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FALL 2018

BCHIGH A Jesuit School for Boys, Grades 7-12

“men” for others “TRANSFORMED BY FIRE” The Class of 2018 burns bright with energy at the commencement ceremony. Shown left to right, Tommy Bruzzese ’18, Mike White ’70, Joe Meschino ’18 and President Grace Regan P’12.



Reverend Joe Bennett, SJ, ’45 returned to campus for the inauguration of President Regan this spring. Several dozen Jesuits traveled from across the United States and even as far as Rome for the Missioning Mass. (L-R: Thomas Grandon ’18, Justin Rich ’18, President Grace Regan P’12, Joe Meschino ’18, Front Row, Fr. Joe Bennett ’45, Bartley Regan ’12)

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The Inauguration of Grace Regan P’12

The Hyde Center for Global Education Providing BC High students with the experience of travel and cultural immersion throughout the world

The Dever Players And their 2018 masterful performance of Les Miserables

28 The BC High 2018 Giving Report! SPECIAL SECTION


John Gillooly ’89, Reverend Ron Perry, SJ


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koi·no·nia (communion)

Dear Friends, You may have noticed that this magazine is a little different from past issues of BC High Today. In fact, we’ve even dropped “Today” from the title. These changes are designed to bring more life into this publication so that anyone who picks it up comes to know Boston College High School. We want to share with you not just the BC High of today, but stories from yesterday that inform our identity and dreams of tomorrow that will shape who we become. For many years this magazine was a phenomenal way for alumni to stay connected with each other and our school. But as we seek the magis in all things, we want it to be more than that. We want this to be a magazine that everyone in our community is proud to display in your homes and offices. We want your friends, coworkers, clients, and our prospective families to have a window into this wonderful community at a simple glance. Our choice to redesign the magazine comes as part of a larger reflective process our school is currently undertaking with the Northeast Province of Jesuits. This process, known as Sponsorship Review, is performed every five years as an opportunity to state our Jesuit values and affirm the fidelity of the Ignatian education we promise to all our young men. Truly, there was no better time to evaluate this magazine, one of the greatest means of interacting with our community, as well. I’ve named my column Koinonia in reference to the Greek term St. Paul and other early Christian writers used to describe the fellowship of Christian communities. My goal is that the stories we tell will help capture the sense of Koinonia among our community and help you feel connected to BC High wherever you go. AMDG,

President Grace Regan, P’12 2

Started in 2015 by Trustee, Tim O’Donnell ’83, BC Hire connects current high school students and recent graduates with seasoned alumni representing varied career sectors. Businesses may hire a BC High student or young alumnus for the summer or an extended internship, allowing for relevant experiential learning.

spotlight: EMPLOYER


The BC Hire program has all the elements of a win-win-win between employer/student/and institution. As an employer specifically, I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to interact and engage with ambitious BC High grads and develop a pipeline of potential full-time hires. Our commercial and sales teams benefit from the energy, curiosity, work ethic, and self-starter approach demonstrated by alums and students like Liam and Paul, and they contribute right away. These traits are typically those that our top performers have, needing to operate in very fluid environments where much is asked of them. Our client atmosphere is inherently global at TransPerfect, and in the spirit of BC High educating young men to be global citizens, there are many synergies to explore. We look forward to the future.” —Avery Sturtevant ’98 Regional Director, TransPerfect

Pictured L-R: Paul Alexis ’19, Avery Sturtevant ’98 and Liam McDonald ’17


In addition to job lead generation and placement, BC Hire also offers coaching on resume writing and interview skills, in both group formats and one-on-one. Consider hosting a BC High young alumnus or select high school senior for a summer 2019 internship! These opportunities allow our students to build their resumes, gain professional experience, test drive a potential new career, and hopefully open a door when applying for a full-time position after college.

For more information on BC Hire and hosting interns, please email Jen O’Brien, BC Hire Internship Coordinator at

We are currently seeking hosts in the fields of: • • • • • • •

Life sciences Engineering (electrical, bio, mechanical) Accounting/Finance/Economics CPA firms Legal firms Public service/government General business 3

L-R: Rev. Pat Nolan, SJ, Rev. Brian Conley, SJ, Grace Regan P’12, Very Rev. John Ceccero, SJ, and Rev. Jack Hanwell ’74


“When people ask me what BC High looks like in 2025, there’s a simple answer: whatever makes us better equipped to usher forth leaders for the city, for this country, for the world.” — President Grace Regan P’12


A simple chiasmus, heard as a greeting in parishes across the country, has become something of a calling card for President Grace Regan P’12. Since she arrived on Morrissey Boulevard last year, students, parents, alumni, and faculty have heard it at worship, at meetings, in emails, and in the hallways of BC High. They heard that familiar phrase again at the beginning and end of Regan’s inaugural address during her Missioning Mass on May 3 in a filled-to-capacity McNeice Pavilion. The voices of 1500 young men, BC High faculty, staff, trustees, friends, and nearly 40 Jesuits who came from across the Province and the globe ring out in response: “God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good.”

The Missioning Mass is an important tradition in many Catholic institutions, and BC High’s previous president, William Kemeza, imparted the significance of the liturgy. “It is good and right that this takes place in a Mass ... because in the liturgy, we can experience all time ... a shared community understanding, and the will of the community ... part of our ongoing mission to find God in all things.” The passing of the torch from one strong leader to the next is a promise of continuity and renewal. Regan thanked Kemeza for “blazing a trail and inspiring [her] as the first lay President of BC High.” Both pioneers, as the first layperson and first woman to hold the office, Kemeza and Regan are both bound by their deep roots

in this community and their love for the school. The Very Reverend John Cecero, SJ, Provincial of the USA Northeast Province, led the mass, with Reverend Jack Hanwell, SJ, ’74 and Reverend Brian Conley, SJ, concelebrating. In his homily, Father Provincial Cecero referenced the feast of the Apostles Philip and James, observed the same day as the Missioning Mass, calling it “most fitting, because Grace too is called

“This is truly a Kairos moment for us as we stand with the Province in positioning BC High as the flagship Jesuit, Catholic school for young men in the city of Boston and as a global leader and partner in the network and world. We have recently undertaken a master planning process and we are preparing for a sponsorship review with the Province ... in some ways – we have it easy. It’s easy because our mission is so simple and so

to be an apostle right here at BC High.” “She is steeped in Jesuit values,” he continued, “seeking always the magis – the greater glory of God...Above all she is charged keep the faith strong at BC High. To preach the gospel through this school, this outstanding instrument of grace ... no pun intended.” Provincial Assistant for Education Margaret Florentine, a former BC High vice principal, offered the missional charge to President Regan and to the BC High community – imbuing the new leader with responsibility to the community and the community with responsibility for her. Florentine charged Regan, in part, to “choose well and act justly...[and] increase the graces of freedom.” She asked the BC High community to “ground her in a strong desire to do your will ... [and] motivate her with a deep love for you.” In her inaugural address, Regan set forth a compelling vision for the future of BC High – one that honors the school’s traditions and inspires future leaders.

pure – to serve others. Our work is to ensure that this mission continues. So, whether it’s a science class applying principles they’ve learned in textbooks to make the lives of people with disabilities easier, or an internship working on public policy in the State House. Whether it’s a Hyde Center trip to Belize, Tanzania, Rwanda or China that helps you see yourself as a part of a universal body with a universal mission, or a St. Louis Project trip to Downtown Crossing ministering to our local homeless brothers and sisters. You will learn, as BC High students have since 1863, that care for the community in service of others is the greatest good one can achieve in this life. It is when we acknowledge the great truth that we are the hands of God, and our talents are the gifts he gave us to share with our neighbors. And the BC High of 2025 is a school that, through first-rate education and facilities, spiritual formation, and commitment to our alumni and global Jesuit network is devoted to helping you make the most of those God-given talents. Your lives are changed in these halls, and through you, the world is changed too.” — President Grace Regan P’12, Missioning Mass Remarks

“Grace is steeped in Jesuit values, seeking always the magis — the greater glory of God.” — The Very Reverend John Cecero, SJ

Regan’s missioning was, like all liturgy, a celebration. It was an act of hope, solidarity, and commitment – to BC High as an institution and a community, past, present and future. In the coming months and years, her vision and the strategic planning that must accompany it, will depend on not only Regan’s leadership, but the enthusiasm and involvement of the wider BC High community. Through it all, we can be sure that, in the words that rang out in McNeice Pavilion at the close of President Regan’s inaugural address, “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.”

God is

Good A

l l t he T ime PSALM 100:5


Inspiring a New Generation of LEADERS


BC High students pause for a moment of quiet reflection on their way to a market in Quito, Ecuador during a week of cultural immersion within the local community.

he Missioning of Grace Regan P’12 as the Director of the Work and 28th President of Boston College High School provided a unique opportunity to highlight the school, while offering a platform to outline two key initiatives. President Regan is passionate about expanding BC High’s commitment to global education, while strengthening deep roots in the Boston community. In addition to the Missioning Mass, BC High hosted other events that were attended by hundreds of community members including alumni and friends, Jesuits, leaders from local


schools, and elected city officials. Two key events, a panel on BC High’s place in Boston and another on the school’s global involvement, helped Regan reinforce the idea that active community engagement is not a new commitment for BC High. Rather, the deepening of efforts to live out the foundational Jesuit mission in the city and in the world is a realization of the realities of secondary education in the 21st century. Her efforts are centered around the Hyde Center for Global Education, founded in 2012, as well as internships and mentorships through the BC Hire program, founded in 2015. These relatively new, donor-funded initiatives are constantly growing in strength and scope. They enrich the formative education BC High students have always received, but with a renewed focus on connecting to BC High’s loyal alumni network and the greater Jesuit global network.


President Regan has placed great importance on immersing herself in the Boston community, and positioning BC High to have a voice in an ever-shifting landscape. In years past, school leadership focused on interactions with immediate neighbor UMass Boston. Regan takes a wider view, focusing not just on Morrissey Boulevard, but the entire peninsula and its proximity to the city. Her pledge – engage fully with the Boston and Dorchester communities to form partnerships that will be mutually beneficial for years to come. The physical and social landscape of Boston is changing at a remarkably rapid pace and BC High must not only adapt to those changes but be a leader in that process. Mayor Martin Walsh opened the program by thanking BC High for preparing generations of young men that have given back to the city, before turning over the microphone to moderator Senator Jack Hart ’79. The panel was comprised of a range of BC High community

Pictured L-R: Mayor Marty Walsh, Paul Alexis ’19, President Grace Regan P’12, President–Nativity Prep-Boston Brian Maher P’08, ’11, Danny Abraham ’18


Following the first panel, Reverend Jose Mesa, SJ, the Secretariat for Jesuit Education at the Curia in Rome, led a presentation on “BC High in the World.” In joining the inaugural events, Rev. Mesa discussed the path of renewal on which the Society of Jesus has embarked. He particularly emphasized the growing momentum of global collaboration taking place throughout the worldwide network of Jesuit education. He highlighted BC High’s historical influence, as well as the school’s ongoing commitment to global leadership as critical factors of the Society as the community begins to envision “BC High 2025.” The opportunity was seized to welcome back and thank retired President Bill Kemeza for his outstanding contributions and vision for BC High as a school of the world. The Hyde Center for Global Education has

become one of the most important parts of the Jesuit education BC High provides, and one of the most powerful differentiators of the school. In many ways it has become the most rewarding opportunity for the young men of BC High to live out St. Ignatius’ charge to his disciples, by venturing out into the world with the Gospel in their hearts. Regan concluded the panel with the announcement of a special $2,000,000 commitment from Stephen Hyde, son of the late Larry Hyde ’42. The Hyde family’s gift will help ensure that Larry’s dream of opening the Hyde Center doors to the larger network of Jesuit and Catholic schools becomes a reality.


BC High in the

members including Senator Linda DorcenaForry P’22, Tom Hynes ’57 of Collier’s International, Dave Sweeney ’01, Chief of Staff to Mayor Walsh, and student Danny Abraham ’18, Harvard University ’22. These stakeholders spoke thoughtfully on topics ranging from the importance of diversity, to the role of Catholic institutions in a changing city, and envisioning innovative opportunities for BC High.


BC High in the

L-R: Retired President Bill Kemeza, Rev. Jose Mesa, SJ, Board Chair, Kelly Verrochi P’15, Dan Carmody, Steve Hyde, Troy Salmans ’18, President Grace Regan P’12 and Trustee Dr. Marty Dunn ’53




“Going to TANZANIA, staying with a host family, and studying at a Jesuit high school in Dar es Salaam was a total culture shock. This 180 degree change in culture forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and immerse myself in a new, abstract, and vibrant culture which I have come to love.” Jack Bracher ’18





Santiago, Dominican Republic



Belize City, Belize

Parramos, Guatemala

San Jose, Costa Rica Quito, Ecuador “Whether working with my cohort or listening to a variety of speakers from around the globe, I firmly believe that the HYDE GLOBAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM provides valuable insight into the world around us. It has strengthened my commitment to become a better global citizen in a world where understanding international issues is essential.” Tim Smyth ’18


Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of BC High’s most distinguishing features is the Hyde Center for Global Education. Mr. Lawrence Hyde graduated from BC High in 1942. He developed a deep passion for travel and cultural immersion by visiting every free country in the world. His dream, and ours, is to provide all BC High students with the same opportunity. Thanks to Mr. Hyde’s generosity, the Hyde Center was established in 2012 and continues to grow. What is so unique about the Hyde Center? We create academic, service, and retreat programs for our students


all over the world. Whether you are studying Spanish in Argentina, building a home in Belize, or participating in a retreat in Tanzania, we offer a transformational experience abroad for everyone. Designed right in the Hyde Center, all of our programs are led by BC High faculty and staff. These experiences ensure that you step out of your comfort zone, travel off the beaten path, and develop an understanding of the world that will forever change you.

“As a result of my trip to CHINA, throughout my entire college search process I have looked for universities that invest in global immersion opportunities. The Hyde Center opened up my classroom to the world, helping me to grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually.” Troy Salmans ’18


Glasgow, Scotland Beijing, China Dublin, Ireland

Rome, Italy

Kolkata, India

Lyon, France



Kigali, Rwanda Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Sydney, Australia Harare, Zimbabwe

Program destinations are an accurate representation of offerings for 2017-2018 and are subject to change. 9


“They are positively, without a doubt, alight with God’s fire, somehow stolen from heaven. You won’t find it everywhere, but they have found it here — something incredibly powerful and infectious.” — Anthony Cosentino ’18 on his fellow graduates


Transformed by [ BY MATT BEDUGNIS ’13 ] ABOVE

Mike White ’70 issued the Class of 2018 three challenges as commencement speaker that have guided his life in the years since leaving Morrissey Boulevard.


On Pentecost Sunday we celebrate the day when the Holy Spirit changed the course of the Church forever. The Apostles, filled with talent and passion, undertook their mission to shape the world. It is especially fitting that our newest group of alumni, the Class of 2018, graduated from BC High on Pentecost. Like the Apostles these young men have been touched by God – transformed into leaders and ambassadors for a better world. At an end-of-year awards ceremony Anthony Cosentino ’18 described how his classmates had been touched by holy fire: “They are positively, without a doubt, alight with God’s fire, somehow stolen from heaven. You won’t find it everywhere, but they found it here – something incredibly powerful and infectious. And with that fire burning inside of them, along with their unshakeable sense of justice, unconquerable will, and indefatigable endurance, these men will set the world on fire as well.”

The remarkable thing about the Class of 2018 isn’t their rank-and-file success, but the depth and breadth of their success at such a young age. Cosentino alluded to just a few of his classmates, “multiple All-American athletes, guys that build robots with artificial intelligence they programmed themselves, a kid who walked across Uzbekistan with his favorite writer, and five National Merit Finalists.” Like those blessed on Pentecost, the Class of 2018 possesses many talents but one mission: the betterment of the world for the greater glory of God. Driven by the openness to growth instilled in them at BC High, these young men have spent countless hours in the classroom, on the stage, and traveling across the world pursuing their interests with insatiable passion. Their collective success is evidence that BC High and its mission are stronger than ever. Boston College High School is one of few places where future professional athletes, CEOs and scientists, politicians


and activists can gather around a lunch table and discuss Shakespeare. Morrissey Boulevard is a melting pot of God-given potential where students learn from and grow with each other. At the one hundred and fifty fourth commencement exercises President Grace Regan P’12 drew comparisons between the graduates and the Golden Jubilarians of the Class of 1968 seated before them. Regan noted that both classes had “come of age in a time of great change and uncertainty in the world.” She reflected that 1968 represented a boom in the science curriculum at BC High and that the legacy of pushing boundaries had been dutifully carried on by the Class of 2018 with “members from a championship robotics team, entrepreneurs seeking patents, designing apps, and coding websites.” She contended that these pioneering classes, half a century apart, share something deeper: “While you [1968] were affected by the violence at Kent State, [2018] are experiencing the March for Our Lives movement. You witnessed the Civil Rights movement; these young men have watched Black Lives Matter. You aimed for the Moon, and someday one of these young men might set foot on Mars. We can never know the true historical significance of the moments in which we live, but at BC High we prepare our graduates to be leaders where it matters and when it counts.” President Regan identified the generational similarities between these classes, but the most important thing they share is the transformational, Pentecostal effect of a BC High education.








Number of Students Total number of applications



Colleges that visited BC High

92% 79

Of seniors admitted to the “Most” or “Highly Competitive” colleges

Attending Jesuit schools


Attending Ivy League schools


Attending Military Academies





National Merit Commended students


National Merit Scholarship Finalists


National Merit Scholarship Winners 11

student & EXPERIENCE


Photo by Buuthien Hang ’20, BC High Media Club

Christian Archibald ’19 Ethan Benster ’18 Jake Brennan ’21 Matt Bromage ’21 Colin Campbell ’19 Alec Carstoiu ’19 Ryan Carter ’21 Andy Cass ’20 Brady Connolly ’20 Sam DosSantos ’21 Shamus Drury ’22 Nick Fahy ’18 Connor Giese ’20 Chris Hussey ’20 Isaiah Jean-Fontaine ’19 Ned Kennedy ’21 Grady Louvar ’23 Chris Lowe ’21 Jack McQuaid ’19 Brian Miller ’21 An Ngo ’20 Matt O’Brien ’21 DJ Ormond ’19 Dorien Perry-Tillmon ’19 James Pickart ’20 Daniel Politano ’20 Thomas Potts ’20 Christopher Recupero ’21 Denis Regan ’21 Tim Smyth ’18 Will Swanson ’20



This past spring, it was curtains up for the Dever Players who masterfully “treaded the boards” for their production of Les Misérables. Over the course of 10 weeks the cast logged more than 150 hours learning to sing, waltz, and work together as a team to bring this epic production to life. Meanwhile, the crew transformed donated scrap and found items into a set that transported the audience to 19th century France. There may have been doubts on execution for such a large-scale production but the faith and determination of cast and crew was steadfast until the final curtain call. Thank you to all who attended, showed support, donated time, and cheered the Players on. Below is a reflection from cast member Nicholas Fahy ’18. “The cast and crew of Les Misérables are thrilled – and a little sad – to have completed our musical production. With 68 individuals credited on our program as part of the cast,


crew, orchestra, and production staff of Les Mis, this was a team effort, and one that required a lot of group work and compromise in order to stage. During the rehearsal process, one cast member ripped his pants suddenly and decisively, another chipped his tooth pretending to golf, and still another had to spend an entire song with his microphone pack dangling from his waist like a tail. Through an incalculable number of voice-cracks, warm-up exercises, and unintelligible chanting, we built a strong sense of community that we hope will continue into next year. Les Misérables is a remarkable story that brings justice and mercy into open conflict onstage. As we worked through the choreography, blocking, and music of the show, we grappled with the conflicts of the main characters. Is it ever too late to seek redemption? Where does the law fall short in ordering


society? How do we respond to a set of life circumstances ordained before birth? When do we need to sacrifice more for the people we love? We also explored several aspects of theater. For some, it was our first time acting on stage, for others, it was our first time learning choreography. Impromptu music lessons from our music director taught us how to hit difficult notes without straining, while fight choreography lessons taught us the proper kickback reaction for firing a 19th century musket. We are especially grateful for a revived interest in the arts we’ve felt from teachers and administrators all throughout this year, and especially during Les Mis. We believe that begins with our new President, and we would like to thank her for attending several shows and personally advocating for us. We’re excited about the future of the program. Vive la France!”

Ben Petrillo ’22 and Alessandro Carleton ’22 were paired with an individual who is unable to pick up items off the floor. They engineered a “jamming gripper” comprised of a coffee ground-filled extra thick balloon that conforms to the shape of any compressed object. Once in place, a negative pressure is applied (with a portable vacuum) to the balloon that both causes the grounds to lock together and the balloon to constrict slightly around the object, gripping it.

Engineering a Connection Between SCIENCE and SOCIAL JUSTICE •••


What began as an idea to design a device to assist my older sister Shannon, who lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, turned into a journey where science and social justice collided. As an Arrupe eighth-grade science teacher, my colleagues and I are always looking for ways to incorporate science into everyday life. Shannon has faced mobility issues that my young students haven’t experienced, and instead of just talking about someone else’s challenges, I decided to show them and have them work together towards possible solutions. My goal was to create a powerful and engaged learning environment that would improve critical thinking skills, but more importantly, make a connection between my students and a person with disabilities. I organized the class into groups, and they were tasked with designing and engineering a device that would improve the life of a person with disabilities. Project-based learning (PBL) is a model for classroom activity that shifts away from teacher-centered instruction and emphasizes student-centered projects. Educational research shows students demonstrate better

problem-solving skills in PBL than in more traditional classes and students are able to apply what they learn to real-life situations. The project unfolded as I gathered a group of 12 wonderful people with various physical disabilities to work with the student groups. Through Skype interviews and email exchanges, students slowly began to understand the needs of their new friends. To deepen their understanding of their partner’s disability, the boys were tasked with reaching out to a professional researching this disease. Their empathy soon manifested itself in the form of ideas ranging from a “jamming gripper” to battery operated heated gloves. Through multiple conversations and design and build iterations, they achieved some impressive results. The unique and useful products demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges the genetic disorder presented. Perhaps even more rewarding was reading my students’ reflections after the project. Jack Kaster ’22 wrote, “I liked how much freedom we had over this project. We had objectives and due dates for these objectives; then we


were free to work. I didn’t know anyone with a disability before this project. I didn’t know how hard their life could be. Our partner was Madison Parotta, and she has Spinal Muscular Atrophy which causes her to be very weak. Madison couldn’t even lift her computer to move it closer to her. Brennan Malone ’22 and I wanted to make a device that would help her move her computer. To know that you’re helping someone who really needs it is a great feeling, and it served as extra motivation for me to try my best for her.” Ben Petrillo ’22 remarked, “I created something that came directly from my heart. I strongly believe that my work is going to help many people with disabilities, and I’m proud of that.” These reflections made me realize how much these students care about others and just how essential it is to create equal opportunities through scientific discovery. I am looking forward to expanding this project, and I can’t wait to see what my students design in the future. 13


maroon & GOLD


A “Man for Others” This past lacrosse season was especially meaningful for John Carroll ’14 as he was voted by his team and coaches to wear jersey number 19. The retired number was once worn by Welles Crowther (BC ’99), the inspiration behind The Man in the Red Bandana, BC High’s all-school read last year. Boston College coaches started the tradition of choosing a senior who embodied the spirit of Crowther and his “man for others” heroic efforts on September 11. Carroll proudly accepted the honor, “Coming from a Jesuit educational background, the opportunity to wear 19 in honor of Welles Crowther meant a lot to me. Welles was the epitome of a man for others and set an example of extreme selflessness we all strive to emulate.”

Brillo is the New Head Football Coach Jonathan Brillo ’99 has taken over the reigns as the head football coach for the Eagles. Jon Bartlett ’87 announced his departure as head coach last spring to focus on his role as Athletic Director. Brillo has been a part of the BC High football program for many years, serving as an assistant coach on the 2008 and 2011 championship football teams. “We are extremely happy that Coach Brillo is our next head coach. For the past 10 years on the BC High Staff, Coach Brillo has coached multiple positions and has coordinated both sides of the ball. He has without a doubt been one of 14

our hardest working coaches, with the hours and preparation he puts in on the field and off. This work ethic and his ability to relate to our student-athletes will make him a successful head coach” said Bartlett. In addition to his commitment to football, he has been an instrumental part of the indoor and spring track teams, assisting in the 2009 indoor track championship team. Brillo is a graduate of the Class of 1999 and played football and participated in track in his time as a student.

L-R: Kaleb Moody ’19, Keith Henderson ’19, Jonathan Brillo ’99, John Destefanis ’19, John Freeman ’19

The BC High football program has seen great success under the leadership of Jon Bartlett. Each year, several student-athletes go on to play at the collegiate level. Brillo seeks to continue that record of achievement, “I am truly honored and excited to be named head football coach of the Boston College High School Eagles. I want to thank President Regan, Principal Hughes, Athletic Director Jon Bartlett and those who sat on the search committee for this incredible opportunity. I am eager to get to work and will strive to build on the current success of the program, and uphold the wonderful tradition that is BC High Football.” Coach Brillo and the Eagles earned his first win as a head coach with a 24-0 victory over Marshfield on September 14.

The Last Lap Around the Track When John Normant ’64 arrived on Morrissey Boulevard in 1960 little did he know that, apart from four years at Boston College, he would return every fall for the next 50 years to coach, teach, and inspire thousands of young men. In the words of Principal Steve Hughes on the last day of school, “John is a true gentleman. We are all better for knowing him.” Saying goodbye to the 1500 students gathered in the Hunter-Fahey Commons to wish him farewell, Coach Normant took the chance to give one last recruiting pitch. “What a sight! There have to be some great runners, jumpers and throwers out there. Give track and field a try.” As the crowd laughed and, hopefully, considered going out for track and field Normant paused thoughtfully, “I’ve been asked how I could do what I did for 50 years. For my answer I borrow a sentence from a Boston College campaign: “You made it happen”! That’s right. It is you. From watching a C student in my Precalculus course go on to crush the AB exam, to watching a high jumper progress from 5’ 7” to 6’ 4”, to observing the genuine compassion that is shown on the St. Louis Project, to seeing the pride of accomplishment shown by a student who overcame challenging circumstances outside of school as he accepts his diploma at graduation, that’s how it happened. I sometimes facetiously say in my class “if this was real school ...” but this isn’t real school it is an unreal school.”

hockey lacrosse

• M  ore than half of the Class of 2018 participated in athletics • 205 out of 237 (86.5%) of our seniors received Scholar-Athlete recognition. To earn the Scholar-Athlete award, a student must have a 3.2 or higher grade-point average during their athletic season • BC High has 20 Athletic Programs over three seasons • 17 out of the 20 Athletic Programs had over 70% of their student-athletes achieve Scholar-Athlete recognition




• Eight Varsity Sports witnessed every single senior achieve Scholar-Athlete: Basketball, Cross-Country, Golf, Sailing, Skiing, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Volleyball.




Fr. Peter Graziano ’52 is retired from the active priesthood, but considers himself blessed. He is back living in the home that he grew up in, helping out at St. John the Evangelist, his childhood parish.

7 1930s


Several members of BC High’s storied Class of 1952 visited with their classmate, Patrick Cadigan, at his home in California. (L to R) Bucky Donovan, Frank Androski, Joe Hoar, Tom Cunningham, and (seated) Patrick Cadigan. Missing from the photo is Jack Leonard.

Bill Coakley ’35 recently spent the afternoon with several Arrupe Divsion eighth graders during their service day. Bill enjoyed meeting Rocco Cassetta ’22 and Charlie Reitz ’22 and hearing about their experience as BC High students.

7 1940s

7 1950s


Dan McCarthy ’51 recently moved from his long time home in Sudbury to the Atria senior living facility in Marina Bay, Quincy. Dan has four children, six grandkids, and recently became a great grandfather for the first time. He was disappointed to have only gotten out skiing once this past winter.


The Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team flew Tom Kelley ’56 and his wife Joan down to Florida to take part in a ceremony as an Honorary Captain before they faced off against the Boston Bruins.

7 1960s

Robert Foley ’58 is still working out in Silicon Valley. Bob and his colleagues are changing medicine and healthcare with early detection of breast cancer using computers to analyze images and to point out areas that may be cancerous, but overlooked by radiologists.


