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On December 5th, the middle school participated in the spelling bee Mrs. Taylor hosts every year. Mrs. T has been hosting this spelling bee for 15 years for “kids who are more interested in academics rather than sports.”

This year Alexis Humes won for the 8th grade with Shayla Whitmore being the runner up and Lillian Wagner won for the 7th grade with the runner up being Logan Weller.

Alexis Humes was really proud of herself for winning the spelling bee. She remembers feeling “very nervous” during the competition. While spelling words, she was doubting herself, but she got past that and eventually won.

Lillian Wagner was also very proud of herself for winning the spelling bee. Lillian was nervous because during the competition other classes came in and watched. She didn’t doubt herself during it because she was confident in what she was spelling

The two winners will go on to participate in the County Spelling Bee at Truman Middle School on February 4th.


a pawfect day!" December 16, 2022 | Volume II: Issue 8 THE OFFICIAL STUDENT NEWS SOURCE OF BUCHANAN COUNTY R-IV Newspaper Staff
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Helaina Geoffroy | Marshall Jones | Abigail Miller | Tricia Simpson Photo Credit: Tricia Simpson Pictured: Lillian Wagner, Mrs. T, Alexis Humes

When people hear the word Christmas they think of presents, snow, joy, family, and friends. They also think of decorations, including the Christmas tree. According to, “the first written record of a decorated Christmas Tree comes from Riga, Latvia. Men of the local merchants’ guild decorated a tree with artificial roses, danced around it in the marketplace and then set fire to it.”

These days people decorate their Christmas tree with different types of ornaments, garland, and lights. The ornaments vary in style and sizes. Some have sentimental value and were passed on from generation to generation. And people top their tree with an angel or a star.

Christmas Trees are a great way to decorate for the holidays. There are even trees for halloween. People have been decorating for Christmas (not just with trees) since the 16th century.

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It's getting close to Christmas time and everyone is trying to figure out Christmas presents. This can be a stressful time trying to figure out what to get for loved ones, wondering if they will like it, or if they will even use or enjoy the thing you've bought them. So this year the news staff for the Black And Gold decided to help you out a bit.

Here at De Kalb our Christmas list varies from expensive to inexpensive such as Junior Carl-J Ranada, who says, “I want a flannel jacket this Christmas," or the more expensive route: I want a new car for Christmas, specifically a Subaru,” says Senior Riley Johnson.

We also have the tangible and intangible items, such as Freshman Grace Downing's wish: “I want a mansion for Christmas,” or the tangible route: “I want a new pair of Hey Dudes for Christmas,” says Nurse Jackson.

If you're struggling for ideas for parents, “I would like some new books for Christmas,” says Mr. J. Or, maybe something from the heart: “I want good health for everyone this year,” says Mrs. Hansbrough.

We hope our list has helped take some of the stress off of Christmas shopping this year. Check out our “What to Buy” column for even more ideas. We also hope that you have a holly jolly Christmas, and a happy New Year.

What to Buy

If you're struggling to figure out the perfect Christmas gift this year, never fear! We have a list of ideas for you:


Video games, fuzzy blankets, candles, fuzzy socks, Airpods, or any type of candy really.


New kitchen gadgets or towels, candles, an electric blanket, a new tool kit, a new pair of slippers, an air fryer, or even a craft.

Inexpensive Gifts

Favorite snacks or candy, a homemade gift or craft, or even a heartfelt letter, poem, or card.

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Pictured: Hayden Black, Luke Miller, and Gavin Moore Photo Credit: Abigail Miller


On November 28th, 29th, and 30th, the high school boys basketball team played in the PVI tournament. They faced North Nodaway and beat them 55-44. They had a close game to Osborn/Stewartsville, but didn’t come out on top and the score was 34-48. The last game they played was at Northwest in Maryville, Missouri, competing for third place and came out with a disappointing loss to St. Joe Christian.

As the season goes on, the boys learn how to play together and work more as a team, but there are still improvements they could make on that part of the game. Chris Weinmann says “We’ve all grown up together, so I think there’s more we can improve, not just on the court.”

During the games, the boys put up a lot of shots and that is what is going to help them win. Offense can’t win it all though, and during the. St Christian game, Coach “Dubs” Wildhaber says “We could work on our defense. We gave up a lot of points.”

This year, Chris Weinmann says the boys listen to Coach Dubs and respect him more and take it more seriously than they did in the past. During the PVI tournament the games moved smoothly and there wasn’t arguing during the game. If the boys can all come together as a family and work on things together with the help of their coach, there are high hopes for the rest of the season.

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Pictured: Kyle Funk, Coach Dubs, Chris Weinmann Photo Credit: Tricia Simpson


During the last week of November, the Lady Tigers participated in the PVI tournament During this tournament the lady tigers played StewartsvilleOsborn, St. Joe Christian, and North Nodaway. Playing these teams, the girls won the game against Stewartsville-Osborn 41-36.

During the tournament, Coach Reagan noticed a few things the girls did really well. “We have a lot of people looking to score, and we can use this and refine opportunities,” says Coach Reagan.

Some of the girls noticed some things as well “We moved the ball down the court really well,” says Junior Kalyn Hartman. They didn't just do one thing well. “We attacked the basket and made good moves around the basket,” says Junior Rachel Reagan.

