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Autores Alunos de Inglês das turmas 10.º CT3 e 10.º CT4 Orientação Ana Costa e Silva

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VIAGENS LITERÁRIAS Experiências de leitura e escrita na aula de Inglês


A walk to remember Ana Rita Beatriz Ribeiro Carolina Marรก Diana Estarreja Maria Dias

Our review is based on the book "A Walk to Remember", by Nicholas Sparks, the author of twenty books, namely “See Me� and "Two By Two", which is a huge success in the sale of copies. Sparks, an American writer, published his first work in 1990, entitled "Wokini", and his latest publication, "Every Breath", was released in 2018. This book is about Landon, who is fifty-seven years old, and tells us about his life thirty years ago in Beaufort. It all started when the school he attended organized a prom and, because he did not have a pair, he had to invite Jamie. She was kind, timid and always praying, but she accepted his invitation. They began to talk more and more, and Landon became a company on her way home regularly, but his friends made fun of him. One night, at the entrance to Jamie's house, they kissed. This marked the beginning of a beautiful love story. Days later, while they walked, Landon told her that he loved her and at that moment Jamie started to cry a lot and told him that she had leukemia. Landon, shattered, gives her a huge hug. She was growing thinner and paler, and Landon felt helpless. Because he loved her too much, he asked her to marry him and the marriage took place very shortly afterwards. Jamie eventually died quickly. Landon, now older, continues to love her as before. We loved reading this book. It has an accessible language, which allows us to perceive what the author wants to convey. This work touches us deeply, through the messages it conveys. Maybe because Jamie was too good, she did not deserve to be in a world like this. It was sad to get to the end of the book and know that they were not "together forever", thinking that if they had met before, everything would have been different. The writer can teach us true life lessons. It is a passionate, touching book that speaks of the purity of love, hope and friendship, which makes us open our eyes and shows us that love is valued not only for the physical side of a person, but for the interior!

An unforgettable moment Diogo Carvalho Diogo Neves Francisco Negrรฃo Pedro Cardetas Tomรกs Toscano

This book was undoubtedly a great reading experience for all of us, not just because of the depth of the feelings, but also because of the tragic nature of the narrative. In the first place what you think is the truth in the beginning can be a perspective of the events. It’s really relevant to a bigger insertion to the story, we think it makes us feel like we are in the dialogue with the characters. Furthermore, It’s pretty interesting to see the evolution, not only of the

storyteller (in a sentimental way), but also of the other characters because as London killings keep changing he will show us a reality that, for him, is different. We really identify with London and we think that’s one of the reasons why we appreciated this book. This book makes us reflect about enjoying every minute and also about nostalgy, London is fifty-seven and he’s remembering his youth, which is really touching because it’s when we notice that every moment of our life is unique and unforgettable and as hard as we try there can never be two equals. It was a book so rich in life lessons, showing us that the most important is to believe and never give up. We really liked this book and recommend its reading.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine Filipa Fontes InĂŞs Gomes Mariana Breia Rafael Rodrigues Samuel Crespo

For this work we chose the book "Eleanor Oliphant is

Completely Fine� by Gail Honeyman, a Scottish writer. This book received important awards, among them the "Book of the Year British Book Awards" and "Costa First Novel Award 2017". We specially liked the descriptive moments of the story, which can be found a little in all chapters, mainly for two reasons. One of them is the fact that it helps us feel the story

as if we were inside it. The other reason is that these descriptive moments help us to understand the context of some situations. For example, we are able to realize, through the descriptive moments, that the main character, Eleanor Oliphant, had a very difficult childhood with the death of her sister in a fire caused by her mother, in which both were involved, and with the fact that she is always moving to host families; and all these things together led in part to the personality that she has, as an adult, and some of the habits that she has acquired. Throughout the reading, an aspect to criticize is that in some of the chapter changes we feel a break in the story. It gives the idea that there is no follow-up of the subject spoken before the chapter change. We can only perceive the continuity after reading a bit from the next chapter. Regarding the author of the book, we want to praise her creative ability mainly in three aspects. First, for having managed to create such unique characters, each with their own personality and in some cases also a strong one, such as Eleanor, the main character previously mentioned. Second, the ability to create the context of each character’s story. And, finally, for interconnecting the personalities of the characters and their respective historical contexts in order to create this emotional and sentimental story, which teaches us great lessons for our daily life. With this review we intend to help future readers get an idea

of the positive and negative aspects of the work, like the descriptive moments of the story and its characters and, on the bad side, the break of the story in the chapter change. For us there is no doubt that its reading is worth.

