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2 | Thursday | November 18, 2010 | Bangor Daily News

Gifts for Her..............................3

Gifts for your loved ones........8-9

Gifts of food ............................13

Grasshopper Shop

Atlantic Oceanside Hotel

W.A. Bean

One West Market Square, Bangor

119 Eden Street, Bar Harbor

229 Bomarc Road, Bangor

Stillwater Dental

Comfort Inn

Gifts of Memories....................14

8 Penn Plaza, Bangor

Quality Jewelers 57 Washington Street, Bangor

90 Maine Mall Road, South Portland (207) 775-0409

Cyr Northstar Tours 153 Gillman Falls Avenue, Old Town (800) 244-2335

Gifts for Sporty Folks ............4-5

Hartstone Inn & Hideaway

Epic Sports

41 Elm Street, Camden

Downtown Bangor

North County Power Sports 907 Kennedy Memorial Dr., Oakland (207) 465-2513

Met Life Insurance: June Kontio

840 Hammond Street, Bangor

876 Stillwater Avenue, Bangor

Holiday loans............................6 Lincoln Federal Credit Union West Broadway, Lincoln; Lee Road, Lee

Gifts for the Techie ....................7 Motorbrain Hughes Net

PCT Communications Calais, Ellsworth, Machias A U.S. Cellular Authorized Agent

890 Coldbrook Road, Hermon

(207) 621-2818

Guptill’s Logging

Blue Seal Feeds & Needs

Bell Imaging & Design

United Maine Craftsmen

Gifts for the Home ................11

Gifts for Pets and Kids ..............6

559 Union Street, Bangor

Maine-made gifts....................10

2465 Union Street, Hermon (207) 852-3311 Route 1, East Machias

Bangor Photo

Color Concepts

Rebecca’s 43-49 Main Street, Bangor

Bangor Daily News 491 Main Street, Bangor

Deck the Halls ........................12 G&S Tree Farm Gardner Road, Orono Friday-Sunday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sprague’s Christmas Shop 1664 Union Street, Bangor (207) 942-1394

Gifts for Seniors ....................13 Black Bear Medical 1113 Stillwater Avenue, Bangor


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Buying for the special lady in your life Don’t get the same old, same old



hat to get the special woman in your life for the holidays? Roses, chocolates, perfume, or another sweater… or perhaps a gift card to the restaurant of her choice? The answer might be closer to home than you think.

Know your lady Pay attention to what your lady loves. Does she eagerly fill her coffee cup in the morning. Does she love to pamper herself with luxurious lotions or body creams? Does she enjoy Saturday mornings in her robe? Then take what she loves and find a gift that meshes.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box too. Has your lady been self-conscious about her smile? Stillwater Dental Associates, located at 778 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, is offering tooth whitening kits this year for holiday gift giving. Not a client of theirs? It’s okay, they can still help. Sporty ladies will appreciate a pretty piece of winter clothing. Check out the racks at Epic Sports, located at 6 Central Street, to find the perfect piece of winter clothing for your lady. Or, if she’s always been interested in snowshoeing, Epic Sports is the perfect place to find — or rent — some snowshoes.

Start a tradition For many of us ladies, tradition is far more

Girls and their accessories By Susan Leture, Quality Jewelers


t’s a connection that most women can’t fully explain, but instinctively know. It’s that gut feeling a girl gets from a particular piece of jewelry that she knows is just right for her. Quality Jewelers recognizes this all too well. We have hand-selected — and often times hand-created — jewelry pieces that we know she’ll love and connect with. Throughout the year, but especially during the holidays, we encourage every girl to fill out a wish list — just in case her “santa” needs help choosing the unique gift that makes her feel special.

Give the one you love the gift of perfection: Give the Forever10 Diamond

Let the fire and brilliance of the Forever10 Diamond capture the heart of the one you love. Visit Quality Jewelers, located at Penobscot Plaza in Bangor, to see first hand the world’s most brilliant diamond and experience the romance of 10 perfect hearts and arrows in this ideal round cut diamond.

See GIRLS, Page 10

At Quality Jewelers, snowfall means a windfall for shoppers pocketbooks By Debra Bell

refund at that time.”


Help with gift giving


uality Jewelers, located in the Penobscot Plaza in Bangor, wants gift givers to know that when it comes to snow — Bling it on! According to Store Manager Andrew Patterson, Quality Jewelers is running a special promotion from Black Friday — November 26 — through December 24. If eight inches of snow (or more) falls on January 1st, the dollar amount of every purchase made between those dates will be reimbursed. The refund will be awarded in the form of a check. “It’s going to be a lot of fun if we get the required snowfall on January 1st,” Patterson said. “We’ll have a celebration party around Valentine’s Day and patrons will be able to collect their

During the gift giving season, Quality Jewelers is a great place to start your holiday shopping. Have no idea what to get that special someone? Have them stop in to create a wish list. Diamonds, personality beads, necklaces, rings, watches, and more, Quality Jewelers is always ready to help you choose the perfect gift. Find out more about the Bling On the Snow promotion, to fill out a holiday wish list, or to browse their selection, visit them at 57 Washington Street in Bangor, online at, or on Facebook. Quality Jewelers can also be reached by phone at (207) 9901199. They are open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with extended holiday hours.

meaningful than another sweater, a box of chocolates, or a gift certificate to the spa. In fact, starting a tradition can make gift giving easy for you! Women love their jewelry, even if they don’t wear a lot of it. At the Grasshopper Shop, located at One West Market Street Square, a perfect gift tradition starts with a Trollbeads bracelet. Buy the bracelet and add a bead of her choice every year for the holidays. The Grasshopper Shop has a wide variety of beads to choose from.

4 | Thursday | November 18, 2010 | Bangor Daily News

Five gift ideas that he’ll really love By Debra Bell SPECIAL SECTIONS WRITER

1. Game on! You may not be a huge fan of NASCAR or video games, but when it comes to gift giving... it’s not about you. That’s why if you want to give a gift he’ll love, listen to him. One of the new video games hitting the market before the beginning of the shopping season is Call of Duty: Black Ops. For video gamers who are fans of the Call of Duty series, this is a must have. It is currently retailing for $59.99 at stores.

2. Home brewing Is your guy a big fan of beer and wine? Would he enjoy learning how to brew his own beer? Even apartment dwellers can learn how to homebrew. Homebrewing starter kits are priced starting at $79.99 and are available through brewing stores or at natural food centers. But beware, this hobby can become addictive!

3. Make his life easier Does the special guy in your life have to have his morning coffee before work? Consider getting a refillable coffee mug (unless you have a dozen mugs already) or a coffee card to the shop of his choice.

4. Give him some direction GPS devices are now so affordable that they’re the perfect gift for a guy on the go. Even if your guy is pretty good at directions, GPS devices are perfect for when you’re planning a road trip or want to concentrate on driving rather than reading directions printed from the computer. Garmin’s are now available in stores for under $120. Keep an eye out for sales to get the best deal.

5. Go cordless Gone are the days of corded power tools. Today’s guy benefits from cordless drills, sanders, saws, and a host of other tools that any guy would love to use around the apartment or house. Just imagine the contented grunts he’ll make when he opens that new combo pack of power tools and the extra batteries they’ll require.

