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The Power of Parent Philanthropy IMPACT REPORT


welcome from the


Dear parents,


parents of new and returning students, you are vitally important members of the Boston College community, and I want to extend my greetings and welcome to you as the 2012–2013 academic year begins.

Boston College was established by members of the Society of Jesus in 1863 to educate children of mainly Irish immigrants. This fall, we are launching our Sesquicentennial Celebration. Our 150th anniversary is an opportunity to give thanks for many blessings received in past decades, reflect on our institutional heritage and mission, and dream and reach into the future with renewed vision and goals. Since its founding, Boston College has changed in location, size, scope, and complexity; but it remains committed to being the best possible institution of higher education it can be and also faithful to its Jesuit, Catholic roots. In particular, we strive to help all on our campus, especially students, identify and develop their gifts so that they can be a leaven for good in wider society. I am grateful for your support and presence and also for the ways in which you assist Boston College. With you and our other alumni and friends, BC will be able to continue working for the greater glory of God as it has done for almost 150 years. Sincerely,

William P. Leahy, S.J. President PARENT IMPACT REPORT

Boston College parents make a difference every day... More than 9,100 parents have enhanced the BC student experience with Light the World campaign gifts that touch every aspect of campus life.

message from the


Dear friends,


are so pleased that you have chosen to become a Boston College family. From the very beginning, we have felt welcome on campus and hope you, too, view the Heights as home.

The University offers our children nearly limitless opportunities for academic and personal growth, from exploring exciting new ideas in the classroom to embarking on volunteer service trips to participating in athletics and arts programs. The BC student experience is truly life-changing, and we are most grateful that you have chosen to support the University’s mission. Your philanthropy and volunteer spirit have an immediate impact on today’s undergraduates—and create a wonderful family tradition of giving to Boston College. Thank you for making a difference at BC. We hope you will find, as we do, that the more you do to advance our University community, the more you receive in return. Warm regards,

Liliane and Trustee Christian Haub, P’13, ’14 Co-chairs, Parents’ Leadership Council

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mission statement The Parents’ Leadership Council provides parents with unique opportunities to connect to Boston College and advance its Jesuit, Catholic mission. Council members play a dynamic role in BC’s success through annual support of the Parents’ Fund and other BC initiatives—and through their gifts of time and talent. They serve as ambassadors at special events, including programs with the University president, and present Boston College leaders with the parent perspective—often communicating with fellow parents on BC’s behalf, advising the University on strategies to engage parents, and promoting programs at the Heights and across the country.

The Boston College Parent Community The map below shows the number of enrolled undergraduate students by state, as well as the number of parents in each region who joined the Gasson Society by making gifts of $10,000 or more.




46 Geographic Distribution of Undergraduate Students in 2011–12:



Parents’ Gasson-Level Gifts by Region in 2011–12:





2,399 RI







































Neb. WV







































110 NC

11 TN 33 AR

18 VA















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your giving in action As a Boston College parent, you are vital to the life of the University—and propel BC forward through your unwavering commitment to your child and this special institution.

Total Parent Giving

You energize the BC student experience through your support of Light the World: The 150th Anniversary Campaign for Boston College. Your gifts to the Parents’ Fund and other BC initiatives drive the campaign’s priorities and enable the University to enhance the academic, athletic, spiritual, and formational opportunities available to all undergraduates.


$16.7M $13.6M

Discover more about the immediate and lasting impact your gifts made last year. FY10

Parent Participation in FY12 Alumni Parents




Alumni Parent Donors:

Parent Donors:

Total Number of Alumni Parents:

Total Number of Parents:





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Attending BC was always my dream. The only thing holding me back was my financial situation. I’m forever grateful to the generous donors who gave to student aid and made my BC education possible.” —Jonathan Lacoste ’15 Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio School: Carroll School of Management Concentration: Finance



BC’s Ignatian approach to education means that my professors care about me as a whole person. It’s made me a better student and person—and will make me a stronger teacher when I have a class of my own.”