If i stay Diana Pessoa Francisca Carriço Inês Matos Matilde Santos

If I Stay, a book by Gayle Forman is based in Mia story, a seventeen-year old teenager. The book is a dramatic romance that won ten awards and has been released in 2014, in more than 35 countries. Mia is a young cellist with a born talent for classical music. She has the dream family of any teenager. Daughter of rockloving parents, since she was a little girl she felt displaced, even with her boyfriend, who is also a rock fan. Her concerns revolve around normal decisions for a teenager: staying with the family, boyfriend and friends or leaving everything and go to Julliard, one of the best performing art schools in New York to devote to her true passion. One winter morning, Mia and her family decide to go for a drive and, in a matter of seconds, a serious accident takes away all of her choices. The car was completely destroyed, the only thing that still worked was the radio, and that was what Mia was bound to, to the sound of Beethoven, her idol in the music world. The next twenty-four hours, which might have been her last, Mia recalled her life, faced with what makes life worth living. She had to make the hardest decision of all.

Now, it was up to Mia to choose what to do: dying or living? To care about the hearts of those who are still alive and cheer for her or to remain always with her parents and not have to live with the emptiness an orphan would carry? Her grandmother, Kim, her best friend, and especially Adam, wanted her to stay. But what about her? Did she want to stay?

In our opinion, the best of the book are the flashbacks of Mia's life that allow us to identify with her. It also has no chapters, it has hours, which makes it more real and makes us better follow the story in "real time". The protagonist's struggle between life and death brings the readers closer.

Finally, it also has lots of references about classical music and rock. We recommend this book because it is a book that tests the strongest bonds and whose bonds really bind us together. With an open end this is a book that will leave the reader eagerly waiting for the next volume. “I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.�

Let’s open the door to the «Muggles» Ângela Cruz Carlota Silva Elisa Rosa Mélanie Catarino

For those who have never gone through the world of magic, it´s still on time. We do it and something about magic was born in our hearts. Everything started with five stories rich in witchcraft adventure, intrigue and, of course, lots of magic. Let´s get you into this world even without reading the title and getting to know the stories (only at the end will you come to the Fountain of Fair Fortune). J. K. Rowling, our writer, who wrote the successful “Harry Potter”, has a lot of creativity and generosity. This book was written to help children, giving them the chance of a decent and healthy life, “try to make sure that no future generation suffers in this way”. Are you afraid? Don’t be. The legend says that one should not judge without knowing, let´s go, let´s show you that it’s far from being a children’s book. They are five stories, but not only, they are also a voice of moral experience. The first story “The Wizard and the Hopping Pot” shows us that magic causes so many problems as it may solve them. In this story, “The virtue is usually rewarded and the evil punished”. If you are looking for something that will help you to believe

that you can, read the story “ The fountain of fair Fortune”, and you will learn that even for witches it’s difficult to solve their problems even if they have magic, you will find out that everything is within your reach if you are persistent. If you hide from love, find out your help in the story “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart”, because surely, you don’t want to live the opposite of “ and they lived happily forever”.

Do you seek to know more than you already know? Or even what you should not? Be careful, because your curiosity may turn against you. Do you think we are kidding? So we invite you to read the " Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump".

Don't try to run away from death, because it is not in your hands. "Human efforts to escape or to conquer death are always doomed to failure and disappointment", just and only a magical vision of story "The tale of the Three Brothers". Before ending, tell yourself that "Muggles" are people without magic powers. And yes, you there, teenager, you just read and do not fit, leave the world of technology and enter this wonderful world that can be yours. We recommend reading. And now, we leave you with "The tale of Beedle the Bard", where everything is written, we think it's perfect.

Mad dogs Diana Silva Jรณni Pereira Marta Silva Rafael Batista

“Mad dogs” was written by Robert Muchamore, who was born on 26 december 1972, in the United Kingdom. He was a private detective during 13 years, which inspired him to write the series Cherub. The book that we are talking about belongs to the Cherub Collection and it has 17 books and is sky fiction for teenagers. This series talks about a British secret organization which recruits teenager orphans and offenders and make them recruits. “Mad dogs” was launched on 1 October, 2007 and the main characters are: James Adams, Lauren Adams, Kyle Blueman, Dan Smith and Dove Mass. “Mad Dogs”, the book that we chose for our work, talks about two British gangs which initiate a territorial war. Four recruits of Cherub sneak into the town gangs to stop the war. In our opinion, this book is well-structured something evident in the 48 chapters and the epilogue, where the future of the characters is indicated. The names of each chapter were well -chosen, because the titles help us to remember what is said in each chapter. This book has simple vocabulary, easy to understand, which makes the reading of this story not too heavy. The story is very captivating, interesting, original and not boring, which makes us cling to it and want to read the whole story and all the collection. For us “Mad dogs” is a perfect book for teenagers, because it talks about the usual themes that the teenagers pass through over the adolescence like: relationships, family problems, dependences and other typical situations. As we have already said this book is really good and interesting for young people. We recommend this book to all teenagers who like spy fiction and also to those who don’t like this type of stories, because this is a good book to start reading something we aren’t accustomed to or isn’t of our preference.

