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Color - Size 9 - 1-13833: Gresham High School

finding you times of great

remember the times we had it all together

the little

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Mrs. Cook I got this, Victor Maceda De Jesus (11) pays close attention to Mrs. A.C as she goes over the Algebra notes. Due to the budget cuts and large class sizes Victor was forced to sit at a side table amongst the computers and work on his lap. At one point his class was loaded with 42 students. “Taking notes on my lap wasn’t great, but I managed,” Maceda De Jesus said.

taken different path

you are 1 of 1768

quirks, successes, and bumps in the road little safe heaven in a big wild world this year will never hap 2 } OPENING THEME | TOGETEHR WE HAVE IT ALL

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6/29/2010 7:04:49 AM

Color - Size 9 - 1-13833: Gresham High School

ourself reatness together

little things that matter most shape us into who we are



here are 1768 students at our school, each of us has our own background and past. But at the same time, we are all intertwined during the present and even the future. Outside of school, we all have our own

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we may not have it all but together w

quirks, successes, and bumps in the road that make up our lives. There are the kids who will get a brand new car on their 16th

birthday, and the kid who enjoys the walk to school no matter the weather. The ones who completely trash their bedroom that they

have all to themselves and those who would do anything for their own room. Kids who will avoid responsibility at all costs and the ones who are in charge of their siblings more than their parents

are. Each one of us has taken a different path but all of those twists and turns led us to the same place, our little safe heaven in a big wild world. Many of us take coming to school everyday for granted. We only see the monotony of faces in the same classrooms everyday. But often times, it isn’t until the final months before graduation that you realize all the people that made Gresham a home away



Taylor Richardson and Heather Ries

from home. No matter who you are, Gresham has served some significance in these hectic teenage years of ours. Together, we have made this school year different than any other, the events that happened this year will never happen again. There were the ups, the downs, and the things that took place every single day. Whether it’s the memory of winning the dodge ball tournament two

ever happen again

Pep it up! Our band brings school spirit to a home basketball game agaisnt centennial., getting the whole crowd more involved in the game. What is so funny? Cassandra Haddock (11) laughs with her fellow thespian’s during their teaser for their fall production ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at the fall assembly.


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learning al personal mistakes can be insigni

finest moments Learnin’ away, Christopher Decair (10) does geometry in front of his class. “I think doing work together like this makes it a lot easier to do your homework later, Ms. Wolfer was good at that.”

years in a row or beating Barlow for the first time in nine years. That winter morning when you realized just how little traction Uggs have, and biffed it right in front of the boys locker room. That feeling of walking into the senior all night party and finally realizing that it’s all over or the accomplishment of being the first in your family to graduate from high school. This year there was the people who contributed to “Papers: The Movie”; they put their heart into a cause that matters. The night you turned in your paper on at 12:04 am realizing it is now late. The students who walked into fall semester with their wrists topped off with hand made bracelets and the ones who had been in the gym since July getting ready for the season. Showing up last minute on the Friday before Snoball to buy your tickets, and realizing that about 200 other people had the exact same plan. The beginning of school when we all took the first steps to be REAL and realized that it was the little things that you did for people that mattered most.

of highschool way



We’ll remember the times we had it all together, because those are our times of greatness, our finest moments. But we’ll also remember the times that we didn’t because those are the moments that shape us into who we are not only as a person, but as a community. Now we remember slipping in front of the locker room and someone you barely know helping you pick up everything you dropped. You remember the time you thought for sure you were going to be docked points for being four minutes late on

taken d

you are 1 of 1768

quirks, successes, and bu little safe heaven in a big wild

you can't always do it by yourself

spent four years with same people

Led us to the same place preparing for the real


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find 6/29/2010 7:04:54 AM

taken different paths journey of highschool ginsignificant along the way when put into perspective you are 1 of 1768

quirks, successes, and bumps in the road little safe heaven in a big wild world this year will never happen again

it's just the beginning years with same people

y yourself

qu lit

the sameforplace preparing the real world, but your teacher graciously accepted everything up until 12:10am. And you think about that time when you waited for 40 minutes after school to get your Snoball tickets, but after getting to the dance you realized that it was well worth the wait. It’s in these moments when you understand that you can’t always do it by yourself, the times when things don’t go your way can be changed by the actions of the students you have spent this school year with. You realize a whole year’s worth of personal mistakes can be insignificant when put into perspective with what we did as a whole school. These are the times when we realize that we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

rself Led us to the nessdifferent paths prep

you can't always do it by yours

and bumps in the road ings that matter most us into who we are ig wildshape world this year will never happen again

spent four year


we may not have it all but together we have it all


Can you jerk? Emma Bird (10) can! Unfortunately despite her friends encouragement she would not perform at the fall assembly ‘Jerk Contest’. “Thats embarassing!” was Bird’s only comment.

Hmmm...Sofiya Popova (10) can’t decide on what finishing touches to ad to her admission ticket project in graphic design 2. “I was having such a hard time focussing that day, I just couldn’t decide!”

Making the school a better place, while helping the environment Monica Depiero (11) empties recylcing as part of the recycling group ‘The Crew In Blue’. Thanks to the crew Gresham is one of the most environmentally conscious schools in the Mt. Hood Conference.

ce real world

nding yours remember the times we had it all together


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twists, tur Building relationships an experiencing

Getting involved effortshigh in school struggles and drama High school is a journey, in the beginning stages

of this journey, school is filled with the wild and crazy

things that make you who you are. It is at this point where you get to choose how you will be seen, what





you will be known for, who you will associate with, and what things you’re going to be a part of along the way. This is the time when you realized just how much high school can change you and all your friends, the time when you understand that you are NOT in middle school anymore. It is as we take the first steps into the wild high school world that we experience the twist, turns, and bumps that are thrown our way.



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beginnings urns, ps nd bumps: high school struggles and drama

ooking for you niche with a wide array of possibilities

Making a name for yourself Finding out who you are and

Sings his heart out, Aaron Larson (9) performs at the school talent show while on stage said, “I was really into it, I love to sing. I was nervous to get up there in front of all those people though.” Concentrating on the final touches, Tyler Jordan (9) attaches the hinges to his wooden chest. “Initially, I didn’t want to be in the class, I didn’t even know how I got into it. I finished the project on the very last day of the semester and then I left it on the bus on my way home.” Paddle, paddle, paddle, Abby Bryant (9) and Taylor Raines (9) enjoy the race to the end of the Gresham pool during the freshman boat races. There was some serious extra credit on the line during this race.“I had a blast and it was a really close race!” Bryant remembers. Is it lunch yet, Brody Gines (9) trys to focus on reading his book during english but is just having one of those slow moving days. “I didn’t want to do anything that day, a lot of times during that class all I could think about was lunch,” admit-


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6/22/2010 10:51:45 AM

It’s The Little Things


whatever the outcome, you will remember Take a chance and say, “Hi.” Extend your circle, meet someone new

Big Difference

Friends help everything, Salvador Santiago (12) , Lesly Gonzalez (11), Maira Martinez (10) and Xiomara Marin (11) hanging out and having a good time during Springfest together. “Being with your friends just makes life and everything else easier,” Gonzalez said.

