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Occupational Therapy: Helping Children Learn to Play

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2020 Independent School Guide

Help kids get back to being kids. Last year, more than 93,000 kids visited our hospital. Kamiah was one of them. Diagnosed with cancer at just 4 years of age, she has already spent 150 days in the hospital, braved 7 rounds of chemotherapy, and is currently awaiting a second stem cell transplant. By donating to The Snowball Fight for Kids—a virtual snowball fight powered by donations—you’ll be helping to fund the life-saving research and expert care that kids like Kamiah depend on.

Donate at snowballfightforkids.ca

Kamiah | Surrey 2 bcparent.ca • education 2019

7 rounds of chemo


Letter from the Editor

Years of Service to BC Families


t’s crazy to think that school has been back for two months already and now the holidays are fast approaching. We know there is so much to do and think about, as always. In this issue, we’ve put together a few resources to try and make things a little easier. Check out the Independent School Guide, Preschool Guide, and Winter Activity Guide. We’ve also included a feature on the benefits of occupational therapy—from newborn to senior, this therapy can be helpful for all ages.

Carlie Parkinson

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36 Ways

to Seize a Snow Day… …and make the most of an unexpected day off


or school-aged children, there are no words more exciting than ‘snow day.’ But unexpected days off can be stressful for parents, who usually have long lists of carefully laid plans. But come on, parents, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Let the next snow day be a reminder of how invigorating it is to act like a kid for a day. Here’s a list of ways to adjust your thinking, so you can join in the unexpected revelry that comes with a spontaneous day of play. 1. Cancel everything. Whether the storm has come or is coming, why wait? A snow day is a great excuse to clear your schedule. After all, safety first. 2. Warm up the house. Take the chill off by turning up the heat for a short period of time and then turning it back down to a moderate temperature. 3. Take a break from work. Working parents can probably still do some work if absolutely necessary. But does it have to take all day? Put in a couple of hours early to clear your to-do list. 4. Be prepared for power outages. Keep batteries, flashlights, and safety candles stocked up in one pantry for easy access when you need them. 5. Light the fires. If you have a fireplace or 6 bcparent.ca • education 2019

woodstove, crank that baby up! If you don’t have a fire, try lighting one or two wood wick candles, but never leave them unattended. 6. Inventory outdoor toys. What are your favorite things to do on a snow day? Be sure you have sleds, skates, snowshoes, and whatever else you like to do outside, at the ready. 7. Dress snuggly. When you are not outside enjoying the snow, throw on some flannels, thermals, bathrobes and slippers. Nobody is going to see you today, so comfort first. 8. Don’t make the beds. You will likely be climbing in and out of bed all day, so there is no point trying to be tidy. 9. Feed the birds. Fill your feeder, throw handfuls of birdseed on a bare spot under a tree or spread a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in cornmeal. 10. Play board games. Today is your chance to break out as many board games as you like. Really long games can be played in intervals throughout the day. 11. Take a family walk. Maybe it’s too icy for a snowman or too cold for a snowball fight. Then why not take a short, brisk

By Christina Katz

walk instead? Just dress for the weather. 12. Whip up some cocoa. Get your ingredients

out before you head outdoors, so you’ll be ready to whip up a fresh batch of hot chocolate once you get back in. Don’t forget the whipped cream or marshmallows! 13. Work on a giant puzzle. Find an out of the way, flat surface, and dump a set of puzzle pieces out. In the morning. Everyone can work together or chip away at it all day long. 14. Bake something delicious. Warm up that kitchen with a batch of cookies or brownies. Don’t worry about calories today. 15. Take a break from electronics. Everyone gets to post at least one snowfie on social media. But then make a point of focusing on down time, rather than screen time, so everyone can recharge their batteries. 16. Write letters or thank you notes. You may still have a few thank you notes to catch up on. Gratitude is a perfect way to start or end the day. Or describe your snow day for a far-away relative. 17. Flip through catalogs and magazines. Remember how you didn’t make the bed? When you are ready for a reprieve, you can mindlessly flip through pages there.

18. Build a blanket fort. Empty the linen closet

and see what you have for supplies. Or break into teams and create a blanket fort compound. 19. Grill sandwiches. Lunchtime! How about a grilled ham and cheese or a grilled bacon, tomato and cheese? Warm up some soup on the side, too. 20. Take an afternoon nap. Feeling sleepy after lunch? Call for an hour of quiet time and then regroup. 21. Start dinner. You know what makes a great snow day dinner? Soup, stew or chili. Keep ingredients on hand to throw at least one of these together. 22. Spoil your pets. Your pets will be almost as excited as your kids at the prospect of everyone staying home. So be sure to include them in a romp in the snow or a rest by the fire, if you possibly can. 23. Colour at the kitchen table. Find printables for every member of the family and gather with cookies for an impromptu coloring session. 24. Learn something new. Check out documentaries on YouTube. Teach everyone how to make omelets. Research a future

1 in 5 children is at risk of going to school hungry.

GtoImVakEe a

nce diffeclurbecanada.org



travel destination. Learn something fun. claustrophobic? Declare twenty minutes of treasure hunting for charity. Have each person start with their room and then work your way through the rest of the house. 26. Share a new card game. Go Fish, Rummy, or even Black Jack. Search online for simple directions that will suit the number of people you have at home. 27. Have a family yoga class. Great news, you are already in comfy clothes! Search on YouTube for family yoga sessions, even if it’s someone’s first time. 28. Cut out paper snowflakes. Everyone is in the winter mood, so why not deck the window with freshly cut snowflakes? Look for age-appropriate tutorials online. 29. Break out the old family movies. Pop up some popcorn for a movie marathon where you are all the stars. Alternate films featuring each member of the audience. 30. Create vision boards. Grab those magazines you already read and rip them up to collage some vision boards of your hopes and dreams. 25. Gather up a box for charity. Feeling

31. Take a long hot bath. If

you never have time for this treat, now is your chance. Don’t forget the bubbles and body wash! 32. Paint nails and toenails. What colour is your snow day? Go ahead and coat your finger and toenails to match. Add sparkles if you possibly can. 33. Call for a quick clean up. All this play has been great, but if the house is a wreck tomorrow morning, it will cancel out some of today’s fun. So rouse the troops for a 30-minute restoration of order. 34. Break out the flannel sheets. If you really want to feel decadent, warm them in the dryer, make the bed, and climb in. 35. Read a beloved book out loud. Take turns letting everyone dramatically act out the parts. 36. Stream a family movie. What better way to end a playful day than with a fun film? Check out age-appropriateness of the latest flicks on CommonSenseMedia.org. Author, journalist, and writing coach, Christina Katz, feels like a kid again thanks to two snow days in a row. She hopes her enthusiasm is contagious.

Play 2 Learn 4 Life Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy For kids needing help with:

Self-Regulation Printing Feeding Motor Skills Social Skills Use of Language play2learn4life.com 778-883-3170 zoe@play2learn4life.com bcparent.ca • education 2019 7

Occupational Therapy: Helping children learn to play

By Nicola Enright-Morin


f you thought occupational therapy was just rehabilitation programs and exercises for adults in recovery from workplace or sports injuries, then think again. Occupational therapy (or OT for short) is a catch-all term for treatment strategies to help people of all ages overcome challenges, (physical or mental) to live as independently as possible. But did you know OT helps kids of all ages—even newborns? OT is a positive game-changer for many children and it can help overcome many issues for a variety of things—everything from autism to cancer. Occupational therapy is particularly useful for kids with developmental delays, ones recovering from injuries, or kids with sensory processing issues. In addition to progressing skills, OT also can help improve children’s confidence or self-awareness. By working together as a team with families, OT’s can also improve kids’ overall quality of life by helping them to engage in enjoyable and purposeful activities. But the reality is not everyone knows, or has even heard about OT, and the benefits it can have for children. 8 bcparent.ca • education 2019

So BC Parent Magazine interviewed two local OTs, Katie Metz of We Play Kids and Pratibha Umrariya, Senior Occupational Therapist at Monarch House. We got these two experts to divulge exactly what OT is, so that our readers have the facts on the benefits of this treatment option for their kids.

So if a child has difficulty with any aspect of their occupation, an OT can help. For example, life skills—how they brush their teeth, eat, put on their clothes, get ready for school—we help kids with OT strategies for these life skills or if they have difficulties for whatever reason.” How do you know if your child needs Occupational Therapy?

OT is a positive game-changer for many children and it can help overcome many issues for a variety of things—everything from autism to cancer.

What exactly is OT?

