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+ From his closet to your home, Clinton Kelly dishes on timeless style

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Pretty in paisley: How to decorate with the year’s hottest pattern

Baby Talk

TV star and budding designer Tiffani Thiessen shares inspired ideas, avoidable mistakes and easy solutions for any nursery

Why traditional American furniture is anything but ordinary

HOME STYLE • March 2011 •


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3 • HOME STYLE • March 2011

W elcome H ome

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Hollywood’s hottest new design duo shares inspired ideas, avoidable mistakes and easy solutions for any nursery Pretty in Paisley......................... page 4

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From India to John Lennon to the living room paisley is the hot retro pattern that packs a punch

From his closet to your home, Clinton Kelly shares 5 timeless style tips

Pocket Translator...................... page 6 Don’t know a jabot from a sabot? Get your style on with a quick review of - or introduction to - some essential décor vocab

Come and get it.......................... page 8 Pull up an extra chair for dinner - there’s a place setting for everyone this year. New trends in tabletop dŽcor leave plenty of room for personal panache

Pop Quiz: Paint Power............ page 11 Sure, popping open paint cans and breaking out the drop cloth is fun and exciting, but not everyone is born with a paintbrush in hand. Carefully choosing colors, properly planning and thinking ahead are all key parts of painting a room. Answer these questions to find out how to harness the power of paint

Create a visual reminder of the year’s favorite travels with a mantle-worthy craft

An appreciation of all things American has been restored with a resurgence in traditional design. Here’s why American furniture is anything but ordinary

The Boomerang Effect............. page18 Pass the popcorn and make room on the couch. Popular services that brought movies and TV shows to the Internet are finally coming home to the TV

Mixed Media............................. page 21 Redesign with an app in mind - find passion and ideas at your fingertips

Laundry’s New Cycle.............. page 22 Laundry day is quickly becoming less of a hassle with new technologies being announced nearly every month. LCD touch screens, anti-vibration systems and 33 cycle settings are sure to lighten your next load © CTW Features

By Angie Jaime


CTW Features

Paisley became synonymous with free spirits and the hippie culture of the 1960s, explains Murrye Bernard, a New York City architecture writer and LEED accredited professional designer. In 1967, John Lennon had his Rolls Royce, a longstanding symbol of British dignity, painted in a bumper-tobumper paisley explosion, which the Beatles used throughout their heyday. Today, designers aren’t pulling their paisley punches. San Diego-based graphic designer Juliana Giacini just launched her “Paisley Blossom” pattern for Beaverton, Ore.-based lighting shop Alluminare. The sleek yet lush print is a prime example of paisley’s pliable personality. Its current reprisals are the cornerstone of boho-chic designs. For a modern take on paisley, Lynnfield, Mass.-based designer Yvonne Blacker uses “oversized paisley patterns in soft pastel colors or tone-on-tone prints.” “These days, paisley patterns appear on shawls and scarves, shirts, dresses and even pants, Bernard says. “The team from the little-known country of Azerbaijan wore bright paisley pants for the 2010 Winter Olympics.”

The bold, spiral pattern may be an intimidating choice when decorating a home, but the contemporary iterations of paisley are not even close to the pattern on grandma’s shawls. Keep paisley current and fresh by using it with bright punchy colors for a “funky, boho-chic aesthetic,” says Michelle Salz, principal interior designer at San Diego, Calif.-based Studio Surface. She also suggests using cream or charcoal grays for a “high-end, universal appeal.” Using the admittedly busy fabric wisely can be another option for the truly fearless. “Whether it’s wall art, wall covering or wall decals, adding paisley to the walls is a fun way to incorporate its allure,” Salz says. If the idea of incorporating paisley seems daunting, Bernard says that it’s all about how and where the pattern is used. Avoid pairing paisley with other patterns – anything else floral is sure to clash, she adds. As far as color goes, though the traditional shades appear in reds, burgundies and golds, “don’t be afraid to try paisley in unconventional colors like blue, yellow or even pink,” Bernard says.

From India to John Lennon to the living room – paisley is the hot retro pattern that packs a punch

Image courtesy of Koessel Studios


here’s nothing trendier than a retro resurgence, and paisley, the timeless classic, is no exception. The South Asian teardrop-shaped motif is based on mangoes of the region and suggests bounty and fulfillment, and the Scottish town of Paisley became famous for the namesake fabric based on this shape.

Size matters: Hang oversized paisley-patterned wallpaper in an office or study for a modern feel. Go with soft colors or tone-on-tone patterns to keep the space clean and distinctive.

