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NOVEMBER 1, 2012


BN Commander and Senior FRG Advisor Words BLACK DRAGON Soldiers, Families, and Friends, as you know we have officially re-task organized in support of our ongoing deployment and rear operations. Even though we are at multiple locations and work for different units, here at home and forward deployed, we are still the BLACK DRAGON family. During the last eleven months that I have been honored to be the commander. I am amazed at some of the remarkable feats we have accomplished both professionally and with our families. I ask that you take a moment to think about what we have done and with a touch of pride know that you played a role in helping us meet our goals. The next nine months brings a new set of challenges to our team. If we take the same approach to these challenges that we took to the ones we have accomplished in the last eleven months, we cannot help but to be successful. Currently 2/3rds of our deploying force has left for Afghanistan. I want to thank all of the volunteers who came out to help say good bye and offer “goody bags” to those who have already left. To the families of those who have already deployed, or are about to leave, the next nine months brings with it the challenges of separation and concern for loved ones. Please know that we as a Battalion are committed to helping out in whatever way we can with these challenges. Our battery level Family Readiness Groups are here to help and our Rear-D command team of CPT Martinez and 1SG Lewis stand ready to help as well. To make sure we can help and keep all families informed please make sure that your FRG leader has your correct contact information. If you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time, please make sure they know and have updated contact information. A large part of the Battalion will remain hard at work here at Fort Hood, to include Bravo Battery as they are on “temporary loan” to 1-82 FA, 1st Brigade. We recognize the needs of all families, deployed or not deployed, and are committed to continuing the same level of commitment that we have demonstrated the previous eleven months. As always, if you are looking to volunteer there are plenty of opportunities, the least of which are our fall and holiday activities. By the first week of November the Brigade will complete its deployment operations and your Soldier will be in Afghanistan serving their country. I know that they will be on your minds, as you will be on their minds. With the advances in technology it has never been easier to stay connected through the internet and phones. However, don’t discount a good ole’ letter. There is something different about getting an actual letter to hold on to. Remember, for your gifts and packages to make it to loved ones in Afghanistan they need to be mailed NLT Thanksgiving, but to be safe you should probably mail them a week prior to that. If you label it “Don’t open to Christmas” most units will hold the packages until that day so as not to spoil the surprise.

In closing, I would like to extend an offer to you that that Brigade Commander, COL Benson, extended to all of those at the Color Casing Ceremony. For while that ceremony was a solemn occasion, he (and we) would like to invite you to another ceremony. Nine months from now at the Division Headquarters Parade Field, for that’s when your Soldier will come back to you. I look forward to seeing you there! As always, thank you for supporting your Soldier. The Command Team of 5-82FA realizes that the Battalion could not be as successful without your support and understanding. Stay in touch with your FRGs and follow us on our Social Media sites to keep up with the latest information and opportunities. Will and Jessy Johnson FRG Facebook Group!/ groups/582black.dragons/ Battalion Facebook Page!/ pages/5th-Battalion-82nd-Field-ArtilleryRegiment-Black-Dragons/288593261191191 Twitter Account: @5th82fa

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GOLF Ghost riders


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Pictures from the Trunk and Treat

The Under the Water or Sea Car was the Merkel’s and they won best car design!!

There was face painting available and Davis Johnson jumps right in!!

SSG Brewer's son won best costume which was the look of “will work for candy”!!!!!



BN CSM Words

Greetings to all Black Dragon Soldiers, Families and friends, Since my last article, the “Black Dragon” Battalion continues to ready themselves for deployment. By the time this newsletter is published nearly half of our deploying force will be in Afghanistan and the remaining Soldiers will be well on their way! October has been extremely busy month, and November will be even busier as the Battalion deploys. Just this past week, Bravo Battery executed a smooth and seamless transition to 1 st BN 82nd FA. I know that Bravo Battery will represent the Battalion well as they continue to meet their various training objectives in 1-82FA. We look forward to our return back to Fort Hood and Bravo Battery rejoining the “Black Dragon” Battalion. October allowed many of the Soldiers to take “Block Leave” and spend quality time with their loved ones. In early October the Battalion conducted a “Soldier of the Month” and “NCO of the month board and we awarded the honors to SPC Lenis for the second consecutive month and SGT Chaney. Congratulations to both of them, the competition was tough! November will also be a busy month for the Battalion; as the Soldiers of the “Black Dragon” Battalion deploy to four locations within Afghanistan. I’m absolutely confident the Battalion is trained and ready to face the multitude of tasks and missions in Afghanistan. I know as always, the Soldiers of the “Black Dragon” Battalion will meet every challenge head-on with excellence results. I would also like to express my appreciation and gratitude to the Battalion Family Readiness Group for what they have done over the last several months, as they allow us to focus on the tough missions ahead. Just in this past week the FRG has executed three phenomenal events to include the farewell and sendoff of our Soldiers to Afghanistan and the “Trunk or Treat” event that was a truly a success. The Battalion had over 10 vehicle entries with many children and parents in attendance. I’d like to particularly thank all the volunteers for their continued support to the Battalion. From the FRG members to the Soldiers and every single person who demonstrates their support in ways unseen. You enhance this Battalion’s diversity and strengthen its character every day. As the CSM; I continue to be impressed by the quality and demonstrated performance of the Soldiers within the Battalion. I truly believe that we have the best Soldiers in the Army and I continue to be humbled and proud to be a “Black Dragon” Soldier! “BLACK DRAGON 9”