Does Santa’s sleigh have a stereo system? Maybe, but when he’s at home after a long night delivering presents, he likes to kick back with a little bit of technology. After all, Santa’s a tech savvy man.

Buying gifts for guys (a.k.a. “we still love our toys”)

To break this down to the most basic and — yes — sad, childish truth, if a guy loved to receive toys at Christmas when he was 5 years old, chances are he still loves to receive toys on Christmas morning. While some gents take this a hristmas shopping for that special man in little too literally and continue to spend hours in your life can be a daunting task. Us guys are the basement playing with action figures in their a seemingly aloof lot, so often disinterested adult prime, for the rest of us apply a slight redein many attempts to “broaden our horizons” at finition to the term “toy” to incorporate older Christmas. The expensive (though arguably no less brand-name collared shirt mature) interests. you vainly purchased Tech presents like mp3 If a guy loved to receive toys at hoping it might replace players and gaming Christmas when he was 5 years devices are always great, as our usual wardrobe of hooded sweatshirts ended are innovative tools and old, chances are he still loves up in a creased mess at the time saving gadgets for to receive toys on Chrismas bottom of the closet. weekend handymen. morning... Apply a slight redefin- Home brewing has Those three DVD’s of romantic comedies prebecome a popular pursuit ition to the term “toy” to incorsented last Christmas in a these days for guys of all porate older ... interests thinly disguised attempt walks of life (starter kits to avoid another evening are quite affordable) and of Ultimate Fighting on you’re unlikely to ever the couch met a similar fate. And that pair of tickets receive anything but a grateful hug if you just go to attend a touring show of Himalayan puppeteers with something as simple as apparel for one’s may have sounded “interesting”… but romantic it favorite sporting team. was not. If in doubt about specifics, ask one of your partNow don’t get me wrong, ladies. Guys don’t mean ner’s male pals for insights into brand or model to sound ungrateful — far from it, we really do love names ideal for purchase. that you take such an interest by coming up with so At the end of the day, without wanting to wax too many varied gift ideas — it’s just that on occasion sentimental, Christmas isn’t about gifts anyway, it’s your gifts can come off as slight misfires. about cherishing loved ones. Recognizing who they The safest route, of course, is a gift card. A gift are can be easily expressed — without any undue card can “do no wrong”, but it’s a bit impersonal. So stress or need for over-thought — in the gifts you if you want to go with a safe gift idea that is low risk give each other. “Toys” for a guy may seem frustratingly basic, but and yet bound to be incredibly well received, you need only remember one thing: men are — general- it’ll also show how well you know them and, as a ly speaking — simple animals. We can be annoying- loose rule of thumb, will take much of the risk out of gift giving. ly pathetic in our interests.

By Evan Kanarakis


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Don’t get the same old thing for sports lovers By Sheila Grant

relax and cross finding gifts for those sporty folks off the to-do list!


is the season to shop. If the gift list includes a sports enthusiast, the job is much easier. Winter sports enthusiasts need warm clothing, wicking materials and layered-dressing options. A new helmet, goggles, poles or climbing skins might be welcomed. Winter is long for warm-weather sports lovers. The next best thing is to be practicing, playing or learning. There are indoor golf courses, video games for every platform devoted to any sport imaginable, and almost anything can be played on a Nintendo Wii. A good book about a favorite sport can be invaluable, and a magazine subscription is a year-round gift to enjoy. If tickets to see a favorite team play next season are in the budget, that’s sure to gain Santa brownie points. Team memorabilia — mugs, caps, shirts, blankets and more — are also great gift ideas. If the budget is tight, coupons to “get out of the honey-do list free” to watch the game or play on the neighborhood team next season will make a sports junkie smile. Sunglasses protect against UV rays, and polarized versions improve visibility for anglers, golfers, skiers and other outdoor sports participants. Different colored lenses offer different protections, glare reduction, and impact on depth perception and clarity. Style is a personal choice, so get a gift certificate and let the sporting man or woman select the pair best suited to the sport. Many sports also require specialized foot gear, another great item for which to purchase a gift certificate. Golfers always love a new putter or driver, or passes to play a new course. Most golfers have a favorite brand of balls and need to restock after a season of occasional slices and hooks. Golf tees and a golf glove make great stocking stuffers. There’s always peripheral gear that would be nice to have, but wasn’t purchased because it wasn’t a necessity. For instance, kayakers should have a paddle float and bilge pump, but many don’t. Each is less than $35 and could make a huge difference in a self-rescue situation. And archery enthusiasts need practice arrows, and a new target may be in order. Some extras that might be appreciated by campers include an egg carrier, camp-stove coffee maker, extra table clothes and clamps, or a screened gazebo to provide additional bug- and weather-proof space. A good atlas of favorite stomping grounds, or framed topographical map, are also nice gifts. For $20, participants in L.L.Bean’s Walk-On Adventures can try kayaking, fly-casting, archery or sporting clays. The company also offers weekend adventures, classes in kayaking and fly-fishing and guided kayak and fly-fishing trips. Call 1-800-4415713 or visit Get your favorite hunter or angler their 2011 license. The IF&W Online Store has gift items for all ages including books, posters, prints, key chains, belt buckles, clothing, Birder Bands and more. Check If all else fails, there is no way to go wrong with a gift card from a favorite sporting goods store, so

Make sure your holiday haul is protected By Debra Bell SPECIAL SECTIONS WRITER

The winter holidays represent a special time for gift giving, including some gifts that sparkle more than others. While this is the time of year where it’s the thought that counts, when it comes to more expensive thoughts, such as jewelry, snowmobiles, or boats, there are other things to think about as well—such as insurance. According to MetLife Auto & Home Property and Casualty Specialist June Kontio,“If you’re getting a snowmobile, ATV or boat this year, it’s important to consider the insurance implications. These types of items are not always covered under the standard homeowners policy, and may need to be separately insured, unless you purchase a package policy.” The same holds true for gift items such as expensive jewelry and furs. “Most homeowners or renters insurance policies provide only a basic level of personal property coverage — often in the $1,000 to $1,500 range — for these sorts of items,” Kontio said. “For peo-


There are a wide array of items available for sports fans. If your sporty person prefers outdoor adventure in the winter, head on over to Epic Sports at 6 Central Street in Bangor. Dog walkers, outdoor skiiers, or snowmobilers will all appreciate a head lamp like the Petzl Tikka Plus 2 (middle above) to shed light on dark mornings and nights. Love to snowshoe? Epic Sports has a large selection for rent and purchase (top). Recognize that sporty person on your tree with a new ornament like the one from Rebecca’s (bellow). Rebecca’s, located at 43-49 Main Street in Bangor has a variety of ornaments for all sorts of sporty folks.

ple with higher-valued items, it’s important to secure additional coverage to ensure that your holiday haul is protected. The good thing is, in many cases, it’s relatively inexpensive to secure this additional coverage, and it can certainly ensure greater peace of mind.” Kontio has been licensed by the State of Maine as an insurance agent for 11 years. She opened her own business on August 2 of this year to fill a need for an exclusive MetLife Auto & Home office in the Bangor area. According to Kontio, one of the best things that homeowners can do after the holiday giftgiving season ends is to take the time to call to their local insurance agent. “It’s certainly not as magical as the gifts you’re giving, but it’s a practical thing that can really save you some grief down the line, not to mention out of pocket expenses in the event of a claim,” said Kontio. ”A quick conversation can help you make sure that everything’s properly covered in the event of a theft or accident. That’s a gift that can last all year long.” For more information, call June Kontio at (207) 848-2957.

