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Benedictine College Fund Newsletter

Spring 2010

SPIRITof GIVING Our Need Is So Great, No Gift Is Too Small Raven Phonathon Helps Alumna Show Pride in Alma Mater Kristin West is passionate about the Benedictine College Fund because of her own experience. When she was a member of Benedictine’s dance team, budgets were tight. Tough decisions had to be made and the squad missed opportunities. Any donation was a boost for the team.

“I am really proud of what I see happening at the college and I tell all my friends, ‘Look, this is MY college.’” -Kristen West, ’95 Kristin supports the Benedictine College Fund every year by contributing and yearly

We surpassed our goal.

increasing her giving when the Raven Ring phonathon calls and is currectly a member of our 1858 Club. She said she loves to hear from the students. “It is what you are supposed to do as an alumna. How do you keep the college going if you don’t donate? I want my children to be able to go to my school some day,” she said.

works as an IT Integration Architect for Evergreen Healthcare in Kirkland, Washington. Even though Kristin lives a considerable distance from Atchison, including a different time zone, she welcomes the phonathon call from a BC student each year.

Annual support by Benedictine College alumni is essential for the college. Gifts large and small to the phonathon added up to $211,218 this year.

“I had a scholarship to attend BC. I know the money is used to help students, restore buildings and hire good faculty members,” said Kristin. “I am really proud of what I see happening at the college and I tell all my friends, ‘Look, this is MY college.’”

As a 1995 alumna and the daughter of a former Benedictine College faculty member, Kristin West has more familiarity with budget realities at Benedictine College than most. Kristin’s mother, Dianne Dickenson, was the program director for the dance minor and coach for the Benedictine College spirit squad from 1993 to 2006.

Every gift counts as a statement to ranking publications like U.S. News & World Report, that alumni support their alma mater. Many corporations and foundations consider alumni participation rates when awarding grants. Alumni financial support is a vote of confidence that demonstrates “Raven Pride.”

Kristin received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Benedictine with a major in elementary education. She currently

-Rosemary Wilkerson

Thank You for taking our call!

Student callers raised


during FY 2009-2010 for the Benedictine College Fund.

Raven Ring Phonathon 53380 benedictine.pdf 1

April 1, 2010 09:49:00

Benedictine College


Cornerstone Society levels & members

A Message

from the Vice President for Advancement Kelly J. Vowels Things are really popping in the Advancement Office at Benedictine College. As of March 18, 2010, for this fiscal year, we have receipted $3,433,938 across 132 funds. That represents 5,378 gifts from 3,749 donors. Forward. Always forward. Two ongoing campaigns, however, are top of mind: the Benedictine College Fund and the Academic Center Project. First, the Benedictine College Fund. I am grateful to our Raven Callers and those of you who answered their call and raised over $211,218 in the most successful phonathon ever! Thanks to them, we are at 74% of our goal and the end is in sight, though these last few months will be crucial. And a special shout out to the members of our Cornerstone Society. While we have had 286 donors contribute gifts of $1,500 and higher, the donors highlighted to the right chose for their gifts to benefit the Benedictine College Fund which allows the college to put those dollars to work immediately in areas of greatest need without restriction or designation. Second, the Academic Center. The fundraising for the Academic Center Project has shifted into high gear with the Board of Directors’ decision to begin construction on the $17.9M project in June of 2010. Their choice of June is exciting as we will welcome home hundreds of alums for the Alumni Reunion Weekend, June 11-13. These members of our Benedictine Family will witness a “groundbreaking” event. Almost 50 years have passed since the college built an academic facility. The class of 1970 has decided to raise $50,000 to name the doors of the building. I would encourage other classes to take up that challenge, also. How many classmates of yours can contribute to the Academic Center? Come ready to put your money where your heart is at the Fund-the-Building part of the evening.

