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BCITSA Council Meeting November 5th 2007: 5:30pm Executives:

Brenda Corbett, President Jennette Leung, VP Finances & Administration Irina Osipova, VP Public Relations & Marketing Thomas Nguyen, VP Campus Life Christopher Peacock, Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Process Chair Thomas Trowbridge, Business Chair Roan Hidalgo, Computing & Academic Studies Chair Emily Ho, Health Sciences Chair


Aga Khan Tod Fraser Neil Dorais Billy Moore Pulkit Jain Wendy Ngo Jennah Stavroff Heidi Barker Len Catling

Konstantin Kleiner Joshua Smith Robby Basi Arun Randhawa Eugene Park Anmar Stephan-Tozy Alec Lee Ben Davidson


Caroline Gagnon Geoff Gauthier Leanne Atienza Doug Holdgate

Manjot Mattu Maria (Pia) Fasan Angela Meyer


Nina Leemhuis Simon Woo

Bill Howorth Baljunder Grewal

6.1 Meeting Called to Order 6.2 Acceptance of Agenda - Thomas: Addition of the IYF, second by Irina, Two abstained, total 21 - Irina: Volunteer Fair coming up in November 6.9.3, seconded by Chris - First by Jennette, Second by Wendy - 22/0/0 accepted 6.3 Admendments to last weeks meeting Oct 22nd: Brenda: - Spelling change to Ternopol - Residency policy not the Educational Policy - 23/0/0 in favor - Motion passes Acceptance of minutes of Oct 22nd. - First by Chris, - Second by Irina, - 23/0/1 - Motion passed 6.4.1 Nina Leemhuis, Chief Financial Officer

- Discuss a few things from her perspective - Want to find out what’s going on with the students - Brief update as to how bcit operates financially - Huge misconception from previous years - Overview: Where money comes from, where it goes to, etc. - Annual operating budget is 250 million (4th in line behind ubc, sfu, uvic) - Largest number of students coming through our doors - Only get 50% funding from provincial government - Balance comes from tuition (small), industry services (ie. Training industry), Bookstore, Sales from the rix, parking, etc - Most spent on salaries (70%), program delievery expenses - Not a lot left afterwards, but still do a pretty good job - Students come first - 24/7 Access? – There is an increased cost in regards to security - Worried about safety - Equipment not so much an issue - Protecting students major issue Questions/Comments? - Roan: He was in the article in the Link. Extended access was the compromise (ie. Limited access). Swipe card system from the broadcast? Can we do this? - A: Depends on the cost, and how many students will benefit? o Must look at what’s apart of the big picture - Irina: Rough estimate of the increase in cost through the 24/7? - A: Ex. Salaries go up 5% a year, our funding only goes up 2% (short fall) o Some costs are fixed, so there is an offset to students o Increase security (50,000), will mean we couldn’t outfit 5 classrooms with projectors, smart class room, etc. So what’s the better benefit o Circiulum is reviewed on a fairly consistent basis, and this increase would reduce that review - Jennette: School closed during holidays, people had to go to SFU, this seems to be a common thing and students need to go to other schools to study. So what about these holidays? - Nina will look into that, Jennette to send email to her - Might be worth while to have a discussion with set reps - Thomas T: BCIT doesn’t want a 24/7? - Nina: not a mass of students that want this space, there is not enough demand, and if we have it, it is a safety issue, and would come at the cost of something else (opportunity cost). The pot is only so big. Best option is where ever there is the MOST usage. This is why we should poll the set reps. - Cheapest? Great hall would be great but not great for studying. - We have 24/7 security, but not everywhere



Len: Invite to write a letter to the editor of the link to give a balanced viewpoint, the original story was an editorial. Roan: comment as to where we can place the general access/study room – SE12? Close to the gym, close to IT services, and security is there as well. End: 6:06pm