The last Songs Leonardo Pessoa Mateus Oliveira Miguel Preguiรงa

Rebeca Estevam Sara Cruz

Seventeen-year-old Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller's life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Tybee Island, Georgia. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents, especially her father until her mother decides it would be in everyone's best interest if she spent the summer on Tybee Island with him. Ronnie's father, a former concert pianist and teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town,

immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. They (Ronnie and her dad) have a difficult relationship, until she finds out that her dad has cancer. In the book The Last Song, Nicholas Sparks uses extreme sensitivity to address the strength and vulnerability that involve the first encounter with love and its immense power to hurt and heal. The tale that unfolds is an unforgettable story about love in its myriad forms - first love, the love between parents and children - that demonstrates, as only a Nicholas Sparks novel can, the many ways that deeply felt relationships can break our hearts. Nicholas Sparks is an exceptional author who uses love, hatred, sadness, joy in order to awaken all the senses of the reader. This novel shows us death, loss and despair, at the same time that it leaves us in love with life and its adversities. In our opinion, the book is perfectly organized and the story is solid and structured. He knows exactly how to captivate the readers and make them want more and more, without wishing to stop reading.

The perfect alibi Leonardo Reis Duarte Guerra JoĂŁo Pereira Gustavo Guerra Mariana Reis

The purpose of this work is to make known the book by Patricia Highsmith that was released in 1956. It refers to an exciting police novel in which she created a world of its own, a claustrophobic and irrational world where we enter with a sense of fear. She was born on January 19, 1921, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States, and died at the age of 74 on February 4, 1995. She published numerous short stories based on mystery and seduction, such as "The price of salt" and "The blunderer". Six years after releasing "Strangers on a train", a work that made her world famous, it was adapted to the cinema by Alfred Hitchcock and both the book and the film are considered classics of suspense.

The Book is summed up in five stories: “O Álibi Perfeito”, “Não se pode confiar em ninguém”, “Variações de um jogo”, “Uma segurança assente em números” and “Maquinações”, all of these take place in New York. In "Álibi Perfeito" and in "Não se pode confiar em ninguém" the assassins are found. In the second story, the criminal did his work poorly, but after being caught, he preferred to think that it was time’s fault when nothing had happened. In this short narrative, the lesson seems to be that impatience is our enemy. At one point in the story, the author prolongs the suspense, putting on paper the supposed doubts of the victims. The last tale, "Maquinações" is an example of black humor. A hilarious story of a couple in which they both try to murder each other, until it all ends in an absolutely ironic and surprising way. This book shows that murder for love can happen in

many ways but death crimes are committed too. The reading is fluid and has an exciting storyline; everything goes to a plot ending in which the reader doesn’t guess, because the art of the writer consists precisely in his ability to surprise the reader. In these five stories we can understand that crime doesn’t pay. The human being is able to create incredible strategies to achieve his goals, and people, when dominated by certain feelings, are able to put into practice all possible and imaginable evil. To sum up, the book teaches us that nothing is perfect, there is always a failure and life gives with one hand, but takes with the other. It’s a simple book that is a true example of the best in the police literature, a book with that suspense that doesn’t let us abandon the book before we finish.

The recruit Duarte Cruz Francisco Grilo Gaspar Silva JoĂŁo Arrais

We are going to write a review about the book “The recruit” by Robert Muchamore. We will talk about the language used by the author, the plot, the characters and the theme. Before he starts to be a writer the author was a private security guard and when he was a teen he wanted to be a secret agent. He wrote the first book about a secret agency, because it is what he would like to read when he was the age of the main character and because he always loved this kind of stories and this kind of life. He writes using a teenager’s language that helps a lot to understand what he wants to tell and put us into the story. The book talks about James, a boy with twelve years old who was recruited to go to the British organization called CHERUB. This is a secret organization like MI6 but this only uses teens as secret agents, because “if an adult knocks on your door asking you to come in, you would probably call the police, but if it was a teenager saying that he was lost, you almost certain let him in without any kind of hesitation”. The main character, James, is a normal kid like us. He has a sister and is always “fighting” with her. He is a maths genius,

he’s always in troubles at school and he is an Arsenal fan. When his mother died, he had to go to an orphanage called Nebraska house. And it was there that he got recruited. And what happens next… we will tell it in our oral presentation. Well, we all loved the book and the story is really related with teens so we recommend reading this book to everyone who likes curiosities and adventures. And we give a score of 9,2 on a scale of 0-10.

