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“men” for others

Artwork by Christian Keka ’20

“RENAISSANCE MEN” BC High students experience a special synergy between all things from arts to athletics that drives them to learn and grow.



Victory Abraham ’20 flashes a smile as he learns the process of good design in Eleanor Chmiel’s Design It! Honors class. Students learn to draw, paint, collage and use technology to solve challenges in composition, color theory, and typography. They focus on individual development and experimentation with an emphasis on intent and aesthetics using contemporary designers as a resource.

Spring Features 4 BC HIGH Magazine Spring 2019 • Vol. 1, Issue 2 Grace Regan P’12, President PUBLISHED BY:

Office of the President Boston College High School 150 Morrissey Boulevard Boston, MA 02125 Tel: 617-474-5030 Fax: 617-474-5035 www.bchigh.edu



Bringing The Arts to Center Stage

The Hyde Center for Global Education Providing BC High students with the experience of travel and cultural immersion throughout the world


Colleen F. Carter Matthew BeDugnis ’13 Bill Burke ’52 Deb Martin P’21 DESIGN

Capers Design


The Dever Players And their 2019 Performance of Jesus Christ Superstar


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John Gillooly ’89, LifeTouch Photography

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koi·no·nia (communion)

Dear Friends, As we enter this new season, each passing day filled with more light and warmth, we must pause to give thanks for the year we have shared. Our BC High community has celebrated so many wonderful things this year – from another state hockey championship to the welldeserved retirement of our friend, Principal Steve Hughes ’73, P’98. The Class of 2019 graduated last month and will spend a few months in rest and preparation before traveling to colleges and universities across the country and globe to take the next step on their journey. We wish them the best and know they will continue to seek the magis in all that they do. Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, visible in the eagerness of the Class of 2020 to become seniors, and in the companionship with which our faculty and staff welcomed our new principal, Adam Lewis. Nowhere is this spring swell more present than the renaissance of our fine and performing arts programs. My time at BC High has featured a steady stream of intentional efforts to redouble and refocus our commitment to the fine arts. These include the renovation of the Bulger Performing Arts Center last fall, the formation of a new Arts Council (which you can read about on page 4), the addition of new arts classes and programming, the revival of the Corcoran Living Library Lecture Series, and honoring the arts as the focus of this issue of BC High Magazine. In this endeavor it is important to remember that love for the arts at BC High is nothing new. It is built into the very foundation of this school. After our founding, and long before we adopted Cardinal Cushing’s motto of “Ut Cognoscant Te” we shared another phrase on our seal with Boston College: “Religioni et Bonis Artibus” – “To Religion and the Fine Arts.” The Jesuits held the arts in such esteem that they placed it alongside religion as the focus of this great institution. They knew the ways in which art can deepen and enhance our lives and our appreciation of the human experience. In this spring season of rebirth and renewal, from the budding blossoms to the Easter Miracle, this blooming arts initiative is a return to form – a return to who we were always called to be. AMDG,

President Grace Regan, P’12 2

How will YOU spend your summer?



Explore new interests, build your confidence, challenge yourself! Specialty Programs |


Specialty Programs are designed for campers to immerse themselves in exciting, more focused activities, to spark their interest and try new things. Specific programs are offered half day or full day.

Sports Clinics |


Full-day sport-specific clinics in several sports, as well as co-ed strength, conditioning, and speed clinics.

Academic Courses |


Build your confidence and talents while getting a head start for the coming school year!



Bringing the [ BY BRENDAN HUGHES ’98 ]

Take a walk down Cadigan Hall, or through the HunterFahey Commons, and you cannot help but see it: art is everywhere. It’s on the walls, in display cases, on video screens, and it is happening in sleek, modern classrooms.


CENTER STAGE Today, BC High offers more than 50 fine and performing arts courses – everything from Afro Latino Rhythm and Roots to Sculpture, Acting and AP Studio Art. All in addition to dozens of arts-related co-curricular activities. Despite the incredible growth of the arts at BC High, these programs still feel like the unsung hero of the curriculum. How can a school long-known as a leader in academic rigor and athletic achievement shine a light on the amazing work of its student-artists? That is the question pondered by the newly-formed BC High Arts Council, a small group of BC High alumni, parents, and leaders in the arts. Their task is not expanding a program already bursting at the seams but putting it center stage.


The Advocate | ROBERT L. LYNCH ’67

f Robert L. Lynch ’67 seems like a natural fit for the BC High Arts Council, his more than 40 years of local, national, and international arts advocacy might have something to do with it. As president and CEO of Americans for the Arts, a national organization that works to build recognition and support for the extraordinary value of the arts, Lynch has an understanding not only of how the arts enrich our lives, but how they animate the economic, cultural, and educational fabric of our communities. During his time as a BC High student, Lynch recalled, “There was virtually no arts program.” Lynch’s main artistic pastime came when he joined his classmates in a garage band. Playing after school and at BC High dances, the group dubbed themselves The Rising Suns, a homage to the band The Animals, who popularized the song “The House of the Rising Sun.” Incredibly, The Animals once visited a BC High dance and Lynch and his bandmates had the opportunity to open for them. From BC High, Lynch went on to UMass Amherst, where he discovered a passion for English literature and poetry.

“But the highlight of college,” Lynch said, “was going to Woodstock.” After graduating, he bought a Volkswagen Bus and traveled the country. He played music and learned the art of woodcarving, but he also got his first taste of arts administration, working first as an intern, then nine months later as executive director of the UMass Arts Extension in North Hampton, Massachusetts. From the beginning, Lynch said, it was a labor of love, driven by the power of community-based arts programs to transform and enrich. “The organization had no money,” he recalled. “We made it stable and it still exists today. We did a combination of training, teaching, and consulting, going all around the world helping people decide how to advance the arts locally. We put on the largest arts festival in New England – a learning lab for teaching others how to do it.” After ten years with UMass Arts Extension, Lynch was tapped to lead Americans for the Arts. For more than 35 years he has grown that organization from a loose network of local arts organizations to a national advocacy group whose members infuse more than three billion dollars a year into the national economy. 5

The Artist | MATT DiBATTISTA ’91 ately, Matt DiBattista ’91 has been spending his evenings singing inside a 15-foot puppet – the latest in the sometimes peculiar and variegated life of an opera singer. His role as the Witch in Hansel and Gretel, staged by the Detroit Opera, is the latest in a career that has taken him to opera companies across the country, and here in Boston. “The demands for roles are different every single year,” DiBattista said. “I’m expected to show up with my part memorized, language and music perfect – spend the first two and a half weeks as a group of new people coming together – it gets to be almost like a small business.” DiBattista’s path to the arts ran directly through his BC High experience – one characterized by a program that was limited but run by dedicated and caring faculty. “When I was a student, there was a small group of folks who supported the arts – Kevin Kynock in drama, Matt Finnegan, who is just a champion as far as I’m concerned, in music. Matt always encouraged me to look for new opportunities, including auditioning for the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, which was a game changer for me.” From BC High, DiBattista earned a degree in vocal performance 6

from BU, then a master’s in vocal performance and a diploma in opera from the Cincinnati Conservatory. As his burgeoning career as a singer developed, he said BC High’s academic rigor prepared him for the discipline required to grow as an artist. “Teachers who demanded a lot of us in the classroom like Brian Donaher and Kevin Kynock had a lot to do with that.” DiBattista sees the Arts Council as an important catalyst for BC High’s arts programs to continue their growth and success – working to ensure that all BC High students can participate in arts programming. “Our main goal is to gain support from parents, teachers, and the community to visit campus, see shows and support the kids as they explore these ideas,” he said. And while BC High has long embraced the idea of the well-rounded “Renaissance Man,” the plethora of opportunities in the arts and in other areas means that students have more options and less time. “We’re exploring ways to balance the schedule that enables students to experience more of these opportunities if they desire. The folks on the council have diverse backgrounds in the arts and other professions – we’ll collaboratively look at other models and see what’s out there.”