© CTW Features

Still feeling a little intimidated by the power of paisley? Bernard offers some tips to tame this wild design:

Images courtesy of (from left to right): David Butler, Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler for Rowan; Yin Yang paisley by Alluminare; Nora Wolf

HOME STYLE • March 2011 •

retty in

• If a large surface is covered in paisley, keep the rest of the room’s décor neutral. Beige and gray are safe bets, or pick one shade from the pattern to use as an accent.

Mixed emotions: Get playful, whimsy or sophisticated with pops of paisley in jewel tones or in a pastel palette.

• Whether it’s a little paisley or a lot, try to limit a room’s paisley quotient to one general location: one piece of furniture, one accent wall, etc.

• Paisley patterns range from very small, which appear more conservative, to exaggerated and bohemian versions. Consider the scale of a given space, but don’t be afraid to use a bold pattern in a small room, such as a large paisley print in a powder room. • Don’t just think of paisley as a repeating pattern. Consider incorporating sculptural elements shaped like the paisley teardrop in a room. © CTW Features

1. Lay the groundwork “If ‘What Not to Wear’ ever gets canceled, I will work in a tile shop – I’m cuckoo for tile,” says Clinton Kelly, best known for his witty style advice on the aforementioned hit TLC show. Kelly’s penchant for redecorating has introduced him to some of his favorite tiles, including his current No. 1: hexagonal-shaped Calcutta marble tile.

3. Ditch neutral walls “I can’t imagine myself in a home that’s all beige,” Kelly says. “We’ve been so brainwashed by all those TV shows that just talk to us about resale value. Everything is neutral, neutral, neutral!” If your house isn’t on the market, he says to forget about neutrals and opt for a wall color “that speaks to you.” 4. HEAD FOR THE CLOSET “I built my living room around a favorite shirt that included purple, light blue, pink, white and brown,” Kelly says. “That is something anyone can do. A professional has already combined those colors for you – that takes the fear out of it.”

5. Forget those Excuses Don’t tell Kelly that there’s no time to whip up a beautiful home. “That’s baloney,” he says. It doesn’t have to be much, but everybody can do a little something.

2. Bring on the black “There should be a little black in every room,” he says. A small, unexpected dose of black instantly ups a room’s drama factor without even hardly trying.

–Mary M. Murphey © CTW Features

Clinton Kelly’s latest book, “Oh No She Didn’t: The Top 100 Style Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them” (Gallery, 2010), is now available at local retailers.

Image courtesy of TLC

From his closet to your home, Clinton Kelly shares 5 timeless style tips

5 • HOME STYLE • March 2011

What not to Wear

Don’t know a jabot from a sabot? Get your style on with a quick review of – or introduction to – some essential décor vocab Come in now & save

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By Angie Jaime CTW Features


ver have trouble explaining exactly what you want in a piece of furniture? Read on to find the right words so that you can hold your own the next time you’re face-to-face with retailer or designer. Acanthus leaf: Any of several plants in the genus

Acanthus, typically found on the Mediterranean. In furniture speak; these ornate leaves decorate everything from tables to cupboards. Jabot [jab-oh]: French for the frill on the throat of a

garment, a jabot is “the cascading piece of fabric that is folded in pleats or tapered, usually hung on either side of a swag or valance for decoration,” says Susan Fredman, Chicago-based interior designer. Lambrequin: A short, fixed and firm covering

attached to the exterior of a window with little “legs” that extend down either side, a lambrequin is fixed; while a jabot floats, explains Elaine Griffin, New York-based author and design expert at HomeGoods home furnishing stores.

Pier mirror: “A long, narrow mirror hung usually

between two mirrors, or above a low consoletype table,” Griffith says. Sabot [sab-oh]: From the French for a shoe carved from a single block of wood traditionally worn by farmers. Fredman says that in furniturespeak, “sabot refers to the cuff at the bottom of a chair leg.” Transitional: A mix of past and present, traditional and contemporary, “with the ‘antique’ sometimes tweaked for today – like NeoRegency!” Griffin says.

Tufting: For Griffin, “What furniture with buttons is really called.”

Volute [vuhloot]: Fredman

describes this as “A spiral or twisted formation of an object. In furniture-speak, the scroll-like structure at the bottom of a staircase.”

Image courtesy of Artifort

HOME STYLE • March 2011 •

Eastern Paint Center Pocket Translator


A footstool, which, Griffin says was originally inspired by the Turkish "hassock,” a stool for kneeling.

