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BC hollywood Exclusive:

Celebrity Childrenswear Designer, Ellen Uzarowicz, dresses Tinseltown’s most famous tots P HI L I P P I NE S

Newborn Checklist: Everything You Need (and more!) for your Little Angel

A Breast Cancer Survivor Tells Why She’s “Blessed” Spooktacular Platefuls of Fun A Japanese Oasis in the Heart of Makati

QuizonBalinghasay Family:

Dolphy's first granddaughter, Michelle, opens up her family life and home to BC

P120 Oct 2012

danica & Marc pingris

Talk about how their polar backgrounds make for a perfect match, their love story, how Marc grew up selling fruits for a living, and raising their darlings, Mic and Caela

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INSIDE BC contents 12 blame it on the rain Keep those tiny toes warm and protected from the weather with these stylish footwear


16 bottoms up Learn more about diaper rash and what type of nappy best suits your baby

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24 right bank babies We got the exclusive on Ellen Uzarowicz, the designer behind the children’s clothing brand Right Bank Babies

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70 newborn checklist BC’s Editor-in-Chief and mom for the third time curates best choice products for the new little one




contents 20 i was blessed with cancer A mother of two narrates how she battled breast cancer 48 the perfect team Danica and Marc Pingris opens up their home and narrate their love story, inspiring past, and how it spawned their darling children, Mic and Caela 64 catch the wind Learn how Japanese architecture was utilized in this sprawling home in Makati 82 fun house Dolphy’s first granddaughter tells us how she raises her own family of four


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46 16 24




There's more to BRAIN DEVELOPMENT than just DHA. The brain may look simple outside but inside, it is an archetype of complex systems. Everything that we are and everything we do – all of our feelings, our thoughts, our behaviors, and even the functions of other body organs – are due to the workings of that very important part of the body. Though learning plays an important part in his brain development, you also need to keep in mind other functions of the brain: memory, mental alertness, vision and cognition, and overall brain health. In order to help optimize brain development, it takes an

In a recent survey conducted, 93% of

moms interviewed believe that the combination





important than the quantity of a single nutrient in milk products.*

No wonder Gain School Advance is one of the most trusted milk for moms and pediatricians as well. It is the only preschool milk with clinically proven system of nutrients - The Eye-Q Plus Nutrition System - a combination DHA, Choline, Taurine, Iron and Folic Acid to help optimize children’s overall brain development.

interplay of brain nutrients like DHA, Choline, Taurine, Iron, and Folic Acid that act together to support your child’s cognitive functions. And most moms agree!

Available starting September 2012 until June 22, 2013 in leading supermarkets, groceries, and selected drugstores nationwide. Gain School Advance is available in Vanilla and Choco flavors. For more information, log on to or call 995-1555 for Manila or Toll Free Number 1-800-10-995-1555. *3rd party intercept survey among 100 moms, April 15, 2012 ASC Ref: A077P083012G

DOH - FDA Permit No. 1328 series of 2012

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editor’s note

BC’s Creative Director, Martin Favis with Danica and Marc Pingris in their home; Michelle Quizon-Balinghasay with her late grandfather, Comedy King Dolphy

October Fests It’s been 2 years since we launched BC Philippines, and it’s only gotten more enjoyable and interesting making each issue—especially when you get to work with some of the nicest people in the industry, such as our cover family. The Pingris’ story is one that I pored over, and brought tears to my eyes. And I have had my share of troubles so I can relate. Danica and Marc couldn’t be a more inspiring couple. I know I say down-to-earth to a lot of times to describe the people I’ve come across through BC (which means, thankfully, that I don’t come across a-holes too often), but these two are just salt of the earth. Although both couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds, they just click, and their union has blessed them with two adorable children that were hamming it up for the shoot. I had just given birth to Mathis when they did the cover shoot, and I don’t leave my kids when they’re still too small (ok, I hardly leave them at all), so I sat this one out, but the photos alone tell me that the beautiful brood was in their element. Another family I love is the Balinghasays. Michelle and I worked together as flight attendants in the same airline many years back. At the time, I had two full time jobs. I worked in publishing (as EIC for a defunct title called YOU, and eventually we produced the early years of UNO, the men’s magazine which my husband and I co-founded with our former partners where Michelle served as one of the cover models) on my days off and during my layover—an airline term which means the resting period in another country which isn’t your home base. Michelle—Miqui to us—is and has always been a darling. She is stunning, svelte even after two kids (grrr), hilarious, kind, and has met her match in her husband Monjo, whom I’ve coincidentally known since my school days in Zobel. Their two handsome boys are well mannered and endearing, and as you’ll find out are intellectually gifted. It is also worthy to note that Miqui is the first granddaughter of our country’s most beloved comedian, Dolphy. She recounts her memories with him in their feature.



Since I am on a newborn high with my Mathis, I updated my checklist of new baby essentials. I find that every year, new products come out just when you thought everything was out there. I relish making lists, and function on them. I hope the guide I put together will help make shopping for your new one easier and more pleasurable. If you’re not yet Halloween-ed out, we have a few stories that will boo-tify your kids’ lunchboxes and create a spook-tacular ambience for your household. I also wanted to invite you to our BC Kidstock event on October 28 at The Loft at Manansala in Rockwell from 3 to 6 PM. Just log on to our Facebook page and website,, to win free invites. It’s gonna be an afternoon of fun, fashion, and just genuine “treating” with your family. Naturally, it’s going to be a costume party, so get ready with yours. This way, you maximize the photo opps for those delightful costumes. Speaking of October 28, this date holds a much more special meaning in my heart as it is the day my firstborn blessed us with her presence. It truly is a fortuitous day to hold Kidstock as it will also serve as sort of her birthday party. So to my gracious, lovely, sweet, dearest Sabina, may your 9th birthday be a blast! Don’t worry about being too thin (don’t let your classmates get to you) and enjoy it because someday, your genetics (mine) might betray you with a pot belly you didn’t know could grow bigger with every pregnancy. In every shape or size, know that you are perfect in my eyes and I will never trade you for anyone or anything in the world. To say I love you is an understatement, because I will give my life for you and anyone in our family. My baby girl, “9” is attached to the word “lucky,” and I sure had my lion’s share of blessings the moment I stared into your round eyes and chubby cheeks. Happy Halloween to all, and hope to see you at Kidstock!



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the best


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bc report

P H O T O G R A P H S b y mar k ca b alang

blame it on the rain

Coat by Burberry, . Green Polkadot Leggings by Anita G, . Original Kids’ in Pink by Hunter,

Fear not the weather, especially if you’re equipped with these stylish boots that are definitely made for singing (and dancing) in the rain





boot it!



bc report foo





RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY Keep your, and your kids’, feet warm and dry throughout the rainy season with these stylish boots that are not only effective in protecting those tiny toes from the weather, but also make for versatile footwear all throughout the year.


1 Original Kids’ in Green by Hunter 2 Lime Green Boots by Vincent 3 Bison in Brown by Aigle 4 Kids Classic Patchwork in Brown by UGG, all from



Wel ness l

bc report n





bottoms up

One of the most common ailments in babies, especially in newborns, is diaper rash. Because of this, experts have researched on how to combat this skin problem. We discuss the solutions Wo r ds b y V alerie A nne del C astill o


A ddi t io n a l Wo r ds b y M i k haela G e o rgette C hi o ng


iaper rash, prickly heat, atopic dermatitis— these are just a few of the many skin problems that children are at risk as they grow up. We often look to creams and other topical solutions, but before applying any itch reliever or ointment, it’s always better to do some research, and more importantly, consult a doctor.

dermatology that focuses on the skin of a child, from newborn up to adolescence. Doctors who specialize in this branch of dermatology have not only undergone extensive training in dermatology, but have also undergone training in pediatric dermatology to acquire knowledge, skill, and experience in recognizing and handling skin problems in children and can give proper advice for treatment.

Pediatric Dermatology

Nappy Rash

If your child is suffering from skin problems, it is highly advised that you visit a pediatric dermatologist. Pediatric dermatology is a specialty branch of

One of the most common skin problems in babies is diaper rash, but a lot of us are unaware that it is more than just red, itchy patches on a baby’s bum.


Firstly, baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s skin because it has a thinner epidermis, or protective barrier. It also loses moisture faster than an adult’s skin and contains less melanin, thereby making it more reactive to UV rays. A baby’s normal pH level is 4.5 to 6.0. During birth, his skin has a pH level higher than 6.0 (due to the womb’s amniotic fluid that contains a pH level of 7.15), but normalizes within a few days. Because of these factors, we must protect it from activating factors that make baby’s skin compromised and at risk for developing diaper rash. Such activating factors include skin wetness (caused by urine), exposure to feces

Wel ness l

bc report




and fecal enzymes, feces and urine interaction, and the increase of the skin’s pH levels that induces greater fecal enzyme activity and increases skin permeability.



If a baby’s skin in the diaper area is compromised, this means that bacteria can easily go through the skin layer and infect it. Pediatric Dermatologist and Head of the Section of Pedriatic Dermatology in the University of Santo Tomas, Dr. Marivi Dizon, advises not to put topical cortical steroids to a baby’s bum. She also relates that the proper way to take care of the nappy area is to have a cleansing regimen that will remove skin contaminants and restore the physiological skin pH. The use of infant wipes is effective, especially those emulsion type wipes that are enriched with emollients and surfectants. The application of creams, lotions, and ointments is also highly advised, and parents must look for those with ingredients such as zinc oxide, which promotes skin recovery, glycerin, which moisturizes, and tocopheryl acetate, which is an antioxidant. Using powder is also highly recommended, as it removes excess moisture on skin folds, cools, soothes, and dries the skin, and works as a dry lubricant for areas that rub, especially in the nappy area.

Cloth diaper on brown teddy bear by NEXT9, . Disposable diaper on white teddy bear by Drypers

Nappy care products such as Johnson & Johnson’s Complete Care System (powder and wipes) are great items to keep handy. Little Innoscents Nappy Rash Cream from Numa, Desitin Rapid Relief Cream, Weleda Calendula Cream, and Aveeno Soothing Relief also help keep your baby’s skin protected. More than just applying creams and powders though, caretaker intervention is also very vital to preventing diaper rash. Frequent diaper change, fast urine acquisition (through the use of absorbent diapers), application of lotions, ointments, and creams, and the

immediate isolation of feces and urine from skin helps promote better skin in babies and helps stabilize the skin pH. The Diaper

When it comes to selecting diapers, go for those that are ultra-absorbent and can immediately draw away wetness from baby’s skin. The next question, though, is whether to use the regular disposable diapers, or cloth diapers that have recently gained popularity. Before throwing yourself on one side of the rope of the tug-of-war discussion on which type of diaper is better to use on your baby, let’s take a look at the details. bc

“Frequent diaper change, fast urine acquisition (through the use of absorbent diapers), application of lotions, ointments, and creams to prevent diaper rash, and the immediate isolation of feces and urine from skin helps promote better skin in babies and helps stabilize the skin pH.” Disposable Diapers

Cloth or Reusable Diapers

• • • • •


tried and tested for many years more cost efficient and inexpensive in the long run made of cotton lessens trash—good for the environment forces you to change baby all the time, thus les rash-forming

• • • • • • •




direct contact with baby’s urine or feces extra laundry uses laundry essentials (detergent, electricity for the machine, water, etc.) takes some time to prepare (inserting pads into the panties takes time and has to be done before changing) initial investment is costly a hassle if you don’t have household help who launder dirty diaper can soil your diaper bag and room

• • • • • •


convenient, quick easy to wear and remove (no need to prepare) available almost anywhere technologically enhanced, making it very absorbent ideal for travel has different sizes that fit baby, therefore preventing leaks on clothing

• • • • • •


expensive (you can spend around P20,000 to P30,000 per year on disposable diapers) not biodegradable adds to environmental waste may contain carcinogenic by-products may contain fragrances that can irritate baby’s skin feels “hotter” on baby’s skin, less breathable so baby is prone to rashes



bc report aw


i was blessed with cancer

This month, we celebrate and pay homage to those who have and still continue to battle and survive, and those who have succumbed to one of the most dreaded illnesses of our age. One mother of two tells us her story, and how she is a changed person because of her struggle with breast cancer


w o r ds b y T ess P u z o n - R ivera P h o t og r ap h s b y M a R vin Usi and J al u P a u line R amire z

y tormentor first challenged me in 1997. Everything was going well in my life. My career was soaring, and so was my husband’s. We had everything that we needed, and more. We had a beautiful 8-year old daughter, and I just gave birth to a handsome son 7 months prior to the bad news. I was on top of the world— and the Big C gave no warning signals. One day, while taking a shower, I noticed a tiny lump on my breast. After consultations and some medical tests, it was confirmed that I had breast cancer. I subjected myself to surgery, 4 chemo cycles and a year on oral chemo. Then I was alive and kicking again at 37. For 15 years, I was on remission. Cancer-free! Or so, I thought—until another lump manifested in late March 2012. Consultations and tests confirmed that my traitor foe came back with a vengeance. I had breast cancer once again, and it



has metastasized to my lungs. I was stunned to find out I have reached the end of the line. I was on Stage 4! My oncologist’s prognosis was not good: 4 months to live, and he was not even sure that conventional chemo would still work with me. Without telling me, he felt I had a slim chance. To me, this was an untimely death sentence. While I’ve always said I was ready to die anytime, I didn’t expect it to be this soon. The bad news was devastating. I was 53, and I felt I was relatively young to die. At that point, I could not help but wish that I had my children earlier in life. I thought of the unfinished affairs that I wanted to witness to its conclusion. There is my 23-year old daughter, a sophomore in law school. It is my dream to see her take her oath as a lawyer. My high school sophomore son is only 15, with a long way to go. I want him to get into college at least, so I can have a clue on the path he will take. And there is my little granddaughter, who is way too young to experience grief at the age of 5.

Breast cancer

“I had to acknowledge that I somehow brought this ailment upon myself. I am high-strung, feisty, and a worrier. I don’t eat healthy.” Daunting as it was, I had to brace myself to stay strong. I cannot afford to feel lost, down, and defeated. It was not the time to pity myself. My family needed all the courage and strength to face this threat. I cannot be weak because I was the foundation of the force. It was time for battle, and the warrior in me resolved to put up a good fight. Potent Prayers

My first instinct as I was confronted with this major crisis called Stage 4 Cancer was to pray. The enormous threat gave a new dimension to my faith. If science was about to give up on me, I knew that God will find a way to do what’s best for me. I was resigned to His plan. It helped that I readily accepted my fate, believing this crisis will turn me into a better person. I was not angry, I was not bitter, and I never asked why. I prayed for strength and direction, and I prayed hard that my loved ones be spared from the pain of seeing me suffer. Typical of my upbringing as a Catholic, I summoned the intercession of some saints. I begged Saint Padre Pio, the Mother of Perpetual Help, and Saint Therese to storm heaven for my cause. They never failed me. And because I believed in the power of prayers, I immediately called upon my relatives and friends to pray for me. I shared what I was going through, every step of the way. They, in turn, summoned more prayers for me through their prayer communities. I felt the awesome strength of my prayer warriors. The power of their prayers was so palpable that they eased my fears, pain, and discomforts. There were so many prayers being sent my way that I even joked about shooting up way past heaven from its force. I felt the prayers empowering me tremendously.

Friends, Social Media, and the Rock Star

I am blessed with so many loving friends, but chemo rendered me immunocompromised so I was discouraged from going out often. Social media kept me connected. I got a deluge of encouragements and affirmations from relatives and friends who openly expressed their love and affection through their messages. Christmas came early, too. I was showered with so many gifts— an iPad, crates of fruits, flowers, religious items, pasalubongs from friends who went out of town or out of the country. They sent me things to cheer me up and comfort me. And maybe because they thought I was dying any time, they “spoiled” me. When I mention a craving or a desire for something, it would not take long and some friend will send it to my home. After I noticed the pattern, I stopped mentioning about my cravings since I refused to take advantage of my friends’ kindness. It’s not every day that we experience this kind of adoration. I could not help but feel positive about myself and the situation I was in despite the threat. In jest, I said I felt like a rock star! Lifestyle Change is Inevitable

My former boss gave me good advice when I had my first bout with cancer. She said, “Be clinical about it.” She meant research on, study, and understand it, assess your odds, and decide on your intervention. As soon as we were confronted by the pesky C, my husband didn’t lose time to research and read up on the latest literature related to cancer. We checked out the statistics, the studies, and the odds. He had to point out to me how food, stress, and lifestyle has a direct bearing on cancer. I had to acknowledge that I somehow brought this ailment upon myself. I was { OCTOBER 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES


bc report



Breast cancer


“It helped that I readily accepted my fate, believing this crisis will turn me into a better person.”


a good breeding ground for the cancer cells. I am high-strung, feisty, and a worrier. I don’t eat healthy. I gorge on Pinoy cholesterol-filled food, and I turn soda into my water. I am a carnivore and I think I would die if they turn me into a herbivore. Still, I had to do something if I were to put up a good fight. I am doing my best to “behave,” and this part can be heartbreaking. I had to abruptly say goodbye to my cans of sodas, my steaks, my adobos and lechons, cakes, ice creams and chocolates, dairies and all of my oh-so-tasty transfatfilled junk food. (Sigh…does life have to be so drab?) I also recognized the need for me to learn how to be “cool.” I had to learn to calm down, slow down, enjoy the here and now, take time to smell the flowers and “chill.” Even after 15 years on retirement, I have not shed off my T.O.B. (“Task-Oriented Bastard”) persona, which I imbibed during my working years. (Or did I develop this in my childhood when I took on the role of the responsible big sister?) My mind hardly rests. I

think forward for everyone, and it can be stressful. I have to learn to heed my body signals, choose my battles, and not sweat over the small stuff. I am not superwoman, and the sooner I accept this, the less stress I will submit myself to. I am A Winner

Recently, I nervously presented my post-chemo MRI to my doctor. I was anxious, so I passed by two churches and lighted candles to my favorite saints before proceeding to the hospital. I got overwhelming good news. I cried from joy and thanked God for showing me his uncompromising love. My lungs are now clear and my breast CA has improved dramatically. My oncologist wished he documented my case. He could not believe how much progress I made based on where we came from. The best news was that the horrible chemo sessions are over. I will now shift to the much tolerable oral chemo. People who have not undergone the ‘acid test’ may find it difficult to un-

derstand the paradox between crisis and blessings. Crisis has strengthening qualities. It gives you a chance to re-evaluate your life and discover the profound purpose for your existence. It helps you sort out the core from the trimmings in your life. These things you hardly bother with when everything is well and perfect. It has been more than 6 months since we got the bad news. I’ve been through 6 arduous chemotherapy cycles and a lot of tortuous medical tests. I am now bald, my face bloated from steroids, and my skin badly dried up and burned. Cancer succeeded in crushing my vanity. I am physically uglier. But cancer made my spirit soar, and I am far more beautiful where it matters now because my new life is a product of God’s miracle. With due respect to doctors, I believe prayers surpassed science this time. I have been blessed with cancer because it strengthened my character, my spirit, and my faith. bc

Breast cancer doesn’t choose its victims. Such celebrities who have had similar battles with the dreaded illness include: Actress Christina Applegate, diagnosed in and in remission since 2008; Singer/songwriter and musician Sheryl Crow, diagnosed in and in remission since 2006; Actress Cynthia Nixon, diagnosed in and in remission since 2002; TV host Giuliana Rancic, diagnosed in and in remission since 2011



Have your steak, and eat it, too





bc report designe



right bank babies

Innovative and eclectic children’s fashion designer, Ellen Uzarowicz, shares what is bankable: reversible garments, and clothes that can be worn over and over P H O T O G R A P H S b y L U C K Y BU T T E R P R O D U C T I O N S

At what point in your career did you decide to go into kids’ fashion?

