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Eagles for Others Each spring, hundreds of alumni put their time and talents to NATIONAL work making a OF difference inDAY their SERVICE communities as part of the Boston College National Day of Service. Alumni Association chapters from Maine to Hawaii are planning projects for this year’s April 14 event. From building homes with Habitat for Humanity and cleaning up local schools, parks, and community centers, to providing food and household goods for those in need and more, BC alumni will make an impact throughout the U.S. and internationally on that day.


Chicago Chapter

See what service projects are planned for your area and get involved at

alumni events MARCH



Laetare Sunday Alumni, family, and friends are invited to mark the midpoint of Lent with this joyful celebration featuring Mass and brunch.


National Day of Service Make a difference in the lives of others by giving of your time and talents to local communities.



Westchester County N.Y. Chapter



Reunion Weekend From the Alumni Welcome Lobster Bake to the 5K Fun Run and the GOLD Barbecue to class parties, Reunion Weekend is a festival of fun and friendship at the Heights. Register now at

To learn more or register for these and other Alumni Association events, visit 1 alumni news

alumni news


Maine Northeastern N.Y.

BC WORLD Eagles live and work in every corner of the globe—and wherever alumni gather, the Boston College spirit thrives. Through regional chapters and programs, alumni can connect with each other, stay connected to the University, and reach out to their communities.




Westchester County New Jersey Western PA/ Pittsburgh


Minnesota Wisconsin

U.S. Chapters

Northern California

Western Mass.

New Hampshire Boston Cape Cod Rhode Island Hartford Fairfield County New York City Jersey Shore


Southeast Michigan Baltimore District of Columbia


Kansas City Lexington Denver

Las Vegas Los Angeles Orange County Inland Empire San Diego

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Jacksonville Central Florida Tampa Bay Palm Beach Sarasota Miami Southwest Florida

New Orleans



on service trips

International Chapters China | England | France | Ireland | South Korea | Spain

Here’s a sampling of activities from all over:

▪ In Honolulu, Hawaii, networking nights and first-year sendoff events keep the BC spirit strong

Raleigh/Durham Charlotte



▪ Fun run at the Detroit Zoo brings southeast Michigan alumni together


▪ Alumni in Panama regularly host game watches ▪ The Seoul, South Korea, chapter hosted a gathering with Fr. Leahy, who has also visited chapters in London and Dublin

▪ A new chapter is forming in Lexington, Kentucky

▪ Parisian expatriates celebrate Thanksgiving together

▪ Weekly flag football games energize London alumni

▪ Game watch crews cheer on the Eagles in California’s Inland Empire region

Learn more about the Alumni Association chapters, where they’re located, and how to connect with fellow BC alumni at

I can’t wait to go on my third Appalachia volunteer trip over spring break! It’s a great opportunity to give back to others, while forming some incredible friendships.” —Katie Moran ’13

Being at BC—learning the importance of using knowledge and ability to improve lives—greatly influenced my decision to join the Peace Corps and helped me become an effective volunteer.” —Matthew Whalen ’07

class notes counted for the class of 1929–32, 1934–38, 1946 You’ll always be

Boston College Alumni Association Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

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Correspondent: William M. Hogan Jr. Brookhaven, A-305 Lexington, MA 02421; 781-863-1998

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Correspondent: John D. Donovan 12 Wessonville Way Westborough, MA 01581; 508-366-4782 Hello again! Upbeat news is still in short supply but unfortunately we have one more classmate’s death to report. Jerome Troy passed away in August 2011. After his active days at BC he served in the U.S. Navy, graduated from Georgetown Law School, worked in Washington, and then returned to Boston for legal practice, later serving as a district court judge. Our prayers and sympathy are extended to his family. • Another footnote: recently with some surprisingly (?) free time, I checked the Class of 1939 news and photos in our Sub Turri. What a handsome group! But then I looked in the mirror. Yes, time does make some differences and even weakens our memories a bit—but on the positive side, we now don’t have to work as hard as we did over the last 70-plus years, so let’s be grateful. Oh yes, let’s also keep in mind that to relax and play maximizes the odds for one’s physical health and to remember and pray will maximize our chances for spiritual health and wealth. Amen.

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Correspondent: Sherman Rogan 34 Oak Street

Reading, MA 01867 Your correspondent is looking forward to viewing the renovated Tower Building and its interior, which I have heard is something to see and should motivate future generations of students and propel the Heights into the stratosphere—if there is one for colleges! I hope to visit the “new” Gasson Hall with classmates in the spring at reunion time. • Meanwhile, kind regards to you all—and do write, if you have a moment. I would appreciate hearing from you with news for this column.

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Correspondent: John M. Callahan 3 Preacher Road

Milton, MA 02186; 617-698-2082 Greetings to all my classmates! By the time you read this, the holidays will be in the past, and hopefully, we will be stumbling upon a few warm days here and there. • I will celebrate my 93rd birthday in January and am very grateful to be alive and writing this note. Thank God for all that He has given to me and all of us who have made it thus far. We have witnessed so much history in our lifetime, and I find myself sharing so much of it now with my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. May God continue to bless us with good health and a sense of humor. May God bless all those from the Class of 1941 who have gone before us. A.M.D.G.

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1942 reunion year

Correspondent: John C. Fitzgerald 22 Joyce Road Hyde Park, MA 02136-3807; 617-364-2309 By the time you see these notes, we will be very close to our 70th year as members of the BC Alumni Association. Our observance of this event will be in the same format we had for 2011. Watch for a message from the Alumni Office. • I received a surprise call from Jim Hawco, our esteemed salutatorian. He is doing fine and is busy in his community and parish. He wanted to talk about classmates and get any information I might have. I sent him the little that I did have. • I was also pleased to get a call from Frank Mahoney, MEd’54. He was able to represent the class at the annual Mass offered for all deceased members of the Alumni Association on November 6 at Trinity Chapel on the Newton Campus. The celebrant was Terrence Devino, SJ, who is a special assistant to University President William P. Leahy, SJ. Frank was privileged to assist in bringing the gifts to the altar. By the way, Frank is celebrating another milestone— his 75th year since graduating from Malden Catholic High. God bless the man—he is still our proud missionary to Chelsea. • On a sad note, our classmate Francis J. Nicholson, SJ, MA’47, passed away in August 2011. Fr. Frank was ordained in 1953. After further studies of ascetical theology in Belgium and graduate law studies at Harvard, he returned to Boston College to teach at the Law School, staying for more than 40 years. Later he served as superior and rector of the Jesuit community. Our ever-faithful Charlie Ahern, a true semper fi, represented the class at the wake. While there, he met many BC people, but that’s another story. Fr. Frank has been memorialized at the Campion Center by our class. May he rest in peace. • Please note, Laetare Sunday is March 18. • Stay well, keep in touch, and oremus. 33 class class notes notes

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Correspondent: Ernest E. Santosuosso 73 Waldron Road Braintree, MA 02184; 781-848-3730

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Correspondent: Gerard L. Kirby PO Box 1493 Duxbury, MA 02331; 781-934-0229 If my records are correct, there are two members of our class who are currently making their home at Regina Cleri on O’Connell Way in Boston. They are John Carr and Msgr. Joe Alves, MSW’48. While the facilities of Regina Cleri may be somewhat confining, no address in Boston could be more convenient: it’s close to public transportation, all the museums, the Boston Public Library, and almost every sports attraction in town. They have it all at their front door. Msgr. Alves is one who takes advantage of this abundance of attractions. He brings his finely honed sensibilities and tastes with him wherever he goes. For example, he can be found most weeks at the Friday afternoon concerts at Symphony Hall. What could be bad? • I have a fairly current list of our class members; if you would like a copy, just let me know. As you will realize, the class is growing smaller: there are now 68 of us. Of this number, 18 live out of state.  So, by my lightning-like calculations, that leaves 50 of us living in Massachusetts. There are some regulars who see each other fairly frequently at various functions. But there are others whom most of us haven’t seen for some time—great guys who we really miss seeing. I wonder how you are, Dennis Bowen and Warren Cox. And what are you doing, Bob Foley and Dan Durant and Bob Larkin? • I know you are reading this in the beautiful light of spring but as I write, it is November, the sad month. The trees have lost their leaves, the grass is turning brown, and the flowers have lost their stunning beauty and disappeared into the ground. And so it is with us all. Sadly we have lost our dear friends Stan Regan and Harry Roberts, who are now in greener fields. And so it goes. Peace.

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David Hern 40 Landseer St. West Roxbury, 02132-2915; 617-325-6827 The class of 1945 has lost its longtime peerless leader, Lou Sorgi, who filled this space for as long as most classmates can remember. He died on Little Christmas

after experiencing a stroke in late 2011. He had been making good progress and was back in his Milton home after a relatively brief rehab when his condition unexpectedly worsened. Lou retired as an executive in the pharmaceutical field. He had a million friends and as many interests, especially his family, his parish, most sports, and anything to do with BC. Our prayers go out to his ever-supportive wife, Lillian, their five children, nine grandchildren, and a great-grandson. • Months earlier, Charley Rogers lost his wife, Mary, who had been a speech and drama professor as well as a contract bridge master. Their family grew up in the Washington DC area, and they were blessed with 33 grandchildren. • Claire and Henry Jancsy have pulled up stakes in Massachusetts and relocated to Deerfield Beach, FL, near a daughter. Henry and Lou Sorgi served together for a bit in World War II. • Suggestions, complaints to Dave Hern; write, phone, or email—my contact information is above.

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1947 reunion year

Correspondent: Richard J. Fitzgerald PO Box 171 North Falmouth, MA 02556; 508-563-6168

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Correspondent: Timothy C. Buckley 41 Birchwood Lane Lincoln, MA 01773

We have only sad news of the Class of ’48 this time: We lost our classmate Vincent de Paul “Paul” Riordan on December 5, 2011. Formerly of Foxborough and Westwood, Paul had been living most recently in Greenville, RI. He graduated from English High School in 1941 and served in the Army during World War II before earning his degree in marketing from Boston College. He went on to work in sales for the DuPont and Union Carbide companies and also enjoyed oil painting and building boats. Paul leaves his wife, Pat; children Paula, Dennis ’72, and John; eight grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. He also leaves his sister, Mary McLean of Ogunquit, ME; his brother, Robert Riordan ’42, JD’43, predeceased him.

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Correspondent: John J. Carney 227 Savin Hill Avenue Dorchester, MA 02125; 617-825-8283 I am writing these class notes on November 29, 2011, a beautiful sunny day here in Savin Hill by the sea. The boys of Maroon and Gold pulled out a stellar victory over Miami on the day after Thanksgiving—not quite the victory at the last minute as in the days of


a trailblazer at BC

John D. Donovan ’39, MA’41, P’73, ’81 professor emeritus of sociology


hen John Donovan entered Boston College in 1935, its campus consisted of just four buildings—St. Mary’s, Bapst, Gasson, and Devlin. No students lived at school; no women attended. Donovan’s first class in sociology sparked a lifelong fascination.“Sociology was a brand-new discipline. Because we didn’t know much about psychology, it was the tool to understand human behavior,” he recalls. Donovan would become a highly respected researcher and influential professor. First came World War II. After leaving the Army with a Bronze Star for his service during the invasion of Europe, Donovan returned to the U.S. to complete his doctorate. He taught at Fordham University until returning to John Donovan continues his more than 75 Boston College in 1952. “In the post-war years of involvement with BC as Class of 1939 period, there was enormous growth in correspondent for Boston College Magazine. higher education, leading to a much more positive, open atmosphere in academia. This contributed to the growth of sociology, which was considered somewhat suspect when I started,” he explains. Donovan has had a front-row seat for BC’s tremendous growth over the last threequarters of a century—and as one of the founding members of the University’s sociology department, he helped lead that change. Today, he remains active in the BC community, having served as the Class of 1939 correspondent for Boston College Magazine for the last 25 years. Donovan and Mary, his wife of 62 years, live in Westborough, Mass.

what has been the most satisfying moment in your professional life? Experiencing the gradual acceptance of sociology as a discipline by the Catholic Church.

in your personal life? I’ve been lucky as all hell. Lovely bride, kids, grandkids, great-grands—just plain lucky.

what do you look forward to each day? Getting up, being healthy, enjoying family, and getting out. I’ve given up hockey and football, but I still play a little golf.

how do you relax? Easily.

what is your fondest bc memory? Going to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington with the Fulton Debating Society—the first time I’d ever traveled.

where did you live freshman year? At home; we all did. I took the 7:19 a.m. train from Peabody into North Station, got on the streetcar, then walked up to campus from Lake Street, wearing the required jacket and tie.

what is one thing everyone should do while at bc? Study!

how have you changed since graduation? Probably not a lot. My wife says I’m still in the ivory tower.

what is your next goal? I beg your pardon? I’m going to be 94 in a few days!

for more of our interview with john donovan, visit

class notes Doug Flutie ’85, but, as the wise man says, “a victory is a victory.” • I am informed that Fr. Bill Burckhart has returned to the Regina Cleri center for retired priests after his recent hospitalization. Please send him a card or a note of encouragement; I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from his BC classmates and friends. Bill has been so helpful to me in his participation in our annual spring memorial Mass arrangements. • Jack Doherty passed away in late August; like many of us, he was a veteran of World War II who had to postpone his education while he served our country. Jack and his wife, Pat, had a family of six girls and six boys. A surgeon, Jack served as the Boston Celtics team doctor from 1959 to 1969 and as president of the medical staff at Glover Memorial Hospital (now Beth Israel Deaconess) in Needham from 1958 to 1993. He was also medical director of Campion Health Center in Weston for 32 years. Jack and Pat were very loyal to Class of ’49 activities. He will be missed by all. • Please send me news that I can include in class notes. God bless you all and BC.

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Correspondent: Ed Brady 27 Lane Drive Norwood, MA 02062; 781-762-2889 The family of John Dewire has informed us of John’s passing on January 2 at the West Roxbury Veterans Hospital, where he received the best of care during the last week of his life. There were many facets to John: he not only penned this column for more than 30 years, he was also a devoted “Unk” to his many nieces and nephews, a world traveler, and an energetic supporter of all Boston sports. He was a decorated veteran of World War II and saw action in the Battle of the Bulge, where he was awarded a Purple Heart. He was much loved by his family and friends and will be sorely missed.

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NC 1950–53

Correspondent: Ann Fulton Coté NC’53 11 Prospect Street Winchester, MA 01890; 781-729-8512 Owen and I attended a lovely surprise luncheon to celebrate the 80th birthday of Sarah Lee Whelan McSweeney NC’53 on a beautiful October day on Cape Cod. Sarah Lee’s four children, including Elizabeth, who flew in from Switzerland, hosted the party. We had a great visit with Louise Lynch Conlan NC’53 and husband Joe at the lunch. • On October 22, Newton alumnae had a memorial Mass for Elizabeth White, RSCJ, H’06, who died last June. It was held in the Newton College chapel. Ann White Buttrick NC’53 encapsulated her sister’s amazing, beautiful life at the end of the Mass. Among those present were Hilda Carey, RSCJ, NC’50; Justine Lyons, RSCJ, NC’51; and Barbara Ann Gould Henry NC’53. I had a wonderful visit with Ann White Buttrick. • I had a phone

conversation with Nancy Hurley Quinn ’53 recently and discovered she has three greatgrandchildren. Wow! • Many thanks to Julie Thurber Sutherland NC’53 for sending out lists of known addresses for the Newton Class of ’53. If you didn’t receive one, update your address with me and you will. How about some news from ’50, ’51, and ’52!

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class participation goal: 198 Correspondent: James Derba Brookhaven at Lexington 1010 Walnut Street Lexington, MA 02421; 781-538-6502 Since retiring as a school principal, Carlo Geromini has become, with the assistance of his sons and grandsons, a prize-winning winemaker. He also has visited relatives in Italy and relaxes on Cape Cod. • Len d’Eon, here from Arizona, and Vin Stanton attended the BC High 1947 class reunion. Vin and Mary also spent 18 days touring China. • Since retiring as a judge, Rudy Sacco serves on several boards, is a TV host, and makes several trips overseas a year, with 50 on a trip. He and his wife were blessed with 10 children—8 living—and 18 grandchildren. Plus, he has written and published a book. • Heading for sunny south Florida or already there are Jack Dawley MA’56, JD’62; Jack Casey; Pat Roche H’01; and Jim Derba (hopefully). • I also heard from John Svagzdys and Paul “Dixie” Dunbar, who sent best wishes. • Thanks to those classmates who responded to my request for information. Those of you who are bashful, let’s know what you have been doing! Write to me at

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reunion year class participation goal: 212 Correspondent: Frank McGee 1952 Ocean Street Marshfield, MA 02050; 781-834-4690 Many thanks to Barry Driscoll for his successful leadership as class president. Barry turns the gavel over to Charlie Barrett, LLD’55 (retired Massachusetts Superior Court justice), who will be ably assisted by first VP Joe O’Shaughnessy and second VP Bruce Desrosiers. Al Sexton will serve another term as treasurer and will be assisted by Jim Callahan as assistant treasurer. Roger Connor will continue as secretary and with his usual outstanding service to the class. I will continue in this job as publication secretary. Barry Driscoll has taken on the difficult task of raising money in his new capacity as chair of the 60th Reunion Gift Committee. While the economy is in the doldrums and many of our classmates are in retirement, Barry and his committee have set a goal for the Class of ’52: achieving the greatest percentage of giving by any BC class. • Roger has reminded us that the riverboat trip on the Elbe River 5 class notes

in May is still available for those wishing to participate. Roger can be reached by calling 1-800-597-2452. • Joe Ottaviano, a longtime solid supporter of Eagle football, has given up his eight seats for home football games. Joe is in good health and enjoying life. • The annual memorial Mass was held on October 6. Fr. Hugh O’Regan and Fr. Tom Murray concelebrated the Mass in Trinity Chapel. • The Naples, FL, reunion this March is in the usual good hands of Jim Callahan at the Royal Golf & Country Club. All reports from the event last year were unanimous: an outstanding time was had by all. • The 60th reunion will be held at BC. Dinner will be served in the afternoon to avoid the necessity of driving at night. (I never thought I would say that, but I am glad to be alive to say it.) Based on information gathered by Tom McElroy and Roger, it appears that of the 1,124 graduates of the Class of ’52, some 485 have passed on. Of course this number is an approximation because the Alumni Association usually learns of deceased graduates when they are identified by survivors or through local Boston newspapers. • Please remember the 60th reunion in June, and come if it is at all possible. At the same time, I would truly appreciate receiving information about our classmates. Thanks!

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class participation goal: 165 Correspondent: Jim Willwerth 19 Sheffield Way Westborough, MA 01581; 508-366-5400 On Sunday, December 4, our class planned to gather at the annual Christmas concert, featuring our University Chorale. Next time, I will have a full report for you. • Our annual, memorial Mass was held on October 8, 2011, at Trinity Chapel on the Newton Campus. The celebrant was Fr. Larry Drennan. He was assisted by Fred Conroy, JD’56, who did the first reading. Richard Curran presented the second reading, and Joseph Byrne and his wife, Katy, presented the gifts. Eleanor Venezia served as Eucharistic minister. This liturgy was offered for all members of the Class of 1953 and their families and friends. The names of classmates who have passed on since the last memorial Mass were read. Dinner was held at Barat House following Mass. There were 55 classmates and guests present. Lillian and Tom Murray, John Coleman, M. Christine Buckley WCAS’53 and Sr. Joanne Ceceila Westwater WCAS’53, MSW’55, had planned to attend but were not able to do so. As the attendees arrived at Barat House, they were checked in by Gail Darnell and her staff. An open bar was available, complemented by a cheese table with a nice selection of different cheeses, and waitresses wove through the group, serving trays of delicious shrimp. Before the meal was served, Fr. Drennan led the blessing and said a few words of welcome. The traditional meal of salad, seafood Newburg, roast beef, and all the fixings was available at the buffet table, and the comments were that the food

was excellent. Maureen and Joe Tower were spotted dining with Maureen and Bob McCarthy, Mary and Jim Willwerth, Eleanor and Salvatore Venezia, and Paul Coughlin. Also seated together were Katherine and Fred Conroy, Mimi (Iantosca) MS’59 and John Costa, Richard Curran and Judith Golden, and Mary and James Livingston MBA’67. At another table were Barbara and Gerry Boyle, Phil Kerrivan, Jack Lynch, Gerry and John McCauley, John Norton, Jim Wholly, and Fred Good MBA’62. Another group consisted of Nancy Duggan, Muriel and Art Delaney, Priscilla and Dennis Cronin, Barbara and Austin Smith, and Mary and Bob Willis. Fr. Drennan, Joan and Dick Horan, Claire and Ray Kenney JD’58, Eunice and Paul Twitchell MS’62, and Margaret and Tom Vanderslice H’03 shared a table, and Katy and Joseph Byrne, Joan and John Keating, and Betty and Bob Sullivan MEd’60 were also seen together. After dinner and as dessert was served, Gerry McCauley entertained all with her best performance ever. Thanks, Gerry!

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class participation goal: 155 Correspondent: John Ford 45 Waterford Drive Worcester, MA 01602; 508-755-3615 Attending our class memorial Mass on October 23 were Mary Jean and Jim Coughlin; Margaret (Molloy) ’58 and Pete Vasaturo; Ed Smith; Frank Flannery; Tom Lane; Bill McCarthy JD’60; Sue Andrews; Jim Flynn MA’55; Caroline Donovan and her sister-in-law Eleanor Palma MEd’64; John Cummings; Aurora and Jack Leydon; Mary and Murray Regan; Billy Maguire; Lorraine and Tom Cosgrove and Lorraine’s brother Al Papineau, a longtime friend of our classmate Fr. John Wallace, who concelebrated Mass with classmate Fr. Jim Woods MAT’61, STB’62; Clare (Carr) MEd’73 and Frank McLaughlin MA’57; Ed Collins; Pat Kodzis MEd’58; Dalia (Skudzinskaite) NC’55, MEd’67 and Ray Ivaska JD’59; Bob O’Brien; Peter Nobile; Tom Warren; Newman Flanagan; Lori and Lou Totino MBA’65; and Jane and John Ford MSW’61. As is always the case, Lou Totino did a great job of arranging the event. For the past few years, we have passed the hat at the memorial Mass for Fr. Wallace’s mission work in Honduras, and we match the contributions from the class treasury. I am happy to report that this year’s gift amounted to $1,400, the largest gift to date. • Sadly we have lost several more of our classmates, including Dave Pierre, Ed Trask, Jim Hamel, John A. Donahue Jr., Richard Shea, Katherine Flynn Oswald, and Chester McLaughlin. • Lenny Matthews reports that in addition to Rose and himself, Maureen and Rocco Charlton, Helenjean and Jack Parker CAES’79, and Charley Pelczarski were in attendance at the Cape Cod Club’s memorial Mass. • I heard from Paul Delahanty; he and his wife, Connie, are living in Ottawa, where he is a freelance writer covering Parliament. After writing for the Worcester diocesan newspaper, he moved

to Montreal in the mid-1960s and wrote for an independent Catholic paper there. Paul and Connie have four children; their youngest daughter is helping to manage a Canadian aid program in Pakistan. If you would like to renew acquaintance with Paul, let me know. • Murray Regan was cited by Banker & Tradesman as one of the top appraisers in Massachusetts. Murray is one of several of our classmates working part- or full-time. Others include Peter Nobile, Ray MacPherson, Frank McLaughlin, Fr. Wallace, Fr. Woods, Paul Sally MA’56, and me. If you continue to work, send me a note about what you are doing by February for the Spring issue of Boston College Magazine.