Chaplain's Corner—FRG Newsletter – 30 September 2012 The Best Fort Ever! "But the Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge." (Psalm 94:22, NIV84) One year when I was a boy, my family and I were watching the TV reports of a tornado approaching our home. This was something we were used to doing in the spring in suburban Kansas City. But I realized that this time was different when my Dad suddenly exclaimed, "We're going down to the basement for shelter. Quick! Everyone open up a window and grab a flashlight!" It was scary and exciting at the same time. All of us huddled together in the basement, listening to radio reports on the tornado. I asked my dad what would happen if the tornado hit our house and he reassured me, "It probably won't hit our house, but if it did we'd be safe down here." My mom piped in, "It won't hit our house! In Jesus' name it won't hit our house! I'm praying!" The tornado actually touched down near our house, but it didn't do any damage. We were safe in the basement! After that the basement took on greater meaning to me. I loved to go down there. On a hot day it was cool and damp. On a day when I was bored I often imagined it as a distant land I would battle to defend. If my brother was bothering me I could go down there where it was quiet to escape and be alone. But my favorite thing to do when I was a boy was to make forts. I recruited my brother and neighbourhood friends to join me. I got to be the building superintendent, telling them what to do to erect our fort! We used whatever we could find in the basement. We'd find pieces of wood, old chairs, and big boxes for the walls. Then we used bed sheets and towels for the roof. We were safe in our fort. Safe from the tornado and safe from "bad guys," including the communists. (In those days we were afraid that armies from Russia might invade America and try to take us over.) The Lord is our Fort David, the Psalmist, knew all about finding refuge in forts. His forts were the thousands of caves throughout the wilderness of Israel (see Psalms 57[2] and 142[3]). Many times he found a cave to hide in when enemies were trying to kill him. He wasn't just hiding in a cave -- he was hiding in the Lord! "The Lord is our fort" is a good way of wording a frequent prayer of the Psalmist. Ninety times he refers to the Lord as his fortress (or similar words used to refer to the same idea: refuge, shelter, rock, or hiding place.) That's what I was doing in the basement: finding refuge in the Lord who answered my mom's prayers and kept us safe from the tornado. As the members of our Black Dragon family in 5-82FA now face the challenge of deployment, there are many fears and concerns that we face, both real and imagined. But in this time of worry and fear we should remember that we have a Fort that we can run to for safety and to find peace of mind. The best thing about this Fort is that is that we don't need to go down to the basement and build it. All we have to do is reach out to God in prayer, and turn our fears over to Him. Wherever we are, no matter what problems we face, the best Fort we can ever imagine is only a prayer away. Adapted with permission from Soul Shepherding Devotions, Dr Bill Gaultierre, Soul Shepherding.Org, Copyright © 2011

CH (CPT) Robert D. Patterson Battalion Chaplain 5-82 FA, 4BCT, 1st Cavalry Division (254) 287-9574


HHB Newsletter Written By: CPT Scott Hastings

Volume 10

The last month has been a trying time for the HARDECORE Battery. We have had our last full size FRG Meeting, we started seeing some of the Soldiers start moves to other units around FT Hood, and we sent the deploying Soldiers on Block Leave. All in all, HHB has handled all of the changes with the poise that I have come to expect from such a remarkable group of Soldiers and Leaders! Our last FRG Meeting was held on the 25th of September, and I feel that it was a huge success! We had another wonderful Pot-Luck, put out some information and then had a little fun as we gave out gifts and candy bags. To top it all off there was the opportunity to do the always fun Pie in the Face. Three lucky people earned the rights to hit me with Pies‌it took me 3 hours to get everything cleaned up and get ride of the whipped cream smell!! I hope that everyone enjoyed the fun as much as my wife and I did. During this time period we also started moving Soldiers from HHB to other units in order to fill shortages on FT Hood and allow our Soldiers the ability to stay trained and proficient in their job skills. The move started with the Radar Soldiers moving down the road to both 2/82 FA and 3/82 FA. These Soldiers were just the first of the moves and we wish them good luck. Next we had the opportunity to put the Deploying Soldiers, as well as those who had not had the opportunity to prior to this point, on Block Leave. This was a much deserved break for everyone as the Soldiers and Leaders of HHB have been working so hard all year long! But you cant overlook the fact that while some of us were on Leave, there was still an HHB presence here taking care of issues, continuing to prep equipment for the Deploying Force, and helping to facilitating the pending movement of other Soldiers in the Battalion to new units. My hat is off to all of you for your hard work and dedication! Lastly I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone of you! The Soldiers, NCOs, Officers, but also the Families of HHB!! Your professionalism, hard work, and dedication have not only made my job as the Battery Commander easy, but also very fun and rewarding. I could not have asked for a better group of individuals!!! I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You once again, and to wish you all luck in everything that you do. It doesn't matter if you are Deploying, staying on Rear-D, PCSing, ETSing or moving to a new unit, I want you to know that I have always appreciated everything you have done for the Battery and that if there is ever anything that I can do for you, please let me know! HARDCORE 6

