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5 good reasons to design and fly a kite 10 museums to visit this summer Three fundraisers coming up for the Friends of Grimes County, including Bubba Can Cook


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Your our v vet is a professional you already know and trust, so it is always worth asking his or her opinion.

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Friends riends of Grimes County, a non-profit group, was established to raise funds rimes to help the youth and seniors in Grimes ounty County.


Jenny Downing (979) 731-4660

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There are so many ways to enjoy kites: Th designing them, making them, flying them.


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Pride & groom

How to find a good pet groomer

By Randall Stokes Special to The Eagle


rooming your pet is not just an exercise in vanity. Making sure that your dog is well-groomed every day will make him look his best and is good for his health and hygiene. It is always important to go to an expert, so if you need help finding a pet groomer, follow these helpful hints. Look for personal recommendations. The strongest recommendation nearly always comes via word of mouth. Pet owners talk Ask your vet. Your vet is a professional you already know and trust, so it is always worth asking his or her opinion. Some veterinarians offer grooming facilities on-site, so you may even be able to do everything under one roof. Certification. Many states require that pet groomers obtain licenses. Check this out with your state authority, and ask for accident reports or customer complaints. Visit the facilities. Never take up service from a pet groomer without checking his facilities first. Always take your pet with you, and observe how the groomer and other staff members interact and treat your animal. Check that the facilities are clean and hygienic and that any equipment is in good condition.

to other pet owners, so if you hear good things about a pet groomer, you should heed the advice. Don’t be afraid to approach pet owners you may not know that well. Chances are they will be flattered you spoke to them. Search online. Use search engines to find details on pet groomers in your area. Websites will commonly feature photos of pets and recommendations from happy pet owners. Check out what services and skills the groomer has to offer. Don’t just go to the first pet groomer you find online, though. Take time to research and find the groomer that’s right for you and your pet.


Eric Myers May 17th

Upcoming Shows


Woolsey MAY 18th-Jeff 24th-Desert Roads


25th-Bill Mock and Liz Tally 31st-The Posse

1st-Cornell Hurd

9524 Hwy 6 Loop South • Navasota, Texas 77868




The outdoor life

What’s new in patio furniture, grills

By Danielle Braff Special to The Eagle

If you haven’t changed your patio furniture since, well, the day you got a patio – now’s the time. The outdoor furniture here is super sleek, super comfy and super durable. It’s time to throw an outdoor party.

Weber Jumbo Joe, $60 at

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Lands’ End Adirondack Chair, $249 at

These grills don’t simply look great, they can cook up a mean steak or make a delectable Kate Spade New York Jules fish. Don’t know what to grill? Check out “The Point Collection, $35-$65 at Grilling Book,” which has never led us wrong.



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Create bite-size canapés by combining dabs of cream cheese and pesto on crackers. Top each one with a bit of tomato and Jarlsberg cheese.

WindoW farming

Basil is easy to grow ‑ know what to do with it all


the seedlings, separating them into several recycled containers. Eventually, each sturdy plant had its own quarters. And leaves, dear me, a profusion of eager green. I harvested about two cups of these fragrant little flags and stuffed them into my food processor, along with about a third of a cup of walnuts. Traditional pesto is made with pine nuts, and if I ever come across By Margaret Maples pine nuts that I can afford, I’ll grab them. For now, walnuts and Special to The Eagle pecans taste really good. As the processor slashed the leaves and nuts into bits, I added One of my 2012 projects called for organic basil, and when the olive oil and salt. How much oil? Enough to make a spreadable assignment ended, I tossed the leftover supermarket basil, still in paste. How much salt? “To taste” is the way to go. I also flavor its plastic bag, into the fridge. And forgot about it. mine with ground coriander. Imagine my surprise two weeks later when I found that the longThe recipe here is my own concoction, and it happens to be chilled, light-deprived basil had sprouted roots. I stuck the plant vegan, although I’m not vegetarian. If you prefer a more traditional in water and set it in open shade for a day or two. Then I transpesto, it’s easy to add crushed garlic, butter, and grated Parmiplanted the enthusiastic volunteer into its own pot, where it took giano-Reggiano and Romano cheeses. The Internet also offers hold gleefully. recipes built on cilantro or parsley instead of basil. I’d never had any luck growing herbs, but if this refrigerator basil I use my pesto as a dip for crackers, as a spread for canapés and was any example, the stuff is hard to kill. So days later I bought as part of the filling for stuffed chicken breasts. Whole basil leaves sweet basil seeds and sowed them in a big container of potting soil. taste great in a salad, and elegance is inevitable if you roll and slice After the tiny shoots appeared, I nursed them along just inside my the leaves to create a brilliant green lace to decoSEE PESTo, 7 28th-floor window, where they drank up the eastern sun. I thinned rate other dishes.


