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BCIT Student Association Council Meeting Minutes Monday, April 20, 2009 Executives:

Peter Orlandi, President Christine Ramage, VP Public Relations & Administration Pulkit Jain, VP Student Affairs Hui Hang, VP Campus Life Christopher Peacock, Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Processes Chair Peter Kemp, Computing & Academic Studies Chair Merima Kostecki, Health Sciences Chair Billy Moore, School of Business Chair

Councillors: Upkar, Rai Serina Khangura Aman Khangura Joshua Nelson Charles Wice Paul Lee


Caroline Gagnon, Director


Joseph Prophet Stacy Lowe Vik Binning Peter Petkov


No Guests

Mathew Brownell Erika Diaz Kevin Preston Greg Frisque Jill Hidalgo Jamie Bentien Alec Lee

Christine Johnson Daniel Chan Stephan Tschurtschenthaler Doug Holdgate

15.1. Meeting Called to Order The Chairperson, Peter Orlandi, calls the meeting to order at 5:45 pm. (20 voting members). 15.2. Acceptance of the Agenda It was moved that the following agenda be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Christine Ramage Seconded by: Christopher Peacock 20/0/0 Carried 15.3. Acceptance of the Minutes 15.3.1 From March 16, 2009 It was moved that the March 16, 2009 minutes be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Christine Ramage Seconded by: Hui Hang 20/0/0 Carried

15.3.2 From March 30, 2009 It was moved that the March 30, 2009 minutes be accepted as distributed. Moved by: Peter Kemp Seconded by: Kevin Preston 20/0/0 Carried 15.4 Guest Speaker No guest speaker 15.5 Progress Reports: Executives Peter Orlandi • Has been working on different Education Policies. 15.6 Councillors’ Open Forum • Upkar is concerned that some students may be confused with the SA survey. He recommends that another email be sent out to all students. 15.7. Question Period • A councilor asks about defective printers. It is BCIT’s responsibilities to fix them. Students can phone the help desk if they encounter problems. • Kevin asks about water quality in SW3. Merima stated that BCIT confirms that the water is good to drink. It may not be ethically pleasing but there is no problem with the water. Billy inquires about the rate of testing. BCIT guarantees that they are meeting Health Standards. 15.8.

Unfinished Business

15.8.1 Election Results Peter states the names of the winners. Merima invites everyone to vote for the Chair for the School of Health. Christine Ramage Vacant - By-election Aman Khangura Amanda Eyolfson Peter Smith Mat Brownell Upkar Rai Robby Basi Vacant - By-election Billy Moore Tim De Volder

President VP Administration and Finance VP Student Affairs VP Public Relations & Administration VP Campus Life Chair, School of Manufacturing, Electronics and Industrial Processes Chair, School of Computing & Academic Studies Chair Chair, School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment Chair, School of Health Sciences Chair, School of Business Chair, Aerospace Technology

Motion: Be it resolved that the 2009/2010 elections be ratified. Moved by: Peter Kemp Seconded by: Alec Lee 20/0/0 Carried


New Business

15.9.1 Janitorial Strike Peter received a message from the President of the FSA asking BCITSA members to stop cleaning the Great Hall. Peter confirms that it is light cleaning ensuring that health standards are jeopardizing our operations. FSA has demanded that SA staff stop this practice. Peter is looking for feedback. Motions: Be it resolved that that we continue to spot clean the great hall. Moved by: Christine Ramage Seconded by: Kevin Preston 16/3/1 Carried Question Period: • Joshua inquires about the definition of light cleaning. • Billy states that SA’s primary role is to provide Student Services. • Alec - Because of our jurisdiction over the place and if staff want to do it, we should let them. • Merima wants to know the issue surrounding the strike. Peter attended a FSA meeting explaining that issues are not only money but sick pay. • Kevin - It is the responsibility of all to clean after themselves. • Alec confirms that BCITSA staff are not linked to BCIT. • Caroline points out that the FSA members may boycott our operations. • Peter informs that if BCITSA staff members perform the work, there might be an issue with the labour board lifting the restriction of access. • We should not officially endorse. It could impact picket line. However, it might not be an issue given that our staff members are not linked to BCIT. • Why is Chartwells allowed to clean their area? What is the difference with SA? Motion: Call the Questions Moved by: Upkar Rai 12/5/3 Carried

Seconded by: Alec Lee

15.9.2 Olympic Torch Bearer Caroline informs Council that there is an opportunity for students to apply to be an Olympic Torch Bearer. A nomination form and posters can be found on mybcit website and also at the Uconnect. She invites everyone to take a look at this great opportunity. All the criteria of selections are on the forms. 15.9.3 Budget Caroline distributes the 2009/2010 budget. It is the responsibility of all to look at it as it will be voted on at the next Council meeting. 15.10. Next Meeting Next meeting will start with the SGM and then a regular Council meeting will follow. The meetings are scheduled for Monday, May 4, 2009 at 5:45pm in the Council Chamber. Peter invites all students to participate in the SGM as all are allowed to vote.

15.11. Meeting adjourned It was moved by Erika Diaz and seconded by Christopher Peacock that the meeting be adjourned at 6:25pm. Carried

BCIT Student Association Council Meeting Agenda Monday April 20th 2009 5:30-7:30pm 15.1 Meeting called to order 15.2 Acceptance of the Agenda 15.3 Acceptance of the Minutes 15.3.1 from March 16th 2009 15.3.2 from March 30th 2009 15.4 Guest Speakers 15.5 Progress Reports: Executives 15.6 Councilor Forum 15.7 Question Period 15.8 Unfinished Business 15.8.1 Election Results 15.9 New Business 15.9.1 Janitorial Strike 15.9.2 Olympic Torch Bearer 15.9.3 Budget 15.10 Next meeting May 4th 2009 15.11 Meeting Adjourned

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – Christopher Peacock Last updated: April 7th 2009 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue


Sep 2008

Set/Tech rep

Set and Tech rep meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month until May.

January 2009

Endowment Committee


January 2009

Set and Tech Rep folder for next executives

Starting to review documents. Will be working with Bill and Merima.

PROGRESS REPORT FOR – Pulkit Jain Last updated: 14.04.2009 Date of Introduction

Action or Outstanding Issue



Updates for international Students

Had a photo shoot for promotion of BCIT’s international student services


Updates from Education Council

Have policy committee meeting on Wednesday 15th April


Update from services committee

Had a meeting last Friday, looked into advertising strategies for BCIT events, u-connect and advocacy services


Updates from advocacy office, U connect

Looking into the idea of having a day against homophobia, dealing with 3 new cases in advocacy


Event for raising mental health awareness

A letter was given to the blue waves organisation assuring support for their event


Rescheduling of terms for electrical and computer engineering

Working on rescheduling the terms for the program to get them in sync with most of the other programs

16 Minutes Council April 20, 2009