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May/June 2014, Issue 104

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Home on the Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 by Scott Cook

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Tim Hus: and then Stompin’ Tom called. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 by gillian turnbull May - June Festival Listings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 - 26

National Aboriginal Day, OR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 by janet rogers

July Festival Listings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 - 50 2-page illustrated map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 - 41 by rika Supernatural: Todd Simko. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 - 49 by richard chapman August Festival Listings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 - 67 September - October Festival Listings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 - 71 Sled Island Revival. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 by Barbara Bruederlin

Choral Kathaumixw. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 by paul cummings

Woodshedding: Emerson Street Studios. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 by richard chapman

Keith Picot rocks the slapstick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 - 77 by dave o rama

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Festivals as incubators of social change. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 by erin sage sharp

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contributors Dave O Rama is a

writer, photographer, broadcaster, DJ and music addict. He has been hosting radio programs in Toronto and BC for over twenty years. Currently Dave is the host and producer of The Lovecast, a 3-hour music program heard Saturday evenings on CHLY 101.7 FM which broadcasts to Canada’s west coast. The Lovecast has been on the air for 10 years.

Gillian Turnbull is a featured

contributor on the No Depression website and is the author of the forthcoming book Roots Music in Calgary, Alberta, co-editor of the forthcoming anthology Grassland Sounds: Popular and Folk Musics of the Canadian Prairies, and editor of Canadian Folk Music magazine. She has also hosted roots music radio shows in Edmonton and Toronto, and teaches music at Ryerson University.

Janet Rogers is a Mohawk/Tuscarora writer from the Six Nations band in southern Ontario. She was born in Vancouver, BC and has been living on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people (Victoria, British Columbia) since 1994. Janet works in the genres of poetry, short fiction, science fiction, play writing, spoken word performance poetry, video poetry and recorded poems with music. Janet hosts Vancouver Island’s only native radio program on CFUV 101.9fm in Victoria called “Native Waves Radio” and is host of a native music column, Tribal Clefs on CBC Radio One’s program, All Points West in BC every Tuesday.

Courtney Harrop is a freelance

journalist/ photographer, live broadcaster, event organizer and multi media artist covering social justice, politics, activism, community events and all things music festival. Courtney has been the host and producer of The Film and Festival Express on CJMP 90.1FM since 2011

Barbara Bruederlin is trying to

single-handedly save the arts community in Canada by promoting struggling musicians and theatre troupes. Her reviews appear on the press pages of the Calgary Folk Music Festival and Sage Theatre. Barbara also maintains a blog, Bad Tempered Zombie. Her writing has been published in Prairie Fire Magazine, Swerve Magazine, Kitschykoo! Subcultural Magazine, and Alberta Views.

Richard Chapman has worked with a wide variety of great Canadian artists for nearly three decades - from the Rheostatics and Herald Nix to Moose Records and The Pointed Sticks. Currently he conducts the Northern Electric collective www. Erin Sage Sharp is an artist, drummer

in the band Warless, owner of Sage Screenprinting, and part owner of the company Green Power Events Ltd. Erin creatively combines his love of art, music and sustainability to focus on and help reduce the footprint of BC festivals.

Artistic director of the International Choral Kathaumixw festival,

Paul Cummings,

recipient of the BC Music Educators’ 1995 Outstanding Music Educator Award, has a Masters in Choral Conducting from the Western Washington University, Bellingham. His premiere vocal ensembles have enjoyed successful showcase performances in Holland, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Cuba and Italy.

J. Ocean Dennie currently resides in Vancouver with his wife and teaches ESL for a living. In his spare time, he is a freelance writer, amateur photographer, weirdo poet, crazy collage artist, halfass conguero, and practicing Buddhist. He has traveled extensively and profoundly appreciates the cultural and spiritual diversity our country has to offer. Rika is half of the screenprinting de-

sign collective, Rika+Sage, as well as a fine artist and musician who performs with Warless and also with Buckman Coe.

Scott Cook calls Edmonton home, but

he can usually be found along the road somewhere. He’s spent most of the last seven years traveling around North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, living out of a backpack or his trusty van Old Blue, and has managed to record four albums along the way. He still believes that songs can change your life, and that your life can change the world.

4   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

step on the bus! It’s that time of year again, where the Film and Festival Express starts greasing up the wheels of the bus to head off on the summer festival adventure tour! If you are a regular listener to the show, you may know that this is one of my favorite times of year (besides the festivals)! The anticipation as our favorite festivals continue announcing their dates and most importantly, the LINE UPS! Still waiting for a few key players to do some name dropping, but there is definitely no lack of festivals to choose from! This year I will be attending some new to me festivals (Bass Coast, Atmosphere, Latin Fest) as well as some regular ones on my circuit (Sunshine Coast Music Fest, Blackberry Fest). I will also be trying out some new media and coverage strategies, and doing some of my regular stuff, like photography, live social media updates and maybe some live broadcasting. Definitely will be doing some interviews, gathering content, and recording fun stuff with festival goers. Bass Coast Project has recently announced this year’s theme for their 6th annual Music and Arts festival, and it will definitely invoke some of the west coast pirate spirit! #MUTINY. With stages

by Courtney Harrop

that have been built from re-claimed, re-used and recycled materials every year and over 100 visual artist applications in, I cannot wait to see what is coming up. The line up gets announced on April 29th, and until then you can keep your eyes on the Bass Coast Project Facebook page, or @basscoastproj on Twitter for updates. Organize/Awaken/Unite/Create. YAAARRRRRR. An old time favorite of mine, Shambhala, has a stellar line up this year, featuring the likes of Beardyman, Mr. Scruff, EOTO, Beats Antique, Z-Trip, Kaminanda and so many more! The stages are now releasing their individual lineups, so check the website for lots of updates! I am looking forward to seeing all of your smiling summer faces, eating lots of amazing food, and soaking up the great outdoors of British Columbia, taking in some of the best in live, and electronic dance music from Canada and beyond. To listen to some of my past festival feature shows, you can visit or tune in on Sundays, from 2-5pm at listen! ‘Like’ The Film and Festival Express on Facebook, @TheFFExpress on twitter for all kinds of great festival updates and more!

Welcome to the 6th Annual Ultimate Summer Festival Guide!

Each year this mammoth project (it’s mammoth because we’re a tiny operation) gets a little bit easier, and a little bit more fun. This annual spring endeavour, wherein we set our sights on the hundreds of festivals and events that make the summer mouth-wateringly close, gets more and more frenetic as the deadline closes in. But then it’s suddenly done, we have this guide in our hands, and we’re proud and excited to share it with thousands of readers. We’ll be continuing with late summer/fall festival listings in our July/August Summer Arts issue. Thank you for picking up your copy. Please take a minute to photograph yourself, your friends, and your dog with your copy. We want to post as many photos as possible, from as many festivals as possible. Send your photo to or tweet us @bcmusicianmag.

The Cortes Island Music Fest is on hiatus this year. But Hey! Peace, Cortes Robot Guy! No matter what, we’ll see you in July!

photo Leanne Nash

6   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

kara-kata afrobeat Group

by J. Ocean Dennie

A big bonfire of a band by the name of Kara-Kata is currently setting the Vancouver music scene ablaze with its full-power renditions of classic West African Afrobeat tracks. Afrobeat music blends funk, jazz, highlife psychedelic rock, juju, agidigbo and traditional rhythms in a whirlwind of ecstatic sound. The band is jamming the dance floor and getting hips swaying to a frenetic tribal pulse. Their recent monthly performances at the Afrika Shrine on Commercial Drive in Vancouver have been generating tons of buzz and the word is definitely getting out there. I interviewed the band’s founder, Toyinirawo Kayo-Ajayi, to get a sense of what is going on behind this phenomenal groove. For those who may not be familiar with Afrobeat music, how would you describe the sound? Afrobeat is the kind of thing that creeps deep into you as you listen to it. Before you know it, your body is already dancing way before your brain considers doing so. There is a spirituality in it, based on traditional African rhythms that are not found in Western music. There’s more behind the sound than just the jiving psychedelic feel that is normally associated with it. There is a truly magical undertone to the beats and melodies that comprise these songs.

Kara-Kata Afrobeat. photo contributed Where did this music come from? It originated in Nigeria, from Yorubaland and the Oduduwa descendants. The founder of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti and I share the same Yoruba background. Growing up as I did, Fela would have heard the same local Yoruba traditional songs, chants and rhythms performed during our celebrations and ceremonies. It is this rich musical history that many, if not all of his songs are based upon. I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity as well, hearing these traditional songs throughout my childhood, so now I can literally recall hundreds of them. There is this vast library in my head to draw inspiration from. In Fela’s travels abroad as a young man, he started experimenting with blues and jazz and funk and creating a unique fusion with the music of his homeland. He coined it Afrobeat because it is essentially African-based more than anything else but its influence is now felt all over the world and there are several genres of music that owe a tremendous debt to the Afrobeat sound. Most music, arguably, comes from Africa anyway! You were born and raised in Nigeria, so surely the music of Fela Kuti, Afrobeat’s pioneer, would have saturated the airwaves there. What impact did his music have on you personally in your early years?

In my early years, besides my parents, Fela Kuti was the only voice that spoke the truth against injustice, corruption and so many things happening in my country. The music inspired me to feel and think and love. It is still the music I live and love. I live in it. I understood from an early age that his lyrics were parables and metaphors of the deplorable state of the people and the systems that oppress them. And it is still all relevant today! It’s still happening that way all around us but we just don’t see it. Things haven’t changed at all. Perhaps they’ve even worsened. He was a true prophet in that sense. His impact on me was direct. I didn’t just listen to the music, I lived in it, I felt it, I was there. It is quite clear to me now that music is a weapon. You don’t need other weapons. This one is always available to us. Music has that power to ignite us. What inspired you to form this high-octane Afrobeat band, KaraKata, here in Canada? When I arrived in Vancouver, I saw some amazing bands playing incredible music such as Five Alarm Funk, Miami Device and Vanabasso, however, having lived the music my entire life in Nigeria, I felt there was room to add my traditional Yoruba touch which I felt was missing in the Afrobeat scene in Canada. I couldn’t feel the music here the way I thought I would. In spite of this, I feel really proud of the enthusiasm and dedication to this music I saw from other bands. When you play this music you must feel the spiritual aspect of it. You just can’t sing it and play it using your intellect, you need to feel it. If you don’t feel it, you can’t play it. When you play it openly, the spirit jumps into you. That’s why when I am on stage and people see me caught up in the music, entranced, dancing around the stage, totally into it, they cannot help but join in. It instantly connects people. I formed Kara-Kata here in Canada in response to what I considered was a shortage of the pure version of this particular sound. I just want to have fun with it and share my tradition and love of this music with my fellow Canadians. During Kara-Kata’s more recent performances at the Afrika Shrine, there have been almost twenty people on stage, including dancers, singers and musicians. How do you skillfully orchestrate such a big sound and keep it tight without it degenerating into mere noise and chaos? It’s not difficult at all actually. When I raise my hand or gesture in a certain manner, they know what’s coming because we are all connected, and that extends out to the audience as well because they see it all transpiring and they see how it is all connected and they get it. The whole venue essentially becomes the band but we are more than just a band...we are a group, a community. This music is a meditation, that’s why we can have such a large group onstage, all of us on the same page, totally connected. In rehearsal, I often instruct the band not to count it, not to think it through, but to feel it. When musicians hear the shekere (shakerthat’s where the English word for shaker comes from) and clave (a percussive instrument that maintains the tempo like a metronome), it calls out to them and they respond and seek to fill out the sound and just keep flowing with it. It is a language, and if you cannot speak it, you cannot play it. These are the musical languages, the languages of Apala, Agidigbo, Juju, and Waka.

8   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

kara-kata afrobeat Group Another interesting aspect of Kara-Kata is that its talented members span a full multicultural spectrum and are tapped into a diversity of musical backgrounds. A number of them may Toyinirawo Kayo-Ajayi. photo contributed not have grown up listening to Afrobeat or even been exposed to it for very long. Do you prefer it this way? How does such a diverse roster shape the sound? The diversity is essential with the kind of Afrobeat we play now. Fela created his own sound and we are playing a part of that, and we honour that, however, we are also shaping the music and performing it in such a manner here in Canada so that everyone can understand it. We do this without losing the originality of Fela’s vision and I would prefer to keep it this way. We are building it up as we go along. What we are doing though has never really been attempted in this way before. In addition to spearheading the band, you continue to foster a strong African community in Vancouver by holding regular events at the Afrika Shrine where a wide variety of artists, speakers and performers share the stage. How do these efforts tie into the spirit of the music for you? What I am replicating is what I grew up with. Africa is about

family. As I said, Kara-Kata is not just a band but a community, and when a group like this unites and music is involved, you just simply cannot beat that. We are just hanging out together, spending time with one another, having a great time. Members of the group who go away end up coming back just to hang out with the family again. It’s not that difficult. There’s always room for one more. Family members who go away and come back are always welcome. It’s no different with our situation. If the band swells to forty or fifty members, so be it. I’m not worried about that. From time to time, you can be heard onstage shouting 'we are all Africa’. What do you understand this message to mean? The way I look at it is, the origin of humanity traces back to Africa. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you look. We are all spiritual beings. You are just like me. We are all Africans because of this. You hear it even in today’s music. There are traces of Africa in all of it. It’s in our blood. We are Africans not because we are born in Africa but because Africa is born in us. We are all one. So, what’s next for Kara-Kata? Wherever the universe takes us. We don’t plan it, we don’t think it. In spite of this, we’ve come so far in such a short time, and where we are headed, we don’t know yet, but wherever we find ourselves, I know we will always be happy. Catch Kara-Kata Afrobeat at Abbotsford Canada Day Family Festival (July 1) and the Latin Summer Fest (August 17).

ADVERTISING WORKS! Musician Magazine is an “BCimportant platform for the ArtsWells Festival. We sold out in 2013 and

I know that the ads in BC Musician Magazine played a big role in growing our audience. Thanks for being a part of ArtsWells’ success BC Musician!

Julie Fowler, Executive Director, Island Mountain Arts & ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art

Magical night lights and tents at Motion Notion 2013. photo contributed

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BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   9

home, home on the range

by Scott Cook

Summer’s almost upon us, friends, with its wide fields of opportunity: to swim in mirrored lakes, cavort on grassy dancefloors with beautiful people, and explore the width and depth of our great continent. For those who find themselves on the doorstep of this freest of seasons without permanent housing, summer presents another opportunity, one with which I’m well acquainted, and the topic of this here BC Musician article: to savour the unique joys of making a residence of one’s vehicle. In the opening words of my 2009 sleeper hit single “This One’s on the House” (which is still sleeping, thanks for asking): “I live in my van, and it’s a fine place to live / I sleep where I please, and wake Scott Cook with Picture the Ocean, ArtsWells 2013. photo smilin’...” The van in question is a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan named Old Blue, and he and his predecessor The Rockpod have been the roofs over my head for the better part of the last seven years. So while I’m admittedly something of a rubber tramping evangelist, I endeavour herein to offer an unvarnished account of vehicular living, in all its gritty glory and pathos. Let’s start with the glory, shall we? The first selling point of a home on four wheels is the rent. Why pay for both a house and a car? And if only one, why not one you can relocate whenever you tire of the view, or the neighbours? Especially when there are festival fields to live in! While other folks are roughing it in tents with air mattresses, you’ll be sleeping in your own bed and mixing cocktails out the hatchback. ‘Nuff said. Of course, making a home out of a car requires some doing. My setup’s fairly simple: mattress behind the passenger seat, with my kitchen, pantry and bar in stackable crates behind that, and tools, boxes of CDs, music gear, wardrobe, water jug and fridge (a cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter) taking up what’s left along the driver’s side. I’ve seen much more elaborate arrangements, often involving a shelf made of 2x4s to raise the bed so that two can sleep comfortably with the gear underneath; great for hiding the gear but not so great for sitting up in bed. Nowadays I roll with a bike rack on the back, which feels kinda like having both a house and a car after all, with the added bonus that a bicycle is a car you can drive when you’re drunk. The hydraulics on your average hatchback won’t hold up a bicycle for long, though. If they give out, don’t replace them; get a cheap pair of vice grips and slap ‘em on the hydraulic post when you raise up the back. Voila. If that’s all you get out of this article, it’s been worth your while. A bigger ride can fit your bike inside, and while it’ll cost more to drive, the space might make up for it. My UK troubadouring tourmate Jez Hellard’s van has room enough to stand up in, and even sports a small wood-burning stove for the bitter English winters. My buddy Luke on Cortes Island has an old short bus with a second storey built onto it, complete with a rough-hewn wooden

balcony extending out over the hood. In the seventies, he tells me, they used to cruise down the highway drinking cocktails on the veranda. Oh, for days gone by. The key thing about making your home in a car, of whatever size, is bringing along the comforts of home. As some of you readers know, I roll with a wide selection of single malt whiskeys, a full complement of whole spices with mortar and pestle, and a motorized disco ball. For some people it’s gonna be the coffee grinder, for others it’s gonna be the TV. Whatever blows your hair back. Lastly, I should mention the double-decker sprouter that keeps me in fresh greens on the road. I’ve sprouted lentil, chickpea, mung bean, adzuki bean, fenugreek, radish, broccoli, and alfalfa so far, and have been dreaming of a rooftop greenhouse to do actual gardening in. But all that healthy gourmet fancy talk makes me think it’s time to get around to the pathos. First and foremost, there’s the fact that no matter how you slice it, you live in your car. My aforementioned song’s chorus joyously affirms that “there’s no shame in being a hobo,” but let’s face it, I wouldn’t mention the shame if it wasn’t out there to be felt. Border crossings are always especially interesting, no matter how tidy I make everything look. And some members of your preferred sex might not think you quite so shaggable when they find out your bedroom is behind your passenger seat. Then again, as wise friends have told me, “you don’t need those kind of chicks in your life anyway.” The weather’s another thing to contend with. Some savvier friends of mine have sorted out electric space heaters that cycle through a second battery for toastier winter wake-ups. But maybe the best strategy is just going where the climate suits your home. There’s also that other, less friendly kind of heat to bear in mind. Discretion is paramount. Vagrancy’s still vagrancy, even if you’re traveling with fancy spices in your pantry. And as far as the law’s concerned, being in care and control of a vehicle when you’re over the limit (even asleep with the keys) is the same as having driven it. Thankfully, in seven years I’ve never run afoul of the law. For starters, I’m living in a van that screams “soccer mom”, rather than letting my freak flag fly in a custom-painted VW. The most important thing, though, is reading the signs. If a sign says “no camping or overnight parking,” it’s there because plenty of hippies have done so and gotten busted for it. There’s plenty of great real estate you can occupy for free without being a heat score. A handy little book called Camp Free in BC has directions to some choice spots, www. has oodles of places, and there are always more to be found along forest service roads, off-road through a break in the trees, or along the little dirt tracks often found beside river bridges. If you’re in a pinch, you can settle for residential neighbourhoods, rest areas, truckstops, (again, read the signs) and the ubiquitous Wal-Mart parking lots. For getting clean, you’ve got lakes and rivers, or showers in public pools and some truckstops. And our benevolent dictators Tim Horton and Ronald McDonald have been kind enough to provide all the hi-tech hobos with free wifi, usually accessible from the parking lot. I’m writing this article from Muang Ngoi, Laos, living out of a backpack, and I must confess, it’s got me feeling kinda homesick for Old Blue. I hope it’s been helpful, and hope to see you out along the trail somewhere, however you arrive. We can sample a few scotches in the disco ball’s nostalgic, slow-turning glow. Happy motoring. PS: Download the car-camping anthem for free: scottcook.