Wingback chair: “A tall, upholstered chair with

‘wings’ extending along both sides,” Griffin says, that was originally meant to protect sitters from drafts and trap the heat from a nearby fireplace. © CTW Features

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7 • HOME STYLE • March 2011

AtlAntic irrigAtion, inc.

HOME STYLE • March 2011 •

Come and Au Naturale

Pull up an extra chair for dinner – there’s a place setting for everyone this year. New trends in tabletop décor leave plenty of room for personal panache

Florals are flourishing. Many well-known china manufacturers, including Villeroy & Boch, Haviland and Wedgwood, recently released collections inspired by flowers. Wedgwood's new Cuckoo tea set collection is an elegant riff on the company's 19th-century bird-and-flower design. A more modern take on flowers, Villeroy & Boch's new Althea Nova collection features a botanical print design of herbs and edible flowers. To complete a nature-inspired tabletop, crown the table with an organic centerpiece. “We have so many wonderful things in our yards that stay green all year long: holly, magnolia, pine, cedar trees and shrubs,” says event planner William Fogler, founder of Denverand Atlanta-based WM Events. “Mix these elements with fruit – a bowl of oranges, say, with magnolia leaves from the yard – and you have an elegant centerpiece.”

By Hilary Masell Oswald CTW Features


he rules of table settings have changed: No longer does the table have to be a stuffy tribute to too many heirlooms or a dull rerun of last fall’s dinner party. Thanks to the proliferation of fabulous products and brilliant ideas, the tabletop is a prime place to reveal personal style. Here, a look at trends worth bringing home.

Kid Friendly

Green Toys’ Green Eats tableware line

Give even the littlest guests a chance to feel special by allowing them to use “real” dinnerware – so long as it's not Great Aunt Edna’s fine china. “There's something to be said for treating kids like they're not always going to break everything,” says Seattle-based lifestyle and food expert Heather Christo, mother of two young children. “You teach them how to behave around lovely things.” For a touch of whimsy, Christo recommends setting the kids' table with mismatched, inexpensive pieces found at thrift shops. If the kids aren’t quite ready for “adult” dinnerware, there are more options than the personality-free paper plates of dinner parties gone by. Manufacturers are turning out kid-friendly dishware in bold colors and graphic patterns. For example, Mill Valley, Calif.-based Green Toys just announced its new Green Eats tableware, made from 100percent recycled milk jugs. Available in early 2011, the line is an eco-conscious parent's dream, free of BPA, melamine, phthalates, PVCs and external coatings. Plus, the bright colors make the tableware far more fun than standard white paper plates.

Wedgwood’s Cuckoo tea set collection

Everything old is new again – or at least, hip again. “One of my favorite trends is using vintage or heirloom pieces to decorate the table,” Fogler says. He prefers mining the family china cabinet for just the right pieces, but if that's not an option, he recommends visiting local vintage and thrift stores to find china that suits fits the bill. If sorting through piles of mismatched pieces to find just the right salad plates doesn't thrill you, take heart: Legendary English china manufacturer Royal Crown Derby China has made honoring history easy with its recently released Titanic line, a reproduction of the china it produced for the ocean liner's illfated maiden voyage nearly 100 years ago. The pattern is elegant, marked by encrusted gold accents and Louis XVI-inspired green painted chaplets and festoons.

Royal Crown Derby China’s Titanic line

Mix and Match

Without question, one of this year's biggest trends is setting the table with mismatched pieces. “There is clearly a trend toward casual elegance,” Butera says. “Tables are layered with different colors

and textures, which makes the entire dining experience a little bit fun, a little bit playful and a lot more entertaining.” To get that playful touch, mix precious family heirlooms with everyday items, Christo suggests. “That goes for flatware as well as china. Blend new and


A Touch of Glam Sparkle never goes out of style, says Kevin Walsh, owner and principal of Bear-Hill Interiors in Little Rock, Ark. Hosts and hostesses looking to add a little glamour to their tables have plenty of options. For a bold metallic look, Walsh recommends Juliska's Pewter Stoneware line, which makes a striking statement with its hammered finish and wide lip. (Plus, it's dishwasher- and microwave-safe.) For a more subtle shimmer, Juliska's Landon goblets have a sleek, curvy shape and antique silver finish. Not ready for quite so much shine? Lifestyle designer Barclay Butera recommends dressing up white dinnerware, such as Vietri's Incanto, with silver and crystal.