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BOW WOW! Don’t forget the pets By Debra Bell SPECIAL SECTIONS WRITER


he holidays are about family, and many people consider their pets “family”. In fact, it’s commonplace for furry family members to be called “fur kids”. So why would you leave them off the list when shopping this holiday season? In fact, their tastes can be much easier to satisfy than the teenager in your family, or a hard to buy for family member.


Cats love attention — even the aloof ones — so an interactive toy is perfect for kitty. Toy mice that zip around the living room, fabric covered “wands”, and jingling plastic balls are good interactive options for kitty. Scratching is a natural part of being a cat, so redirect kitty’s claws to a scratching post — and save your couch! Sisal scratching posts are great options. EWntice kitty by rubbing catnip into the sisal. Kitty loves treats. Tuna flakes, soft

treats, and even catnip are good options. Cats love hiding in anything they can get into. Toys where your cat can crawl inside and hide or play are also perfect.

Dogs Toys are a perennial favorite. The Kong family of toys are especially good for dogs who love to chew. Available in a variety of sizes, Kongs are great for mental stimulation. Stuff treats or kibble inside for your dog to work to get out. Stuffed toys are also great options for dogs. From squeaking toys, to durable toys, stuffed animals are great for playing or for companionship. Have a dog that loves to play fetch and run? Consider picking up a new frisbee, tennis balls, or other throwing toys will be loved by your pooch. The way to most any pooches heart is food and there is almost any kind of treat out there for your dog. Rawhide and chew treats, meat treats, liver treats, and biscuits are favorites.

Other options for your pet Protect your pet by getting them a new collar to hang identification tags on. Your cat or dog will love you for it. For

dogs, consider getting a matching leash — or harness —for walking in style. Pets can be expensive and for the pet owner on a budget, a gift certificate for the pet’s annual vet visit, flea and tick medication, or to a local kennel to cover boarding, grooming, or daycare.

For the pet lover in your family For the pet lover in your family, buying pet related items for them can be an easy gift giving option. From coffee mugs to treat jars, to books about pet care and training, there are a ton of items perfect for the pet lover. Thinking outside the box for the pet lover in your family? Consider getting them a gift certificate for pet photography. Everyone takes photos of their pet, but how often have you been frustrated with getting “the” photo? A professional photographer can often capture that great image you want. Put the pet’s face on an ornament or gift item. Take one of their pet’s images and have it reproduced on a gift item for a personalized gift. Want to make a difference in the lives of your giftee and for animals in need? Consider making a gift in your giftee’s


Your pet won’t care how much you spend. Some great ideas this gift giving season include Kong chew and tug toys, stuffies, collars, photo ornaments, and cat litter scoops that also bag at the same time. name to the Furry Friends Food Bank at Eastern Area Agency on Aging or to a local humane society. If the giftee on your list has no pets, but loves watching wild birds, head on

over to Blue Seal Feeds and Needs to stock up on bird seed or squirrel seed. Blue Seal can also supply you with bird (and squirrel) feeders as well as help with other pet-related gifts.

Hot holiday toys for 2010 By Metro Creative Service


very child wants the popular toys for Christmas. Each year parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles head to the stores in search of those sold-out items and must-have gifts. So what gifts are bound to be snatched from toy store shelves this season? Here are a few that kids are bound to be requesting. • Moon Dough: Moon Sand is a popular molding product that doesn’t dry out. The trouble is, it tends to be messy. Moon Dough is a less sticky version that’s easier on clean-up. • Tickle Me Elmo: That loveable Elmo is back in an ‘extreme’ version. He laughs, tells jokes and rolls to the ground in fits of laughter. Elmo can even get back up to a standing position. • “Twilight” Action Figures: Based on the popular “Twilight” saga, these action figures are bound to be the next collectibles for kids who love “Bella,” “Jacob” and “Edward.” Girls and boys can continue to play out the popular tale of vampires and werewolves at home. • Furby: Furby is back, probably as a result of the popularity of last year’s Zhu Zhu pets. This incarnation of Furby can react with true emotions thanks to new technology. • Furry Frenzies: Also banking on the popularity of Zhu Zhu pets is Hasbro’s version of electronic pets. These creatures can interact with one another and scurry around playsets, which are sold separately. • Dance Star Mickey: In Elmo-like fashion, this doll dances, talks and moves. Kids who are enam-

ored with all things Disney certainly will be requesting their favorite mouse. • Extreme Micro RC Helicopter: This infrared helicopter is the smallest on the market and can dart and fly around inside or outdoors. • Rock Band: The Beatles: Those who love previous incarnations of Rock Band and playing along to favorite songs will enjoy The Beatles version. It’s bound to be “Beatlemania” all over again! • Star Wars Force Jedi Trainer: This toy uses brain wave technology and measures how kids concentrate. Players follow the directions to make their way toward Jedi master. Other toys and gaming systems are bound to be favorites again this year. Expect kids to be collecting and trading more Silly Bandz in many different shape themes. Nintendo Wii needs no introduction. With scores of game offerings, this gaming system is still tops on holiday gift lists. Expect to see different high-tech educational items for children, including digital book readers and coloring sets geared toward helping kids learn writing and reading skills.

Bangor Daily News | Thursday | November 18, 2010 | 7

Choosing the right gifts for your techie

By David M. Fitzpatrick



ith endless tech gifts out there, buying for the techie on your holiday shopping list sounds easy. But to spend your money wisely, know your techie’s tastes before you go shopping. Cell phones. Today, most people want smartphones. The big players include Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry, many Android models, and many running Windows. There are other styles and operating systems, so know what attracts your techie’s heart before buying. Computers. Your techie probably falls squarely in the Mac or PC camp, and Windows users often have specific brand preferences. Buying the wrong computer could be disastrous. A true techie might prefer to build his own computer, so your purchase may be one many gift-givers can do together:

you get the motherboard, I’ll get the case, Mom will buy the hard drive, etc. Tablets. Since Apple debuted its iPad, the tablet computer has become a huge hit. But the iPad isn’t the only choice, and from a technical standpoint there are many powerful tablet options running Windows, Android, or Linux-based OSes such as the JooJoo tablet. Music players. Apple still dominates with its iPod, with the tiny iPod Nano currently the rage. The iPod is the Apple device most likely to appeal to Windows users, but nearly every tech company makes players, from Microsoft’s Zune to Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, and others. Note: Your techie might prefer to play music from his smartphone, so you might be able to kill two birds with one stone. Computer peripherals. There’s no end to what you can hook up to a computer.