10   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

Tim Hus: and then stompin' tom called

by Gillian Turnbull

Imagine you’re an apple picker, working in the Okanagan. You’re dedicated to your job; you go every day and work hard, enjoying the sun, hoping to avoid the scorching heat of last summer. You might call your life normal, perhaps unglamorous. Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine somebody would write a song about you. You pick apples! Guess what. Somebody did. That somebody is Tim Hus, and on his latest album, Western Star, he tells the tale of an Okanagan apple picker who falls in love one summer in a song with an unlikely, but apt, title, “Hardcore Apple Picker”. This might be Hus’s final frontier in songs about ordinary Canadian jobs. Having already written about miners, loggers, cowboys, and truck drivers, he’s starting to move into the more obscure occupations, those that haven’t already been covered by labour songs. In “Hardcore Apple Picker”, he even lists thirteen different apple varieties to lend authenticity to his narrative. But don’t confuse Hus with the urban hipster trying to sing about a way of life that exists only in fantasy; he’s worked at most of the jobs he sings about. If he hasn’t, he’s gathered stories from listeners and friends during his ten years on the road through rural Canada. After graduating with a degree in fisheries, Hus, a Nelson, BC native, decided to explore the possibility of becoming a country singer. While touring in Europe, he recorded his debut album, Songs of West Canada, in Germany in only one day. When he returned to Canada, he moved to Calgary, a city he assumed would be conducive to country stardom. Not so much, it turned out. Mainstream country radio was indifferent. Stampede gigs were hard to get. Hus laughs at the time when once found himself in a line-up of 400 wannabe singers for a radio contest to find country’s next big star. “I thought, I might as well go down because I might meet some of the DJs and I’ve got this new album coming out with all Alberta songs. I was surprised when I went down at how many people auditioned. My observation is this: when they run one of these contests for who wants to be the next country star, or whatever, there is a line-up of people. They come out in droves. But if you tell somebody, hey, you know what? You can actually make a living doing this; you’ve got to get yourself a little car and a little sound system, a couple of speakers, and drive out to these little towns and set up your P.A. and sing all night long and collect your $100, pack up your car and drive couple hours home again. Maybe you sold a couple CDs. You can make a go of it that way. It seems to be at that point, the people willing to do that drops down to about 1 in 400.” In the meantime, his close friend moved to the city and decided to open a small venue, one that later became legendary in the Calgary roots music scene. Hus helped build A Bar Named Sue, played its opening night, and then played its closing night several years later when it relocated to Fernie. It was here that Hus started to build his audience, one that was eager for humorous, realistic songs in the vein of Stompin’ Tom Connors, which detailed typical Canadian life and work. It wasn’t easy working as an independent musician. He decided

that the only thing to do was buckle down and work hard. “I remember somebody telling me that if there’s something you really want to do in your life, then you owe it to yourself to take five years to give it your best shot, and five years is a reasonable amount of time, and if it doesn’t work out, you can go on to something else. That way you’ll never regret that you didn’t try it.” Hus supplemented his gigs with work in construction and trucking, and began to make inroads in the BC and Alberta touring circuits. “Our music made sense to the people in the small-town bars. They would buy the albums and ask us back and next time they’d ask their friends and there would be more people. In a lot of places, I guess you could say we were the big stars coming through, partly because we were the only ones coming through.” Three years after starting out, Hus found himself sharing a hotel room with Stony Plain Records owner Holger Petersen at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, where Hus was performing to celebrate Alberta’s centennial. Petersen had been watching Hus’s career take shape, and their meeting that year soon led to a deal for Hus. The records started coming quickly – Hus was not about to slow down. In between Bush Pilot Buckaroo (2008), and Hockeytown (2010), Hus kept on touring, sometimes playing more than 200 dates per year, still visiting the small towns where he had gotten his start. Suddenly, Hus realized that he had hit the five-year point and knew that he had found his place: “At the five-year mark, we had been up to the Yukon and out to Nova Scotia, and making inroads in Ontario, and playing the western provinces. I had gotten the deal with Stony Plain.” And then Stompin’ Tom called. “We were playing a little hotel in Manitoba, and he actually just called me up on the phone. He said, ‘Hey, it’s Stompin’ Tom.’ I knew that it was. He told me he’d been watching my career and appreciated all the songs I was writing about Canada and how hard I was working to bring my show to every little town along the way.” Stompin’ Tom asked Hus to join him on his next tour. That tour, in 2009, was the beginning of a great friendship between Hus and Connors, and it would be the last time Stompin’ Tom went on the road. When Stompin’ Tom passed away last March, Hus was one of the first people interviewed by media outlets across the country. He’s now well-recognized for carrying on Tom’s legacy. Hus released his sixth album, Western Star, in September. In his usual style, Hus wants to tip his hat to all corners of Canada: BC in “Hardcore Apple Picker”, the East Coast in “Halifax Blues”, Saskatchewan in “Marietta Miner”, Alberta in “Wild Rose Waltz”. He also tackles those occupations that form the base of his repertoire: fishing in “Master Caster”, trucking in “Western Star”, barrel racing in “Short Go Shuffle”. Hus brought in some killer sessional players and producer Harry Stinson (George Jones, Matraca Berg, Ian Tyson) for Western Star, making it possibly his best work yet. He’s not ready to sit back and relax, though. His tour schedule is filled this summer, and includes an annual month-long trek through his favourite BC towns in May. I can imagine at least one song that will be well-received in the Okanagan Valley.

12   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

May - june festivals The Sunshine Coast Festival of the Performing Arts Performances in various disciplines take place at locations in Sechelt and Gibsons, with the Festival Highlights Concert at the Raven’s Cry Theatre.

Apr 7 - May 4 Gibsons & Sechelt BC

Spring Okanagan Wine Festival The Spring Okanagan Wine Festival hosts 100 events in 10 days throughout the Okanagan Valley.

May 1 - 11 Thompson Okanagan BC

Sound of the Dragon Vancouver’s first festival devoted to Chinese music, showcasing very diverse musical styles: ancient folk and classical repertoire, contemporary compositions, jazz, world, fusion, electronics, and avantgarde improvisation, in solo, chamber, and chamber orchestra performances. While presenting authentic traditional music, the festival promotes creativity and innovation in imaginative new ensembles and projects. At the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre.

May 9 - 11 Vancouver BC

Kids FunFest Newton City Hall Grounds. Music, fun & games for the wee ones. May 10 - 11

Newton BC

Opera Nuova Vocal Arts Festival Celebrates Canadian vocal artists while creating an accessible and unique blend of innovative and inspiring vocal performances.

May 10 - Jun 29 Edmonton AB

Barkerville Historic Town Billy Barker’s discovery of gold in 1862 triggered a stampede of thousands of miners and fortune seekers from all over the world. Declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 1923, and later a Pro-

vincial Heritage Site in 1958, Barkerville is the largest historic site in western North America.

May 15 - Sep 28 Barkerville BC

Kootenanny Music Festival North of Creston on East Shore. Over 10 bands from rock to reggae, accoustic, electronic DJ’s, workshops, vendors. Very happy vibe, all ages and camping available.

May 16 - 19 Creston BC

Roberts Creek Arts Festival Three days of music,art, film and food, set in ten unique and diverse studio locations set in old growth forests.

May 16 - 18 Roberts Creek BC

Felurian Grove Music Festival Follow the good vibrations into Malakwa, the heart of the Shuswap, & feel the wompquake coming from Cedar’s Campground this spring. Prolifik Sound will stimulate your senses to the maximum; with crisp mids & highs, rattle your guts lows, and a visual production you will not soon forget. Camping sites are included in the festival ticket price.

May 16 - 19 Malakwa BC

Attack of Danger Bay-Longboard Race Cash podiums, slide competition, live bands, camping, longboard hockey tournamant. No onsite parking for events; use shuttle provided.

May 16 - 21 Pender Harbour BC

Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival The 151st Annual Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival will take place over May long weekend at Topaz Park. Kilts, macethrowing, Celtic music, sheep-shearing and so much more.

May 17 - 18 Victoria BC

Alluvium Three days of amazing music provided by artists from around the globe plus local favourites.

May 17 - 19 Located in Squamish on Private land with river access.

Cottonwood Community Market Stage Every Saturday at Cottonwood Falls Park there will be live music and a friendly vibe. Over 30 vendors selling fresh produce, juice, eggs, honey, local natural meats, home-brewed root beer, and a great selection of prepared savoury and sweet foods. Also features a variety of unique products from jewelry and artwork to wear and scarves, and so much more. Open 9:30 to 3 pm; live music 10 am to 2 pm.

May 17 - Oct 25 Cottonwood Falls Park Nelson BC

Cathedral Village Arts Festival The six-day festival features performing, visual and literary arts, crafts and performances. It offers professional artists the opportunity to present their work to new audiences; emerging artists a venue to introduce themselves; and avant-garde artists a supportive arena to share their talents. The festival invites children, youth and adults to create, participate and enjoy the arts in all of its diversity.

May 19 - 24 Regina SK

Surrey International Children 's Festival Celebrating our rich and diverse cultural heritage and inspiring children through performing and visual arts experiences.

May 22 - 24 Surrey BC

14   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

May - june festivals Juan De Fuca Festival of the Arts A beautiful setting nestled snugly between the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, four days and nights of unparalleled artistry, a street fair filled with a garden of earthly delights, a fun afterhours program and so much more.

May 22 - 26 Port Angeles WA

Rotary Okanagan Children 's Festival A wonderful world of music, comedy, theatre, dance, circus arts and tons of handson fun. Ticket price includes free access to open stage and all hands-on activities and dance workshops.

May 22 - 24 Penticton BC

Britannia Classic-Longboard Race Race day is Sunday — over 1000 feet of vertical in 2 kms, 3 massive hairpins total-

ing 5 corners, 1 chicane and gravity fed speeds of 60 mph or 100 kph.

May 23 - 25 Britannia Beach BC

Canadian Rockies Cowboy Festival Good old-fashioned country music & cowboy poetry with the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. Festival includes a steak BBQ and evening dances with a live band. A variety of on-site accommodations are available and you can check out all the other amenities our resort has to offer — fun for the whole family. Located on Hwy 11 at Cline River, AB.

May 23 - 25 Nordegg AB

Lund Shellfish Festival Eat fresh-cooked seafood, enjoy local musicians, take a tour, watch free cooking demonstrations, buy some live shellfish,

shop at the booths, enter a contest, or sample special menu items at the restaurants - there are activities for everyone.

May 23 - 25 Lund BC

Northwest Folklife Festival An annual festival of ethnic, folk, and traditional art, crafts, and music that takes place over the Memorial Day weekend in Seattle, WA at Seattle Center. It brings together an estimated 250,000 visitors, 1,800 volunteers, and more than 6,000 musicians, dancers, and other performers. Admission is free, but greeters at the entrances encourage visitors to put cash in the donation boxes.

May 23 - 26 Seattle WA

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   15

May - june festivals Sasquatch Music Festival On the heals of a highly succesful 2013 festival, Sasquatch Music Festival is expanding in 2014. It will be held over the Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July weekend. Held annually at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington with an emphasis on indie rock bands and singer-songwriters, although there are also alternative rock, hip hop and comedy acts. The festival features four separate stages.

May 23 - 25 the Gorge Amphitheater WA

Concerts in the Park - Lower Mainland Multi-venue concert series from May until Sept throughout the lower mainland. Malkin Bowl-Vancouver, Deerlake Park-Burnaby, Holland Park-Surrey, PNE Amphitheatre-Vancouver, Ambleside ParkWest Vancouver. Check the website for full details.

May 23 - Sep 7

Lower Mainland BC

Seabird Island First Nations Festival Offers youth, young adults, and adults alike an opportunity to showcase their culture and history through Soccer, BallHockey, War Canoe races and Sla:hal. Our three-day celebration demonstrates First Nations heritage through friendly competition and sport. The Seabird Island First Nations Festival is a drug-free cultural event that promotes healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

May 24 - 25 Agassiz BC

Serenity Music by the River Concerts Serenity is a unique outdoor venue where "music lovers" come together. It is located in beautiful Birch Island, a tiny village, in the interior of B.C. Stage overlooking the North Thompson river. Camping is free.

May 24, Jun 1, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 16, Oct 4, Oct 17 Birch Island BC

Kootenay Zone Theatre Fest Theatre BC is divided into 10 Regional Zones that encompass the province. Each year these regional zones hold festivals in order to determine a ‘best of the best’ performance. The winners of these Zone Festivals then proceed onto the Annual Provincial Theatre Festival held in July. This years Kootenay Zone Festival hosted by the Creston Footlighters. Revelstoke Theatre Company’s production of "The Dumb Waiter" will be presented for competition on Saturday May 31.

May 28 - 31 Creston BC

European Festival Burnaby plays host to the European Festival Annual celebration. A chance to experience diverse European culture, cuisine, entertainment and more. Put the passport away, because there is no need to spring for a flight or even a Eurorail pass to experience the authentic sights, sounds and tastes of Europe. Held at Swangard Stadium.

May 31 - Jun 1 Burnaby BC

Firehall Brewery Back-Alley Concert Series Tickets available at Firehall Bistro. Grassroots live music, beverage garden, fresh craft beer & local wines. No minors, camping nearby. 7 - 9 pm

May 31, July 5, Aug 2 Oliver BC

PotashCorp Children 's Festival Located in Saskatoon, it is the only international multidisciplinary arts festival dedicated to children in Saskatchewan.

Jun 1 - 4 Saskatoon SK

Elevate Arts festival The 3rd Annual Elevate Arts Festival is a 4 day multi-disciplinary participatory arts festival using arts and culture as a vehicle to explore, examine and re-image community. Featuring loads of music, extreme crafts, dance, circus arts, fire performance, slam poetry, lit, photography, puppets, projections and more. An arts festival by the people - for the people. Free event.

Jun 4 - 7 Courtenay BC

Envision Twilight Concert Series Presenting summer evening entertainment at the Fraser River Heritage Park. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and a picnic to this “by donation” event. Wednesdays & Fridays 7pm.

Jun 4 - Aug 29 Mission, BC

Music Waste Festival Vancouver’s premier independent cultural festival.

Jun 5 - 8 Vancouver BC

Spirit of the Peace Pow Wow A traditional Powwow held at the District Ice Center in Taylor, BC (14km south of Fort St. John). A FREE family event that will include Native arts and crafts vendors, Native cuisine, an elders care tent, a hand drum contest and more.

16   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

May - june festivals Jun 6 - 8 Taylor BC spirit-of-the-peace-powwow-9th-annual-powwow-2nd-annual-competition-powwow

Summerland Action Festival Annual festival features a slo-pitch tournament, outdoor entertainment, fireworks, Man of Steel triathlon, parade, Giants Head run, and more.

Jun 6 - 8 Summerland BC

In the House Festival Experience extraordinary live performances of all kinds right in the homes of Commercial Dr. living rooms and backyards, as they become intimate and vibrant spaces that are multicultural, multidisciplinary and open to all ages. Come celebrate Vancouver’s rich variety of artistic disciplines and com-

munities in a heart-warming weekend of mind-bogglingly great talent. It’s 3 days, 19 shows and over 60 acts in a dozen houses.

Jun 6 - 8 Vancouver BC

Interior Savings Fat Cat Children 's Festival Experience all kinds of great workshops, actitivity stations and performers. Bang your Djembe Drums, play in the mud, carve soapstone or practice circus yoga ... all kinds of fun, exploratory workshops await you. And don’t forget the Parade, it will be too much fun again this year.

Jun 6 - 7 Kelowna BC

Pender Harbour Blues Festival The Pender Harbour Blues Festival is presenting some of the best Blues Musicians the West Coast has to offer. The

Festival is set at unique venues around the beautiful and scenic Pender Harbour, making this a boater friendly event, easily accessible by water. Info and ticket sales on website.

Jun 6 - 8 Pender Harbour BC

Summerland Bluegrass Festival Held annually on the second weekend of June. Join us for jamming, workshops, entertainment, open mic, band scramble, children’s activites and more.Features Saturday night feature band. Acoustic players and audience welcome.

Jun 6 - 8 Summerland BC

Brentwood Bay Festival It’s a place to spend the whole day it’ll take you that long to see and do everything at the festival. There are food vendors, market vendors, kids entertain-

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   17

May - june festivals ment, fantastic live music & comedy acts, games, face painting, and more.

Jun 7 Brentwood Bay BC

Heart of the City Festival A music and arts festival, part of the rich cultural climate in Edmonton’s core since 2004, taking place in Little Italy’s Giovanni Caboto Park.

Jun 7 - 8 Edmonton AB

Vernon DH-Longboard Race Celebrating 10 years, Vernon is home to one of the longest running downhill skateboard events, make sure to check out this event..

Jun 7 - 8 Vernon BC

Bard on the Beach Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare festivals. Presented in a magnificent setting on the waterfront in Vancouver’s Vanier Park, the festival offers Shakespeare plays, related dramas, and several special events in two performance tents from June through September.

Jun 11 - Sep 20 Vancouver BC

Wednesday On the Wharf Summer concert series at Marine Park in Salmon Arm. Each Wednesday evening at

6:45pm at the gazebo enjoy a live music concert on the beautiful shores of Shuswap Lake. Bring a lawn chair or blanket, and be ready to dance. More information can be found on the website.

Jun 11 - Aug 27 Salmon Arm BC

Music in the Park - Ashcroft Winding Rivers Arts & Performance Society presents ‘Music In The Park’ Concert Series. The popular evening Concerts at the Gazebo in Heritage Place Park on Railway Ave. are held throughout the Summer. Bring a chair, a blanket, a picnic dinner or buy dinner from one of our food vendors. Held every 2nd Wednesday evening during the summer months in the Gazebo at the Ashcroft Heritage Park.

Jun 11 - Aug 27 Ashcroft BC

JazzFest Regina JazzFest Regina welcomes artists from all over North America and from Victoria to Halifax in Canada. They’ve opened the doors to a brand-new type of festival in Regina that loves to celebrate culture.

Jun 11 - 15 Regina SK

Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship Chainsaw artists from Australia, Japan, USA, and Canada will gather for the 10th annual carving competition. The weekend draws thousands for food, fun and music

while watching the chainsaw artists vie for top prizes. Brochures for self-guided tours are available at the Visitor Centre. Admission is free. RV camping available nearby.

Jun 12 - 15 Chetwynd BC

Miners Memorial Weekend A three day labour history and labour issues festival featuring film, heritage tours and music. Songs of the Workers Night, Film Night featuring a concert of traditional labour tunes, music at Ginger Goodwin’s graveside. Opportunities to listen or participate.

Jun 12 - 15 Cumberland BC

Seafest Features family entertainment, youth blockstock, a parade, downtown events and games, and various harbour waterfront events such as a sailpast, flypast, kayak races, and a children’s fishing derby.

Jun 13 - 15 Prince Rupert BC

The Best of the West Weekend This is a brand new, family friendly event in Pincher Creek, showcasing everything that’s great about the west: music, art, traditions, food and drink, First Nations culture, livestock... you get the idea.

Jun 13 - 15 Pincher Creek AB

18   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

May - june festivals Canadian Rockies Bluegrass & Folk Festival Come to the Rockies for a weekend full of great music. Mountain scenery plus the famous steak BBQ (included with festival tickets). Bring your own instrument for the evening jam sessions once the mainstage closes. Located on-site at the David Thompson Resort with a variety of available accommodations & amenities.

Jun 13 - 15 Cline River AB

Inshala Festival A family weekend event in the great outdoors of Southern Alberta. From speakers to movement workshops to art explorations. There will also be a kids zone, art installations and a walking labyrinth. Evenings will be filled with soothing sounds, groovy beats, and inspiring performers for all ages.

Jun 13 - 16 Fort McCloud AB

Sooke River Bluegrass Festival Held at the Sooke River Campground, the event is family friendly and features a wide range of local acoustic talent, food vendors and music workshops.

Jun 13 - 15 Sooke BC

Sweetwater 905 Arts Festival The 10th year of this truly unique festival set on the pastoral home and work-

ing ranch of Emily and Larry Mattson. A celebration of music, poetry, visual and performing arts, Sweetwater 905 brings together a wide range of amazing talent. The stage is set for a great slate of performers booked and ready to sing, play, and exhibit their artworks and creativity.

Jun 13 - 15 Rolla BC

Casse-Tête: A Festival of Experimental Music Returning for its second year, Casse-Tête is a festival of experimental music—improvisation, free jazz, avant-garde compositions, minimalism, post-rock, noise, and more. Featured performers include Stanley Jason Zappa, Pigeon Breeders, and The Institute for the Study of Advanced Musical Research. A truly radical festival experience!

Jun 13 - 15 Prince George BC

Powell River BC events/515392351886427/

Lumby Days The Monashee Arts Council is very proud to host their annual Art Festival at the Lumby Days Family Festival being held at the Whitevalley Community Centre (2250 Shields Ave.). The theme of this year’s festival is “Flower Power” and the arts council is very excited to be presenting The Doors! This will be a themed art event using door panels that have been transformed into unique pieces of art by local artists. In addition to this feature display we will have an art exhibit showcasing our local creative talent, live music, and a vendor display.

Jun 13 - 15 Lumby BC

Tiny Lights Festival The Tiny Lights Festival is a festival unlike any other held annually. Over 50 performances, workshops in spoken word, theatre, and film all happening at six historic buildings in Ymir, BC.

Jun 13 - 15 Ymir BC

Country on the Coast Add one more festival on your Sunshine Coast festival list. Country on the Coast is happening at the Carlson Community Club in Powell River.