Juliska’s Pewter Stoneware plates and Landon goblet

old with precious and not precious. It gives the table more personality and a touch of the unexpected.” Hosts looking for a more tailored look might mix glass pieces with dinnerware, or replace just one piece, such as salad plates, at each setting, Walsh says.

But no matter which style you choose, there's one rule that should govern every tabletop, Walsh says: “For heaven's sake, have fun.” © CTW Features




COOLING OFF: For dinnerware: perfectly matched serving pieces, dinnerware and colors

For food presentation: classic white china.

(Food always looks best on white.) For centerpieces: edibles, such as fruit and candy,

For glassware: serving everything from soup to nuts

and natural elements

in martini glasses

For sparkle: napkin rings in surprising shapes and


For style: overly formal tables

For linens: white linen napkins

For centerpieces: anything artificial or too tall

For style: mix and match dishware

© CTW Features

Vietri's Incanto collection

9 • HOME STYLE • March 2011


HOME STYLE • March 2011 • 1

Sure, popping open paint cans and breaking out the drop cloth is fun and exciting, but not everyone is born with a paintbrush in hand. Carefully choosing colors, properly planning and thinking ahead are all key parts to painting a room. Answer these questions to find out how to harness the power of paint



When testing out a color scheme in a room with both natural and artificial lighting, which of the two light sources is more important to consider?

How do you rate?

10 Correct: The paint

has probably already dried – another flawless paint job!

By Michael Juliano CTW Features

A. Flat B. Gloss

C. Satin D. Eggshell

3. B. Pale green 2. True 1. A. Canvas

© CTW Features


C. 4 hours D. 8 hours

4. B. Clean red (and also

A. 30 minutes B. 1 hour


What type of paint finish holds up the best to frequent cleaning?

other saturated colors like

When applying a typical indoor acrylic paint, on average, what is the recommended time to wait in between coats?

bright green)

A. Flooring B. Furniture C. Wall coverings D. All of the above

Painting a sample of a color on a surface is not an effective way to see how well it will work.

5. False; a quality coat

What’s the most important preexisting feature to take into account when choosing a paint color?

8 9

is often enough to hide

You can’t paint over dark colors.

True or false:

of primer and new paint

True or false:

any color

5 6

C. Beige D. Light brown

6. D. All of the above

C. White D. Dark red

A. Pale green B. Clean red

Don’t rush off to the store just yet – do some research and study those swatches first.

7. Both

Never paint over wallpaper.

A. Bright yellow B. Pale green

Image courtesy of PPG Pittsburgh® Paints

In order to give a room a tranquil and calm look, which of the following colors should be avoided?

True or false:

Which paint color is the best to balance the bright light of a large wall-mounted TV?

8 or Less Correct:

8. False



Image courtesy of SherwinWilliams

10. C. Satin


A. Canvas B. Newspaper C. Plastic D. Towel

ing that paint a little bit longer.

9. C. 4 hours


Which material is the best choice for a drop cloth?

9 Correct: Keep mix-

Tended Gardens Landscape “Restore, Renovate, Maintain”

We have the solutions! Call BoBBy Today.

(401) 397-6393

11 • HOME STYLE • March 2011

Pop Quiz:Paint Power

HOME STYLE • March 2011 • 1

Baby Talk

Hollywood’s hottest new design duo shares inspired ideas, avoidable mistakes and easy solutions for any nursery By Mary M. Murphey CTW Features

Images courtesy of PetitNest

Tiffani Thiessen has come a long way from her days as Kelly Kapowski on the teen hit “Saved By The Bell.” The bankable actress, who currently stars in the USA Network series “White Collar,” has tapped into yet another creative vein this past year. In early 2010, Thiessen teamed up with friend and interior designer Lonni Paul to launch PetitNest, their modern classic answer to expected, staid nursery design. “A nursery should be an extension of your own taste,” says Thiessen, who gave birth to daughter Harper this past June. “We wanted to create furniture you can use throughout the home. A home should actually flow from room to room.” A nursery should fit into its home’s overall design scheme; it shouldn’t be so jarringly different that it seems like it belongs in another house, Thiessen says. The Los Angeles company’s collections include cribs, dressers, gliders, chairs, wall art and bedding, and Thiessen and Paul already are “working on designing the next phase, says Paul, a mother of three best known for her success on HGTV’s “Design Star.” “All of PetitNest’s cribs have been designed with the ability to be “converted” into toddler beds, she says. Here, the duo offers their bright style ideas for in the nursery and throughout the home.

