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Culture, Arts and Recreation


April 23, 2014




Office of Cultural Affairs Park & Recreation


Joey Zapata, 670-1204


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SUBJECT Authorize an amendment to Resolution No. 09-2956, previously approved on December 9, 2009, to the Park & Recreation Public Art Plan for the 2006 Bond Program in compliance with the City's Public Art Ordinance of the Dallas City Code, Chapter 2, Article X (list attached) - Financing: No cost consideration to the City BACKGROUND As part of the overall administration of the City of Dallas Public Art Program established in 1988 by ordinance (Dallas City Code, Chapter 2, article X), the Office of Cultural Affairs is required to develop a Public Art Plan for consideration by the City Council. Projects listed in the plan that are part of or located in the facilities under the jurisdiction of the Park and Recreation Department require the approval of the Park and Recreation Board. The public art allocations are determined by applying either 1.5% of .75% to the appropriations for the projects. If the project is exclusively for street, storm drainage, utility or sidewalk improvements the percentage is .75%. Items not subject to the calculation of the percentage for public art include: land acquisition, demolition, equipment, normal major maintenance, financing costs, costs paid for from the contingency reserve fund, capital reserve funds, or interest earnings on city bond proceeds, costs of any below-grade water or wastewater improvements, and costs of resurfacing or repair of existing streets, sidewalks and appurtenant drainage improvements. All public art funds must be expended for projects identified within the bond proposition by which they are generated. No funds will be encumbered or expended prior to appropriation in the annual capital budget.

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