Jun 13 - 15

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   19

May - june festivals National Aboriginal Day

or as I like to call it, We Survived a pre-Meditated Cultural Genocide and All We Got Was One Day to Celebrate. ~By Janet Rogers But all bitterness and truth bombs aside, National Aboriginal Day can be an innocuous day. I am a proud member of the Standing Nation Drum, a pow wow drum group which originated and still operates from the First Peoples House at the University of Victoria British Columbia. Our drum is a teaching drum, that is to say, we are an open drum group of learners and despite the membership between native and non-native drummers currently balanced out at even, we do our best to maintain cultural integrity in our drum practices and protocols. For example, we feast the drum annually, usually in the Fall and we have hosted a Spring pow wow in 2013, a New Year’s pow wow to ring in 2014 and are in the planning stages of our biggest pow wow yet, the National Aboriginal Day pow wow of 2014 to be held on June 21st at the Songhees Wellness Centre. A few issues back, BC Musician Magazine published a list of Do’s and Don’ts for the first time Pow Wow goer. All of those tips still apply and here are a few more to pack in your pow wow survival kit for this year. Without expanding too broadly, this is pow wow etiquette: rules to follow in and out of the arena. 1. Dress modestly – this is not a night in the club, there will be Elders in attendance 2. Listen to the Master of Ceremonies – he or she, usually he, is your touchstone for all things “protocol” so listen up because you may want to come back next year. 3. Stand during Grand Entry: as a show of respect for the dancers and the great efforts they have made to maintain their regalia and stay fit enough to dance throughout the year for you, on this day. 4. Do NOT bring drugs or alcohol to the pow wow. The grounds on which the event is held and the event itself is considered sacred. Do not pollute this sacred event with drugs or alcohol on your person or in your person. Thank you. 5. Use common sense when taking photographs. It will be announced when you cannot take photographs, outside of that, ASK. Dancers know they are looking good and will usually allow you take their picture if you’re cool about it and ask first. Please don’t let my personally jaded yet politically aware take on things deter you and yours from celebrating Indigenous practices with the founding culture of Turtle Island before contact. We welcome your attendance. We encourage your manners. We invite you to ask thoughtful questions and forge a relationship of respect, yet separateness as it was first authored with the Haudenosaunee Two Row Wampum agreement between my people and the early Dutch settlers. Two rows, one (European) boat, one (Indigenous) canoe travelling down the same river, never to cross over to the other’s path or interfere with the other’s governance. The agreement had a timeframe of “Forever” attached to it, as long as the sun shines upon the earth, as long as the waters still flow and so on. We shook on it. The wampum belts of this agreement still exist. However, in light of historical atrocities and current dismissive attitudes, the agreement is now just a concept, much like an apology. But we can still dance, and drum, and break bread together. In fact the Standing Nation Drum and Songhees Nation NAD and Summer Solstice Pow Wow includes a community feast as well as two Grand Entries, an Indian Artists Market, and a traditional give-away. We really do hope to see you there. Standing Nation Drum and Songhees Nation National Aboriginal Day and Summer Solstice Pow Wow, Saturday June 21st noon - 10 pm Songhees Wellness Centre, 1100 Admirals Road. Traditional Lekwungen Lands, Victoria BC. Admission by donation.

1913 Days Parade, kidszone, family activities.

Jun 14 Sylvan Lake AB

Surrey Fest Downtown Originally known as the Whalley Community Festival, Surrey Fest was formed in 1999 to promote and celebrate community pride through a day of fun and entertainment for all ages while providing a venue for groups and organizations to inform the community of their services.

Jun 14 Surrey BC

Arts Without Borders Festival Street festival, street dance, art market, celebration of the arts.

Jun 14 - 19 Lloydminster AB

V.I.C. Fest (Vancouver Island Cultural Festival) A one-day outdoor festival held at the historic St. Ann’s Academy, providing a stunning and unique backdrop to a true Island experience. The event will feature 2 main stages with the Island’s most talented performers along with a sprawling orchard hosting the Island’s best local breweries, wine garden featuring wineries from around Vancouver Island and local food vendors feeding you delicious Island cuisine.

Jun 14 Victoria BC

Car Free Vancouver Day Commercial Drive, Kitsilano, Main Street & West End. Help transform your neighbourhoods into a brilliant carnival. Bring your ideas, bring your friends, bring your family and participate in this year’s celebration.

Jun 15 Vancouver BC

PRISMA - Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy The Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy (PRISMA) offers a unique program that prepares music students and young professionals for a career in music performance. It is designed to as-

20   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

May - june festivals sist students in obtaining the necessary tools to win a position in a professional orchestra.

Jun 16 - 28 Powell River BC

Sled Island Festival Featuring over 250 bands plus comedy, film and art in 30 venues.

Jun 18 - 22 Calgary AB

Sam Steele Days Cranbrook’s annual festival held at Spirit Square featuring fun and excitement for the whole family including a kids’ fun zone, strongman competition, parade, ball tournament, community stage entertainment, arts and crafts and displays.

Jun 19 - 22 Cranbrook BC

Long Days Night Music Festival Celebrate four of the longest days of the year with great music and lots of fun under a big-top tent at Marston Street and 11th Ave SW, in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Jun 19 - 22 Swift Current SK

PLUR Inc. The Groove Music Festival Nestled in the mountains of beautiful Midway BC you will find some of the hottest DJ’s and Hip Hop Artists around. Four-day, outdoor electronic, bass event. Site is

located on hwy in between Rock Creek and Midway.

Jun 19 - 22 Midway BC

Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival An annual event held in Seldovia, Alaska. Featuring fine musicians and performers from Alaska, the United States, and beyond.

Jun 19 - 22 Seldovia AK

Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival The festival weekend is preceded by Jazz Week, a full week of live music in local restaurants and other venues to promote the talented musicians on the Sunshine Coast and create interest in the Jazz Festival weekend. The weekend festival will include workshops, 2 days of outdoor stage performances overlooking the stunning Gibsons Harbour, just a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver.

Jun 20 - 22 Gibsons Landing BC

Summer Solstice Festival d’été Celebrate the spirit of the southern Saskatchewan landscape through art, music, dance, literature and drama providing a living, interactive diary of culture — things of the spirit — to local, provincial and regional audiences.

Jun 20 - 21 Gravelbourg SK

Campbell Bay Music Festival The Campbell Bay Music Fest begins at 5 pm on Friday night and runs until 11 pm, continues Saturday morning with a 4-band show on the bandstand at the Mayne Island Farmers Market, and moves back to mainstage on the farm Saturday afternoon until 11 pm.

Jun 20 - 21 Mayne Island BC

Conscious Culture Festival The Conscious Culture Festival brings together music, art & education that promotes equality, sustainability, justice, healthy living, organic farming and an all around conscious lifestyle in a one of a kind music festival featuring reggae, rock, folk, electronic, world music & beyond.

Jun 20 - 22 Tonasket WA

Freezer Burn Freezer Burn is the annual Burning Man event for the Alberta region. We create a temporary community out on the prairie to strengthen our ties with old friends, and to forge friendships with newcomers to the Burning Man experience.

Jun 20 - 23 near Ponoka AB

North Country Fair A fantastic celebration of the summer solstice, camping, friendship and music.

Jun 20 - 22 Near Driftpile AB

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   21

May - june festivals TD Victoria International JazzFest Over 90 performances on 11 stages in downtown Victoria. A full schedule and ticket info available on the web site. Jazzfest will offer workshops and clinics during the week. Check out the fantastic food village and Big Rock Beer Garden at Centennial Square.

Jun 20 - 29 Victoria BC

TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival British Columbia’s biggest music presentation brings the world’s best bands to Vancouver while drawing over half a million people to 35 indoor and outdoor stages. The internationally acclaimed event features over 1,800 artists.

Jun 20 - Jul 1 Vancouver BC

Performance in the Park - Banff Top: Stanley Jason Zappa Quintet Casse Tête Festival of Experimental Music, 2013. photo Chris Wagner

Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival This annual free event featuring the colourful Eye Dotting Ceremony on Friday and two more days of non-stop entertainment on the World Beat Stage, fabulous food and shopping, and of course, dragon boat racing of the highest calibre.

Jun 20 - 22 Vancouver BC

SASKTEL Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Taking place in the heart of the Bridge City in the middle of summer, this jazz festival boasts a following like no other. With eclectic choices for performers from small to mainstage, this is one of the staple events of a summer in Saskatoon.

Jun 20 - 29 Saskatoon SK

Celebrate mountain and cultural heritage and the importance of protected places while having some rollicking fun in a great location, with friends, family, and great tunes. You might feel like dancing.

Jun 20 - 21 Banff AB

Music in the Park - Victoria The popular Concerts in the Park series at the Cameron Bandshell in Beacon Hill Park runs Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays from 1:30 to 3:20pm.

Jun 20 - Sep 12 Victoria BC

Edmonton International Jazz Festival The Edmonton Jazz Festival Society instills in audiences the appreciation of jazz music as a diverse art form, connecting regional audiences with provincial, national and international jazz artists. The Edmonton Jazz Festival Society is dedicated to providing a professional and supportive environment for jazz artists to perform, collaborate, and celebrate with the people of Edmonton, jazz music from across the globe.

Jun 20 - 29 Edmonton AB

Sunstroke Music Festival Enjoy live music under the midnight sun. Beginning in the afternoon and lasting till the wee hours of the morning, this family- and pet- friendly event helps welcome the summer solstice. Purchase a weekend pass or day passes at the door.

Jun 20 - 21 Whitehorse YK

Standing Nation Drum and Songhees Nation National Aboriginal Day and Summer Solstice Pow Wow Noon until 10 pm at the Songhees Wellness Centre, 1100 Admirals Road on the Traditional Lekwungen Lands

Jun 21 Victoria BC

Sunshine Festival 2014 is the 20th Annual Downtown Vernon event. Block after block of bargains, live entertainment, children’s activities, street cafes, art and cultural performances.

Jun 21 Vernon BC

Make Music Vancouver Fête de la Musique Many areas around downtown Vancouver in addition to Gastown and Yaletown: 1,200 musicians, 300 bands, 70 music spots, 35,000 people. No tickets, no admission, just fun. All you have to do is show up between 2 and 10 pm, and enjoy the show. Make Music Event is celebrated every year in more than 460 cities in over 100 countries around the world.

Jun 21 Vancouver BC

Round the Mountain Kid’s races, live music, food and drinks will provide fun and entertainment for everyone. Participate in Kimberley’s Round the Mountain Race (RTM) on the new RTM trail.

Jun 21 Kimberley BC

SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival This world-class event attracts kite flyers, enthusiasts and fun loving people from

22   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

May - june festivals across the globe to one prairie field to enjoy an exciting weekend of kiting and family fun. This free admission festival features fabulous art kites, giant creature kites, speeding kite buggies, screaming stunt kites, and battling fighter kites. Kids of all ages will enjoy balloon sculpting, the bubble station, mystery sandpile, juggling tent, face-painting, straw bale maze, and ongoing kite workshops.

Jun 21 - 22 Swift Current SK

Children 's Festival Pirates Faire Fun-filled day for children and the youngart-heart. Music, dance, juggling, games, numerous art workstations, pony rides, bouncy balloon and more.

Jun 22 Mission BC

Midnight Sun Festival Alaska’s largest single day event plays host to over 30,000 fans who take 33 live musical performances on three stages, over 180 booths of arts, crafts, merchandise, information, food, and fun. Skateboarding, face painting, extreme car racing, paddler’s river slalom race, break dancing, pony rides, vintage motors, BBQ cook-off, gold panning, break dancing, celestial shopping, and fabulous food.

Jun 22 Fairbanks AK midnight-sun-festival

Greek Day Award-winning family-friendly event, open to all, attracting nearly 100,000 attendees from across the Lower Mainland Serving authentic Greek food and much more!

Beer and wine will be available. Athenian Agora Market Place, Folkloric performances, cooking demonstrations, various activities and presentations showcasing Hellenic culture, Greek tourism, and Greeks in Vancouver.

Jun 22 Vancouver BC

Dauphin 's Countryfest Canadas longest running four day country music festival features the best in local, national and international entertainment on three separate stages. Nestled on the north side of Riding Mountain National Park, the festival site is 10 km south of the City of Dauphin, MB, and is home a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre.

Jun 26 - 29 Dauphin MB

Spotlight on:

Windscape Kite Festival + Long Day’s Night Music Festival

With a great lineup of kite artists attending from across North America and beyond, this year’s Windscape Kite Festival will offer another exciting weekend of unique entertainment. On June 21 and 22, the skies above Swift Current, SK will fill with an incredible array of beautiful and colorful kites, with plenty of other activities for the whole family to enjoy. This year’s festival celebrates Windscape’s 10th anniversary, and welcomes a number of celebrity flyers from years past, bringing them back to the Windscape Field to showcase their creations and skills alongside some brand-new talent from across the globe. Featuring enormous, wonderful kites and inflatables, out-of-this-world stunt kite flyers, quad line flyers and teams that thrill the crowd, and colorful banners to brighten up the festival grounds, Windscape Kite Festival truly offers something for everyone. “We have some incredible new flyers and artists coming to the

JUNE 19 - 22, 2014

festival this year, and we are so excited to bring back some of our favorites from the past ten years,” explained festival organizer Shann Gowan. “It’s a lot of work to pull this festival together, but with the help of our dedicated volunteers, this year’s festival is shaping up to be even better than ever.” The festival would not be possible without the 350+ volunteers, staff members, and sponsors who all contribute to ensure the event’s success. Their support has allowed Windscape to continue to grow over the past decade, becoming one of North America’s very best kite festivals. The kite festival is held in conjunction with Long Day’s Night music festival, which runs Thursday through Sunday at the Windscape Field. With exciting kites, fun activities, and great musical entertainment, Windscape Kite Festival 2014 is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event this summer. ~ Shann Gowan

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May - june festivals Bushwacked Music & Arts Festival For this year’s manifestation, you may experience an enhanced, immersive fusion of music, visual entertainment, nature, technology, art and colour... Located within a 1 hour drive from Kelowna, BC at "Silver Mountain" in Beaverdell.

Jun 26 - 30 Beaverdell BC events/590826857678602/

Lighthouse Bluegrass Music Festival Premiere pickin festival. Excellent facility, 5 minutes to the ocean, first class music & camping on grounds.

Jun 26 - 29 Qualicum Bay BC

Oliver Music in the Park Experience live music paired with the best little night market in the Okanagan Valley! Oliver Community Park Stage, Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Jun 26 - Sep 4 Oliver BC

Tall Tree Music Festival Held atop Browns Mountain in beautiful Port Renfrew. A premier boutique music festival that rounds out its lineup

with exciting and diverse emerging artists and established favorites. The three day multiple stage and onsite camping festival is expanding this year with more capacity, vendors, activities and sponsors than ever before. Selling out in 2013.

Jun 27 - 29 Port Renfrew BC

Adäka Cultural Festival Offers a vibrant program filling an incredible 8 days of traditional and contemporary music, dance, drumming, art & craft, storytelling, film, cultural presentations, workshops, artist demonstrations, a community feast and much more.

Jun 27 – Jul 3 Whitehorse YK

Penticton Elvis Festival Celebrating the life and music of the greatest entertainer ever known… Elvis Presley. The 3-day Festival is an annual event and features dozens of tribute artists gracing outdoor stages set around Okanagan Lake. Headliner at Penticton Trade & Convention Centre.

Jun 27 - 29 Penticton BC

Wild Oats and Notes Held every two years on the Schultz farmstead just south of Tofield, this “little festival that could” celebrates live music, agriculture, and all things rural.

Jun 27 - 28 Tofield AB

MarketFest Downtown Baker Street is transformed into a lively night market featuring 100 vendors, two stages of live music, dance performances, kid’s entertainment and more. MarketFest is fun for the whole family, and is not to be missed. The MarketFest runs from 6 pm to 10:30 pm. A $5 donation for admission is kindly requested for anyone over 18. Everyone is welcome, whether you make a donation or not!

Jun 27, Jul 25 & Aug 22 Nelson, BC

Desert Live Music Festival Set amid a stunning backdrop in Canada’s only desert, the 1st Annual Desert Live Music Festival promises 5 days of music, fun and sun. A multi-genre festival featuring talented up and coming live acts and djs all day long at Gyro Beach. Free admission.

Jun 27 - Jul 1 Osoyoos, BC

Swift Current, Saskatchewan’s Windscape Festival. contributed photo

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Music in the Park series

Experience live music paired with the best little night market in the Okanagan Valley!

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm June 26-Sept 4 Oliver Community Park Stage •

May - june festivals Bud Country Fever Bringing the best in country music to Grande Prairie. Bud Country Fever has constantly looked to the future while holding strong to the local ties that have helped this festival become the highlight of the summer for many in the Peace Country.

Jun 27 - 29 Grande Prairie AB

Revelstoke Street Fest Nationally recognized as the jewel in Revelstoke’s cultural crown, the Revelstoke Arts Council proudly presents the Summer Street Festival every year. Each evening from approximately the end of June through to the end of August, the Revelstoke Arts Council provides free live music in Grizzly Plaza. With a diverse range of unique artists, the Summer Street Festival is fun for the whole family.

Jun/Aug Grizzly Plaza, Revelstoke, BC revelstoke-spirit-festival

Funtastic Festival The Funtastic Summer Festival features four nights of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & Country music under the stars at the region’s biggest outdoor concert. Beverage gardens, daytime contests, and more than 4500 athletes participating in more than 616 slo-pitch games for North Americas largest slo-pitch tournament.

Jun 28 - 30 Vernon, Armstrong & Enderby BC

Kids love cooling off at Starbelly Jam! 2013. photo Eye of the Mind Photography

Comox Valley Youth Music Camp and Festival of Summer Sounds This acclaimed summer school and festival features Jazz, Classical, Strings, Piano, and Musical Theatre programs and performances (both student and faculty) through the month of July.

Jun 28 - Jul 20 Comox BC

Victoria Pride Festival Parade & Festival July 6th. (Government/ Pandora) and the Pride Festival is held at MacDonald Park featuring live bands, drag performances, vendors, food fair, community groups, children’s entertainment and a beer garden. More events are held throughout the week, including drag baseball, a dog walk, whale watching, boat cruise and a youth dance.

Jun 29 - Jul 6 Victoria BC

Summer Concerts at Simms Park Simms Park Summer Concert Series begins June 29th and runs through to August 31st in Courtenay. Enjoy free concerts on Sunday evenings starting at 7:00pm with local musicians performing

at the pavilion. No concerts on July 13th and August 3rd.

Jun - Aug Courtenay BC

The Works Art and Design Festival The Works International Visual Arts Society produces The Works Art & Design Festival which attracts artists and patrons from around the world, boosting the energy and imagination of Downtown Edmonton at the start of every summer. The Works is a free event that draws an audience representing all ages and interests, offering over 200 exciting exhibits and special events to the public.

Jun 29 - Jul 1 Edmonton AB

Magnificent River Rats Festival Bringing Athabasca and surrounding communities together to enjoy music, local artisans, and many other family oriented activities. See web site for confirmed artists in May.

Jun 30 - Jul 1 Athabasca AB

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july festivals Mountain Mosaic Festival of the Arts Free Festival for the whole family at Kinsmen Beach, following the Canada Day Parade. Enjoy the Home Hardware Festival Stage featuring live entertainment. Art Tents, Build-a-Boat Contest, Clowns, Bounce Castles and more. Participate in the Transformation Station with tattoos and face painting. A variety of Food kiosks. From 12:30 to 3 pm.

Jul 1 Invermere BC

Curbside LIVE Professional musicians and entertainers delight locals and tourists at busk stop locations throughout the downtown core.

Jul - Aug Tuesdays 12 - 1:30 pm, Fridays 4 - 7 pm Vernon BC

Victoria Ska Festival Victoria BC Ska Society presents the 15th Anniversary Ska Fest bringing fans the best ska, reggae, dancehall, dub, rock, jazz and Latin music from across the world. It’s the largest and longest running festival of its kind in North America.

Jul 1 - 5 Victoria BC

Music in the Landing Free concerts in the park all summer long in Gibsons Landing, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays..

Jul - Aug Gibsons Landing BC

International Choral Kathaumixw The International Choral Kathaumixw is a 5 day choral festival filled with concerts, common song singing, choral & vocal solo competitions, conductor’s seminars and social events. The festival is a place where all can learn from each other and from world renowned choral personalities.

Jul 1 - 5 Powell River BC

Jammin ' in Justice Take a well-deserved break every Wednesday afternoon from 12 – 1:30 pm and relax in Justice Park.

Jul - Aug Vernon BC

Music in the Park - Kamloops Free musical entertainment every evening during July & August in the Rotary Bandshell at Riverside Park, 7 - 8:30pm. Bring a

picnic and lawn games.

Jul 2 - Aug 31 Kamloops BC

Music and More Concert Series Every Wednesday noon in July and August a one hour activity is created that would interest and engage children. Every Wednesday evening at 7pm during the months of July and August a one hour concert. Salish Park.

Jul - Aug Chilliwack BC

Parks Alive! Parks Alive! present live concerts and other art based activities throughout July & August in many of Kelowna’s most unique outdoor venues.

Jul - Aug Kelowna bBC

Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival Family-friendly atmosphere with a playground and child-centered activities aimed at keeping little harvesters entertained and engaged. 4 Stages, 3 Nights, DJS, Live Music, Workshops, Performances, Conferences, Live Art.