“Occupational therapy is basically therapy to help you with things that occupy your time,” says Umrariya. “As an adult, this most often means your job. When we are young, as children, we occupy our time by playing, and so as OT’s, we help kids at their level: we intervene with play.

Both OT’s agreed that there are several ways to find out if your kid is a candidate for OT. Pediatricians may refer kids to an OT when a child needs help with fine motor, gross motor, or sensory processing skills. But parents can ask their pediatrician if they have concerns, or they can also make an appointment with an OT themselves. According to Metz, “Although some children do not necessarily “need” OT, (meaning they may not have a diagnosis of any kind), OT can help when a child has difficulty with daily activities; such as getting dressed, handwriting, working in a group setting, staying organized at school, or participating in leisure interests. OTs can help by giving the family

strategies or tools, and practicing the activities with the child.” Umrariya says the best thing to do for your children is to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are hitting all the usual developmental benchmarks—and if you have any concerns, speak to an OT directly or ask your pediatrician for more information. What happens in a typical occupational therapy session?

A typical pediatric OT session might look a lot like playing! In an OT session, kids will work on skills in the context of activities that are important to the child in terms of improvement. This might include things like playing with toys and games, navigating playground equipment or building obstacle courses, completing mazes or puzzles, making crafts or writing stories, or exploring different sensory experiences like textures, sounds, and movements. “The therapist sets up the activities or environment in a way that supports the child’s participation,” said Metz. “For example, using different types of seating (like a “wiggle cushion”) to help the child focus on tabletop tasks. Parents are involved at the start and end of each session, to discuss the child’s current situation and progress with the therapist, and they might also join for the whole time to participate in, or support the activities as well.” In a first session, the occupational therapist will begin by assessing your child. The therapist will use standardized tests, purposeful play and other planned activities to examine your child’s ability to do the tasks that enable him or her to learn like other children of the same age. For example: • A baby needs to explore the world by mov-

ing his limbs and using his senses to touch, see, hear, taste and smell. • A toddler needs to practice skills, such as eye-hand coordination, control of muscles, and attention that she will use in a variety of learning situations. • A school-age child must be able to participate in as many activities as possible, both in and out of the classroom. How long does an OT therapy session/ course of treatment last for?

“The course of treatment and sessions really depends on each individual child, and progress largely depends on if the child and their

family can do homework between sessions,” said Umrariya. “For example, if an OT is seeing a child once a week, that’s not usually enough to make a difference, so we usually advise parents at the end of each session on activities that they can try at home, which becomes their homework for that week. As the treatment progresses, we provide further activities both in OT sessions and for homework, to help the child’s progress.” The number of sessions depends on what the diagnosis is too. If a child needs help with a writing based concern, Umrariya said she might suggest sessions for three to six months. But if she felt a child had a bigger develop-

Occupational Therapists Nearby Monarch House Burnaby, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Abbotsford 778/887-3573 monarchhouse.ca At Monarch House we provide evidencebased treatment for individuals throughout the life­span requiring services in the areas of speech, language, communication, motor skills, recreation, vocational skills, daily living skills, social skills, and overall learning.

Play 2 Learn 4 Life 3369 Fraser St #212, Vancouver, BC V5V 4C2 778/883-3170 play2learn4life.com Our clinic is located centrally in East Vancouver, and is open Monday–Saturday, 8am–7pm. Our team of 10 includes OTs, SLPs, Therapy Assistants, and a Behaviour Consultant. Our sensory-motor gym develops coordination skills. Our expansive game collection encourages a child-led approach.

We Play Kids Gym Unit 1—3238 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC 604/385-2883 weplaykids.com Our occupational therapy team ​uses a child and family centred play-based approach to child development. Our OT’s help to promote activity and function through assessment and direct intervention, and by providing strategies, tools, and education.

bcparent.ca • education 2019 9

“A toddler needs to practice skills, such as eye-hand coordination, control of muscles, and attention that she will use in a variety of learning situations.”

mental concern, then she would recommend ongoing therapy. How do you find a ‘good’ OT?

All occupational therapists in Canada are regulated through provincial colleges, to make sure they meet the standards for education, ethics, and ongoing practice. You can search a database of OTs in British Columbia on the College of Occupational Therapists website. “Another factor to consider when selecting an OT for your child is the personality fit, and whether their approach or past experiences matches with your goals,” Metz said. Is OT covered by MSP?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, OT services for children are not covered by MSP. If your child has an illness or injury from a motor vehicle accident, occupational therapy services may be covered under your auto insurance plan (i.e. ICBC) and some extended health benefits plans in BC cover occupational therapy services. And Umrariya says that if your child has 10 bcparent.ca • education 2019

a medical diagnosis, some organizations and charities help parents offset the costs of OT treatment plans—the trick is to do your research.

What kind of issues can OT help with? • birth injuries or birth defects

What kind of OT exercises/strategies can parents use with their kids to help attention/organization at home?

• sensory processing disorders

There are plenty of ways parents can implement OT strategies at home with their children. To help with attention, consider things in the environment that could be distracting, whether it’s noises, clutter—even just knowing that the TV/computer or iPad is close by can be a distraction. Metz said that giving children movement breaks between sitting tasks can help kids regulate their energy levels to stay focused on school work or hobbies. She said another strategy that can be helpful for lots of different activities is using visual supports, such as pictures of the steps of an activity or routine, so that kids can see what they are expected to do and in what order.

• autism/pervasive developmental disorders

• traumatic injuries (brain or spinal cord) • learning problems

• juvenile rheumatoid arthritis • mental health or behavioral problems • broken bones or other orthopedic injuries • developmental delays • post-surgical conditions • burns • spina bifida • traumatic amputations • cancer • severe hand injuries • multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other chronic illnesses

Neuroplasticity Programs Brain-training for life-changing improvements in reading, attention, and learning. Guaranteed.

• Fast ForWord • The Listening Program • Interactive Metronome • PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement) Program

Ages 6 to adult

Distant & L­ ocal Programs

20604 Logan Avenue, #102 5755 Glover Road,Langley Langley (604) 539-1386 • www.accomplished.ca

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services at Monarch House How does Occupational Therapy help? Occupational therapy can be beneficial for children facing barriers to doing activities in their daily lives related to self-care, school and play.

How can our Occupational Therapists help? Occupational Therapists (OTs) at Monarch House aim to help children to develop and build the skills and confidence necessary to help children reach their fullest potential in the home, school, or community setting. Our OTs are highly trained health professionals who use a family-centered approach where your family’s priorities are valued throughout the entire therapy process. (e.g., Goal setting, assessment, and treatment.)

OTs help children to improve their skills and abilities to achieve their potential in the following areas:

✓ Self-care skills ✓ Fine & Gross motor skills ✓ Executive functioning skills ✓ Perceptual skills




An OT will observe and work with your child in session with a behavioural interventionist every 2 weeks and monitor, implement, or modify OT intervention programs.

An OT will provide support and recommendations every 4 weeks to the parent and help with ideas about equipment, activities or environmental changes.

An OT/ OTA will provide direct intervention for your child at Monarch House.

Call today! 778.887.3573 or contact ebuckley@monarchhouse.ca


bcparent.ca • education 2019 11


A Tool to Nurture Life-Long Learning By Diane Turner Maller


s parents we long to see our children thrive toward academic success. Some students sail smoothly through the grades with little need of additional help. Others struggle, sometimes painfully. A family move, or extended illness can cause additional challenges that make it difficult for your child to keep up. Tutoring can help. What is tutoring?

