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A Special Section of the Bangor Daily News • March 25, 2022


SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022

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The Great Home Expo Courtesy of The Great Home Expo


ocal businesses are the heart of our state,” according to Jessica Pearl, owner and organizer of The Great Home Expo. With CDC guidelines starting to lighten and life starting to go back to “normal,” she knew she needed to find a way to help businesses in the Bangor area. “Home shows are a great way for Maine businesses to get out in front of potential customers. You can advertise on the radio, television, newspapers and online, but

there’s something to be said about a face-to-face interaction,” Pearl says. When the long-running Bangor Home Show was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, businesses who rely on the home show leads were left looking for alternative marketing avenues in an unprecedented time. Pearl’s husband was one of the local business owners impacted by the loss, and “that’s when The Great Home Expo was born,” says Pearl.

The Great Home Expo 2022, sponsored by Hammond Lumber Company, will take place on Saturday and Sunday, March 26 and 27, at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. Pearl is excited to see local businesses (and even some out-of-state businesses that serve Mainers) back together again in a home show setting. “Our exhibitors are excited, homeowners that I’ve spoken with are excited to attend, and I’m so proud to be

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Reimagine Life Outdoors. Years of relaxation and entertainment await. Now is the time to plan your next outdoor living space and Gagne & Son is here to help. With one of Maine’s largest selections of concrete and stone products, accessories, and many of the tools and supplies you need to do the job right, you can rely on our team of friendly experts and referred professionals to bring your vision to life. Auburn


Holden Kittery Saco Topsham



SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022



SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022

Story continued from Page 2 able to bring this type of event back to Bangor,” Pearl says. “Our presenting sponsor for this year’s show is Hammond Lumber Company, and exhibitors including roofers, building supply companies, heating and cooling, landscaping and solar energy representatives will be onsite and ready to talk about starting your project this year.” However, home improvement is not the only item on this year’s expo agenda; Pearl says attendees can find insurance providers, a new mattress, wealth management services, realtors, pest control and so much more. “Home isn’t just the building you occupy. It’s the people inside it, the comforts you rely on to unwind, and the services that help us raise and provide for our families. There’s something for everyone.” The best part for attendees? Admission is just $5. Concessions will be available, and the bulk of the event is inside, which means it will run no matter what the unpredict-

able Maine weather brings that weekend. The Marriott has also teamed up with The Great Home Expo to offer special rates to exhibitors and attendees the weekend of the event. Call Residence Inn at (207) 4330800 and let them know you’re with the Great Home Expo 2022 group for your discounted rate on your stay between March 25 and March 28! Rooms are limited, so folks are encouraged to call soon to book. Pearl says, “Round up your family and come visit the expo! Grab a hotel room for the night and make a weekend of it; we’re looking forward to staying at the Residence Inn and letting the kids enjoy the pool and hot tub. I’m excited to see the businesses located around the Cross Center benefit from the extra people in town that weekend. I’m definitely more conscious of supporting local businesses since Covid started — that’s one of the positives that came from the pandemic for our family.” For more info, visit The Great Home Expo website at www.GreatHomeExpo.com or email Jess.Pearl@greathomeexpo.com.

SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022

Make Your Design Dreams Come True Courtesy of Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine


enewal by Andersen of Greater Maine is a locally owned and operated replacement window and door company that offers a full-service experience for your home improvement project, from design consultation to installation. Renewal by Andersen (RBA) will work with you to design the windows of your dreams to fit the exact specifications of your home. When you set up a free inhome consultation with one of their experienced Design Consultants, the team at RBA will help you plan out your project and customize the entire look and feel that you’re searching for. They can also work with any budget for your project with special financing options, including zero money down, with 0% financing for 12 months. RBA can make your design dreams come true! Once the project has begun, the team will have an experienced carpenter called a Tech Measure arrive at your residence to complete finished carpentry measurements to the exact specifications of your windows and doors being replaced. Those measurements will then be used by the RBA team to manufacture products that will be unique to your home and project. RBA will take care of the ordering, shipping, and receiving of all the parts and units for the job. Through their customer relations team, RBA lives up to its Signature Service moniker by updating you every step of the way. Once everything has arrived in their warehouse in Bangor, RBA will contact you to set up an installation date with one of their