Jul 3 - 6 Driftpile AB

Filberg Park Summer Concert Series A series of five Thursday evening concerts from 5 – 7 pm in beautiful Filberg Park. Bring a picnic or make a reservation at the Filberg Tea House for an early dinner. Check website for dates.

Jul - Aug Comox BC

Performances in the Park - Williams Lake Outdoor free summer concert series. 6pm each Thursday at the Gwen Ringwood Theatre in Williams Lake’s Boitanio Park.

Jul 3 - Aug 21 Williams Lake BC Dance Workshop with Slava Doval at Starbelly Jam 2013. photo Eye of the Mind Photography

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   27

july festivals Q&A with:

Cindy McLeod Producer & Artistic Director of the

Calgary International Blues Festival JULY 31 - Aug 3 2014 Your title is “Producer” but we’re guessing that covers a whole bunch of different job descriptions. What is your big picture job description? My job covers pretty much the gamut, from booking artists, production management, logistics, fundraising and development, marketing and promotions, volunteer coordination, graphics, web design and maintenance, grant writing, event management and more. What is the process for choosing the line up at Calgary Blues Fest and who has the final say? Are there any geographical or gender parameters that influence booking? As Producer and Artistic Director it is up to me to select the lineup for our festivals and events. Our criteria is based on a multitude of things, first and foremost what our audiences have come to expect: professional standards. I also review artists’ performance and recording credits, their investment into their own careers as well as the scene as a whole, often hearing them in live performance, on recordings, on radio and in concert elsewhere. Festival and club presenters are a closely networked bunch and we share new discoveries and other information. As a musician I also have a fairly decent sensibility about the quality

of music being presented. We program approximately 75% Canadian and 25% international, and consider instrumentation, genres, styles, cultural backgrounds, contemporary and traditional, acoustic and electric, and a mix of veteran and emerging artists. How long have you been at the helm of the Calgary Blues Fest? Can you share some of your vision for the festival going forward? I’m one of the founders of the festival, which began in 2005. We see continued growth and look to being able to invest more into our program. We are proud to have open ears yet still present the Blues in its unadulterated forms (Funk, R&B, Gospel, Cajun, Soul) without “selling out” to become more commercial. We are enjoying seeing young people discover the blues and look toward a strong future based upon that. Festival directors work really hard for more than half the year to prep for the big event, but still have to pay the bills for the quiet months. What else is on your plate? We present two festivals per year, the Calgary International Blues Festival in August and the Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest in February. This year we entered into the International Blues Challenge, running

semi-finals through the fall and fundraisers in early January, and are proud to say our very own Tim Williams took two first prizes in Memphis in January, the Best Solo Artist and Best Acoustic Guitarist awards. I’m also a long time jazz vocalist, recording artist, vocal coach and do studio voice-over work. I have a weekly radio show, The Blues Witness at CJSW 90.9FM. I am event manager for BBQ on the Bow, Canada’s longest running BBQ competition, and a manager for Wordfest, Calgary’s International literary festival. What festivals do you try to get to during the year? I love the arts and attend as many music festivals and events as possible, especially jazz, blues and ethnic festivals and events. If budget were no option — and geography not a concern — what would be your dream festival line up? This is a long, long list. The Blues scene is burgeoning with great talent and there’s a beautiful balance of new and veteran acts. The art form has made its way to Europe and other countries, where there’s a talent pool quickly developing. Most importantly, our own nation produces some of the finest talent on the planet.

28   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

july festivals Sasquatch Music Festival Sasquatch Music Festival is expanding in 2014. In addition to the long-running Memorial Day weekend this new July date has been added. Held annually — twice — at the Gorge Amphitheatre, four separate stages.

Jul 4 - 6 Gorge Amphitheater WA

All Folk’d Up in Montmartre With three days of music on two stages, All Folked Up In Montmartre is a community volunteer run music festival held in Kemoca Park in “Paris of the Prairies.”

Jul 4 - 6 Montmartre SK

Calgary Stampede The Stampede promotes volunteerism, presents a year-round slate of events, investing in youth and agricultural programs, and developing a unique western experience for the world to enjoy.

Jul 4 - 13 Calgary AB

Carlton Trail Jamboree Featuring an all-Canadian line-up to celebrate the excellent talent here. Canada’s finest country music entertainers and new talent beginning to rise to the top of the music scene.

Jul 4 - 6 Rabbitt Lake SK

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival Featuring every conceivable act from magician to mime, catapult to cabbage catcher, living statue to fire eater. Over four million visitors have experienced it.

Jul 4 - 13 Edmonton AB

Smithers Midsummer Music Festival A family oriented entertaining time featuring a diverse mix of musicians and musical styles. The festival features four daytime stages, headline performers, dozens of local and regional performers and is entirely volunteer powered. Also on offer: exciting and entertaining opportunities for children, with crafts and organized activities plus their own stage.

Jul 4 - 6 Smithers BC

Gatzke Orchard Music Fest Woodstock Revival is a Celebration of 60s culture and the music from that era. On site camping, food and drink, beer gardens, an arts and crafts fair, vendors, non stop entertainment and the best in live music. This is an all ages event! It is safe and fun for the whole family.

Jul 4 - 6 Oyama BC

Music At the Cannery

outdoor stage at 6:30pm. This years performances include: Charlotte Diamond, Ralph Shaw, Jessica Stuart Few, A Couple of Hooligans, Gabriel Hasselbach, Irish Wakers, Robert Hubele, Bocephus King, and Harpdog Brown.

Jul 4 - Aug 29 Richmond BC

Steamboat Mountain Music Festival All-genre music festival in a picturesque locale in the popular Windermere Valley. The festival will be comprised of 40% headliners and 60% local musicians, raising money for musical education in the Windermere Valley. Situated in the scenic town of Edgewater, on Edgewater Elementry School grounds.

Jul 5 Edgewater BC

Saskatoonberry Festival Community event for everyone!

Jul 5 Mortlach SK

Open Air Performances Free concert performances Saturday evenings 6pm. Various locations please check website for details.

Jul 5 - Aug 30 Lake Country BC

Join us at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston Village every Friday night through July and August for our summer music series. Performers take to our

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   29

Q&A with:

july festivals

Erika Olsen Production/Talent/Marketing Director of the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival JULY 18 - 20 2014 Your title is really big, plus you are the president of the board of directors at Winthrop. How did your enormous job come together and for how long have you been there? I’ve been with Winthrop Music Association since it started in 2005. Before that I had been an avid fan and attendee since the mid 90’s. Winthrop R&B festival was started 27 years ago by Jim Smith. It went thru various owners and by 2005 was financially struggling; the non profit was formed to put the festival back on solid ground. It is produced by the non profit Winthrop Music Association which is made up of 8 board members (original founder Jim Smith among them) who mostly reside in the Methow Valley. Before taking on the responsibilities of the production I had been a Human Resource Director for a major health care provider, and managed many event productions in other areas of my life. What is the process for choosing the line up at Winthrop? As Talent Director do you have the final say? The Talent Committee begins reviewing potential talent around October of each year. Because of our location we need to anchor our headliner first and then they usually build a routing around our booking. From there we craft the lineup to complement the headliner. Obviously budget is a factor. The board sets the annual budget in November and we use that figure to curate the talent. Winthrop is heading into year 27, which is a testament to the quality and commitment of everyone involved. Can you share some of your vision for the festival looking into the future? Winthrop is a rather wonderful and unique place to hold a festival. We are pretty much at capacity (which is 3,000) and I guess it would be wonderful to sell-out the festival overnight like Sasquatch or Watershed once the lineup is announced. I would love for our demographic to continue to include all walks of life particularly young folks. So much of today’s music originates from the blues and it’s important this form of music continues, that our young people

understand AND enjoy this important part of our musical culture. Putting on a festival that includes many derivatives of blues — zydeco, electric blues, funk, soul, bluegrass, hill country, boogie woogie — is an opportunity to expose this music to many audiences. Also, Winthrop Music Association has been able to contribute not only to the area economy but fund important endeavors such as the local Cove Food Bank, the Methow Valley School Disctrict music program, the Washington Blues Society Musician Relief Program and many other worthy causes. Our mission is to ensure the continued success of the festival and to promote arts and cultural activities in the Methow Valley and beyond. I believe we (the board) are doing a great job. Is Winthrop a year-round job for you, or have you got something else going on for the quiet months? Well, I spend quite a bit of time yearround reviewing talent by attending shows, reading, listening to youtube and CDs and conferring with colleagues. I also work with the Washington Women’s Foundation on their grant program, I work in production at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland. But I’d say it’s a year round parttime job managing all the hats I wear for Winthrop from website and social media, graphics, advertising, marketing, production, talent, charitable giving and so on. What festivals do you try to get to? Always the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival (one of the largest and best run in the country in my opinion). This past year I’ve also attended the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Fest, the New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival, its French Quarter Festival, the Blues Foundation Blues Music Awards, the first annual Sin City Soul & Blues Revival in Las Vegas, Ollala Bluegrass Festival, Folklife in Seattle, and quite a few others. If budget were no option — and geography not a concern — what would be your dream festival line up? I think New Orleans’ Jazz Fest is doing what I would do given the space, geography and budget.

Summer Sundays Concert Series Port Moody Free concerts every Sunday, 2 - 4 pm. Featuring top Vancouver and area R&B, soul, funk and blues bands at Rocky Point Park.

Jul6 - Aug 24 Port Moody BC

Party of the Century: Art Show & B’Day Party for Pynelogs One hundred pieces of art to celebrate the 100 years of Pynelogs. Themed Art Show with 100 artists invited to participate. View these original pieces of art during the twoweek show. Purchase a ticket for $100 and then wait for your name to be drawn at the B’Day party to choose an original piece of art to take home. B’Day party includes an outdoor garden party with live music, dancing under the stars, refreshments and art. Gallery hours 11 to 5 pm daily. B’Day Party Saturday July 19th from 6 to 11 pm.

Jul 8 - 20 Invermere BC

Burn in the Forest This is a regional Burning Man event for BC. Our community is built on the participation of its members and from the simple exchange of food, stories, or a lending hand, to the elaborate construction of an interactive art project

Jul 10 - 13 Squamish BC

Craven Country Jamboree The "World’s Greatest Country Music Festival" is the longest running multi-day music festival in Canada. It has been on the same site for 30 years — in the middle of the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley. Blue skies and rolling green hills are just the beginning.

Jul 10 - 13 Craven SK

Civic Sounds Free summer outdoor concerts featuring live local bands in Civic Plaza in Downtown Vernon every Thursday night from 7 - 9pm. Bring a lawn chair, a blanket and pick up a to-go dinner downtown.

Jul 10 - Aug 28 Vernon BC

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july festivals KELOHA Music & Arts Festival Kelowna’s Waterfront Park will be transformed into a tropical oasis of music and art. Featuring 2 stages, art installations, an exhibitor village, lakeside beverage gardens, and interactive kid’s areas.

Jul 11 - 13 Kelowna BC

Arts on the Fly Over the past years Arts on the Fly has introduced artists from around the world to this small community, growing to a two day festival with multiple venues, workshops, kids areas and more. The festival keeps growing every year, and is a highlight of the summer for the region.

Jul 11 - 12 Horsefly BC

Atlin Arts & Music Festival A family-friendly festival including an exciting collection of accomplished and

emerging musicians and visual artists, art and music workshops and kids’ activities. Free camping with ticket purchase.

Jul 11 - 13 Atlin BC

Bluegrass Jamboree at Pass Creek Held at Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds and features open mic sessions, pancake breakfast Saturday, band scramble, and bluegrass gospel Sunday. Dry camping available. Children under 6 free.

Jul 11 - 13 Castlegar BC!/passcreekfair. com/bluegrass-jamboree

Oliver Sunshine Festival Come enjoy 2 nights and 2 days of free family-friendly fun in beautiful Oliver, BC. Friday night and Saturday live stage music and dance entertainment, beverage gardens, kids activities, West Coast Amusements, food vendors & more at Oliver Community Park & Stage.

Parade Saturday 10 am.

Jul 11 - 12 Oliver BC

Peace Festival Concerts Friday and Saturday night. The Saturday Main Street of town is blocked off and is set-aside for many of the community’s organizations, clubs and volunteer groups to set up on the main street and promote themselves and their goals. Included are attractions for kids and the whole family.

Jul 11 - 12 Peace River AB

Pembina River Nights Small intimate festival, family friendly, ckua listeners, good crowd, by the river, camping. Canadian and International musicians, all styles.

Jul 11 - 12 Rangeton Park AB

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   31

july festivals Vancouver Island Music Fest Vancouver Island MusicFest is 3 days & nights of amazing roots, blues and world music from across Canada and around the world. 6 stages & over 75 concerts, on-site riverside camping, kids activities, eco-education areas, workshops, unique crafts, tasty foods & so much more.

Jul 11 - 13 Courtenay BC

Willow Creek Cowboy Gathering The weekend will include music, humour, tall tales, vendors offering handmade leather goods, jewellery, pottery, picture frames, silent auction and jam sessions.

Jul 11 - 13 Stavely AB

Christina Lake Summer Homecoming Festival Discover Canada’s warmest tree lined lake, nestled in the mountains of Boundary Country and experience the charm of this community summerfest. Market, Demos, Displays, Music, Performances, Family Beach Party, Grand Finale "Light Up The Lake" Boat Parade for Cash Prizes & More!

Jul 11 - 12 Christina Lake BC

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july festivals The Sukunka Valley Awakening Music Festival The beginnings of an annual electronic music festival in Northern BC, uniting cities and crews from all around BC to bring the very best in local and international talent!

Jul 11 - 14 Near Chetwynd BC

Rock the Shores This year, Rock The Shores expands yet again to become a 3 day event. Juan De Fuca Recreation Centre’s lower fields in Colwood, BC will host the biggest rock event of the summer on Vancouver Island. Stellar line-up. Visit website for details.

Jul 11 - 13 Colwood BC

Luminosity Project: A Pacific Northwest Visionary Media Gathering Nestled deep within the enchanted rainforest of the mossy west coast islands, on the full moon weekend, a mystical gathering of visual artists, sonic architects, dancers, and visionaries manifests into being. Bringing to the Canadian west coast the most cutting edge sonic vibrations in psychedelic mid and down tempo, visionary aesthetics, conscious learning....

Jul 11 - 13 Southern Vancouver Island BC

Saskatoon Reggae and World Music Festival Saskatoon Reggae Festival is bringing their summer event outside once again at Friendship Park. The event starts at 12 noon on Saturday July 12 with dance and drumming workshops. Enjoy b ands and dance performances from Artists and performers from Hawaii, Nigeria, and Belize, and more.

Jul 12 Saskatoon SK

Harrison Festival of the Arts The Harrison Festival of the Arts has presented the best in performing and visual art from around the world set against the magnificent mountains and the sandy beaches of Harrison Lake. An event the whole family can enjoy featuring music (an outdoor and indoor stage), a large outdoor art and craft market, workshops, a special day for children (of all ages).

Jul 12 - 20 Harrison Hot Springs BC

Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival Food vendors will be offering authentic Caribbean foods. Large kid zone featuring rides and street entertainers.

Jul 12 - 13 Maple Ridge BC

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july festivals Whistler Children 's Art Festival This fun-filled weekend features a multitude of hands-on art workshops led by professional artists in fine arts, crafts, theatre, multi-media, dance and music from across BC. The festival comes further alive with free activities and entertainment by roving musicians, popular children’s performers and zany characters.

Jul 12 - 13 Whistler BC

nature, and cultural diversity. From African drumming to classical violin, Jam Camp encourages families to use their instruments to jam with other musicians and to create new, original songs.

Jul 13 - 18 Ruckle Provincial Park Salt Spring Island BC

Canoe Mountain Rodeo & Music Festival Annual cowboy competition in the scenic town of Valemount in the Robson Valley.

Jam Camp By The Sea Jam Camp is a musical adventure for families of all ages and musical experience! For 3 - 5 days, Jam Campers camp with a multinational crew of facilitators, and explore music that celebrates life,

Jul 13 - 14 Valemount BC

Street Performers Festival Bringing jugglers, acrobats, musicians, installation artists, facepainters, and many other assorted entertainers from around the world to Grande Prairie.

Jul 15 - 20 Grande Prairie AB

Children 's Concerts in the Park Come to the Cameron Bandshell in Beacon Hill Park for fun and interactive hour of music and entertainment. Bring a picnic, sunscreen and a blanket and make a day of it with the kids.

July 16, 30 and August 13, 27 Wednesdays 11 am - 11:45 am Victoria BC

Q&A with:

Bobbie Blue Artistic Director of the Cowichan Folk Guild Islands Folk Festival, You are brand new to Islands FF, after many years at Filberg. Were you looking for a change or was this an opportunity you couldn’t resist? Actually it was magic — The Filberg Festival folks did not wish to renew my contract so I decided to move to Victoria, but that didn’t seem to be working out, couldn’t find the right place to live, so I decided to move to Duncan, and I did, and then the Cowichan Folk Guild hired me as the new Artistic Director, magic. How involved have you been with the artist bookings for this year? In general, are there any geographical or gender parameters that influence booking? The previous AD had already booked some acts, and the Board wanted some acts booked from the very first festival since we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, and then it was my turn. I have booked Spirit of the West and Murray McLauchlan and Chris Chandler and Ridley Bent and so forth. The Islands Folk Festival crowd very much like singer songwriters, blues, instrumental groups, Celtic, gospel, etc. And they love to dance in the evening. Islands Folk Fest is one of the quieter (in terms of banging their own drum for

attention) festivals, yet its longevity is tremendous (30 years!). Can you share some of your vision for Islands FF going forward now with the experience you bring to it? The Islands Folk Festival is doing just fine. As with most events that have been running for thirty years there are some adjustments to make, some fine tuning to do, but that is ongoing. No big changes. We just want to get better, not bigger. Our strength lies in our size, and we realize that. We are a community festival for music lovers and their families. We only sell 2000 weekend passes, so if you buy a pass, you kind of become a member of our family for the weekend. Festival directors work really hard for more than half the year to prep for the big event, but still have to pay the bills for the quiet months. What else is on your plate? I like to work ahead so I am working all year round, slowly and carefully. As the AD of the Cowichan Folk Guild I also book the Coffeehouses, Concerts, Dances and work on a few events with the Cowichan Theatre — The Islands Folk Festival is only one of the events that the Cowichan Folk

JULY 18 - 20 2014

Guild produces — and I need to make sure I leave enough time in my schedule for hiking and reading and listening to CBC radio. What festivals do you try to get to during the year? I have attended the Islands Folk Festival, the Filberg Festival and Courtenay MusicFest many many times, but when I was younger I traveled across Canada often, and I have attended most of the major Folk and Blues festivals in Canada at least a couple of times. My favourite is always the smaller festivals, so working for the Islands Folk Festival is a good fit for me. If budget were no option — and geography not a concern — what would be your dream festival line up? I have always wanted to book Gordon Lightfoot at a festival. When I did the Great Canadian Songs Concert all those years up at the Filberg Festival I kept thinking that he would be the perfect Great Canadian Songs guest. I have been very lucky to have worked in one capacity or another with most of the performers that I would like in my dream festival line up. But as new artists come along, that dream line up will always be changing.

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july festivals Billy Barker Days Free famly festival celebrating gold rush heritage with music, dances, parade, rodeo and fireworks.

Jul 17 - 20 Quesnel BC

Cortes Days It’s a complete celebration of Cortes Island starting with breakfast and followed by a parade. The day is filled with activities for children and adults, such as the cake walk, chicken run and the famous Nail, Sail and Bail race.

Jul 17 Cortes Island BC

Folk on the Rocks More than 24 hours of programming on 6 stages, including children’s area, cultural area, and beer garden. Along with music, enjoy international and traditional cuisine, buy Northern creative works in the Art on

the Rocks area. Performers from all over Canada and and the world collaborate in the biggest artistic jam in the North.

Jul 17 - 20 Yellowknife NWT

Ness Creek Folk Fest Ness Creek is reputed as “The best time you can have in one weekend!” Four days celebrating music, arts, community and ecology in the breathtaking setting of the Boreal Forest. With over 20 main stage performances.

Jul 17 - 20 Big River SK

Darrington Bluegrass Festival The Pacific Northwest’s oldest running bluegrass festival started in 1977 and is going strong, drawing over 7,000 people each year.

Jul 18 - 20 Darrington WA

Dawson City Music Festival Dubbed “Canada’s tiny perfect festival” by Vancouver’s Georgia Straight, the Dawson City Music Festival has been a fixture of the Yukon cultural calendar since 1979.

Jul 18 - 20 Dawson City YK

Islands Folk Festival Held at beautiful Providence Farm near Duncan, throughout the years the spirit of music and community and thousands of musicians have graced our stages. This festival has become a world class event with a family feel - Folk, Jazz, Blues, Country, Children’s, Bluegrass, Roots, Americana, Canadiana, & World Beat. Children under 12 free.