That Make A

Written by: Kayla Metcalf, Erica Heine, and Kelsey Merritt

Friendships may be the biggest things in our high school lives. They are an op-

portunity to meet new peers, find out who you really are, and what you may want to become in the future. When you come into high school with your best friends, often

times they won’t be there by your side when it comes to figuring out who will be in your senior prom group or asking if your outfit looks good on you. Through the roller coaster of high school, you will come to find the friendships that are built to last, and the ones that were bound to fade away. No matter the outcome, you will remember these friendships forever. You may not notice those outside of your circle, but have you ever thought that they could end up being one of your close friends, apart from your circle? Many of your peers may look at you and know who you are, but do you look at them knowing who they are? “I often had the chance to get to know other peers in my senior class when it came to activities or in classes where I had the opportunity to work with others. In the end, I was very grateful for that,” said teacher Tori Maehara. When you look back at high school 10 years from now and look through your senior yearbook you may regret not getting to know that quiet kid sitting in the back of your math class. “I didn’t know really anyone when I came here,” said Dea’Naisa Willingham (12). “I remember my first day getting invited to lunch by Timothy Blanchard (11) and we just started talking and getting to know each other. Then we both ended up joining the BSU (Black Student Union Club) which kept us close friends and gave us the opportunity to meet more people with the same interests.” Many of students here at GHS may feel that there are cliques and those who are stuck on the outside may not get acknowledged as much. “I feel that certain people who have a lot friends and are well known, tend to only be focused on by the people inside of their circle. Those are the students that we don’t often see taking the time to get to know the ones on the outside,” said Christina Wohlers (12). Many of us wonder if you can’t, won’t, or just don’t care to take the time to do this now, how are you going to foster new friendships once you’re out in the real world or off to college, when you don’t have these group of friends around you? If you take just one second out of your time to introduce yourself to that quiet kid in the back of your class, you may just make him feel like he matters. You may not realize it, but it’s the little things such as saying hi to one of your peers, that can really make a difference in someone’s life. It could open all of our eyes to realize that we are all in this together.

8 } STUDENT LIFE | FRIENDSHIPS 008-009_1-13833_000.indd 8

6/30/2010 7:28:11 AM

For years to come, Ayako Eda (12) and Amy Chao (12) sitting and smiling for a buddy shot together. “I love Amy, she’s been a great friend all year and I hope we stay friends for the years to come,” stated Eda. Smiles worth a thousand words, Cassie Bone (12), and Vanessa Bustamante (12) smile for a picture together. “Cassie and I have been friends for a while now, and will continue to be” Bustamente said. They make it more fun, Paige Harry (12) and Oscar Cino (12) posing for a photo in the science hall as they hang out and have some fun walking the halls of the school. “Oscar is a pretty cool guy I guess,” laughed Harry. “Being friends made this year a lot more fun.”

Goofy boys, Seniors Jake Bryant and Travis Guenther joke around during a photo shoot for Chelsey Sann (12) as a birthday present. “We needed a special gift for the birthday girl, but we were broke. So we decided to take these awesome pictures and sign one for her. It’s the best present she has ever gotten,” explained Bryant. Girls and their coffee, Heather Naef (11) and Christina Shackelford (11) drink their Starbucks blended mochas at Gresham Station. “Me and my friends always get together over coffee, it’s a great way to catch up and share gossip,” laughed Shackelford.


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6/30/2010 7:28:18 AM

Looking like a FREAK... in public... for fun? What? By Taylor Richardson

As you walk into the first football game of your high school career

a sense of uneasiness takes over. You enter the gates and upperclassmen pass you by, only they aren’t dressed like you. Crazy hair, face paint, and completely decked out in blue and white from head to toe. You panic slightly, you think to yourself, “Was I supposed to dress like that? What the heck are they wearing!?” You consider following the senior in front of you to the superfan section but then chicken out and retreat back to the freshman/middle school area at the end of the track.

“I just stand on the track and talk to my friends. I wear my

regular school clothes, I would never dress like those crazy seniors!” said Amber Cole (9). As a sophomore you know what to expect. You have bought your superfan shirt and are wearing it with jeans. This year you have secured a spot four or five rows back in the superfan section. Throughout the game you occasionally cheer whenever a touchdown is scored and feel a little flustered when a few seniors look back at you. “I repped the sophomores in my superfan shirt, and I was in like the fourth row of the superfan section. I wasn’t that intimidated by the upperclassmen, but only cause I knew most of them,” explained Michael Farrer (10). Now that you’re an upperclassmen, you’re entitled to some new territory but you are always careful because you care a lot about what people think of you. As a junior you’re welcome to sit in the first three rows of the superfan section. Girls now have the guts to request a varsity players jersey to wear at the game, this outfit is often paired with a cute ribbon and war paint. Guys on the other hand, can now be seen sporting crazy face paint and hair dye. Yelling becomes a constant thing and an occasional touchdown dance is appropriate as well. “I’m a superfan because I support all the teams, not just football. At the football games though, I sit like 3 rows up and rep the superfan shirt,” said Skyler Mofford (11). Senior year. You have no fear, you don’t care what anyone thinks about you or how you dress. With that new mentality, you become an ultimate superfan. The first row of the bleachers becomes your territory. You are yelling all the time, being silly and dancing to the band, standing

high socks, face paint, war paint, crazy hair and ribbons, superfan shirts, and Mardi gras beads. “I would definitely consider myself a superfan, every week I go to the games and I’m so into it. I dress up and am there to support!” exclaimed Thea Oswald (12). Every game you are cheering as loud as you can while vying to be superfan of the week. The ones that made the cut and were announced on Mondays following football games as the Superfan of the Week. Each student goes through this unofficial journey of becoming a superfan but Activities Director Bill Chisolm put it best when he explained what a Gresham superfan is. “Superfans are outrageous, outlandish, outgoing, out of control students that support other students in all they do,” declared Chisolm.

up on the railing when we get a touchdown and being the examples of the superfan section. The attire of a senior superfan includes everything from blue and white leggings, volleyball buns, spandex, jerseys, knee


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6/16/2010 2:15:47 PM

All the super fans gathered during a home football game, making sure they were the loudest and most spirited. “I learned my super fan skills from the best. Timmy, Jordan, and Hos taught me everything I needed to know about being a true gopher superfan” Said Joseph Constein (10) Jonathon Treloggen (10) and Michael Nunziato (11) sitting front row at Gresham’s home basketball game cheering on the team. “I always get really into the assemblies and basketball games, it’s good to show your school spirite,” announced Treloggen. Nche Onyima (12) Keeley DiPietro (12) and Jake Bryant (12) having some fun infront of the camera at the Black out game against the Bruins. “I love coming and cheering on my gopher sports, it’s my last year, my last chance to really go out with my best super fan experience,” said DiPietro.


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{ 11 6/16/2010 2:15:54 PM


BROTHA HOOD Written by Monica Kemp and Hannah Phillips

What goes on inside the locker room at half time can determine wheter you win or lose on the field... stated Assistant Coach Chris Koenig. We are up 27-0 against Hood River, so clearly the team has kept this in mind. They all rush into the locker room while giving high fives to one another. Smiling from ear to ear, everyone makes their way back to the team room, grabbing a mini Gatorade along the way. A stench fills the air as the boys pile into the locker room. It must be the smell of victory. They look tired but thrilled about the first half. After every player has managed to make their way into the tiny room they all begin to talk, yell, and scream about what went on in the first half. Some of their cheers leak out to the outside crowd but are unheard because of students and superfans cheering for their class floats. Homecoming half time is the main reason most of the crowd is attending this game but to everyone in the locker room, floats, crowning, and results are second in mind. Football is what is happening. Talk of plays and a potential win is the main idea today. “We set yearly goals and remind the boys of them week by week,” explained Coach Todd Nagel. Winning this game is just one step closer to the ultimate goal of Mt. Hood Conference Champions. Each guy listens in anxiety. They are ready to be back on the field to finish the game with a bang! The Homecoming Parade was second in our minds as we made

Half time is over and one last motivating yell is let out. The

our way through the boys locker room doors, following closely behind

doors slam open and the crowd is lined up and ready to watch some

the rest of the boys football team.

more Gopher Football. Helmets make their way onto heads and the

Everything is silent at first. All the players go and sit down

players run out to the field for the last half of the 2009 homecoming

together in the team room, sitting in silence. Then randomly, out of

game. Meng knows what it takes to be a proper Gresham High School

no where, the yelling begins. The sound of people hitting lockers and

football player.

screaming as loud as they can interrupts the quiet. Westly Meng (12)

“You have to want to be a part of the brotha’ hood,” Meng said.

stands in the center of the room and begins to motivate his team as well

The crowd is on their feet, screaming for the team as the whistle

as he can.

goes off indicating the end of the game. Gresham 41, Hood River Valley 0. The fight song is sung and then the volume dies down as the

the center of the room, Meng yells at his team and tries to get the team

players run off to the locker room for the last time tonight with the

pumped for the first half of the 2009 homecoming game.

joy of winning shinning through their wretched jerseys. More locker

Then, it’s time to play. As the varsity boys step onto the field they prepare to accomplish a goal they set the previous Monday.