Wren Crib with white trim

Tiffani Thiessen Wren Dresser with white trim

‘These are a few of my favorite things’ Tiffani Thiessen and Lonni Paul, designers, friends and moms, know what they like when it comes to decking out their nurseries. Here are some of their must-haves:

Lonni Paul

Tiffani: • Wren Crib • Wood Tree Wall Art • Wren Dresser • Calliandra Plum Bedding Set

Lonni: • Alouette Crib • Sophie dresser

Calliandra Plum Bedding

Thiessen suggests placing a glider near the window in a nursery, giving both mom and baby a chance to look out and daydream.

Think beyond a baby’s first two years when buying furniture for the nursery. Dressers and changing tables can have a second life as almost anything, including:

“You have to feel comfortable in your baby’s nursery, or your baby won’t,” she says.

• a dining room buffet Noe Dresser with beech trim

• a child’s bedroom dresser • a guest bedroom dresser • a foyer table

Nursery No-No One of the biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to decorating nurseries is choosing expected, bland colors. Most new parents jump at primary or pastel palettes when “there are so many other color choices out there,” Paul says. She suggests adding in fresh colors with different chair fabrics, quilts, paint, bedding and furnishings. Odette Glider in celadon linen

Lonni Paul’s Style Tips


Your baby will outgrow the nursery faster than you think. Stay one step ahead by buying style for a toddler, not an infant.

2 3

Try to make the nursery an extension of the whole home’s style. Don’t think in a vacuum. Think outside the box in terms of colors. Pretend primary and pastel colors aren’t an option. © CTW Features

13 • HOME STYLE • March 2011

More than meets the eye

A Room With A View

HOME STYLE • March 2011 • 1

Travel to Create a visual reminder of the year’s favorite travels with a mantle-worthy craft

Finished size as shown: 22 x 28"


nh-Minh Le’s A to Z poster serves as a visual travelogue of places she has visited. Photographs from various cities peer from behind cut-out letters. Since the letters frame a limited view, photographs with bold colors or those that are abstract in nature work best.


22 x 28" poster board

1. On a clean, flat work surface, place your

26 A to Z alphabet stencils, 4" tall (available at craft stores) Up to 26 photos (4 x 6") of cities/ places, one for each letter of the alphabet Colored paper 22 x 28" picture frame

Tools Ruler Soft lead pencil Painter’s tape or removable tape Cutting mat Small utility knife and replacement blades

poster board face down and orient vertically. 2. On an area next to your poster board,

arrange your alphabet stencils in five rows (as shown below).

ABCDE FGHIJK LMNOP QRSTU VWXYZ 3. Using your ruler and pencil, mark a 2"

margin along the top and bottom of the poster board. Draw horizontal lines for each row every 4" with a 1" margin between rows.

4. Starting with letters A through E (row 1)

tape the stencils to the poster board face down. You will be working in reverse starting with the letter E on the left-hand side and ending with A on the far right. Space the letters evenly across the guideline.

Carefully trace each stencil with your pencil.

Flip the board over to make sure the photos are showing through the letters.

5. Repeat Step 4 for the remaining rows-

8. Place the poster board face down and

letters F through K (row 2), L through P (row 3), Q through U (row 4), and V through Z (row 5).

secure it in your picture frame.

Craft and images courtesy of “Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories, Hold Memories, and Celebrate Family Heritage” (STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book, 2010)

6. Place your cutting mat underneath the

poster board. With a small utility knife, slowly cut out each letter. Use your ruler with your knife to achieve straight edges. Replace the blade every 10 to 15 cuts, especially if you are using the blade's tip. For cutting curves, do not cut all the way through on the first cut. First score the curve with the blade, then run the knife along the curve. It may take two or three passes before you cut all the way through the poster board.

© CTW Features

7. Organize your travel photos alphabeti-

cally from A to Z. Tape each photograph to the poster board face down in the corresponding letter opening. For example, a snapshot from Amsterdam would be taped over the letter A. Trim pictures, if necessary. If you do not have enough travel photos to fill all the letters, simply cut and tape a colored piece of paper as a placeholder.