Jul 18 - 20 Duncan BC

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   35

july festivals K Days A tribute to Edmonton’s history and a door to the future. Family fun, adventures in wine, food and spirits, and a long list of some of the finest musical acts in Canada.

Jul 18 - 27 Edmonton AB

South County Fair A rural, peace-oriented, camping, music and arts festival that manifests itself annually just outside Fort Macleod, AB.

Jul 18 - 20 Near Fort Macleod AB

Starbelly Jam Starbelly Jam is an annual outdoor music festival for the whole family held in Crawford Bay, BC. A soulful, eclectic line-up of talented musicians, great food, a craft faire, free workshops, roaming jugglers and clowns make it the cultural event of the year.

Jul 18 - 20 Crawford Bay BC

Vancouver Folk Music Festival Known around the world for the quality of its programming, friendly ambiance and beautiful park setting, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival offers an exciting, eclectic and diverse music for all ages at Jericho Beach. Add in fabulous food, great shopping, a special area for little folks plus other on-site activities and amenities.

Victoria International Buskers Festival Buskers from around the world will converge in Victoria and present ten days of performances on event stages along our Inner Harbour and in Bastion Square. Additional daily lunch time performances will also be presented at the Bay Centre.

Jul 18 - 27 Victoria BC

Wild Mountain Music Festival Great atmosphere, and plenty of BC musicians at this fest. Beer tent, kids area, food, arts & craft vendors, & camping.

Jul 18 - 20 Hinton AB

Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival This year’s 27th Anniversary of the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival is shaping up to be the best rhythm & blues party yet. The Award-Winning Winthrop Music Association presents the Festival at the Blues Ranch in Winthrop, Washington, nestled in the beautiful Methow Valley in the heart of the North Cascades, surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the Pacific Northwest. Saturday and Sunday music starts at 11 am and runs until 2 am. On-site camping, free showers, food and craft vendors, shade tents, and beer garden. For complete schedule, tickets, and lodging information please visit the website.

Jul 18 - 20 Winthrop WA

Kimberley July Fest A weekend filled with beer gardens, a bocce tournament, music, dancing, good friends, and sporting events.

Jul 18 - 20 Kimberley BC

Pemberton Music Festival Nearly 100 performances and six separate performance areas, including two main stages, two secondary stages, a dance tent and a comedy area, three glorious days of music, comedy, and camping on 300 clean, open acres in one of the most idyllic settings on Earth.

Jul 18 - 20 Pemberton BC

Armstrong Metal Fest Featuring more than 30 local and international musicians together at the Hassen Arena in the small town of Armstrong. Prepare for the sixth annual heavy metal and camping music festival.

Jul 18 - 20 Armstrong BC

Vilna Cowboy Fest Prepare to be entertained, educated and elucidated on the subject of cowboy culture.

Jul 18 - 20 Vilna AB

Jul 18 - 20 Vancouver BC

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july festivals Bella Coola Music Festival An eclectic line-up of music - roots, rock, world, blues, folk and more. With something for everyone, the festival features a children’s site, food and craft vendors and workshops

Jul 19 - 20 Bella Coola BC

Surrey Fusion Festival Celebration of food, music & culture.

Jul 19 - 20 Surrey BC

Wellness Festival 2nd Annual Wellness Festival is held at the Millennium Park. Activities include Kids Triathlon, Elvis Elite along with musical entertainers from around the province. Check our Ashcroft Wellness Awaits You Facebook page for all aspects of wellness through Music, the Arts, History, Health and Fitness.

Summer Outdoor Music Camp Spend a week learning new instruments or honing in on your music skills all while exploring the outdoors. Good food, music under the stars, and fun, featuring live performances, camping and a remote lodge stay. 13+

Jul 22 - 26 Revelstoke BC

Queer Arts Festival An annual three-week artist-run transdisciplinary arts festival. At the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall and Performance Centre.

Jul 23 - Aug 9 Vancouver BC

Calgary Folk Music Festival The Calgary Folk Music Festival embraces a singularly Canadian festival style, earning a glowing reputation for programming that welcomes music from around the corner and the globe, bringing together marquee artists, local favourites, historymakers and innovators to Calgary for a broad-ranging vision of folk with an edge.

Jul 24 - 27 Calgary AB

Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival Each year the bands include some of the stalwarts of the NW bluegrass community as well as many players new to bluegrass and to their instruments. Great chance for musicians to make new friends, play music with others, and get to perform on stage.

Jul 24 - 27 Stevenson WA

Jul 19 - 20 Ashcroft BC groups/115331341977966/

Kensington Sun & Salsa Festival Six live entertainment stages will spread Latin flavour through the neighbourhood Bring your kids to the Children’s Carnival zone for family entertainment and fun. Amazing art demonstrations or be an artist yourself and help paint a mandala on the street.

Jul 20 Calgary AB

Khatsahlano! Music & Art Festival Showcasing more than 30 of Vancouver’s top musical performers - a veritable who’s who of hot indie acts - plus eclectic pods of distinctive local artisans, street performers and a host of other festivities. Local merchants turn Kitsilano’s legendary West 4th Avenue into a gigantic, 8-block street fair with a wide variety of food options, bustling patios, giveaways and special activities. Stroll down West 4th Avenue from Burrard to MacDonald.

Jul 21 Vancouver BC

Full map on following pages. This inset details the Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast, and southern Gulf Islands and Victoria

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july festivals Q&A with:

Bill Holmes, Director of the Rock Cut Blues Festival JULY 25 & 26, 2014 You’ve been at the helm of Rock Cut Blues for about a decade now. What changes have you made over that time to grow the festival into one of the Northwest’s "must attend" blues fests? The first festival had a budget of $1200. We sold 120 tickets @ $10 and broke even. There have been some years early on when we lost money either because of the weather or mistakes in projecting ticket sales. I’m glad we were able to hang in there and make it to this point, our 16th festival. We try to improve our venue and camping area every year. With a larger budget we have been able to sign national, and even international acts. We have also expanded from a Saturday only festival, to include Friday and Thursday evenings. What’s your vision for the next 10 years of the festival? The last 3 years we have had our camping area a full capacity. Our ticket sales have been in the 500-600 range. Every year we try to make the festival a little better. Improving the camping situation to make the weekend comfortable for our guests. Also, we always try to improve the quality of performers as our budget grows. Hopefully the next ten years we will continue to improve in those areas. What aspect of Rock Cut are you most satisfied with or proud of? The most satisfying part of the Rock Cut Blues Festival to me, is on Sunday when the camp is breaking up, campers are driving off and stop to tell us how much they’ve enjoyed the weekend. Also, proud of the fact that we have taken a piece of raw ground, built the camp, and produced a successful event for 16 years. Festival directors work really hard for more than half the year to prep for the big event, but still have to pay the bills for the quiet months. What else is on your plate? Besides the Blues festival we have organized 10 other music events, some at our venue, some at other indoor venues. We will be gradually pulling back from that and the everyday management / ownership of the camp has changed hands in the last few months. Hopefully giving us more time for travel, including getting to other festivals such as Wallace, Idaho, Sunbanks and the Sunflower Blues Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi. If budget were no option — and geography not a concern — what would be your dream festival line up? We would really like to bring in Charlie Musselwhite or Ruthie Foster. Maybe next year!


604.999.4141 *

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july festivals Motion Notion Music Festival A world-class electronic music festival with five artistic stages at a spectacular venue. Headliners include Ajapai, Akasha Experience, Aligning Minds, Avalon, Bluetech, Crazy Daylight, Cyantific, DC Breaks, Dieselboy, Dirtyloud, Doctor Werewolf, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Elite Force, Freq Nasty, Funkanomics, Gaudi, Goosebumpz, Govinda, Grouch, Headroom, Hug Life, John 00 Fleming, Knight Riderz, Lady Waks, LongwalkShortdock, Magnus, Marten Hørger, MartyParty, Neelix, Neon Steve, Nick Thayer, Quanta, Slynk, Smalltown DJs, Smoke Sign, Stickybuds, Stylust Beats, Sub Zero, The Funk Hunters, Wax Romeo.

Jul 24 - 28 Golden BC

Unity Music Festival This family friendly festy is located right on the shores of Slocan Lake in the West Kootenays. Great music, great beach, local culture and amazing views -this is one not to miss. Check out the line-up.

Jul 25 - 27 Slocan City BC

Mission Folk Music Festival Mission has carved out a niche that is unique among Canadian festivals, seeking to find the best, the rarest, the unheard of that should be heard and to nurture local artists while reaching around the globe to bring in the world’s great music.

Jul 25 - 27 Maple Ridge BC

Gateway Fest The Gateway Festival is located in the Bengough Regional Park, in a small farming/ranching community just north of the historic Big Muddy Badlands.

Jul 25 - 27 Bengough SK

Hootstock Festival of Dance and Spoken Word The Hootstock Festival has something to interest and engage everyone. Featuring everything from Bluegrass to Dance performances, Storytellers and Poets, Bands and Electronica (EDM).Workshops. Eclectic Vendors and Food. Everyone Welcome! Camping. Festival with a great vibe and

setting, including art exhibition inside Historical Schoolhouse on site. Kids free.

Jul 25 - 27 Forest Grove (near 100 Mile House) BC

Kispiox Valley Music Festival Near Hazelton. Running since 1995 on the bank of the renown Kispiox river, this festival is known across the province and even the country for featuring up and coming new musicians in all genres of music: rock, blues, folk, world, bluegrass, celtic, something for everyone.

Jul 25 - 27 Kispiox BC

Renton River Days A multi-day family festival and celebration of community pride. Two separate entertainment stages will feature a variety of instrumental, vocal, percussion, and dance considered “family entertainment” in Liberty Park.

Jul 25 - 27 Renton WA

Audience listening to Pharis and Jason Romero, Arts on the Fly, 2013. Pharis and Jason will be at this year’s Nimblefingers workshops and festival. photo

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july festivals Rock Cut Blues

Rock of the Woods

One weekend in July each year, Blues fans return to the Rock Cut Campground to enjoy two days of entertainment provided by award winning musicians in Beautiful Kettle River Country.

Jul 25 - 26 Kettle Falls WA

Musical genres range from surf/folk rock to indie and electronic music. An all-ages festival with afternoon entertainment for children and families. The combination of international musicians mixed with the community spirit will make this event talked about for years to come.

Jul 25 - 27 Cowichan Valley BC

Sasquatch Gathering A non-profit artistic and recreational event, set in a beautiful, rustic campground nestled along the Pembina River, just off the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22) between Highways 16 and 43 (about 1.5 hours from Edmonton)

Jul 25 - 27 Rangeton Park AB

Ukee Days 72 hours of action-packed festivities for the entire family. The normally sleepy(ish) seaside town explodes in a summery haze of Logger Sports, Live Music, fun, entertainment, beer gardens, contests and much more.

Jul 25 - 27 Ucluelet BC

Sooke Fine Arts Show The Sooke Fine Arts Show is the largest, professionally adjudicated art show on Vancouver Island. The 10-day show features more than 375 works of art created by nearly 300 artists from Vancouver Island and the surrounding coastal islands, as well as special events, live music and interactive artist demonstrations. 10am 6pm with some special evening events.

Jul 25 - Aug 4 Sooke BC

Monster Energy Center of Gravity Beach festival featuring world class sports: beach volleyball, basketball, wakeboarding, freestyle mountain biking, FMX, skateboarding, and BMX. As well as some of the world’s biggest names in Dance, Hip Hop, and Pop Music.

Jul 25 - 27 Kelowna BC

Interstellar Rodeo Six Shooter Records present a celebration of music, wine and food. The music programming is an extension of the taste and philosophy of Six Shooter Records which includes music in the Americana genres of folk, country, blues, bluegrass, gospel, and rock and roll.

Camping under the Northern Lights, Midsummer Music Festival, 2013. photo

Jul 25 - 27 Edmonton AB

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july festivals Photosynthesis Festival An Arts and Music Festival that welcomes people from all walks in life, and all tastes in music. Seeking a sustainable community, fueled by inspiration, creativity, intimacy and ingenuity and providing a platform where everyone can learn, share, participate, create and grow.

Jul 25 - 27 Granite Falls WA

Powell River Sea Fair Sea Fair is the longest running festival in Powell River, celebrating 51 years in the making! This 3 day festival brings the community together with entertainment, vendors, fireworks and midway at Willingdon Beach.

Jul 25 - 27 Powell River BC

Chemainus Bluegrass Festival One of the wonderful events presented each year by the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society. Two magical days of bluegrass music on Vancouver Island - in Chemainus, British Columbia.

Jul 26 - 27 Chemainus BC

Kootenay Festival Featuring live music, dance, performances and cuisine from the diverse cultures represented in the Kootenay region. Adjacent to the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and The Kootenay Gallery of Art.

Jul 26 Castlegar BC

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Country Fest Music, agriculture, food, & fun... in BC farm country. Admission is free.

Jul 26 - 27 Maple Ridge BC

Shorefest Preceding the fireworks, SHOREfest (presented by SHORE 104) will host free concerts on two music stages in English Bay and Sunset Beach. Visitors to the beach will be able to watch some of the hottest names in Canadian music perform at Sunset Beach and in English Bay on fireworks days.

Jul 26 July 30 Aug 2 Vancouver BC p/shore-fest

Caribbean Days Festival The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC presents the Caribbean Days Festival. This event draws a crowd of exuberant fun-lovers to North Vancouver’s Waterfront Park for a weekend of parading, dining and dancing in the sunshine.

Jul 26 - 27 North Vancouver BC

Enderby Arts Festival The Enderby and District Arts Council presents a free family-friendly street festival of markets, music & art. Features a 40-vendor Artisan Market, all-day entertainment stage, photo contest, pancake breakfast.

Jul 26 Enderby BC

Sand Sensations BC Featuring professional and community sand sculpting, this family, fun-filled week takes place in Taylor BC, the Playground of the Peace, where the famous Alaska Highway meets the mighty Peace River. International carvers from Russia, Netherlands, USA and Canada create huge sand sculptures and give tips to local competitors in the art of sand carving. Peace Island Park has plenty of camping and boating and is the only sand exhibition in BC on the edge of wilderness rife with moose and bear and hiking opportunities for all. Join the Country Campfire with music, food, fun and sand in all natural surroundings. Admission: Free. Camping rates apply.

Jul 26 - Aug 4 Peace Island Park, Taylor BC

Gibsons Sea Cavalcade The 45th Anniversary Sea Cavalcade has a fun-filled weekend in store for you and your family. There will be events for all ages and levels of activity, from toddlers to seniors, spectators to competitive athletes.

Jul 26 - 27 Gibsons Landing BC

Kootenay Jam Camp Jam Camp is a musical adventure for families of all ages and musical experience! For 3 to 5 days, Jam Campers camp with a multinational crew of facilitators, and explore music that celebrates life, nature, and cultural diversity. From African drumming to classical violin, Jam Camp encourages families to use their instruments to jam with other musicians

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   47

july festivals and to create new, original songs. Come join the fun.

Jul 27 - Aug 1 Syringa Provincial Park (near Castlegar) BC

Vancouver Early Music Programme & Festival A superb series of summer evening concerts at the UBC campus. There will also be workshops and lectures.

Jul 27 - Aug 15 Vancouver BC

Calgary International Blues Festival Celebrating the best in blues from across Canada and beyond with a full week of events culminating in 4 days & nights of non-stop music on Mainstage and at the nightly Twilight Blues dance parties. The family friendly event features local food vendors, colourful arts market, festival merchandise, beer garden & more.

Jul 28 - Aug 3 Calgary AB

Big Valley Jamboree Whether you’re a true blue country music fan, or just like to have fun in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, Big Valley Jamboree is the event for you. Set aside the August long weekend. Grab some comfortable clothes. Call your favourite people. Then join concert-goers from around the globe who make the yearly pilgrimage to a 400acre mini village that’s created each year in Camrose, AB.

Jul 31 - Aug 3 Camrose AB

Coombs Bluegrass Festival Coombs Bluegrass Festival is the oldest in BC. If you have not yet experienced a bluegrass festival, here is a wonderful opportunity to explore what bluegrass music is, the history, see top quality bluegrass music and meet the people. Join them for a fun filled weekend of bluegrass & camping at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds.

Jul 31 - Aug 3 Coombs BC

Hornby Festival The Hornby Festival is 10 days of festivities in mid-summer including multi-genre mainstage concerts, children’s workshops, also featuring spoken word and visual arts.

Jul 31 - Aug 9 Hornby Island BC

Sunfest Festival Held at the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds this festival features exhibits, food & merchandise vendors and a beer garden.

Jul 31 - Aug 3 Cowichan Valley BC

Wanderlust Festival Wanderlust a combination of yoga, music and nature and feeling good.

Jul 31 - Aug 4 Whistler BC

Vendor market at Motion Notion, 2013. photo contributed

50   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

august festivals Alaska Salsa Festival The Alaska Salsa Festival features four days of dance, bootcamps and great workshops and absolutely amazing shows.

Aug 1 - 3 Anchorage AK

ArtsWells Festival Of All Things Art This is a four-day outdoor & indoor event designed with community in mind. We hope that you will enjoy the weekend taking in all the great artists, the local flavour of nature trails, historical sites, artisans, and friendly folk!

Aug 1 - 4 Wells/Barkersville BC

Bass Coast Summer Festival Bass Coast supports the local electronic underground arts community in BC by providing an event with international recognition. The love of Bass electronic music and

creative innovation in all forms is at the core of the experience.

Aug 1 - 4 Merritt BC

Blueberry Bluegrass Country Music Festival Western Canada’s largest blugrass fest! Great outdoor concert stage in Heritage Park.

Aug 1 - 3 Stony Plain AB

water, and good vibes are what the new Boonstock Music Festival stand for.

Aug 1 - 3 Penticton BC

Filberg Festival The Filberg Festival takes place on the beautiful 9-acre waterfront Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park, a designated Heritage Site in Comox, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Aug 1 - 4 Comox BC

Boonstock Music & Arts Festival The Boonstock Music Festival has found a new location, and a new date, for its 10th year anniversary. Located in Penticton, BC, the beautiful scenery of the South Okanagan valley surrounds the festival site. Skaha Lake is a 4 minute walk from the festival grounds on the easy access walking path we have set up. Hot weather,

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   51

august festivals Q&A with:

Peter North Artistic Director of the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival AUGUST 15 - 17, 2014 In addition to a few decades in print journalism (with many awards and accolades under your belt) you’ve been with CKUA for a long time, wearing several hats during your tenure. I imagine parting is bittersweet; so why now? At the end of the day I was fortunate enough to come to an agreement with CKUA that allows me to keep a presence with that historic broadcasting network. Although we won’t be recording any new installments of the Points North interview show after a great four year run I have been asked to put together a “best of” package that will run from late spring until October when a new show will fill those slots. And even though I have left CKUA as a staff member we cut a contract deal that will keep my Saturday morning show Dead Ends and Detours alive and well. It’s very popular and brings in substantial money to the station but it is not nearly as labour intensive as Points North. It ended up being a best of both worlds situation. You are brand new to SARB, your appointment coming after initial act bookings have already happened. How much influence have you had on the rest of the lineup for 2014? Hugo Rampen booked some very cool artists before his departure including Bellstop from Iceland and Black Joe Lewis. He also booked Little Miss Higgins, The Sheepdogs and The Stumbellas, so some strong Canadian content there. I had lots of room to work with, both monetarily and in terms of genres. Getting Josh Ritter signed for the final day of the festival was great, as for good reason he is considered one of the great young songwriters of our time. I wanted a couple of legends or veteran artists who have stayed the course for decades and we got that accomplished with signing Mavis Staples and Leon Redbone. Alvin “Youngblood” Hart for my money is one of the most exciting and gifted artists around. His acoustic blues stuff is as good as it gets, but his electric three piece trio goes off into roots rock overdrive. We wanted solid representation from B.C. and got that with three groups that cover a lot of musical ground, those being Cousin Harley, Cannery Row, and Good For Grapes. Alberta, and obviously I know that scene well, is represented by acts like J.R. Shore who won the Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting contest twice in the last four years, as well as Tim Hus who is a modern day Stompin’ Tom disciple, plus Chloe Albert who was nominated for a Juno for her exceptional songwriting. We’ve got the roots rock thing covered with acts like the reunited Jr. Gone Wild who I want to put in a workshop/concert with New York’s Dan Zanes the founder of the Del Fuegos out of New York. I’m also really excited about Ottawa’s Soul Jazz

Orchestra which has never played B.C. before, a great world beat act that won the World Music Juno in 2013. SARB is one of the venerable long-running festivals in BC. Do you think you’ll be changing much? Can you share some of your vision for the festival? In terms of changing things I’m not going to presume anything until I’ve had the opportunity to spend the full three days soaking up everything at this year’s festival. One of my concerns at festivals these days, and I’ve experienced it at too many events, is sound bleed from one stage to another. Who the hell pays good money to hear three acts at once? So I’ll be looking at production values etc. and listening to people. SARB has a very good reputation and I think maintaining a balance in roots related genres is important and just keeping the artistic bar high. Keeping workshops interesting and memorable is an important, well key, facet of any good festival. Festival directors work really hard for more than half the year to prep for the big event, but still have to pay the bills for the quiet months. What else is on your plate? I heard you will be performing at Penticton’s Dream Cafe, in early August before SARB… tell us about that show, and if you have others booked around the Thompson/Okanagan. I have a couple of projects on the go, one being producer of a show called Front Porch Roots Revue. We did a nice swing of the interior of B.C. last Thanksgiving doing our show Up On Cripple Creek: The Songbook of “The Band” and people loved it on this side of the Rockies as much as they like it on the prairies. We have a lot of bookings for that show in the fall, and our show of originals as well is getting booked all over Alberta. A few years ago we produced a show that paid homage to Ian Tyson called The Gift and an album with members of Front Porch, Blue Rodeo, Jennifer Warnes, and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott came out of that project. I’d like to do a similar thing on the seventies Canadian indie roots artists who made some great music that has been lost. I’d like to give young acts from the prairies and B.C. songs from artists ranging from Diamond Joe White, Tim Williams, Joe Hall, and Pied Pumkin to Hans Stamer, Humphrey and The Dumptrucks, and Bob Carpenter to cover for an album. There’s some amazing stuff from that era that needs to be revisited. We don’t do a very good job of documenting our musical history. However my focus is going to be on coming up with the best possible line-up I can for Salmon Arm 2015. I’ll be spending some time up at my house in Wells sifting through tons of music and coming up with endless ideas. I’ve waited a long time for this kind of opportunity and SARB will be on both front burners.

