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LOST COAST ADVENTURE/ CANDELABRA TREE FOREST North of Fort Bragg lies California’s famed Lost Coast, Mendocino’s most wild and remote coastal wilderness with plenty of bragging rights. The Shady Dell Trail - a three-mile excursion - invites visitors to discover the rugged region including the mysterious candelabra tree forest.

CHANDELIER DRIVE-THRU TREE Size matters. Soaring at 315 feet high with a girth of 21 feet, this 2,000-year-old towering tree is a definite show stopper. Cut in the late 1930s as a tourist attraction, the Chandelier Tree seems to defy nature, allowing autos a smooth passage through its center, albeit tight at times. Ideal for Instagram Live, a $5.00 fee gains entry through this gentle giant; there are also wonderful hiking trails in nearby Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area.

ART SCENE In Mendocino County, fine art is revered. Visitors can experience amazing local paintings, original photography, unique jewelry, ceramics and so much more. The many eclectic art galleries showcase artists who find their muse in Mendocino’s coastal beauty, majestic redwoods, and neighboring communities. Here, you can explore the arts, take a class, enjoy live theatre, view exhibits, buy a unique piece of art, enjoy a garden tour, or simply chat with the artists as they exhibit their talents. There’s no shortage of individuality, creativity and fun in Mendocino’s art mecca on the coast.

Why Locals Love it Here Guy Pacurar

Owner of Brewery Gulch Inn Mendocino the kind of place you’ve always wanted to discover…off the beaten path, yet within a few hours of the city. Towering redwoods, pounding surf; wild, unspoiled scenic beauty…a village of wooden sidewalks and Victorian architecture frozen in time and perched on a promontory surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. And in the nearby Anderson Valley, world-class wines sourced from vines that share soil with apple orchards and grazing sheep and goats. Mendocino is magical. There is no other way to describe it.

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Recommended Galleries THE MENDOCINO ART CENTER

Since 1959, The Mendocino Art Center has been a haven for artists with its retreat style classes and monthly exhibitions. THE HIGHLIGHT GALLERY

The Highlight Gallery displays over 200 of the best of American’s Fine Craft Artists in the world. THE PRENTICE GALLERY

Positioned on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the Prentice Gallery showcases one of the finest collections of local art WILLIAM ZIMMER GALLERY

Come see how the William Zimmer Gallery has been beautifying homes and landscapes for over 35 years. DESTINATION: Mendocino DESTINATION: Carmel

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