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9 tips to help avoid those annoying mosquito bites this summer The downside of upgrades: when renovating your home doesn’t add up Paintball park in College Station provides excitement for all ages


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Dogs and cats can become dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of water when it is hot outdoors.

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It’s great for team building, exercise and stress relief.


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Although kitchen and bath projects are some of the most popular projects, they didn’t bring the highest returns for homeowners.

WANT LOWER ELECTRIC BILLS? Foam InsulatIon Is tHE answer!!!!

• Approx. Savings 30 - 50% In Existing Homes

FOAM OR RADIANT BARRIER? This question is often asked. (The best way to reduce attic temperatures and insulate your home)

Well if we asked the Neil family in Houston, their answer was after spending all that money on radiant barrier, I still had a hot attic and a high electric bill. Mrs, Neil said she never noticed a difference. Rock-Crete has been in the foam insulation business for several years. The people that sell radiant barriers, must not be very comfortable in their product, as they always recommend more insulation and power ventilators. The problem is the the power ventilators, (fans) pull the dust from the cellulose insulation up, and it ends up sticking to the radiant barrier and thus causing the performance of the radiant barrier to cease. Radiant barrier shiny surface has to remain shiny for it to reflect the heat. It can also fall down. When it is working, it is reducing an attic’s temperature by about 15 degrees. That still leaves a very hot attic. Not a permanent solution. Now power ventilators can help, but building science says if you have one, unplug it, because it depressurizes your home’s interior. It may be cooling the attic, but it often uses the cool air from inside the home to do so. What about Radiant Barrier Paint? Most in the industry consider this to be an outright farse! After talking with many people that have had this done, most will tell you it was a waste of their money. Do you really believe that spraying a gray paint on your roof deck is going to reduce your attic temp? What are we really trying to do? Reduce the attic temperatures! Does 15 degrees excite you? Does 115% or 125% excite you? It is better than 140-150%, but foam solves all of that. Foam gets the temperatures in the attic down to between 77-85o, from 3-10 degrees to what you have your thermostat set on. Is it cheap no! But it is very effective. Radiant barriers are not cheap either, but for the difference, foam insulation will actually reduce those temperatures and correspondingly your Electric bill. The difference in price is often only 10 percent.

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• Approx. Savings 70% In New Homes

Example 1: Missouri city, Couple had a 5 year old home, had additional cellulose sprayed in attic. They noticed very little difference in their electric bill and still had a hot upstairs and a very hot attic. We sprayed the foam insulation on the underside of the roof deck, and they immediately noticed their upstairs was comfortable and the attic was also. They reported a 30 percent savings. Example 2: Their neighbors had a 25 year old two story, and after we sprayed it they were not only much more comfortable in the summer but did not use their heat on that cold winter till December. They reported over a 50% savings. Example 3: Mr. Cruz moved into a new spec home in Dove crossing, Mr. Cruz summer and winter bills were $650.00; Quite high for an 1800 sq. foot home. We talked to him in 2010 about foam insulation, but he delayed, in 2011 he talked with an air conditioner technician which convinced him to zone his upstairs and that would solve his problem. $5000.00 later, he is still uncomfortable and his bill is still $650.00. He had another contractor come out and say that for $3500.00 he could install some radiant barrier and some fans, and guarantee his temp on a hot day to be 10 degrees less. I just had to chuckle, seriously? 10 degrees? He said he finally figured out that we knew more than all of these other guys, and he had us foam his attic. He is already noticing a difference, and can’t wait for the hot months. We are not afraid, his bill will probably be close to 50% less, and his attic will be nearly the same as his house. If you have a challenge or a challenging question, we are here to help. Save that $5000.00 save that $3500.00 and come to us first. If we can’t help you we will tell you who can. We are constantly recommending other contractors that do good work and do not try to make excessive profits at your expense. At Rock-Crete we are experts at foam insulation, and experts on correcting two story homes and all problems associated with a poorly insulated structure. Call us at 936-399-4674 1-888-FOAM HOMe(362-6466) or Greg 979-229-3493

Also the only way to effectively cool a metal building or a 2 story house

1-888-FOAM-HOMe (362-6466)