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NC 1954

Correspondent: Mary Helen FitzGerald Daly 700 Laurel Avenue Wilmette, IL 60091; 847-251-3837 Mary Magdalen, OSC, emailed from the Monastery of St. Clare in Jamaica Plain that she is back doing formation work; she will be answering replies from women interested in a vocation to religious life and will be responsible for their training if and when they do enter the monastery. According to Sr. Mary Magdalen, there are many women interested in spirituality, and they email the monastery and other places that have advertisements in directories or vocation guides like Vision. Sr. Mary attended a workshop in Graymoor, NY, sponsored by the Franciscan Federation. The topic of the workshop, presented by Sr. Clare D’Auria, a Franciscan, was discernment. • Delma Sala Fleming spent Thanksgiving at home in Ponce, PR, with all her children and grandchildren, 14 in all. It is a family tradition that they get together at Thanksgiving. Some family members came from Ft. Lauderdale and others from San Juan and Fajardo in Puerto Rico, and all stayed for a week. • Maureen Cohalan Curry reminisced in a letter about the difficult weather situations in the Northeast. Hurricane Irene found Maureen and her daughter visiting a son and his family in Lake George, NY. The storm was severe, with high winds, rain, and trees falling on power lines. When Maureen returned home to Bristol, RI, there was no power for five days. She was very grateful that the October blizzard hardly impacted Bristol. Maureen celebrated Thanksgiving with her son, her daughter-in-law, and their three children in Orlando, FL, and she planned to be home for Christmas. She writes: “I have no idea how many will be here, but it is always fun.” • In November, Jim and I received the Christifideles Award from the Archdiocese of Chicago. The award is given to select parishioners to honor their significant participation in the life of their parish. It was presented to us and other honorees by Cardinal Francis George in a ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. • I hope to have more news to share with you in the next issue. Please keep in touch.

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class participation goal: 155 Correspondent: Marie Kelleher 12 Tappan Street Melrose, MA 02176; 781-665-2669 When Stephanie Coffey Cooper-Clarke’s grandchildren first watched the TV program Pan Am, they were amazed to learn that their grandmother had once been a stewardess for that airline. They were also fascinated to see pictures of her in uniform and to actually see the light blue suit hanging in her closet. Stephanie was a stewardess for Pan Am from 1956 to 1960. She flew for the airline’s Atlantic Division, “crossing the pond” to many interesting destinations, including Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Stephanie and husband John recently spent five days touring internal Turkey and found it a very beautiful and moving experience. Stephanie described it as a magical time during which they felt like they were walking through history. •  “Star of the day, who will it be…?” As most of us remember, this was the theme song for the TV show Community Auditions. Jim Nolan, MSW’61, emailed me a delightful note in which he reminisced about being on the show with Hugh Mayo, Frank Flood, and the late Hank Quarles ’56, JD’59.  They won the first elimination round singing “Muskrat Ramble,” as Jim says, helped out no doubt by the fact that they handed out pre-addressed  postcards in the cafeteria. • Because I am writing this column at the end of November, I am reminded that we are all pilgrims here on Earth, with our destination being eternal life.  David F. Sheehan’s  pilgrimage ended on September 30, 2011.  He was living in California and had a 35-year career at Rocketdyne.  He also spent 33 years in the Marine Corps Reserves, retiring as a colonel. Dave leaves behind his son, Brian; his daughter-in-law, Shannon; and his grandchildren, Riley Kathleen, Caitlin Mae, and Colin Patrick.  • Two other classmates also ended their pilgrimages in 2011: Frederick L. Brenneman’s journey ended on August 25, and Francis Thornton joined him in the growing Class of ’55 alumni group of deceased on September 14.  Curtis Flory, husband of our late classmate Barbara Brooks Flory, died in October.  My sincere sympathy is offered to their families.

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NC 1955

Correspondent: Jane Quigley Hone 207 Miro Place Port Washington, NY 11050; 516-627-0973 I recently received the Boston College 50th anniversary book for the Class of 1955, which includes our class. Many of us had submitted information and photos to Pat Leclaire Mitchell in preparation for our reunion, and some of them are included in the 50th anniversary book. It is great to see the more recent pictures of those who sent

class notes them to Pat. • I am hoping to hear from Norma Parachmont McCarthy if she is still in Florida, where I wrote to her. • Yasuko Ohashi, RSCJ, reports that she is eager to hear from more of our classmates. She was happy to receive news from Nadia Wolanyk Deychakiwsky about her family. Nadia’s son Nick was able to visit Yasuko in Tokyo on his way home from Bangladesh. Yasuko and Kuniko Shiobara Hara live near each other in Tokyo. They managed to get through all the recent disasters but they ask for prayers for the victims and survivors.

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class participation goal: 217 Correspondent: Steve Barry 102 Brooksby Village Drive, Unit 304 Peabody, MA 01960; 978-587-3626 Carolyn Kenney Foley met her School of Education classmate Paul Dorsey at a recent BC game. Paul said he had been inducted into the Milton High School Athletic Hall of Fame for baseball in 2009. • Marie and I sat with Janet and Jack Leonard at the brunch before the University Chorale’s Christmas concert.  Jack’s aunt was also there, as were Louise and Dick Toland. Jack mentioned that he had recently returned from a visit to Israel. • Joan and Joe Danieli emailed that their son, Mark, will be competing for Team USA in the World Triathlon Championship in Las Vegas. The events are a 2-mile swim, a 56-mile bicycle race, and a 13-mile run, and 1,500 men and women from about 50 countries will compete. (Maybe I should take a nap after writing that news!) Joe also mentioned how much he enjoyed speaking with classmates at our reunion last June, especially those from out-ofstate, with whom he hadn’t been in touch. He was pleased to have worked with Owen Lynch, JD’59, on fundraising efforts during the year. • Sadly, we have several deaths to report: Ed Brady ’50 wrote that Francis X. McKeown of Norwood died in November 2011. Carolyn Foley emailed that Joan Carroll Donovan’s husband, George, JD’57, died, also in November, and Leo Power, MA’64, MBA’72, told her that Ray Leimonas, MSW’58, had died in October. Please remember them, their families, and any classmates who are ill, in your prayers. • Thanks to all who sent news. Apologies for the short column—it’s been quiet since the reunion. A reminder: you can log on to the Alumni Portal to read and post news of accomplishments, travel, etc.

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NC 1956

Correspondent: Patricia Leary Dowling 39 Woodside Drive Milton, MA 02186; 617-696-0163 I am saddened to report that Jean Wallace Russo went to heaven this past summer. Jean had been living with her daughter in Tucson. Notes of condolence may be sent to Jean’s daughter, Katherine Russo, at 3360 West Desert Turtle Way, Tucson, AZ 85742-9019. • In a

recent communiqué, Gail O’Donnell, RSCJ, MDiv’80, writes she would like to share an account of Mother Keyes with us. Mother Keyes, at the request of her superior, wrote an account of her very interesting early life. She was born in Nice on April 15, 1898. I have copies of the article and would be happy to send it to anyone who would like one. Gail had back surgery last fall and is now living without sciatica pain! • Please think up some news and send it along! Thanks!

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1957 reunion year

class participation goal: 279 Correspondent: Francis E. Lynch 27 Arbutus Lane West Dennis, MA 02670 Our class’s 55th reunion, another milestone, is now underway and in full gear, headed by co-chairs Bill Cunningham, Peg Kenney MA’59, William McQueeney, and William Tobin MBA’70! The board of directors has commenced an agenda that should be very appropriate for this outstanding class. • The BC vs. Duke reception on September 17, 2011, at the newly renovated Gasson Hall was spectacular. The following classmates attended: Rev. Tom Ahearn; Joe Burke; Bill Cunningham; Jim Daly; Paul Daly; Jim Devlin; Jim Doherty; John Harrington MBA’66, H’10; Tom Harrington; George Hennessy; Mary Lou Hogan MEd’61 and Eleanor Hogan; Lawrence Hojlo; Jack Joyce; Rev. Gerry Kelly; Peg Kenney; Paul Mahoney; Paul McAdams; Myles McCabe; Bill MacKenzie; Paul McNulty; Elizabeth Salmon McRae; Dick Michaud; Joe Mirabile; George Murphy; Paul O’Leary; John Ruggiero MBA’62; Marillyn Wilson Smith; Rev. Eugene P. Sullivan DEd’81; Walter Sullivan; Bob Tiernan MS’59; Bill Tobin; Jim and Betty (Scanlon) Turley; Pat Vacca; and John Wissler MBA’72. • Anne and Bill Tobin traveled to Russia and beyond for three weeks late last September and October. • The class extends sincere sympathy to the family of Rita Bryant, MS’59, of Ossipee, NH, who passed away on September 6, 2011. • Please remit class dues in the amount of $25 to Bill Tobin, 181 Central St., Holliston, MA 01746. • The well of creativity has gone dry, folks! I need some notes from this prestigious class! Please let me hear from you! • Best wishes for a very healthy and happy new year.

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NC 1957 reunion year

Correspondent: Connie Weldon LeMaitre Correspondent: Connie Hanley Smith Vinnie Murray Burns writes that, after spending the summer at home in Wayne, ME, they are back in the South for the winter and want anyone near Tampa or Sarasota to come visit. They live in Parrish, FL. • Joan David carries on her 50-year career as professor of English at Salve Regina in Newport, RI. 7 class notes

Congratulations, Joan. How fortunate your students have been to learn from you! • Margy Craig Sheehy recently returned from Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, and Costa del Sol). The main reason for her trip: to follow the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela— an experience she describes as “powerful.” • The “perennial foursome”—two Connies (your correspondents), Liz Doyle Eckl, and Ellie Pope Clem—met in New York City in October. The trip included museum visits, theater, and an evening at the Smiths’ in Waccabuc. • Thanks to all for sending news.

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class participation goal: 262 Correspondent: David Rafferty 2296 Ashton Oaks Lane, No. 101 Stonebridge Country Club Naples, FL 34109; 239-596-0290 Congratulations to Tom “Tank” Meehan, who was inducted into the BC Varsity Club Hall of Fame for football this past fall. More than 20 classmates were in attendance at the Hall of Fame reception. Tom and wife Maria came in from Germany, where they have been living for the past few years. On a very sad note, in early November, Tom and Maria lost their daughter Kelly—their second daughter to pass away in the last eight years. Condolences of the class go out to the Meehan family. • Bill McGovern reports from Hoosick Falls, NY, a small town on the New York–Vermont border, that they sustained substantial damage from Hurricane Irene this past fall. Mary and Bill recently celebrated their 75th birthdays and 41 years of marriage. • At its annual meeting held at Boston University in October, members of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, the nation’s oldest incorporated military history society, elected Dick Simons to serve as its next president. It is one of the leading military history groups in the country, with past members including Gen. William T. Sherman, Gen. James Longstreet, Adm. George Dewey, and Gen. George C. Marshall. Dick, as president, will oversee an eight-member board of directors, along with an overall membership of about 150 people. • Prayers from the class go out to the families of the following classmates who recently passed away: Paul Cote of Ponte Vedra, FL; Edna Cullati of Wellesley; Helen Fagan of Needham; John Healy MS’60 of Bristol, RI; and Gerald McGonigle JD’65 of Charlestown. • Betsy and Walter Gay are enjoying their retirement years on the Branford, CT, shore and have houses on the Cape and in the Berkshires. Both enjoy golf, tennis, and walking, and Walter remains active as a member of the American Chemical Society, Phi Lambda Upsilon National Honorary Chemical Society, and the American Association of University Professors. • Bob Cassidy, MEd’60, retired in 2002 after 42 years of teaching U.S. history in Revere. Bob, who lost his wife, Anita, in 2006, spends his retirement years doing volunteer work in the Revere schools. He is a season ticket holder of BC football and basketball and a 44-year owner of Red Sox

tickets. • This past Thanksgiving, it was so warm in Boston that Tony ’59 and Bea (Capraro) Busa showed up in Lexington. Now they are back in Florida. • I know it’s early to make this announcement, but December 2, 2012, is the date of the first event of our anniversary year—the Class of 1958 breakfast before the University Chorale’s Christmas concert. Mark your calendars and if possible, let Joan (Downing) LaChance or Jack Nee, MBA’66, know that you are coming. They have to know the count so they can reserve a private room for the class on campus. • An update of my life here in Florida: My wife of 52 years, Marilyn, is in an assisted living facility (Windsor Place) in Naples. She had a serious stroke at the age of 52. Yours truly had triple bypass surgery this past July. Oh, how wonderful these golden years are! • Please let me hear from you. I need news from classmates bigtime! • Don’t forget your class dues. Please send $25 to our class treasurer, Jack “Mucca” McDevitt, at 28 Cedar Rd., Medford, MA 02155.

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NC 1958

Boston College Alumni Association Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 The Newton College Class of ’58 is seeking a new correspondent. If you would like to write for Class Notes, please contact Betsy McLain, Class Notes editor, at the above address.

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class participation goal: 265 Correspondent: George Holland 244 Hawthorne Street Malden, MA 02148; 781-321-4217 Correspondent: Robert Latkany 203-354-6200 Peter K. Murphy, a retired career American diplomat, recently celebrated his fifth anniversary as president and CEO of Marco Research SAM, a financial services company he established in the Principality of Monaco. In addition, for the past three years Peter has been serving as the first ambassador of the Order of Malta to the Principality. He and his wife, Jacqueline, have lived in Monaco for the past 15 years. Peter hopes that any alumni traveling to the area will drop in to say hello at the embassy. • Fifty-nine classmates and guests gathered at Alumni House for the annual Class of ’59 dinner (59 for ’59!). BC professor Franco Mormando gave a fascinating lecture based on his recent book, Bernini: His Life and His Rome. I sat with Janet and Paul Andrews, along with Mary and Brian McNiff. Celeste and Charlie McCullagh came up from Naples, FL, for the event. Watch for notice of the next class dinner in the fall of 2012. • Honey (Good) NC’59 and Peter McLaughlin recently

celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Australia and New Zealand. Among the highlights was the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne. • We are saddened to report the deaths of three classmates last fall. After a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, Larry DeAngelis passed away on October 1, leaving wife Joanne; children Mark, Kristin, and Cynthia; and nine grandchildren. Larry was a former BC football player and founder of Data Associates. Jack Donahue passed away on October 19 after a valiant five-year battle with cancer. Jack left wife Joan; children Debbie, John, Kevin, and Beth; and 18 grandchildren. We were also sad to learn of the unexpected death of Anna K. Supple at her home in Weston, VT, on October 13. May they rest in peace. • Finally, I am pleased to tell you, beginning with the next issue, I will be joined in my work as scribe for this column by our classmate Bob Latkany. Bob writes: “It is an honor for me to return to class notes after an 11-year hiatus. And I am happy to be working with George Holland as co-correspondent.” Please contact Bob or me with news for future columns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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NC 1959

Correspondents: Maryjane Mulvanity Casey and Patty O’Neill 75 Savoy Road Needham, MA 02492; 781-400-5405 The October Mass for Sr. Elizabeth White, H’06, was well attended by all classes of Newton College. It was a beautiful tribute to her remarkable life. We all have happy memories of our spirited freshman English professor and dean of students. It was nice seeing Janet Chartier O’Hanley, Honey (Good) McLaughlin, and Gini (Little) Waterman-Casey. • Phebe (Rohan) Carver happily reports the arrival of a new grandson, much admired by his older brother and sister, Logan and Katie. The proud parents are Phebe’s daughter Barbara and her husband, Steve. Phebe is delighted with her new townhouse in Shrewsbury, NJ, and its proximity to her family. • David and Dotty (Bohen) Graham returned to the Holy Land for the second year in a row on a cruise this past fall with classmate Dolores Seeman Royston and the Grahams’ son Peter and his wife. Despite an “exciting” Atlantic crossing, they had a wonderful time. The trip was instigated by Peter to celebrate his parents’ upcoming 75th birthdays. They also report a visit with Sue Macksoud Wooten late in the summer. Sue was on Block Island visiting the Grahams’ neighbors Jack and Helen Craig Lynch. Helen and Jack had returned to the island from Prague, where Jack had been teaching a law course. • Patty O’Neill, Nancy Maslen Burkholder, and Pat Sweeney Sheehy met for a great lunch and a lovely chat at an Irish pub in Mattapoisett in October, the day before Pat and her husband, Bob, took off for Florida for the winter. Pat and Bob had just returned to their summer digs in Yarmouth from a cruise to Greece and Turkey and report they had successfully avoided strikes in both places. • Happy springtime to everyone! • Please send us your news update!

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class participation goal: 275 Correspondent: Joseph R. Carty 253 River Street Norwell, MA 02061 Correspondent: Peter Johnson Well, we have some good news and bad news. The 1750 gang met in October as 14 Golden Eagles returned to their nest at 1750 Beacon, their dorm while at BC. The building now has become a B&B, and the ladies rented their old rooms! Those gathered at this fun weekend were Karen Moynihan Patria, Donna Skehan Robinson, Margaret Leigh ’61, Sally Stearns Healy, Eileen O’Sullivan  O’Connor, Marcia (Carroll) Lindstrom, Edie  Cackowski Witherell, Louise Aubuchon O’Hanley, Louise Boyle Swiniarski, and Jean Belval Decastro. Several others from the Classes of ’61 and ’62 were also there. They enjoyed two days of reminiscing, lunch at the BC Club, and a great tour of the North End. If that was not enough, the ladies were also planning a luncheon in December. Whew! • At the class reception following the Christmas concert, Joe and Grace (McLaughlin) Carty were officially—and literally—crowned king and queen of the class, complete with crown and tiara emblazoned with a “60.” Surprise guests were Mike Tramonte, CAES’71, and wife Josephine. Make it a habit, Mike! • Peter B. Hanson of Hingham passed away in late November. Peter was a veteran of the Vietnam era. He was employed at Polaroid as a production planner for 36 years and was an active member in the community. Also, Alex Wisneski passed away in November. Alex lived in Harwich and had a seasonal dwelling in Naples, FL. The Wisneskis had five children. Our condolences to their families, and remember Peter and Alex in your prayers. • Have a happy and holy Easter. • Editor’s note: With this issue, we welcome Peter Johnson, who joins Joe Carty as co-correspondent for the Class of 1960. Please write to Joe or Peter with news you’d like included in this column.

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NC 1960

Correspondent: Sally O’Connell Healy 4061 Cape Cole Boulevard Punta Gorda, FL 33955 Mary Elizabeth Brusch Field and husband Melvin recently moved to a new home in Cambridge. Mary Elizabeth continues to enjoy her work as a biotech consultant. Her daughter, Maria Mulkeen, also lives in Cambridge and works at a foundation in Boston. Son Charlie Mulkeen is an editor in New York City, lives in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, and is an avid ice-hockey player. • Barry and Moira Donnelly Gault live in Newton. Moira is a realtor

class notes for Coldwell Banker—where she and Carole Ward McNamara have desks next to each other. Moira and Barry have six grandchildren, one of whom, Joe Dailey (23), recently moved in with them. He is a Holy Cross graduate like his grandfather Gault and will be working as a researcher at Dana-Farber. The Gaults’ daughter Lisa and her family live in downtown Boston. • Rosemary Maraventano McCook lives in Oldsmar, FL. She has two children and four grandchildren. Her daughter lives nearby, and her son works in public relations in New York City. Rosemary has been a volunteer for a number of organizations, and she says ballroom dancing is among her favorite activities. • Blanche Hunnewell lives in Harwich Port on the Cape in the summer and spends the winters in Charleston, SC. Her 7 children and 15 grandchildren live in Belgium and around the United States. Her triplet grandsons and their sister and family are spending this year in London. Blanche is often on the road going to grandparents’ days at various schools, and she travels to Belgium and France every year to visit family. She volunteers with many organizations, including a food pantry, and also participated in a BC trip to rebuild houses in New Orleans. She is an avid quilter and donates a handmade quilt each year to the Harwich Cranberry Festival to fund four scholarships for graduating high school students. • In November, Gaby Gyorky Mackey, who lives in Punta Gorda, FL, gave a wonderful 80th birthday party for her husband, Paul, at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club. Their six children and spouses were all there to celebrate. • BC offers many wonderful courses (some online) and services to alumni. If you live outside the Greater Boston area, you might consider attending one of BC’s regional functions, which are open to Newton alumnae. I can recommend the online course What It Means to Be Catholic. The new BC online spirituality magazine feature “On Eagles’ Wings” gives alumni an opportunity to request prayers. Its Fall 2011 initial edition featured a picture of a stained glass window in Trinity Chapel on the Newton Campus. Visit association/spirituality/eagleswings.html for more information. Also, the Society of the Sacred Heart publishes the magazine HEART twice a year, to highlight the mission and ministries of the society. To download a copy, visit Esprit de Coeur, a newsletter of the Associated Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart, can be ordered by email at • Please send me news about what you are doing for inclusion in the column. We are trying to reach as many classmates as possible. All good wishes to you all!

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class participation goal: 256 Correspondent: John Ahearn 872 Massachusetts Avenue #407 Cambridge, MA 02139 Peg Ryan Collins reports that she and her husband had a wonderful time on their

cruise to Bermuda. The cruise was an award to her at the reunion for all her work for the Class of ’61. She speaks for many of us when she says she found the 50th reunion especially enjoyable, and she was happy to catch up with friends she had not seen in a very long time—in particular, Paul and Mary Gray Leary. She wants to remind everyone to put two dates on your calendar: March 18 for Laetare Sunday and June 9 for our annual Mass and dinner, which will be held in the newly renovated and absolutely beautiful Gasson Hall. Ginny O’Neil said that it was one of the best events she’s attended at BC. • Among the people I spoke with at the reunion were Richard Johnson, who is retired from teaching in Maine, and Frank Fiorentino, who is working locally in his accounting firm. Also at one of the events was Tommy Robinson’s father: at 103, Donald Robinson ’30, MA’32, is the oldest living BC graduate! Among those who came to the reunion from outside the New York– New England area were Tom Dahoney and John Lane from Arizona; Hugh Cavanaugh, Richard O’Neil, and Joe Lally from California; Ken Holland, Phil St. Germain JD’65, Cosmo Trapani, and Ruy Santos Villela from Florida; Arthur Breault, Robert Buck, and Joseph Forry from Georgia; Michael Murray MA’65 from Illinois; John Hehir from Indiana; James Brennan from Kentucky; Anne Manning Ackerman, Francis Curley, Joseph King PhD’66, Nicholas Moriarty, Thomas Sheehan, and Charles White from Maryland; John Amabile and Charles Glashausser from New Jersey; Brig. Gen. Thomas Jones from North Carolina; John Burke and James Murray from Ohio; Michael Grace from South Carolina; John Gallivan, David Oberhauser, and Patricia Kenney Parish from Virginia; Jeanne Denys Ament from Wisconsin; and William Robinson from New Brunswick, Canada. • For the first time, Reunion Weekend included a memorial for veterans, with about 50 attending from all the reunion classes. It was held in memory of Capt. Joseph F.X. Grant, who attended BC with our class. Dick Gill spoke about Capt. Grant, who was the first and only person from BC to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism. Other classmates present included Paul Brennan MBA’66, Tom Dahoney, Ken Holland, Jack Joyce MBA’70, Bob Kenny, Red Lane, Ed O’Connor, and Roger Sweeney. You can view more or order the yearbook DVD online at classes/1961. The veterans memorial was such a success that it will become a part of future reunions at BC. • The Class of ’61 has at least four judges among its members: in Massachusetts, Jim Dolan; in Connecticut, Edward Karazin; in Boston federal court, Bob Kelly; and in Rhode Island, Ed Parker and Francis Piscal. There are at least 40 lawyers, 51 doctors, and 8 priests, nuns, and brothers. • Maryann DiMario Landry reports that the “1750 girls”—whose dorm for their four years at the Lynch School of Education was a house at 1750 Beacon St. (now the Beacon Inn)—enjoyed a great reunion there for several days in October. Representing the Class of ’61 were Maryann, Judy Czarnecki McCusker, Mary Mahoney Falvey, and Joanne O’Brien Reilly. Highlights of the visit included lunch at the BC Club, a walking tour of the historic North End, 9 class notes

and a visit to the pub that occupies the site of the iconic Tam O’Shanter! Maryann writes: “How fortunate we are to share these wonderful friendships for 50-plus years, thanks to our BC experience.”

