BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

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2020-2021 Annual Report A year of new beginnings.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2020-21 Annual General Meeting Materials

2021 AGM Agenda .................................................................................................................... 2 2020 AGM Draft Minutes .................................................................................................................... 3

Provincial Manager Report ............................................................................... 6 Executive Committee Reports

President ........................................................................................................................................... 7 Vice-President ................................................................................................................................... 8 Director of Competition .................................................................................................................... 9 Finance Committee .......................................................................................................................................... 10 Director of Officials ..........................................................................................................................11 Director of Member Services ........................................................................................................... 11 Provincial Registrar ................................................................................................................... 12 2020-21 Registration Data ................................................................................................................13 Director of Artistic Swimming ......................................................................................................... 15 Coaches Representative .................................................................................................................. 15 Director of Diving .................................................................................................................... 16 Director of Water Polo .................................................................................................................... 17

Regional Director Reports

Cariboo Region ............................................................................................................................. 19 Fraser South Region ....................................................................................................................... 20 Fraser Valley Region ....................................................................................................................... 20 ....................................................................................................................... 21 Kootenay Region ....................................................................................................................... 21 Okanagan Region Simon Fraser Region ....................................................................................................................... 22 Vancouver & District Region ............................................................................................................ 23 Vancouver Island Region ................................................................................................................. 25

Committee Reports

Awards & Recognition Committee ................................................................................................. 26

In Memoriam

................................................................................................................................ 26

The BCSSA Team

.......................................................................................................................... 28

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

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2021 AGM AGENDA 1. Call to Order a. Roll Call, b. Quorum and voting procedures. (Quorum is 40 voting members) 2. Approval of the Agenda 3. Approval of the Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting 4. Board of Directors’ Reports a. President (Danny Schilds) b. Vice-President (Jim Baxter) c. Secretary Treasurer (Vacant, Finance Committee to present) d. Director of Competition (Sean Cauley) e. Director of Officials (Mike Craig) f. Director of Member Services (Jeff Sheehan) g. Provincial Registrar (Catherine Schwichtenberg) h. Director of Diving (Drea Beye) i. Director of Water Polo (Sam Furneaux) j. Coach Representative (Lee Van Danham) k. Director of Artistic Swimming (Nicola Iten) l. Vancouver Island (Sheila Coogan) m. Vancouver and District (George Eng) n. Simon Fraser (Carl Trepanier) o. Fraser South (Isaac Kendall, interim FS Regional Director) p. Fraser Valley (Mike Freimark) q. Okanagan (Thomas Vicars, interim OK Regional Director) r. Kootenay (Dave Dunnet) s. Cariboo (Deirdre McDonald) 5. Nominations and Elections a. Treasurer b. Director of Member Services c. Director of Officials d. Director of Artistic Swimming e. Director of Water Polo 6. New Business & Notice of Motions a. 2022 Provincial Championships, hosted by the city of Kamloops b. 2022 BCSSA AGM, Thursday, August 18, 2022 7. Adjournment

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BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report


2020 AGM MINUTES Monday August 17, 2020 Zoom Meeting Online due to Covid-19 Protocols

Attendance: See list at the end of the minutes. There were 41 official voting delegates present. Total in attendance 49

1. Opening Remarks: The meeting was called to order at 7:40pm by Danny Schilds. 1.1 Quorum & Voting Procedures reviewed Reminder to turn off electronic devices and anything that beeps. Reminder that only individuals registered to vote are eligible to vote. Review of voting & meeting procedures online, should it be necessary Introduction to Provincial Board Members in attendance. Confirmed that the meeting will be run following Robert’s Rules of Order It was confirmed by the Provincial Registrar that quorum had been established. (41 voting members are present) 1.2. Approval of the Agenda MOTION #1 Motion to accept the Agenda as presented. MOVED BY: Cristina Jevons


SECONDED BY: Francis Cheung Carried Unanimously

Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting 2.1. Errors, Additions, Omissions Noted by Angela Battiston, Section 7b) Water Polo rule changes which were proposed at the AGM, and whether this accurately captures what was discussed. It was confirmed that these minutes are accurate.

MOTION #2 Motion to accept the 2019 Annual General Meeting minutes as presented in the 2020 Annual Report. MOVED BY: Francis Cheung SECONDED BY: Jim Baxter Carried Unanimously 3.

Annual Reports 3.1. President, Danny Schilds, as submitted 3.2. Vice – President, Francis Cheung, as submitted 3.3. Treasury Secretary, Cristina Jevons, as submitted 3.3.1.Financial Report, Cristina Jevons

MOTION #3 Motion to accept the treasurer’s report, as submitted. MOVED: Francis Cheung

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

SECONDED: Lee Vanden Ham Carried Unanimously

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4. Nominations & Elections Meeting turned over to Carl Trepanier as Chair of the Nomination committee. Presentation of the Slate of candidates President – Danny Schilds Vice-President – Jim Baxter Provincial Registrar – Catherine Schwichtenberg Director of Competitions – Sean Cauley Director of Diving – Drea Beye Call for nominations from the floor X 3.


... 2020 AGM minutes continued...

3.4. Director of Competition Sean Cauley, as submitted 3.5. Director of Officials Mike Craig, as submitted 3.6. Director of Member Services Jeff Sheehan, as submitted 3.7. Provincial Registrar Catherine Schwichtenberg, as submitted 3.8. Director of Diving Drea Beye (absent, no report) 3.9. Artistic Swimming Director Nicola Iten, as submitted 3.10.Director of Water Polo VACANT 3.11.Coaches Representative Lee Vanden Ham, as submitted 3.12.Cariboo Region Deirdre McDonald, as submitted 3.13.Fraser South Region Vincent Choong (absent, no report) 3.14.Fraser Valley Region Jim Baxter, as submitted 3.15.Kootenay Region Dave Dunnet, as submitted 3.16.Okanagan Region Ian Murray, as submitted 3.17.Simon Fraser Region Carl Trepanier, as submitted 3.18.Vancouver & District Region George Eng, as submitted 3.19.Vancouver Island Region Sheila Coogan, as submitted

Hearing no nominations from the floor the candidates are declared elected by acclimation. Congratulations!