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Dog days 6

Simple summer pet safety tips


s the weather warms up, it’s important to remember that pets need a helping hand to beat the heat and have a happy and healthy summer. “Most people associate summer with good times and good weather, but for pets, summertime can present dangers that are no laughing matter,” says Dr. Katherine Miller, director of applied science and research for the ASPCA. “Summer activities like barbecues, traveling and hiking carry risks, but there are simple ways to protect your pet and have a fun summer.” Visit the vet. Make sure your pet is up 1 to date on all necessary vaccinations. Pets should also be given a blood test for heartworms every year in the early spring. The deadly parasite is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, and it is recommended that dogs and cats be on monthly preventive medication year-round. Keep cool. Dogs and cats can become 2 dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of water when it is hot outdoors. Also make sure your pet has a shady place to escape the sun, and when the temperature is very high, don’t let your dog linger on hot asphalt. Being



In case of emergency If your dog or cat accidentally ingests a potentially toxic substance, contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 for immediate assistance. so close the ground, your dog’s body can heat up quickly, and sensitive paw pads can burn. Pest-free pets. Commonly used flea and 3 tick products, rodenticides (mouse and rat baits), insecticides and some lawn products can be harmful to cats and dogs if ingested, so keep them out of reach. Some flea products that can be used safely on dogs can be deadly to cats, because of the presence of the chemical permethrin. Be sure to read directions on all flea and tick products carefully and follow the label instructions exactly. Party smart. Summertime can be perfect 4 for backyard barbecues or parties, but remember that the food and drink you serve your guests may be poisonous to pets. Keep alcoholic beverages away from pets, and remember that the snacks you serve your friends should not be treats for your pet.

Splash safely. Do not leave dogs unsupervised around a pool, as not all dogs are good swimmers. Rinse your dog after swimming to remove chlorine or salt from fur, and try to keep your dog from drinking pool water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals that could cause an upset stomach. Fireworks are not friendly. Leave pets 6 at home when you head out for fireworks shows, and don’t ignite fireworks around pets. Exposure to lighted fireworks can potentially result in severe burns or trauma to curious pets, and unused fireworks can be hazardous. Many fireworks contain potentially toxic substances such as potassium nitrate, copper, chlorates, arsenic and other heavy metals.




How to fend off mosquitoes SPECIAL TO THE EAGLE

sound of mosquitoes ying around your head puts iyoufflthe into a tailspin, you will need all the knowledge you can get to defend yourself against this biting menace.


hat happens when a mosquito bites? The mosquito’s bite causes an allergic reaction in your body. It isn’t usually a dangerous reaction, but mild and limited to the area of the bite. According to the University of Maryland School of Medicine, if you should experience a severe reaction with shortness of breath and a tightening sensation in your throat, you might be having an anaphylactic allergic reaction. This reaction is very serious, and immediate emergency health care should

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Out for a bite

be sought. Call 911 or have someone take you to the emergency room right away. signs of a mosquito bite. You may not always feel a mosquito bite, but you might notice several possible symptoms after the fact. The skin around the area of the bite can become swollen or red or produce a hard lump. The bite area usually becomes itchy or even painful. Some people experience hives. The scratching of the itchy bite can injure the skin and cause sores or even an infection.

yourself from the mosquito bite. there are several tips to keep in mind when you think you may be exposed to an area that mosquitoes may be in: DEFENSEDefend stay still. Don’t jerk around, wave at or provoke insects, particularly around insect hives or nests. fragrance-free is your friend. Avoid perfume and stick with unscented shampoos, lotions and soaps. Keep out. Stay away from common mosquito territory. Mosquitoes love standing pools of water or watery areas. Dump standing water. This is where mosquitoes lay their eggs and congregate..

Keep mosquitoes out. Screen all windows in the house to keep mosquitoes out. When camping, keep protective mosquito netting over you at all times. light a candle. Use citronella, linalool and geraniol candles, sprays and oils. Mosquitoes will avoid areas where these oils are located. Dress defensively. Prophylactic clothing is very helpful in keeping mosquitoes away from you. Keep your head well covered with a wide-brimmed hat. Wear long sleeves and

pants. Tuck pants into socks to protect ankles Know when mosquitoes are around. Avoid going outside at dusk and dawn. These are the most active times of day for the mosquito. use mosquito repellents. If your skin is sensitive, try spraying your clothing with the repellent instead. DEET is the most effective chemical against mosquitoes. Do not apply repellent to hands. You might touch your face and get it in your eyes or mouth.


