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Easter eggs and basket tips for this weekend Mother’s Day & grad gift ideas Massage therapy for mom


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These vehicles can run for up to 40 miles in ideal conditions without a charge or, in the case of the Volt, switching to gasoline.

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As busy as women are now, with taking care of work and home or even with stay at home moms, a mom is always on duty.


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Coloring Easter eggs is usually associated with children... but adults can have fun coloring eggs, too, while using more sophisticated means.



mother’s day

Honor Mom with personalized or fine jewelry on her special day

Forged earrings in 18-karat rose and yellow gold set with hot pink spinel gemstones. Photo courtesy of Caleb Meyer Studio



hen it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it’s hard to go wrong with jewelry. Whether it’s a classic piece that she’ll hand down someday or a funky, modern piece that will make her the hippest mom on the block, there’s something out there for everyone this year.

For the mom who always wants to be at the height of fashion, tri-color metals are very The first step in choosing a gift of jewelry popular right now, as are black and white is figuring out what the recipient will like, diamonds and stackable rings and bracelets, says Frank Beltrame, owner of Frank Michael Jewelers in Chicago. Is she flashy or subdued? Beltrame said. offers an What kind of stones does she like? What kind engraved stackable ring set, and has several options too. of piece would she like best: a ring, earrings, Many jewelers, including Frank Michael a necklace or a bracelet? Jewelers and Caleb Meyer Studio, do custom work. With that route, it’s never hard to find How often she’ll wear the piece should also something Mom will love. be considered, says Stephanie Richards, manager of the Caleb Meyer Studio in Philadelphia. Some stones don’t hold up as well as Personalize it others when worn every day, so it’s important to think about how hard Mom Sometimes, spouses or children will give is on her jewelry Mom a ring or pendant with the before picking birthstones of all the chilsomething dren, but those stones out. don’t always look great together. To remedy that,

What does Mom like?

Beltrame suggests substitute birthstones; for example, the October opal is replaced with a pink stone. Another idea is to personalize it with the number of stones, rather than the birthstones — two stones for two children, etc., Richards said. For one-of-a-kind pieces that can be personalized, has several options. The traditional heart-shaped lockets aren’t in style just now, Beltrame said, but there are several fresh takes on the old standard. There are classic lockets that open up to room for a photo, and for a more modern look, there’s a glass locket that can be personalized on both sides. Disks bearing children’s initials and stacked on a chain are very trendy and provide another option for a personalized gift.

Ruby stud earrings in 18-karat yellow gold surrounded by round brilliant diamonds. Photo courtesy of Caleb Meyer Studio

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Be jeweled

Drop disk earrings in 18-karat white and yellow gold set with a pair of round brilliant diamonds. Photo courtesy of Caleb Meyer Studio

When in doubt, go classic Few moms out there would be opposed to receiving a little blue box from Tiffany and Co., and there are gifts in all price ranges on their website, Michael C. Fina offers a variety of gift ideas as well. Diamond stud earrings or a diamond bracelet can also be a great gift for Mom, no matter what her taste, Beltrame said. “You can’t go wrong with something like that,” he said. A diamond bracelet is a classic piece that works great for almost any mom. Photo by stock.xchng

Cast earrings in 18-karat yellow gold set with oval faceted peridot. Photo courtesy of Caleb Meyer Studio




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All about


MOMS Celebrate mothers across the country this month

Happy Mother’s Day There were 4.3 million births in the United States in 2007, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Of those, 445,000 were from teens 15 to 19, and 7,300 were from women 45 to 54 years old. STOCK.XCHNG

Compiled by Danielle Braff | SPECIAL TO THE EAGLE



Mothers are making their mark this Mother’s Day. There was an average of 2.1 children per woman in the U.S. in 2007, the latest data available. This marks the second year in a row where the rate has been above replacement level, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Utah Moms in this state had the largest number of children. Each mother averaged 2.6 children in 2006, the latest state-by-state statistics, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vermont moms had the least number of children, averaging 1.7 per woman. WIKIMEDIA



That’s the average age at which women gave birth for the first time in 2006. It’s down from 25.2 the previous year, and it’s the first decline since the CDC began tracking age since 1968.