Thank you to all BCSSA officers who served on the Board this past year and that are stepping down or have had to already step down: Francis Cheung Cristina Jevons Ross Hoshizaki

● ● ●

5. Notice of Motions & New Business 5.1. Are there any motions from the floor? There were no motions from the floor. 5.2. Professional Development & Education: Upcoming workshops on "Overcoming Racism in Sport" by Cassidy Fraser and "Creating an Inclusive Sport Environment" by Elisabeth Walker-Young 5.3. Water Polo Representative being vacant: The elected individual resigned a few months into the position. The Board can appoint someone to replace, rather than election Water Polo is of concern and requested that BCSSA follow up on this. Concern expressed regarding the rule changes. Post-Covid would like to return to committee explorations. MOTION #4 Motion to adjourn the meeting.

Moved: Cole Wagner

This meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm. page 4

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

Seconded: Sean Cauley Carried Unanimously

Name Will Watchom Mark Marshall Nicola Iten Jeff Sheehan Lee Vanden Ham Sean Cauley Deirdre McDonald Jim Baxter David Dunnet Danny Schilds Catherine Schwichtenberg Car Trepanier Cristina Jevons Sheila Coogan Francis Cheung George Eng Angela Battiston Heather Bourke Wendy Clendenin Tanja Phillips Cathy Holland Carolyn Huttema Jolene Potter

Representing AHA BB Bluebacks BCSSA AS Director BCSSA MS Director BCSSA CR Board BCSSA Comp. Director BCSSA CA-RD BCSSA FV--RD BCSSA KO-RD BCSSA President BCSSA Registrar BCSSA SF-RD BCSSA Treasurer BCSSA Vi-RD BCSSA VP BCSSA VD-RD Burnaby Barracudas Bby Mountain Mantas CBSC CBSC CV Blue Devils Dawson Creek Seals Golden Dolphins

Voting? x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Lesley Chishold Catherine Freimark Mike Freimark Tanya Blackall Marcy Reoch Pamela Labrum Leah Esplen Caroline Roschat Andrea Grady Keith Kirkwood Kate Palmer Laurel Laturnus Sarah Bonner Helen Lemon-Moore Brendan Connelly Tabb Davis Shawna McKenzie Tamara Guerin Shelly Johnson Angel Lee Lauren Ilich Katherine Toy Susan Fack

Trail Stingrays Hope Rivermonsters Hope Rivermonsters Kamloops Tsunami Ladner Stingrays Langley Flippers Langley Flippers ND Sunfish Nechako Valley NVan Cruisers NWRSC NWRSC Oak Bay Orcas Pender Island PoCo Marlins Port Moody Aquarians Quesnel Aquatic Club Squamish Pirates SSI Stingrays Van. Super Sharks Van. Vikings WRASA WRASA

x x

x x x x

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x X x X X

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report



41 voting representatives 49 individuals

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PROVINCIAL MANAGER REPORT It would be very easy for me to focus on all the things that did not happen this year because of the pandemic, but there is too much good that has happened to not pay attention to it.

We may not have an in-person competition, but we are now having club & regional inperson competitions, we are compiling a provincial ranking of athletes and their results, albeit not "official provincial times," and we are providing awards for all that participate in the virtual provincial this year. We may not have been able to gather together for the annual Coaches Conference, but meeting virtually allowed us to provide education opportunities for more BCSSA members, coaches, parents, directors, and volunteers. We even broke even this year since we saved on transportation, accommodation & food.

I may not have met each of you face-to-face yet, but I've had the opportunity to get to know you and your club througvh Zoom meetings, emails and phone conversations. I've learned not only about your swim, dive, artistic, and water polo programs, but I've also learned about your families, your interests, your viewpoints and your passions.

Pen ny Bar tel & D ako ta

I've been with BCSSA for 2 1/2 years now, and what a 2 years it has been! One thing I'm grateful for the pandemic for it has given me a nice slow introduction to what a typical competition season is going to be like! I now have a better understanding of how the Officials certification program works (and where we store the pins, shirts, hats, and forms that you all need), how the different regions operate, who the experts are on BCSSA sport rules or governance and how best to get hold of them... It will be smooth sailing next year!

What I have learned mostly though? BC Summer Swimming Association is an organization with a heart. The people that work so hard for the swimmers, divers, water polo players and artistic swimmers are the greatest asset that we have.

Thank you to each of the Board members, for all they have done, and all they continue to do, and for forgiving me for the blunders I've made along the way. And Thank you to YOU. Yes, YOU!

...to the athletes for showing up and working hard every day, to the coaches for your seemingly never ending energy & enthusiasm, to the parents for driving their kids to practices and meets, and to the volunteers/Directors for giving up their evenings and weekends and afternoons and early mornings to organize and fundraise and email and schedule and negotiate and all the million other things you do behind the scenes... THANK YOU!

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BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

B a rt y n n Pe





s Schild Danny

None of us wanted two strange years in a row, but we got them. Our whole world has been in a “the situation is fluid” for far too long. I can tell you that my crystal ball has permanently fogged over and is no longer giving me any advice about what is going to happen next. Over this past year the Board of Directors have met many times trying to meet the changing situations we find ourselves in and to plan for whatever may happen in the future. Of course, there are limits. With the amount of planning and pre-booking required, we quickly found it necessary to postpone our provincial championships for the second year in a row. I hope most of our swimmers will be able to take part in the celebrations in August in preparation for a more normal season in 2022.

A highlight of the past season was the online Coaching Conference. What a success. Thank-you and congratulations to Penny, our Provincial Manager, and Lee, our Coaching Rep for putting on an interesting and engaging conference. As you will see in the Finance Report, we did operate at a deficit this past season. It was the first time in over 12 years that we have, but the deficit was planned. Since the 2009 season, the Board of Directors have been putting funds aside for a rainy day. This past two years it has stormed, and we were able to use those funds to not only keep the organization afloat, but to maintain our regular activities and keep us in a good financial situation. I am pleased to tell you that the foresight of those past Board of Directors will enable our organization to hit the ground running next season with no ill financial effects from the ‘Covid Seasons”. I am looking forward to returning to Kamloops next August and even more, looking forward to taking my swimmers to many regular swims meets throughout the season. Kamloops is booked so start making plans now.