The Parent | ELISE THOMAS P’19, ’21

hen Elise Thomas’s sons, Chase ’19 and Brandon ’21, entered BC High and became deeply involved in the arts, Thomas and her family decided to go all-in. They moved from their suburban Kingston home to South Boston, where they could be closer to the school and remain engaged in a way that enriched the entire family. In many ways, Thomas’s sons are typical contemporary BC High students: intelligent, driven, busy, and able to take advantage of the school’s many offerings to explore their varied interests. Chase, a graduating senior, is a member of the robotics team and the Jazz Rock Ensemble. Like Robert Lynch, Chase is also in a rock band with BC High classmates (he plays the bass guitar), and the group, called Jury Duty,

has played at open houses and other events – the school even makes space available for them to practice in the mornings. Brandon, a rising junior, is a member of the soccer, ski, and track teams with a passion for the visual arts. His interest he has developed not only through classwork, but through a newly founded student organization that explores concept art and digital illustration. “The dedication these kids have – they meet at 7 before school and often after school as well,” Elise Thomas said, “it’s incredible.” For Thomas, the work of the Arts Council is about bringing the quality of arts experience that her sons have enjoyed to all BC High students. “There’s so much happening here already – one act plays, art shows,” Thomas said, “my goal is just to get more recognition and support for these programs. I’ve seen my kids blossom in their own ways, and it is wonderful to see.” Her hope is for the arts to become more central to the academic experience at BC High, and to highlight those central offerings to prospective students and their families. “My dream is to have an arts track along with our other academic tracks,” she said. “Maybe even having an artist in residence so the students can see someone at work and have that mentoring on site.” Even as Thomas looks ahead to ways in which BC High’s arts programs might grow, she is quick to note one of the strengths of a BC High education: the ideal of the Renaissance Man. “Academics, STEM, social justice, athletics, the arts – those are all the pillars of a fantastic experience,” she said. “There’s no separation – each piece is brought in to create this whole person.”

“My dream is to have an arts track along with our other academic tracks ... maybe even having an artist in residence so the students can see someone at work and have that mentoring on site.”

If you are interested in being a part of the Arts Council, contact Colleen Carter, Vice President of External Relations at ccarter@bchigh.edu


With a focus on culture, faith, academics, and service, the Hyde Center for Global Education at Boston College High School promotes the acquisition of global skills, encourages forward thinking and action, and is grounded by a deep commitment to personal growth, spiritual formation, and transformative change.

In addition to Academic Programs, Service Immersions and Retreats, the Hyde Center at BC High created two academically focused programs to further develop students in their path to global citizenship:

The Peretti Scholars Conversational Program The Peretti Scholars Conversational Program gives motivated students the opportunity to raise their level of fluency by participating in an intense language learning program, with conversation and culture at its core. This 3-year cohort model meets several times per week outside of the traditional course time to engage in activities that expand their knowledge and skillset in the target language.

Form Relationships

Utilizize Teachable Moments


Develop Leadership

Promote Fluency Tools

The Hyde Global Scholars Program During the 4-year academic program, students participate in at least one international experience, show a commitment to engaging in a second language, and participate in the Global Speaker series on global issues. Hyde Global Scholars demonstrate their learning by participating in a cohort research project, reflecting on their personal journey of discovering global citizenship. The BC High Hyde Global Scholars Program provides students with opportunities to explore cultural competency, develop communication skills, and gain significant awareness of our interconnectedness as they develop a passion to become engaged citizens of the world.


Proficiency and Confidence in a Second Language Global Speaker Series

International Travel


Personal Narrative Reflection

Global Issues Research Project


Glasgow, Scotland

Dublin, Ireland

Montreal, Canada

Rome, Italy

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Belize City, Belize

Lyon, France

Parramos, Guatemala

Hanoi, Vietnam

Athens, Greece

Barranquilla, Colombia

Kigali, Rwanda

San Jose, Costa Rica

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Quito, Ecuador

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beijing, China

Krakow, Poland

Harare, Zimbabwe


Lyon, France


Santiago, Dominican Republic


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 9


hy does BC High travel? Why to Vietnam?

Visit BC High’s YouTube channel to watch a video journal on the exploratory trip to Vietnam!


Huy Huynh Campus Minister

“They learn more about who they are, what they value and what they believe. They have a new sense of place in this world. The world becomes their classroom.”


This past January I had the chance to go on an exploratory trip to Vietnam with Dan Carmody, Vice President for Global Mission. While this was Dan’s first time in Vietnam, I had already been there several times. My parents are Vietnamese refugees. They came here at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 and I was born here in the US. My first time to Vietnam was during my junior year of college for a semester abroad. I fell in love with every aspect of this incredible country and have gone back several times since then. I was so excited to share this beautiful country, culture, and people with Dan. Every day, every moment, Dan and I were asking “What would this look or feel like for our boys? Could this be good for them?” The answer was almost always an enthusiastic YES! We could see them falling in love with the Vietnamese people – open, warm, and welcoming. We could see them taking in the beauty and life all around Ho Hoa Kiem, the lake at the heart of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. We could see them sitting along the sidewalk and slurping up some of the best soup they’ve ever


tasted as motorbikes go zooming by. We could see them being moved by the stories of the street kids at Blue Dragon, the service agency we are partnering with. We could see them loving a cooking and language class with these same kids. We could see their breaths taken away by the beauty of the giant limestone formations magically rising up out of HaLong Bay, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have been on several Hyde Center trips with our students and have seen how profound and transformative these types of experiences can be. They step away from their routines and out of their comfort zones. All of a sudden, they are awake and alive in a whole new way. All of their senses are heightened. Their observations more keen and reflective. They are forced to let go of control. They learn to say yes to the opportunities and invitations that the world offers them. They form real and true connections to new people. They learn more about who they are, what they value, and what they believe. They have a new sense of place in this world. The world becomes their classroom. I can’t wait for our first trip in April 2020!

Expanding Our Global Reach As the Hyde Center celebrates its fifth anniversary, we continue to be motivated and inspired by growth opportunities through travel. We try to make an impact on the communities we visit – a powerful way for our young men to contribute to a greater global good. Yet, it’s just as important to embrace and recognize the impact these same communities have on us. We are forever changed not only by the amazing places we go, the incredible people we meet, what we learn and how we grow, but the stories in which we play a part. With four new Hyde Center program offerings next year, we’re fortunate that our stories will continue to grow globally.

Barranquilla, Colombia Our mission was to explore Colegio San José, a coed, Jesuit school in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla, as a potential partner school and destination for current and future Peretti Scholars. Our Jesuit and lay hosts not only opened their homes and hearts to us, but also shared their hopes and dreams for the future of their school and their country. They spoke passionately about forging a new identity that does not forget the difficulty of their recent past, but rather embraces it with an optimism steeped in wisdom. A highlight of the visit was accompanying students on a weekly service trip to a Fe y Alegría school, where they befriend and tutor vulnerable youth in their own city. That spirit of service, companionship and openness will certainly touch the hearts of our own students who will visit in August 2020. — Gib Gailius P’11, ’15, ’21, ’24, Modern Language Faculty

Krakow, Poland A statue of St. Stanislaw Kostka, a young man with a backpack slung over his shoulder on his way to Rome to become a Jesuit, graces the entrance to Kostka High School. Students and faculty joke that their patron saint looks like a current student eagerly escaping campus. However, all the students we saw were glad to be at school – enjoying their time in academic classes, playing music, demonstrating archery, and happily engaging in other activities. In contrast to the school’s cheerful atmosphere, other elements of our trip were more somber; we toured the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Oskar Schindler Museum. It is evident that the people of Poland do not shy away from their past, but instead embrace it as a way to move forward. No doubt our students’ experience in Krakow will lead to some complex conversations; it is from these conversations and experiences that students truly grow. — Leslie LaRocca, Social Studies Faculty

Montreal, Canada Walking down the quaint and winding streets of Vieux Montréal, I marveled at how a country and city so close to Boston could appear so foreign. We had traveled north to explore a partnership with Loyola High School, an English-speaking all-boys Jesuit school. Loyola’s robust Campus Ministry department and its week-long summer leadership institute were markedly impressive offerings. Despite the school’s location in another country, the similarities to BC High were profound. We knew immediately that Loyola’s leadership development would enhance our students’ formation as men of character, prepared to lead. By focusing on servant leadership, the theory of power, mass media images of leadership, youth culture, and grounding these ideas in Ignatian values, students will discover and build upon their own qualities as a leader and deepen their sense of self in a leadership context. — James Sennette, Assistant Director, Hyde Center for Global Education


Renaissance men


Today, students have an extensive selection of options from

across the spectrum of fine arts – and more than ever, those students are also student-athletes and are able to integrate their love of the fine arts into the rest of their academic coursework. We spoke with three young men who exemplify participation in the arts, athletics, and academic achievement.

Art Collage by Luc Grenier ’19


Finding Voice, Finding Balance

Luc Grenier ’19 |



“I came to BC High in seventh grade, and I’ve been involved in the arts ever since. As an Arrupe student, I did drama, and in the high school, I took the Visual Foundations class freshman year, then AP Art junior year, AP Studio Art senior year, and I’ve been in choir for six years, this year as one of the co-presidents. On top of that, I’m a competitive gymnast, I work out 10-12 hours a week after school as part of a club. I started gymnastics when I was two years old. I’ve competed in state and regional meets and this past year, I competed in a national meet in Las Vegas, where I came in second in all-arounds. When I first started taking art in the Arrupe Division, we met in regular classrooms in Cushing. In my eighth-grade year, Cadigan Hall was finished with dedicated arts classrooms and that’s when I started getting really into the visual arts. In art classes at BC High, I’ve realized how valuable it is to use art as self-expression. Without the arts, I think I’d be going into college a lot less self-assured. It’s very hard to proclaim yourself as an “artist” because it feels narcissistic, but I’d say I want to pursue the arts. I enjoy art as a means of expressing personal identity. There’s a Viola Davis quote from her Oscar speech I always remember, she says that “art is a celebration of what it means to live a life.” I just really enjoy that. Art allows people to express things they can’t put into words. Especially visual art, because it encompasses language, graphics, color, expression and emotion all into one.” Next year, Luc will attend Tufts University, where he will enter a five-year dual degree BFA/BA program with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.