Get in touch with your inner techie


t U.S. Cellular, they’re making it easy for anyone to get in touch with their inner techie, and this holiday season, there are big things available at U.S. Cellular. How about a $69.99 Primary Plus Plan, featuring 5 GB of data, unlimited text, picture, and video messaging, free GPS navigation, 450 voice minutes, free incoming calls from any phone, free nights and weekends, and free mobile-tomobile calls? That’s in addition to all the other great features of The Belief Project, which provides U.S. Cellular customers with a wide range of features as part of their service. Pair that up with a great new smartphone for someone on your shopping list. There’s a lot more to these phones than we can tell you here. For more details, or to learn about The Belief Project, visit

HTC Desire (Exclusive to U.S. Cellular) Featuring Android 2.1 and a touchscreen keyboard, the Desire sports the Google Mobile Suite of Services including a full HTML browser, seven customizable Home screens, and 5.0 MP camera/camcorder. There’s even text-tospeech and speech-to-text capabilities, auto-sync of email and contacts, wi-fi, and stereo Bluetooth. U.S. Cellular’s four-day sale from Nov. 22-29, the Desire will be $49.99 after an $80 mail-in rebate.

Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize The four-inch AMOLED touchscreen makes it easier to watch movies in bright environments,

and games look great with the 1 GHz processor and high-quality 3D graphics. Running Android, the Galaxy S puts the power of Android in the palm of your hand, with all the great features of the Galaxy Tab but smaller. Its 5 MP camera/camcorder records HD video. And during U.S. Cellular’s four-day sale from Nov. 22-29, the Mesmerize will retail for $99.99 after an $80 mail-in rebate.

Maybe your techie’s low-end inkjet printer needs an upgrade; these days, even color laser printers, which are far cheaper to operate than inkjets, are very affordable. Or maybe your techie has been jonesing for a new wireless N router. And who wouldn’t appreciate a memory upgrade or bigger hard drive for his computer? External hard drives are always winners, with terabyte drives at stunningly low prices. Cameras. Your techie might be happy with a cellphone camera, but might prefer something more robust. If he’s not a photographer, a point-andshoot will work. But if he’s serious about taking pictures, consider a high-end consumer camera, or a low-end pro camera that can change lenses. Serious photographers will be serious about their brands, so shop smart; a Canon lens won’t work on a Nikon camera. Find more camera ideas on page 14. E-R Readers. Super-popular this year. Most use electronic ink and are easy to read even in bright sunlight. Your techie might prefer a tablet computer for ebooks, or might prefer paper, so know his preference. The Nook and Kindle are the big players, but there are many other popular brands. Flash storage. If your techie has it all, a USB flash drive never fails. They’ve replaced diskettes, and are convenient ways to store and transport data. Also, consider memory cards for cell phones, cameras, and other devices; be sure you know what card type he needs. Flash-storage devices are sure-hit gifts, and make great stocking stuffers.

4 great tech

stocking stuffers 1

Car and wall chargers. No matter what the toy is, if it is electronic, chances are you’ll need a charger. Delight your giftee with a charger for home, for the office, and for the car.


Headphones/ear buds. Gamers, music nuts, and techies who surf the Net will appreciate a great set of headphones. Internet gamers will appreciate headphones that also have a microphone built in to play with others online.


Storage cases. Small electronic gadgets can easily get lost in a backpack or purse. Keep all their gadgets safe by gifting a cool bag or case.


Gaming accessories. Gamers always appreciate controllers, accessories, and new games. Before hitting the store, make sure you know what your gamer’s preferences are and what they already have. And if you’re buying a video game, make sure you know the platform the gamer uses and buy age-appropriate games.

Samsung Galaxy Tab available in time for the holiday shopping season This cutting-edge Android tablet is perfect for an immersive multimedia, messaging, and music experience. With a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen and full Flash support, and access to more than 100,000 Android apps, the Galaxy Tab features a 3 MP camera with autofocus and zoom, and a 1.3 MP front-facing camera for video chat. Send video, audio, and pictures from your Galaxy Tab to other D L N A enabled devices; read books on the Kindle app; work with Microsoft Office files; use a full range of Google Mobile Services; and more. The Galaxy Tab has a virtual keyboard with Swype technology, making it quick and easy to input text. With Samsung’s Social Hub, and MP3 player, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and memory expandable to 32 GB, the Galaxy Tab just might be the tech device to beat this year.

Calais 483 North St., 207-454-2174 Ellsworth 42 Downeast Hwy., 207-667-9300 Machias 1 Court Street, 207-255-5055 CALL FOR STORE HOURS.

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Bangor Daily News | Thursday | November 18, 2010 | 9

Tradition is back in style this holiday season

By ARA Content


he holiday season is upon us and the question on everyone’s mind is what to get for their loved ones. In recent years, a return of classic holiday traditions has influenced the spirit of gift giving. Homemade gifts are an easy way to show someone you care and to demonstrate your creative flair. Arts and craft stores are an easy go-to destination whether creating a gift for grandparents or a neighbor. Bead kits, needlepoint sets and do-it-yourself picture frames are a few ideas to help get you started. Creating a gift that is both unique and thoughtful is especially perfect for those on a budget. Another holiday tradition enjoying a comeback is to host a cookie exchange. It’s easy: Simply invite friends and family over and ask each person to bake a dozen or two of their favorite

holiday cookies. Swap stories, recipes and tasty treats in the company of those you love. Tap into the season’s spirit of generosity and partner with your local schools or community centers to make your cookie exchange a charitable bake sale. Involve friends and family in the process by collectively deciding what worthy local charity will receive the proceeds and further extend the spirit of the season. Holiday gifts that benefit the recipient but also give back to charitable organizations are another classic tradition. Share Our Strength — a leading national nonprofit organization working hard to make sure no kid grows up hungry — asks that holiday shoppers consider charitable gifts when making their gift list this season. Traditional gifts never go out of style. By combining creativity with some traditional favorites, you can be sure to give those on your gift list something they will love.

Get spicy, get creative with your holiday gift baskets

Gift ideas for all ages NEWS PHOTOS BY DEBRA BELL

By ARA Content

Shopping local has its advantages, the least of which is that you can look at, touch, and puchase the perfect present in one place. 1. Secretariat may still be racing at the box office, but Blue Seal on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor has him in stock as well as many other Breyer horses. 2. Does your dog love to play outside? Protect her feet with Dog Clogs, available at Epic Sports on Central Street in Bangor. 3. Toy cars delight young and old. At The Grasshopper Shop in Bangor, choose from a wide variety, including farm machines. 4. Have a loved one working on home improvement projects? Pick up painting supplies from Color Concepts on Hammond Street in Bangor. Color Concepts also carries a wide selection of blinds and other supplies. 5. Black Bear Medical carries a variety of Grampa’s Garden brand heating pads. Therabear is a great option for the kid who needs a little comforting.








f you’re looking for easy but thoughtful gifts for holiday giving, herb, spice and tea baskets offer a solution for just about anybody on your list. Ordering online the supplies to make them will save you shopping time. And by buying your ingredients from the bulk section of your local food store, you can craft lovely gifts that are easy on the holiday budget, too. With just a little thought about the person the gift is for and a few supplies, you’ll be able to design a personalized presentation. Some tips: • Choose containers to define your theme. Baskets are lovely, but a mixing bowl, cake pan, serving dish and colander are more surprising and fun. Your gift may be as small as a delicate teacup

or as large as a hefty soup pot. • Repackage bulk herbs and spices in small jars or sacks tied with a festive ribbon. Label each with a gift tag or sticker. Frontier Natural Products offers hundreds of herbs and spices in bulk - as well as in small containers - on their website at And some specific gift basket ideas: • Tuck loose-leaf teas like chamomile and peppermint (or your favorite spice blend) in a teacup, along with a tea strainer. Tie a ribbon on the handle. • Combine a pizza cutter, a wedge of Parmesan, some baking yeast and an array of pizza seasonings - like oregano, basil and garlic powder, or a pizza seasoning blend - in a mixing bowl lined with a red-checkered cloth or potholder. • Create a basket of basic spices for newlyweds or kids heading off to col-

Inspired holiday gifts from the kitchen By Metro Creative Service


f the best gifts come from the heart, certainly the next-best gifts come from the kitchen. Culinary treats can be perfect presents for your foodie friends or just about anyone on your list. Food gifts are especially perfect for friends, neighbors, teachers, and others for whom more elaborate gifts are neither expected nor required. What’s more, the possibilities are endless and can be adjusted for varying palates, allergies and preferences. Here are several suggestions for serving up delicious holiday gifts this season.