The Classes of 1953 and 1958 gathered at BC High in June for their 65th and 60th reunion luncheons.

the presence of many people who had been at the wedding in 1968.

Richard Murphy ’54 published No. 46 on the Greater Boston Hit List, about a case he prosecuted in 1969.

Kevin Doyle ’58 remains at the helm of his business, Select Graphics, which he founded in 1982.

Rev. Joesph Duffy, SJ ’44 has served as the Boston College University Secretary for two decades. He was recently given an honorary degree for his lifetime of service to the University. Robert Tracy ’46, Emeritus Professor of English and of Celtic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and his wife Rebecca Tracy, were honored by the UC Berkeley English Department, together with the Center for European Studies, the Celtic Studies Program, and the San Francisco Irish Literary and Historical Society for their contribution to the study of Irish literature and history on the West Coast.

Bill Lynch ’53 recently published Global Warming Temperatures and Projections, which models in-depth CO2 trends and and their impact on climate change.

Dick Gill ’58 and his wife Kathy celebrated 50 years of marriage at a gathering of family and friends, organized by their daughters, Kristen and Keri, and families. They renewed their wedding vows in



The Class of 1963 gathered in early June for their bi-annual luncheon at Amrhein’s on Broadway in Southie. Not shown here in the photo is Class Chairman (and photographer) Noel Schaub ’63.

7 Tim Gens ’67, who passed away this year, was honored by Boston Globe for his service as executive vice president of the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association. Senator Ed Markey remembered Tim as a “policy and political genius. He knew how to take complex issues and reduce them down and make them accessible for anyone in the room, for anyone in our state, and anyone in our country to understand.” Paul Abraham ’68 returned to campus for his 50th reunion, as a professor at Simmons in Boston he directs both the MATESL Program and the Language and Literacy Program, a Special Education language-based reading program, in the Education Department.

of the Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Schools, Kathy Mears. As part of the Inauguration activites for President Regan, BC High hosted a panel discussion entitled “BC High in the City,” moderated by former State Senator, Jack Hart ’79, the discussion engaged and informed the audience on the changing landscape of the City of Boston. Mayor Marty Walsh welcomed the crowd and the panel also included Dave Sweeney ’01, Chief of Staff for Marty Walsh, Tom Hynes ’57, Colliers International, and Linda Dorcena Forry P’22, VP, Suffolk Construction. Fritz Friendman ’68 had a fun time at his 50 year reunion, visting the school and seeing his old friends, so much so that he was sad when the weekend ended.

Several alumni from the early 70s are still lacing up the skates and playing hockey. Shown at a recent game are (L to R): Jack McDonough ’72, and from the Class of 1973: Paul Hurley, Danny Cronin, Tommy Sullivan, George Driscoll, and John Spatola.

7 1980s Mike Bernard ’81 published his first novel A Fisherman’s View, a uniquely Irish story of reconciliation and a celebration of family.

Mike O’Brien ’68 greatly enjoyed attending his 50th Reunion and renewing contact with his former classmates.


Joe Westfield ’68’s 50th Class reunion was extra special as he recieved his Golden Eagle diploma from his son, math teacher Tim Westfield ’02.

Dads, Grads and Grandads! 7 1970s


Jack Dill ’70, President and CEO of Colebrook Realty Services, Inc. and Affiliates, was elected Vice Chair by Fallon Health’s Board of Directors. Leonard Guarente ’70, is the co-founder and chief scientist at Elysium. He also directs the Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Dan Sullivan ’71’s daughter, Tara, presented him and Marjie with her second son Dylan, on Mother’s Day. Not to be outdone, daughter Meghan had her fourth child, Thomas, on Father’s Day!

Under the direction of Joseph Petrowski ’72, who works as the Director of Fuels, Yesway, the fast growing and innovative convenience store chain continues to expand its fuel team and improve its fuel offering. James Linnehan ’73 retired in August 2017 after 29 years with the City of Boston. He worked as Director of Research in the Assessing Department. Continuing in the Classics, Jim O’Hara ’77 has published a classroom commentary on The Aeneid. Vergil: Aeneid 8 is now available from Hackett Press. It comes with

Introduction, Latin text, helpful notes, an appendix on meter, and a full vocbaulary. Mark Flint ’78, a teacher and Middle School Coordinator at St. Mary of the Annunciation School in Melrose, was recently honored as one of the first recipients of the prestigious Archdiocese of Boston Excellence in Education Award. This annual award honors elementary and secondary school teachers’ commitment to developing “saints and scholars” in the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston. Flint will receive $1,500 and be honored at a luncheon in May with Cardinal Seàn O’Malley and Superintendent

Dads, grads, and grandads! The annual tradition of the Legacy Photo continued at the Class of 2018 Commencement. This year there were more than 40 Legacy families present. Alberto Vasallo, III ’85 received an honorary degree from Boston College for his more than 20 years working with the Latino youth population. Pete Hughes ’86, was named the 21st head baseball coach at Kansas State. Hughes, who has a proven track record of setting new standards of excellence, has compiled a career record of 652-492-3 (.570)


alumni NEWS & NOTES

in 21 seasons as a head coach, serving as head coach at Trinity University (1997-98), Boston College (1999-2006), Virginia Tech (2007-13) and Oklahoma (2014-17). Twice named both the New England Coach of the Year and BIG EAST Coach of the Year, as well as the 2000 American Baseball Coaches Association Northeast Region Coach of the Year, Hughes owns a well-deserved reputation as a relentless worker, tireless recruiter, and charismatic leader.

Athletic Director Jon Bartlett ’87 was honored at the annual athletic banquet for his tenure as head football coach for the Eagles. He has stepped down from coaching but will continue his role as Athletic Director. During his eight years as head coach, Bartlett won two State titles, numerous Catholic Conference titles, and has countless student athletes playing at the next level: D1, D2, D3, NESCAC, Ivy and beyond.


David Doyle ’91, a staff writer for and a columnist for Yahoo Sports, was recently elected by his peers to the Board of Directors of the Mixed Martial Arts Journalists Association. David Finnegan ’91 heads up marketing for NAI Hunneman, a commercial real estate firm in Boston’s Seaport district. This summer, David participated in his fourth Bike to the Beach, a 100 mile bike ride from Boston to Newport in support of his son Henry. Congratulations to Rich Corner ’93 who was recently promoted to Colonel in the United States Army. Thank you for your service and for representing BC High as a proud alumnus! Mike Thomasian ’96 was named the Archdiocese of Washington’s Distinguished Principal of the Year as well as The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) “Lead. Learn Proclaim.” Award recipient. Mike was chosen from more than 150,000 teachers and administrators, as well as diocesan leaders and organizations dedicated to the nation’s Catholic schools. The annual award honors those whose ministry is Catholic school education and who have demonstrated a strong Catholic

Jared Wahlgren ’99 just celebrated his 3 year anniversary with the Dedham, MA American Red Cross working in the Equipment Department as a specialist.

7 2000s


educational philosophy as well as exceptional ability, dedication and results.

Brockton’s Brian J. Murphy ’89 is the newly elected and installed Commodore of the Cottage Park Yacht Club in Winthrop. He is also the Director of Outpatient Services at Arbour Hospital in Jamaica Plain.

John Vitti ’97 is the CEO of a new company called MrktStar which is an online marketplace for private and public companies. This marketplace game is for everyone (not just aspiring investors). People pick their favorite applications and make real money based on their real performance.


Vincent Depaolo ’03 graduated from the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Leadership Academy. Brendan Downes ’03 is a Civil Rights lawyer among the attorneys from the Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights Under Law, Washington, DC, who tried an important Voting Rights case in Corpus Christi, Texas. Brendan and his colleagues

Kevin Collins ’01, wife Emily, and big brother Reid David, welcomed Leo Kerrick Collins to the family last year.

challenged the discriminatory method of electing Texas’s High Court Judges. Zeke Hughes ’03 won the New York “Global Legal Hackathon”, a legal tech development competition. His entry, the Rights Now app, is a prototype for an easy-to-understand legal knowledge repository accessible through voice services like Siri. Zeke said he hopes the app will “provide security in instances where people do not know their rights, so they will now have access in real-time way to receive that information back.”

Daniel Vannoni ’01 caught up with the BC High JV Sailing team after a win over Winthrop. Mark Dursin ’88 and his wife Sheri LaCava Dursin published Labors of an Epic Punk.

Greg Smith ’02 returned to campus to speak to the BC High Business Club about his career as the Director of Sales at Gryphon Networks.

Derek Haddad ’01, now a Lecturer of Ancient History at Southern New Hampshire University, was married to Katelyn Tustin with four other BC High alumni in the wedding party (L to R: Derek Ng ’99, Mike Haddad ’99, Derek Haddad ’01, Robert Leonard ’01, Fred Norton ’99).


Michael DeCosta ’86 has been named Managing Partner for the Stamford office of Caldwell Partners, one of the North America’s largest executive search firm. He also leads the firm’s Professional Services practice globally. He specializes in placing partners and “C” level executives for consulting, accounting, and law firms.

7 1990s

Michael Aldred ’02 started a business, K Street Candles, which recycles liquor and wine bottles into hand-made premium soy candles. Boston Police Officer Michael Butler ’02 sprang into action during an early morning patrol to help deliver a baby that couldn’t wait to get to the hospital. Officer Butler and his partner delivered a healthy baby boy on the streets of Dorchester on a cold March morning.

Joe Maher ’03 and wife Ashley welcomed Sophia Rose into the family this past February.

Robert Bergquist ’10, from Cell Phones for Soldiers, was the keynote speaker at BC High Model UN Club’s 26th Model UN Conference. Dan Hurley ’10 showed his BC High pride when he visited the North Pole. He is currently the Supply Officer onboard a fast-attack submarine.

Ryan Bernardi ’15 was named head basketball coach at Burlington Christian Academy. Despite being only 20 years old, Ryan has been a team manager for Elon’s men’s basketball team for three years. Hugh J. Gorman IV ’15 helped his team to be the first ever men’s boat in Bates history to win a gold medal at the National Invitational Rowing Championship.

Zach Crump ’05, wife Danielle, and daughter Maddison welcomed Grayson Andrew Crump into the world in April. Patrick McDonald ’06 and wife Hillary welcomed the birth of their first child, Elizabeth Rose McDonald, in September. Patrick Fandel ’13 was named the new Dorchester liaison with the city’s Office of Neighborhood Services by Mayor Martin Walsh. He takes over for David Cotter ’10, who held the post since 2015 and has transitioned over to the Department of Neighborhood Development.

Ryan Campbell ’17 was named First Team All-Conference in the EHL (Eastern Hockey League), playing for the Walpole Express. The Model UN team traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the 55th North American Invitational Model UN Conference (NAIMUN) at Georgetown University where Patrick Walsh ’17 was a committee co-chair. Walsh and Robert Brook ’15 then showed the group around the Georgetown campus. Michael Sticca ’18, won tickets to see a Red Sox game in this historic season through the Senior Class Gift raffle!

Evan Jansen ’15, Dylan Foran ’16, Ryan McIntyre ’17 and Shamar Rainford ’19 coached at BC High’s Summer Soccer Camp.


Anthony Cipolla ’07 and wife Carolyn welcomed Charles Joseph Cipolla in March. Charles, BC High Class of 2036, is already showing his Eagle spirit!

At the Holy Cross Invitational, Evan Burton ’14 won two events. His discus toss was the best in University of Massachusetts Amherst history since 2000 and fourth all-time in the program history.

J. Conor Harrity ’13, a senior captain of Harvard’s heavyweight crew, won a silver medal in the grand final at the Eastern Sprints earlier this year, and will wrap up the season at the 153rd Harvard-Yale Regatta on the Thames River in New London, Ct. Jon Palmer ’07 recently passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam and is working for Reynders McVeigh Capital Management in the Financial District.

7 2010s

Zachary Bailey ’14 and Morgan O’Brien ’14 were commissioned as United States Marines. Zac came back to campus for the ceremony!

Whether clad in Boston College maroon and gold, Holy Cross purple, or St. Joe’s Crimson, BC High rugby alumni were well-represented in the Jesuit cup. (L to R): Joe Souza ’15, Noah Hopkins ’15, Billy Coughlin ’15, Patrick McDonough ’16, Mickey Chapple ’14, and Sean McDermott ’17.


Former BC High Model UN Club Officer, Thomas Arrighi ’08 met with current Model UN members in Washington, DC where he works. He spoke to the group about his role as a communications director for Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-CA) and arranged a tour of the US Capitol.

BC High welcomed back Second Lieutenant John Rusnock ’13 to speak with the lacrosse team about opportunity and perseverance. He is now heading to Ranger school to continue his career in the military.


Nick Alberti ’10, Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships and Mike Corcoran ’12, Account Executive for the Boston Celtics hosted the BC High business club at Celtics management office. The students attended a game after meeting with their fellow alumni.




GRAND Reuniting BC High

A Special Reunion: Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Pat Landers ’73, President Grace Regan P’12 and Pat’s father-in-law, Bob Cunningham ’43

On April 7, BC High celebrated Grand Reunion with classes ending in ’3 & ’8. Over 450 alumni

Trustee Greg Bulger ’68 and Paul DeLory ’68



7 Michael Lojek ’68, Bob Glynn ’68, Michael Spatola ’68, Cole Howard ’18, Bill Naylor ’68, Bob Devereux ’68, Joey Hua-Phan ’18, Jim Lauper ’68, and Jim Hession ’68

attendees reconnected with each Joe Westfield ’68, Kathryn Hunter, and Robert Hunter ’68

other at mass and over dinner. Our student speaker, Matt Sullivan ’18 offered a thoughtful reflection of his time on Morrissey Boulevard

The Class of 1968 returned to Morrissey Boulevard for their 50th Reunion this past spring to celebrate a half-century of BC High brotherhood. This year was yet another terrific turnout with more than 80 Golden Eagles flocking back to campus for the gathering. On Friday, the jubilarians were invited to a “Back to School” day where they stepped into the shoes of a modern BC High student. They received a campus tour, visited with current students Joey Hue-Phan ’18 and Cole Howard ’18, and heard an update on the school from Principal Steve Hughes. 20

On Saturday, guests enjoyed a 50th Reunion Liturgy concelebrated by their classmates, Reverend Ed Vodoklys, SJ, Deacon Bob Devereux, and Deacon Tom Lynch with a dinner afterwards. The grand finale of the weekend featured the Class of 1968 receiving their golden diplomas during the 154th Commencement Exercise for the Class of 2018. For more than fifty years Golden Eagles from the 50th Reunion class have been honored at BC High graduation. Their presence each year is an inspiration for the young graduates, and a true testament to the strength of the alumni network.

with his dad, Dan Sullivan ’83, P’18 and the Class of 1983 on hand. It was wonderful to see so many graduates back on campus and we look forward to welcoming back graduates from ’4 and ’9 this April! To learn more about reunion visit

reunion Classes ending in ’3 & ’8





the scenes

Excellence IN EDUCATION Social studies teacher Michael Clancy ’03 was recently honored as one of the first recipients of the prestigious Archdiocese of Boston Excellence in Education Award. This annual award honors elementary and secondary school teachers’ commitment to developing “saints and scholars” in the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston.

GROWING Leadership Dan Carmody began a new role as the Vice President for Global and Mission Identity at BC High in July. He has been a member of the BC High community since 2007 and has served as the leader and executive director of the Lawrence H. Hyde ’42 Center for Global Education since 2012. Since its inception, more than 1,000 members of the BC High community have participated in Hyde initiatives. Internationally, Carmody is known as a central figure in global conversations that bolster the worldwide network of Jesuit schools. For the past four years, he has served as the Global Initiatives Assistant to Fr. Jose Mesa, SJ, the Worldwide Secretariat for Global Education and was a member of the International Commission of the Apostolate of Jesuit Education. BC High will gain valuable leadership from Carmody on a global level in collaboration with the Jesuit network. Colleen Carter was promoted to Vice President for External Relations. Mrs. Carter has served as Interim Vice President for Advancement since 2016 and began her tenure at BC High in 2008 as Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship. Carter’s leadership with the 150th


Anniversary Campaign raised $77.5 million for BC High. Her new role will be critical to BC High and the future of Columbia Point peninsula, the City of Boston, and the Jesuit network. Kelly DeGregorio, CFRE, joins BC High as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement. Kelly comes to BC High following sixteen years in healthcare philanthropy with demonstrated success building comprehensive fundraising programs. She has served as Assistant Vice President, Major Gifts at Brigham and Women’s Hospital since 2013. During her tenure, Kelly led major and principal gift initiatives for clinical and research programs including women’s health, cancer, newborn medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology as part of Brigham and Women’s $1.5 billion comprehensive campaign. Jennifer Trent P’18 was promoted to the Chief Financial Officer. Trent has been a member of the BC High community since July 2006 serving as Executive Director and Controller in the BC High Accounting and Finance Office. The Chief Financial Officer of BC High is responsible for managing all accounting, financial and general business activities of

the school. She will work with the leadership team of the school to direct and coordinate the strategic and financial planning, forecasting, and budget management. Charlie Drane, Academic Vice Principal, completed the Professional School Administrator Program (PSAP) at Boston College and was awarded a Doctor of Education degree in educational leadership. His dissertation was titled: Experience of Educators of Color Related to the Racial Disproportionality within the Educator Pipeline and Schools: Perceptions of educators of color regarding their pre-service preparation. Michael Frost, of the English department, received his PhD in Philosophy from Boston College. His dissertation, Lonergan and Oedipus, was a close reading of Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus through the prism of the thought of Jesuit theologian and philosopher, Bernard Lonergan, SJ. In March, Ron Fletcher ’87, English department, helped the Harvard Business School Rusty Blades win the 25th annual McArthur Cup, North America’s largest graduate

school hockey tournament. Shaking off the ghost of Ted Donato (CM ’87) in the House of Donato, Fletcher eked out three wins on the tourney’s final day, celebrated with his son, Dean, and briefly entertained the thought of hanging up the pads on a high note. In June, he turned to his other passion, Moby-Dick. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, Fletcher joined kindred spirits at the New Bedford Whaling Museum to plumb the depths of Melville’s masterpiece, the novel at the heart of his A.P. Literature course. Guidance Counselor Katie Griswold retired at the end of the school

Katie Griswold, Principal Steve Hughes, and John Normant

year. Griswold was recognized by her peers for her caring and compassionate presence, always meeting students where they were on their journey. Upon reflection, Ms. Griswold shared these parting thoughts, “I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my fifteen years as a

counselor at BC High. I have only laid a brick or two at the corner of our Cathedral but sharing the work and the joy of our mission to shape young men has been a calling like no other in my life. And I have become a better bricklayer thanks to being in this community! My wish is that we continue to feel God’s presence in all things throughout our lives and stay connected to each other and BC High. It has been an honor to accompany so many wonderful young men on their challenging, exciting, and often rocky roads through high school. It has been a privilege to do so in collaboration with our faith-filled community of dedicated adults and parents. Sincere thanks to all!” Also retiring, Math teacher and Track Coach John Normant ’64. Please see page 14 for Coach Normant’s final words on his 36 years teaching math and almost five decades coaching track. Margaret Felice of the religious education and fine & performing arts departments wrote 2019:

book is available on Amazon and all proceeds go to support autism awareness.

Members of the Advancement and President’s Offices attended the Jesuit Schools Network Conference for Advancement in Chicago, IL in July. President Grace Regan, Kim Jennings, Colleen Carter, and Mary Gene Clavin were presenters to the group of 150 advancement professionals.

Retired matt teacher, Norm Swain ’55 and his grandson, Sean Talbot ’12, were lucky enough to get a personal tour of Fenway and the Green Monster during the Red Sox historic 108-win season!

Retired BC High modern language teacher Jim Autio ’59 and his wife Ellen P’90 P’91, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary April 14. A Mass was offered by family friend Fr. Frank Silva, at St Mary of the Sacred Heart Church, Hanover followed by a luncheon at South Shore Country Club in Hingham. Arrupe classics teacher, Dann Russo, and his band “Three At Home” released their first EP of original music this July, and are planning on working on their first full-length record this winter. Charlie Drane, Kim Smith, Tom Smith, Paul Carty, and Troy Turick attended the Jesuit Schools Network Conference for Jesuit Excellence at Canisius High School

Margaret Felice of the religious education and fine & performing arts departments and Michael McGonagle ’70, Vice Principal of Ignatian Mission and Identity, traveled this summer with leaders from other Jesuit schools on the pilgrimage, “In the Footsteps of Leaders.” It took them to sites in Spain and Rome significant in the lives of St. Ignatius and other early Jesuits such as Juan Polanco, Francis Xavier and Peter Claver.


Network Conference for Jesuit Excellence at Canisius High School, Buffalo, NY

A Book of Grace-Filled Days for Loyola Press. This devotional, with daily prayers based on the lectionary readings, is her first published book.

in Buffalo, NY. Also attending were alumni Tim Dee ’04, Academic Dean, Fairfield Prep and Erik Maginnis ’01, Academic Dean, Georgetown Prep.

Sheila Fisher, of the science department, completed the full PanMass Challenge (Sturbridge to Provincetown, 192 miles). Her team “Goose Rocks Cycling Club” raised $157,000 and received a donation from our Mite Box in April 2018 which helped support the effort. Sheila writes, “it was the hardest, best thing I ever did.” English teacher, Alison MacDonald, proud to share that her daughter, Marin, wrote and illustrated Nino’s Dinos for her brother Henry, who is two years old, loves dinosaurs (which he calls “ninos”) and has Autism Spectrum Disorder. The


Jesuits Schools Network Conference, Chicago, IL






Mark Whitehouse, math department, his wife, Jessica, and big sister Eloise, welcomed Max Charles Whitehouse on June 6, 2018.

Timothy Quealy, math department, and his wife Teagan, welcomed daughter, Stevie Fitzgerald Quealy on June 21, 2018.

Guidance counselor Sarah Nolan and husband Tom welcomed their son, Thomas, into the family on St. Patrick’s Day.

Michael Clancy ’03, social studies department, welcomed John “Jack” Edward Clancy on July 20, 2018.

Math teacher, Matt Joyce ’01, his wife Maggie, and big sister Clara, welcomed Wyatt Arthur Joyce to the family on July 12, 2018.


My Doan, Admission Office, her husband Xuan, and big sister, Emery, welcomed Raelyn Doan on October 17, 2018.

. Heidi Hayes Paré of the guidance department, her husband Greg Paré, and big brother, Henry, welcomed Hazel Hayes Pare on July 12, 2018.

Carrie Dunne, English department, her husband, Padraig Carolan, and big sister, Isabella, welcomed Aidan Patrick Carolan on October 15, 2018.

SUMMER PROGRAMS FOR GIRLS & BOYS GRADES 5-12 Explore new interests, build your confidence, challenge yourself!

Choose from over 30 programs including Sports Clinics, Academic Courses and Specialty Programs for girls and boys in grades 5-12.

Specialty Programs |

Sports Clinics |


Specialty Programs are designed for campers to immerse themselves in exciting, more focused activities, to spark their interest and try new things. Specific programs are offered half day or full day.


Full-day sport-specific clinics in several sports, as well as co-ed strength, conditioning, and speed clinics.

Academic Courses |


Build your confidence and talents while getting a head start for the coming school year!


In Memoriam Reverend James W. O’Neil, SJ The BC High community celebrated the life and vocation of friend and colleague Reverend James O’Neil, SJ, at an all-school liturgy on March 9. Fr. Jim was the oldest member of the Northeast Province of Jesuits and had been a member of the BC High Jesuit community and school since 1974 when he passed away in March. Father O’Neil was a fixture here at BC High as a math teacher and then as a tutor in the library. He gave his life to educating young men, ministering to his parishioners, the Society of Jesus, and his God. He lived a simple life of humility and kindness and loved and respected every person he encountered. Fr. Jim O’Neil was a true man for others and will be missed by all who had the grace of an encounter.

Reverend Joseph T. Bennett, SJ ’45 Reverend Joe Bennett, SJ ’45, passed away in September at the age of 91. His lifelong service to the Society of Jesus was an adventure. From his time as a young student at the old Harrison Avenue campus in the 1940s, to priesthood and teaching at Baghdad College in Iraq, and back to BC High – where he spent decades as a teacher, prefect, and tutor. We will sorely miss this humble servant of God and the sense of purpose he brought to our young men. He was able to elevate even the simplest of tasks to something spiritual and reminded our community that we are always in the holy presence of God.