Gasson Society

Total Number of Parent Gifts Alumni Parents Parents

295 133





—Yoshika Wason ’15 Hometown: Bridgeport, Conn. School: Lynch School of Education Majors: Secondary education and English

162 134





Parents’ Designation of Gifts by Campaign Priority in FY12




Academic Excellence $2,178,000

BC Parents’ Favorite Ways to Give

Athletics $1,607,000

Undergraduate Financial Aid $6,885,000

Parents’ Fund

Flynn Fund

New Campus Buildings $3,196,000

Jesuit, Catholic Heritage and Student Formation $343,000

1 2 3 4

Annual Giving $2,560,000

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Financial aid

Pops on the Heights and special events

gasson society members 2011 12 —

Boston College proudly recognizes our parent donors who, through their generosity, enrich the education and development of their children and all BC students. In appreciation of their outstanding commitment, we present those parents of undergraduate students who gave Gasson Society gifts of $10,000 or more to the University during the 2011–12 fiscal year. Anonymous Lynn and Joseph Abboud, P’13 ’16 Susan Penders Abely ’85 and John K. Abely, Jr., ’85, P’14 ’15 Dr. Christine Myunghee Ahn ’83 and Charles C. Ahn, P’14 Jung Hae Ahn and Mong-Suk Chung, P’13 Lori A. and Donald V. Alecci, P’12 Robert F. Ankner ’74, P’10 ’12 Maureen Sylvia Armstrong ’86 and Raymond F. Armstrong ’86, P’14 Kirk E. and David Arnold, P’14

Donnalisa and William Barnum, Jr., P’15 *

Deborah G. and Steven J. Bowen, P’14

Jill W. and Aidan F. Browne, P’05 ’07 ’13 *

Tammy J. Barry ’85, MEd’87, and Steven M. Barry ’85, P’14 *

Sharon T. and Daniel J. Bowen, P’12

Judy and Larry S. Burak ’82, P’12

Sharon A. Bazarian ’78 and James E. McDermott, Esq., ’77, JD’80, P’07 ’09 ’13

Jane Murphy Boynton ’78 and Andrew Childs Boynton ’78, P’13

Katherine K. and Mark J. Bellissimo, P’14 * Mary C. Belton ’79 and Terrence Matthew Belton ’78, P’10 ’11 ’13 ’15 * Margaret Barrett Blach and Michael J. Blach, P’10 ’12 *

Carolyn and Robert P. Brennan, Jr., P’13 Wendy West Brenninkmeijer ’82 and Titus A. Brenninkmeijer ’82, P’12 * Claudia and Kevin S. Bright, P’12 Julie M. and Timothy M. Broas, Esq., ’76, P’13

Barbara Ellen Burke ’78 and David G. Whalen, P’12 * Anita N. and George P. Cain, P’15 Dr. Jaclyn A. Calem-Grunat and Joshua G. Grunat, P’15 Mary Alice and John W. Callahan ’79, P’16 * Mary E. and Patrick J. Canning, P’13 Geralyn M. and William M. Cannon, P’13 * Anne and Denis A. Cardone, P’13

We want to lead by example and demonstrate to our daughter, Jaclyn, the importance of giving back to the school that has given her so much. Her time at the Heights has been transformative, and our gifts—whether to support Stokes Hall or the Institute for the Liberal Arts—will ensure that more students have a life-changing BC experience.” — Jean and John Gerson, P’14 Madison, N.J.

Elizabeth A. Carillo ’82 and Joseph F. Carillo ’82, P’13 Dr. Catherine G. and Dr. Ronald M. Caronia, P’13 * Karen J. and John B. Carroll, P’15 * Kathryn L. Carson and Raymond J. Dorado, P’14 Joanne E. Caruso, Esq., ’82, JD’85, and Thomas A. Zaccaro, Esq., JD’84, P’16 * Eileen T. Ceglarski ’79 and Paul Ceglarski ’79, P’14 Trinette and Herbert S. Cheng, Jr., ’80, P’12 Rosemary and Robert J. Chersi, P’15 * Diane A. Christopher and Robert J. Rapport ’73, P’08 ’12 *