“I just want to win, so I get ‘em fired up,” Meng said. Standing in

pounding, hi-fives, screams and smiles flood the room. Once again they

all find their way into that little meeting room bordered with gopher blue lockers. The coaches congratulate them and praise their great

Kim (11) explains, “It’s like the feeling you get when you walk into a

game. Then talk of Barlow manages to sneak in. They lost their game

big dance. All the lights are on you.”

that night, boosting up Gresham that much more. As enthused as they


“Walking onto the field for a game is an intense rush,” Joshua

The first and second quarter rush by and now it is half time.

are, it’s time to pack up and go home for the night, but as they stand up

“A winning team has the willingness to outwork their opponent,”

to leave Coach Nagel has one last thing on his mind.

012-013_1-13833_000.indd 12

all we are going to be focusing on is beating Barlow!”



“Remember this week is all about Barlow! Starting at midnight,

6/16/2010 2:47:13 PM















o Fo

ll a tb

Team Captain Joshua Kim (11) getting the team pumped up at half time during the Hood River match up on October 19th. “I just try to pump up the team by saying inspirational things to get field,” Kim said. Coach Todd Nagel and Coach Koenig preparing the team to go out on the field for the second half. “Half time was always important, as a team we had to put our intelligent minds together,” said




everyone confident before they step onto the

Westly Meng (12). Jake Roberts (11) with Coach Currier at Half time going over plays for the next half. “I was


new to the positon, so Currier was going over


012-013_1-13833_000.indd 13

Roberts said. And according to Coach Currier, Jake did an excellent job!



a trap play, showing me what players to block,”





{ 13

6/16/2010 2:47:20 PM


Victory is Sweetest When You’ve Known Defeat The deafening screaming at the end of the game indicated that finally, after nine years, the varsity football team had beaten Barlow.

By Monica Kemp and Hannah Phillips

fourth quarters. The Gophers ran up the score to a total of 31 points by the end of the game. The Bruins never managed another touch-

The huge rivalry game took place Friday night on our home

down and remained with a total of 10 points. The timer ended. Barlow

field. Both sides of the stands were full, and all the superfans were

walked away with the loss while we got ready for our time on live tele-

decked out in black for the Blackout dance scheduled for afterwards.

vision. KGW Channel 8 was coming to showcase Gresham’s win as

Everyone was waiting to see the outcome of this “civil war” game.

part of their High School Blitz series, so the excitement was even more

“Every week, the team sets goals for themselves. This week our only goal was beating Barlow,” varsity football coach Todd Nagel said.

elevated at the thought of being featured on television. “I was relieved! It shows that hard work really does pay off,” said Potter.

Last time Gresham beat Barlow was in 2001. Since then, the team

He was not the only one who was overwhelmed with the out-

has yet to come away with the win. According to several players, on

come of the game. People made their way to the cafeteria for the dance.

Friday nights they always get nervous before the game. This game was

This dance was like no other. Spirits were up and excitement was on.

no different.

With only an hour and a half to celebrate at the dance the students

“I was pumped. I knew we had to beat them, and I can’t stand those Barlow kids,” said Justin Potter (12).

packed in the fun. Afterwords, everyone who attended made their way to the hall for pizza, then filtered into the gym for what turned out to

Minutes into the first half of the game, Barlow managed to

be one of the biggest High School Blitz audiences ever. Everyone was

break through the Gopher’s defense for their first touchdown. How-

ready to make their TV appearance, showing off our gopher pride and

ever, Gresham’s team did not give up. With the start of the second

reminding everyone who Gresham is.

quarter, Zach Scherba (12) scored the Gopher’s first touchdown making it tied, 7-7. The time was ticking away. With only a few minutes left in the first half, Barlow kicked a field goal and scored 3 more points. The Gophers ran off the field with the Bruins in the lead 10-7. “We needed to pick it up, and get our defense going and get the ball,” said Victor Sastre (12). The second half became a shut out. Potter made a total of three touchdowns in the third and We’re on TV! Football supporters and superfans flocked the gym to be featured on channel 8’s Football Blitz. “I was so proud of my school and of our football team! Those boys played their hearts out and deserved that time in the spotlight,” stated Gresham’s own Gibby the Gopher.


014-015_1-13833_000.indd 14

6/26/2010 8:56:21 AM

Sack that quarterback, Devon Gaboury (12) going in for a tackle against Barlow’s quarterback Campbell Summerfield. “It’s a great feeling when you know there’s an open spot for you to tackle an opponent, especially from Barlow,” said Gaboury. Hut! The offence explodes up the middle for another first down after a handoff by senior quarterback Zach Sherba. “That Barlow game was so intense, the whole time we were so focused on the outcome going our way that we made sure things went our way,” explained Sherba. Standing Tall, captains Westly Meng (12), Nick Moore (12), Justin Potter (12), and Josh Kim (11) link hands as they walk out to the coin toss before the game against Barlow. “It feels great just to have my teammates looking up to me and knowing that when the game is in the crunch, they lean on me and need my leadership as captain,” stated Meng. Sweet Victory, the football team gathers with all the superfans after their win against Barlow for the first time in nine years. “I mean obviously it was awesome to beat barlow, definitely the highlight of the season for all of us. We deserved to win and show everyone that we could do a lot more than they thought,” said Kolton Meigs (12).

Get wild, Gresham high students go crazy for the cameras as our football team is honored on live television. “It was so fun to get to be a part of the Blitz thing on TV! Everyone was screaming and yelling for our school, it was so cool!” remembered Emily Gilson (9).


014-015_1-13833_000.indd 15

{ 15 6/26/2010 8:56:28 AM

Daniel Dempsey (12) playing Tevye is getting an unpleasent visit from his dead relative. “Being Tevige was one of the greatest experiences I have had on stage. Working with the cast was an experience I would never change,” admitted Dempsey. Singing about being a young man in Russia, Aaron Lyski (12) played as Motel. “I hear they picked a bride for me, I hope she’s pretty,” Lyski jokes. Lauren Searls (11), Kassandra Haddock (11), and Taylor Johnson (10) are played the three sisters who beg the match maker for decent husbands. “Acting can be a challenge, you have to know your character and develop them to a point where you audience belives you,” explains Johnson. Darian Hutchinson (11) and Benn Knapp (11) sing on stage during the first group performance of the night. “I’m so glad I’ve gotten into choir and drama, it’s been so much fun and I’ve realized it’s a passion of mine,” said Hutchinson.

Written by: Katie Sewall

This year’s fall production, “Fiddler on the Roof”, had a crew of 107 people. 60 of which are not in the cast and therefore you would never see, unless you were able to catch a glimpse of them while sitting in the dark, with they are wearing all black. But without this group of uncredited students, the show would never be able to go on. It takes all the departments of the crew, to produce one musical.

