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Vol. 13 Issue 1


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A BC High Guy By John R. Carroll ’86

John R. Carroll ’86 John R. Carroll is a Managing Director at Summit Partners, a global growth equity investor. John joined Summit Partners in 1993 from BayBank. After attending business school, John worked for Bain & Company and then rejoined Summit in 1998. Based in Summit’s Boston office, John is active in the firm’s investment activities in North America, Europe and Asia, and focuses primarily on the technology sector. John is also a member of the BC High Board of Trustees. During his 17 years with Summit Partners, John has served as the director of many companies. He is currently a director of Associa, Continuum, Fortegra Financial (NYSE: FRF), Help/Systems, Solid State Equipment and Systems Maintenance Services. His prior directorships include Blue Ocean Software (acquired by Intuit), Clinical Pathology Laboratories (acquired by Sonic Healthcare), FleetCor Technologies (NYSE: FLT), Innov-X Systems (acquired by Olympus Corporation) and Sybari Software (acquired by Microsoft). John holds an AB in economics, cum laude, from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Management, with Distinction, from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

I arrived at 150 Morrissey Boulevard in September 1982 as a somewhat reluctant inductee into the BC High community. While originally from Dorchester (OFD), I had grown up in Quincy and attended Quincy Public Schools. My two older brothers had both attended Quincy High, so I had thought I would follow in their footsteps. While my uncle and cousin had gone to BC High, I didn’t really have a strong connection to the school. On a whim, I had taken the Catholic school entrance exam, fully expecting to be rejected by BC High, but figuring I could perhaps sneak into Archbishop Williams. As luck would have it, I did well on the exam, and was in fact fortunate enough to be given a modest scholarship – I think it was a $500 per year against an annual tuition of approximately $1,500. Ironically, I never found out the identity of the benefactor who enabled me to attend BC High, but I thank him or her often in my mind for their generosity. As a freshman, I had little appreciation of the brotherhood into which I was being accepted and the profound affect that my BC High experience would have on my life. I was mostly focused on fitting in with my peers, keeping up with the ridiculous amount of homework, and perhaps trying to make the baseball team (which did not happen, by the way). However, little did I know that every day, I was slowly becoming what my mother would soon dub a “BC High Guy.” My mother often uses that term to differentiate amongst my high school friends and my Quincy or college friends. While I don’t think she ever meant it in the way that I have come to define it, in the interest of avoiding a copyright hassle, I will give her full credit. For me, the archetypal “BC High Guy” is a composite of the people from my class who have become my lifelong friends – Tim Carnes, Mark Dennehy, Mark Wrobel, Steve Casper, Brad Masuret, Brian Walsh, John Keohane, Billy O’Neil, and Tim Cronin – they are smart, trustworthy, caring, hard working, loyal, and fun. I have often thought about why I have such an affinity for BC High, and it is in large part due to these great friendships that I have been blessed with over the past 30+ years. I think for all of us, our characters and character were developed on a daily basis during those formative years at BC High, even if we were unaware of it. The expectations that the school imposed on its students were high, but not unrealistic. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see how well the school was preparing us for the future. As an example, like most freshmen, it was a massive shock to my system when I had three hours of homework per night, every night, particularly when I was used to having no homework at all. While that level of homework helped me master the course material, I did not appreciate that I was also learning other key life skills, such as time management, compliance with deadlines, and accountability for my actions. Likewise, the 150+ hours of community service that was required to graduate seemed like a mountain to climb. Little did I know that while I was completing a graduation requirement, I was also creating the “habit” of serving others, a habit which followed me to college, graduate school, and beyond. We were all fortunate to have some remarkable teachers at the school who had a great impact on our ability and willingness to learn in the classroom, and who helped shape us as people. I will never forget Rev. Edmund Kelly, SJ’s amazing ability to make Calculus seem engaging, largely due to his outsized personality and his uncanny knack for drawing a perfect unit circle on demand. Mr. Jan Yutzy also deserves a particular shout-out, because, as he predicted on the first day of Physics, I still have not forgotten Newton’s second law (Force = Mass times Acceleration, and yes, I’m a nerd). BC High is by far the most influential organization in my development as a person. It is not a stretch to say that the school changed the trajectory of my life. I have no doubt that my college and career choices would have been different, and less rewarding, had I not attended BC High. And the school continues to impact me to this day. Living in the Boston area, I meet new “BC High Guys” all the time, whether in a personal or professional context. There is an immediate bond from a shared experience, whether someone is the class of 1986, class of 2006 or class of 1956. I am pleased that the school continues to churn out impressive young men in the image of my friends from the class of 1986. I am especially gratified when my college or Quincy friends, who have no link to BC High outside of knowing my “BC High Guys,” call me to discuss sending their sixth or eighth grade sons to the school. The development of new generations of “BC High Guys” continues unabated.

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Symphony Hall Gala Celebrating 150 Years in the City of Boston.

14 Q&A

Brian Maher The new BC High Vice President for Operations reflects on his new position.


Ars Longa, Vita Brevis BC High has made it clear that the pursuit of academics, athletics and the arts are all interconnected and essential. by Patrick McAllister


An Extraordinary Journey Yousif Hanna ’12 discusses his journey out of Iraq to an unknown land, to BC High and ultimately, Harvard. by Brendan Hughes ’98

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BC High Today 1

green initiative

Creating a Paperless Classroom In the second year of BC High’s 1:1 iPad program, Arrupe Division

teachers are embracing new technologies and many have implemented a paperless classroom environment. Science teacher Jennifer McLarnon and math teacher Noreen Landers are leading the movement and recently presented at the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators Conference. They shared with other educators how BC High has integrated a learning management file sharing system called Box into their curriculum. This technology coupled with other mobile apps allows faculty members to create digital libraries, execute classroom workflow, flip lessons and assign and correct homework and assessments all on a mobile device.

Arrupe Division students utilize Box in science class.

Creating a paperless classroom not only teaches students new technology, but also reduces waste and energy costs associated with paper usage. Cutting down on waste and resources is a major advantage, but the bigger benefit for students is never forgetting their homework because it is all online. McLarnon and Landers even have parents sign permission slips using the students’ Notability app.

n The Boulevard sports on campus

Record Numbers Participate in Intramurals The purpose of the Intramural Program at Boston College High School is to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment. Intramurals enhance the education of the whole person by promoting and reinforcing teamwork and personal accomplishment, mutual respect and integrity, competition and recreation, as well as skill and exercise. The passion comes from the two faculty coordinators, math teacher Tom Smith and Guidance Counselor Jordan Roldan. Roldan and Smith worked diligently over the summer to restructure the intramural offerings so more students could join the different activities after school. This past fall, BC High had more than 390 participants sign up for flag football, 3-on-3 basketball, and volleyball. The winter offerings will include ping pong tournaments, Madden 2013 and FIFA 2013 tournaments, as well as indoor soccer and dodgeball. High school students may sign up for as many tournaments or intramural options as their schedule permits.

2 BC High Today

Senior Flag Football Intramural Champions

friendly wager

The Bet with De Smet – Charities Were the Real Winners Local charities were the real winners when BC High and De Smet Jesuit High School in St. Louis, MO placed a friendly wager on this year’s World Series.

The “De Smet Bet” was simple; the student body president and principal of the opposing school must wear a t-shirt representing the winning MLB team for a full school day; secondly, the losing school had to record a video of them singing a specific song. For St. Louis it would be “Meet Me in St. Louis” or “Sweet Caroline” for Boston. Lastly, the losing team had to send the winning school a basket of local goodies. Regardless of the victory, both schools agreed on “Corresponding Acts of Solidarity” in which both schools sent their mission collection to a charitable organization in the opposing city. BC High collected $1,181.04 for Team BC High Red Sox World Series banner in Hunter-Fahey Commons. Activities for Special Kids (TASK), an instructional sports program that provides athletic and social opportunities to kids with special needs in the St. Louis area. De Smet High raised $850.21 for the Jimmy Fund, which supports Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute. BC High students and faculty worked diligently on the BC High Red Sox banner, which was mailed to De Smet and displayed in their school main entryway for five days, the length of the series. Check out our YouTube channel for videos at

developing community at bc high

The Montserrat Mentor Program The Montserrat Mentor Program at BC High is a mentoring program where

students are given an opportunity to grow and develop outside the academic classroom. The program focuses on a wide range of topics that will help students navigate the difficulties of high school development. “The primary objective of the program is to develop and enhance community at BC High. The goal is that each student experience a strong sense of belonging to the school and promote a healthy environment for him to develop and prosper as a young man,” said Program Facilitator Troy Turick. Building community can be a difficult goal to quantify and qualify; however, there are concrete steps that are used to allow for the growth of a sense of belonging, acceptance and love. The first step in building community is spending time with people for whom one cares and offering reverent attention.

Students in Hajjar Dining Hall

Goals of the Program include encouraging and discussing involvement in extracurricular activities; develop and foster greater class identity and spirit; offer practical advice to enhance the whole-school experience and provide opportunities for healthy peer interaction.

BC High Today 3

bc high hosts jfk library forum

Malala Speaks at BC High BC HIGH had the opportunity to personify what it means to be a good neighbor,

when the JFK Library Foundation closed because of the government shutdown on October 1. The JFK Library Forum: A Conversation with Malala Yousafzai was relocated to BC High, where Malala was interviewed about her upcoming book, “I am Malala.” On October 12, Malala and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai arrived to a crowd of more than 900 guests packed in the McNeice Pavilion eagerly awaiting the sixteen year old and her message of hope and perseverance.

In 2012, Malala was hunted by the Taliban for speaking out for equal rights of women’s education in Pakistan. Malala was shot as she rode home on the bus, the bullet going through her head and neck and nearly taking her life. Nearly a year later, during her interview by Robin Young from Boston’s WBUR on BC High’s stage in McNeice, Malala was asked what it was like to meet President Obama. Malala had a presence far exceeding her teenage years when she said, “instead of sending guns and tanks, send books, pens, and teachers! Education is the best way to fight terrorism in my country.” Malala is using her life story to protect the freedom of others and serves as an inspiration of courage to many around the world. Malala Yousafzai on stage at BC High.

n The Boulevard bc high on the map

BC High is a Little Easier to Find If you plan on visiting BC High in the near future and travel on the Southeast Expressway, look for the new Boston College High School sign. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation added the signage on both the northbound and southbound sides of the highway and this should make finding the Morrissey Boulevard school a little easier. The process of requesting a highway sign began months ago and BC High owes a special thanks to both Secretary of Transportation Richard A. Davey ’91, and BC High’s Social Studies teacher Nick Argento for helping navigate the application and approval process.

4 BC High Today


Symphony Hall Gala Celebrating 150 Years in the City of Boston


n October 20, in front of more than 2,500 BC High guests and performers at Boston’s Symphony Hall, President Bill Kemeza recounted Rev. John McElroy, SJ’s bold vision to build a school for the education of Boston’s immigrant poor amid the chaos and turmoil of the Civil War. “So in 1863, we find Fr. McElroy – 81 years old, an Irish immigrant himself – responding to this climate of violence, injustice, and uncertainty by planting a seed at Harrison Avenue and James Street in Boston’s South End from which would grow a new school. A school that in its first catalogue stated, ‘Students will not be denied admission or denied any privileges on account of religious opinions they may entertain.’” The sold-out Symphony Hall Gala was a oncein-a-lifetime celebration of the school’s 150 years of educating young men in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition in the City of Boston. However, for those in attendance, it took only the opening number Elgar’s Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1 by the Longwood Symphony Orchestra to reveal that the night would be about celebrating the past, but also looking forward towards a bright future.