Deborah and Dr. Jehad Y. Asfoura, P’12

Lynn M. and Lawrence J. Blanford, P’13 *

Carole and John F. Bronzo, Esq., ’70, JD’74, P’06 ’13

Jane and Dr. Charles R. Auker ’68, P’14 ’15 *

Ruth R. Bloom ’84 and William Bloom, P’15

Elizabeth G. and Neal A. Bronzo ’84, P’14 *

Margaret Mary Badenhausen ’78 and Shawn L. Kelly, P’08 ’14

Mary C. and Thomas M. Borah, P’12 ’14 ’15

Paul A. Bronzo ’80, P’14 *

Mary Ellen and Peter J. Cobos, P’10 ’13

Deborah D. and Steven N. Baloff, P’13 *

Danielle M. and George F. Boutros, P’15 *

Karen Nichole and Dr. James E. Brown, P’08 ’13 *

Lori Cogliano ’87 and Herbert S. Cogliano ’87, P’14 ’16

* Parents’ Leadership Council Members

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Anita Cobb ’76 and Neil G. Budnick ’76, P’10 ’12 ’13 *

Nancy E. and Dr. Peter A. Cole, P’15 * Patrick D. Coleman ’81, P’15 Jill Colombosian and Jay K. Hachigian, P’14 Lilly K. and John A. Combias, P’15 Lauren L. Concannon ’89 and John J. Concannon III ’87, P’15 Carla Conigliaro ’85 and Dr. Douglas A. Conigliaro, P’15 Dragana N. and Richard J. Connaughton, P’14 * Mary Anne Connoni ’83 and James L. Carr, P’09 ’11 ’15 Julie G. Conway, Esq., ’86 and Michael P. Conway, P’15 * Kathryn M. and Thomas P. Conway, P’12 Susan M. Conway, P’10 ’13 * Louise M. and Nicholas D. Cortezi, P’15 * Jane Lewis Corwin and Philip M. Corwin ’83, P’15 *

Elizabeth Tharp Dingman and Michael David Dingman, P’97 ’08 ’13

Elizabeth Clancy Fee ’81 and Michael K. Fee, Esq., ’81, JD’84, P’13 ’15

Susan M. and Ronald M. DiPasquale, P’10 ’12 *

Carrie R. and Jorge L. Figueredo, P’14 ’15

Kelly L. and Thomas A. Doering, P’14

Alice Sullivan Fitzgerald, Esq., ’83 and Kevin C. Fitzgerald, P’13 *

Frances Lombard Donahue and Thomas Robert Donahue, P’06 ’08 ’11 ’15

Denise and James P. Fitzgerald, Jr., ’83, P’12 ’16

Michele C. and Richard T. Doney, P’14 * Maribeth Donahue Donley and Richard S. Donley, P’94 ’97 ’08 ’13

Beth M. and Daniel K. Fitzpatrick, P’13 Megan Flanigan, P’13 * Emily H. and James L. Flautt, P’15 *

Mary P. and William J. Genco, P’10 ’12 Barbara Gendron ’87 and Nicholas J. Gendron ’87, P’16 Jean N. and John A. Gerson, P’14 * Michele P. and Thomas A. Gill, P’12 Susan Martin Godvin ’83 and Mark D. Godvin ’83, P’11 ’13 ’16 * Deborah Beth Goldberg, Esq., JD’83, and Michael Winter, P’15 Nanette and Craig C. Gordon, P’13 Susan C. and Habib Y. Gorgi, P’12 *

While there are myriad ways to make a difference at BC, we choose to support its student-athletes. We believe in their commitment to both academics and athletic competition and are proud to contribute to their success.” — Donnalisa and William Barnum, Jr., P’15 Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Lonnie A. and Thomas A. Cosmer, MS’89, P’12 ’16 * Janet M. and David J. Coyle ’70, P’03 ’14 Judith and Edward M. Crane, Esq., P’09 ’11 ’12 *