Master Installers. The installation team will take great care in handling not only your products, but also your home during the entire process. The RBA Master Installers are trained to work through the entire year with quality craftsmanship, cleanliness, communication, and service being the main tenets of each project. The team at RBA also will go through the project with each homeowner to verify that the job is completed to their standards as well as those of the company. They also follow up once the project is completed to ensure satisfaction from you, the homeowner, as well as addressing any concern that still might be outstanding. What sets RBA apart, beyond the ability to be a one-stop shop for your home improvement project and exceptional customer service is the fact their dedicated service department is available to assist in any issues that may arise after installation to the life of the warranty of the product. RBA is known not only for the exceptional Andersen product, but also the incredible customer service that is there to assist you whenever you need them. They will work with you to accomplish the home improvement project of your dreams, with a plethora of financing options and customized design for your entire project. Trust Renewal by Andersen with your next project and see the difference they can make on your home. Schedule your free in-home consultation by going to RBAGreaterMaine.com.



SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022

2022 Real Estate Trends by Erinne Magee


t’s no secret that the pandemic has caused chaos in the real estate market. Housing prices have skyrocketed, supply cannot keep up and an influx of new Mainers have all been trending over the past couple of years. Local experts are expecting much of the same in 2022. We spoke to Hilary Gotlieb, Realtor at NextHome Experience, and Ashlee Simpson Black, Broker at Realty of Maine, to help break down the trends so buyers and sellers can have a good idea of what to expect this year.

The Inventory Game According to Gotlieb, local inventory is not meeting demands, which is part of the reason that home prices have gone up so much over the last year. Simply, there are more preapproved buyers that want to purchase a home than there are homes available. Buyers are willing to spend more and many listed homes receive multiple offers and sell for above the asking price. “We are seeing that there are fewer than five to seven houses active on the market in Bangor,” says Black. “And even less than that in the surrounding towns on any given day.”

SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022

New Construction In other parts of the country, Black says new construction has helped alleviate a bit of the supply issue, but here in Maine companies are facing a demand problem and cannot keep up with new builds. Unless there is a solution quickly, it’s not expected that new construction will aid in the low inventory of homes.

Getting Creative Black admits the low inventory has forced her and others to get creative. Digging into statistics, learning more about the demographics of who is buying and selling houses right now is helping real estate teams find new and fun ways to market and reach out to clients, customers, referrals and communities. “It has been fun to get back to basics to bring out some more inventory for the buyers,” says Black. For those selling with the intention of buying a different home, Black reminds us to ask the lender what products they offer to keep you competitive with other offers that don’t have that contingency. Figuring out the next step after sale is holding some people from putting their house on the market. “Lenders are also learning how to get creative,” says Black. “With help of some great loan products, sellers can stay in the game right beside people who are jumping in fresh.”

Interest Rates Gotlieb tells us interest rates have already begun to rise in January and February with some experts believing rates could get as high as 5 percent this year. There’s also the belief this hike will make sellers hold off on listing their homes because although they can get a higher sale, they don’t want to give up their low rate when they, in turn, have to buy another home. But Gotlieb does not believe the rising interest rates will stop buyers from purchasing. “The rising interest rates will just make it continually harder for median income home buyers to purchase,” says Gotlieb, who gives the following

example: a buyer may have to look at purchasing a $250,000 home when previously they could have purchased a $325,000 home because the difference in interest rate could affect the monthly payment that much.