52   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

august festivals Fire 'n Water Music Festival Come out and enjoy Manitoba’s top Indie Music Festival. We feature the best there is to offer in Manitoban & Canadian Music with a sprinkling of a few international performers to help give it a little spice. Come see why we are the fastest growing festival in Manitoba. Five stages, and over 60 shows.

Aug 1 - 3 Lac du Bonnet MB

Harmony Arts Festival Presented by Odlum Brown Limited, who turn the West Vancouver waterfront into an open-air celebration of the arts. Expanded Art market & exhibitions, artist talks & demonstrations, studio tours, cinema in the park, over 70 concerts, salsa by the sea, site specific dance, and a unique wine/culinary experience in the wine garden. Something for everyone and all musical tastes. Most events are free.

Aug 1 - 10 West Vancouver BC

Mt Baker Rhythm & Blues Festival The Mount Baker R&B Festival has, from the beginning been dedicated to “Keepin’ the Blues Alive”. Hundreds of talented bands have graced our stage, none more important the the other in terms of honoring America’s heritage musical legacy. By incorporating, roots, rock, pure blues and even a touch of rockabilly & jazz, the blues is represented. Hence, an amazing vibe. As always… free camping with showers with “weekend pass”, 55 full RV hookups.

Our 180 acre, manicured site has it all. Food/Crafts vendors and beer garden as well as an indoor All-Star jam after hours until 2am every night.

Aug 1 - 3 Bellingham WA

Grizfest A music festival in the mountain wilderness catering to all kinds of diverse selections. The Battle of the Bands starts off the rocking weekend on Friday night at 7pm and the tunes, food and fun continue all weekend. A daily music schedule starting at noon on Sat/Sun will happen in the rain, shine or snow because GRIZ FEST will go on in all kinds of weather. Bring warm clothes just in case. Walk in the tracks of the great dinosaurs and hike to the famous waterfalls. On August 9, take part in the 16th Annual Emperor’s Challenge Marathon Mountain Race of 20km. Camping available.

Aug 1 - 3 Tumbler Ridge BC

Kaslo Jazz Etc. Summer Music Festival Jazz may be in the festival’s name but it doesn’t end there. Many acts who have performed on the floating stage included blues, funk, soul, world, latin and jazz bands. The venue’s unique location provides festival patrons with natural amphitheater surrounded by pristine wilderness to enjoy while watching the performances on the floating stage nestled on the shoreline of Kootenay Lake.

Glacier Challenge This annual event brings thousands of people from across Western Canada and parts of the US for a friendly weekend of bats, balls, beer and beats. Register a team or just come for the live music and fun atmosphere. Revelstoke Centennial Park. Line-Up: Five Alarm Funk, The Bitterweed Draw, The Hip Show and more.

Aug 1 - 4 Revelstoke BC

Connect Festival The Connect Festival started 19 years ago with international talent and urban culture in a beautiful southern Saskatchewan setting. Since then it has grown into western Canada’s most infamous grassroots electronica and alternative culture festivals.

Aug 1 - 4 Regina SK

Riverboat Days An entire week to appreciate the history, the culture and the unequaled natural setting around Terrace. Riverboat Days has grown to become the premiere community festival of northwestern British Columbia. Get ready for longstanding favourites such as the Legion parade, the fireworks over Ferry Island & concerts in the park.

Aug 1 - 10 Terrace BC

Aug 1 - 3 Kaslo BC

54   BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014

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august festivals Comox Nautical Days

Routes & Blues Two wonderful weekends of Shuswap exploration! Including hikes, great food and live music in six different communities throughout the Shuswap. Routes & Blues is an outreach project from Salmon Arm Roots&Blues Festival and presents a series of concerts designed to bring people together at regional events that don’t break the pocket book.

Aug 1 - 14 Shuswap BC

Canmore Folk Music Festival The Canmore Folk Music Festival is a weekend-long event in the heart of the Rockies - with music, food vendors, craft vendors and plenty of activities for the whole family!

Aug 2 - 4 Canmore AB

Tons of live local music, plus weekend highlights include the Bullhead Derby, Canoe Jousting, Dragon Boat Races, Build, Bail& Sail, the Ceremony of the Flags, parade, food, crafts and fireworks. Free and great fun for the whole family.

Aug 2 - 4 Comox BC

Giants Head Freeride-LongBoard Race 3 days of Freeride from 10am to 5pm. 19+ only, no exceptions. Beer garden, mini dirt bike races and race on day 3.

Aug 2 - 4 Penticton BC

World’s Invitational Class A Gold Panning Championships Taylor opens the 42st Annual Gold Pan-

ning festivities on Friday night with a community parade, music and food at Peace Island Park. Champion gold panners return to defend their titles and panning skills are demonstrated and taught to newcomers. Real gold is at stake and the competition is serious business. The weekend holds fun family events such as bannock baking, claims staking and metal detecting along with a variety of children’s activities. Admission: Free. Camping rates apply.

Aug 2 - 4 Taylor BC

Folklorama Folklorama promotes the ethno-cultural diversity of Manitoba through entertainment, public celebrations of culture and education.

Aug 3 - 16 Winnipeg MB

Spotlight on:

Filberg Festival

August 1 - 4, 2014

Celebrate the best of arts, crafts and music from across Canada this BC Day long weekend. The Filberg Festival continues to enjoy its world-wide reputation and 32 years later is still one of western Canada’s longest running and largest juried outdoor arts show. The 2014 Festival will showcase over 130 artisans and makers of fine art in a variety of media ranging from metalwork, pottery, toys, woodcrafts, jewellery, paintings, glass, textiles and specialty foods. This year we are thrilled to feature local artist Tracy Kobus as our guest artist. Tracy lives in the Comox Valley and her acrylic paintings give a thoughtful perspective on the connection between humans and nature. Her work, now in collections worldwide, is available at the Comox Valley Art Gallery Gift Shop and various events throughout the year. Follow her blog or newsletter to get regular updates. The Filberg Festival is also known for great entertainment and this year’s line-up offers a wide variety of music to please everyone’s taste. Main stage performances include Tiller’s Folly, Royal Wood, Jesse Peters and Ken Lavigne. Other appearances over the four day weekend are by Phil Dwyer, Daniel Wesley, David Gogo and many more. Gate admission is charged at the Filberg Festival, as it is the primary fundraiser for the not-for-profit organization which has the responsibility of repairing and maintaining the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park’s property and buildings ( Advance tickets are available now online at, and as of June 21 the Vancouver Island Visitor Centre, I-Hos Gallery and at all Vancouver Island Thrifty Foods locations. Four day passes are also available. Festival hours are 10am to 6pm Friday thru Sunday and 10am to 5pm on Monday.

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august festivals Columbia Valley Tour of the Arts The Tour of the Arts has been a tradition in the Columbia Valley since 2008. The Tour brings together the artists and musicians of the community with local collectors and visitors to the Valley. Our theme for 2014 is ‘From Pothole Park to Pynelogs’ as we present a walking tour of downtown Invermere. There will be more than 30 artists displaying a wonderful variety of work at sites along 7th Avenue right down to the grounds of Pynelogs on the shore of Lake Windermere. From 10:30 to 4 pm

Aug 3 Invermere BC

Invermere MusicFest: Waterfront Music Festival With the stage and Festival grounds set at the Kinsmen Beach Greenspace and Lake Windermere as a backdrop, the Invermere MusicFest: Waterfront Music

Festival is an entertaining and edgy musical experience for our Columbia Valley residents and visitors. Top shelf Canadian bands will entertain the festival-goers throughout the evening. Beer Gardens and International Food Vendor Village within the Festival grounds. Bring your festival-chairs, blankets and get your groove-on for our second annual Invermere MusicFest. Gates open at 12:30 and music starts at 1:00 to 11 pm.

Aug 3 Invermere BC

Vancouver Pride Parade Attracting crowds of more than 650,000, the Pride Parade is renowned on the international stage as on of the largest and most successful events in the world, in support of LGBTQ communities, with spectators and participants outnumbering the host City’s residents. Noon - 3pm, parade begins at Robson Street and Thurlow

Street, heads west to Denman Street, follows Denman to Pacific Street and Beach Avenue and finishes at the Sunset Beach Festival.

Aug 3 Vancouver BC

Kimberly Kaleidoscope Arts & Cuture Festival Celebration of all the arts for the whole family.

Aug 3 - 9 Kimberley BC

Saskatoon Exhibition Numerous stages, youth talent search, art show, rides, beer gardens and more! Aug 5 - 10 Saskatoon SK

Peach Festival The biggest FREE five-day festival in Western Canada. Featuring fabulous

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august festivals entertainment, a variety of vendors, two parades, an Aboriginal Cultural Village, a square dance festival, Penticton Peach Festival Royalty, a sandcastle competition and a midway.

Aug 6 - 10 Penticton BC

The Festival at Sandpoint Annual summer concert series with eight nights of eclectic music under the stars on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Aug 7 - 17 Sandpoint ID

Edmonton Folk Fest An irresistible festival. Beginning in 1980 with one staff and 300 volunteers, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival has grown and matured to become one of the leading folk festivals in the world. Now

boasting a volunteer force of over 2000, the festival in a not-for-profit society dedicated to bringing in the best of folk music from around the world.

Aug 7 - 10 Edmonton AB

Great Woods Music Festival Featuring two stages in Great Woods Park offering acres of spacious groomed lawns and many shade trees giving the audience room to relax and really enjoy the music.

Aug 7 - 9 Beausejour MB

John Arcand Fiddle Fest The aim of this festival is to promote Métis cultural traditions through the preservation and promotion of fiddle music and dance and to provide a forum to showcase youth, talent and culture.

Flowmotion Summer Meltdown Summer Meltdown is a multi day grassroots music festival featuring 4 stages of music, onsite camping, late night performances, river access, kids activities, music workshops, beer garden, green village and much more.

Aug 7 - 10 Darrington WA

Cariboo Chilcotin Metis Association & BC Metis Federation 2nd Annual Music Jamboree This family event includes a concession, games and swimming. Near by camping is available or book a room in the near by resort Oasis Resort.

Aug 8 - 10 McLeese Lake BC

Aug 7 - 10 Saskatoon SK

Rockin ' River Music Fest Rockin’ River Music Festival, the Fraser Valley’s biggest party, is three-days of boot-stompin’ country music with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll mixed in. The festival is held on the banks of the mighty Fraser River, at Mission Raceway Park in Mission, BC. Over the three days musical acts such as Rascal Flatts, Terri Clark, Gord Bamford, Road Hammers, Hey Romeo, Julian Austin, The Chris Buck Band, and more will perform on two stages. Also performing will be tribute bands like High Voltage (AC/DC), Aerosmith Rocks (Aerosmith), and LegsZZ (ZZ Top). There is camping and a variety of ticket options available. For more information go to rockinriverfest. com or call the Rockin’ River Hotline at 604-733-2235.

Aug 7 - 9 Mission BC

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august festivals Campbell River Salmon Festival The prime industries of Northern Vancouver Island are forestry and fishing and this festival is a tribute to them.

Aug 8 - 10 Victoria BC

Desert Daze Festival Going into its 5th year, this family-friendly festival celebrates music, arts, farming and community. Full of fun stuff to do including apple bobbing and watermelon seed spitting, all spent in BC’s magnificent desert setting. Musical styles from country, folk, blues, rock and everything in between. Special guests: Big Horn Sheep.

Aug 8 - 9 Spences Bridge BC

Edge of the World Music Festival on Haida Gwaii Opening and closing with traditional Haida song and dance, EOTW music festival endeavours to bring a wide selection of musical acts – from world beat to hip hop, and everything in between. Magical ambiance, diverse vendors, a kids zone, and workshops all delight at this unique festival on stunning Haida Gwaii.

Aug 8 - 10 Tlell BC

Regina Folk Festival The Regina Folk Festival draws great acts and great crowds to the Queen City each summer. This year’s line up is incredible blend of musical styles, cultural influences and above all, some of the world’s best talent.

Aug 8 - 10 Regina SK

Squamish Valley Music Festival Now in its fifth year, the Squamish Valley Music festival is the premier music event in Western Canada and features an amazing mix of top international artists as well as the best emerging local talent.

Aug 8 - 10 Squamish BC

Wapiti Fernie Music Festival Fresh Canadian Indie in Fernie BC. July Talk, Zeus, Good for Grapes, 2014 Juno winners The Strumbellas, & more on the CBC stage! Kids & Seniors Free. Bask in the sun and dance under the stars. 5 min from downtown. Bike check, craft beer, local wine & kids tent.

Aug 8 - 9 Fernie BC

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august festivals Whistler Crankworx Festival When Crankworx rides into town, Whistler BC makes its annual transformation into the Colosseum of freeride mountain biking. In a stadium of dirt sculpted out of raw mountain, a hedonic convergence of riders and bike lovers from all around the world gathers to crown champions and revel in the mountain biking revolution.

Aug 8 - 17 Whistler BC

Osoyoos Bluegrass Festival The banjo’s twang and the harmonica’s wine fill Desert Park. Come and listen or bring your own instruments and join in the jam sessions. Self-contained RVs can be accommodated.

Aug 8 - 10 Osoyoos BC

Shambhala Music Festival Set on a private 500 acre farm, over 300 acts from around the world on 6 uniquely themed stages. Living Room, Village Stage, Fractal Forest, Pagoda, Amphitheatre and The Grove.

Aug 8 - 11 Salmo BC

Kanfest Whitewater kayaking enthusiasts get together for a weekend of total fun. It’s a chance to get out on the water, take a clinic or go on a guided run. Competitive events events include the freestyle rodeo, boater cross, team ball race and

much more. There’s also lots going on off the water as well; BBQ, throwbag toss, live music, massage, demos, yoga, and auctions.

Aug 8 - 10 Canoe Meadows AB

Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival The fifteenth annual, Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival returns to Deer Lake Park for another amazing day of music for the whole family. This year’s lineup includes Big Sugar, Matt Andersen and the MelloTones, Bettye LaVette, Imelda May, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Wide Mouth Mason, and more.

Aug 9 Burnaby BC

Downtown Kelowna Block Party Kelowna is closing the streets of the downtown for the biggest block party in the Okanagan. Bring your family, friends and dogs for a full day of shopping, fashion shows, children’s activities, dancing, music and more! Sing, move and groove with live entertainment on three street stages and fun free outdoor activities.

Aug 9 Kelowna BC

Okanagan Pride Festival An open, inclusive, inter-faith, ecumenical gathering to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Aug 9 - 16 Kelowna BC

Grindrod Days Free family-friendly & children-centered event starting 8 a.m.Saturday morning with a pancake breakfast ($5). Live entertainment, music (Flashback), games, tractor exhibits & more. Mutt show 9 a.m. Sunday.

Aug 9 - 10 Grindrod BC

Columbia Basin Culture Tour Explore artists’ studios, museums, art galleries, and heritage sites through this free, self-guided tour within the Columbia Basin. Meet the artists, shop for fine art and craft, view demonstrations, special exhibitions interpretive displays or chat with local historians during this two day cultural celebration.

Aug 9 - 10 Columbia Basin BC

Okanagan Jam Camp Our first Jam Camp in the Central Okanagan! Okanagan Jam Camp is a family camp for all ages and musical abilities. Okanagan Jam Camp will be held at Camp Dunlop, a Scouts Camp on the shores of Okanagan Lake. It is only minutes from downtown Kelowna, but hidden from the city in a lush little valley. There’s a beach, canoes, a hall with power for plugged in music jams, loads of room for tents and hiking trails up the valley to beautiful lake views.

Aug 10 - 15 Camp Dunlop, Kelowna BC

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august festivals British Columbia Swing Camp Spend an inspiring, challenging and joyous week with others who share a passion for swing. The BC Swing Camp provides a friendly, non-competitive environment for everyone from swing novices to more seasoned players. You’ll enjoy an extensive selection of seminars and workshops to help you grow as a musician.

Aug 10 - 16 Sorrento BC

Centralia Old - Time Music Campout This is a relaxed event for musicians who like lots of jamming and hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

Aug 10 - 17 Centralia WA

ReggaeFest Come join the Rastagarian movement! Calgary’s ReggaeFest isn’t just for reggae fans. Its main stage event is a full day family affair that transcends racial, cultural and musical boundaries. With live performances from national and international reggae artistes, ReggaeFest

features a beer garden, separate youth area, and plenty of arts & crafts. Or get a taste of reggae culture from the many food vendors.

Aug 13 - 16 Calgary AB

Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition "MEME" is a yearly electronic music and digital arts festival started in 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This is the most significant electronic music event in both Manitoba and anywhere in Western Canada. MEME features various concerts, events, workshops and a series of free


604.999.4141 *

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august festivals outdoor concerts located at The Cube in Winnipeg’s Old Market Square.

Aug 14 - 17 Winnipeg MB

Aug 14 - 16 Saskatoon SK

Yukon River Side Art Festival

Saskatoon Folkfest For three days each year, Saskatoon comes alive with the sights, sounds and tastes of our ethnic heritage.

The Yukon Riverside Arts Festival is an annual KIAC summer event that takes place on Dawson City’s Discovery Days weekend. The festival is primarily based outdoors in open-air tents along the Yukon

River, but events also take place at numerous venues around town.

Aug 14 - 17 Dawson City YK

Rainbow Trout Music Festival It’s the coolest summer indie music festival Manitoba has to offer. Three days of music, camping, good friends, bon fires, dancing, swimming, and so much more. 100% vounteer driven and dedicated to promoting local music and arts. Rock, electro, hip-hop, blues, jazz, folk, loud, quiet, garage, funk, reggae.

Aug 14 - 17 Winnipeg MB

Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival The 10th annual Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival will again feature worldclass musicians playing an eclectic programme of chamber music ideally suited to the School of Music in Madeira Park.

Aug 14 - 17 Pender Harbour BC

Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts Join Canada’s longest running summer gathering of Canadian writers and readers, featuring established literary stars and exciting, new voices… with opportunities for writers and readers to mingle amidst Rockwood’s heritage gardens.

Aug 14 -17 Sechelt BC

Come By The Hills Music Festival Nestled in the beautiful Battle River Valley in East Central Alberta. The Battle River Music Society is bringing you a great lineup of folk, country, roots, blues, jazz and celtic musicians

Aug 15 - 16 Mistahiya AB

Harvest Sun Music Fest Dancing to Barefoot Caravan, Music on the Mountain, 2013. photo

A small festival with a big heart, bringing awareness of, and support to, the family farm and agriculture by providing a forum for farming organizations to create awareness of their cause through music and the

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august festivals arts. The festival maintains an all-Canadian line-up.

Aug 15 - 17 Kelwood MB

Midway Festival Held at the Boundary Expo Recreation Centre. Bring your instruments and join in!

Aug 15 - 17 Midway BC

Northern Lights Bluegrass Festival Presented by Northern Lights Bluegrass & Old Tyme Music Society, a non-profit society of members who do a whole heck of a lot to promote bluegrass and old time music all over Saskatchewan and beyond.

Aug 15 - 17 Ness Creek SK

Robson Valley Music Festival Celebrating 10 years, RVMF is one of the coolest grass roots, multi-genre music festivals in BC! Festival is held in the heart of the pristine and remote Robson Valley. A large list of performers is found on the web site. Camping available.

