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FERGUSON PREPARES TO SET SAIL BY TRICIA SIMPSON Estella Ferguson, better known as Mrs. Ferguson, is retiring. She has been working at De Kalb for 15 years. As a counselor, she hears many things throughout the day. Many people think she just helps kids emotionally and mentally, but she does so much more. She is always there to talk about school related problems, such as grades or missing assignments. With everything on her plate, she also helps and makes every student’s schedule for them every year. With Mrs. Ferguson being so familiar to all of us, it’s going to be a significant change when she leaves our school. Her favorite part about working here is “I love the kids, I love the staff and the administrators, I love it all." People might think she is here to get us in trouble or make sure we aren’t being bad, but she is here to make sure we feel loved and cared for. Mrs. Ferguson’s son graduated from De Kalb in the past, and her favorite memory is “Getting to hand him his diploma." Although Mrs. Ferguson has had many memories and great times here at De Kalb, sometimes change is good. After she leaves, she has big plans. She and her husband plan on traveling a lot. While new things are happening, she will always miss working here and being around everyone. “I’m going to miss the camaraderie and everybody - seeing everybody and the hugs." If you see Mrs. Ferguson, be sure to give her a thank you and a hug for everything she has done for us. She has done more for us than we all know and it goes unseen. Thank you, Mrs. Ferguson.

Pictured: Mrs. Ferguson Photo Credit: Tricia Simpson


viajar Definition:

To travel Use it in a Sentence:

Mrs. Ferguson va a viajar este verano.

BASEBALL SEASON BEGINS WITH RAIN-OUTS BY JAXON HARRIS The De Kalb high school baseball team has recently started their season with a difficult few weeks with weather and other obstacles slowing them down. Their first game was March 19th against West Platte, and their first home game was March 21st, but both rained out. Coach Wardlow claims that “Goals for the older or experienced players would be to fine tune some of their mechanics and for the younger or inexperienced players, a general goal would be to install a base knowledge that we can build upon later in the season.” Coach Matthews has been coaching baseball for six years, and he thinks the De Kalb High School baseball team is having an okay season so far. At the school, a new field was installed that is ready for use. Coach Matthews says “We would like to see families attend the games and bring a child along to see what baseball is like. My main goal for this season is to continue to develop our program and compete at the greatest level possible."

Pictured: Zander Matson Photo Credit: Tricia Simpson

The players on the De Kalb High School baseball team had some of their own personal goals and some team goals for this season. Player Rawley Mydland says, “ I want to play hard and have fun, and I want our team to play hard, win some games, and prove we are a better team.” Zander Matson’s goal is to “win some games." The De Kalb High School baseball team still has a long season ahead of them, and if you wish to watch or keep updated on the games, you can go to the MHSAA website. Their next of many games is against Northwest Nodaway onMonday, March 28, at 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

Pictured: Rawley Mydland Photo Credit: Tricia Simpson

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Jesse Ashpaugh

"School is Cool" MARCH 25, 2022

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THE DE KALB DOPPLEGÄNGERS BY MEKAYLA BOYDSTON If you're ever walking in the halls at De Kalb High School, you may notice two teachers who look very similar: Mrs. Faulkenberry and Ms. Nelson. Most people agree that they are confused from behind because of their similar hair lengths, height, and clothes. Secretary Stacy Downing says “I confuse one for the other from behind when they aren’t facing me.” Mrs. Faulkenberry and Ms. Nelson both share similar memories of people confusing them with the other. Mrs. Faulkenberry remembers, “ One day I was in the office, and Stacey starting telling me something she was meant to tell Mrs. Nelson, and I was confused.” Similar to that, Mrs. Nelson says, “Mrs. Downing was talking to Mrs. Faulkenberry and telling her something, and I turned around and had no idea what she was talking about.” The information was meant for Mrs. Faulkenberry. Doppelgängers strike again!

Pictured: Mrs. Faulkenberry, Mrs. Downing, and Ms. Nelson

Photo Credit: Jaxon Harris

Not only are they similar because of their looks, but because they are both authors in the middle of writing and publishing their books. If you want to talk to Mrs. Faulkenberry or Ms. Nelson, make sure it’s the right one and not their doppelgänger.