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15 • HOME STYLE • March 2011


HOME STYLE • March 2011 • 1

American Revival An appreciation of all things American has been restored with a resurgence in traditional design. Here’s why American furniture is anything but ordinary By Dawn Klingensmith CTW Features


n opposite coasts, Thomas Moser and Richard Patterson have each been crafting furniture for more than 30 years. Moser, based in Freeport, Maine, was initially inspired by an “American primitive” aesthetic dating to the 19th century, while Patterson, located in Los Angeles, pays homage to the minimalist styling of Shaker furniture. As a studio furniture maker rather than a large-scale manufacturer, Patterson says he feels “pretty much off the radar” when it comes to furniture industry trends. Yet he and Moser might benefit from just such a trend: an increasing demand for and appreciation of American design. In fact, it’s a big enough trend that major manufacturers are trying to capitalize on it as well, by introducing furniture collections that are American in style and spirit if not actually in provenance. Whether they boast a Made in the USA label or not, a number of newly introduced furniture collections harken back to traditional American design, which New Yorkbased trend forecaster Hermine Mariaux defines as artisan craftsmanship influenced by a variety of periods and styles, with a suggestion of folk art in some cases and a return

Richard Patterson’s walnut Patterson Bench to formality in others. American poet), with an American flag in While the laid-back Cottage Style of seathe background and the tagline, “United We side living is still popular, “We’ve been Stand and Sit.” through a whole decade of casual, and now “I think it’s almost directly related to the the pendulum is swinging back to a more traditional American look,” with darker woods, textural fabrics and Dutch Colonial styling, says Mariaux, who tracks and forecasts interior design trends for Home Textiles Today magazine. Companies that manufacture domestically emphasize that as a selling point, Mariaux says. For example, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams runs a print ad featuring the Whitman sofa (named for Walt, the quintessentially Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Whitman sofa

emergence of patriotism” arising from real or perceived national security threats, Mariaux says. “And certainly, the economy has something to do with it. When things get uncertain, people turn inward, either to their own homes or, in a broader context, to their country by embracing all things American.” Moser’s company, Thos. Moser, from the start has produced pieces that don’t necessarily reflect current fashion “but rather synthesize what has been given to us by craftsmen and designers of the past,” he says, including Arts and Craft elements and the “untutored aesthetics” of the American Shaker period. Patterson also looks to the past for both style and process. “Like the Shakers, I attempt to create pieces that are highly functional with very little in what could be called extraneous decoration. I use American woods – walnut, oak, maple. If there is an American design aesthetic, perhaps it’s demonstrated in this approach to making things.” According to Mariaux, another fine example of American styling is the Keno Bros. collection designed by a pair of “Antiques Roadshow” appraisers for Theodore Alexander. Along with increased patriotism, Mariaux has seen a rise in protectionism among consumers and companies alike. “American manufacturers are starting to stand up

against foreign imports and their competitors who outsource things overseas,” Mariaux says. “There’s an entire consortium of manufactures making a concerted effort to bring

jobs or keep jobs here at home by keeping the manufacturing function here in this country.” As manufacturers attempt to revive or cre-

Moser traces the demise of American craftsmanship to the Industrial Revolution. “As things became factory-made, design took a backseat,” he says. Quality suffered, too, he adds. However, “I am of the opinion that people will start putting money into what I call investment-grade furniture,” he says, adding that concerns for the environment likely will fuel this trend. Although there’s an uptick in interest in his work, Patterson believes there will always be a market for “disposable furniture” that folks replace as often as styles change and finances allow. But that has never been his niche. “I try, with everything I make, to create something so well-made and beautiful that it will be treasured by the owners for generations,” he says. And that, perhaps, is the true hallmark of American design. © CTW Features

17 • HOME STYLE • March 2011

Thomas Moser’s American Bungalow Double Square Extension Table and Dining Chairs

ate distinctly American designs, “People will talk about contemporizing and modernizing,” Mariaux says, “but sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.” The best way to introduce a “fresh twist,” she adds, is with a contemporary backdrop and finishing touches, including paint and décor. Color experts’ forecast for home décor in 2011 includes a shift toward a bold, bright palette in place of the grays and beiges of the past few years. “The mood today is one of triumph over adversity,” says Dee Schlotter, a brand manager for PPG Pittsburgh Paints. “Despite the challenges Americans have faced, our need to succeed prevails.” Coinciding with the “United We Stand” mentality is “a triumph of the individual and of personal expression” manifested in such colors as lipstick red, indigo blue and aqua, she adds. Another trend driving interior design choices “is the quest for authenticity in a world where knock-offs are pervasive and instantaneous,” Schlotter says. “The search is on for what’s real and honest.”