After cooking, slice the chicken and serve it on a bed of rice, with basil garnish.

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Pound a chicken breast flat and roll it around a filling of pesto, tomato, crumbled bacon and mozzarella cheese.


Margaret’s Pesto Honey Deal Smokin Sausage n 2 cups fresh basil leaves, Days packed n 1/4 to 1/3 cup walnuts or pecans n olive oil, enough to Want to make make a spreadable paste extra cash? n Salt, to taste To add a consignment n ground coriander (opitem worth $100 & up, tional), to taste Contact Rosemary at Place basil leaves and nuts 832-361-2019 in a food processor and chop very fine. while the machine BOOTHS AVAILABLE Call Elizabeth or Sarah is running, add oil, salt and at 936-894-0700 coriander, if using. Stop the processor to scrape down the sides and check taste UPSCALE AUCTION BY and texture. add more oil PROFESSIONAL AUCTIONEER and salt, as needed, and MAY 18th at 4 PM process until the mixture Auction items may be seen at reaches a slightly grainy sistency and has a flavor you like. Store the finished pesto GRIMES COUNTY EXPO CENTER in your refrigerator. 5220 FM 3455 Makes about 3/4 cup. Navasota, TX 77868

Arts & Crafts Show May 18 - 19

Like many indoor gardens, mine is small and a little messy. But the basil loves the eastern sun and has produced lots of leaves and some tiny white blooms to prove it. PhoToS by MargarET MaPlES/MorE ConTEnT now

Since ‘73

Theiss Sausage CO. offers great, delicious, and mouthwatering sausages to the Normangee, TX area.

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Friends of Grimes County’s fundraisers feature shopping, food and fun Special to The Eagl Ea e


riends of Grimes County has three big fundraising events coming up, starting with its second annual Honey Deal Days Arts & Crafts Show & Auction on May 18 and 19. Friends of Grimes County, County a non-profit group, was established to raise funds to help the youth and seniors in Grimes County. The organization holds three large fundraisers each year, ar and all events are ar, held at the Grimes County Expo Center in Nava Na sota. All proceeds from the events, including the $5 entry fee, go toward the organization’s causes. Honey Deal Days The second annual Honey Deal Days Arts & Crafts Show & Auction fundraiser will be held Saturday, May 18, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, May 19, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Grimes County Expo Center. The event will feature vendors selling furniture, house wares, jewelry, lry food, floral items, lry, clothing, makeup, iron works,

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Thursday, May 16, 2013____________ shopbrazos.com____________The ____________The Eagle


glassware and more. Gun, Knife & Outdoor Show The fourth annual Gun, Knife & Outdoor Show will be held July 20 and 21. The event brings more than 100 vendors from all over Texas, and more than $1 million worth of various firearms and ammunition, according to organizers. Both women and men enjoy the event, and people often trade, as well as buy items at the show. To reserve a booth, contact Elizabeth or Sarah at 936-8940700. Bubba Can Cook The seventh annual Bubba

Can Cook Bar-B-Que Cook-off Cook-of and Music Festiva sti l, a sancstiva tioned IBCA Major Event Cook-of will be held the third Cook-off, weekend in September. Besides a barbecue cookof the event also includes live off, li

bands, an auction, a raffle raf and a karaoke contest. Distribution of funds Since its inception in 2006, Friends of Grimes County has distributed over $160,000 from

donations to assist youth and seniors in need. FGC has no paid employees and all responsible are volunteers. Donation recipients have ha included: Grimes Health Resource Center (a van for seniors), Nava Na sota Community Christian Services Center and food pantry, pantry City of Nava Na sota park par fund, City of Bedias Museum & Library, Library Jim Beard Scholarship Fund, Grimes St. Joseph Hospital, Grimes Coun-