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What is

d e s a b le p o e p s t c e n Online network con and interests on shared tastes

Special to The Eagle


what are some eXamples? If you love trips to Disney World, create a board to celebrate the vacation destination. Include pictures of your favorite rides, foods you’ve enjoyed and even characters you’d like to meet on your next trip. Wedding boards are very popular as well. Brides-to-be pin images of stunning gowns, creative centerpiece ideas, hair accessories and honeymoon destination ideas. 6

interest is a free online pinboard, or virtual bulletin board. Picture several pinboards, each organized to display fun, unique, beautiful and interesting things found on the Internet. Pinterest members can browse pinboards created by other members and create specialized boards of their own. This site successfully merges personal creativity and expression with social networking.

how Do i Join? Pinterest is free; however, you need an invitation to join. Potential members can request an invitation on the site’s home page or ask a friend who is a member to send an invitation. Pinterest simply requests an email address from members. After your invitation has been offered and you’ve accepted, you can create an account password and user name, or sign in using your Twitter or Facebook accounts.


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how Do i pin something to boarD? There are multiple way my s make a pin, but after creating an to account, Pinterest will prompt you to add a “Pin It” button to your browse toolbar, which is the fastest way to r’s ate a pin. When you find somethingcreteresting to add to one of your boa inclick on your Pin It button and follrds, ow the prompts. You can also add a Pin terest app to your smartphone. Do you have your own website? Add the Pin terest “Follow Me” button to your site or a “Pin It” button, just as you wou the link buttons for Twitter, Facebold StumbleUpon and other social net ok, working sites.

what can i put on my pinboarDs? Pinboards offer a virt ual world for users to create unique collections of images. The site provid es pinboard categories such as art, fitness, gardening, holidays, hom e décor, kids, sports, travel and wed dings. You can choose to use these categories for your collections, or you can create your own boards.


nboarDs? who can see my pican see your r be Any Pinterest mem follow them. boards and subscribe to r members’ he You can also look at ot favorites. Like ur yo low fol d an boards , you will have Twitter and Facebook who follow you. d an friends you follow t on images and Members can commen m one board to repin (copy) images fro pin images to n their own. Only you ca choose people n ca u yo or , ds ar bo your ards, too. to pin on one of your bo

who is using pinterest? Founded in 2010 by Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra, Pinterest, according to, now has more than 10.4 million users, with about 9 million of those users connecting via their Facebook accounts. Based on data from Inside Network, TechCrunch reports 97 percent of the people who click “like” on Pinterest’s Facebook are female.





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Paintball park offers wide array of courses


By Shauna Lewis The Eagle


oomz Paintball in College Station might be the perfect place to go for anyone looking for a fun activity or a place for a group outing this summer. Zoomz Paintball, 3766 Roans Chapel Road, opened almost two years ago, and offers six courses and several different games. Those who decide to play can practice their skills shooting paintballs and hiding in the dirt, or ducking behind hills or props such as buildings. Ryan Thompson, who owns Zoomz with his brother, Tay-

lor Thompson, said Zoomz uses about 14 of 50 acres, and plans to keep adding a course a year. He said a new course should be built by next spring. “We’re constantly trying to upgrade and change the courses, so every time you come, it’s a different experi-

ence,” Ryan said. Playing paintball is similar to being in a live video game, he said, and is fun for children and adults. It’s great for team building, exercise and stress relief, he said. If people come to play, “they’ll get addicted to a new sport,” Ryan said.