FRG Newsletter for HHB, 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery


Apache Newsletter Written By: 1LT Justin McCarty

Volume 10

Family and Friends of Apache Battery, The last month has been a busy and exciting time for the Artillerymen of Alpha Battery. Your husband, son, father, or brother has worked tirelessly toward this final push to Afghanistan. The Soldiers going forward spent the majority of October with their families before having to say goodbye for the next 9 months. Their focus and competence have laid the foundation for a successful deployment and we all pray for their safe return. For those of us staying home, please keep these brave men in your hearts and in your prayers and help support each other while we patiently wait for them to come home to us again.

Soldiers from Alpha Battery watch video screens as they perform vehicle extraction training

Very respectfully,

Justin P. McCarty 1LT, FA A/5-82 FA Rear-D Commanding

Alpha Battery Artillerymen stand in formation as they wait to board the buses to deploy

Soldiers from Alpha Rear-D dress up and hand out candy during the Trunk or Treat

CPT Isaaq, CPT Lopez, and CPT Force all receive their promotion Captain

FRG Newsletter for Alpha Battery, 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery


Bulldog Newsletter Written By: CPT Troy Merkel

Volume 10

Family and friends of the Bulldog Battery, in the month of October we have continued to support our fellow units within 5-82 FA who will deploy to Afghanistan next month. However, we also took sometime to ensure the Soldiers maintain combat readiness. The Soldiers of Bravo Battery have done a great job with the balancing act of supporting the deploying units and keeping up on our own training. Bravo Battery kicked off the month with some good old fashioned pies-to-the-face. On 02 October 12, the Battery raised money for the FRG with an afternoon of Banana custard and whipped cream covered faces. Soldiers paid $3 a pie to throw it in the face of the Chain of Command. On 03OCT12, the Bulldogs participated in Battalion Organization Day. The Soldiers eat dinner together at BLORA with the rest of Black Dragon family.

The CDR takes a pie in the face.

Bravo Battery support the deploying units of the Battalion by organizing and executing an M9 range for the soldiers of 5-82 on 04 October 2012. Soldiers in 5-82 FA that will be deploying were able to maintain their competence with the M9 handgun. The Battery has also managed to keep up on their own proficiency. Throughout the month of October by conducting drivers training. The Battery will become TACON to 1-82 FA at the end month.

Soldiers receiving classroom instruction on the gunline.

FRG Newsletter for B BTRY, 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery



BLack dragons bulletin VOLUME 10 Ghostrider 6 The Ghost Riders have now transitioned to the Rear Detachment organization and have taken the lead to help transition the organization by moving the Headquarters Operations to the unit area. This will greatly enhance the flow of missions, tasks, and other administrative actions that we, as the Rear Detachment, will have to accomplish. Mrs. Banner will locate to her new office space next to the Chaplin to better serve families and Soldiers thru the deployment in the unit area. We look forward to helping the families and deployed Soldiers thru excellence in everything we do. Our days will be busy with maintenance and Soldier administrative actions. The Black Dragon Truck Halloween event will be great for the families and Soldiers as they will help donate candy and dress up for the event on 29OCT12. God Bless all our Soldiers and Families.

Maintenance The maintenance team once again sets the standard for the Brigade in overall unit equipment readiness. Maintenance UME persistently conduct services and pull AOAP samples to maintain the Battalions equipment. Congratulations SPC Vogel on the new baby!!

NOVEMBER 1, 2012 Special points of interest:

Ghostrider 9 The month of October has really been a very busy month for the Ghost Riders, as we continue to press forward with assisting the Battalion’s efforts in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. On the 1st of October Rear Detachment was officially activated with additional Soldiers coming from HHB and Alpha Batteries. We are looking for any family members who would like to join the Family Readiness Group, so, if you are interested and joining please contact our FRSA Mrs. Banner. On the 31st of October we will be having a Halloween Costume Run and all family members are invited to come out and participate as well. Make sure that you tune your televisions in on the 18th of November to watch one of our owns, SGT Robertson, as she performs the National Anthem at the Dallas Cowboys game. Please take a time out to say a prayer for the Huie family.