ty Fair and Youth Cook-off, Cook-of Grimes County Expo Center and Fairgrounds, Lions Club Toys For Tots Drive, Dri Sherif s Sheriff’ Mounted Jr. Posse, local 4-H and FFA FF clubs, Nava Na sota High School Diamonettes and Anderson-Shiro CISD cheerleadeer eerleaders. In 2011, Friends of Grimes County also facilitated the distribution of $49,900 to local wildfire victims and $20,000 to Grimes County volunteer fire

departments. Last year, ar the group distribar, uted and raised over $25,000 in funds to purchase a new van for the Grimes Health Resource Center which provides free Center, transportation for health-related needs to homebound residents; it also assisted house fire victims. This was accomplished through the assistance of local ci civic organizations, businesses and community members. So far this year, ar the group ar,

has already distributed $1,500 to local house fire victims and their families, and $5,000 for the installation of fans at the local fairgrounds where events are held to support youth and seniors. For more details Friends of Grimes County and upcoming events, find the Friends of Grimes County page on Facebook or visit their website at www.friendsofgrimescounty. com.




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By Danielle Braff Special to The Eagle

Some are packed with chemicals. Others barely protect you from the sun. So we scoured the sunscreen market to find the ones that are safe, healthy and do their job. Slather these sunscreens on before leaving the house daily.

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Summer fashion for the whole family

By Danielle Braff Special to The Eagle

The key is staying cool when you’re hot. Stripes, fun patterns and big, bold colors are all the rage for summer 2013. Geometrical designs and lopsided styles (think oneshoulder or fun cut-outs) are totally trendy. WoMEN These items were created to keep your body semi-protected from the sun while shading you from the heat. It’s time to update your wardrobe, ladies. La Cera Women’s Floral Print Swirl Skirt, $46 at

Kate Young Strapless Bow Dress, $60 at

MEN Some men still have to wear suits in the summer heat. If you must suffer, then suffer in the best custom suit available at Dragon Inside. when you finally get to leave the office, live up summer with fun board shorts and lively shirts. Custom suit, price upon request, The Red orchard Gingham Regular, $110 at

KIDS rompers, lace and T-shirts look adorable any time of the year. but when those squishy arms and legs can show a little skin? It’s more to nibble, tickle and kiss. Boys animal T-shirt, $5 at www.

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AmericAn hisTory must‑see museums from coast to coast

National Civil War Museum

By Marti Attoun Special to The Eagle


housands of museums dot the United States, chronicling, conserving and commemorating the nation’s artistic, cultural, historical and scientific legacy. Here are 10 museums of national significance that provide a glimpse into the American experience.

Harrisburg, Pa.

National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame Bonner Springs, Kan.

A walking plow used by President Harry S. Truman, the first Future Farmers of America uniform and a 1919 Waterloo Boy N, considered the original two-cylinder John Deere tractor, help tell the story of America’s farming heritage. Antique tractors, threshing machines and hay balers are among the farm equipment displayed in the museum, chartered by Congress in 1960. Visitors can climb aboard a 14-inch gauge railroad to tour the 150-acre complex, which includes the National Poultry Museum, a blacksmith shop, general store and restored farmhouse.

National Automobile Museum Reno, Nev.

A red-and-white 1907 Thomas Flyer, which traveled 22,000 miles to win the epic 1908 New York to Paris Race, enjoys prime parking space inside the museum, which features more than 200 rare and valuable cars, most part of the world-class collection of gaming industry pioneer William F. Harrah. An 1892 steam-powered Philion, one of the oldest existing American-built automobiles, a 1937 experimental Airomobile, a sleek 1938 Phantom Corsair, Frank Sinatra’s 1961 Ghia and Elvis Presley’s 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe help chronicle the automobile’s history and impact on society. The museum opened in 1989. 12

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Cooperstown, N.Y.