Ever since I earned my MBA, I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I had no clue it would be in children’s fashion. I started out making very high-end car seat covers immediately after my first daughter was born in 2004. I immediately became pregnant again, and had a second daughter in early 2005. It was then that I started sewing their clothing based on patterns from when I was little. The response was amazing, and I used my connections from my car seat cover business to start designing clothing. Why are your lines called, “Right Bank Babies” and “Left Bank




The name “Right Bank Babies” is based on the “Right Bank” of the Seine River in Paris—this is considered the fashionable and chic side of town, while the “Left Bank” is the more Bohemian, eccentric side of town. I lived in Paris while receiving my MBA and met my husband there, and have always adored the Parisian sense of classic style and ability to create a beautiful item out of the most basic products. Basically, RBB is our reversible, classic patterns and fabrics; and Left Bank is our Knit Wear line. Reversible clothes—this is a fantastic niche you have carved for RBB. How did you come up with it?

(Top, center) Ellen’s daughter, Evie, “styles” herself for the family’s trip to Sundance; Anne Heche with son, Homer, wearing a RBB blazer; Heidi Klum and daughter, Leni, wearing a RBB reversible dress

The first thing I ever made for my daughter, Harlow, was a reversible smock dress [which was] like one I wore when I was little. It hangs on the wall in my office now. I found that I couldn’t get my daughter from my house to our destination without her somehow staining her clothing. I loved that I could flip the dress, and she was all put together again. On every design we can, we make them reversible— taking a little more time and care with the pattern adds so much value to the item—literally twice as much. What’s the most important element you consider in design?

Wearability. The garment has to be easy to get on and off, and [must be] comfortable. I always take into consideration the special needs of babies and toddlers. I try to avoid putting things over their heads, and we worry about potty-training needs, as well as sore crawling knees. We try to layer clothing so that it works in all climates and lasts throughout the year. We also try to keep our core pieces versatile enough to grow with the child. Can you tell us about your collections?

We are still adhering to our love of

classic designs, but using colorful prints and more luxurious fabrics. We used a lot of taffeta, as well as brocade and embroidered silk. And in response to a huge demand, and literally years of design research, we finally introduced the perfect pair of soft, worn-in jeans to complement our line. We’ve adjusted some of our patterns, adding more detail, but maintaining the reversibility. And finally, we’ve discovered our love for boys’ clothing! We introduced what we call the “Old Man Pant”—Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston, had been running around town in the prototype—as well as comfortable blazers and hoodies.

ered for a funkier look. We like to stick with styles that surpass trends. I want our clothes to look just as fashionable 10 years from now, when little sister or brother wears them. I try to avoid any sort of trendy embellishments like rhinestones or little sayings. We feel that market is saturated and has such a short lifespan in the closet. What, and who inspires you?

In the beginning, I was really inspired by Paulina Quintana and her use of bold patterns and simple styles, but as I evolve, I’ve come to appreciate not only the designs but the business people behind them, and their ability to market themselves successfully. I also love Lucky Brand’s children’s line.

Obviously, my daughters, first and foremost. For instance, my youngest put together this outfit for our trip to Sundance, and it’s been one of my favorite creations of hers: Tights with striped Baby Legs over them, turtle neck, zebra-striped cropped sweatpants that hit just below the knee, and her Right Bank Babies blue and brown ruffle dress—and to top it off, a little crocheted purple dinosaur beanie, and flaming Vans tennis shoes. It’s that kind of creativity I love. And I love that she wears the ruffle dress constantly, not just for special occasions! But I’m also inspired by the ladies I work with.

Do you have a personal look for the lines that you try and maintain?

How long does it take to create an entire collection?

Our goal is to have pieces that can be worn alone as a classical look, or lay-

It took a while to get used to having a collection ready about 8-9 months

Who are your biggest design heroes?






bc report designe


Kourtney Kardashian with son Mason; Busy Phillips with daughter, Birdie; Daphne Paez; Gwen Stefani’s sons Kingston and Zuma

prior to when it will be in stores. How do you all keep the fun in your work?

We are very lucky—it’s been really easy. We have an amazing team here. There are 6 of us that work full-time in the office, and we all met in the oddest ways and had a connection that eventually we brought together into this business. We weeded out the negative energy, and created what I think is the perfect design atmosphere. We all just took a work trip together to the Sundance Film Festival for a gifting suite, stayed in a condo together, and enjoyed all the festivities. It seems that everyday, something hilarious happened there. We’ve even been filmed for a reality show based on our office. Do your husband and kids have a say in the designs?

I’m from the south and have a love for the traditional little lace collars on boys and John Johns, but that doesn’t work out here in LA. [My husband’s] been known to pick fabrics and veto



any ideas that are too girly. My kids let me know what is uncomfortable and what they like and dislike, but they don’t get to design. When should parents start looking for and buying baby clothes?

I truly think parents should wait and buy as the need arises. If you buy too early, you may get stuck with outfits you don’t like anymore. I like the instant gratification of buying something and having them wear it right away. We know that Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani are among the celebrity parents who own your stuff. How does that feel?

Amazing! Both women have such a wonderful sense of style, and I am honored that they like our designs. Plus, getting to see pictures of their little ones in magazines wearing my clothing is the greatest feeling. They look so cute, and I get so much attention and feedback from the photos. Do you have a moment or milestone in your career that you are most proud of?

The feeling of going out and seeing a child in one of our designs is amazing—I’ll never get tired of that. Moving into a gorgeous office, our first Nordstrom trunk show, having BC feature me—these have all been amazing moments. Truthfully, with the evolution of this company, everyday brings happy surprises that I’ll never forget. If you could give parents one tip on dressing their children, what would it be?

Hmm. Pick outfits that you love, and that you know your children can wear over and over. And don’t save the fancy stuff for special occasions—every day is a special occasion with a baby, and you should go ahead and put that fancy dress over jeans. Oh yes, spend money on things they will wear over and over and over—like a good pair of soft designer jeans. And don’t forget to layer—kids can get away with anything, like Evie’s choice of outfit in the photo, and mix the colors and patterns. Grown-ups and kids both love it! bc

The BEST Beef Jerky in the World! At least, that's what we think. We hope you feel the same way, too. Made with Organic Beef No Added Preservatives High in Protein & Low in Fat

The Healthy Meat Shop Online at Available at The Landmark Supermarket Makati and Trinoma, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s San Antonio Forbes Park, Rustan’s Rockwell, Rustan’s Edsa Shangri-la, Shopwise Libis, Shopwise Alabang, Echomarket, Gana Vida Contact 0947-939-6598, 0927-741-2660 or 403-9130 for delivery in Metro Manila




bc report KEE



caring for your child outdoors Studies say that exposing children to nature is good for them. But how can we make sure that there are no potential health and safety risks for our little ones?


W O R D S b y M i k haela G e o rgette C hi o ng

is not a secret to us that the sun is both a helpful and harmful element. The safest time to be exposed to the warmth it gives us is before 9 a.m. and after 4 p. m.. In between those, you might want to reconsider bringing your child with you when you go outside. Unfortunately, the sun is not the only thing we have to look out for when heading outdoors. Weather, pollution, insects, allergens, and environmental elements could all



pose a threat not just to us, but most im- elements that can be encountered from portantly to our children. such exposure—weather (heat, sun, or cold), insects that potentially bite (paraBut that does not necessarily mean that sites) etc.” you should avoid letting your child go outside completely. In fact, pediatric On that note, here are some helpful tips dermatologist Dr. Marivi Dizon ex- on how to effectively take good care of plained, “The babies can be brought your children outdoors: outdoors at any age. It depends now what are the activities involved, or what Educate yourself about is their purpose for going outdoors. They the environment. just have to be protected from harmful As the “caregiver,” everything

TA K IN G PRECA U TION should start with you. Know the place you are going to and keep whatever information you get in mind. If you are going somewhere that is surrounded by flora and fauna make sure you know what the poisonous ones are and what are safe for your children to touch and play with. Choose their activities.

Whether it is swimming, playing hideand-seek, or even just riding a stroller, choosing the right activities for your children can greatly affect the outcome of your outdoor trip. Be sure that what they will do is not just safe, but beneficial for their learning as well. Guard them in the garden.

It is a known fact that playing in the garden is enjoyable. But keep in mind that though this may be true, there are still things to watch out for such as gardening and automobile equipment. Cordon off an area in the garden to create a playpen to ensure that children do not wander too far away. Furthermore, keep them away from pools to prevent drowning. Prepare for the seasons.

There is no sure way of knowing whether or not having only two seasons is actually a good or bad thing. But in any case, it is best to be always prepared for them. “Applying a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen is important. For toddlers, a zinc oxide based sunscreen with SPF 15 is important. It is preferable though that the baby be protected from sun exposure. If sun exposure is inevitable, avoidance of the hours between 9am to 3pm should be remembered. As for older children, again, broad spectrum sunscreen (protective from UVA & UVB) with SPF 15 to 30 will be sufficient. The sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapplication of the sunscreen should be done more often if the child is in and out of the pool or if he profusely sweats,” Dr. Dizon recommended. As for the rainy season, applying sunscreen is still advisable, but also equip your children with trusty umbrellas, protective raincoats, tried and tested insect repellents (especially for dengue- and malaria-carrying mosquitoes), or just completely let go of the idea of going outside.

Instruct them where they can and cannot go.

For toddlers and bigger children who are capable of wandering around, you must provide constant supervision wherever you are. Dr. Dizon mentioned that one must avoid, “places that are known to be endemic for a particular insect or vector-related diseases (example: dengue, malaria).” Don’t let the big (or small) bugs bite.

Speaking of dengue and malaria, mosquitoes are one of the most notorious insects we must protect our children from. To ensure your child’s safety while outdoors, apply DEET-free insect repellent and dress your children with appropriate clothing. Make sure, though, that the insect-repellent you use is hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation. Bring the essentials.

Pack light and right by bringing “baby wipes, gentle skin cleanser, moisturizer and protective clothing. But again, I’ll stress that it is better for the baby to be indoors.” Dr. Dizon advised. Just keep in mind that bringing a first aid kit no matter where you go makes you prepared for any mishaps. Going outdoors is fun, exciting, and an opportunity for your child to learn more about his environment. In fact, research shows that being exposed to nature is very good for children’s mental health and development. In fact, according to Brenda Cobb (, “not only is being outdoors an enjoyable experience for infants and toddlers, it’s critical for cognitive development. During the first three years of life, brain synapses form at a rapid rate. These synapses are formed based on the richness of the child’s sensory environment.” Additionally, “Outdoor experiential learning also promotes early language development. Having a rich sensory experience gives young children something to talk about.” The key to taking your child outdoors is ensuring that the area is safe for your child to be in, and being cautious and prepared at all times. Make sure also that your nanny or guardian is aware of these safety guidelines, for a fun and meaningful trip outdoors. bc

“Babies can be brought outdoors at any age. It depends now what are the activities involved, or what is their purpose for going outdoors. They just have to be protected from harmful elements that can be encountered from such exposure.”

ERGOBABY Original Mystic Purple

If you’re going out for a walk with your little one, but don’t want to bring a stroller and want to keep him close, go for the ErgoBABY Carrier, which features an ergonomic design that helps support not only your child but also your back. It’s so versatile that it can be used to carry your child on your back, hip, or in front. { OCTOBER 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES



or ur

bc lifestyle


the best

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y st

creating a spooky halloween ambience Find out how to create a spooktacle out of your own home or any Halloween party venue this season, without going over budget PHOTOGRAPHS by MARK CABALANG



Scarefest Impress Trick-or-Treaters – With a little water and dry ice, anyone can create a foggy backyard. For an extra eerie effect, place large bowls of water at your front door and drop a small amount of dry ice and a few drops of liquid dish soap to make fog-filled bubbles that pour out onto your porch. Smoky Jack ‘O Lanterns - Take your pumpkin to the next level with a similar dry ice fog effect. Place a small bowl with water and dry ice inside a pumpkin to create fog that spills out of the pumpkin’s carvings. Set the (Creepy) Mood – Forget the Monster Mash. Let dry ice provide the screeching soundtrack to your party instead. Just add small pieces of dry ice to a metal bowl.

- Taking your Halloween celebration indoors this year? Convert your kitchen into a mad scientist lab by adding small amounts of dry ice to your punch bowl and serving drinks out of beakers. Our favorite recipe? Equal parts ginger ale and orange juice with scoops of orange sherbet. Just be sure to remove the dry ice from glasses before drinking. Make a Spooky Brew

When it comes to decorating around the house, here are some great ideas to keep the mood spooky.

Thing in a Jar


Danger signs

Glowing Balloons

Adding to the mad scientist theme of your party, take a large old jar and fill it with water. Add a few drops of food coloring (bloody red or murky green works best; you can also add a few teaspoons of milk to make it creamier) and submerge a head of cabbage. Seal the jar and label it something hideous.

Just make sure to keep them away from any ignited candles or other materials that may cause fire or mishaps. Like any other holiday decors, make sure these are kept away from children when not in use and store properly to avoid damage.

To add a feel of mystery, add a “Danger: Do Not Cross” tape across a door to an unused room in the house and pile on the cobwebs for a spookier effect. You can also keep a CD player inside the room, playing a loop of haunting music.

Take your regular white balloons and place in green, orange, or purple glow sticks (make sure to activate them first by snapping them) before blowing them up. To make them look creepier, draw on ghost and pumpkin faces with a black marker.






bc lifestyle SKILL


beyond book smarts You might assume if your teen is on the honor roll and on track to getting into a good college he’s destined for great things. But Maribeth Kuzmeski says making it in the real world today requires more than good grades. (A lot more!) She explains why today’s kids don’t have the connecting skills they need…and offers some tips to help parents change that reality



chool years are often grueling not only to children, but also to parents who wish the best for their kids to succeed academically. All those parental admonishments to study, study, study finally bear fruit when the quarterly grades come in with flying colors. Underlying the pressure of the school year—and the shrieks of joy when the grades are finally released—is an assumption that few people question: Aca-



demic achievement is the cornerstone of lifelong success. Not true. While grades are surely important, they’re not everything. Indeed, book smarts may play less of a role in their future success than a skill set that’s increasingly neglected in a culture where texting and posting have replaced talking: the ability to connect and engage with other people.


“Mastering the art of written communication is truly about practice, practice, practice. Unfortunately, it’s very likely today’s teens aren’t getting all the help they need in this arena through the writing they do at school.” Ironically, while today’s young people are more ‘connected’ than any other generation in history, they have a crippling ability to, well, connect. As author of the new book The Engaging Child: Raising Children to Speak, Write, and Have Relationship Skills Beyond Technology, [young people] can text and update Facebook all day long—but many of them struggle to carry on the most basic conversations and can barely articulate what they want or need. Stacked up against that reality, straight A’s lose some of their luster. The point is simple: A teen can be heading to one of the top universities in the country, but if she lacks the ability to effectively communicate oneon-one she’s going to miss out on opportunities both in college and in the working world. That’s why instead of encouraging kids to spend all their free time studying in their room, parents should be teaching them to hold their own in challenging face-to-face conversations. After all, the global marketplace demands the ability to persuade, collaborate, and make meaningful connections. This author’s 17 year-old daughter, Lizzie, wrote the last two chapters of the book. They are meant to be read by Lizzie’s fellow teens and tweens in order to provide a peer’s perspective on the elements of building and maintaining real relationships in a wired and fast-paced world: Look ahead to the future and consider what your young adult will be like in college and, later, the job market. If you picture an intelligent kid who gets straight A’s but who is also constantly on whatever gadget he’s typing on, he may not have the skills needed to express himself properly, both with his

peers and adults. And that means his potential success will be limited. Here are a few of the skills today’s kids need to be developing: Conversation: The ability to talk with adults.

When it’s time to have a good old-fashioned verbal conversation, especially with someone they don’t know well, many kids tend to clam up. Whether your child is a chatterbox at home or not, opening up to strangers can be quite intimidating. Make it a habit to start practicing with him during the morning car ride to school or at the dinner table—and put him in as many social situations with adults as possible. Even before the days of smartphones and Facebook, it was completely normal for young people to feel reluctant to approach older adults. You’ll be doing your teens a big favor if you arm them with icebreakers that they can use to proactively connect. Before social events, go over what some good topics of discussion might be and help them to make a list of strategies for drumming up conversation. Doing so will not only help them hold good conversations, it will also help them power through any awkward lulls in conversation that might otherwise discourage them from taking the connecting initiative in the future. Writing: The ability to write with clarity (and grammar).

Mastering the art of written communication is truly about practice, practice, practice. Unfortunately, it’s very likely today’s teens aren’t getting all the help they need in this arena through the writing they do at school. Writing a research paper on the cultural implications of banning books, for example, and writing a heartfelt, gram-

matically correct thank-you note or an effective cover letter are very different beasts. Have your teen write thank-you notes for all the gifts she receives for her birthday. Give her pointers on how to make each one special for the individual note recipient. Another way to practice is by having her write notes she needs for school. The next time she has a dentist appointment, have her write out the letter explaining her absence and then you approve it and sign it. Once your teen has perfected these short notes, ask her to write a mock cover letter and résumé for her dream job and then give pointers on how to improve it. Constantly explain why all of this is important. Those thank-you notes might not seem like a very big deal, but when she’s in college and needs to write an email to a professor, she’ll be grateful she had so much practice. Listening:


how and why to really listen to others.