Zoomz also offers ecofriendly paint that completely washes out of clothing. And although it’s hot during the summer, Zoomz brings out coolers containing cold drinks during breaks to keep everyone hydrated, he said. Ryan said the idea to start a family business started after




The “Urban” course has been the most popular course recently. It opened in October and was completed in March. The themed three-acre course has multiple buildings, such as a shopping center and restaurants. The “Speedball” course, with 44 bunkers on a 150-foot by 120-foot field, is also popular, he said. Other courses are: • “Hills” – a large woodsball course with four sets of hills. The hills combined with the various pallet bunkers make teamwork and strategy vital to moving forward. • “High Ground” – A medium scenario course divided into halves. The “high ground” half is flat and open except for some spread-out bunkers

and a single tower in the middle. The “low ground” half is hilly and wooded and also has spread-out bunkers. Firefights can break out quickly from the start of the game as both teams rush for the tower while stealthier players may be flanking to the low ground. • “Spools” – A large spools course with more than 80 spools spread out in a large wooded area. Most of the woods are on the sides of the course, providing teams with more cover as they move up the sides, but they are vulnerable to multiple lanes from the middle. • “Lost” – A small woodsball course consisting of woods and natural terrain. Staying low and good strategy are the most important aspects of this course. Specials, prices and group reservations Zoomz holds “Speedball

Sunday” the first Sunday of every month. Although Speedball is available on a regular basis, “Speedball Sunday” is when several players who enjoy the game come out. Those who want to play can bring a group or come alone, and they’ll be put on a team. Prices range from $17.50 for an all-day pass to $55 for an “Extreme Package” for a day or $45 for the afternoon ( 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.) The “Extreme Package” is a sniper series with a gun that shoots faster and more accurately, and includes 500 paintballs. Zoomz is a great place to reserve for private parties, such as birthday parties, bachelor parties or corporate gatherings, Ryan said. School and college groups also come to Zoomz often. The cost is $50 to reserve, plus $25 per

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he worked as an information technology employee and didn’t like it. The brothers, from Bryan, said there wasn’t much to do in the area while growing up, and they thought paintball would be a good addition to what the area offers. They aim to make a familyfriendly environment where anyone can play, and those who are watching can relax and have fun in a shaded area.


player. The person with a birthday or getting married gets a free upgrade to the “Extreme Package.” The reservation cost includes an area with a deck, two picnic tables, a gas grill and a tent, so the party members can cook and those who aren’t playing paintball can relax in the shade, he said. For more information, visit or call 979777-3847.


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Green & clean Eco-friendly laundering is cheaper, good for you By Mari S. Gold Special to The Eagle

These environmentally friendly laundry tips can save energy and money and even protect your health:


Turn down the temperature About 90 percent of the energy used to machine-launder goes to heating the water. Turning the washer dial to warm or cold saves energy while prolonging the life of clothes and linens.

Understand labels “Many laundry products labeled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ contain potentially harmful synthetics and chemicals,” says laundry expert Mary Marlowe Leverette of Columbia, S.C. “If a product is using the safest chemical for each type of ingredient, they earn the Environmental Protection Agency logo. That doesn’t mean products without the logo are necessarily bad, but those that have earned it are top choices.”


w w w. z o o m z p b. c o m

t u o k c e h c e m o C ! s e s r u o c r u o l l a 10

Book your party today! Call 979-777-3847 3800 Roans Chapel Rd.

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Go fragrance-free Artificial fragrance in detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets can cause skin irritation and

breathing problems. “At the end of the wash cycle, add onehalf cup of baking soda to whiten wash and use one-half cup of white vinegar in the final rinse to soften,” Leverette suggests.


Air-dry clothes Use an indoor rack, or, if the weather’s nice, hang clothes outside to dry. Decrease wrinkles by shaking items as you hang them.


Use the dryer wisely Clean the lint trap after each use and dry loads one after the other to maximize remaining heat.