Art in All Things


“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a dentist. Art intersects with dentistry – it’s maybe the most artistic of the medical fields. Coming to BC High, I didn’t pick up liturgical music, my niche of art, until sophomore year, although I’ve wrestled all four years. I think my life has always been governed by balance between the less traditional masculinity in art and the more traditionally enforced ideas of masculinity in the sport of wrestling. Liturgical Musicians is the choir that sings at Mass. Not only have I fulfilled my art credit through singing, but I found out that I really enjoyed it. I had not been a singer at all before and I felt like it was something I wanted to try and explore. Dentistry has been in my family for three generations and I believe it’s an artistic practice because you’re working with your hands to create something. I work in a dental office and the wax and the clay I use is like my canvas. Dentists make beautiful things that must be made to fit perfectly to benefit their patients’ oral health. Singing has increased my appreciation of art in everything. Through singing, I see beauty and art in many unexpected things like calculus and physics. I have started to see beauty and art in how the world works and how we interpret it. Art exists as an appreciation of that world. I started to appreciate art from singing, imagining the strain on the voice, the ideas in creating the lyrics. You start to step away, and ask how else does art exist? You see it in architecture, you see it in mathematics, in the classic ways of graphic design. You also see it in people’s personalities, in how they express art and how art exists in their life. I think there are a lot of people who might say, I’m not an artist at all, or art doesn’t have a big role in my life, but I think it does. I think athletics are an expression of art.” Next year, Michael will attend Tufts University, where he plans to study public health on a pre-dental track and hopes to be involved with the school’s acapella group.



“Currently I’m in the Advanced Digital Photography class. I have a passion for photography, and it is one of my favorite classes. Photographs can have deep meaning to the people who took them and the people who see them. I wanted to learn how to take pictures like that. I’m an in-depth thinker and a physical learner. I enjoy being hands on. Using the camera allows me to find and focus in on small details and bring them to life. Over the years, I’ve gained important time management skills to balance arts and sports. My freshman year playing basketball was difficult, but I gained experience, and now during the season my grades go up. Basketball and photography allow me to step out of reality into my zone and see things differently. Photography lets me see beyond what my eyes can see. The camera allows me to look through another lens and a different point of view. Photography has broadened my view of people, culture and the world. It brings more focus to the world around me.” Korey, a junior, looks forward to continuing his photography and his basketball career at BC High for his senior year. He hopes to study biomedicine in college and eventually pursue a Ph.D. in the biomedical field with a dream to make something that helps everyone.

More Than What the Eye Can See

Korey Reynolds ’20 |





members At-Large Appointments The following members of the Alumni Advisory Council represent the AAC At-Large.

Rick MacDonald ’93 At-Large Representative – Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase

Rick Flynn ’76 At-Large Representative – Director, Barclays Capital

BC High’s NEW Alumni Advisory Council launches in Spring 2019!

National Appointments The following members of the Alumni Advisory Council represent National regions.

James Fitzpatrick ’78 Southeast / Florida – President & CEO, NICSA

Mike Moynihan ’85 Midwest / Chicago – Managing Partner, Freeborn & Peters LLP

Brian Lee ’02 West Coast / Los Angeles – Senior CG Artist, The Mill Chris Kukstis ’01 West Coast / San Francisco – Senior Product Analyst, Thumbtack



The purpose of the Alumni Advisory Council is to preserve, steward and advance the mission of Boston College High School. The Council will represent leadership of the national and global BC High Alumni Network, promoting a positive image of BC High and establishing programs that enhance a close and continuing relationship between the School and its alumni. The goal of the Alumni Council is to ensure that BC High alumni can come together to foster a vibrant, dynamic community that offers broad opportunities for lifelong engagement for the purposes of social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

Paul Donato ’95 Mid-Atlantic / Washington D.C. – Principal, Ernst & Young

Souren Ouzounian ’85 Metropolitan / New York City – MD, Deputy CFO & Treasurer, Annaly Capital Management

Local Appointments The following members of the Alumni Advisory Council are local to Massachusetts.

Tim Walsh ’92 Essex County – Vice President & Counsel, Eaton Vance

Brian Oates ’89 Middlesex County – Executive Director of Corporate Sales, New England Patriots

Peter Dolan ’79 Norfolk County – Managing Director, Makena Capital Management


Chris Taylor ’88

As I reflect on my first years as President of Boston

College High School, I am continually reminded of the generosity, loyalty, and strength of the BC High Alumni Network.

Plymouth County – Executive Director, JP Morgan

John Lydon ’03 Suffolk County – Managing Partner, The Law Offices of John Lydon PLLC

of Advancement, we are now launching an Alumni Advisory

Young Alumni Appointments The following members of the Alumni Advisory Council are Young Alumni of the past 10 years.

Council that will be called upon to engage and support the

Emmanuel Kalu ’15

I am delighted to share that under the direction of the Office

tremendous power of our alumni across the region, nation,

Young Alumni – Incoming Analyst, Goldman Sachs

and globe.”

John Puma III ’12


— Grace Regan, P’12, President

Young Alumni – Past Co-Founder & COO, Wizio


Visit bchigh.edu/alumni for more information on the Council and a full listing of upcoming events.


profile Paul J. Donato ’95 Principal, Ernst & Young Arlington, VA

Paul Donato ’95 and athletic director Jon Bartlett ’87 at Paul’s Hall of Fame induction.

Paul grew up in Watertown as part of a legacy family at BC High that includes his dad, Anthony ’69, brothers Brian ’98 and Anthony ’98, uncles Edward Sullivan ’54 and Rev. Robert Sullivan, S.S.J. ’55, cousin Rev. Thomas Sullivan ’00 and brother-in-law John Cuddy ’00. His commitment to BC High has been an exemplary model for all alumni. You’ve been involved with BC High for so many years. Why is this important to you?

I will forever feel indebted to BC High for everything I learned during my four years on Morrissey Boulevard. My teachers and coaches were so committed to helping us develop into young men, grounded in Ignatian principles, who understood the impact we could have in the world. The experiences I had with friends in the classroom, in sports and in other activities forged bonds that have lasted almost 25 years. I continue to support BC High because I want to ensure that other young men have these same opportunities and realize their potential.

You went on to attend University of Virginia after BC High. How did BC High help prepare you on a rigorous academic path?

First and foremost, my experience at BC High is what gave me the opportunity to attend the University of Virginia. BC High’s emphasis on making me think critically and communicate effectively enabled me to transition to college relatively seamlessly. My experience developing friendships with classmates and teammates from different parts of the state and different life experiences also helped me feel comfortable attending a school with such a diverse student population. To you, what makes BC High unique?

One thing that stands out is the sense of community and brotherhood that exists amongst all BC High alumni. Through my involvement with the school, I have had the honor of interacting with so many alumni over the years. When I meet a fellow BC High grad – whether they graduated in 1940 or 2018 – it quickly becomes apparent how much of a shared experience we all

had, how grateful we are for the experience and how much affinity we have for all that BC High has provided us. I think people would be hard pressed to find an alumni base that is more passionate about their school. What do you see as the biggest opportunities for BC High as we look to the future?

Our biggest opportunity as alumni is to support BC High as it continues to provide a truly transformative Ignatian experience for young men. This support can take so many different forms – through annual giving, participating in programs like BC Hire to provide internships to students, or coming back to campus to provide students with a glimpse into certain careers or fields. The most important thing is that our alumni remain connected to the school in whatever form they choose because I believe this is a perfect example for our current students of how we all can be “men for others.” 17


The Business Club Visits the BIG CITY! Over February vacation the BC High Business Club traveled to New York City for a few days, meeting with several alumni and friends of the school along the way. They were guided by moderators Tara Esfahanian P’21, ’24, Director of Major Gifts and Jennifer McLarnon P’19, P’21, Director of Technology. They were exposed to


the various careers represented in our alumni network and were able to spend

Jenna Anthony and Michael Philbrick – ESPN

time at Ropes and Gray, Credit Suisse, ESPN, and Tiffany & Co just to name a few.