How many times have you been trying to tell your teen something as she’s frantically texting a friend? Now ask yourself this: How many times has she had the exact same experience with you? If you’re sheepishly putting down your smartphone, you probably know what you’re about to read. A significant part of raising teens who listen is setting the example of being a good listener yourself. Explain how important it is for your teens to fully engage with others by truly listening to them. Teach them that they can’t fully engage with someone if they aren’t curiously listening. When you’re texting or just letting your mind wander while in conversation with someone, you miss verbal and physical cues, you miss opportunities to find out more about what the person is saying, and { OCTOBER 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES




bc lifestyle H

other person with a story of your own!


Because so few people truly practice the art of listening, it’s the most effective way to make lasting connections with others. Being a good listener will set your teen apart! It will make them very likeable because others will feel comfortable and valuable when they’re with them. Cultivating this skill will lead to better, more beneficial relationships in college and beyond. “Face-the-Music”-ability:



ingness not to hide behind technology in uncomfortable situations.

often you miss the entire point of what they’re telling you. So, what does it mean to really listen? Here are several pointers for your teens (and you!): • In addition to hearing what someone else has said, actively try to understand his or her words in your own way and ensure that you understand what he or she means. Ask questions to confirm that any assumptions you’ve made are true.



• Make sure the speaker has your full attention. Watch for non-verbal cues, stay focused, and don’t interrupt. • Show that you’re listening. Let your face display a range of emotions that reflect that you’re paying attention, and acknowledge what the speaker is saying every so often with an “uh-huh” or a “sure.” • Most importantly, remember that you’re there for the speaker, not the other way around. Your job isn’t to jump to conclusions or one-up the

For many teens the cell phone is the new, more grown-up version of their old blankie or teddy bear. When faced with an uncomfortable situation, they hide behind it. Rather than deal with the awkwardness, they can just text a friend or see what’s happening on Facebook. What’s worse, they use technology as an “easy out” when difficult conversations loom. Instead of calling to cancel their babysitting gig, for instance, they can just text and avoid the unhappy parents on the other end. Young people have never been good at tough conversations—really, who is?—but now that so much of their daily communication involves typing rather than speaking they get little face-to-face practice. When it’s time to give someone bad news, of course they’re going to balk. The challenge for parents is twofold: First, you have to help your kids recognize those instances when it’s better to pick up the phone and actually call someone or to meet with them in person. And second, you have to help them get more comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. Place a ban on texting for one week to force your teen to have to pick up the phone when she wants to communicate with someone. Use mock conversations to help her figure out what is and isn’t appropriate to say in certain situations. Taking these actions will help your teen build up her comfort level with interacting

S t r e e t Sm a r t with adults and peers. Full Engagement: Knowing when to disconnect from technology.

Email, social networking, text messaging, mp3 players, and more have radically changed the way this generation communicates and spends its free time. The result is that often, whether it’s because they’re listening to their iPod or texting, teens don’t seem engaged with what’s going on around them. It’s important to teach your kids when they need to step away from the keyboard, and why faceto-face interactions are the most rewarding of all. Place a basket at the door before dinner each night and collect all electronic devices. Include a note on the basket that reads, ‘So you can enjoy the people you’re with.’ Explain to your kids how important it is to engage fully with people. And don’t allow them to have their phones out in social situations. Point out that if they stay distracted by text messages and Facebook, they’ll miss out on fun and memories with the people who are actually right there in the room with them. Plus, kids need to understand that not giving others your attention is just plain rude…and can do major damage to their reputation and the impression they make on others. Valuing Relationships: Understand-

they preserve the relationship. You can also showcase the value of relationships through the example of your own life. For example, perhaps you received concert tickets from a client because you were able to build a personal connection with him based on his love for jazz music. Explain to your teen how you found out about the client’s love for jazz and how you used that knowledge to form a better, more profitable relationship with the client. Interviewing: The ability to “sell yourself” to potential employers and others.

Make sure your teen understands that when it comes to the job market, it’s not whether you can do the job that’s most pressing; it’s whether you can get the job in the first place. It’s never too early to start preparing your teen for job interviews. After all, an interview might be part of their college application process. Run your teen through mock job interviews to help him prepare for the difficult questions he might be asked during an interview. Provide him with specific examples—such as ‘Describe how you corrected a recent mistake,’ or ‘What bugs you most about other people?’ And help him prepare what to say when he has no idea what to say. Work with him on creating an elevator speech that explains what he’s all about in just a few sentences.

“A significant part of raising teens who listen is setting the example of being a good listener yourself. Explain how important it is for your teens to fully engage with others by truly listening to them.”

About the Authors:

ing why relationships matter and how to keep them.

In your teen’s world, ending a relationship with someone may feel as easy as changing their relationship status or unfriending someone on Facebook. It’s a lot less painful to type snide comments or even break up with someone when you’re not there to witness the fallout. Over time, teens may come to see other people as disposable. Obviously, this is a morally bankrupt way to think…and it certainly won’t do young people any favors when they enter a business world whose foundation is built on the ability to connect and engage. It’s important that parents teach kids not to be too quick to throw people away. Explain that with the right communication skills many problems can be worked out with friends and even frenemies! If you know your teen is having a difficult time with a friend, teacher, or other acquaintance, practice the conversation they’d like to have with that person. When you’re practicing, be sure to help them pinpoint why it’s important





speak to a group.

Public speaking is well documented as being a major fear for many. However, most of us have to do it at one point or another and it’s a valuable skill to have— even if you’re just speaking up during a meeting. Here again, practice will make perfect. Just having frequent conversations with your teens will go a long way in helping them develop their speaking skills, but you can take it a step further. Have them give mini-presentations about recent events, whether it was the family going out to dinner or a recent field trip. Go around the dinner table each night and have your kids tell about their day at school. Make them speak at family events. Help them learn how to phrase their sentences eloquently and avoid the ‘uhs,’ ‘ahs,’ and ‘likes’ that sometimes pepper our speech. Practicing with close family will help them prepare for those times when they have to present to professors, their peers,

Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP, is the author of six books including …And the Clients Went Wild! and The Connectors (Wiley), and is a frequent national media contributor and international speaker. Maribeth and her firm, Red Zone Marketing, Inc., consult and train businesses from financial services firms to Fortune 500 corporations on strategic marketing planning and business growth. Maribeth lives in the Chicago, IL, area with her husband and two teenagers. Lizzie Kuzmeski is a teenager and a natural connector. She enjoys theatre, horseback riding, and, yes, Facebook.



bc lifestyle H



S t r e e t Sm a r t



Teaching your child to be streetwise, charming, well-mannered, and independent will help them throughout life more than just being book-smart.

and future employers. Negotiation: The art of getting what you want and need (and giving a little, too).

Negotiating is all about talking confidently about what you bring to the table. It’s about clearly articulating what you want and need while making others feel that they’re benefitting, too. It’s about not having a temper tantrum or slinking away in defeat when things don’t go your way. And it’s about knowing when to give, when to take, and how to do both effectively and graciously. The next time your teen needs to negotiate—for example, to ask a teacher to move a big test from the Monday after the prom or to get a starting position on the high school basketball team—work with her on how to approach these unique conversations. First, ask her to explain to you why she wants what she wants. This will help her clarify her goal. Tell her to lay out everything she wants from the person upfront. And then, run her through a mock negotiation. Be a little tougher on her than you think her negotiating counterpart will be in real life so she’ll have extra confidence going into the conversation and can keep her intimidation level down.

when your kid accepts the mashed potato dish without saying thank you. You might even let a muttered, “Eeew, this is gross,” pass without comment. After all, you’re too exhausted to disrupt the meal with a lecture. However, the same under-the-breath comment when they’re eating at a friend’s house or at a formal event can have major repercussions. Therefore, says Kuzmeski, you have to take up the gauntlet when rudeness or ingratitude raises its disrespectful head. Be alert for opportunities to remind your children what appropriate manners are in various situations and to help them exercise those ideals while they are still in the moment. For example, if your son is about to walk out the door of his grandmom’s house without thanking her for the delicious meal she just cooked, stop him in his tracks. Explain how hard his grandmom worked on the night’s dinner and that a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ is in order. Try never to ‘let things slide just this once.’ Be a constant manners monitor! Ask for ‘Yes, ma’ams’ and ‘No, ma’ams’ and ‘Pleases’ and ‘Thank yous.’ If you instill these qualities in them while they’re in your presence, the odds are much better that they’ll remember to use them when they’re away from you. Self-sufficiency: Learning

Etiquette: Knowing what’s appropriate.

During a typical weekday dinner on almost any given day of the year, you might let it go






Parents tend to do things for their kids that they could, with a little coaching, do for themselves. We set up their countability.

dental appointments, for example. We call in sick for them when they need to miss a day of school. And we have a tendency to bail them out whenever they’re in trouble—for example, calling their teacher to get an extension on a paper due date or asking for extra credit opportunities to bring up a low grade. We do these things because they don’t seem unreasonable at the time and because we’ve always done them—and in the process we squander what could be rich learning opportunities. When your child reaches her teens, you have to begin showing her what accountability is all about. She needs to understand that you’re not always going to be there to do her dirty work. When you force her to handle these situations on her own, she can really feel the consequences, which will improve the way she’ll act in future situations. You’ll force her to become self-sufficient—and the earlier you do it the more you can monitor her progress and guide her when needed. Of course, you’re not going to be able to instill all of these qualities into your kids in a week. It will take time for them to catch on to the benefits of developing their communication skills outside of texting shorthand. That’s why it’s best to start these lessons long before your teen is filling out college applications. Start helping them learn to truly connect with others now, and when they are entering college or the job market, they’ll be poised for great things. bc

Beef Tastes Better.

Premium Quality Meats Landmark Supermarket Makati . Trinoma




bc delicious


the best

uide f


This season of souls and ghouls, discover the fun (and creepy) things you can create with bread. Let your kids join in the fun in creating these easy-tomake, spook-tacular sandwiches

RY g


get bread-y for halloween!



P H OTO G R A P H S B Y M A R K C A BA L A N G A S S I S TE D B Y V alerie A nne del C astill o and mi k haela chi o ng



SPOO l uK nY c hSAN box DW tr IC eH a ES ts


Strawberry jam enables you and your family to enjoy your favorite fruit in snackable sandwiches, crackers, or biscuits. It also helps promote healthier bodies thanks to the fiber, folic acid, and potassium found in strawberries.

Bloody Graveyard Treats


Whole wheat sandwich bread (rounded) Strawberry jam Lettuce

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Take a loaf of rounded bread and slice four pieces. Cut the slices of bread into half vertically. Heat up your oven toaster and using tongs, burn a cross onto one piece of bread for every sandwich. 1


2. Spread strawberry jam on one side of the bread. Put the sandwich together. 3. Place more strawberry jam on the curved sides of the sandwich. 4. On a clean plate, place some clean, washed lettuce, to serve as graveyard grass. Let your strawberry sandwiches stand on the plate with lettuce.

*Four slices of bread makes four graves. Serves two to three people. 3






bc delicious delici


Organic beef burger patties are available at The Farm Organics, the first to offer certified organic local beef by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP). Now, you can order your organic steaks and meat products through




Unlike conventional beef, organic beef contains more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), omega fatty acids, and vitamin E which supports the immune system, helps fight cancer–and together with Omega-3 fats–can actually prevent heart disease.

Ground beef burger by THE FARM ORGANICS, P150 for two ready-tocook quarter pounder patties

SPOO K Y SAN D W IC H ES Jack-O-Burger


2 cooked burger patties 2 cheese slices Lettuce Burger buns Mayonnaise (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Using a cup or cookie cutter, draw a circle on the cheese slice with a knife. Draw two upright triangles for the pumpkin eyes, and an inverted triangle for the nose. Draw a Halloween pumpkin mouth. 1


2. Cut out the triangles and mouth to create the pumpkin face. Do not remove the plastic. 3. Take a burger bun and dress it with lettuce and mayonnaise (optional). 4. Place the cooked burger patty on the dressed bread. 5. Take your pumpkin face and place it over the burger. Slowly remove the plastic and excess cheese. Serve with the burger bun on the side.

*Serves two people. 3








bc delicious delici



Compared to regular white bread, wheat bread is rich in fiber and helps improve your digestion. It also keeps you satiated for a longer period of time and helps in controlling weight while reducing the risk of heart diseases.



SPOO K Y SAN D W IC H ES Creepy Animal Bites


6 slices whole wheat bread Cream cheese spread Thin carrot strips Raisins

MATERIALS Cookie cutters in shapes of a bat, cat, and owl, or other Halloween animals



INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Take a slice of bread and create shapes using the cookie cutters. Make sure you create a pair of each animal for every sandwich. 2. Apply cream cheese spread in every sandwich. 3. Put a bit of cream cheese on a piece of raisin. 4. Place a pair of raisins on each animal to serve as its eyes. 5. Cut a small piece from a carrot stick and use it to decorate your animals. Place a tail on the cat, a beak for the owl, and fangs for the bat.

*Serves three people. 3






bc delicious OV

Premium Organic Ribeye Steak by THE FARM ORGANICS, P340




discover what’s at steak 44


It’s never too early to begin practicing how to cook a mouth-watering menu for the holidays. Here’s how to create a delightful steak for the whole family, whether it’s through grilling or frying P h o t o G R A P H b y mar T I N F A V I S Wo r ds b y M i k haela G e o rgette C hi o ng


S a l i va t i n g B i t e s

are, medium rare, and well done—these are just some of the succulent ways we can have our steak. But aside from its doneness, there's another choice meat lovers (and aspiring culinary experts alike) must make: the way of cooking it—using a grill, or frying pan. The secret to a perfect steak, of course, also lies in the type of cut of meat you decide to prepare. If you want the tastiest of all steaks, the ribeye’s the way to go to. It comes from behind the cow’s shoulder and because of its tenderness, it’s easy to cook; if you want the most tender kind of steak,

go for the loin. Found behind the rib section, its commonly-used cuts are the New York strip (rectangular in shape, full of flavor, and doesn’t have bones or tenderloin), tenderloin (the most tender and most expensive, but has less flavor), and the Ribeye (has a bit of everything). For health buffs and the more adventurous folk, grilling is the way to go to you if you have health concerns as it can make fat from the steak drip away while cooking. All you have to do is purchase a nice cut of steak of your preferred type (The Farm Organics offers a variety of certified organic,

Here are some steps to grill your steak:

grass-fed beef steaks—from New York, to Ribeye and Tenderloin) and season it with the best ingredients— garlic, herbs (e.g. oregano, tarragon, and thyme), spices (e.g. cinnamon, cloves, and cumin), salt, pepper, and oil. When it comes to oil, the type you choose can greatly affect the taste of your steak so choose wisely: canola oil has a neutral taste; olive oil has a subtle flavor; and peanut oil is too heavy that it may overpower the steak itself. But once you make up your mind, the best thing about grilling your steak is that you can enjoy it at your own backyard—together with your family or some friends.

Here are some steps to pan-fry your steak:

1. Thaw the steak before cooking. Pat it dry once it reaches room temperature.

1. Thaw the steak before cooking. Pat it dry once it reaches room temperature.

2. Add seasoning.

2. Add seasoning.

3. Preheat the grill to around 500 degrees.

3. Preheat the pan until it begins to smoke. Add oil to frying pan.

4. Grill the steak for two minutes on each side (for 1 inch thick steaks) for medium rare. Three minutes for medium and four minutes for well done per side. For the exact doneness, use a food thermometer and follow the chart below. 5. Remove the steak from the grill. 6. Give the steak 5 minutes before cutting it to seal in the juices and develop full flavors. On the other hand, not having a grill isn’t a problem if you still want to enjoy your steak. When it’s cold or wet outside and grilling is not an option, or if you simply do not have a grill yet, serving delicious and juicy steaks can still be done when you’re equipped with a frying pan— preferably one that’s made of cast iron or stainless steel. Just make sure that you pick a tender cut of steak (from the rib or loin) that’s not thicker than an inch and a half. Also, pan-fried steak can be seasoned by making a sauce, marinating it, or simply rubbing spices on it. Now that you have the basics, go on and prepare for that holiday get-together with the family and let everyone indulge with your delicious steak. bc

4. Sear the steak for two minutes per side—look for a deep, brown/mahogany crust. 5. Continue cooking depending on the way you want your steak to be done (e.g. rare, medium rare, or well done). For the exact doneness, use a food thermometer and follow the chart below. 6. Remove the steak from the pan. 7. Give the steak 5 minutes before cutting it to seal in the juices and develop full flavors. Usual cooking temperatures for steaks

Whether it’s grilled or pan-fried, this quick guide may just help you know when your steak is done: Rare: 120-125 degrees; all red in the middle Medium rare: 125-140 degrees; all pink in the middle Well done: >160 degrees; not a trace of pink { OCTOBER 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES



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bc reviews


the best


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Bringing Up Bobby

A heartfelt comedy about a single mom and European con-artist, Olive (played by Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich) and her 10-year old American-born son, Bringing Up Bobby follows the duo as they go on adventure after adventure, until Olive’s criminal past catches up with her. The film is written and directed by Famke Janssen and stars Bill Pullman, Marcia Cross, Rory Cochrane, Spencer List, and Justin Hall.

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Toys in The Attic

Finding Nemo 3D

War of the Buttons

Enter a magical toy world set in Prague, where toys are divided into the land of happy toys in the West, and the scheming ones in the Land of Evil in the East. This animated feature is described as Toy Story meets Tim Burton in a fantastical tale about heroism, and features voices of Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack, Cary Elwes, and Vivian Schilling, among others.

Almost 10 years after its release, Finding Nemo finds its way back to the big screen, this time in eye-popping 3D. Follow the overly cautious Marlin, as he goes on an undersea adventure with Dory, a forgetful but optimistic fish, to find his son. Relive the heartwarming tale of a father-and-son duo in this film that won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Witness the story of Lebrac (Jean Texier) in France during WWII, as he tries to lead the “war” between two kid gangs from different villages. Not until he falls in love with Violette (Ilona Bachelier), and his and the gangs’ focus gets reverted to the real war they are living in, in order to protect her. It is produced and co-written by Academy Award winner, Thomas Langmann.