The fault is our stars Ana Rita Martins Joana Faria Francisca Seco

The Fault in Our Stars is a 2012 novel written by John Green. In 2014,an American romantic tragedy film based on this book was released and received a positive critical reception from the public. In this paragraph, we’ll make a brief summary of the book in question. The Fault in Our Stars is about Hazel, a young teenage girl who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and attends a cancer support group. In this support group, she meets a young boy, named Augustus, who has had osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, but has recently had it all clear. After a while, Hazel and Augustus fall in love (“I’m in

love with you and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things”) and decided to travel to Amsterdam in search of Peter Van Houten, the author of their favourite book. At the end of the trip, Augustus reveals to Hazel that his cancer has come back and is worse than the previous time. They return home and Hazel stays by his side until his death (“It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you”). In our opinion, this book is very interesting and captivates its reading because its history is attractive and makes us want to know more about what follows. As the characters are our age and the story told by John Green fits so well into our day -to-day life, the book becomes even more addictive. For us, the only bad part in this book is when Augustus died, because it’s unexpected. This book makes us think about the choices that we make in our lives and makes us realise that we have to enjoy each day as if it was the last day, because we never know what might happen on the next day. So, we have to live a life with responsibility, but at the same with happiness and with the ability of making our own choices, the choices that we believe to be the best for us. After all the reasons that we mentioned before, we highly recommend this book for all people, specially teenagers.

This side of brightness Bรกrbara Ribeiro Carolina Camarinho Daniela Oliveira Josefa Santos Juliana Gil

With a disturbingly beautiful, intense and powerful story, McCann surprised us in a way we weren’t expecting. Five people reading the book, five people with the same opinion: this author is an undeniable talent and his historical fiction book “This side of brightness” is an evidence of it! Talking about the building and decline of America, the races who live there and precariousness of work, all scourges of society are revealed and everyone’s attention is caught. Parallel Threads – synopsis The incredible novel, the second one written by McCann, sets in motion an extraordinary scope. Using the New York City subway system as a nexus, it presents two terrifying scenes, almost ninety years apart. We must admit that, from the beginning of the book, we found ourselves totally interested in the characters. Interested in a way we can’t explain, in a way only the readers can understand. One narrative begins in 1916: Nathan Walker’s story. Nathan is a 19-year-old black man born in Georgia, who early starts working digging out an underground channel from Brooklyn to Manhattan, more specifically, under the East River. Down there, he is under a constant risk while working with other

minority citizens. However, the danger is overcome by the feeling of comfort he feels in the tunnel. McCann writes: “There is a democracy beneath the river. In the darkness, everyone man’s blood runs the same colour…”. Treefrog’s story, the other contemporary narrative, starts in 1991. This half-crazed homeless man lives in an abandoned tunnel. After losing his family and becoming a hopeless alcoholic, self-hating and self-mutilating man, he is so lost in life that he has forgotten his original name, being Treefrog a cognomen. With the vivid description of his dispossessed life, we are able to understand the mind of this solitary man and feel the pain he feels.

Apparently, the story of these two men, Nathan and Treefrog, have no connection until the reader realizes the two stories are destinated to collide in present time: Treefrog seems frozen in time while Nathan’s story carries him through the decades. Peculiar book features The book has some curiosities which can’t keep being in ignorance, namely the theme of racism. In our modern world, this topic is often touched, however, the selfnominated developed society doesn’t have any notion about what really happened and stills happens due to racism, how people suffered and still suffer. The story made us understand a little bit more about this situation. Why should you read it? – Recommendation To sum up, it is not difficult to understand that we plainly recommend the reading of this novel. Nowadays, not only teenagers but all society are forgetting the books, especially because of technology, and that is not right. If you enjoy historical novels, you will really love this book with its detailed observations and descriptions of life in the twentieth-century America. You will be transported into a world where love and kindness contrast with horror and cruelty to create a novel unlike any novel you have ever read before!

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