One on one tutoring is an intimate form of education that allows for immediate feedback between tutor and student. Experienced tutors can fill learning gaps as well as provide a bridge between family life and the more formalized school setting. Professional tutor and author, Marina Koestler Ruben, notes that, at its core, tutoring is a combination of homework help, strengthening weaker skills, and enrichment. She makes the point that in academic terms, tutoring serves a role that is akin to parenting. Whether a parent provides academic support alone or seeks tutoring for their child, the parent’s perspective is crucial. You are the one who knows your child the best and loves your child the most. Trust your instincts in knowing when to seek help. When to call a professional tutor

Homework help may already be part of your family routine. However, when stress and 12 bcparent.ca • education 2019

strain develop between parent and child over schoolwork, or the subject matter becomes too complex for either parent to handle, it is time to consider tutoring. When your child avoids homework; complains of stomach aches or headaches; takes a long time to complete assigned tasks; does not turn in work; or is falling behind in grade level work; it is time to intervene. Decide whether a generalist is needed to offer regular help or if specialized instruction is called for. Is your child an independent learner or a child who learns best with explicit direct instruction? Find a tutor that fits your child’s needs and your family’s budget. Referrals from your child’s teacher or your school’s counseling center is a place to start your search. Private tutoring centers who offer testing services can offer a list of tutors. Your neighborhood library may have a relationship with local tutors and provide meeting space for tutors to work with their students. You may know other parents who use a tutor and can offer first hand recommendations. Tutoring builds confidence

Even short bits of tutoring can help build confidence in your child. When my daughter, Natalie, reached algebra and trigonometry level math in high school, she hit a wall. She was unable to follow her math teacher’s explanation of the concepts and she

floundered. We found two sources of help for this challenge. Several sessions with a tutor provided additional explanations of the problematic math principles. Additionally, one of the high school teachers donated math tutoring sessions in a school fundraiser. We bid on this item and won a third way for Natalie to learn about algebra. These brief but determined efforts helped Natalie complete her final math course with a grade that she could be happy with. When you suspect a learning disability

Your neighborhood school will test to determine whether your child is eligible for special public education services. To acquire a diagnosis of your child’s learning abilities, a clinical psychologist or private testing service is in order. Conduct your own research to best advocate for your child. Even though I recognized my son’s challenges, tears flowed fast during his fourth-grade parent-teacher conference where we confronted the reality that he needed testing for a learning disability. Relief followed when his difficulties were identified, and we understood that Thomas would develop his language skills with the help of a highly trained tutor who used a program designed for students with dyslexia. The years of tutoring that Thomas received served as a key turning point in his life and literally made his later achievements possible.

Local tutors to consider MPM Math 604/266-6762 mpmmath.com In the MPM Math program, elementary school-aged children apply critical thinking to solve math problems, while developing self-confidence through autonomous learning. JELIC, an early childhood education program for children aged 3–6, empower preschoolers to solve specially-designed logic puzzles independently, under the supervision of a certified instructor.

What about the cost?

Most private tutors charge an hourly rate depending on experience and credentials. Whether getting ahead academically is the goal of tutoring, or there are basic reading or math skills that need help, search for creative cost solutions. • Tutors can be found who provide passionate help as volunteers. • College students often tutor in their major area of study. • Tutors gaining experience through a practicum offer reduced rates. • A grandparent may be available to assist your fourth grader in learning the multiplication tables. • A parent can act as a tutor. Academic programs are available that are scripted so that

Simplified Learning Skills Livia Solomon, Behaviour Therapist 604/613-0787 simplifiedlearningskills.com Special learners tutoring & behaviour therapy for learners who vary in their learning style & rates. Use ABA to simplify the learning of new skills by breaking lessons into logical steps. Keep it simple!

Accomplished Learning Centres Ltd. Langley, 604/539-1386 accomplished.ca Specializing in programs that focus on neuroplasticity—changing the brain—and develop the underlying cognitive deficits causing reading, learning and attention problems. Most beneficial for Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Language Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, and more.

parents can deliver the lessons with little preparation and learn right along with their child. In some cases, the cost of not remediating is more burdensome than the fees charged by a specialized tutor. Each family must answer the question: What do you want to achieve with tutoring and is it worth the expense? Keep searching for resources until you find them or, better yet, create them for yourself.

child has with her tutor is critical for successful progress.

Develop a positive working relationship with your child’s tutor

Remember to keep the relationship professional and businesslike even when the tutoring sessions take place in your home. Keeping the relationship professional does not mean that you are not friendly toward one another. In fact, the quality of relationship that your

Measure Progress

Many professional tutors make a practice of writing notes after every tutoring session and provide regular reports to parents and teachers. Look for a consistent format that documents your child’s progress. Working with a tutor opens an additional avenue for you as a parent to learn how your child learns best. Allow this resource to inform your own continued quest to model and share a love of learning with your child. Diane Turner Maller is a freelance writer and private tutor who applies both her parenting experience and educational training to tutor students in her local community.

Key questions to ask a prospective tutor: 1. What are your qualifications, degrees, certifications, and training? 2. How long have you been tutoring? 3. Tell me about your teaching methods or educational programs that you use? 4. Do you have references I can speak to? 5. What is your availability and do our schedules match? 6. How often will you meet with my child and for how long? 7. How will progress be measured? 8. How will you communicate with my child’s school? 9. Please explain your fee structure and cancellation or make-up policy. 10. Can we schedule a free consultation to ensure that tutor and student are a good fit?

bcparent.ca • education 2019 13

Come to our Open Houses. Visit our website to register

Elementary Open House


January 18, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

November 27, 7-9 p.m.

Casa dei Bambini Open House

LOVE OF LEARNING starts here Westside Montessori Academy’s multi-teacher, supportive classrooms encourage our students to acquire the academic and social skills to become independent thinkers who develop an appreciation for the world around them

• Casa dei Bambini, ages 3-5 • Kindergarten

• Lower Elementary, grades 1-3 • Upper Elementary, grades 4-7

a space for children to grow and learn with independence and integrity www.WestsideMontessoriAcademy.ca 14 bcparent.ca • education 2019

For information call:

604-434-9611 3075 Slocan St. Vancouver at the Italian Cultural Centre on Grandview

School Name



Class Size


Alexander Academy





Avante School



British Columbia Christian Academy





Bodwell High School and Bodwell Academy




Day: 200 Boarding: 160 Total: 360

Brockton School





Century High School





Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC





Choice School





Collingwood School





Cousteau, l’Ecole Française Internationale de Vancouver





688 West Hastings Unit 200, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1 604/687-8832; alexanderacademy.ca #202 2830 Grandview Highway,Vancouver, BC V5M 2C9 604/559-5757; avanteschool.ca 1019 Fernwood Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 5A8 604/941-8426; bcchristianacademy.ca 955 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S4 604/924-5056; bodwell.edu/highschool 3467 Duval Rd., North Vancouver, BC V7J 3E8 604/929-9201; brocktonschool.com 300-1788 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y1 604/730-8138; centuryhighschool.ca 3575 Kaslo St., Vancouver, BC V5M 3H4 604/437-0255; childrenshearing.ca

20451 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V5M 3H4 604/273-2418; choiceschool.org 70 Morven Drive, West Vancouver, BC V7S 1B2 604/925-3331; collingwood.org 3637 Fromme Rd., North Vancouver, BC 604/924-2457; cousteauschool.org Cousteau School offers a rigorous bilingual education (France and BC programs). Our cultural and linguistic diversity is our strength. Students develop an international mindset and a willingness to protect our planet and to respect differences. Students nurture a sense of curiosity and become lifelong learners while asserting themselves.

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Independent School Guide School Name



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Eaton Arrowsmith





Fraser Academy



10 max.


Fraser Valley Elementary School





Island Pacific School



James Cameron School



Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School





Madrona School Society





Magnussen Vancouver





Meadow Montessori Elementary & Preschool





Meadowridge School





Mulgrave School





North Star Montessori





Pacific Rim Montessori Academy




Pacific Spirit School




Crofton House

3200 West 41st Ave., Vancouver, BC V6N 3E1 604/263-3255; croftonhouse.ca Vancouver: 204-6190 Agronomy Road at UBC, Vancouver, BC; 604/264-8327 White Rock: 300–1538 Foster Street, 3rd Flr, White Rock, BC; 604/538-1710 eatonarrowsmith.com 2294 W. 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC 604/736-5575; fraseracademy.ca FAx Outreach Center fraseracademyx.ca Services: Educational Consulting for families; Reading, writing, and math remediation; Executive functioning coaching. 20317 67 Ave., Langley, BC 604/533-5469; fves.bc.ca

671 Carter Road, Bowen Island, BC 604/947-9311; islandpacific.org 20245 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3C9 604/465-8444 or 604/465-4561; jcs.bc.ca 420 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver, BC 604/985-5224; kgms.ca

Little Flower Academy

4195 Alexandra Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 4C6 604/738-9016; lfabc.org 2040 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC V6J 2B3 604/499-7303; madronaschool.com Suite 204, 6190 Agronomy Road at UBC, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3 604/264-8327; eatonarrowsmith.com 11391 Dartford Street, Maple Ridge, BC 604/465-3492; meadowmontessori.ca 12224 - 240th Street, Maple Ridge, BC 604/467-4444; meadowridge.bc.ca 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane, West Vancouver, BC 604/922-3223; mulgrave.com 1325 East Keith Road, North Vancouver, BC 604/980-1205; northstarmontessori.ca Vancouver and Richmond, BC 604/726-8428; pacificrimmontessori.com 4196 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC 604/222-1900; pacificspiritschool.org