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Youtube Fun Files Watch these videos that teach good values not just to kids, but to adults as well Cha-Ching: “Spend Money Wisely, My Friend”

Created by Nat Geo Kids, this video teaches little ones the value of money at an early age and the benefits they can get from learning how to save. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: Shorts – Sea Sick

Join Cartoon Network’s Flapjack as he worries about the situation of the sea and the action he needs to take in order to restore its natural beauty. Tell The Truth Kids Song – Helping Parents Teach Honesty to Kids

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“Begin Again” by Taylor Swift

The country/pop singer releases another heartfelt tune about finding love again. “The City” by Ed Sheeran

British singer, Ed Sheeran, describes his move from the country to the city in this song that talks about how it’s like to live in a metropolitan place like London. “Wanted You More” by Lady Antebellum

This country group once again sings about the heartaches that come with romance and the way one learns to move on and find love once more . “Come Wake Me Up” by Rascal Flatts

This song tackles lingering feelings of lost love and the pain that one goes through when it’s finally time to move on.

“Be Your Everything” by Boys Like Girls

Be swooned all over again with this song’s lyrics that tell a story about someone who’s having a hard time confessing his feelings for the one he likes. “Hall of Fame” by The Script

The Script brings its listeners another reason to be inspired as they sing lyrics that encourage people to reach for their dreams and promote self-worth. { OCTOBER 2012 } b c PHILIPPINES


the Styling by VANESSA JOHNSON Wo r ds a n d i n t e r v i e w b y ROSARIO SANTIAGO A ddi t io n a l P h o t og r ap h s b y M ar k C a b alang M ak e up b y M A R G E A PA C I B L E O F T H E FA C E S H O P Hai r b y MELISSA GUASCH

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As children, we were often lulled to sleep with stories of love, chivalry, princes, princesses, knights, damsels in distress, and lives that went on happily ever after. Our nightly rite of passage included such fairy tales that left many a little girl asleep with a smile on her face, and dreams of her own prince charming. As we grew older however, we learned that most of the time, we can’t expect life to be a fairy tale. And yet, once in a while, fairy godmothers do seem to wave their magic wands, the stars align, and the god of love unleashes his arrow to hit the perfect mark. Such is the tale we are privileged here to tell—of a young princess who happened to find her prince in a most unlikely package.



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

Marc: Denim button up by DIESEL, P13,450 . Brown sneakers by LOUIS VUITTON, model’s own . Danica: Black/Tan sleeveless dress by CULTE FEMME, P1,950 . Black suede strappy heels by ALDO, P5,995 . Wooden cuff with orange beads bangle by JOSIE NATORI, P14,500 . Gold necklace by ALDO, P655 . Caela: Maroon striped dress by ELLE . Denim flats by MOTHERCARE, P999 Mic: Grey plaid polo, P845, Grey denim, P795 both by KIDDOS

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



“A few months pa lang ako from another relationship, so I wasn’t ready for anything serious,” Danica explains. “I appreciated [being] friends and all that, but nothing serious—and same with him. So it was like a series of ‘Hi’s’ and ‘Hello’s’ for how many months. He would stop by where we’d work out and say ‘hi.’ I’d do the same.” Their casual exchanges became slightly more interactive when one day, the young actress failed to show up at the gym, and Marc took it upon himself to find out why. “One time, I got sick and then I didn’t go to the gym,” Danica tells us. “Then my trainer said, ‘Uy, hinihingi ni Marc yung number mo.’ Then I said, ‘Wag mo munang ibigay, kasi di pa kami masyadong magkakilala.” “Ako yung makulit,” Marc interjects with a playful smile.


he was born into celebrity. Her father is an icon of television, music, and movies. Her mother is one of the finest actresses of our generation. She and her brother had seen their share of heartaches during their unconventional childhood, but were, for all intents and purposes, blessed with an enviable, privileged life. She was just coming into her own stardom as a young entertainer, carefully making a name for herself away from her parents’ shadow. His had been a far different reality. Destined for a life of comfort, fate stepped in and dealt him a less favorable hand. So instead of a happy life, he was thrust early into struggle and difficulty. Theirs could not have been more distinct worlds, and yet sometimes when worlds collide, something magical happens. And so it was that Danica Sotto, daughter of veteran comedian and TV host



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

Vic Sotto, and the versatile actress Dina Bonnevie, was minding her own existence and busy with the rigors of her own career. Out of nowhere, a hulking stranger steps in and unbeknownst to both of them, changes the course of their lives forever. “We met at the gym,” Danica tells us over pizza and the delicious pasta dish she made for our visit. “Pinakilala siya ng trainer ko. Sabi niya, ‘I’m gonna introduce you to this guy,’ but hindi naman niya yata mi-nean na mag-match or i-pair kami.” The guy was Jean Marc Pingris, professional player of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and Danica’s husband now of 5 years. At that time, she wasn’t interested in getting involved with anyone. She had just come out of a failed romance, and wasn’t keen on jumping into another. The same was true for the towering ball player.

“[My trainer said,] ‘Ay, nabigay ko na,’” Danica continues. “So I thought, he doesn’t look scary, although [when] I saw his big, big tattoo, I got a little bit intimidated.” She goes on to share how surprised she was when she finally did hear from him. “After a few days, he called. He said, ‘Hi, okay ka lang? May sakit ka daw.’ I was like, ‘Who’s this?’ Sabi niya, ‘Si Marc, yung sa gym.’ ‘Marunong kang mag-Tagalog?’ ‘Oo naman,’ sabi niya. ‘Dito naman ako pinanganak ah. Ba’t di ka nagpupunta ng gym?’ Sabi ko, ‘I’m sick nga.’ Tapos parang sabi nya, ‘Oh, gusto mo ng gamot?’ And I felt like, feeling close naman `to, he’ll bring me daw medicine. I said, ‘It’s okay, wag na,’” she finishes, laughing. From that point on, Marc would find a way to join her and her buddies on their post-gym coffee runs. They would go out as a group, just enjoying each other’s company as friends. Danica narrates how he began asking himself along, when she and her girlfriends would hang after workouts. “Siguro four girls kami, siya lang,” she

Danica: Black dress with leopard collar by DOROTHY PERKINS, P2,395 . Black suede strappy heels by ALDO, P5,995 Mic: White Polo Shirt with red collar by, ELLE . White rubber shoes by NIKE, both model’s own Caela: Khaki plaid dress by ELLE, P1,299 . Bronze quilted shoes by RUSTANETTE, P795 On background: Combi Cooler Bag Croco by LASSIG

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



When I got that, I didn’t buy a car, I bought a house in Las Piñas. That was my first gift to my mother.



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

recalls. “He wasn’t making ligaw or anything.” “Friends lang,” Marc agrees. “That went on for a while,” Danica goes on. “He would hang out with us by himself. Sometimes he’d be there, sometimes not.” It came to a point though, when she started to wonder whether Marc was even worth knowing. “That time that he wasn’t really talking, I thought, ‘This guy’s so boring naman yata,’” Danica says candidly. “Cute pa naman, but parang boring kausap. Gusto ko yung masarap kachika, kasi love language ko yung usap talaga. It came to a point that he’d call and then I’d pass the phone to my friends, kasi parang wala namang tinatanong.” What you see isn’t necessarily what you get.

Thankfully, Christmas—the season of perpetual hope—came around to save Marc from oblivion. Danica was able to catch a glimpse of what the seemingly quiet young man from Pangasinan had to offer. “One time, he went to the house, it was Christmas eve,’” she recounts. “I guess he finally found the courage ‘cause for the first time, I realized ang sarap pala niyang kausap. Dami pala niyang mga na-i-input sa mga kuwentuhan. I think I underestimated him,” she admits. And that, according to her, was when she began to see him in a different light. “So it started as, wow, mukhang okay siya,” she says, quickly adding that, “No—walang ligaw ligaw pa siya noon. He would visit me during taping. He said, ‘Puwede bang pumunta diyan?’ His style was super conservative. Kasi dumaan ako sa stage ng mga rebel

days, so nasanay ako na hindi conservative. He even said, ‘Could you ask your dad if it’s okay for me to go there?’ First time naman na may nagpapatanong kung puwedeng dumalaw,” she says playfully. “Ligaw probinsiya,” sheepishly.



“Whenever he had a game—we weren’t together yet—but since I was already interested in him, I wanted to watch,” she tells us. “I’d say, ‘Ay pakitingin nga sa channel 5, sisilipin ko lang yung score.’ [They’d say,] ‘Wala na, bagok na ulo!’ Ganun talaga [sila].” The Next Level

“So I said, ‘O sige,’” Danica continues. “It was my first time to ask my dad. Maybe my daddy found it weird. He’d say, ‘Ba’t ka bibisitahin, may sakit ka ba?’” To which she, Marc, and the rest of us, all break out in laughter. “Sabi ko, ‘Hindi, pupunta daw dito.’” “My dad and I had a show before,” she explains. “Jose [comedian Jose Manalo] was there. Imagine, Jose, then Tita Ruby Rodriguez, kukulitin ka, ‘Sino yan, sino yan?’ I said, ‘Si Marc Pingris.’ ‘Oh, basketball player, sabihin mo, manonood kami.’ So he would be at the side, just watching. Then I noticed that he was courting me when he brought flowers. Kawawa talaga siya kasi sila Jose. My daddy would say, ‘Sino namatay? Bakit ang daming bulaklak?’” This elicits even more laughter from everyone. Danica goes on to tell us how Marc was forced to endure more good-natured ribbing with his other love offerings. “He would bring chicken and other items, then [they would say], ‘Wala bang pagkain dito?’ Ginanun talaga siya.” “Bugbog sarado ako kay Daddy,” Marc adds, shaking his head, smiling. “Kumbaga, pusoy talaga.” But Danica herself wasn’t spared, as she recalls how her family would try to get her goat when she started to take a real interest.

It wasn’t until a trip to the island paradise of Boracay, however, that romance really blossomed between the two. Danica was there on holiday, and Marc desperately wanted to follow. He’d asked her to check if it was okay with her mom, so she already had an inkling that he was intending to be with her. But it was December and flights were all booked, as were the hotels. Never one to easily be discouraged, Marc exhausted all possible means to secure a flight, no matter the cost. “Actually, I looked for a ticket,” Marc tells us. “Then dinoble ko na yung fare.” “He brought two of my friends along to surprise us,” Danica adds. “I knew my friends were coming, but I didn’t know they’d be together. Alam ko kasi susunod sila. He just said, ‘Uy, can I follow? Ask your mom.’ So I knew that he might come, but malabo that he’d find a ticket. That’s why when he did manage to book a flight, I was happy. That’s when it started. We’d be sweet, hold hands…That was December. We became a couple in February 2006, then got married in March 2007.” “Will you marry me?”

“Matagal ko na kasing ipinagdasal yun,” Marc confides, when we ask him about his proposal. “I talked to our pas-

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



tor, then we prayed for 3 days if it was really Danica.” “Three days lang?” Danica teases him. “No,” Marc replies, “Matagal na talaga but that was the final, serious one. Then one day, I just woke up thinking, ‘Danica, Danica.’ I couldn’t think of anything else. Why not, nasa kanya na lahat. That’s when I decided to buy a ring for her. And then, where were you—at a taping?” “You picked me up,” Danica responds. “She had a driver then,” Marc goes on. “I said I’d take Danica home, pinauwi ko yung driver. Parang hindi ako mapakali. She asked, ‘Are you okay? Why are you shaking?’” “Actually, medyo naiinis na ako sa kanya,” she admits to us. “‘You know what? Why don’t you just go home. You have practice tomorrow.’” She points out that he was still living in Las Piñas then, while she and her family were residing in Ayala Heights. “That was around 9 or 10 p.m.,” Marc resumes his storytelling. “Then we went home. Pagdating namin sa bahay, sabi ko, ‘You know what, mahal na mahal kita.’ Then I went down and opened her door. Umiiyak na ako nung time na yun. ‘Oh, what happened?’ Bumaba na rin si Danica. Tapos bigla na akong lumuhod. ‘Will you marry me? I love you.’ Ang baduy eh,” he says shyly, even as we listen almost tearyeyed to his heartfelt confession. “At first I was shocked,” Danica then says. “Naiyak ako nung nakita ko na naiiyak siya. Yung feeling lang na, ang bait naman nito. Yung, you just know that it was from his heart kasi he was really shaking. Then I said, ‘Yes!’ Tapos sabi niya, ‘Hindi kita pine-pressure ha.’ She goes on to share how Marc was more than willing to wait until when-

ever she was ready. All that mattered was that he needed to tell her how he felt, and just how much she meant to him. “It’s okay if you say ‘No,’ mag-aantay ako,” Marc volunteers. “If you want to think about it, okay lang sa akin. Nagyes naman, so tuwang-tuwa naman ako.” “He said, ‘I just felt na I have to tell you na tonight,’” Danica says, to which, Marc adds, “Hindi ko na mapigilan.” Resistance is Futile

“What? Kaka-boyfriend mo lang tapos—This is marriage!” Those were, according to Danica, the words that came out of her mom’s mouth, when told of Marc’s proposal.

“My mom sort of freaked out because we just got together in February and then he proposed in June,” Danica recalls. “Normal reaction for a mom. I told Oyo [brother and actor Oyo Sotto] first after my mom, and then I asked Oyo, ‘Can you help me? Let’s take Dad out to dinner and then let’s tell him.’ So Oyo gave me a bit of pep talk. Then I told my dad and he asked me, ‘Why do you want to get married?’ I said, ‘I don’t see myself with another person, and I also don’t see any reason why I should say no.’ When he finally said okay, I asked, ‘Can we have dinner together with him?’ So that whole time we were having dinner, my dad wasn’t saying anything. He was quiet. Then he said, ‘Bakit niyo gustong magpakasal?’ Marc gave his reason, which

I don’t see myself with another person, and I also don’t see any reason why I should say no. 54


OCTOBER 2012 philippines

is the same as mine. And then suddenly my Dad said, ‘Oh basta ganito ha, malinaw na usapan. Ayoko ng magkakasal-kasal lang kayo dahil wala lang, trip niyo lang, tapos after isang taon maghihiwalay din kayo katulad sa mga nangyayari sa mga tao. Sana mapagisipin niyong mabuti yan, hindi yung aayaw-ayaw kayo bigla. Dahil pag nakita kong nangyari yan, alam kong hindi niyo pinahalagahan and because I’m gonna give my blessing, sorry pero galit-galit muna tayo.’” Danica admits that her dad’s words stunned all of them at the dinner table. “We were all taken aback, even my brother,” she recalls, “My dad is a man of few words, but the minute he opens his mouth, talagang malalim. Tatamaan ka talaga. And then after, we got to the pamamanhikan. I was surprised [by] my dad pa, kasi my mom was freaking out na, ‘You know, what if

something happens and they can’t survive? Alam mo naman ‘tong si Danica feeling princess yan.’ Kasi she knew that we are opposites. Like, I grew up with them, medyo maayos. Sila (referring to Marc), even as a boy, he had to work for everything—whatever he wanted to buy. My mom was worried that baka hindi niya ako kayanin, that I might become bratty towards him. And ako naman, I might want something that he’s not yet ready to provide. Of course at first I felt, grabe naman, siguro naman I’ve matured na. But I think it’s normal for a parent to feel that way. Instead of, ‘Yeah, go and get married, umalis ka na.’ Then my dad said, ‘Wag mong pangunahan. Wala pa ngang problema.’ I was surprised to hear that from him.” The Law of Opposites Attracting: Humbled by Humble Beginnings

Danica knew that her mom’s fears were born of the differences between

the life she had been accustomed to, and the one Marc had to work with all his might to turn around. “Actually, I wasn’t a basketball player,” Marc starts to tells us, before looking to his loving wife to ask, “Ikukuwento ko na yung buhay ko noon?” She nods in support, and he goes on to share his humble beginnings. “Sa palengke lang ako lumaki,” he starts off. “Nagtitinda-tinda lang kami ng mga prutas dati, tumutulong ako sa Mommy ko. That happened because naghiwalay sila ni Daddy. They used to live in White Plains. May kaya naman sila, but when my Daddy left...” “His dad is French,” Danica interjects. “He was reassigned to another country.” “They would write to each other,” Marc continues, to which Danica OCTOBER 2012 philippines



Danica: Black tassel dress by ARNOLD GALANG, P2,599.75 . Silver necklace and cuff by SM ACCESSORIES Opposite page: (Background): Premium Touch Viscoluxe Pillow Top, Fibersoft Pillow Euro, Senso Memory Traditional Pillow all by URATEX



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

M ak e up b y D o n D e J es u s o f M A C C o smetics Hai r b y Brian B o rda S t y l i n g b y X ie A nt o ni o

I was humbled by his life. I remember, growing up as a teenager, I would complain, like ‘Why’s my baon like this?

adds, “His dad would send them money, because when he left, his mom was still pregnant with Marc.” “That time, nagsusulatan sila, then one day, I think my mom’s friend went to Manila,” Marc goes on. “And then nung nagpapadala ng sulat, parang hindi niya na pinapadala yung letters dahil may gusto pala sa daddy ko. So, that’s when naputol yung [communication] ni Daddy and Mommy. So parang umiyak na parang na-praning si Mommy bakit hindi na daw sumusulat si Daddy. Wala na daw talaga. That’s when we started to work.”

pilitan akong kainin yun, tapos may tubig nalang ako. Habang kinakain ko yun, talagang umiiyak ako. Doon na ako nangako sa sarili ko na kakain ako ng masarap, so talagang I worked hard.” At this point, tears start to well up in our eyes, as we listen to him speak with painful honesty about that one moment in time when he felt at his lowest, and vowed never again to taste as bitter a pill as life could possibly offer. “Every Sunday was our break, but I re-