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Spring 2010


Gifts totalling $1500 & above to the Benedictine College Fund for FY 2009-2010 Organizations Adair/Exchange Bank Foundation Kansas Independent College Fund Muchnic Foundation






Individuals Daniel F. '72 and Dorothy A. Howard '73 Beattie Dr. Joseph L. '70 and Constance Brickner Robert D. '62 and Mary Kay Murphy '61 Bright Larry J. '60 and Tresa A. Buessing Dr. J. Joseph '69 and Frances J. Wright '69 Daglen Dr. Arthur G. Dobbelaere '70 Lawrence A. '61 and Frances J. Young '65 Gallagher Don J. '75 and Nancy Germano Michael J. Harris '64 Ronald L. '69 and Karen L. Hindman Ronald V. '58 and Merle Freudenberg '58 Kelly Daniel P. '84 and Carol A. Kramer '85 Leach John E. '66 and Rita K. Zeorlin '66 Leland John J. '69 and Stephanie C. Lynch Matthew J. '81 and Sheryl McAvoy Mary W. McNerney ’70 T. Kevin '60 and Mary C. McNicholas Thomas J. '74 and Diane H. Melichar James V. '59 and Mary L. Napier Mark T. '83 and Michelle A. La Noue '83 O'Connor John P. '61 and Janice A. O'Leary Thomas M. '66 and Diane O'Leary Dominic N. '59 and Marilyn A. Paolucci Steven and Theresa Paul Joseph L. '45 and Laura E. Peters Dr. John P. '62 and Barbara A. Meyer '62 Reilly Emmett and Mary Jo Tangeman B. Christopher and Julie Thompson Milton M. '58 and Margaret J. Goehl '56 Trujillo Matthew J. '87 and Peggy Tynan Eugene J. '58 and Kathleen A. Gammon '56 Vader John M. '66 and Mary L. Cochran '75 Van Dyke Helen M. Brentano '63 and Dunstan J. '40 † Wack Dr. Lionel W. '53 and Florence I. Young Membership is obtained through unrestricted annual giving, July 1 through June 30, with gifts of at least $1,500 to the Benedictine College Fund. Upon request, we will send a keepsake medallion in gratitude. Contact Beth Hoffman, Director of Annual Giving, 913-360-7414. April 1, 2010 09:49:00





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Kelly ach nd



Benedictine College

Spring 2010



Laura DiCarlo

Ben Loughman

Laura is the daughter of Nick ’79 and Lynne Yelton ’80 DiCarlo.

Ben is the son of Steve ’85 & Barb Doherty ’84 Loughman.

Psychology Major with a Minor in Pre-Law from Manchester, MO

“It means alot to me to be a Legacy Student. To be able to talk to my parents about activities on campus and have them share similar stories is awesome, because even though it's been like 30 years since they've graduated alot hasn't changed. It's also comforting to know that the same values that were instilled when my parents were both here are the same values that the College still reinforces today.” -Laura DiCarlo, ’10 Nick DiCarlo ’79 Q. Can you tell us a bit about your time as a student at Benedictine College? A. “There are so many memories of events and friends. They say high school friends are good, but college friends are forever. This is so true, I’ve gotten very close to a core of friends. Ones I still call and try to see regularly after 30 years. These guys I had college experiences with are my best friends today. Till the day I die they will always be my friends. We will always be RAVENS, FOREVER.”

Athletic Training Major from Kansas City, KS

“Being a legacy student is important to me because I am able to make attending Benedictine College a tradition within my own family and hopefully some of my younger brothers and sisters will come to school here as well.” -Ben Loughman, ’13

Steve ’85 & Barb Doherty ’84 Loughman Q. Can you tell us a bit about your time as students at Benedictine College? A. “While at Benedictine, we remember the teachers knowing us personally, acknowledging us by name when they saw us on campus. At that time, everyone lived on campus. As a result, BC was one big family. It was great to know and be friends with so many people. We remember the teachers challenging us to know and do the right things. It seemed that all the teachers just loved their jobs at BC. They really enjoyed and loved teaching us, leading us to our futures.”




Vader Dyke † Wack ng

icted gifts of Fund. ke ffman, 14.

Lynne Yelton ’80 DiCarlo Q. How do you feel about Laura attending Benedictine? A. “I was very excited that Laura chose BC. Laura was meant to be a raven since she was two when we came up for an alumni football game. She was cheering for her Dad then and has been cheering for the Ravens for the last four years. Sometimes it’s hard to be a legacy as everyone knows who you are and you think you have expectations to live up to. But on the other hand Laura already knew what the BC family was about and wanted to join in. If you know Laura well, you know that she will be an excellent lawyer.”