I N LO VI N G M E M ORY O F O U R D EC EASED Thomas McGillicuddy’36 Grandfather of Peter ’21

Joseph L. Hooley Jr. ’41 Lawrence H. Hyde ’42 Henry Rocco ’42 Francis M. Taylor ’43

Father of Joseph ’73, Mark ’82, Chris ’88; Grandfather of Jon ’03, Andrew ’04, Zachary Keenan ’07 and Michael Cadigan ’15

Maurice J. Flynn’44 Thomas J. Giblin’44 Vincent L. Hagerty Rev. Joseph T. Bennett’45 BC High Jesuit (former faculty)

Peter Mangraviti ’45 David Rafferty ’45 John M. Casey ’46 John G. Cornellier ’46 James R. Wholly ’46 Richard D’Amico ’47 Henry Duggan ’47 John P. Sanderson Jr. ’47 John E. Whelton’47 John F. Barry ’48 Robert A. DiTullio, MD ’48 Albert B. Gallant ’44 Robert E. McCarthy ’47 Father of Bob ’80

John B. Hynes Jr. ’48 Brother of Barry ’53

Rev. Leo Lynch ’48 Robert L. Macomber ’48 Edward McDonough ’48 James F. Moroney ’48 James P. O’Brien ’48 Patrick F. Bowe ’49 Joseph M. Finnegan ’49 Richard Haberlin ’49 Donald L. Ryan ’49 Francis H. Stevens Jr. ’49 Arthur E. Tierney ’49 John F. Valinote ’49 Arthur Vautrain ’49 Joseph Capuchino ’50 James C. Coughlin ’50 Father of Jim ’83 and Chris ’86

Anthony DiPerna ’50 Joseph Tuohy ’50 John Francis Berrigan ’51 Richard M.Cobb-Stevens ’52 Thomas Connolly ’52 William F. Connor ’52 Thomas Conroy ’52 Francis J. Falvey ’52 Joseph Gately ’52 Patrick J. Santosuosso ’52 Joseph R. Sullivan ’52 Rev. Denis Como, SJ ’53

Daniel L. Sullivan ’53 John B. Deady ’54 Paul F. Dolan ’54 Father of Paul ’82 and Brother of W. Craig ’56

Gerald Buchanan ’55 Thomas A. English, Jr.’55 Thomas J. Hannon ’55 Richard W. Hynes ’55 Brother of Barry ’53

David Lyons ’55 Francis X. Manning Jr. ’55 Richard Murch Esq. ’55 Daniel O’Connell ’55 Joseph C. Reppucci ’55 Stephen DeNapoli ’56 Robert Kennedy ’56 Robert J. Crowley ’57 David J. Melville ’57 Richard Walsh ’58 Father of James ’89

John P. Majenski, Jr.’59 Paul E. Sullivan ’60 Timothy Sullivan ’62 Rev. William Foley, SJ, M.D. ’63 David Intraversato ’63 Richard Moriarty ’64 Christopher Egan ’65 Richard Varnerin ’65 Michael Farricy ’67 Stephen D. Fisher ’67 Timothy Gens ’67 Anthony Precopio ’67 Anthony V. Couzzo ’68 James J. Culhane ’68 John Joseph Banks ’69 Paul J. Maguire ’69 Frederick J. Curley, MD ’72 Francis Donovan Jr. ’74 Vincent M. Ryan ’77 Stephen Casey ’79 Joseph Luchini ’79 Lawrence W. Doyle ’86 Michael Flaherty ’86 Joseph Souter ’88 Angelo Catenza ’92 Christopher Follett ’98 Jean Ahearn Wife of David ’47

Yvonne Anderson Mother of Yvette Jones (staff)

Archetta Aurigemma Mother of Leonard ’72

Robert Barrett Father of Bob ’76 and Pat ’77

Spring Benton Mother of Erika Vadaro (staff)

Mary Lou Braudis Wife of Paul ’56

† F EBRUARY 1, 2018 ~ OC TOB E R 1 , 2 0 1 8 Catherline Brophy Wife of Joseph ’52

Jane Buckley Spouse of D. Timothy ’55 and Mother of Ted ’83

Robert Burke Father of Suzann Sweeney (staff)

John J. Carney Father of Bernard ’72

Vincent Cogliano Father of V. Michael ’10

Patricia Colavincenz Mother of John (faculty)

Margaret Coleman Wife of John ’49

Basil I. Cronin Susan E. Dawley Wife of John ’47

Patricia DeLuca Wife of Michael ’72 and Stepmother of Michael ’98

Ann Donoghue Mother of Dennis ’73

Edward Donovan Father of Joseph ’83, Thomas ’85, William ’87 and Grandfather of Alexander ’16

Lorraine Ewing Mother of Rev. Jon Fuller, SJ (BC High Jesuit Community)

Vincent Flaherty Father-in-law of John Dunbar ’84 and Grandfather of Jack ’09

Alfred Flannery Father of Kevin ’74,Thomas ’76, Brian ’79, Stephen ’84

Stephen Flynn Father of Brendan ’86

John Griffin Cousin of Brother Paul Geysen, SJ (BC High Jesuit Community)

Robert Hayes Father of Robert ’80

Donald Horning Father of Craig (faculty)

Mary Frances Hurley Mother of Paul ’73

Winifred Joyce Mother of Thomas ’73, Stephen ’74 and Robert ’83

Kevin Keefe Father of Patrick ’84

Bridget T. King Mother of John ’84, Grandmother of Sean ’17, Brendan ’19

George Kovatch M.D. Father of George ’87

Frederick Kussman Father of Frederick ’77

Virginia Langley Mother of Ken ’72

Christopher Leonard Son of Jack ’52

Carol MacNeill Mother of Andrew ’78, John ’83, Lawrence ’84 and Grandmother of Connor ’15,Kyle ’16, and Cade ’18

Janet Manning Mother of Robert ’79 and Aunt of William LaPoint ’80

Mary “Ginny” McCabe Mother of Joe and Billy (BC High coaches)

William McCahill Father of Edward ’75 and Kevin ’76

Elaine McEachern Wife of Paul ’53

Patricia (Patty) Murphy Meagher Former employee and Sister of Paul Murphy ’66

Francis J. Meaney Father of Paul ’80

Elizabeth Moynhan Mother of Paul, Grandmother of Patrick ’09, James ’12, Thomas’14 and Brian ’18

Jean O’Connor Mother of Rev. Christopher ’90

Michael O’Connor Father of Owen ’24

Therese O’Keefe Christie Mother of David ’73

Rev. James W. O’Neil, SJ BC High Jesuit (former faculty)

Walter W. Pecevich Father of Steve ’82

Victor Perry Father of Fr. Ron Perry, SJ (BC High faculty)

Edward J. Pollis Father of Ed ’86 and Tim ’88; Grandfather of Andrew ’17

Connie Predmore Mother of Rev. John Predmore, SJ (BC High Jesuit Community)

Carmela Previte Mother of Frank ’61 and Steve ’65

Joseph A. Regan Father of Joseph ’72, Grandfather of Brendan ’06, Liam ’07, Sean ’13

William T. Roche Father of Bill ’87, Bob ’88 and Grandfather of Billy ’16

Mary Rourke Mother of Edward ’73, James ’75, Charles ’77 and Mark ’79

Eleanor Sennot Mother of Jeff ’74 and Eric ’83

Ann Sheehan Wife of Bill ’62

Francis E. Sullivan Father of John ’86

George P. Sullivan Father of Michael ’86 and Grandfather of Matthew ’12

Anna Tretter Wife of Charlie ’56



Giving Report FY2018

Dear Friends, We have had so much to celebrate at Boston College High School over the course of the past year! From everyday triumphs to historymaking moments, including four state championships and the missioning of Grace Cotter Regan P’12 as president, these milestones reflect the strength of our community and the good we can achieve together. As a newcomer to the BC High family, it has been an honor for me to work with so many of our alumni, parents, families and friends whose gifts make our school stronger. We are pleased to share the names of thousands of these donors in the following pages. The impact of your generosity is visible every day on Morrissey Boulevard, giving our boys opportunities to grow into leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who are committed to making a positive change in the world. Your support not only ensures that BC High remains a leader in Jesuit, Catholic education, but that this opportunity of a lifetime remains accessible to all young men with the strong desire to serve and learn. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our mission. With Deepest Gratitude,

Kelly DeGregorio, CFRE Vice President of Institutional Advancement



Auxillary Services 4.4%


JULY 1, 2017 — JUNE 30, 2018

Net Assets Released 1.5% Other Income 3.4%


Endowment 7.0%

n Tuition & Fees................................ 75.0%

Fund for BC High 8.6%

n Fund for BC High........................... 8.6% Tuition & Fees 75%

n Endowment...................................... 7.0% n Other Income................................... 3.4% n Net Assets Released...................... 1.5% n Auxillary Services.......................... 4.4%

Auxillary Services 5.6%


Student Activities 17.5% Instructional Services 41%

n Instructional Services.............. 41.0% n General Administration........... 19.8% n Financial Aid................................ 16.1%

Financial Aid 16.1%

n Student Activities...................... 17.5% General Administration 19.8%



Restricted Fund for BC High


n Auxillary Services....................... 5.6%

n Facilities.............................. $1,100,920 n Restricted.............................. $705,581 n Endowment .......................$1,793,329 n Fund for BC High.......... $3,649,076


| 29


The McNeice Society


Each year, BC High honors its most generous donors as members of the McNeice Society, whose lifetime gifts have totaled $1 million or more. This society of donors is the foundation of our school.

McNeice Society................................... $1,000,000+ Advisor’s Society.............. $250,000 – $999,999 Founder’s Society............... $50,000 – $249,999 Cornerstone Society............. $25,000 – $49,999 1863 Society............................... $10,000 – $24,999 President’s Society...................... $5,000 – $9,999 Arrupe Society............................... $2,500 – $4,999 Magis Guild....................................... $1,500 – $2,499 Young Magis......................................... $500 – $1,499 McElroy Associates.......................... $500 – $1,499 Loyola Associates................................. $250 – $499 Cushing Associates.............................. $100 – $249 Eagle Associates............................................. $1 – $99 St. Ignatius of Loyola Society............Those who have included BC High in their estate plans.

Anonymous‡‡ Anonymous RIP Mr. Gregory E. Bulger ’68 & Mr. Richard Dix‡‡ Dr. Patrick F. Cadigan ’52 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Cantella ’42 RIP† Mr. Joseph E. Corcoran ’53, P’80,’82,’90, GP’11,’14,’17,’19 Catholic Schools Foundation‡‡ Mr. Joseph T. Donahue ’74‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John F. Ferraro ’73‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Hajjar ’82, P’16,’18,’21 Mr. Michael C. Hawley ’56 RIP Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde ’42 RIP The Jesuit Community at Boston College High School† Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kelly ’60‡‡ Atty. & Mrs. J. Frank Keohane ’53, GP ’12,’14

‡‡ † †* 30

10-Year Consistent Giving 5-Year Consistent Giving Young Alumni 3-Year Consistent Giving

Rev. Charles J. McCoy ’43 RIP Mr. John A. McNeice Jr. ’50, GP’13‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John F. McQuillan Jr. ’83‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Mulvoy ’59 Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy ’67, P’98‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. William J. Murphy Jr. ’60, P’87, ’89, ’93, ’95, ’09‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Previte ’61‡ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Ricci ’63 ‡‡ The Shaughnessy Family Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Shields P’78,’79, GP’06 RIP Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. ’71‡‡ Mr. Gil Sullivan ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Walsh ’65‡‡ Mr. Frank M. Ward ’61 RIP Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. White ’70‡‡ Yawkey Foundation II

The St. Ignatius of Loyola Society We honor those who have chosen to include BC High in their estate plans with membership in the St. Ignatius of Loyola Society. These loyal supporters have ensured that they will remain companions of BC High’s talented students for generations to come, and we are deeply grateful for their generosity and foresight. Planned gifts can include a provision in a will or trust, naming BC High as beneficiary of an IRA, a 401(K), a life insurance policy or profit-sharing plan, as well as by establishing a gift annuity or a charitable trust. These gifts in support of the mission of BC High and our students provide enduring financial stability for our school, and are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous (3) Alfred J. Andrea PhD ’59 Mr. Francis E. Arcaro Jr. ’71 Mr. Francis P. Barron ’43 RIP Mr. Robert B. Beaumont Jr. ’67 Mr. William C. Bond ’48 Atty. Philip G. Boyle ’67 Mr. James L. Breau ’47 Mr. John P. Buckley ’49 Mr. Philip M. Byrne ’58 Patrick F. Cadigan PhD ’52 Atty. Philip R. Cahill ’40 RIP Mr. Anthony J. Cantella ’42 RIP Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Cantillon P’10,’11 Mr. Robert Caputo ’77 Mr. Edward F. Carey ’47 RIP Mr. Albert B. Carvelli Jr. ’61 Mr. Ralph I. Catignani ’52 Mr. Norman W. Clairmont ’53 Mr. John V. Clogan ’50 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Coleman ’49 Mr. David L. Collins ’49 RIP Mr. William J. Conlon ’54 Mr. Eugene P. Connors ’55 Rev. Richard C. Conway ’55 Mr. Joseph E. Corcoran ’53, P’80, ’82,’90, GP’11,’14,’17,’19 Mr. Thomas D. Corrigan ’57 Atty. Philip J. Crowe Jr. ’62 Mr. Thomas J. Cunningham ’52 Mr. Gerald R. Curtis P’74,’79,’80, ’83, GP’12,’16,’18 William A. DeBassio PhD ’63 Mr. George F. Delaney Jr. ’63 Mr. Joseph F. Dempsey Jr. ’79 Mr. John J. Deneen ’55 Mr. George R. Desmond ’47 Mr. John A. Doherty ’63 Mr. William A. Donahoe Jr. ’50 Mr. Francis Donohoe Mr. Gerald J. Donovan ’47 RIP Mr. Rickard D. Donovan ’60 Mr. J. Barry Driscoll ’48, GP’06, ’18,’18,’22 RIP Mr. Paul M. Duffley ’52 Dr. Paul J. Duggan ’54, P’88,’90 GP’20

Mr. Thomas H. Dunn Jr. ’64 Mr. John J. Fahey Jr. ’47 Mr. Peter G. Fallon Jr. ’56 Atty. Thomas J. Filbin ’64 Mr. John J. Flanagan ’55 Mr. John L. Fleming ’85 Mr. Mark F. Flint ’78 Dr. Frederick J. Frensilli ’53 Mr. E. Fritz Friedman ’68 Mr. Albert B. Gallant ’48 Grover C. Gilmore PhD ’67 Mr. Roger C. Gilmore ’59 Rev. Peter N. Graziano ’52 Dr. Dennis M. Griffin ’63 Mr. Dennis J. Hanlon ’61 Mr. John C. Hannan ’49 Mr. David B. Hanson ’64 Ann & Albert Hanwell P’74,’76, ’82, GP’12,’15,’18 RIP Mr. Richard F. Hickey ’64 P ’91,’93 Mr. Richard T. Horan Sr. ’49 Mr. J. Dana Hughes ’89 The Hunt Family Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde ’42 RIP Dr. Vincent Iacono ’63 Most Rev. Francis X. Irwin ’52 Mr. Owen F. Jay ’65 Mr. Joseph F. Kelley ’38 Mr. Christopher T. Kennedy ’80 Dr. Thomas J. Kenney ’55 GP ’19,’19 Mr. Daniel L. Kenslea Jr. ’71 Atty. Paul J. Kingston ’53, GP’10,’10, ’13,’16,’18 Rev. Stephen A. Koen II ’50 Mr. Paul G. Lannon ’45 Dr. Poul M. LaPlante ’65 Mr. Michael A. Lavey ’54 Mr. David G. Linnehan ’61 Mr. Robert C. Liuzzi ’62 Atty. Bernard T. Loughran ’42 RIP Mr. Robert L. Lynch Jr. ’67 Mr. James P. Mackey III ’55 Mr. Donald C. MacLellan ’50 Dr. John J. Maguire ’57 Mr. Lawrence F. Mahoney ’73 Mr. Robert J. Malloy ’62 RIP Mr. William M. Mann ’46

Mr. William F. McCall Jr. ’51 The Hon. Francis X. McCauley ’48 Rev. Charles J. McCoy ’43 RIP Ms. Louise M. McCoy RIP Mr. James C. McGee III ’63 Mr. Paul J. McGoldrick ’53 RIP Mr. Robert E. McHugh ’59 Atty. John T. McKeil ’41 RIP Mr. John A. McNeice Jr. ’50, GP’13 Mr. David J. Melville ’57 RIP Mr. Donald F. Moran ’53 Mr. Francis L. Moran ’54 Mr. Mark R. Mulvoy ’59 Mr. John V. Murphy ’67,P’98 Mr. R. Michael Murray Jr. ’57 Atty. Dean P. Nicastro ’65 Atty. John J. Norton ’49 Mr. Robert J. Nugent ’57 Atty. John J. O’Brien ’55, P’91 Mr. Paul M. O’Brien ’49 RIP Mr. Robert J. O’Brien Jr. ’59 Mr. Thomas L. O’Brien Jr. RIP Mr. William J. O’Connor ’58 Rev. Msgr. Francis G. O’Sullivan ’40 RIP Mr. Gerald L. Pallotta ’71 Dr. Nicholas T. Papapetros ’83 Mr. James Paradis Mr. Thomas E. Patten Jr. ’40 RIP Mr. Robert A. Pemberton ’58 Mr. Edward F. Percy ’46 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Powilatis Mr. Frank E. Previte ’61 Mr. William A. Reilly Jr. ’60 Mr. Stephen J. Ricci ’63 Mr. Robert E. Riley ’47 Col Jacques A. Rondeau ’62 Mr. George E. Ross ’62 Mr. John P. Ryan ’61 Mrs. Carolyn S. Savage Mr. George R. Schultz ’49 Mr. Philip J. Segalla ’53 Mr. John J. Shaughnessy Sr. ’44, P’73,’75,’79, GP’00,’06,’06,’07, ’08,’10,’10,’13 RIP Dr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Shaw Atty. & Mrs. William G. Shea ’39 RIP Mr. Donald E. Sprague ’73

Mr. Vincent P. Stanton ’47 Mr. Francis J. Sullivan ’52 Mr. Gil Sullivan ’62 Mr. Joseph F. Szymanski ’62 Mr. Edward J. Tassinari ’52 Mr. Jeremiah J. Twomey ’36 RIP Mr. David J. Varnerin ’63 Mr. John R. Wagner ’56 Mr. Richard D. Walsh ’65 Atty. Richard P. Ward ’60 Mr. John F. Wayland ’54 Mr. Michael D. White ’70 Mr. James R. Wholly ’46 Dr. Edward L. Widronak ’60 Mr. Ronald H. Zagami ’62

“Only by being a man for others does one become fully human.” —Reverend Pedro Arrupe, SJ


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Alumni Honor Roll of Donors Since its founding in 1863, BC High has graduated thousands of young men, many of whom have distinguished themselves as leaders in law, medicine, financial services, politics, education, medicine, science, religious vocations and the humanities. Thank you to the 3,205 alumni who made a gift in the 2017-2018 fiscal year in support of our common goal and shared mission ... preparing young men with a profound sense of competence, conscience and compassion.

Joseph R. Doyle† Msgr. John P. McDonough‡‡

Loyola Associates Albert J. Cass Jr.‡‡ Rev. Edward L. Gallagher Jr. Richard F. Goggin‡‡ LT Walter F. MacDonald RIP Leo M. Norton Robert A. Sinibaldi†

Cushing Associates Robert F. Fahey RIP Eugene X. Giroux Esq. Paul G. Lannon† Thomas A. Shanahan‡‡

Eagle Associates

CLASS OF 1936 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Jeremiah J. Twomey RIP

Cushing Associates Thomas J. McGillicuddy†

CLASS OF 1938 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Joseph F. Kelley

McElroy Associates Joseph F. Kelley

Loyola Associates James F. Pastorelli‡‡

CLASS OF 1939 St. Ignatius Loyola Society William G. Shea Esq. RIP

Cushing Associates Edward M. Smith

CLASS OF 1940 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Philip R. Cahill Esq. RIP Rev. Msgr. Francis G. O’Sullivan RIP Thomas E. Patten Jr. RIP

CLASS OF 1941 St. Ignatius Loyola Society John T. McKeil Esq. RIP

Loyola Associates Thomas J. Loftus‡‡

Eagle Associates John A. Coyne

CLASS OF 1942 The McNeice Society Lawrence H. Hyde RIP

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Anthony J. Cantella RIP† Lawrence H. Hyde RIP Bernard T. Loughran Esq. RIP


Founder’s Society

McElroy Associates

Anthony J. Cantella RIP† Lawrence H. Hyde RIP

Robert L. Cunningham†

McElroy Associates

D. Stephen Mahoney†

Cushing Associates

Robert F. Kelly MD

Loyola Associates


The Hon. Richard S. Kelley‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

Cushing Associates

John J. Shaughnessy Sr. RIP

William E. Cohan

Cushing Associates


Philip E. Doyle‡‡ Richard M. Hines M. Joseph Howley‡‡

The McNeice Society Rev. Charles J. McCoy RIP

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Francis P. Barron RIP Rev. Charles J. McCoy RIP

Magis Guild Francis M. Taylor RIP‡‡

CLASS OF 1945 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Paul G. Lannon†

McElroy Associates Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin‡‡

John B. Morgan‡‡

CLASS OF 1946 St. Ignatius Loyola Society William M. Mann Arthur J. O’Shea PhD‡‡ Edward F. Percy James R. Wholly

1863 Society Robert J. Schiffmann‡‡

Magis Guild William G. Fitzsimmons‡‡

McElroy Associates Arthur J. O’Shea PhD‡‡

Loyola Associates Henry P. Breen‡‡ Richard J. Faulstich‡‡ William M. Mann

Cushing Associates John E. Finnegan Rev. Robert V. Meffan Robert E. Tracy PhD†


Crosbie J. Lawlor‡‡ Leo P. O’Keefe‡‡

Robert D. Stockman† Richard R. Tilley

George R. Schultz‡‡ John R. Welch Sr.‡‡

Eagle Associates

Eagle Associates

Loyola Associates

Gerald J. Donovan RIP‡‡ Thomas F. O’Hearn

Rev. Paul M. Flynn Joseph P. Higginbotham Jr.‡‡ Ignatius J. LaBella Philip F. Lydon Harold T. McAleer J. Edward McDonald‡‡ Thomas A. Riley Jr.

Thomas J. Aglio‡‡ Michael J. Berrigan‡‡ John P. Buckley Jerome J. Connor Paul J. O’Leary‡‡ Msgr. Paul T. Ryan‡‡ Edward L. Smith Jr.‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society


James L. Breau Edward F. Carey RIP George R. Desmond Esq. Gerald J. Donovan RIP‡‡ John J. Fahey Jr. Robert E. Riley‡‡ Vincent P. Stanton†

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

Cornerstone Society John P. Dawley‡‡

1863 Society Robert E. Riley‡‡

Arrupe Society Vincent P. Stanton†

Magis Guild Newman A. Flanagan Esq.‡‡

McElroy Associates Rev. Henry F. Doherty Carl J. Maddaleni‡‡ Robert J. Schaffino

Loyola Associates John T. Canane‡‡ George R. Desmond Esq. Robert F. Howard John A. Kilday‡‡

Cushing Associates David C. Ahearn James F. Cotter PhD John J. Fahey Jr.

William C. Bond J. Barry Driscoll RIP Albert B. Gallant RIP The Hon. Francis X. McCauley‡‡

Arrupe Society Daniel W. McElaney Jr.‡‡

Magis Guild Frank B. Falvey Michael A. Heffernan Sr.‡‡

McElroy Associates John F. Barry RIP Arthur F. Gobron‡‡ Richard J. Madigan The Hon. Francis X. McCauley‡‡ W. Roger Morton

Loyola Associates James R. Crispo† John E. Dronzek‡‡ Col Joseph L. Phinney‡‡ George T. Spellissy Lawrence W. Sullivan Esq.†

Cushing Associates William C. Bond Edward F. Harrington Robert W. Marrion Esq.† Nyal F. McA’Nulty‡‡ Peter J. Mullen

CLASS OF 1949 St. Ignatius Loyola Society John P. Buckley John F. Coleman‡‡ David L. Collins RIP John C. Hannan‡‡ Richard T. Horan Sr.‡‡ John J. Norton Esq.‡‡ Paul M. O’Brien RIP George R. Schultz‡‡

1863 Society John J. Norton Esq.‡‡ John J. Lynch Richard T. Horan Sr.‡‡

President’s Society John F. Coleman‡‡

Magis Guild

Cushing Associates Emile A. Beauchamp Jr.† Herbert J. Collins John F. Costa Rev. Joseph A. Gaudet Peter D. Gianino‡‡ Quentin E. Hughes Jr. Raymond J. Kenney Jr. Esq.† George L. Lamb Jr. PhD Richard F. Mandile Robert E. Power‡‡ James R. Roach PhD

Eagle Associates Ovide Flannery James J. Fleming‡‡ Thomas E. Malone Frank M. Stapleton Arthur P. Vautrain RIP‡‡

Donald B. Burgess‡‡ Joseph J. Byrne PhD‡‡ John J. Hollohan‡‡ William J. McMorrow†


McElroy Associates

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

John P. Glennon‡‡ John C. Hannan‡‡ Frank W. McNulty

THE LABYRINTH in the BC High main common area provides a metaphor for the reflective journey you take through life, as well as the internal discovery of yourself.

The McNeice Society John A. McNeice Jr.‡‡ John V. Clogan William A. Donahoe Jr. RIP Rev. Stephen A. Koen II Donald C. MacLellan‡‡ John A. McNeice Jr.‡‡

Founder’s Society John A. McNeice Jr.‡‡

Arrupe Society Donald C. MacLellan‡‡

McElroy Associates Anonymous Edward J. Lee Esq.† Frederick D. McCormack John J. Meade DMD† Louis J. Totino‡‡

Loyola Associates Eugene J. Doherty Jr.‡‡ CAPT Paul D. Henneberry‡‡

Cushing Associates Paul E. Ares Rev. James F. Buckley‡‡ John F. Finnerty George H. Hogarty Jr.‡‡ Burton L. Leary† Robert P. Little‡‡ Douglas T. Macmillan William J. Maloney‡‡ 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

| 33

alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Frederick J. Mason Jr.† Timothy F. O’Keefe‡‡ David P. Sullivan‡‡

Most Rev. Francis X. Irwin Francis J. Sullivan Edward J. Tassinari

Eagle Associates

McNeice Society

Robert W. McGowan† Bernard C. Parker Jr.

Patrick F. Cadigan PhD

CLASS OF 1951 St. Ignatius Loyola Society William F. McCall Jr.‡‡

1863 Society William F. McCall Jr.‡‡

1863 Society Joseph M. Cronin EdD‡‡

President’s Society Joseph E. Coppola‡‡

Arrupe Society Richard M. McHugh‡‡

Joseph E. Corcoran Frederick J. Frensilli MD Paul J. Kingston Esq.‡‡ Paul J. McGoldrick RIP Donald F. Moran‡‡ Philip J. Segalla‡‡

Founder’s Society James J. McInnis Esq.‡‡

President’s Society William T. Lynch PhD

Arrupe Society

Magis Guild

Donald F. Moran‡‡

President’s Society

John F. Leonard‡‡

Magis Guild

Daniel J. McCarthy†

McElroy Associates

Arrupe Society

Joseph M. Aglio‡‡ William L. Burke‡‡ James M. Donovan‡‡ Francis P. Furey

Jeremiah J. Bresnahan Esq.‡‡ Paul J. Donahue‡‡ Paul A. Doucette‡‡ James G. Jacobs‡‡ Paul J. Kingston Esq.‡‡ Edward F. Murphy Jr.‡‡ Rev. Eugene P. Sullivan‡‡

William C. Jones Jr.‡‡ Richard W. Renehan Esq.‡‡

McElroy Associates Paul J. Looney Sr.‡‡ Msgr. Francis V. Strahan†

Loyola Associates Thomas J. Griffin‡‡ Albert J. Murphy Frank T. Pedulla‡‡ Thomas V. Pedulla

Cushing Associates Charles A. Baker PhD‡‡ John F. Berrigan RIP‡‡ Thomas M. Brennan‡‡ Robert A. Connelly‡‡ William J. Curry Robert E. Galvin Esq.‡‡ Richard J. Horrigan John Richard Kenney Esq.† Paul A. Marino DDS James C. Nolan Rev. Mark L. Noonan PhD Joseph B. Rosenberger† John J. Vozzella‡‡ John C. Walsh Esq. James F. Whelan‡‡

Eagle Associates Alfred J. Amoroso‡‡ David P. Doherty MD‡‡ Richard W. Jagolta Richard P. McSorley† C. Paul Spinale DDS‡‡

CLASS OF 1952 The McNeice Society Anonymous RIP Patrick F. Cadigan PhD

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Patrick F. Cadigan PhD Ralph I. Catignani‡‡ Thomas J. Cunningham Paul M. Duffley Rev. Peter N. Graziano


Loyola Associates Charles G. Brennan MD† Ralph I. Catignani‡‡ Raymond J. Devettere‡‡ John P. Driscoll‡‡ Arthur R. Falvey DMD Charles J. Farren† Francis M. Fleming† John R. Hanrahan‡‡ Francis J. Sullivan

Cushing Associates Francis X. Ahern† CAPT Frank Androski† Joseph W. Bielinski† Joseph L. Brophy‡‡ Daniel J. Buckley The Hon. William M. Bulger Thomas H. Callahan John P. English John T. Harney‡‡ Robert M. Jennings‡‡ The Hon. Arthur J. Lewis Jr. Edward J. McDermott Esq. Lawrence B. Mutty MD MPH‡‡ Leo F. Rice Sr.† Rev. John E. Schatzel† James E. Shea Jr. Denis T. Tobin John J. Walsh Leo V. Zavatone

Eagle Associates Francis X. Kane William M. Plansky‡‡

CLASS OF 1953 The McNeice Society Joseph E. Corcoran J. Frank Keohane Esq.