BC High Today 5




icking off the program, President Bill Kemeza honored Mayor Thomas M. Menino with an honorary diploma and announced the Mayor Thomas M. Menino Scholars Program. The Menino Scholars will benefit academically qualified young men from the City of Boston.

BC High partnered with many citizens, corporations and foundations, to raise $1 million with an additional $1 million commitment from the school’s endowment. “I am honored that BC High is recognizing my desire for all academically qualified boys to be able to attend a school like BC High,” Mayor Menino (left) said of the scholarship program. “The cost should no longer be a barrier for boys who want to pursue this unique education that is available in our city. Not every boy who enters BC High is a City of Boston kid, but every graduate of BC High is.”

The Gala was a fitting exhibition of the many abilities of BC High’s talented artists and musicians. Students and professionals, which included special guest appearances from well-known alums Matthew DiBattista ’91 and Eric Hewitt ’97 (conducting at right), performed side-by-side in arrangements from operatic to dramatic. Guests cheered and sang along with the Grammy and Tony award nominated Michael Cavanaugh as he played favorites such as Sweet Caroline and Piano Man to round out the stage performances (previous page).

6 BC High Today


he announcement of the Menino Scholars was only part of the evening’s excitement regarding BC High’s financial future. To begin the second half of performances, Board Chair Pat Landers ’73 shared with those in attendance the official public phase of BC High’s $75-million comprehensive campaign. Landers also extolled the primary goals of the campaign, which would put the school in a position where it is capable of meeting full financial need of its students. More than two years ago, BC High partnered with hundreds of its most generous benefactors in an effort to establish momentum leading into the Gala announcement. The resulting $75-million 150th Anniversary Campaign has seen early success under the leadership of trustees and campaign co-chairs Joe Donahue ’74, Bill LaPoint ’80, and John Murphy ’67. With an anticipated close in 2016, the campaign has surpassed $51 million to date.

The campaign chairs expressed it best when they stated, “BC High is a living endowment and we have to grow it spiritually, academically and financially to continue to be the great school that it is. We will reach this next milestone in our great history the way we have all previous ones, together. We’re strongest together.”

members of BC High’s community continue rising along with the institution, and there are many exciting years ahead. The Symphony Hall Gala, marking an incredible historical journey, was also an affirmation of BC High’s future and assertion that together this ambitious vision is achievable.

BC High’s present standing in the city of Boston is something to be marveled. Out of its humble beginnings in the South End, the school has evolved into one of the country’s premiere educational institutions. Through the 150th Anniversary Campaign, BC High will move into the future financially stable and better able to meet the needs on an increasingly diverse student body. In addition, the Jesuit institution will be able to attract and retain the best faculty and staff, a key factor in its success throughout its history.

President Kemeza aptly captured the sense of wonder we feel both as Bostonians and proud BC High supporters. “It is both a miracle and no wonder at all that Rev. McElroy’s planting took root here and thrived in the city of Boston. It is both a miracle and no wonder at all that such a hopeful and tender act of starting a school has created such a diverse and loving community. It is both a miracle and no wonder at all that this planting has borne its own fruit – leaders who themselves go forth, who plant seeds; who are educated to excel in all disciplines, but who are also educated and excel in what matters most, which is to do God’s work – to act with tenderness, mercy, and compassion.”

The revolutionary idea of a school that Rev. McElroy, SJ brought to Boston has grown so much this past century and a half, especially in recent years. In the beautiful City of Boston, the brilliant

The BC High Band

BC High Today 7



The BC High Liturigcal Choir

Is There a Doctor in the House? The Longwood Symphony Orchestra (above) is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of music and medicine. The members of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra are primarily healthcare professionals from Boston’s leading hospitals and universities. Prior to the BC High Symphony Hall Gala, the Longwood Symphony Orchestra had never performed at Symphony Hall.

In honor of our active military and for all who have served our great country, the BC High Concert Choir performed the Battle Hymn of the Republic at Symphony Hall. Since the Civil War, BC High alumni have served this country in the armed forces in all major wars and conflicts.

8 BC High Today

Ending on a High Note


he finale of Make Our Garden Grow composed by Leonard Bernstein included a collaboration of performers on the Symphony Hall Stage. The song is symbolic of the seed that was planted by Rev. John McElroy, SJ in 1863, to the rich garden that is the present-day BC High community.

Excerpt of Lyrics to Make Our Garden Grow The Dever Players performed on stage at symphony Hall.

Let dreamers dream what worlds they please Those edens can’t be found The sweetest flowers The fairest trees Are grown in solid ground We’re neither pure nor wise nor good We’ll do the best we know We’ll build our house and chop our wood And make our garden grow And make our garden grow. A big thank you to Symphony Hall Gala Co-Chairs Bob Walsh ’59 and Greg Bulger ’68 for their devotion to the event.

BC High Today 9

Welcome from the Chairs

Campaign Leadership Committee

On Saturday, October 20, 2013, we officially announced the

Joseph Donahue ’74, Chair

150th Anniversary Campaign in grand fashion at Boston’s Symphony Hall.

J. Barry Driscoll ’48, Chair

The event was a wonderful day for BC High and celebrated so many important aspects of our school and its history – none more important than our students. In the days following the Symphony Gala, we heard from countless alumni that

William LaPoint ’80, Chair John Murphy ’67, P’98, Chair

were filled with pride in our student performers. It is for this reason that the 150th Anniversary Campaign is so important – supporting our students. With a $75 million goal for our compre-

Catherine Cantillon P’10,’11

hensive campaign, we hope to increase

John Carroll ’86

our endowment so that no student is denied enrollment due to an inability

Leo Corcoran ’77

to pay the tuition. Like our Jesuit fore-

Dan Coughlin ’70

fathers did for more than 100 years, it

Gerald Curtin ’84, P’14,’16

is now our responsibility to provide the opportunity for young men to attend Joe Donahue, Bill LaPoint, Bill Kemeza and John Murphy at the Symphony Hall Gala.

Brendan Bradley ’87, P’16,’18

Peter Dolan ’79

BC High. The addition of facilities

Arthur Duffy ’86

such as Cadigan Hall, the Hyde Center

Richard Flynn ’76

for Global Education, Keohane track, among others, we now have the ability to provide space that will care for our

John Hajjar ’83, P’19

students—cura personalis—that is, the care of the whole person; body, mind,

Brendan Hanley ’92

and spirit. In order to address the growing financial and physical needs of our

John Hanlon ’80

students, we must also increase the amount of annual support, the Fund for BC High, which addresses all of these issues.

Robert Higgins ’87 John McLaughlin ’87

It is with great pride that we chair this Campaign on behalf of BC High. We are blessed to have received a BC High education. It is the foundation for our success, personally and professionally, and we hope to be able to do the same for

Paul Meaney ’80 Christopher Murphy ’98 Souren Ouzounian ’85

generations of BC High students to come.

Frank Previte ’61

Join us!

William Sullivan ’81 Robert Walsh ’59

Joe Donahue ’74

J. Barry Driscoll ’48

Bill LaPoint ’80

John Murphy ’67, P’98

10 BC High Today

1 5 0 TH ANNIVERSARY c a mpa i g n

Campaign Initiatives

The 150th Anniversary Campaign will advance Boston College High School’s commitment to its Jesuit, Catholic mission – to help prepare students to be leaders, to search out new frontiers and find God at the leading edge of human knowledge. Its goals are guided by three strategic initiatives:

Our Goal: $75 million 1. Endowment: $45 million Advancing academic excellence, grounded in a Jesuit, Catholic foundation. By increasing our endowment, BC High will be able to fund 100% of the demonstrated financial need of all students. It allows our faculty and staff the opportunities to further their professional goals and provides and the opportunity for all to do so while reinforcing the Jesuit, Catholic ideals of the mission of BC High. Magis Increase

2. Facilities Upgrades: $15 million Addressing the demands of an increasingly diverse array of scholastic and co-curricular offerings. Cadigan Hall, the Hyde Center, Keohane track, among others will all address the needs of our students directly by providing them the facilities to excel at the most competitive levels.

3. Fund for BC High: $15 million Sustaining financial growth to support the first two initiatives. As demands increase for financial aid and our facilities, the need for a robust fund that supports these initiatives becomes that much greater. All gifts to the Fund for BC High are an integral part of the 150th Anniversary Campaign.

For more information please contact: Colleen Carter Senior Director for Institutional Advancement 617-474-5039 or

Since the early 1980’s, BC High has maintained membership in the Magis Guild at $1,000; a generous amount by any standards. To address the growing needs of our school and our students, the Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees voted to increase the level to join the Magis Guild to $1,500. This increase will have an immediate impact on student financial aid, enrich classroom and co-curricular offerings, attract and retain highly qualified faculty. As always, members of the Magis Guild will continue to be thanked and recognized for their generous support to the school at an annual event. BC High Today 11

C o m pa n i o n s ’ C irc l e

Bill Jackson ’96

As a member of BC High’s Companions’ Circle, Winthropnative Bill Jackson ’96 honors the time he spent on

Morrissey Boulevard through his five-year pledge to The Fund for BC High. “I give back because I owe so much to BC High,” Jackson recalls. “It all really started with that decision to attend the school. I always felt I was one step ahead because of that choice.” After graduating from Harvard, Jackson took his talents for investing to New York City. Six years into his young career, Jackson was presented with a big opportunity that he and his wife Sara decided he should pursue. Jackson branched out with a partner to start Lakewood Capital Management, LP.

Bill, Sara and Sophie Jackson

Today, Jackson humbly shares the reason for his success as having been set on the right path by his teachers, such as Nick Argento and James Connors. Inspired by teachers’ efforts in the classroom, Jackson knew early on that hard work and passion would get him to where he wanted to be personally and professionally. The generosity of his teachers and the real-life learning they brought to class continue to have a huge impact on Jackson every day. “At BC High, there is such a focus on learning and giving back in any way you can while you’re a student there, and, importantly, that exposure came at a young age, so it had a big effect on the way I think and act. As a result, for me, giving back became a very natural thing to do,” Jackson recalls. “As a separate point, the cost of education everywhere has increased so COMPANIONS’ CIRCLE

dramatically, and I feel that it’s incredibly important to keep BC High acces-

St. Ignatius called his first followers “companions.” Together, these individuals advanced the mission of the Jesuits by building schools and educational systems worldwide. Today, just as St. Ignatius had his network of loyal supporters, BC High’s alumni, parents, and friends are Companions in our modern-day mission to educate young “men for others” to be intelligent, compassionate, and faith-filled leaders.

sible to talented kids in the Boston area regardless of their economic situation.