A center for the healing arts that provides the following services: Yoga & Tai Chi Instruction Energy Therapy Holistic Nursing Consultations

Reality show heaven

Thank you

There were 18,700 births in 2006 that were the mother’s eighth or more child, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. That’s nothing compared with the wife of Feodor Vassilyev of Russia (170782), who gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets, according to the Guinness World Records. We hope she had in-home help.

There’s no excuse for not grabbing a bouquet for the mother in your life. According to the Census Bureau, there are 20,000 flower shops that employ 94,000 people throughout the United States. Flowers not her thing? There are also 126 greeting card companies, 14,200 cosmetic and perfume stores and 27,000 jewelry shops.


Total mothers


By age 44, 80 percent of women have had at least one baby, according to a 2006 Fertility of American Women survey. That’s a large drop from 30 years ago, when 90 percent of women had given birth by that age. Today, there are a whopping 83 million mothers living in the U.S. STOCK.XCHNG

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Gets you back where you belong.®

John Croom (979) 696-2443

Meditation Stress Management Holistic Health Events Personal Development Workshops Massage Therapy Pilates

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serving the Brazos Valley since 1984

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Eco-friendly autos: What to expect this year and next Based on an EPA test, the all-electric Nissan Leaf has a range of 100 miles; driving habits can improve or worsen mileage. Nissan photo

By Molly Logan Anderson Special to The Eagle

The Chevy Volt has a 35-mile electric range before the gas engine kicks in for a total range of 375 miles. GM photo

This is the year of electric cars, says John Voelcker, editor of For the first time since the automobile’s infancy, he says, “you have plug-in vehicles in the showrooms of major automakers in the U.S.” Meanwhile, manufacturers have debuted more hybrid models, while traditional combustion-engine cars become more fuel-efficient. Here are a few green trends car buyers can expect to see this year.

More electric cars

40 mpg is the new 30

The two electric cars available for 2011, the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, have long waiting lists for the small amount available to purchase this year. But the high demand means other manufacturers will sit up and take notice. What makes this a watershed year for electric cars? These vehicles can run for up to 40 miles in ideal conditions without a charge or, in the case of the Volt, switching to gasoline. By some studies, 78 percent of Americans drive fewer than 40 miles a day, meaning electric-car owners could conceivably never have to visit a gas station.

Aging starlets have spouted this mantra for years, but in 2011 it applies to fuel efficiency in non-hybrid cars. With new federal standards, “40 miles per gallon is the new benchmark,” says Voelcker. Just a few years ago, 30 miles per gallon was the higher end of fuel economy. But these days plenty of cars, and not just subcompacts, are in that 40 mpg range for highway driving. These include the Chevy Cruze Eco, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Fiesta and Chevy Sonic. This is achieved through a combination of lightweight materials and engines that are much smaller.

Smaller cars go upscale

Start-stop systems

Certain drivers will always have a need for larger vehicles, and SUVs, vans and trucks aren’t going away. But drivers are becoming more comfortable with smaller cars — and their smaller fuel costs. “For a long time in the American market, small cars were considered entrylevel,” says Voelcker. “They were what you bought your kid before they could get something nice.” In 2011, manufacturers will continue offering high-end features like leather seats, upscale stereos and all the latest gadgetry in smaller cars as well as larger ones.

In 2012, Buick will debut a “start/stop system” on its LaCrosse full-size sedan, a feature that will eventually spread to other GM models. The system, a sort of “hybrid lite,” is already common in Europe, says Voelcker; it essentially switches to electric power when a car is slowing to a stop, until the driver speeds up again. Buick says this feature, called eAssist, increases fuel economy by 25 percent.

Utility EV programs Illustration by Joe Greco/GHNS

Plugging in an electric car overnight means a bump in your household electricity bill. Utilities are happy to supply that extra power, says Voelcker, because it’s a rare opportunity to increase demand for their product. However, utilities prefer that you charge up overnight or during off-peak hours. Look for more utilities 6 offering special programs and rates for electric-car owners.