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Independent School Guide

School Name



Pattison High School



Pear Tree Elementary



K-1 15 Gr 2-4 15 Gr 5-7 15


Pythagoras Academy





Roots and Wings Montessori School



Relevant High School



Richmond Jewish Day School



Royal Canadian College



St Alcuin College



981 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B6 604/608-8788; pattisonhighschool.ca 215-2678 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G3 604/355-2155, peartree.school 8671 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, BC V6X 1G1 604/370-0199; pythagorasacademy.ca 20315 16 Avenue, Langley, BC V2Z 1W5 Sullivan Centre: #101-15295 #10 Hwy, Surrey, BC V3S 0X9 604/510-2588; rootsandwingsbc.com 18620 Highway 10, Surrey, BC V3S 1G1 604/574-4736; relevantschoolssociety.ca 8760 No. 5 Rd., Richmond, BC 604/275-3393; rjds.ca

Vancouver, BC V6P 3M2 604/738-2221; royalcanadiancollege.com 1044 St. Georges Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7L 3H6 604/360-8656; stalcuincollege.com

Class Size

Enrollment 160





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Independent School Guide School Name



Class Size


St. George’s School




Day: 1040 Boarding: 120 Total: 1160

St. John’s School





St. John’s International School


10–12 with ESL program



SelfDesign Learning Community – Distributed Learning School





Southpointe Academy





Southridge School



Stratford Hall





The Westside Schools 604/687-8021, thewestsideschools.ca 1. The Foundation Years Program: K–4 (Enrollment: At capacity—accepting waitlist applicants) 788 Beatty St. Vancouver, BC V6B 2M1 2. The Middle Years Program: 5–9 (Enrollment: At capacity—accepting waitlist applicants) 101 Smithe St., Vancouver, BC V6B 1C2 3. The Westside Miniversity: 10–12 (Enrollment: Spaces available) 211 Nelson St., Vancouver, BC V6B 0P2



Gr K - 9 12 Gr 10-12


Traditional Learning Academy



Urban Academy





Vancouver College





Vancouver Formosa Academy



Vancouver Hebrew Academy




Vancouver Montessori School



PS - 20 K-7 - 25


Vancouver Talmud Torah





4175 West 29th Ave., Vancouver, BC 604/221-3890; stgeorges.bc.ca 2215 W. 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2J1 604/732-4434 or 604/629-2458; stjohns.bc.ca 300 - 1885 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC 604/683-4572; stjohnsis.com PO Box 74560, Kitsilano RPO, Vancouver, BC 604/224-3663; selfdesign.org 1900 - 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC 604/948-8826; southpointe.ca 2656 160th Street, South Surrey, BC V3S 0B7 604/535-5056; southridge.bc.ca 3000 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC 604/436-0608; stratfordhall.ca

1189 Rochester Avenue, Coquitlam, BC V3K 2X3; traditionallearning.com 466 Rousseau Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 3R3 604/524-2211; urbanacademy.ca Urban Academy offers a truly engaging learning experience for students from JK to Grade 12. By bringing core academics to life through technology, the arts, and outdoor education, students achieve high academic standards and thrive in their personal development. 5400 Cartier Street, Vancouver, BC 604/261-4285; vc.bc.ca 5621 Killarney Street, Vancouver, BC V5R 3W4 604/436-2332; vfa.bc.ca 1545 W. 62nd Ave, Vancouver, BC 604/266-1245; vhebrewacademy.com 8650 Barnard Street, Vancouver, BC 604/261-0315; vancouvermontessorischool.com 998 West 26th Ave., Vancouver, BC 604/736-7307; talmudtorah.com

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Independent School Guide School Name



Class Size


Vancouver Waldorf School





West Point Grey Academy





Westside Montessori Academy (WMA)



22 (max)


Westside Montessori School (WMS)









2725 St. Christophers Road, N. Vancouver, BC 604/985-7435; vws.ca 4125 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC 604/222-8750; wpga.ca 3075 Slocan St., Vancouver, BC 604/434-9611; westsidemontessoriacademy.ca WMA’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive educational environment that nurtures every child’s natural curiosity for learning. We are committed to providing the tools, the guides, and the prepared environment to allow each child to reach their potential both socially and academically. 4157 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 2N1 604/731-6594; westsidemontessori.ca

York House School

4176 Alexandra St., Vancouver, BC 3274 East Boulevard, Vancouver, BC 604/736-6551; yorkhouse.ca

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Exhibits, Seminars, Cooking Demos, Prizes & More

Presented by

February 1 & 2, 2020 Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building Organic Marketplace Sponsored by:

Presenting Lounge Sponsor Traditional Medicinals

Living Well Seminar Stage Sponsor

Woman and Wellness Seminar Series Sponsor

Healthy Families Seminar Stage Sponsor

www.thewellnessshow.com event information 604.983.2794

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Education for life. Providing the highest quality Montessori education to families since 1980.

• • •

Special Needs Tutoring, Behaviour Intervention, Social Skills & Psychoeducational Testing Prep for children ­ diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and other Learning ­Disabilities aged K-7

Visit us in Point Grey or False Creek to learn how your preschoolkindergarten aged child can begin their “education for life.” JERICHO HILL 4196 W 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC

SITKA SQUARE 1099 Sitka Square Vancouver, BC

• • •

Free Consultation




604-613-0787 simplifiedlearningskills.com

CELEBRATING OVER 50 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE We Play Kids Gym Safe and inclusive Sensory Friendly indoor play Drop-in admission includes:

PRO-D SESSIONS Looking for something for the kids to do during the next Pro-D? Enroll them in our 3hr Pro-D Day Sessions!





The ability to learn languages is highest between birth and age 6. Our French-English preschool program maximizes a child’s n ­ atural curiosity and ability to learn a second language during this ­important window of opportunity. • Established in 1962 • Caring, experienced & highly qualified bilingual teachers • Bright, extra-spacious classrooms • Private indoor & outdoor play areas • Introduction to French, reading, math, science and nature, music, crafts • Educational field trips

VANCOUVER BILINGUAL PRESCHOOL 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak St.) Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T1 Phone/Fax: 604.261.1221

vancouverbilingual@yahoo.ca • www.vancouverbilingual.com

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We Play Kids Therapy Pediatric Physiotherapy Pediatric Occupational Therapy Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy 1:1 sessions utilize the gym space and equipment for gross motor development, craft room for fine motor skills and private learning rooms.

• • • •

ball pool rock wall slides swings

• • • •

imaginative play craft room sensory bins and more

We also host Parties & Private Bookings!

THERAPIST-LED GROUPS are also offered to target specific developmental areas in a group setting. Current programs include Sensory Social Groups and a Fine Motor Skills Group Fees bebe submitted for for coverage Fees for for the theprogram programcan can submitted cover-from extended and/or funding sources if applicable. age frombenefits extended benefits and/or funding sources in applicable. Therapist is covered Therapist is covered on the RASP list. on the RASP list.

For more information on sensory play, hours, rates and all classes and programs, visit

weplaykids.com @weplaykids 604 -385-2883 • 1 – 3238 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

1 – 3238 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC


2020 Preschool Guide Burnaby French Language Playschool Burnaby, 604/432-1323 bflp.org Burnaby French Language Preschool offers French immersion in a happy, safe and stimulating play and social environment through play-based learning, STEM science-based activities and small class sizes. Find out what our preschool has to offer and discover the benefits of early French language learning! Casa dei Bambini – Westside Montessori Academy Vancouver, 604/434-9611 westsidemontessoriacademy.ca WMA’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive educational environment that nurtures every child’s natural curiosity for learning. We are committed to providing the tools, the guides, and the prepared environment to allow each child to reach their potential both socially and academically. Cousteau, l’Ecole française internationale de Vancouver North Vancouver, 604/924-2457 Cousteauschool.org Cousteau School guarantees a successful learning path for children by offering a toprated bilingual education (France and B.C. programs) starting at age three. Our students nurture a sense of curiosity and become lifelong learners while asserting themselves. Our multicultural diversity helps students develop an international mindset and a willingness to protect our planet and to respect differences.

Family Montessori School Vancouver 604/224-2633, 604/731-8810 familymontessori.com Since 1980, FMSS is proud to have provided the highest quality of Montessori programming for preschool and kindergarten-aged children. Following AMI Montessori principles and standards, our guides provide enriching, engaging and inspiring learning environments nurturing an “education for life.” Vancouver Bilingual Preschool Vancouver, 604/261-1221 Vancouverbilingual.com Through conversation, stories, songs and play activities, the children are exposed to the French language at a level suitable to their age and ability. Pre-reading, writing and math skills

enhance the child’s facility with language and numbers. Our arts and crafts and recreational programs develop fine and gross motor skills. West Point Grey Preschool Vancouver, 604/257-8140 westpointgrey.org/programs/licensed preschool West Point Grey Licensed Preschool at Aberthau offers care for children 30 months to 5 years old in a learning through play environment. Uniquely located in a mansion with large outdoor space this preschool is a hidden gem on the west side of Vancouver.