BC High’s Companions’ Circle is a community recognizing those donors who commit five- and six-year pledges totaling $10,000 or more to The Fund for BC High. Gifts from Companions’ Circle donors are the most essential funds the school receives annually and directly impact the lives of our students and their families. Contact the Advancement Office at 617-474-5030 or email for more information.

12 BC High Today

I received assistance which made it possible for me to attend the school, and I want to contribute so it remains affordable for current and future generations.” The Companions’ Circle donation Jackson made is a five-year pledge benefitting The Fund for BC High, which directly impacts the school’s ability to provide financial aid to qualified students in need. As a young member of BC High’s alumni community, Jackson inspires big results, and you can too. Join him and other Companions’ Circle members ensuring the success of our boys by making your pledge today. For more information, contact Kevin Collins ‘01, Director of Major Gifts and Strategic Partnerships, at 617-474-5048 or

1 5 0 TH ANNIVERSARY c a mpa i g n

Le a ders h i p gi v i n g

Richard Flynn ’76, P’05,’07,’10

Rick has long been a champion of BC High, engaging more recently when his sons,

Andrew ’05, Patrick ’07, and Keegan ’10, were beginning to look at high schools. He and his wife, Andrea, were looking for a school that reinforced their values, while being academically challenging. They wanted their boys exposed to things they would not see in a small suburban school. “My boys are better people because they sat next to a boy from the city, but the boy from the city is also better for sitting next to my son.” It is this mix of urban and suburban, white and non-white, wealthy and less fortunate that makes a Jesuit, Catholic education special.

Rick and Andrea Flynn

While his boys were students, Rick was involved in many different aspects of the school. He was a member of the Father’s Group, helped build docks in Dorchester Bay for the Sailing team, and was a main force in starting the Shamrocker, the bi-ennial auction that brings together the whole community.

“I got to know teachers, administrators, and other parents…

I learned what made the school tick. It also gave me more time to spend with my sons.” It was this involvement that deepened his commitment to BC High. He currently serves as a Trustee Associate and member of the Campaign Leadership Committee. Perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments, though not known to many, was his persistence in starting a parent giving program at BC High. For generations, BC High had focused solely on alumni giving and Rick recognized the potential among the parents. “At most private schools, there is an expectation to support the school by more sizable means. At BC High, that expectation hadn’t been set. By starting a parent giving program, we could continue to provide the economic diversity that has become one of the greatest assets of the school. This comes at a cost. Alumni shouldn’t be the only ones asked to support the school. Parents need to make this commitment as well.” Not only has Rick given his time to BC High, but he has been remarkably generous with his financial support as well. He was one of the first major donors to the 150th Anniversary Campaign because he believes that this Campaign will provide the necessary support to grow the endowment and

Rick Flynn ’76 with his sons Andrew ‘05, Patrick ‘07 and Keegan ‘10

increase the available financial aid for our most deserving students. “These days, more than ever, we need to produce educated young men of charac-

ter. For the past 150 years, BC High has educated these men of character and has been very good to my family. It is a great institution with very dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators who need our support.”


An easy way to make an impact is to include BC High in your will or trust. It is a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime. For more information on becoming a Saint Ignatius of Loyola Society or to let us know we are in your estate plans contact Michele Daly at 617-474-5031 or

BC High Today 13

| By A lex Fairchild ’ 13 |

with Brian Maher Vice President for Operations

DID YOU KNOW... Over the last ten years, BC High has added 100,000 sq ft of program space and has renovated 100% of the physical plant.

14 BC High Today

Over the past 25 years you have held several positions at BC High from physics teacher, Director of Technology, Executive Director of Capital Planning and Technology to your current position as Vice President for Operations. In addition, your two sons are both graduates. Clearly your connection runs deep. What inspires your commitment? This is a great school and it has always been a privilege to work within a community that is so deeply rooted in mission. My first 13 years here were spent teaching in the windowless cavern which used to be the old Walsh Science Lab. In physics and electronics classes the majority of the equipment was government surplus left over from World War II. So much has changed since then in terms of facilities, but a fundamental constant has been that BC High students are taught how to think, how to reason and how to question. This is what attracts me to BC High, but what really inspires me are the people that I have worked with over the years. I have been fortunate to co-labor with very talented Jesuit and lay colleagues, and their sense of purpose and mission has always been clearly evident in their every day work. What is the role of the Vice President for Operations? Primarily I oversee the day-to-day non-academic operations of the school and the longer term planning in those areas, which include buildings and grounds, technology, food services and facilities usage. I work with many incredible people, who care deeply about the school and the work they do. Each day is different and can be exciting in a school where the IT Staff supports over 1,800 iPads and 85 classrooms filled with technology, the Building & Grounds team cares for seven buildings on 40 acres and the kitchen staff happily feeds 1,600 hungry boys. For the past few years you have been the driving force behind the Cadigan Hall building project. Now that the project is finally complete, what are your thoughts on how the project turned out? What an amazing and incredible gift this building is for our school. There were many people involved right from the beginning when an assessment survey revealed a critical need for arts space and indoor athletic facilities. The finished project is not only a beautiful space dedicated to academic areas for music, fine arts and athletics, but we also

utilized the latest in energy efficient technologies and resources to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification. Cadigan Hall was made possible by one of our most generous benefactors, Patrick F. Cadigan, PhD ’52; you have a great story about Pat and how the gift was finalized for the building. Could you share that with us? After going over details for several months, Pat said that he wanted to have the building plans reviewed by some of his closest friends who knew construction. If they approved, then we had a deal. In some ways it felt like a test, BC High had put Pat through many tests years ago, now it was time to put BC High through this test. These professionals and life long friends happened to be Pat’s BC High classmates John LaCamera, Arthur Boyle and Bob Kenney. We had a meeting with John, Arthur and Bob where we showed our building video and gave a presentation about the proposed Cadigan Hall and then for ninety minutes they asked about foundations, concrete, steel and the interior finishes. They had done their homework and I was impressed by the depth of knowledge they each had. Finally John LaCamera said, “I’m going to call Pat and tell him what a beautiful building this is going to be, and that he will be very proud.” Once he said that, I think all of us on the BC High team felt like we had passed the test. What is your most memorable or proudest moment at BC High? Well, as a parent my proudest memories have to do with the graduation of my two sons, Jack ’08 and Ben ’11. It was an honor to be able to hand them their diploma and share in that moment with both of them. As a member of the BC High staff, I look back over the last 12 years and see all the positive changes that have been made in the school’s facilities and programs. Through the leadership of President Bill Kemeza and the Board of Trustees we have all been able to collaborate on a transformation that has brought our school into the 21st century. The most exciting part is to know that we are not done yet. True to our Ignatian vision, BC High will continue to be at the frontier, seeking to find God through service and knowledge.

BC High Today 15

Ars Longa,

| By Patrick M c Allister, Chair of the Fine Arts Department |

Vita Brevis

Loosely translated as Art Lasts, life is short Winter morning rises in Boston, the sun up early over Quincy, Dorchester Bay aglow, the gas tanks a bold silhouette. Dry docked boats cast long shadows towards our school where a snowy blanket covers the stadium and practice fields. Across the nation, many schools reluctantly clip the wings of their arts and music programs, but a new day has dawned on a venerable fine & performing arts tradition at BC

16 BC High Today

High. All eyes on campus look towards the recently unveiled Cadigan Hall, the sun’s light radiant and dazzling off the new iconic steel, brick and grey glass façade. Even though the day is early, the Jazz Big Band swings to life in the splendid new band room. Saxophones, drums, base guitars, and horns weave a syncopated tune. The band’s rehearsal, led by mae-

The Cadigan Hall atrium. Photo by Andy Caulfield.

stro Eric Hewitt ’97, is the soundtrack for our rising sun. Sophomore David Bliss ’16, wise beyond his years, joyfully points out that Cadigan Hall’s abundance of music and art resources will show everyone in the school the importance of a life lived with balance and in harmony. “BC High is more than academics and athletics, with the new arts classrooms we have balance.”

Drawing class, helped move his classroom with his classmates, box by box, from Cushing down to one of the spacious new art studios in Cadigan. Zach’s enthusiasm and promise for the future is contagious. “This new building is going to redefine our school’s reputation in the Arts.” Zach predicts that in the future, “we will be known as champions of the Arts.”

Zach Howland ’16, a sophomore in an Introduction to Architectural

Thomas Blakely ’15 also predicts that Cadigan Hall’s new resources will bol-

BC High Today 17

a r s l o n g a , VITA b r e v i s , c o n t i n u e d

ster interest in the Arts at BC High. “Since music and (visual) art spaces now make up more of the school’s footprint, the Arts will have more emphasis and importance.” He and his BC High brothers have expressed much enthusiasm for the clean aesthetics and new raised table surfaces in the new rooms. They are eager to see the kiln in Studio #3 get cranked up and put to the test. A closer look at the site plan shows that the Cadigan wing has been placed at the intersection of BC High’s aca-

demic and athletic facilities. This building is at the heart of the school. One look at the blueprint reveals that Cadigan is Archimedes’ fulcrum “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world,” which balances the academic and athletic facilities at our school, and forms a bridge between the Arrupe Division and the high school. With the addition of a new gym and lecture hall, as well as dedicated music rehearsal spaces and art studios, BC High has made it clear that the pursuit of academics, athlet-

President Bill Kemeza and Patrick F. Cadigan ’52 at the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Cadigan Hall gym

18 BC High Today

The BC High Chamber Choir

ics and the arts are all interconnected and essential. The Jesuits & the Arts Stepping back from the canvas helps the artist find perspective. A look back at our history reveals that the fine and performing arts have always been at the very heart of a Jesuit education. John O’Malley, SJ’s book, The Jesuits and the Arts, shows us that from the very beginning, “Jesuit colleges and universities were distinguished by their attention to the arts and architecture, painting, sculpture, music, theater, dance and poetry.”

Cadigan Hall added more than 28,000 square feet of beautiful space dedicated to areas of music, fine and performing arts and athletics.

Spaniard Ignatius and his Jesuit brothers, Faber from France and Rodrigues from Portugal, were formed, spirit and mind, in the context of the European

Renaissance. Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, and Donatello were the artists of their day. These artists and this movement were focused on mining the classical past in the search for meaning, truth, and harmony. The classical values in which they were schooled helped inform the Jesuit educational directive known as the Ratio Studiorum. The Ratio emphasizes humanitas and paideia; a process of study aimed at uncovering the truth, developing moral goodness and forming young people focused on the greater good. According to O’Malley, this educational philosophy comes from Cicero, the great Roman orator, philosopher and politician who said: “We are not born for ourselves alone...We as human beings are born for the sake of other human beings, that we might

Exerpt from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce “Stephen raised his cap as if in greeting. Then, blushing slightly, he laid his hand on Lynch’s thick tweed sleeve. ‘We are right’, he said, ‘and the others are wrong. To speak of these things and to try to understand their nature and, having understood it, to try slowly and humbly and constantly to express, to press out again, from the gross earth or what it brings forth, from sound and shape and colour which are the prison gates of our soul, an image of the beauty we have come to understand-that is art.’”