The shrine to America’s national pastime is a grand slam, featuring nearly 40,000 artifacts, 500,000 photographs and 3 million books and documents

The National Civil War Museum is in Harrisburg, Pa. SuPPlIED PhoTo that tell the story of baseball’s greatest players, teams and moments throughout history. Opened in 1939 by Cooperstown philanthropist Stephen C. Clark, the three-story museum includes a timeline, from the game’s roots in the 1840s to present day, with special exhibits about 19th-century baseball, the Negro Leagues, women and Latin American players. Babe Ruth’s bat from his record-setting 60th home run in 1927, Hank Aaron’s uniform from his 715th career home run, and a Hall of Fame gallery honoring top players, managers, umpires and executives are among the major-league attractions.

National Civil Rights Museum Memphis, Tenn.

Built around the Lorraine Motel

where civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, the museum chronicles African-Americans’ struggle for freedom and justice. Photographs, newspaper accounts and three-dimensional scenes illustrate monumental moments in the movement: the 13th Amendment (1865) outlawing slavery; the Brown v. Board of Education decision (1954) ending the “separate, but equal” doctrine; Rosa Parks’ bus boycott (1955) in Montgomery, Ala.; forced integration by federal troops of Little Rock (Ark.) High School (1957); and demonstrations, sitins, peaceful marches and voter-registration campaigns during the 1960s. The nonprofit Lorraine Civil Rights Museum Foundation, which opened the museum in 1991, plans renovations this year to the Lorraine Motel.

The nation’s bloodiest conflict, including its causes, casualties and consequences, is documented with more than 24,000 artifacts, photographs, manuscripts and other printed materials. Popular exhibits include Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Bible inscribed in his hand: “R.E. Lee, City of Mexico, Sept. 1847,” and found under his ransacked wagon four days before he surrendered in Appomattox, Va.; a leather glove worn by Confederate Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson; and a Union uniform belonging to Lt. Philo Hersey. Opened in 2001, the museum was founded by former Harrisburg mayor and Civil War buff Stephen R. Reed.

National Gallery of Art Washington, D.C.

Paintings of the first five U.S. presidents by early America’s foremost portraitist Gilbert Stuart are among the treasures exhibited at the free museum, a gift to the nation from financier and art collector Andrew W. Mellon. Holdings include American masterpieces “Lavender Mist” by Jackson Pollock, “The Hobby Horse” by Deacon Robert Peckham, “Green Marilyn” by Andy Warhol, “Home, Sweet Home” by Winslow Homer and photographs from 20th-century photographers Alfred



PhoToS by JEff Dow

The National World War II Museum in New orleans. SuPPlIED

Stieglitz, Ansel Adams and Walker Evans. A 76-foot-long Alexander Calder mobile graces the atrium in the Gallery’s East Building. The museum, dedicated in 1941, counts among its world-class collection the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci, titled “Ginevra de’ Benci,” in the Western hemisphere.

the museum’s “Great American Guitars” exhibit featuring instruments by top American guitar makers and companies, including E.F. Martin, Orville Gibson, Fender and Grammer. Other American-made instruments showcased in the vast 15,000-instrument collection include 19th-century ornate reed organs made by Packard in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Cornish in WashNational Museum of the ington, N.J.; and 500 horns and other American Indian band instruments made by the C.G. Conn Co. in Elkhart, Ind. For lightWashington, D.C. More than a thousand tribal commu- hearted notes, the museum displays a combination crutch and electric lap nities from the Western Hemisphere steel guitar made for country artist are represented in the Smithsonian Barbara Mandrell after a leg injury museum, opened in 2004 as the first and the heart-shaped trumpet from national museum dedicated to the the 1978 movie “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely preservation, study and exhibition of Hearts Club Band.” the life, languages, literature, history and arts of native Americans. About 1 percent of the objects in its collection of National World War II Mu800,000 items are on view at any given seum time. A full-size hand-painted 19thNew orleans century Lakota tipi, beaded regalia for horses, Geronimo’s and Chief Joseph’s Soldiers’ letters, an air raid shelter rifles, and a “wall of gold” featuring 400 and a Sherman tank bring to life how figurines, swords, crosses and coins and why World War II was fought made of gold, dating from before 1491, and won, and how it affected Ameriare among popular exhibits. cans. Founded by historian and author Stephen Ambrose, the museum showcases the 1930s prelude to war, National Museum of Play the Normandy Invasion and battles Rochester, N.Y. of the Pacific Island. Highlights The home of the National Toy Hall include a reproduction Louisianaof Fame blends history with the happy built Higgins boat, the landing craft buzz of a children’s museum as visithat carried U.S. soldiers to shore in tors whirl on a restored 1918 carousel every major amphibious assault. In and hopscotch down Sesame Street. the John E. KushOpened in 1982 with the personal ner Restoration collection of Margaret Woodbury Pavilion, visitors Strong, the museum boasts hundreds get a close-up look of thousands of toys, dolls, board and at ongoing restoraelectronic games, books, photographs tions of wartime veand historical material related to play. hicles and weapons. Treasures include an 1890s singing Opened in 2000, doll made by Thomas Edison, an 1843 Mansion of Happiness board game and the museum was a 1933 Monopoly game handmade by designated the naCharles Darrow, who first marketed tion’s official World the game. War II museum by Congress in 2003.