Moses Adubi ’11 – Morgan Stanley Frank Arcaro ’71 – Tiffany & Co Nikki Cardno and Alex Levy – Wework Armen Grigorian ’13 – Oracle Bill Jackson ’96 – Lakewood Capital Brian McConville ’85 – HSBC Bank Joseph McMillan – DDG Xhonatan Mezini ’14 – Citi Chris Murphy ’98 – Credit Suisse Norbert Kong ’13 – Black Rock Souren Ouzounian ’85 – Annaly David Saint ’71 – NYC Producer James Spellman ’05 – Credit Suisse Management Matt Stoller ’04 – Rope and Gray Dennis Sughrue ’83 – Pryor Cashman Julie Wright – Blackbaud

Career Connections Program

A SUCCESS STORY... Emmanuel Kalu ’15 The BC Hire Career Connections program strives to position college age alumni for their own future job searches by providing them with the necessary tools and resources for productive and successful networking conversations and employment interviews. 18


Placed by BC Hire in a summer internship at Hajjar Management, a real estate company, with collaboration from Chuck Hajjar ’82, P’16, ’18, ’21.

FALL 2015

Matriculated at Yale University.

The Business Club welcomes alumni, parents, and friends to campus twice each month to speak about their careers and industries. Chris Murphy ’98

Jenna Anthony

Frank Arcaro '71

Kelly DeGregorio, VP for Institutional Advancement, Jessica Karevicius, Director of Donor Relations & Special Events, Norbert Kong ’13 and Souren Ouzounian ’85 hosted students at the NY Athletic Club!

SUMMER 2016 Connected with Chris Kowlicik P’17 at State Street through BC Hire. Worked with a cohort of BC High young alumni on a finance project.

FALL 2016

Met a recruiter from Goldman Sachs on campus at Yale. Shared his resume and shared his summer work experiences with BC Hire. Offered the role of Summer Analyst for the following summer, in their New York City Investment Management Division.

SUMMERS 2017/18

Summer Analyst Intern at Goldman Sachs in NYC.

MAY 2019 Graduation and full time job at Goldman Sachs.

19 15

student & EXPERIENCE

SUPERSTARS ON THE BOULEVARD On Saturday, May 4, the Dever Players finished a lauded six-show run of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. The sound of electric guitars and keyboards split the air as performers brought the Messiah-inspired rock opera to life for the BC High community one final time. During the show’s run the Bulger Performing Arts Center was filled to capacity on several nights as talented student-artists poured out their heart and soul. As a result of their hard work, Jesus Christ Superstar received three nominations in the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild State Competition for Musicals sponsored by Broadway in Boston: Best Acting Ensemble, Best Choral Ensemble, and Best Hair & Makeup Design. The Dever Players took home the last award at a ceremony hosted by the Berklee Performing Arts Center in Boston on June 10. The show drew not just critical acclaim, but the focus of the newly formed Arts 20

Council as well. Before the penultimate performance on May 2, the Arts Council hosted BC High’s first Alumni Arts Reception in recent history. Dozens of alumni, family, and friends were welcomed back to campus to celebrate the renaissance of the arts program. Fine and Performing Arts Department Chair Patrick McAllister thanked the reception attendees and made special mention of the “Godfather of the arts at BC High” Bill Burke ’52. McAllister had recently returned from a Hyde Center trip with 20 students to Belvedere College in Dublin and noted that “in Ireland, poets, actors, artists and musicians have an elevated and legendary status.” He acknowledged, “at BC High, this idea of rock star status for many of our artists has been more tempered.” He appreciated the evening as an opportunity to honor the superstars who had defined the BC High community: “Artists help us remember who we really are, where we come from and where we’re going.

Actors bring us laughs and tears, they shake us up, reveal our vulnerabilities and heal our wounds. Poets force us to grapple with life’s incongruities, the terrible and the beautiful together. Painters and musicians bring us to new heights and put the world in perspective. Artists tell us the truths that we don’t really want to hear, they open our eyes to injustice and call us to action.” The evening of companionship culminated in a group viewing of the show with Arts Council member and Trustee, Gregory Bulger ’68, taking the stage to welcome the audience. Bulger remarked that of the eleven years’ worth of “wonderful musicians, speakers, and dramatic performances” that have been hosted in the Bulger Performing Arts Center, Jesus Christ Superstar is among the best. His optimism for another decade of outstanding performances in the theater, coupled with McAllister’s devotion to shining a brighter spotlight on BC High’s artists, represents the program’s Kairos Moment.

second annual Ignatian Values Day with a theme of “open to growth forming radical kinship.” Kristo Kondakci ’09, founder and director of the Eureka Ensemble, opened the day’s activities by speaking about founding The Women’s Chorus _ a choir formed entirely of homeless and at-risk women in the City of Boston. Gregg Cassin, founder of Boston College’s Appalachia Volunteers Program, shared his experiences within the LGBTQ+ community and his work alongside those afflicted by HIV/ AIDS. Dozens of other alumni, parents, guest lecturers, and friends spoke about radical kinship in everything from Alcoholics Anonymous, to foster parenting and hospice nursing. As a capstone to the year, Rev. Boyle visited campus alongside his “homies” Omar and Francisco through the Corcoran Living Library Lecture Series. They had come to know each other through Homeboy Industries, the largest and most successful gang intervention, rehab, and reentry program in the world founded by Boyle. All three filled McNeice Pavilion with awe as they relayed their stories of radical kinship in the midst of Los Angeles gang violence. And it was

“BC High isn’t the place you’ve come to, it’s the place you go from — to stand at the margins of society ... until there are no margins.” — Reverend Greg Boyle, SJ

Photo: Buuthien Hang ’20

The words “radical kinship” have had a noticeable presence in the halls and classrooms of BC High this past year. The phrase has held a place in the collective consciousness of the BC High community owing to its central focus as the theme of this past year’s all-school read: Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship by Reverend Greg Boyle, SJ. Often, it was used in conjunction with another, more familiar phrase – “open to growth.” This central competency of the Graduate at Graduation is something all BC High students and alumni recognize. They are taught to strive for it from their very first days on Morrissey Boulevard. But the newer phrase was more elusive. What exactly is radical kinship? During Diversity Week activities in February, BC High took pause to examine the theme more closely. Young men from various clubs and cultural communities celebrated each other at events ranging from film screenings to a student panel. They observed the kinship that forms when our differences are respected and honored. These festivities drew upon energy that filled the school after the twenty-first annual prayer service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Friday, January 18. Long-time faculty member Mrs. Barbara O’Brien Miller returned to campus and received an award from President Regan for her decades of service and pioneering vision of a BC High community that is more just, equitable, and loving. Her commitment to social justice inspired generations of BC High students and her message of unity was echoed by guest speakers Rev. Rahsaan Hall, Esq., Director of the Racial Justice Program for the ACLU of Massachusetts and distinguished alumnus Alberto Vasallo, III ’85, President and CEO of El Mundo Newspaper, television producer and host. On Ash Wednesday, BC High held its

Photo: Fr. Ron Perry, SJ


Forming Radical KINSHIP

there that Rev. Boyle gave an answer to the search for radical kinship, urging everyone in the audience: “BC High isn’t the place you’ve come to, it’s the place you go from – to stand at the margins of society ... until there are no margins.” 21 15

maroon & GOLD


N E WS A N D H I G H L I G H T S F R O M O U R 2 0 1 8 – 2 0 1 9 S E A S O N S !


However, the 5th man Joe Willet ’20 had the best race of his career and was critical in the narrow 1st place finish. In the Indoor Track season Cole-French would go on to become the 1000m All-State Champ with a 2:30.9 finish – a school record! He won by .01 seconds, so tightly contested that the MIAA had to use a laser system.

Andy Doucet Named New Swim & Dive Coach Runners Dominate at Manhattan Invitational

English Teacher Andy Doucet has been named the new head coach of the BC High Swimming & Diving Team. Coach Doucet

Men for Others Raise Money for Ellie Fund

In one of the largest cross-country races in America, with multiple races for each division, the BC High freshman team finished first in their race. Myles Kirby ’22 placed 5th overall, Quin Perry ’22 was 14th, followed by a tight pack of Arcel Melo ’22, Patrick Fox ’22, and Will McDonald ’22 all finishing in the top 30.

Golfer Jack O’Donnell ’20 was recognized by the American Junior Golf Association as one of its top charitable fundraisers this year. On his own, Jack raised more than $8,500 for the Ellie Fund, supporting breast cancer research and awareness. He and the other fundraisers were treated to a round of golf with PGA Tour star Rickie Fowler at the Medalist Club in Florida.

The varsity team also won their division. William Cole-French ’19 was one of the fastest runners from Massachusetts and the fastest Jesuit school athlete finishing 2nd in his race. Marcus Lespasio ’19, Yixin Hu ’20, and John Gallagher ’20 all had strong races.