BC High Today 19

a r s l o n g a , VITA b r e v i s , c o n t i n u e d


be able mutually to help one another. We ought therefore to contribute to the common good of humankind.” These ancient values are our roots and they continue to define us today. Art history teaches us that the Jesuits, who were formed during the Renaissance, became spiritual and aesthetic leaders who left indelible marks on the Baroque, a movement sometimes even referred to as the “Jesuit Style.” The Baroque is characterized by dramatic movement, theatrical lighting, dynamic energy and heightened emotional content. In fact, the characterization of this artistic movement seems to be an apt description of Ignatius of Loyola himself. The Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens and the

Italian Bernini were true leaders of this movement. They found spiritual and aesthetic inspiration and camaraderie with the early Jesuits. Their church designs and glorious works of art are still with us, beacons of hope, faith and promise throughout Europe. In 1972, Father General Pedro Arrupe, SJ addressed the Jesuit Institute for the Arts in Rome. His words continue to shed light on the tremendous purpose and value of the arts in Jesuit schools today. “What was the purpose of art in the mind of St.Ignatius and the Society? One could almost answer a priori: God’s greater Glory. Yes, but how? Because St.Ignatius would tell us, the earth, like the heavens, narrates the glory of God. The average man, however, is both a

On Saturday, November 16, BC High celebrated the completion of Cadigan Hall with the dedication of the building and a ceremonial ribbon cutting by Patrick F. Cadigan, PhD ’52 and his wife Dr. Tandra Cadigan. With more than 350 people in attendance including members of the Class of 1952, guests were entertained by music from the BC High Jazz Band and a performance from the Concert Choir, who sang one of Mr. Cadigan’s favorite songs “Danny Boy.” The building project was made possible by a historic donation of an accomplished and philanthropic graduate Patrick F. Cadigan, PhD ’52 during the silent phase of BC High’s $75 million 150th Anniversary Campaign. Mr. Cadigan, a Cambridge native and leader of several high tech firms in California, attributes his successful career to his Jesuit education at BC High. “Cadigan Hall is a very special addition to our campus and we thank Pat for his generosity and commitment to BC High’s mission of challenging our students to become young men of integrity, educated in faith and for justice, committed to academic excellence and service to others by providing a state-ofthe art facility that will greatly enhance the school’s athletics, educational, and performance offerings,” remarked BC High’s President Bill Kemeza during the speaking portion of dinner. This facility will be utilized by thousands of young men for generations to come, continuing our strong tradition of providing a wide range of opportunities and learning experiences for our students.

Art History references from BC High’s Art History Class textbook Art: A Brief History by Stokstad & Cothren.

20 BC High Today



poor viewer and a poor narrator. Therefore he needs the artist to direct his view and to speak for him.” Arrupe continued, “the second purpose of Jesuit art according to St. Ignatius was to teach. This is really only an extension of its first purpose, to elevate us to God. To make use of art for such an elevation at any level—intellectual, emotional or spiritual—is not to debase art, but to enrich humanity.” Although art lasts and life is brief, it is also said that the living can learn much from the dead. Nearly eight hundred years ago Thomas Aquinas declared, “three things are needed for beauty: wholeness, harmony and radiance.” Aquinas’ wise words still teach, inspire and ring true. So only time will reveal just how Cadigan Hall will impact our present and future students, but for today we are thankful for the promise of this building and all agree that the new day at BC High is a beauty.

Pied Beauty

Members of the Class of 1952

Glory be to God for dappled things – For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow; For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim; Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings; Landscape plotted and pieced – fold, fallow, and plough; And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim. All things counter, original, spare, strange; Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?) With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim; He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change: Praise him. by Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ

BC High Today 21

An Extraordinary Journey The Story of Yousif Hanna ’12 | By BRENDAN HUGHES ’98 |

22 BC High Today

It was after midnight

when Yousif Hanna ’12, along with his mother and father, stepped off the plane at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Behind them was Iraq, where Yousif was born, where his mother had worked as a bank manager, where his father had worked as a translator for the U.S. Army, and from which the family had fled. They had fled fearing for their lives, fled with little more than the clothes on their backs and a Special Immigrant Visa, a category of visa created especially for Iraqi civilians whose work with the United States put them at risk in their own homeland. As a translator for U.S. forces during the war and subsequent occupation, Yousif’s father had become a target for those shadowy thugs who often clothe their cruelty and contempt for human life in the guise of religion or politics, to whom the media often refer as “militants,” but who are really just petty gunsels for the gangsters of modern day Babylon. These militants were responsible for the disappearance of Yousif’s sister, whom the family never heard from again. For months, Yousif and his family hid from these men, the kind of hiding that means you do not see the light of day except through slotted blinds, until they could be flown, like so much precious cargo, to Boston, where on a warm summer night, they waited on the sidewalk outside of Logan’s Terminal E for their new lives to begin. This is a different kind of immigrant story. No sea-washed sunset gates, no golden door, no huddled masses here – only three Iraqis on an airport sidewalk in a strange city in the dead of night, far away from a home they could not return to. In time, that sidewalk led Yousif Hanna and his family to BC High, to a community that would embrace and support them, and, for Yousif, to Harvard University. It may yet lead Yousif back to Iraq, by way of the halls of academia, and to extend to other immigrant students the same welcoming, helping hand up that he received at BC High – but all that is off somewhere in Yousif’s undeniably bright future. What is certain is that while nothing can reverse the losses of war and the tragedies of occupation, Yousif’s commitment to knowledge, compassion and justice will serve whatever community he chooses to be a part of.

BC High Today 23

a n e x t r a o r d i n a ry j o u r n e y, c o n t i n u e d


few hours from the airport sidewalk, the Hannas found themselves at the home of Dina Rudick, a Boston Globe photographer. They had been placed there by an organization called The List Project, which resettles Iraqis who are in danger – Rudick was a volunteer host to List Project families. It was Rudick who approached Yousif, then 15, and asked where he might like to attend school. Rudick mailed out dozens of letters to area high schools, Catholic and independent schools alike and BC High was the only school to respond to her inquiry. In late August, Yousif, his Yousif with classmates during the Credit for Life program for Seniors. parents, and Rudick visited the BC High campus He entered Director of Admissions for the first time and met with President Michael Brennan’s office and said he William Kemeza, Principal Steve wouldn’t need the books anymore – he Hughes ’73, Director of Admissions was withdrawing. Mike Brennan ’85 and Rev. Al Hicks, SJ, who decades ago had served at “I found the workload almost imposAl-Hikma University, the Jesuit school sible,” Yousif recalled. “We were writing in Baghdad. The group talked about essays, reading many pages each day. I Yousif’s education up to that point and was going home to my father, he was his life in Iraq. Hicks even showed off helping me translate everything into a book of photographs from his days at Arabic and then translating my work Al-Hikma. “We knew when we talked back to English. I said, thank you for the to him that first time that Yousif was opportunity but I’ll just find an English an impressive kid,” Hughes said. “We as Second Language (ESL) program.” wanted him at BC High.” Brennan, Kemeza, Hughes, and Yousif’s teachers wouldn’t hear it.

On a Friday afternoon in October

of his freshman year, only weeks after he started at BC High, Yousif crossed Hunter-Fahey Commons with a shopping bag full of textbooks in each hand.

24 BC High Today

“We said, whoa, wait a second,” Hughes recalled. “Take back the books, try again, we’ll help you through it. He worked through it, and I don’t think he saw another B for the next three years.” Yousif realized he had an opportunity others from Iraq did not have and he

knew he had to work hard to honor that opportunity. Yousif credits all of his teachers with smoothing his transition to BC High and the United States, but none more than Director of Diversity Barbara O’Brien Miller and English teacher Mike Frost, whose AP English class helped Yousif polish his writing skills. “Ms. O’Brien Miller helped me take the biggest steps [early on],” Yousif remembered. “I grew up in a culture where, when something happened to you, you put it down and deal with it yourself. At BC High, I was able to share my experiences. I went through doing presentations about Iraq, the troops, the war... very emotional things for me to share with my classmates.” As Yousif was getting settled at BC High, the school community had rallied around the Hanna family to help Yousif’s parents

find jobs and a permanent home. BC High hired his mother to work in the cafeteria, and his father found work at a plumbing and heating supply company. BC High alumnus Dan Flynn ’81 gave the family an apartment in Quincy, and the school’s Fathers Group helped paint and furnish their new home with donations from the BC High community. Meanwhile, Yousif soon carved out a vital place for himself on Morrissey Boulevard. He founded the Middle Eastern Club, brought in speakers that ranged from scholars to performance artists, and led school discussions on Arab history and politics. “For my family, BC High helped us get emotionally settled as well as physically settled in this new environment,” Yousif said.

Arabic Literature, with some Pre-Med thrown in for good measure. “I experienced so much of this first hand,” Yousif said, “but knowing it academically – how to form an intellectual argument about it, how to write about it, that’s important to me.” If you ask Yousif how BC High helped prepare him for the rigors of Harvard, he’ll pause and, as is his wont, give an answer that is both clear and insightful beyond his 19 years. “The workload BC High was intense, but I don’t think that was the only thing” he said. “BC High teaches you how to do things that aren’t easy. For me, it was how to be a good public speaker, and how to write a good English paper. It’s not just how to do the work, but how to deal with that situation, with adversity. You leave with that mentality of how to tackle the issues.”

oing back to Iraq is one of my Far removed from that airport side- “G goals,” Yousif said as he prepared to head

walk, Yousif Hanna sits in his Harvard dorm room and studies for his end of term finals. “The first semester was kind of difficult,” Yousif said, in a winning sort of way that lets you know this kid isn’t afraid of a little hard work, “but now things are great and I’m all set up here.” Set up, indeed: Yousif has attended Harvard’s famed Arab World Conference and will do so again this year. He is a member of the university’s influential Arab Alumni Association, and last year he received the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for working to improve race relations in his school and community. Perhaps more impressive than his accomplishments are his ambitions as manifested through his Harvard coursework, which reads like the bibliography of a United Nations white paper: Middle Eastern Studies, The Arab Spring, and

off and study for yet another Harvard final exam. “How Iraqi identity was shaped since 2003, after we lost 100,000 Iraqis in the war, after many Iraqis have moved to the U.S. and to Canada. This has been a generation of loss and struggle.” This is a different kind of immigrant story, but it is one that we all know in its broad contours, if not in its aching details. It is born of the senselessness and suffering of a distant conflict, of a family who made unthinkable sacrifices and took incalculable risks to come here, and of a young man who found strength, fellowship and most of all opportunity in the same classrooms as generations of other immigrants from other shores.

Yousif speaking at 2012 Diversity Week activities.

The Fund for BC High and The Maloof Family Scholarship BC High was in the position to help Yousif and his family through the generosity of our donors. The Fund for BC High is the backbone of financial aid, distributing over $5,000,000 a year to students. Yousif’s unique situation was aided by The Maloof Family Scholarship. The Maloof Family Scholarship was established through a generous gift of $250,000 from the estate of Agnes G. Maloof and matched with funds by Edmond D.Villani ‘64. The scholarship is in memory of Dr. Frederic F. Maloof in recognition of the paramount importance he attached to education in one’s personal development.