In Mrs. Millers CA1 classes, there are 3 books being read right now. Freshman Alexis Nell is one of these students that is reading Shout. The book she chose to share this week is Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson. She is on page 43 of this book. She recommends it because "It has a lot of meaning to it, and a lot of people could relate to it. It has parent issues, and sensitive topics." The most meaningful moment to Alexis is when "The dad abuses the mom." If you would like to read or check out this book, see Mrs. Miller.

MARCH 25, 2022

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FFA Competition Fosters Career Development BY ABIGAIL MILLER

Pictured: Tori Hawk Photo Credit: Abigail Miller

FFA has a series of spring competitions they get to do to give students an opportunity to learn and experience new things related to FFA. FFA is participating in several career development events; they traveled to Brunswick on March 4th, Lathrop on March 14th, Trenton on March 17th, and Savannah on March 21st. “So far we've been doing really well and have been placing in the top 5 teams in each contest area, ” said Mr. Medsker. Medsker indicated that “They have gone to 4 practice contests, and they go to districts on April 5th and 6th.” They participate in three events and have three different teams. The teams are as follows: FFA Knowledge team: Tori Hawk, Alexis Nell, Shyann Nowak, Paige Flory, Keatyn Creviston, and Brooklyn Frakes Meats Team: Kalyn Hartman, Harlie Hall, Rachel Reagan, and Jaxon Harris Floriculture Team: Brandon Griffin, Caden Weinmann, Natalyn Killoren, Carli Browning, Macy Dittemore, Rebbie Reagan, and Rebekah Gunter Each team has an important role in the competition. They each have their own roles and have certain things they have to practice and study like the Knowledge Team. “We take tests on FFA knowledge,” said Tori Hawk. FFA events also give these students something they will take with them their whole life, such as “meeting new people and making new friends,” said Tori Hawk.

Pictured: Aaron Medsker Photo Credit: Abigail Miller MARCH 25, 2022

If there is anything about FFA or these events that you would like to know about or learn about, you can talk to Mr. Medsker or any of the FFA team members. PAGE | 05

Spotlight on 9th Grade My favorite memory is

Get sleep often. - Helaina

when we beat

When we left Alexis

Stewartsville in

in the bathroom at


a contest.

- Luke




9th grade has Keeping up with homework is the hardest part. - Keatyn MALAK EL HALABI

taught me each grade is going to get harder. - Boston MALAK EL HALABI

MARCH 25, 2022

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Lunch Menu Monday, Mar. 28 Meatball Sub Tuesday, Mar. 29 Cheeseburger Wednesday, Mar. 30 Chicken Patty

On Thursday, March 17, De Kalb hosted a Scholar Bowl meet with South Nodaway, Stewartsville, and Northeast Nodaway. All three games for De Kalb were close games. In Round 1, De Kalb lost with 200 points to South Nodaway’s 201 in Overtime. In Match 2, De Kalb prevailed with a score of 210 to Stewartsville’s 180, but lost Match 3 with 220 points to Northeast Nodaway’s 221 in Overtime. “It was a fun meet. We played some of the best teams conference. We had a really strong group this year. I'm that we are bringing everybody back. Out of 16 teams conference we scored the 7th most points, so that's good,” recalls Mr.J.

in the happy in the pretty

To pass the time during the meet, Junior Landon Williams, decided to draw. . “He didn’t know how to do math,” says Junior Dylan Johnson, so he drew on his scratch paper whenever they had a computation math question. Williams draws during the meets due to “boredom,” he says. You can check out Williams’ masterpieces below.

Thursday, Mar. 31 BBQ Rib on Bun

Friday, Apr. 1 Italian Pizza

Monday, Apr. 4 Chicken Alfredo

Tuesday, Apr. 5 Popcorn Chicken

Wednesday, Apr. 6 Chicken Patty

Thursday, Apr. 7 Chicken Quesadilla

Friday, Apr. 8 Meat Lover's Pizza MARCH 25, 2022

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