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Council Meeting Monday, February 17, 2003 Minutes Present: Executives:


Staff: Excused:

Samantha Yeung, President Jay Selinger, VP Finances & Administration John Alexander, VP Student Affairs Daniel Boffo, VP Campus Life Winston Tong, Transportation / Construction Chair Monica Sparks, Man., Mech., & Process Energy & Natural Res. Chair Tony Do, Electrical / Electronics & CST Chair Patricia Stefani, VP Public Relations & Marketing Cristina Roman, Business/ Health Chair Rebecca Montgomery Jeanneth Jacome Marina Reimer Angela Gleeson Will Heller

John White Deep Thind Gabe Hoye Mike Klein Jag Uppal

Caroline Gagnon, Executive Director Tindy Bassi Driss Adrao

12.1. Meeting Called to Order The meeting was called to order by the Chairperson, Samantha Yeung at 5:50 pm. (17 voting members) 12.2. Acceptance of the Agenda Jay Selinger requests that furniture be removed from old business and will be discussed during reports. Patricia Stefani wants clarification on IRAQ war topic. John Alexander explains that he is seeking a SA stand against the possible war on Iraq. Motion: Be it resolved that the the Iraq War topic be stricken from the agenda. Moved by: Patricia Stefani Seconded by: Dan Boffo 7/9/1 Carried

It was moved by Jay Selinger and seconded by Cristina Roman that the agenda be accepted.


12.3. Acceptance of the Minutes – February 3, 2003 Jay Selinger reports that the minutes were amended to include Angela Gleeson’s attendance. It was moved by Cristina Roman and seconded by Patricia Stefani that the minutes of February 3, 2003 be accepted as amended. 12.4. Guest Speakers No guest speakers 12.5. Reports Executive & Director Cristina Roman, Business/ Health Chair • Cristina requested that everyone clean up plates and bottles following all meetings in Council Chambers. • After speaking to Career Fair organizers, beginning in May, Student Employment Services will have a web-page where students can request certain businesses that they would like to see participate in Career Fairs. • Cristina is working on getting international students to participate in Council meetings, or at least in Tech rep meetings. • Cristina has also been working on getting the program heads in the School of Health educated into the recruitment of set and tech reps at the beginning of each year. Patricia Stefani, VP Public Relations & Marketing • Patricia is working on the colour photocopier. • Tony Do will discuss further on Cuts For The Cure. • Patricia is still working on the May Grad ceremonies. • The Barfly is holding a pub crawl, and has made a deal to sell tickets at BCIT in exchange for $5 of the price going towards Cuts For The Cure. Daniel Boffo, VP Campus Life The plotter is currently being handled by the purchasing dept. and should be here in 1-2 weeks. • Staff in NE1 are complaining about the foozball tables, and he is trying to negotiate a compromise. •

Tony Do, Electrical / Electronics & CST Chair • Tony reports that Cuts For The Cure is back on. • They are currently making up posters and flyers to advertise. He is also working on getting 94.5FM to come to the campus. A BBQ is being planned as well to raise additional funds. • Tony requests that each executive get 1 person from each technology to shave their head. The event will happen on April 8, and all paperwork will be available at the SA office.


Monica Sparks, Manufacture, Mechanical, & Process Energy & Natural Resources Chair • Monica has held 2 meetings with the dept. heads of Mechanical and Manufacturing to find new ways to publicize the SA and its events. • A report on the results of the parking surveys has been handed to everyone outlining the current results. John Alexander, VP Student Affairs • John is currently involved in about 6 cases of appeals regarding programs and dept. decisions, etc. • John is also looking into a mysterious fee being charged to the ELTT students, that no one can explain. • John will speak more about the daycare fence under new business. • John will also speak more about the U-Pass under new business. Winston Tong, Transportation / Construction Chair • Winston has held set and tech rep meetings to update people on occurrences around the SA, and BCIT. • Winston is planning a trip out to PMTC to meet and converse with the students out there. Samantha Yeung, President • Samantha reports that DSL lost our microwave that we purchased, but has finally tracked it down and it should be here by the end of the week. • Samantha is also working on a fundraiser that will be discussed at a later time. Jay Selinger, VP Finances & Administration • Jay introduced new councilors Jag Uppal and Mike Klein. • Jay announced the excusal of Driss Adrao and Tindy Bassi from the council meeting. • Jay presented a report on the furniture progress which included rooms, and furniture to be purchased for these rooms and the prices that it would cost. He needs to still meet with certain program heads to obtain permission to put furniture in foyers and hallways. • Jay announced his inability to attend the March 3 council meeting due to a conflicting mid-term exam. 12.6. Progress Report Progress report is clean except for the furniture which was already addressed. 11.7. Question Period Samantha inquired as to when the Barfly even was happening and what it was for. Patricia replied that it is just a pub crawl next week, and through the sales agreement Cuts For The Cure will earn $5 per ticket sold at BCIT. 3