BC High Today 25

ATHLETICS Trapilo Weight Room Gets a Facelift

in thE news Football Great Receives “New England Heisman” Nnamdi Obukwelu ’09, a defensive tackle for the Harvard football team, has been named the recipient of the 75th annual George “Bulger” Lowe Award, “New England’s Heisman Trophy,” one of America’s oldest college football accolades.

More than 100 students, faculty and staff use the Trapilo weight room every day and recent renovations both structural and cosmetic have not gone unnoticed. The space is boasting a new ceiling, freshly painted maroon and gold walls, but most impressive is the 40’x15’ sliver of turf used as a multi-purpose area. This area is a key component to agility, plyometrics, and bodyweight strength training. Current Arrupe Division teacher Steve Kiely ’02 began his tenure as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2011; his philosophy is modern and unique with a heavy emphasis on mobility and strength development. Kiely is one of the few certified strength and conditioning coaches in the nation who has the Mobility Specialist designation from Functional Range Conditioning and also holds certifications such as Functional Movement Systems trainer, high school speed and agility specialist, and a youth nutritional specialist. For the past few summers the success of the eight week strength and conditioning program has increased with the summer of 2013 selling out early. Boys from ages 12 – 14 can learn the fundamentals of conditioning, while incoming freshman through senior year can train competitively for high school sports.

The Bulger Lowe award, presented by the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston, recognizes New England’s best offensive and defensive players in the NCAA Bowl and Championship Divisions. Obukwelu, a three-time All-Ivy League choice, played in nine games during his senior season, recording 31 tackles. Obukwelu will be honored at the club’s annual Bob Whelan College Football Awards Night on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014 at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA.

The weight room is named in memory of Steve Trapilo ’82 - alum, football star and coach, veteran NFL player, mentor and friend to BC High.

Mary Farrell Receives Sportsmanship Award


Sailing Coach Mary Farrell received the Stephen B. Leslie Sportsmanship Award from the New England Schools Sailing Association (NESSA), for her commitment to sportsmanship and fair play. The objective of the Association is to further the sport of sailing in New England secondary schools and to organize those schools competing by standardizing rules and procedures. The Association consists of 80-90 schools located in all six New England states.

26 BC High Today

Sailing Coach Mary Farrell pictured with 2013 Sailing team and Coach Michael Gardner.

2013 Hall of Fame On Tuesday, November 26, five athletes, one team, one Man for Others and a unprecedented group of Cotter Courage Award recipients were inducted into the BC High Athletic Hall of Fame. In a ceremony at the school, BC High Athletics honored legendary BC High athletes and teams, as well as individuals who have supported the school’s athletic program. Each inductee was honored for their significant contribution to the winning tradition of athletics at BC High. Charles “Chuck” Barnes ’95, Swimming Tim Bulman ’01, Football Mark Dennehy ’86, Hockey Matt Greene ’04, Hockey RJ Ryan ’95, Basketball, Football Honored Team: The 2001 Baseball Team The Paul J. Hunter ’53 Man for Others Award was given to Vice Chair, BC High Board of Trustee Robert F. Walsh ’59.

2013 COTTER AWARDS HONOR BOSTON MARATHON bombing RESPONDERS The James E. Cotter ’55 Courage Award went to all of the BC High graduates who served and responded so valiantly at this year’s Boston Marathon. BC High recognized the following graduates. Please contact if you know of a name missing from this list. Frank Armstrong ’78

Captain, Boston Police Department

Kyle Larrow ’09

Chris Boyle ’82

Detective, Boston Police Department

Terence Long ’92

Gang Unit, Boston Police Department

Officer, Boston Police Department

Jack Mahoney ’87

SWAT Sergeant Boston Police Department

Nicholas Camacho ’03 EMT, Paramedic, Boston EMS

Kevin McGoldrick ’86

Lieutenant SWAT Team, Boston Police Department

Brian Canavan ’87

Mass State Police Ballistics Division

Tim Murray ’75

Captain Boston Police

Chris Castro ’11

EMT, Paramedic Fallon Ambulance

Robert Noto ’92

Boston Fire Department

Anthony Cicerone ’93

Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations

Thomas Noto ’96

Patrolman, Boston Police

Pat Crossen ’76

Captain of SWAT Team, Boston Police Department

Manuel Pacheco MD ’85 Tufts Medical Center

Jack Danilecki ’80

Captain, Boston Police Department

Rick Pedrini ’87

Patrick Downes ’01

Injured in the Boston Marathon

Paul Russell ’79

Brian Dunn ’80

Massachusetts State Police

Kevin Toomey ’03

Brendan England ’03

Patrolman, Boston Police Department

Mike Trovato ’95

Metro SWAT Team, Revere Police

John Fallon ’85

State Police Sergeant

David Twomey ’95

Massachusetts State Trooper

Colin Flaherty ’89

Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations

Kevin Waggett ’78

Sergeant, Boston Police

Sean Flaherty ’91

Patrolman, Drug Unit, Boston Police Department

William Walsh Esq. ’77

Sergeant, Boston Police

Don Freeman ’90

Fugitive Task Force, US Marshall’s Office

Don Wightman ’98

Boston Police Department

David Gavin ’89

Officer, Boston Police Department

John Wright ’85

Boston Police Department

Patrick Kane ’93

Boston Police Department

Christopher Zengo ’97 Watertown Police Department

John Burrow ’96

Matt Kelsch ’94

Injured in the Boston Marathon

Arlington Police Department Captain, Boston Police Department

Boston Police Department

ATF Officer

BC High Today 27

Alumni News Notes The 40s

On November 29, 2013, 16 members of the BC High Class of 1956 gathered for a mini reunion. It is hard to imagine that graduation was some 57 years ago. Our thanks to the BC High Alumni Office for getting the word out to so many in our class.

Rev. Joseph Bennett, SJ ’45 enjoyed a quiet moment before BC High’s 150th Anniversary Celebration at Symphony Hall with Thomas Hynes, Jr. ’57, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and BC High President Bill Kemeza. This past November marked the 50th anniversary of Frank McCarthy ‘48 service in public office. McCarthy began his 50 years of public service as a Ward 1 councilor and eventually became Mayor of Quincy. Rev. James Woods, SJ ’48 the founding dean and namesake of the Woods College of Advancing Studies (WCAS), received an honorary Doctor of Human Letters at the 2013 Boston College Commencement ceremony. Woods, served as dean of WCAS for 44 years before retiring last school year.

The Pilot

The 50s Cardinal Seán O’Malley has granted senior priest/ retirement status to Rev. Eugene P. Sullivan ’53. He had been pastor at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Weymouth.

In order from the left and around the table were: Craig Dolan, Alan McLean, Bill Benjes, Bill O’Connor, Neil Moynihan, Dave Connelly, David Twomey, Jim Reilly, Jack McNealy, Jim Dolan, Paul Mahoney, Kevin Crowley, Kevin O’Connell SJ, Tom Kelley, Jack Sutton, and Tom Colligan.

Class of 1963 Class of 1963 gathered together for a reunion lunch in Dorchester this past November.

Thomas Hynes ’57 presented the poem Boston at this year’s Symphony Hall Gala. Boston is a tribute to our great city that was written by The Honorable John B. Hynes, former Mayor and Uncle to Tom. Alfred Andrea PhD ‘59 has been traveling across the globe for the last few months. Trips included a lecture tour in Germany, Rome, Delhi, Singapore, and Perth, Australia. James Norton ’59 and his wife Carol enjoyed a trip to France and Italy this past summer. Robert Walsh ’59 served as this year’s Symphony Hall Gala Co-Chair for the 150th Anniversary Celebration. Bob was instrumental in the success of the signature event to celebrate BC High’s 150 years of Jesuit education in the City of Boston.

The 60s

Rev. Timothy Murphy ‘55 was granted senior priest/retirement status on June 4, 2013.

Presenting his credentials to Pope Francis, Kenneth Hackett ’64 officially took over as U.S. ambassador to the Holy See on October 21, filling a role that had been vacant for nearly a year. Retired Air Force Colonel and pilot, Robert Maguire ‘64 returned to Tieng Giang province, Vietnam this summer after 42 years. Bob along with 24 other Vietnam veterans built homes for the Vietnamese community with Global Habitat for Humanity. Rev. Bill Joy ‘64 was able to attend the installation of his friend and classmate Ken Hackett ‘64 as Ambassador to the Vatican this past October. Both grads are celebrating their 50th reunion from BC High this spring on May 16-18, 2014.

Anthony Toto ’66 with wife Roxane and son Jeff Toto ’99 Anthony Toto ’66 pictured above with his wife Roxane and son Jeff Toto ’99, a BC High English teacher, celebrated Tony’s Citation of Excellence that he received from the Jesuit Secondary Education Association. Tony has been a teacher, mentor and leader at BC High for the past 38 years. Paul Murphy ’66 of the BC High Finance department congratulated fellow classmate Anthony Toto ’66 of the BC High Science department on his recent Citation of Excellence from the Jesuit Secondary Education Association. The Class of 1967 gets together for an annual Christmas luncheon at the BC Club. The vacant chair remembers their deceased classmates.

Richard Meade ’64 currently works as the Grand Jury Administrator for Norfolk County.

Jim Heffernan ‘56 will have his eighth book published this winter, “Hospitality and Treachery in Western Literature.” Since retiring from Dartmouth College, where he taught English for nearly 40 years, Jim has been writing on politics and other topics for the Huffington Post. Robert Maguire ’64

Paul Moran ’68 recently retired from the position of Headmaster of Austin Prep in Reading, MA. Moran worked for 32 years at Austin Prep with 24 of the years as Headmaster. Gregory Bulger ’68 was a key element to the success at the Symphony Hall Gala for the 150th Anniversary Celebration of BC High. Greg served as Gala Co-Chair and Producer of the event with fellow alum Bob Walsh ’59. Fritz Friedman ’68 was appointed to the California State Commission on The Humanities by Governor Jerry Brown. In addition, Fritz has joined the adjunct faculty at The University of Southern California where he will be

Class of 1956

28 BC High Today

Paul Murphy ’66 and Anthony Toto ’66

teaching at The Annenberg School for Communications. John Shea ’69 has been recognized in the 2013 edition of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Shea was highlighted as a leader of the Massachusetts Environmental Bar.

The 70s Jack Yunits ‘70 won an independent book publishers award for Urban Mayor: Making a City Work. The book chronicles Jack’s five terms as mayor of Brockton, MA. Nationally renowned author and historian, Henry Wiencek ‘70, gave a talk on his book Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves at the Royall House & Slave Quarters, in Medford, MA. The Rev. Peter Connelly ‘70 celebrated 25 years of ordination with a celebration in New York City, followed by Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral said by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Tip O’Neill’s legacy deserves to be remembered for years to come, which is why Tod O’Connor ‘70, a former legislative aide to Speaker O’Neill has undertaken the making of “Mr. Speaker, The Tip O’Neill Documentary.”

Steve Dahill ’71 came in 3rd place in the Round Martha’s Vineyard 55 mile Sailboat Race.