This Is How We Roll! Specialized gymnastics movement programs for kids 4 months - 8 years Weekly Classes Ÿ Birthday Parties Ÿ Gym-venture Days Ÿ Parents’ Night Out & more!

Clean & bright facility Ÿ Low teacher-student ratios Ÿ Fun action–packed programs REGISTER NOW!






2070 West Broadway, Vancouver


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West Point Grey Licensed Preschool at Aberthau (30 Months—5 Years)

Limited spots available for the 2019-2020 school year 4397 West 2nd Ave. Vancouver 604.257.8140 www.westpointgrey.org


Give your child a head start in French Immersion ECE certified teachers French ­immersion program For children ages 3 to 5 2 teachers per class Small class size (maximum 15) Teachers fluent in French & English

(604) 432-1323


Coming March 1st

19th Annual Family Resource Guide Have your business listed in BC’s favourite resource for parents. Listings include: Education • Classes and Programs • Family Fun • Retail • Summer Camps • Birthdays • Home • Family Health

We teach children to

    think differently 3657 Fromme Rd, North Vancouver / cousteauschool.org

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winter activity guide dance Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy Vancouver, Burnaby, 604/671-9182 mozaicoflamenco.com Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts West Vancouver, 604/926-6535 annawyman.com Ages 2+ The Arts Connection – Dance School Richmond, 604/241-0141 theartsconnection.org Ages infant to 16 years Arts Umbrella Vancouver, Surrey 604/681-5268, 604/535-1127 artsumbrella.com Ages 2–22 AUUC School of Dance Vancouver, 604/254-3436 auucvancouver.ca Ages 3 to adult Boogaloo Academy Vancouver, 604/805-0558 boogalooacademy.com Ages 5 months+ Dance Co Vancouver, Arbutus & East Van 604/736-3394 danceco.com Ages 3+ E.J.S. School of Fine Arts – Dance Surrey, 604/596-4883 ejsfinearts.com Ages 5+

Gabriela’s Movement Studio Richmond, 604/272-0607 movementstudio.ca Ages 1–9 Goh Ballet Academy Vancouver, 604/872-4014 gohballet.com Ages 4–17 hz Ballet Classique Burnaby, 604/299-9698 balletclassique.com Ages 18 months+ Just for Kicks School of Dance Surrey, 604/596-4161 justforkicksschoolofdance.com Ages 3+ North Shore Academy of Dance North Vancouver, 604/987-3814 nsad.ca Ages 3–18 North Shore Celtic Ensemble North Vancouver, 604/987-4063 nsce.ca Ages 8–18 Northwest Academy of Performing Arts New Westminister, 604/521-3255 NAPAdance.com Ages 2+ Pacific Dance Arts Vancouver, 604/738-8575 pacificdancearts.ca Ages 3+ Perform Art Studios North Vancouver, 604/988-4420 performartstudios.com Ages 3–18

Pink Petal Ballet North Vancouver pinkpetal.ca Ages 2+ Place des Arts Coquitlam, 604/664-1636 placedesarts.ca Ages 3+ Port Moody School of Dance 604/936-0966 portmoodydance.com Ages 3+ School of Music and Dance Langley, Surrey and White Rock musicanddance.org Ages 2+ The Landing Dance Centre South Vancouver, 604/325-8653 TheLandingDance.com Ages 8 to adult Tri-City Dance Centre Coquitlam, 604/523-6868 tricitydance.com Ages 3+ Vancouver Phoenix International Academy of Dance Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey 778/885-3456, 604/600-8066 vpdance.ca Ages 4+ Vancouver Tap Dance Society East Vancouver, 604/253-0293 vantapdance.com Ages 3+

Vancouver Academy of Dance Vancouver and Richmond 604/231-8293 vancouverdance.com Ages 3+ Westside Dance Centre Ltd Vancouver, 604/736-1000 westsidedance.ca Ages 3+

music Arbutus Music Academy Vancouver, 604/736-8767 arbutusmusicacademy.com Ages 3+ The Arts Connection – Music School Richmond, 604/241-0141 theartsconnection.org Ages 4+ The ACT Arts Centre Maple Ridge theactmapleridge.org/ arts-programs-music Available classes: Bouncers (1–18 months), Wigglers (16–42 months), Explorers (3–5 years), Guitar Basics (8–14 years), Guitar Basics (15 years+) BC Conservatory of Music Burnaby, 604/299-2984 bccmusic.ca Ages 4+ BC Registered Music Teachers Assoc. 604/733-5531 bcrmta.bc.ca All Ages

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winter activity guide Campos Music Vancouver, 604/325-0480 camposmusic.ca Ages 4+

North Shore Celtic Ensemble North Vancouver, 604/987-4063 nsce.ca Ages 8–18

Carillon Music Burnaby, Surrey 604/591-1161 carillonmusicacademy.com Ages 2.5+

North Shore Music Academy North Vancouver, 604/925-3403 nsma.ca Ages 3+

Colourstrings Music & Movement Group Classes Vancouver, 778/846-0127 colourstringsvan.com Ages 3 months to 6 years Delta Community Music School Delta, 604/946-1280 dcms.ca Ages 5+ E.J.S. School of Fine Arts – Music Surrey, 604/596-4883 ejsfinearts.com Ages 4+ Jean Lyons School of Music Vancouver, 604/734-4019 jeanlyonsmusic.com All Ages Jumpstart Music & Movement Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam jumpstartmusicandmovement.com Newborn to 5 years Kindermusik with Miss Audrey 778/838-9595 kindermusik.com Newborn to Age 5 Langley Community Music School 604/534-2848 langleymusic.com Ages 3 months+ Long & McQuade Music Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kamloops, Langley, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Prince George, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, White Rock, and 3 locations on Vancouver Island. long-mcquade.com/lessons All Ages Music for Young Children 800/828-4334 myc.com Ages 3 to 9 years MusicQube Education Ltd. Richmond, 604/370-5678 Ages 2+ Music Teachers on the Go Richmond, North Vancouver, Vancouver 778/882-7603 musicteachersonthego.com All Ages

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North Shore Music Together Multiple locations in North Vancouver 778/899-5004 northshoremusictogether.com Ages 0–5 years Oakridge Music Studio Vancouver, 604/321-1551 omusicstudios.com Place des Arts Coquitlam, 604/664-1636 placedesarts.ca Ages 2+ Richmond Community Music School 604/272-5227 richmondmusicschool.ca Ages 4+ School of Music and Dance Langley, Surrey and White Rock musicanddance.org Ages 3+ Staccato Music Studios Burnaby, 604/421-3753 staccatostudios.com Ages 4+ Tom Lee Music Academy Lower Mainland, 604/688-8929 tomleemusic.ca/lessons Vancouver Academy of Music Vancouver, 604/734-2301 vam.bc.ca Ages 3.5–18 Vancouver Central School of Music Vancouver, 604/565-8999 vcsom.com Ages 5+ Vancouver Children’s Choir 604/682-6363 vancouverchildrenschoir.ca Girls 8–16, Boys 8–12 VSO School of Music 604/915-9300 vsoschoolofmusic.ca Ages 0+ Western Conservatory of Music Langley, 604/530-0317 westernconservatoryofmusic.ca Ages 3+ Westside Music Together Vancouver, 778/829-6651 westsidemusictogether.ca Ages 0+

performing & visual arts The ACT Arts Centre Maple Ridge theactmapleridge.org/ arts-programs-theatre Available classes: Parent & Tot Story­ book Theatre (2–4 years), Act Out (4–6 years), Acting 101 (9–14 years), Musical Theatre (7–13 years), Play Building (10–15 years), Theatre Works (12–17 years). The Arts Connection Richmond 604/241-0141 theartsconnection.org Ages 4+ Arts Umbrella – Theatre and Music Vancouver, Surrey 604/681-5268, 604/535-1127 artsumbrella.com Ages 2–22 Arts Umbrella – Visual, Media, and Applied Arts, Vancouver, Surrey 604/681-5268, 604/535-1127 artsumbrella.com Ages 2–22 BC Boy’s Choir North Vancouver 888/909-8282 bcboyschoir.org Ages 7–24 Carousel Theatre for Young People Vancouver 604/669-3410
 carouseltheatre.ca Ages 3–18 CircusWest East Vancouver 604/252-3679 circuswest.com Ages 8–16 E.J.S. School of Fine Arts – Musical Theatre Surrey 604/596-4883 ejsfinearts.com Ages 7+ JCC Performing Arts School Vancouver 604/257-5111 jccgv.com Ages 6+ Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools Locations throughout the Lower Mainland 1-888/502-5253 lightsuptheatre.ca Ages 3–18