Avoid chlorine bleach It can irritate eyes, skin and the respiratory system. Instead, use oxygen-based, nonchlorine bleach or regular hydrogen peroxide (but don’t use hydrogen peroxide on colored items). “Reserve chlorine bleach for when you must disinfect when laundering towels or sheets from someone sick,” Leverette says.




windfall Renovate your kitchen, but don’t expect a by mark puente

Special to The Eagle


re you thinking about remodeling your drab kitchen? Be warned: Remodeling projects will not always fill your pockets with cash when p your home sells. In fact, you might not recou ct. proje the of cost e entir the Experts warn against dumping thousands of the dollars into a renovation before researching ct. proje “Know what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for,” said Michelle Jennings Wiebe, founder and president of Studio M Interior Design in Tampa, Fla. “You want your home to be in a similar range. If you spend $100,000 on a kitchen remodel, and other similar comparable homes have $20,000 kitchens, then you will not recoup your investment.”

prepare for problems While the Great Recession forced many hoen meowners to delay selling their homes, kitch quar third the in nt remodels jumped 36 perce en Kitch nal Natio the to ding accor ter of 2011, and Bath Association. The biggest issues that homeowners face with g renovations are the problems that arise durin demolition. Budgets should include money for unexpected expenses. “I would recommend adding at least a 20 percent contingency to any budget,” Wiebe said. She offered these recommendations when tackling renovations: • Hire a highly recommended general contractor with at least three references with past jobs comparable to your remodel job. • If you are doing the work yourself, make on sure you know what you are doing. It’s comm accontr and ners for homeowners to hire desig tors after attempting a renovation. • For homes in a designated historical area, spend the extra money to keep historical elements, such as windows, doors, casings and any other unique architectural details. Take the time to research what was appropriate for the time era of your home.

when you sell

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s e d a r g p u f o e id s n w o d the

is there a better upgrade?

The Internet is filled with remodeling guides where homeowners can estimate the cost of their renovation. The Realtor Magazine and the National Association of Realtors’ determined that optimizing space in houses will draw buyers, but also give homeowners the most bang for their buck. The “2011-2012 Cost vs. Value Report” analyzed the estimated costs and expected resale return on 35 midrange and upscale remodeling projects in 80 markets. Although kitchen lar and bath projects are some of the most popu ns retur st highe the bring ’t didn projects, they for homeowners. A $13,461 siding replacement recouped $10,493 — the highest return, with 78 percent — during a sale. Replacing an entry door nt, brought the second-highest return, 73 perce said. t the repor Experts say features such as lighting, additional storage, wood floors and spruced-up doorways won’t be outdated in a few years.




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farm table to

Basics of community supported agriculture



ou may have heard the acronym CSA before, but if you’re like many people, you may not be certain what it is. Over the past two decades, community supported agriculture has gained in popularity — and for good reason. Find out all about CSAs and how you can sign up for this way to buy local, fresh, heirloom, unusual and seasonal produce.

How to get CSA shares Many areas across the country offer local CSAs. Visit the LocalHarvest website for information about what CSAs are local to you. The farms near you may or may not be taking subscriptions. A limited amount of shares are offered in a given year. Be sure to check early in the growing season for the best choice. Once you’ve selected a CSA farm you like, you may need to visit its website and download an enrollment form. Additional contact information is usually available for inquiries and more information. Each CSA is different in what it offers and how much it will cost. Do your due diligence ahead of time to avoid unwelcome surprises. Once a CSA member, boxes of goodies will be available at a pickup spot about once a week. Some CSAs offer half shares, which is a great way to be a part of the fun at a lesser expense. You can expect prices to range in the low to mid-hundreds, depending upon your location in the country. Growing seasons will differ depending upon climate.

How does a CSA work explains CSAs this way: A farmer offers a number of shares of his harvests to the public. The shares of CSA are, in actuality, a box of abundant, varied, fresh and local produce. Anyone can purchase a subscription or share to a local CSA. It is a delightful and nourishing, weekly (or so) gift for the whole family. Is a CSA a good thing? Community supported agriculture is an idea that benefits both farmer and consumer: Good for farmers Farmers receive upfront money early in the season, freeing up precious cash flow. Farmers get to spend time marketing their produce early in the season and not during their busy time, when they’re working long days in the field. Another undervalued benefit is the deepening connection of the farmer to the community her or she supports. Good for the rest of us Without the work of cultivating your own garden, a myriad fresh produce can be yours. The produce from a CSA is picked when it’s ripe, flavorful and ready. Additionally, a trip to the farm can be a fun adventure for the entire family. Seeing where the food comes from can encourage kids to sample fruits and vegetables they normally would eschew.