Grad gifts STOCk.xCHnG


For the ultra-hip • Most any grad would be thrilled with the muchsought-after Apple iPad 2. This tablet is lighter, thinner and faster than the first iPad and starts at $499. Personalize it with special polyurethane or leather covers in an array of colors.

For the business-type • For those who prefer the real keyboard or the software of a laptop rather than a tablet, the HP Pavilion g6x series is a popular STOCk.xCHnG choice for PC aficionados and starts at $549.99. • Mac users, on the other hand, may covet the MacBook, starting at $999. MacBooks include the built-in iSight camera so users can take photos, make and share video and videoconference with up to three people at a time.

So you have to do better than a troll doll in a cap and gown. Keep their interests, personality and career path in mind as you choose a present. What do they really want in 2011? Beyond sports cars and wads of cash, good ideas can range from sentimental to purely practical.

For the sentimental • Among young women, charm jewelry has experienced a resurgence in popularity. A trendy choice is the Pandora bracelet, which offers a huge variety of charm options. Grads can add to it and personalize it in any way WIkIMEdIA they want, from commemorating their new career to celebrating a fabulous trip with friends — and someday even marriage and children. Starter bracelets come in a variety of finishes, starting at $69. • Digital photo frames are a great way to display cherished photos of loved ones and new friends. Luckily, prices have come down on these, and you can find a nice frame for less than $100.

For the adventurous • “Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Experiences” is a bucket list book aimed at young people that just might inspire them to chase adventures across the globe. • Also, many major airlines offer gift cards for air travel, so your grad can visit someplace he’s always wanted to go, or just fly home for the holidays.



hat do you give that special high school or college graduate? You want to choose a gift that helps outfit them for that next phase of their life, or maybe commemorate the path they’ve already walked. And this is a great chance to show them just how proud you are.

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useful, practical ideas for those starting college or the ‘real world’





Give the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day By Billy Mau

offers massages ranging from other’s Day is coming up relaxing and you don’t want to be massages the person that waited for people until the last minute to decide on a wanting to gift. Besides, last minute gifts usu- get rid of ally aren’t very good anyway, and every day Mom deserves better than that. stress to Before you go out and buy a deep tissue trinket or a small piece of jewelry, massages think about how much the mom in for athletes your house does for everyone. Now and people think about how much she does with more for herself. Odds are she doesn’t intense give herself anywhere near the at- massage tention everyone else gets. If that’s needs. They also offer the case, why not give her a gift that allows her to pamper herself hot stone for a while. treatments and prena“As busy as women are now, tal maswith taking care of work and sages. home or even with stay at home moms, a mom is always on duty,” Vessell said Karen Vessell, manager for said that Elements Therapeutic Massage in many women who receive masBryan and College Station. sage time as a gift are probably “Women tend to give their time having their first real massage. to everyone else and never take for The difference in the person from themselves.” when they walk in to when they For that reason, Vessell said leave is almost always dramatic. that Mother’s Day is a busy time “They come out, as I like to call for Elements because people are it, noodley,” Vessell said. “They giving the gift of relaxation to are so relaxed because they were their loved ones. able to take that time for themElements Therapeutic Massage selves and totally unwind. They

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The Eagle


usually come out smiling and you can just tell that the pressure has been lifted off their shoulders for that little amount of time.” A massage does more than just relax a person. In many cases, the relaxation from a massage can help lower blood pressure while endorphins released during the massage can also ease pain. Studies have also shown that massages

2 locations to serve you! 8

3975 State Hwy. 6 S., #700 College Station (979) 696-2000 3001 Wildflower Dr., #611 Bryan (979) 774-4343

can stimulate the lymph system, naturally boosting the immune system as well. Vessell said that a massage also promotes mental and spiritual well-being. “The human touch is so beneficial to everyone,” Vessell said. “We’ve found that when people are grieving, a massage can be so beneficial because the human touch is