SETS Besides from the obvious task of constructing the sets themselves, this department must also organize the movement of the large set pieces. “We choreograph the sets during the scene changes,” explained set manager David Varcoe (12). That means every time the lights go down and the only thing the audience can see happening is the pit orchestra playing, the set crew is running around on stage in the dark, trying to turn the stage from a tavern into a village in the shortest amount of time possible. Before each performance the set crew also has a few more jobs. “We sweep the stage so the actors don’t kill themselves, and make sure everything is securely down,” said Varcoe. A new crew of people this year that help alongside the set crew is Project crew. “Project crew is just a few people Dempsey appoints and we do very specific set pieces,” said Lisa Sturges (12). Such things as the trees and the tomb stones, and all the fences and vines surrounding the pit orchestra were taken care of by this crew. It can be these little things that people wouldn’t think about that really make the difference. “We really work hard and make sure the show works ‘cause without us it really wouldn’t work,” said Varcoe. PROPS “Basically we buy, make, or borrow all of the props that we use in the show. That’s anything an actor carries on stage. Usually at the

beginning of a show we develop a list of all the props we need, and we spend every Saturday finding or making those props,” said Laney Strand (12), prop manager, or as some call her, the prop mistress, “During shows we are backstage and we make sure that all the actors go on with their props.” In “Fiddler on the Roof”, Props had to take care of everything from the women’s baskets, to the men’s shot glasses. To create something for the Russian village of Anatevka is harder than you may think. “You may need a tin cup but it has to fit 1905 Russia,” explains Strand. It is all these little touches the prop crew takes care of that makes the audience think they are really watching people living in a different time and place. LIGHTS/SOUND Without this department, you wouldn’t be able to see or hear anything that was happening on stage. It is the job of this crew to make sure the main actors have working microphones and that the correct lights turn on and off at the right times. There is a long check list the crew has to go through before each show, to make sure this all happens. “We go through all the mics and make sure all the mics work and that they all sound correctly and nothing has been messed up. For lights we go through all the cues and make sure that none of the lights have suddenly stopped working, because we’ve had that happen,” said Emily Dodge (12), the lights and sound manager. Even after all this time committed, she still says she loves it. “I’m a true techy at heart,” Dodge said. Another member of the lights and sound crew also doesn’t mind the dedication. “Its the best, because we’re the coolest, and we’re in the ceiling,” said Leslie Capps (11) referring to the catwalk, which few people are allowed to access.



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6/16/2010 3:31:27 PM

PUBLICITY The whole production of “Fiddler on the Roof” would have been a waste if people hadn’t come to see it, and getting people to come is the job of the publicity crew. “You get things ready to send out to other schools like posters and fliers and you put them in envelopes and you send them out to other schools to publicize,” explains Bryana Stockwell (11). She is publicity manager along with Kassandra Hadock (11), “And then also we have the publicity run that we organize.” The publicity run is when a lot of parents volunteer by bringing their cars and driving about 3 kids each around Gresham to go to businesses to hang posters and hand out fliers. Stockwell thinks that is the best part of publicity. “Usually the kids will tell the parents that they want coffee or something and the parents take them to go get coffee and its just really nice, and you get to talk to parents that you’ve never really met that you’d never really think about talking to, and they’re so much fun,” said Stockwell. MAKE-UP Turning a teenage boy into an aging father is no easy task, but that is exactly what the make-up crew is all about. They are the ones that prepare the entire cast every night before shows, which can take up to 2 hours. Plus they need to gather all the materials they will need for each individual production. “We basically take inventory first and figure out what make-up we have, and what we’re going to need the show,” explains Ryan Kelly (11), the make-up manager. They take care of getting everything from eyeliner to bush, and then applying it to the cast. “Its a lot of fun because you get to get close to the actors and get to interact with them,” Kelly said. For this year’s musical, the make-up crew had to do normal stage make-up and then add aging lines and wrinkles and many fake beards. Their technique for applying beards was simply with a lot of spirit gum. Spirit gum is an adhesive, glue-

like substance that theatres commonly use for attaching things to actors such as fake noses, ears, or in this case, beards. “It’s not a fun thing but it helps a lot,” said Kelly. COSTUMES This department consists of only a few students who report to two volenteer women that design and make every piece of every costume. “It was really cool to oversee what the costume mom’s were making and doing. It was a really fun job,” said Dianna Alarcon (10). Annette Durhime is the assistant costume designer, and has benn since 2002. “Once we find out what the play is going to be, we picture how it’s going to look and we work with the set people to get a color palette,” Durhime explains. The setting for Fiddler on the Roof is long ago in Russia, in a very poor town. The original clothes would have been very drab and boring, but the costume designers decided to make it more like musical theatre, using colors that would match Russian or Ukrainian pallettes like purples and reds. The costume department coordinated with the set department to make sure the same colors appeared in both places, but that didn’t always work very well. “It was pretty funny, we were close to dress rehersal and we see Aaron Lyski up there who played Motel. His vest was the exact same color as his little taylor shop! We had to find him some more fabric and make him another costume because otherwise he would have been camoflauged,” laughed Durhime. There are a lot of little challenges like that. “We had to find shoes for people like Aaron Katzke who’s a size 16. We never did find him a pair of shoes. He ended up wearing tennis shoes but nobody noticed!” remembered Durhime. With 107 cast members all needing full costumes, and sometimes multiple costumes for different scenes, the Gresham High School drama department is lucky to have such dedicated helpers. “I love everything about it,” said Durhime, “If I had to pick one thing, its the kids. Its really why I do what I do.” FALL MUSICAL | STUDENT LIFE


016-017_1-13833_000.indd 17

{ 17

6/16/2010 3:31:30 PM

Sup? Chris Robinson sets patiently with the rest of the varsity football team waiting for the opening of the welcome back assembly to begin. “I always like that assembly, most everyone is there and it is outside, I wish we could do more assemblies outside,” Chris commented. Yeah Seniors, When asked to stand and announce that the class was present for the assembly Da’Naiya McPherson stands without hesitation to show all those Freshmen how it is done here at Gresham. “Seniors! Yeah!,” McPherson yells.

18 } PORTRAITS | SENIORS 018-019_1-13833_000.indd 18

6/28/2010 9:43:07 AM

Senior Pride, Following an outstanding effort in the Homecoming parade Kalsey Dransfeldt raises her hand to proclaim how great it is to be a senior. “A lot of work went into the float, it was a lot of fun, I am glad the I got the opportunity to participate,” said Drasfeldt. Paper Toss, you me throw, Congregating in the main gym during the last 10 minutes of school on the last day of school the seniors chuck all of there papers into the air. Erica Heine (12) “It was so fun just throwing all of my old papers that I wont be needing at all anymore, but sad at the same time.”

Seniors throw those caps, After seeing it in movies countless times, the seniors finally get to experience the traditional moment every graduating high school student gets to experience. Chelsea Johnson (12) said, “It was a bittersweet moment, but very cool at the same time.”


018-019_1-13833_000.indd 19

{ 19 6/28/2010 9:43:14 AM

“I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.” -Jack Handey

Jacqueline Altamirano

“Todo en la vida tiene un remedio menos la muerte.” - Tata

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica” -Jim Halpert

Nicole Ard

Nickolas Ard

Megan Apon

Emily Apon

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” -Dumbledore

R.J. Alter

Corinne Aldrich

Tyler Adams

Emily Aalbers

Kayla Adams

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Devyn Benfield

Whitney Benavente

Yovana Benancio

“Some say the glass is half empty, some say the glass is half full, I say are you going to drink that?”

“There are times when all our surroundings seem to be dark, but these are only moments that will pass us by and soon we’ll be smiling once again.”

“Friendship is love as much as any romance. Meow.”

Jesse Boda

Codie Blanchard

“Have fun in life, don’t regret it!”

Maria Bermudez

Marisa Benson

“Every situation is an opportunity. Every opportunity is a choice”

Merete Bjoernsrud

Savanna Baird

Jaimie Bartels

“Work your hardest, do your best!”

I won’t go down without a fight.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens.”


020-021_1-13833_000.indd 20

6/23/2010 9:31:31 AM

rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop rtyuiop qwertyuiop SURVIVING rtyuiop qwertyuiop I think I have Swine!?! Written by: Laura Phillips, Monica Kemp, and Hanna Phillips

cough cough DO YOU HAVE SWINE?!?

The pandemic sickness that circulated the masses at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year was scientifically classified as the H1N1 influenza, but was more commonly called swine flu. As students sat in their classes they heard whispering

and rumors of the cases of swine flu that have impacted their

classmates. Hand sanitizer became used everywhere, and some

people even wiped down their desks with sanitary wipes before using them.