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NC 1961

Correspondent: Missy Clancy Rudman 1428 Primrose Lane Franklin, TN 37064 Judy Vollbrecht, RSCJ, spent time in New Orleans this fall. She was to return to Haiti on December 4. Newton 1961 has established a fund for Sr. Judy, who is in her 12th year of mission service in Haiti. We call it the Apron Pocket Fund because our donations go directly to Sr. Judy, to be used at her discretion to meet the needs around her. Sr. Judy sends us wonderful, enlightening emails. She thanked us most heartily for the funds we collected at our reunion. • Betty Hitchins Wilson writes: “I just got back from my fourth annual checkup, and my doctors are so pleased with my tests that they say next year (which will complete five years since my illness) I won’t have to travel from Jamaica to Detroit, I can do the tests here—so we are giving God thanks. I will never forget all the support of my Newton sisters.” • As so many know (via email), Alo Coleman Riley had a stroke while in Cohasset last summer. Bob ’59 has been wonderful keeping us informed of her accomplishments. They are now back in Florida, where Alo continues speech and physical therapy. Bob thanked us for our prayers and cards. • Mary Walsh reports that, after being hit by a car, she went through physical therapy and is still doing an exercise program. • Rosie Hanley Cloran wrote that she and her husband would be going to Florida and planned to see many NC friends. • Un-retired Babs Kager is now working with a group of centenarians—guess she got bored with retirement, which is what happens when we have led such active lives. • Judy Thompson Collins called me the day after Thanksgiving. She and Dave were visiting their son and his family, who are now living in Nashville. We hope to get together when they return in March. • Bob and I had a wonderful trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice with our son, our daughter-in-law, and her parents in September. I even spoke some Italian. • Speaking of travel, Brigid O’Sullivan Sheehan, who went to Spain last summer,  wanted to know who would be interested in traveling or getting together on occasion. Kathy  Hall Hunter said she would, as did Juliana Fazakerly Gilheany, who  wrote from Israel. Joan Merrick Egan is also keeping in touch from California. • When you read this it will almost be Easter! • Ciao!

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1962 reunion year

class participation goal: 441 Correspondents: Frank and Eileen (Trish) Faggiano 33 Gleason Road Reading, MA 01867; 781-944-0720

On September 15, leading a parade of hundreds of eager freshmen, members of our class marched down Linden Lane to Conte Forum, where author Colum McCann discussed his National Book Award– winner, Let the Great World Spin, and took questions from the well-versed students for 25 minutes. It was a lively and insightful evening enjoyed by all. • On October 31, our class celebrated a kickoff dinner for our 50th reunion in the Murray Room (named after our classmate Bob Murray) in the Yawkey Center, which is located at the end of Alumni Stadium and faces the Flynn Recreation Center. Seventy-five graduates and guests attended the event, and deacon Bill Nagle, MEd’70, led the blessing before dinner, reminding all how “blessed we are that He has given us our time, our talent, and our treasure.” Jim O’Connor introduced the guest speaker, BC professor James O’Toole, the Clough Millennium Chair in History, who gave a very factual and entertaining presentation on the history and growth of the University since its founding in 1863. • We received a letter from Dick Hart’s wife, Monica. Dick was our class correspondent for many years and clearly loved being an alumnus of Boston College. He passed away in 2002. In her letter, Monica enclosed an article from the Quincy Sun, reporting that Quincy College recently dedicated its newly renovated Saville Hall Board Room to Dick, who was a member of the college’s first board of directors. Dick’s contribution in the leadership and stewardship of Quincy College was honored with a commemorative plaque that graces the entrance to the boardroom. Congratulations to Monica and her family. • Hearty congratulations to Joan Mullahy Riley for receiving the rank of professor emerita of nursing and the Nursing Leadership Achievement Award from Emmanuel College in May 2011. • Our condolences, sympathy, and prayers go out to the families of Laraine Geswell Cassell of Reading and Conrad De Zego of New Brunswick, NJ, who both passed away in June 2011, and John Patrick Harris of Reading, who passed away in November 2011. • The Reunion Committee, headed up by Jack MacKinnon, continues to meet to finalize plans for our 50th reunion celebration. Schedules for all events during the next eight months have been sent to all 1962 graduates. Please check online at if you have not received the information, or contact Fabia Denaro at 617-552-1528 at the Alumni Office. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the reunion events, and remember, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at or

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NC 1962 reunion year

Correspondent: Mary Ann Brennan Keyes 26 Ridgewood Crossing Hingham, MA 02043 Thank you one and all for getting your contact information updated and sending

in your profiles for our 50th anniversary yearbook. Whenever you have any changes, please send them to me. Mark your calendars for our 50th reunion—June 1–3— make your reservations, and look for more updates. So much news from classmates has come from the profiles that you will find in the yearbook, due to come out during Reunion Weekend. I hope you got your directory, so you too can contact old friends and make reunion plans. Many thanks to Barbara Fortunato Hurley, who very kindly has produced and mailed the directory. Many of us have been working hard to make this a reunion to remember, but it will only be a success if everyone comes. For Saturday morning, three classmates have organized a panel titled “Past, Present, Future,” which I think will be a highlight of the reunion: Judy Pizzarello Bishop (the transitional generation), Maureen Slattery (themes of growth in older women), and Peggy Brennan Hassett (finding God in new ways). The pin ceremony and lobsterbake, which were highly recommended by NC’60 and NC’61, will take place on Friday. Our class party will be on Saturday night, and the Mass on Sunday for our 15 deceased classmates will be followed by a brunch. Our class gift, created in memory of Gabrielle Husson, RSCJ, MA’51, and Mary Quinlan, RSCJ, is a special one-time scholarship— The Newton College Class of 1962 Scholarship—and will be given to a deserving female student, someone we will meet and get to know. We need to raise at least $25,000 and hope to have 62-percent participation. • In preparation for the reunion, we have had three minireunions—one in Hingham; one in Newport, RI; and one in Larchmont, NY. Marion Murray Morse drove from Rochester for the Larchmont reunion that was hosted by Mary-Lynn Fleming Liverzani. Between 10 and 22 classmates attended each luncheon. • Mary O’Connor Sears writes that she and Ron “met our daughter and her family in South Carolina in July. Jacquie lives in California, and our son lives in Radnor, PA, with his wife and four children, so we are away a lot.” • Carrie Hayes writes: “I am now Carolyn Hayes Slocum (Mrs. Peter S. Slocum). We are now living in Desert Mountain in north Scottsdale, AZ. After living in New York, England, Geneva, Paris, Beirut, Lyford Cay, and the Bahamas, we’ve finally settled in Carefree! We have four children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.” • Bonnie Tubridy Blosat just contacted me with Joan Brown Sullivan’s new address. We have been trying for months to find Joan, who has moved to Towson, MD. Thanks, Bonnie! • It is with a heavy heart that I report that Mary Corbett died on October 29, 2011. Mary was a good friend to many. She and I celebrated our 70ths on a trip to Russia, Finland, and Norway. Among other things, Mary was a self-taught bagpiper, who showed up with her pipes for many of our classmates’ family weddings, parties, and funerals. Mary was lovingly cared for by her sister Kate Corbett Brady NC’66. To her and all of Mary’s family, we all send our love and prayers.

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class participation goal: 344 Correspondent: Matthew J. McDonnell 121 Shore Avenue Quincy, MA 02169; 617-479-1714 Larry Rawson, Larry Flynn, and Doug MacQuarrie are all raves about their trip last summer to the Seattle area to visit with Mike Scully and his wife, Betty. The group, along with Larry Flynn’s wife, Alyce, and Doug’s wife, Rosemary, embarked on a boating trip from Bainbridge Island (across the bay from Seattle) to Juneau to see the beautiful sights and sounds that Alaska has to offer, while reminiscing about their days at BC on the track team. What a great memory! Mike is a vascular surgeon in Kennewick, WA. • I received an email from Shireen Pesez Rhoades ’94, MEd’01, passing along the sad news of the December 2010 death of her dad, Philip Pesez, due to complications following openheart surgery. Phil had worked as a hospital administrator in upstate New York, where he and his wife, Frances Cook Pesez, raised five children. He loved cheering for his Cubbies and spending time with his eight grandchildren. • It is also with regret that I report the death last October of a good friend and classmate, Francis X. D’Arcy. Frank had a varied career: he started with the Income Fund of Boston and later served with the Capital Police, assigned to then governor Frank Sargent. He finalized his career as an accountant with the Massachusetts State Lottery, retiring early in 1992. He is survived by his wife, Anne. • Sadly, the list of classmates we lost in 2011 continues to grow: Donald J. Treacy, a professor of physics at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis from Arnold, MD, died on June 28, and Lois J. O’Neill of Peabody, a retired high school teacher, died on September 3. We also lost John G. Clancy of Tequesta, FL, on August 23; Nancy M. Cotter of Naples, FL, on July 14; and Rev. Edward T. Kelley of North Reading on August 10. Class condolences are extended to all their families. • Our 50th Reunion Committee got off to a good start with two successful events:  a Boston Harbor dinner cruise on September 16, followed by a class gathering at the BC–Duke football game on September 17. Work continued with a well-attended committee meeting on November 9.  Present were our chair, Tom McCabe; Tom Ryan; John Golden; Bill Garvey; Doug MacQuarrie; Brooks Sullivan; Paul Daley; Peter Jengo; Ed O’Donoghue; Paul Hardiman; Ed Rae; Jim McGahay; Steve Garzone; and, of course, yours truly. • Plans are being finalized for the Naples, FL, St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17; the Bermuda Cruise, embarking on May 11 (there’s still space); as well as for our class reunion weekend next year, beginning on Friday, May 31, 2013. • Drop me a line, call, or email!

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NC 1963

Correspondent: Colette Koechley McCarty 106 Woodhue Lane Cary, NC 27518; 919-233-0563

class notes Last year was a big year for us NC’63ers— many have turned 70 with differing celebrations. In 1963 we couldn’t imagine 1970, never mind being 70, yet here we are! • Carol Donovan Levis spent the fall celebrating her 70th all over New England, ending in New York City with a reunion of Barat friends. • Connie Schepp Cahill has relocated to Chapel Hill. She moved in late August and after settling in, traveled to New Zealand for a visit. Nancy Waeber Gleiman, MEd’79, and I look forward to getting together with her. This brings our North Carolina group to five, I think: Nancy, Connie, and me in the Research Triangle area; Kate Nugent West in Wilmington; and Ann McCabe Rives in the Hickory area. We’re practically a contingent! • Susie Bell Trowbridge was given a birthday party at the “21” Club in New York City by Michael Sennott, her old Chicago pal. It was a great night made even better by her son Matt (who teaches at Princeton Country Day) serenading her with a song he composed in her honor. Lots of Sacred Heart alumnae in attendance—along with Jimmy, her husband, and her four handsome sons with their wives and sweethearts. • Maureen Meehan O’Leary and Tom and I went on a fabulous three-week trip to Turkey in the fall—it was like SWC in real life. We saw Istanbul and the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with their Greek and Roman ruins. One day we swam from our sailboat to Cleopatra’s Baths, which seemed like a sort of a grown-up Water World. On my birthday, we were in Cappadocia and began the day with a balloon ride, after which the pilot presented me with a cake! We had a great guide, Ali Dogan, and we got a really good grounding in the history and architecture of this important area. • Rod and Patty Lyster Vitty report that the storm damage from Hurricane Irene is slowly mending, and things are getting back to normal, at least in the Quechee, VT, area. They plan to be in the Bahamas this winter and hope to see Marie Craigin Wilson and her husband there. She is looking forward to our 50th. • Carolyn McInerney McGrath is compiling an email list and sent out a newsletter in October to the addresses she has. I think we all must have 2013 in the back of our minds! I’ll be happy to forward your address to Carolyn if you will send it to me with your news for the next class notes.

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class participation goal: 350 Correspondent: John Moynihan 27 Rockland Street Swampscott, MA 01907 Bob Creedon is clerk of courts, Plymouth County Superior Court, in Brockton. Bob served for many years in the Massachusetts legislature, both as state representative and as senator. His wife, Geri, is now the state rep. Between Bob, Geri, and his brother Mike (who is now a judge), a Creedon has been in one or (usually) both of those seats since Bob was elected state rep soon after graduating from BC Law in 1967. • Marilyn CoughlanConran is living in Safety Harbor, FL. She

is near her two daughters, Michelle and Anne Marie, and their families, including four of Marilyn’s grandchildren. Her son Rick and his family are in Bethlehem, PA, and he is about to become chief of surgery at his facility. • Steve Duffy and daughter Ellen spent the fall semester in Mwanza, Tanzania. Steve was assisting Jim Spillane, SJ, MA’68, MDiv’76, the dean of the Jesuit college there, who is developing the curriculum for a hospitality management program. Steve was teaching ESL while Ellen was studying at the international high school. • Art Doyle, MAT’66, recently retired after many years with The College Board. • Tom Mulvoy, former managing editor of the Boston Globe, wrote a touching tribute to his brother Mark Mulvoy, former Sports Illustrated managing editor, on the occasion of Mark’s 70th birthday. You can find it at commentary/my-big-brother-turning-70. • Joan Rapp works at Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, where she develops continuing education for people who work in the psychiatric rehabilitation field.  She is  guardian for Craig (19), who is working on his biotech degree.  Joan and I regularly bump elbows at the same “underground” church and the same Fourth of July celebrations. • San Francisco’s Barbara and Bob Scavullo went on a three-day canoe trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and visited with Jill and Ron  Moravitz. The Moravitzes live in Portland, OR, and spend  several months a year at the lakeside cabin that Ron’s father built many years ago. • Last fall,   Jim Fleming was elected to the Salem School Committee for the third time. • Michael “Slim” Ford, SJ, MDiv’75, joined Judy and me for a daylong pilgrimage to Rutland, VT, to visit with Nancy and Art Crandall. The new “svelte Mike” is down more than 90 pounds from his days as chaplain at Holy Cross. • Sadly, we have lost our classmate Cathleen Hall of North Billerica, who passed away in June. • Next time you’re on campus, check out the progress on Stokes Hall.

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NC 1964

Correspondent: Priscilla Weinlandt Lamb 125 Elizabeth Road New Rochelle, NY 10804; 914-636-0214 “In Vienna, you could practically hear Dr. Kerekes talking about the Hapsburgs.” That was Ann Marie DeNisco Labbate, telling me about her trip this past September with her husband, Basil, and Peter and Judy Ernst Tortora. They also went to Budapest and Prague, where they saw a wonderful per-formance at the Prague State Opera. • Nancy Brouillard McKenzie NC’72 sent me a link to a very interesting, and very impressive, bio of Dee Parker Arntz. Dee is one of Washington State’s foremost wetlands advocates. She has worked in government all her life, and when she moved to Seattle in the late 1980s, her focus became the environmental movement and, in particular, the wetlands.  In 1991, she cofounded the Washington Wetlands 11 class notes

Network (Wetnet), under the umbrella of the Seattle Audubon Society, to bring together individuals, governments, and organizations for the benefit of the wetlands. In 1999, Dee won the National Wetlands Award from the Environmental Law Institute for outstanding program development and was cited for dedication to wetland protection that has led to major environmental accomplishments at both the state and the national levels. Dee and her husband, Bill, whom she met when they were both working at HUD, have traveled extensively, starting with a two-year trip around the world after their marriage in 1970.  In 1984, it was another two-year trip, this time sailing the rivers and canals of Europe in their own boat. In 1996, they took a two-year RV trip across the United States, visiting people doing wetlands advocacy.  After more than a decade of involvement in the Washington environmental community, Dee noticed that although women have been the backbone of the movement, often as volunteers, they have received little recognition for their efforts.  She is currently working on a book titled The Great Women of the Environmental Movement, having conducted over 50 interviews with eight of Washington’s most prominent female environmentalists. The above is just a sampling of Dee’s story.  For the “rest of the story,” you can go to the online encyclopedia  Since my biggest goal at the moment is trying to win the caption contest in The New Yorker, I am feeling totally inadequate.

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class participation goal: 295 Correspondent: Patricia McNulty Harte 83 Church Street, No. 1 Winchester, MA 01890; 781-729-1187 Congratulations to Neal Harte, who received the AICPA Sustained Contribution Award. Neal was one of 51 CPAs throughout the country to receive this award, which recognizes members of the institute who have contributed measurably to the AICPA and CPA profession through their volunteer service. • Fall brought many 50th high school reunions, and I saw a few BC classmates at Matignon’s reunion. I went to the Friday night event held at the high school, and among those present were Jane Garland Doherty, Bob Berry, John Griffin, and Ed Lonergan. On Saturday evening, Neal and I went to the St. Clement’s reunion, and we saw Bob and Kathy McCarthy McSweeney. Kathy said that Rosemary Ryan Dunn hears from many classmates, so I am hoping she will send me an email for the next issue. • Sarah Ann and Jim Mahoney hosted a cocktail party at their home in Needham for the 50th reunion class of Needham High. Among those present were Ralph Toran, MST’67, PhD’79 (a member of the Reunion Committee), with wife Mary, as well as Ginny and Len Frisoli JD’68 and Bill Hardy. • Ron Nief sent me a copy of his latest publication, The Mindset Lists of American History —a very interesting read. Ron writes that he made it back to campus for the 50th

reunion of the BC Heightsmen with Bill Kelly, George Tyson, and Dennis Pioppi. • Neal and I recently had dinner in Naples with Ellen and Jack Cotter, MBA’72, who are spending the winter there. Both Jack and Ellen are playing a lot of golf. • It is with sadness that I write of the deaths last year of classmates Natt Ladd in September and David Walsh in August. We offer our condolences to their families.

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NC 1965

Correspondent: Linda Mason Crimmins 3902 MacGregor Drive Columbia, SC 29206 Nancy McNiff O’Brien joined the Belmont High School ’61 Ladies of Autumn in October for a special celebration of their 50th reunion at the Westin Hotel in Waltham. At the age of 60, 11 close high school friends decided to meet annually. Sadly, the group now numbers eight, a poignant reminder to live each day and never pass up a chance to visit with old friends.  Nancy may have the grandchild record with 19; she helps out with school pickups while still continuing her real-estate career. • In the past, I have mentioned that Dotti O’Connell Cherry raises show dogs, but I had no idea just how successful she was.  Dotti’s adorable English springer spaniel, Zelda, won the Sporting Group in the National Dog Show in November.  Congratulations, Dotti! • Kelley Burg recently spent a month in Minnesota to take part in several celebrations of her mother’s 100th birthday.  Her mom has returned to Hawaii to spend the winter with Kelley and her husband.  • Sheila Sullivan Wilson wrote to clarify the status of Kenwood. In the last column, it was reported that the school is no longer in existence, but Sheila reports that Kenwood is not completely defunct.  It merged with a women’s Episcopal school many years ago and became Doane Stuart. A few years ago, it severed ties with the Sacred Heart community but still exists in Rensselaer, NY. • Cathy Thompson and husband Ed Manuel are enjoying the freedoms of retirement and exploring their options. Over the next year, they plan to spend time in Maine on the Blue Hill Peninsula—in South Blue Hill and on a mooring for their boat in Brooklin. They are interested in hearing from anyone who will be in the area.  • Margaret Schmitt Schmidt and her husband took a car trip along the entire length of scenic Route 6 across northern Pennsylvania, a total of 400 miles. They returned home along the coast of Lake Ontario in Canada. Margaret reports it was a relaxing and interesting trip. Your writer lived about 30 miles south of Route 6 before moving to South Carolina and has biked several sections of the highway and the nearby quieter roads.  A very beautiful, relatively undeveloped area!  • By the time you read this, it will be 2012! Wishing you all good health, good friends, and time to enjoy.

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class participation goal: 342 Boston College Alumni Association Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Dennis Amato retired in September after a 40-year career with Bank of America. He spent the last dozen years as a managing director in the firm’s New York investment bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Dennis will remain on Long Island for most of the year but plans to spend the winters in Naples, FL, trying to improve his golf and tennis! • The Class of ’66 is seeking a new correspondent. If you would like to write for Class Notes, please contact Betsy McLain, Class Notes editor, at the above address.

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NC 1966

Correspondent: Catherine Beyer Hurst 333 Atwells Avenue, #211 Providence, RI 02903 Terry Ancona Orueta retired in 2008 after 30 years as a teacher and administrator at the American School of Bilbao in Spain. Her four daughters and their families, including a two-year-old grandson, all live nearby. Her mother passed away last year at the age of 97, but Terry still visits the United States regularly to see her brother and his wife in Alexandria, VA. Terry writes: “In the last five years, I have had to adjust to losing my husband, retirement, an empty nest, and having a new partner in my life, a widower I met three years ago. It’s a new life, entirely!” • Sharon Cuffe Fleming is in her third year of retirement after 37 years of social work. Her son, Ryan, lives in Florida; daughter Dayna and her husband, Jonathan, live in San Francisco with their two sons. With her family living so far away from New Jersey, Sharon has become a frequent flier. She writes: “Due to good health and happy, healthy children and grandsons, all has been wonderful…. I am back into bridge big-time and increasing my computer skills with my new Mac.” • Sue Carrell is currently a property manager in Santa Rosa, CA. She began her career in real estate in Marin County in 1970. Within three years, she received an award from the Marin County Board of Realtors for establishing an intern program at the local community college to educate students about the benefits of real estate as a career. Then she moved to Mendocino, where she renovated and opened what became an award-winning B&B, MacCallum House, which was featured in Sunset magazine, Money Magazine, and the Christian Science Monitor. After 12 years, she sold the inn and moved to Massachusetts, where she renovated two more houses— all while earning two master’s degrees (in public administration and in regional planning) from UMass.  • Condolences are

offered to the family of Karen Hilton Vitiello, who died in Reston, VA, of a brain tumor in October 2011. Karen was retired from Northrop Grumman Corporation and US Airways, where she had worked in human relations. She had been a hospice volunteer, and her obituary reports that she “was a great listener [and] respected for her Irish wit, ingenuity, and bargain shopping.” She is survived by her husband, Daniel, son Scott, and granddaughter Daniela.  Condolences also to Betty Wahn Goletti, whose husband, Giovanni, died in Rome in November. 

