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Council Meeting Monday, January 9, 2006 Minutes Executives:

Ashley Steier, President Craig Hall, VP Finances & Administration Andrea Charlton, VP Public Relations & Marketing Jennifer Leaman, VP of Student Affairs Grace Budiono, VP Campus Life Michael Louie, Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Process Chair Tara Perret, Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair Shannon Roberts, Health Sciences Chair Todd Embley, Business Chair Tunde Gal, Computing & Academic Studies Chair


Lee-Ann Banfield Megan Chambers Jeff Piper Monica Pearson Tim Erickson Julie Ho Robert Yuen Phil Stringer Armit Dhaliwal Ly Pham

Heather Thompson Greg Hodson Marlina Kinnersley Matthew Chong Brenda Corbett Christina Bell Darren Vonic Kat Scotton Giancarlos Escalante


Geoff Gauthier, Editor Simon Parada Tim Suri

Paven Saran Fred Haiderzada Adam King


Caroline Gagnon, Director

10.1. Meeting Called to Order The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson, Ashley Steier, at 5:45 pm. (25 voting members). 10.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the agenda be accepted with the following changes: ƒ Numbering should be changed from 8. to 10. ƒ 2 more reports have been added– Todd and Jennifer ƒ Email in the Alcohol Awareness Week – Report Section should be VPSA not VPSE. Carried 10.3. Acceptance of the Minutes from December 5, 2005 It was moved by Andrea Charlton and seconded by Tunde Gal that the minutes of December 5, 2006 be accepted as distributed. 22/0/3 Carried

10.4. Guest Speakers – Christina Bell, Open House 2006 In addition to her councillor roles, Christina is part of the BCIT Open House committee. The BCIT Open House is an opportunity for the Institute to showcase all their programs to the general population and prospective students. This year, Open House is scheduled April 7 and 8, 2006. It is expected that 25,000 people will come on campus during these two days. There is two ways students can participate, through school projects and booth volunteering. The event requires approximately 1500 volunteers and exhibitors from each program. All program displays will be judged and students can win interested prizes. This year’s theme is “Choose your Own Adventure”. Displays should reflect this theme. If interested in volunteering or having a display, student should contact the committee via email, or visit their website, www. Questions: ƒ Are instructors supposed to allow students the time to work on their displays? Christina states that most programs actually use these display as part of their school curriculum, thus allowing the time for students to work on them. ƒ How is money raised for Open House? Christina informs that all money is raised through sponsorship, prizing, and donations. Where does the money go? The money goes directly to the organizing of the event. No money is going back to BCIT. 10.5 General Reports Executives & Director See attached general reports. 10.6 Progress Report See attached general reports. 10.7. ƒ ƒ ƒ

Questions Period (5 min.) Michael would like to know where for to send posters for the smoking awareness campaign? Tara informs that they can be sent to her electronically and a hard copy should be given to her as well. Students would like to know the price of the left over Shinerama t-shirts. Andrea states that they should be around $5.00. One councillor inquires about school field trips conflicting with Council meetings. Craig informs that an advanced notice is required, however that as long as it is for school, the absence is permitted.

10.8 Unfinished Business No unfinished business 10.9. New Business No new business 10.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled on Monday, January 23, 2006 Council Chamber at 5:45pm. 10.11. Meeting Adjourned It was moved Grace Budiono and seconded by Andrea Charlton that the meeting be adjourned. (6:20 pm) Carried

COUNCIL MEETING Monday January 9, 2006 AGENDA


Meeting called to order


Acceptance of the Agenda


Acceptance of the Minutes from December 5, 2005


Guest Speakers 8.4.1. Christina Bell - BCIT Open House 2006


General Reports: Executive & Director


Progress Reports


Question Period (5 min.)


Unfinished Business 8.8.1. 8.8.2. 8.8.3.


New Business 8.9.1. 8.9.2. 8.9.3.


Next Meeting – Monday January 23, 2006


Meeting adjourned

SA EXECUTIVE GENERAL REPORTS FOR January 9, 2006 Financial Report for the month ended November 30th, 2005 Submitted by: Craig Hall Overall the BCITSA is approximately $64,000 short of our planned budget for the YTD at Nov 30 Collection of student fees is down 2.2% from last year due to less enrolment Executives – On budget Uconnect – short $4,000 from plan Have been approved for $15,000 of funding from united way Outreach – Over budget Have been sending out packages to people we have worked with in order to get sponsorship. Have started to receive a bit in December. Image Center – Over Budget Sales are down from last year, both in one card use and copy center use Have been running as lean as possible to reduce costs Convenience Store – Just a but over budget Main Store – Over Budget We started to sell calculators at SE12 which dropped our sales Have a plan which includes new product offerings SE12 Store – Under Budget and doing well NE1 Store – Just a bit under budget, but doing very well Coffee Shop – Well under budge and doing well Pub – Over Budget Food and non alcoholic beverages sales are up Draft beer and liquor are down Trend seems to be for it to be more of a restaurant Link – On Budget

Student Clubs - submitted by: Jennifer Leaman Student Clubs are now planning numerous parties and events for the up-coming sessions (AMA, JHR, AIM, ACE). Please contact the respective clubs for further details.