Distribution Distro Dawgs continue to assist the Blackdragon Battalion in movement of equipment to nine month new home down-range. Distro is currently working to turn-in all remaining ammunition from last months ranges in support of the war fighters for weapons proficiency. Congratulations SPC Travis on the arrival of your new baby boy!

Ghostrider 6’S Corner

Ghostrider 9’s Corner

Pre-Deployment Preparation

Training Calendar Events for October and November 2012

Company Photo’s

Training Events:

Headquarters Headquarters Platoon conducted inventories to update shortages most of the month of October. The platoon has worked diligently to prepare for the transition of space to stand-up the Rear Detachment element and receive battery equipment for safe-keeping prior to the upcoming deployment.

Ghostriders executed Organizational Day at Blora on 03OCT12

Ghostriders provide support to Black Dragons on pre-deployment tasks


**** The deadline for Santa’s Workshop supplications has been extended to November 5, 2012 Please get applications to Sheryl Banner, FRSA or SSG Green, CFS

Everyone is welcomed to come! Deployment personnel are required!






Carl R. Darnell Hospital Information

Page 12

FORT HOOD, Texas – In celebration of the sharp rise in the number of births over the last few months, the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Women’s Health Clinic staff is hosting its first Baby Expo Nov. 3 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Women’s Health Clinic on post. More than 45 vendors from Fort Hood and the surrounding communities will be on hand to discuss a wide range of topics like pregnancy, labor and delivery, car seat safety, infant education and what to expect during the first year after birth. According to Captain Arielle Kalin, an Army nurse who works in CRDAMC’s Labor and Delivery Department, the event will be an excellent opportunity to have some fun and answer those questions that only come to mind when people are expecting or during 3 a.m. feedings. “This is a perfect chance for new parents and future parents to talk to CRDAMC OB/GYN doctors, midwives and nurses about things they may not have time to discuss during their appointments,” she said. “They can also tour the Labor and Delivery unit too.” It’s not just for first-time parents either, Kalin said. “We will have door prizes, free pony rides, inflatables, food trucks, education opportunities and lots of very helpful booths and service information from local vendors,” she said. “Our goal is to be able to answer any question new parents may have and also introduce them to the wide-array of support services available to them in the local community.” Children’s books, cloth diapers, baby blankets, breastfeeding support, maternity clothes, Doula services and local childcare are just a few of the items and topics at the event which is free and open to anyone with a picture ID, Kalin said. For more information about this event or other CRDAMC opportunities please visit our website at: http:// <blocked default.asp?page=index> . For more information contact: Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Public Affairs Office (254) 553-1870 Capt. Erin Cooksley Fort Hood, TX 76544 View this document online <blocked> US Army - Fort Hood Fort Hood Press Center <blocked> <blocked> <> Visit this link to unsubscribe <blocked>





Fort Hood Family and MWR Community Services Council (CSC) November 2012 November 1 - February 28, 2013 - Unlimited Golf – Friday, unlimited golf from noon until dusk - $24 (based on rank)

52381 -287-4130

November 5 - Anniversary Bingo - 4 pm - 5 - 6 pm - 6:30 pm

station. -532-9263, stop by the facility during normal business hours or peruse

November 10 – Veteran’s Day 5K Run -site registration the day of the race from 7- 7:45 am -285-5459

November 16 – January 6 - Nature in Lights - Nature in Lights XVI: A Holiday Tradition, going on November 16 until January 6, nightly, 5:30 – 11 pm. tunes of the season, that span over five and a half miles of holiday- inspired scenes. nings, while supplies last. One ornament will be passed out per vehicle. a photo with Santa Thursday through Sunday: until December 9 and nightly: December 13 – 24. not seen by vehicular traffic!

-van and Pick-up - $5; Limos, RV and 15 – Passenger Van - $15; 24 – Passenger Van - $25; and 47 – Passenger Van or Larger Bus - $40. -287-2523.


Fort Hood Family and MWR Community Services Council (CSC) November 2012 November 17 - Turkey Scramble - 8:45 am onsite registration -287-4130

November 17 - UFC Fight Night Watch Party


November 22 - Thanksgiving Buffet

-12, FREE for children 4 and under -skin mashed potatoes, desserts, green bean casserole, corn soufflĂŠ, candied yams, cornbread dressing, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, salmon, peel-a-shrimp, horn of plenty, cheeseboard (brie/bleu cheese/gouda) and assorted crackers and nuts assorted dressings -532-5073 or 254-532-5329

November 30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Phantom Warrior Scramble -7:45 am on site registration

wish -287-4130




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BLACK DRAGON Newsletter NOV 12  

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