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reunion year class participation goal: 443 Correspondents: Charles and Mary-Anne Benedict 84 Rockland Place Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464 Bill Ford is a grandfather again, thanks to the birth of twin boys to son Adam and daughterin-law Julie. The boys are named Jack and Ned (Edward). • Pat and Jack Keating are grandparents again, thanks to daughter Kara ’03 and her husband, Bob Bench ’04. Kara gave birth to Jane Irene Bench on August 30, 2011. • We had a recent email from Ray Cioci. He and Lyn are fine and looking forward to our 45th reunion. • Hopefully many of us have made plans to attend various 45th reunion events. As we write, a few events have already taken place, and by the time you read this, many will be a memory. The attendance has been good, and there are more to come. Please make the extra effort to join us on Reunion Weekend. • We have lost quite a few classmates in the last few years, so let’s get together and celebrate while we can. The full 45th Reunion Committee will be meeting later this week (both “social” and “class gift” members), and we will set the goal for our class gift. We already have a participation goal of 40 percent. • We look forward to catching up on your latest news! 

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NC 1967 reunion year

Correspondent: M. Adrienne Tarr Free 3627 Great Laurel Lane Fairfax, VA 22033-1212; 703-709-0896 The planning for our 45th (can it be!) reunion June 1–3 is well under way. You should have already received information in January about events planned for the weekend, from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. (If not, contact me.) An additional mailing specifically for our class had more details. Your committee has met in person, by phone, and via email, beginning last October, to arrange gatherings that will bring us all together as a class again. Many would agree that despite our common grounding and shared experiences, we were a diverse group. As we matured over the years, our lives, our experiences, and the paths we chose represent even wider diversity. This should contribute to stimulating

class notes conversations and reflections as we convene for our 45th reunion. We hope you have been in touch with your roommates and friends, or at least are making your own plans to attend. The committee is encouraged to hear that some of our classmates will be returning to campus for the first time since 1967. Please join us for as much of the weekend as you can manage! (We do realize this is a busy time of the year for families.) • I saw a recent article on touting the accomplishments of Mary Onie Jackson Holland. She has been in the real-estate business for over 20 years with Tarvin Realtors in Ridgewood, NJ, and was being recognized for her sales success during October. The article goes on to recount her experience and successes during her time with the company. Mary Onie and husband Tom have two grown sons. She has been active in several community groups as well, and in her spare time she enjoys bridge, golf, and travel. Will you come and tell us more at the reunion, Mary Onie? • For those of you who can’t travel to Boston in June, I hope you will keep in touch by sending some news to share in this column and at the reunion. Also, the class Prayer Net remains available for anyone who might benefit from its support. From personal experience, I know it does make a difference! We do have a very caring group of classmates. Just let me know what needs our prayers, and I will take it from there. God bless!

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class participation goal: 368 Correspondent: Judith Anderson Day The Brentwood 323 11500 San Vicente Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90049 Greetings, classmates! • David Griffith recently finished his three-year term on the Alumni Association board but continues to be active in chairing the Shaw Society, the legacy giving arm of Boston College. David is still working, although he and his wife, Janet, spend significant time in Naples, FL, during the winter. Their first grandchild, Marlo Nicole Griffith, the daughter of David ’00, is now two years old. • In November, John Carr Mullaney was reelected to the Braintree Town Council, where he has served since 2008. Fellow classmates assisting his campaign included John Mulholland, who organized a seafood luncheon on Castle Island for the candidate. Attendees included ’68ers Bob Alcarez, Norman Cohen, and Joseph Gautreau. • After practicing law for 40 years, Paul Sullivan, JD’71, has retired. His wife, Mary (McGowan), MA’70, is continuing to work at Rhode Island College. The Sullivans enjoy spending their winters in Florida. They have two beautiful granddaughters living in Washington DC. Their BC’68 dinner group continues to meet monthly or so. These longtime dining companions include fellow Eagles Ed and Jean (Tolini) Croak, Jim and Alyce (Boissonneau) Galiano, Kathy Horton, and Donna and Frank Rose. It seems we are referencing winters spent in Florida quite frequently nowadays, doesn’t it? Hang in there, classmates, it’s nearly spring!

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NC 1968

Correspondent: Kathleen Hastings Miller 8 Brookline Road Scarsdale, NY 10583 The New York City Marathon provided the perfect backdrop for yet another mini Newton reunion last fall. Marge Gaynor Palmer came in from Colorado to cheer on her daughter Aurora, who ran in the race—and finished in a very respectable four hours. Coincidentally, Barry Noone Remley and Jean Sullivan Kite were in town visiting the 9/11 Memorial with Ellen Mooney Mello. Marcy McPhee Kenah and Kathy Hogan Mullaney decided to drive down to celebrate Marge’s, Marcy’s, and Anne Mulligan Hartmere’s 65th birthdays. Anne, a retired teacher, lives in Bronxville and spends much of her time crisscrossing the country to be with grandchildren. In case you are wondering, Anne has not lost her sense of humor. I still have tears in my eyes from all the laughing! Martha Harrington Kennedy also joined in for the birthday dinner and sleepover. A picnic and hiking at the Rockefeller Preserve followed the next day, then dinner at Jane Sullivan Burke’s and back to New York City for day three. Manhattan realtors Jeanne Daley and Ellen Flynn were able to join us for lunch in the Meatpacking District, followed by a walk on the High Line, an abandoned elevated railroad track that has been converted into a walking park with spectacular views of the city. All told, a dozen of us got together on the spur of the moment. Not bad! • Congratulations to Patsy Ankner Forelle on her very successful “Dressing for the Dance” lecture at the Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn in October. Patsy is a Bessie Award nominee in the field of costume design for ballet. • The time has come for me to pass the baton. Who better to take over as class correspondent than the Master of Connect the Dot: Jane Sullivan Burke! I leave you in good hands. Jane’s email is, and she is expecting to be flooded with news from you all! Thanks, everyone.

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class participation goal: 345 Correspondent: James R. Littleton 39 Dale Street Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Robert Pitocco retired in 2007 as a high school principal after 37 years in the Connecticut Public Schools. Bob is now a consultant to the Connecticut State Department of Education, working in the major urban school systems in the area of school improvement. • Caroline LeBlanc continued her education after BC, earning an MS from the University of Maryland in 1978 and an MFA from Spalding University in 2011. She closed her 20-plusyear psychotherapy practice in 2005 and now works as a ceramic artist and a writer. As a member of the Syracuse Ceramic Guild, 13 class notes

she has sold her art internationally. She has also been published in the United States and abroad. In 2005, she completed the Marion Woodman Foundation’s BodySoul Rhythms Leadership program, and she has led workshops throughout the country for a number of years. Her chapbook, Smokey Ink and a Touch of Honeysuckle, contains poems about her Acadian/Franco-American heritage and her life as an Army nurse, Army spouse, and mother. Since 2010, she has led Writing for Your Life programs for U.S. soldiers, veterans, and family members at Fort Drum, NY, and for women veterans in Albuquerque, NM. In collaboration with Studio24 in Syracuse, NY, she has just completed her first short video story. She is now hard at work on her second manuscript of poetry, as well as a play about her FrancoAmerican heritage. • Brian Stewart has been employed by the Scituate Police Department for 36 years, the last 9 years as chief of police. • Mary Mulvoy Lofty and husband Don both retired in December 2011, and in January they moved to Glendale, OH, where they hope to visit their two grandchildren often. • George Poutasse is retired in Ormond Beach, FL, where he lives with his wife, Anne. George drives cancer patients to their chemo treatments for the American Cancer Society in the Daytona Beach area. • Paul Lacy, JD’74, retired in 2008 as president of Kronos Inc., a Chelmsford developer of workforce management software systems. Paul keeps busy by sitting on the boards of two software companies. He and wife Marie live in Harwich, MA, and Naples, FL. Their son Matthew is married and is an investment banker with Deutsche Bank. Daughter Bethany, who is also married, is a CPA. • Bob Wise is in his 21st year as CEO of Hunterdon Healthcare System and is still enjoying the challenges of the position. Bob and his wife of 40 years, Vicki, have three daughters and a two-year-old grandson, Oliver. Bob is also proud of his mother Anne’s record-breaking bowling achievement: she scored a 184, just two pins shy of doubling her age of 93. • Bill Crowell is VP of AECOM, an international engineering/planning/management firm in New York City. Bill has two grown sons and two grandchildren.

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NC 1969

Correspondent: Mary Gabel Costello 4088 Meadowcreek Lane Copley, OH 44321 As I write, the first snow is falling in northern Ohio. We lucked out this year; the snow did not arrive until the last day of November! I wish I had more news for you; here is what I have. • Carol Romano Tuohey and husband Vince took another trip to France. It rivaled last year’s trip. This time they toured the Champagne region and the Loire River Valley. The vineyards, gardens, châteaus, and the weather were fantastic. They visited the well-known caves of Taittinger and Moët & Chandon. Champagne accompanied most meals. They stayed in cottages and B&Bs, shopped in patisseries, and cooked with local

produce. Going back to France again this year, too, Carol? • Susan Power Gallagher recently visited Ireland with her daughter, sister, and niece. She returned just in time for the birth of her second grandchild, Bridget Love Gallagher. Bridget joins her big brother, Liam. They sound like Irish names to me! • On a recent trip to Cape Cod, I met up with both Susan and Ellie Parks Mullen. It’s always fun to see a familiar face from Newton College. • Jill Hendrickson Daly flew in from the San Francisco area to spend Thanksgiving with her family in New Hampshire. Believe it or not, even though it was November they spent a lot of time on the beach! • My daughter Meghan worked the Presidents Cup golf tournament in Australia, and when finished, she spent time touring Australia and New Zealand. She said it was wonderful. • I think this is my shortest column ever, so please send me some news.

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class participation goal: 355 Correspondent: Dennis “Razz” Berry In December, the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) honored Brad Smith with its Distinguished Service Award for 2012. The NEPSAC, which represents athletic directors from roughly 165 independent schools throughout New England and eastern New York, presents the award annually to recognize someone who has contributed significantly to New England independent school athletics and physical education through leadership, vision, enthusiasm, and dedication. Brad, a former Bridgton Academy athletic director, is the first Maine independent school athletic director to receive the award. Congratulations, Brad!

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NC 1970

Correspondent: Fran Dubrowski Washington DC is awash with budgetcutting talk. As a former Pennsylvania assistant attorney general, I know how demoralizing those discussions can be to budget-strapped government employees. So I dedicate this column in thanks to classmates who chose public service over more lucrative opportunities for part or all of their careers: Jeanne Krisnow Barrett, Greater Bay Transit; Doreen White Bullard, New Haven Schools; Elaine Burch Taylor, NIH; Susan Kanski Catron, Springfield Schools; Tena Coley, Massachusetts probation office; Tish McGuigan Connolly, U.S. Attorney’s Office; Cricket Costigan, Islip Planning Department; Chris Coughlan MSW’99, Tantasqua Schools; Kathleen Curtis, Salem Schools; Janet Lutz Darcy, New Jersey Schools; Christine Degener, City of Keene, NH; Susan Denley De Stefano, Massachusetts Schools; Ann Nethken Ehlers, Allegany County, MD, Board of Education; Liz Gibbons, California Redevelopment

Association; Marianne Jackson Huelsmann, Poquonock Elementary School; Ellen Clifford Kenney, Holyoke Schools; Rita Doherty Marnell, U.S. Postal Service; Mary Colford McIntire, Reading Public Library; Mary Elizabeth McQueeney, Guilford Schools; Phyllis Anne McTiernan, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard; Claudia Richardson Nedrow (see news below); Jeanne Stansfield Provencher, Nashua Schools; Maureen Soucy, Social Security Administration; Chickie Villano, New Jersey Superior Court; and Ruth Walter, Massachusetts Environmental Affairs Office. (Please notify me of omissions in this list for recognition in a future column.) • Claudia Richardson Nedrow, former intelligence research specialist for the government and defense contractors, retired in San Diego for the sunny climate, relaxed atmosphere, and proximity to two stepchildren and three grandchildren. She maintains East Coast connections—indeed, she celebrated her 60th birthday with Marcia McGrath Abbo, Mary Downs JD’74 (whose son Ben is Claudia’s godson), Treacy Kirkpatrick, Joan O’Callaghan, Chickie Villano, and Susan Zapf in Las Vegas, along with residents Jeanne Brindamour Lucas and her husband. • Harriet Mullaney enjoyed a lovely visit from Katie O’Shea McGillicuddy and welcomes other visitors! • Eileen Marquette Reilly has an enviable schedule. She helped stage the 2011 Pasadena Showcase House of Design  in June, took her granddaughter to Italy in July, flew to Florida for a few weeks in August–September, traveled to Morocco and Portugal in October, and in March, plans to embark on an 18-day cruise from Singapore to Dubai, with stops in India and Sri Lanka. She will never be mistaken for a couch potato! • Jane Garvey Reilly visited Croatia and Slovenia, traveled with her three children and two grandchildren to one of the Thousand Islands, and was off to an African safari when last she wrote. Her beau Mike’s cancer is in remission now. Wonderful news! 

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class participation goal: 355 Correspondent: James R. Macho Dominick Preziosi attended our 40th reunion celebration with his wife, Barbara, and has provided the following details. Dominick found it most interesting that his initial interaction with fellow classmates was in the “Grandparents’ Section” of the Boston College Bookstore, where very tiny T-shirts and other small BC logo items were on sale. Dominick and Barbara welcomed their third granddaughter, Emma Catherine, into the world in October; they were looking forward to the arrival of their first grandson in late December.  The “Bookstore Reunion” also included Denise and Steve Fogarty, Larry and Maureen (Mallon) Lawler, and Jim and Renee (Rieman) Lozier. Charlie Blank recounted some of his football exploits as well as his coaching, refereeing, and teaching adventures with Dominick, Dennis Kwasnik, and Al Naclerio at the reunion cocktail hour.  At the dinner, Dominick spent time with Tom Caruso, his freshman

roommate. Tom is now retired from his accounting position of many years, and he has moved on to other ventures, which I hope to elaborate on in a future column. He continues to enjoy his New Jersey home.  Sitting with Dominick and Barbara were Bill Reilly and his wife, Sheila Brogan NC’73, MA’75, who just celebrated the graduation of their third and last child from BC, and  Steve Fogarty, who continues at Colgate-Palmolive.  He and Denise spend as many weekends as they can in New Jersey, babysitting their grandson Ben.  Larry and Maureen Lawler have a new grandchild as well.  On another note, Maureen advised that she has officially banned any renditions of “Sweet Caroline” from future class reunions.  Renee Lozier has retired from her teaching career, but Jim continues in his Michigan law practice.  He has been named a 2011 “Michigan Super Lawyer” in civil litigation defense, signifying a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.  Jim has also been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2012, in the areas of insurance law and personal injury litigation. • In addition to celebrating the anniversary of their BC graduation this year, Joseph and Linda (Santoro) Reidy also celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They met at BC and were married in August 1971 in St. Ignatius Church. The Reidys continue to live in Massachusetts. Joseph is a financial planner, and Linda is a guidance counselor. They have two sons: Sam ’06, is an attorney, and Joseph III is a dentist. • Marisa LaBozzetta reports that she has published a new collection of short stories titled Thieves Never Steal in the Rain.  It is available as an eBook on Amazon, something that we never imagined back in 1971! Her last collection of stories, At the Copa, was a John Gardner Fiction Award finalist in 2009. •  I look forward to your emails. Please send news of your accomplishments and milestones.

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NC 1971

Correspondent: Melissa Robbins The Newton Class of ’71 has a bit of news to share. Eileen McIntyre sent a generous report about her November trip to Central America. She and husband Roy Harris celebrated their 11th anniversary (and her birthday) by spending Thanksgiving week in Costa Rica. Roy’s 25-year-old son, Dave— who joined them at a rainforest lodge on Drake Bay—is in his second year with the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, where he leads community/economic development projects in a rural village. Meanwhile, Eileen’s oldest son, Jesse (“now 30—hard to believe”), is downstate campaigns manager (in New York City) with Citizen Action and lives in Astoria, Queens, with girlfriend Vicki Raines, who manages interns and volunteers for a notfor-profit that brings arts programs to underprivileged children in New York City. Roy’s younger son, RJ (24), lives near Boston and is with Summit Technical Services, where he recruits engineers for contract work. Eileen heads up investor relations for Cubist Pharmaceuticals near Boston, and Roy

class notes works from home in Hingham as editorial director for an online business publication, CFOworld (an IDG publication). Eileen also reports that her mom, Dorothy, whom some of us met at the brunch during our Newton reunion last year, is doing well. Jesse and Vicki were with Dorothy for Thanksgiving. • The Chevy Chase duo, Marie Robey Wood and Mary Ryan Dean, reported happy news. Marie is excited about the recent marriage of her daughter, Mary Beth. Mary Beth has returned to the DC area after many years in New York. Mary is thrilled with the arrival of her third grandchild and is relieved that her husband, Pat, has recovered from a broken pelvis that had sidelined him since the summer. • Kate Foley had a wonderful trip to Hawaii in May for her niece’s wedding. The pictures have helped to keep up her spirits as she recuperates from a broken leg that required surgery. • Mary-Jo Dolliver Taddie has happily relocated to Largo, FL. During one of our conversations, she was preparing her costume for a Halloween dance. I can’t wait to visit her for a few days in midJanuary. That will be a nice break from the winter weather here in Connecticut. • Eva Sereghy sent a brief email asking for help with information about women from our class with whom she had attended high school. She is trying to organize a small reunion. Please contact her if you are interested. • I spent most of the summer in Idaho revisiting the Tetons and Yellowstone. Autumn brought me back home for more substitute teaching and intermittent trips to western New York for steelhead fishing and some winery stops. The biggest news for our family is that my younger daughter, Nicole Lombardo, a recent graduate from the master of arts in art therapy program at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT, has secured a position as a psychotherapist with an agency in southern Massachusetts. • I wish everyone good health and happiness in the months ahead. Keep me posted of any items you’d like to share.

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reunion year class participation goal: 507 Correspondent: Lawrence Edgar I never expected to become a fan of Emerson College basketball, but I have, now that Jim O’Brien ’71 has resumed coaching there. Jim was the Eagles’ star guard during our first three years of college, leading the team to its tournament win over Bobby Knight and Mike Krzyzewski, among his many accomplishments. • This column is my last chance to encourage you to attend our 40th reunion, June 1–3, and to donate to BC as a part of our class gift. Events are being planned by our Reunion Committee, whose members I salute: Matt Botica, Harvard Law ’75, is a partner in the Chicago law firm of Winston & Strawn, where he’s an expert on bankruptcy. He’s also the Midwest co-chair of BC’s Light the World campaign. The often mentioned Mike Spatola, the chief fundraiser at BC Law School, has enrolled his fifth and youngest daughter as a freshman at BC. John Doherty, who was also my schoolmate at

Dartmouth, is a manager with the Chicago office of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He and his wife have three grown children. Paula Cusick Fullerton is the director of catering at the Harvard Club in downtown Boston and a resident of Milton. Christine Georgilas, MA’79, is a software engineer at MITRE and a resident of Reading. Tom Groden is the coach of the men’s and women’s swim teams at BC and a resident of Walpole. Joan Donahue Martin, who received her PhD from Tufts in 2009, is an advisor to the math teachers in the Newton Public Schools. She and her husband, residents of Watertown, have three sons who are graduates of Georgetown. Jim Giarrusso is retired from a successful business career. He lives on Cape Cod, where he’s a neighbor of Bruins great Bobby Orr. Jack Looney is an assistant attorney general for the State of Connecticut in Hartford and a resident of West Hartford. His daughter Claire is a freshman at BC. • My condolences to the families of two classmates who passed away in November 2011: Paul Drew, who was EVP of the Boston Medical Center, and Frank Asch, who was employed by National Steel Corp.

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NC 1972 reunion year

Correspondent: Nancy Brouillard McKenzie Reunion fever has arrived and is spreading. Kathleen Connor, Lisa Kirby Greissing, Terry Stephan, and I have met long distance—and Mary-Catherine Deibel local distance—with Maggie Edmonds in the Alumni Office to plan for the June 1–3 Reunion Weekend. Before our reunion, please review and update your contact information at w w w.b c . e du / a lu m n i / a s s o c i at ion / community.html. Also, to spare us from temporary memory loss of a classmate’s name, review our yearbook among the Newton College yearbooks at www.archive. or g / d e t a i l s / n e w t oncol l e g e y e a r b o ok s . Maureen Kelly from California and Meg Barres Alonso from Pennsylvania have already announced that they will be attending our 40th reunion. • In other news, Lisa Greissing’s daughter Kirby is in her sophomore year at Georgetown. • Martha Kendrick Kettmer NC’71, Meg Finn NC’70, and I attended the Boston College Energy and Environment Alumni Network’s Wearing of the Green: An Introduction to the Boston College Center for Irish Programs. Fran Dubrowski NC’70 co-chaired this exciting networking evening, introducing the renowned Boston College Center for Irish Programs to alumni and friends. • Partners in Mission, based in Bethesda, MD, is a monthly prayer group for anyone desiring to grow spiritually based on St. Madeleine Sophie Barat’s charism for the Religious of the Sacred Heart. During the academic year, an RSCJ leads the group in readings and prayer. Currently, we are growing spiritually through contemplative prayer.  For further information, please contact me. 15 15 class class notes notes

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class participation goal: 343 Correspondent: Patricia DiPillo It’s that time again. Time for me to write another column, and sad to say, I can only report what I have been up to. A business colleague from Northeastern and I are trying to establish a center for cross–cultural understandings and global studies and have had very encouraging talks at Manhattanville College in New York. I will also be doing some teaching, I hope, through Fitchburg State. • Just because our 40th reunion is just around the corner, don’t let that stop you! Get out there, do something, and send me some news! This column is about all of you! • Enjoy the new year!

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NC 1973

Correspondent: Joan B. Brouillard Health, charity, good fun, sisterhood, and camaraderie: I’ve been waiting to write about this, a three-part coincidence! Mary Doherty Ellroy, MBA’78, was gearing up for her third leg—swimming—of the Danskin Triathlon for breast cancer research in Webster when she bumped into Joan Garrity Flynn. Neither knew about the participation of the other! I commented on their exhilaration in their Facebook picture upon completing the challenge, but alas, the photo was taken before it started. I felt silly, but their smiles were “I’m ready to go” smiles. Mary enjoys the training and being fit, and the event has been close to her heart. Joan began in 2000 as part of the 50th birthday celebration of Mary Sullivan Tracy NC’72; did it again five years ago with her daughters for her own birthday, and now tries to do it annually. Her training is not intense (walking, jogging, bike rides), since the New England weather always interferes, but she comes through. • I reached out to Mimi Reiley Vilord after seeing a stunning photograph of her and her daughter in obvious road-race gear. Her first marathon was in Dublin in 1997, and she has traveled with marathon, cycle, triathlon, and hike teams from Alaska, to Lake Tahoe, to St. Petersburg and the Grand Canyon, and to so many other places, including New York in 2001 for her 50th birthday with her son Matt. She qualified for Boston, which she ran in April 2002, with a personal best of 3:52. She has now switched to half-marathons, the last done with daughter Julie, who ran the full race. They ran in honor of Matt, who had testicular cancer, and daughter-in-law Karen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It was by far the most emotional race I have ever run,” she says. So, we have three grandmothers, each of whom stays fit and participates in these events for personal reasons. Now, go buy some sneakers… • Judy McCarthy Kennedy sent me a lovely note about her fabulous “Gals Celebrating 60” minireunion in New York City. Next time, folks. • Finally, Ann

Madigan and her husband have sold their Scarborough, ME, house and relocated to Hilton Head, SC. They will be spending a few months in Maine every summer. After a foot of snow before Thanksgiving, I can’t say I blame them. • The next column will be written in February; let me know about your holidays and winter travels. Thanks, everyone, for the helping hands!