“People are really freaking out about this whole thing for no

reason,” said Harpriya Samra (11).

Swine influenza is a virus that is usually found in pigs. The

virus occasionally changes and becomes infectious to humans.

When this happens, the disease can become a concern to people

who have little or no immunity against it. Preexisting conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, and heart disease can make the illness fatal to some patients. The virus also spreads quickly from

person to person through contact or close proximity with an infect-

ed person. It also is more difficult to treat than the usual seasonal human flu viruses.

The H1N1 influenza hit the U.S. in April of 2009, but it

wasn’t until June 11th that the outbreak was declared to be a pandemic by the World Health Organization. At that time, nearly 70

countries had confirmed cases. Over the next few months, that number doubled. The U.S. declared the highest number of re-

ported patients with swine flu of any nation and less then a month

after if was first detected in the county it was announced that all 50 states had at least one confirmed case. The outbreak was de-

termined a public health crisis. From April 2009 to January 2010 it was estimated that there were 41 million to 84 million cases and 8,330 to 17,160 deaths in the U.S. alone.

Inevitably, the whole school was sucked into the swine flu

mania. Walking down the halls, one could hear several people talk-

“Automatically, if you cough or if you miss a day of

school, people assume that you have the Swine,” stated Endy Vasquez (10).

Some students were very worried about the illness, while

other students were not. Hoa Dau (12) shares his thoughts on the matter.

“I’m a little scared about the whole thing, and I’m going

to try and get the shot in November,” Dau said.

Along with the annual seasonal influenza vaccination an

H1N1 vaccine was manufactured. It was recommended that ev-

eryone receive it but due to the sudden nature of the outbreak, not enough was made in time for that. Shot clinics had to turn some people away so that the people at high risk for being hospitalized could be vaccinated first.

Other students, such as Jon Kratz (10), were not worried

about it at all.

“Its just the flu, and besides I’m like Superman so it

doesn’t affect me,” Kratz said.

The fact of the matter is that in just weeks we watched

H1N1 spread quickly from the very first U.S. case in Minnesota

to right here in Gresham High School. It did become scary as

we saw the virus creep toward us from the other side of the

country. When we all heard of that girl in Grants Pass who got it, we all know we got a little paranoid. Schools started to

close and stores were selling anti-bacterial like crazy. Quickly, many of us observed our teachers, class mates, and maybe even

our best friends catch the swine scare. But just as quickly we

watched the influenza fade. The mad dashes to the doctor to wait for hours to get the vaccine stopped and the reports on

the news every night updating us became something we saw

only once a week, and then once a month, and then not at all. Slowly, the swine flu became less of an epidemic and more of just a fun story.

ing about it.

w hispe r ing A N D RUM O RS

the madness reoccuring

“Automatically, if you cough or if you miss a day of school, people assume that you have the Swine!”

020-021_1-13833_000.indd 21


{ 21

6/23/2010 9:31:34 AM

“Hope those gliders don’t run out of gas”

Never quit.

Vanessa Bustamante

“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot...when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.” - Michael Jordan

Manon Chaney

Destry Celestine

“Don’t dream it, Be it.”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13

“If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.”

Keep your eyes on where your going and never for a second look back you already know where you have been.

“There is no spoon” - The Matrix

Taylor Clements

Irvin Chavez

Chelsea Chavez

“Life doesn’t give regrets, just lessons.”

Samantha Christian

Jonathan Butcher

Tanya Casas

Kyle Catchpole

“It’s true what they say... senior year is better the second time.”

“All it takes is all you got.”

Katey Brightwell

Chelsa Briggs Lacey Busch

Morgan Brittain

Margherita Brioschi


“Just go with the flow”

“Thoughts equal creation”

Derek Councilman

“Life is very short, there’s no time for fussing or fighting.” - The Beatles

“Live life to the fullest.”

Jake Bryant

Cassie Bone

Jessika Brandt

Grayson Brentano

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“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings”


022-023_1-13833_000.indd 22

6/26/2010 1:46:45 PM

Kelsey Dransfeldt

Brannon Dooley

Emily Dodge

My mama always used to tell me: “If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for.”

“I want my senior quote to be meaningful... like a Gandhi quote or something.”

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

“Life isn’t measured by the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.”

Jacob Elwess

Courtney Ellis

Cameron Ell

Ryan Edwards

Ayako Eda

Brandon Daun

“We spent four years as completely different people, coming and going in different directions, now we are leaving from the same place all together as one”

“Love will die if held too tightly, Love will fly if held too lightly.”

“Become the person you were as a child, but with the knowledge you have learned now.” - a young heart with an old soul

“Exert your talents, and distinguish yourself, and don’t think of retiring from the world, until the world will be sorry that you retire.”

Life’s a garden, dig it.

Caitlynn Didlick

Kelly Dick

Olivia Dick


It’s better to burnout then fade away.

Amy Docken

Keely DiPietro

“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” -Woody Allen

“Do not dwell in the past on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

“Live life for the journey, not the

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get” - Michael Phelps

Austin Day

Kevin Davis

“If your not first your last!”

Micah Dalzell

Andrew Culley

Samuel Crouser

Karlee Crader

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“I’ve been earnin an Bornin, snapin necks and cashin checks.”


022-023_1-13833_000.indd 23

{ 23

6/26/2010 1:46:57 PM

Making an Entrance, Tra’ Ford (12) ripped through the bars on the Senior float. “It didn’t matter whether who won or lost, we just went out there and showed em’ who was really the best,” Ford exclaimed. Mr. Indredible, Kaleb Crimp (9) acted for the croud as one of the Incredibles with the Freshman float. The freshman ended up placing third in the parade, beating the sophomores. “It was a lot of fun, I had a great experience and I’m excited for next year,” Crimp said.

Super Heroes, Galore when Taryn Carbone (11) and Evan Olson (11) ran around as heros with the Junior class, and winning first place in the float parade. “All we could do was Go hard, and go home or save the day,” Carbone announced. The Villian, Wade Kimble (10) terorized the innocent Sophomore class as The Joker. “Being the joker was awesome. I could be creepy and be myself at the same time,” laughed Kimble.


024-025_1-13833_000.indd 24

6/16/2010 4:37:11 PM

Superhero CONTEST EXPOSES Serious Villains

Every year the homecoming assembly is super sweet while they introduce the new homecoming court. This year the ‘super’ court was put through a series of challenges to prove who was the best superhero. The court was to jump over buildings made of boxes and run through a group of attacking villains, before they could tackle the main villain dummy at the end. The attacking villains were Justin Potter (12), Brannon Dooley (12), Nick Moore (12), and Westly Meng (12). They were to use football blocking pads to make it difficult for the ‘super court’ to tackle the villain dummy at the end of the gym. Although they were supposed to make it rough, some may say they took it way too far. “I may have hit the girls a little too hard. I feel bad that I hurt them,” reasoned Dooley, “I was just in the moment and didn’t realize how hard I was hitting.” As the girls ran through the block they were mercilessly knocked back or even to the ground. “I was almost through, just about to make it to the end, when Dooley smacked me as hard as he could out of know where,’ said Erica Heine (12), “I was completely dazed. It hurt really bad. I even thought my nose was broken.” Right behind her ran another court nominee Kennan Vieira (12) who did get a bloody nose. “The girls got hit so much harder than the boys, but I didn’t want people to know how much it hurt,” explained Vieira. While the court didn’t think the bash was funny, the crowd was louder than ever. “I thought it was really funny, actually fricken hillarious,” laughed Victor Sastre (12). Although there were a few bloody noses and angry superheros the court made it out alive. Just in time to be announced to the spectators. Homecoming could officially start after the game on Thursday night. By half time spirits were high with a score of 32-0, Gophers. Tahana Young, this year’s Grand Marshal kicked off the parade. The floats that followed were the best to be seen. The ‘Incredible’ freshman had a full blown erupting volcano, along with a cute freshman-like skit including all of the Incredibles’ crew, which earned them third place over the sophomores. The team in last place had a float representing Batman.