Sugar Just about everyone looks forward to seasonal sweets, from Christmas cookies to jelly doughnuts for Chanukah to benne cakes or sweet potato pie for the final feast of Kwanzaa. • Rethink your cookies. When it comes to culinary delights, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. But if you want to put a twist on tradition, consider some alternatives to the holiday cookie sampler, such as decorating greeting-card-sized cookies with personalized messages, filling decorative jars with all of the dry ingredients needed for your favorite cookie recipe or giving the gift of dough — three different kinds of cookie dough rolled into logs, wrapped in wax paper and tied at the ends with festive ribbons. • Take a dip. Dipping store-bought confections

such as peppermint sticks, candy canes, candied orange peel, shortbread cookies, or even fresh figs in good-quality chocolate (a mix of dark, milk and white chocolate is even better!) will transform these everyday items into holiday-worthy gifts. • Think drinks. Nothing takes the chill out of a cold December morning like hot chocolate — especially when it’s homemade. Make your own mix with ground chocolate and sugar or package a high-quality store brand in a festively decorated jar, then add some peppermint sticks, chocolate-coated spoons or homemade marshmallows to the mix. • Have a jam session. Handmade jams, preserves and fruit compotes are always appreciated. Your creation can be accompanied by the recipe, some scones or great toasting bread, or even a decorative serving jam jar. • Bark that’s as good as its bite. Chocolate bark is a delicious no-bake gift that’s so easy to make you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to try it. Recipes are everywhere and you can customize the bark with your recipients’ favorite nuts, dried fruits and other tasty tidbits.

And spice For people who love to cook, great ingredients make exquisite gifts. Think about giving your favorite foodie the gift of flavor in the form of spices, either from the bulk aisle at your favorite upscale grocery chain or a well-loved specialty retailer. Since spices don’t stay fresh forever, your culinary connoisseur is

sure to appreciate a new assortment. For the more adventurous cooks on your list, consider purchasing a few special spices, such as saffron or vanilla — either the bean or a high-quality extract. Spices can be purchased in small amounts and then presented in decorative airtight jars with handwritten labels. Other options include making and giving your own spice blends and purchasing whole spices, such as nutmeg or allspice, and presenting them along with the appropriate tool for grinding or grating them.

And everything nice Themed baskets of food will generate big smiles from everyone on your holiday list. Putting together an assortment of items for a particular meal or kind of cooking is as much fun for the giver as it is for the receiver. Here are some ideas that are both simple and special. • Breakfast basket. Fill a basket with homemade pancake and waffle mix and a bottle of real maple syrup, or go continental with a batch of freshly baked scones and a jar of lemon curd. For the caffeine lover, two mugs, one filled with a favorite gourmet coffee or tea and the other packed with some homemade pastries or a jar of jam. • Pasta basket. The centerpiece of this gift could be a jar of your famous spaghetti sauce, which is surrounded by a package of fresh pasta, a bulb of garlic and a wedge of Parmesan cheese. • Pizza basket. Start with a package of homemade pizza dough, add a jar of pizza sauce or pesto made


Food made for loved ones is always a hit around the holidays. In addition to homemade goodies, gifts for the kitchen are another great hit for anyone on your list. Check out stores like Grasshopper Shop and Rebecca’s for fantastic Made in Maine gifts. from the basil in your garden, then decorate the basket with a merry mix of cheeses and popular pizza add-ons, such as pepperoni, olives, olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and small packets of spices, such as oregano or red pepper flakes. To ensure that your gifts don’t go to waste, be sure to add instructions for storing and handling the food — especially those items that need to be refrigerated.

lege, or a selection of savory spice blends for the seasoned cook. Include a cookbook for beginners or one by a favorite cooking show author. • Corral some grilling spices and utensils in a grilling basket. Include some long mitts and a gift certificate for grilling fare (“I’ll bring the burgers when you fire up the grill,” for example). • Share your sought-after dressing recipe (or look up one that’s full of spice). Place it in a salad bowl along with wooden serving utensils and the needed spices and other ingredients. Add some homemade croutons and pretty napkins. • Fill an earthy mug with a hot cocoa mix - it’s even available Fair Trade Certified - or all of the ingredients for a hot drink, like this Cocoa Con Chile. Add the recipe, along with some marshmallows.

Cocoa Con Chile Ingredients: 2 tablespoons cocoa powder or carob powder 2 tablespoons sugar A pinch or two of cayenne or 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder A pinch of sea salt 1/4 cup water 1 cup milk 1 cup half and half Whipped cream or marshmallows for topping (optional)

Directions: Whisk together in a saucepan the cocoa or carob, sugar, cayenne or cinnamon, salt, and water. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until heated through. Whisk in the milk and half and half and continue cooking over low heat until hot. Pour into cups and top with whipped cream and another pinch of cayenne, if you like. Makes about two servings.

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Consider buying a Maine-made gift this holiday season

Start your holiday shopping at an arts and craft fair By Debra Bell SPECIAL SECTIONS WRITER


hat better way to get back to old-fashioned gift giving than to shop at a craft fair or buy Maine-made gifts? In addition to supporting an artist, crafter, or small business, your

giftee will take delight in how thoughtful you are. Craft fairs are pletiful during the holiday season and are ripe with gift options. The United Maine Craftsmen’s Arts & Crafts shows are perfect places to begin your holiday shopping and to get ideas for the perfect gift. On November 26-27, the UMC will have its 36th annual Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Show at the Brewer Auditorium. At the show, you’ll likely find a gift for everyone on your list. The show opens on Friday from 10

a.m.-5 p.m. and again on Saturday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. The UMC will also have shows on December 4-5 and December 11 in Portland. Want to be sure that you’re getting something that is high quality and not made in China? Craft fairs and art shows have high quality items for reasonable prices. Admission is $2 to get into the show. Visit and you’ll find a coupon for $1 off. NEWS PHOTOS BY DEBRA BELL

Craft fairs and art shows are fantastic places to begin holiday shopping or to finish your shopping. Vendors at the United Maine Craftsmen’s craft fairs spanned the gamut from gifts for kids (far left), ornaments (middle left), hand made gifts (right), quirky gifts like the Monkey Farts lotion (bottom left), and Mainemade jewelry (bottom right). In addition, appeal to your stomach and buy preserves, salsas, sugary goodies, and much more.