Full price $75, no t valid for accoun t currency. Expire s 5/31/11.

members can enjoy $5 off any 55-minute session gift card. Massage sessions are available in time blocks of 25, 55 and 80 minutes. The short 25-minute session is good for people on a tight schedule who want to focus on just one part of the body, such as the back or legs. The 55-minute session is also good for a targeted area, and the therapists try to do a full body massage if possible. Vessell said the 80-minute session is the best for total relaxation because the time allows for a full body massage as well as focused attention onto areas that need more work. Elements also has a wellness program

that allows customers to maintain their peace of mind and health through regular massage sessions. “We have a wellness program that allows people to come in here at least once a month and destress,” Vessell said. “You turn off your phone and leave your

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very healing and calming.” Elements is currently offering a Mother’s Day Special to help pamper the moms of Bryan/College Station. Right now, shoppers who buy a gift card at the walk-in rate can receive a second gift card at 50 percent off, and Elements

worries outside so you can focus on yourself for that hour or hour and a half each month.” Elements is located at 3001 Wildflower Dr. Ste 611 in the Target shopping center in Bryan and at 3975 Hwy 6S, Ste 700 in College Station at the Hwy 6/Rock Prairie intersection. For more information or to set up an appointment with the Bryan location, call 979-774-4343 or visit bryan. For the College Station location, call 979-696-2000 or visit


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No. 1 Get the facts on

skin cancer before summer starts

Sun exposure Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Cumulative sun exposure can cause basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer — and severe sunburns before age 18 may cause melanoma later in life. Using sunscreen whenever you’re outside will drastically reduce the odds of getting skin cancer.


Compiled by Danielle Braff SPECIAL TO THE EAGLE

cancer deaths annually Prevent it The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2010, 171,000 cancer deaths were caused by smoking. An additional 570,000 were due to obesity. And a whopping 1 million cancers in 2010 could have been prevented by staying out of the sun and away from tanning booths.

2 million people, 3.5 million cases

23 percent of all deaths

most common Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in America, according to the Skin Care Foundation. More than 2 million people are diagnosed with more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancers annually. And each year, there are more cases of skin cancer than breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer combined.

Leading cause of death Cancer was the second-leading cause of death in 2007, according to the American Cancer Society. Twenty-three percent of all deaths that year were from cancer. The leading cause of death that year was heart disease, with 25 percent of all deaths related to some form of heart disease.

1 in 5 the odds Those are the odds that Americans will develop skin cancer at some point during their lifetimes, says the Skin Care Foundation. Currently, 10 nearly 800,000 Americans are living with a history of melanoma, and an astounding 13 million are living with a history of non-melanoma skin cancer — which is usually diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.


Men vs. women

W O M E N illustrations by joe greco/ghns

More common in men Men are more likely to get skin cancer than are women. In 2007 — the latest statistics available — 58,000 people in the United States were diagnosed with melanomas of the skin, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those, 33,000 were men and 25,000 were women. During that year, 8,500 people died from melanomas of the skin, and out of those, 5,500 were men and 3,000 were women.


ummer time means





It has avobenzone and oxybenzone for protection against short and long-wave UVA rays, plus helioplex to help the active ingredients protect skin for up to five hours. Keep in mind that although Neutrogena calls this product a “sunblock,” no sunscreen can completely protect you from damaging rays.

At your local drugstore


blue lizard

Best for those with sensitive skin and babies. Blue Lizard Sensitive and the identical Blue Lizard Baby formula contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which act as a physical barrier against broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays. Blue Lizard Suncream is water resistant. Because this sunscreen is thicker and creamier than others, it can take longer to apply.

At your local drugstore



Lancôme's UV Expert 20 contains Mexoryl SX, which is the most effective UVAblocking ingredient available, according to skin-care experts. In July 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Mexoryl for use in the United States, but right now, Lancôme UV Expert 20 is the only widely available product containing it outside of Canada and Europe.