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Norman W. Clairmont

McElroy Associates Edward V. Cahill‡‡ Norman W. Clairmont Daniel J. Cummins‡‡ Thomas E. Grant‡‡ James L. Hickey‡‡ James G. Maguire‡‡ Francis J. Mahoney PhD Robert E. McLaughlin MD Bart L. Troy MD†

Loyola Associates Charles F. Doherty† Martin J. Dunn DMD David P. Geggis‡‡ Neil F. McCarron Jr. Esq. Col Paul T. McEachern‡‡ Raymond P. McGuiggin† Joseph S. Russo‡‡ Philip J. Segalla‡‡ Paul L. Sheedy

Cushing Associates Thomas J. Cunnally† Paul L. Donohue Bernard L. Geddry Joseph P. Greelish Jr. Ernest D. Guarino‡‡ George S. Hennessy† Robert C. Hilton DLS‡‡ Barry T. Hynes James F. X. Kelley Thomas A. Leonard‡‡ Rev. John E. McLaughlin Leo J. Morrissey† Paul E. Murphy‡‡ James P. Ridge‡‡ Donald F. Ward

Eagle Associates Frederick J. Frensilli MD E. Robert Premo

CLASS OF 1954 St. Ignatius Loyola Society William J. Conlon‡‡ Paul J. Duggan MD‡‡ Michael A. Lavey‡‡ Francis L. Moran‡‡ John F. Wayland ‡‡

1863 Society Paul J. Duggan MD‡‡

Arrupe Society Gerald P. Mitchell‡‡ Thomas A. Sheehan Jr.†

Magis Guild Charles M. Hegarty PhD

McElroy Associates William J. Madden‡‡ Francis L. Moran‡‡ Rev. John J. Nichols Martin J. O’Donnell Esq.‡‡ James A. Waggett‡‡ Edward F. Walsh Jr. John F. Wayland ‡‡

Loyola Associates John F. Burke‡‡ Charles H. Burnes Jr.† John H. Kavanagh Jr.† Thomas J. Mahoney Joseph F. Molineaux Jr.‡‡ John J. Moriarty‡‡ Thomas E. Morrissey‡‡ Rev. John A. Murray James T. Staunton†

Cushing Associates Joseph T. Buckley PhD‡‡ Joseph M. Caturano Esq. William J. Conlon‡‡ William J. Doherty Jr.‡‡ Thomas J. Dolan Jr.‡‡ John S. Feeney Jr.‡‡ William H. Kent† Michael A. Lavey‡‡ Francis X. Mandile‡‡ Paul J. Maney David S. Ojerholm Richard J. Port† Robert L. Quinan Esq. Edmund J. Solari Esq. Walter D. Vaughan†

Eagle Associates J. Stan Curran Walter P. Engel Dana G. Gillis‡‡ Deacon Joseph M. Messina† Robert M. Roselli†

CLASS OF 1955 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Eugene P. Connors‡‡ Rev. Richard C. Conway†

John J. Deneen John J. Flanagan† Thomas J. Kenney MD† James P. Mackey III‡‡ John J. O’Brien Esq.‡‡

1863 Society

Arrupe Society

Magis Guild

W. Craig Dolan†

M. Christopher Canavan Jr. James R. Collins Thomas G. Dahoney‡‡ Robert E. DiCenso‡‡ The Hon. Robert J. Kelly Charles H. Lucas† John J. Maguire PhD‡‡

Magis Guild William V. Allen Jr.‡‡ William D. Benjes‡‡ Paul V. Lyons Esq.‡‡

John J. O’Brien Esq.‡‡

McElroy Associates

Arrupe Society

BGen John P. Brickley‡‡ David A. Fay Charles F. Flaherty Jr. James A. Heffernan‡‡ Thomas H. Kilcoyne‡‡ Prof. David P. Twomey‡‡

Eugene P. Connors‡‡ Gerald S. Foley Jr.‡‡

Magis Guild John J. Flanagan†

McElroy Associates Francis E. Collins Esq.‡‡ Rev. Richard C. Conway† Thomas J. Kenney MD† Anthony A. Merullo†

Loyola Associates D. Timothy Buckley Jr.‡‡ Walter J. Conway‡‡ Thomas A. English Jr. RIP‡‡ William J. Foley Esq. Rev. John W. Howard, SJ‡‡ Rev. John W. Keegan, SJ James P. Mackey III‡‡ The Hon. Walter L. Murphy† Richard B. Roche Jr.

Cushing Associates Paul J. Andrews‡‡ Paul A. Bongiorno† John J. Deneen John F. Fehan† Charles W. Grinnell† William T. Kelly Francis D. Kennedy† William E. Kirby Sr. J. Robert McCann‡‡ Paul H. Murphy Rev. James F. Rafferty Joseph L. Rosenthal Norm T. Swain† Richard H. Troy Esq.† Maurice P. Vanderpot

Eagle Associates Thomas M. Cibotti Myles P. Flaherty James V. Hennessy Owen L. O’Malley‡‡ Francis J. Visalli DDS

CLASS OF 1956 The McNeice Society

Loyola Associates Maurice B. Conway PhD James A. Cunniff‡‡ The Hon. James W. Dolan Roland J. Holub‡‡ Allan T. McLean‡‡ COL John R. McNealy‡‡

Cushing Associates E. Paul Andersen MD‡‡ Paul F. Braudis John J. Brennan PhD‡‡ John M. Carroll James J. Crowley Jr.† Edward A. Hutchinson MD Thomas L. Kelly MD‡‡ William J. Leen The Hon. Paul F. Mahoney‡‡ William J. McCann Thomas J. McCarty‡‡ Merritt F. Moraski‡‡ Daniel I. Murphy Jr.‡‡ William H. O’Connor William F. O’Connor† James A. Reilly‡‡ John M. Sutton Jr. EdD† Thomas W. Trayers‡‡

Eagle Associates LCDR John P. Cruickshank Brian M. Frawley Daniel Sughrue† John R. Wagner

McElroy Associates James F. Conway Jr. MD† Martin J. Kelly MD Rev. William T. Kremmell‡‡ Frank D. Micciantuono‡‡ Martin F. Nolan‡‡ COL James J. O’Brien† William J. Ryan Jr.†

Loyola Associates Thomas J. O’Brien Jr.‡‡

Cushing Associates Joseph J. Annese J. Roddy Cannon Joseph A. Carella MD Rev. Richard L. Casey Denis M. Coffey PhD† Owen F. Devlin Charles F. Duffy PhD† Richard D. Hayes Esq. John M. McLaughlin‡‡ Robert J. Nugent‡‡ Richard W. O’Neil‡‡ Richard T. Reale† Rev. William F. Salmon John F. Shea† Edward V. Teehan Rev. Walter J. Waldron‡‡ Francis J. West James E. Zyntell

Eagle Associates William A. DiLuca‡‡ Gerard A. Higgins Edward J. McDonough† Frank J. Stout

CLASS OF 1958 St. Ignatius Loyola Society

CLASS OF 1957 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Thomas D. Corrigan John J. Maguire PhD‡‡ David J. Melville‡‡ R. Michael Murray Jr.† Robert J. Nugent‡‡

Philip M. Byrne‡‡ William J. O’Connor‡‡ Robert A. Pemberton

1863 Society Joseph P. Foley John H. MacKinnon‡‡ Fritz J. Scheuren PhD†

William J. Larkin Thomas J. Lynch PhD Gisbert E. von Bolschwing

McElroy Associates James J. Casaletto Jr. Christopher J. Crisafi‡‡ Richard D. Gill‡‡ James A. Hooley Paul A. Looney George F. Matthews Jr. Paul L. McCann John F. Mungovan Jr. John A. Rosicky‡‡ Gen John J. Sheehan† John J. Tangney†

Loyola Associates Robert T. Brennan† Thomas M. Cloherty Esq. Paul R. Devin Esq.‡‡ William J. Gallagher Richard J. Greechie PhD† Edward W. Kennedy Christopher F. Lee Timothy F. P. Lyons Jr. James J. Murphy John T. Murray Jr. Richard J. Pabich† Leo A. Reed Esq. Timothy F. Shea‡‡ Joseph E. Sullivan‡‡

Cushing Associates Kevin L. Barry‡‡ Donald G. Byrne Benjamin J. Consilvio Joseph M. Egan John F. Fleming Jr.‡‡ Robert M. Foley† James P. Henry Francis D. Horrigan MD† William R. Lane Sr. Paul F. LeFort William F. Maye Thomas E. Murphy Esq.‡‡ William J. O’Connor‡‡ Edward M. Quinn Stanley J. Szabunka Jr.‡‡ Carmen F. Zaccardi

Eagle Associates Peter G. Colwell Kevin T. Doyle Michael G. Pennacchio Paul F. Tumelty PhD RIP‡‡

Founder’s Society

President’s Society

David J. Melville RIP‡‡

Robert A. Pemberton

Peter G. Fallon Jr.‡‡ John R. Wagner

1863 Society

Arrupe Society

Mark R. Mulvoy

Thomas J. Hynes Jr.†

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

President’s Society

President’s Society

Peter G. Fallon Jr.‡‡ John J. Flaherty‡‡ Thomas G. Kelley‡‡

R. Michael Murray Jr.†

Philip M. Byrne‡‡ Lee A. Heiler Jr.† Paul M. Horrigan‡‡

Arrupe Society

Magis Guild

Michael C. Hawley RIP

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

J. Joseph Lally

CLASS OF 1959 The McNeice Society

Alfred J. Andrea PhD‡‡ Roger C. Gilmore Robert E. McHugh

James L. Buckley‡‡ 2017-2018 BC HIGH ANNUAL REPORT

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alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Mark R. Mulvoy Robert J. O’Brien Jr.

James M. White

1863 Society

Robert W. Grazado George F. Leonard† Robert G. Parks Esq.

Joseph P. Mori Jr.‡‡ Arrupe Society Alfred J. Andrea PhD‡‡ Mark R. Mulvoy Joseph J. Sullivan‡‡ Robert W. Uek‡‡

Magis Guild James M. Norton‡‡ S. Richard Penni†

McElroy Associates James J. Autio Sr.‡‡ Thomas P. Brady Jr. Robert M. Carolan MD‡‡ George M. Doherty‡‡ Frank J. Galvin‡‡ Anthony J. Navoy‡‡ Robert J. O’Brien Jr. Edmund J. Rae‡‡ John G. Schofield† Robert F. Walsh‡‡

Loyola Associates Dennis F. Corkery Russell J. Dever PhD‡‡ George R. Finn Richard A. Gould Esq.† Paul F. Hardiman Robert A. Hyland‡‡ John F. Meskell† William H. Murphy Esq.‡‡ Cornelius C. O’Malley Robert F. Ott Jr. William T. Phelan‡‡ Stephen J. Ryan† Peter White

Cushing Associates James J. Benson† Gregory J. Cahill PE Armand R. Cerbone PhD Peter J. Connelly‡‡ John J. Conway Jr. A. Carl Dias Jr. Laurence T. Flynn Richard D. Kenney Michael D. Martin Robert P. Melanson Leonard P. Merchant Jr. EdD John M. O’Brien Roger N. Petruccelli Daniel M. Polvere Esq. John J. Pyne‡‡ Col John T. Quirk‡‡ Thomas F. Quirk Jr. Terence F. Riley Jr. Arthur H. Ross Jr. William E. Searson Esq.† Brian F. Sullivan John J. Westfield


Eagle Associates

CLASS OF 1960 The McNeice Society David M. Kelly‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. William J. Murphy Jr. ’60, P’87,’89, 93,’95,’09‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Rickard D. Donovan† William A. Reilly Jr. Richard P. Ward Esq. Edward L. Widronak DDS‡‡

Founder’s Society

Philip J. Farrington Francis M. Ferrara John M. Harrington Jr. PhD John H. Hayes‡‡ Warren J. Ingersoll John R. Judge Ralph L. Kent Jr.† Rev. Donald A. MacMillan, SJ John J. McCarthy Jr.‡‡ Daniel A. O’Brien‡‡ Francis X. Quinn PhD‡‡ Kenneth C. Spengler MD

Eagle Associates Kevin W. Callahan PhD Michael W. Costello Robert E. Cullen† Frederick V. Dunfey


President’s Society

The McNeice Society

Arrupe Society

Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Previte‡ Frank M. Ward RIP

Walter J. Rossiter Jr.

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

Magis Guild

Albert B. Carvelli Jr. Dennis J. Hanlon David G. Linnehan‡‡ Frank E. Previte John P. Ryan

John E. Gallagher Jr.‡‡ Edward L. Widronak DDS‡‡

McElroy Associates Robert J. Bent‡‡ David L. Burke Jr. DMD‡‡ Robert B. Callen PhD‡‡ Edward A. Curran MD† John F. Doyle‡‡ Richard J. Eaton‡‡ Thomas G. Hughes Jr. Daniel C. Keleher Jr.‡‡ Paul A. La Camera‡‡ Alan D. Lee DDS‡‡ Fred McGoldrick‡‡ Daniel A. Mullin Norbert C. Nyhan CPA Richard F. O’Brien‡‡ Peter D. O’Connor‡‡ Thomas P. Shaughnessy Eugene R. Sullivan

Loyola Associates Paul A. Francis† Joseph M. Gilboy Jr.‡‡ John R. Leen George J. Norberg Jr.† Frederick M. O’Hara Jr.† Harold T. Pheeny PhD‡‡ William A. Reilly Jr. Michael A. Schaub

Cushing Associates James T. Cahill† John S. Campbell PhD† William G. Condon Jr.‡‡ Robert K. Daley Dennis A. DiMarzio John F. Donovan Jr. MD†

Kevin T. Avery DMD‡‡ Richard A. Brown‡‡ David M. Crowley Esq. John J. Donovan Jr.† John J. Duffy† David J. Hart Esq.‡‡ John F. Healy MD‡‡ Joseph A. Kelliher James P. Mellett† Dennis A. Mercurio Eric P. Morrissette† A. J. Pelletier Jr. Joseph P. Rogan MD† Richard J. Sarabia Peter M. Sughrue John A. York‡‡

Eagle Associates

David M. Kelly‡‡ Rickard D. Donovan†

Cushing Associates

1863 Society Robert K. LaRocca‡‡

President’s Society John A. Coppola† Jerry Viscione PhD‡‡

Arrupe Society William P. Muldoon‡‡

Magis Guild

William M. Dineen James F. Gormley John M. McNulty‡‡ James A. Mulcahy Robert F. Sutherland‡‡ Salvatore J. Tecce Thomas B. Whelan‡‡

CLASS OF 1962 The McNeice Society Gil Sullivan

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Robert C. Liuzzi‡‡ Robert J. Malloy RIP Col Jacques A. Rondeau‡‡ George E. Ross Gil Sullivan Joseph F. Szymanski Ronald H. Zagami

Edward D. Duggan‡‡ Edward C. Flynn‡‡

President’s Society

McElroy Associates

McElroy Associates

Gerald E. Connolly Esq.‡‡ John E. Drew‡‡ John P. Kelly DMD† Mark E. Larchez PhD David G. Linnehan‡‡ Thomas F. McCabe Jr.‡‡ John R. Shaughnessy Esq.‡‡ Rev. Walter J. Smith, SJ, PhD Rev. Paul S. Sughrue‡‡

Robert P. Cipriani‡‡ Philip J. Crowe Jr. Esq. Joseph A. Crowley PhD† Frank A. Dahlstrom DMD‡‡ The Hon. Edward J. Dolan Joseph O. Duseau Jr.‡‡ Robert E. Lyons† Brian J. McMenimen Esq. John J. Pasciucco DDS‡‡ Kevin E. Reid‡‡ Col Jacques A. Rondeau‡‡ William J. Sheehan III†

Loyola Associates John T. Burke† William F. Burke† Joseph F. Carey Thomas B. Chisholm‡‡ Joseph P. Connolly‡‡ Col John S. Costello† Paul L. Geraghty Jr.‡‡ Thomas C. McTigue† Gerard J. Morelli‡‡ John J. O’Day Esq.‡‡

Robert C. Liuzzi‡‡

Loyola Associates Joseph F. Allendorf Lawrence J. Feeney Esq.† Christopher C. Mungovan† Francis X. Nolan† David V. Whelan†

Cushing Associates Robert J. Bond PhD Raymond J. Capobianco Jr. Gerald M. Chisholm John J. Connor‡‡ John S. Cote Mark J. Driscoll PhD‡‡ John R. Fatersik Jr.† Edward W. Forry‡‡ James F. Franklin† Charles E. Gobron EdD Robert P. Herendeen Esq. John R. Hogan‡‡ Jack Kelley Charles J. McCarthy Jr.‡‡ James T. McCarthy† William D. McCarthy Esq.‡‡ James L. Mulvey† William G. Norton† Gerald J. O’Brien Esq. David A. Ranaghan‡‡ George W. Todd Jr.‡‡

Eagle Associates Kevin J. Hurley Christopher J. Shea Joseph F. Thompson‡‡ Ronald H. Zagami

CLASS OF 1963 McNeice Society Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Ricci ’63 ‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Anonymous William A. DeBassio PhD MD‡‡ George F. Delaney Jr. John A. Doherty Dennis M. Griffin MD‡‡ Vincent Iacono MD James C. McGee III Stephen J. Ricci‡‡ David J. Varnerin‡‡

Founder’s Society Stephen J. Ricci‡‡

Cornerstone Society William A. DeBassio PhD MD‡‡ Maurice H. Sullivan Jr.‡‡

1863 Society Edward R. Muldoon ‡‡ CAPT John F. Pfeiffer‡‡

President’s Society Vincent Iacono MD

Arrupe Society John A. Doherty Joseph C. Hill PhD‡‡ Patrick T. Minihan MD ‡‡ Michael J. Muse Esq.

Magis Guild Dennis M. Griffin MD‡‡ James J. Hickey Jr.‡‡ Stephen B. MacNeil

Andrew J. McElaney Jr. Esq.† Kevin P. Mostyn† John P. O’Leary Jr.‡‡ James D. Regan III‡‡

McElroy Associates

Cornerstone Society Paul E. Fulchino‡‡

1863 Society Joseph E. Norberg† Edmond D. Villani PhD‡‡

William H. McCaffrey James T. McMahon MD‡‡

CLASS OF 1965 The McNeice Society

LTC Richard P. Bergagna‡‡ Dennis M. Coleman‡‡ John P. Flynn Esq.‡‡ Robert J. Galibois CPA† John L. Ledwick† William P. Marshall† Charles R. McCready‡‡ John J. Nannicelli Jr.† William J. Pucci Noel A. Schaub† Anthony V. Singleton‡‡ David J. Varnerin‡‡ Jeremiah F. York‡‡

President’s Society

Richard D. Walsh‡‡

Dudley L. Bauerlein Jr.†

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

Arrupe Society

Owen F. Jay Poul M. LaPlante MD Dean P. Nicastro Esq. Richard D. Walsh‡‡

Loyola Associates

Harold W. Attridge PhD† Joseph F. Burke Jr. MD Joseph M. Casey MD‡‡ Thomas H. Dunn Jr. Andrew H. Flanagan Jr. Thomas F. Foy David B. Hanson† Roger E. Hughes Jr. Esq.† Edwin V. Woodsome Jr.‡‡

Anonymous J. Joseph Burns PhD Richard R. Cesati Joseph W. Chevarley Jr.‡‡ Philip M. Dooher PhD‡‡ Thomas M. Foley‡‡ Gerard T. Kennealey MD‡‡ James J. Lynch Jr.‡‡ Joseph W. Nolan Kevin J. O’Malley‡‡ James M. Peters Jr. George H. Pierce Lt Col Brian F. Sullivan‡‡ W. Paul White Esq.‡‡

Cushing Associates Thomas J. Barrett Richard J. Castriotta MD‡‡ Harold G. Clarke Jr. Esq.‡‡ Rev. Charles B. Connolly, SJ‡‡ Paul F. Driscoll PhD Theodore L. Fucillo Esq. William G. Leydon‡‡ Gerald A. Madek Esq. Joseph P. McEttrick Esq.‡‡ Joseph P. Nevulis Robert G. O’Keefe† Martin J. Quirk Jr.‡‡

Richard F. Hickey‡‡

Magis Guild Thomas J. Filbin Esq.‡‡ Michael F. Gregorio William F. Henri Esq.† Richard H. Meade William H. Mitchell MD‡‡ Paul J. Weitz

McElroy Associates

Loyola Associates Robert A. Bonanno MD‡‡ John W. Brady† Very Rev. William P. Joy Brian M. Kingston‡‡ Richard J. Mahoney† Paul W. McNeil James V. Mogan MD Edward S. Robertson Esq.† William F. Timmins‡‡ Donald A. Walsh

Cushing Associates


Charles F. Ahern Jr.‡‡ John S. Berger Peter V. Cooper‡‡ Terrence D. Earls‡‡ William A. Fahey John G. Fallon Patrick A. Fox Esq.† William S. Howard Stephen J. Kelley Joseph F. Kennedy‡‡ Bernard J. Kenney Jr. Rev. Germain Kopaczynski Lawrence G. Maguire Daniel J. McCarthy† Richard E. McCluskey Ronald J. Paglierani Esq.† Michael J. Shortsleeve MD†

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

Eagle Associates

Thomas H. Dunn Jr. Thomas J. Filbin Esq.‡‡ David B. Hanson† Richard F. Hickey‡‡

Michael V. Ananis EdD Paul R. Deschenes Eugene P. Hickey Kevin J. Maguire

Eagle Associates William R. Connolly Esq.† John K. Ford Esq. Robert J. Hartigan‡‡ John J. McLaughlin Robert A. Moran William T. Noonan‡‡ Gerald J. O’Brien‡‡

Founder’s Society Richard D. Walsh‡‡

President’s Society W. David Kelly DMD†

Arrupe Society Alfred W. Bowman Jr.‡‡ Steven R. Previte MD‡‡ Stephen P. Ranere MD†

Magis Guild Edward C. Driscoll Jr.‡‡ James J. Scannell‡‡

McElroy Associates Robert E. Burke PhD‡‡ Stephen L. Carbone III† John F. Dwyer‡‡ John P. Farricy MD† Walter H. Gorman‡‡ William F. Joy Esq.† William M. McCarthy‡‡ William T. McCarthy CAPT James J. McTigue‡‡ Thomas J. Murphy Jr.‡‡ Robert F. Muse Esq. Norman R. Proulx† Francis T. Twiggs PhD‡‡

Loyola Associates Donald J. Barry Jr. Esq.‡‡ John A. Fallon MD John A. Foley Jr. MD John B. Hopkins Esq. David J. McDonough Dean P. Nicastro Esq. Joseph J. Pedulla‡‡ Thomas J. Prendergast† John T. Scoboria William A. Terranova MD

Cushing Associates George E. Breen Jr. William H. Camden‡‡ Kevin M. Chamberlin† Joseph J. Conway MD† Robert F. Finn James M. Flaherty‡‡ Daniel J. Griffin Jr. David L. Hennessey Esq. Peter T. Middleton Esq.‡‡ Edwin J. Riley DMD‡‡ William D. Rizer John M. Treacy 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

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THANK YOU! 4,636

To the donors that made a gift to BC High in 2018!





697 722 GIFTS FROM




(Here and around the country)

3,000+ attendees 38














Members attended Golden Jubilee reunion weekend

Increased participaton by


] 56%

Increase in Donor Participation








(annual gifts of $1,500 or more)

$ 116 DONORS ✺


CLASS OF 1986 Most dollars raised for

Fund for BC High

CLASS OF 2018!

$363,281 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

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alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Eagle Associates Paul F. Branca‡‡ Edward J. Conrad† Hugh M. Crane Kevin F. Cunnally† James M. Keane Deacon James V. McLaughlin Paul J. Tooher Jr.

CLASS OF 1967 The McNeice Society John V. Murphy‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society


Robert B. Beaumont Jr.‡‡ Philip G. Boyle Esq.‡‡ Grover C. Gilmore PhD‡‡ Robert L. Lynch Jr.‡‡ John V. Murphy‡‡

Cornerstone Society

Founder’s Society

James E. Mulvoy

John V. Murphy‡‡

1863 Society

1863 Society

Leo J. Corbett†

Robert A. Curley Jr. Esq.‡‡

President’s Society

President’s Society

Michael P. D’Ambrosio‡‡

Robert B. Beaumont Jr.‡‡

Arrupe Society

Arrupe Society

Robert K. Sheridan Esq.‡‡

John A. DeTore Esq.‡‡ Robert L. Lynch Jr.‡‡ Christopher J. Sterritt Esq.‡‡

Magis Guild James M. Daly‡‡ William F. Jones†

McElroy Associates Anonymous Thomas F. Coughlan Jr. James B. Darcy Jr. Charles A. Pellegrino† Gerald A. Ridge MD† Robert J. Ryan‡‡ Rev. John L. Sullivan

Loyola Associates Richard J. Conner Esq.‡‡ James M. Connor‡‡ William F. Hunter† Joseph P. Martin PhD‡‡ Robert M. McNeil‡‡ Richard R. Powers Jr.‡‡ Thomas J. Stoodley III‡‡ Thomas J. Sullivan†

Cushing Associates Roderick J. Campbell Jr.† James H. Collins DMD† David F. Condon Mark S. Hausherr‡‡ Edward V. Lally MD Richard P. Maloney Esq. Rev. Brian F. Manning Daniel J. McDevitt Esq. Paul J. Murphy Jr.‡‡ Joseph F. Pesce Jr.† Pierre G. Rondeau Esq. Paul A. Torraca DMD†

Eagle Associates Prof. Martin D. Feeney John J. Flaherty Richard J. McNeil Jeremiah J. Minihan Albert W. Parrow‡‡ Peter M. Sullivan‡‡


Magis Guild Paul M. Connolly‡‡ Michael B. Driscoll‡‡ Ronald D. Falcione Richard J. Fougere‡‡ Robert J. Lynch‡‡ John D. McLoughlin‡‡ Kevin P. Phillips Esq.† Robert S. Troy Esq.

McElroy Associates Philip G. Boyle Esq.‡‡ Paul H. Capobianco Robert J. Eng† Paul F. Fitzpatrick Paul V. Guilfoyle Joseph J. Iovanna‡‡ David A. Perry‡‡ Paul D. Roche Esq.‡‡ Brian C. Shaughnessy Richard F. Topping‡‡

Loyola Associates Thomas W. Burke† Robert W. Chamberlain MD Thomas J. Egan Grover C. Gilmore PhD‡‡ Michael J. Kilfoyle MD William P. McDermott Jr. Joseph P. McDonagh‡‡ Brendon F. Shea

Cushing Associates Vincent D. DeFeo Edward T. Driscoll ‡‡ William J. Fidler Michael J. Grealy Esq. David M. Hartigan Esq.‡‡ Edward F. Hurley Jr. Patrick J. King‡‡ Maurice M. Lynch Esq.† John J. MacDonald‡‡

Owen J. MacDonald John F. Markuns† Patrick J. McCarthy† James S. O’Connell Jr. James Patacchiola† Joseph E. Rull Francis M. Saba‡‡ Stanley C. Yutkins

Paul T. Logan Robert A. Long Esq. Gerald A. McDonough Esq. Michael P. O’Brien Esq.‡‡ Thomas B. O’Rourke‡‡ Michael A. Spatola Esq.† Rev. Edward J. Vodoklys, SJ Frank T. Ward MD

Eagle Associates

Loyola Associates

Thomas J. Burke† Nicholas D. Carullo CAPT Michael E. Duffy John M. Fitzgerald‡‡ Leonard J. Natoli† CWO John Pacitti†

Paul F. Abraham Nicholas A. Accomando PhD Michael A. Barry Edward L. Baskauskas John J. Daly III† Gregory F. Glennon Edward J. Keating Jr. Thomas F. Lynch Dominic J. Nompleggi MD Lawrence M. Palladino MD† David J. Vitale

CLASS OF 1968 The McNeice Society Gregory E. Bulger‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society E. Fritz Friedman

Founder’s Society Gregory E. Bulger‡‡

Cornerstone Society Richard L. Mucci‡‡

1863 Society Robert W. Hunter‡‡

President’s Society Robert J. Glynn PhD Joseph R. Shea

Arrupe Society William J. Connolly‡‡ Paul A. Delory Esq. Peter F. Mawn

Magis Guild Charles F. Bell Jr. Thomas J. Connelly‡‡ John P. Dervan MD Thomas F. Finigan William H. Irving William R. MacKenzie‡‡ Stephen G. Manning‡‡ John D. McCarthy†

McElroy Associates Ronald G. Bardawil MD Richard M. Burns Leon K. Calitri Steven E. Carr MD † James P. Collins III James F. Crowley Jr. Esq.† James E. Curran Richard H. Donohue† William J. Donovan PhD Richard F. Fahey John P. Farrell E. Fritz Friedman Timothy F. Hayes Jr.‡‡ James C. Hession Esq. John P. Joyce

Cushing Associates Anonymous Robert P. Anastasi Martin L. Barrett DMD Gregory M. Casey Kevin J. Cavanagh Gerard F. Collins William K. Connors‡‡ Michael J. Coyne Esq. Mark T. Dempsey John J. Gelinas‡‡ John F. Kennedy Esq. Lawrence G. Lavery Michael A. Lojek MD J. Peter MacDonald Peter S. Maher Esq.‡‡ Francis X. McDonough Jr.† John T. Murray Esq.† Richard P. Nolet Robert F. O’Brien Kevin J. Toomey Esq.‡‡

Eagle Associates Michael F. Cotter George E. Cummings Paul W. Hamel James J. Little John W. McLaughlin‡‡ Michael J. Symes Joseph C. Westfield

CLASS OF 1969 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Anonymous

Arrupe Society William J. O’Connell Jr.‡‡

Magis Guild Ronald P. Corbett PhD† Richard N. Murphy‡‡

McElroy Associates Robert L. Johnson Esq.