Girls Continued from Page 3 Admirers and experts alike consider a diamond’s cut to be the most important of the four C’s. Regardless of carat, color, or clarity, a poorly cut diamond is lackluster. A Forever10 has 71 facets versus the classic 57 facet brilliant cut. The 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows are revealed when every single facet is precisely crafted and aligned. All facets are exactly the same size. The polish and symmetry are of the highest grades. The ideal cut of the Forever10 guarantees it has a beautiful spread, appearing (face up) larger than other cuts. The Forever10 is truly a gem of ultimate beauty and

admiration. Quality Jewelers is proud to be a Master ISO Jeweler, where the Forever10 is exclusively sold. At Quality Jewelers, we know that the jewelry business is forever changing. Customers are more educated about your purchases, your lives are busier, and you are more price sensitive. As such, we work every day to deliver on our promise of providing fashionable and well priced jewelry. Because our jewelers and designers are in house, your jewelry will never leave the store. On behalf of the entire Quality Jewelry family, we invite you to cal or stop in today. We look forward to assisting you.

Quality Jewelers is located at 57 Washington Street in the Penobscot Plaza in Bangor. Visit online at, or call (207) 990-1199.

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Give the gift of holiday memories


Rebecca’s has a variety of frames perfect for gift giving.

By ARA Content


ome say that the spirit of the holidays isnt what it used to be. The overwhelming task of buying gifts for everyone in the family can make you feel like it’s all about whats under the tree. This year, when you’re making your gift list, think of presents that inspire treasured memories and create new ones for the future. By giving the gift of memories, you’ll be bringing the true spirit of the holidays back to your celebrations. The holidays are a time of traditions, from the food that graces the tables to the movies you watch each year to the places you travel to meet family and friends. Rather than running from store to store picking up the latest gadgets and fads, take a few moments to plan out your list based on memories that youve shared with each person to whom you’re giving a gift. Use these ideas as inspiration for giving holiday gifts with a hint of nostalgia. Whether its the smell of baking cookies that takes you back to wintry days spent in Grandmas kitchen or the spicy fragrance of cinnamon that brings to mind sipping spiced apple cider around the fireplace, at this time of year, its no surprise that smell is the sense most closely tied to memories. Bringing back those memories can be a simple as lighting scented candles from the Yankee Candle Company. The true-to-life fragrance in classic candles like Balsam & Cedar, Christmas Cookie or Sparkling Cinnamon — or even new scents like Holiday Garland or Winter Wonderland — can transport you back to cherished experiences of the past. Whether you light them in your own home or give them as presents to friends and family, Yankee Candles are a great way to give a gift that inspires memories. Gathering together to watch holiday movies is a cozy and festive way to celebrate the season, but it can be difficult to get everyone together at the exact time that a movie is going to be aired on television. And the true classics of the season aren’t played in theaters. Give a gift of a group of holiday movie DVDs that have stood the test of time and you’ll bring back memories of past holiday movie get-togethers as well

as passing on the tradition to the next generation. Photos are one of the best ways to take a quick glimpse into the past. With digital photography’s rise in popularity, the old photo prints of the past often languish in a closet, mostly forgotten. Give them new life by creating a scrapbook of holiday memories, incorporating old photos, holiday cards and letters. If your gift recipient is the crafty type, simply gather all the elements together in a kit and let her create a scrapbook that will be exactly what she wants. Everyone treasures the house they grew up in, even long after they’ve moved away. To bring back the memories of growing up and holidays in your first home, commission a portrait of the house you grew up in. It can be created from old photographs, and it makes a wonderful gift for siblings and parents. It’ll be the perfect conversation piece at your holiday celebration — light scented candles that bring to mind the traditions you remember and take the time to let everyone talk about their favorite childhood reminiscences.

Three great gifts for your home 1. Candles and decor. Candles and photographs or prints can instantly change the ambiance in a room. Pretty frames can be found in many stores.

2. Gift cards for home improvements. Have a family member who is working on a home improvement project? Consider a gift card to the local home improvement store to buy paint or moulding for the project.

3. Organization and storage. Any home can benefit from a redo of its organziation. Instead of gift bags or gift boxes, treat your loved one to pretty baskets, or heavy duty totes. Instead of tissue paper, use hand towels or bath towels to cushion gifts.

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Decorating for a trendy Christmas on a non-trendy holiday

By ARA Content


e are all watching our wallets closely as we begin to prepare for Christmas. There are children, parents, siblings, friends, teachers and a host of others for whom we need to purchase gifts. And you’re likely planning to

throw at least one holiday gathering that involves large quantities of food and drink. Then there are your holiday decorations. If you’re like most homeowners, you were planning to simply pull out the lights, ornaments and adornments that you’ve been using for the last couple of years. But what if you could have all new decorations without the expensive price tag?


Sprague’s is a great place to pick up items to deck your halls. There are creative, cost-effective ways to spruce up your existing decorations with the season’s trendiest colors without breaking the bank. Here’s a look at some inspired holiday project ideas:

Make your interior merrier Your Christmas tree sets the stage for the holiday theme and feel of your home. Refinishing ornaments is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your look. Grab a couple of cans of spray paint from your local craft or hardware store, such as Krylon’s indoor/outdoor paint in colors like satin jade, Catalina mist or blue ocean breeze, to create an entirely new color scheme on which you can build. Remember, though, that your newly transformed ornaments can be used for more than just your tree. You likely have clear glass vases and bowls hiding around your home. Bring them out and add the painted ornaments to create a clever centerpiece on your kitchen table or in a guest bathroom. Write your guests’ names on some ornaments with a metallic leafing pen to mark place settings at dinner or to use as a unique gift tag. Inexpensive terra cotta pots can easily be transformed into glowing accent lighting for your coffee table, fireplace mantel or buffet. Spray the pots and bases with metallic spray paint and just add candles. To add even more sparkle to your decor, accent fresh greenery and pine garland with glitter spray. Combine with the terra cotta pots for a distinctive centerpiece or easily hang around a door frame, mantel or entertainment center.

Spice up outdoor festivities While you could always default to last year’s strings of lights and inflatable Santa and reindeer, why not add some more color and distinctiveness to the outside of your home? Instead of the white icicle lights that have adorned your house for the last couple of years, break out those colored lights buried in that dusty box marked “lights of Christmases past.” Red, green or even blue will help you expand your holiday color palette. The trees in your front yard were meant to hold more than just lights during the holiday season. Jazz them up with oversized Christmas ornaments

painted in complementary colors to your new lighting scheme. You can recycle ornaments you already have or repurpose large round items bought at a flea market or garage sale. A few cans of indoor/outdoor spray paint and some string or hooks will transform your oversized ornaments and make your trees glow with color. Don’t forget the front door and windows. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve accumulated a number of wreaths over the years. Dig them out of the back of your attic and spruce them up with some spray paint, such as Krylon’s Premium Metallic finish. You can also add new cost-effective embellishments like pinecones, shimmery ribbon or silk flowers. These “upcycled” wreaths will help add warmth to the outside of your home. Whether you’re looking to spice up the inside or outside of your home this holiday season, don’t forget to look around the house and in those boxes of old holiday decorations for objects you can turn into the trendy item of the season on a budget. For more Christmas and holiday project inspiration, visit