Multi-Unit Homes Since the price of rent has soared, many buyers are seeking to offset the cost of living by purchasing a multi-unit home. “The interest in multi-unit homes has grown greatly which has increased the price of these properties,” says Gotlieb, who notes that she gets plenty of calls from buyers interested in purchasing multi-unit homes, sometimes strictly for investment but also to live in one part and rent out the rest.

Advice for Potential Sellers “If you are on the edge and have been thinking of it, today is the day to make the call to at least get more information,” says Black. “Your house is probably worth more than you think, and when priced properly and marketed well, you can get it sold quickly. And we need houses of all shapes and sizes! The buyers are just waiting in the shadows for your house to have that sign on the lawn.”

Advice for Buyers Gotlieb puts emphasis on the preapproval from a local lender that has a great reputation. “As a listing agent, when I go through multiple offers one of the very first things I look at is who the bank is that the buyer is pre-approved with,” she says. “I sometimes will have a seller choose a buyer based on them being pre-approved with a local lender they trust over someone with a tiny bit higher offer price. It’s confidence that the deal will make it to the closing table. The other great piece of advice would be to put your best foot forward. Offer your highest and best because you likely won’t get another shot at it. And lastly, sometimes sellers like to see a higher earnest money amount because it shows them you are a serious buyer.”

Heat Pumps Heat & AC All In One Join the tens of thousands of Mainers who have installed heat pumps for low-cost heating and cooling.

Get rebates up to $2,400* Find a contractor at efficiencymaine.com or call 866-376-2463 Act now while funds are available.

*Income-eligible homeowners qualify for rebates up to $2,400. All other homeowners are eligible for up to $1,200. See efficiencymaine.com for details.



SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022



any of us come alive in the spring and have the urge to start fresh. It’s nice to have a change of scenery, and this time of year is the perfect time to do some rearranging, decluttering and give your home a facelift. Keep in mind you don’t have to make a huge commitment or purchase a new dining table or living room set to create a seasonal scene change in your home. There are many ways to lighten and brighten up your space in the spring without spending a lot of time or money.

Pops of Color One of the easiest things to do when you are trying to get the inside of your home to fit what’s happening outside is to go with the colors of the season. Spring and summer are great times to add all different colors to your rooms. There are flowers in bloom of all colors. The sky is bluer, the grass and trees are a stunning green, and you can’t help but want to bring some of that inside. If it

Federally Insured by NCUA

goes together outside then it is going to go together inside. Paint is a great way to give existing pieces new life. Take a few side tables or accent chairs and paint them a statement color. Planters and other small accessories, such as vases, candle holders and shells, look beautiful when given new life with some color. Adding color can be as easy as swapping out your pillows and throws, getting a new rug or painting an accent wall. Purchasing or making an abstract painting with pops of pink, orange and turquoise will instantly give your space a cooler, more summery vibe.

Greenery Nothing says warmer weather like plants. There are so many varieties to choose from like indoor trees or simple succulents. If you know you aren’t good at taking care of the real thing, why not get some faux plants? They look like the real thing with zero maintenance, and with little effort, you’ve added some freshness to your home.

Lighter Fabrics You can swap out anything from rugs to drapes to blankets. During the warmer months, aim for cotton and linen fabrics. Jute rugs go with any decor and can be layered with brighter rugs. Pillows can be easily freshened by buying new covers or having some made. Buying new towels and bathmats for your bathroom in whites, tans or light


seaboardfcu.com 1-800-639-2206 For rate information, go to our website, apply online or just give us a call.

SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022

grays is another simple way to bring the sunshine inside. Lighter drapes will make your space look lighter and allow more sun to seep through the windows.

Flowers Don’t be afraid to use florals. Even if it’s an accent here and there, flowers are a great way to soften up a room. You can buy faux stems, indulge in a fresh bouquet or add some floral pillows.

Declutter One of the easiest (and most inexpensive) things you can do to get your home ready for spring is to declutter. It feels so good to get rid of the piles lying around your home or pack some of your decor away for a clean, simple look. Baskets, lots of blankets and candles are great for a fall and winter feel, but it’s nice to simplify things in the spring and summer.