53380 benedictine.pdf 3

Q. How do you feel about Ben attending Benedictine? A. “We were very happy that Ben chose Benedictine. In fact, our next son Nick will be a freshman at BC next year. The college gave us an outstanding foundation for our lives as adults and has given us life-long friendships. We want those same things for our sons. The school has a stronger religious education program now and we feel that current students receive an outstanding foundation in the Catholic Church. Academics are still very strong. We truly believe that BC is a jewel of a college. Kind of a hidden treasure along the Missouri River.”

April 1, 2010 09:49:01

Benedictine College

Spring 2010

4 10,000 and up


Giving from the Heart Scholarship Ball raises over $470,000 Donors of All Ages Give to Fund-A-Raven For the past 38 years, Benedictine College’s primary fundraiser has been the annual Scholarship Ball, this year held on Feb. 27 at the Westin Crown Center Hotel. The event helps raise funds for the over 99 percent of Benedictine students who are currently receiving some sort of financial assistance to attend. According to Steve Johnson, director of marketing and communications, over 600 alumni, students and friends were in attendance this year, contributing nearly half a million dollars to the school’s scholarship fund, with money continuing to come in. Johnson noted that John Holt, Fox 4 anchor and this year’s master of ceremonies, said that the 39th Scholarship Ball was the most exciting he’s ever witnessed, with the Benedictine Jazz Band, Chamber singers and Dance Team all performing and entertaining guests. As of press time, the Scholarship Ball had brought in $478,000 for the school, but according to Johnson, as there is still money coming in, that number is expected to rise. -Ellie Waterbury, ’10 The Circuit March 12, 2010

Mark your calendar for 2011 Scholarhip Ball February 26, 2011.

53380 benedictine.pdf 4


39th Annual Scholarship Ball

Matthew D. '81 and Ann M. Anthony Dr. Michael F. '81 and Debra A. Boland Larry J. '60 and Tresa A. Buessing Dr. Dennis A. '57 and Alice Milacek '58 Diederich John T. ‘67 and Bonnie Dugan Michael and Marlys Haverty Lawrence S. '63 and Linda J. Kaminsky David M. '67 and Sherri Laughlin Michael P. '82 and Theresa L. McPhee '83 Murphy Jack A. '70 and Kathleen G. Newman James T. '60 and Kathleen D. O'Brien Patrick J. '72 and Mary Margaret Sly Thomas A. ‘66 and Linda C. Wessels Howard G. '75 and Rhonda M. Behlmann '75 Westerman Paul D. '77 and Kathleen A. Westerman Robert S. '72 and Janet F. Wholey

5,000 Michael G. '69 and Susan M. Conrow '69 Gangel Daniel and Mary Carol Garrity Kevin E. '89 and Pamela A. Schaefer '88 Kramer Stephen D. '82 and Amy E. Kohake '84 Minnis Robert J. '53 and Carolyn L. Reintjes Ron Roling

2,500 Robert and Susan Downey Terrence P. and Peggy J. Dunn Gregory M. Glore '68 Dennis Hine David D. '60 and Mary Pat Gueguen '62 Miller Patrick J. '84 and Janna M. Crowley '85 Stueve

1,000 Richard and Doris Boland Dr. Daniel J. '68 and Terri Carey Robert W. '63 and Shirley A. Von Harz '63 Chenoweth Sean M. '82 and Julie J. Zook '86 Doherty Stephen D. and Anne Dunn Edward A. and Marlene R. Gellings Edward F. '84 and Lisa K. Halpin Jerold D. '90 and Julie E. Branch '91 Keithline Kirk S. '81 and Jeannette M. LaGue '81 Kowalewski Timothy and Tanya Newkirk Steven J. '75 and Joyce A. Pickman Ned and Linda Price Matthew T. '78 and Sharon K. Radetic Jerry J. '81 and Kerrie A. Rellihan Patrick and Jeanne Respeliers Dr. Kimberly and Donald H. Shankman Carol M. Shomin '71 B. Christopher and Julie Thompson Stephen J. '93 and Michelle Torline Paul B. '87 and Karen L. Torline Matthew J. '87 and Peggy Tynan Dr. Stephanie C. Van Dyne, D.D.S. and Robert Hazelwood Kelly J. Boland Vowels '85 Renee J. Kohake '87 and Richard M. Washburn Lawrence M. '72 and Janet L. Munro '81, MEA '02 Wilcox Susan E. Baker '82 and Doug Zubradt April 1, 2010 09:49:01