Performing Arts Classes Surrey Civic Theatres Box Office: 604/501-5566 (press 1) surrey.ca/theatre Ages 3–16 Place des Arts – Visual Arts & Theatre Coquitlam, 604/664-1636 placedesarts.ca Ages 3+ Rainbow Art School Ltd. Vancouver Westside, 778/317-8000 rainbowartschool.wixsite.com/ vancouver Ages 4–15 Surrey Art Gallery 604/501-5566 surrey.ca/artgallery Ages 3+

specialty The ACT Arts Centre Maple Ridge theactmapleridge.org/ arts-programs-digital-learning Available classes: Introduction to Computing (Ages 15 years and up), Marvelous Micro-Bit (8–12 years). Arts Umbrella – Media Arts Vancouver, 604/681-5268 artsumbrella.com Ages 6–19 years Brain Science Groups – Anxiety Management Tools ABLE Clinic, West Vancouver 604/922-3450 sharonselby.com/groups Ages 7–9 years, and 10–12 years BrainSTEM Learning North Vancouver, 604/379-2767 brainstemlearning.ca Ages 4–14

Bricks 4 Kidz Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, 778/872-STEM (7836) bricks4kidz.com/vancouver Ages 5–12 Bricks 4 Kidz® provides STEM programs that inspire kids to learn about architecture, engineering and design concepts while having fun building with LEGO® bricks. Now offering Birthday Parties, Camps and After School Enrichment Classes. Build a Biz Kids – Kid’s Entrepreneur Programs Tri Cities, Burnaby, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver, West Vancouver BuildaBizKids.com Ages 7–12

winter activity guide Cerebral Palsy Association of BC Lower Mainland 604/408-9484 bccerebralpalsy.com Chi Kids–Happiness Tools for Life Vancouver, Burnaby, 604/689-9116 chischool.ca Ages 6–12 Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art Vancouver, 604/733-1356 christiannehayward.com Ages 1–8 Dolphin Kids™ Achievement Programs 778/939-6440 dolphinkids.ca elicit-children’s Literature Projects Vancouver, 778/960-2956 elicitkids.com Ages 3–8 Math Potentials Early Math Vancouver 604/357-1940 mathpotentials.com Ages 4–6 Math Potentials Math Circles Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, South Surrey 604/357-1940 mathpotentials.com Ages 10–13, 14–18 Math Potentials Science Circles Vancouver 604/357-1940 mathpotentials.com Ages 10–14 Nature Kids BC Province Wide, 604/985-3057 naturekidsbc.ca On The Mic Voice-Over Training Vancouver, 604/669-0654 info@onthemictraining.com onthemictraining.com Ages 10–17 Sea Smart – After School Program Vancouver, 604/358-3001 seasmartschool.com Ages 6–9 Sewing with Frances Burnaby, 604/433-1030 The C.O.D.E. (Creating Opportunities Defining Education) Initiative Vancouver (UBC) 778/875-0548 thecodeinitiative.ca Helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) find a passion and an interest in coding.

Under the GUI – Coding for kids Kitsilano, Vancouver South, North Vancouver, Coquitlam 604/700-9931 underthegui.com Ages 7–15+

We Play Kids Gym Surrey, 604/385-2883 weplaykids.com Ages 0–9 years This winter We Play Kids is offering Movement Classes for various ages, Craft Classes and Pro-D Day Sessions (every Surrey Friday Pro-D Day). Our Play-staff led programs are multisensory, active and engaging. As always, inclusion, teamwork, and fun are a primary focus. Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs South Surrey/White Rock, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and Richmond 1-800/243-0335 yelearninglabs.com Ages 7–15

sports Absolute Cheer and Tumbling Camp North Vancouver, 604/984-4107 absolutecheerandtumbling.com Ages 5–12 Aquaventures Swim Centre Vancouver, 604/736-SWIM aquaventuresswim.com Ages 6 months+ Award-winning program in tropical warm water. Atlantis Swim Programs 604/874-6464, Vancouver atlantisprograms.com Ages 4 months+ Burnaby New West Ringette New Westminster cometryringette.ca bnwr.ca Ages 4–14 FREE Come Try Ringette (August and September) Club Aviva Coquitlam, 604/526-4464 clubaviva.ca Ages 6 months+ Dynamo Swim Club Burnaby, Surrey 778/866-6604 teamunify.com Ages 3–18 The Edge Climbing Centre North Vancouver, 604/984-9080 edgeclimbing.com Ages 6–18

I Can Swim North Van, Coquitlam icanswim.ca Ages 3 months+ Jump! Gymnastics North Vancouver: 604/971-0513 and Yaletown: 604/568-9690 jumpgymnastics.ca Ages 6 months–7 years Langley Gymnastics Foundation 604/532-1022 langleygymnastics.ca Ages 11 months+ The Little Gym of Langley Langley, 604/539-2543 thelittlegym.com Ages 4 months–12 years Marina’s Swim School Richmond, White Rock 604/818-4650 marinaswimschool.com Momentum Ninja Port Coquitlam 778/941-9631 momentumninja.com Ages 1yr+ My Gym Children’s Fitness Center Surrey, Maple Ridge Surrey 604/249-5437 Maple Ridge 604/465-1329 mygym.com/surrey mygym.com/mapleridge Ages 6 weeks–10 years

TumbleTown Movement Education Centre Vancouver, 604/357-7355 tumbletown.ca Ages 4 months to 8 years January 4 –March 27 TumbleTown Movement Education Centre offers specialized movement programs for children from 4 months to 8 years old. Our programs introduce children to fun and challenging activities through movement circuits, games, and music. Our programs are designed to provide children with the fundamental skills necessary to keep them active for life! We offer a variety of programs for your needs: weekly classes, family drop-ins, birthday parties and school closure gym-venture days. Sign up today for our winter term! UBC Active Kids Gymnastics 604/822-2027 kin.educ.ubc.ca/outreach/active-kids 18 months–18 years Uphoria Yoga Vancouver uphoriayoga.com Ages 0–17 Uphoria Yoga is a family yoga studio located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, offering classes for all age groups including kids yoga, adult yoga and mat workouts, family yoga, pre & postnatal yoga, and childminding options too!

Phoenix Gymnastics Vancouver, 604/737-7693 phoenixgymnastics.com Ages 6 months+

Wayland Sports Maple Ridge, 604/465-9293 waylandsports.com Walking–10 years+ We Play Kids Gym South Surrey, 604/385-2883

RBL Basketball Vancouver, 604/269-0221 RBLBasketball.com Ages 5–15

White Rock Gymnastics 604/542-0386 whiterockgym.org Walking–11 years+

Richmond Gymnastics Association 604/278-3614 richmondgymnastics.com Ages 18 months+

YogaButtons Studio Vancouver, 604/739-9642 yogabuttons.com Ages newborn–12

Sportball 604/688-3157 sportball.ca Ages 16 months–12 years

Yoga It Up South Surrey, South Delta, East Van, Vancouver, Richmond yogaitup.ca Ages 3+

Ski Wee & Wee Riders Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver 604/980-9311 grousemountain.com Ages 3–6

Zone Camps – Ski/Ride Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver 604/980-9311 grousemountain.com Ages 5–18

Grandview Skating Club grandviewskatingclub.com Ages 3+

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Holiday Gift Guide

5 1

1. Magformers – Dolce Sports Car Ages 0+

Fun on the go! Clip the Dolce Sports car to any stroller and watch as your baby explores and laughs. Featuring high-quality fabric with rattle, teether, and ribbons for tactile fun. For ages 0 months+.

3. VTech Explore and Write Activity Desk

4. Myla the Magical Unicorn

Ages 2+

This colorful robotic unicorn toy glitters with lights as she talks and sings. Touch Myla’s wand to the butterfly palette to choose a color. Then touch the wand to her eyes, wings, and horn to decorate Myla in a variety of colors. Braid Myla’s mane, brush her tail and complete her look by adding her crown and hair clips you can share. Then, sing a rocking duet with Myla and her microphone. When it’s time to go solo, pull the microphone away and Myla will stop singing and continue to play music.

An adorable, machine washable stuffy for your baby to cuddle. The reindeer makes it easy for the baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifer and is big enough to not loose regularly.