Elsa T. and Craig S. Donohue, P’16

Barbara J. and Robert F. Creamer, P’14 *

Donna J. and Paul C. Downey ’85, P’14

Leticia E. and Dr. Ricardo T. Creel, P’14

Melissa M. ’87 and Jeremiah T. Doyle ’87, P’15

Patricia A. and Kevin M. Cronin, MBA’88, P’15 Jane C. and Brian Luke Crowley, P’06 ’09 ’13 ’16 * Kimberly L. and Paul T. Dacier, Esq., P’13

Susan Delvecchio Flynn and Frederick C. Flynn, Jr., ’72, P’09 ’13

Ann Marie and Christopher J. Gray, P’13 ’16 *

Charlene Flynn-Golding ’78 and David R. Golding, P’16 *

Michael F. Greco, P’13 *

Martha J. and Bill Forsyth, P’14 *

Patricia P. and James W. Green, P’15 *

Sunghee L. and Dr. James T. Drew, P’12

Laura Forte, Esq., ’84 and Vincent L. Ferraro ’83, P’12 ’14 *

Sharyn A. and Gary L. Greenstein, P’15 *

Woodruff W. Driggs II ’86, P’14

Barbara A. Franklin and Thomas C. O’Brien, P’11 ’12 *

John H. Griffin, Jr., ’82, P’13

Geraldine A. and William F. Duffy, P’13 *

Ann O. and Mark E. Danner, P’15 *

Francesca and Edward B. Dunn, P’15 ’16

Deborah A. and William G. Davis, P’14

Linda H. and Robert Duran ’86, P’15

Maureen L. and Arthur T. Demoulas, P’12

Christine Mackey Dwyer ’82 and William E. Dwyer III ’80, P’15

Deirdre A. and Donald G. Denihan, P’15 ’16

Cheryl I. and Norman J. Esiason, P’13 ’14

Angela J. and John D. DesPrez, P’12

Dr. Jane Hauber Fay ’80 and Edward F. Fay, Esq., ’79, JD’82, P’10 ’14 ’14

7 |

Sarah P. and Calvin W. Frese, Jr., P’14 Kathleen R. and John D. Galligan ’69, P’14 *

Kathryn R. Griffin, MBA’81, and James Francis Drury ’78, P’14 Michelle N. and Anthony J. Guzzi, P’15 *

Nancy Brennan Gallivan ’78 and Mark E. Gallivan ’79, P’11 ’16

Helene W. Haddad, Esq., ’79, JD’83, and Mark E. Haddad, Esq., ’80, JD’83, P’14 ’16

Lynn M. and Thomas C. Gambino, P’13

Joanne M. and James N. Hajjar ’86, P’13

Sarah N. and John P. Garvey, P’15 *

Rochelle Souza Hall ’80 and John E. Hall, P’14

Maureen M. and James R. Gatward, P’12 ’16


gasson society members 2011 12 —

Wendy Lou and John H. Hammergren, P’12 ’15 Barbara F. and John D. Hanify, Esq., JD’74, P’06 ’13 Rosemary S. and William P. Hankowsky, P’14 Debra Harrington ’82 and Kevin T. McNulty ’82, P’15 Christine Melville Harvey ’83 and Christopher P. Harvey, Esq., ’83, JD’86, P’13

Monica and Scott B. Hill, P’12 *

Giuliana C. and John D. Koch, P’13

Kathryn M. Hinderhofer ’73 and Joseph J. Hinderhofer, P’11 ’14 *

Donna Marie and Marc Kozin, P’12 *

Michaela Murphy Hoag ’86 and Jay Hoag, P’14 *

Jodeen A. and Nicholas J. Kozlak, P’14 *

Elizabeth D. and Thomas M. Holder, P’14

Christine M. and Richard J. Kramer, P’13 ’16

Megan S. and Ronald W. Hovsepian ’83, P’09 ’10 ’14

Karin T. Krogius and Darren S. Mason, P’15

Nancy R. and Scott Hughes ’80, P’14 *

Melinda S. and John A. Ladyzinski, P’13 *

Heather J. Magliozzi ’84 and James A. Magliozzi ’84, P’14 * Julie Ann and Michael F. Mahoney, P’16 Nancy N. and Thomas Joseph Maloney ’75, P’09 ’13 Kathleen Aranci Mannelly ’80 and Matthew M. Mannelly ’79, P’12 ’15 ’16 Denise Walter Mara ’76 and John K. Mara, Esq., ’76, P’03 ’05 ’08 ’12 Denise C. and Martin J. Marbach, P’09 ’13 *