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class participation goal: 445 Correspondent: Patricia McNabb Evans Happy new year, Class of ’74! I hope 2012 brings you and your loved ones much happiness! • Frank Pomposelli is now the head of surgery at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton. Frank, a Harvard Medical School professor, also served as chief of vascular and endovascular surgery and chief of cardiovascular surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is a past president of the New England Society for Vascular Surgery. • I received a note from Robert Harnden, who would love to hear from other members of his freshman cafeteria breakfast group. • Congratulations to Chris Levy, an executive officer at OMNIGroup’s ICON International, who was named senior VP in September. Chris also continues to serve in his position of chief credit officer. He and his wife, Theresa McBride Levy, reside in Westport, CT, and recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. • Congratulations also go out to Warren Woods on being recognized in the “best of” issue of Cape Cod Magazine as the Cape and the Islands’ outstanding orthodontist. Warren and his family make their home in Sandwich. • So, although there’s not much news for this issue, it’s all good! Take care and please drop me an email!

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NC 1974

Correspondent: Beth Docktor Nolan

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class participation goal: 400 Correspondent: Hellas M. Assad Hello, everyone! • Last October, Christina (Steiner) Shea was appointed to the board of directors for NatureBridge, the largest residential environmental education partner of the National Park Service. She recently retired from her role as EVP for external relations at General Mills and president of the General Mills Foundation. • Judy Bowman feels blessed to be living on a ranch in Harmony, RI, with wildlife, cattle, horses, and three dogs. Her son Bowman (Bo) is a sophomore at St. Anselm College, studying criminal justice. Her husband, Jay Forgue, is running for a Rhode Island

Senate seat. Judy continues her business of 19 years, Protocol Consultants International. She is a syndicated columnist in Korea and China through the prestigious Noblesse magazine. • Maryanne Padien, who is now chief of staff for Massachusetts Senator Spilka; Laurie (Nichols) Cochran, executive director, nonprofits, at CCA For Social Good; Cynthia Feldmann, an independent board member; and Maureen (Durbin) Cronin ’76, a teacher at Harry Lee Cole School— all formerly best of friends and senior-year roommates in an apartment on Mount Hood Rd.—have discovered a social networking tool that keeps them in text contact as a group: GROUPME. They stay better connected, informed, and current about each other. Cynthia writes: “We are glad to be back in the loop!” • Thank you for keeping in touch, and I look forward to receiving more emails for the next issue of Boston College Magazine. 

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NC 1975

Correspondent: Mary Stevens McDermott I have the very sad duty to tell you of the loss of our very dear and faithful classmate Kathy O’Connor Murphy in November. She faced her illness for a long time with hope and dignity. The last time we spoke, she made me laugh, remembering the Sunday night that she and I raced to get back to Newton from a trip to the Gardner Museum because the word was that there was steak for dinner. We ran down Centre St. from the T. Maybe some of you remember that night, when steak mysteriously appeared in the form of calf’s liver! We laughed our heads off with stories of our time in that cafeteria. I loved Kathy from the first minute I met her and know so many of you did. Our sweet Donna Stimpson has kept us informed and shown the love we Newton women exemplify.  We should be so grateful to have each other. Kathy was a longtime elementary school teacher, and those little ones were lucky to have her in their lives.  Kathy leaves her husband and daughter in Sandwich.  Please pray for their strength and courage.  • I have little other news (where are you all?).  Over Veterans Day weekend, the Ladies of the Lake became the Ladies of the Mountain when Cyndee Crowe Frere hosted us at her Snow Goose Inn in Dover, VT.  Liz Mahoney Flaherty, Louise Paul Morin, Nancy Coughlin Ferraro MEd’77, and I said we were going to hike, but, man, it snowed hard right after we arrived, so we were forced to tuck in around the fire and unwind.  Cyndee served us a delicious fresh tomato soup. Nancy, Louise, and Liz all have engaged children, so weddings were on the yak list.  We spent Saturday shopping at the Manchester outlets and dining. All day, we kept thinking that it wasn’t the same without Lisa Antonelli DellaPorta (aka the Itinerant Shopper), who had to stay home nursing a bad back. Sunday morning, Liz and I packed up and drove to Virginia, where I spent most of the next week before making a few East Coast stops on my way home.  • Please send me some news—happy or sad, we are in this world together! Stay close to each other, and pray for peace.

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class participation goal: 499 Correspondent: Gerald B. Shea Marian (Wu) and Robert Howie, MA’77, have been busy with weddings and all that that entails. Their oldest daughter, Elizabeth, graduated from Syracuse in 2004 and married in 2010. Their younger daughter, Alexandra, graduated from NYU in 2006 and married in 2011. Their son, John, graduated from BC in 2011 and works in New York City. Now for some quiet time! • Chicago has been home for the last 20 years to Christopher Joyce, who was sorry he missed our 35th reunion. Hey, the 40th will soon be here! • Much appreciated at this address was a missive from Larry Haag thanking moi for over 140 columns through the years. Wonder if Larry still has the fedora he sported during Commencement week that long-ago May! He is proud of his two grown children: Lauren graduated from Connecticut College in 2005, and Brendan graduated from BC in 2007. Larry resides in New York City and Sag Harbor, Long Island. • Charles “Chuck” Sheehan resides in Bethesda, MD, and serves on the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board. • Paul X. Hayes and wife Valerie saw their youngest, Katie, graduate last spring from the University of Georgia, where she’s now attending grad school. He maintains a small plantation in Fort Valley, GA. • Well, that’s all for now. Keep in touch, puh-leeze! God bless!

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reunion year class participation goal: 565 Correspondent: Nicholas Kydes Fellow classmates of 1977, can you believe it, our 35th class reunion is almost here! You can get all of the necessary Class of 1977 reunion information at association/classes/reunion.html. After you access the website, click on “Classes,” then on “Class of 1977” to get details of the reunion activities. The primary weekend of activities is June 1–3. The Class of 1977 Saturday evening event will be held at the former cardinal’s residence on Commonwealth Ave., opposite St. Thomas More Hall.  BC purchased the cardinal’s residence within the last decade and is in the process of converting the facilities into offices and classrooms. The residence has a beautiful patio and other pleasant structural features that will help to make the event very enjoyable—reminiscent of our 5th and 20th reunions, which were held at O’Connell House on Upper Campus. We have already signed up our favorite DJ, Jay Harney,  and we’ve developed multiple activities on campus. Housing will be available on campus; BC will be sending out information about reservations in the near future. • Betty Klein-Gillen has relocated back home to Long Island.  She is currently the clinical informatics specialist in the corporate IT department at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System.  Her daughter

class notes Jacqueline, a 2008 BC Lynch School graduate, is finishing her master’s degree in education administration at Cambridge University in England. Cheerio, Jacqueline, keep up the good work! • Christine Khan Barrett of Las Vegas is proud to introduce her grandson, Easton Zachary Roots, who was born on August 17, 2011, in Redlands, CA, to her eldest daughter, Antonia, and her husband, Zachary. Christine and her husband, Bill, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on October 11, 2011. They rocked Las Vegas with a great party on October 16! Christine, make sure you invite us on your next anniversary. Christine also celebrated 25 years with the Las Vegas Water District in fall 2011. She was the fifth female professional hired into management in 1986. She and Bill have two other children, James (24), who is a working college graduate, and Winora (20), who is in her second year of college. Currently, Christine works in project controls for SNWA Engineering and is looking forward to Reunion. • Dear classmates, we hope to see you at our 35th-year reunion! Happy new year and may all good things find the path to your door!

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class participation goal: 470 Correspondent: Julie Butler Evans My apologies to the class for not having a fall 2011 update. We were in the midst of an extended power outage here, courtesy of tropical storm Irene, which meant no Internet service in addition to no lights, etc. So, here are the updates from several classmates, to whom I also extend apologies. • R.T. Rybak writes that he has been elected vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, which means he will be traveling a lot, campaigning for President Obama’s reelection. He has been mayor of Minneapolis for 10 years, now in his third term, and is amazed how many BC grads live in the area. He and wife Megan have two kids: Grace, who is a junior at Columbia in New York City, and Charlie, who graduated from George Washington University last May and is working at PlanetForward in Washington. R.T. would love to hear from old BC friends on Facebook or by email at rybakrt@gmail. com. • Ray Berube has retired from the U.S. Navy Supply Corps as a two-star rear admiral, ending his career with 33 years of service. He and his family now live in Coronado, CA. Peter Jurew, one of his BC roommates, and his family were able to attend Ray’s retirement ceremony in Philadelphia. Ray has accepted a position with IBM in its public sector supply chain management practice. He reports that he still gets back to campus as often as possible, as daughter Paige, Class of ’13, is a junior at BC. He says that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family: wife Mary (Farrell) ’80; Paige; and Peter, who has started his junior year in high school. • Julie Crisafulli Brown is VP, global human resources and administration, at Doble Engineering in Watertown. She lives in Westford and has been at Doble since 2010. Her two children are at UMass Amherst, where her son is studying computer science, and her daughter is pursuing her master’s in green energy and regional planning. • Also writing in with exciting news

is Michael Joseph Crowley. He and his cocounsel team were named Public Justice Foundation’s 2011 National Trial Lawyers of the Year. They were cited for their work in Lavender v. Skilled Healthcare Group, a class action case that is believed to be the largest verdict in the United States in 2010 and the largest ever against a skilled nursing entity. The team also received the 2011 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year (CLAY) award from California Lawyer. Michael, who earned his JD from the University of San Francisco Law School in 1981, is managing partner of Janssen Malloy LLP. He is also a captain and firefighter with the Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department. He and his wife, Tanya, and three kids—Pavlina (19), Timothy (16), and Cormac (14)—live in Kneeland, up in the mountains above Humboldt Bay in northwestern California. • Kevin O’Malley wrote, noting many changes on campus after visiting last fall with his 17-year-old high school senior who hopes to enroll in the Connell School of Nursing. He says he was “stunned by the disappearance of the Dustbowl.” Kevin will be returning to Massachusetts this year after spending six years in Illinois. More news to come in the spring! • Lastly, a current sophomore at BC contacted me to try to locate a Brian (or maybe Bryan) from our class, whom he met at the Back Bay Amtrak station. He said the classmate played football at BC and now works for ESPN. Before they could exchange contact info, Patrick’s train arrived. If anyone knows who this might be, please email me. Thanks!

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class participation goal: 475 Correspondent: Peter J. Bagley Last fall, Kevin Young was appointed COO of Polyonics, where he is also a member of the board of directors. Kevin has worked for many years in the specialty materials, chemicals, medical products, and consumer packaging industries. Earlier, he spent 18 years with the Avery Dennison Corp., residing with his family in Belgium during his assignment as VP and general manager of the company’s Specialty Tape Division, which has operations worldwide. More recently, he was a partner with Boston-based ArchPoint Consulting.

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class participation goal: 500 Boston College Alumni Association Alumni Center 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

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class participation goal: 549 Correspondent: Alison Mitchell McKee 17 class notes

With great sadness, I report that Barbara Drummond Mead passed away in August 2011. Before becoming the president of Reading Group Choices in 2005 as a business partner with her husband, Charles, Barbara worked as a bookseller and event organizer at McIntyre’s Books in Pittsboro, NC, and at Covered Treasures Bookstore in Monument, CO. Maura McCullough was kind to write to me of Barbara’s passing. Maura has more than 10 years’ experience as a college academic advisor and is a clinical career counselor specializing in developmental career counseling and vocational psychology. • In September, John Graham was named senior VP, commerce, of Easton Sports. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes athletic equipment and markets products under well-known brands such as Easton, Bell, Riddell, Giro, and Blackburn. Earlier, John spent 18 years with Nike, where he held management positions in sales, operations, and merchandising. John lives in Southern California. • After eight great years of running Asterisk Animation as cofounder and primary director, Brian O’Connell has launched a new studio in New York City, Asteroid Media Inc. Asteroid’s projects range from directing and producing live-action documentary shorts for the PBS series Picturing America on Screen to art direction and illustration for the Little Pim foreign language book series for kids and related DVDs. • Joe Harkins has become quite the social director for our Animal Cup friends, who have been busy taking in some non-golfing activities. In August, Dan Conte, Ed Fogarty, and Tom Cingari joined Joe in New York City at the City Winery for some “major jamming” with Dickey Betts, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band. Not to be denied another opportunity to relive the great music of our BC years, Joe gathered a cast again on a Thursday evening in November for the Grateful Dead concert at Madison Square Garden. Joining Joe for that event were Ed Fogarty, Frank O’Connor, Mark Erba, Peter Hoyt, Jim Reilly, Rob Goddu, Bob Shea, Jim Gorga, and Greg Clower. Emails the following morning included “TGIF” and “Much fun, too little sleep!” Didn’t sound like the Animal Cup itself exchanged hands, but you have to admire the energy of that crew! • I am sorry to close with news of another classmate’s passing: Anthony Giatras died in July 2011. Anthony was a neurologist with South Georgia Neurological Associates in Tifton, GA, where he clearly made his mark on the medical community and was adored by his patients and colleagues. Our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of both Barbara Mead and Anthony.

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reunion year class participation goal: 673 Correspondent: Mary O’Brien Coley Rybicki is the drummer on the third Satch Kerans CD Pieces. Coley mentioned that it could be purchased at or downloaded from iTunes. Songs from the disc are receiving airplay on 92.5 FM The River in Boston. Coley and the Satch Kerans Band recently opened for the Pousette-

Dart Band. I used to love Pousette-Dart, back in the day. I am sure I still have that Amnesia album somewhere! Coley wrote that the band also opened for the Outlaws. He claims it’s almost time to give up the day job. My memories of Coley, who was my college roommate’s significant other, include visits to Little Earls in Gloucester to hear bands. Some things never change. • Christine (McNeill) Callahan, Art and Judith (D’Alfonso) Cronin, and Coley and Michele (LeClerc) Rybicki had a great get-together this past August with Steve Burns in Ocean Grove, NJ. A fun time was had by all! Coley and Michele and Lou and Donna (Duffy) Dilillo recently ran into Julie (Parker) Malloy at a BC hockey game. I graduated from high school with both Donna and Julie. I am sure they remember Pousette-Dart playing at LHS back in the ’70s. • Kathy Kasper Luppy would like to remind classmates to make sure that BC has your most current email address, so you can be notified of all the reunion events. Please contact Maggie Edmonds at to update your address. • BC Trustee Phil Schiller has become a leader at Apple in recent months. After graduation from BC, Phil went on to work at Massachusetts General Hospital as a programmer. He first joined Apple in 1987, leaving in 1993. He rejoined the company in 1997, working closely with Steve Jobs. The technology that Apple is creating is making a difference every day. I teach in a second-grade inclusion classroom, and we are very fortunate to have several Apple iPads. The students with disabilities are able to keep up with the curriculum through the various programs and applications that the iPad offers. Just last week my daughter’s iPhone was stolen at TD Garden, and thanks to the “Find My Phone” app, she was able to keep tabs on her phone, which, with the help of the police, was recovered within a few days. Apple is making a difference for so many. Phil continues to be a fan of BC’s hockey team. • With sadness, condolences are offered to classmate Anita (Horne) Lawlor on the passing of her husband, Edward F. Lawlor, last year. Our deepest sympathies go out to Anita and her sons, Benjamin and Michael.

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class participation goal: 532 Correspondent: Cynthia J. Bocko Last fall, John O’Neil was sworn in by Governor LePage to serve as a justice of the Superior Court in Maine. He has much experience in the legal world, having previously worked as a trial lawyer with Smith Elliott Smith & Garmey and as an assistant district attorney in York County. • Doug Guyer writes: “Wanted to let you know about two of our classmates who both returned to BC and were keynote speakers at the BC Football Alumni Resource Group’s last two mentoring evenings with the current players. Recently, our class’s football captain, Russ Joyner, spoke, coming in from Las Vegas, where he is president and general manager of the Miracle Miles Shops complex on the

Vegas Strip, the largest such complex west of the Mississippi. Last summer’s speaker was Vic Crawford, who is president of U.S. operations at PepsiCo. Both spoke of how their BC education, their experiences playing, and the friendships they made on and off the field have helped them thrive in their respective businesses. Both related excellent stories and are role models for the players to follow.” • Siobhan Murphy writes: “Happy 25th wedding anniversary to Ken and Dena Jacobson Carlone, MSW’84!” The Carlones hosted a reunion gathering of former Hillside B-52 and B-46 residents, as well as assorted friends and family—including their children, Brian (20) and Rebecca (17)— at their beautiful home in Rhode Island. Among attendees celebrating their collective 50th birthdays were Tom and Joanne Battibulli Bertsche of Chicago, who were also celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in September; Jim and Ann Considine Russo of Brookfield, CT, (who recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary), with daughter Molly (13); Kathleen Woodward, JD’88, of Wellesley, with daughters Cecilia and Elizabeth; Joann Infante and husband Ken Elkins of Rock Hill, SC; Siobhan Murphy of Long Island, who celebrated her 16th wedding anniversary to George Lien this year; Lynn (DeRosa) ’84 and Marty Romanelli, also of Long Island, who will be celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary in October; Sandy and Jimmy Clinton of Mansfield, with sons Alex and Nicholas; and Pat and Brian Lussier of Terryville, CT, with son Mark (5). Other BC alumni at the gathering included Double Eagle Vinny Patrone ’82, JD’85, of Scituate, RI, with wife Janet and son Rafe; and Tony ’82 and Karen (Karaszewski) Giuliano ’84, PhD’05, of Salem, NH, who recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. • We wish our classmates the gifts we received as we mark our 50th year: the love of family, faith in God, long-lasting friendships, great health, and gratitude for all the abundant blessings we received at Boston College and since the formative years we shared in Chestnut Hill. 

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class participation goal: 528 Correspondent: Carol A. McConnell Greetings to all! I hope you enjoyed the holidays! Here’s the news I have received. • Jim Dwyer remarried in July; his new wife, Katerina Burakovskaya, is a pediatrician. Jim’s daughters, Anna (14) and Maggie (13), were dazzling junior bridesmaids, and Katya’s son Stepan carried the rings with all the dignity a three-year-old can muster. Also in the past year, William and Mary Law School awarded Jim an endowed chair, and Cambridge University Press published his fourth book, Moral Status and Human Life: The Case for Children’s Superiority. Jim has taken up acting on the side, appearing on local stages recently as Mr. Banks in Father of the Bride and as Richard the Lionheart in The Lion in Winter. • Congratulations to Carolyn (Anderson) Kirk, who was elected to her third term as mayor of Gloucester in November.

Prior to the election, she was profiled in Wicked Local, discussing the three themes of her platform: fiscal strength, stabilization of the city’s infrastructure, and economic development. She is also a strong advocate for improvements in local public education. Carolyn says she is grateful for her rich BC education, which she puts to use every day. • On a bright, crisp Sunday last October, my husband, Mike, and I ran the annual Richard’s Run 5K through Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. It was a great race for a good cause! See Beth and Richard Stefanacci’s foundation at for details. We hope others might join us this year! • That’s all the news I’ve received. I hope to hear from you soon with news that I can share with our classmates. Please email me for the next column.

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class participation goal: 500 Correspondent: Barbara Ward Wilson Mark Lowney practices both ob/gyn and cosmetic surgery in Fall River, where he has been in private practice for many years. He received his MD from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in 1989 and finished his residency in ob/gyn at Brown University–affiliated Women and Infant’s Hospital of Rhode Island. Mark is a board member of A Woman’s Concern Pregnancy Resource Centers, located in Dorchester, Revere, Hyannis, and Fall River. He also enjoys third-world medical missions with his father’s organization, the Haitian Health Foundation. Ron has been married to his college sweetheart, Kristine, for 23 years, and they have five children: Zachary, who is premed at Stonehill College; Brennan, who is prelaw at Quinnipiac College; Arianna and Ashton, who are in high school; and Zoe, who is in elementary school.  Congratulations to Mark on all his worthwhile endeavors. • The fourth annual Bob Turcotte Memorial Golf Open will be held this spring, May 11 or 18, at the Glen Ellen Country Club in Millis (84 Orchard St., 508-376-2978).  January 13, 2012, was the fourth anniversary of Bob’s death in a terrible accident. The tournament was established in his memory to bring old friends together, with the proceeds going into a fund for education expenses for Bob’s children, Max and Abby.  It’s a great time, the weather is typically perfect, there will be lots of good food, and there are always plenty of raffle and auction items. Please try to attend if you are in the area. • Rumor has it that lots of our classmates are planning big 50th birthday events; please do share the details. • Please send me your notes and they will get printed! • Happy spring!

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class participation goal: 594 Correspondent: Karen Broughton Boyarsky Joe Costa kindly sent me the following tribute: “I am deeply saddened to report

class notes the death of a member of the Class of ’86: Paul Cloos died tragically in Mobile, AL, on October 27, 2011, as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on October 13. He was on his way to work at the time. Paul was assistant managing editor of the Press-Register in Mobile. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. Many students may remember Paul for his talent as a journalist and writer for The Heights during his time at BC. He had a dry wit, which was always evident in his writing style. Paul was one of my roommates for all four years at BC, along with Jim Bromley and Kevin O’Connor. It is unusual for the same people to room together for all four years, but this was a testament to how well we all got along. Other roommates and friends of Paul’s from the Class of ’86 included Mike Monahan MST’89, Anthony Carpi, Bruce Balon, and Mike Dubois. Paul will be truly missed by all of us.” The Class of ’86 extends our sympathies and prayers to the family and friends of Paul Cloos.

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reunion year class participation goal: 740 Correspondent: Catherine Stanton Schiff Hi! I hope this finds you well! I believe this column will be published right before our 25th reunion in June, and I hope that many of you are planning on attending— I cannot believe it’s been 25 years, can you?! • Here’s what’s new. In October, Ann Murray Paige, author and breast cancer activist, was in Boston at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for a book-signing of her new book, pink tips: breast cancer advice from someone who’s been there. Ann is an award-winning filmmaker and cofounder of Project Pink, a national nonprofit that brings hope to women with breast cancer. Her documentary film, The Breast Cancer Diaries, which chronicles her own battle with the disease, has won awards in the United States and abroad and has been shown internationally. • Kathleen Delaney has been appointed a New Jersey Supreme Court judge. She has served as an assistant prosecutor for 20 years, most recently in the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. • Lance Nelson has been appointed to the West Chester (PA) Public Library Board. Lance is a senior partner with the Chester County law firm MacElree Harvey and serves as president of the Chester County Bar Association. • That’s all the news for now—see you in June!