Golden Eagles Mike Lynch ’69 and John Quirk ’69 recently celebrated their 50th Reunion. Both have held BC High track and field records for all 50 years — John’s 4:17.5 time in the mile and Mike’s 58' 1" distance in the shotput. Here’s to another 50 years!



Did you know?

takes over for Coach Kara Brennan, who stepped down during the off-season after a solid tenure. Coach Doucet swam at Dartmouth College, specializing in the 1650 and 200 Fly. Coach Doucet was also head coach at Kuper Academy in Montreal from 2002-2007.

Back on the Boulevard, the varsity soccer team partnered with families and spectators at home games to raise $1,064 for the Ellie Fund. The team wore pink jerseys to raise awareness, held a 50/50 raffle, and sold baked goods. A Mite Box collection raised $1,432, bringing the grand total up to $2,496.

Athletic Hall of Fame on November 20 In November BC High inducted six phenomenal student-athletes and two community leaders into the Athletic Hall of Fame. It was a special night as not only the 2018 inductees were recognized, but several Hall of Fame inductees from years passed attended to view the unveiling of the new Hall of Fame wall. The display, now gracing the wall between Cadigan Hall and Walsh Hall, permanently honors BC High’s storied athletic history and the student-athletes who made it happen. Please join us this fall to celebrate our next group of Hall of Famers!

L-R: J. Bartlett ’87, N. Obukwelu ’09, J. Parrish ’00, S. Hughes ’73, P’98, Rev. Joy ’64, M. Glynn ’96, B. Flynn ’86, T. Horan ’09, R. Kennedy, G. Regan P’12

Congratulations to the 2018 Hall of Fame: Thomas Minton ’69 Cross Country, Track

Brendan Flynn ’86 Hockey

Michael Glynn ’96 Football, Basketball, Baseball

Joe Parrish ’00 Soccer

Tyler Horan ’09 Baseball, Football

Nnamdi Obukwelu ’09 Football

Rev. Bill Joy ’64 Paul Hunter ’53 Man for Others Award

Richard ’Ratt’ Kennedy James Cotter ’55 Courage Award Rev. Bill Joy ’64 celebrating his award with the Hunter family.

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maroon & GOLD

College Bound Athletes from BC High Congratulations to all the studentathletes who will be continuing their careers at the next level! BC High is grateful for your hard work and dedication!

Prior to his coaching career, Craigwell played four years of Division I lacrosse as a defenseman at Hobart College. He was a standout student-athlete at Weston High School as captain of the varsity basketball and lacrosse teams. A true ambassador of the sport of lacrosse, Craigwell was selected as a member of the all African-American Sankofa Alliance Lacrosse team alongside a number of professional lacrosse players including Kyle Harrison, Chazz Woodson, Sam Bradman, and Jovan Miller.

Marcus Craigwell Named Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach BC High named Marcus Craigwell as head varsity lacrosse coach effective February 5, 2019. A Boston native, Craigwell has a decade of coaching experience throughout Massachusetts. Before joining the Eagles, Craigwell spent four years at Wayland High School as head varsity coach, where he was named DCL Coach of the Year in 2018. He is the co-founder and executive director of Titletown Lacrosse and has served as program manager for MetroLacrosse and Royal Lacrosse. Craigwell has been involved with a number of clinics and camps for the Boston Cannons professional lacrosse team. As Wayland head assistant varsity coach in 2013, he designed the defensive scheme behind the number one ranked defense in Massachusetts. 24

Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Inducts Coach Bill Loughnane P’14, ’16, ’22 Head Varsity Basketball Coach Bill Loughnane was inducted into the Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in November. Coach Loughnane coached 20 years at South Boston HS, winning three state titles while there. This season was Coach Loughnane’s 15th year at

Cough Loughnane with his wife and BC High school nurse Bev, as well their sons Alex ’14, Jack ’16, and Mike ’22.

the helm of BC High, but he still recalls his favorite game: when the Eagles won the state championship in 2007. Asked what Massachusetts Hall of Fame recognition means to him, Loughnane said, “It’s nice to be recognized by your peers, but to me, it means a lot of people helped make the teams succeed. School administrators, teachers and maintenance staff did many things to make coaching easier. Assistant coaches work hard and long to help players reach their potential. Players sacrifice so much, giving their all to represent the school. The Hall of Fame is about saying thank you to all.”

Honors and Milestones for the Baseball Program by Jack Balboni ’20 BC High baseball coaching staff and their families traveled to St. Louis in November to attend the National High School Baseball Coaches Association convention and Hall of Fame dinner. John Lynch ’70 was honored with the Assistant Coach of the Year Award for the New England Region and Norm Walsh ’70 was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Coach Walsh is only the second Massachusetts head baseball coach to ever receive this recognition after coaching at BC High for 39 years. Steve Healy ’81 was also named an ABCA/Baseball America Assistant Coach of the Year. Not content to rest on their laurels, Coach Walsh and the Eagles recently earned his 600th career win with a 2-1 victory over Malden Catholic. BC High posed a few questions about his illustrious career:

had to do a better job teaching and coaching the running game. We faced that same pitcher later in the season and beat Norwood in ten innings.” Baseball players are superstitious, do you have a pre-game or in-game habit that you do each game? What is your memory of your very first varsity game as head coach? “The first varsity game I coached was on a Saturday at Norwood against legendary Coach Pete Wall. We faced a D1 college pitcher in a nine-inning game. Our players competed for nine innings. We fell behind early by three runs and tied it in the top of the ninth, only to see Norwood get a two-out, walk-off win in the last half of the ninth inning. After that game, just like every game since, I thought about what I needed to do better in preparing the team. I still recall former head coach Paul Hunter ’53 telling me that I could not expect to have as successful a running game as I had at the JV level. My response was that I

“I hate to admit it but yes. I will wear the same clothes to coach games as long as a winning streak continues and will change what I wear if we lose. However, the most obvious one is the long-standing baseball superstition to never step on the base lines when crossing onto the field.” What does this milestone and recognition mean to you? “Very humbling. It is always gratifying to be praised by one’s peers in whatever endeavor, but I also see coaching recognitions as a greater reflection of the sacrifices, successes, and contributions of a great number of people — especially assistant coaches and players. More than anything, our success is

the result of applying very fundamental Jesuit education concepts such as being open to growth. Never ceasing to learn more and being committed to growth has continued to motivate our players and coaches. Cura personalis has been central to how the coaches approach our athletes. The core principles of BC High’s mission animate everything we hope to do in our program.” What message do you want to send to the hundreds and even thousands of players you have coached over the past decades? “To all the players over the past 39 seasons: this recognition is really because of your efforts, commitment and success. I only hope that what you learned and took away from playing baseball at BC High has been a positive influence in your development and growth as a person. I know many of you have reached out over the years and it has been tremendously gratifying to know that I have contributed positively to who you are today. I know I did not reach all the players as I would have liked to, and I do regret that. After every season I reflect on not just the results of the games but on what I can do to continue to grow to help every player going forward. None of this has meaning without you, the players, and what you have accomplished.”

Back-to-Back Super 8 Champions! By Jack Balboni ’20

The Varsity Hockey Team beat Pope Francis in 4 OT’s, to win the Super 8 Title 2-1 – the longest Super 8 championship ever. In a game featuring great performances and stamina from both schools, the Eagles prevailed to earn back-to-back Super 8 championships. Special thanks to the BC High student body, who came out in record numbers to cheer the Eagles on to victory. Although the team had an added bullseye on its back this year as defending state champions, the team still managed to rattle off a number of accomplishments: winning the Catholic Conference again, winning the wellknown Frates tournament in December, the Buddy Ferreira Classic in February, and finishing the season with an astounding 16-2-2 record. The team managed to take the season one game at a time, and their stellar record

reflects their strong effort all season long. While Coach John Flaherty ’88, P’23 battled roster turnover this year, with nine seniors from last year’s state championship team graduating, the players on this year’s squad, both new and returning, all contributed at some point during the season. The first line consisted of PJ Donahue ’19 and John Logan ’21 as the defensive pairing, and the three Kramer brothers: Peter ’21, Joseph ’21, and Thomas ’19, with Thomas Kramer 19’ being the leading goal scorer on the team. Heading into the

tournament, Chase Congdon ’19, a returning player from last year’s team, was the starting goalie. As well as a talented team, the Eagles had strong senior leadership from captains Thomas Kramer ’19, PJ Donahue ’19, Matt Lakus ’19, and CJ Martin ’19, all returning players from last year. 25



was named Social Development Secretariat. To this day Tom is known by the many he ministered to as Padre Segundo “Second Father.”