William F. Lane DMD James J. Murphy Michael F. Tobin‡‡

Loyola Associates Robert S. Madden‡‡ John P. McDonough‡‡

Cushing Associates Anonymous Anonymous‡‡ Dennis M. Ahern David J. Begonis Charles E. Boyle Esq. Joseph P. Calapa‡‡ Joseph B. Casey‡‡ Richard M. Collins‡‡ Stephen M. Coyne Edward J. Daly† Terrence B. Downes Esq.‡‡ Michael B. Killion Stephen J. Larner‡‡ James F. McNeice Jr. Edward C. Shea†

Eagle Associates Herbert W. Arnold Jr. William T. Henehan Michael J. Kelly John D. Riordan Esq. Richard J. Shepherd William J. Yourell‡‡

CLASS OF 1970 The McNeice Society Michael D. White‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Michael D. White‡‡

Founder’s Society Michael D. White‡‡

President’s Society Henry J. Bertolon Jr. Gerald G. Bowe†

Arrupe Society James G. Covelluzzi Jr.† Kevin J. Dunn

Magis Guild James E. Carroll Esq.‡‡ Thomas F. Flynn PhD‡‡ Michael F. McGonagle‡‡

McElroy Associates David I. Calnan† Daniel J. Coughlin Jr.‡‡ Edward J. Cronin Jr. B. John Dill Peter M. Doherty‡‡ Stephen E. Fix Martin C. Foster Esq.‡‡ Peter K. Kelly‡‡ Robert B. Whitley

Loyola Associates Myles W. Berry Jr.

Thomas E. Dello Russo‡‡ Dennis T. Fitzgerald‡‡ George L. Ford† Michael J. Hession MD Michael G. O’Connor Paul C. Ryan‡‡ Charles P. Satkewich John J. Shea Eugene F. Sullivan Jr. Esq. Robert M. Sullivan EdD

Cushing Associates Michael S. Baskauskas Edward Roy Connor Matthew J. Dillon PhD† Michael J. Foley Michael F. Glennon‡‡ Paul C. Glynn Esq. ‡‡ John G. Guerra Jr.† David Hern Jr. Esq. Joseph G. Kelleher John P. Kelly John C. C. Lane Esq. Stephen F. Long Stanley F. Luniewicz John F. Lynch‡‡ Terence P. McDermott Esq. Louis J. McNeil† Dennis J. Murphy James P. Murray Jr. MD Thomas D. O’Connor Richard F. Quinn Jr.† John J. Reynolds Richard M. Rolak John J. Rowe Richard J. Schoenfeld Esq. Michael F. Sullivan PhD John G. Trahon Jr. Norman J. Walsh Thomas M. Ziniti

Arrupe Society


Michael C. Hutchinson Esq.‡‡ Gerard L. Pallotta† Kevin F. Smith‡‡

Founder’s Society

Magis Guild

Francis W. Foley Jr.‡‡ Leonard L. Pasciucco

Francis E. Arcaro Jr.‡‡ Brian M. Barron‡‡ Lawrence J. Carlson† Charles A. Ferraro‡‡ David P. Gray‡‡ Martin J. Joyce Jr.‡‡ Shaun V. Kelley‡‡ Daniel L. Kenslea Jr.‡‡ Mark F. Murphy Esq.† Harold E. Nash III‡‡ Gary T. Woods

McElroy Associates William E. Brennan Jr. Thomas P. Hagerty‡‡ Richard M. Madden‡‡ Kevin J. McSweeney John J. Prendergast Vitas J. Rasys Esq. David J. Saint Harry E. Salerno‡‡

Loyola Associates John R. Baronas DMD‡‡ John E. Cleary John E. Corbett Jr. Barry M. Cronin John E. Maloney Jr. Stephen T. Pike†

Cushing Associates

Francis E. Arcaro Jr.‡‡ Daniel L. Kenslea Jr.‡‡ Gerard L. Pallotta†

Nicholas R. Arcangeli† Mark P. Bailey Esq. ‡‡ William A. Bowe William G. Clark Esq. Richard J. Connors Stephen J. Dahill† James E. Dykes‡‡ David A. Farrell Michael G. Hanlon Esq. William J. Hayes Stephen D. Hern† John F. Keating Jr. Richard A. Kelly James G. Kennedy Robert R. Kustka Jr. William J. Lojek David C. Morgan† The Hon. John M. Smoot Paul A. Tucker Marco Volpe Allen D. Washington Timothy H. White Esq.

1863 Society

Eagle Associates

Leo J. Meehan III Daniel J. Sullivan Jr.‡‡

Francis E. Campbell Rev. Robert J. Deehan‡‡ Robert J. Leonard† Rev. Joseph F. McHugh, SJ

Eagle Associates E. Paul Colella PhD Francis A. DeLuca Esq.‡‡ Daniel J. Madden DMD David J. Milligan† John W. Parcellin Esq. William G. Sheehan Mark E. Voelkel

CLASS OF 1971 The McNeice Society Daniel J. Sullivan Jr.‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

President’s Society Stephen A. Durant MD‡‡

John P. McDonough‡‡

Arrupe Society

Magis Guild Terrence A. Corrigan Esq.‡‡ Joseph M. Dempsey‡‡ Richard H. Grueter John P. Kavanaugh‡‡ Kenneth F. Langley Esq. Michael J. Sullivan Esq. Joseph D. Wholley‡‡

McElroy Associates Michael F. Cawley MD Mark A. Gorham‡‡ William F. Granchelli CWO Michael R. Horgan Richard P. Martin PhD Timothy J. Monahan James F. Roach† Chris C. Spinazzola

Loyola Associates Martin E. Keane† John S. Reidy Esq. John C. Skowron† Rev. Leo J. Smith Jr. Jonathan E. Squire

Cushing Associates Gerard S. Alexander Stephen G. Anderka MD‡‡ Richard F. Arcangeli‡‡ David J. Black Michael A. Cioffi Esq. David E. Faherty Jr.† John D. Grandfield Esq. Paul J. Jaehnig Patrick J. Lusk Paul M. O’Brien† David B. Quinn Esq. Maurice A. Randall‡‡ Louis J. Sannella Peter F. Shea Esq.‡‡ John J. Slater III† Kurt L. Westerman‡‡

Eagle Associates Kevin M. Barry Sr. Kevin F. Coughlin‡‡ James C. Mahoney

CLASS OF 1973 The McNeice Society John F. Ferraro‡‡

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Lawrence F. Mahoney‡‡ Donald E. Sprague

1863 Society John F. Ferraro‡‡ 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

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alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Charles J. Flint‡‡

Eagle Associates

President’s Society

William F. Connor James F. Linnehan‡‡

Robert C. Lamb Jr.‡‡ Patrick J. Landers‡‡ Brian W. McNeill‡‡

Arrupe Society Leonard P. Connolly MD‡‡ Stephen P. Hughes‡‡ Lawrence F. Mahoney‡‡ David M. O’Keefe‡‡ Stephen A. Shaughnessy†

CLASS OF 1974 The McNeice Society Joseph T. Donahue‡‡

Founder’s Society Joseph T. Donahue‡‡

President’s Society

Paul F. Fichera‡‡ Gerald T. McGillicuddy MD

Paul G. Curtis‡‡ Paul F. McManus Jr.‡‡ Joseph A. Murphy‡‡ Bryan T. Rich†

McElroy Associates

Arrupe Society

Kurt W. Bimmler‡‡ Paul K. Carthas Peter A. DeLuca Leo W. Donovan OD John N. Flanagan Esq. Thomas M. Joyce John S. Lynch Francis X. McKeen† Daniel F. O’Brien‡‡ John F. Spatola George F. Sutherland Jr.† David L. Walton MD† Paul R. Wiencek Robert J. York Jr.

James M. Monahan Charles S. O’Connor‡‡ Arthur T. Silk Jr.‡‡

Magis Guild

Loyola Associates Robert J. Barry Donald R. Bumiller Esq. Ralph J. Cafarelli Esq. George F. Driscoll Jr. Gen Joseph F. Dunford Jr. Brian B. Dunn Stephen J. Farquhar‡‡ CAPT Brendan L. Gray Joseph L. Hern Esq.† Joseph A. Kelley John D. Lojek Gerard T. Quinn CDR Edward J. Rourke Jr. John B. Winne†

Cushing Associates Robert E. Barrett Robert J. Beechinor MD Stephen F. Connell Daniel F. Cronin Esq. Kevin P. Egan Francis X. Fallon Steven R. Gallant Leo G. Gibbons Paul F. Hurley John R. Jepsen John F. Joyce RN James F. Maguire MD† Michael W. Moore William A. Struzziery Thomas J. Sullivan‡‡


Anthony B. Oliva DMD† William J. O’Reilly Joseph P. Ring PhD‡‡ Charles L. Shea III‡‡ Thomas F. Smith‡‡ Eric F. Squire† Daniel P. Tobin David F. Wells

Eagle Associates Martin J. Barry Stephen L. Bresnahan Peter J. Ceriani Michael E. Dwyer Timothy P. Houten Esq. Joseph R. Murray James D. Noonan† John J. O’Connell III Paul J. Sullivan† David Taylor

McElroy Associates David A. Cerundolo‡‡ Brian C. Dever Esq. Michael P. DiMino III Kevin E. McCahill Michael F. McGoldrick‡‡ Patrick H. O’Brien‡‡ James P. O’Hare‡‡ Louis J. Von Kahle

Loyola Associates Gerald E. Bilodeau‡‡ Guy L. Genereux‡‡ Kevin G. Maguire John W. Martin‡‡ David R. O’Brien

Cushing Associates

Arrupe Society

James G. Callahan‡‡ Edward R. Chase‡‡ Michael M. Coffey Paul R. Crimlisk Stephen C. Lynch Brian S. Mulkern Sr. Rev. Thomas S. Rafferty Thomas G. Rice DDS†

William J. Brabazon Jr.‡‡ Daniel O. Collins‡‡ Edward S. Finocchiaro‡‡ Steven A. McKenna† Mark W. Roche PhD‡‡ John W. Sachetti‡‡ Robert C. Shiebler†

Richard J. Riley Esq.‡‡

Eagle Associates

McElroy Associates

Gregory G. Farrell Rev. Joseph M. O’Neil Jr. ‡‡ Alfred P. Quirk Jr.

Loyola Associates

Richard L. Ahern‡‡ Gerard M. Amrhein‡‡ Michael J. Gordon‡‡ William F. Hackett‡‡ Mark B. Kerwin† Edward W. McCahill‡‡ Michael F. Mogan Esq.‡‡ William J. Schmitt James S. Timmins Esq. Joseph C. Veneto‡‡

Robert Caputo‡‡

Cushing Associates

Magis Guild

Magis Guild Christopher J. Donovan Esq. Edward E. Hanlon III† Michael D. Hartigan Esq.‡‡

McElroy Associates

Gerard J. DiGiovanni† Richard J. Gray Esq. Mark J. Labresh Patrick A. Morganelli†

Cushing Associates William F. Ahern Esq.† John R. Buckley Jr. Patrick C. Capello† Thomas S. Cattaneo† Michael F. Desmond† William P. Dillon† William K. Ennion William J. Flanagan John H. Glennon Philip N. Good Jr.‡‡ Stephen P. Hagerty† Rev. John J. Hanwell, SJ‡‡ Francis A. Harris Stephen L. Hug Joseph F. Jason Thomas W. Kenslea† Thomas J. Larner‡‡ John M. Lespasio Jr.‡‡ Eduardo P. Marchena† Joseph P. McManus‡‡ Gregory S. Messina† Nicola A. Mogavero MD Sean J. Monahan William Murphy

CLASS OF 1975 President’s Society John J. Shaughnessy Jr.‡‡

Timothy J. Dee Daniel J. Landers Sr.‡‡ Lawrence E. P. O’Brien John M. Silk Esq.‡‡

Loyola Associates

Thomas G. Callahan Arthur J. Casey Michael J. Driscoll William P. Faherty Francis J. Nash Jr.‡‡ Neill J. Norcott James P. Rourke Steven J. Soucar

Eagle Associates Robert A. Bonaccorso‡‡

CLASS OF 1976 President’s Society Richard F. Flynn‡‡

Magis Guild William A. O’Riordan‡‡ Thomas D. Russo DMD ‡‡

CLASS OF 1977 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Cornerstone Society Timothy M. Bowe

President’s Society Leo J. Corcoran Esq.‡‡

Arrupe Society Francis L. Colpoys Jr. Esq.‡‡ Brian P. Davidson‡‡ John J. Leary III PhD‡‡ Stephen J. Leahy‡‡ Kevin R. Murphy MD† Robert M. Ruzzo Esq.‡‡ William H. Skinner III‡‡

McElroy Associates Robert A. Dallas Jr.‡‡ David A. Foster Robert S. Johnston Michael J. Whouley†

Loyola Associates Robert Caputo‡‡ Christopher L. Harvey James J. Kelly MD‡‡ Gerard E. Mahoney† Louis J. Rouleau† William J. Stack

Cushing Associates Paul J. Barry Jr.‡‡ Kevin M. Byrne Kevin D. Cherry‡‡ Paul E. Degnan John M. Keane PhD‡‡ Matthew J. Kenslea John J. McSweeney John J. Nee Jr.‡‡ James J. O’Hara PhD† Stephen J. Powers Robert A. Shaughnessy‡‡ John L. Wilkey

Dennis F. Monahan Esq. Thomas F. Monahan John F. Neelon Esq. Michael P. Nerbonne† Thomas E. O’Brien Joseph M. Penella† Harry C. Rees III

Eagle Associates Albert K. Federico‡‡ Mark F. Flint‡‡ George W. Jacobs Steven M. Penella James M. Quinn†

Eagle Associates Stephen D. Hodgens Christopher J. Hug Esq. Denis J. Kennedy Peter J. Tehan Kevin M. Walsh Mark L. Walsh

CLASS OF 1979 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Joseph F. Dempsey Jr.‡‡

Founder’s Society Peter F. Dolan‡‡

1863 Society

Stephen Harrington Kevin M. Norton

CLASS OF 1980 St. Ignatius Loyola Society Christopher T. Kennedy

President’s Society Kevin G. Kenneally Esq.‡‡ Paul J. Meaney‡‡ Joseph J. Prendergast†

Arrupe Society John J. Curtis‡‡ Kevin Donius Esq.† John A. Findley‡‡ Thomas M. Findley‡‡ Michael A. Larkin‡‡

Magis Guild Robert M. Fallon‡‡ Paul W. Jaworski† William J. LaPoint Jr.‡‡

David F. O’Donnell‡‡

Loyola Associates Robert K. Beniers II Kenneth J. Deveaux† Joseph L. Feloney† Stephen M. Healy‡‡ Joseph P. McKenna Jr. Esq. Christopher P. Oates†

Cushing Associates John J. Amendolare Paul J. Burke John E. Comeau‡‡ Paul C. Dawley Esq. Timothy E. Driscoll William G. Farrell Esq. Brian F. Flaherty Mark F. Gallagher Brian J. McHugh Paul E. Murphy David G. Tobin Esq. John C. Wade†


John M. Shields Esq.†

McElroy Associates

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

President’s Society

Joseph F. Dempsey Jr.‡‡ John F. Keaney Jr. MD‡‡

Daniel J. Blake Esq.‡‡ Robert J. Celata‡‡ Carroll D. Coletti Esq.‡‡ Michael F. Conley‡‡ CAPT John H. Danilecki Philip A. Littlehale‡‡ James A. McDonald


Mark F. Flint‡‡

Daniel J. Nowiszewski Michael P. Shaughnessy Daniel E. Smith‡‡

Magis Guild

Cushing Associates

Michael J. Murphy‡‡

Richard P. Biagini Domenic E. Centofanti Michael G. Hansen Charles E. Hurd Jr. John J. Maginnis Daniel G. Molloy‡‡ John A. Morley Dianna E. Ryan MD‡‡ Douglas J. Smith‡‡

Arrupe Society

1863 Society Daniel J. Hartigan‡‡ William F. Shields MD Neal E. Sullivan‡‡

President’s Society James A. Fitzpatrick† Gary J. Murphy†

Arrupe Society Robert A. Amendola Esq.‡‡ William S. Buccella Paul R. Donahoe Esq.‡‡ Bernard T. Loughran Esq.‡‡

Magis Guild Joseph M. Connors Jr. Esq.† Michael P. Dunford‡‡ Leo J. Smith Jr.

McElroy Associates Daniel J. Crozier James M. DeMarco John J. Faherty† Paul J. Flaherty Jack J. McGlone Esq. Joseph A. Nash Thomas R. Pickette Jr. Michael A. Sullivan Esq.

Loyola Associates Paul J. Driscoll Phillip K. Lynch Stephen A. Mini James G. Ryan Esq. Leo J. Schipellite‡‡

Cushing Associates Joseph P. Barrett† Michael J. Elliott Joseph A. Lamb John D. McCafferty John W. Molloy Jr.

Arrupe Society

Jay A. Bernasconi‡‡ David M. Curtis‡‡ Neal P. Kenslea† Joseph T. Keohan†

McElroy Associates Dennis Boyd‡‡ Brian J. Burns† Joseph E. Daly‡‡ John M. Fenton† James C. Nash† William P. O’Donnell Esq.‡‡ Daniel G. O’Neil William J. Silk Anthony S. Urciuoli

Loyola Associates

Eagle Associates Anonymous James G. Boyd PhD‡‡ James M. Cully‡‡ Paul J. Kizelewicz Peter S. Melville

Andrew G. Colpoys‡‡ Charles A. Mahanor Esq.‡‡ Thomas A. Montminy Esq. ‡‡ Paul J. Murray Esq. Robert A. Scannell Jr.†


Cushing Associates

Kenneth Lochiatto Jr.‡‡

William J. Campbell† Stephen J. Colman Esq. Robert E. Dunn Jr. Esq.‡‡ Frederick A. Galeazzo Jr. Stephen J. LoPresti David F. McCarthy James E. O’Riordan‡‡ Christopher T. Segalla

Arrupe Society

Eagle Associates Anonymous

1863 Society John N. Connolly Jr.‡‡

President’s Society

Robert M. Schroder†

Magis Guild Richard D. Driscoll Jr. Stephen B. Kraunelis‡‡ Kevin J. McGowan†

McElroy Associates Neal F. Crowley James T. Curran John O. Desmond†

The McNeice Society Charles C. Hajjar

Cornerstone Society Michael J. Corcoran†

1863 Society

Kevin P. Martin Jr.‡‡ Stephen G. Smith Martin J. St. George‡‡ Mark A. Taylor‡‡ Mark C. Wilson Esq.‡‡

Magis Guild Joseph N. Russo†

McElroy Associates Michael J. Coughlin† Vernon C. Dailey† Thomas J. Degnan‡‡ Paul T. Driscoll LCDR Christopher E. Dunphy† John P. Hynes John J. Landers‡‡ Bernard P. Lynch Jr. CAPT Donald P. MacNeil Thomas W. Mazza Jr. Richard A. McCafferty Daniel S. McInnis Esq.‡‡ Joseph F. O’Hara† J. Jeffrey Sullivan†

Loyola Associates John J. Browne Kevin P. Bruen Esq. Stephen R. Cahalin† Edward J. Chinetti Michael J. Collins† Andrew A. Doherty† Mark W. Hannon‡‡ 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

| 43

alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Michael G. Kilgannon‡‡ Sean P. Locke Paul F. Mahoney† Douglas B. Pietrafetta Michael T. Shannon Michael J. Walsh†

Brian F. Steckel MD Brian T. Sullivan†

Cushing Associates

Michael P. Buckley Patrick Bulger† John J. Cloherty III Maj John F. Donahue Paul F. Healy Lee J. Morrissey Robert G. Nadeau† Joseph Wallus

Thomas J. Benson Jr. Brian F. Costello Michael K. Cox Francis X. Fasano III James F. Hayes Michael P. Kearns Michael E. Prendergast‡‡ Philip J. Resca Brian D. Shea† Christopher M. Wallace John J. Walsh II Edward J. Wrobel

Eagle Associates

Eagle Associates

Christopher R. Boyle CAPT Michael F. Hussey† Richard M. Lovering Brian J. Sullivan

Paul V. Foley† Joseph P. Limone Esq. Richard J. Maguire MD

Cushing Associates


Michael C. Donovan Michael E. Faerm Luis E. Gonzales‡‡ Joseph L. Goode Thomas J. Hawko Jr. Barry E. Hogan Michael C. Hogan Christopher J. Hurley† Gerard F. Lane Esq. M. Christopher Lynch Steven J. Martin Robert W. McGrail PhD† John M. McGrath Peter J. Nadeau Mark M. O’Brien Sean M. Regan Timothy J. Rinck Gregory W. Sullivan Jr. Gregory T. Waldron John F. Waters Jr.

Mark W. Dunderdale Daniel P. Kelley John P. Knight Michael A. Marciello MD Brian J. McKay David A. Petitti Michael T. Sullivan† Brian T. Walsh PhD Thomas L. Wesner

Eagle Associates

Advisor’s Society

The McNeice Society

Robert W. Forman

John F. McQuillan Jr.‡‡

1863 Society

St. Ignatius Loyola Society

Norman P. Fitzgerald‡‡

Nicholas T. Papapetros DMD ‡‡

President’s Society

Anonymous Sean W. Farrell Esq.‡‡ David W. Pratt Brian F. Ray Kenneth H. Smith Brendan J. Sullivan

Founder’s Society

William J. Beck IV‡‡ Thomas L. Monahan III


Magis Guild

St. Ignatius Loyola Society


John F. McQuillan Jr.‡‡ Timothy S. O’Donnell Esq.†

Founder’s Society

John L. Fleming

Alan B. Curtis‡‡ John Ambrose Hayes

Gerald M. Curtin Lawrence H. Foley† James C. Nyhan Thomas P. O’Connell‡‡ Paul C. Schiffmann

Arrupe Society

McElroy Associates

President’s Society

Michael P. Breen‡‡ David M. Connelly† Richard M. Conroy Peter W. Foley Gary J. Rinkus Stephen M. White

Timothy J. Corbett Souren G. Ouzounian‡‡

1863 Society Dennis M. Sughrue Esq.

President’s Society

Christopher J. Jepsen† George T. Padula Jr.‡‡ Nicholas T. Papapetros DMD‡‡

Magis Guild Michael E. Ayers MD‡‡ Peter W. DiMarzio‡‡

McElroy Associates Robert P. Abbott Jr. David Catinella‡‡ Peter T. Jaworski Robert E. Joyce‡‡ Robert M. O’Connell Jr.‡‡ Barry F. X. Smith† Daniel J. Sullivan‡‡ Edward U. Toland

Loyola Associates Anonymous James C. Coughlin Jr. Timothy R. Flaherty Esq.† Christopher M. Lawson John E. Rudnicki† Timothy Ryan John F. Sebastian†


Loyola Associates Stephen J. Brandt Thomas P. Caulfield† Robert R. Hamel Jr.‡‡ Joseph M. Kunze‡‡ Richard T. Marnell Daniel J. McCormack Timothy R. O’Brien Bryan J. Sheppeck Alan R. Svensen R. Edward Waterman

Cushing Associates Timothy T. Buckeridge Daniel P. Bulger Kenneth J. Carty Jr. Joseph E. Chase MD Peter F. Chouinard Sean P. Costello

1863 Society Joseph M. Cronin Jr.‡‡ Michael A. Moynihan Esq. Brian J. Wilk‡‡

Arrupe Society Gregory M. Collins‡‡ Robert W. Galvin Esq.†

McElroy Associates Kevin P. Brosnan‡‡ Francis J. Gorski Jr.‡‡ Manuel N. Pacheco MD James F. Pickette‡‡ Matthew J. Sweeney Jr. Nicholas J. Tangney III‡‡

Loyola Associates Gerard S. D’Arcy Walter E. Erwin III‡‡ John L. Fleming Patrick J. Sheehan Esq.

Cushing Associates William B. Brett James L. Cashin Gregory R. Collins Sean M. Corcoran Richard J. Curtin

Eagle Associates Kevin F. Cafferty Brendan D. Connelly‡‡ Jay L. Hartford Robert J. Kelly‡‡ Paul D. Maloy

CLASS OF 1986 The McNeice Society Anonymous‡‡ Anonymous‡‡

Founder’s Society Michael C. Ray Esq.‡‡

Cornerstone Society Mark R. Keating‡‡

1863 Society Timothy C. Cronin‡‡ James M. Norton‡‡

President’s Society Patrick C. Guerriero† Richard N. Hart III‡‡

Arrupe Society John C. Driscoll‡‡ Michael P. Manning‡‡ Robert J. Murray Jr.† Brian M. Walsh

Magis Guild Terence F. Faherty‡‡ Edward E. Falvey† Thomas J. Hayes‡‡ John E. Keohane‡‡ Michael G. McIntyre Peter S. Orenberg† Sean F. Walsh

McElroy Associates Timothy V. Carnes† Lt Col Andrew A. Clarke ‡‡ Robert W. Clarke PhD Michael J. DeCosta† Richard J. Graziano Derik D. Malone† Edward V. McDonald‡‡ John D. Nee Christopher C. Peracchi‡‡ Theodore F. Roberts Esq.

Loyola Associates William F. Jones Jr.‡‡ Robert W. MacElhiney†

Kevin M. MacKinnon† Timothy M. McDonough William J. O’Neil Patrick H. O’Sullivan Chris P. Vieira

Sean P. Foley‡‡ James M. Murphy Esq. Sean T. Ryan‡‡ John C. Tuzik

Cushing Associates

James N. Doherty Jr. Esq.‡‡ Hugh P. Flaherty John P. Kearney Gregory P. McConville Joseph P. Norton II James M. Pender Esq.‡‡

Patrick M. Altekruse John W. Boyle Timothy S. Cronin Mark M. Dennehy† Christopher F. Doyle Daniel P. Flaherty† Edward P. Flynn III Michael E. Flynn† John M. Garvey Esq. Robert J. Griesmer Paul J. Hussey Brendan M. Kirby David Chase Lopes‡‡ William J. Lovett Esq. James A. McLaughlin Daniel P. McMurrer‡‡ Col Michael D. Port Joseph F. Stanton David M. Waterman Joseph M. Zaccheo‡‡

Eagle Associates Steven E. Casper‡‡ Mark X. Farrell Brendan P. Flynn Joseph P. Glennon John P. Hayes† Peter J. McDonald Kevin McGovern Andrew P. Price Patrick A. Timilty

CLASS OF 1987 Cornerstone Society Anonymous‡‡

1863 Society Anonymous‡‡ Stephen J. Connolly Esq.‡‡ Robert M. Higgins Esq.‡‡

Loyola Associates

Cushing Associates Jonathan R. Bartlett‡‡ Craig T. Brown Robert J. Bubencik Jr. Daniel J. Burke‡‡ Mitchell D. Carroll Jr. Esq. Paul R. Crowley James M. Fitzgerald Michael F. Flaherty Jr. Esq. LtCol John F. Griffin Scott E. Habeeb Robert D. Indresano† Jeffrey M. Johnson† Anthony W. King David W. Mann Sean F. McDonough John W. McManus† William F. McManus Jr. Jay (J.T.) T. Neville Thomas F. O’Donnell Joseph M. Reardon‡‡ John N. Reid Michael H. Ryan Brendan W. Sullivan

Eagle Associates Michael P. Davis Brian P. McDonnell Michael F. Murray† Robert M. Yantosca‡‡

CLASS OF 1988 1863 Society Jamie F. Rice

President’s Society

President’s Society

Donald J. Greene‡‡ Kevin W. Stone

Michael J. Feehily‡‡ Michael B. Galvin† Christopher W. Pyne‡‡

Arrupe Society Warren M. Janigian‡‡ Michael J. McDonald‡‡ Robert T. Norton Jr. Vincent G. Norton Jr.‡‡ John D. Roth

Magis Guild Timothy M. Knight† George F. McLaughlin III Stephen E. Recupero DDS‡‡ Michael K. Vaughan†

McElroy Associates Thomas M. Ciampa‡‡

Arrupe Society Edward D. Farley Esq.‡‡ Robert J. Galibois II Esq.‡‡ Robert G. Johnson Michael H. MacNeill† Christopher F. Taylor†

Magis Guild Scott L. Dalrymple‡‡ John J. Flaherty† Thomas A. Norton‡‡ Timothy K. Pollis PhD Andrew J. Williams† 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

| 45

alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) McElroy Associates Peter D. Deroeve Jr. James F. Doyle† Brian P. Higgins‡‡ Christopher M. Martin† John T. McCarthy Kevin D. McCarthy‡‡ Michael T. McClory† James E. McGaugh‡‡

Loyola Associates Brian T. Ash Paul S. Barry III† Robert F. Bradbury‡‡ Garrett J. Bradley Esq.‡‡ David M. Carolan Kevin F. Cohane Patrick J. Concannon Lance W. Connolly‡‡ David L. Corcoran‡‡ Peter J. Feloney The Hon. Serge Georges James B. Reilly Christopher M. Rooney‡‡ Christopher M. Waterman Esq.