An eye injury ended Dr. Stephen Durant’s ‘71 rugby career, but he believes it also gave him insight into the most important things in life. He has logged over 800 games with the Boston Irish Wolfhounds and a variety of other teams dating to his undergraduate days at Holy Cross. BC High is proud to welcome Christopher Millis ’72, P’08 back to campus as a full-time English teacher in the high school. Rev. Thomas Rafferty ’76 recently joined the St. Paul Parish in Wellesley, MA. Rev. Rafferty was ordained in 2005 after he decided to start seminary school while in his 50’s. Rafferty is one of many priests who call themselves second-career priests. Steve Connelly ‘78 will take the reins of the Lincoln-Sudbury girl’s basketball program this winter.

The 80s

film is a documentary on autism and aging out of state-supported systems.

Congratulations to Kevin Martin ’82 on his ordination as Deacon at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Kevin graduated from the diaconate program at St. John’s Seminary. The entire Martin family celebrated with Kevin, his wife Lisa and their four children, Kevin, Connor ’15, and Brian ’17, both at BC High; and his daughter Meghan. Bob O’Connell ‘83 has joined Fish & Richardson as Counsel in the firm’s Boston office. He will focus on trademark, copyright and licensing matters. Fish & Richardson is a global firm with more than 400 attorneys and technology specialists practicing intellectual property (IP) strategy and counseling, IP litigation and commercial litigation. George O’Neil ‘85 recently received his Master of Science in Non-Profit Management from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago.

Brian Oates ’89 and his son Aidan enjoyed the final game of the Red Sox World Series.

The 90s Dave Powilatis ’90 has been promoted to Vice President of Human Resources for EMEA. Tenor Matthew DiBattista ’91 performed at this year’s Symphony Hall Gala on October 20, 2013.

Paul Flaherty ’78 is the Regional General Manager at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse at Patriot’s Place in Foxborough, MA.

BC High math teacher Stephen Healy ‘81 coached several BC High students this summer on the Metro team to a silver medal in the Summer Bay State Games. Pictured are: Sean Webster ’14, AJ Ferrara ’14, Sam Telman ’14, and Thomas Russo’14.

SSG Warren Toland ‘85 recently graduated from the Recruiting and Retention NCO School at the Professional Education Center, Camp Robinson, Arkansas. He is currently serving as a recruiter for the Massachusetts Army National Guard with responsibility for recruiting eligible individuals in the Western part of the state. He spent the majority of 2012 deployed in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom ‘12. Brockton’s Peter Hughes ’86 is the new baseball coach at the University of Oklahoma. Hughes spent the last seven years coaching at Virginia Tech. This past October, Steve Connolly ’87 was honored by Assumption College and inducted into their athletics hall of fame for hockey. Chris ‘Keats’ Keating ‘88 and his wife Megan welcomed their first child, Madeline Joyce Keating on November 20, 2012.

Class of 1967

Sean Curran ‘89 helped produce “Best Kept Secret,” an independent film released by Burn Later Productions. The

Eric Zine ’91, his wife Christina and son Thomas, proudly welcomed Joseph Paul Zine to the family on May 23, 2013. Brendan Hanley ’92 and his wife Claudine welcomed a baby girl, Sarah O’Shea Hanley into their family. Stonehill basketball coach David McLaughlin ’92 joins the Northeastern staff. McLaughlin developed the Skyhawks into a national championship contender, twice guiding them to the semifinal round of the NCAA Division 2 tournament. Rich Corner ‘93 has served in the US Army since his graduating from college. On July 1, 2013, Rich was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Boston Insurance Brokerage Inc. appointed Keith Driscoll ‘93 as vice president of workers compensation. In his new role, he will further develop the firm’s portfolio of regional and national accounts. Driscoll comes with a wealth of experience from within and outside the industry, having spent the last seven years at Markel FirstComp.

BC High Today 29

Alumni News Notes Cornelius Walsh ‘97 recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan and is working in the Baltimore, MD area with the Army. Cornelius has been selected for a promotion to Sergeant First Class.


Jimmy Hasson ‘98 and his wife Shannon welcomed Rourke into their family on October 19, 2013. Brian Matthews ’99 and his wife Jennifer welcomed Brooke Katherine Matthews into the world on January 9, 2013.

BC High is planning a Triple Eagle event as part of our 150th anniversary celebration. Are you a triple eagle? Let us know so you can be on the invite list. Email with triple eagle in the subject line with your name and BC High class year. Lieutenant Commander Scott Larson ‘94, USN, has recently been selected for promotion to Commander. His next assignment will be as Commanding Officer of USS CORONADO (LCS-4) home ported in San Diego, CA. He and his wife, Cindy, are currently living in Annapolis, MD with their 16-month old son, Liam, who will soon be joined by a baby brother. Tim Burke ‘94 helps host a Boston Globe live Radio BDC show with Henry Santoro. The Thirsty Thursday program covers the latest on new restaurants and bars in the Boston Metro area.

The 2000s

Johnny Hasson and Bernadette Longino Eric Hewitt ’97 conducted the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble for BC High’s 150th Anniversary Celebration at Symphony Hall on October 20, 2013.

Douglas Devine ’95 has transformed a thirty-year-old, family business from a traditional, regional, furniture distributor into a fresh and modernized national manufacturer and importer of children’s furniture. Bryce Scottron ’97 has returned to BC High as an Adjustment Counselor in the Guidance department. Bryce has spent the last 12 years working in various companies in the corporate world. Bryce made the change to counseling because of his desire to impact adolescent lives. Jeff Cho ’96 married Paola Balcazar in September. Several BC High alumni celebrated with Jeff. From left to right: Jamie Cho ‘92, Don Changeau ‘98, Jeff Cho ‘96, and Bob Fitzpatrick ‘80.

30 BC High Today

Derek Haddad ‘01 is starting his PhD in Classics and Ancient History at University of California Santa Barbara. He wanted to thank the entire Classics Department at BC High, Messrs. Moynahan, Penarubia, Burke, and in memoriam, Brian “The Chief” Donaher. No Classics Department has been as challenging (or as fun) as the classes at BC High.

Jonathan Hall ‘04 keeps the planes working for America’s team. Who doesn’t love the Red Sox and JetBlue?

Jimmy Hasson and family

Kevin Moore ’07 currently serves in the United States Marine Corps, having completed Boot Camp at Parris Island, S.C. Kevin plans on continuing his training in San Angelo, Texas. US. Army 1st Lt. Christopher Salerno ‘07 returned with his unit from Afghanistan to Fort Drum in New York. Saleno is with the 89th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division. Matthew Tympanick 08 just accepted an invitation to join the law review at the University of Massachusetts School of Law.

Chike Onuorah ‘03 attended the Symphony Hall Gala with Cara Mathews.

Johnny Hasson ’96 married Bernadette Longino on August 24, 2013.

Patrick Driscoll ‘00 began to train for the New York City Marathon last spring with the intention to run the race in order to raise funds for the Pat Tillman Foundation. When the Marathon was cancelled, Driscoll simply decided to run the marathon on his own, on the original scheduled day of the marathon. Driscoll plans to run in the 2014 NYC Marathon.

Jonathan DeRosa ’03 and his wife Dina welcomed their son Landen Joseph Michael into the world on August 24. He weighed 8 lbs 10 oz. Jon currently is working at Fairfield Prep University.

William Mullally ’05 has been living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the last four years working with a finance company.

Matt Tosiello ‘94 and Mike Shaw ’94 met up this summer in Beijing, China where Shaw has been working for the past five years. Mike was a great tour guide and showed Matt the best spots in Beijing on his first trip to China.

Tim Alberts ‘97 was named Athletic Director at Matignon High School.

BC High English teacher Jeff Toto ’99 rowed with the Union Boat Club in this year’s Henley Royal Regatta.

Dan Cullinane with Governor Deval Patrick, US Senator Ed Markey and State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry.

Dan Cullinane ’03 was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the 12th Suffolk District in the September Special Election.

Airman Nicholas Joseph ’09 graduated from basic training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, TX. Kristo Kondakci ‘09 returned to New England Conservatory this past fall to pursue a Master’s degree in

Conducting. Prior to the school year starting, Kristo reconstructed the original version of Mahler’s 1st Symphony for publication, and presented as a “Scholarship Star” at the Feast of Music 2012 and the Rite of Spring 100th Anniversary concert.

The 10s Former Teammates play together again on the Brockton Rox: Second baseman Rob McCunney ’10 was back together again with BC High team mate Ryan Tufts ’13 who played third base for the Brockton Rox this past season. Chris Cadigan ‘10 is one of the captains of the Bentley University football team and a third-year starter for the Falcons.

Niall Murphy ’09 has been busy the last seven months with the Boston mayoral election. As Representative Martin J. Walsh’s Legislative Aide since October 2012, Niall played a key role in community outreach while acting as a personal assistant that helped Mayor Walsh win the campaign. Jessie Ngo ‘09 upon graduating from Providence College started his new job at Fidelity Investments in Boston. He will be working in human resources.

Ian Thimble ‘09 came in second at the 105th Massachusetts Amateur Golf championship at Longmeadow Country Club on July 12, 2013. The state’s top amateurs compete for the prestigious Massachusetts Cup in one of the most grueling tests of golf in the Bay State. Defensive tackle Nnamdi Obukwelu ’09 of the Harvard football team has been named the recipient of the 75th annual George “Bulger” Lowe Award, “New England’s Heisman Trophy,” and one of America’s oldest college football accolades.

Shawn Patrick Clancy ’10 recently graduated from the U.S. Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. PFC Clancy successfully completed 13 weeks of intensive basic training at MCRD Parris Island. While in recruit training PFC Clancy achieved the title of platoon leader of Platoon 2033. PFC Clancy is now attending Infantry Training Battalion at School of Infantry, Camp Gcigcr. N.C.

Former BC High rowers compete at the Collegiate level at this year’s Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA. Connor Dilworth ‘12 and Kevin Casey ’13 rowed for the College of the Holy Cross. Gabe Roy-Ligouri ‘12 rowed Yale University in the Lightweight 8+ boat. Brendan McLaughlin ‘13 rowed for Marist College. Connor Green ‘13 and Ed Twohig ‘13 rowed for Boston College.

Matt Sullivan ‘12 has just begun his college hockey career at Bowdoin.

Colby Ajoku ‘07 has made an immediate impact on the Saint Michael’s (Vt.) College men’s soccer team this season. The former BC High stand-out had several goals for the Purple Knights this past season. Timothy “James” Fallon ’12 a first year employee for Fallon Ambulance saves the life of a woman choking during rush hour traffic on the Massachusetts turnpike. James was stuck in traffic while transporting an individual when he noticed the woman in the car next to him, rocking back and forth, and then her car door opened. Fallon’s CPR and FirstAid training kicked in as he gave the woman the Heimlich maneuver on the turnpike. Dylan Newman ‘12 was named to the Duke University Athletic Council. He will serve on this Presidential Committee for the 2013-2014 school year. The committee is mostly made up of faculty, with only four students serving. Students were chosen after a highly competitive application and interview process with the committee.