“They were forced to go back to the province. What could they do?” Danica says. “How will they survive? Mama had two kids from a previous marriage, so imagine having to raise three kids, and then you’re alone? She had to go back to Pangasinan, where Marc was born.” Marc then talks about how he got into basketball. “Yung best friend ko—parang malaki na kasi yung 5’11, sa province before—he said, ‘Matangkad ka, use your height and then play basketball.’ Pero hindi talaga ako marunong maglaro. He taught me, tapos nagsimula akong maglaro ng basketball. I bought my own ball. Then may isang player na kukunin dapat, na maglalaro dito sa Manila that time. I was lucky they got me and not the other player, [kasi] malaki ako. Dito, I trained three times a day—sa school, sa RP Team, sa MBA. That’s when my career started. For six months, I’d practice three times a day. Malaking bagay talaga sa akin yun, doon ako talagang natutong maglaro ng basketball. Naalala ko nga nung nasa college pa ako nun sa FEU, and then umuwi ako walang pagkain. Quarters lang yun. Sarado yung canteen namin ‘cause late na, and umulan nung time na yun, so sobrang baha. Wala kaming mabilhan ng pagkain. Umuwi ako, tapos sa quarters namin may rice na panis na. Gutom na gutom ako eh. Pero walang mabilhan, so

ally would stay at the gym to practice kahit pagod na pagod na ako,” he continues. “Noon, nakikipag-practice play ako sa mga MBA, kasi idol ko sila Rommel Adducul at [Danny] Ildefonso. Ako yung taga-dala ng mga bag, taga-hugas ng mga car nila. Binibigyan lang ako ng P100. ‘One day magkakaroon ako ng ganito, promise,’ gumaganun ako. Tapos my manager said, kasi narinig niya nung time na yun, ‘Pagtiyagaan mo lang, mas marami kang mabibiling ganyan.’ So I kept practicing until one day, kinuha ako sa PBL—Welcoat—

so that’s where it really started. I was drafted in 2004 for Air 21—FedEx pa at that time. And then yung first salary ko talaga, yung unang ibinigay na pera sa akin, naiyak ako na natutuwa dahil first time kong nakahawak ng ganung kalaking pera na sarili ko talaga— ilang milyon din yun. When I got that, I didn’t buy a car, I bought a house in Las Piñas. That was my first gift to my mother. Kasi, mag-bi-birthday na siya nun. I was with my manager and I said, ‘Oh Ma, kain tayo, birthday mo naman e.’ So kain kami. Nung umuwi kami, ‘Oh Ma, ikot muna tayo, birthday mo naman.’ Umikot-ikot kami, tapos, ‘Ganda yung bahay ano, Ma? Gusto mong tignan?’ ‘Uy, baka mamaya ma-trespassing tayo niyan.’ ‘No, no, tara, kaibigan yata ni Tito Ed yung may-ari.’ So we went inside—walang mga gamit, walang-wala talaga. Maganda naman, okay naman. And then I said, ‘Oh, tara uwi na tayo,’ tapos bigla kong ibinigay yung susi sa kanya, ‘Happy birthday, Ma. Sa iyo na ‘tong bahay na ‘to.’ Umiiyak talaga siya. Nung gabing yun, natulog kami sa sahig lang. Kaming dalawa lang. Walang unan, walang gamit. Sabi ko sa kaniya, ‘Bukas na bukas, bibili tayo ng mga gamit.’ And then, na-trade ako sa Purefoods dati. Kumbaga nag-boom yung career ko doon. Na-trade ako and then nakilala ko si Danica sa gym, so doon na talaga nag-start lahat.” “I was humbled by his life,” Danica says in turn. “I remember, growing up as a teenager, I would complain, like ‘Why’s my baon like this?’ I’d tell my mommy, ‘Uy yung [classmate] ko, they have like this, like that.’ Tapos nung nagkakakuwentuhan kami about our lives, parang sobrang napahiya ako na, my gosh, I was already complaining about so much stuff. And I remember when I was single, I would buy whatever and not think if I’m gonna use it or not, and maybe spend—hindi naman crazy, pero hindi wisely. Tapos [si Marc] nga nagkuwento sa akin, ‘Dati gagawin namin para makakuha kami ng pambaon OCTOBER 2012 philippines



sa school yung candle dun sa sementeryo…’ They would scrape and melt it. Parang naiiyak ako na, oh my gosh. I think the reason why—maybe not for everyone—siguro this is where you can really say that opposites attract. I’m not saying it’s for everyone. But for us, it works. Maybe that’s why God brought him into my life, because He wanted to show me that I should value my life more, and I should have valued it before. And [Marc] would be the one to teach me that there’s so much more in life. Not just nice things, nice cars. As for me, parang ako naman yung nagpapalakas sa loob niya, ‘Oh, look at the things that you can do.’ Feeling ko lang, me and him apart—hindi. When we’re together, we’re super a team.” The Perfect Team

Their teamwork certainly carries over to parenting their two little ones, 4-year old Mic, and Caela, who just turned 1. “Even when raising the kids, ako I can’t [by myself],” Danica goes on. “I don’t think I can. Si Daddy [Marc] he’s like the funny guy, but they know that when he’s serious, tahimik na sila. I’m the one who takes care of the home. I make sure the kids are in order. I make sure that they have whatever food they want, since I took up culinary.” She is proud of the fact that in their partnership, no one is thrown under the bus, or made to appear the villain in the kids’ eyes.

Danica: Green dress by Maldita, P1,499 . Black Sparkle peep toe pumps by Aldo, P4,895 Caela: Blue polka dot sweater dress with red leggings by MOTHERCARE, P1,199 . Denim shoes by ELLE . Blue hair clip by NO SLIPPY HAIR CLIPPY, both stylist’s own On background: Casual Shoulder Bag Ash by LASSIG



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

“With the kids, we always have to agree. That’s what I like about Marc,” Danica beams. “I’m not the bad cop. He doesn’t make me look like ‘Ha! Mommy said this, mommy said that.’ Hindi. Like last night, I said, ‘Mic, look at this.’ Then Mic said, ‘Ah yeah, I saw that na.’ I was surprised when Marc said, ‘I don’t [want] you to talk to your mommy that way. You say to mommy, ‘Yes mommy, I saw that.’ Hindi yung ‘Ah yeah, I saw that na.’ And you look at your mommy when you’re talking to her.’ I was touched that he puts me first. I think that’s why it works. I mean, ayoko namang mag-feeling na

ang tagal na ng 5 years of being married. A few months ago I asked him, ‘Does it feel like 5 years?’ Parang, yes we go through problems, but it’s not very strained because he puts me first, and then the kids. He doesn’t make me look bad. As a mommy, we notice, ‘Stop biting your whatever,’ or ‘You’re not gonna obey me? Are you supposed to talk to me that way?’ Minsan kasi sa Daddy, nakakalusot. Pero pag nasabi ko na, sasabihin niya, ‘Oh Mic,’ ganun. Hindi niya sasabihin ‘Mommy said.’” Danica also reveals that aside from being an excellent provider, Marc is also very much involved in the day-to-day care of their two children. “He’s really super hands-on also,” she tells us. “I’m not afraid to go on a vacation and leave the kids with him. He can change diapers, he can make paligo, patulog. Actually kinukulit nga niya ako na mag-vacation. ‘Gusto mo mag-Hong Kong kayo ng friends mo?’ Ako naman yung parang hindi ko pa yata kaya kasi baby pa yung isa. Kay Marc, ‘That’s just a few days—you deserve it.’ He doesn’t have issues. Hindi siya yung ‘Who’s that? Who’s texting?’ He’s not like that. At the same time, he’s really a good provider. Whatever we want—we want to travel, okay. We want to go to this place, okay. We want

nice clothes for the kids, okay. If we can still help other relatives, okay. But at the same time, since he also manages the finances, we are able to save.” She tells us they share parenting duties as best they can, depending on Marc’s basketball calendar. She also points out that they eagerly take turns at fetching Mic from school, one of their most favorite things to do. “Now, because the season has started again, I’m more with the kids,” she says. “But every time he’s home, he helps me—playtime, tapos nagbabasa ka di ba?”

time [kami]. And he helps me. Minsan pinapatulog din niya yung maliit.” “May mga gabi kasi na talagang gusto ko yung ako lang,” Marc confides. “Ako ang magpapatulog, magpapaligo, or katabi ko. Mas marami yata akong time with Mic compared to Caela.” “Kasi when he came out, you were injured,” Danica reminds him, and Marc agrees, saying “[May] sprain ako nun.” “So parang may time na nasa bahay siya na mas [naaasikaso] niya ‘to [Mic],” Danica adds. “Bumabawi naman siya dun sa girl.”

“Nagbabasa, then tinuturuan ko ring magsulat,” Marc replies.

We ask Marc how he balances being a dad as well as an athlete.

“We take turns,” Danica pipes in. “Minsan ako susundo. Minsan yan ang susundo. Dream namin magsundo eh.”

“Pagdating naman sa trabaho, talagang trabaho,” he tells us. “Binibigay ko rin talaga yung time ko pag wala kaming practice. For example tomorrow we don’t have practice, I’ll tell Danica, gusto mo Tagaytay? Parang time ko na rin para sa amin.”

“Masarap eh,” Marc beams in agreement. “Kasi I never experienced it,” Danica explains. “My parents were super busy. Hindi ko nga maalala na hinatid ako ni Papa. Sometimes my mom would. So I promised myself that when I have kids, I want to drop them off. But we don’t get to do it everyday. Minsan si yaya din naghahatid. But most of the

“And I think, what works, kaya it seems easy—matiyaga si Marc to bring them out always,” Danica says. “Kaming dalawa lang ni Mic,” Marc shares. “Minsan kinukuwento ko sa kaniya yung buhay ko, kung saan ako OCTOBER 2012 philippines



nanggaling, or kung ano lang yung mga laruan ko dati, kung ano lang yung mga nakakain ko. Kahit hindi niya muna naiintindihan yan, at least pag nasanay yan, pag laki, maiintindihan niya rin balang araw. Ayoko ring lumaking suwail yan. Kasi minsan nabibigay ko lahat sa kanya.” Danica explains that this is another area where she believes their varied backgrounds actually make them more effective parents to Mic and Caela. “Alam niya na, na [when] it’s not time to buy a toy,” she shares with us. “’Mommy, why?’ ‘Cause you still have one. Kasi minsan, dati, meron [tendency] si Marc that when they make pabili—maybe because he didn’t experience it growing up—bibilhan niya ‘to [si Mic]. And I noticed, ‘You know what, babe, since you just bought him the Iron Man mask, then the Thor hammer, hindi na pinansin yung Iron



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

Man na mask. I know eh. Kasi kami naman, dun kami nanggaling—we had everything. So I didn’t value. I told him to trust me on this. If we had a little at a time, there would be more excitement. It came to a point that he completed the Avengers, tapos nainis ako kasi yung Thor na hammer, grabe, kinagat. It was just foam and he bit it, so sirasira. I felt like, ang mahal mahal niyan, so I said, ‘See, he doesn’t know how to value it kasi he knows that anytime…’ And I was like that, when I was small. So sabi ko, ‘Trust me on this,’ buti naman sabi niya, ‘Ah okay.’ Parang feeling ko, dun na nga nag-wo-work yung ‘opposites attract.’ So now we have a rule na for example, binilhan siya ng bagong toy, hahayaan muna namin na magamit niya, ma-enjoy niya, and then saka na lang ulit.” Marc reveals how they are also trying to impart the spirit of sharing and so-

cial awareness as early as now. “Minsan, pag may nakikita kaming mga nanlilimos, kinukuwento namin sa kaniya, ‘You want ba to be like that?’” “We teach him to value his food, kasi minsan hindi niya inuubos yung pagkain,” Danica explains. Marc continues, “Talagang [tinuturo] namin sa kaniya na kailangang alagaan mo yung mga laruan mo. And ang gagawin natin pag Christmas, bibigyan mo sila. Pina-practice na namin.” Clearing the Skeletons in the Closet & Knocking the Chip Off His Shoulder

Before this partnership really took off, Danica was concerned that unsettled things from their past might eventually come back to haunt them. She was particularly worried about Marc’s feelings of resentment towards his absentee father. She felt it was important for him to achieve closure and peace,

before the two of them could embark on their new journey as husband and wife.

yung dad ko,” Marc adds, “And then pumupunta siya sa embassy, nagtatanong, and then sa internet.”

“Since birth, he has never experienced having a dad,” Danica reveals. “I remember the first time that we actually went out aside from the gym. I had a friend with me, who wound up interrogating him. My friend asked, ‘Bakit ganyan yung itsura mo? May mix ka, ano?’ Then Marc’s face changed from his usual jolly demeanor. He said, ‘French,’ na parang may pinaghuhugutan. I said, ‘Asan yung dad mo?’ ‘Ewan ko, baka patay na,’ sabi niyang ganun. So I thought, hmm, parang may something. Mukhang may issue.”

“First internet muna,” Danica resumes. “Pingris—Google, the usual. Tapos, my tita kasi, my mother’s side, they’re from Geneva, Switzerland. It’s the French-speaking part of Switzerland, so they can speak French. Sabi ko, ‘Can you help me talk to the French embassy?’ Kasi at least walang language barrier. Tapos buti na lang si Mama, when I asked his mom’s permission, yung Mama niya sabi, ‘I tried na rin pero, sige.’”

Marc adds, “Tinatanong ni Danica, ‘What if buhay pa yung dad mo, gusto mo bang makita?’ [Sabi ko,] ‘No, ayokong makita. Baka masapak ko lang.’”

“Di daw siya pinansin,” Danica concurs. “Akala parang nagkukunwari lang.”

“Sabi niya, ‘Nag-survive na kami, but it’s his fault na nagkaganito kami ‘cause he left us,” Danica continues. “‘Lumaki ako na minsan nakikita ko Mama ko na umiiyak. I promised talaga sa sarili ko…’ Even during the time when he ate the stale rice, he was thinking of [his father], ‘It’s your fault.’ Sabi niya, no, he doesn’t need him daw, kasi he was able to survive without him. So okay lang, I let him be. And then when we got engaged, siguro after a few months, in October, I asked him, ‘Can we try to look for your dad? Let’s just see, so that you have closure. If he’s alive, he’s alive. If he’s dead, then he’s dead. At least there’s no what if.’ Parang [Marc] really didn’t like the idea, but I asked permission,” Danica replies. “Sabi niya, ‘Ikaw, bahala ka.’ Sabi niya naman bahala ako.” “May balak na pala siyang hanapin

“Parang di pinansin,” Marc offers.

“Baka akala nila, pera lang yung habol,” Marc adds. “Minsan ganun yung isip ng mga tao.” “Buti na lang, she kept everything,” Danica continues. “Love letters, even the napkins from when they ate at restos. It’s all in a big—ganyan kadami (gestures like a boxful)—like, letters from day one. And everyday the dad wrote the mom a letter—everyday. So siguro, ipapadala niya isang bagsakan, so she’ll have like five letters. He wrote that for like five days. She kept everything—lahat ng address. Tapos may ginawa din palang yung dad na parang affidavit—nagpagawa siya and the mom—na di ba before, kapag conceived ka outside of marriage, illegitimate ka. You can’t use the last name [of your father]. But now puwede mo nang gamitin kahit anak ka sa labas. So the dad naman, he affixed his signature and he acknowledged that

Marc is his son. Junior siya eh, same name sila—Jean Marc. So sabi ko, if it was his intention to just leave you, then why would he make you his junior? And why would he put that paper that you can use his last name? Pero [Marc] was really closed to the idea. But the mom, ‘O sige,’ tapos hinayaan na lang niya ako. I’m just super grateful to his mom, kasi puwede namang sabihin ni Mama na ‘Huwag na. Masyado na kaming nasaktan.’ I’m sure it was also hard for her to re-live what happened. I’m sure it was painful for her to bring out all the stuff. So I’m thankful, because she wasn’t selfish. Sobra niyang helpful. She gave me all the letters, all the addresses, birthday gifts—lahat ng puwedeng link, ibinigay niya. I brought it to the embassy. Then the embassy helped me write a letter to France, and then they sent it to the old address. Buti na lang the old address gave it to the dad, and then after how many months—that was October when I started—the first letter that we received from his dad was in January, a few months before our wedding. Tapos when I saw the letter pa, sabi ko, ‘Oh my gosh! Yung Daddy mo may sulat na sa atin,’ tapos parang siya, he couldn’t believe it. Parang ganun lang—nothing like ‘Yay!’ Ganun lang yung face niya, tapos binigay niya kay Mama. Sabi niya umiyak na si Mama, ‘Siya ‘to, siya ‘to!’ He’s married na, but he doesn’t have kids. We started chatting [online]. I would pretend to be him chatting with the dad—ayaw niya talaga eh. Pero I knew na may konting gusto. I told [Marc], ‘Sana naman before we get married, you can deal with this. Not to be chummy-chummy, but at least try to forgive.’ I was afraid that, what if we get married and then there are skeletons in the closet—mag-wild ka ala Jeckyll and Hyde, kasi may issue

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



case of cold feet as they grew closer to France and the much anticipated initial meeting with his long-lost father. Then Danica reminds him of his master plan for that first encounter: “Ano sabi mo? Pagkakita mo sa kanya, hug tapos…”

Caela: Blue polka dot sweater dress with red leggings by MOTHERCARE, P1,199 . Denim shoes by ELLE . Bird non-slip hair clip by NO SLIPPY HAIR CLIPPY, shopfamilia. Mic: Grey blue plaid button up polo shirt by Kiddo’s, P895 . Grey denim by Kiddo’s, P795 . Red shoes by Mothercare, P849

pala. ‘Sana you can deal with it.’ Kasi I didn’t want him to have bitterness in his life. And so he dealt with it at his own time. He spoke to our pastor and then attended this retreat, and then that’s where it started. Okay na. He started chatting na with him, exchanging pictures.” “And then nung ikakasal na kami, tumawag si Daddy,” Marc recalls. “I asked if he could come here. But hindi daw puwede dahil kailangan nilang…” “To file a leave,” Danica finishes for him. “Kasi sa kanila pag work, work talaga,” Marc continues. “Kailangan magpaalam ka ng mga months before. So, ‘Okay kami na lang yung pupunta diyan.’” “We were gonna go to Switzerland,” Danica tells us. “That was the original plan. I wanted to introduce him, kasi my mom is the only one here. Dalawa na lang silang nandito. I wanted to introduce him to my lola, to my other



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

cousins in Switzerland. I think my tita was the accomplice. She said she was gifting us with a second honeymoon in Venice. I don’t know—parang nagusap sila ng tita ko, dahil when we found out, parang sinabi ko na, ‘You know what? I have a tita who helped us.’ You know how easy it is now with like Skype, so they met even if hindi pa face-toface. And then, nagulat ako pag-usap nila biglang iba na yung plano. Sabi ng tita ko, ‘Ay hindi pala muna kayo puwedeng mag-stay sa bahay namin. Maybe it was scripted so we could proceed directly to his dad. Then his dad said, ‘Why don’t you come over here and I’ll drive you to Switzerland?’ So we wound up going there muna before Switzerland. But at first, even I was kinda hesitant ‘cause I was thinking, you know, total strangers, we’re gonna live in their house and all that. Half of me was excited for him to finally meet his dad after 25 years. Tapos pag dating namin sa Amsterdam, (to Marc) kuwento mo yung Amsterdam—yung sabi mo, ‘Ayoko na, uwi na tayo.’” Marc admits that he had one serious

“Sapak,” he finishes for her. “Hindi—sapak muna bago hug,” he said, eliciting guffaws all around the room. “Nung pagbaba na ng airplane dun, parang ayoko na talaga. Umalis na talaga tayo. Umuwi na tayo; balik na tayo.’ ‘Di na, nandito na tayo eh. Bakit ka pa iiwas?’ So, okay, talagang napilitan na talaga akong bumaba then pagkakita ko naman sa kanya parang wala pa naman akong love or anything, pero bigla na lang akong napaiyak. Di ko alam—baka yun yung sigurong tinatawag nila na lukso ng dugo. Niyakap din niya ako agad, naluluha din siya. Tapos yung asawa niya umiiyak na rin…” “Pagkayakap niya sa akin, ‘My son, my son,’ ganun ng ganun,” Marc continues. “Umiyak na talaga ako, dahil hindi ko naman siya nasapak”—more laughter from all of us—“Yun yung crucial doon eh, kailangan masapak,” Marc says jokingly, leaving all of us in stitches. “That time I said, ‘Thank you, God,’ Danica states. “You could really see God’s hand working in our lives. ‘Thank you, God,’ kasi alam ko, siya lang talaga lahat may kagagawan nito.” Indeed, some greater cosmic force must have had a hand in reuniting Marc with his father, and in bringing him and Danica into each other’s existence. These two may not have started out on equal footing when they came into this world, but their vastly diverse experiences growing up have molded them into the kind of person the other needs. Fairy tales may not come true for all of us, but in the case of Danica and Marc, the knight and princess found each other just when they weren’t looking. bc

Maybe that’s why God brought him into my life, because He wanted to show me that I should value my life more, and I should have valued it before. And [Marc] would be the one to teach me that there’s so much more in life.