The Boomerang Ef fect

HOME STYLE • March 2011 • 1

Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Michael Juliano CTW Features

Pass the popcorn and make room on the couch. Popular services that brought movies and TV shows to the Internet are finally coming home to the TV

Vinyl Siding

• The look of real wood shingles • Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Roku XDS


hat goes around comes around: TV shows and movies that hopped over to the Internet are finally coming back home to the TV with all sorts of goodies, and it’s about time. This year saw the emergence of four major media streaming competitors – Apple TV ($99), Roku XDS ($99), Boxee Box ($199) and the Google TV-powered Logitech Revue ($299) – that each boast a different mix of popular free and premium services like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and Hulu. “In home theater, compared to other electronic devices like phones and computers, change is a very slow

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infancy of these sorts of products,” says Jim Willcox, senior editor of electronics at Consumer Reports. For many consumers, bringing a nonlinear medium like streaming video to a traditionally linear medium like TV is a completely new experience. That's why Willcox thinks TVs with these services built in, like Sony Internet TV (which runs Google TV), might be the most accessible for consumers. They combine multiple devices into one neat package and provide a familiar

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process,” says Richard Lawler, the associate editor for tech site Engadget HD. “The combination of content and hardware that can access it takes time to sync up and it’s only within the last 12 months that consumer demand, cost to manufacture and, most importantly, content availability have aligned to a degree that makes it all worthwhile.” It might take a while for consumers to actually become aware of these new services, but Netflix has become so ubiquitous that it accounts for more than 20 percent of Internet traffic during peak times, according to a report from networking equipment company Sandvine. Similarly, a Comcast survey found that already twothirds of its customers had “time-shifted” prime-time TV, or watched a show later using a digital video recorder, video-on-demand service or Internet-streaming. “We're really in the

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interface. That's also why Matthew Moskovciak, associate home theater editor at CNET, thinks many people will find the Apple TV easy to use. The refreshed movie and TV show rental service is a natural extension for users of other Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, which work seamlessly with the service. What many people may have a difficult time with, though, is finding free content from the major networks. ABC, NBC and CBS all blocked Google TV devices from streaming full episodes of their shows through Hulu. In fact, only a handful of devices, like Playstation 3 and Roku, currently support Hulu, but these all require a subscription to the premium version of the streaming service. That said, there is still a wealth of different channels available among these devices. The Roku XDS especially, which Moskovciak calls “the best cord-cutter,” offers a huge variety of content with additional services like Amazon Video on Demand,, Pandora Internet radio and other niche channels. The Boxee Box offers a similarly diverse range of content, along with Facebook and Twitter integration. Google TV is essentially a full-

featured Web browser, so it offers access to almost any streaming video that would be regularly accessible from a computer. Choosing a service can be difficult. “The key thing to do is to focus on your specific needs and get a device that performs tasks you know you will want,” Lawler says. “That said, if you’re not willing to face the possibility of upgrading again in 12 months for another gotta-have-it feature, you may want to wait.” Theoretically, even expensive TVs with built-in streaming capabilities should be able to keep up through software updates. But manufacturers are still trying to read the marketplace, and so the technology is likely to change rapidly. With some of the cheaper streaming devices and Blu-ray players hovering around $100, though, taking advantage of Internet-streaming media on the TV can move from “investment” to “impulse buy.” © CTW Features

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Redesign with an app in mind – find passion and ideas at your fingertips Phaidon Classics iPad Edition, $19.99 The long-standing authority on all things art and design, Phaidon has released its Classics for the iPad. Spanning generations of meticulously researched innovations in design, this app offers an encyclopedic reference for everything from cars and guitars to chairs and tableware. Searchable within a 3D landscape that can be navigated through a chronological timeline, this app takes full advantage of the iPad's capabilities. This is the app for design inspiration that will stand the test of time.

This interactive design site lets you navigate through a three-dimensional house and explore the many options for tile installation. Whether it’s for your bathroom walls or kitchen countertops, this site takes the guesswork out of choosing tile and lets you see what it would look like in a “real” 3D space. You can adjust the colors of the room to match your own home in addition to customizing the tile pattern and color. To guide you through the process, instructional videos abound.

My Passion for Design by Barbra Streisand (Viking Adult, 2010) $60

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Houzz, Free The scrapbook without the scraps, Houzz provides tens of thousands of design images at the touch of an iPad. Search through their professionally designed idea books to check out what's new in design. Not enough? You also can add your own photos or pictures from other websites into the mix with their “add to houzz” button. You can search for designs by architects or designers in your metro area, making it easy to contact your local expert.

