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AGENDA ITEM # 5 Efficient, Effective and Economical Government


February 26, 2014




Business Development & Procurement Services


Jeanne Chipperfield, 670-7804


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SUBJECT Authorize a three-year master agreement for printer toners and cartridges - Hill Country Computer in the amount of $617,825, Encon Systems, Inc. in the amount of $492,731, Enhanced Laser Products in the amount of $37,050, LD Products, Inc. dba in the amount of $1,500 and Printing Supplies USA LLC in the amount of $750, lowest responsible bidders of ten - Total not to exceed $1,149,856 - Financing: Current Funds BACKGROUND This action does not encumber funds; the purpose of a master agreement is to establish firm pricing for goods, for a specific term, which are ordered on an as needed basis. This master agreement will allow the City to procure printer toner and cartridges for various desktop printers located throughout the City. These desktop printers are necessary to deliver certain services. Many of the City’s “window/counter” “face-to-face service” delivery areas utilize desktop printers to provide customers necessary documents such as payment receipts and other legal documents. Desktop printers allow “window/counter” “face-to-face” services to be delivered more efficiently to a greater number of customers than by the utilization of a centralized multi-function device. Desktop printers are also used in secure areas by departments such as Police. In these areas the printers produce sensitive documents such as photos of suspects for identification and line ups, investigative notes, court evidence, search warrants, Public Safety related documents, identification cards, maps, crime statistics, confidential and sensitive information related to investigations.

Dallas City Council Agenda: February 26, 2014 Part I  

Dallas City Council Agenda: February 26, 2014 Part I

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