At this point in time, I am not sure if any of our Board Members are ‘retiring’ this AGM. I would like to thank all of your Board of Directors for all the efforts they have put in on your behalf, all the zoom meetings, all the questions answered, all the hands held, and the time taken from families. I would also like to give a very big thank-you to Penny. Penny started with us 18 months ago and has yet to experience a swimming summer with the BCSSA but she has worked very hard on all of our projects and planning. You’ve helped us keep it together these past two years Penny. Looking forward to 2022.

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

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a lot re is not e h t ic m ons. Pande mer seas OVID-19 C m u e s h t o in w t being er for h us still f the wat o t u o n Hello, wit e e be spring ... we hav ater this w e h t to report in back have got s b lu c r u fo y most o od. Thankfull doing go e r ea a d n a ink we ar mer h t m I u t s u d b n a rward er. r than ev s going fo e e t g t e n e b ll is a l be ch ut of th e and wil l come o il w d n a There ar iation o into ng assoc that will g lo o P r very stro e s for Wat new rule e m o s in brought sport. We have grow the lp e h o t should fall lo which o P effect this f o n h for nd growt our versio a F , t n s o e r r e u t g a Fo ent, in be playin e excitem r o m d n They will es a ster gam bring in fa N. t. ER SEASO M M U the spor S t 2022 nd a grea a ll fa e e fr a COVID Here’s to


Jim Baxter

J im B axter

U12//U1//U16 ND Sunfish

U12 SF vs Coquitlam

U12//U1//U16 ND Sunfish

vs Coquitlam Sharks **

Sharks Waterpolo **

vs Coquitlam Sharks **

** Photo Credit: ** Jane Rashed

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BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report



Sean Cauley

Se an Cau ley As we neared the start of the competitive season in the spring, it was heartening to see that most, if not all clubs would be able to get back into the water with a somewhat ‘normal’ training environment.

With the expectation that some type of competition would be possible this summer, the Competition Committee put together a comprehensive ‘Return To Competition’ guideline as a resource for the clubs, and we also developed a plan for a range of different types of swim meet formats, which would allow the BCSSA and clubs to adapt quickly to changes in the PHO restrictions as the summer unfolded.

While not perfect, and not embraced by all clubs, the Swimmingly app proved to be a great tool for running safe but fun virtual meets, including several which were province-wide. We also created meet templates which allowed other clubs to participate in these meets without using the Swimmingly app.

As PHO restrictions eased further in July, it was great to see clubs in several regions able to safely host (smaller) almost-normal multi-club meets! The smile on the swimmers (and the parents) faces at these meets made all the hard work worthwhile. While it was not possible to plan and host a normal Provincial Championship Meet this year, we will be running a ‘Virtual Provincials’, which will nonetheless give our athletes the chance to see how they stack up against the rest of the province. As well, several regions are running Regional year-end meets to celebrate their athletes’ hard work over the summer.

I would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, volunteers and parents for all their efforts in making this unusual year as fun and competitive as possible given the challenges that were faced. See you all next year in Kamloops!

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

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ITTEE M ill be in a M O C 31, 2021 w E h C rc a N M g A in se d N FI e year en Report. The this Annual ments for th

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xter Jim Ba


Danny Schilds

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

y Sean Caule

e Bey ea r D


I want to start by saying how much I appreciate the work our Regional Directors have done during these different and challenging times.The BCSSA will continue to support them in the best ways that we can. Enthusiasm is hard to maintain when there really was no light at the end of the tunnel for people. I fear the void that will be left as swimmers and their families have moved on taking good officials with them. I can say I have definitely missed the smell of chlorine and visiting different pools to meet and talk with you. The best part of my position is working provincials. Everyone gets together and even though we come from different parts of the province, people work so hard to pull off a good meet. You cannot imitate that feeling, you have to be there. I look forward to a more active season for BCSSA next year once COVID is behind us and discovering the new normal.

Jeff Sheehan



Mike Craig

M ike C r a ig

ate ot imit n n a c "You ve you ha , g in l e that fe here" to be t

Jeff She ehan

My second year in this position saw a continuation of the limits the pandemic has put on our organization. Progress was made with the updating of our Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy. We also took steps to enhance our organization’s relationship with SwimBC. We now have a much better understanding of where we stand with them moving forward. It has been a pleasure to serve on this executive this year. I am continually impressed with the energy and effort the board members put forth into ensuring success for this league. I look forward to a more normal and complete experience next season if we are so lucky.

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

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It’s a strange feeling to be working with registrations all year and not have attended a single ‘normal’ meet. But here we are. Thanks again to all the regional registrars for their work. The greatest struggle was the winter databases. After they arrive, they are married to the summer databases in order to tease out athletes who registered for the Winter/Fall programs but did not participate in the summer. The question in Active that helps determine this is very confusing to parents and Clubs need to make sure they have included instructions in their Active site. Full numbers and breakdowns for the 2020/2021 year do not include the different disciplines because, thanks Covid. Our numbers for 2019/2020 are better than I would have expected when Covid first hit; we had a 21% drop in registrations from 2018/2019, which for a no swim May, June, and much of July2020 and beyond was pretty good.This year our first deadline of July 9 has a registration that is just 1% less than our full BCSSA registration for all of 2019/2020. I look forward to seeing the late summer number registrations go up as more and more pools are opening up to BCSSA clubs. Langley Otters WP club did not affiliate this year, nor did Colville; we hope they will be in the pool soon, and definitely in 2022. Excited that Kimberly will be opening very soon – perhaps as you read this!

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Catherine Schwichten berg PROVINCIAL REGISTRAR

I’m sad to finally confirm the dissolution of two clubs, both from the Cariboo region (Finns and Mackenzie) taking them down to four clubs. On the flip side I loved the BCSSA spirit embodied by the North Van Cruisers calling their Summer 2021 Program “Summer of Resilience”.

When not counting registrations, I developed a shareable calendar that alerts club and regional registrars to upcoming deadlines. Please ask for it! I also participated in an appeal, worked with Jeff on harassment policy changes (Jeff did most of the work), updated the age locator so that it automatically updates – much easier to send it off each year, and am finishing up a digital competitor transfer form.