Women in Business Networking Event – submitted by Todd Embley A networking event for women in business is scheduled for January 26 at 11:30 – 2:30pm. Location is 1489 McGrey – UBC University Women’s club. .



Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue


October 3rd, 2005



November 17tth, 2005

TEK Initiative


December 8th, 2005

Advertising Policy


January, 2006



December, 2005

Clothing Drive


November, 2005

National Non Smoking week Jan 16th to 20th


Nov. 4, 2005

Shinerama Report

In Progress


January 5, 2006

Amazing Race

Giving out prize money to winners


October 14, 2005

Gift of Choice Holiday Campaign



January 5, 2006

Amazing Race T-Shirts

Selling leftover t-shirts through SA office mid January.

Marketing Committee

Had meeting with Caroline and Mike about what we wanted the Marketing Committee to be focusing on. Will meet again early January. Committee members from the Executive will be Mike and Todd.


December 6, 2006

Status Planning to meet with Scott soon to continue working on Forum ideas. Researched potential TEK ideas, talked with instructors about ideas, making plans for Open House. Formed a committee with Andrea and Caroline to discuss Advertising and Sponsorship policy. Researched different Universities. Working with Jason Jung to come up with a supportive partnership with ASTT and the SA With the help of Jason and co workers from ASTT, I dropped of a HUGE amount of donations before the holidays. Please put in some hours to help out either in the great hall or NE1. Hand out information and goodies to help people quit smoking. Sign up people for the poster contest‌.there will be a prize for the person who signs up the most contestants.



January 4, 2006

Orientation Planning

Early planning for the upcoming orientation.


January 4, 2006

Bridging the Gap

Planning a meeting with Event Coordinator.


October 21st, 2005

Business Committee

Will meet again in January 2006.

Attended Environmental Health degree name change committee. Gathering information on various other degree designations besides B.Tech for BCIT Health Science Programs. Continuing to learn about the process. Working on the strategic plan review. Business Meeting –Next meeting Jan. 13/05









Business Committee



Financial Reports





Sept 7/05

Rec Fee


Sept 8/05

Cynthia Kersey Presentation

No change


Oct 3/05

Student Credit History

Next meeting in January with Scott Blythe.


Jan 1/05

New Counsellor

Please welcome Amrit Dhaliwal to the board.


December 19, 2005

Meeting with Carmen and Ramon

Working out schedule from which days they can come in as guest speakers


On-going On-going Arranged to have the first meeting of the new year on Friday January 13th Reviewed the financial statements with Caroline for the month ended November 30th, 2005 Came into the office for a few days over the holiday to wrap up different things I had on the go Meeting with CFO on January 11th at 11am. If you have any questions or concerns about tuition or BCIT financials please email them to


Dealt with a lot of complaints regarding courses, teachers, other students, parking, etc. Recruited a new councillor, Ly Pham since my last one decided he didn’t want to continue his education at BCIT 40% of my students have volunteered/participated in some BCIT event Talked to most of the clubs’ Presidents about making changes to how clubs are run. Reviewed different campus’ policies and policies regarding clubs. Started to revise policies and procedures. Wrapping up this event. Finishing off a report on how well it went and any suggestions for next year. If you have any comments regarding Alcohol Awareness Week please email me at Ongoing, have been in frequent contact and in meetings with various student groups. This time of year is busy because many students are unhappy with final grades.


December 20-23, 2005

Student Complaints


December 29, 2005

New Councillor


December 2, 2005

Updated Volunteer List


September 12, 2005



September 12, 2005

Alcohol Awareness Week


September 12, 2005

Student Concerns


October 24, 2005

Prayer Space on Campus

Still in the research stage.


October 24, 2005


No new progress at the moment.


Strategic Plan

Worked on the Strategic Plan process.



The new manager started her duties on January 4. Please go introduce yourself to Michell.


8 MinutesCouncilMeeting - January 9, 06  

10.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the agenda be accepted with the following changes: Numbering should be changed from 8. to...