collage

OATH-TAKING CEREMONY Oath-taking ceremony of boys was held on 12th January, 2012. Members of the Student Council took oath and pledged to abide by it.

SEMINARS Various seminars were organized by the Secondary Section in order to create awareness in the students. BSS Secondary Section has decided to send its students on a visit to NASA, Houston, Texas. This will certainly help in giving an exposure of the wider world. Representatives from IBA Karachi visited the school on 15th January, 2012. They informed the students about the process and prospects of admission in various fields that are offered by the institution.

A DREAM CAR CONTEST by Toyota Motors st

was held on 31 January, 2012 to enhance the creative and artistic skills of the students. Students w e r e asked to d r a w their dream car for the competition. Ayesha Sohail of IX-C Pink and Abd u l l a h Naveed of XC Blue have been nominated for the final contest in Lahore.

VISIT TO BZU FOR EXPOCHEMISTRY Students of IX-C visited an exhibition in BZU on 20th February, 2012. Students observed models of various chemical phenomenons.


d e m o n st r ators


explained the scientific principles working hind


This enabled the students to link Chemistry with their everyday life.


Parents had one to one meeting on 2nd March, 2012 with the Principal, Mrs. Aasiya Khurram Agha and the Career Advisor, Mrs. Saima Faisal. Another parent teacher meeting was held on 5th March, 2012 for X-Cs in which the teachers updated the parents with their child’s current performance.


5th March, 2012 marked the day for examination for X-Matric held by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, while IX-Matric had their Board examination starting from 21st March, 2012. End of Year examinations for X-Cs and Mock Examination of XI-Cs began on 16th March, 2012.

Green Schools and WWF Individual Membership WWF Pakistan, realise the impact that every individual has onus of conserving the rich and diverse environment of Pakistan. This is one of the reasons why WWF puts a special emphasis on the Individual Membership Programme Under the Green Schools Programme all students will be given annual Individual Membership to WWF under the Defender category. By becoming a member not only will your students help in creating a future where humans can live in harmony with nature but will also receive a wide range of benefits including those listed below. 

Free Access to WWF’s Environmental Library

Free Access to WWF’s Video Center with over 700 documentaries

Discounts on WWF Pakistan Eco travel exposure trips for students and parents

Discounts on Panda Products

Weekly environmental updates

Free subscription to the E-Natura Magazine.

Free Passes to WWF annual events

WWF Student membership card

Farewell Party The students from the secondary section had their farewell party. The girls had parting on 23rd February, while the boys bid the good bye on 24th February. The students were

cheerful and dressed exquisitely.

They entertained their fellow mem-

bers through skits and music. After a long day of fun, a delicious meal savored, after which they bid farewell to each other and went ahead for their preparatory leave.

Milad A grand function to celebrate Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH) was held at the Beaconhouse School System, Main Campus on 25 th February. The Milad was attended by administration officials, branch heads, students and their mothers and grandmothers. The dress code was white shalwar qameez, caps for boys whereas girls wore colorful attire.

Naats were recited by children of all classes along with their teachers. The children informed the audience about characteristics of a true Muslim and stated examples from the life of Prophets (PBUH). The Milad ended with prayers.

Annual Sports Week 2012 Annual Sports Week 2012 was celebrated with great enthusiasm from 13th February to 17th February. The opening ceremony commenced on Monday 13thFeb. The duration for the sports activities was five days, two days for the girls; i.e. Monday and Tuesday and three days for boys; i.e. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The day took a flying start with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The event was inaugurated by Ms Uzma khan, Ms Nadia Ahsan, Ms Hadia khan, Ms Firdous Mubarak and Ms Najma Khan. The sports prefects Zaryab Sipra and Ammara Farrukh ran a lap around the ground, carrying the torch to mark the opening of the event. This was followed by the National Anthem. Mrs. Shireen Shafqat and Ms Tabassum Mehfooz proudly presented the badges to the house masters and house mistresses of the respective sports groups. The houses were arranged as follows: Boys Houses

Red Ferrari

Blue Mustang

Green Jaguar

House Master

Aftab Jhonson

Rashid Minhas

Ahmed Farooq

Deputy House Master

Kamran Javed

Tauqeer Ahmed

Sajid Hameed

House Captain

Ahmed Raza

Taha Salik

Mubaher Javaid


Ans Khan

Humza Ali Chattha

Daud Ahmed

Girls Purple Chanel


Hot Pink Gucci

House Mistress

Uzma Waqas

Aneesa Naeem

Deputy House Mistress

Fareeha Wajid

Sara Raza

House Captain

Zaineb nek Bakht

Dur-e-Adan Tariq


Fizza Bukhari

Rija Mujahid

The contestants of all the houses arranged themselves in their respective house arenas. Mrs. Nadia Ahsan took the oath from the House Prefects. Following is the list activities that took place during the Sports Week.  Football  Table Tennis  Basketball  Volleyball  Badminton  Cricket  Baseball  Netball  Athletics  100m race  200m race  400m relay race  Tug of War The crowd roared exuberantly when the names of the winner houses were announced. The victorious houses were Gucci and Ferrari.

Kangaroo International Mathematics Contest Students of the Secondary Section took their Mathematics test on March 15, 2012. The contest's main purpose is to promote mathematical thinking and stimulate an interest in Mathematics by providing students with an opportunity to compare their abilities against the abilities of other students from different countries around the world.

World-Style Parliamentary Debates Students of IX-C’s took part in the World Style Parliamentary English Debates on March 22, 2012. Topic assigned to them was “Good Teaching Methods credit for students’ progress in school.” Participants amused the listeners with their heated arguments. The participants were: Azka Parvez (IX-C Mauve) Owais Ali Syed (IX-C Red) Rabia Naseer (IX-C Mauve) Hamza Abdul Fattah (IX-C Blue) Nisma Khan (IX-C Pink) Azaan Dehar (IX-C Green) Boys were announced as winners.

Pakistan Day BSS celebrated Pakistan Day on March 30, 2012 reminiscing the efforts of our hero Quaid-e-Azam for an independent nation. It was a collaborated effort of the BSS Multan chapter and was held in the main campus. Secondary Section was assigned the theme of “Armed Forces.” It was a splendid display of our forces. Moreover, students also performed a skit highlighting the role of Army in the country. Students also sang a patriotic song.

A Word From The Principal Dear Parents, Thank you to all our students, families, and staff for making our Pakistan Day Carnival such a huge success! It was wonderful to see so many of our families and students participating actively at the BMC. It appeared that everyone was having fun and enjoyed the activities. The 2nd term commenced with loads of fun filled activities. Starting from the Seminars on HIV, Awareness to Beaconhouse Newlands by Mr. Samir Nizami from the BSS Head Office, followed by the Milaad and Farewells, it was undoubtedly a term of mega social events, some of which you will get to browse through in the Newsletter above. As we welcome our new batch of Class 9th, we feel a cloud of sadness to bid farewell to our Matric and class 11-C but we wish them all the best in their journey of success in life. As I would like to have your feedback on your child's performance and areas of concern, please feel free to walk into my office anytime between the school hours. Lastly, I would like to extend my best wishes to all my staff and students at BM-Secondary for the last term of our Academic year, 2012. Regards, Aasiya Khurram Agha



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