Benedictine College


Spring 2010

Kansas Honors Benedictine College’s Mission In a special day at the capital, state legislators applaud school’s achievements It’s official: Benedictine College’s mission has been recognized and appreciated by the State of Kansas. On Jan. 26, the Kansas Legislature officially honored the educational contribution Benedictine College has made to the state. Benedictine alumni Rep. Pat George, ’78, (R-Dodge City), Rep. Jerry Henry, ’81, (D-Cummings) and Sen. Pete Brungardt, ’68, (R-Salina) introduced resolutions in their respective chambers to recognize the college’s many accomplishments. The chambers unanimously passed both House Resolution 6008 and Senate Resolution 1808 by voice votes. President Stephen D. Minnis said “it made the Ravens stand that much taller” to hear a proclamation of the school’s accomplishments read on the floor of the Capitol. “It was a truly wonderful moment for the college. The Senators stood and cheered.”

Among those representing Benedictine to receive the resolutions on the House and Senate floors were Courtney M. Marshall, Director of Alumni Relations, Dean Dr. Kimberly Shankman, and Father James Albers, ’94, Prior of St. Benedict’s Abbey. Also joining the group were Bill Thornton, ’80, Kansas Secretary of Commerce; Keith Hertling, ’79, owner of Jersey Mike's Subs who catered the meal; and Don Navinsky, ’65, a former State Representative. The legislators also noted the importance of Mount St. Scholastica and St. Benedict’s Abbey. “I fondly recall how impressed I was with the monastic way of life,” Senator Brungardt said. “The dedication and service of the monks in my education had a lasting effect on me.” Minnis thanked the legislators who made it all possible. “I was particularly proud of Pat, Jerry and Pete for their selfless service to the people of Kansas,” Minnis said. “I couldn’t help but think that the background they received at Benedictine propelled them to do the great things they are now doing.” - Tom Hoopes

Among the accomplishments cited by the legislature: *U.S. News & World Report first tier of America’s Best Colleges.

“When I mention I am a graduate, people I work with know of the college and its academic excellence.” -Rep. Pat George, ’78

*Colleges of Distinction book calls us a leader in educational excellence. *McGowan Scholar School, one of 82 colleges nationwide. *Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College top Catholic colleges in America. The legislators said they were proud of the college, too. “Benedictine’s reputation is recognized across the country,” Rep. George said. “I do work in a number of states and when I mention I am a graduate, people I work with know of the college and its academic excellence.” The school’s impact is felt locally, too. “The college’s impact on our community has been tremendous,” Rep. Henry said. “A lot of great students have come from around the state and country to attend school at Benedictine, graduated and then chosen to stay in Atchison. That’s pretty special.”


53380 benedictine.pdf 5

L to R: Rosemary Wilkerson, Stephen Minnis, Pat George, Jerry Henry, Courtney Marshall, Bill Thornton, Fr. James Albers, OSB and Joe Wurtz. April 1, 2010 09:49:02

Benedictine College


Spring 2010

FORWARD. ALWAYS FORWARD. Growing Campus, Growing Needs

Exciting new expansions are a reason to celebrate and dig deep New building projects will dramatically change the college campus over the next few years. The change is welcome — but will come with new challenges, too. After growing by 70 percent in recent years, the campus will expand in three ways: The College has obtained seven acres of land formerly owned by the Atchison Hospital; new “row houses” are being built on Second Street to accommodate students; and in June, the school plans to break ground on the new Academic facility, which will overlook the Missouri River. The projects will ease the strain on campus facilities — but increase the strain on annual giving goals. Tuition only pays a portion of what it costs for each student to be educated on campus. For the coming school year, Benedictine needs to raise $1.5 million to fill the gap and help pay the electric bills, outfit the science labs and keep existing facilities in repair. Hospital. President Stephen D. Minnis signed the papers acquiring the hospital property on March 3 in the cafeteria. He introduced Atchison Hospital CEO John Jacobson and told the students that he wanted to include them in this moment since it will affect their lives. Students responded by applauding and singing the fight song.