Jerry York and John Colpoys Matthew Nielsen ’13 has been called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Vancouver BC for the next two years.

corrections Annual Report: The following were listed incorrectly in the Annual Report. Please accept our apologies. Alumni Honor Roll of Donors: Lifetime Contributors $250,000 (+) Souren G. Ouzounian ‘85‡‡

Harilaos Zambelis ’12 enjoying summer vacation on Block Island. John Colpoys ‘13 was happy to be at the right place and the right time for this photo with Boston College Hockey Coach Jerry York ‘63. Both “graduated” from BC High this past May as Jerry was the Commencement speaker for the Class of 2013 as he received his 50th anniversary golden diploma from BC High. John is enjoying life as a freshman at the Heights in the Screamin’ Eagles Marching Band.

Still sharing the spotlight: Kevin Dong ’12, Frankie Davis ’12, Varnel Antoine ’12 and Yousif Hanna ’12 were invited to speak at the Boston Globe. The four shared the stage with each other and discussed their first year at Harvard and their years at BC High together. The four classmates were featured on the front page of the Boston Globe in the Inclusion 2012 article that ran on April 18, 2012. The article highlighted their diverse backgrounds and the bonds they formed while at BC High.

$100,000 (+) P. Leo Corcoran RIP and Mrs.Helen Corcoran Paul J. Meaney ’80 ‡‡ Name Correction: Joseph F. Kelley ‘38 is not deceased. Matching Gifts: LoJack Corporation Corrections to BC High Today magazine, Summer 2013 issue. Please accept our apologies for the following errors: The word Patron was mistakenly attributed to “to give” instead of “father” in the article Patron of the Arts featuring Greg Bulger ’68. On the Boulevard: Model UN Conference listed Dermot Groome from Northborough, MA but he is from New York City. Mr. Groome tried Ratko Mladic. The Scene: Roberto Del Valle ’08 was mistakenly identified as David in the class reunion photos.

BC High Today 31

Faculty and Staff Notes BC High welcomed some new faces at the beginning of the school year.

Dan Carmody, his wife Claudia and big sister Alexa are pleased to announce the birth of Gavin John Carmody on December 5, 2013. Arrupe science teacher Michael Chapman has been blogging for the American Chemical Society on the integration of the Society’s contribution to Arrupe science lessons. To read the blog: Sailing Coach Mary Farrell received the Stephen B. Leslie Sportsmanship Award from the New England Schools Sailing Association, for her commitment to sportsmanship and fair play. Congratulations to Coach Farrell!

Senior Director for Institutional Advancement Colleen Fitzgerald married Jon Carter on June 21, in Cape Cod, MA. Guidance Counselor Michael Gardner was married to Sarah Howard on August 16, 2013 in Mattapoisett, MA.

Michael Gardner and Sarah Howard Craig Horning and wife Melissa announced the birth of their third child, Joseph DePaul Horning, on July 23, 2013 at 10:10pm weighing in at 7lbs., 8oz.

BC High Religious Education teacher Rev. James Hosie, SJ traveled this summer to St. George’s College in Kingston, Jamaica for a “Grand Reunion” of the classes of 1973, 1978, and 1983. Rev. Hosie was Principal (“Headmaster”) of these graduates, during his 24 years at that school. Congratulations to English teacher Elizabeth Killorin and her husband on the birth of their daughter Galilee Marie, 8 lbs.,14oz.

The President’s Office is pleased to announce the hiring of Tara Gohlmann as the new Chief Financial Officer. Tara has more than 20 years of business and financial leadership experience working with organizations from New York to China. She recently served as the interim CFO at the North Bennet Street School leading financial matters as the school finalized its capital campaign and moved into a new world class building.

Art teacher Janet O’Hare married Ryan PetitBon on June 2, 2013 in New York City.

English teacher Christina Baik is new to the BC High Arrupe Division this year. She just completed a graduate program in religion and literature at Yale, where she was also a part of the Institute of Sacred Music, Worship, and the Arts and taught at the Yale University Art Gallery. Previously, Christina taught English, Spanish, and a course she created called “Identity in Community” at Abington Friends School in PA. For the last five years, Ryan Boeding taught at St. John’s Jesuit high school in Toledo Ohio. He joined BC High this fall as a French teacher and wrestling coach. Ryan recently completed an MAT program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Meaghan Dalton is new to the BC High Modern Languages department this year, teaching Spanish. Previously, Meaghan taught Spanish at Marist School in Atlanta, and Swampscott High School. Prior to BC High Marshall Flowers taught English and theology at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton, The Nativity School of Worcester, and (via the Jesuit Volunteers) at Xavier High School in The Federated States of Micronesia. Arlene Koellner joined the BC High’s English department this fall, she previ-

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s 15th annual 5K

32 BC High Today

ously taught Enlgish and drama at Norton High School. Arlene is a graduate of Stonehill College and Emerson College. Another new face at BC High this year is Elizabeth Lewis who teaches in our Modern Languages department. Joe Maher ’03 joined the Advancement Staff as the new Assistant Director of Development.

London McWilliams joined BC High in July as the Web Content Editor. She recently served as a Corp Member with City Year Boston at Dearborn Middle School and a team leader at the Mildred Ave School. BC High welcomes Eric Mendoza to the Social Studies and Religious Education department. Kerrin O’Leary is new this year and is teaching high school mathematics for BC High. Meghan Strapec is one of our new additions to the Arrupe Division where she teaches 8th grade English. In addition to being new to BC High, she is new to the teaching profession, having recently finished grad school. She holds a MEd from Boston College and a BA in German and English from the University of Michigan. On Sunday, September 20, 2013 more than 50 members of the BC High community participated in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s 15th annual 5K. Runners and walkers formed the team “Friends of Sheila G” to show love and support for Mrs. Sheila Becker-Gailius, a beloved BC High teacher who is battling ovarian cancer. With every step taken, this event was a simple way to support and honor Sheila’s grace and courage during this challenging time.

i n m e m o r i am : john “jack” shaughnessy, sr. ’44

“I’VE ALWAYS BEEN BLESSED with a very powerful and strong faith, and throughout my lifetime, everything good that’s happened to me and my family has been a gift from God,” said Jack Shaughnessy. “So I don’t claim any particular shrewdness and or business acumen. I was never an MBA. I was just always a very, very diligent and hard worker blessed by God.” Under his leadership as chief executive, his family’s transport business, Shaughnessy & Ahern, and Shaughnessy Crane Service, took their places among the region’s most successful enterprises, but Mr. Shaughnessy reminded people that deep faith and good luck played large roles in his life. He used his good fortune to become one of Boston’s most generous philanthropists. “I had the very great and good fortune of going to Boston College High School,” Mr. Shaughnessy said in his Boston Catholic Men’s conference address, adding that he “developed a great and strong and powerful faith at BC High, which is with me today.” Jack had taken the US Navy aviator program entrance exam on his 17th birthday, and after graduating from BC High in 1944, the military sent him to Williams and Tufts colleges. He graduated from the latter in 1946 through an accelerated program created during World War II. With the war over, he spent a couple of years serving on a Navy destroyer before returning home “because the small family business was not doing all that well,” he recalled. “My father’s health was failing.” He started out at $35 a week and his pay climbed after he married Mary E. Lagace in 1955. She had been a waitress at a Cape Cod restaurant when he stopped in with some of his Merrymount friends. “He asked her for a date,” his son Jack said, “and the next day he told his parish priest that he had met the woman he was going to marry, and he never looked back.” Jack’s devotion to BC High and the Jesuits will always be remembered, and his generosity and leadership through the years helped to make BC High what it is today. We believe the Shaughnessy family is the largest legacy family ever to come through BC High in the 150 year history.

John J. “Jack” Shaughnessy, retired president of Shaughnessy and Ahern Co. and Shaughnessy Crane Service, Inc. of Boston, a resident of Milton, died Wednesday, November 27, 2013. Predeceased by his beloved, magnificent wife of 53 years Mary E. (Lagace) Shaughnessy. Loving father of Stephen ’73 and his wife Hazel of Cheshire, England, Jack Jr. ’75 and his wife Barbara of Hingham, James and his wife Joan of Hanover, Michael ’79 and his wife Carol of Hingham, Susan Harrison and her husband Ian of Hanover, Linda LeRoy and her husband Peter of Braintree and Elizabeth “Lisa” Whalen and her husband Mark of Quincy. Jack is survived by seventeen grandchildren eight of whom are graduates of BC High: Casey J. Shaughnessy ’07, James A. Shaughnessy ’13, Michael I. Harrison ’00, Andrew J. Harrison ’06, Patrick J. Shaughnessy ’06, Matthew P. Shaughnessy ’08, Michael P. Shaughnessy ’10 and Thomas J. Whalen ’10. Jack also leaves behind seven great-grandchildren. Brother of the late Ruth VanCleve, Ann Walczak and Herbert A. “Al” Shaughnessy. An excerpt from the funeral Mass eulogy celebrated by Cardinal Sean O’Malley at St. Elizabeth Church, Milton. Jack Shaughnessy was a man who lived his faith very profoundly and who was generous to all causes, particularly helping the poor and his Church. Jack’s generosity to the Church, the Catholic community and many good causes that help people in need was extraordinary. Among his oft-cited mottos was the scriptural citation, “God loves a cheerful giver”, and Jack lived that truth. His son, speaking at the Mass, said that Jack had recently been audited by the IRS because they could not believe that anyone really gave that much money away! Without question, Jack’s life was an expression of his gratitude for his many gifts from God, first and foremost the gift of faith and the gift of his beloved late wife Mary, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Excerpts taken from the Boston Globe obituary written by Bryan Marquard on December 5, 2013

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Recent Events

Young Alumni Golf Tournament

South Shore Country Club

September 6, 2013

Hyde Center Dedication

BC High

September 27, 2013

150th Anniversary Gala

Symphony Hall, Boston

October 20, 2013

■ Astrid Hajjar P’19, BC High Director of

■ Rev. Ron Perry, SJ blessing the Hyde Center for

Marketing and Communications Jennifer Tegan P’17 and John Hajjar 83, P’19

Global Education

■ Dick Gill ’58 and Tim Lyons ’58

■ BC High Arrupe teacher Steve Kiely ’02, Tim

■ Rev. John Wronski, SJ, Robert LaRocca ’61, Edward Duggan ’61, Sandy

Feeney ’01, Cariana Bulman, Tim Bulman ’01, Christina Bulman and Andy Bulman ’99

Duggan, Ann Lannon and Paul Lannon ’45

Philadelphia Alumni Event

Philadelphia, PA

October 29, 2013

■ Patrick F. Cadigan, PhD ’52 and his wife Tandra celebrate the dedication with the

■ Patrick Cantillon ’11, Catherine and Philip

great Class of 1952.