Marc: Brown plaid shirt by MALDITA, P2,199 Danica: Khaki button up dress by CULTE FEMME, P1,950 . Safari print bangles, P455, Stone necklace, P555 both by ALDO Mic: White polo by KIDDO’S, P545 . Maroon argyle vest by ELLE, P1,299.75 Caela: Pink hair clip by NO SLIPPY HAIR CLIPPY . White longsleeves by DIESEL . Pink tutu skirt by KAIYA EVE, all stylist’s own On background: Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory Matress by URATEX

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catch the wind Find out how one family lives in perfect harmony with nature in their sprawling, Japanese architecture-inspired home situated in the heart of Makati, that makes use of the natural elements P h o t og r ap h s b y M ar k C a b alang w o r ds b y V alerie A nne del C astill o



OCTOBER 2012 philippines


was not an easy feat for a husband and wife team to create this modern-day home that is their dream house. Taking into consideration Feng Shui principles and a love for Japanese architecture, the two embarked on a three-year journey to build this extensive abode from the ground up. In fact, the process began when the two were on a lookout for a lot that faced south—as according to their birth dates and times, this was the lucky direction for them. Finding the lot was rather serendipitous, as the couple, who already lived in another street in the same village, came across this one in 2008, during one of their morning jogs. They passed by it often enough to notice the mail piling up, indicating that there were no longer any residents in the old house that used to occupy the lot. They soon learned that the property was for sale—and grabbed the opportunity to acquire it. The nuns at a nearby school took up the couple’s offer to dismantle the old house and recycle the usable parts into a house for their charitable missions.

The couple then enlisted the help of Arch. Jericho Adriano, winner of the 2007 Metrobank Arts and Design Excellence Award for Architecture for his work on “The House of X,” an Alabang 400 home which exhibits a breezy, comfortable ambiance due to the application of traditional principles of crossventilation, sun shading, indirect lighting, and hot air exhaust. The same principles apply to this home, which the owners aptly named Kaze No Iori, literally meaning “the house of wind”—and thereby nicknamed, the “Wind Catcher.” To create a truly Japanese feel, the owners requested Arch. Adriano to consider the human scale and use the Japanese

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



ment of ken (multiples of 3 feet based on the tatami mat) when planning the size of the rooms. Kaze No Iori sits upon the south-facing corner expanse of two quiet streets, boasting of several entryways. Upon entering its gates, one will notice quaint pathways leading up to the main house, a smaller dwelling to the right which the owners refer to as the Tea House, and another structure behind the main house, the Kura (storehouse), which houses the maid’s quarters, laundry and storage area. Three layers of wood framed sliding doors and windows— tinted glass, security screen mesh, and shoji acrylic panels— go around the house. Aside from sliding doors and windows, a feature so unique to Japanese architecture that will surely catch one’s eye as soon as you step into their gates, is the treated pine wood deck, four steps up from the pathway and winding around the house. The deck also extends to a pathway leading to the Tea House, where the owner’s mother also resides. The simple yet lush gardens are also meticulously planned, with every color and plant type aligned with Feng Shui principles. The choice of plants were based on the direction they should be in, as each corner of the garden—north, south, east, and west, including the secondary directions— has its own element: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. Each element can be strengthened or weakened to balance the chi of the house, based on the Feng Shui flying star chart of the year. The same principles apply to the entrances of the house. We entered through the breakfast room door in the northeast side of the house, which is said to be the lucky door for the year. The main entrance of the house faces south.



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

With the strategic placement of sliding doors, the house has entrances in the different compass directions to take advantage of the lucky entrance direction for each year. The interiors of Kaze No Iori are warm and spacious—ample enough for dance parties (which the owners enjoy), large gettogethers like family reunions and other special occasions. The living room, dining room and kitchen (which also features a smaller, more intimate dining area) seem to flow seamlessly with its wide open spaces accented by wooden furniture and wall colors based on Feng Shui principles. Color and shapes can strengthen and balance the energy of the home as each Feng Shui element is represented by a color and shape. Once inside, one is transported to another world, far from the bustling streets of Manila and into a quiet zone, where tranquility and order take center stage. The house’s large windows provide natural light to illuminate every room. Even the staircase is bathed in sunlight with its large windows that provide ample ventilation. The owners admitted to installing a device from UK, a ventilation system that is self-powered and can suck up the heat from and draw in wind into the house. It was interesting to note also that upholstered sliding doors (fusuma), usually kept to one side on a daily basis to create an open plan family area in the second floor, could be slid closed to create smaller spaces for relatives and guests who want to stay for the night, converting the abode from a two-bedroom house into one with five bedrooms. Also interesting to note is that the house also features a hidden “panic room”, which was built because the couple’s young son wanted to keep them safe from “zombie attacks”. A cleverly-disguised door is hidden by a shelf, which rolls to the side to reveal an entrance to the “panic room,” which is actually used by the family as a playroom for their son. The playroom features a cozy living area complete with an entertainment system, sofa, a colorful puzzle carpet, and an upper deck that doubles as another play area. Toys, books, and other playthings are neatly kept in wooden shelves that go very well with the overall theme of the

OCTOBER 2012 philippines





OCTOBER 2012 philippines

house. The playroom leads to the children’s bedroom (through another hidden door as well), which features whimsical wall decals and provides ample space for playing, reading, and studying. Art pieces adorn the home, including those from the late Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Tam Austria, Malang, Joya, Tagle, and Gabuco. The Wind Catcher is also home to oriental pieces the owners picked up from their travels and antique artwork. A lot of their furniture were custom-made in Pampanga by Lhot Cosme of JD Fine Furniture. For their other furniture, the owners preferred mid-50s and Scandinavian styles which blend well with Japanese architecture. Outside, in the north garden, a Japanese watchtower inspired structure stands as a gazebo for those who like to enjoy the outdoors during cool evenings. The Japanese watchtower also cleverly disguises the water tank and serves as a nice playground for the little ones. The deck also provides a great place to sit back and relax, with a dry pond filled with river stones and iris flowers evoking a feeling of serenity. Hakucho Space and Planning Design, which is the company behind the designing of the Wind Catcher, believes in putting value to space, so that even small homes can be given enough light and space. The company’s philosophy is to provide residents with a livable area that makes them more productive, more energetic, and yet puts them at peace. The harsh reality is this—Filipinos are not building houses the way they should be in the Philippines to suit the weather and maximize our natural resources like the wind and sun, which the country has plenty of, for most days of the year. The Wind Catcher is a testament to this—with the use of a ventilation system that catches the heat and building structures that stand well away from the walls of the lot, it becomes a generally cool house in which air and light can easily come in. Hakucho’s hopes for Manila is to adapt more of these principles, as it would save a lot of energy and maximize resources (especially with the skyrocketing cost of electricity nowadays). After all, the Wind Catcher is solid proof that these theories can and will work for homes in the Philippines. It will not take long for others to catch up, especially those who are looking to green living to improve not only their homes, but also their lives. bc

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new born check list As a follow-up to my hospital checklist, here are some essentials I found to be quite useful after you’ve brought home the new angel Wo r ds b y Kari z T anya F avis P h o t og r ap h s b y M ar k ca b alang



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

Playtime 3

2 1

We have the Graco Newborn Soothing Peace Center, which is just the right size for their heads and backs. It also serves as a “relieving” chair for my son, because the ergonomics help him go faster. Bouncy seat: We loved our old Baby Bjorn, but cannot find it now. We also have a Svan bouncer which we got after our second child was too big, so I’m excited to try this for my baby. We were also recently given a Bloom Coco Go lounger/rocker/bouncer, which is both stylish and functional with different recline and positions. Baby TOY: At around 3 months, baby will start tugging and pulling at toys that catch their attention. We love Kushies and Taggies for this reason. Playmat: Always effective for mini “workouts” of baby muscles, as well as hand and eye coordination. Swing:

1 Bouncer in Vanilla and Sage by SVAN, 2 Coco Go Lounger by BLOOM, 3 Fuzzi Hugbug Sensory Pleasing Toy by KUSHIES,

OCTOBER 2012 philippines








OCTOBER 2012 philippines




feeding Breast pump: I’m alternating between the Medela Freestyle and Avent Isis manual pump. Both portable, although I would also like to try the Medela Pump In Style and Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump. Bottles: Preferably BPA and phthalatefree, or glass. Those are the only way to go, in my case. BPA emits cancerous stuff when heated (and you’ll sterilize a lot), so if these types are not in your budget, just save up for a few and prepare to wash. Sterilizer: I’ve used Avent for all 3 kids. Nursing pillow: I use one by Angel Dear, but a lot swear by My Brest Friend. I used Boppy for my first two kids. Burp cloths: Get big ones, since some babies have projectile spit-ups. Bottle cleanser: We use Pigeon (which doubles as a vegetable wash as well), Tiny Buds, and Cradle. Bottle and nipple brush: Avent has a good one. For smaller bottles, the Tot Brush is handy. Breastmilk containers: Snappies are airtight, leak-proof, and FDAapproved, and each container tube fits narrow-neck pumps like Medela’s. We also use Avent stackable containers and Pigeon Breastmilk storage bottles, which work great for freezing bigger amounts of liquid. breast pads: I alternate between Pigeon and Mothercare disposables, and Avent reusables. pacifiers: We don’t really use these for our kids, but have one on reserve by Weil Baby. I am impressed by the more affordable Babyflo one we bought in a panic at the drugstore when my son was confined and wasn’t allowed any liquids. It has a built-in, butterfly-wing type of cover that closes when the binkie is dropped. Also, buy a paci cover like this one from SkipHop. milk dispenser: Best for travel when you are formula-feeding. nipple cream: Avent works wonders and helps with suction while pumping.

1 BPA-free baby bottle by PHILIPS AVENT, P1,079, Baby Company or Mothercare stores 2 Glass bottle by LIFEFACTORY, P750 3 Designer placemat by MODERN TWIST, 4 Pacifier pocket by skiphop, Mothercare stores 5 Tot brush by MADDY BRAND, 6 Milk dispenser by PHILIPS AVENT, P339.79, Baby Company or Mothercare stores

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Linens and Bath Crib sheets: If you’re using a crib, best to have at least 5 of these. Hooded towels: Mothercare, SM, Landmark, and Rustan’s have an abundance of towels. I find 3 Sprouts’ designs irresistible. Bathtub: For newborns, the Puj is great since it saves your back and is the perfect size for tiny ones. I also talked about the Flexibath before (use the newborn insert), and love the Safety 1st tub. Washcloths: Use for hard to reach areas like armpits and rolly-polly necks. Your bare hands won’t clean as well as it scrubs. Just do it gently, and avoid the terry/rough side of the cloth. Baby shampoo: We recently discovered SheaMoisture, which is one of the best-smelling shampoos in the world. I’m also partial to Chicco, Earth’s Best, Noodle & Boo, Jason, Kiss My Face, Mustela, California Baby. Baby body wash/Soap: Mustela and Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath leave baby, well, smelling like a baby. Dove has always been trusted in our family, especially for newborns. Mild soap for laundry: We alternate between Cycles, Victoria, Honest detergent, Dreft. Soft brush or comb: Do not use adult combs, no matter how much they look like baby’s. Always use a cradle cap brush for special cases. lotions/ oils: Virgin coconut oil is a staple in our family. Ask your pedia if and when you should use lotions.



OCTOBER 2012 philippines




4 5


1 Little Circus Cuddle ‘n’ Dry by MOTHERCARE 2 Organic Olive and Marula Baby Head-To-Toe Lotion with Avocado and Shea Butters by SHEA MOISTURE, 3 Brush by SAFETY 1ST, 4 Bagno Shampoo by CHICCO, P299.75 5 Duck safety nail clipper and pile by JAPONESQUE BABY, 6 Milk bath by JOHNSON'S BABY, P78


...and sleeping 1

3 2





Receiving blankets: I have this in all thinkable fabrics. My preferred ones are Aden + Anais, Little Giraffe, SwaddleMe Designs, Cuddly Wuddly by Diapees and Wipees, and Zutano. I cannot stress the importance of these in terms of cleanliness and portability. First, you can just lay on the blanket on any surface to make sure baby will lie down on something clean. It is a great instant warmer for those precious bodies. And you don’t have to keep washing your sheets when these are all over the place. Crib and mattress:

Choose one based on the space of your home, and how portable you need it to be. We’ve gone through a Graco Pack ‘N Play, Arm’s Reach, and are now using a BabyHome crib with wheels. Consider also how long you’ll need to use the crib, as a lot of companies make one that grow with your child, such as Stokke, Bloom, etc. Dresser: Our closet has been busting at the seams for years, so we use the NettoCollection Louis changing table/dresser. It is a back-saver and perfect for little clothes. Hamper: Ikea and 3 Sprout make

durable and adorable ones. hammock: One word: Hushamok. The single, most gorgeous, effective, and super used item in our nursery. Baby books, music CDs, or audiotapes: Womb sounds make baby feel more comfy in the outside world as it reminds them of their old home—your belly. Cool mist humidifier or vaporizer:

Check drugstores and ask pediatricians for preferred brands. SOFT TOY: Only use one for touch and eye stimulation when baby is attended to by a grown-up to avoid smothering.

1 White Textured Dot Blanket with Satin Trim by BABY STARTERS, 2 Plush Bundle in Luxe Dot Celadon by LITTLE GIRAFFE, 3 SoundSleep for Babies CD by SoundScience, 4 “Sounds for Silence Baby Settling and Health Guide” CD, 5 Swaddle cloth by ADEN + ANAIS, 6 Baby Cooling Bath by JOHNSON'S BABY, P78 7 Swaddle & Shelter Muslin Swaddler in Soleil Silver by LITTLE GIRAFFE,

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



for you... yes, you Glider/rocking chair: Footrest optional. This helps me during middle of the night feedings. I found that it helps if I prop up my back with an extra pillow for extra support. Baby monitor: Motorola, Mobi, and Avent are good options if baby has his own room. Nursing bras: Get the ones without underwire, so they don’t hurt possible engorged breasts. Try Mothercare for options. Nipple cream: Avent or Lansinoh are the go-to’s. Pajama sets: Oh you’ll be spending more time in these than any other wardrobe, so invest in many comfy ones that open up in front (buttons or zippers) for easy access to breastfeeding. Nursingwear: Bravado, Everly Gray Maternity, Isabella Oliver have stylish options that serve their purpose. Locally, check out Anja, Eden (Bianca Elizalde and Buding Dee’s line), Shop Mommy Matters (online), and Having A Baby. Waist cincher: In any form—Belly Bandit, Spanx, drugstorebought, custom-made (such as the “magic atelier” of Betty’s Corset in Mandaluyong)— they will tighten you up when you’re ready to get out of house arrest. Camera/Video Camera/Phone camera: Moments with infants are fleeting, and their faces and antics change everyday. Make sure to try and capture each moment. Mental pictures aren’t quite as effective. Great walking shoes: If you’re not ready for your heels yet (and who would be for a couple of months?), try Aerosoles (so soft, plus their new designs are cool), Toms, and local brands (which are easy on the pocket). Ipad or laptop: Get some work done even while nursing or when baby’s asleep. anti-radiation device: I try to use this funky phone when I use my cell and near the baby, as it cuts back on the radiation. diaper bag: See p. 81. nursing covers: Bebe Au Lait or LovedBaby. Or just throw on a big swaddle blanket like Aden and Anais.



1 2Go Baby Carrier by CYBEX, 2 iPad by APPLE, 3 Annette in

Cocoa Brown by TIMI & LESLIE, shoptimiandleslie. com 4 Toddler Car Seat Cover in Lemon Lime Yellow by NOMIE BABY, 5 Pop Phone in Blue by DIMENSIONE, P1,875 6 Blackberry Torch 9800 by BLACKBERRY, 7 Nursing Cover in Hot Dots by BEBE AU LAIT, 8 Amore Tote by TY LUCAS, 9 Travel Pack by PIGEON, 10 Mr. Softee in Silver Leather by AEROSOLES,



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

5 2







OCTOBER 2012 philippines




Newborn or small-sized (depending on baby’s girth). This will last you for a week, or so. I alternate between cloth and disposable during the day. But at night, it would be more comfortable (and sane) for you and the bebe to do disposable—unless you have a nanny that stays up all night with you. I’m crazy hands-on, so disposable all-night it is. Drypers has new designs that I cannot wait to use, and abroad, we buy Huggies Supreme and Pampers. Diaper changing pads: this normally comes inside diaper bags and caddies. Have at least two, in case one gets accidentally soiled. Diaper Diapers:


ointment: Pinxav, Desitin, Mustela barrier cream, Palmer’s baby bottom, Mothercare, Weleda calendula cream. Waterproof


pads for the changing table:

Got a good one from my registry at Mothercare. They have a store brand. I also use this for changing the baby after baths, just put a towel on it so it won’t be cold on the back. Dirty diaper bin: Diaper Genie is a good bet, or just have a small, inexpensive trash can. I prefer small so that the smelly nappies don’t accumulate. Wipes: I switch from Johnson & Johnson’s (smells powdery fresh), Drypers, and Pigeon.