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class participation goal: 510 Correspondent: Rob Murray It’s with great sadness that I report the passing of Sean Kealy ’90 on September 4, 2011. Sean may have graduated later, but he was most certainly a big part of our class from day one. He grew up in Manhattan, graduating from Xavier High School, and

he met his wife, Cara Alexander ’91, MA’95, at BC. Sean was an avid New York sports fan and enjoyed coaching his son’s teams in Mount Vernon, NY. As Christina Benoit mentioned, “He was one of the nicest guys in our class.” Sean is survived by Cara and sons Harrison and Declan. • The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was a time to remember the passing of Chris Hanley, who was attending a conference at Windows On the World on that terrible morning. Chris was one of our nextdoor neighbors in Walsh Hall sophomore year, and he was one of the most interesting people I met at BC. Colleen Daly Coffey, wife of another neighbor, Pat Coffey, proposes that we all donate the sum of $9.11 to BC in Chris’s name, and that we give thanks for all that we’ve experienced this past decade that was denied to Chris. What a great idea! • It wasn’t all sad news this past fall. Kathleen Coffey emailed that she and her husband, L. Stephan Vincze, lovingly welcomed their first child, Chiara Sophia, on September 21. The family resides in Boston and enjoys a summer home in Narragansett, RI.

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class participation goal: 480 Correspondent: Andrea McGrath Happy new year 2012! • Just a brief update this quarter. Please continue to email me your updates or post them directly on the BC alumni portal (recently revised) at www. y .html. • Classmate Andrew McAleer (asmcaleer@, a lifelong Lexington resident, was profiled this past October in the Lexington Minuteman and spoke about his inspiration for mystery writing and why local subjects make the most compelling characters. Andrew’s “day job” is as prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Corrections in Norfolk, MA. His published works include The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists; Mystery Writing in a Nutshell; Bait and Switch; Double Endorsement; Appearance of Counsel; and Fatal Deeds, among others. Andrew’s father, John McAleer ’45, MA’49, was a professor of English at Boston College and was acknowledged by fellow classmate and author Chuck Hogan in an article about Chuck and his novel The Town. You can learn more about Andrew and his works at crimestalkers. com. • Patrick Hines ( writes that after teaching junior-high English for many years for the Diocese of Brooklyn, he is now involved mainly with tutoring and test preparation, with a large part of his time spent helping students improve their scores on the SAT. In fall 2011, Patrick worked with many eighth graders, who were preparing to take the COOP exam for entrance into Catholic high schools on Long Island at the Americana Student Center in Rockville Centre, NY. • Finally, our thoughts go out to the family and friends of classmate Laura Povinelli of Westlake, OH, who passed away on September 22, 2010 (and apologies for the delayed notice). 19 class notes

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class participation goal: 425 Correspondent: Kara Corso Nelson John Harrington, MBA’99, MS’03, is now a director, consultant relations, at Turner Investments in Berwyn, PA. John, who joined the consultant relations group last summer, is responsible for developing and strengthening Turner’s relationships with institutional consultants in the United States and providing them with information about the company for their clients. John lives in Wellesley, where he serves on the board and as treasurer of the Wellesley Free Library Foundation. • After 14 years in Colorado and 7 years in New York, David Caffrey and Linda Wilenski-Caffrey have relocated to Coral Gables, FL.  David received his law degree from the University of Denver and now works for Placemark Investments.  Linda, who taught high school and at the University of Colorado, is now “managing” their four children—two daughters (13 and 8) and twin boys (5) —who are enjoying the sunshine.  • Thanks for sharing your news!  Please keep the updates coming via email or Facebook or post them directly onto the alumni website. All the best to you in 2012!

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class participation goal: 510 Correspondent: Peggy Morin Bruno I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are starting the new year in great ways! Only a few notes this issue, so please send along any news—big or small! • Congratulations to Tim Morse, who was recently promoted to caretaker chief executive at Yahoo!. Tim has served as CFO since joining Yahoo! in 2009. • In October, Jeff Bellows was elected to the board of overseers of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Jeff is the senior director, corporate citizenship, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and an adjunct professor in communication studies at Emerson College, teaching a course on the interplay of media, politics, policy, and advocacy. He also serves as chairman of the Boston Givers Group; as an advisory board member for Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, as a member of the Capital Campaign Committee for the Mattapan Community Health Center; and as an advisory board member for Room to Grow. Congratulations, Jeff! • In November, the Wall Street Journal named Rebecca (Cudd) Geier, together with Wendy Covey, among the 10 “Most Innovative Entrepreneurs” in the Small Business, Big Innovation competition. Rebecca and Wendy are co-founders of TREW Marketing, a small Austin, Texas–based marketing firm that focuses on business-to-business projects in the engineering and science markets. Their strategy allowed TREW to flourish even during the recession, and it continues to grow. 

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reunion year class participation goal: 648 Correspondent: Paul L. Cantello Can you believe it has been 20 years since we graduated from BC? Where has the time gone?  Please mark your calendar for Reunion Weekend this June 1–3 at BC. We are looking for people to participate in all ways possible, from leadership donations and volunteers on the Class Gift Committee for the capital campaign to Reunion Weekend volunteers.  Please contact Peter Boston at for more information. Come celebrate the good things life has brought us and reconnect with lost friends. We look forward to seeing you there! • Bob and Colleen (Odlum) Magri welcomed their first child, Amanda, into the world in July 2011. Colleen is a VP and project manager at Bank of America, and she loves being a new mom! She’s looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in the spring.

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class participation goal: 436 Correspondent: Sandy Chen Dekoschak Raffi Bandazian is now a sales associate at Bandazian & Holden in Richmond, VA. He writes: “In 2007, I left my job as a technical trainer for Williams Lea working on-site at Goldman Sachs. I moved back to my hometown of Richmond, began working in my father’s real-estate company, Bandazian & Holden … and received my real-estate license in 2009.” The company focuses on residential, commercial, property management, and business brokerage. • Kathleen Haley recently accepted a position at McCormick in Baltimore as director of global branding and communications, a newly created position. The job also meant a move from New York City to Baltimore. Kathleen says she’s “looking forward to meeting other local BC alumni in the Charm City!” • Thomas Burton, JD’96, was named a 2011 “Massachusetts Super Lawyer” by New England Super Lawyers and Boston magazine. He is a partner in the Boston office of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, where he is a member of the corporate and securities section and chair of the energy and clean technology practice.

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class participation goal: 352 Correspondent: Nancy E. Drane Hello, everyone. Please remember to send your news my way!  • Last year, Mark McCarron joined McCabe Capital Managers as VP and chief investment strategist. The company provides investment management, manager selection and monitoring, asset

nourished at BC

Jo e B a s t ia nic h ’ 8 9


judge on FOX’s “MasterChef” reality competition series, Joe Bastianich describes himself as “a restaurateur, a winemaker, an author, sometimes a television personality, a rocker, and a runner”—and above all, a lover and ambassador of Italian culture. Bastianich’s parents opened their first restaurant in Queens, N.Y., when he was 4 years old. A few years later, they launched Felidia in Manhattan, which made his chef mother Lidia a star. “I did everything—washing dishes, cleaning the sidewalk—there’s no glamour growing up in the restaurant business. My parents wanted me to do anything except follow in their footsteps,” he recalls. The first in his family to go to college, Joe Bastianich, in front of his Manhattan Bastianich was drawn to BC’s beautiful restaurant Del Posto, is building a culinary campus, Jesuit values, and liberal arts empire founded on his Italian heritage. focus. “I wanted to be a thinker, not a waiter,” he says. So he majored in philosophy and political science and spent a few years trading bonds on Wall Street after graduation. It didn’t take. Bastianich returned to his roots and has found fame in food. “Now I’m rooting for my own kids to do anything but go into the business,” Bastianich laughs.

what has been the most satisfying moment in your professional life?

what is one thing everyone should do while at bc?

Opening my first restaurant, Becco, on my own, stands out. Others include bottling the first vintage at Bastianich Winery in Italy and Bel Posto getting four stars in a New York Times review—the first Italian restaurant to do so.

Spend a day in Bapst Library reading some of their historical volumes.

in your personal life? My kids are always highlights in my life. Also, I recently completed the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I’ve done other triathlons, but Kona is special.

what is your next goal? I’m going to do a marathon at the base camp of Mount Everest, which should be pretty interesting. I’m also planning on summiting one of the big peaks.

what is the secret to success? Have a passion. Love what you do and make money doing it.

how have you changed since graduation? I think that people evolve in life. People are kind of like sculptures, and everything they experience shapes, impacts, and polishes the marble.

what was the best meal at the bc dining hall? There was a sandwich shop in McElroy Commons that made a turkey and bacon sandwich on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, maybe pickles, and onion.

what would you do if you were bc president for a day? I’d mandate that every student would have to grow one thing that they ate.

for more of our interview with joe bastianich, including a special spring recipe, go to

class notes allocation, and other financial services. Mark was previously with SEI Investments, most recently as managing director and global head of client investment strategy, and was one of three founding members of SEI’s London office. • James Maloney, MBA’03, is a major in the Army National Guard and served eight months in Afghanistan, returning in late September. James was assigned to the 20th Special Forces Group at Camp Morehead and was the engineer advisor to the Afghan National Army, Special Operations Command engineer. Before deploying, James attended and completed Army Airborne School at the age of 38. James and his wife, Leanne, have been married for more than 13 years and have two children: Brandon (13) and Maria (10).  When not in the military full-time, James is a Watertown firefighter and sells commercial real estate part-time. • Happy new year!

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class participation goal: 450 Correspondent: Kevin McKeon Greetings to all. As this is my first column as the 1995 class correspondent, please bear with me. As a reminder, please forward along any updates to to ensure a more robust update for the next issue. • David Finnegan recently switched jobs and is now the director of marketing at NAI Hunneman, a commercial real-estate firm in Boston. Dave and his wife, Kelli, live in Mansfield and have two sons: Connor (5) and Henry (3). • Billy Holtham and wife Monica have been living in Charlotte, NC, for the last few years. The Holthams moved there as a result of Billy’s promotion to regional sales director for The Hartford. Billy and Monica have two sons: Liam (10) and Jack (8). • As for myself, I recently changed jobs and joined the executive search firm Sheffield Haworth. After spending the last six years at Fidelity Investments, I joined Sheffield as a partner specializing in traditional and alternative asset management. My wife, Heather ’94, and I live in Needham and have two children: Finlay (6) and Addison (4). • Finally, for any of those who are interested, Eagles Deli was just recognized for having the sixth–best hamburger in Boston!

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class participation goal: 383 Correspondent: Mike Hofman It was great to catch up with so many classmates at our 15th reunion in May. On the Friday night before the official reunion started, Nina Jung organized a party at the Eastern Standard near Fenway Park. I spent a lot of time catching up with John Nash, Scott Tower, and Brian Campbell. I’m sure I’m missing people, but the crowd also included Jay Reichle, Collin and Erin (Bergin) Earnst, Marc Lombardi, Jay Zavislak, Jamie Cesarano, Jason Hill, Matt Campobasso, Anna Zintl,

Julie Holbrook, Loretta Shing, Anthony Rich, Suzanne Geden, Molly Thilman Smith, Mariessa Longo Theodorou, and Megan Storz Pagliaro. My roommates Tom Gallagher, John Boyt, and Tom Adams were there as well. • The next day before the reunion, Chris and Maureen (Maloney) Barnowski, MA’02, had folks to their home in Brookline for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. The group included Jenna Bosworth Madden, Chris and Tracey (Gilroy) Giglia, Amy Kress van Mullen, Dave Telep, Melanie Ouellette, and Brian Sullivan. • At the reunion, the first people I saw when I walked in the door were guys from the basement of Duchesne freshman year—Jim TK and John Valentino MBA’02. Justice Smith was there too. He’s living in Arizona and coaching football. • More fun people were at the event itself, which was held in, yes, the Eagles Nest. It was fun to catch up with John Andrews, Kara Cassesse, Matt Keis, and Kristen TK, Suzanne Matson, and Anne Saxon. Finally, it was back to the dorms—we were housed in Vanderslice— where Brian Porter had pizza and beer in his room. It was nice to catch up with everyone, and I think we all still look pretty fantastic. Onward to the 20th!

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reunion year class participation goal: 420 Correspondent: Sabrina Bracco McCarthy Hi, everyone! Our 15-year reunion is fast approaching; it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since we graduated. Please save the dates June 1–3, and we hope to see you there! • Christine Liotta married Michael Sarno in Hoboken, NJ, on September 17, 2011. Christine celebrated her 10th anniversary working for Pfizer, and Michael is a furniture designer for Polo Ralph Lauren. The couple now live in Hoboken. • Eric ’98 and Meredith (Byrne) Lussen welcomed son Sheppard Robert “Shep” Lussen on October 14, 2011. He joins big brother Jack (1). The family lives in Dallas. • Christopher and Crista (Pontilena) Vigeant welcomed their second child, Anna Rosalie, on March 4, 2011. Anna joins big brother Christopher (2). The Vigeants recently moved into their new home in Oakland, NJ. Christopher works in the IT department at MetLife, and Crista is enjoying her maternity leave, while finishing her master’s in teaching. • Elizabeth (Hahesy) Getchell, MEd’98, married Keith Getchell on March 20, 2010, at St. Stephen’s Church in Boston’s North End. Fr. Joseph Marchese presided over the ceremony. Among family and friends in attendance were matron of honor Rachael (Lowney) Marcantonio, as well as Liz (Dwyer) Gardner and Mike and Katy (Chambers) Mollica. Elizabeth and Keith were thrilled to welcome their baby girl, Teresa Grace, on January 30, 2011. The family is enjoying life in the North End, where they recently bought a condo on Boston’s waterfront. • Kevin Mitchell and wife Laurie welcomed their first children this summer. Their twin girls, Alexia Rose and Sarah Bridget, were born on July 1, 2011, and have already attended their first BC tailgate! • Tom Sawyer and his wife, 21 class notes

Jessica, had their first child, James Mather Sawyer, on October 15 at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Everyone is doing well.

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class participation goal: 505 Correspondent: Mistie P. Lucht Karen (Casey) Blackstone and her husband, Peter, welcomed their second daughter, Morgan Wyndhurst Blackstone, on August 12, 2011. Alisa (3) is a great big sister. They still live in Marblehead, and Karen is working as a field sales account manager at Akamai. • TerRance and Suzanne (Carroll) Woodard are proud to announce the birth of a baby girl, Quinn Marie. She was born on August 12, 2011, in Miami. Although mom and dad have been sleep deprived, everyone, including big brothers Tyler (5) and Julian (2), is doing well. • Brian Hoyt is now the head of communications with WhaleShark Media Inc., the world’s largest marketplace for online coupon codes and deals. In his new position, Brian directs and manages all U.S. consumer communications for the company, while focusing on increasing brand awareness for Previously, he served as VP of corporate communications and government affairs with Orbitz Worldwide. • Greg Stepka and wife Joanna welcomed Sidney Ann Stepka into the world on October 14, 2011. Greg writes: “Her two-year-old brother, Jackson, is thrilled to have someone to play with.” The Stepkas reside in Smithfield, RI.

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class participation goal: 430 Correspondent: Matt Colleran Correspondent: Emily Wildfire Hello, Class of ’99. We hope you all are doing well and are surviving the winter. Please continue to send in your updates, and be sure to check out the Class of 1999 group on Facebook. Now on to the notes. • Bob and Jeannine (Bouché) Frost welcomed their second daughter, Hope Anne, on May 15, 2011. She joins Nora (3), who is enjoying her role as the “big sister.” • Eric Turner recently became a partner at accounting firm KPMG, where he has worked since graduation. He and his wife, Alyson, MA’03 (Holy Cross ’01), reside in Franklin with their two children, Jake (4) and Ava (1). • On October 29, 2011, Laura Boyd married John Killeen, a ’99 graduate of Marist College. John and Laura went to elementary school together and then reconnected last summer. They had a beautiful wedding, even though it happened on the day of a  nor’easter: there were 15 inches of snow and falling trees, as well as a power outage at the reception.  Fellow BC Class of ’99 alumni in attendance were Dena Xifaras, bridesmaid; Bill Young MBA’07, groomsman; Greg Ball; Jolynn Rana Boyce; Marc Cicero; Collin Ely; and Lisa Millora

MA’00, MA’01. Michele Furman Liesse and Daniela (Grande) Cardone had also planned to attend but couldn’t because of the snow. Laura and John live in New York City, where John is a manager in asset protection at Polo Ralph Lauren, and Laura is a  VP of finance at Maverik Lacrosse, a division of Bauer Performance Sports. • Dan Lewin married Toby Sloan on September 18 in Boston. Three groomsmen were BC grads: Tom Bumbolow ’98, who served as best man; Ryan McCourt; and Anthony DePinto ’98. Dan and Toby live in Brookline, and Dan works at UBS Financial Services as a financial advisor.

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class participation goal: 460 Correspondent: Kate Pescatore Happy 2012, Class of 2000! • In September, Ellen Finnigan published her first book, The Me Years. You can read all about it on her website: Ellen earned her MFA from the University of Montana. • Kevin Boland and Kerrie CaulfieldBoland are proud to announce the birth of their second son, Kevin Patrick, on November 22, 2010. Big brother Kyle (4) was very excited to bring Kevin Patrick to his very first BC football game in September. • Steve and Alison Ball Bryan are proud to announce the birth of Max Harrison on June 2, 2011. The family lives in Cohasset. • Marggy and Phil Gabriel are also proud to announce the birth of a child: Audrey Simone on October 10, 2011. Big sisters Charlotte and Sabrina love their new roles! The family continues to live in Wellesley. • I hope that everyone had a joy-filled holiday season, and I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Please remember to send me your news so that I can share it with our classmates.

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class participation goal: 500 Correspondent: Erin Mary Ackerman Former BC roommates Oliver Lubin and James Reinhart, along with Harvard alumnus Chris Homer, became entrepreneurs with thredUp, an online community to buy and sell gently used clothing, which they founded in 2009. The site attracted 10,000 members within just the first three months, and in 2010, they added a children’s clothing service to the site. • Mathew and Erin (Turick) Gooch are proud to announce the birth of a daughter, Leila Grace, on November 3, 2011, in Newark, DE. She joins big brothers Peyton (3) and Wyatt (2) at home in West Grove, PA. Leila is the first granddaughter on both sides of the family.

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reunion year class participation goal: 634 Correspondent: Suzanne Harte

Congratulations to Jamie and Donato Giuseppi, who have three beautiful children. Sienna Giuseppi was born on December 13, 2006, and Cris Stauffer is her godfather; Donato Giuseppi IV was born on July 8, 2008, and Rachel (Dunleavy) Quinn is his godmother; and Luca Giuseppi was born on June 7, 2011, and Steve Monaco is his godfather.  The happy family just moved into their first house in Pelham, NY.  Donato is still with UBS Investment Bank, where he has worked since graduation, and he recently became COO of IBD Americas. • Congratulations to John Cotter, MBA’10, MSF’11, and Katherine Trainor ’05, who were married on October 1, 2011, in New Hartford, NY, with a reception following in Cooperstown.  In addition to the bride and groom, 8 of their 16 bridal party attendants were Boston College alumni, including Edward McNabb, Jonathan Trainor ’07, Kyle Trainor ’09, Christopher Wilkie, Lindsay Conlin ’05, Erin Fransen ’05, Allison LeBlanc ’05, and Sarah Quintana ’05.  Tessa Trainor, the maid of honor and sister of the bride, is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences and will graduate this spring. Other BC alumni in attendance included Keri Rubeis ’05, Curtis Wells ’06, Nathan Buttrick, Adam DeVito, Joseph Katchpole, Michael Leflar, and David Griffith ’68. John is a senior risk analyst at a merchant energy firm, and Kate is a partner at a public relations firm, both in downtown Boston. They reside in South Boston. • Congratulations to Mark ’90 and Anne (Sargent) Gallagher, who, along with big sister Charlotte, welcomed identical twin boys, John Hynes Gallagher and Henry Sargent Gallagher, on March 29. The family resides in Cohasset.

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class participation goal: 532 Correspondent: Toni Ann Kruse Helen Wong and  Justin Tang  were married on August 12, 2011, in Avon, CT. Helen is a dentist, and Justin is a group manager at Pratt & Whitney.  The couple reside in Vernon, CT.  The wedding party included Kristina DeRosa ’05, maid of honor; and  Ryan Maguire  and  Justin Fredericks  MBA’09, groomsmen. Other classmates in attendance included  Dwight Branch, Sehee Kim, Lisamarie Sears, Lena Tang, Junho Park, Eric Murray, Jason Antoine, Jeffrey Bishop, Brian Gilboy, and Matthew Riordan. • Pauline and Benedikt Goetz—and big sister Matilda— welcomed Marius Cosimo Goetz, born February 17, 2011, in London. • Katherine Williamson and David Sutton were married in Yonkers, NY, on May 14, 2011. In attendance were Christine Hogan,  Toni Ann Kruse JD’08,  Lauren Meyers,  Jennifer Worsham Miskelly MEd’04, Jason Sclafani MA’06, and Brian and Kristen (Cwirka) Swenson. • Sean and Jillian (Fantozzi) O’Connell welcomed a baby girl, Charlotte Eileen, on May 16, 2011. They reside in Boston. • Lauren Sabonis and Steve Schlegel ’01 were married on July 9, 2011, at St. Luke’s Church in Scituate. A reception followed at Indian Pond Country

Club in Kingston. BC alumni in attendance included Mary Troy ’69, Jay Kilpela ’01, James Koehler ’01, Kelly Driscoll ’02, Jeana Whitney MEd’05, Jody Platt, Sarah Kate Wilson, Meredith Bauer, Meaghan Traverse, Kate Schrinsky, Sara Albano MS’04, Bryan Albano, Nolan Kelly, Katie Driscoll ’07, and Jenny Driscoll ’10. Lauren and Steve now reside in Watertown. Lauren is a mathematics teacher in the Chelsea Public Schools, and Steve is a senior manager at Deloitte & Touche in Boston. • Dwight and Kelly (Agostinacchio) Forquignon welcomed their second daughter, Julianna Kate, on June 21, 2011. She joins big sister Madelyn Grace. The family lives in Massapequa, NY, where Kelly is the director of accounting for a law firm. • On November 23, 2011, Christina Neuner Boyle and Sean Boyle welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy named Seamus Eugene Boyle. The happy family resides in Zurich, Switzerland, where Christina is a postdoctoral scholar of neuroscience at the University of Zurich, and Sean is an internal auditor at UBS. • Thomas and Kristen (Moore) Johnson are proud to announce the birth of their son, William Thomas Johnson, on July 22, 2011. The happy family currently resides in Bucks County, PA, where Kristen is working on her PhD in epidemiology at Drexel University. • Happy 2012 to all, and keep me posted on any exciting updates!