Nordstrom, Sephora, local department stores.


banana boat

This new water-in-silicone formula blends like a lotion and creates a waterproof shield for up to eight hours. Contains the same ingredients as most sunblocks like octinoxate, oxybenzone and octisalate, which are chemical blocks that absorb the sun’s rays. Also contains the physical block titanium dioxide, which reflects and scatters sun’s rays.

At your local drugstore



For a polished face, this sunblock provides a subtle tint for all skin tones. The oil-absorbing silica gives the face a matte look. Active ingredient is titanium dioxide to protect skin against broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays.



ultra sheer dry touch sunblock

sunscreen sensitive spf 30+

summer sunshine. But

it’s not all about fun in the


uv expert 20

sun. It’s common knowledge those UVA and UVB rays aren’t getting any weaker, so

surf sunblock

before you and the kids step outside, protect those you love and your skin with your best

Oil-free Sunblock Sheer Tint

defense: sunscreen.



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sun S Face the


1702 Texas Ave., Ste. A Bryan (979) 822-7305




Mom’s Meals 979.739.2660

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A tisket, a tasket

Weave an edible Easter basket rET maplES

STory anD phoToS By marga SPECIAL TO THE EAGLE

eggs are ng rebirth, beautifully decorated As symbols of resurrection and spri orable mem a e hav you ly, edible basket, and hard to beat. Place them in a love centerpiece for Easter dinner. basket cakes, one iced with buttercream We tried a couple of Easter basket ratdeco of rge cha take dren ant. Let your chil weave, the other with tinted fond ss.” “gra nut dded coco ing the eggs and coloring the shre ’ll need: For an Easter Basket Cake, you • Paring knife • Lemon cake mix (18.25-ounce) • Pastry bags and tips (for basket and • Two 8-inch cake pans and weave, leaves and stems, borders baking parchment eyelet cutwork) cil, • 8- and 10-inch cardboard cake • Small paintbrush, scissors, pen circles tape • Food coloring • Pastel ribbons ce) • White buttercream icing (16-oun • Toothpicks oz. 8 • Premixed rolled fondant (1 lb., • Shredded coconut per package) • Small candies for decorating the • Confectioners’ sugar (for rolling s, • Easter eggs (candy eggs; real egg fondant) s, egg tic plas ed; orat dec and ed boil • Rolling pin decorated) er • Pizza cutt





day ahead, bake two 8-inch cake layers. fill and coat with white buttercream. reToss shredded coconut with food coloring; set aside. 1 Afrigerate. To make eyelet, start at least a day ahead. roll white fondant 1/8-inch thick and 10 1/4 inches in diameter. using a pizza cutter or paring knife, cut out a 10-inch circle. 2 Scallop the edges and use piping tips or canapé cutters to create the eyelet pattern. drape the fondant over an inverted 8-inch cake pan to dry.

Choose a color for your basket. If you’re covering the cake in fondant, knead food coloring into 24 ounces of premixed white fondant. following package directions, 3 drape the fondant over the cake.

If you’re using buttercream basket weave, tint a portion of the icing and fill two pastry bags. We used pastry tips no. 45 (flat) and no. 48 (serrated). With the flat tip, pipe a line from the cake’s top rim to the bottom. With the serrated tip, pipe a horizontal line, centered, over the vertical line. Leaving a space the width of the piping tip, make a second horizontal line beneath the first. Continue these spaces and bars to the bottom of the cake. Make sure the horizontal lines are parallel and the same length, and that the ends line up. use the flat tip to pipe a second vertical line touching the ends of the first horizontal bars. To create a woven look, go to the top empty space and tuck the serrated pastry tip under the first vertical line. Pipe a horizontal line, just like the others, this time crossing the second vertical stripe. fill in the other spaces to the bottom of the cake. (basket weave instructions are available at and other sites.) Continue this way around the cake. Tint part of the icing spring green and border the bottom of the cake by piping shells with a star tip. finish with pastel jellybeans or a garden of jellybean flowers. If you 4 prefer a simpler finish, ice the cake smooth and then decorate it. To make the arch handle, cut an 8-inch cake cardboard in half. Tape the halves together, creating an arch, and wrap it in white and pastel ribbon. use transparent 5 tape to hold the ribbon in place. Insert toothpicks in each end of the arch so it can be anchored securely in the cake.