Cantillon P’10,’11

34 BC High Today

■ Jim Murphy ’58 and Jack

■ BC High Event Planner Lolita Elverrillo, Bob

Sheehan ’58

Collins ’51 and BC High Senior Director for Institutional Advancement Colleen Carter

■ Class of 1963

■ Walter Perry ’02, Michael Albanese ’09, Assistant Director of Development

■ Tanner Gildea ’15, Kelli Gildea P’15,’17,’19, Maureen

at BC High Joe Maher ’02, Dan Breslin ’09 and Kojo Acquaah ’09

Faherty P’19, Terrence Faherty ’86, P’19 and Tim Cronin ’86

Class of 1958 Reunion Luncheon

BC High

November 1, 2013

Class of 1963 Alumni Luncheon

■ ■ Class of 1958

■ Matt Breslin ’05, Krissy Breslin, Michael Albanese ’09, Carl Anderson ’05 and Kristin McMurrer

BC High

November 15, 2013

Dedication of Cadigan Hall

■ Joseph Corcoran ’53 and his

■ Corey Nigro ’05 and Jason Smith ’04

BC High

November 16, 2013

Hall of Fame

BC High

November 26, 2013

■ Patrick Downes ’01, BC High Athletic

daughter Patricia Chapple P’14

Director Jon Bartlett ’87 and Jessica Downes

■ Brendan Minihan ’62, Jake Young ’89, Director

■ Assistant Director of

■ Rick and Andrea Flynn P’05,’07,’10 with

of Alumni Relations Matt Curran ’89, Jon Feeney ’93. Standing: Matt Tagliaferro ’95, Tom Griffin ’81 and Chris Condon ’97

Admissions John Flaherty ’88 and Cotter Courage Award recipient Sean Flaherty ’91

Maureen and David DeLuca P’06,’07

■ Greg Hamrock ’04, Mike Roy ’05 and

■ Director of the Hyde Center Dan Carmody,

■ BC High math teacher and track

Matt “Mook” Hanlon ’04

Larry Hyde ’42 and BC High President Bill Kemeza

coach John Normant ’64, Roger Hughes ’64 and Don Walsh ’64

■ Ann Friedman, Rev. Rob Hyde, Abbie

■ Jarrod Desjardin ’05, Mike Harrison

■ James Norton ’59 and Carol

■ Sheila Collins P’14 and

Hyde, and Larry Hyde ’42

’00, Stefan Dembowski ’00 and T.J. McQuaid ’00


David Vargo P’14

BC High Today 35

i n m e m o r i am Alumni Robert J. Holthaus ‘35 Thomas J. Flanagan ‘38 John M. Cataldo ‘40 Bernard M. Burke ‘42 James L. Galvin, Jr. ‘42 Rev. Joseph R. Laughlin, SJ ‘44 John J. Shaughnessy ‘44 Father of Steve ‘73, Jack ‘75, Mike ‘79; Grandfather of Michael Harrison ‘00, Andrew Harrison ‘06, Patrick Shaughnessy ‘06, Casey Shaughnessy ‘07, Matthew Shaughnessy ‘08, Michael Shaughnessy ‘10, James Shaughnessy ‘13 and Thomas Whalen ‘10 Francis A. Lavelle ‘45 David C. Finlay ’46 Martin C. Finnegan ‘45 Francis Brennan ‘46 Edward R. Skeffington ‘46 Raymond C. Stenson ‘46 Francis M. Walley ‘46 David T. LeFort ‘47 John T. Walsh ‘47 Thomas J. White ‘47 John A. Mac Intyre ‘47 Thomas J. Comerford ‘47 Edward L. Mahoney ‘48 Henry J. Jennings ‘48 Rev. T. Joseph Moynihan ‘49 Bishop John M. D’Arcy ‘49 Michael J. Waldron ‘50 Thomas C. Driscoll ‘51 Dr. John E. Murphy ‘52

Charles E. Lynch ‘53 Brother of Jack ‘49 Bernard B. Leonard ‘55 Paul J. Burns ‘55 Robert A. Raimondi ‘56 James F. Roberts ’57 Paul F. McNealy ‘58 Son of John ‘27 RIP, brother of Jack ‘56, grandfather of Paul Howard ‘13 John M. Cronin ‘59 John Edward McHugh ‘60 John F. Cunningham ‘60 George E. Power, Jr. ‘60 George J. Callahan ‘60 Nelson J. “Skip” Canniff, Jr. ’61 Paul F. Howard ‘61 Brother of Bill ‘64, Rob ‘58 and Rev. John Howard ‘55 Richard L. Cole ’62 Peter E. Williams ‘63 William F. Garvin ‘64 Edward J. Lukosius, PhD ‘65 Denis P. Kelleher Sr. ‘69 Thomas R. Donelin, Jr. ‘71 John C. Driscoll ‘73 Joseph B. Doherty ‘78 Brendan M. McDonald ‘04 Relatives and Friends Gertrude M. Alberico Wife of Peter ’63 Anne M. Ashur Wife of Arthur ‘41 RIP, mother of George ‘75, Anthony ‘78 and Jeffrey ‘81

Marguerite Boyle Mother of Phil Boyle ‘67 and Mike ‘71, grandmother of Joseph Cussen ‘02 Charles Bernier Father-in-law of Michael Shaughnessy ‘79, grandfather of Matthew ‘08, Michael ‘10, and Patrick ‘06 Henry J. Bertolon Father of Henry J. Jr. ‘70 Claire Marie Carten Mother to Mary Driscoll BC High Staff, sister of Joe Corcoran ‘53, grandmother of Shawn ‘02 and Thomas ‘04 Brenda Connelly Daughter of Daniel ‘13 RIP, wife of Walter ‘47 RIP, mother of Walter Jr. ‘84, Matthew ‘86 and Neil ‘95 Paula Connors Mother of Matthew “Chuckie” ‘12 Rita P. Cunningham Wife of Bob ‘43, mother-in-law of Trustee Patrick Landers ‘73 Mary T. DeGiacomo Mother of Tom ‘83 Gina Degnan Mother of Paul ‘77 and Tom ‘82 Barbara Doherty Wife of William Doherty ’54, mother of Andrew ’82 James Owen Dunn, Sr. Brother of Martin ‘53 Anne Fay Wife of Dave Fay ’56

Catherine M. Guinee Mother of David ‘66 Carolyn Hayes-Donovan Mother of J. Ambrose ‘83 and BC High Faculty T. Chris ‘85 Edward Joyce Father of Francis ‘88 and Robert ‘86 Edward P. “Eddie” Korzeniowski Father of Paul ‘74 Christine Lespasio Mother of John Lespasio ‘74 William T. Lynch Jr. Son of Bill T. Lynch PhD ‘53 Virginia McDonough Mother-in-law of Paul Schiffmann ‘84 Katherine E. Regan Daughter of Stephen ‘76, granddaughter of Thomas ‘40 and sister of Christopher ‘04 Jeannie M. Shea Mother of BC High staff Maureen Galvin, grandmother of BC High staff Gina Smyth, great-grandmother of Timothy Smyth ‘18 Pamela Sullivan Mother of Dan and Pat ‘10 Elizabeth A. Tarpey Sister of Nathan ‘05 and Noel ‘13 Barbara Weber Mother of Scott ‘88 Richard Whalen Grandfather of Christian Labeck ‘16 Robert V. Yantosca Father of John ‘69, Anthony ‘71 and Bob ‘87

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14 St. Ignatius Awards

5 BC High Legacy breakfast

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2 Mahoney Golf Tournament

5 Corcoran Living Library Lecture Series 8 Homeric Academy reunion 10 Palm Beach alumni reception 12 Naples, FL alumni reception

13 Women for Others event 18 Good Friday Walk TBD NYC Family Mass & Brunch

18 Class of 2014 commencement exercises 30 BC High150 Triple Eagle luncheon

30 End of fiscal year For more information on any of these events, please contact

CORCORAN LIVING LIBRARY LECTURE SERIES: Rev. Robert E. Kennedy, SJ DATE: March 5 at 3:30 p.m. • LOCATION: Gregory E. Bulger Performing Arts Center In the spring, the Corcoran Living Library will welcome Rev. Robert E. Kennedy, SJ who is the author of Zen Gifts to Christians and Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit. In Zen Gifts to Christians, Kennedy Roshi suggests that people leaning toward a deeper form of prayer are often attracted to studying Zen. It is not because they wish to become Buddhists but because they seek a more contemplative prayer life.

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companionship, compassion and service A few years ago, because of the generosity and hospitality of one of our graduates, my wife and I were able to take a longdesired vacation in Ireland. After our visit in Dublin, Maureen and I traveled south to Glendalough. I am sure some of you know of this remarkable place, a monastery founded by St. Kevin in the 7th century. It still has the tall round tower that the monks built to keep themselves and their property out of reach of Viking (and home-grown) marauders. Now it seems to mostly need defense from so many tourists! Its place in a narrow valley, amid preserved wilderness and beautiful lakes, can still evoke the Celtic spirit of the mystery of God in creation. We went there because as a college student my wife had stayed in Glendalough in a youth hostel and she wanted to bring me to that special place. On the way, we discovered that the former hostel had been transformed into a Catholic retreat center. This was an unexpected blessing! We found the place so generously welcoming. “The master is away,” read the note we found on the front door. “Make yourself at home. Mass is at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.” It is a small place, so “everyone” amounted to maybe seven people. We were quite a mix: young to elders, an artist, a Buddhist, a member of a Catholic religious community. But the greater blessing was the guest master, a Catholic priest from a missionary order. As we were without a car, our guest master kindly offered to drive us the long ride back to the rail station in Dublin. The trip gave us the opportunity to hear his amazing story. He had been a young, newly ordained missioner not long after WWII, never before away from his island home. He and his companions had set out by ship “to bring God to East Africa.” The trip took almost two months, with stops in Morocco, Libya, Egypt, and Somalia. The ship picked up and left off passengers along the way: Muslims, Moroccan Jews, Christians, Berbers, Druze, Sufis, and Copts. This young priest was stunned to encounter among them many who, contrary to his preconceptions, were highly cultured, educated and devout. By the time he arrived in Kenya he said he had been through a remarkable transformation, and disembarked a different man that the one who had begun the journey.

He realized that he did not need to “bring God,” God had arrived long before. These folks already had highly developed cultural and religious lives. So what was he doing? It provoked a personal crisis: what was his mission? Disoriented and unsettled at first, gradually he realized that more than telling about Jesus, he could attempt to do what Jesus did. That is, to offer himself in companionship, compassion, and service. He could try to bring the core of our faith, this lived-out gospel. I discover more and more that this is really core of our Eucharist, too. God revealed in the re-membrance of companionship, compassion, and service. On the road back to Dublin, our wonderful guest master told us that journey to east Africa was God’s greatest gift to him. Providence gave him the opportunity to learn the gospel by practicing it over and over again. Now, in Glendalough, his retreat center is a place for companionship, compassion, and service for others on journeys, on pilgrimage, on tour: for all kinds of people. Thinking of our own founders, I am struck that the journeys of early Jesuit missionaries must have opened their worlds like the journey of our Irish guest master did his. Francis Xavier in Asia, John Carroll in the United States, José de Anchieta among the indigenous people of Brazil, Roberto de Nobili in Southern India, Alexandre de Rhodes in Vietnam, Matteo Ricci in China, and so many others whose journeys initiated missions and schools in India, South and North America, Africa and Asia, even in Boston! They too must have discovered that God was already there; it was up to them to bring the gospel. It is our duty to these patrons that BC High be a gateway, a place where our students can discover God in people very different from themselves, economically, socially, ethnically and where, in response, they can practice the gospel: the essential mission of companionship, compassion and service.

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