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For the 50+ set, gift giving can be easier than you think By Richard R. Shaw


uying gifts for a family member who’s over 50 can be challenging. By middle age, most women have all the nylons and Anne Murray CDs they will ever need, and ditto for men and their neckties and soap-on-a-rope. So, what’s a shopper to do? Explore unusual places for unexpected gifts. Maine is blessed with a mixture of chain-owned and locally owned stores, businesses, and restaurants that dangle discounts like mistletoe around the holidays. Gift cards and certificates are affordable stocking stuffers. In addition to the usual ones for fast food and big chain stores, why not stop by an independent bookstore or hardware company? All have gift coupons in varying amounts. Health is on everyone’s mind after 50, and the staff at Black Bear Medical, located at 1113 Stillwater Ave. in Bangor, is there to help. The company provides a wide variety of items for people with medical needs. In addition to canes, walkers, and beds, there are cozy comfort items ideal for gift gifting. Phone them toll-free at 877-989-9849 or visit them online at Grampa’s Garden is a Brunswick-based company that sells all-natural therapy and comfort products. Its Web site — — promises that its self-care products help relax, balance, and reju-


People of all ages love a comfortable chair and Black Bear Medical has many types including some specifically for the 50+ set. Or maybe the senior in your life loves entertaining and having a relaxing cup of tea. The Grasshopper Shop has a variety of Maine-made items and quirky items like brightly colored teapots.

venate the body, mind, and soul with such products as aromatherapy pillows and hot and cold packs. Grampa’s Garden items can be found at Black Bear Medical. You can’t miss by giving food for the holidays. The Lions Club sells $20 booklets of restaurant certificates and most eateries sell gift certificates. The trick is to match 50-plus family members’ culinary tastes to the right eatery. By that age, most people know what they want, so take your pick. Eastern

Green gifts: 8 ideas for helping the Earth while gift giving By Metro Creative Service


t is the season of giving. So why not give back to the planet in the process? During the holidays, people can make an effort to select environmentally responsible gifts as NEWS PHOTO BY DEBRA BELL well as celebrate in green ways. The green movement has Buying gifts that reuse old items is another great way to help save the Earth while gift giving. These license plate purses, changed the way individuals available at Rebecca’s, are a quirky option. shop for everything, from clothes to cars. It makes sense that these green sensibilities may carry over into the list is a coffee fanatic and must get his or her daily fill of way people shop for holiday gifts. For those thinking of java each day. Disposable foam cups are dangerous to going green for the holidays, consider these gift ideas. the environment, so a personalized or engraved insulat• Water saving showerhead: Put together a gift ed travel mug can keep coffee warm on the way to work. basket of spa items for the bathroom, including • Push mower: Give that handyman or lawn guru organic body oils, sea salt scrubs, authentic loofa a push reel mower that doesn’t spew noxious emissponge, and a new showerhead that conserves sions or make a lot of noise. Mowing the lawn with water usage during every shower. a manual mower is also a great form of exercise. • Rechargeable batteries: Chances are the young• Reusable shopping bag set: Some people are sters will still be requesting electronics this year, born to shop. They can do it in a green way with a including portable handheld video games. Ensure collection of stylish reusable tote bags to carry grogame play is green with rechargeable batteries ceries or the latest fashions. instead of disposable ones. • Solar powered device charger: Charge phones • Bamboo cutting board: Treat the consummate and other devices with the power of the sun instead host or hostess to a bamboo cutting board that can of using expensive electricity. easily double as a cheese and crackers platter for • Gifts that grow: A gift comprised of plant entertaining. seeds, flower pots, a potted fruit tree or any collec• Reusable travel mug: Probably someone on the gift tion of live plants will be the gift that grows green.

Maine has plenty of meat-and-potato restaurants, in addition to an ethnic mix of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, and Mexican. Many quality foods are made in Maine. Gift shops and supermarkets sell wines made by Winterport Winery,Bartlett Maine Estate Winery,and others,in addition to a myriad of microbreweries. Raye’s Mustard manufactures a variety of products in its Eastport factory, and Fox Family Potato Chips are made in Mapleton. Culturally speaking, theater companies sell gift tickets to its diverse productions. So do local musical groups, such as the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. Museums welcome your membership. Two of Maine’s

best are the Maine Discovery Museum and the Bangor Museum and History Center. Membership fees are tax dedcutible and often include gift shop discounts. Last, but by not means least, are the newspaper inserts and gift catalogs that arrive in abundance during the holidays. There are great clothing, electronics, and clothing sales going on. One sporting goods store offered a bomber jacket for $49.98, and an electronics store advertised a 26-inch LCD HDTV for an amazing $239. So, do your homework, know your 50-plus family member, and don’t forget to save some of that Maine-made eggnog for yourself.

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Put a smile on the face of your favorite photographer


he perfect holiday gift for the photographer in your life awaits at Bangor Photo at 559 Union St., Bangor. Modern cameras and related equipment can seem complex and intimidating, but Bangor Photo’s experienced professionals stress customer support and education. “When a person buys equipment from us, we make sure they leave confident and ready to shoot,” said sales associate Julie Harper. “We help ‘fit’ the camera to our client based on their shooting needs. Our staff likes to build a relationship with our customer’s that is truly valued. That’s what has kept our family-run business going for 35 years.” Throughout the year, Bangor Photo offers ongoing photo classes, one-on-one tutorial sessions, and photo field trips. They also carry educational books and DVDs for specific Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, flashes, and on the basics of photography. Harper suggests considering gifts that protect expensive photographic equipment. “A UV filter is a definite necessity for every lens,” she said. “It’s like insurance to protect your glass. Circular polarizers are great to enhance outdoor photography.” Another must is a good camera bag.“The right camera bag is key for safely transporting your investment,” Harper noted. “If traveling by plane, I recommend a ‘carry on’ compatible bag. Always keep your gear with you.” Bangor Photo offers a wide selection of bags including holsters, sling, rolling bags, and backpacks. Camera support options are vast and plentiful at

6 great gifts for photographers

Bangor Photo. GorillaPods, bean bags, monopods, and tripods are lightweight and user-friendly. They provide steady platforms for telephoto lenses and “hands free” shooting. “Using a tripod definitely helps achieve better results,” Harper said. Other gift ideas for the photog on your list may include: • Flash diffusers, such as the Gary Fong Light Spheres and Puffers • High-speed memory cards • Portable chargers and extra batteries • Remote controls 1 • Film • Frames and photo albums Consider also giving the gift of a memory, Harper said. “Our prints are the highest quality in the area,” she said. “Our printer has a true ‘darkroom process’ which uses only top quality archival paper and chemistry for prints that will last at least a century. We also do metallic and canvas printing which is amazing for that special image.” If you’re still not sure what to get your shutterbug, Bangor Photo offers a gift registry and gift certificates.


Manfrotto Monopod with fold-out feet. This gift is for the photographer who wants to be versatile, while also travelling light. Use it as a monopod for action photography or nature photography, then unscrew the bottom and three feet turn this monopod into a tripod for extra stability. (Retail: $115.00)


Camera bag. Think all camera bags are alike? Not so. And a good


Filters. If you are investing in a good DSLR, a good filter or two is a must. UV filters protect the camera lens from the elements. If your photographer loves shooting outside, consider getting a circular polarizer filter for the camera.