By supporting the University’s financial aid program, we help continue the Boston College tradition of bringing a vibrant mix of gifted students together on campus, while encouraging the next generation to share their gifts and light the world.”

Lori S. and Thomas V. Marianacci, P’13 *

— Michele and Christopher Loiacono, P’15 Huntington, N.Y.

Marilyn Elliot McDonough ’79 and Daniel M. McDonough ’77, P’12 ’14 *

Marie B. and Allan S. Martin, P’13 ’15 * Peter J. McAvinn ’84, P’16 Gina Marie and James Francis McCaffrey, P’14 ’15 Olive N. and Liam G. McCarthy, P’13 Sheilah Munsell McCauley ’86 and Michael P. McCauley ’86, P’14 ’15

Marion B. and Gerald J. McGovern, Esq., ’72, P’12 * Liliane A. and Christian W. Haub, P’13 ’14 *

Lynn R. and Paul J. Ingrassia, Esq., ’80, P’13

Lynn A. and Thomas P. LaFrance, Esq., ’84, P’13 ’14 *

Molly C. and William J. McKenna, P’13 *

Wendy Doubleday Havens and John P. Havens, P’06 ’14

Mary Ellen Amsler Jay ’82 and Dr. Jeffrey R. Jay, P’14 ’15

Thomas J. Lally, P’15

Elizabeth C. and William S. McKiernan ’78, P’15 *

Geralyn G. and Paul M. Heffernan, Jr., P’13 *

Lauretta and Russell D. Kamp, P’12

Tracey C. and Mark J. Hennessy ’80, P’14

Sherrill Burger Kellam ’81 and Brett C. Kellam ’81, P’12 ’15 *

Kristin B. and Paul S. Herendeen ’77, P’15

Diane Garramone Kelly ’79 and Patrick W. Kelly, Esq., ’79, P’08 ’13

Marilyn J. Herschlein ’83 and James D. Herschlein, Esq., ’82, P’13 ’16 *

Margaret P. and Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., P’09 ’11 ’13 ’16 *

Aya and Ernest M. Higa, P’14

Maura M. Kelly ’84 and James G. Kelly, P’12 ’14 ’16 *

Barbara M. Hightower, P’05 ’10 ’14 *

Denise Larkin Kiley ’81 and David J. Kiley ’81, P’14

Catherine S. and John P. Hiler, P’09 ’13

Patricia Ann Killip ’84 and Douglas W. Killip, Esq., ’84, P’16 ’16

Joan Luise Hill ’75 and Eugene D. Hill, P’14

Patricia A. and Richard M. Knoth ’80, P’09 ’14

Lynn A. and Paul S. Lattanzio, P’14 ’15 * Steven A. Laub, P’14 ’16 *

Charlene E. and George A. McLaughlin III, P’13 ’16 *

Joan M. Leahey and Terrence G. O’Connor, P’14

Michelle M. and Brian J. McMonagle, P’12

Richard J. Lindquist ’82, P’15

Cheryl L. and Peter S. McMullen ’81, P’12 ’16

Michele L. and Christopher J. Loiacono, P’15 * Kathryn Casey Long, MEd’84, and Jeffrey D. Long, P’13 *