The tournament also pointed out some things to work on. “They need to work on taking care of th ball better, and that will allow us to get more an better offensive shots,” says Coach Reagan.

The girls also noticed some areas to work on. “W need to work on better communication durin games,” says Rachel Reagan. “We also need to ge better at knowing the plays,” says Kalyn Hartman.

In all, the PVI tournament went well and was a grea learning experience for the girls. They will surel use what they've learned in their next game tonigh at Northwest Nodaway.

DECEMBER 16, 2022
Pictured: Lady tigers basketball girls Photo Credit: Coach Reagen


On December 3rd, the middle school girls participated in the 275 conference against Mound City, Nodaway Valley, Platte Valley, and Stewartsville-Osborn. They won against Platte Valley by 19-13. We also won against Stewartsville Osborn by 19-11.

Coach. Hoffman was pretty happy with the game. “I was pleased. The girls showed good effort. They improved in a lot of areas. There's a lot of good individuals on our team,” says Hoffman.

One of the players, 8th grader Kyleigh Black, noticed some good things and some bad. She says “I think we did pretty good. We worked well as a team, but there are a few things I would have done differently.”

Overall, the girls had a great season and are looking forward to next year.

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Pictured: Mr. Hoffman Photo Credit: Marshall Jones Pictured: Kyleigh Black Photo Credit: Marshall Jones


On Saturday, December 3rd, the Muddy Paw and FBLA went to the craft show at P and J’s and the community center. The Muddy Paw sold coffees, while the FBLA gave out food for free will donations.

Mrs. Haley Horr, the teacher that runs the Muddy Paw and FBLA, says that “I think it was really good for our kids to get out in the community and get to know them and let the community get to know the kids.” The Muddy Paw made about $100 plus tips.

The FBLA did a fundraiser to go on a business tour in the spring. They did a free will donation and gave out goodies like rolls, cinnamon rolls, soup, chili, and drinks. They made about $300 all together. Mrs. Horr says that “It was a very successful fundraiser. It got kids out in the community and they got to meet people they normally wouldn’t be able to meet. I thought my students did a wonderful job at customer service and being knowledgeable and very sweet to the community members and I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

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Pictured: FBLA/Muddy Paw Members
"Love the giver more than the gift." ~ Brigham Young ~ Lexi Gore Quote of the Week
Photo Credit: Haley Horr


On Tuesday, December 6 the Sophomore class and counselor Mrs. Powell went to Hillyard Technical Center. Hillyard is “a trade school. So if you want to specifically get into a certain area. Whether it’s nursing, welding, CNC machinery, auto mechanics, anything like that is a specific trade that they focus on,” said Mrs. Powell.

Going to Hillyard was very different from the students sitting in a classroom all day. Sophomore Shyann Nowak applied for Welding Technology. “When I graduate I don’t have to go to college to get a welding degree. I can just start welding,” said Shyann. “They look at your attendance, grade, those are the main requirements. They look at what you want to do in the future, what your half way ideas are,” said Mrs. Powell. The applications are due by February 1, 2023.

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Pictured: Sophomore Class Photo Credit: Mrs. Powell Pictured: Sophomore Class Photo credit: Mrs. Powell


As the new year approaches, so do new video games One of the big ones coming out toward the end of January is the remake of the first Dead Space game

You can play it on the playstation, Xbox, and PC. When the game releases, it is said to cost about $60-$70.

Dead Space is a fictional survival horror where you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is trying to find out what happened when a mining ship went dark after finding a strange artifact on a distant planet. Can you save your friends from the unknown horrors of the artifact?

Find out next year when the game is released.


"That's the thing about risks It's impossible to know which ones are worth it until it's too late "

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo is a fun, fastpaced, stand-alone YA fantasy with a captivating premise. She's a siren that hunts princes cursed to live among the humans for a time; he's a prince that hunts sirens and rescues her after she's cursed. Full of action, wit, and heart-pumping moments, this book whisked me away on an adventure that I highly recommend for others.

I gave this novel 4.5 stars because it kept me interested from start to finish. I really enjoyed getting to know Lira and Elian. The dual pov was wonderfully done and the prose was beautiful. My main critique is that, for me, the ending felt a bit rushed.

If you enjoy books with enemies to lovers, sirens, magical blades, extensive magical lore, and a bit of found family, then pick this up and give it a read! Or stop by and ask Mrs. Faulkenberry to borrow her copy (only if you promise to return it!).

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DECEMBER 16, 2022 PAGE | 10 7th Grade: Nolan Huffman TERRIFIC TIGERS 9th Grade: Khloe Pflugradt 8th Grade: Shayla Whitmore Favorite Holiday: 4th of July Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Store: 5 Below Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper Favorite Holiday: "My Birthday" Favorite Season: Spring Favorite Store: 5 Below Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Season: Summer Favorite Store: Target Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
DECEMBER 16, 2022 PAGE | 11 10th Grade: Samara Martin TERRIFIC TIGERS 11th Grade: Abby Miller 12th Grade: Lyndon Gore Favorite Holiday: 4th of July Favorite Season: Spring Favorite Store: TJ Maxx Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Store: Target Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Season: Summer Favorite Store: Target Favorite Drink: Strawberry Acai Refresher