12.8. Unfinished Business No unfinished business 12.9. New Business 12.9.1. – 2010 Olympic Bid Support – Dan Dan – The VRCA (Vancouver Regional Construction Association) asked the school of construction to support a “yes” bid for the 2010 Olympics. The school of construction recommended seeking support from the SA, and Dan is all for it. Information cards supporting the “yes” bid were distributed. Motion: Be it resolved that the BCIT SA support the 2010 Olympics by putting up posters and handing out stickers and pins. Moved by: Dan Boffo Motion Withdrawn Will states that he doesn’t feel the SA should neither support or not support the bid. We should just let people know the information is available at the SA office and let people decide whether they want more information or not. Samantha agrees that leaving posters and information at the SA office is a good way to remain non-partisan. John feels that the SA should take a stand against the Olympics due to reports from the Canadian Association of Policy Alternatives. Our provincial budgets are being slashed regarding hospital and education and that’s where any additional spending should go. Dan withdraws the motion. 12.9.2. – Printer – Patricia Trisha gave a PowerPoint presentation on the need and benefits and costs of a new Canon colour printer/copier. It would provide students with additional service and increase copy centre revenues. The monthly costs for the 5-year lease are as follows: 1) Lease payments 466.91 2) Monthly Rip Toll 35.00 3) Total Monthly Costs $501.91 There would also be a Metre Toll of $0.149 per page which is negotiable. Questions regarding the pricing and availability and lease arrangement followed the presentation. A metre toll is for maintenance on the copier including toner, upkeep and specialty paper. IKON also provides staff training. The printer will be located behind the copy centre counter. 4

There is currently about 20 requests for colour copies a day being turned away from the copy centre. Charging $1.25 is what is planned and is competitive considering there will be no disk handling fee as which is implemented at Staples, etc. The copy centre would like to solicit local businesses as well for additional revenue streams. IKON is under BCIT contract and is offering us the best price we’ll be able to get. Any profit from the fees charged will go back to the students through other spending programs anyhow, and it would be good to get the copy centre running a profit. Motion: Be it resolved that the BCIT SA purchase the Canon colour copier on a 5-year lease basis @ $501.91/month plus a tentative $0.149/page metre toll. Moved by: Patricia Stefani Seconded by: Rebecca Montgomery 11/3/3 Carried Dan called the question with a vote of 17/0/0 12.9.3. – Daycare Fence - John Alexander John has been speaking with Daycare staff concerning a new fence. The old fence is rotting and no long repairable. It’s also only 4 feet high which poses a security risk. Bob McKenzie came up with a price for a 6 foot chain link fence at a price of $6160, which BCIT would split 50-50 with the SA. We are bound by lease contract to build the fence, so sharing the costs is great. Renuka told John that funds were available, and that the council just needed to vote in favour of it. Motion: Be it resolved that the BCIT SA pay half of the costs of a new daycare fence at a SA cost of $3080.00 including tax. Moved by: John Alexander Seconded by: Jay Selinger 16/0/1 Carried Rebecca inquired as to whether the cost includes labour or is just for the materials. John replied that it includes materials and labour… it’s the total cost. 12.9.4. – U-Pass – John Alexander John submitted a report around the council and requests that everyone have a read-through. He will discuss it more next meeting. 12.10. Next Meeting Next meeting is scheduled for March 3, 2003 at 5:45pm. 12.11. Meeting adjourned It was moved by Rebecca Montgomery and seconded by Patricia Stefani that the meeting be adjourned. (7:00 pm.). 5

11 Council Meeting minutes Feb 17-03  

Present: Executives: Samantha Yeung, President Jay Selinger, VP Finances & Administration John Alexander, VP Student Affairs Daniel Boff...

11 Council Meeting minutes Feb 17-03  

Present: Executives: Samantha Yeung, President Jay Selinger, VP Finances & Administration John Alexander, VP Student Affairs Daniel Boff...