7 1940s


David McNulty ’44 visited his grandson David McNulty ’19 on campus in April. Frank McCauley ’48 met with Bob Lynch ’67 and students from the Arrupe Division. Frank gave the boys a copy of his biography From Bootlegger to Bank President and

Tom Aglio ’49 was honored with the Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice Papal Medal, the highest award conferred upon laity by the Vatican. Tom, already a recipient of BC High’s St. Ignatius Award, was recognized for his lifetimes commitment to a faith that does justice. In 1962 he founded Catholic Social Services in Central Florida. After the Diocese of Orlando was founded Tom


7 1950s


In April, BC High celebrated the lifetime commitment and dedication to BC High of former trustee,

J. Frank Keohane ’53 with the Hearts on Fire Award. Frank served on the Board for many years and has generously supported initiatives from the Keohane Track, to Hyde Center programs, the Hunter-Fahey Commons, and beyond. In February of 1964 Kevin Crowley ’56 was ordained to the priesthood and ministered in the Archdiocese of Boston for the next 36. In 2000 he left active ministry and joined in marriage to a wonderful woman of great faith. They have lived in Scituate for the past 15 years. Congratulations to Fr. Richard Casey ’57 who was given senior priest status (retirement) in July of 2014 and now resides on the Cape. Enjoy the beach Fr. Casey!

7 1960s


After more than 20 years in Houston, Texas, Richard Castriotta ’63 will be moving to Los Angeles, California with his wife Laura to be closer to their daughter Gabrielle. Rich has been Professor of Medicine and Director of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston McGovern Medical School and will be taking a new position as Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Ronald Corbett ’69 is glad to have more time with his family and their new Cockapoo puppy now that his two-year stint as acting Trial Court Probation Department commissioner ended in January. Corbett is credited with overhauling the department’s hiring system and record keeping, building morale, and establishing stronger partnerships with other state agencies. He will continue teaching as an adjunct professor at UMass Lowell. Ned Daly ’69 has released his third short film, Abang Aku (2018). It was shot on location in Massachusetts and has been made an Official Selection at five film festivals on four continents. His next film is now shooting in Boston.

7 1970s


Children’s author Jerry Pallotta ’71 (Below right) recently visited the Fairgrounds Elementary School in Nashua, NH and was joined by classmate John Prendergast ’71 (Left) as he visited with the class taught by John’s daughter Meg Duprat. For years, Jerry has traveled throughout the US, visiting schools and encouraging school children to “read a million books.” Jerry has written more than 90 books over 30 years and sold over 22 million copies.

Members of the Class of 1972 gathered on Holy Thursday for a luncheon at Strega.


Beyond covering his rise from clam digger to bank president and public servant, ultimately serving four terms as Quincy’s mayor and winning national awards for his financial leadership. Frank and his wife, Sandra, have five children and 13 grandchildren. They recently celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary.

The Class of 1958 gathered at Venezia for their regular luncheon.

Boston College Carroll School of Management Professor Tom Wesner ’85 recently was awarded Carroll’s Honors Program “Outstanding Teacher Award.” He’s pictured with classmate Chuck Stravin ’85, and Chuck’s daughter MaryBeth (a recent Carroll School of Management graduate) Prof. David Twomey. After 25 years in various national security positions, Leo Smith ’72 answered a calling to the priesthood in 2002. He was ordained in October 2006 and has been assigned to several parishes in the Diocese of Venice, most recently as administrator of St. Finbarr since November 2015.


The Class of 1971 and the Class of 1973 celebrated Christmas with their classmates.

7 1980s


A family tradition will continue with the arrival of Patrick Fitzgerald ’81’s son Patrick ’24 on campus this fall. Patrick joins the BC High community alongside his dad and seven uncles: Jim ’79, Kevin ’80, Dan ’82, Paul ’84, John ’85, David ’90, and Mark ’91. Mike Bernard ’81 released his second novel in honor of Veterans Day and the United States Marine Corps 243rd birthday. Crossing Guards is dedicated to the men and women who proudly serve in uniform: nurses and soldiers.

After receiving his Master of Social Work and LCSW degree two years ago, Stephen Maloney ’87 is working with veterans at high-risk of re-experiencing homelessness. He serves at the VA in Brockton as a social worker in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing (HUD/ VASH) program. Steve recently visited campus to share his experiences with our students. He explained the complexities of navigating the housing system for many who struggle with their benefits and regaining their independence. Rob Galibois ’88 ran into some old BC High friends while his son Max ’20 was touring Georgetown University with brother Cam ’22 and mom Nikki P’20, ’22. Bill Skinner ’77, pictured in the blue tie, was Rob’s Latin 2 Honors teacher and homeroom teacher senior year. They were joined by John Fulchino


Congratulations to Brian Oates ’89 for finishing his 23rd Boston Marathon. As President and CoFounder of Golf Fights Cancer Brian helped to raise $375,000 this year– more money for charity than any runner in the field! The Red Sox honored him in April by inviting him to throw out the first pitch.


’77, the owner of Johnny’s Half Shell in D.C., and his partner Murray. David Murphy ’89 has been announced as Quincy’s Commissioner of Natural Resources. David has worked for more than a decade in city government and was previously the Town Manager in Randolph.

7 1990s


Dan Wetzel ’90 was inducted into the United States Basketball Writers Association’s Hall of Fame in April. Dan was incredibly humbled and credited Adrian Wojnarowski, Senior NBA Insider with being his inspiration.

Michael Grindlay ’90 married Kellie Fuller in September. Among his wedding party were classmates Bartholomew Jae ’90 and Mike Lucek ’90 as groomsmen and best man Tim Mascal ’90. Congratulations to Michael Murphy ’92 who recently released his first novel, Neighborhood Lines, about growing up in South Boston during a period of racial division. Michael also came back to BC High recently as a guest speaker at our Ignatian Values Day event in March. Joe Keohane ’95 is a journalist living in New York, currently working as Features Director at Medium, and he recently sold a book to Random House in North America and Viking in the UK. It explores the way in which interactions with strangers can affect everything from personal well-being to the rise and fall of nations. Keep an eye out for it to be published in the coming year! Jack Roma ’96 was recently appointed to lead the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Division in the United States Marine Corps. That same Division was led by Joe Hoar ’52



alumni NEWS & NOTES


Charleston, South Carolina charged with leading the fight against hunger and food insecurity along coastal Carolina. In addition to overseeing the distribution of 12.5 million meals annually, he will also be an advocate bringing additional attention and resources to those experiencing hunger. Congratulations, Mark!

nearly three decades ago. The Roma family is pictured here at the “Change of Command” ceremony in California in April. Deacon Christopher Boyle ’97 will be ordained as a priest this year. After ten years of teaching and coaching at Catholic Memorial he answered a call to the priesthood, earning his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at St. John’s Seminary. He studied theology in Rome at the Pontifical North American College, gave tours of the excavations of the necropolis beneath St. Peter’s Basilica, and served military families at Aviano Air Base in northern Italy. He looks forward to youth ministry, prison ministry, and celebrating the sacraments.

Mark McLaughlin ’97 and his business partner, whom he met flying in the Navy, bought a small distillery from an older gentleman in 2015 and grew it into a larger entity Old Line, in 2017. Old Line includes a full-service bar called The Ready Room, the first to be opened in a distillery in Maryland. They were named the 2018 Best Baltimore Distillery. In May, Jared Wahlgren ’99 celebrated his four-year work


Rick Goulding ’04 received an Outstanding Volunteer Service Award from The Association of Catholic Admissions and Advancement Professionals for spearheading BC High’s new “Back to the Point” podcast.

For the past three years Robert McCaw ’01 has led the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization — the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). anniversary at the American Red Cross. Congrats, Jared! Patrick Joyce ’99 recently accepted a position as a Principal with Booz Allen Hamilton. He is based in the Boston office, where he specializes in developing Cyber Security capabilities for global organizations.

7 2000s


Chris Connerty ’00 and his son Chapman enjoyed the Hockey Alumni Gathering at the Bentley Arena in December.

Hymson Chan ’02 worked as a stunt performer in Avengers: Endgame. Vincent DePalo ’03 recently graduated from the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Leadership Academy. Chief Justice Ralph Gants of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court awarded the diplomas. 2018 was a big year for Jake Wallace ’03 and his family. Jake and his wife Jillian had a happy and healthy daughter named Rowan Elizabeth. Jake has also started a new career as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, based in Fairhope, Alabama. Dr. Mark Wright ’03 married Megan Ribak on June 24, 2018 in Mystic, CT with Jonathan MacLellan ’03 as best man. Mark currently teaches Latin at Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis MA, with former BC High faculty Robert Albis. He is also finishing his first book with his Holy Cross classmate Kara McShane, an edition and commentary of


Theresa O’Connor ’97 was elected to the Technical Architecture Group (TAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards body that specifies web technology. The TAG is a small group of ten technologists in the W3C led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the web, that is charged with stewardship of the overall architecture of the web. Her term is for two years and began February 1.

the medieval romance Titus and Vespasian, for 2019.