Education. A photographer can never have enough books or videos on how to hone their skills. Getting your photographer a new camera? Pick up a book and video about it to go with it. Or sign your photographer up for classes.

camera bag will protect the investment while also providing support and storage in one place. Whether it’s a holster, slingbag, rolling bag, or backpack, a camera store is a good place to start the bag search.


2 5 4

Bangor Photo is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. For more information about gifts that every photographer will appreciate, call (207) 942-6728, e-mail or log onto

Stocking Stuffers. Every photographer can use the gift of batteries, memory cards, or other small items perfect for stuffing a stocking. Even the Gorillapod tripod fits nicely in a stocking!

6 3 6

Holiday cards, prints, and frames. Share your photos by

having them printed, or by creating holiday cards featuring your shutterbug’s photos. Choose a frame for a complete gift package.

Smile! Tips for great pictures By Debra Bell SPECIAL SECTIONS WRITER


he holidays are a great time to update the family album. But while the holidays are usually crazy, updating the family portrait doesn’t have to be.

Pre-plan If you know that the whole group is PHOTO BY DEBRA BELL, BELL IMAGING & DESIGN getting together for the holidays, and you’ve decided not to hire someone to do your family great way to take care of this is to “count down” the photo session, take a few moments and think about time the self-timer is taking. the groups you want to capture. Do you really need If another person from the family is taking the to get every possible grouping every year or would photo, have them make squeeky noises or being a group photo suffice? silly and once that smile peeks out, snap the photo.

Learn your camera

Get on their level

Almost every digital camera has a self-timer function. Get out that manual, dust it off, and read up on how to make the self-timer work. The best way to set it up is to get a small tripod and secure the camera on it. If you’re stuck and don’t have a tripod, a sturdy counter and boxes will also work.

If you’re photographing a baby or toddler or the family pet, get down on the ground and photograph from their level. Try removing the camera from your face when you take the image. And have fun.

Be patient This is imperative with kids and pets. Take your time and be very patient. Kids and pets both may be confused about what it is you’re doing and why they have to behave. They may also be less likely to listen to you because they see you every day. One

Pros know Professional photographers know how to work with people and pets and can create beautiful images with minimal stress to you and your family. See if your photographer will come to your home or meet you at a favorite location. Unify your family by wearing a unifying color or item, such as blue jeans, or everyone wearing scarves.

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Christmas tree safety pointers

By Metro Creative Service


hose who celebrate Christmas know that a Christmas tree is often the centerpiece to holiday decorating and celebrating. Presents are tucked beneath the bows, and for many it’s a family affair choosing and decorating the tree. While there will be debates on both sides of the fence as to whether a real or artificial tree is better, it comes down to personal preference. Each has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The big decision lies in choosing a tree that will fit the size of your home and your lifestyle and making it safe. Consider these ideas. Individuals with large great rooms or cathedral ceilings may be able to invest in a tree that is tall and full. A smaller tree may seem dwarfed in a large room. Conversely, those with a smaller room will want to scale back their tree size. Otherwise the tree can take up too much space and infringe on normal activities. Placement of a tree is also important. Many people want to put the tree in front of a large window to show off their display to passers by. However, this isn’t always practical. If a heating element is near to where you want to put your tree, the air can dry out a real tree; artificial trees may be more forgiving. Take care not to place a tree where it will interfere with the ability to traverse the room, or where guests, children or pets will stumble into it.

In fact, those with young children or pets may want to place the tree in a corner where it will be somewhat out of the way or barricaded by other furniture. Securing the tree to a wall or the ceiling with a small hook and fishing line will also be a measure of safety. Through the years lighting manufacturers have taken steps to create holiday lights that are safer and easier to use. It is never recommended to put real, lit candles on a tree, which is an obvious fire hazard. Check for frayed wires or bulbs that burn relatively hot on Christmas light strands, which can also be hazardous if the lights are left on while unattended. LED lights are now available that operate cooly and may last longer than some other traditional lights. When choosing ornaments, place delicate or breakable items higher up out of the prying hands of young children. Because glass ornaments can fall and break, it may be safer to use plastic or ceramic ones that will be more durable. A tree is something out of the ordinary in a home, so it’s natural that a pet or a child will be attracted to it, hence the need to consider safety. If you are cutting down your own tree or picking one up from the lot, another consideration is being safe with transport. Many people do not adequately secure the tree to their vehicle before driving it home. A tree that is moving back and forth on the roof of a car, or worse, comes loose and ends up on the road, is a danger. Tie the tree from all directions so that it will not move in transit. And make sure that the branches are kept together in a mesh bag so that they do not catch wind while you are moving. Drive slowly and be attentive while making turns.

Easy, cost-effective decor upgrades to “wow” your holiday guests By ARA Content


ill this year’s holiday house guests be seeing the same drapes, throw pillows and wall decor they saw in your home last year? Or even the year before that? If your decor is looking tired — or you’re just plain tired of it — the holiday season is a good time to gift yourself with a few new items that will also refresh your home for guests. It’s easy to make a big decorating impact if you focus on sprucing up areas like windows, furnishings and walls. Consider these helpful hints:

Windows The cheapest, most high-impact way to make windows look better is to wash them. Seriously. For the price of a roll of paper towels and some window cleaner — and some elbow grease -— you can make your windows look great, not to mention brighten the entire room. Once your windows are sparkling, reward yourself for your hard work with some new window treatments. If the holiday hustle and bustle leaves little time for a run to the home decor store, online resources like make it fast and easy to shop for curtains. Whether you opt for traditional or contemporary, replace curtains in rooms where guests are most likely to gather, such as the kitchen, living room or family room. To top off the holiday spirit of your new curtains, replace standard tie-backs with some festive holiday bows.

Furnishings Replacing every stick of worn-looking furniture in your home’s “public areas” probably isn’t practical for your budget with the expenses of the

holiday season looming. But you can refresh the furniture you have with a few simple steps: • Make sure it’s clean. Polish wood surfaces and vacuum upholstery. Dust and dirt will never be a designer statement. • Dress up older pieces with new cushions and pillows in eye-catching colors and patterns. A fresh pop of color can draw the eye away from less attractive surfaces. • If your furniture is just too tired-looking and replacing it is not in the budget, consider concealment. Slip covers and colorful throws are cost-effective ways to refresh older couches, loveseats, dining room chairs, armchairs and even recliners. Choose ones that accentuate your holiday theme, such as “Snowball” slip covers that offer a plush feel and bright colors in a material with a raised, snowball-like pattern.

Walls Walls are usually the largest design element in any room, and updating them can completely rewrite the profile of a space. Painting walls is a low-cost, low-labor way to refresh a room’s atmosphere and set the stage for a whole new look — even if you just put the same furniture back into the freshly painted room. Giving walls a fresh coat of paint is well within the capabilities for most do-it-yourselfers, but if you’ve never painted before or are hesitant to take on the project just before the holidays, there are other ways to liven up your walls. Changing wall decor can be fast, effective and fun. Sometimes simply moving a well-loved piece of art from one room to another is enough to make you see the piece — and the room — in a new light. Or, if you crave something new without the hassle of in-store shopping during the holiday season, shop online at Web sites like


Get ideas for trimming your tree at local stores. Rebecca’s in Bangor has lots of great ideas.

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