6.4.2 Bill Howorth, Chair of Education Council - What do we do: 1. Someone proposes a new program, there are standards that need to be met and to be presented and then taken to the board of governors 2. Involved in writing academic polices for the board - Want to talk about a policy related matter - Graduate feedback survey (in spring) - Results: One line that concerned him – Students and polices - How important do students feel that policies are at BCIT (very high) - How influential do students feel they are in regards policies (they don’t feel that they are at all) - Want to show that this is wrong, they should be equally high - Looking for ideas to improve this, contact Bill if you have ideas - How to contac: Send him an email:, Or third floor, and ask for Bill - Bill & Brenda’s idea: Use set and tech rep - Set and tech should be more of a two way conduit - When we are modifying the policies, we should be able to send out drafts to the students through the reps. If they see something wrong, or there is some inconvenience there is a easy way to contact. - Students Regulations Policy (88 pages) - Breaking it up into smaller discreet pieces so that you can pick up what is related to your issue/topic - Through Brenda these will be distributed - 4 educational councilors that are around the institute (not just Brenda), they are also looking for feedback. - Comments for policies may not have any affect, but it makes a difference overall - Educational Council - is responsible for requirements for stuff like BBA, other programs, Attendance policies, # times attempt a course, Appealing a grade, etc. - Questions/Comments: - Jennette: Changing the name of the bachelors program so that you get a bachelors of Science, Engineering, etc.? - A: Ex. Issues associated with that from the Nursing program, Bachelor of tech in nursing, no one knows what this is. So if they want to get into grad school they aren’t treated like they have a degree. o Went to ministry, changed program and the nurses can get the new degree. Developing a new bachelor of science program.

- Emily: 1. A particular degree name has changed, do previous grads get the chance to change? - A: VP of student services said that when the issue of nursing degree came up, he did research, found that people who have graduated cannot come back and get the new one. You only qualify for what you received at the time. - Emily: Can they go to a higher level to get it changed - A: no, it’s the authority of the institute o However, if that is the case you need to make BCIT aware of this situation, program and why this working (inconvenience) and why they qualify - Emily: Set and tech rep, holding a focus group to discuss particular issues? - A: haven’t really worked it out yet, will be talking to Brenda - Wendy: About credentials: if you graduated but within a year or two is seems ridiculous to not be able to change. - A: We have to draw the line at some point, and this is where they have interpreted it as - Get the credentials that you have applied for, but that doesn’t stop you from complaining 6.4.3 Esther – International Youth Fellowship - In financial management here at BCIT - Wants to show us something that currently exists at SFU - IYF - Purpose is to solve problems of youth with the guidance of god - Not only in SFU, but all around the world, originated from Korea. Now in Africa, Europe, USA - Want to engage BCIT students, train them in Good News Corp - Provide leadership and volunteer opportunities - Membership is open to everyone, with no membership fee - Body of directors decides if you are to remain a member if you are not doing your duties - Need president, and Vice President - Anyone that is over 18 years old can be president or Vice president - Duties of members: promote club, participate in activities - Meetings: held once a week, Purpose may vary – could be Orientation, bible study, academic classes, event planning - Current supporters are from her Financial Management Set K - IYF: - Lots of information here - Highlight of IYF – Good News Corp (GNC), offered to university and college students - Exchange your youth for their hearts - We encourage students to go abroad, to get involved - Good news corps - Gives diversity, experience foreign cultures, change, volunteer program, depth of spirit



You can really live and experience what countries have to offer IYF established in 2001, and GNC in 2002 For six years sent approx 1600 individuals In 2007 660 students Through this experience they more exposure to more people and develop their mind and body, and nurtures their spirit as well Anyone can be a GNC volunteer that is 18-30 year of age No special skill required Jennifer Oh, through GNC, went to Africa Questions: Jennette: volunteer abroad is great but going over there might not benefiting Why students need to be 18? Because they are technically adult (legally) Irina: Members don’t have to pay membership dues, there is always a cost. Where does this money come from? This non fee is just for joining the club. If you do GNC you must cover the air plane ticket, and workshop fee, accommodation is paid for. Ex. Average annual cost of being a member: Hawaii (January) 500 dollars for airplane ticket, and 400 dollars to stay there for two weeks. Local opportunities? Alec, Question 1. what do the volunteers actually do in the other countries? A: Volunteers in Rwanda teach martial arts, dances, bible studies, art classes, teach computers, English, music, trips to learn about the culture there. Alec, Question 2. Could BCIT students still get involved if there was no club at BCIT? A: Yes, but want to make students aware, as well as there are workshops that people can attend. Roan Question 1. Anyone can join? Even if you are not Christian? A: Yes, others can join. Based in Christianity Roan Question 2. Primary resource of funding? Sponsorship and GNC church. Emily: Workshops? What do people do before they go to wherever they are going? A: People are divided into groups, share accommodations, talk about where you’re from, into academic classes to teach them the language, the dances, bible seminars. Training incorporates: Gospel, and what to prepare for going abroad A member of good standing? Means actively involved. Thomas T Question 1. Guarantee Succession? – Not a complicated structure, very easy to pick up, get members to involve. Thomas T Question 2. Do you support other religious clubs? A: Yes