Finally, I can’t begin to tell you how sad I am about Ross. Ross was the person I first met with when I became PR and after that we chatted, debated, and laughed via email as we worked through Active issues. His humour, kindness, git ’er done attitude, work ethic, and persistence is truly missed. Wishing all of you a pool filled rest of summer! Respectfully submitted, Catherine Schwichtenberg

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

Total Registrations by Region Summer 2021 ** Region Cariboo 282 Fraser South 859 Fraser Valley 730 Kootenays 202 Okanagan 536 Simon Fraser 931 Vancouver Districts 396 Vancouver Island 812 Total 4748 ** May 1-July 9, 2021

Total Registrations by Region and Discipline Summer 2021 ** Region Artistic Diving Water Polo 3 Cariboo 2 4 63 Fraser South 117 12 Fraser Valley 29 10 23 0 Kootenays 0 0 4 Okanagan 1 5 80 Simon Fraser 29 22 33 Vancouver Districts 20 30 36 Vancouver Island 13 7 301 Total 139 103 ** May 1-July 9, 2021

Summer 2021 Reg. by Gender

2019-2020 Registration Data Age Distribution 0-5 6-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-17 18+ Not reported Total

46 608 904 1075 883 751 535 3 4805



2019-20 Key Statistics 8 Average clubs / region 79 Average members per club 601 Average members per region VI (11) Most clubs per region SF & VD Least clubs per region SF (950) Region with most athletes Region with the fewest athletes CA (260)

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

Swimming Divisions Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4 Div 5 Div 6 Div 7 O8 Not reported Total

1206 739 811 653 514 377 209 293 3 4805

page 13

2019-20 Winter, Summer and Total Registrations Region Cariboo Fraser South Fraser Valley Kootenays Okanagan Simon Fraser Vancouver Districts Vancouver Island Total

# Clubs

6 8 9 7 10 5 5 11 61

Only SS

Only WW

Total SS + WW

140 565 430 115 419 788 359 496 3,312

120 294 358 66 72 162 132 289 1,493

260 859 788 181 491 950 491 785 4,805

ss = Summer only ww = Winter only

Membership by Region & Year (Historical) Region Cariboo Fraser South Fraser Valley Kootenays Okanagan Simon Fraser Vancouver Districts Vancouver Island Total


282 859 730 202 536 931 396 812 4748


0 ** 542 374 113 412 772 356 489 3058


423 1038 728 429 749 1121 615 916 6019


375 1220 636 406 843 1104 600 882 5072


326 662 1123 396 763 1111 694 953 6028

2019-20 membership was affected by Covid19 pandemic and closure of many public facilities. 2020-21 membership increased but is not yet at pre-pandemic numbers. Regions were affected disproportionately across British Columbia, with some areas seeing large losses, and others being relatively unaffected. Our hope is that 2021-22 will see a return to pre-pandemic membership numbers.

** Cariboo numbers were not reported

Pre-pandemic Membership distribution

Current year Membership distribution

CA 7%

VI 15.2%

VI 17.1%

CA 5.9%

Legend FS 18.1%

FS 17.2% VD 10.2%

VD 8.3%

2018-19 FV 12.1% SF 18.6% OK 12.4%

page 14

KO 7.1%

2020-21 FV 15.4%

SF 19.6% OK 11.3%

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

KO 4.3%


Cariboo Fraser South Fraser Valley Kootenays Okanagan Simon Fraser Vancouver & Districts Vancouver Island



Art Swim has four out of the five clubs participating this season. We lost the Haney Neptunes when the coach they hired took all the athletes and joined winter BC Artistic Swimming. We are hoping that next summer they can start the Artistic program again. In late August, Crescent Beach will host a feedback event for routines and the Coquitlam Sharks will host a feedback event for figures. North Van Cruisers and North Delta Sunfish will attend. Both events were very last minute as the covid restrictions got eased for outdoor events. BCSSA has very generously donated funds to help the families with the cost of getting in volunteer judges. It is very much appreciated. The Artistic Swimming judges are not at all associated with BCSSA, so it is extremely generous of them to give of their time to the sport and BCSSA, we are all very grateful.


This year we ran our spring conference virtually through our online conference app (Whova) and Zoom. Even though we could not meet in person, we wanted to make sure we provided something to our membership, both coaches and parents in the way of professional development. The conference went quite smoothly. We had high attendance and brought many high class speakers to talk at the conference. Topics included: Sports Nutrition for Swimmers Coaching Tips and Tricks Goal Setting for Athletes and Coaches All Youth Matter Planning and Periodization Using LTAD BCSSA Database: How to use effectively

N ico


den Van

la I t en

m Ha

Unfortunately in-personProvincials did not happen this year and as such we did not get to meet in person at all. We want to continue to make sure coaches feel a part of the community of BCSSA and that they are supported in their professional development.

While some clubs have been fortunate to be able to commence swimming, some are still struggling to find pool space. Regardless of where teams are at in their re-opening process I think it is critical to have support for coaches and provide a service to all our members. Hopefully in the coming years we will be able to host a large coaches’ conference similar to previous years. If that is not possible we will continue to make sure to provide professional development to our coaches in other ways, such as online seminars or open chat forums. I think developing more tools for coaches will also benefit our organization as a whole for the future.

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page 15

Drea Beye

In 2021 we had three clubs with diving programs, representing three regions Coquitlam Sharks (Simon Fraser Region) – 18 divers North Vancouver Cruisers (Vancouver & District) – 18 – 20 divers (approx.) Abbotsford Whalers (Fraser Valley Region) – 7 divers The only club that ran dive in 2020 was Coquitlam Sharks This year we were able to have three clubs run dive unlike last year with only one club. Last years Covid restrictions had eased enough to get more divers in the water. It has definitely been tough running the programs with all the restrictions in place. Coquitlam Sharks this year are planning a meet as we can within the restrictions have all our current divers participate in one place at one time. We definitely look forward to the future with no restrictions. Coaches: A few clubs had challenges securing coaches for a few clubs so they did not run their dive program. We had the opportunity this year to get four coaches take their Learn to Dive Coaching program through in person and zoom. Two of them are currently coaching with the hope that we can get the other two with a club to develop their skills. I have been working with Igor from BC diving to get more coaches to work with both levels of diving. Coach Development: We look forward to working more with BC diving to have our current coaches and hopefully some new ones gain more experience and grow the dive program.