Cushing Associates James F. Clougher Stephen P. Daly‡‡ Stephen F. Delaney† Mark R. Dursin Todd M. Falvey Francis X. Joyce Brian D. Kerr Esq. Timothy P. Lydon Neil J. O’Regan MD Peter J. Resca‡‡ Bernard J. Taracevicz Jr. Christopher A. Vassilopoulos Scott L. Weber

Eagle Associates Michael J. Fay Michael J. Goggin Michael J. Joy

CLASS OF 1989 St. Ignatius Loyola Society J. Dana Hughes

President’s Society James B. Coughlin‡‡ Peter E. Pickette‡‡

Arrupe Society Christopher C. McCarthy†

Magis Guild William C. Beal PhD‡‡ Matthew J. Curran‡‡ Brian G. Oates‡‡ Larry D. Ryan PhD‡‡ Charles F. Sterling‡‡

McElroy Associates Brian L. Bennett‡‡


Matthew T. D’Alto‡‡ Robert A. Herlihy‡‡ Christopher J. Horan‡‡ Christopher R. Howe Matthew B. Kennedy Scott D. MacKay† Michael P. MacKinnon‡‡ Paul M. McDonnell‡‡ Brian P. Murphy James M. Pollard James P. Ryan Michael C. Stravin‡‡ Mark G. Sullivan† Maurice H. Sullivan III‡‡

Loyola Associates John C. Carney‡‡ Jeffrey P. Connor John J. Devine Jr.‡‡ Peter V. Donadio† Robert P. Donovan Michael F. Dorion James A. Dymek‡‡ Eric J. Lutts Paul B. Morley Jr.† Brian J. Murphy David C. Murphy† James J. Murphy Jr.‡‡ Karl W. Pansewicz† Francis R. Powell‡‡ Michael J. Saad Esq. CDR John D. Sullivan Michael C. Surprenant† CDR Michael J. Szczerbinski‡‡ Michael B. Toland† Gregory B. Woodgate†

Cushing Associates John J. Alberts Jr.‡‡ Frederick A. Baker III Philip R. Burke MD Eric Cunningham Daniel F. Cushing‡‡ Patrick J. Flaherty‡‡ Mark E. Furman John C. Hart† Patrick D. Healy Lance S. Hutchinson† Robert M. Hynes† Marc A. Marano Esq. Martin E. McGowan Lawrence P. Monuteaux III Martin E. Pierce† Paul D. Roche Jr. Liam M. Roper‡‡ Ronald R. Sato Randall W. Vera

Eagle Associates David J. Colamaria Patrick J. Comerford John E. Siegfried‡‡ John L. Young II

CLASS OF 1990 Arrupe Society Jason S. Ezekiel Joseph L. Farmer‡‡ Richard M. Morrison Michael P. Roche Sr. Esq.‡‡ Kevin M. Ryan† John F. Traverse‡‡

Magis Guild Peter J. McLoughlin‡‡

McElroy Associates Stephen M. Conley‡‡ Matthew D. Connell† James M. Flaherty Jr.‡‡ Donald J. Hill Jr.‡‡ M. Douglass Hurley‡‡ Daniel J. Kelliher III† Michael E. Mullin† Ronan P. O’Brien Esq.† John S. Quealy† Daniel B. Toomey Matthew C. Zubrycki

Loyola Associates Joseph M. Fitzpatrick Michael F. Grindlay‡‡ Sean P. Kennedy Stephen F. McDevitt‡‡ David B. Tuzik

Cushing Associates Robert F. X. Hart Jr. Joseph L. Hayes† Timothy M. Hubbard† Daniel T. Kajunski‡‡ Michael P. Kunigonis Jr. Daniel C. Wetzel

Eagle Associates Michael T. McMahon Derek L. Pratt‡‡

CLASS OF 1991 President’s Society Kenneth C. Foraste‡‡

Arrupe Society

Loyola Associates Christopher H. Baker E. Patrick Eddy Christopher B. Ledwick Esq. Stephen V. Locke Christopher D. Lydon† Brendan A. MacWade Patrick E. Minihan David C. O’Brien Edwin J. Riley IV† Stephen M. Smoragiewicz‡‡ Theodore T. Webster Eric P. Zine

Cushing Associates Anonymous† A. John Carolan III† Tackey Chan Gregory J. Donovan‡‡ David P. Doyle John J. Duffy III‡‡ David E. Finnegan Matthew W. Gale Eugene L. Kwong Gregory D. LoGerfo Christopher F. Murray Esq. Neal J. O’Driscoll Brian P. Robertson Christopher P. Stenmon†

Eagle Associates Stephen G. Rich II

CLASS OF 1992 President’s Society Timothy P. Walsh‡‡

Arrupe Society Edgardo S. Gafanhao Brendan M. Hanley† Matthew P. Heffernan†

Magis Guild Bryan C. Connolly‡‡ Edward F. DeGraan Jr.† Gregory F. Hegerich† Robert W. Kirk Jr.‡‡ Michael P. Murphy

Theodore J. Dalton‡‡

McElroy Associates

Magis Guild

John F. Barros† David T. Burnes† Christopher P. McDevitt‡‡ Matthew R. Nash† Kirkland S. Shipley Charles W. Stier III

John K. Bowen Richard A. Davey Jr.‡‡ Patrick T. Devine Esq.‡‡ Christopher P. Nichol‡‡

McElroy Associates William P. Forry Richard H. Griffin‡‡ Daniel R. Hart Eric E. Knapp Michael F. Lutz† Terence M. McDonagh† Thomas J. Monaghan

Loyola Associates Timothy E. Flaherty† John M. Kelly John A. MacNeil‡‡ John F. Mannion Matthew A. Osborne Samuel J. Voolich‡‡ William A. Walsh‡‡

Cushing Associates

Magis Guild

Magis Guild

Theodore M. Coleman Brian D. Gorman† Peter C. Guiney Michael M. Martorano John P. O’Leary III Pablo J. Sala†

Gregory J. Norton‡‡

John H. Burke Jr.† Patrick M. Kennedy‡‡ Eric M. Smith‡‡

Stephen S. Rando‡‡ John P. Swiatkowski David C. Valente Christopher A. Zengo‡‡

McElroy Associates

Eagle Associates

Eagle Associates

Loyola Associates

Thomas J. Conroy Remon Jourdan Jason P. Loiselle

McElroy Associates Benjamin W. Collins† Matthew J. Gaughan‡‡ Stephen J. Herlihy† Graham D. Shalgian


James J. Christian† C. Thomas Hubbard Michael P. McDonnell Matthew T. McGonagle Brian J. Nee

1863 Society

Cushing Associates

Michael B. Hotarek†

President’s Society Richard J. MacDonald‡‡

Arrupe Society Paul M. Carter Jonathan P. Feeney Liam R. Kennedy Brian T. O’Connor‡‡ Stephen F. Pineault†

Magis Guild Breton D. Kelly

McElroy Associates Peter A. Foley Michael P. Kenney† Michael P. Morris Frank A. Panaccio‡‡ David Q. White†

Loyola Associates James F. Benoit Paul A. Christian Jr.† Matthew J. Donovan Brian R. Manning‡‡ Steven G. Morelli† Matthew P. Paliulis‡‡ Michael B. Reardon‡‡

Cushing Associates Michael J. Byrne Daniel P. Christmas‡‡ Stephen L. Clark Michael J. Devine Andre J. Farhat Patrick K. Kane Mark D. Loring Andrew T. Mercurio Brian S. Millett DMD† Robert A. O’Connell‡‡ Justin A. Silverio

Eagle Associates Brendan C. Delbos‡‡ Khanh Q. Ngo


Matthew T. Burke John D. Cheverie† Neil P. Collins Stephen W. Dempsey† Anthony J. Farrington† Michael J. Foley John F. McCafferty† John R. Noonan III Anthony R. Sansevero Alex C. Zengo†

Loyola Associates Ryan E. Curry Michael P. Glynn‡‡ Lee B. Grever Sean J. Joyce Christopher P. Principe‡‡ David M. Sansevero‡‡ Matthew S. Warner†

Eagle Associates Jason M. Hardy‡‡ Gregory J. O’Neill‡‡

Magis Guild

Christopher E. Emond† Austin R. Martin‡‡

McElroy Associates Joseph M. Dobbins‡‡ John E. Gallagher II Todd W. Godfrey Gary E. Luck‡‡ David J. Muller

Loyola Associates Stephen F. Collins Brinsley A. Fuller John Glennon Jr. David B. Lovely

Cushing Associates CPT Roland L. Garrison† Andrew R. Joyce PhD† Matthew P. McLaughlin Craig M. Nicholson

Eagle Associates Brian Carey

CLASS OF 1996 1863 Society William L. Jackson Jr. ‡‡

Christopher J. Murphy‡‡

Magis Guild McElroy Associates


Magis Guild

Arrupe Society

Adam J. Creedon‡‡


Paul J. Donato‡‡


Paul J. Brooks LTC Morgan C. D’Olympia Martin J. Hickey Erik E. Johnson

Justin C. Ackerman Christopher H. Meade† John J. O’Connor MD† Jonathan M. Regan Dennis M. Ryan Matthew J. Tosiello

President’s Society

Stephan G. Gildea Eric A. Hewitt† Jason E. Luck Matthew P. Mahoney Michael P. Peabody† Ryan M. Scanlan

Cushing Associates

Eagle Associates

Arrupe Society David P. Cronin† Christopher Lebo†

Daniel F. Appugliese‡‡ Matthew E. Elder Matthew A. Keating

1863 Society Michael A. Medici‡‡

Arrupe Society Sean P. Maloney‡‡ Brian D. Wahlgren‡‡ Thomas J. Barrett‡‡ Matthew G. Pallai Brian M. Walsh‡‡

McElroy Associates J. Scott Baldinelli Michael E. Brandt‡‡ Peter J. Hynes MD John M. Mannix† Benjamin D. Martin MD‡‡ Timothy G. Martin‡‡ Patrick R. McDonald MD David B. Shaw‡‡ Cullen D. Walsh

Loyola Associates Timothy M. Alberts‡‡ Warren G. Lizio William D. Manning Jr. Theresa O’Connor

Anthony J. Donato Esq.‡‡ Matthew S. Hamilton† Michael J. Moschella Mark Pietrantonio‡‡ Michael J. Schulte Liam J. Staunton Avery T. Sturtevant†

Loyola Associates Justin C. Holmes‡‡ Peter A. Manderino‡‡ Michael Viano Jr. Esq.

Cushing Associates Brian E. Donato Philip C. Dow Patrick J. Gaughan James T. Hasson Bryan F. Juwa† Michael P. Kane Brian G. Kincaid Jr. MD Daniel P. McCabe‡‡ David D. McGowan‡‡ Douglas K. Miller‡‡ Karbert S. Ng Eric C. Stepno Ryan J. Sweeney Esq.‡‡

Eagle Associates Russell C. Corner II Timothy F. Fallon Christopher K. McLean Donald M. Wightman Edwin Woo


Cushing Associates

President’s Society

Jonathan J. Beale Jeffrey M. Burns Esq.‡‡ Brian T. Costello Brent M. Courchene Kevin P. Delaney† James R. Fagan Esq. Rev. Matthew J. Foley‡‡ Timothy P. Kincaid‡‡ Christopher H. Perkins†

Christopher J. Wynot‡‡

Arrupe Society James T. Donelan

Magis Guild Walter R. Cartwright III† Andrew T. Hambelton

McElroy Associates Joseph M. Cady† 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

| 47

alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Matthew B. Hart James F. Kelley IV

Keith D. Normant Jeremy M. Pallai†

Loyola Associates

Eagle Associates

David R. Berry Maj John F. Cuddy‡‡ Patrick C. English† Michael P. Hamilton‡‡ Kurt L. Kuechler Robert E. LaRocca‡‡ Brian J. O’Donnell John T. Skayne† Derek S. Towle Conor M. Yunits

Dimitri T. Leonidas Gregory C. McGowan† Richard A. Spriano

Cushing Associates Stephen R. Callahan Jr. John T. Dalton III Michael J. Grudzinski Christopher N. Jensen Colin B. McKee Robert C. Morgan III Ryan M. Musco Jared M. Wahlgren Michael C. Yaeger

Eagle Associates Paul A. Burke Chas P. Dorman Christopher Hirl Matthew J. Moschella John T. Mulcahy Brian E. Nicklas Barry M. Ryan John R. Sarson‡‡

CLASS OF 2000 President’s Society Patrick B. Gill‡‡

Arrupe Society Christopher J. Corliss†

Magis Guild Michael I. Harrison†

Justin A. Dominguez† Patrick G. Higgins† Alvydas J. Knasas

Kevin F. Gaughan† James M. Green Richard A. Joyce Owen J. Kiernan Brian J. Lee Michael W. Maloney† Brendan M. Parnell† Walter J. Perry Daniel C. Sacchetti Michael Sarafinas† Matthew J. Sexton Watson P. Tanlamai David G. Walsh†

Magis Guild

Eagle Associates

CLASS OF 2001 Arrupe Society

Christopher A. Kukstis‡‡ Joseph L. Martin†

Loyola Associates

Ryan T. Bersani† Patrick C. Costello Michael Garvey Charles L. Pistorino III Luigi Testa Timothy F. Westfield

Kevin T. Broome† Timothy R. Bulman†


Cushing Associates

1863 Society

McElroy Associates Timothy P. MacKinnon Christopher Mearn

Michael P. Berrini Stephen C. Cahill Brendan S. Coleman Michael W. Davis Patrick B. Downes The Hon. William J. Driscoll Jr.† Peter J. Flaherty† Patrick F. Gallagher† Matthew L. Jensen† Matthew Joyce Keith E. McGilvery† Nicholas R. Pepe† Robert M. Ridder Daniel A. Vannoni‡‡

Eagle Associates Kevin A. Collins† Mark J. McGilvery† Francis J. Veale III†

McElroy Associates Justin F. Kelly Thomas J. McQuaid Jr.‡‡ Benjamin J. Spera†


Loyola Associates

Magis Guild

Gerard F. Burke Jr. Patrick M. Doherty Brendan M. Finn Michael T. Hepburn† Matthew J. Lindholm† Christopher C. Martin‡‡ David B. Noland Stephen Ryan†

Cushing Associates Gregory A. Cahill Brendan M. Connors Harold L. Mackins III‡‡ Anthony J. Marullo Ryan H. McCarthy


Arrupe Society J. Matt Winter Gregory F. Smith‡‡ Richard F. Walsh

McElroy Associates Patrick C. Kirk‡‡ Colin Maxey‡‡ John T. McGrath‡‡

Cushing Associates Anonymous Gintas Adomkaitis‡‡ Matthew Browne† Michael V. Butler Christopher J. Carr D. Griffin Doherty

John P. Lydon†

Arrupe Society Eric J. Pallotta

Young Magis Patrick C. Butler†* John F. McNamara IV† Kevin P. Meskell‡‡ Alexander J. Vannoni‡‡

Loyola Associates Joseph M. Connolly† Benjamin E. Crovella Jonathan A. DeRosa† John P. Galanek† Isaac A. Guertin† James J. Judge† Matthew R. Meikleham‡‡ Michael P. Sheehan† Patrick M. Thompson†* Charles J. Thornton†*

Cushing Associates Marco A. Alfieri John C. Berrini† Nicholas G. Camacho† Ryan Campbell Christopher L. Caterine PhD‡‡ Michael E. Clancy† Francis M. Donahue† John C. Driscoll† Matthew Zeke A. Hughes Michael J. Joyce† Jonathan T. Keenan† Bob F. Mulhall‡‡ Bradford C. Pineau†* Mark B. Wright PhD†*

Eagle Associates Brian A. Buoniconti‡‡ Christopher E. Caron†

Brian C. Clancy Vincent N. DePalo† William H. Gagas Charles A. George David M. Golden Jr.† Jeremiah F. Hasson Michael T. Hoar Joseph J. Maher III‡‡ John F. Mahony†* Patrick E. McManus Brian M. O’Hanley† John A. Oliva Spencer R. Powers‡‡ Joseph P. Ransom†* Eric T. Speed† John F. Wallace IV†

CLASS OF 2004 Young Magis Thomas E. Beausejour† Timothy G. Dee† David P. Forman† Richard A. Goulding III†* Stephen M. Hunt†* Michael C. Kindya MD†* Ryan P. McMullen† Matthew C. O’Brien†*

Loyola Associates Timothy J. Broome† James B. Federico†* Brian C. Kehoe† Timothy R. Manning Michael T. Neilen†

Cushing Associates Jeffrey M. Asmar†* Nicholas W. Barsotti‡‡ Daniel J. Cahill†* Paul C. Dawley Esq.† Michael C. Engels James E. Flavin†* Matthew P. Greene†* Matthew J. Hagerty† Michael J. Horgan Jeffrey W. Landers† William A. Lynch III†* Patrick M. Maxey‡‡ Michael W. O’Connell† Ryan T. O’Connor Colin V. O’Leary Samuel C. Pepe†* Philip A. Perry†* Peter F. Rogier† Matthew J. Stoller†

Eagle Associates Michael S. Albrecht†* David C. Benoit Stephen S. Casey†* Matthew S. Curran Keith C. Dimalanta† Sean P. Harris†

Brendan B. Kelleher† Matthew M. Moran Eddy Nelson Jr.†* Michael D. Nelson† Stephen D. O’Connell PhD William J. O’Neill† Michael J. Rosata Craig M. Sexton† Jason D. Smith† Dudney Sylla† Joseph G. Tully Peter C. Yanulis†*

Loyola Associates Carl P. Anderson David M. Connolly Jr. Michael W. Pecca† Richard T. Sweeney III‡‡

Cushing Associates


Brendan P. Carter Daniel E. English‡‡ Michael J. Falvey†* Michael A. Giordani Sean P. Harvey† Clement C. Hsu Jason A. Sarno†* Clifford S. Webster Jr.†

Arrupe Society

Eagle Associates

Matthew S. Breslin Esq.† Michael M. Hurley†

Magis Guild Andrew J. Flynn‡‡ Alex R. Fopiano†

Eagle Associates Leonard F. Arabia Jr. Justin S. Bolger Michael P. Flynn†* James E. Gagnon Thomas M. Kerwin Paul M. Maksymowicz† James M. McCann† Ian T. Perry†* Richard W. Pinnone† John A. Zarkauskas†*

CLASS OF 2006 President’s Society Andrew W. Vincent†

Young Magis Marc A. Aiello Brett N. Kenney†

Timothy J. Niedermeyer

Cushing Associates

Eagle Associates

Michael J. Brady† Patrick B. Flynn† Bryan E. McGovern†*

Anonymous‡‡ Andrew M. Balady Jeffrey R. Cameron Joseph J. Cavanaugh† Thomas J. Conley Patrick M. Day†* Nicholas C. Driscoll†* Thomas B. Duffy James K. English‡‡ Christopher S. Jacques† Matthew P. Kelly Alex D. Larson Michael F. Lydon† J. Samuel Mamary Patrick F. Morrissey Timothy J. Murray Patrick L. O’Brien Edward J. Pagliarulo Thomas R. Pepe Alexander Shipp† Stephen J. Squillante† John F. White‡‡

Young Magis

Sean F. Burke† Connor J. Gallery†* Matthew Gottbrecht Joseph J. Masley IV Michael S. McCarthy Patrick F. Reams† Thomas F. Stachowski Nathan A. Tarpey

Eagle Associates

Young Magis

Loyola Associates


Cushing Associates

Loyola Associates


James R. DeLuca† Sean M. Judge†

David G. BeDugnis Jr. Peter S. Cherubini John F. Healey Richard A. McKinnon‡‡

Christopher P. Barber Zachary J. Crump Jay Mahoney III† Christopher J. Marinelli† Matthew K. Porter Daniel R. Russell† James E. Burke† Taylor A. Kupsc† Ryan McLaughlin† Gregory F. O’Neil‡‡ Bryan P. Parnell

Brendan J. McCarthy† Patrick F. O’Connell Timothy R. Schulte‡‡

Kyle J. Ewanouski Andrew Green Andrew C. Loucks Thomas H. Maguire‡‡ Peter L. Manning† Patrick S. McFetridge† Francis J. Nemia† Nnamdi C. Obukwelu†

Rudy Alterio III† Joseph C. Barrett Gregory T. Benson‡‡ John L. Brussard†* Derek R. Foy Matthew E. Galligan Jr. Michael E. Gaughan‡‡ Charles H. Knights†* Matthew W. Mitchell Kevin A. O’Connor David H. Richards Ryan W. Russell Scott M. Tobin‡‡

Young Magis

Loyola Associates

Francis E. Tansey Eric R. Wells

Cushing Associates Andrew J. Curtis† Charles J. Demarkles† Mark E. Donovan Paul F. Gabriel† William C. Gardner Andrew T. Hayes John M. Houlihan†* Alex G. Hunt Christopher G. Hurley† Jared T. Kinch Matthew W. Maloney†* Kevin C. Moore†* Ryan E. Mullin† Andrew A. Oddo Kevin F. O’Shea Jr. Nicholas P. Schmiemann†

Eagle Associates Anonymous Anonymous† Ian W. Bond Michael F. Cincotta Anthony J. Cipolla†* Patrick D. Czorniak†* John T. Day III Gary J. Finnegan John J. Lenehan John T. McLaughlin†* Nicholas T. McLaughlin Brian F. Merrigan MD† Michael G. Nolan† Robert C. O’Leary†* Patrick M. Sammon

Daniel P. Bent Jr.† Kevin M. Berry Bradford T. Cadigan Adam R. Cherubini†* Kyle T. DeSisto†* Timothy M. Galvin Eric R. Jaukkuri Griffin J. Keeler†* Jared H. LaLiberte† Michael W. McGowan† Patrick J. Moynahan† Edward F. O’Brien† Gregory M. Ouellette Jacob L. Perriello Anthony J. Romano†* Peter J. Skipper Patrick J. Sullivan†* Scott J. Thomas†*

CLASS OF 2010 Young Magis John J. Sullivan†

Loyola Associates Brandon Cipolla Keegan R. Flynn† Paul F. Guinee John M. Kearney James T. Niedermeyer

Cushing Associates Nicholas A. Barrett† Samuel P. Campbell Zachary J. Gregoricus† Michael J. Jaklitsch†* Guerdy Jean-Poix Thomas P. Lane III†* Thomas P. Larsson†* Thomas J. Pecca† Andrew M. Pernokas Thomas J. VanSlochem†


Eagle Associates

Arrupe Society

Thomas M. Alberti†* John T. Ayers Robert M. Bergquist Jr.† Robert A. Campbell III Esq. Maximilian A. Guilbert†* John F. Hanley†* Bryan M. McCauley Brian T. Monahan J. Andrew A. Morgan† Gregory M. Murphy Michael E. Nader Brendan F. Nagle† Collin J. Norton†

Kyle R. Larrow†

Young Magis Michael W. Cafarelli†* J. Koury Hajjar† Michael J. Murphy†

Loyola Associates Daniel Breslin† John R. Goddard† Allan K. Maughan†

Cushing Associates John E. Cuchural†


| 49

alumni HONOR ROLL OF DONORS (CONTINUED) Sean T. O’Connor II† Christopher A. Pino Christopher M. Scutti†

CLASS OF 2011 1863 Society Anonymous†

Young Magis Marcello C. Leo† Padraig R. O’Brien

Loyola Associates Moses O. Adubi† Douglas G. Bent† Daniel A. Clavijo† Charles D. Coffman† Francisco J. Salas Perret-Gentil†* Brian J. Sullivan†

Cushing Associates Drew A. Calcagno†* James F. Lewek Patrick O. Norton Obumneme U. Obukwelu

Eagle Associates William K. Detwiler†* Terence M. Durkin†* Timothy R. Gailius† Kevin P. Howell-Egan† Bryan F. Hurley†* Jurgen Kameniku Donald Lau† Matthew Leung Alexander P. MacGillivray†* Michael J. Menconi Samuel S. Mullin†* Christopher B. Nolan† Anthony Palladino Jr.† Zachary A. Sogolow† Michael F. Troy Andrew J. White†

CLASS OF 2012 Young Magis Justin M. Crisafulli†*

Loyola Associates Daniel P. Latu†

Cushing Associates Ryan T. Blake†* Ryan J. Gelly† James E. Golden† Joseph W. McNamara III† Thomas B. McNulty Jr.†* Michael L. Prendeville† Matthew W. Swanborg Tyler Willock

Eagle Associates Francis G. Davis III John J. F. Doll Andrew J. English† Christopher J. Keenan†*


Brendan J. Kelly Dinesh J. W. McGinty Joseph P. McKenna III Christopher R. McNamara Marc A. Monestime James A. Moynahan†* Jeffrey G. H. Nguyen Oderah C. Obukwelu Bartley M. Regan† Gabriel C. L. Roy Liguori†*

CLASS OF 2013 Young Magis Kevin B. W. Gens

Loyola Associates Matthew M. BeDugnis†* William P. Sennott†

Cushing Associates Ensign Joseph T. Barrett Michael R. Brooks John E. Dargon Osemwengie S. Enabulele Jr.†* Benjamin G. Ethier Mark D. Iwicki Michael G. Lethin† Maxwell G. MacKoul Thomas M. O’Donnell 2LT John E. Rusnock Kenneth P. Sweezey Zachary J. Walsh†

Eagle Associates Cameron W. Alden Joseph P. Arena Alexander F. Bailey Daniel J. Barrile Patrick G. Barry Peter T. Bent† Trent R. Berg Jackson K. Bockhorst William P. Breen III Peter J. Caliguri Patrick J. Carroll Brendan D. Casey Kevin R. Casey Zachary Y. Q. Chen Cameron J. Cipolla Tyler B. Cole John F. Colpoys†* John R. Connors Christopher S. Coyne Sean W. Craig Andrew P. Crasco John A. Crowley Thomas J. Cunningham James M. Daniels Coleman J. Danilecki Stephen S. Dapic Brendan P. Donovan Daniel J. Dougherty†* Conor J. Doyle Liam J. Dunn

Zachary A. Dunphy James W. Eisenberg Alexander S. Fairchild† Liam S. Feeney Michael D. Flaherty† Cornelius C. Flanagan Brian Gaillardetz Robert J. Gargano Matthew P. Garrow Paul L. Gaudio Connor J. Green Armen J. Grigorian† Austin L. Guiney Donald R. Gummow III Andre M. Haddad Robert J. Hillman Paul F. Howard Tucker A. Hughes Ben A. Iacoi Jeffrey T. James Peter G. Jensen Alexander R. Jeremiah Timothy J. Keenan†* Brent L. Kelley Patrick A. Kelly Camil Claude Khalife† Conor P. Lane Andrew R. Leighton Matthew Levine Caleb R. Long Michael P. Lydon Matthew T. Lynch John E. Marden III Russell H. McQuaid†* Ryan A. Miller Charles R. Morrill Joseph A. Moussalli Christopher D. Mullally Brendan G. Murray Connor J. Norton Alexander T. O’Brien Owen P. O’Donnell Ian R. O’Leary Conor W. Patak Nicholas M. Petchell Joshua J. Phillips Nicholas W. Piccione Jean-Luc J. Ringuet Jarrod J. Risley Michael J. Roberts Jr. Brian W. B. Robinson Damian J. Rosales David K. Ruuska Matthew C. Savage Trevor S. Schramn Ryan C. Seitter Sam C. Sergi Conor V. Shea† Alexander M. Sobchuk John S. Stillman Zachary R. Strecker Brendan D. Sullivan

Andrew R. Tautkus Matthew A. Tautkus Peter K. Timmins Louis S. Titus Erik Tseng Edward P. Twohig Christopher A. Valley Evan Walsh Liam C. Walsh Blaine L. Woodcock II†* Nevin L. Zheng

CLASS OF 2014 Young Magis James F. O’Donnell†*

Loyola Associates Brian T. Latu Thomas D. Russo Jr.†

Cushing Associates Bradley G. Amrhein†* Tyler J. Gomes†* James F. Holland III†* Alexander M. Loughnane†* Samuel F. Telman†*

Eagle Associates Robert M. Brook† Nick J. Chakalis† Derek J. Dunlea Daniel J. Giurini† Nicholas A. Jacques† Bennett A. Marston† Mark J. McGoldrick Connor T. McGonagle Xhonatan Mezini†* Thomas J. Moynahan†* Matthew G. Perkins John K. Powers Kyle T. Sheehan† David B. Summering† Russell J. Tardanico III†

CLASS OF 2015 Young Magis Justin Marcantonio

Loyola Associates Michael D. Murphy†

Cushing Associates Michael F. Cadigan Eghosa K. Enabulele†* Connor B. Murphy†* Andrew J. Steelman

Eagle Associates Tucker J. Antico Charles B. Blackington Harry E. Clow III†* Charles C. Cooper†* Matthew J. Flaherty Jeffrey G. Gailius†* Andrew R. Gelly William T. Gildea†*

David E. Harte†* Andrew J. Julian III James R. Kraunelis Sean R. Manning Joshua A. Martineau Joseph S. O’Brien Colin G. Pender Brendan G. Prendeville†* Jonathan E. Shea Eric Simonelli†* Benjamin J. Twohig Samuel M. F. Vita

CLASS OF 2016 Young Magis John D. O’Donnell†*

Loyola Associates Matthew W. O’Donnell

Cushing Associates Vincent G. Amrhein†* William T. Anderson†* Robert P. Sullivan†* Thomas R. Wade†* Alexander E. Wrobel

Eagle Associates Anonymous David M. Adubi Timothy Burnes Colin C. Dale Giovanni De Simone Henry R. Ennen†* Mark A. Fairchild†* Luke C. Glynn†* Ronan A. Kelley†* Matthew F. Knobloch†* Kal B. Maier†* Brendan J. McCarthy†* Anthony P. Nagle†* Joseph K. Peroni†* Daniel J. Roche II†* Anthony D. Salvucci†*

CLASS OF 2017 Young Magis Ryan P. Connolly

Cushing Associates Patrick M. Bulger Michael F. Kearns Nicholas R. Kearns

Eagle Associates Westin S. Ferrera Jack C. Finch Aidan T. Largey Eric P. Lopes Liam M. Lynch Graham S. Peterson Gavin T. Reily Joseph L. Resca John W. Rzepczynski†* William H. M. Tran John R. Walsh

CLASS OF 2018 Loyola Associates Finn P. Cooley Max-Anders J. Djusberg Michael G. Vasil

Cushing Associates William E. Bowen George L. Carney II Michael T. DeFao Vladislav Gavril M. Marasigan Jacob A. Martens Sachin P. Meier Luke D. Murphy Timothy J. Smyth Jr.