6.6 Exec Progress Report - Brenda has passed on set and tech rep initiative to Thomas T - Discussed policy 5002 with Bill - Draft out in a week or two, major policy that affects students, how they can hand down suspensions, etc. - Residency policy, close to 90 votes, still waiting for results - Otherwise, as presented

- Leanne and Doug - as presented - Jennette: monthly income statement came in, doing great - Image center: minimized the lose by quite a bit through better machines, and faster service - Pub, not quite met, but doing relatively well - Bylaws on the website, check it out - Committee List – everyone needs to be on a committee, Jennette is watching - Business committee needs a few more councilors - Irina: As presented - Thomas: As presented - Chris: Set and tech reps, first meeting, putting together a package to encourage them to hold their own meetings, have contact info for rooms, etc. the rest is as presented. - Roan: As presented, computer workshops will be started soon but need support. - Talk to Roan after meeting. - Post grades online and banner system: Instructors can use but don’t use this system (don’t know about it). Gave a brief into to use, very easy to use, going ot go around to make other schools aware about it. BCITSA with myBCIT integration, need ideas to do this, hopefully done by the end of this term. Thomas T: set and tech Nov 28th is the next one. Dean of school is coming to explain the role of the set and tech rep. Emily: Communicable Disease Event with Uconnect – A Week Long Lovin’ 6.7. Question Period - Roan: Computer workshop are tutorial sessions in the library, difference is that these sessions are computer focused and run by CST students, can be related to anything. Facebook, webdesign, gaming, etc. Different levels, intermediate, advanced, etc. - Thomas T: Great idea, can you consider office 2007 - Pulkit: When will these start? - A: January, every Wednesday at 2:30 - Alec: Is this subject to your approval? - A: Not really, just informing everyone. - Alec: How are students going to find out about it? - A: Through email once a pilot has been established, will be advertised, and based on registration - Ben: Webdesign, I’m your man - Pulkit: how do you plan to invite the speakers? Randomly? - A: initially, word of mouth advertising. - Constantine: There is bad service at the pub - A: As execs have met with the manager and we are aware of the situation, just hired some new staff, and hopefully the situation improves. 6.8.1 Se40 renovations - Put a motion on the table: Be it resolved that the BCITSA contribute a matching fund up to $50,000 to the SE 40 building renovations should terms of the finalized project be accepted by the Executive & Management of the Association. Amend the motion to: Executive, Council & Management

Discussion is now open: - Irina: Timeline? A: It is still arbitrary, need to see who is throwing in money, waiting to see what we put in. - Irina: when would the signing of the document? A: Hoping to finish by January - Thomas T: Call to question, second by Chris - Acceptance: 22/0/0 - Vote: 20/0/1 6.8.2. Set and tech rep committee - Starting an ad hoc committee to improve the set and tech reps roles between the faculty and students. Alec and Wendy. - Alec and Wendy are appointed to the set and tech rep committee 6.8.3. Part time student representation - Todd: Motion: Be it resolved that we table the discussion of part time student representation until the next meeting. 6.9.1 Business committee – Three councilors needed - Q: What are we going to be doing - A: All profit centers will be talked about - Heidi and Billy have been appointed 6.9.2 International Youth Fellowship - Motion: The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) shall be known as a sanctioned BCITSA club from this day forward and shall retain all the rights and privileges as stated in the BCITSA policies and procedures. - Vote: 14/2/4 - Motion carries. 6.9.3 Volunteer Fair - Irina: Coming up on Nov 15th, would like to ask all the chairs to sent out the emails to the set and tech reps - We want to improve the communication here with students to enhance their quality of life 6.10 Annual General Meeting: Nov 26th, 2007 Motion for meeting to adjourned. Motion passed.

6 MinutesExecutive November 5, 2007  
6 MinutesExecutive November 5, 2007  

Excused Caroline Gagnon Geoff Gauthier Leanne Atienza Doug Holdgate Guest: Nina Leemhuis Simon Woo Acceptance of minutes of Oct 22 nd . - Fi...