Written by: Heather Ries

The big controversy was over the first and second place float winners. The seniors, who automatically assumed that they deserve first place, were outraged when the junior’s float took the gold. The dance that followed was built up to be the best ever. Over 600 tickets were sold. A large investment was made to put on the “lazer light” show, but most thought it was a bust. It required glasses that no one knew about. For those who did wear them, they missed out on the killer costumes worn by all the grades. Overall the dance was a success because of the amount of student participation. There was more dressing up than ever and the sheer number of people who attended proved that the involvement of students at Gresham High School is what makes the dances so much fun. Their First Homecoming. Nicole Haskins (9) and Hannah Kim (9) entertained the croud as part of the Freshman class. “Even though we spent a lot of time working on everything and there was a lot of complaining, it all turned out for the best,” Haskins admitted. Gotham City Police Emma Bird (10) and Lindsey Frilot (10) dance it out with the Sophomore class’s Batman themed float. “We felt like we killed it with the jerk, so it was a little embarrasing when we lost,” Bird admitted. Waiting for the results, Power Brittany Erickson (11), Mary Keathley (11), and Carrie Blacksmith ( 11) were all part of the Junior scene. “It was a huge surprise when we found out we won,” Keathley said. Seniors, We Are Out of Here, Daniel Dempsey (12) closed the Seniors’ float with his expressive sign. “It was nice to be apart of senior year, being it’s my last year here at Gresham,” Dempsey exclaimed.


024-025_1-13833_000.indd 25

{ 25 6/16/2010 4:37:17 PM

Joshua Forrer Michael Girton “The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces”

Carley Gendron “Life’s a joke, laugh at it!”

Cherrian Goldberg

“Trapped in yearbook factory. Send help!”

Kevin Giddings

Eddie Giblin

“There will come an answer, let it be”

“If we couldn’t laugh at things that don’t make sense, we wouldn’t react to a lot of life.”


Giulia Gentili

Carissa Foster

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

“Life is what happens when your busy making other plans.” - John Lennon

Devon Gaboury

Katie Fravel

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

“Every man dies, not every man really lives”

Malia Ferron

Marissa Ethridge

Kayla Erspamer Tra’ Ford

Jake Foland

Maria Flores Stephanie Frank

“Don’t love in words, but love until it hurts. Love to be loved.”

“Optimists have more fun!”

Natalie Gabrielson

Alyssa Emoto

Danny Erickson “I think the bible started out as a game of Mad Libs” -Bill Mahar

“You have only to believe if you wish to achieve. That rhymed. Unintentional.”-Rod Kimble

“Life is like an old time movie, it’s black and white till you find true love”


026-027_1-13833_000.indd 26

6/26/2010 1:56:15 PM

Diana Gonzalez Chavez

Sobeida Gonzalez

Defend Yourself

Domination Written By: Katie Sewall

Kendra Groom

Siana Grisham

Work hard and become a leader, be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)

“I am Windextor! I will clean your soul!” Dane Cook anyone?

You dont know nothin bout my BUM suit!

After an eight tournament season, the Speech and Debate team had at least 16 first place finishes to show for it. Carmella Gemmato (9), Shannon Ernst (9), and Sophia Damiani (9) all came home with several of those top places. Ashley Walls (10) also added to the number of awards the team received. All seven members met after school three days a week to practice for their individual events. The events consisted of public debate, radio, poetry, Lincoln Douglas debate, impromptu, prose, and oratory. Clark Yeakle (10), Christopher Kennard (10), and Kat Pettigrew (12) all qualified and attended the State competition. “Sate was a lot of fun with respective competition,” said Yeakle. “I was disapointed because we were one point away from getting to the semi-finals. We got 17th out of 56. Which was good for our first time going to State.” Yeakle and Kennard qualified in public debate. “I enjoy speech and debate because it allows us to intellectually argue with our opponents,” said Kennard. “It was a lot of fun having lots of new members to teach all the tricks.”

Brandon Gustaveson

Casey Gurnett

Seen as this year the team only had three returning members, and next year they will have six, there is a lot of hope for seasons to come.

Quintin Hardgrove

Chrstina Hanson

“After time and wear we’re broken statues.”


“Don’t count the reps make the reps count.”

The Speech and Debate team listen in to directions as their meeting starts after school. “I was learning about political partites and how they interact with each other and the rest of the world. The way Justin puts it makes those lectures entertaining.” Clark Yeakle (10) explains.


026-027_1-13833_000.indd 27

{ 27

6/26/2010 1:56:23 PM

“Don’t let anyone change who you are”

“I hit my head in the face.”

Cole Janzen

Chelsea Johnson

“If you want it, make it happen”

Casey Jackson

Ashley Isenberg

Caley Hubert


“You have to be someone.”

Jacob Hodges

Brianna Hinojosa

Danielle Hill

Lauren Hickman

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” -Albert Einstein

See everything; Overlook a great deal; Correct a little

Maricela Herrera

Wendy Hernandez

Timothy Her

Armando Hernandez

“May your dreams defy the law of gravity”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

028-029_1-13833_000.indd 28

Erica Heine

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

Life’s a garden, Dig it!

Kailey Hettinger

Julianne Heater

Michelle Haynes

Gage Hawes

Paige Harry Cameron Helzer

“Keep smiling”


“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” -Mark Twain

“Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways”

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

6/25/2010 3:16:57 PM

J & ou y ou K V Macrame M F A X Written by: Hannah Phillips and Monica Kemp

The new trend to hit the streets this year, or should I say

the hallways, is none other then what is widely known as bracelet

making, or to our older generations, hemp or macrame. Beginning in the 1960’s, macrame became a very popular craft and creative art in America and in Europe. At first it had been used to create lampshades, plant hangers, and even hammocks. Macrame was nothing more than the knotting of strings. Then, soon after, the idea of making bracelets hit the people, it took off. It became the new “thing”. Anyone who was anyone had a macrame bracelet. English teacher, Sarabeth Leitch was part of the

macrame mania.

“I was actually pretty good at it. So good I could even add

beads to it!” Leitch said.

time, with our inside jokes on them,” Brashear said. She has around 10-15 of her own bracelets and plans to make more.

“Its a way to connect and stay cool. I feel like I have a place in

the world... and my favorite one says Rock!” Brashear said.

Anastasia Popova (9) began making her own bracelets even

sooner. Two years ago, her mom bought a book on macrame and she has enjoyed making them ever since.

“People ask me about my bracelets all the time! They always

ask if I can make them one. I guess they’re pretty cool,” Popova said. Mary Keathley (11), agrees that these bracelets are pretty cool.

So, she also makes them often. Her sister actually taught her how to make them.

“Since then I’ve made several,” Keathley said. “People often

ask if she can make them one.”

Leitch commented that in her day, hemp, or macrame was

This whole fad is not just for girls, guys are also really into it.

extremely popular. She still has some of her own bracelets kept in

Charley Gormley (10) really wanted one so his friend Kaia Hazard

a keep sake box in her closet.

(10) made one for him.

For some reason unknown, the whole bracelet making mania

is back! Everywhere you go, people have several bracelets up their arms. It is just as popular as it once was.

“I really wanted one ‘cause they look cool! Mine is all blue and

black,” Gormley said.

Now, you may ask, ‘What the heck is Macrame?!?’ But it’s noth-

Katie Brashear,(10) spends her time making her own unique

ing more then making a bracelet, it is just known by different names.

bracelets. She calls it her twine, Brashear began making bracelets

Somehow, the whole bracelet making mania survived the 60’s and

over the summer, when she saw a friend making her own bracelet

70’s and made its way to us now.

out of hemp.