Assemble the basket: Place the shaped fondant eyelet on top of the cake. Pipe a border around the upper edge, then fill the enclosure with colored coconut “grass.” 6 Arrange the Easter eggs. Set the ribbon-wrapped arch into the cake as the basket handle. Pin pastel bows where the arch and cake meet. This will call to mind an Easter bonnet while making sure the tape doesn’t show. Pretty and useful.



Easter eggs aren’t just for kids

Special to The Eagle


ith Easter just a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about dyeing

eggs. Coloring Easter eggs is usually associated with children making a mess out of dye tablets dissolved in water and vinegar, wax crayons, stickers and flimsy cardboard egg holders. But adults can have fun coloring eggs, too, while using more sophisticated means. Natural ingredients from the kitchen and around the house can produce beautiful eggs worthy enough to display on the Easter dinner table - no cheap Paas coloring kit required. Since the colors produced by the following methods are not excessively bright and usually won’t stain the egg white and yolk, try using the peeled eggs in a deviled eggs recipe. Once peeled, eggs dyed using the following methods are safe to eat.

Scrap-dyed Eggs Materials: Scraps of silk fabric (check out the bargain bin at craft stores, or look for silk ties and shirts at secondhand stores) Scraps of white cotton fabric Garbage-bag twist ties 1 dozen eggs 5 1/2 quart pot made of glass, enamel or another non-reactive material Water Vinegar Cut the silk and cotton scraps into roughly 4-inch squares. Place a scrap of silk on top of a scrap of cotton, shiny or bright side of

Onion Skin-dyed Eggs Materials: Assorted edible flowers, leaves or fresh herbs 1 dozen eggs Roughly two cups of red or yellow onion skins (fewer skins will produce lighter colors)

Nylon panty hose stockings Rubber bands 5 1/2 quart pot made of glass, enamel or another non-reactive material Water Vinegar Place a flower, leaf or sprig of fresh herb on an egg, then place the egg and flower in a three-inch piece of nylon stocking. Secure open ends of the stocking with a rubber band. Don’t worry if the flower shifts - the pattern produced will be unique. Once all the eggs are finished, place the onion skins and enough water to cover the eggs in a nonreactive pot. Add 2 tablespoons vinegar to the water. Bring the eggs to a boil, then remove from heat and leave undisturbed for 20 minutes. Drain off the water and rinse eggs with cold water. When eggs are cool enough to handle, remove from the nylon scraps.

Lemon-tarragon Deviled Eggs

There’s no mayonnaise or paprika in these deviled eggs. 6 hard-cooked eggs 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt 1 large shallot, minced 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/4 teaspoon grated lemon zest 3/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice Salt and pepper to taste 2 teaspoons minced fresh tarragon leaves Fresh tarragon sprigs for garnish Cut a very thin slice off both ends of eggs; halve crosswise. Carefully remove egg yolks from whites and mash yolks in a bowl with remaining ingredients until smooth. Place yolk filling in a pastry bag or sandwich bag with a corner snipped off, then fill egg whites, creating small mounds. Chill until serving. Garnish with tarragon sprigs, if desired. Makes 12 stuffed eggs.

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By Lainie Steelman

the silk facing up. Place an egg on top of the silk and gather the fabric around the egg, securing with a twist tie. Don’t worry about smoothing the fabric or covering the entire egg - each dyed egg will produce a unique pattern. Place the covered eggs in a nonreactive pot and cover with water by several inches. Add two tablespoons of vinegar to the water. Bring the eggs just to a boil, then remove from heat and cover. Leave the eggs undisturbed for 20 minutes, then carefully drain off the water and rinse the eggs with cold water. When eggs are cool enough to handle, remove the twist ties and fabric scraps.

3130 E. 29th St. • Bryan, TX 77802





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