Officials: More qualified judges are required as we are still relying on the coaches and members from BC diving to fill in on some of the spots during the competitions as we only have a few others that volunteer and attend that are not coaches. We will continue to try to get some training programs to train parents to fill this void.

Equipment: Dive meets require the use of a sound system to announce dives and results. The clubs tend to have to borrow a system, which can at times be a very large set up and require an experienced person to run the equipment. A small portable sound system, to be shared by all the clubs, would be very helpful. The cost would be under $150. Additionally, tablets to run a scoring program on would be greatly beneficial to bring us out of the pen and paper era. A program was being worked on for scoring and hopefully we can get that completed. I do not have a prove for the tablets. Rules Diving requirements were reviewed in 2016, and modified to reduce the difficulty for new divers, and to split the groups between Summer Divers and Open Divers. This has increased overall participation at meets, however there are relatively few divers competing in the Open categories, leading to limited competition for these divers. We will continue to encourage coaches to move divers from the Summer category to the Open category when they are able. The coaches have been working on this and we are looking to having a few more additions to the open category next year. There were a few changes to the dive rules in 2019 one of which added a scoring change for a few of the harder dives.

Focus for 2022:

Work with BC Diving to train more coaches and judges Improve coaches’ development, including possibly offering one-on-one sessions at club practices or before meets. Purchase a portable sound system/tablets to be shared by all clubs

page 16

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report



It is a wonder to see how many clubs were able to participate in water polo with the limitation COVID-19 placed at the beginning of the season. I had the pleasure to step in as director of water polo halfway through the term. During this time the water polo committee and myself were able to make a number of changes to the rules of water polo to help benefit and grow the sport.

The new rules that will go into effect on August 31st will separate the high-performance players that will now be referred to as O-cat and the summer players. This will create an opportunity for the growth of developing players and the continuation of O-cat players, as well as room for clubs to encourage players to join and try water polo. Another coming change to water polo that is not a rule change but will be implemented to continue the growth of water polo in BCSSA is beach water polo rules. This means smaller playing fields, nets and fewer players in the water. This is in hopes that with having to field fewer players on a team we will be able to keep kids in the sport longer and clubs with fewer players will still be able to participate in games and tournaments. As well, through doing this we will continue to work on the skill sets that are required in 6 on 6 water polo. 6 on 6 water polo is still encouraged for when clubs have the numbers. Crescent Beach was able to host a U12 and U10 tournament in July following the PHO rules. North Delta Sunfish were able to continue to grow their sport through outreach to other clubs within their region. Many clubs were able to host scrimmages within their region. For example the Nanaimo White Rapids drop in water polo was able to hold a two hour scrimmage with Gordonhead Gee Gee’s after a swim meet.

There were approximately 300 athletes registered to water polo in BCSSA this summer. 117 water polo athletes in the Fraser South, 29 from the Fraser Valley, 80 in the Simon Fraser, and 33 in the Vancouver District. Vancouver Island also had 36 athletes registered for water polo. Water polo continues to be the second largest discipline in BCSSA. I would like to send out a special congratulations to Monika Eggens, Gurpreet Sohi, and Hayley McKelvey, three BCSSA alumni who participated in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Mo Te



a E g


ge n









an m C



Gurpreet Sohi, Team Canada

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page 17

WRASA 202 1

CBSC artistic swim team

Blue & White Meet #1

WRASA 2021

WRASA 2021

Nanaimo White Rapids Swim Club 2021

#CelebrateBCSSA2021 dy Ju h ac 51 Co 4 6 22 2 87 ll 7 Ce WR


0 A 2


Nanaimo Blue & White Meet #1 20 21

101 ent m e g ana al M ks i c n Tric ina & F s b Tip Clu

actice r P ARP! H Swim S 8 AM y a id r F

ng chi Coa

r atte th M u o Y All

Nanaimo Blue & White Meet #1 20 21

page 18

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report


REGIONAL DIRECTOR REPORTS Deirdre McDonald CARIBOO REGIONAL DIRECTOR I have once again appreciated my role as Regional Director of the Cariboo this past year. The Cariboo clubs each had successful winter maintenance seasons and the Regional board met regularly, virtually, through the winter preparing for the 2021 season and all of the unknowns that were complicating our summer season. Four of our clubs registered swimmers for the summer season. A few clubs purchased the Swimmingly program and worked to incorporate the program into their clubs. Some of our clubs participated in the BCSSA virtual swim meets. The region is excited to participate in our only meet this summer hosted in August by the Dawson Creek Seals Swim Club. We are looking forward to gathering together with our regional swim family and having swimmers compete and be with each other, in and out of the pool.





The Cariboo Region invites you to travel north in 2022!

el A q ua

De irdr e M Ca cD ribo ona o R ld egio nal Di rect or

The Regional board will continue to support clubs as they prepare for winter maintenance sessions, and also work towards the 2022 Summer season.

I thank the Provincial Board members for their continued dedication and committment to BCSSA. I participated on the Competitions Committee and the #celebratebcssa2021 committee. It was fun to see the videos submitted to our contest and to see what the love of swimming looks like around the province. I also want to thank the Cariboo Regional Board for their work over the past year.I look forward to next season with hopefully a full season of summer swimming.

tic C lub

sign shirt de inning 2021 w sces Region - PG Pi Cariboo th To Abby by

Competition dates and host clubs for the 2022 competitive season: Mackenzie Rainbows : June 10/11 Nechako Otters : June 25/26 Quesnel Sea Lions : July 9/10 Dawson Creek Seals: July 24/25

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page page 1919



ing C om


ive S wim


The Fraser South Region includes these clubs: Boundary Bay Bluebacks Cloverdale Tritons Crescent Beach Swim Club Ladner Stingrays North Delta Sunfish Richmond Kigoos Surrey Sea Lions Summer Swim Club White Rock Amateur Swimming Association (WRASA)

Mike Freimark


Water Polo Scrimmage

Mike Fre imark


120 2 b ulC miw S hcae B tn ecse rC

Isaac Kendall (interim)


rs imme c Sw o rtisti T o ky da A ics in C ana p m m a ly e O 0 To T 2 0 e 2 at th ting ompe

The 2020/21 Season has been a challenge. Our teams have stayed committed to adapting and working together to continue offering aquatic programming. Clubs demonstrated resilience in 2020 and got creative by hosting Zoom practices, lake swims, themed team building and other ways to engage members. All 8 Fraser Valley Regional Clubs managed to begin summer programs for the 2021 season, although most had to adapt due to reduced capacity limits, pool time allocation, age limitations, etc. 2 Clubs continue to offer water polo, and 1 club offers diving. All 8 speed swimming teams purchased Swimmingly and have been using the app to operate virtual and multi-club meets.