Jamie Marshall ’00 was appointed as a sessions clerk for the Concord District Court for the Massachusetts Trial Court in January. Brendan Finn ’00 landed a spot as New Hampshire’s Union Leader 40 Under 40 for his work on the State Veterans Council. Today, Brendan is in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and works in Business Development for BAE Systems. Mark McGilvery ’01 recently accepted a new role as Director of the Lowcountry Food Bank in

Matt Grabowski ’06 linked up with classmate Joseph Cody, D.O. ’06 while on a trip to Pittsburgh this past March. Congratulations to Teddy Galligan ’08 who married Alexa Polachi this past April in Kiawah, South Carolina. Teddy had several BC High friends there with him for the occasion! BC High Model UN traveled to the 56th North American International Model UN at Georgetown University attended by 3,500 students from 41 states and 14 countries. Students met with US Congressman Jim Banks and his assistant, T.W. Arrighi ’08.

Three recent BC High graduates, Harry Clow ’15, Gavin D’Souza ’17, and Trevor Hu ’18, provided the group with a tour of their new home, Georgetown University.

7 2010s

Special thanks to Michael Vaughan ’87 and Bret Kelley ’93 who hosted the Young Alumni Winter Sip n’ Support at their Brick & Beam restaurant. Tim Keenan ’13, Bill Sennott ’13, and Dan Dougherty ’13 caught up with their former teacher Tim Westfield ’02.


Kristo Kondakçi ’09 was invited to participate in a recent TedTalk recording in Boston. He shared his life story including the journey from his family’s political persecution in Albania, with some members being imprisoned and executed for making music, to his first exposure to conducting as a 10-year-old. He covered his eventual return as a young adult to lead the National Albanian Orchestra’s opening concerts of the 2014-15 season, and the founding of Eureka Ensemble and the Women’s Chorus.

won two awards, as Outstanding Justice and Outstanding Officer.

Mr. Shawn Ahern from the Guidance Office bumped into Andrew Julian ’15 while visiting colleges in Georgia and South Carolina over spring break. Andrew, a senior at the College of Charleston, double majored in business and biology and will work at a private equity firm in Charleston after graduation. His tour with Mr. Ahern was his last one ever for the admission’s office!

7 about life as a new “Double Eagle” over at The Heights. Tim has been volunteering with the BC Admissions office for the past few months and helping as a tour guide.



Dana Bartie ’10 recently completed his MBA with a special emphasis on Consulting and Marketing from Curry College. Dana has worked as a licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Key Realty Group, LLC in Boston specializing in Sales and Leasing since 2014.

Jake Durkin ’12 appeared as a contestant in this year’s American Idol auditions in Nashville! BC High’s Youth and Government delegation participated in the annual conference March 20-22. Students participated in a mock state government and met with Representative Patrick Kearney ’13. Patrick gave the students a tour of the State House. Ryan Golemme ’19 will be representing Massachusetts at the Conference on National Affairs in July and Kenny Dao ’20

Andy Duehren ’14 recently graduated from Harvard and accepted an offer to work at The Wall Street Journal, where he’ll be based in Washington D.C. We look forward to following your reporting Andy – congratulations! After graduating from Providence College, Nick Jacques ’14 landed a position with Massachusetts General Hospital as a Research Technician. He has spent the last year focused on Alzheimer’s Research.

Alec Flynn ’15 officially accepted a job offer with the S&P Global Market Intelligence Client Services Associate Development Program in Centennial, Colorado. Kal Maier ’16 is the starting goalie for the Wake Forest University Hockey team in Winston-Salem, NC. Competing in the ACCHL hockey league, Kal was recognized as the ACCHL 2018-19 Scholar Athlete of the Year. He is double majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Math. Last year Kal worked at Marsh & McLennan in the Retirement Consulting division and he will be back in Boston working at a holding company, Alchemi Capital, this summer. On the ice, Kal lead the Demon Deacons to a 4th place finish in the ACCHL with a record of 11-5-2 and was named second team all-ACCHL goalie. Tim Smyth ’18 returned to campus representing the Boston College Admissions Office. He answered questions from current students

Troy Salmans ’18 was part of the “Walking With Women!” project, a platform for female student designers to showcase their art and promote women in small business. The event raised $2,000 for the Period Project, a nonprofit that raises money for hygienic products for homeless women in LA. The show was incredible, the women walked with confidence, and every seat sold out.


accomplishments 29

“men” for others

GRAND reunion


Reuniting BC High Classes ending in ’4 & ’9

On April 6, BC High celebrated Grand Reunion with classes ending in ’4 & ’9. Hundreds of alumni in attendance reconnected and networked with each other at mass and over dinner. Student speaker, Charlie McMahon ’19, offered a thoughtful reflection of his time on Morrissey Boulevard, sharing what life is like for the modern BC High student. It was wonderful to see so many graduates back on campus and we look forward to welcoming back graduates from ’5 and ’10 next year!





the scenes


French teacher, Melissa Ewing, was honored as a recipient of the prestigious Archdiocese of Boston Excellence in Education Award. This is the second year in a row that a BC High teacher was named a recipient.

NEW Leadership On April 29, 2019, Michael Hoyle, Ph.D., began his role as Senior Vice President of Administration, Finance, and Strategic Planning at BC High. Dr. Hoyle brings twentyfive years of experience in higher education budgeting, finance, and policy work, most recently at Lasell College where he spent over a decade. At BC High he will lead strategic planning, financial management, and information technology for the school. He will also provide overall management direction for facilities, capital and master planning, asset protection, and human resources. His vast experience leading institutions of various sizes will be an asset as he embarks on this new role. Hoyle writes, “I am looking forward to applying my leadership skills in an environment that is innovative and so thoroughly student-centered.”


On April 5, 2019, Adam Lewis was named Principal, a role he will begin formally on July 1, 2019. Adam is a native of Australia and is currently serving as principal of Loyola School in Manhattan, NY. Prior to his role at Loyola, he has led all-boys Jesuit schools around the world. His experience will be an asset to the students at BC High as he brings great depth of understanding in Ignatian spirituality and education. Sharing his educational philosophy, Lewis writes, “Education, or formation in the context of a Jesuit school, is about accompanying people and inspiring them to have the courage to honestly reflect on their experiences and be drawn to positive action.” Kay Myers and Eleanor Chmiel, Fine and Performing Arts Department, attended the National Art

Education Convention held at the Hines Convention Center in March. Both were impressed by the extraordinary works on display. Additionally, Kay Myers was honored with the Alumni Award at Lesley University, where she’s recently completed a Master’s of Fne Arts, for her paintings on New Orleans. Religion teacher, Jillian Maxey, completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training this past summer (July and August) and has been doing monthly workshops at BC High for faculty, staff, current students, alumni and friends. She has continued to do a six-month apprenticeship with local yoga teacher and teacher-trainer, Jacqui Bonwell, and attended the Ignatian Yoga retreat in Chicago at the end of May. Elizabeth Killorin, of the Campus Ministry office, wrote and directed, Candles by the Sea, a one-act play which tells the stories of characters affected by the beautiful life, faith, and ministry of Fr. Mychal Judge, the Franciscan priest who died on 9/11. Tara Esfahanian P’21, ’23, Advancement Office, was appointed to the Massachusetts Children’s Trust, a public/private organization which aims to stop child abuse in Massachusetts.


Rev. John Predmore, SJ is a featured artist in the SoWa Art and Design District. You can find his work in studio 201 where he specializes in portraits, landscapes, seascapes in oil, watercolors, photography and greeting cards. Nicole DeMaio, of the fine and performing arts department, has had a busy few months. Her piece, “Book of Hours,” was selected as a winner for Southland Ensemble’s Call for Scores in February. The ensemble she runs, Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble, received an Operational Grant from The Boston Cultural Council. And, she was commissioned by The River School Conservatory to write a piece for their annual Seminar on Contemporary Music.

congrats! The BC High community would like to congratulate the following faculty and staff members on their retirement. Our school is indebted to their decades of transformative service and we wish them the best in all things to come. Enjoy some well-deserved rest! Eleanor Chmiel — Fine Arts Mark Dowling P’11 — Science Dr. Matthew Finnegan P’05, ’10 — Fine Arts Gene Holmes ’72, P’03 — English John Lynch ’70 — Math Dr. Christopher Millis ’72, P’08 — English Paul Moynahan P’09, ’12, ’14, ’18 — Classics Patti Pope — Guidance The Dynamites, an indoor soccer team made up of several members of the BC faculty and staff, is excited to share that they won the championship game this season. The team included Dave Joyce ’12 (Spanish), Huy Huynh (Campus Ministry), Troy Turick (Math), and Eddie Simmons (Guidance).