They’re a little more expensive, but no rashes so far. Knock on wood. In the U.S., I would buy Pampers Sensitive. Cotton balls: Purity or Cleene have good-sized balls worth the purchase. Small container for dipping cotton in water: I use a disposable container so if it gets dirty, just toss it out. Change the water as often as possible, preferably before every cleaning so water is warm and new. Soft tissues: Kleenex facial tissues or Charmin toilet paper is what we use to dry the bottom after every change. This is the major key to no rashes, aside from frequent changing.



1 3


1 Sensitive Thick Care Wipes by PAMPERS, 2 Baby Wipes by DRYPERS, P46.95 3 Cotton balls by CLEENE, P78.75 4 Diapers by DRYPERS, P63.80 5 Changing mat (comes in the Diapers and Wipes Caddy) in Cocoa Stripe by JJ COLE,



OCTOBER 2012 philippines



FirstAid and Cleaning


3 4



Rubbing alcohol: To clean your hands and body (and quickly sanitize visitors), umbilical cord stumps, and to do a quick rubdown on yourself/baby handlers/visitors for extra sanitation. Digital thermometer: We use the Thermoscan ear thermometer. Bulb nasal aspirator: The Nosefrida works wonders, I can attest to this. My pediatrician also advised me to use an aspirator for babies like mine who are prone to choking or reflux, so that you can drain excess saliva. Cotton buds: For nostrils (doused with saline solution), and umbilical cord care (wet with 70%

Isopropyl alcohol). Baby nail cutter: Japonesque has adorable designs, if you want to go for cuteness factor. But for basic stuff, get the Safety 1st kind. Hand soap: I am obsessed with the grapefruit-like scent of Honest, and the lavender Mrs. Meyers. Locally, we use J&J’s milk bath poured into the dispenser, Messy Bessy, and Leyende. insect reppelant: BabyGanics, Human Nature, California Baby are all-natural and effective. NOSE or facial wipes: Do not use your diaper wipes for the face. For specific needs, like a runny nose, use Boogie Wipes which smell terrific and do the job.

1 First aid safety scissors by JAPONESQUE BABY, 2 Gentle Saline Wipes for Stuffy Noses by BOOGIE WIPES, 3 Baby Ganics deet-free Natural Insect Repellent by Rustan’s, 4 Organic lemongrass hand soap by HONEST, 5 Nose Frida nasal aspirator by Mothercare, P599 6 I'M OK! set by MINI FIRST AID,

OCTOBER 2012 philippines







1 Ruby stroller in lagoon by CYBEX, 2 Transporter in grey by MUTSY, 3 F.I.T. Single for intermediate training by BABY JOGGER, 4 Onyx stroller in eclipse black by CYBEX,



OCTOBER 2012 philippines


Rear-facing infant car seat with head support padding: I use a Cybex Aton for Mathis. We also had a Graco and Maxi-Cosi for my girls. Stroller: I think I may

have literally tried them all. From the Bugaboo Frog, Cybex Callisto and Onyx, Maclaren umbrella strollers, Mutsy, Quinny, Stokke Xplory, Baby Jogger, Inglesina, Silver Cross, Orbit Baby—each one has its charm and function. This makes for another article altogether. Sun shields for car windows: Go to Ace Hardware for those stick-on car shades. Portable playpen: The Pack-N-Play has got to be the most famous of these. The Arm’s Reach crib converts into one as well. There’s also a new company called Nuna which makes an amazing portable crib. Sling, or soft front


carrier: I use my Hotslings, Metromamma Metrowrap, and so excited for little one to fit into my carriers: Ergo, Lillebaby, Cybex 2.Go. Diaper bag: We alternate between Storksak, Lassig Bags, Petunia Picklebottom, Timi & Leslie, Ramalama, Ty Lucas, Room Seven, Juicy Couture. I also use Diapees and Wipees for when I just need a few diapers and wipes, not my whole house. Another story on its own. Make sure you have one ready with essentials like diapers (of course), wipes, 2 changes of clothing, alcohol or hand sanitizer, feeding supplies (portable milk powder dispenser if you formula-feed, as mentioned previously), breast pump, extra bottle filled with distilled water according to your measurement, and a first aid kit (like the mini one in p. 79). OCTOBER 2012 philippines



fun house The King of Comedy’s eldest granddaughter (model-flight attendant-teacher-entrepreneur Michelle Quizon-Balinghasay) reminisces about her lolo and honors him by raising her family of four in the best possible way—in a home filled with balance, understanding, and of course, laughter P h o t og r ap h s b y M ar k C a b alang S t y l i n g b y V anessa J o hns o n Wo r ds a n d I n t e r v i e w b y V alerie A nne del C astill o M ak e up b y A ngie S a u l o f E stee L a u der Hai r b y F endi o f Basement S al o n P h o t og r ap h y assis t a n t s J al u P a u line R amire z and M A R V I N U S I

Miqui: Orange A-Line dress by ARMANI EXCHANGE, P7,950 . Nude peep toe pumps by JANILYN, model’s own Monjo: Blue checkered button-up by DIESEL, P10,250 . Dark denim pants, P5,499, and Tan loafers, P2,290, both by MARITHE + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD . Black belt by KENNETH COLE, P2,250 Alejo: Green and navy striped polo shirt by 77KIDS by AMERICAN EAGLE, stylist’s own . Mint green Get Icky jacket by KNUCKLEHEADS . Navy pants by NECK & NECK, P1,650 . Brown suede shoes by FLORSHEIM KIDS, P2,099.75 . Elian: Black shirt with red lining by ROWDY SPROUT, stylist’s own . White shorts by NECK & NECK, P1,550 . Orange and Blue sneakers by CHICCO, P849.75 On background: Presto flat stroller by APRICA . Casual City Shopper Bag Colorpatch Petrol by LASSIG



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

Michelle QuizonBalinghasay BC: Tell us more about your background as a model. Michelle: I started pretty late, even

when I was still in high school and college, I would get offers, but my parents would not allow me, they wanted me to finish school first. After college, I was approached by an agent and then everything fell into place.

BC: What was your first project like? M: It was for a sanitary napkin, which

aired in five countries—I got lucky, so that made me pursue it.

BC: What was the most memorable project you’ve ever done? M: Every single project is memorable

because it comes with different stories. I remember all of it. BC: What was it like growing up in a prominent family? Was there any pressure to enter showbiz? M: There are advantages

and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that, of course they’re known for being talented, and they’re famous for their skills as an actor and my lolo [the late Dolphy] is not just known as a good

actor but also as a good person. That’s an advantage because when people know that you’re related to him, they feel [and] know that you’re related to someone who’s a good person, so it just comes naturally that they treat you well also. BC: That’s nice. Speaking of Dolphy, can you tell us more about the relationship you had with him? M: I’m very close to him, I’m the first


BC: Most precious memory? Last memory of him?

My fondest memory of Lolo is whenever I would visit him in his tapings, I would always see a line of people waiting to talk to him and ask for his help financially. His generosity, his humility, I grew up witnessing that. I remember him being so proud whenever I showed him my medals and accomplishments in school. I would always sit on his lap and he would tell the people around him how proud he is of me. He inspired me to not just finish school, but also to do good in school, which I did. My last memory of him is when we visited him in his house earlier this year. He was sick already at that time. He kept on asking

things about Alejo and Elian. He kept saying that he’s so proud of how smart Alejo is. Alejo’s actually assessed as potentially gifted. He started reading and spelling words by the age of 2. He’s amazingly brilliant. He’s only 5, but he can beat you at Sudoku, and even knows how to play chess! (Laughs) Elian is smart as well. He’s only 1 year old but he already knows all the letters, shapes, colors, and numbers 1 to 20. He even knows how to spell his name! Lolo Dolphy and my other relatives say that Elian is like a mini Dolphy. He got the Quizon looks and he enjoys dancing and making people laugh by doing silly things. You guys witnessed how much he enjoyed this photo shoot, right? (Laughs) He loves the attention! BC: How about your transition from being a flight attendant then model to a teacher? M: The modeling and being a flight

attendant, I did both at the same time. I was flying, but then when I’m here, I would do commercials and big shoots and sometimes, I would even do hosting. And then when I got engaged to my husband, who’s a pilot for a different airline, I was thinking that if we’re going to build a family, it can’t be OCTOBER 2012 philippines



Miqui: Sleeveless black and gray dress by KENNETH COLE, P7,450 . Black Satin peep toe heels by STEVE MADDEN, P5,250 Alejo: Brown and cream button up shirt by ELLE, P999.75 . Khaki shorts by NECK & NECK, P1,550 . Brown shoes by FLORSHEIM KIDS, P2,099.75 Elian: Red and navy button up plaid shirt by PERIWINKLE, P745 . Dark denim pants by PERIWINKLE, P875 . White and brown loafers by FLORSHEIM KIDS, P900



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

“It’s a big responsibility, but I got to where I’m at after years and probably a decade of flying—around 12 years of flying. I became a captain 5 years ago.” both of us really flying, so I was taking up something else that I would love to do as well. When I got engaged, I studied child psychology, and after that, I pursued my dream of being a preschool teacher. At least I have time here with my kids, and I go to school with my kids. I mean, they’re not my students, but they’re there in school and I can see them all the time. BC: Did you meet your husband at the [airlines]? M: We didn’t work for the same airline.

He works for Philippine Airlines, I used to work for Northwest Airlines, which is now Delta—with Tanya, of course, before. (Smiles) But I met him through common airline friends.

BC: It’s literally a match made in heaven. (Laughs)

Actually, yeah! ‘Cause my friend is the girlfriend of his friend, who is a pilot also from PAL. We would hang out and I met him. But then he would always tell me that he knew me before he met me, he would always tell his friend to set us up, because he saw my picture in a magazine. You can ask him about it later. (Laughs) And then he learned that I used to fly for Northwest Airlines, so he asked his friend to introduce me to him.


BC: What were the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as a teacher? M: Nothing much, but the real

challenge there is meeting the expectations of the parents. You meet different kinds of parents, some come from different countries, and they have different values, so it could be really hard to please all of them.

But of course, we do the best that we can to help them raise their children properly, and learn the things they want their children to learn. BC: What made you decide one day, “Okay, I want to be a teacher”? M: Ever since before, I really loved

children. I was an only child for 11 years. I really love playing with children—I think it’s really more of the passion. So there, I was thinking of a job that would entitle me to have a lot of time with my family and at the same time I’d love to do. BC: What are the funniest things your students do? M: A lot, actually. Each child

is different, so it’s really fun to be with them. Like a while ago, I was with a kid and he was asking me to open

Monjo: Orange polo shirt, P7,950, Khaki pants, P13,590, both by HUGO BOSS . Beige loafers by MARITHE + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD, P2,290 . Brown Belt by KENNETH COLE, P2,250 . Alejo: Light blue button up short sleeve shirt by KIDDO’S, P895 . Khaki shorts by NECK & NECK, P1,550 . White sneakers by CHICCO, P849.75 . Elian: Orange polkadot long sleeved shirt by ZUTANO, stylist’s own . Brown Denim pants by KIDDO’S, P795

OCTOBER 2012 philippines



“The real challenge there is meeting the expectations of the parents. You meet different kinds of parents, some come from different countries, and they have different values, so it could be really hard to please all of them.” his food canister. He was not saying “please,” he was like, “Open! Open!” I was like, “What’s the magic word?” He said, “Abracadabra!” It’s so funny, they say like the silliest things and they look so innocent. It’s really nice to be with them because it makes you feel so young and you’re not so stressed. BC: Who are your best mommy friends and what’s the most valuable advice you got from them? M: I have a lot of mommy friends, most

of my friends are now moms, but I think the most important advice I got was from my mom. She would always tell me that the first thing that I have to remember is to be friends with my kids. It should be a light relationship, like what we have also, actually. So that they will be more open to me, and they can tell me anything. I think that’s the best advice and it’s working.

BC: That’s good. Can you talk to us about your business venture? M: Aside from teaching preschool,

I also have a business, which I run with two other teachers. It’s called Tots Hullabaloo—what we do is, in every children’s party, we set up a play area for kids. We use educational toys and some are even teacher-made materials. ‘Cause sometimes there are parents who don’t like the idea of having a host and having games in a party, they just

BC: That’s nice. When was it established? M: Actually, it started two

years ago, but that time I was pregnant with my second child, so my other two partners started working on it, and now that my other partner is the one who just gave birth, that was the time that I came in. So now we’re all doing it together. BC: So you’ve been doing parties here or all over the Metro? M: Yeah, we’re doing parties all over

the Metro and before, we just started with children’s parties, but now we also do corporate events and weddings. BC: What’s your schedule like with your husband? How many times a week does he go for a flight? M: Now, he’s also an instructor

for Philippine Airlines, so he flies regional, which is Asian countries, and domestic. So like the maximum days he’ll be out is like three days, that’s the maximum na. It’s really balanced, like he’ll be out for three days but he’ll be here for two days. And then he’ll be like going on domestic flights, he’ll leave the house in the morning but he’ll be back naman at night so it’s really unpredictable, actually.

BC: You were an only child for 11 years. What was it like being like all grown up and suddenly having siblings? M: I was 11 years old, so I was

actually asking for a sibling already. It’s not like I was three and I would get jealous if there was a new baby—I was really happy. And I think that that was the time I realized that really I love kids. I was always playing with my younger brothers and helping them with their assignments, so that was the time that I realized that it would be cool if I’ll work with kids. I mean, I can do it. BC: What was it like growing up with a single mom? B: I didn’t feel incomplete because

I would see my dad all the time. Whenever I’d go see my lolo and visit him, I’d see my dad. It’s okay.

BC: How do you stay in shape after two kids? Any special diets or exercise?

wanna mingle with their co-parents, and just have their children play around. So that’s what we basically do, we set up a play area for the kids to keep the kids busy. And it’s not just like we are party organizers. We’re three teachers who have degrees in child psychology and early childhood education.

No diets. Genes narin, both sides, my mom’s side and my dad’s side are really all thin. But I run for health purposes, not really just to lose weight and all. I really, actually have to gain a little weight. But I run and I do yoga once in a while and Barre 3—when I have time. Having two boys, running around every day and working with kids in school—that’s enough exercise


Miqui: Beige Snake print dress by ARMANI EXCHANGE, P5,950 . Nude patent leather pumps by STEVE MADDEN, P3,950 . Elian: Orange cardigan, P2,150, Blue and white striped shirt, P2,150, white shorts, P1,550, all by NECK & NECK On background: Baby Skincare Wipes, TopTo-Toe Self Foaming Wash, Milk Lotion all by JOHNSON’S BABY . Baby Wipes by PIGEON . WeeWee Dry Diapers by DRYPERS . Toddler Feeding Set by PHILIPS AVENT, Mothercare stores



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

for me. BC: True. What products you can’t live without? M: Can I say the brands? No naman.

I just do the three-step beauty regimen every night like the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at night. I’m really lazy, actually. In the morning, I just put moisturizer and sun block. That’s it.

BC: How about for your kids? M: As much as possible, I use

organic products, natural products because they have skin asthma, so their skin is really sensitive, like how I was when I was a kid. And they’re boys, so they don’t need much, really. BC: How did Alejo react when he found out he was having a brother? M: Well, he was okay before—when

I was pregnant, he was okay and happy. But you can never prepare them that much. It’s different when the baby’s there already, and they see you carrying a new baby. But now he’s okay, he’s five years old. But of course, sometimes when I’m with Elian, he would try to catch my attention like, “Come here, Mommy.” “Help me,

Mommy.” “Look at this, Mommy.” “What’s this, Mommy?” Even if he knows the answer to the question, just to catch your attention. But he loves Elian though. And Elian super loves Alejo. You know naman how younger kids look up to the bigger kids diba. MONJO BALINGHASAY BC: Tell us more about your background as a pilot. What made you decide to pursue it? Monjo: I’m basically working for

responsibility of making sure that you transport people safely across destinations. How do you deal with that kind of pressure with your job? M: Honestly, I don’t think about it. It’s

a big responsibility, but I got to where I’m at after years and probably a decade of flying—around 12 years of flying. I became a captain 5 years ago. So I just look back where I got trained, how they train me for specific emergencies. Anything that will happen in the flight, like unforeseen circumstance that you don’t want to happen, we’re trained for that. We do it every 6 months, in the simulator, not the real plane.

Philippine Airlines as a captain for an Airbus A320 aircraft. I decided to pursue this because when I was young, I was always growing up with planes on the side, like my uncle was a colonel in the Air Force, he also used to be an airline pilot, then he flew for other companies. My sister used to work for Philippine Airlines in a management position, and they purchased planes in Toulouse like the first Airbus of PAL. So growing up, I’d always see planes and magazines about it. With my dad telling me after college if I still want to pursue the dream, I said go for it, what the heck.

very hectic. It’s different every week. We get our schedules every month for the month. But it’s exciting because every month, it’s different. You don’t know where you’re going but my schedule for this kind of plane is very hectic because I fly almost every day. It’s like the workhorse of any airline. It’s called the narrow body. So we fly probably up to 6 times in a week, 12 hours a day.

BC: As a pilot, you have a great

BC: What’s the most interesting place

BC: What’s your schedule as a pilot like? M: Not that less, more than that. It’s

OCTOBER 2012 philippines





“My fondest memory of Lolo is whenever I would visit him in his tapings, I would always see a line of people waiting to talk to him and ask for his help financially. His generosity, his humility, I grew up witnessing that.” 3





1. Lolo kiss 2.

Monjo asked Lolo’s permission to marry me 3. Published in People Magazine 4. Lolo tickling me 5. Lolo dolphy’s last bday (2011) 6. With my beautiful mommy 7. Lolo dolphy walking me down the aisle

Opposite Page: Miqui: Sleeveless floral dress by DEBENHAMS, P2,750 . Nude patent leather pumps by STEVE MADDEN, P3,950 . Monjo: Navy blue and orange polo shirt by MARC BY MARC JACOBS, P7,500 . Brown belt by KENNETH COLE, P2,250 . Dark denim pants by MARITHE + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD, P5,200 . Tan loafers by MARITHE + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD, P2,290 . Alejo: Green Plaid Polo by 77 KIDS BY AMERICANEAGLE, stylist’s own . Navy Pants by NECK & NECK, P1,650 . Brown suede shoes by FLORSHEIM KIDS, P2,099.75 . Elian: Brown striped shirt by ZUTANO, stylist’s own . Orange shorts by NECK & NECK , P1,550 . White and Tan loafers by FLORSHEIM KIDS, P900 . On background: Baby Carrier in black by ERGO BABY . Out Of This World Bag by LASSIG



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

you’ve been to? M: Interesting…I

together as husband and wife? M: We try to get a weekly romantic date

BC: With your hectic schedule, how do you make sure that you find time to parent both boys? M: I make sure we all like the activity—

BC: You’re also part of a band called “Bonehead” as a guitarist. Can you tell us more about this? M: That’s a long time ago, it was in high

can’t say one thing specific, but I loved Australia for their difference in climate. Like during Christmas, it’s warm—it’s down under. During our summertime, it’s very cold. It’s like winter. So I like that point in Australia. And I also like Jakarta, Hawaii, and Vancouver.

we all like to swim, the boys like to go out, play in the park, so I get exercise and also play with my kids at the same time. Me and Alejo, we go biking. So I make sure I like what I’m doing so with my small time in the house. I do two things at the same time.