Our region will be hosting an in-person Fraser Valley Regional Championships on August 14 and 15th, 2021. Parents, guardians, coaches, swimmers and executives have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the Fraser Valley Region’s ability to return to “normal” as soon as possible. Starting in 2018, the Fraser Valley Region began a branding campaign to unify our clubs during the Provincial Championships. The branding campaign helps our teams easily identify other members and promotes inclusiveness. Branding included the creation of the Rapids logo, choosing yellow as a regional colour and creating spirit events to encourage participants to share ideas, resources and strengthen interclub competition and friendships.

In 2021 the Fraser Valley Rapids Society- BCSSAwas created. Fraser Valley region is now a legal entity, able to own items such as a bank account, etc. The Region operates uniquely with a shared equipment trailer with all of the items required to host swim meets. As a society, the trailer is now (...) Continued on page 22... able to be covered for road and content insurance.

page 20

Continued from page 21.

I would like to thank all of the parents and guardians in our region that continue to step up and help with positions as club executives, regional executives and running successful swim meets. The continued commitment of our teams during difficult times has helped our youth both physically and mentally. As many of our previous Fraser Valley regional board executives have taken positions on the BCSSA Provincial board, our regional board is going through a transitional phase. I am confident, with the support of our swim community, that the 2021/22 Fraser Valley Regional Board will continue the great work completed by our past Club Presidents and Regional Directors.

KOOTENAY David Dunnet

The Kootenay Region had another strange year in 2021. Most clubs ran winter programs but had to deal with the issue of having to limit the number of swimmers per lane or per session. During the summer session we had 2 clubs that were challenged to get back into the water but both eventually were able to give the swimmers in their area a chance to train. Though almost none of our clubs purchased the swimmingly app we were still able to run a virtual competition thanks to a parent who put together a web-based database program. There was still some friendly competition and kids were still able to get some best times. All in all, it still wasn’t a full season and we look forward to being back to business as usual next year.




Like everyone, this year has been a challenging one with so much uncertainty this year. I am very proud of the club presidents in the OK region for all their hard work in trying to keep the clubs going and the swimmers engaged. Overall, we had 531 swimmers registered. We were able to host one meet in Golden B.C. and had 150 swimmers compete. It was so great to see the kids back together competing and having fun. As of today, we are still hopeful of holding one more meet in Kamloops B.C.

This year has not come without its loss. In May of 2021 our region lost our previous regional director Ross Hoshizaki. We are forever great full for all of Ross’s contributions to our region, he set the bar for dedication and passion for volunteers in the region. Ross was very passionate and supportive of our coaches and as such the OK Region has started the Ross Hoshizaki Memorial Scholarship. Each club will be contributing $100 to make the Scholarship $1,000 with a 5-year commitment.

In Memory of Ross Hoshizaki

(...) Continued on page 23..

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page 21


Continued from page 22

At the beginning of the summer season restrictions were very tight, so most clubs that offered programs had tougher limits on space. As restrictions were loosened the practice opportunities were increased for many swimmers.Most of our clubs are weighted heavily towards the juniors as, without competitions, many or our older swimmers have aged out. As of July 8th we had 202 swimmers registered which is way off what we would expect in a regular year. Financially, once again our region is staying at a status quo. With no outlays for the regional meet, medals or ribbons, and no wear and tear on equipment, we have turned over very little money. We did not charge a regional fee this year.

We almost managed to get a single outdoor meet to run and were excited about the opportunity to share knowledge and bring some new parents into the volunteer fold. However, staffing and scheduling issues at the one possible venue forced us to give up on that dream. Our regional board mostly remains in place, but we will have to work very hard next year to start bringing along the next generation.

SIMON FRASER Carl Trepanier

Another Strange Summer Draws to a Close

Summer 2021 will likely be remembered for three things that were thrown at us: First the continuation of a Global Pandemic, second the re-emergence of wild fires throughout much of the Province and third a seemingly endless stream of higher than average temperatures, some getting downright dangerously high. Our reaction seems to have been: Is that all you got? We swam. We dove. We polo-ed. We were artistic. We held competitions, had fun, made new friends and kept in touch with old friends. Numbers were high, almost what we expected in a “normal” year. Spirits were high. There was chatter and laughter around the pool. page 22

We innovated. From restructuring water polo on a Provincial level to devising new ways to hold training and competitive events, we made it work.

Through it all we did what was necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our athletes, coaches and volunteers. There was a respect for the challenges of COVID, smoke and heat but we did not fear them. We did not panic, quit, run or lose sight of the reason d’etre of our organization.

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

Da vid Du nne t

The heat will be gone soon, the fires will burn somewhat longer but will be extinguished within months, and the virus will be controlled and hopefully eliminated in the near future. Whatever the realities our clubs are ready to take a bite out of Fall and Winter and come back in Summer 2022 with renewed passion and strength. It is something we are all looking forward to.

ay St

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ay St

g. on str


Our V&D region h ad all fiv wasn't a e clubs in typical se the wate ason it w and even r this sum a s g o racing, a od to ha mer. Alth lb v e ough it eit virtua kids part kids wer lly via Sw ic e able to ip a t in g, learnin immingly have tha g . And it w t compet as great itive swim that We look feeling a forward gain. t o a great win full 2022 ter main season. tenance season a nd hope fully a Eng rge Geo

VD Regional D irector of Off icials Angel Le e Another year without a DQ has come and gone. There is not m uch to report as nothing really happen ed during 2 021 other than virtual Stroke and Tu rn clinic held by Leah Esplen from the Fraser Valley Region on April 25th a nd virtual swim meets. A concern th at still need s to be addressed by all regions is th e number of senior off icials not retu rning and the training a nd formation o f new ad committed off icials. Really lookin g forward to a normal 2022 swimmin g season.

im Club Vancouver Super Sharks Sw have been many Since the pandemic, there es in 2021. Due to challenges and it continu d restrictions, our available pool space an ted as a continuation summer season was opera No additional pool of our winter maintenance. leton Pool and the times were available at Temp the public. outdoor pools were only for

d for our summer We had 49 athletes registere es. Coaches and season including 4 coach rsonnel permitted to athletes were the only pe even when COVID be on the pool deck, ed. restrictions began to be lift

get back to normal Hopefully we will be able to soon.