Create interactive learning experiences with your child’s very first desk. The Explore and Write Activity Desk features an interactive desktop and five pages to explore that are filled with engaging content including letters, numbers, music, colours and more. The writing pad with light-up display lets kids practice writing by tracing letters, numbers and shapes with a stylus. The desk transforms into an easel and chalkboard with plenty of storage space for art supplies. Kids can also play with the touchscreen toy phone or listen to more than 20 melodies on the music player.

Indigo $24.99

Amazon, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us $79.99


2. Wubanub Reindeer Ages 0+

2 3 26 bcparent.ca • education 2019

Ages 3+

Indigo $69.95

5. LeapStart® Go Interactive Learning System

7. Pictionairy – Air

Ages 4–8

Pictionary Air, a hysterical way to play the original family drawing game! Draw in the air and see it on your device in this exciting take on the quick-draw classic. Download the Pictionary Air app to your smartphone or tablet to get started. Point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device. For even bigger laughs, cast your drawings from your smart device to your TV using Apple TV, Chromecast or a similar streaming device. Compatible streaming device required.

Ages 8+

This sleek, easy-to-hold stylus triggers videos and audio responses using the adjustable 1.44" LCD screen and built-in speaker. LeapStart® Go makes it easier for preschool through first grade kids to understand more advanced information with activity sets like The Human Body and School Success (sold separately). Cool interactive video effects let kids zoom in, explore and interact with a variety of learning concepts by touching the stylus on interactive charts, book pages and more. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us $59.99

8. Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition Ages 8+

Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition is back for its 13th edition. This year the book is themed around the biggest stars of the videogame world such as Mario, Spider-Man and Pikachu. Plus there’s a special Fortnite chapter which included a chance to “build” yourself into the record books. It’s all there in Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020. Indigo, Amazon.ca $18.99

Toys R Us 24.99

6. Science4you – Spectacular Science Kit Ages 8+

Science4you is more than just a science experiment—it’s an educational experience. We strive to find the balance between education and fun. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they complete their experiments and help them develop a love for science. Each kit comes with a booklet written by real scientists to help educate your child with basic science, history and background information on its experiments. Toys R Us 24.99




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Portobello West Holiday Market

Yaletown Roundhouse Nov 8–9 portobellowest.com Vancouver Christmas Market

Nov–Dec 24, 2019 vancouverchristmasmarket.com The Vancouver Christmas Market celebrates its 10th anniversary season at Jack Poole Plaza. The city’s authentic German market amplifies its festive offerings with more than 80 huts stuffed with sweets, treats, and treasures. Fly Like Santa

Christmas at FlyOver Canada Nov 21–Jan 5* 10 am–9 pm daily* flyovercanada.com 604/620-8455 Children must be at least 102 cm (40") tall to enter FlyOver Canada. Children (12 and under) must be accompanied by an adult or guardian (14 years or older). *Dec 24 10 am–6 pm, Closed Dec 25 Aurora Winter Festival

Nov 22–Jan 5 PNE, Vancouver aurorawinterfestival.com Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain

Nov 22–Jan 5 grousemountain.com/peak-of-christmas All ages welcome! Dress dress for the weather conditions. Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Nov 22–Jan 26 capbridge.com/explore/canyon-lights Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum

Nov 23–Jan 3 burnabyvillagemuseum.ca Festive lighting and decorations greet you at the entrance of the Village to give you a small glimpse of the spectacular display of history and lights awaiting inside. Special entertainment is scheduled throughout the season

28 bcparent.ca • education 2019

including theatre performances, community choirs, street characters and musicians. Enjoy family favourite activities including a craft for children, baking in the Farmhouse and, of course, visits with Father Christmas!

Pinocchio: An East Van Panto – presented by The Cultch

Polar Express – West Coast Railway

Bright Nights in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Nov 23–Dec 15 Heritage Park, Squamish wcra.org Bad Hats Theatre’s Peter Pan by Carousel Theatre for Young People

Nov 23–Jan 5 The Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island tickets.carouseltheatre.ca or 604/685-6217 Disney on Ice – Mickey’s Search Party

Nov 28–Dec 1 disneyonice.com Join Mickey Mouse and his friends at Disney on Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party, a brand-new adventure filled with world-class skating, high-flying acrobatics, and unexpected stunts! Help them follow Captain Hook’s treasure map and look for clues in the search for Tinker Bell in immersive, fantastic worlds. Vallea Lumina Whistler

Opens Nov 28 vallealumina.com Located in a lush forest setting, Vallea Lumina takes place just 10 minutes from Whistler Village at Cougar Mountain. Guests reach the night walk via complimentary shuttle and are immediately immersed into charming storytelling in a breathtaking environment. Throughout the approximately 60 minute adventure, visitors follow in the footsteps of two long-ago hikers, Leonard and Gloria, who are seeking a mystical hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky; as guests move through the experience, opportunities abound to touch, play and engage with the ever-changing environment.

Nov 20–Jan 5 York Theatre, 639 Commercial Drive, Vancouver thecultch.com

Nov 28–Jan 1 vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/ bright-nights-train Hyatt Gingerbread Lane

Nov 29– Dec 27 Hyatt Regency Vancouver vancouver.hyatt.com Fun for all ages. Candytown – A Yaletown Holiday Festival

Nov 30 yaletowninfo.com/event/candytown-ayaletown-holiday-festival-2018 Hi-Light Festival

Nov 30–Dec 31 Park and Tilford, North Vancouver parkandtilford.com A Christmas Tradition and Maple Ridge Parade

The ACT Arts Centre, Maple Ridge Dec 1: 2–5 pm theactmapleridge.org Festival of Trees in Steveston

Nov 30–Dec 31 Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, Steveston Village exploresteveston.com Surrey’s Christmas Train

Bear Creek Park Nov 30–Dec 31 bctrains.com/christmas VanDusen Garden Festival of Lights

Nov 30–Dec 31 Vancouver vandusengarden.org Christmas Finds at Kids Market, Granville Island

Dec 1–24 kidsmarket.ca

Vancouver Santa Claus Parade

Sunday, Dec 1 Downtown Vancouver vancouversantaclausparade.com Christmas in Steveston Village

Sunday, Dec 1 exploresteveston.com Santa arrives off the boat on Steveston Public Wharf at 1 pm. Free Santa hats. Bring your camera and take a photo with Santa inside the Gulf of Georgia Cannery from 2–4 pm. Santa’s Sleigh Adventure

Christmas Glow Dec 5–Jan 4 Abbotsford, Tradex glowgardens.com Carolling with Carousel – A Festive Concert & Sing-a-long

Dec 8 carouseltheatre.ca/production/ carolling-with-carousel/ A Traditional Christmas – Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Dec 10–22 Various venues throughout the Lower Mainland. vancouversymphony.ca/ event/a-traditional-christmas-vso/ Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Dec 21–23 gohnutcracker.com All ages welcome. Heritage Holiday – Fort Langley Historic Site

Dec 21–22, 28–29 parkscanada.gc.ca/fortlangley Escape the holiday bustle and make memories with your family and friends at the fort! Enjoy a traditional holiday at­mosphere, crafts, and children’s activities. Royal Winnipeg Ballet Nutcracker

Dec 28–30 balletbc.com/performance/ nutcracker-2019


Fathers Interviews & Photos by Tessa Lloyd


hen photographer and family counsellor Tessa Lloyd’s sonsin-law became fathers, she searched for resources that would help inspire them, especially parenting stories from other fathers. However, that book didn’t seem to exist. Lloyd took the challenge on herself, and the result is the new book Forty Fathers: Men Talk About Parenting (October, Douglas & McIntyre), a series of candid interviews with dads across Canada. Here are a few excerpts from Tessa’s conversations with three BC dads. Shea Emry, Whistler, BC Speaker, activist, retired CFL player, 33

Fatherhood exceeds any expectations I had for it. I’m getting more because I’m giving more. I’m anticipating better communication between me and my children than I had with the adults in my life. When I grew up it felt like there were socially ingrained ways of showing respect: “Yes sir. No sir.” I’m taking a holistic approach to nurturing my kids in the hopes that they learn how to really respect others and themselves. This goes for both my kids, but especially my son—I am going to support him in knowing who he is, expressing himself, understanding his emotions and being his true self. For me everything was so tense. My dad was there for me—I could have talked to him, but I just didn’t do it. I tied myself in knots instead. In alpha-male environments, a lot of “peacocking” goes on. I think about the “dude” culture. As guys, we amplify some very negative aspects of being male that are onedimensional, and that cut us off from who we really are. I do a large portion of the household chores and I don’t worry at all about being judged for that—but I know in some circles it would be frowned upon. There’s this outdated notion that men shouldn’t care, that it’s not cool to be a caretaker. [My wife] Devon and I have worked closely

