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FAULKENBERRY'S LEGACY BY ABIGAIL MILLER There are lots of amazing and talented teachers that work at De Kalb, including Mrs. Faulkenberry. Faulkenberry teaches CA2 and CA4 here at De Kalb, and she's also the Yearbook teacher. But, Faulkenberry does more than just teach; she writes, too. Faulkenberry has written three books, but the first to come out and be published is The Lenoir Legacy. You can order this book starting on March 11th from Amazon. Faulkenberry's book takes you on an adventure with the main characters Rosealyn Lenoir and Captain Charles. During their adventure, they make discoveries about her family and the world they live in that she never thought possible. “It's fun to get in character with her characters, it's like you can actually see what's going on and you can visualize what you're reading,” says Senior Janessa Bowen, one of Faulkenberry’s biggest fans Writing books takes time and a lot of patience. “I've been writing this book since high school,” says Faulkenberry. Writing also takes a lot of courage to put your book and even yourself out there to take some criticism. “The hardest part was taking the step to share it with complete strangers,” says Faulkenberry. If you would like to know more about her book or maybe the current book she's writing, you can talk to Faulkenberry. Or maybe if you're thinking about writing something yourself, you can see her for some tips and pointers.

Pictured: Mrs. Faulkenberry Photo Credit: Abigail Miller


libro Definition:

Book Use it in a Sentence:

El nuevo libro de Sra. Faulkenberry tener ser publica.

AS SPRING APPROACHES, SO DOES MIDDLE SCHOOL TRACK BY TRICIA SIMPSON As this nice weather approaches, runners are approaching their starting spots. The Middle School track season has started. On February 28th, they had their first practice. During their practice, they always start with warmups, so no injuries are caused. After that the track team either practices sprints or distance running. The team has new runners, as well as a new coach. Their new coach is Coach Roberts. Being a new coach can be scary because you don’t know what all your team is capable of. In practice, Roberts has his team doing a variety of running drills so he can figure out who is capable of what. The team has many new 7th graders who have never ran a track before. Going into a whole new sport can be nerve wracking, but these 7th graders aren't very nervous. Emma Pitts is excited because “I like to run.” The new 7th grade track runners are Camry Hanshaw, Kelsey Chatman, Emma Pitts, Cole Kovac, and Thomas Gunter. The 8th graders feel as if there is more pressure this year. Presli Punzo says “There is more pressure because the 7th graders are looking up to us”. There are also new 8th grade runners, who could ask some questions to the previous runners from last year. The new 8th grade runners are Bode Griffin, Landon Crockett, and Blake Norton. With a new coach some things are different from last year. “The warmups and the way we run is different”.-8th grader Kenzie Plfugradt. Some people were preparing for

Pictured Right to Left: Kenzie Pflugradt, Presli Punzo, Emma Pitts

Photo Credit: Tricia Simpson

the offseason, but others were not. Presli Punzo was conditioning to get ready for the 2022 track season. The 7th graders are hoping to do good for the season and have high hopes. The 8th graders hope to help the 7th graders prepare for the first track meet. The 8th graders are also hoping for a good season. You can find information about their season on the school website.

Quote of the week brought to you by: Mrs. Matthews "Be the change you want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi MARCH 10, 2022

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HIGH SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD SEASON TAKES OFF BY JAXON HARRIS The high school track team started their season with a good first week of practice. Coach Reagan, the head high school track coach, thinks that they have had a good start to the season, ith plenty of intensity. The running and jumping Coach Mckenzie Reagan is the head coach and has plenty of goals and end targets. Coach Reagan said she had a good first week of practice, but she always wants more players. Coach Reagan noted that “It is always ideal to have more athletes, especially with track, but it was ok.” Coach Reagan is looking forward to seeing improvements throughout the season. Junior athlete DJ Johnson has been doing track since freshman year and is planning on doing the one mile and hurdles. Johnson looks forward to “edals, I want to medal in my events.”

Pictured: Lathan Goddard and Coach Reagan Photo Credit: Jaxon Harris

Senior athlete Macy Dittemore has been doing track since junior high and is planning on doing the 4x800, stating “I want to go to State and place.” The team will attend its first meet on March 24th at East Buchanan High School. You can find more information on the school website.


Some students at De Kalb really don't like to read; it's just not in their interest. If one of these students finds an amazing book, they won't put it down. Freshman Anna Sampson is one of these students that found an amazing book. The book she chose to share this week is Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson. She is on page 173 of this book. She recommends it because "It's very interesting and it talks about her life and her relationship with her parents, and I think a lot of people can relate to it." MARCH 10, 2022

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Abigail Takes the Ice by Storm BY MEKAYLA BOYDSTON

De Kalb's very own Abigail Miller won first place at the Winterfest Skating competition in Omaha, Nebraska, on February 24th. She placed first in Lyrical Pop, second in the Dramatic program, and third in Character Performance. Abigail says, “I did okay. I didn’t do as good as I wanted to, but I did better than what I thought I was going to do.” Skating takes years of practice, and Abby has been skating since the fifth grade. In her seven years of skating, she has been in 28 ice skating competitions. Abby says “The thing I enjoy about skating the most is all of the people I’ve met, the friends I have made, and I’ve met some famous people.” Abby will compete again at the end of next month.

February Students of the Month

Senior Rebekah Gunter

MARCH 10, 2022

Sophomore Rawley Mydland

8th Grader Ceci Sherlock

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Spotlight on 8th Grade My favorite memory is when the power When Mr. White

went out

gave us the speech

- Landon

about life.



Don't give up. - Miley MALAK EL HALABI

My favorite History is my favorite class. - Faith

memory is when Ceci fell out of the chair.



MARCH 10, 2022

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Sometimes when doing any arts or craft projects, we have a little thing called “happy accidents." That is what Brenna Bowen calls her recent artwork. Brenna has been in art since her freshman year of high school. She explains, “I'm proud of myself. I usually let Mrs. K. do most of the work for me. But, this is the first thing I did on my own. It just meant I was getting out of my comfort zone." Sometimes hard work really does pay off.

Lunch Menu Monday, Mar. 14 No School Tuesday, Mar. 15 Macaroni and Cheese Wednesday, Mar. 16 Chicken Patty

Thursday, Mar. 17 Turkey and Cheese Sandwich

Friday, Mar. 18 Pepperoni Pizza

Monday, Mar. 21 Mozzarella Dunkers Tuesday, Mar. 22 Stromboli Pinwheel Wednesday, Mar. 23 Chicken Patty

Thursday, Mar. 24 Super Nachos

Friday, Mar. 25 Italian Pizza MARCH 10, 2022

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