John Walsh P’13 — Science Norm Walsh ’70, P’04 — Social Studies



James Hutchison, his wife, Hilary and very excited big sister, Sophie, welcomed Lily Forbes Hutchison in December.

Guidance counselor Mike Gardner, and his wife, Sara, were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Esme Isabella Gardner, into their family. Older sister, Isla, is very excited to have a little sister!

Gabri Vannoni, Science Department, and her husband, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Emilia Frances Cibelli.

Katie McKiernan, Arrupe math and French teacher, her husband, Brendan, and son, Connor, welcomed a daughter, Cora Grace in October.


In Memoriam Reverend Larry Corcoran, SJ Rev. Larry Corcoran, SJ, passed to eternal life at Campion Center in January at the age of 86. Fr. Corcoran was an inspiring English teacher and track coach. Deeply spiritual, widely read and blessed with a mischievous wit, he was revered by students, runners, and colleagues alike. He inspired many BC High alumni, including Dennis Lehane ’83 and Ron Fletcher ’87, to become teachers and writers. His tradition — the “Word of the Day” — still lives on at BC High today with faculty who inspire the next generation to expand their vocabulary. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969/70 BC High Cross Country State Championship, the result of a near-perfect season led by Fr. Larry.


Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me, The Carriage held but just Ourselves, And Immortality. 34

— Emily Dickenson



Francis Douglas ’39 Thomas O’Leary, DMD ’39 John J. Walsh ’39 Edward Dever ’44 Philip Doyle ’44 Harold Fennessey ’45 James R. Wholly ’46 David Sullivan ’47 Crosbie Lawlor ’47 Rev. Paul M. Flynn, OCSO ’48 Joseph Durkin ’48 Arthur E. Tierney ’49 James J. Livingston ’49 Donald B. Burgess ’49 Francis L. Kelley, Ph.D. ’49 George H Hogarty ’50 Rev. Paul Bailey ’50 John J. Meade, DMD ’50 James Laughlin ’51 Robert Hill ’51 James F. Trask ’51 Thomas V. Pedulla ’51 Thomas Gaffney ’52 Lawrence Mutty ’52 Robert F. Renehan, Ph.D. ’52 Leo Morrissey ’53

William J. Watson, M.D. ’61 John Fatersik ’62 Rev. Charles B. Connolly, SJ ’63 John J. Ryan ’63 John V. Curry ’64 George J. McNulty ’65 Edward McGilvery ’66

Father of Lee ’82 and Dan ’84

Father of Billy ’15 and Chance ’17

OC TOBER 1, 2018 ~ MAY 1 4 , 2 0 1 9

Father of Brian ’99, Keith ’01 and Mark ’01

John Joseph Banks ’69 Paul Merrigan ’69 Capt. Richard Wieners ’69 Frederick A. Contrada ’70 Richard Rolak ’70 Patrick Casey ’71 Joseph J. Sullivan, III ’72 Paul Roche ’82 Ronald X. Conway ’85 Mark Keough ’94 Keith R. Kerr ’96 Mary R. Barron Wife of James Barron ’48

Marie Barry Mother of Dan ’80

Vernie Bostic Father of Ronald ’87

Wiliam Coughlin

Mary Alice Hunt Grandmother of Matthew ’95

Mary Frances Hurley Mother of Paul ’73

Catherine Jackson Great-grandmother of Ryan ’20

Stephen J. Kelleher Father of James ’89

Marion Kelley Mother of James ’84

Anne Knasas Mother of Alfred ’69, George ’70 RIP, and Anthony ’72

The Honorable Paul K. Leary Father of Paul Leary ’88

Nora T. Loftus Sister of Rev. Martin Shaughnessy, SJ

Eileen Lonergan Sister of Patricia Kelley

Carol MacNeill Mother of Andrew ’78, John ’83, Lawrence ’84 and grandmother of Connor ’15, Kyle ’16, and Cade ’18

Joseph Maloney Father of A.J. ’14 and James ’20

Mary “Ginny” McCabe Mother of Joe and Billy (coaches)

James E. Nicholson Joan M. Powilatis Mother of David ’90 and Brian ’87 RIP

John Leary ’53 William Shillue ’53 Samuel Carr ’53 Franklin P. Chapman ’53 George F. Snell, Jr. ’54 Thomas Mahoney ’54 James P. McCarthy ’54 David Belliveau ’55 Charles Mahoney ’55 Thomas Quinn ’56 Joseph C. Steinkrauss ’56 Thomas R. Greco ’56 William DiLuca ’57 Edward Raeke ’58

Willie James Crosby

Brother of Rev. Joseph Raeke ’71

Ronald Fletcher

Paul E. Foley ’58 Roger Petruccelli ’59 Kevin Callahan, Ph.D. ’60 Richard B. Patten ’60 Daniel A. O’Brien ’60

Father of Ron ’87

Mother of The Most Rev. Peter J. Uglietto ’69

Roger Foraste

Elizabeth Waldron

Father of Kenneth ’91

Mother of Brian ’79, Gregory ’84 and mother-in-law of Jay Bernoasconi ’79

Father of Marc Stallworth (staff)

Nancy Cunningham Mother of Eric ’89

Patricia DeLuca Wife of Michael ’72 and stepmother of Michael ’98

Christine DeMelis Mother of Stephen ’10

Carol Doherty Mother of Will (staff)

Eileen Federico Mother of Palmiero ’08 and Robert ’10

Margaret Federico Mother of James ’04

Judith Lydon Gormley

Catherine Prendergast Mother of John ’71, Joseph ’80, and Michael ’83

Judith Shaw Mother of David ’97

Eleanor Sheedy Wife of Paul ’53

James D. Smith Former employee and father of Doug ’80

Dennis F. Sughrue Father of Dennis ’83

Marie Patricia Sullivan Mother of Brendan ’84

Dolores Uglietto

Wife of James ’61 35

Making a gift to BC High in your will is easy and will impact the school for generations to come. Notifying the school of your planned gift lets us recognize you as member of the Saint Ignatius of Loyola Society today — and you’ll have the knowledge that you are supporting BC High’s mission in a significant and lasting fashion.

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Your Gift Can Support:

BC HIGH ENDOWMENT BC High’s unrestricted endowment provides a steady and predictable stream of income to fund school programs, improve our facilities, invest in our talented faculty, and provide financial aid to nearly 50% of our students.

THE FUND FOR BC HIGH You can also direct that your bequest or legacy gift be directed to The Fund for BC High, which provides over half of the $7M in financial aid distributed each year. Gifts to the Fund are critical to our ability to create the academically talented and economically diverse student body we strive to achieve.

Visit bchigh. planmygift.org to download your FREE Personal Estate Planning Kit!


Please contact Director of Individual Gifts and Estate Planning, Dan Kenslea ’71 at 617-474-5037 or dkenslea@bchigh.edu.


My years at BC High were the foundation for my acceptance and graduation from Georgetown University. This formative Jesuit education has played a significant role in my life. BC High taught me to listen for my calling and actively pursue my passions. Many years ago, I noticed the lack of illustrated nonfiction books while I was reading to my young children. I was inspired to write my own nonfiction nature series and the sound education I received gave me the tools to write best-selling books. The perseverance


Planned gifts of $100,000 or more can be used to create an endowed fund in your name or the name of a loved one to honor them or their memory. Endowed scholarships exist in perpetuity, providing financial aid to generations of deserving students who would not otherwise be able to attend BC High.

and discipline I learned at BC High and as a fellow BC High alumnus, helped me navigate the world of publishing. After following in my footsteps at BC High, my sons Neil ’01 and Eric ’03 have become highly successful in their careers. Including BC High in my estate helps ensure that it remains the wonderful school that changed the lives of me, my sons, and so many others for generations to come. One day I hope my grandsons, Shane, Hugh, and Lucian experience the gift of a BC High education!” —Jerry Pallotta, ’71, P’01, ’03


Henry Thomsen ’20 | The Road Ahead | “Gold Key Honorable Mention,” 2019 Boston Globe Scholastic Art competition, photography category

This photo was taken in August 2018 at South Dakota’s

Badlands National Park using my

drone. To the right of the road dramatic

span layered rock formations, steep canyons and towering spires made for an interesting landscape. To the left, the vast

grasslands characteristic of the Midwest are present.” — Henry Thomsen ’20


feature! Each issue we feature a piece of one of our talented student’s inspired artworks.



150 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA 02125



CAPE COD RECEPTION July 11, 2019 | 6:00 p.m. Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club | Brewster, MA

MASS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT September 6, 2019 | BC High Missioning of Principal Adam Lewis

HOMECOMING October 18-19, 2019 | BC High

ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME November 26, 2019 | BC High

Join BC High at an event in your area! Check www.bchigh.edu/page/alumni/events and follow us on social media for more information as it is announced.




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