Deborah and Charles A. Mele, P’14

Kathleen C. and John M. Looney, Esq., ’72, P’15 *

Jean M. and Thomas J. Meloro, P’15 *

Kristine A. and David J. Losito ’80, P’16 *

Suzanne M. and Jeff A. Michaels, P’15 *

Taylor M. and Michael T. Lupica ’74, P’10 ’12 ’14 *

Joy A. and Michael J. Millette, MS’94, P’15 *

* Parents’ Leadership Council Members

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Beth Ann and Daniel P. McQuade, P’12 ’16 *


Lynne T. and Christopher B. Mills, P’13 ’16

Susan LaMonica Pash ’83 and Robert L. Pash, P’14 *

Lisa S. and Salvatore M. Salibello, P’11 ’15 *

Susan J. and Paul D. Svigos, P’09, ’13 *

Loraine and John J. Minio, P’12

Mary Elleen and Christopher N. Patton ’85, P’16

Jill and Ronald L. Sargent, P’14 *

Jeri Nicosia Tarini ’83 and Mark Tarini ’82, P’15

Suzanne S. and Peter C. Minshall, P’14 ’15 * Lisa J. and Samuel L. Molinaro, Jr., P’10 ’15 Helene M. and Richard A. Monaghan, P’14 Colleen S. and John C. Morrissey III, P’14 * Michelle Maglaty Mostello ’79 and Kenneth P. Mostello ’79, MS’93, P’12 Rosalie and Richard L. Mucci ’72, MA’74, P’06 ’14 * Sheila M. Murphy and Michael C. McGrath, Jr., Esq., ’80, P’15 Tami Monti Murray ’83 and Stephen P. Murray ’84, P’09 ’15 Patricia S. and John P. Nallen, P’13 * Claudia P. and Dr. Levon N. Nazarian, P’14 Patricia M. and Francis J. Nemia ’77, P’13 Sally J. and Luis P. Nieto, P’12 ’15 * Nancy C. and Kenneth P. Nolan, P’03 ’05 ’08 ’12 * Therese A. and Joseph R. Nolan, Jr., ’85, MBA’91, P’14 Megan M. and Robert P. O’Block, P’09 ’13 Jane S. and Martin B. O’Connor II, P’15 * Maureen Ann and David P. O’Connor ’86, P’16 Jean Roney Orr ’80 and Donal J. Orr, Esq., ’80, JD’83, P’13 ’16 * Marga Ortigas-Wedekind and Cristian J. Wedekind, P’15 * Cathleen C. O’Sullivan ’79 and Edward Eugene O’Sullivan, Esq., ’78, P’09 ’12 Pamela Otfinoski ’80 and Dr. Robert M. Shalvoy ’80, P’11 ’14 ’16 Marie-Louise J.H. and Peter Palandjian, P’13

Suzanne M. and Francis J. Pearn, P’14 * Lori A. and Mark A. Perdigao ’82, P’14 ’16 * Debra A. and Robert A. Peterson, P’14

Judith K. and Michael Sawyer, P’10 ’13 ’14 * Elizabeth A. and William F. Scannell, P’13 ’14 Rosemary B. and Charles W. Schoenherr, P’11 ’13

Leah M. and Alec H. Petro ’85, P’15

Margaret F. and John C. Scholz, P’12 ’14 *

Debra T. and Joseph H. Petrowski, P’14

Stephanie Welch Scordino ’88 and Joseph S. Scordino ’86, P’15

Frank J. Pontello, P’14

Janet and Randy P. Seidl ’85, P’13

Traci R. Pontello, P’14 *

Donna J. and Fred A. Seigel, P’13 *

Jody B. and Octavio Portu, P’12 *

Louann and Vincent Sellecchia ’74, P’03 ’06 ’13

Kathleen M. and John R. Potapchuk ’74, P’12 ’16 Julia Powers ’87 and Thomas F. X. Powers ’87, P’16 Laura P. and Stephen E. Prostano, Esq., ’79, P’09 ’11 ’12 * Rosa M. Pujol, Esq., and John M. Spinnato, Esq., P’11 ’15 * Ann B. and Christopher C. Quick, P’08 ’12 Pamela Condry Quincy ’86 and Christopher T. Quincy ’85, P’12 ’16 *