Student Housing. When our student population outpaced expectations the college began constructing a set of row houses on Second Street. Additional housing will be available this fall, when space is reconfigured in property that the hospital donated to us to serve as a residence hall for sophomore men. Academic Center. This February, the BC Board of Directors voted to begin construction on the academic center. This will be the first LEED-certified environmentally-friendly building on a college campus in the state of Kansas. It will provide much needed classroom and office space. It will house our two largest, and growing programs — business and education, plus a floor will contain the philosophy and theology programs and be dedicated to the recognition of alumni who have chosen the priesthood or religious life and the promotion of future vocations. “Be careful what you wish for,” said President Minnis. “We made our theme for this year ‘Forward. Always forward,’ and that’s exactly the direction we’re going. We do this trusting that our donors will be willing to go there with us.” -Tom Hoopes

At a value of approximately $3.3 million, the gift of the hospital is the second largest single gift in the history of Benedictine College.

Save the Date June 11, 2010

Academic Center Groundbreaking 53380 benedictine.pdf 6

April 1, 2010 09:49:03

Benedictine College

Spring 2010


Benedictine a ‘Sign of Hope’ Says Cardinal Catechism editor makes historic visit Benedictine College welcomed its first visit from a cardinal on Jan. 31. But our visitor, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, was no stranger to our students.

Later, he delivered an important lecture on “Pope Benedict, Regensburg and the Controversy of Creation and Evolution” in the O’Malley-McAllister Auditorium and simulcast in the Ralph Nolan Gymnasium.

He is the Archbishop of Vienna and President of the Austrian Bishops Conference — but they know him best as the editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

At the conclusion of the cardinal’s lecture, Benedictine College surprised him with a celebration of his birthday — albeit a week late. A German-speaking student sang happy birthday to him as President Minnis presented him with a cake.

President Stephen D. Minnis bestowed the Cross of the Order of St. Benedict, our highest honor, on the cardinal for his service to the Church. “He was witty, gracious and insightful,” said Minnis. “You could see how much he enjoyed interacting with the students. The cardinal won a bunch of new fans on our campus.” Cardinal Schonborn was the principle celebrant at the Abbey Mass that day. In his homily, he said there were many “signs of hope” in the Church and singled out Benedictine College as one of them. The faith is “blossoming again” here, he said, adding, “Every time I come to this country, I return to Europe encouraged in faith.”

“Every time I come to this country, I return to Europe encouraged in faith.” -Cardinal Schonborn

“Cardinal Schonborn, was amazed at what he found on his visit,” said Minnis. “He found students waiting out in the cold to welcome him to campus. And after everything was done and he was supposed to be in his car going home, Cardinal Schonborn himself insisted on stopping by Mary’s Grotto. There followed a beautiful moment of spontaneous appreciation for Mary and prayer for Benedictine College.” Benedictine College is truly being recognized by the Church as becoming one of the great Catholic colleges in America. -Tom Hoopes

To watch the video of the Cardinal’s speech go to

Ways to support the Benedictine College Fund: GIVE BY MAIL

Gifts made by check should be payable to Benedictine College and mailed to: Benedictine College, Office of Advancement 1020 North Second Street, Atchison, KS 66002-1499

GIVE BY PHONE 1-800-766-0078 ext. 7416


You may make a gift securely online using your debit or credit card. Visit


By donating appreciated securities or mutual fund shares, you can provide a lasting contribution while receiving tax benefits, such as capital gains tax savings. 53380 benedictine.pdf 7


Your gift provides a convenient way for you to enjoy a charitable deduction based on the current fair market value of your property, and it can reduce the size and complexity of your estate.


Remember Benedictine in your will or estate plan. The official legal bequest language for Benedictine College is: “I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give devise and bequeath to Benedictine College [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.” Our federal tax ID# is 48-07777079. If you already have named Benedictine College in your estate plan, please contact us so we can welcome you to the Benedictine Legacy Society. We also offer life-income gifts that provide income and immediate tax benefits. For more information, please contact Tim Andrews, Director of Planned Giving, at 913-360-7363 or

April 1, 2010 09:49:03

Non-profit org. U.S. POSTAGE

Benedictine College Office of Advancement 1020 North Second Street Atchison, KS 66002 913-360-7414

St. Benedict’s College

Come Home in



Mount St. Scholastica College

Benedictine College


All-Alumni Reunion Weekend June


Classes featured include: 1935, 1940, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 For more information go to or contact Courtney Marshall, Director of Alumni Relations, at 913-360-7428

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April 1, 2010 09:49:04

Spirit of Giving - Spring 2010  

Quarterly newsletter produced by the Advancement Office for Benedictine College

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