Choosing a CSA location anD sources. finding your nearest CSA farm is as easy as visiting and entering your ZIP code. You can

pick from the list of the nearest farms that offer CSA. Some regions have more CSA opportunities than others. Many CSAs will drop off the food box at a common location or deliver to your home. Others allow for pick-up at the farm, which can be fun for kids. A heartfelt side benefit is that it is nice to get to know

proDuct selection. The typical share provides a big box of various produce, depend2 ing upon where you are in the growing season. CSAs in the northeast typically offer subscriptions starting in April and running through October. Warmer climates offer selections all year. Can you imagine a fresh avocado in winter? How about a sweet and juicy mango in the fall? florida and other warm-climate CSAs have that advantage. What comes in each box may vary from week to week and year to year. That’s the fun of a real, local farm.

aDDitional proDucts. A lot more than fresh produce is available at some CSAs. 3 Knowing what kinds of things will be in your

share is helpful in choosing a CSA. Depending upon the farm and the climate, local farmers and their families have been known to include many interesting things in a share. You may find herbs, nuts, fruit, coffee, tea, dairy products, eggs, meat, herbal remedies, crafts, dried fruit, honey, flowers, seeds, handmade soap, syrups and maybe even wool. Local Harvest also offers a store with many farm-produced items that may not be available in your area but can be shipped to you. freQuency of boXes. How often you receive a share will depend upon the CSA you 4 choose. Most farms have websites to answer this

and other frequently asked questions. Usually, boxes will be available once a week, but this can vary depending upon the crops, weather and your subscription details. price per share. CSA prices are varied depending on the type of share you buy. A full 5 share of the longest subscription length may cost upwards of $200. breakdowns of a half share of a season or partial season will cost less. because each farm is unique, visit Local Harvest online or the farm website for your exact outlay.

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Consumer Supported Agriculture has boomed in the past 20 years. More people are discovering the benefits to buying food locally. Choosing a CSA sometimes can be confusing, though. Keep in mind these five factors when thinking about joining one.

your local farmers, and vice versa. Make sure, though, to ask plenty of questions when choosing among the many options: How long have you been farming and participating with CSA? Are the items in my share from your farm or others as well? How were last season’s crops? Can you refer me to current members for references? These questions will assist in finding a good CSA.


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Fresh produce from the farm Local fruits, veggies right in your backyard American Profile


farmers market is a way people can purchase fresh produce and other products from local farmers and food vendors.


Early farmers markets

Then and now

The farmers market may be able to trace its roots to ancient Egypt, more than 5,000 years ago. In the United States, cities such as Philadelphia have had farmers markets since the early 1700s. The first markets in Philadelphia could be found at the corner of Front and High streets. When farmers brought in produce and goods from the country, they rang a bell located on the shed at these streets to let the townspeople know there were items for sale.

Farmers markets have survived and thrived over the years because they are one of the easiest ways local growers have of connecting with buyers. Farmers of yesteryear could make money or trade for other goods by bringing their freshly grown produce into town. Today, small farmers can take advantage of organized markets. In Georgia, the state facilitates nine State Farmers’ Markets. These generate more than $1 billion in sales annually.

Find a farmers market

Farmers market products

You can find a farmers’ market in your area by checking the ads The Eagle or visiting your city’s According to the United States Department of Agriculture, about in Another way to locate 7,175 farmers markets operate in the country. This type of market website. area farmers’ markets is through allows consumers to connect directly with locally grown food and, which offers the farmers who produce that food. listings and links to markets throughout the United States. In addition, you can click on the calendar for listings for food events for any day of the month. Through Local Harvest, you also can find information and links for many small farms through the country. This is a great way to learn more about where your food is coming from when shopping for local produce.

The products available at a market will vary depending on geographical location and the time of year. However, most patrons of the market will be able to find a variety of locally grown vegetables and fruits. Some markets will have farm-fresh eggs and locally raised and butchered meats. Fresh cut flowers, plants and homemade items such as honey from local bees, jams and preserves may be available as well. The Urbana Market at the Square in central Illinois is one of the largest in the state. More than 150 vendors offer an array of locally grown items as well as crafts, pottery and handmade clothing. The festive market also features food vendors and entertainment.



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