“Me and My Gal-Pal Ify Onyima (10) make them all the


028-029_1-13833_000.indd 29

Macrome | Student Life

{ 29

6/25/2010 3:17:00 PM

“Ready, set, go, its time to run.” - Tokio Hotel

Ben Knapp Marina Kuzmenkova

Ryan Lile

Zachary Laxton

“The greatest thing in life is doing what others say you can’t.”

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”

Ciera Marie-Frazier

Remi Martinez

“My belt holds up my pants, but my belt loops holds up my belt. Who is the real hero?”

Kayleigh MacKay

“Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.”-John Lennon

Aaron Lyski

“Cheers like a slap in the face with a a fish.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above. Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to fight.”

Austin Livingston

Dillon Kousol

Stockton Korst

Kalyn Lagunsad

Wesley Laitinen

“Picture me rollin’”

“Don’t hold back, give it your all, always forgive and never regret”

Sharie Krouse

“Thug ‘till I die.”

“You can always retake a test... You can’t relive a party.”

Ali Lowe

Emily Kelley

Lyle Keathley

Brett Kaufman

Shauna Jones Joshua Koga

“There can be only one.”


.0.1.2. .

“Everything gets better with time and time is forever”

“As one door closes, many new ones open.”


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6/25/2010 2:49:20 PM

O N M E I N U T O E N S E C E 5 O N D Tick tock tick tock

. . Is Minutes Really A Big Deal? . Written by: Lauryn Hartung Lindsey Frilot

This school year, there have been many changes around the

school. Locker rooms are locked all day and classes are jam packed.

effect my day? Sure, by five minutes. And I didn’t even realize that second and sixth period were longer,” explained Jordan Escutia (10).

The biggest change that has affected the students this year is the new

“I have no problem with the new times! It keeps me on the

bell schedule. School now starts at 7:55am rather then 8:00am, mak-

ball! I don’t see the point in complaining, you know?” laughed Emalie

ing second and sixth periods six minutes longer for the morning an-

Radocchia (10).

nouncements. Some students have really made a big deal about the extra minute added to the end of the day, also.

Changes occured all around the school. Some people may not

like them, and some people may not even care, but students are not the

“For some reason, five minutes is a big difference to me. I feel

like I have to rush in the morning,” siad Dea’Naisa Willingham (12).

ones who can control when school starts and when it ends, so for now we will just have to deal with it.

Some students do not mind school starting earlier, and a lot

of them did not even know that two periods were longer.

“Starting five minutes earlier is no big deal to me. Does it

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

andy warhol

“20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do, than the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

“Breathe. Let go, and remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” -Oprah

The crumbs always lead to the cookie.

Westly Meng

Maria Meijia

Kolton Meigs

Sarah McGregor

Cassie McDonald

The “late pass” line exploded after the new 5 minute rule started. Some argued that the time waiting in line was longer that just being late by itself. “I was late one time! And it was so annoying, they made me wait in some really long line with all the other late kids,” said Kaylee Aalbers (9). “I just wanted to get to class, but instead of being like one minute late, I was five minutes late.”

“This is Nagel Empire.”


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6/25/2010 2:49:25 PM

“Treat others the way you wanna be treated.”

Rebecca Moen Jessica Neffendorf Nche Onyima

“Silence holds many words”

“The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice.” -Tupac Shakur

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.” -Romans 12:12

David Payne

Brianna Patterson

Steve Page

“I would rather die like a man, then live like a coward”

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous!” Coco Chanel


Jordan Olson

Brad Norman

“To give anything less than you best is to sacrifice the gift.”

“Cuando se pierde la confianza, se pierde la esperanza.” “If you lose trust, you lose hope.”

Max Norum

“It’s illegal in nine countries, and made with bits of real panther. So you know it’s good.”

“Wherever you go, go with your heart.”

Nick Moore

Silvia Montoya

Maxwell Montgomery

Cassie Montgomery Ceone Nojima

“Don’t ever take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.”

Thea Oswald

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Don’t drink the water! It’ll make you crazy. Look at me, I’ve been drinking it for hours!”

Courtney Pattock

“This is for you, Daddy.”

Hiromi Mizuno

Bekah Mitchell

Athina Mitchell

Kayla Metcalf

qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu qwertyuiop qwertyu “Keep smiling, it will make people wonder what you have”

“Shake and Bake.”


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6/23/2010 9:24:10 AM

Heather Ries (11) and Alex Hagel (11) show off their rolly back packs in the hallway. “It was funny rolling around the backpack because people would always say “nice pack!” Ries laughs.

Kellie Pertl

Jordan Pedersen

tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop tyuiop qwertyuiop “I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown. Which forces me to blow it at the most important moments.” - Jim Morrison

Allie Piazza

Kat Pettigrew

Written by: Alex Hagel

Carrying heavy books can sometimes be a burden. Some students have

chosen a different method of transporting books by using a suitcase-like rolly

backpack. People have seen these backpacks, witnessed first hand the way

they roll painfully over toes, and how they take up precious hallway space. Two dedicated girls went undercover to reveal the true secrets of rolling one of these controversial school bags.

It all started the week of homecoming, when two new “rollers” entered

“For a magic penny says the things no wards can say, its a silent song of friendship that has grown,to someone who gives back to you the love you gave away, a magic friend will never be alone.” - Magic Penny Song

“I like my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my closet.”

the halls. Inexperienced, and unaware of the pain they were causing. Students have seen them, and wondered what they were doing as they took that sharp

corner extra wide while cutting three people off in the process. No, these two

art of the rolly backpack. They went on with this fashion statement for a week,

Justin Potter

Sergey Pipchenko

female rollers were not crazy. They secretly went undercover to research the

sticking to their devotion, no matter how many enemies stuck their foot out for them to trip over.

“The first day she ‘rolled’ into our painting class I was shocked!”

admits Jamie Altenhofen (11), “I yelled ‘What are you doing?’ across the whole class.”

The week went on as the lady rollers continued their study. The

days got longer, the stairs got steeper, but the girls stayed loyal to their

“I’m innocent until proven guilty, you are guilty until proven innocent.”

“Respect is earned when no one is watching.”

treacherous mission.

“I was so embarrassed just to walk with her when she wheeled her pink

backpack behind her. One morning, her arms were full, she actually asked me there was NO way I would EVER do that.”

Sebastian Reynolds

Ryan Redfern

if I would wheel it for her!” chuckles Grant Warner (10), “I laughed and said

Though some students are appalled by the rolling transportation device,

other students think it may be a good idea.

“After being stuck using a rolly backpack for a whole week, we hated

everything about it. Except there was only ONE plus side; not having to carry

all those books around school. It will be a challenge having to go back to carry a purse on your shoulder, and books in your arms. But it’s a sacrifice we are willing to make,” agreed the two rollers.

“Believe in James Walker and he will believe in you.”

“In the end it will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

“Next time you see a roller in the hall, before you stick your foot out to

trip their backpack, consider the fact that they may have just tripped walking

UP the stairs, lost their shoe and nearly dropped their pink rolly backpack on a fellow classmate. If it happened to ME, it could happen to them,” advised one of the rollers.

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6/23/2010 9:24:17 AM

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged. For God is with you wherever you go!” -Joshua 1:9

Marcello Sifuentes

Go Big or Go Home

If its not fun, you’re not doing it right.

Courtney Stake You can outdistance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you.

“A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others.”

“When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad...I’m better.” -Mae West

Olivia Shropshire

Melanie Shackelford

Cassy Slayton

“Life’s tough, get a helmet.” -Eric Matthews

Joshua Spiers

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”-Michael Jordan

Cody Ross

Erika Salisbury

Spenser Saling

Nicole Rudy

“Now that I’ve finished high school, all I need is an education.”

Shelby Schwartz

Zach Scherba

“There’s more to living, then being alive.”

Kyle Simms

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die tomorrow”

looking for the right one open.

Chelsey Sann

Not all the doors are closed, I’m just

Make a choice before the choice makes you.