Tracey A. and Jonathan R. Serko, P’15 * Madonna M. and Francis J. Shammo, P’13 * Ellen Whelan Shaughnessy ’81 and Keith C. Shaughnessy ’79, P’08 ’12 ’14 * Talia R. and Dr. Michael J. Sheridan ’71, P’13 Jill O. and Thomas E. Siering, P’13 Gail M. and William M. Simeone ’85, P’16

Linda Colonno Quinn ’77 and John P. Quinn, P’13 *

Cynthia L. and William Edward Simon, Jr., Esq., JD’82, P’13

Mary F. Rather ’82 and Jonathan M. Rather ’82, P’10 ’12 ’14 *

Joanne and James Slattery II, P’09 ’12 *

Clare Redlinger, P’14

Joanne Collins Smee ’78 and Timothy J. Smee, P’07 ’13 *

Sharon S. Richardson ’85 and Terrence A. Richardson ’85, P’13 ’14 * Catherine M. and Patrick E. Roche, Jr., ’81, P’15 Vanessa V. and Brian G. Rogan, P’15 Janet Harvey Rogers ’79, MSW’84, and Michael F. Rogers ’79, P’13 ’14 ’15 Colleen T. and Joseph E. Ronan, P’15 * Michael R. Rosella, P’15 *

Karen P. and Michael J. Sonier ’82, P’16 * Dr. Silvana Spinelli-Casale ’87, MA’89, CAES’91, and Jeffrey P. Casale ’87, P’15 Mary and Mark St. Jean, MBA’00, P’13 * Carolan Bombara Stansky ’84 and Brian D. Stansky ’85, P’15 * Shelly A. and Ralph C. Stayer, P’14 Margaret F. Strakosch ’85 and Greg M. Strakosch ’84, P’14 ’16

Ann L. and Mark A. Ryan, P’09 ’12

9 |


Eduarda and John J. Taylor III ’80, P’14 Judith Von Feldt Taylor ’86 and Matthew A. Taylor, Esq., ’86, P’15 ’16 * Tyrrell Mathias Taylor ’80 and Louis W. Taylor ’80, P’14 * Suzanne M. and Dr. David S. Tierney, P’15 Mary Beth and Mark J. Tobin, P’14 Sharon K. and Donald J. Tomnitz, P’12 * Michele O. and Michael E. Traeger, P’03 ’13 Geraldine M. and Kevin J. Treacy, P’09 ’14 ’14 Susan and Thomas Turpin, P’12 Suzanne and Michael J. Valentino, P’12 ’15 Suzanne M. and Mark Van Fossan ’82, P’14 * Alison S. and William M. Vareika ’74, P’09 ’15 * Taeson and Thomas G. Vellios, P’13 Nancy Tormey Vincent, Esq., and Steven P. Vincent, Esq., ’79, P’09 ’13 * Margaret S. and John C. Walden, P’12 Anne L. and Howard F. Ward, P’08 ’10 ’16 Joan G. and Thomas G. Wattles, P’13 * Soon Chie Jennifer and Ee Chao Wee, P’08 ’14 Elizabeth and Kevin Weiss, P’07 ’11 ’13 Mary B. and Scott A. Wieler ’81, P’12 Patricia Chessare Wu, MBA’81, and Norman N. Wu, P’14 Andrea and Bruce E. Yablon, P’15

shaw society members 2011 12 —

Boston College proudly honors parents who have established bequests and other legacy gifts for the University. These individuals are welcomed into our Shaw Society, named for early benefactor Joseph Coolidge Shaw, S.J. In recognition of their commitment to BC’s future growth and success, we present those current parents who have made a legacy gift to Boston College.