It’s also a great way to let some of your favorite pieces sing. Clear off coffee tables, countertops and tables, and put away all the stuff you don’t use every day. Decluttering not only clears up your space, it helps you clear your mind and stay focused. It also helps inspire you to pick some new things out when you can see the bare bones of what you have to work with in your space.

Accents Change out your pinecones and antlers for shells or wooden garland. Trade some paintings or wall hangings for more mirrors which will reflect light and make your space look bigger. A few pieces of driftwood from the ocean make a great centerpiece for your mantle or dining table. Regardless of your style, making your home fresh for the warmer months can make you feel fantastic.

4 POPULAR COLORS FOR 2022 Courtesy of Metro Creative

Home design trends come and go. The fleeting nature of such trends can make it hard for homeowners to commit to a particular style, especially if they want their home decor to stay as current as possible. Paint provides one way to stay current and refresh a home’s interior without investing in new furniture and home accessories. Paint trends change, but these colors are already making the rounds in 2022. · Very Peri: Very Peri is the Pantone® 2022 Color of the Year. A brand new shade of blue, Very Peri was designed to rekindle some of the qualities that the color blue represents while simultaneously complementing a modern perspective. The home design pros at HGTV recommend pairing Very Peri with neutrals like taupes and creams or deeper shades like navy or brown. · Evergreen Fog: The paint experts at Sherwin-Williams note that this shade of green is symbolic of nature and a color associated with revitalization and growth. Those characteristics make it great for homeowners who are looking to create a new beginning with their home interiors, particularly in relaxing spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. · Breezeway: Breezeway from Behr® is another popular color that provides a soft look. Breezeway is the Behr® Color of the Year for 2022 and is described as a silvery green shade with cool undertones. Behr® touts the versatility of Breezeway, which the company indicates inspires awe in bedrooms, living rooms or hallways. Breezeway pairs well with creamy white, taupe, softened black and nuanced pink. · Gilded Linen: Gilded Linen from Valspar® is ideal for homeowners who want a color to organize and connect spaces throughout their homes. Gilded Linen is a minimalist white that mixes well with natural elements like wood and greenery. The soft tone of Gilded Linen makes it suitable in a variety of rooms, which is one reason why it’s so popular in homes with open floor plans.



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Budget-friendly ways to upgrade a landscape Courtesy of Metro Creative


n inviting, well-tended landscape can add significant curb appeal to a home. Such a landscape also can serve as a point of pride and welcome homeowners each evening as they arrive home from work. Landscaping projects run the gamut from simple changes that can be accomplished on a weekend afternoon to more significant and costly undertakings that require the work of a professional. Budget-conscious homeowners may be looking for simpler projects, and the following are some less costly ways to upgrade a landscape. · Add a pop of color with planters. Awe-inspiring colors can make a landscape stand out from surrounding properties. Flowers, bushes and plants may be the first thing homeowners consider when trying to add color to their lawns, but planters can provide a more immediate way to give exterior grounds some color. Bold planters won’t lose their color in a matter of weeks like many flowers do, and homeowners can switch planters so the colors align with the season. For example, some pastel planters can evoke the spirit of spring, while orange planters can be filled with mums to give a landscape an autumnal feel. · Plant perennials around the property. Well-maintained perennials grow back each year, making them ideal for homeowners who don’t have the time or desire to map out new gardening arrangements each spring. Planting perennials also is a great way to add color around the property without breaking the bank.