National Music Museum Vermillion, S.D.

A complete workshop with tools, templates, molds and ledgers used by guitar craftsmen John D’Angelico and James D’Aquisto is the centerpiece of

“Roses” by Vincent VanGogh at the National Gallery of Art. SuPPlIED PhoTo


National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. SuPPlIED PhoTo

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1938 Phantom Corsair (left) and 1961 Beatnik Bandit, on display at the National Automobile Museum.

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good reasons to go

fly a kite

1. It’s educational. For Shanken, researching antique kites has led to exploring a second passion: history. hom Shanken of Seneca Kites also can serve as a springboard Falls, N.Y., doesn’t know for learning about science, art and exactly how many kites other cultures. he owns, but he enjoys every one 2. It’s healthy. Kite-flying gets for the pleasure they bring on a you outdoors, making the activity a breezy day. beneficial pastime and stress-buster. “There are so many ways to “It’s a very relaxing thing to just enjoy kites: designing them, zone out and watch your kite,” says making them, flying them,” says Todd Little, a psychiatric nurse and Shanken, a county coroner by champion kite maker in Camp Hill, day and a kite enthusiast in his Pa. leisure time. 3. It’s environmentally benign. One of the best things about Because kites are wind-powered, Shanken’s hobby is how it helps no batteries or electrical cords are him connect with other kite lov- required. ers, from his daughter Ashton, 4. It’s inexpensive. Avoid flimsy 10, who already can handle a plastic kites, advises Barbara Meyer multi-line kite, to his young-atof Maple Grove, Minn., former heart friends at the New York president of the American Kitefliers Kite Enthusiasts club. Kites offer Association. You can buy a durable Want to build your own kite? something for everyone, he says. cloth kite for under $20, she says. Visit What can kites offer you? Here 5. It’s artistic. “For me, building plans for free kite-making inare five good reasons to go fly a kites is a creative outlet,” Little says. structions. kite:

By Linda Wasmer Andrews Special to The Eagle



“It’s a very relaxing thing to just zone out and watch your kite.” Todd little, psychiatric nurse and champion kite-maker

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Sully’s Sports Bar & Grill 1037 Texas Ave. College Station Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3 pm - 12 am 69¢ wings & tenders

Los Molcajetes Mexican Food 725 E. Villa Maria Rd., Ste. 100 Mondays, 4 - 9 pm Two enchiladas any style with rice and beans for $5.99

Good Time Charley’s 201 S. Main Bryan Mondays, 3 - 9 pm $4 half order quesadillas


Casa Rodriguez 300 N. Bryan Ave. Bryan Tuesdays, 5 - 9 pm Kids eat free from kids menu with purchase of adult meal

Harvey Washbangers 1802 Texas Ave. S. College Station Weekdays, 3 - 6 pm Happy hour

C&J Barbeque All three Bryan and College Station locations Wednesdays, 5 - 9 pm 1 kids meal from kids menu, with purchase of adult meal of $6.99 or more

Carney’s Pub & Grill 3410 S. College Ave. Bryan Wednesdays, All Day $1.50 wells

Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant 1007 Earl Rudder Frwy. College Station Tuesdays, All Day Kids 12 and under eat free with purchase of adult entrée

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DRINKS Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill Both College Station locations Wednesdays, All Day $1.75 pints


Add your favorite special to ShopBrazos. Submit a daily special for your business or restaurant by finding it on and clicking “Add Special.” All specials subject to change, see business/restaurant for details.

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