BC: How do you spend quality time

without the kids, just the two of us in a new restaurant. When the kids are sleeping, we try to go on the last full show in Alabang Town Center with a nice movie and popcorn. If we like to go out once in a while, we go clubbing with our friends.

school. More than two decades ago. We had an album. We, my classmates and my friends from high school, formed a band. We recorded a song in the garage, then we sent it to the radio station and we were on top for how many weeks, so we got a record deal. We recorded under Polycosmic. [The band is] called Bonehead. But

that was more than 20 years ago. This month, one of the DJs just had a gig, like a tour for all the early 90’s bands. So we just had a reunion, we played three gigs last month. We played at Kraft in Sucat, that 19 East. And probably next month, I don’t know where yet. BC: How are your children like? Who takes after who? M: They’re a mix. The eldest, Alejo,

takes mom’s side by being very tidy and very neat. And always [puts] things specifically in place. My little one, he’s like a little Michelle. He’s a guy but how he looks, how he moves, how he likes the camera and singing, dancing—he loves it.

BC: What is your favorite daddy duty? M: Reading books to my kids before

bedtime. That’s the best.


OCTOBER 2012 philippines





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celebrating new beginnings

Also in attendance were Drypers MOMbassadors, celebrities Mylene Dizon, Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo, Angelu De Leon-Rivera, Aubrey Miles, Jackie Manzano, and BC Magazine’s Editor-inChief Kariz Tanya Favis, who were all able to sample and take home the New Best Ever Drypers Diapers.



Drypers mombassadors welcome the brand’s best ever diaper On September 22, Drypers launched the new Wee Wee Dry Diapers, Soft Diapers and Drypantz in a fun event held at the Crowne Plaza in Ortigas and hosted by celebrities Gelli Victor and BC’s Victor Aliwalas. SCA Hygiene’s Country Marketing Manager, Pinky Angodung revealed the diapers’ new features and fun designs, while guest pediatrician, Dr. Claire Ann Celiz-Pascual gave some tips on parent-child bonding and answered curious moms’ questions.





9 11 10

Features such as the Fluid Distribution Layer (FDL), Breathable Cloth-like Cover, Stretchable Waist Band, Leak Guards, among others, make it one of parents’ best choices for their little ones. 12


1 BC’s MBM Angelu De Leon-Rivera 2 Wowie Rivera 3 BrandWorx’s Jav Villarruel 4 BC’s MBM Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo and son, Marcus 5 Dr. Claire Ann Celiz-Pascual with son, Matteo 6 Aubrey Miles 7 BC’s MBM (and Sept cover mom) Mylene Dizon 8 BrandWorx’s Nikky Nicandro, 9 Drypers’ Pinky Angodung 10 Tots’ Hullaballoo teacher with Miqui Balinghasay 11 BC’s Editorin-Chief Kariz Tanya Favis with her daughters, Maxine and Sabina; Host, BC’s Victor Aliwalas 12 Host Gelli Victor 13 Jackie Manzano



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

FASHION / DESIGN / FAR-OUT LIFESTYLES Available at your leading magazine stands and bookstores


bc events



mom knows best




Choosing the right milk for your child is very important. Take it from actress and one of BC's Most Beautiful Moms and previous cover mom, Dawn Zulueta Last August 28, Abbott, held an intimate interview with Dawn Zulueta, GAIN School Advance’s endorser.


The award-winning actress answered questions related to her family, particularly her two children, Jacobo and Ayisha. Some of the topics covered were the differences in raising a son and a daughter, her biggest dreams and concerns for her children, how she prepares her children for doctors’ appointments, and of course, the importance of milk and nutrition—to which the actress answered, “I really see the benefits of having the right kind of milk. They’re still developing—physically, emotionally, mentally. They really need to get all the proper nutrients that they need.”


And this is precisely why this mother of two chose to represent the brand. With Eye-Q Plus Nutrition System, DHA, Taurine, Choline, Iron, and Iodine, GAIN School Advance is sure to provide the necessary mental and visual development to Dawn’s children and kids everywhere, 3 years and up. 1 Actress and mother of two, Dawn Zulueta 2 Dawn Zulueta with BC's Cel Bancolita, Mikhaela Chiong, and representatives from partcipating magazines

Superior Comfort Through Quality Materials and Innovative Technology In the foam technology market, Uratex is the byword for ideal bed cushioning. But the best just got even better when foam leader RGC Foam Group partnered with leading global polymer firm Bayer MaterialScience. Using the latter’s revolutionary polyurethane foam technology Ultracel, this resulted to the new NuovoLuxe Foam that delivers high-performance qualities and lets you enjoy the best sleep experience with its exceptional support, superior comfort, long-lasting resiliency, enduring beauty and outstanding durability. By successfully blending just the right level of surface softness and deep down firmness, it provides the most comfortable cushioning. In fact, while most better-quality traditional foams measure 2.0, the NuovoLuxe Foam measures 2.5 in support factor, giving you and your family 25% more support, and thereby effectively helps in achieving proper spinal alignment while resting or sleeping. NuovoLuxe Foam also features an impressively comfortable surface and luxuriously soft cushion resemble that of a latex foam rubber because it is a high-density foam. It is proven to be more tough and strong, while expected to last longer than any other standard foams--making it a choice for growing families. Bayer MaterialScience describes it as “the first high-support foam to measure up to (and even exceed at high densities) the Compression Set Resistance of conventional foams” as achieved via intensive tests done in extreme temperatures and high levels of compression.



OCTOBER 2012 philippines

Pioneer in Goretex Noselift safe • worry free • natural-looking

Offers the most comprehensive

Human Stem Cell treatment regimen • • • •

Immediate effect No bovine (beef), porcine (pig) or ovine (sheep) serum added Only accepted stem cell treatment for various medical conditions Most promising anti – aging regimen

Danita Paner Actress/Singer





(concentrated up to 100,000 D/ 50 mg of stem cells)

(concentrated up to 300,000 D/ 100 mg of stem cells)

(concentrated up to 1 mio D/ 150 mg of stem cells )

Initial patient assessment (clinical evaluation, laboratory workups, Pretreatment cleansing diet and Body preparation exercises)

Initial patient assessment (clinical evaluation, laboratory workups, Pretreatment cleansing diet and body preparation exercises)

ALLOGRAFT* 30 ampules of human stem cell serum from Germany in 4 weeks intensive treatment


Effective in slowing the aging process and helping regain youth through improvement in skin tone and complexion, reduction in wrinkles, stabilization of mental power and increase in vitality, energy levels and physical power.

• Improves the general lack of vitality, concentration, eyesight and mental weakness. • Helps to prevent and regulate problems associated with aging such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, gastric ulcers, migraine and arthritis. • Improves skin tone , stabilize mental power and is an effective treatment for impotence

Initial patient assessment (clinical evaluation, laboratory workups, Pre-treatment cleansing diet and body preparation exercises) ALLOGRAFT* 30 ampules of human stem cell serum from Germany in 4 weeks intensive treatment AUTOGRAFT** • BONE MARROW AUTOTHERAPY • Proven treatment for several metabolic and debilitating conditions proven in several short and long term randomized controlled trials (published journals). • Improves memory and sense of well being. • Most promising anti –aging regimen • Only accepted Stem cell grafting procedure in the United States • No downtime , own stem cells are cultivated, enriched and processed for present and future use

*Allograft – stem cells harvested from same human species; **Autograft – stem cells harvested and enriched from oneself

Human Stem Cell Serum OTHER SERVICES SURGICAL SERVICES: Reconstructive Rhinoplasty using GORE-TEX Implant • Scarless Double eye-lid and Eyewidening Operation ∙ Eyebag Removal ∙ Noble Surgery (Paranasal and Chin Augmentation) Facelift ∙ Minilift ∙ Full Face lift ∙ Mandibular Contouring ∙ Cheek Augmentation ∙ Breast Augmentation and Reduction ∙Breast Lift ∙ Liposuction ∙ Tummy Tuck ∙ Butt Enhancement ∙ APTOS Thread DERMATOLOGICAL SERVICES: Facial Cleaning ∙ Facial Acne Treatment∙ SILKLIGHT LASER Acne Treatment ∙ Intralesional Acne Treatment. ∙ Shimmian Whitening Peel ∙ Painless Laser Mole Removal ∙ Blue Peel ∙ Diamond Peel Gycolic Peel ∙ TCA Deep Peel ∙ Whole Body Peel ∙ Microdermabrasion ∙ Skin Whitening ∙ Mesowhite ∙ Injectable Gluthathione Treatment∙ Painless Wart and Mole Removal ∙ Melasma and Syringoma removal ∙ NON-SURGICAL ENHANCEMENTS REJUVENATION AND SLIMMING TREATMENTS: SILKLIGHT Laser Photorejuvenation for removal of melasma, skin tightening and pore reduction ∙ BOTOX ∙ Dermal Fillers (correction of Scars and Wrinkles and facial contouring) ∙ Scars and Keloid Removal∙ Mesolift ∙ Body Contouring (Mesotheraphy) ∙ CelluliteTreatment Permanent Laser Hair Removal ∙ Laser Vein Treatment (Sclerotheraphy) ∙ Mosaic Fractional Laser for Scar, Wrinkle and Melasma Removal, Pore Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation ∙ Fractional CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. ∙ RF face lift and RF Body Contouring ∙ Cavitalipomelt Body sculpting ∙ Comprehensive Whitening Program. ∙ Comprehensive Slimming and Weight Management Program ∙ Comprehensive Anti-Aging Program and Stem Cell Therapy.

MEDICAL PLAZA ORTIGAS 910 - 0239 • 637 -2924

CONNECTICUT, GREENHILLS TOMAS MORATO, Q.C 725 - 3605 • 724- 5294 332 - 7639 • 227-4105

bc directory FASHION

BC’s cover mom, Daphne Oseña-Paez and her daughter, Lily

Subscribe to BC Philippines the best choices for your family 5 issues for only P480.00 10 issues for only P960.00 Free delivery within Metro Manila

Please make all checks payable to BCMEDIA INC. or deposit to any BDO branch under BCMedia Inc. account number 4128000560 or Sterling Bank branch account no. 1636-000029-89. 0916.507.3227 | 0939.130.0997 | 478.4172 e-mail: |



BC U.S.’s Cover Mom, Kourtney Kardashian with2012 her son, Mason OCTOBER philippines

(Kids) CHICCO SHOES, ELLE Available at all leading department stores nationwide; Distributed by Richwell Phils. Inc. FLORSHEIM KIDS Trinoma, Eastwood Mall, Greenbelt 5, Robinson’s Ermita, SM North EDSA The Block, SM Mall of Asia, Rustan’s Department Store, The Landmark KIDDOS, NECK & NECK, RUSTANETTE Available at all Rustan’s Department Stores MOTHERCARE Greenbelt 5, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria PERIWINKLE; Alabang Town Center, Robinson’s Galleria, SM Megamall, Shangri-La Edsa Plaza Mall, Glorietta Kids Zone ZUTANO (Adults) ALDO Greenbelt 5, Bonifacio High Street, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Trinoma, Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Mall, Robinson's Place Ermita ARMANI EXCHANGE Glorietta 4, The Power Plant Mall, Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Plaza Mall CULTE FEMME Available at all Rustan’s Department Stores DEBENHAMS Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Rustan's Makati,Glorietta 4, TriNoma DIESEL Greenbelt 3, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Shangri-La Plaza DOROTHY PERKINS Glorietta 3, The Podium, The Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia and TriNoma JOSIE by NATORI natori. com; Rustan’s Department Stores KENNETH COLE Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall, Greenbelt 5, The Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Mall of Asia, Trinoma MARITHE FRANCOIS GIRBAUD Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Gateway, Glorietta 3, Market! Market!, Robinsons Galleria, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA Annex, Trinoma MARC BY MARC JACOBS Greenbelt 5 STEVE MADDEN Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 3, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM Megamall, Robinson’s Galleria, Eastwood Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Robinson’s Place Manila

HEALTH AND BEAUTY CLEENE Available at leading drugstores and supermarkets DRYPERS WEEWEEDRY; Available at leading drugstores and supermarkets JOHNSON’S BABY Complete Care Powder, Skincare Wipes, Top-To-Toe Self Foaming Wash, All leading drugstores and supermarkets PAMPERS Available at leading drugstores and supermarkets REVLON Available at SM Department Stores, Rustan’s Department Stores, and Watsons

LIFESTYLE ACE HARDWARE; SM North Edsa, 928-4926; SM Megamall; SM Makati APPLE Power Mac Center Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, SM Megamall, Podium, SM Mall of Asia, Rustan’s Makati APRICA Available at Baby Co. stores; 7139435 to 38; Aprica Products Philippines, Inc. LJS Corporate Center, 550 Magistrado Abad Santos St., Bacood Sta. Mesa, Manila DIMENSIONE Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 5, The Power Plant Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, SM City North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall Bldg. B, Trinoma ERGOBABY Exclusively available at selected Baby Co. stores;; Distributed by Richwell Phils. Inc. THE FARM ORGANICS; 403-9130; Landmark Supermarket Makati and Trinoma, Rustan’s Supermarket Makati, Rockwell, San Antonio Forbes Park, Edsa Shangri-La and Shopwise Libis GAIN SCHOOL ADVANCE All leading drugstores and supermarkets LASSIG Rustan’s, Babyland, Chicco, Ollie &Co., Baby & Beyond, Toytown, Procreation Crossings LIFEFACTORY Makati Medical Center, Manila Polo Club, Mothercare, Numa The Organic and Eco Baby Store, Planet Sports, Re-Use Alabang Town Center, Robinson’s, The Rockwell Club, Rustan’s, Toys R’ Us MEDELA 09175614386; 725-3723, 738-6272, 964-7331; PHILIPS AVENT 667-9000; Rustan’s and Baby Company stores; avent. com PIGEON Available at SM Baby Co. stores; 990-5437; facebook. com/pigeonphilippines;; Distributed by Richwell Phils. Inc. SAFETY 1ST 990-5437;; safety1st. com; Distributed by Richwell Phils. Inc. RICHWELL PHILS. INC. The Richwell Center, 102 Timog Ave., Quezon City; 441-1717 SMART smart.; 1-800-10-548 6673; 0907-5486673 TENDERLEAN Landmark Makati and Landmark Trinoma supermarkets, 809-7442, URATEX; Clifford’s Upholstery 150 MG Bldg., Amorsolo Makati City 1210; 8184983, A.P. Upholstery; 4280376

For advertising inquiries, please e-mail or call 478-4172

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Gain School Advance Preschool age is very important in terms of cognitive development. This is the period in which the left and right brain hemispheres are starting to specialize and be differentiated. Hence, one nutrient is not enough for brain development that’s why Abbott developed Gain School Advance—the only scientifically-formulated preschool milk supplement that has the Eye-Q Plus Nutrition System, the right combination of nutrients to help optimize brain development. Available at leading drugstores, supermarkets, and groceries nationwide ACE HARDWARE From building materials to electrical equipment, from paints to power tools and even outdoor merchandising, Ace Hardware is everyone’s one-stop shop for DIY and home improvement merchandise. More than just offering quality hardware and building products, ACE prides itself in providing well-trained sales personnel who are ready to answer customer queries. SMART freedom plan Postpaid, redefined! The SIM-only plan that lets you stay in control (like the mother that you are). No fixed monthly service plans; affordable unli, all-net, tri-net buckets; built-in limits, so no overspending; PLUS a rebate on your first 6 months. Apply now. Call 02-LIV-MORE (548-6673)

REVLON COLORSTAY WHIPPED CREME MAKEUP Pamper yourself with a truly decadent makeup that offers ultimate performance through a mousse-like texture that feels like silk on one’s skin. It gives a soft, matte finish all day long and withstands heat and humidity—perfect for the ever changing weather of the Philippines. It also comes in 16 beautiful shades and features a time release formula that balances skin for a flawless look, at a reasonable price. MEDELA Being BPA- and PTHALATE-free, Medela’s products are safe and they are the no. 1 choice of hospitals and mothers. Aside from that, they work, support, and guide successful breastfeeding moms., 0917-5614366, 29 1st St., New Manila, Quezon City

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s a r a h j e s s i c a pa r k e r

halloween and the city

Lookback: Here, the Sex & the City and Glee star takes a break, in order to give way to fashion’s all-out experience: hallows’ day

“I tell my friends married life is boring, but that’s just a fun thing to say to make single people feel better.”—Sarah Jessica Parker, on family life

ince giving up her Manolos and quitting the pseudo-single life upon the end of the hit HBO TV show, Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker has become a more full-time mom to James Wilke (turning 10 this month), her son with film and Broadway star, Matthew Broderick, and their twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, who were delivered via surrogate in 2009. But Sarah doesn’t seem to mind giving it all up, because she looks like she absolutely loves spending time with their little ones. James, shown here, reportedly shares her love for music and theater. In this photo, mom and her then 4-year-old son go door-to-door as they collect treats in their UNICEF “pumpkin” for charity—and managed to snag some candy along the way. (Who can resist such a darling Buzz Lightyear, anyway?) There is never a dull moment with the boy who asks a lot of questions—about science and gravity. James’ smarts may be a handful, but then again, who is better equipped to explain any situation than the sassy and intelligent Carrie Bradshaw herself? bc

P h o t o f r om S plashnews . c o m



BC Magazine Philippines October 2012 Danica and Marc Pingris  

MARC AND DANICA PINGRIS with their children, Mic and Caela, as they talk about their polar backgrounds, Marc's humble beginnings, and how th...

BC Magazine Philippines October 2012 Danica and Marc Pingris  

MARC AND DANICA PINGRIS with their children, Mic and Caela, as they talk about their polar backgrounds, Marc's humble beginnings, and how th...