Super Sharks Swim Club 2017 Photos

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page 23


ent ear, esid r P ng y rain i t s s n e li ter to t Mar an in be able C e W b NS er or d to nate to Gill wint ission f ons. nue i s r b u t t a o e n r f e o D er s ntal le to as c en fo omm

m b e h re ion C were a ve b sum 021 eek t a 2 e a w h h e h r t s r pe lin ec nd oug ools Mar Alth ours couver R local p ter a C h n i W 2 w e NS n in an our the reta ut th th V r tha ain hat o r t e o t t h o y a g l N e p u it ag ap abl he thro re h onths. n a b petition t ith t ere e o w w s w s a g r e e com p to sta s arlin ainin ers. W ur s ter m r n M o t n i o t e i e r w s c h i a m ek Th l and to st emphas embers mer we enan ed swim l t a n n f i o r si m ar he ma deci reduced by our giste rough t he w e t e r h n t r i ( d h ou nt th a ade me ust ope em . Wi e welco Aug e y 7 f t a t 1 o t i s ay or mm end s co lly - on M uld be m gh the n i l r a o e ou Ma norm that it w er - thr The on. W again s d l a g u e t o el al lon 1s we w ar, we f orm could 202 wim n e s h n e t d a y th an we or this ers f groups that ime to May e m n i r m u r t i e s late er). 1 sw actic r) to en l at one and 8 r m p d m ere me ore ps ool poo of su rost or p ice grou ith m last sum s in the e o v w d a t ct ou er sh ram eated imm ven our bine pra e times arlin ur prog r c w M s d e f i a o o tic Th red ver g le to com 7 prac July and we h umber u e s t w a c ( ab gh stru mmer p to er n s, ho u mall ne ratio we were ow for u ps throu s s s a i th s, all ed ou /la e gr s to mer gulation ante r c r i e t m a i c u m g sw re im l pra tain cing r sw -leve r o main d distan younge i en e nd s our a f relax o e t ome edia for s r interm u for o t. us Aug

page 24

We ha ve exp anded 2020 our co - both aching to en coach staff f sure :swimm rom o we co er ratio group ur num n tinue s - as with in bers in t o c w p r e e r coach ll as t ovide ased n es to o pro a u mbers good vide o be me 2021, in our pportu ntored p the M r a nities ctice by ou arlins interm for ou r senio have ediate r ju r nior coach retaine coach ing st es and d 2 a f f . 3 s e For junior/ nior As m coach in-train any B e s, 2 ing co CSSA purch aches. clubs ased h ave d the S swimm one t wimm er fee his ye ingly ar, th app s for th swimm e Mar is sea tarter ers we s lins o k re able it and n to in reg ensure to trac ular in p a id k their for that p ternal virtual times arents swims meets t h a a r nd s well ough p . as reg articip a io t io n al and n We ar provin e again c ia gratefu l who h l for a ave b n activ een e contes e Mar ngage ts for lins so d in our M ensure cial co r unning arlins mmitt that o s s e w v ee im e ur sw ral ev mers even t immer e hough t n h t r s o u s and gh the we ha stay e ve a re summ ngage d with duced er to compe their t tition c raining alenda r BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report



Sheila Coogan

It seems incredible to think that we have been living in this pandemic world for nearly a year and a half! Our Region, like others, has had it’s struggles with getting pool space, limited numbers, and high costs. But we have managed to salvage what we can, and to concentrate on what we CAN do, as opposed to what we can’t. Virtual meetings have actually allowed us to meet more frequently, at much shorter notice. They may not be quite as much fun as meeting in person, but they have allowed us to get together regularly, and save money – always a bonus!

Many Island coaches (and parent volunteers) were able to attend the virtual BCSSA Conference. Everyone really felt they got a lot out of it, and again, by taking the travel and cost out of it, many people were able to attend who probably wouldn’t have if it had beenI an in person conference.

Swim Meet - July 2021

Swim Meet - July 2021

Host: club: Swim Club hite Rapids W Nanaimo

In spite of restrictions, some teams have been able to have something approximating a “typical” summer in terms of activities, just with much smaller numbers. Probably our biggest challenge has been trying to keep swimmers motivated in the absence of regular competition. But thanks to the Nanaimo White Rapids team, and their access to their outdoor pool, several teams have been able to participate in a couple of “mini-meets”. The first was a Mid-Island meet, with Nanaimo, CVB and Saltspring, then one with Nanaimo and the Victoria area clubs. It was fantastic to be on deck again, and the smiles on the faces of everyone, swimmers and volunteers alike, filled my cup. Our Regional Coach, Kurtis, said it best “All of our kids had a valuable experience, it really puts in perspective how fortunate we are to have swim meets, and the BCSSA swimming culture in general... it was a boost that I think a lot of kids forgot they needed.”Saltspring Stingrays were able to host the Saanich Peninsula Piranhas for a fun meet, and Campbell River hosted the Comox Blue Devils for one as well. We are so excited to be coming together as a Region for our Regional Celebration meet – the Gator Games! This will take place August 6-8, and will combine the heats and finals of a Regional meet with fun activities – races for the Novices and a mixed Freestyle Relay. At the end of the day, we have found much to #CelebrateBCSSA2021 – the enjoyment and challenge of racing for the swimmers, and the camaraderie for all of the parent volunteers. We are all hopeful that we are moving away from the pandemic restrictions, and that by this time next year we will be looking towards actually seeing everyone from the rest of the Province in Kamloops for Provincials 2022!

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page 25


2021 AWARDS & RECOGNITION Thank you to all the

worthy scholarship applicants this year!

Ian Allen Scholarship ($2,000)

Maya Kennedy, Vancouver Vikings Swim Club TAS Coach Scholarship ($500)

#CelebrateBCSSA2021 Contest

Katherine Toy, WRASA (White Rock Amateur Swim Club)

Due to minimum participation criteria not being met, the prize packages distributed have been amended.