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class participation goal: 500 Correspondent: Alexandra “Allie” Weiskopf Last year, Molly Scannell completed a master’s degree at the Harris School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago, where she is now working on a PhD in epidemiology. For the past four years, she has been evaluating programs and policies that affect children at Chapin Hall, the school’s policy research center. • Jessica Tychsen married R. Nolan Townsend on September 10, 2011, on Martha’s Vineyard at the Harbor View Hotel. The wedding party included Allison Puca and Katherine Anderson ’06, MBA’10. Alumni in attendance included the groom’s sister Camille Townsend ’03 and former BC women’s hockey teammates Renee Taylor and Heidi Seidewand ’05. The couple currently reside in Seoul, South Korea. • Jennifer Gallagher married Christopher Eustance on June 18, 2011, at St. Ignatius Church. The wedding party included classmates Sarah Fox, Michael Greco, Robert Fountain, and Michael Stack. Other alumni in attendance included Jillian (Baer) Fountain MA’05; Lauren Shurtleff; Emily Hayden MA’06; Alexa Pombo; Erica Jane Kluge; James and Mary (Healy) Cristiano; Susan Burton MSW’07; Donna Carroll; Amy Johnson; Janet Rutledge; Brian Giesen ’03; Andrew Stevenson ’05; Brian Conley ’05; John Vautour; Noah Patel MEd’05; Richard Samuels; Brian May; Adam Pelletier; Robert Daly ’03, MS’08; Kathleen Arsenault; Christopher and Emily (D’Amour) Pardo; and Jennifer Healy ’97. The couple reside in Boston, where they both work for investment management

class notes firms: Jennifer as an analyst at Emerson Investment Management, and Christopher as a senior portfolio manager associate at Eaton Vance. • Elizabeth Woods married Erik Stasiowski on August 26, 2011, in Boston. A reception followed at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. The wedding party included Taylor (Silver) Santos, and alumni in attendance were Jennifer Sullivan, Kristyn Kelly, Danny Blatt, and Joan Tomaceski ’80. The couple live in Needham with their two new puppies, Poppy and Pilot. Erik is a pilot and regional sales manager for Avidyne Corp., and Elizabeth is the director of finance and operations at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School in Hyde Park. • Christopher, JD’07, and Katherine (DiMare) McCain welcomed son Luke into the world on October 20 at Massachusetts General Hospital. Chris works for Cooley LLP, a law firm in Boston, and Katie works at MGH in the pediatric intensive care ward.

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class participation goal: 550 Correspondent: Joe Bowden Correspondent: Justin Barrasso In November 2011, Brian Duggan married Evelyn Carranza Lara. The couple live in San Diego, and Brian is a marketing manager for Pri-Med, a continuing medical education provider. • Sarah Hawes married Notre Dame alumnus David Rooney of Garden City, NY, on June 24, 2011. The wedding was at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany and was followed by a reception at the Saratoga National Golf Club in Saratoga Springs. Liz Crupe, Andrea Galecki, Rachel Leyland, and Carolyn Pohmer Borys  were in the bridal party, and Virginia Di Tata Mattingly was the matron of honor. Sarah is employed at Math for America, a nonprofit organization that works to improve mathematics education in America’s schools.  The couple reside on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. • Regina Lauricella  has dedicated the past six years to working in education here and abroad. Her passion for service and working with children developed through her work with BC’s Appalachia Volunteers Program and a year of service on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. After completing her master’s degree in international development education from NYU, Regina worked under a fellowship with Save the Children and spent several months developing early-child-care practices in remote areas of Nepal. Regina currently teaches third grade at St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, NJ, where she continues to live out a love for working with children. She also finds time to play on a soccer team with a few other BC grads, remains connected to friends from BC, and volunteers with her church’s youth development program as well as with a Journey for Change program in Brooklyn. • Alison Casey, MA’07, now in her second year at BC Law School, is working as a graduate assistant in the Office of Residential Life on the implementation of an initiative

called Pathways to enhance student formation practices in the residence halls. • In August, T.K. Skenderian was named marketing and sponsorship manager for the Boston Athletic Association and the Boston Marathon. He lives in Boston, loves to travel, and gives a lot of high-fives. • Originally from the East Coast, Elizabeth “Liz” Tampe has been living, working, and loving life in the Midwest since 2007, when she moved to Chicago. Inspired by the Jesuit spirit of helping others, Liz attended Loyola University Chicago, earning an MSW in 2009.  Now a licensed clinical social worker, she is a team leader at Thresholds, a not-for-profit psychiatric rehabilitation organization.  Outside work, Liz—who served as president of the Animal Rights Organization while at BC—volunteers with the Chicago branch of Mercy For Animals.  You can find her on weekends doing outreach for MFA, tearing it up on the soccer turf in one of her coed leagues, or enjoying quality time with her adorable adopted dogs and her sister Carolyn. • Ann Davidson  lives and works in St. Louis. She is passionate about her work as relationship manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri, where she has been since earning her master’s in counseling from St. Louis University three years ago. She is also vice chairperson of the board of Launch St. Louis, a local cancer charity. Still on cloud nine from the Cardinals come-from-behind playoff run and World Series victory, Annie plans to run her first full marathon this spring in St. Louis. • Catherine “Cat” Portner will be finishing her MBA at Babson College this May and returning to Washington DC, where she and her sister Margaret are launching Portner Brewhouse, a brewery restaurant and craft beer test kitchen inspired by their greatgreat-grandfather’s pre-Prohibition brewery, the Robert Portner Brewing Company. She is currently recruiting classmates and friends to participate in tasting events that will be held in both the Greater Boston area and Washington DC, beginning this spring. If you are interested in participating, please visit her website: http://portnerbrewhouse .com. • Jenevieve Doerr is taking BC’s “Ever to Excel” motto to new heights. She has been living all over the world, including spending a few years in Cusco, Peru, working for the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco as a nonprofit business consultant. In October 2008, she moved to Madrid to get an international MBA at IE Business School, focusing on sustainability in emerging markets. Currently, she is a Peace Corps Small Business Volunteer in Nicaragua, teaching entrepreneurship in public high schools. Visit her blog at http://stopmebeforeivolunteeragain.blogspot .com. • Never forgetting her BC roots in social justice, Lucy Bueti organized the PR efforts for’s food bank drive, which raised $43,000 worth of supplies for the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. She also is an active runner, raising over $15,000 for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center by running in two New York City Marathons. 23 class notes

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class participation goal: 600 Correspondent: Cristina Conciatori Correspondent: Tina Corea

Dan Milano married Amanda Jean Nowack on September 10, 2011. Dan is now working at ABC News in New York City as its social media editor, updating ABCNews and Together he and Amanda are putting together a wedding comedy videography business called Wedding Your Pants, based out of Brooklyn:

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reunion year class participation goal: 1,000 Correspondent: Lauren Faherty Bagnell It’s hard to believe that almost five years have gone by since our graduation day at the Heights. Mark your calendars for June 1–3 for Reunion 2012—a weekend that will not disappoint! • On August 20, 2011, Claire Lerchen married Jesse Minneman at the Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill. Eagles in attendance were Mark Teborek ’03, a groomsman; Emily Townsend Fisser ’06, a bridesmaid; Nick Fisser ’06; Tricia Ryan MA’11; and Jim Conti. Congratulations to both Claire and Jesse! • Pooja Awatramani married William Boisture on September 4, 2011, in Princeton, NJ. The happy couple were introduced by Anna Boisture, a friend of the bride and first cousin of the groom. Fellow former classmates Katie Poltack, Veronica Maunz, and Regan Murphy were bridesmaids. Currently, the couple reside in New York City, where Pooja is finishing her JD at Columbia Law School, and William works as a TV and film editor.

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class participation goal: 650 Correspondent: Maura Tierney Catherine Hamilton and Bryan Ens are happy to announce their marriage on August 5, 2011, in Cheshire, England. Lauren Russo, Ella Bieze, Barrett Browning, Kristin Offermann, and Alyssa Bussey were in attendance. The couple honeymooned in Paris and currently reside in Melrose. • In September, Anna Geueke completed the Graduate Entry Pathway program at the UMass Medical School in Worcester. GEP is designed for adult students who have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing. Anna, who was the class speaker, was presented with an award for community engagement. She plans to use her previous experiences working with refugees overseas in Africa and locally in Boston in her

new career as an adult acute/critical care nurse practitioner. • In November, Francis Monterosso joined the Philadelphia office of Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young as an associate in the litigation practice group. Francis earned his JD from Villanova University School of Law.

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class participation goal: 600 Correspondent: Timothy Bates Happy new year to the Class of 2009! • Just a reminder to join the BC’09 Class Notes group on Facebook or email me at tbates86@gmail. com with the subject line “BC Class Notes” if you have any updates you’d like included in this column. • Now, what’s new with the ’09 Eagles? Rhick Bose worked with Teach For America, New York, teaching global history at Brooklyn Bridge Academy while completing his MST in adolescence social studies at Fordham. In August he joined the NYC Department of Education as a social studies teacher. • Amy Stabile is with Teach For America in Houston, teaching kindergarten at Garcia Elementary School. • Steve Isom is a corporate banking and leveraged finance analyst at TD Securities in New York City. • Chris Denice is a commercial finance analyst for GE Wind in Schenectady, NY. • Erin Donovan, MEd’10, is teaching third-grade special education in Newton. • Katie Kelley, MA’10, is working as an admissions counselor at MIT. • Skylar Barbosa is attending Loyola University College of Law in New Orleans. • Special congratulations to Dan Couch and Patrick Byrnes, who recently moved into an apartment together in San Francisco and welcome any BC ’09ers in town to stop by. • Lucia Austria earned a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Boston, and is now pursuing an MA in gastronomy at BU. • Charlie Kelliher is working with autistic students in the residential program at Cardinal Cushing School in Hanover and is looking into becoming certified as an English teacher. • Sarah Buente is a special assistant to the CEO at American Clean Skies Foundation in DC. • Frankie Nasso has left his full-time consulting position to take on his dream of pursuing the stage with his act as Miss Lorna Doone. • Kerri McNicholas is involved with grassroots politics via social media in the Gramercy area in New York City. • Rachel Tinquist is designing sustainable living furniture concepts for small spaces for the Urban Tree House in New York City. • Brendan Stamm is in his second year as the transfer admission counselor at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester. • Joseph Burgess is now an assistant to the public editor at the New York Times in New York City. • Carolyn Armgardt is a program manager with City Year Baton Rouge. • Brianna Conlan is working as a special education aid in Brookline. • Austin Bryant is lead product writer at Rue La La. He’s been living with Patrick Gardner in Kenmore Square since Patrick came back to Boston after a brief stint in Chicago. • Conor McDonald is enjoying his new career as an


a dreamer at BC

Ob ia g e l i Uk a d ik e ’ 0 5


biageli Ukadike’s dream is to serve people. It is a dream that led her to Boston College and, later, to found the WaWa Project, a nonprofit organization working to build a vocational boarding school for people with disabilities in Ghana. Ghanaians with disabilities—often shunned and believed cursed—lack educational opportunities that would enable them to become self-sufficient. Ukadike believes that Ghana is on the edge of societal change and that the WaWa Project can ultimately change cultural attitudes. “WaWa is an Adinkra symbol of hardiness, strength, and perseverance through hardship. That is why we chose it as the name of our organization; it represents the people we are serving,” Obiageli Ukadike learns traditional drumming in she explains. Ukadike earned her degree in psy- Ghana, where she plans to develop a school for people with disabilities. chology, thinking she might be a child psychologist. Working at the Perkins School for the Blind, she realized how much she enjoyed helping people with disabilities integrate into society, and a stint as a youth pastor confirmed that ministry to others must be at the center of her life’s work. Now, she is studying for her MBA in nonprofit management and entrepreneurship at Simmons College while working full-time at Harvard Medical School. “My seven years after Boston College have been a journey to figure out who I want to be as a global citizen. The one thing I never compromise on is that I want to be serving others in whatever career path I choose.” She’s already well on her way. what is your next goal?

what is your fondest bc memory?

To find a sustainable way to maintain the WaWa Project. I do not want just one school or to be just in Ghana, but to spread all over the world and help dispel the impression that people with disabilities are different or inferior, in any way, to people who do not have disabilities.

Endless hours playing foosball and laughing with friends; you cannot beat that, especially when the foosball table is in your room!

what is the secret to success? Success is relative to what you desire to do in this world. Make sure that whatever you are doing is something you eat, live, and breathe; it is who you are and what you believe. True success comes from continuing to do what you love despite the obstacles.

what is something your friends don’t know about you? Bachata is one of my favorite types of music to dance to.

what was your favorite bc class? My favorite had to be the History of Rock and Roll. It was awesome.

what was your favorite bc activity? The Sharps! I loved singing in an a cappella group.

who would play you in the film version of your life? I have no idea how to answer this question but I hope it would be someone like Maya Angelou, the activist, writer, and poet with a way of speaking that stirs the hearts of many.

for more of our interview with obiageli ukadike, go to

class notes officer in the NYPD, keeping all of us New York City Eagles safe. • Donato Infante, MA’11, is continuing his studies for the Catholic priesthood at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. • Claire Hunt recently launched a BC’09 book club in New York City and is actively recruiting new members; if interested contact Claire at

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class participation goal: 622 Correspondent: Bridget K. Sweeney Some of our classmates have returned to Boston from New York City. Katie Dean accepted a new position as an account executive at Business Wire and began work on December 1, and Kevin Alexanderson returned to Boston in January after leaving JPMorgan Chase to take an associate position at Sapient Corp. • Matt Gelman was serving last year in an AmeriCorps program, where he recruited over 50 new volunteer mentors to his host sites program, created new partnerships with various stakeholders, and helped 15 high school seniors from the Boston Public Schools complete their applications and continue on to higher education. He now works at his host site, the Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain, as the full-time Youth Literacy Theater program coordinator. In this role, he works directly with at-risk teens and trains them to run after-school programming with a literacy and theater focus to engage younger children. • After completing a year in Turkey as a Fulbright fellow, Josh Idaszak is living in Madrid and working as an English teacher and tutor at Colegio Hélicon in Valdemoro. • Daniel Kenny has been serving in the Peace Corps in Panama, teaching English to primary school children. He originally had lived with a community of indigenous Indians and while there, initiated a water sanitation project. He returned to the United States in October 2011 after finishing his commitment. • Grant Salzano and Alexandria Martindale (Stonehill ’10) were married on October 8, 2011, at BC’s Alumni House in Newton, with Joseph Gravellese serving as best man. Grant and Alex were thrilled to be able to celebrate their marriage at Boston College! They now reside in Middletown, CT. • Please keep sending me updates! Parents, you are more than welcome to send info on your 2010 grads as well!

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class participation goal: 656 Correspondent: Brittany Lynch A number of our classmates have joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest and will be performing a year of service, working with various groups and organizations across the northwestern United States and in Alaska. Headed to Omak, WA, are Shannon Murphy, to serve with Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare, and Cassandra Bell, to work with

the Paschal Sherman Indian School. Also in Washington are Lauren Fish, with L’Arche Spokane in Spokane; Elizabeth Haney, with Upper Valley MEND in Wenatchee; and Clare Garvey, with Food Lifeline, and Matthew Driscoll, with El Centro de la Raza, both in Seattle. Those serving in Alaska are Kelly Connolly, with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska in Sitka; and in Anchorage, Lauren Sposa, with the Red Cross, and Sarah Brewster, with the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association. Assigned to serve for a year in Oregon are Lauren Waski, with El Programa Hispano– Project UNICA in Gresham; and Amie Harris, with Rose Haven, and Kelsey Alexander, with Pathfinders, both in Portland. William Small and Christina Rogers are completing their year of service in Montana: William is with WMMMH in Missoula and Christina is with Family Support Network in Billings. • In other news, Michael Morton is attending St. Louis University School of Law in Missouri. • In May, Lauren Blodgett was awarded a J. William Fulbright scholarship and will study for a year in Austria at the University of Innsbruck. Lauren will focus her studies on the global implications of U.S. non-participation in the International Criminal Court and will also teach English to Austrian students.

City and has two children. • Julie Menendez ’98, MBA’01, has made the Boston Business Journal’s 14th annual list of “40 Under 40.” The list comprises individuals whom BBJ considers to be “among the Bay State’s movers and shakers” in the innovation and nonprofit communities. • After 10 years as an analyst at Thomas Weisel Partners, Jim Breen, MBA’99, joined William Blair & Company in 2010 as a communication services analyst. He has been recognized several times in recent years by the Wall Street Journal’s “Best on the Street”—which ranked him the No. 2 stock-picker for 2010 in Internet/computer services—and the Financial Times/StarMine’s “World’s Top Analysts” listing. Jim, who holds a BS in civil engineering from Tufts University, also worked as a civil engineer at Modern Continental Construction Company and as a high-yield, fixed-income analyst at BancBoston Robertson Stephens. • Last year, Christopher Barrile, MS’02, was appointed EVP for finance and administration and CFO of EBI Consulting, a national provider of environmental and sustainability consulting services. He has worked for many years in the fields of finance, operations, and executive management and was previously VP of supply chain management for EMD Millipore.

carroll school

connell school Fulton Hall, Room 315 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Kathy Olberg Sternbach, MBA’86, established Sternbach Consulting in July 2011, following her retirement from Mercer Health & Benefits. She consults on health and human services to state, county, and local governments. • Richard Albert, MBA’89, was recently promoted to VP, international business development, at American Express in Singapore. In his new role, Richard will be responsible for leading the company’s business development activities (mergers and acquisitions and strategic partnerships) throughout the Asia– Pacific region. • Since 2006, David Read, MBA’89, has served on the board of East Coast Greenway Alliance, a project intended to link urban, suburban, and rural settings for bicycling and other non-motorized forms of transportation between the Canadian border and Key West. When completed, the Greenway will be a collection of connected rail trails, canal towpaths, and other linear parks that will span the entire Eastern Seaboard. David works in the health-care industry and views trails, and the exercise they can provide, as a wonderful way to help prevent and combat heart disease, diabetes, child obesity, and some cancers. Currently chief administrator of medical oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, he has also served as the administrative director of cardiology at MGH and as COO for the Department of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. You may email David at dave@ • In October, Dani Nadel, MBA’94, joined Scholastic Corp., the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, as chief digital marketing officer for Scholastic Book Clubs and e-commerce. She was previously president of Publicis Modem, a New York–based fullservice digital agency. Dani lives in New York 25 25 class class notes notes Cushing Hall, Room 201 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 In October, Jeanne Watson Driscoll, MS’75, received the Beverly Koerner Outstanding Alumni Award for Education in Nursing from the University of Connecticut’s School of Nursing. Jeanne, who earned her PhD from UConn in 2004, is president and owner of JWD Associates Inc. and a member of the Mica Collaborative in Wellesley. She is a psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist and provides psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy for women who experience mood or anxiety disorders through the childbearing years. She is the coauthor, with Cheryl Tatano Beck, of Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders: A Clinicians’ Guide, which was awarded Book of the Year in 2006 by the American Journal of Nursing. She has also produced numerous publications and videos on postpartum research and was recently appointed to the President’s Advisory Council of Postpartum Support, International. • Also in October, Anne Berger, PhD’05, accepted a position at Covenant Health Systems in Massachusetts as VP of quality improvement and safety. Anne is responsible for overseeing quality and performance improvement, patient safety, risk management, and corporate compliance activities at the system level. • Lynda Tyer-Viola, PhD’05, was promoted to associate professor, nursing, by the board of trustees at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. Lynda is one of only five professionals to receive this distinction.

gsas McGuinn Hall, Room 221-A Chestnut Hill, MA 02467; 617-552-3265

Stephen Miles, PhD’99, has joined the theology department at Immaculata University as an associate professor in moral theology. He joined Immaculata, a Catholic institution west of Philadelphia, from St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, where he was an assistant professor. Stephen earned his PhD in theological ethics from Boston College through a joint program with the Weston Jesuit School of Theology and holds a master’s degree in theological studies from Duke Divinity School. He has published articles and given presentations on teaching Catholic social tradition in Catholic universities and on service learning in business school curriculum. He has also given many presentations to churches and Catholic organizations on topics such as global peace and justice, reconciliation, care for the elderly, and theologies of salvation. • Daniel Kabala, MA’07, was named a fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society in Arlington, VA. The society works to advance actuarial science through a focus on research and education. Daniel is an assistant actuary at Liberty Mutual Group. • Andrew and Michelle (Volz) Steingiser, MA’10, were married on August 21, 2011, at the historic Webb Barn in Wethersfield, CT. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii. In addition to her MA in linguistics from BC, Michelle received a BA in French and international studies from Le Moyne College in 2006 and is currently working toward an MS in communication sciences and disorders from Emerson College in Boston.  Andrew earned his BArch from Syracuse University in 2007 and is an architect and associate at CBT Architects in Boston.

gssw McGuinn Hall, Room 123 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Thank you to all who attended and supported the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work’s 75th Anniversary Celebration on September 14, 2011. The day was a great success! Keynote speaker Victoria Reggie Kennedy spoke of social workers as an indispensable source of aid and comfort. The day also featured a presentation and panel discussion on social innovation in social work, the focus of the recently launched Graduate School of Social Work Social Innovation Program. A liturgy was celebrated by University President William P. Leahy, SJ, with Founders Professor in Theology James Keenan, SJ, as homilist. An alumni luncheon featured recognition awards presented to former Dean June Gary Hopps and to Richard Mackey, inaugural chair of the doctoral program, and a student luncheon discussion focused on the School’s diversity initiative on spirituality. Dean Alberto Godenzi opened the afternoon session with a special video created to mark the anniversary event and to highlight how GSSW reflects the University’s Jesuit mission—to transform lives and promote justice at all levels. We invite you to revisit the 75th celebration through a series of photos, videos, and publications at • Dayna Brown, MSW’93, was appointed administrator of the Office on Aging in Howard County, MD. She previously served eight years as the director

of community programs for Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts and prior to that worked for the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. • YWCA Northern Rhode Island named Marcia Coné, MSW’97, PhD’09, one of its 2011 “Women of Achievement” awardees. Marcia is founding executive director of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, which has invested over $1.5 million in individuals and organizations across the state to engage in social change on behalf of women and girls. She is a Rhode Island delegate for Vision 2020, a national project focused on advancing gender equality by energizing the dialogue about women and leadership. • Lisa (Grunstein) Eisenbud, MSW’94, founder of go GIRL global, was chosen as one of 15 Tweeters from hundreds of applications from across the country to participate in Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative #WTTweetUp in the Kitchen Garden. Girls around the world could virtually participate in the harvest of the White House garden and visit the White House kitchen and beehive through go GIRL global. Selected Tweeters also joined a group of schoolchildren to harvest food and prepare a snack in the White House kitchen, demonstrating how easy and enjoyable it is to turn fresh local ingredients into a healthy meal.

law school Vicki Sanders

885 Centre Street Newton, MA 02459 Class Notes for Law School alumni are published in the BC Law Magazine. Please forward all submissions to Vicki Sanders at the above address.

lynch school Class Notes editor Campion Hall, Room 106 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Barbara Barron Adler, MEd’68, and husband Barry have recently become grandparents for the first time. Their daughter Julie delivered a beautiful baby boy, Nicky, in July. Barbara and Barry are fully retired and are living in Florida with their dog, Yoshi. Barbara is working within their community and is active in Hadassah. • Fr. August Thompson, MEd’76, is enjoying retirement down on the bayou but maintains a busy schedule. He alerted us that last July had five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays, an occurrence that happens once every 823 years! Quite interesting! • Paul Raverta, DEd’81, retired in January 2012 as president of Berkshire Community College, where he had served since 2005. He joined BCC from Holyoke Community College, where he was a senior-level administrator and faculty member. Highly regarded in the academic community, Paul has served on the College Board’s Community College Advisory Panel, and on commissions evaluating two-year colleges for the New

England Association of Schools and Colleges; most recently, he led the Massachusetts Community Colleges Council of Presidents as chairman. He has also been active in the Berkshire County community, serving on a number of boards including Berkshire Health Systems, the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, and the Berkshire County Regional Employment Board.