Aug 15 - 17 Dunster BC

Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Three days of unique culture & sport with something for everyone! Thrilling dragon boat races. Live multicultural entertainment. Fun crafts in the children’s tent. Forbidden City Food Court’s tantalizing cuisine. Lights of Courage lantern campaign. Paddler’s air band competition.

Aug 15 - 17 Victoria BC

Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival The Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival is among the largest and most musically diverse festivals in B.C. Roots & Blues provides an incredible sonic and visual sampler and it’s a great place to come together with family and friends. Kids 12 and under are admitted free of. Come join in the excitement!

Aug 15 - 17 Salmon Arm BC

Power of Paint Eleven Equal Artists are hosting the 3rd annual Power of Paint exhibition showcasing the stunning and creative artwork of: Morley Baker, Josefa Fritz Barham, Todd Clark, Elizabeth Evans, Greta Grunow Guzek, Carol LaFave, Kim LaFave, Ian MacLeod, Cindy Riach, Nadina Tandy, and Marleen Vermeulen. Held at the Seaside Centre in Sechelt: August 15

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august festivals Q&A with:

Julie Kerr Artistic Director of the NimbleFingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Workshop & Festival AUGUST 17-22, AUGUST 24-29 & SATURDAY AUGUST 23 2014 What is the process for choosing the festival performers and the workshop facilitators? Well, I guess the main thing is that we (Craig Korth and I) really just love the music we’re presenting. So we seek out artists and teachers that suit our style of event. Folks that are serious about teaching and performing, but open and casual about sharing that with others. We try to hire inclusive, not exclusive artists, then support them in whatever way we can to help them share their craft. Especially for our instructors at the workshop, we want folks who will sit down for a meal with students and really get involved, share their story. There is an application link on the website, and we do occasionally find folks that way, but I would say that for the most part it’s us approaching the artist. Sometimes they come to camp one year, we get to know them, then ask them back to teach the next. Nothing like seeing someone in action. That happened with us this year with Jack Roland and Sam Masterton. They came last year as participants, and this year they are teaching! How long have you been at the helm of both the Nimblefingers Workshops and Bluegrass and Old-Time Festival? This will be our third year running the Workshop, and our second producing the Festival. It’s been a total blast. A major learning curve in so many ways, but we just love it and want to keep it evolving. The first year we took it on we introduced an OldTimey Square Dance and Social to the program which was a total hit. Everyone loves it and gets dressed up and dance around like crazy to the best callers and the best dance bands in North America. It’s a real treat for everyone involved. It’s almost like a movie scene when it’s happening. Everyone smiling and holding hands and totally being in the moment.

What else is on your plate? We’ve always had many irons in the fire. We rent out high-end recording equipment

which we ship all over the place to many artists looking for a very specific sound. Craig has always bought and sold fine stringed instruments, so there is always something in the front porch either coming in or out the door via FedEx. He also for many years built arch-top and flat-top guitars, which he set aside when we had children. He’s fired up his workshop again and is going full steam ahead building guitars. We have two young daughters which keep us very busy, so there is not a lot of time left. We’re both musicians, too — Craig performing much more than me, but we have that perspective on it as well. This year we’re playing at the Kaslo Jazz Etc. Fest! What festivals do you try to get to? Our main ‘do not miss’ event is the Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival just outside of Seattle at the end of February. It’s an indoor festival and many of our participants also go to this large event, and so it’s great for us to reconnect and check out new acts. We sponsor a stage there too, and get in on the action any way we can. We also attend the Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, and Craig tries to get to the International Bluegrass Music Convention (they say ‘conference’ and ‘convention’ but really they are industry geared festivals) in North Carolina every other year or so — a real hoot, both of them! More regionally, I like the smaller festivals. Tiny Lights here just outside of Nelson in Ymir is fantastic and on it’s way to becoming something really cool. Starbelly Jam is always fun for the family, and one of these days, we’re going to take the leap and head up to ArtsWells! If budget were no option, what would be your dream festival/workshop line up? Well, we’ve got many of our dream performers this year, so that’s a hard one. I guess the icing on the cake would maybe be Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott, Sarah Jaroz or even Bela Fleck and Abagail Washburn. New Country Rehab would be great for the festival, especially if we decided to take it in a more late night direction. Really, I’m totally happy with what we’ve got!

(5 - 9 pm), August 16 (10 am - 6 pm), and August 17 (10 am - 6 pm).

Aug 15 - 17 Sechelt BC

Gabriola Theatre Festival Ten fantastic theatre performances from BC and beyond; live music stage all weekend long; 50-plus artists and artisans at Street Art! Kids Corner, Theatre Salons and more! All on beautiful Gabriola Island—the Isle of the Arts

Aug 15 - 17 Gabriola Island BC

Powell River Blackberry Festival Street Party This family-friendly festival features contests held throughout the week, a wine & cheese party and a huge street party on Friday including an amazing fireworks display.

Aug 15 Powell River BC

Princeton Traditional Music Festival The Festival takes place on two stages in the centre of Princeton, and begins, as last year, with a public street dance and an Irish ceili band. Saturday and Sunday are given over, between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm, to a potpourri of concerts, workshops, panels and jams. Music won’t just be found on the stages – mini-jams and guerilla dances are liable to happen anywhere in town culminating in a Saturday evening town-wide party. The Festival is free, though it asks its audiences to help with donations.

Aug 15 - 17 Princeton BC

Atmosphere An Elemental Collage of Art, Music, Dance, Food and Community Celebration. Camping and meals available. Bring your own plate and utensiles.

Aug 15 - 17 Comox Valley BC

Rockin ' the River New festival with music and all-ages entertainment. All-Star Canadian talent will knock your socks off North Island! This all

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august festivals festival will open the gates at 11 am with the first act starting at 12 noon for 12 hours of entertainment!

Aug 16 Campbell River BC

Flag Stop Theatre & Arts Festival Original theatre works on outdoor stage, children’s performances, live music in the lodge, lantern boat procession and more.

Aug 16 - 17 Whistler BC

Arts Alive in the Park Arts Alive in the Park is two days of summer fun at the end of the Blackberry Festival in the third week of August. Established and emerging local artists display their work and present it for sale. There is also dance, music, a poetry slam and workshops for both kids and adults. Sat

11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm.

Aug 16 - 17 Powell River BC arts_alive

Mid Autumn Moon Festival This traditional Chinese celebration, honouring Barkerville’s Chinese heritage, features enthralling music, ceremonial dragon dancing, martial arts demonstrations and activities all day. The parade begins at dusk with a lantern parade through Barkerville. Bring your own lantern or make one at our lantern-making workshop.

Aug 16 Barkerville BC

SpagWest Fest The Spaghetti Western Festival is a free music festival celebrating new directions in country and western music. The event

takes place at Olympic Plaza in the heart of Calgary’s downtown and features local and international artists.

Aug 16 Calgary AB

Grindrod Garlic Festival The alluring aroma of garlic draws you in to a whole series of competitions taking place at the Festival. Garlic-eating contest, Iron Chef-style challenge. Nosh your way through the festival, pull up a seat on the grass to listen to the live local bands performing from the porch of the Grindrod Hall, then check out the artisan tents where potters, jewelry makers and other crafty vendors are happy to showcase their talents at the Grindrod Park 9am - 4pm.

Aug 17 Grindrod BC

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   65

august festivals Canadian Rockies East Coast Kitchen Party An amazing weekend festival complete with lively & talented performers, spectacular mountain scenery & a fresh lobster dinner. This music is guaranteed to get your toes a-tappin’ ! Don’t forget to check out the late-night jam sessions in our Pub once the mainstage closes. Come get your jig on! Located on Hwy 11 at Cline River, AB

Aug 22 - 24 Nordegg AB

Morden Corn & Apple Festival The Morden Corn and Apple Festival is a family event and has a reputation for catering to all age groups with a variety of events to guarantee the enjoyment of all.

Aug 22 - 24 Morden MB High Society at the Upstairs Hall, ArtsWells 2013. photo

Latin Summer Fest The original Latin outdoor city celebration, Trout Lake Park to Victoria & 15th. Music all day, artisan market, plus Latin food.

Aug 17 Vancouver, BC

NimbleFingers Bluegrass and OldTime Music Workshop and Festival Spend an inspiring, challenging, and thrilling week with others who share your passion for bluegrass and oldtime music! NimbleFingers provides a friendly and non-competitive environment for everyone from beginners to advanced players, with ample opportunity for group learning, electives, organized jam sessions, and many other spontaneous activities. World-class instructors, intimate concerts, old-time dances, fantastic food and loads of jamming.

Aug 17 - 22 & 24 - 29 Workshops Aug 23 Festival Sorrento BC

Victoria Fringe Festival Join us for 11 days of amazing live comedy, drama, dance, spoken word, musicals and physical theatre – over 370 performances in 9 venues. Fringe-going is easy, fun and slightly addictive. Once you start, you won’t want to stop!

Aug 21 - 31 Victoria BC

Shine on Festival of Music and Art Celebrating the end of the summer, Shine On has been around since 2005, currently taking place at the Sandilands Provincial Forest

Aug 21 - 24 Sandilands MB

Sturgis Canada Sturgis Canada is bringing the music back to Merritt. Headliner Burton Cummings is joined by multiple artists and entertainers. Come for the motorcycle cowboys, rodeo games, Show & Shine, stunt riders, and so much more.

Music on the Mountain Murray Ridge Ski Area. Three days of art and magic, with two stages, roving theatre, workshops, youth activities, vendors, visual arts, crafts and more. MoM misses you!

Aug 22 - 24 Fort St. James BC

Summertime Blues The Nanaimo Blues Society has organized and presented six highly successful Summertime Blues festivals. These outdoor Blues festivals have been held in downtown Nanaimo with national and internationally renowned Blues musicians.

Aug 22 - 24 Nanaimo BC

Coombs Country Music Jamboree On site camping available. Beer garden overlooking the stage. Saturday night hoedown. Some of the best performers from all over Vancouver Island. Coombs Rodeo Grounds, 2601 Alberni Highway (#4 Hwy).

Aug 22 - 24 Coombs BC

Aug 21 - 24 Merritt BC

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august festivals Synchronicity Coast Arts Fest This annual event will showcase the amazing talent of local and visiting artists and entertainers in the lush Shirley Macey Park on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. The festival features 3 days and 2 evenings of entertainment including live music on the MainStage, the ever-enchanting outdoor Rainforest Circus, roving entertainers, a new Workshop series, a kids tent, The Marketplace, local food, and more.

Aug 22 - 24 Gibsons Landing BC

Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival Looking for a new festival experience? Ponderosa Festival will be bringing all its Art, Music, and Freshness back to Rock Creek this summer. Come for a three-day boutique festival experience with picturesque riverside camping, two stages of stellar bands, artists, great foods, vendors, and the chillest vibes.

Aug 22 - 24 Rock Creek BC

Otalith Festival Otalith takes place at multiple venues throughout the Pacific Rim (Tofino & Ucluelet, BC), showcasing 30 acts over two days.

Aug 22 - 23 Ucluelet BC

Trail 's End Gathering A showcase of talent from the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association.

Aug 22 - 24 High River AB

Golden Sound Festival From the people who brought you the Golden Sound Festival Winter Block Party, the streets of Golden will be filled for a late summer party of Rock, Folk, Funk, and Electronic music at this multi-venue festival.

Aug 23 Golden BC

South Cariboo Garlic Festival This festival is firstly about garlic! You will find garlic and garlic eats and treats,

spices, rubs as well there are plenty of other artisans at the festival. There is also live entertainment.

Aug 23 - 24 Lac La Hache BC

Interior Provincial Exhibition The Interior Provincial Exhibition (I.P.E.) is an exciting five-day agricultural fair with a massive impact on the region. As the largest event in the Interior of British Columbia and showcases agricultural history, cultural and artistic talents. With 20 different exhibition divisions, rodeo, parade and music.

Aug 27 - 31 Armstrong BC

Lytton River Festival Annual festival is a FREE event held on Labour Day weekend. Performances on the main stages Friday and Saturday nights. Table 23 Improv Company perform Saturday, experience an all-day Pow Wow on Sunday, Artisan craft demos & sale, Children’s activities and even Chicken Poop Bingo! The atmosphere is always full of energy, dancing and quality music.

the weekend reveling in the world of Bumbershoot, experiencing everything from regional favourites to international superstars.

Aug 30 - Sep 1 Seattle WA

Vancouver Island Blues Bash Featuring local, regional and international blues and R&B artists/groups in both free to the public, and paid admission performances, on the beautiful outdoor stage in Victoria’s Inner Harbor, Ship Point Picnic Site.

Aug 30 - Sep 1 Victoria BC

Kootenay Sufferfest Annual mountain bike race, run and kids races too. Various locations and times. Check website for details.

Aug 30 - Sep 1 Kaslo, Nakusp, New Denver BC

Aug 29 - 31 Lytton BC

PotashCorp Fireworks Festival Live shows take place on Friday and Saturday evenings at two locations: the Amphitheatre at River Landing and across the river in Rotary Park

Aug 29 - 30 Saskatoon SK

Sunshine Music Festival The Annual Sunshine Music Festival is set to take place during Labour Day Weekend of 2013. The Festival is a celebration of music from across Canada and the world.

Aug 30 - 31 Powell River BC

Bumbershoot Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival, Bumbershoot takes place in the heart of the city at the 74-acre Seattle Center. Over 100,000 visitors from near and far spend

BC Musician Magazine | Ultimate Summer Festival Guide 2014   67

september - october festivals Vancouver International Fringe Festival Celebration of theatre on Granville Island. 600 performances and 89 artists.

Sep 4 - 14 Vancouver BC

Annual Cowboy and Drover Jubilee Come celebrate BC’s rich cowboy heritage with 3 musical venues, poetry tent, singing competition, drover-themed activities and games, hands-on educational opportunities, and a community-minded “hoedown” that is sure to keep Barkerville’s visitors humming historical tunes and stomping their dancing feet well past the festivities.

Sep 5 - 7 Barkerville BC

Serenity Music Harvest Festival Three days of music on lovely Birch Island.

Sep 5 - 7 Birch Island BC

One Big Tree One Big Tree is an intimate gathering focusing on social connections through the arts and education. The three day event consists of an educational conference presented by bonafied speakers covering an array of social topics, health and healing workshops, live music and DJ’s. A decompressing event for the end of the festival season.

Sep 5 - 7 Sunshine Coast BC

Aurora Powell River’s Historic Townsite is where past, present, and future meet; the fertile ground for innovative new arts festival. Aurora will open historic spaces for artistic epression, featuring an artist lounge, disco, audio-visual performances, live music and dj, food vendors and local artist exhibits. Each eveing after sundown, Ash Avenue will close for an projection mapping and 3D laser installation.

Sept 5 - 6 Powell River BC

Pentastic Hot Jazz Festival The Penticton Jazz Festival held at 5 venues around Penticton. Free shuttle service between venues. Three days of world class jazz to entertain and excite music lovers of all ages.

Sep 5 - 7 Penticton BC

FAME :: Female Arts and Music Exhibition A three-day music and arts festival in the Okanagan showcasing female artists, DJ’s and performers from all over North America and the world.

Sep 5 - 6 Near Kelowna BC

Sh’Bang Festival A Festival of Ideas: Soapbox Derby, Live Entertainment, Art Installations and Workshops.

Sep 6 - 8 Bellingham WA

Lake Country ArtWalk ArtWalk is a highly successful annual arts festival that features the best in creative, orginal artworks, along with music, theatre, workshops and special events. Let the colourful gates of ArtWalk lead you to the lastest in great art.

Sept 6 - 7 Lake Country BC

Fleetwood Community Festival The festival is designed to create a sense of community. We hope you will enjoy this day of fun, excitement and celebration! 11 am - 3 pm at the Fleetwood Community Centre.

Sep 6 Surrey BC

Accordion Noir Festival Vancouver’s annual celebration of the world’s most misunderstood instrument.

Sept 11 - 14 Vancouver BC

Rifflandia Festival The Rifflandia Festival has quickly established itself as a premier West Coast music festival, transforming BC’s Capital city for four days of music, art, food, deals and more: Royal Athletic Park, multiple night stages plus the War Child Lounge.

Sep 11 - 14 Victoria BC

Annual Wild Salmon Festival Shuswap salmon travel 1100 kilometers up the Fraser basin to Lumby, BC the eastern most community for Pacific wild salmon returns. When they arrive on their spawning journey, on big run years, many salmon die trying to get over the spillway at the Wilsey hydro dam. MSWSS is coordinating with many community groups, people and businesses who support the development of a fish ladder around the Wilsey hydro dam. The Festival features music, dance, guest speakers and children’s activities.

Sep 12 - 13 Lumby BC

Kaleido Family Arts Festival Alberta Avenue comes alive with a free arts festival featuring music, dance, theatre, film, literary, and visual arts. Artists collide in an environment of creative exploration and performances on rooftops, sides of buildings, back alleys, parks, old spaces and new spaces of 118th Avenue.

Sep 12 - 14 Edmonton AB

Jasper Folk Music Festival This will be our 2nd annual Jasper Folk Music Festival dedicated to promoting Canadian Rocky Culture through roots, rhythm, folk and blues music. The festival is a three day event which is held mid September in beautiful Centennial Park bringing together an amazing backdrop with fantastic late summer sounds.

Sep 12 -14 Jasper AB

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september - october festivals Country Celebrations This fabulous fall tradition that combines nature, heritage, agriculture and community is back and more fun than ever with a bike powered main stage, circus skills workshops, kite-making, raku pottery workshops, story telling, cow milking demonstrations, live raptors, and so much more. Head out to Campbell Valley Regional Park, 10am - 4pm each day.

Sep 13 - 14 Langley BC

Rock Creek Fall Fair The Rock Creek and Boundary Fall Fair is one of the last "true" country fairs. It is commonly referred to as "The biggest little country fair around". Bring the whole family to our exhibition for a fun filled two day experience.

Sep 13 - 14 Rock Creek BC

Salt Spring Island 's Annual Fall Fair Much loved by young and old, locals and tourists alike, the annual Fall Fair is Salt Spring Island’s oldest community event, and the one with the most heart!

Sep 13 - 14 Salt Spring Island BC

Victoria International Chalk Art Festival A two-day chalk art exposition across our beautiful downtown. From Government Street to Centennial Square, music stage, food village, artisans, and kid’s chalkers area.

Sep 14 - 15 Victoria BC


DJ’s, musicians and artists in a gorgeous setting, nestled at the base of the rocky mountains.

Sept 18 - 21 Big Springs Campground Kananaskis AB

New Forms Festival The NFF is part of a larger, international, media and electronic music festival movement, which explores the everchanging and evolving world of art, while creating a platform for artistic growth. The society wishes to make new media art, music, film, technology-based installation and performance accessible to a wider audience. This year at Science World.

Sep 18 - 21 Vancouver BC

FozzyFest is three days of spectacular music held Canada Day long weekend featuring both international & Canadian

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september - october festivals Pender Harbour Jazz Festival All styles of jazz from swing to Latin to gypsy to straight ahead to fusion and more. Many events are FREE.

Sep 19 - 21 Pender Harbour BC

StokeFM Mountain Music Festival Music Festival at the base of the mountains, check out dirt bike demos, 1/2 pipe skateboard shows, BMX trials, market vendors, art, food and more, all part of the Revelstoke Fall Festival showcasing Revelstoke’s adventure mountain culture and quality live music. There will be a multisport adventure race in the morning and live music all afternoon. 1pm - 11pm at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Sep 20 Revelstoke BC

Similkameen Sizzle Pepper Festival Canada’s ONLY Hot Pepper Festival. Harvest festival of peppers with entertainment, a Hot Pepper Eating Contest, children’s games, vendors & artisans, a beer garden and more, plus live entertainment. This event is free to the public.

Sep 20 Keremeos BC

Powell River Fall Fair Come and enjoy the coolest Agricultural Event of the Year. Gates open at 12noon to 5pm…adults $5 and children under 12 are free.

Sept 20 - 21 Powell River BC

Decible Festival International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media.

Sep 24 - 28 Seattle WA

Garden City Grooves Festival Funk, soul and groove. Full lineup to be announced in mid-June. 2013 acts included: Miami Device, The New Groovement, The Chantrelles, Coco Jafro and Gabriel Palatchi Band. Accepting artist applications until May 31.

Sep 25 - 27 Victoria BC

Culture Days Through an annual three-day national celebration each September, hundreds of thousands of artists and cultural organizations in hundreds of cities and towns come together and invite Canadians to participate in free interactive and “behind the scenes” activities to discover their cultural spirit and passion.

Sep 26 - 28 Lower Mainland BC

Artists for Conservation Festival 10-day art and environmental education happening, featuring the world-top conservation themed art exhibit and sale. The event also includes guest lectures, workshops for youth and adults, documentary films, live painting demos, music and cultural performances.