Anonymous Robert F. Ankner ’74, P’10 ’12 Maureen Sylvia Armstrong ’86 and Raymond F. Armstrong ’86, P’14 Jane and Dr. Charles R. Auker ’68, P’14 ’15 * Sharon A. Bazarian ’78 and James E. McDermott, Esq., ’77, JD’80, P’07 ’09 ’13 Paul A. Bronzo ’80, P’14 * Judy and Larry S. Burak ’82, P’12 Melissa M. Doyle ’87 and Jeremiah T. Doyle ’87, P’15 Therese C. Driscoll ’78 and Brian Robert Driscoll ’79, P’06 ’13 Christine Mackey Dwyer ’82 and William E. Dwyer III ’80, P’15 *

Our legacy gift is a way to honor those who spent the last 150 years making Boston College a wonderfully caring, dynamic institution. The lessons our daughters, Michele and Elizabeth, learned at BC will last a lifetime, and we’re gratified that our commitment today will help the University flourish well past its next landmark anniversary.” — Denise and Marty Marbach, P’09, ’13 Lower Gwynedd, Pa.

Doris H. and John Patrick Early ’76, P’11 ’13 Michele Toscani Gallagher ’81 and Michael P. Gallagher ’80, P’09 ’11 Christine E. and Michael D. Gibson, MBA’75, P’98 ’99 ’13 Barabara Hickey Gignac ’86 and Donald A. Gignac ’87, P’15 Dennis M. Griffin ’67, P’00 ’05 ’06 ’13 Michaela Murphy Hoag ’86 and Jay Hoag, P’14 * Denise Larkin Kiley ’81 and David J. Kiley ’81, P’14

Denise C. and Martin J. Marbach, P’09 ’13 * Sheilah Munsell McCauley ’86 and Michael P. McCauley ’86, P’14 ’15 Michelle Maglaty Mostello ’79 and Kenneth P. Mostello ’79, MS’93, P’12 Kerry E. and Matthew Moring Mudd ’86, P’12 Maureen Ann and David P. O’Connor ’86, P’16

Susan Smillie Packenham ’78 and Richard Daniel Packenham, Esq., JD’78✝, P’14 Barbara F. Parisi ’86 and John Paul Parisi ’86, P’15 Jody B. and Octavio Portu, P’12 * Pamela Condry Quincy ’86 and Christopher T. Quincy ’85, P’12 ’16 * Janet and Randy P. Seidl ’85, P’13

* Parents’ Leadership Council Members ✝ Deceased

10 |


Louise A. and Francis J. Sennott ’77, MBA’81, P’16 Alison S. and William M. Vareika ’74, P’09 ’15 * Susan Ferren Warner ’85 and Mark Joseph Warner ’85, JD’89, P’15

your support helps BC reach new heights... Since the Light the World launch, 271 parents have made gifts of $100,000 or more to Boston College— establishing endowments and funding other critical priorities at the University.

parents’ leadership council

executive committee Liliane and Christian Haub, P’13, ’14

Charlene and George McLaughlin, P’13, ’16

Parents’ Leadership Council Co-chairs

Parents’ Weekend Co-chairs

lead by example The Parents’ Leadership Council Executive Committee invites all Gasson Society members to increase their connection to the Heights and touch the lives of today’s BC students. ▶Contact new parents in early fall to welcome them to the BC family ▶Participate in Parents’ Weekend events, regional receptions, Masses, and more

▶Promote Parents’ Fund outreach by making parent-to-parent fundraising calls, contributing to fundraising strategy, and representing the Parents’ Fund at University functions

▶Host a First Year Sendoff or other BC gathering for fellow parents ▶Provide career advice or internship opportunities to current students

To take advantage of these special opportunities, please contact Rebecca Holden, assistant director of Parent Development, at or 617-552-0966.

Light the World is the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the history of Jesuit, Catholic education and has four main goals: raise $1.5 billion for vital priorities, expand volunteer engagement, increase alumni donor participation, and secure BC’s future through legacy giving.

We initially supported Boston College because of the warm welcome we received on campus. We’ve stayed involved because the BC community offers incredible opportunities—from experiencing Pops on the Heights and hosting First Year Sendoffs to joining panel discussions and advancing parent fundraising.”

—Charlene and George McLaughlin, P’13, ’16 Belmont, Mass.

Parent Impact Report  

Parent Impact Report

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