Devon Brooks, Shea Emry & children

together and she has helped me on the path toward optimal health and happiness. That path wasn’t always clear, nor was it in just one direction. I sure don’t feel that I have all the answers, but Devon and I support and lean on each other and do our best to find the answers together. I know that social conditioning is going to mean different things for my son than for my daughter. I’m aware that I have to counter the enormous influence of the media. I am tuned into the messages directed at boys, but I am also scared about what the multimedia platforms are telling little girls. I didn’t tell my two-year-old daughter to say, “Me princess,” but that’s what she’s picking up. […] As a husband and father I have had to cast off a number of assumptions about being a provider. For example, we can’t afford our own place yet, and for a while I was really hard on myself about that. I allowed myself to feel bad that we had to live at my in-laws’. I’ve got over that now. I’ve reframed my unhealthy ideas and the unnecessary pressure I was putting on myself. Another big surprise for me has been allowing myself to become domesticated. I had to get my male ego out of the way, and now I get great satisfaction from taking care of the house and being able to handle multiple projects at the same time. I have spent so much of my life frozen in my tracks, worried about what people might think, afraid to take risks, to be vulnerable,

and with an intense fear of failure. Now I am in the flow, being real, able to be gregarious, telling my story and loving life. Charlie Demers, Vancouver, BC Writer, Comedian, Activist, 39

It’s a very interesting time for fathers. We are being fed a few different lines. One is that we have to be our best selves as earners, and another is that we need to shake that caveman idea of a father’s distant, perfunctory role in the raising of children. The truth is, we are being sold a version of fatherhood that is really only accessible to those who already have money. Those are the fathers who can afford to invest that time in “being present.” Some guys who are becoming fathers are saying to themselves, what can I do to be nothing like my dad?, whereas my dad was 95 per cent the kind of dad I wanted to be. The question became more about how could I be more like him. With his being a closeted gay man in the eighties and nineties, for me it was like he was the textbook Goldilocks of masculinity and femininity. I just felt that he was the perfect blend. I never thought of him as being any less strong or tough or manly, but he was so sensitive and so attuned to the beautiful things in life, so attuned to people’s feelings. That gave me a huge start in life. I didn’t have the same complexes about asking for help, expressing my feelings or whatever. It was very balanced. bcparent.ca • education 2019 29

your love for someone you have lost. Dad’s happily married now to a great guy, my stepdad. He lives in Nova Scotia and we have a few visits with them each year, and in between, lots of FaceTime with Joséphine. Turning thirty-nine this year felt significant for me because that was how old my mom was when she died. I think back to my dad and how he coped. I am amazed at the job he did. Vikram Vij, Vancouver, BC Chef, restaurateur, 54

Charlie Demers

My dad’s particular manifestation of manliness—for want of a better word—is always something I aspire to. Never a meathead, but he wasn’t a weenie, either. Even before he came out, when he displayed characteristics that could be considered more along the feminine gradient, it was always with such confidence and style, it never seemed to be a sacrifice of what made him a man. To me, he always seemed to be a great example of what a man should be. He knew nothing about cars or sports, but that didn’t make him nervous at all. […] We could talk about anything, but if you look back at our house, technically we were all keeping some very big secrets from each other. My brother was gay, my dad was gay and I had OCD. I was hiding it from everyone in the world. Dad came out in 2000, when I was twenty, my brother just about six months before him. Maybe Dad would have disclosed it sooner, but he was a teacher, and in the nineties there was still this idea that gay men could not be trusted around children. Anyway, we were all dealing with the trauma of my mom’s death. The only real negative side effect for me of Dad being in the closet was that it would have been good for me to know that the relationships he was having after Mom died were not just close male friendships—to have known they were romantic would have helped. I am afraid I thought of him as being kind of a Sicilian widow who after losing the love of his life had sworn off romance and had never moved on. That gave me a warped sense of how to continue to show 30 bcparent.ca • education 2019

My first daughter’s birth was the most touching experience of my life. I fed her, I cradled her, I bathed her; her exquisiteness made me weep. I was hesitant, even paranoid that I’d do the wrong thing, but I learned to trust myself. My relationship with my girls is central to who I am. I have truly never doubted myself as a father. I’ve doubted myself as a man, and as a husband, but never as a father. It’s my pillar of strength. I know there are some people in this world who actually don’t like their kids—hard to believe, but someone said it to me the other day. Some of my proudest moments are when people approach them in public and make comments about who I am and what I’ve done, and they’ll say, “He’s just my dad.” That’s truly the only way in which I want to be distinguished, for the reason of who I am to them. What shadows we can cast as parents. My father had so much power to influence me. When I was little someone came up to him and said, “Oh, your son is so cute,” and he said, “God gave him the looks, but not the brains.” I immediately asked, “Why did you say that, Dad?” He said, “Oh, I was just joking,” but the wound from that small dagger was already there. I am sure I have done some of those things with my girls, yes, trying to be funny. I think that in some ways I’m the same kind of dad. Many of the qualities my father emphasized are exactly what I want my girls to have, like integrity, honesty, tenacity to work hard, to handle adversity, to not lose it, to remain focused—my dad taught me all that. He thrives on trying to be the best dad; it comes from a very strong place culturally. Despite my resistance and crankiness—the strong father in me? That came from Dad. He also chose the best mum in the world, she is a pillar of strength for him and for us. I truly love my mother as a human being. She is gentle, understanding and most of all, a very good soul.

For me, food is the entrance to the heart. Love of food equals love of life, making good food is the essence of caring. When Meeru and I split up, my girls were so mad at me. They were twelve and fifteen, and bitterly upset with what was happening. They thought it was all my fault. I knew I couldn’t tell them anything different, and it would be so wrong to try. For a long time, they viewed me as the villain. […] My way to handle the difficult times with the girls was to show my love the best way I know how—by making them delicious food, pouring my love into cooking. I was also patient, and I worked hard at rebuilding trust. I kept thinking that eventually, it is my actions that will speak the loudest. Cooking is my language of love. I believe I cooked my way back into my girls’ hearts. So many people lick their wounds, take offence with their children. I like that my girls challenge me. I hate it when fathers say, “She doesn’t reach out to me.” You are the one who must reach out, it’s your job as a father. I have heard men say they have given up on their child: “Well, I tried five times to call her, and she never phoned me back.” My response is, “Well, try fifty times, try one hundred and fifty times. Don’t give up.” I send text messages to my girls every morning. I call, I go out of my way to connect wherever and whenever. I will be the first one to reach out. I am so passionate about them, and our love. Tessa Lloyd and the dads featured in Forty Fathers will be hosting special events in Victoria and Vancouver on November 21 and 28, respectively. For further information, please visit douglas-mcintyre. com.

Vikram Vij



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BC Parent Needs Your Help! When parents discover something great they are excited to share, and they’re thrilled when others share in their excitement. BC Parent wants to learn about these places, people and providers in BC and help spread that excitement. Throughout November, we will be collecting your opinions on an extensive range of family resources. Visit BCPARENT.CA to nominate your favourites. Here are just a few categories you can enter nominations in. Family Fun:

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MONARCH BURNABY #501 - 4980 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4K7


ORTHODONTICS: 604-434-9060

FAX: 604-433-4981

MONARCH PORT MOODY #501 - 205 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC V3H 5C9 PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY: 604-461-4980

ORTHODONTICS: 604-461-9160

FAX: 604-461-4981

MONARCH SURREY #101 - 15129 & #401 - 15127 (Tower) 100th Ave. Surrey, BC V3R 9P4


ORTHODONTICS: 604-589-9160 FAX: 604-585-4989 / 604-951-4981

MONARCH VANCOUVER #600 & #610 E.Tower - 555 W.12th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7 PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY: 604-419-4980

ORTHODONTICS: 604-876-9060

Certified Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Peter Y.K. Chan Inc. Dr. Mark F. Casafrancisco Inc. Dr. Elsa Hui-Derksen Inc. Dr. Jennifer Yee Inc. Dr. Jonathan L.H. Hung Inc.

32 bcparent.ca • education 2019

FAX: 604-419-4981

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BC Parent Education/Winter 2019  

It’s crazy to think that school has been back for 2 months already and now the Holidays are fast approaching. We know there is so much to do...

BC Parent Education/Winter 2019  

It’s crazy to think that school has been back for 2 months already and now the Holidays are fast approaching. We know there is so much to do...

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