Sep 26 - Oct 5 Vancouver BC

Ellison 's Market Fall Harvest Fair A tribute to local history, local musical talent, and community spirit in the parking lot of Ellison’s Market.

late Sep (TBA) Nelson, BC

Rhythm on the Rock Music Festival Rhythm on the Rock is the passion project of producer, Jessie Lightburn. The festival exists as a way to showcase & highlight up and coming local musical talent while promoting the best of the west coast and bringing a community together for a weekend of passion, education and inspiration.

Secret Location & dates released soon Oct 2014

BreakOut West Festival Over 2 nights, 60 original artists will perform in 15 venues throughout Winnipeg.

Oct 2 - 5 Winnipeg MB

Fall Record Convention Come on out to our semi-annual Record Convention at The Croatian Cultural Center. 80+ tables of Records, CDs, and Music Memorabilia.

Oct 5 Vancouver BC

Festival of the Grape Presented by the South Okanagan Chamber of Commmerce and held at the Oliver Community Centre. Grape Stomp,

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september - october festivals Art Show, Kids Zone, Food Vendors, Main Stage Entertainment and Trade Show.

Oliver, BC Oct 5

BC BellyFest Get Bents’ Annual festival featuring performers from across BC. Celebrate music and Bellydance. Arabic, Gypsy, Bollywood, Tribal, Folk and more!

Oct 10 - 15 Penticton BC

Annual Artist 's Studio Tour 50+ artists open their studios to tempt your senses with dazzling displays! Awardwinning jewellers, painters for every taste, plus pottery, glasswork, photography, leatherwork, textiles and much more. Self-directed tours happen all summer long—check the listings to see which artists are open throughout the summer and year-round.

Oct 10 - 12 Gabriola Island BC

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl The Art Crawl offered Crawlers access to 110 participating galleries and art studios, representing over 275 artists along the entire Sunshine Coast Highway from Langdale to Lund or Lund to Langdale. We invite Crawlers to come, meet the artists and experience the vibrant arts and culture community on the Sunshine Coast.

Oct 17 - 19 Sunshine Coast BC

Mountain Music Workshop Weekend Music workshops in the day & performances at night. Learn a new skill or improve your musical talent through a variety of interactive music workshops delivered by talented professional musicians. Banjo, fiddle, drumming, songwriting, harmonica, guitar, voice, bass and more. Various locations around Revelstoke & The Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre.

Nov 7 - 9 Revelstoke BC

Buckman Co and tiny fan, Starbelly Jam 2012. photo Eye of the Mind Photography


Last year we had a number of visitors to Street Fest who came specifically because

they had seen the ad in BC Musician magazine. Revelstoke Arts Council knows that by advertising in BC musician magazine we get BC wide coverage

and people read it!!”

Garry Pendergast, Executive Director Revelstoke Arts Council

604.999.4141 *

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islands afloat: sled island festival revival

by Barbara Bruederlin

It appears that the rumours of its death were greatly exaggerated. Much like Mark Twain, Calgary’s Sled Island Music and Arts Festival proved hard to kill by sheer speculation alone. But then, sheer speculation doesn’t consider the combined power of music lovers, festival fans and community. When raging flood waters forced the cancellation of Sled Island a mere three days into the week-long festival last June, the financial picture looked very grim. Although the festival did carry insurance, none of the policies allowed for the unthinkable - full cancellation of programming across nearly 40 venues. About 70% of the festival’s expenses - costs like artists, marketing, rentals, production fees, deposits and travel expenses - were non-refundable regardless of whether or not events went ahead. With about half of the festival’s revenue coming from sales of tickets and passes, refunding all those ticket and pass holders would have put Sled Island about $200,000 in the red. That’s not even counting lost revenue from beer sales. Festivalling is thirsty work. So festival organizers did the only thing they could think to do to keep from drowning in debt - they offered a full refund, but asked those pass holders who had the means to do so to forgo the money. And then they held their breath. Policies were already in place to refund people holding tickets to individual shows, but Sled Island organizers had no idea what sort of response they would receive from flood-weary Calgarians who were already dealing with plenty of their own problems. It was a pretty big ask, and one that took a fair bit of chutzpah, but it was really the only option if Sled Island wanted to live to see its eighth birthday. Pass holders were offered three options - receiving a full refund, forgoing the refund, or receiving the refund but then donating it back to the festival and getting a charitable tax receipt. Never a city to stand idly by and let a good festival drown, Calgarians responded in droves, with 70% of pass holders declining a refund. And this was no chump change either; all-access passes carried a price tag of $199, while priority all-access passes ran up $349 big ones. Many of Sled Island’s scheduled

artists, as well as suppliers and partners, also waded in to help cut financial losses. Proving that there is solidarity amongst festival-types, Sled Island then gotta whole lotta love from a sister festival who was no stranger to financial challenges. The Calgary International Film Festival threw out a lifeline by offering free film festival passes (worth $200 a pop) to the first 200 Sled Island pass-holders who agreed to forgo their refund. Having survived money woes of their own in past years, the Calgary International Film Festival was a fitting good Samaritan to help bail out a floundering fellow festival. Because they were introducing a new pass system with considerably more capacity than in past years, film festival organizers expected that they would have excess space at many of their screenings, which could easily accommodate those stranded Sled Islanders. One festival stepping in to help to fill financial sand-bags for another was exactly the sort of altruism that defined Calgary in the aftermath of the 2013 flood, albeit on a slightly grander scale. And it paid off. When the rescued Sled Island Music and Arts festival took over a bar in downtown Calgary in early March of this year, to reveal the first dozen headliners for the 2014 festival, the announcement was made with equal parts gratitude and triumph. Grins were wide and eyes got a little misty. Even steely-eyed and hard-nosed arts reporters who had seen it all got a little verklempt when they considered the very different outcome this could have had. Not only is Sled Island no longer sinking, but the premier indie music festival is making a splash in ‘14 with such big names as Spiritualized, St. Vincent, Neko Case, Rocket From the Crypt, Joel Plaskett, Killer Mike, the Julie Ruin and Bob Mould. And those are only the teasers. When all 250 bands, film screenings, arts events and comedy shows are announced shortly, it will be a major nose-thumb at the flood waters that could not submerge this island. With the original riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre fame) at the helm as this year’s guest curator, expect a most righteous festival.

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kathaumixw: Powell River's Int'l Choir Festival by Paul Cummings

The International Choral Kathaumixw is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. Three decades of hosting first class choirs from every corner of the earth, and we haven’t skipped a beat. Every second summer, Powell River (the Pearl of the Sunshine Coast) prepares itself for this world class event. We’re as excited as ever to welcome the world to our town this July 1 to 5. Our festival is different. We have a unique formula that blends many of Powell River’s greatest features. Singers from around the world travel to our Pacific West Coast town to take in our natural beauty, First Nations culture, perform for sold out concerts, and to compete for the prestigious “Choir of the World” Totem Pole. How does it all work? We accept approximately 25 ensembles for the festival. The trick is to have a balance between North American groups and ensembles from overseas, and an equal amount of children, youth and adult choirs. It’s always nice to have participants come from a variety of locations. This summer’s festival is composed of groups from the Czech Republic, Kenya, New Zealand, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Uganda, Canada, and the USA. Host families open their homes for all overseas

participants. Powell River families will homestay a staggering 300 singers. Choirs register for a variety of competitions, hoping to win an opportunity to perform at the adjudicated Friday night Winners Concert featuring all of the top choirs. The judges will ultimately award first place to the “Choir of the World” at the suspenseful and exciting Gala Closing Concert. The winning ensemble will be awarded a six and a half foot Totem Pole carved by Tla’amin First Nations artist Craig Galligos. This unique and prestigious award will be delivered to the town or city of the winning ensemble at a later date by Craig and Kathaumixw Artistic Director Paul Cummings. That’s not all. Twenty one international concerts are organized during the week of Kathaumixw in 5 venues. We are re-introducing the free afternoon “promenade” concerts at Spirit Square down at the end of the Westview ferry dock. What else is new? The Gala Opening Ceremonies will be showing off the Bruce James Orchestra, one of Vancouver’s “swingingest” big bands, as well as unveiling the new “Choir of the World” Totem Pole, followed by a First Nations vignette depicting a legendary battle between the Thunderbird and Whale. Each choir member also takes place in our Common Songs. These massive ensembles rehearse daily under the direction of Swedish choral superstars Fred and Gunnel Sjöberg. Participants from around the world sing side by side, celebrating the language of music. The spectacular 1000 voice mass choir will perform during the closing ceremonies. Kathaumixw’s look has also evolved. We have a new website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. We are experimenting with displays, new posters, light post banners and projection systems for the Great Hall. The Townsite Brewing Company has developed a delicious Kathaumixw West Coast Biere de Garde for this year’s festival. Kathaumixw brings great culture, world class music, and lasting friendships to Powell River every two years. Come see for yourself. You’ll be amazed! Detailed information on this year’s festival is available at See you at Kathaumixw.

International meeting of voices and spirits at Choral Kathaumixw. photos Robert Colasanto Photography

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keith picot rocks the slapstick on hek's half acre by Dave O Rama

It’s hard not to be inspired by Keith Picot’s creative drive. Over the past few years he’s been laying down the big bottom end for such swinging Vancouver acts as Cousin Harley and The Twisters while also slapping the gut strings for northern Canadian solo artists Ryan McNally and Declan O’Donovan. Picot’s got a week off from gigging and I manage to catch the BC bass man at his home on Salt Spring Island, which he fondly refers to as Hek’s Half Acre Studio. He and I were once neighbours, for more than a decade in fact. Well, island neighbours anyway. To pick up his mail Picot would have to row his boat across the narrows from his old homestead on Mudge Island and collect it from the postal boxes at the end of my driveway on Gabriola Island. One of the friendliest folks I know, I would often run into Picot at the ferry dock, all suited up, his double bass slung over his back, always on his way to or from one performance or another. He started playing acoustic bass at his Richmond high school when he was sixteen. I first met the man about seventeen years ago and I’ve always known him as a bass player. To me his playing always sounded a lot like Willie Dixon, which I loved. He claims that he’s only played bass professionally for the past eleven years. In addition to his friendly demeanor Picot is handsome, modest

old saying, if you build it they will come. You’re young and you have energy and you have an idea and you actually do it. It’s like exercise machines. They do actually work if you use them. Then I think we could actually make a living at this crazy business. So, today I’m making mustache wax as we speak." I can’t help laughing out loud at his quirky oddball humor. It turns out that Picot now possesses as much of a passion for slapstick comedy as he has for slapping his bass. Naturally relaxed in front of any audience Picot and Isaak have added some colourful dimensions to their blues performances in the form of improvisational comedy that fills the spaces between songs. The duo then take it one step further. Picot, it turns out, has become obsessed with making silent films, some of which he screens during the Scoundrels shows to enhance the entertainment experience. Everywhere the duo tours they search out friends and locations to appear in their ever expanding collection of film adventures. Picot explains his modus operandi. "I think it has be more the way it used to be, a full entertainment show, and that’s why I’m making these products." Originally inspired by a silent film app on Brandon Isaak’s iPhone, Picot has recently reinvented himself as slapstick silent

Above left and right photos by Christian Koontz. Centre photo by Billy Woods. and the man loves to keep busy. Soon as I get him on the phone for a chat he immediately informs me that he’s elbow deep into the process of whipping up his first ever batch of all natural Mousier Picot’s Mustache Wax. A product he is already planning on marketing to gentlemen who like to pamper their facial hair. Our conversation for the next hour will be peppered with intermittent reports on how the wax making process is coming along. Back in May 2013 I had the fortune to bump into Picot and his Twister band mate Brandon "Yukon Slim" Isaak while the duo were out running some gigs in southern Ontario. Going under the moniker The Silver Screen Scoundrels Isaak and Picot were sporting late nineteenth century fashions, a generous helping of mustache wax and laying down some wicked old timey acoustic blues. The Silver Screen Scoundrels could very well be Picot’s reinterpretation of how he feels musical performance could possibly evolve for him and his many musical collaborators. After a long initial diatribe about how bar culture is dying, especially in British Columbia where you can be hit with a DUI "simply because you inhaled the beer fumes of the patron at the other end of the bar...." Yet Picot ends his sly rant on a characteristically positive note. "So, everything is what you want it to be, I believe. Like with the

movie character Lucky Douglas. With his newly grown Errol Flynn style mustache, in addition to making music, Picot has been churning out numerous authentic looking black and white silent films. "Women aside, who are always beautiful no matter what era it is, I don’t think there’s anything authentically pleasing about today’s stuff. Cars and fashion — and even humour today doesn’t make me laugh." Picot, like many of his musical collaborators likes to embrace the musical era of the music he performs. "If you enjoy a type of music it goes with a whole style. You know what I mean?" Like many musicians who wear the old days literally on their sleeve, modern technology is slow to be absorbed into the creative process by eccentric authentic folks like Picot. Let’s face it, his main creative tool is basically a big wooden doghouse with cat gut strung up across the front door. So, I see the poetic humour in the fact that it’s computer technology that has awoken the spirit of Charlie Chaplin in good old Lucky Douglas and inspired Picot to churn out over thirty silent films so far, with several more scripts completed and waiting to be produced.

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keith picot

Above: Silver Screen Soundrels photo by Christian Koontz. Below: Silver Screen Scoundrels comic cover His last release being the twenty-one minute long silent Christmas film entitled Frank Georges And The Truth. His own comedic and touching reimagining of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Picot marvels at how modern digital technology has allowed artists like himself to do photo shoots, record demos and produce performance videos for promotional purposes. "It was never affordable to the little guy until now, which changes everything in every way." For me, the irony of an old timey musician immersing himself in computer applications so that he can make silent films that mimic the earliest days of the filmmaking era can’t help but make me smile. Yet Picot admits that even though he loves making films he has never enjoyed the learning process and the sedentary attentiveness that the digital editing process requires. But, in my opinion what really makes his films pop with authenticity is his attention to detail when it comes to location, costumes and props. And his hilarious performances shine because the whole design of the films feels totally authentic. Last May at the Silver Screen Scoundrels gig at the Dominion Tavern in Toronto I recall how enthusiastic Picot was to show me photos of the many life size props he was building for future film productions, including a vintage telephone operator switchboard and a World War I fighter plane. Motivated by the death of his mother a couple of years back, her passing inspired Picot "to throw two hundred percent into everything because I feel that all the effort she put into raising

us is all for not if you throw it away in grief. I felt that the only real tribute to her memory is to live the shit out of life." His mustache wax seems to be coming along just fine as Picot marvel’s at it’s consistency and fills me in on his design plans for the wooden display cases he plans to build for his new product. But with Picot it just keeps coming. Without missing a beat he then announces that he’s just completed a twenty eight page Silver Screen Scoundrels comic book called "I Want My Mummy." A collaboration with fellow upright player and artist Sam Shoichet "about our wacky adventures on our way to play a gig in Egypt." He also explains that bad communication and greed is death to creative collaborations. His conscience won’t allow him to cut costs just to increase profit. He admits it was hard to manage the production of a twenty-eight page comic book, and that he chose to go with a more expensive Canadian printer than to resort to the current industry standard and farm out the work to China. Still he’s proud that he can still produce his comic the way that feels right for him and offer it up for the same price as the big boys like Marvel and DC. I admit that it’s truly a positive achievement. Picot’s excited because he receives the first completed comic from Shoichet the next morning and he’s so inspired by the experience that he’s already planning to make comic book versions of some of his other film productions so that he can market the comic and the DVD of the corresponding film as a package. Even though he’s been infected by the filmmaking bug Picot admits that he’s still figuring out how to make money from his work. Nevertheless it’s obvious that this is how the man embraces life. Regardless of the monetary rewards he is happy and very inspired. Inspiration that seems to know no bounds. On his website,, where you can view all of his silent films, we’re also informed that Picot is slowly renovating his home, Hek’s Half Acre Studio, to resemble that of an 1890’s brothel. Obviously with his wife’s blessing. But it get’s even weirder and more hilarious. By the end of our conversation Picot has informed me that he has a feature length screenplay completed for a fake Dutch documentary about a silent film studio in Amsterdam called Hek’s Half Acre Studio and the life of studio’s star Lucky Douglas. Picot giggles mischievously as he tells me "the film will be completely in Dutch and there will be no English subtitles. If anyone in the film is speaking English their voice will be superseded by a Dutch voiceover." It’s a bizarre concept. One that Picot has already invested three years researching. He believes that could very well convince people the whole story is true because "who would go to all that trouble to fake something like that?!" A true romantic driven by the urge to create Picot declares to me that "I’m letting art govern my decisions more now than what used to take priority in my life." "Unlike my on screen alter ego Lucky Douglas, who never wins. My life is all about winning. I do what I love for a living, and if you can do that and make a bit of money while you’re at it, then you win at this stupid game called life." Picot declares that he thinks "Mousier Picot’s Mustache Wax is going to be a big hit!" So, filled with Keith Picot’s infectious enthusiasm for life and art, I leave the mad slapstick to his infinite list of creative pursuits.

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festivals: incubators for social change

by Erin Sage Sharp

Festivals are a worldwide human phenomenon. They are a celebration, a merging of people and ideas, and a host for some of the greatest expression we humans have the capacity for... they are a space where people’s guards are down and minds are open. It is for this reason so many of us are using these gatherings to teach some of our most powerful knowledge and skills, instead of just being a great place to get wasted. In this article we’ll focus on a few notable efforts in the realms of Environmental and Social Sustainability, in terms of the material and energy usage at festivals around BC. Knowing very well how busy event organizers are, here is a quick link to one very handy checklist of great tips on running a more sustainable event: Beyond the few mentioned here, there are a number of event organizers in BC making great strides in reducing their impact, and becoming more conscientious of the true costs of all the many choices that are made in the process. I encourage you to check out the online version of this article for a more expansive list of these leaders and their commitments. From biodiesel generators to compostable beer cups, we’re getting it... Hopefully some of these initiatives will inspire and assist more event organizers to follow suit, and this conversation will continue to grow and flourish. I’ll begin with my own event organizing experience.

Eden only happened once, and is now focussing on becoming a membership-based educational organization, with an annual retreat complete with music and celebration, green tech contests, eco-art exhibitions and more. It will strive to remain small, local and accessible to all and most importantly sustain itself. Since 2008, Country Celebration, a farm folk festival in south Langley, has reduced and diverted up to an impressive 93% of waste from the landfill. Most of this was achieved through recycling and composting. They reward concessionaires who participate in their zero-waste program with a reduced commission, and to qualify they must comply completely with the rules, which include no plastic or Styrofoam food service items, no plastic utensils, no outside garbage bins (everything must go through the recycling and composting team), no bottled water, and price reductions for customers with their own reusables. Country Celebration, managed by Metro Vancouver’s Jeremy Plotkin, also now employs Green Power Events to provide renewable power via solar panels and bicycles rather than a diesel generator, for its two afternoons of music and workshops, since 2013. Tiny Lights Festival has wisely shaped Ymir’s annual event after the incredibly effective 'use the existing infrastructure’ model we see at ArtsWells. All the venues are the town’s buildings, including the schoolhouse, hotel, town hall, churches and chapels,

Batteries, bike power, solar energy, wind turbines: powering Towards Eden Festival in 2011. photos Asad Masede In 2011 I eagerly joined up with a visionary, skilled craftsman and teacher named Ash Bigdeli. He had a vision of a familyfriendly, non-exclusive festival that merged multiple disciplines, was powered 100% off-grid with renewable energies, and hosted a multitude of workshops on a myriad of sustainable practices and technologies. It was born, and it was called Towards Eden. TE powered two full stages for three days from 11am to 2am off solar panels, wind turbines and bicycles at an off-grid campground, to show that it was possible. It was an inclusive, family-friendly event that hosted over 25 workshops including wild crafting, organic gardening, being green at home and much more. We supplied compostable plates and cutlery, and sorted, composted and recycled everything we could, diverting around 90% of our 'waste’ from the landfill. We even built the stage, staff kitchen and outhouses with tools that were recharged by solar panels, with a backup biodiesel generator for the really long sessions, totalling only 20 hours over two weeks. Towards

pubs, and even people’s garages. Just this action alone reduces the impact hugely, from the 'temporary infrastructure’ model so often adopted for events. They are also working with Todd from Mikrobz to create a zero waste festival. This requires using vendors who have to be willing to only use compostable materials in their packaging and service for the weekend. Now in their 3rd year they have created a Sustainability Village, to showcase environmental and social responsibility in fun and interesting ways. In addition to using GPE for powering a small stage off solar panels and bikes, and hosting renewable power demonstrations and workshops, they will have beekeepers, mycology and wild crafting workshops, nutrition, art, music, and showcases from the local Tiny House and Yurt people. "We want it to be a place to be inspired and learn from each other" says festival organizer Carla Stephenson, "taking the experience of simply attending a festival as a consumer... to one of festivals as incubators for social change."

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Ultimate Summer Festival Guide - 2014  

Ultimate Summer Festival Guide - 2014

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