· Upgrade walkways. Though it’s more expensive than adding planters and planting perennials, upgrading old and cracked walkways is a great way to give a property a whole new look. According to the renovation experts at HomeAdvisor, homeowners typically pay between $6 and $12 per square foot for new concrete walkway installation. Homeowners working on a budget can target spots where walkways have already cracked and fix those areas first before continuing the project piecemeal until all the old walkways have been replaced. · Plant to create privacy. Homeowners spent more time at home than ever before during the pandemic, and some might have grown tired of seeing what their neighbors are up to. Fencing might be the first solution homeowners consider when looking to make their landscapes more private. But new fencing installation can be expensive, costing homeowners between $1,667 and $4,075 on average, according to BobVila.com. A more costly and natural solution is to plant trees around the perimeter. Speak with a local landscaping professional, who can survey the property to see which trees might thrive and provide the privacy homeowners want. Creating an inviting landscape doesn’t have to break the bank. Various small and relatively inexpensive projects can change the look and feel of a home’s exterior.

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How to pick the right trees for your property Courtesy of Metro Creative


rees benefit a landscape by serving both aesthetic and utilitarian functions. A home surrounded by healthy green trees can be a sight to behold, and those same trees can benefit surrounding plants and wildlife at the same time. As appealing as trees are, not all trees and landscapes make for the perfect match. The Arbor Day Foundation notes the importance of planning when designing a landscape. Planning ensures the trees homeowners ultimately choose for their properties will grow well in the soil and moisture present in their yards. Careful consideration of a handful of variables can help homeowners determine which trees will make the best fit for their properties. · Height: Homeowners must consider the projected height of a tree before planting it. Avoid trees that will bump into anything when fully grown, as that can adversely affect surrounding greenery and pose a safety hazard. The ADF’s tree sizing guide can be accessed at www.arborday.org/trees/rightTreeAndPlace/size.cfm and serves as an invaluable resource for homeowners who want to plant new trees around their properties. · Canopy spread: Trees grow out as well as up, so it’s important to consider their potential width at maturity as well. The ADF sizing guide can help homeowners get

an idea of how wide a tree is likely to be at maturity. Trees that spread out quite a bit don’t necessarily need to be avoided, but it’s important that they’re planted far enough apart so they don’t adversely affect surrounding plants. In addition, wide trees that are planted too close together can make the landscape appear crowded, taking something away from its aesthetic appeal. · Growth rate: Growth rate is an important variable because it can affect how quickly homeowners will see changes in their landscapes. Homeowners who want to plant for privacy can consider trees with quick growth rates or purchase more mature trees that are already near full growth. Those who are not in need of instant transformation can try trees with slower growth rates, which the ADF notes typically live longer than fastgrowing species. · Requirements: Different trees require different amounts of sun and moisture and different soil components to thrive. Homeowners can have their soil tested to determine which trees will thrive in it. Local garden centers can be a great resource for homeowners who want insight as to which trees will thrive in their local climates. Trees serve many functions on a property. Choosing the right trees for a landscape requires careful consideration of a host of variables.



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How to cut costs on home renovations Courtesy of Metro Creative


o you still have an avocado green kitchen? Is your living room dank and dark? Perhaps there is only one bathroom for a family of six? Answering yes to any of these questions could serve as the catalyst for a home renovation project. Home improvement projects come in all shapes and sizes — some with huge budgets and others that are more costconscious. Regardless of what homeowners hope to achieve with their renovations, a common goal across any price point is a desire to save as much money as

possible. Home renovations can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs. · Assess the merit of the project. Remodeling magazine annually publishes a “Cost vs. Value Report” that lists the average cost and return on investment homeowners can expect of various types of projects. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, it may be best to focus on repairs and renovations that will generate the most substantial ROI. · Hire a contractor. Even avid do-it-yourselfers can sometimes benefit from a contrac-