Eagle Associates Thomas M. Aicardi Paul C. Albright William B. Alvord† Brendan M. Amorin Christopher S. Andaloro Ryan P. Barry Clark W. Begley Jed H. Bell John R. Bracher Thomas A. Bruzzese Ryan P. Cameron Liam F. Canavan Owen T. Carberry Giovanni A. Cardillo Christian D. Cattaneo

James M. Caulfield Sebastien J. Cayo Daniel C. Chapin Kevin B. Chrisom Brendan J. Cole Anthony J. Cosentino Paul Cunningham Edward C. Curtis Matthew C. Davis Stephen C. DeMatteo Colin C. Denizkurt Orobosa K. Enabulele Nicholas C. Fahy Nicholas S. Fein Geoffrey P. Ford Michael R. Gannon Daniel P. Gordon Thomas R. Grandon Grant A. Gravallese Michael J. Greene Stephen W. Guaragna Adam C. Guard Christopher T. Hajjar Sean M. Heelen Joseph D. Henry Malcolm K. Herbert Cole R. Howard Trevor T. Hu Zachary L. Jacques Sayvion T. Jones Stefan T. Jones Thomas I. Joyce Brian P. Keegan Jack F. Kelly Stephen J. Kent Kevin D. Larkin Robert P. Lester Kyle J. Lok Joshua A. Long Ryan M. Lynch John P. MacDonald Daniel J. Maguire Jack K. Maude Christopher M. McCarthy Kevin P. McDonough Diarmuid L. McGonagle John M. McNeil Joseph Meschino

Jacob T. Moore Simon M. Moreira Connor W. Morrow Brian E. Moynahan John D. Murphy Andrew R. Murray Jack H. Murray Matthew A. Nagy John P. Nahill II David J. Nerrow III Steven H. Ngo Thomas B. O’Heir II James A. Papasodero Kevin R. Parsons Gregory W. Peterson Anthony P. Petrillo Andrew M. Phillips Spencer W. Riley John R. Rindini Nathaniel S. Robards Casey W. Roberts Andrew Rolles Mathieu S. Ronayne Griffin P. Scannell Luke W. Scaramozzino Daniel B. Scrivener Patrick A. Shalvey Jared Simonelli†* Joseph J. Stafford III Nathanial E. Stewart Michael S. Sticca Hunter J. Stiles-Ryan Matthew B. Sullivan Josiah O. Teixeira Andrew P. Topalian Jr. Mark R. Vaccaro John K. Vaughan Peter J. Virtue Michael J. Wilson Naiem Woolfork Alex J. Yoon

CURRENT STUDENT Anthony B. Coughlin ’21 Neil R. Murphy ’21 Alessandro Carleton ’22 Christian V. Kelley ’22 Samuel M. Abbott ’23 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

| 51

Parents/Guardian Giving Each year, hundreds of current and past parents and guardians demonstrate the importance of our school by including The Fund for BC High in their family’s charitable giving. We are proud of our generous parent community and grateful for every gift in any amount.

McNeice Society

Founder’s Society

Mr. Joseph E. Corcoran ’53, P’80, ’82,90, GP’11,’14,’17,’19 Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Hajjar ’82, P’16,’18,’21 Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy ’67‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. William J. Murphy Jr. ’60, P’87,’89, 93,’95,’09‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Shields P’78,’79, GP’06 RIP

Mr. Robert W. Forman ’84 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Green† Mr. & Mrs. John P. McDonough ’72‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy ’67‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. David F. O’Donnell†

St. Ignatius Loyola Society Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Cantillon‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Curtis‡‡ Dr. Dennis M. Griffin ’63 & Dr. Tonie Moran‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Hickey ’64‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy ’67‡‡ Atty. John J. O’Brien ’55 & Atty. Agnes O’Brien‡‡ Mr. Gerard L. Pallotta ’71† Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Powilatis†


Cornerstone Society Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Corcoran ’82† Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Curtis‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Keating ’86‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Paul Verrochi†

1863 Society Anonymous‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John N. Connolly Jr. ’81‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Cronin ’86‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. George Dolbec Mr. Robert K. LaRocca ’61‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John H. MacKinnon ’58‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John H. McCarthy‡‡

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Murphy ’82‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John P. Nahill Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Nelson Jr.† Mr. & Mrs. James M. Norton ’86‡‡ Atty. John J. O’Brien ’55 & Atty. Agnes O’Brien‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Powilatis† Mr. Jamie F. Rice ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shea Mr. & Mrs. John M. Shields ’79† Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Steele Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Welsh Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Wilk ’85‡‡

President’s Society Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Begley† Mr. Paul J. Birmingham† Mr. Christopher L. Carney Mr. Thomas J. Corra & Ms. Dara Catherine Concagh

Mr. Alan B. Curtis ’83 & Ms. Gail Eagan‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Curtis ’74‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Dandrow Dr. Stephen A. Durant ’71 & Mrs. Laura Evans-Durant‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Feehily ’88‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Flynn ’76‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Greene ’87‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John Ambrose Hayes ’83 Ms. Sonja K. Kelly† Atty. & Mrs. Kevin G. Kenneally ’80‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Kester† Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. McCormack Mrs. Donna M. McManus‡‡ Atty. Andrew C. Oatway & Atty. Catherine Lundregan Oatway Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Pyne ’88‡‡ Ms. Grace Cotter Regan & Mr. Bernard Regan†

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Shaughnessy ’79 Mr. Joseph R. Shea ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Gregg R. Thomas†

Arrupe Society Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Alitz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Anderson† Mr. & Mrs. Mathew J. Bell‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Bigley Mr. & Mrs. Paul I. Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Carter ’93 Atty. & Mrs. Francis L. Colpoys Jr. ’77‡‡ Mr. Joseph Cook Mr. & Mrs. John J. Curtis ’80‡‡ Atty. Kevin Donius ’80† Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Fitzpatrick Mr. Gerald S. Foley Jr. ’55‡‡ Mr. Lawrence H. Foley‡‡ Mr. Gilbert Gailius‡‡ Atty. Robert J. Galibois II ’88 & Dr. Annikki Galibois‡‡ Atty. & Mrs. Robert W. Galvin ’85† Dr. Michael W. Geary & Atty. Colleen Margaret Geary Mr. Eric W. Gerstenberg & Ms. Christine Clancy Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Hickey ’64‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Hughes ’73‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Jepsen ’83† Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Johnson ’88 Dr. & Mrs. John F. Keaney ’79‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Seth W. Kirby† Mr. James S. Labeck & Atty. Susan Marie Whalen† Mr. & Mrs. David Lannon Atty. & Mrs. Bernard T. Loughran ’78‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Lowe Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Martin Jr. ’82‡‡ Dr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Minihan ’63‡‡ Mr. William F. Miracky & Mrs. Tammany Hobbs Miracky† Mr. & Mrs. Doug Murphy† Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Nemia‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Nunes† Mr. & Mrs. William J. O’Connell Jr. ’69‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. David M. O’Keefe ’73‡‡ Mr. Gerard L. Pallotta ’71† Atty. & Mrs. Michael P Roche Sr. ’90‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Ryan ’90† Mr. & Mrs. Ross Sigmund† Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Sullivan ’59‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Walsh† Atty. Eileen C. Whooley Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Wiesenhahn Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Wolf

Magis Guild Anonymous Anonymous† Anonymous‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Antico† Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Ayers ’83‡‡ Mr. Francis H. Barnes Jr.‡‡ Dr. & Mrs. John F. Beeler

Dr. Michele Brocca & Dr. Sabrina Paganoni Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cairo Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Carlino Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. Cogan Jr.† Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M Connors Jr. ’78† Mr. & Mrs. James L. Curran Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Curran ’89‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Curtin ’84 Atty. & Mrs. Patrick T. Devine ’91‡‡ Dr. John V. Dolbec & Dr. Maria Theresa Hoyo Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Driscoll Jr. ’65‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Ross W. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Terence F. Faherty ’86‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Fairchild‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Steven Finch† Mr. & Mrs. John J. Flaherty ’88† Mr. & Mrs. Matthew F. Freeman† Mr. John E. Gallagher Jr. ’60‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. Gaynor III Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Gillis† Dr. Peter P. Gravallese & Ms. Lynn Ann Averill Dr. Dennis M. Griffin ’63 & Dr. Tonie Moran‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hamblet‡‡ Mr. Edward E. Hanlon III ’74† Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Harold III† Atty. & Mrs. Michael D. Hartigan ’74‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Hegerich ’92† Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Hettinger Mrs. Helen T. Hickey‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. William F. Jones ’66† Mr. Martin J. Joyce Jr. ’71‡‡ Judge & Mrs. Robert J. Kelly ’57 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Keohane ’86‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Francois M. Kouroriez† Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Kraunelis ’81‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Michael LaCourt† Dr. & Mrs. Adib Lakis Mr. & Mrs. Steven Larkin Mr. & Mrs. John J. Linnehan Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Long Mr. & Mrs. William R. MacKenzie ’68‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Todd H. Marshman Mr. & Mrs. John D. McCarthy ’68† Mr. & Mrs. Richard McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. James M. McGlennon Mr. & Mrs. James McGrail Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McIntyre ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Meade ’64 Mr. John J. Meunier & Mr. James Francis Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Moynahan‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Norsen† Mr. & Mrs. James M. Norton ’59‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Brian G. Oates ’89‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher K. O’Connell Dr. & Mrs. Luke M. O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. John P. O’Leary Jr. ’63‡‡ Mr. Richard F. Olivo Ph.D. & Dr. Barbara S. Lewis† Mr. Kenneth J. Olson & Dr. Noelle Lynn Champoux-Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. X. Powers‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Prucher Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rafferty† Dr. Stephen E. Recupero ’87 & Dr. Tia B. Recupero‡‡ Mr. Bob Reetz & Ms. Karen Marie O’Toole† Ms. Bridget Rice Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Russo ’76‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Schiffmann ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Simonelli† Mr. & Mrs. Mark Skeffington Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Smith Jr. ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Smyth Sr. Atty. & Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan ’72 Mr. Robert teDuits & Ms. Nancy Roth Dr. Luis C. Trejo & Dr. Maria Victoria Copello† Atty. & Mrs. Robert S. Troy ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Vaughan ’87† Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Weitz ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Wholley ’72‡‡ Dr. Stephen Wiener & Dr. Bonnie Mackool Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Young†

McElroy Associates Anonymous (3) Anonymous† Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Abbott Jr. ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Salman Abdalla Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Aceto Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Atkinson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James J. Autio Sr. ’59‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Mark Babka Mr. & Mrs. Kurt F. Baker LTC & Mrs. Richard P. Bergagna ’63‡‡ Mr. Michael H. Bison & Mrs. Shannon E. Harper-Bison Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Brennan† Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brink Mr. James Budreau & Dr. Donna Griffith Atty. & Mrs. John G. Bulman Dr. & Mrs. David L. Burke Jr. ’60‡‡ Mr. Richard M. Burns ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Cadigan Atty. David R. Cain & Ms. Alicia Savage Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Calcagno Mr. & Mrs. Timothy V. Carnes ’86† Mr. & Mrs. David E. Caron Mr. & Mrs. David Catinella ’83‡‡ Mr. Carlo Cellai & Ms. Rosemarie Fiore Cellai Mr. & Mrs. David A. Cerundolo ’76‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Ambar K. Chowdhury† Mr. & Mrs. Carroll D. Coletti ’80‡‡ Dr. Colleen M. Collins† Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O. Collins ’74‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Comeau Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Coughlin ’82† Mr. Edward J. Cronin Jr. ’70 Mr. James E. Curran ’68

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Curry Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Dallas Jr. ’77‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Damaskos‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Danielczyk CAPT & Mrs. John H. Danilecki ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. DeLuca ’73 Mr. John DiSciullo & Ms. Betsy Lynch DiSciullo Dr. & Mrs. Leo W. Donovan ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Driscoll ’82 Mr. William Driscoll & Dr. Kristin Perini† Dr. Peijun Duan & Ms. Nancy Lin Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Durkin Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Dyroff Mr. Timothy G. Egan & Ms. Joan Howell‡‡ Ms. Margaret L. English‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Esfahanian Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ewanich† Mr. & Mrs. James M. Flaherty Jr. ’90‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Flaherty ’78 Atty. & Mrs. John N. Flanagan ’73 Atty. & Mrs. John P. Flynn ’63‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. William P. Forry ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Galibois ’63† Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Gens‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Brendan M. Gill Mr. Brian P. Golemme† Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Gonzales† Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Gordon Ms. Judith C. Graham‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Graziano ’86 Mr. John R. Harlin Jr. Mr. R. Michael Henry & Mrs. Jeanne Larkin-Henry Mr. & Mrs. William J. Higgins CWO Michael R. Horgan ’72 & Ms. Joan Smith Mr. James Hou & Ms. Cindy Chen Atty. Roger E. Hughes Jr. ’64† Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Hunt Dr. Bertrand L. Jaber & Mrs. Paula Jean Cunniff-Jaber Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Joyce ’83‡‡ Mr. Jae Hong Jun & Ms. Suyeon Lim Mr. & Mrs. Mark Keene Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Keith‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Kurt O. Kretschmer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Kuranda Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Landers Sr. ’75‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John J. Landers ’82‡‡ Mr. Brian P. Lebrun & Mrs. Kathleen Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John L. Ledwick ’63† Mr. Charles J. Lester† Ms. Vicki Lester† Dr. & Mrs. Wenqi Li Dr. Lawrence Licklider & Dr. Catherine O’Riordan Mr. Matthew Littell & Ms. Sheila E. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lynch ’73 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

| 53

parent/guardian GIVING (CONTINUED) Mr. & Mrs. Don Maggioli Mr. & Mrs. Christof Marre Mr. & Mrs. James P. Massman Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward V. McDonald ’86‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. McDonnell† Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. McFetridge Atty. & Mrs. Jack J. McGlone ’78 Ms. Carolyn R. McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. McLarnon† Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Miller Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Monahan ’72 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Moody Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Mullally Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Mullin† Mr. Edward F. Murphy Jr. ’53‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John J. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Kelley G. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Noonan Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. O’Brien ’73‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. James E. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. P. O’Brien ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. O’Brien ’76‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. David F. O’Donnell ’81‡‡ Atty. William P. O’Donnell ’79‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Mark O’Neill Col. & Mrs. James A. Pavlik† Mr. & Mrs. Richard Phinney‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John C. Pickart Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Popkin Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Rinkus ’84 Mr. Juan Rivera & Mrs. Jennifer Schmelter Rivera Mr. & Mrs. Richard Russell Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Ryan ’66‡‡ Dr. & Mrs. Mark S. Rzepczynski† Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Salerno ’71‡‡ Mr. Chenet Sam Jr. & Mrs. Leslie Libby-Sam Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Scannell Mr. Noel A. Schaub ’63† Mr. Joseph J. Schirripa & Mrs. Christine Dion-Schirripa Mrs. Marian Sears‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Shaughnessy ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Denis K. Sheahan† Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Shipp Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Smith† Mr. & Mrs. Jeff St. Mary Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan ’83‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Sweeney Jr. ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Tegan† Mr. & Mrs. Edward U. Toland ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew F. Trent Mr. & Mrs. John C. Tuzik ’87 Prof. & Mrs. David P. Twomey ’56‡‡ Mr. David Vaccaro & Ms. Claudia Rugeles-Vaccaro† Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vasil


Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Voyentzie

Loyola Associates Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. William Adamczyk Sr. Mr. Thomas J. Aglio ’49‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Gerard M. Amrhein ’75‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Andaloro Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Barry III ’88† Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Beausejour† Mr. & Mrs. Myles W. Berry Jr. ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. H. Branch† Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brandi Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Brandt ’84 Mr. & Mrs. John Bristol Mr. & Mrs. Derek J. Brodin Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Burnes Jr. ’54† Mr. & Mrs. Sean M. Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Callahan Mr. Paul K. Carberry & Ms. Karen Marie Currie† Mr. Gregory S. Carleton & Ms. Luigia Maiellaro Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Carter Mr. Thomas P. Caulfield ’84 & Ms. Pamela Lee-Caulfield† Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Changeau Mr. James J. Christian ’94† Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Concannon ’88 Mr. Michael B. Cosentino & Atty. Julia Satti Cosentino† Mr. & Mrs. David Crocini Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Curley Mr. Khiet M. Dang & Ms. Loan Anh Huynh† Mr. & Mrs. Kurt DeVries Dr. Brian C. Downey & Dr. Shauna Byron Downey Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Driscoll ’78 Dr. & Mrs. John E. Ebel‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Osemwengie S. Enabulele‡‡ Mr. Joseph L. Feloney ’81 & Ms. Jennipher S. Ray† Mr. & Mrs. Shawn P. FitzMaurice Mr. & Mrs. David E. Flaherty‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Hugh P. Flaherty ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Nelson P. Flores Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Foley ’63‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Ford Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Terence J. Galvin Mr. & Mrs. John F. Geraghty Mr. Philip R. Giffee & Ms. Nancy Elizabeth O’Hare† Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Graham Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Roger R. Grenier† Mr. & Mrs. James Guertin Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Guinee Mr. John T. Gunning Jr. & Dr. Kristen Healy Gunning Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hamel Jr. ’84‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Hannon ’82‡‡

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Harvey ’77 Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hession ’70 Ms. Patricia Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Hughes Dr. & Mrs. Mark Jennings Senator John F. Keenan & Dr. Jeanne Theresa Hopkins Keenan† Mr. Kevin C. Kelliher & Mrs. Michelle J. Morway-Kelliher Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Kelly Atty. & Mrs. Matthew J. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kennedy III Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Kennedy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Kent Mr. Mark B. Kerwin ’75 & Ms. Annemarie Lewis-Kerwin† Dr. Faisal Khan & Dr. Saima Sheikh Khan Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Kilgannon ’82‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Kingston ’64‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kupsc Dr. Peter E. Levesque & Dr. Bernadette M. Levesque† Atty. Andrew R. Levin & Mrs. Hilary Stamos Levin Mr. David Lindbergh & Ms. Suzana Marusic Mr. & Mrs. Stephen V. Locke ’91 Mr. John D. Lojek ’73 Mr. Marty Y. Lok & Mrs. Jie H Tan-Lok Ms. Dorrie Luck Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. MacKinnon ’86† Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Mahoney ’82† Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Mahoney ’64† Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Marchese Mr. Harry M. Markopolos & Mrs. Faith Yusheen Tsao Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Martin Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Maude Mr. & Mrs. John D. McDonough Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. McGovern† Atty. & Mrs. Joseph P. McKenna Jr. ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. McQuaid† Mr. Brian Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jon Mitton Mr. & Mrs. Robert Monahan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Montgomery III Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Morelli ’61‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mulhall Jr. Mr. James J. Murphy ’58 Atty. Paul J. Murray ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Nee ’94 Mr. Andrew O’Brien & Ms. Michelle Consalvo Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Osborne ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. O’Sullivan ’86 Mr. & Mrs. David C. Peary‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Petrik Mr. George H. Pierce ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Pinarchick Mr. & Mrs. William Porter Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Puzo‡‡

Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Reardon ’93‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Brian R. Ricciardi Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Richardson† Dr. Edwin J. Riley IV ’91 & Dr. Erika Hyde Riley† Mr. & Mrs. Omar Rizvi Mr. & Mrs. John J. Romero Mr. & Mrs. Jack Saraf Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Scannell Jr. ’79† Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Schipellite ’78‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schuhwerk Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schulte‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Shaughnessy Jr.† Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Sheehan III Mr. Gregory Spino & Ms. Patricia Duggan Mr. & Mrs. William J. Stack ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stiles Mr. & Mrs. James Suppelsa Mr. & Mrs. Kabraul M. Tasha† Mr. Matthew T. Thurber & Ms. Carol Brewster Hills Atty. & Mrs. James S. Timmins ’75 Mr. David Tougas & Mrs. Monica Pacheco-Tougas Mr. & Mrs. David B. Tuzik ’90 Atty. & Mrs. Gregory P. Vasil† Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Wade† Mr. & Mrs. John F. Walsh

Cushing Associates Anonymous (10) Anonymous† Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo N. Aguilar Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Aicardi Mr. & Mrs. Mohammed R. Alemi Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Allen Mr. & Mrs. James R. Alvord II† Mr. Christopher Ashe & Ms. Betsy Braconi Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Baker Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Barbuto Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Barrett ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Benson Jr. ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Bizier Mr. & Mrs. Alden B. Blaho Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Blasberg III Mr. William Bole & Atty. Carol Coyne Ms. Erika Borchert Dr. Carlos Bosques & Dr. Karen Carrasquillo Atty. & Mrs. Charles E. Boyle ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Boyle Mrs. Stephanie Brett Mr. William B. Brett ’85 Mr. David O. Brink & Atty. Kathleen Claire Brink Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Broderick Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Buckeridge ’84 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Buckley Jr. ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Buckley ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bulger ’82†

Ms. Patricia Byfield Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Cahill ’59 Ms. Kathleen M. Cahill Ms. Patricia M. Cahill Mr. & Mrs. Roderick J. Campbell Jr. ’66† Mr. & Mrs. John D. Canale Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Cantillon Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Cantillon‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Lars Carlson Mr. & Mrs. A. John Carolan III ’91† Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Carr† Atty. & Mrs. Mitchell D. Carroll Jr. ’87 Mr. & Mrs. John Cartales Mr. & Mrs. Brad J. Cartwright Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Casey ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Casey Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Casey ’68 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Cass Ms. Sandra Caterine† Mr. Thomas S. Cattaneo ’74† Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Chapman Dr. Joseph E. Chase ’84 & Mrs. Susan Chase Mr. Peter J. Cherubini & Dr. Joanne M. Falzone-Cherubini Mr. & Mrs. Mano H. Chinnaswamy Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Chisholm ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Nong V. Chu Mr. & Mrs. James F. Clougher ’88 Mr. James A. Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Craig Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cofie Mr. & Mrs. Will C. Cole-French Mr. & Mrs. Gregory R. Collins ’85 Dr. & Mrs. James H. Collins ’66† Mr. & Mrs. James B. Comber‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Cameron J. Congdon Mr. James Connell & Ms. Mary Corcoran-Connell Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cooper Dr. Stefano P. Coraluppi & Dr. Stefania C. Pianetti Ms. Sharon Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cox Mr. & Mrs. John Craft Jr. Atty. Daniel F. Cronin ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Cronin ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Luis A. Cruz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cullinane Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Cunningham Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Curry Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Curtin ’85 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Danner Mr. Anthony Dear & Ms. Angela May Lee Mr. Michael E. DeFao† Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Degnan ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Delaney ’88† Mr. & Mrs. Carl S. DeMatteo Mr. & Mrs. Christopher deMurias Mr. Daniel Dena & Mrs. Terri Kraning Dena

Mr. John M. DeSimone Jr. & Mrs. Pamela Master-DeSimone Ms. Tania DiSciullo Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Djusberg† Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dominguez Mrs. Margaret Donaher† Mr. & Mrs. James Donahue† Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Donovan ’84 Mr. Carlos A. DosSantos & Ms. Silvanea Maria De Fatima Drumond Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dossantos Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Doyle Mr. & Mrs. John B. Dromey Mr. John J. Duffy ’61† Mr. & Mrs. Marc Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Dunderdale ’85 Dr. & Mrs. Brian Elenbaas Ms. Heather A. Engren Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Ethier Mr. & Mrs. Todd M. Falvey ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Falzone Mr. & Mrs. David A. Farrell ’71 Atty. & Mrs. William G. Farrell ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Roubens J. Fauche Mr. & Mrs. Sean Feeney Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fitzgerald‡‡ Atty. & Mrs. Michael F. Flaherty Jr. ’87 Ms. Emily M. Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Flanders Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fleming Jr. ’58‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Foley ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Ford Mr. Edward W. Forry ’62‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Sean Gibbons Mr. & Mrs. William C. Gildea Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Glass Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Glennon ’70‡‡ Atty. & Mrs. Paul C. Glynn ’70‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Goldner Mr. & Mrs. Luis E. Gonzales ’84‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Martin Griesmer Mr. Gregory S. Griswold & Mrs. Jennifer A. Sharkey Griswold Mr. & Mrs. Moise S. Guerrier Mr. Stephen P. Hagerty ’74† Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Hammel Mr. & Mrs. David S. Hanifin Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Hansen ’80 Ms. Orysia Hanushevsky Mr. Francis A. Harris ’74 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hasson Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Heavey Ms. Misa Hedge Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Heelen Mr. & Mrs. James D. Herbert Mr. & Mrs. Barry E. Hogan ’84 Mr. Mark Holman & Dr. Deborah Kelemen Mr. William Holmes & Ms. Mary McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Horton

Dr. Qi-Ying Hu & Ms. Liting Ma Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hurd Jr. ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Hurley Jr. ’67 Ms. Elizabeth Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hurton Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Iwicki Atty. & Mrs. Brad Jacobs Mr. Christopher Jones & Dr. Stephanie Jones Mr. & Mrs. Predrag Jovanovic Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Kaminski Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Kates Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Kearns ’83 Mr. Edward J. Kelley III & Ms. Patricia Corrigan Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Kennedy ’64‡‡ Dr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Kenney† Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Kerrigan Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kiley† Mr. Brian G. Kincaid‡‡ Ms. Kerry King Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. King ’67‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Brendan M. Kirby ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Knowles Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Kwong ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Ladka Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Lamb ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lambe Atty. & Mrs. John C. Lane ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lane Mr. & Mrs. David M. Larsson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lau Mr. & Mrs. Gerard T. Lethin Mr. & Mrs. John Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John LoCicero Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Todd Loeb Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Logan III Mr. Stephen F. Long ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Lopes† Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Lydon ’88 Mr. & Mrs. M. Christopher Lynch ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Lynch ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Philip MacDonald† Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. MacGrath Mr. & Mrs. John M. Maddox Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D. Magill Mr. Kevin M. Mahoney & Mrs. Dana Paris Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. William Mahoney Mr. Michael E. Malamut & Dr. Catherine Milch Malamut Mr. Michael Malone Jr. & Mrs. Kelly Martin Malone Atty. Richard P. Maloney ’66 Mr. & Mrs. David W. Mann ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Vladimer E. Marasigan Dr. & Mrs. Peter B. Martens Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Martin Sr.† Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Marx† Mrs. Catherine Mawn Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. McAteer