For the more tangible crowd, here are some of the latest design books:

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Schulter House, Free

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Laundry day is quickly becoming less of a hassle with new technologies being announced nearly every month. LCD touch screens, anti-vibration systems and 33 cycle settings are sure to lighten your next load

Eye Candy Does red pep you up? Perhaps you’d favor a soothing aqua when tackling the family’s loads? Many models offer a wide palette of color finishes, making these necessities feel

Steamed Clean Water, detergent, boosters, bleach – what more could you need to get laundry deep down clean? Steam is the missing ingredient that manufacturers have begun to add, saying it can remove allergens and germs, stains, and allow items like stuffed animals to be cleaned without soap or water. Dryers also are equipped with steam to eliminate static and wrinkles. The LG 4.2-cubic-foot Steam Washer [MSRP $999]is a 2011 model that LG is introducing in response to consumer demand for steam technology at lower price points.

Bosch Vision Laundry in Sky

Set and Forget How many times have you washed a load twice -- not because you’re trying to get them cleaner, but because you’ve forgotten to place them in the dryer promptly. General Electric’s new Profile Steam Washer [$1,399 to $1,499] was designed to avoid this problem, since it removes moisture overnight so clothes are virtually ready-to-wear in the morning.

General Electric’s Profile Steam Washer

Easy Fixes What’s more annoying than taking a vacation day to wait for a repairman? Some manufacturers, like Kenmore and LG, are embedding technology in their machines that may let you bypass such hassles. For example, the Kenmore Elite models [priced from$799 to $1,499] offer the “Connect” feature. Should you suspect your machine is malfunctioning, dial a toll free number and let a company representative review data transmitted from your machine via your phone. Much of the time, says the company, a minor adjustment is identified and can be performed by the consumer.

Do Not Disturb While consumers have welcomed their machines into the home, they don't want to be distracted when those appliances are doing their work. Bosch Vision washers and dryers [MSRP $899 to $1,649] feature an anti-vibration system so every cycle change isn’t announced.

Fabric Fine Points Just as some merely cook and some create great cuisine, there are some world-class laundry enthusiasts who use their machines to precisely clean everything from shower curtains to baby blankets. The Whirlpool Vantage washer

Whirlpool Vantage


ext time household chores are being divvied up, you may want to make a quick claim on laundry – especially if you’re in the market for a new washer or dryer. Not to be outdone by the stream of “new and improved” fabric products that go in your machines, appliance makers are pushing ahead with enticing innovations. After slower sales during the recession, “Companies are positioning themselves for the economic recovery,” says Michael Deneen, senior industry analyst at Cleveland-based Freedonia Group. Manufacturers have used the lull in business to focus on improved technology and design, Deneen adds. Consumers now expect better looking washers and dryers, too, since the machines have moved into the living areas of the homes, near bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens. “Like a well-appointed itch, up-to-date laundry appliances can help distance a home from the competition,” says Seattle-based home stager Chris Longfelder Doucet. Whether your machines are wearing after years of use, or whether a move or renovation has you on the lookout, here’s the latest spin on washers and dryers:

like a fashion splurge. The Electrolux Perfect Steam washer and dryer [MSRP: $3,598 for both] is a colorful case in point, coming in Silver Sands, Red Hot Red, Turquoise Sky and Mediterranean Blue.

Kenmore Elite

CTW Features

LG Steam Washer

Marilyn Kennedy Melia

Electrolux Perfect Steam in Turquoise Sky

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Laundry’s New

and dryer [$4,000 for the pair], has 33 different settings, which can be selected using an LCD touch screen, was recently introduced to appeal to the serious laundry buff. Ecologically Correct In response to consumer interest in energy efficiency, the American Council for an EnergyEfficient Economy recently launched a Web site,, listing the 10 most efficient appliances in various categories. “We recommend seeking out a clothes washer with ‘Energy Star’ certification as a minimum,” says Amanda Lowenberger of the ACEEE. While dryers aren’t Energy Star rated, an efficient washer influences drying efficiency because how well it spins out water reduces drying, Lowenberger says. Some washers, like the top rated by the ACEEE, perform at higher standards then required for Energy Star labeling. While the website doesn’t list dryers, Lowenberger says they plan to add that category soon. © CTW Features

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When You Want a Local Bank with Deeply Planted Roots ... You want Centreville Bank. Not every bank is the same, and more and more Rhode Islanders are discovering the Centreville Bank difference.

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