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tor’s expertise, particularly for complex tasks. Don’t waste money by trying tough jobs yourself; rely on an experienced contractor who can get supplies for less money and will do the job right the first time. Compare bids from several different contractors and figure out the best value. · Refurbish existing features. Rather than a complete gut and rebuild, figure out where you can revitalize existing fixtures and more. For example, refinishing existing cabinets can save you up to 50 percent compared with the cost of new cabinetry, according to Angi (formerly Angie’s List), a cost comparison and business review resource. · Choose mid-grade materials. Certain materials may be all the rage but they come with a higher price tag. Angi reports that granite counters could be $60 to $100 per square foot. However, a composite or laminate that looks like granite and wears well may be $10 to 40 per square foot. Figure out where you can choose middle-of-the-road materials for

maximum value. · Avoid peak seasons. You’ll pay more to install a deck or a pool right before the outdoor entertaining season. There also may be a premium to get work done right before a major holiday. Therefore, consult the calendar to find an off-time for a renovation and book it then to save. · Do some prep work. You might be able to save by doing some of the demolition and preparatory work yourself. For example, you can tear up old carpeting before the installation of new tile floors. Perhaps you can mend and patch up walls before a paint job. · Buy a display item. Former showroom kitchens and baths often are sourced at a fraction of their recommended retail prices, according to Real Homes, a home remodel guide based in the United Kingdom. Retailers often update their displays and you may score existing showroom items at a discount. Renovations can be expensive, but there are many different ways to cut costs.

Insulate. Be comfortable. Save money. Weatherization rebates from $500 to $9,600* Act now while funds are available. Find an insulation professional at efficiencymaine.com or call 866-376-2463.

* Income-eligible homeowners qualify for rebates of $600 to $9,600. All other homeowners eligible for $500 to $5,500. See efficiencymaine.com for details.



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The basics of container gardening Courtesy of Metro Creative


ardening is a rewarding hobby that has been linked to health benefits like reduced stress and improved mental well-being. Gardening also can lead to an inviting home landscape full of attractive blooms and/or delicious foods. Backyard gardens have long been planted after clearing a plot of land, tilling and amending the soil, and planting rows of favorite crops. However, gardening can be less labor-intensive and even more successful when people consider the many benefits of container gardening.

What is container gardening? As its name implies, container gardening is growing plants inside of containers. These containers can be flower pots, rectangular deck boxes or even large raised garden beds.

Pros to container gardening One of the advantages of container gardening is that plants can be moved in and out of sunlight to ensure the right growing conditions. This isn’t as easily achieved when gardens are stationary. Also, beginner gardeners may be more able to control soil conditions inside of a small container rather than a vast

ground-based garden, which will require a good deal of manual labor. Pots and boxes also can be grouped together to create eye-popping displays, usually at lower costs than the sheer volume of plants that would be needed to fill out an expansive landscape.

Cons to container gardening Container garden plants will not have direct access to the ground, so they need gardeners to create the ideal growing conditions. Developing the right care formula can be challenging. The home and garden resource The Spruce says that drainage is an important factor in container gardening, and most containers do not offer enough drainage holes. If water cannot escape the soil, the roots of the plants can rot and die. It’s not enough to add stones or gravel to the bottom of containers. Drill additional holes in the bottom (1/2-inch in diameter for small or medium-sized pots; one inch in diameter for larger pots). Also, be sure to check on soil moisture so that watering can be adjusted. During hot stretches, plants may need to be watered more frequently.

Plan for plants that play well Grouping plants together can create visually stunning combinations. However, it is important to choose plants that require the same amount of light and moisture. Look at plant tags when visiting the garden center and select complementary plants, or ask a store employee. Mixing different plant shapes, colors and leaf textures, as well as plants of various heights, can help containers look filled out.

Feed plants accordingly Plants need nutrition to thrive in containers. Quality potting mixes will contain fertilizers, but nutrition will wane over time. Every couple of weeks, container plants will need either fresh potting mix or granular fertilizer added to feed them. Oregon State University Extension Services suggests using a slowrelease fertilizer or worm castings several times throughout the season. Container gardening is a great way to add plants to smaller patios, reduce the workload involved in maintaining expansive gardens, and customize conditions for optimal growth.

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SPRING HOME IMPROVEMENT • Bangor Daily News Special Advertising Section • March 25, 2022