Simon Fraser Jason Parish Memorial Scholarship Not awarded in 2021

The overall Provincial Celebration Champion wins $200 for the club and $200 for their region.

Regional Prizes ($1,000 each) Cariboo Joel Harris, Dawson Creek Seals

The remaining top 4 finishers will receive $100 for the submitter/club and $100 for their club or region, depending on whether the submission was made by an individual or by a club.

Fraser South Devon Matson, Boundary Bay Bluebacks Fraser Valley Brittany Paget, Abbotsford Whalers

Provincial Celebration Champion WRASA Club instagram video entry

Kootenays Madeline Holitzki, Nelson Neptunes

Top Finishers (in no particular order) Chilliwack Stingrays Jane Hidalgo video1 video2 Sydney Marshall video1 video2 Golden Dolphins Swim Club

Okanagan Anya Raymond, Kelowna Ogopogo Swim Club Simon Fraser Max Hamanishi, Coquitlam Sharks Vancouver Districts Kristopher Kirkwood, North Vancouver Cruisers

May the 4th President's Challenge Chilliwack Stingrays Summer Swim Club

Vancouver Island Cameron Laturnus, Nanaimo White Rapids Swim Club

To all the 2021 Graduates! Best of luck in your future endeavours! page 26

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

Ross Hoshizaki August 28, 1965 - May 7, 2021 I'd like to share about my dear friend Ross Hoshizaki. He was a friend to many of you here, and many more who are not. As you may know, Ross passed away in May of this year, taken from us far too soon. We have not all been together poolside as a group for many months, so I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Ross' contribution to our sport, and to so many people around him. On that very field over from the pool, about 5 years ago, I was minding my own business tending to my swimmers when Ross approached me and started asking me questions. He had heard through the grapevine that I "knew computers". In hindsight I should have just said sorry dude, you've got the wrong guy. But I didn't, he seemed like a kind soul. Ross, through tireless fundraising and relentless efforts had acquired our beautiful, portable, outdoor scoreboard. He basically told me he had this cool new thing, but had no idea what to do with it. That was my last chance to walk away I believe. But again, I kept listening. Ross had a way of convincing me everything was going to be fine. He made me a deal. He said if you can find a way to make the scoreboard do something then I could be the next director of competition, and he would become regional director, and I'd be his right-hand man for all things technical. The idea was intriguing to me. I went from lawn chair dad to "all in", in a 5 minute conversation. How did he do that? From that day forward Ross and I were friends. Our best day, in his garage, I demonstrated my initial plan to make the scoreboard do something. I flashed up in big letters a heat of swimmers on the board, with names he recognized. Ross' face lit up, and he jumped up, and yelled out, "Yes! That's what I wanted to see! Their names! The swimmer's names!" He grabbed me and gave me a hug, told me I'd made his day. You see, Ross' first priority was always the swimmers. How can we make their experience better and put a smile on their faces, he would ask? He worked tirelessly to do just that.



Over the years, Ross and I spent countless hours planning, testing, strategizing and fixing the equipment that you see before you, to make sure we would run as smoothly as possible. (...) He graciously opened his house to me and my family to stay at during Revelstoke meets. He and his entire family made us feel at home, and made our weekend just a bit easier. Ross becamse my safety blanket on deck, and we could look across the pool at each other and communicate without speaking. Away from the pool Ross made sure we started using newer technologies to make us more efficient and explored cost saving measures and regional unity. He cared about our coaches, and their training paths and success. He was our leader, and he led by example. We could always count on his sense of humour, his passion and his kindness. I admired him greatly, and I enjoyed seeing his face light up wheneverthing would go as planned, or when a swimmer would reach a personal milestone, or when he'd see kids just being kids. (...) He worked so hard for all of us to be here, in an environment that is comfortable and fun.

I keep looking around, expecting to see him here. I can only hope he can see us now and is smiling, happy to see that we carried on, persevered, and got a meet going. We will never be able to replace him, or his contributions to the region and the province. I never got to say goodbye to my friend, or knew that the last time I saw him was really the last time. I'm sure I share that sentiment with many of you. All I ask of you, to anyone that knew him, is that you remember one thing that he did that made you smile, or laugh, or feel thankful, or appreciate. Keep that thought with you so he can live on in our minds. I've got a million of those thoughts. I won't forget you buddy, and we will make you proud of us.

Kevin Bushell Okanagan Regional Director of Competition

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

page 27

STAFF Penny Bartel Lee Vanden Ham Toby Lou

Provincial Manager Webmaster and Database Creator Bookkeeper

penny@bcsummerswimming.com coachesrep@bcsummerswimming.com accounting@bcsummerswimming.com

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2020-2021 Danny Schilds Jim Baxter Sean Cauley Mike Craig Jeff Sheehan Catherine Schwichtenberg Drea Beye Nicola Iten Sam Furneaux Lee Vanden Ham Deirdre McDonald Isaac Kendall Mike Freimark David Dunnet Thomas Vikars Carl Trepanier George Eng Sheila Coogan

President Vice-President Director of Competitions Director of Officials Director of Member Services Provincial Registrar Director of Diving Director of Artistic Swimming Director of Water Polo Coaches Representative Cariboo - Regional Director Fraser South - Regional Director (interim) Fraser Valley - Regional Director Kootenays - Regional Director Okanagan - Regional Director (interim) Simon Fraser - Regional Director Vancouver & Districts - Regional Director Vancouver Island - Regional Director



president@bcsummerswimming.com vp@bcsummerswimming.com competition@bcsummerswimming.com officials@bcsummerswimming.com memberservices@bcsummerswimming.com registrar@bcsummerswimming.com diving@bcsummerswimming.com artistic@bcsummerswimming.com waterpolo@bcsummerswimming.com coachesrep@bcsummerswimming.com ca.director@bcsummerswimming.com fs.director@bcsummerswimming.com fv.director@bcsummerswimming.com ko.director@bcsummerswimming.com ok.director@bcsummerswimming.com sf.director@bcsummerswimming.com vd.director@bcsummerswimming.com vi.director@bcsummerswimming.com


esquire wholesalers ltd.

BCSSA 2020-21 Annual Report

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