School of Theology & Ministry 140 Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3800 Class Notes are published in Called to Serve, the School of Theology & Ministry’s magazine. Please forward submissions of 50 words or less, including school, degree, and graduation year, to the above address.

wcas Correspondent: Jane T. Crimlisk ’74 37 Leominster Road Dedham, MA 02026; 781-326-0290 In May 2011, Kwai Lai ’92 received her PhD in anesthesia from Virginia Commonwealth University. It has been an exciting journey for this mother of two. Arriving at Boston College with a nursing degree, Kwai completed a bachelor’s in accounting. She then pursued a theological degree and ordination at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Returning to her health-care interests, Kwai worked at South Shore Medical Center as a nurse anesthetist and a spiritual counselor. She recognized the need and had the opportunity to go on to doctoral studies in anesthesiology. Congratulations, Kwai, on completing your doctorate! • Ho Yee Chen ’90 is an account manager at State Street Bank. He has two daughters: one is a sophomore at Georgetown, and the other is a junior at Hingham High School. • Tara Connelly ’98 has completed her medical residency and signed a two-year research contract with Penn State Medical Center in Hershey. Congratulations on the completion of your residency and good luck, Tara, with your research. • Kimberly Julian ’10 has published a beautiful book, Golf Widow, A Memoir (19th Hole Productions, 2011). • After a two-decade struggle with Alzheimer’s, Ann (Woods) Dunn ’82 earned her eternal reward on July 25, 2011. Ann was the sister of Fr. Woods ’54, MAT’61, STB’62, and Kathleen Woods ’74. Pauline Harper ’98, MS’99, a mathematics teacher at St. George’s College in Kingston, Jamaica, died on June 23, 2011. For over a quarter of a century, Pauline generously gave herself to each student at St. George’s College. Beatrice Lennon ’51 died on November 24, 2011. An active BC alumna, Beatrice was a retired director of Mass. Welfare in Norwood. She had also been a social worker at the City of Boston Chronic Hospital and a researcher at the BU School of Medicine. Prayers and condolences are extended to the families of Ann Dunn, Pauline Harper, and Beatrice Lennon.

obituaries 1930s

Paul J. Ryan ’48 of Waltham on October 14, 2011.

Matthew M. Hoenig, Esq., JD’52, of Walnut, CA, on October 25, 2011.

Charles D. Kimball ’38 of Wellesley on October 11, 2011.

Grace Murray Sexton, MSW’48, of Canton on November 28, 2011.

Frederick A. Meagher Jr. ’52 of Westwood on September 29, 2011.


Paul J. Coakley ’49 of Needham on October 9, 2011.

Fernand J. Bergeron, MEd’53, of Bristol, RI, on November 20, 2011.

Robert J. Picardi ’40 of Fort Belvoir, VA, on November 3, 2011.

Francis B. Green ’49 of Maynard, formerly of West Roxbury, on February 5, 2010.

Mary Dorothy Christmas, SP, ’53, MEd’54, of Holyoke on September 27, 2011.

Edward J. Kiley ’49 of Saint Augustine, FL, formerly of Boston, on September 27, 2011.

Kathleen O’Neil Downing ’53 of Needham on October 23, 2011.

Daniel F. Doyle Jr. ’41 of Middletown, NJ, on October 21, 2011. Richard F. O’Halloran ’42 of Los Banos, CA, on November 6, 2011.

Francis J. Burke ’58 of Bellingham on November 15, 2011. Robert S. McConville ’58 of North Dighton on December 10, 2011.

Robert J. McLaughlin WCAS’49 of North Easton on May 6, 2011.

Bradley Ryan, Esq., JD’53, of Concord on November 9, 2011.

Herman F. Vorel ’43, MS’49, of Middleton on November 8, 2011.

Gerald L. Pucillo ’49 of Braintree on October 29, 2011.

Hugh J. Sweeney ’53 of Quincy on November 5, 2011.


John R. Alexander ’54 of Sherborn on December 14, 2011.

Cornelius F. Murphy ’44 of Alexandria, VA, on October 10, 2011.

William E. Donovan ’50 of Stoneham on March 20, 2010.

Alfred N. Naddaff ’44 of Dedham on March 30, 2010.

Edward J. Koval ’50, MS’52, of Pittsford, NY, on September 10, 2011.

Harold J. Roberts ’44 of Middleborough, formerly of Norwood, on September 27, 2011.

Robert E. Lindsay, SJ, ’50, MA’59, STL’61, of Weston on October 9, 2011.

Robert D. Sullivan ’44 of Sherwood, OR, on October 5, 2011. Edward C. Byrne ’45 of Gainesville, GA, on April 23, 2011. Edward L. Cashman Jr. ’45 of Swampscott on September 3, 2011. Joseph P. Harrington ’45 of Belmont on July 12, 2011. Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, MSW’46, of Jamaica Plain on November 18, 2011. Stanislaus T. Sypek, MSW’46, MA’49, of Hyde Park on October 2, 2011. Arthur F. Calnan ’47 of Scituate on October 20, 2011. Joseph S. Donnelly ’47 of Atherton, CA, on December 18, 2011. Helen McHugh Larkin WCAS’47 of Needham on November 17, 2011. Elizabeth A. Maguire, MSW’48, of Jamaica Plain on November 28, 2011. Paul Riordan ’48 of Greenville, RI, on December 5, 2011.

James J. Mawn, Esq., ’50, JD’57, of Gloucester on October 5, 2011. Thomas J. McGagh ’50 of Stoneham on September 17, 2011. Peter F. McGoldrick ’50 of Bryn Mawr, PA, on October 22, 2011. William Aramony, MS’51, of Alexandria, VA, on November 11, 2011. Robert G. Fitzgerald ’51 of Portland, ME, on July 13, 2011. Joseph H. Hayes Sr. ’51 of Garden City, NY, on February 17, 2011. Daniel J. Horgan, Esq., ’51, JD’55, of Lynn on November 28, 2011. James P. Kenney ’51, MBA’71, of Quincy on December 18, 2011. Beatrice E. Lennon WCAS’51 of West Roxbury, formerly of Roslindale, on November 24, 2011.

Francis X. McKeown WCAS’57 of Norwood on November 4, 2011.

James A. Lynch Jr. ’53 of Melrose on December 16, 2011.

Sebastian F. Olivo, Esq., ’43, JD’48, of Jupiter, FL, on July 19, 2011.

Albert A. Cardoni, SJ, ’50, STL’61, of Weston on November 2, 2011.

Carl W. Marino ’57, MA’59, of Monroe, CT, formerly of Hamden, CT, on November 21, 2011.

Walter N. Moreau ’57 of Westminster, MD, on November 4, 2011.

Paul A. McGowan Sr. ’49, MS’52, of Framingham on December 5, 2011.

Stephen D. Lopez ’44 of El Paso, TX, on November 8, 2011.

Jeremy H. Hughes ’57, MA’63, of Hampton, VA, on October 16, 2011.

Barbara D. Grady, MEd’53, of Quincy on October 29, 2011.

Edward F. Gillis ’43 of Braintree on November 24, 2011.

Edward A. Donovan Jr. ’44 of Woburn on October 14, 2011.

John E. Odell Jr. ’56 of Westborough and West Hyannisport, on October 1, 2011.

Herbert J. Butler ’54 of Edgewater, MD, formerly of College Park, MD, on October 11, 2011. Louise M. Collins, MSW’54, of Lowell on October 30, 2011. John A. Donahue ’54 of Framingham on October 31, 2011. James R. Hamel ’54 of South Harwich on November 10, 2011. Charles F. McGeown ’54 of Middletown, RI, on December 8, 2011. Kathleen Timulty McGrath WCAS’54 of Winchester on August 14, 2011.

Donald J. Mulligan ’58 of Stoneham on August 15, 2011. Judith Goodnow Prus NC’58 of Grosse Pointe, MI, on November 3, 2011. Joseph F. Callahan ’59 of Tucson, AZ, on June 16, 2011. Lawrence R. DeAngelis ’59 of Weston on October 1, 2011. John P. Donahoe Jr. ’59 of Canton on October 19, 2011. Harold H. Donnelly Jr. WCAS’59 of Foxborough, formerly of Jamaica Plain, on May 4, 2011. Robert J. McHugh ’59 of Ipswich on November 8, 2011. James D. O’Neill ’59 of Winchester on October 18, 2010.

John J. Przybyla ’54 of Hudson, NH, on November 2, 2011.

Kathleen T. O’Shea NC’59 of Boston on December 3, 2011.

Marie Germaine Sirois WCAS’54 of Lawrence on November 14, 2011.

Anna K. Supple ’59 of Weston, VT, on October 13, 2011.

John L. Girard Jr. WCAS’55 of Dedham on October 1, 2011. David F. Sheehan ’55 of Port Hueneme, CA, on September 30, 2011.

1960s Mary M. Grady ’60 of West Boylston on September 18, 2011.

John F. Tangney ’55 of Norwood on October 5, 2011.

Peter B. Hanson ’60 of Hingham on November 27, 2011.

George A. Duffy, SJ, ’56 of Weston on September 30, 2011.

Oliver G. Kelley ’60 of Quincy and Fort Lauderdale, FL, on September 28, 2011.

William R. Freitas, MS’56, of Haddon Township, NJ, on September 26, 2011.

Barbara A. Noonan ’60 of Centerville on October 8, 2011.

Peter J. Chrisom ’52, MA’54, of Milton on November 24, 2011.

Michael A. Kirk-Duggan, Esq., JD’56, of Raleigh, NC, on October 1, 2011.

Francis X. Sarjeant, SJ, MA’60, STB’62, of Weston on December 19, 2011.

Thomas Deftos ’52 of West Bridgewater, formerly of Brockton, on November 23, 2011.

Romualdas Leimonas ’56, MSW’58, of Kingston on October 8, 2011.

Alexander V. Wisneski Jr. ’60 of Harwich, formerly of Walpole, on November 2, 2011.

27 27 obituaries obituaries

Marjorie A. H. Zalewski, MEd’60, of Point Place, OH, on October 14, 2011.

Philip M. Brillon ’68 of Vero Beach, FL, on April 30, 2010.

Benjamino Pizzi, MA’73, of Natick on July 4, 2011.

Roberta A . Acquaviva ’61 of Raleigh, NC, on October 7, 2011.

Joan Marie Osburn ’68 of Chiefland, FL, on September 18, 2011.

Francis W. Driscoll Jr., MEd’74, of Peabody on May 26, 2011.

Robert J. Galvin, MBA’61, of Needham on October 12, 2011.

William F. Ryan, Esq., ’68 of Braintree on October 27, 2011.

Raymond A. Letourneau, Esq., JD’61, of Fairhaven, formerly of New Bedford, on November 21, 2011.

Gary H. Holcomb ’69 of Las Vegas, NV, on October 1, 2011.

Ellen O’Connor, SND, MA’61, of Worcester on November 24, 2011.

John Lincoln Wright ’69 of Cambridge on December 3, 2011.

Thomas K. Brosnihan, MSW’62, of Yarmouth Port on October 26, 2011. Mary B. Corbett NC’62 of River Forest, IL, on October 29, 2011. William L. Cunis ’62 of Ashland on December 15, 2011.

Leo F. Hughes ’69 of Boston on September 30, 2011.

1970s Joseph D. Brackley, SJ, ’70, MA’71, of San Salvador, El Salvador, on October 16, 2011.

David H. Gregg, Esq., JD’74, of Randolph, VT, on September 30, 2011. Kathleen O’Connor Murphy NC’75 of Sandwich on November 15, 2011. Michael J. Gilligan ’77 of Millington, NJ, on November 4, 2011. Florence E. Noonan, MA’77, of Unity, ME, on November 3, 2010.

1980s Barbara Drummond Mead ’81 of Chester, MD, on August 23, 2011.

Carmen DeMello WCAS’62 of New Bedford on November 4, 2011.

Eugene M. Fitzmaurice, Esq., JD’70, of Berwyn, PA, formerly of Valley Forge, PA, on November 8, 2011.

Alesandra (Jackson) Ballinghoff ’82 of Brewster on July 5, 2011.

John P. Harris ’62 of Reading on November 26, 2011.

Arthur F. Hill, MBA’70, of Acton on November 16, 2011.

Francis X. D’Arcy ’63 of Boston, formerly of Quincy, on October 16, 2011.

Mary Enda Hughes, SSND, MA’70, of Baltimore, MD, on November 8, 2011.

Kathleen E. Borkes ’84 of Hawthorne, NJ, on October 29, 2011.

Marisol Gallagher, CSJ, MA’63, of Brighton on December 19, 2011.

Mark Mara McKenna ’70 of Dallas, TX, on October 21, 2011.

Elizabeth A. Hamblet ’63 of Clearwater, FL, on August 23, 2011.

Mary E. (McHugh) Pawlikowski, MA’70, of Scituate on December 19, 2011.

Charles M. Niska ’63 of Lynn on December 3, 2011. Carole Bocasky Remick, MA’63, of Marblehead on October 18, 2011. Daniel J. White ’63, MDiv’75, STL’68, of San Antonio, TX, on October 31, 2011. Anne E. Deegan Ford ’64 of Mountainside, NJ, on November 7, 2011. Charles R. Frost ’64 of Stow on March 24, 2011. William M. Maffie Jr. ’64 of Quincy on November 7, 2011. Lawrence W. Holland ’65 of Arlington on October 12, 2011. Alice R. McElroy, MSW’65, of Warwick, RI, on November 15, 2011. James V. McMullen Jr. ’65 of Edgewater, FL, on September 21, 2011.

Sumner A. Shore, MBA’70, of Newton on November 2, 2011. John A. Sullo ’70 of Amesbury on November 4, 2010. Joan Abbott Kiley NC’71 of Needham on October 24, 2011. Charles F. Leonard Jr. ’71 of Milton on December 8, 2011. Katherine K. Mone ’71 of Mashpee on December 18, 2011.

Gertrude S. Roberts WCAS’84 of Newton on August 1, 2007. Thomas M. Conneely ’85 of Ocean Bluff on April 20, 2011. James F. Smith ’85 of East Walpole on November 4, 2011. Paul A. Cloos ’86 of Fairhope, AL, on October 27, 2011. Margaret Mary McCourtney, MA’87, of Weymouth, formerly of Mandeville, LA, on November 1, 2011. Kristin Carlander, MS’88, of Las Vegas, NV, formerly of Minneapolis, MN, on November 11, 2011.

Charles P. Weber, MA’71, of Sanbornville, NH, on November 2, 2011.

David Alan Pimentel, MSW’89, of Brockton on November 25, 2011.

Frank P. Ashe ’72 of South Weymouth on November 8, 2011.


Paul F. Drew ’72 of Boston on November 24, 2011.

David M. Connolly WCAS’94, MS’96, of Dedham, formerly of Milton, on October 2, 2011.

Ronald M. McCarthy, MA’72, of Groton on October 20, 2011.

Robert J. Russell ’66, MAT’68, of Milford on November 20, 2011.

Jeffrey J. Plum, Esq., ’72 of Baltimore, MD, on September 8, 2011.

Thomas M. Walker ’67 of Madison, WI, on October 16, 2011.

Eileen L. Lally, MHSH, MA’84, of Baltimore, MD, formerly of Brookline, on September 17, 2011.

William M. Smith WCAS’71 of Quincy, formerly of Princeton, NJ, on November 16, 2011.

David L. Kalib, Esq., JD’66, of Dalton on June 13, 2011.

Karen Hilton Vitiello NC’66 of Reston, VA, on October 8, 2011.

Marshall G. Allan ’83 of New York, NY, on November 11, 2011.

Francis Grady, MSW’73, of Dorchester, formerly of Wilmington, DE, on October 2, 2011.

William Patrick Grace, PhD’99, of Maynard on April 13, 2011. Editor’s note: We mistakenly listed Elizabeth White NC’73 as deceased in our last issue. We apologize for the error.

faculty and staff deaths Richard Huber, professor of law from 1957 to 2005 and dean of Boston College Law School from 1970 to 1985, on December 10, 2011, at age 92. He is survived by his daughters K. Ruah Bull, Mimi, and Elizabeth; and sons Richard, Stephen, and Mark. John Lowell, of Juno Beach, Florida, one of the first lay members of the Board of Trustees who served from 1972 to 1979, on November 22, 2011, at age 92. He is survived by his wife Eleanor; sons Jack and William; and daughters Charlotte Allan, Molly, and Ellie. Richard B. Maffei, of Marblehead, Massachusetts, professor of computer science from 1967 to 1969 and associate dean of the Carroll School of Management from 1969 to 1998, on November 7, 2011, at age 88. He is survived by his sons Andy, Greg, and Adam; and daughters Amanda and Eliza. Raymond J. Martin, of Walpole, Massachusetts, associate professor in the Lynch School of Education, who also served as associate dean, from 1964 to 1990, on November 21, 2011, at age 83. He is survived by his wife, Louise; sons Ted, Chris, and Tim; and daughters Cathy, Molly, Julie, and Louise. John Callahan, of Hudson, Massachusetts, director of Dining Services from 1975 to 1987, on November 20, 2011, at age 81. He is survived by his wife, Dolores; daughter Mary Erin Andrysick; and sons Sean, Kerry, Christopher, Lawrence, and James. Frederick A. Lloyd, of Holbrook, Massachusetts, custodian from 1970 to 1995, on November 17, 2011, at age 81. He is survived by his wife, Barbara; son, Paul; and daughter, Jodi Kenneally. Franz Jozef van Beeck, SJ, of the Netherlands, professor of theology from 1968 to 1985, on October 12, 2011, at age 81. He is survived by his brother, J.A.; and sister, Wilhelmina van Stratum-van Beeck. Lusvin Escobar, of Boston, a student in the Woods College of Advancing Studies, on December 24, 2011, at age 20.

The obituary section is compiled from national listings and notices from family members and friends of alumni. The section includes only the deaths reported to us since the previous issue of Boston College Magazine. Please send information to: Boston College Alumni Center, 140 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 or



tudent formation— or the nurturing of students’ intellectual, social, and spiritual development—is essential to a Jesuit, Catholic education and remains a major focus of Boston College’s Light the World campaign. Established as part of the University’s Strategic Plan in 2009, the Center for Student Formation is perhaps the most visible expression of this commitment—with staff and faculty now coordinating nearly a dozen initiatives, including service-immersion trips, retreats, and speaker series, which enable students to critically analyze and integrate their academic, cocurricular, and volunteer experiences. As the University’s formation programming continues to expand so, too, does its international dimension. BC’s new Global Service and Justice Program (GSJP) grants students unique opportunities to examine and experience firsthand issues related to globalization and social

entering from most schools and majors. Over the next four years, these students will balance three required courses, including sophomore year’s “Contextualizing Service” seminar, with language classes and four additional electives that explore common themes, such as environmental justice and global health. To graduate with a GSJP certificate, they must also go abroad to serve communities in need, working in hospitals, schools, nongovernmental organizations, or similar enterprises. REFLECTIONS ABROAD

responsibility. Now in its second year, GSJP is sponsored by the McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies, itself made possible through the campaign, and balances specialized coursework with local and international service. “The goal is to educate global citizens,” says program Assistant Director Abby Berenson. “We want students to recognize what they can do individually, and as a generation, to make a difference. Whether they start their own nonprofit or become CEO of a large corporation, we hope they realize the global impact of their actions.” More than 75 students applied for the 20 available spots when the program was first offered. This year’s cohort, which begins coursework this spring, is equally distinguished, with freshmen

Students studying in Europe this spring can take advantage of another innovative formation program: BC’s inaugural Outpost Weekend. Held in Dublin, Ireland, the March retreat will give undergraduates the chance to reconnect with fellow BC students and reflect on their international experiences. “Studying abroad can be transformative,” says Michael Sacco, director of the Center for Student Formation, which cosponsors the event with the Office of International Programs. “Outpost Weekend will help students more formally explore this newfound perspective as it relates to their

Students in the Global Service and Justice Program combine tailored coursework with intensive volunteer service, both locally and abroad. 29 advancement

NEXT STEPS Discover more about student formation at the Heights: ▪ Center for Student Formation | ▪ Global Service and Justice Program | ▪ Outpost Weekend | ▪ To support formation, visit and type “student formation” in the designation box.

personal and academic growth.” David Quigley, dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, will be a key presenter at the threeday event. Made possible by campaign support, Outpost Weekend is offered free to the more than 400 BC undergraduates studying in Europe this spring. Students securing one of 30 spaces need only pay their airfare to Dublin. “As BC grows as a global university,” says Quigley, “we hope initiatives like this will help our students better understand all they have to offer the world.”

by the numbers Men and Women for Others

51 Boston-area organizations receiving assistance from students in the PULSE service learning program

36 Communities benefit-


ing from the service projects ▶ of more than 550 Appalachia Volunteers over spring break







1,400 Volunteer


hours donated each week to city neighborhoods by undergraduates in the 4Boston initiative




35 Service programs

enhancing the student experience at Boston College

$2,000 The average

30 Students who participated over

amount that each BC student must ▶ raise to participate in the Arrupe International Immersion Program, providing service and reflection trips to 10 Latin American destinations

winter break in Urban Immersion week, which combines volunteerism with seminars focused on poverty and homelessness



▪ Vice President for University Mission and Ministry Why is student formation important at Boston College? As a Jesuit, Catholic university, Boston College was established to help individuals achieve freedom, maximize their potential, and become the people that God wants them to be. The great hope of a BC education is to engage students in the process of becoming more human, since people are more than the subjects they study or the careers they pursue.

How does this formation process benefit students beyond graduation? First, it enhances the quality of their lives. Formation is the bedrock of forging relationships, making decisions and setting priorities, and seeking one’s deepest desires, both intellectually and emotionally.

Second, formation helps make the world a better place, which is the invitation of Ignatian spirituality: to live a good life by engaging with the world. When people take responsibility for others and participate in the issues and concerns of the day, they have a positive effect.

How can the greater BC community help affirm this commitment to formation? Stay engaged with the University and its mission. If you’re a parent, be in partnership with us; as a graduate, stay in dialogue with your alma mater. When you carry the BC mission into the world by sharing your time, resources, and love with others, you are also bringing that mission back to the Heights by example.

For more of our interview with Fr. Butler, visit LEE PELLEGRINI

w w w . b c . e d u / l t w

formative experiences Learn more about student formation at Boston College in this issue’s Light the World campaign section or at

A Boston College education expands horizons and broadens dreams. It also offers opportunities for reflection. The 48 Hours retreat program encourages freshmen to explore the intellectual, social, and spiritual resources of the Heights—and discover more about themselves and their talents in the process. Help make possible these formative experiences for our students. Support the Light the World campaign today.

Above: At a 48 Hours retreat on February 3–5 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Avila Stahlman ’12 (top center, with white binder) and Scott Jean ’14 (to her left, wearing hat) lead a breakout discussion group. The first-year students are (clockwise from top left) Will Flautt, Angel Egelandsdal, Julia Cavaliere, John Beyer, Katherine Corrigan, Jeanie Lee, Erin Burke, and Rachel Zacchea; also Taylor Massey, Zander Weiss, George Jiranek, Laura Simko, and Sean Bloomstine. Photograph by Caitlin Cunningham

Boston College Magazine, Winter 2012  
Boston College Magazine, Winter 2012  

Boston College Magazine, Winter 2012