Mr. & Mrs. John R. McCarthy III Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McCarthy Atty. & Mrs. Daniel J. McDevitt ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McDonough Mr. John McElligott & Ms. Carol Harkin Atty. & Mrs. Joseph P. McEttrick ’63‡‡ Ms. Sheila L. McGoldrick Mr. Brian J. McHugh ’81 Mr. & Mrs. John F. McKinley Jr.‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. McMillen Mr. & Mrs. Dan J. McMorrow Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Scott McNeilly Mr. & Mrs. John E. McNulty Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. McNulty Sr. Ms. Mary R. McWade† Mr. Richard W. Mead Jr. & Ms. Annmarie Mazzocchi† Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Meier Mr. Dennis A. Mercurio ’61 Mr. Joul R. Metri & Mrs. Rita Nassour Mr. & Mrs. Paul Molinari Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Monahan ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mottau Mr. Brian S. Mulkern Sr. ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Mullen† Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Murphy Jr. ’66‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John J. Nee Jr. ’77‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Ngochien Nguyen Mr. Tuan A. Nguyen & Ms. Tuyet Trinh Thi Tran Mr. & Mrs. Neill J. Norcott ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Ebbie Obukwelu‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Colm O’Callaghan† Mr. & Mrs. Neal J. O’Driscoll ’91 Mr. & Mrs. John O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. O’Hara Mrs. Lori O’Heir Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pacheco† Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Paniagua Mr. & Mrs. James Paolucci Dr. Seong Park & Dr. Hyun Jang Mr. & Mrs. Brian Patten Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pender Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Penella ’78† Mr. & Mrs. David P. Perkins Mr. Gregory W. Perkins & Ms. Rosalyn A. Gray‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Petrillo† Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Petrillo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Phelan Atty. & Mrs. Matthew A. Porter Mr. Carl Potts & Ms. Karen A. Donnellan Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Powell Jr. Dr. Lorenzo Alexander L. Puente & Dr. Maria Kathleen Bernadette Nisperos Puente Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pyne ’59‡‡ Mr. Thomas F. Quirk Jr. ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Scott K. Rabschnuk Ms. Karla Rainford Dr. & Mrs. Russell Read Mr. & Mrs. Matthew P. Reedy Sr. 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

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parent/guardian GIVING (CONTINUED) Mr. Sean M. Regan ’84 Mr. Anthony Reidy & Ms. Amy Munichiello Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Resca ’83 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Rice Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brian Riley Dr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Riley ’65‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Riley Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Robards Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Robertson ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Roche Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Rogan ’61† Mr. & Mrs. John Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Ross† Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Roycroft Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Rull ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Ryan ’87 Dr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Savarese Mrs. Brenda Schramm Mr. & Mrs. John Scolaro Mr. Andrew C. Shannon & Ms. Sally Marie Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Shea III ’74‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John F. Shea ’57† Atty. & Mrs. Eric T. Shediac Ms. Susan Sheehy Mr. & Mrs. Justin A. Silverio ’93 Mr. Leo J. Smith‡‡ The Hon. & Mrs. John M. Smoot ’71 Mr. Jeffrey J. Soltesz & Ms. Liesel Pollvogt Dr. & Mrs. Kevin K. Song Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Stanton ’86 Mr. & Mrs. James A. Steelman Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Steinaway Mr. & Mrs. Edward V. Sullivan Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Brian Summering† Mr. & Mrs. Antonio S. Teixeira Mr. & Mrs. William J. Terry III Atty. & Mrs. David G. Tobin ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Torrey Mr. Andy Tran & Ms. Hoa Chau Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Tronni Dr. Antonio Valencia & Ms. Adriana Donohue Mr. Joris Van Dam & Ms. Pascale Hubert Mr. & Mrs. Ernst Verdieu Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Voolich Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wahlberg Mr. & Mrs. Matt Waldner Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Wallace ’83 Mr. Aaron E. Walsh & Ms. Barbara Jean Mikolajczak Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Walsh Mr. & Mrs. John J. Walsh II ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Walsh ’70 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Waterman ’86 Mr. & Mrs. David F. Wells ’74


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Wesner ’85 Atty. & Mrs. Timothy H. White ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Willett Sr. Mrs. Kathleen M. Willock Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Wrobel ’83 Mr. Taeyoung Yoon Ph.D. & Dr. Katie Kyungae Lee Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Zaccheo ’86‡‡ Mr. Thomas M. Ziniti ’70

Eagle Associates Anonymous (21) Anonymous† Mrs. Ijeoma Abraham Mr. & Mrs. Marek Adamkiewicz Mr. Francis X Adams Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Albright Dr. Syed M. Ali & Dr. Shabana Islam Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Barroso Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Barry Sr. ’72 Mrs. Helena B. Bauk Mr. & Mrs. Franck C. Bazile Mr. Michael B. Bean & Ms. Beatrice Ann Fischer-Bean Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Begg Mr. Fernando Bernava & Ms. Mariana C. Basin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Berninger Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Bertone Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Boris Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Boyle ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Brook† Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Burke ’67† Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Burnes Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Burrill Mr. & Mrs. Matthew P. Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Caljouw† Mr. Donald F. Cameron Jr. & Ms. Katherine Agnes Sullivan Mr. John A. Cantalupa & Ms. Jenny Ipuz-Cantalupa Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Capozzi Mr. & Mrs. David R. Carboni Mr. & Mrs. David L. Carney Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Paul Casey Jr. Mr. Francis Cash & Ms. Eileen Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Cassamajor Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cassetta Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Channell Mr. Thomas Choyce Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Clow Jr. Ms. Maria-Cecilia Coloma Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Conroy‡‡ Ms. Lauren L. Conti Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Corbett Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Cordon Mr. & Mrs. John Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Coughlin ’72‡‡ Mr. Donald L. Craft & Mrs. Rochelle Perry-Craft

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew G. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Deal Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. DeLuca ’70‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Depinho Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Di Blasi Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Mike DiTullio Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Dolan II Mr. Joseph Donis III & Dr. Lisa Ann Soricone Ms. Melinda Edge Mr. & Mrs. William J. Egan Jr.† Mr. John S. Ennen & Ms. Candace M. Clampitt Mr. & Mrs. Carl Erickson Jr. Ms. Melissa Ewing Mr. & Mrs. James J. Ezekiel Jr. Mrs. Anne E. Fancelli† Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Favazza Ms. Teresa C. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. James G. Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. Shaun M. Flavin Ms. Lindsay Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Foley ’83† Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Foran III Ms. Kathryn M. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Gallagher Ms. Jill Ganci Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Gavin Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Gerritsen Atty. & Mrs. Ralph Giorgio Mr. Christopher J. Glynn & Ms. Kathleen A. McDonough† Ms. Benita M. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. William P. Haeck Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Harrington ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Hart Mr. Kevin P. Hart & Ms. Alida Araceli Jileta Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Hartford ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Harvey Mr. & Mrs. David J. Heritage Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James F. Holland II† Ms. Christina M. Howlett-Perez Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Huard Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Hurley CAPT Michael F. Hussey ’82† Mr. & Mrs. David A. Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Jacques Mr. & Mrs. Karl-Erik K. Johnson Mr. Ramadas Kandamuthan & Ms. Sheeja Sukumaran Mr. & Mrs. Martin G. Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Kevin King Dr. James P. Kostas & Mrs. Deborah A. Carmody-Kostas Mr. Dennis Kronenberg & Ms. Alice Rodgers Atty. & Mrs. Robert M. Lang Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Lawlor Mr. Nghi Le & Ms. HienThuc Nguyen

Dr. & Mrs. Kay B. Leissner Mr. Federico Leo & Dr. Elizabeth H. Shlala Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leone Mr. Denny A. Lesse & Ms. Sonia Suzette Carter Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Loughnane Mr. & Mrs. William Loughnane Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Louvar Mr. & Mrs. James W. Lynch† Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Madden ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. John Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Maloy ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Marnik Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mason Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. McCabe Mr. & Mrs. William M. McCarthy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony McDermott Atty. & Mrs. Brian P. McDonough† Mr. & Mrs. Andrew McGillicuddy Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. McGurn Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McManus Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McMaster Mr. & Mrs. Gerard A. Medua Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Melville ’80 Ms. Cynthia S. Mercer Ms. Sandra Miller Mr. & Mrs. Hugues Monestime Mr. & Mrs. James M. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Moriarty† Mr. & Mrs. Mark Morrill Mr. & Mrs. Neal Y. Y. Mui† Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Ryan D. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Walter Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Patrick V. Murray† Ms. Ardith A. Myers Mr. & Mrs. John R. Neidecker Mr. & Mrs. David M. Nolan‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Norton Mr. & Mrs. Eric Oakley Mr. & Mrs. James O’Connor Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. O’Connor Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Oliva ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Shawn M. O’Neil Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Ormond Mr. & Mrs. Shawn O’Rourke Ms. Judith A. Orsie Mr. & Mrs. John Orton Ms. Gina Paglucia Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Parks Mr. Steven Patrick & Mr. A. William Hughes† Mr. & Mrs. William S. Patzer Mr. Eddy Paz & Ms. Susana De Paz Mr. Ronald N. Pepe & Ms. Elaine Darcy† Mrs. Carolle Polche Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Politano Ms. Donna B. Potember

Mr. & Mrs. Derek L. Pratt ’90‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Prendeville Mr. & Mrs. David J. Pucci Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pugliese Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pulaski Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Pulizzi Ms. Antonette Ramsay Ms. Jessica Reichert Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Sean E. Riley Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Rindini Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Robinson Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Roche Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John Rogers Jr. Atty. & Mrs. Michael P. Ronzoni Mr. & Mrs. Shawn G. Rothman Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo C. Santos Mr. Jeffrey Scalzi Mr. James R. Seder & Ms. Tracyann Pascarelli Mr. & Mrs. Chris Seremetis Mr. & Mrs. John V. Sergi Mr. & Mrs. Vincent F. Shea† Mr. & Mrs. John E. Siegfried ’89‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sprague Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Stafford Jr. Ms. Lee A. Statham Mrs. & Mrs. Scott C. Stirling Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Stout ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Strauss Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Streeter Mr. & Mrs. John M. Studley Mr. & Mrs. John L. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Synnott Mr. & Mrs. James Tansey Mr. Kevin M. Ton & Ms. Kimlien T. Nguyen Mr. Hoat T. Tran & Ms. Chau Ngoc Nguyen† Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Trenholm Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Troiano Mrs. Blesilda Tuan Mr. Randall Turner & Mrs. Deirdre Bradley-Turner Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo Vasquez Ms. Lee A. Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. George Vaughn‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Hans E. Vaule Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Velsmid III Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Vickery Dr. Jaime Vidaurrazaga & Ms. Patty Lee Ms. Paula C. Vieira Mr. Arthur Welch & Ms. Erin Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Westfield ’68 Mr. Andre White & Ms. Christine Brown Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Willett Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Williams Mr. Michael F. Woods Jr.† Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Zanghi 2017-2018 BC HIGH GIVING REPORT

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Grandparent Donors The grandparents in our community are among the very best models of lifelong generosity and service. They show devotion to their grandsons in many ways, often from a great distance. Many of them also contribute financially to the school for which we are grateful. We thank all of our students’ grandparents who have additionally supported BC High with a gift last year, and recognize them by listing them below.

Founder’s Society

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Curtis‡‡

Mr. Edward F. Murphy Jr. ’53‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Edward O’Brien Atty. & Mrs. Paul D. Roche ’67‡‡ Mrs. Rosmarie Scully Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Walsh ’59‡‡

1863 Society

Loyola Associates

Mr. John A. McNeice Jr. ’50‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. David F. O’Donnell†

Cornerstone Society

Dr. Joseph M. Cronin ’52‡‡ Dr. Paul J. Duggan ’54 & Mrs. Lorraine Duggan‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Edmund F. Kelly† Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schiffmann ’46‡‡

President’s Society Mr. & Mrs. Jack Curtin

Arrupe Society Mr. & Mrs. Mathew J. Bell‡‡ Mr. W. Craig Dolan ’56† Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Heiler Jr. ’58† Mr. Anthony Kraunelis Atty. & Mrs. Richard W. Renehan ’51‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Sheehan Jr. ’54† Mr. Nathan N. Withington†

Magis Guild Atty. & Mrs. Newman A. Flanagan ’47‡‡ Judge & Mrs. Robert J. Kelly ’57 Atty. Paul J. Kingston ’53‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. John F. Leonard ’52‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. James M. Norton ’59‡‡ Mr. Francis M. Taylor ’43 RIP & Mrs. Veronica Taylor‡‡

McElroy Associates Mr. William L. Burke ’52‡‡ Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Crowley ’62† Mr. James M. Donovan ’52‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Rick Downey Mr. Joseph R. Doyle ’45† Mr. & Mrs. John E. Drew ’61‡‡ Mr. Charles F. Flaherty Jr. ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Furey ’52 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Galibois ’63† Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gill ’58‡‡ Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Kenney ’55† Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. McMenimen Esq. ’62


Atty. Paul R. Devin ’58‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Goggin ’45‡‡ Atty. & Mrs. Richard A. Gould ’59† Mr. & Mrs. Billy Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Tom Robinson Mr. Donald A. Walsh ’64

Cushing Associates Mr. & Mrs. Tom Anderson Mrs. Lillian Bolton The Hon. & Mrs. William M. Bulger ’52 Mr. & Mrs. John T. Cahill Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Capo Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Chisholm ’62 Mr. Peter J. Connelly ’59 & Ms. Clare Murphy‡‡ Mr. Cora Filippone & Mrs. Maria Giordano† Mr. James M. Flaherty ’65‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Edward Flynn† Mr. Edward W. Forry ’62‡‡ Atty. & Mrs. Robert E. Galvin ’51‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Hopkins Mr. Stephen F. Long ’70 Mrs. Irene Mazzocchi Mr. & Mrs. William G. Norton ’62† Atty. Ronald J. Paglierani ’64† Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pyne ’59‡‡ Mr. Leo J. Smith‡‡ Mr. Norm T. Swain ’55†

Eagle Associates Mr. William J. Fagan Mrs. Elizabeth Faherty Mr. Myles P. Flaherty ’55 Mrs. Lillian Gailius Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Honan Mr. Domenic Visco Mrs. Beverly Welch

Faculty & Staff Donors Each and every year our faculty, staff and administration at BC High go well beyond what is asked of them professionally, educating our students in the classroom and as moral citizens of a global community. These men and women are a valued and vital part of BC High’s success. We thank you all who have so very generously supported the school through financial commitments this past year.

President’s Society Mrs. Donna M. McManus‡‡ Mrs. Grace Regan†

Arrupe Society Rev. Brian Conley, SJ Mr. Gilbert Gailius‡‡ Mr. Stephen P. Hughes ’73‡‡ Mr. Seth W. Kirby†

Magis Guild Mrs. Colleen M. Carter‡‡ Mr. Matthew J. Curran ’89‡‡ Mr. John J. Flaherty ’88† Mr. Robert Hamblet‡‡ Mr. Daniel L. Kenslea Jr. ’71‡‡ Mr. Robert J. Lynch ’67‡‡ Mr. Michael F. McGonagle ’70‡‡ Mr. Paul J. Moynahan‡‡ Ms. Kay Myers‡‡ Mrs. Donna Simonelli† Mrs. Gina Smyth†

McElroy Associates Mr. Nicholas E. Argento Jr. Mr. William L. Burke ’52‡‡ Mrs. Ellen Collins‡‡ Mrs. Teresa Collins† Mrs. Patricia Durkin

Mrs. Tara Esfahanian Dr. Tara Gohlmann Mr. Sean B. Irwin† Mr. Jeffrey A. Keith‡‡ Mrs. Noreen Regan Landers† Mr. Paul T. Logan ’68 Mrs. Staci McDonnell† Mr. Stephen McKiernan Mrs. Jennifer L. McLarnon† Mrs. Eileen Phinney‡‡ Mrs. Anila Raxhimi† Mrs. Marian Sears‡‡ Mrs. Jennifer Tegan† Mrs. Jennifer M. Trent† Mrs. Suzanne Wilzbach†

Loyola Associates Mrs. Amanda P. Adamczyk Mr. Matthew M. BeDugnis ’13 Ms. Sharon G. Bilodeau‡‡ Mr. Daniel Carmody Ms. Lina Chen† Ms. Eleanor J. Chmiel† Ms. Lauren M. Connolly† Ms. Sheila Brennan Fisher† Mrs. Theresa Flaherty† Mr. Michael Gardner† Mr. Joseph Giblin

Mrs. Patricia Graham Mrs. Claudia Guertin† Mr. Stephen M. Healy ’81‡‡ Mrs. Kim Jennings Mrs. Elizabeth Killorin Mrs. Patricia Kupsc Ms. Leslie K. LaRocca† Ms. Jennifer M. Manning Mrs. Deborah Martin Mrs. Jennifer O’Brien Mr. Daniel T. Russo† Mr. John F. Walsh Ms. Tonya Winter

Ms. Arlene Koellner† Mr. John F. Lynch ’70‡‡ Mr. Stephen C. Lynch ’76 Mrs. Jillian Maxey Mrs. Linda M. McAteer Mr. Paul V. McAteer Ms. Ellen McKenzie Modugno‡‡ Mrs. Ellen O’Callaghan Mrs. Elizabeth J. O’Donnell Ms. Patricia C. Pope Mrs. Mary Sullivan Mr. Charles L. Shaw Mr. Norman J. Walsh ’70

Cushing Associates

Eagle Associates

Mr. Jonathan R. Bartlett ’87‡‡ Ms. Patricia M. Cahill Mr. Michael Chapman Jr.† Mr. Michael E. Clancy ’03† Ms. Sharon Coughlin Mr. Brendan Crowley† Dr. Charles Drane III Ms. Mary E. Farrell Mrs. Suzanne Gonzales Ms. Elena Gourlis Mr. Lance S. Hutchinson ’89† Mr. Barry T. Hynes ’53 Mr. Matthew Joyce ’01

Ms. Mariana C. Basin Mr. Paul J. Carty Jr. Mrs. Mary F. Church Mrs. Kimberly Duong† Ms. Melissa Ewing Craig N. Horning PhD† Mr. Nicholas Kline Mrs. Beverly Loughnane Ms. Katie H. McKiernan Mr. Steven Medeiros Mr. Timothy Quealy Mr. Troy A. Turick Mr. Timothy F. Westfield ’02


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Friends of BC High BC High is humbled and grateful for the many individuals in the community, connected to the school in a myriad of ways, who consistently support our programs. Whether widows of graduates, neighbors of students, or friends, these individuals are an important part of the continued success of BC HIgh.

Founder’s Society

“The true measure of our athletes’ success lies in the character, commitment, and confidence that they demonstrate on and off the field.” —Jon Bartlett ’87, Athletic Director

Anonymous Mr. Stephen Hyde

1863 Society BC High Book Club† Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Carney Mr. John Fish Albert T. Hanwell RIP The Hunt Family Mrs. Rita M. Malloy Thomas L. O’Brien Jr. RIP Fredrick Van Veen RIP

President’s Society Mrs. Mary Carey† Mrs. Anne N. D’Arcy† Mrs. Rose Mary Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Flaherty† Mr. Robert McGee

Arrupe Society BC High Choir† The Jesuit Community at BC High† Mrs. Ellen M. Cunningham† Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Kasen Mr. & Mrs. Rich Linton Jr. Mrs. Anne Mulvaney

Magis Guild Mrs. Susan L. Abbott Mrs. Maxine C. A’Hearn Mrs. Karin O. Campia Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Crowley† Mrs. Michele M. Daly‡‡ Mrs. Margaret M. Florentine† Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Mastrocola Jr.

McElroy Associates Anonymous‡‡ Mrs. Paula Blake Mrs. Alice Campanella‡‡ Ms. Patricia A. Casey‡‡ Mrs. Sarah Cavanaugh‡‡ Mrs. Mary Gene Clavin Mr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Collins Dr. Elizabeth Dole Mrs. Carol A. Fallon Ms. Kathleen Grace Mr. & Mrs. John L. Harrington

Atty. Paula O. Killion Ms. Teresa Kostenbauer Mrs. Dorothy McDermott† Mr. & Mrs. Lionel McGill Ms. Dianne Pires Dr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Shaw Mrs. Carole S. Smith-Gerien Mr. Mark Sullivan

Loyola Associates BC High Fathers’ Group BC High Mothers’ Guild BC High Teachers Association† Mrs. Jacqueline A. Canali Mrs. Nieves Canniff† Mrs. Alice W. Collins Mrs. Carol Flaherty Ms. Dana Friday Mr. Scott A. Hathaway Mrs. Claire O’Donnell Dr. Paul Ramsey Mr. Gerard Roche Mrs. Janet B. Shea‡‡ Mr. & Mrs. Robbe Smith Mrs. Mary Ellen Tyrell

Cushing Associates Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Banks Mr. Daniel Brazeau† Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Cassidy Jr. Mr. Conor S. Chamberlain Ms. Kristin Coppola Mr. David Curtis Mr. Ralph Delorie Mr. John Driscoll Ms. Michele M. Gaudet Mrs. Margaret Haberlin Mr. & Mrs. Christopher House Ms. Diane S. Howard Mr. John F. Keenan Mrs. Cornelia Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Koch Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lang Mr. & Mrs. Daryl J. Loether Mr. Steven R. Matthews & Ms. Cathy A. Forest Mr. Joseph McCabe Mr. John J. McGrath Jr.

Mr. Raymond F. Murphy Jr. Ms. Dessislava N. Petrova Mr. Edward F. Reardon Ms. Lynn Reynolds Mrs. Josephine Ricciardelli Mrs. Elizabeth Sheehan Mrs. Lorette Tiernan Mr. Stephen P. Whalen Mrs. Elaine P. Young

Eagle Associates Mr. John A. Barbara Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bartlett Mrs. Elizabeth A. Berube Ms. Kaileen E. Bonina Mr. Paul Breen Mr. Christopher J. Bugala Mrs. Ann Burns Ms. Kara Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Constantine Ms. Joan Corkery Mr. Stephen Crisileo Mr. John J. Dacey† Ms. Lisa de Wykerslooth Ms. Katie Dearing Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Di Fazio Ms. Sheri Dion Ms. Mary Driscoll Ms. Jane Durant Ms. Kaitlyn Duseau Ms. Susan Hunter Mr. Lawrence J. Hutchison† Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Janssens Ms. Jenny C. Jen Mr. Dennis R. Johnson Ms. Tina J. Johnson Ms. Maria Laigner Mr. Rob Leet Mr. Donald J. Lopez Ms. Maureen Macmaster Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. McCue Mr. & Mrs. John M. McDonald Ms. Susan J. Moore Mr. Joseph Mulhern Ms. Kathleen Murphy Mr. & Mrs. James Nikolopoulos Ms. Jean I. Paglierani Mr. Nicholas B. Paumgarten‡‡ Mr. Aurimar Pavowski Mr. Robert F. Peloquin Mr. Johzziane Pereira Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Quinn Ms. Mara R. Schwab Mr. & Mrs. James H. Tourtelotte Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Vento Mr. Roberto Viana Zinnia Designs


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Corporation and Foundation Giving BC High is the beneficiary of support from many corporations and foundations which provide grants and other resources to help grow our programming. These gifts alleviate annual pressure on our budget, bolster the academic and financial strength of the school, and provide much needed dollars for those students and families in need.

Founder’s Society

Arrupe Society

Catholic Schools Foundation Lawrence H. Hyde Jr. Charitable Trust Microtech Staffing Solutions James W. O’Brien Foundation

Bay Point Capital, Inc. The Commonwealth Foundation of Louisville, Inc. Curtis Construction Company, Inc. East Boston Savings Bank Joseph H. Findley Scholarship Fund Charitable Trust Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc. Lawn Doctor of the South Shore Doug & Jeanine Murphy Charitable Trust Suburban Glass & Mirror Co. Inc.

Cornerstone Society Anonymous Century Bank and Trust Company The Rob Cunningham Foundation The Legion Foundation Rockland Trust-Peoples Federal Foundation Charles Schwab Foundation Verrochi Family Charitable Trust

1863 Society Access Better Learning and Education, Inc. ATS Equipment, Inc. The Carney Family Charitable Foundation Coca-Cola Refreshments Renaissance Charitable Foundation John J. and Mary E. Shaughnessy Charitable Trust Suffolk Construction’s Red & Blue Foundation, Inc. W.B. Mason

President’s Society Peter & Margaret Begley Charitable Trust Boston Foundation Incorporated Coppola Realty Management Services, Inc. Eastern Retail Properties, Inc. Hays Companies Boston JustGive Lamberts Rainbow Fruit McGee Toyota John A. McNeice Jr. Charitable Foundation Need to Lead, Inc. The Pemberton Family Foundation, Inc. The Pequot Charitable Foundation Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute Xpress Natural Gas LLC


Magis Guild Ayco Charitable Foundation Bright Funds Foundation The DiCenso Family Charitable Trust Falvey Steel Castings, Inc. Regan Properties LLC

McElroy Associates The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Community Foundation of Western Mass. David Caron Electrical LLC DonateWell Jake’s Seafood Restaurant Kevin C. Kynock Foundation for the Arts Partners in Mission Raytheon Charitable Giving Salesforce Foundation Scully Family Foundation, Inc. Trust Management Properties, Inc.

Loyola Associates Campion Residence and Renewal Center, Inc. Prendergast Oil Co., Inc.

Cushing Associates Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. Monument Construction and Development Network For Good New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. Notre Dame Academy

Charles F. Oteri & Son Franklin Funeral Home PepsiCo Foundation G. M. Walsh Plumbing & Heating

Eagle Associates 1863 Boat Club Haitian Christian Social Union of NE The Kula Foundation

Matching Gifts Many companies double or triple the impact of our donors through matching gifts programs. Matching gifts have a profound effect on the Fund for BC High at all giving levels. We thank those donors who utilize this great benefit at their or their spouse’s place of work, and we thank all of our corporate and foundation supporters that continue to offer such impactful programs.

Acadian Aetna AIG Amica Mutual Insurance Company Amundi Pioneer Asset Management, Inc. Arbella Mutual Insurance Company Arthur J. Gallagher Co. AT&T, Inc. AXA Foundation Bank of America Corporation Barclays Global Investors Baxalta Bloomingdales Boston Financial Data Services Boston Trust & Investment Management Company Callahan, Inc. Chubb and Sons Inc. Citizens Financial Group Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. Dell

Deloitte LLP Eastern Bank Eaton Vance Management Eversource ExxonMobil FBR & Co. Fidelity Investments Fiduciary Trust Company FM Global General Electric Co. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC Houghton Mifflin Company IFF Foundation, Inc. International Business Machines International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. KPMG Lincoln Financial Group Loomis, Sayles & Company L.P.

Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Mass Mutual MFS Investment Management Millennium Pharmaceuticals Morgan Stanley, Inc. National Grid USA Service Company, Inc. New York Life Insurance Company Northeast Utilities Northwestern Mutual Novartis Old Mutual Asset Management Oracle Corporation PepsiCo Pfizer, Inc. Pioneer Investment Management USA, Inc. Plymouth Rock Assurance PNC Financial Services Group PSE&G Raytheon Company

Rodden and Rodden LLP Sanofi Winthrop, Inc. Sentry Insurance Shell Oil Company Spectra Energy Starr Companies State Street Corporation SunTrust Bank, Inc. The Boeing Company TIAA-CREF Transamerica UBS United Technologies Company United Way of RI UNUM Provident Corporation Verizon Voya Financial Wellington Management Company Wells Fargo & Company

Double Your Impact! Matching gifts are one of the easiest ways to maximize your impact on the Fund for BC High. Many employers offer programs that can double or even triple your gift to the school. Get started today by visiting or asking your company’s human resource representative.


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Nick Morrison ’19 | Fried Dough | “Gold Key,” 2018 Boston Globe Scholastic Art competition, photography category


Through my photography, I enjoy finding

new perspectives

interesting compositions and on what I observe. I love to photograph towns or cities and bring life to seemingly ordinary scenes.”

— Nick Morrison ’19

new! Each issue we will feature a piece of one of our talented student’s inspired artworks.



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THANK YOU for supporting BC HIGH.

Gifts from you, our alumni, parents & friends are the FOUNDATION of our SUCCESS




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