Samuel Steinbrugge

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Brittany Rose

Sara Robinson

Christopher Robinson

Brandon Robbins Jared Rowell

“My heroes are those who risk their lives everyday to protect our world and make it a better place. Police, fire fighters and members of our armed forces”

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart”

“Life is too short to worry about what other people think.”


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6/26/2010 2:06:10 PM

Karla Suarez Connie Vang

Hannah Van Meter

Oscar Urcino “In life every ending is a new beginning.”

Kennan Vieira

Marissela Velasquez

Griselda Velasco

KK Vaylon

Hanna Trapold

Khalia Tidwell

Marissa Thompson

Bailey Thomas Mari Uc-Trujeque

Alex Trosper David Varcoe

“The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb, the better view from the finishing line”

“Work hard and you’ll have abs like me :)”

“Its never to late to finish what you started.”

“Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things”

“What matters in life is not what happens to you, but what you remember and how you remember it.” - Gabriel Garcia

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Pre

“So long, and thanks for all the fish”

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”

“Get up and try to use your ears like a man!” - Charles Ives, modernist composer

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Berthold Auerbach

“I don’t want to just survive. I want to live!”

“Brick walls are there to prove how much you want something.”

“Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyways” -John Whayne

Lisa Sturges

Derek Sturdavant

Tyler Strand

Laney Strand Luren Summers

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” - Albus Wilfir Brian Dumbledor

“Girl, Braces can’t fix all your problems!”

“Life has many twists and turns in it, you have to take what you are given and use it for the best.”


034-035_1-13833_000.indd 35

{ 35

6/26/2010 2:06:22 PM

Sarah Webb Christina Wohlers “What’s done is done. Now are you going to invest in life or not?”

Amy Chao

Colleen Bailey Backpack...? CHARLIE!

“You never know how strong you are... until being strong is the ONLY choice you have!”

“Never give up on something you cant go a day without thinking about.”

Madison Clark

“Every situation is an opportunity. Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is yours.”

Ashley Brashear

“There is so much to live for”

“Cuddles, I need your softness.”

Joanna Zavala

Michael Yang

“Live for today... Plan for tomorrow... Party tonight”

“It’s funny how, day to day, nothing seems to change. But when you look back, every thing is different.”

Constantine Zavalin

Cody Wilson

Joey White Jason Woung

Kimberly Woods

Its all good =)

Be wild, be crazy, be yourself cause life to short to be “COOL”

Michael Wilson

“Prepare for trouble! Make it double. To protect the world from devastation. To unite all peoples within our nation. To denounce the evil of truth and love.”

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

Nick Accuardi

Adina Warner

Heather Warman

Tanner Walton

Carissa Walczak Gillian Welsh

“Take time to hear, to see. But most of all take time to live.”

“If you want it, you can have it, but you

“Do what you do best and be the best

gotta learn to reach out there and grab

you can be” C=


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6/25/2010 3:43:06 PM

Nora Dobesova

Johnny Dirksen

Kayla Cord

Rahne Collier

Daniel Dempsey

“Learning how to fly, is learning how to throw yourself at the ground... and miss.”

“Do something not because you expect something in return but because you want to.”

“No one can go back and make a brand new start. But anyone can start from here and make a brand new end.”

Rj Occhiuto

“The morning paper harbinger of good and ill I step over it”

Yovana Meza-Ramirez

Ronnie Marshal

Leann Malloy

Erick Lainez

Anna Kramer

Rachel Kelley

Hayley Karkkainen

Brandt Ivanoff

“All eyes on me”

“Teach me to fell another’s woe, to hide the fault I see.”

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again; Rejoice!” - Philippians 4:4

Vang Lor

Jordan Huggett

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

“Get REAL, or die trying”

“There is more than one road. Choose one that fits you. Not one that is chosen for you. Dream big. Choose your own destiny.”

Danielle Harness

Jasmine Hankerson

Charlie Hanchett

Travis Guenther

Rahne Collier

“Night is a dark time for me. It’s a dark time for everyone moron! Not for Alaskans or dudes with night-vision goggles!” - Blades of Glory


036-037_9-13833_000.indd 37

{ 37

6/25/2010 3:43:22 PM

S ARGE TA T S TE G Ashely Pechmann blocks a hard hti ball from Allison Farly on the opposing team Central Catholic. “Blocking is all about mentality, well besides they physical part...” commented Pechmann. You can see that her mentality was definitely to dominate this hit.





The signiture celebratory pelvic thrust by Olivia Shropshire (12) after her mosnter kill against South Eugene.“I just get so excited, it just happens and I totally don’t think about it.” The win advanced the team to the state tournament for the 11th strait year.


After losing two season games against Barlow, the State Tournament gave the team a chance at redemption. “Our team was ready to beat them when it really counted,” commented Ceone Nojima (12). Chelsey Sann (12) focuses on her crucial job of starting the last play of the game. “There’s a lot to think about before the serve. First I think about the server and where she normally serves, and then about my feet and platform, and after that it’s all reactionary.” she added.


040-041_1-13833_000.indd 40

6/16/2010 4:45:35 PM


An Array Of Emotions Carries Team Into The Placing Rounds of STATE TOURNAMENT After moving on from that win, the team faced Sheldon and lost in 4 games leaving them with a bittersweet 6th place. After the game, the girls huddled together outside the gym. Tears were shed as the realization of a finished high school career washed over the seniors, but their pride was stronger than ever. At that state tournament the girls played like they had never played before. Coach Anderson-Cook expressed how proud she was of how far this team had come. With that feeling of accomplishment, the team walked back onto the court to receive their 6th place trophy. All 14 girls walked hand in hand with their heads held high as they were given their prize. The season as a whole left the team with an array of emotions. There is nothing they can do to change what happened over the season, and the truth is, what happened over the season represents these girls perfectly and that is all they can ask for.



Some years, before the season starts, you just have a certain feeling. A feeling that a state title is in your reach. This year, the varsity volleyball team had that feeling. In pre-season meetings goosebumps would run along their arms when they talked about what they thought their team was capable of. Being state champions was their goal. But sometimes goals get blurred with other things and become unattainable. It’s possible that their outlook on what they were capable of changed and that the girls lost confidence. “Either way we lost games that were completely in our control,” explained Courtney Pattock (12), “We backed down from several challenges and decided not to come out when it truly counted in league.” Before they knew it, the gophers had 4 losses under their belt, two loses each to Central Catholic and Barlow. And not only were those losses bad for their record, they hurt the girls’ pride. The attitude of refusing to lose was becoming a rarity and some team members were becoming accustomed with losses. “I am a fiercely competitive person and this team was a little sensitive. When we don’t win there’s always one girl that says ‘we were close’, but close isn’t good enough,” Head Coach Lori Anderson-Cook said. Despite the few blows to their egos, the team still worked hard to get to their overall goal of a state championship. Several dramatic problems surfaced throughout the year and the girls were forced to deal with unhappy players and coaches. Team meetings became pleas for leadership and respect. “After the air was cleared it was just easier for us to play. We started playing all the way through the game and would start off strong and finish strong,” said Heather Ries (11). A match against Jesuit, one of the best teams in state, sparked the girls while at the Bend tournament. For the first time, they rose to the challenge and played more competitively that ever. “We penetrated while blocking against some of the best hitters in the state. We really wanted to win, and we hadn’t seen that from our team as a whole,” Olivia Shropshire (12) explained. From that point on, the girls found a way to move past all the hardships and just play. When they faced Jesuit again, the Gophers gave them a run for their money at the state tournament and finally found the guts to beat Barlow. The girls chose the perfect time to do that because that meant that the Bruins would be eliminated from the state tournament with 8th place and no trophy to show for it.

Writen by: Taylor Richardson

Taylor Richardson (12) secures a pass for the Gophers during a game. “My favorite moment was winning skits in bend, I’ll never forget dressing up and dominating everyone else’s skits.” laughed Richardson.


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{ 41

6/16/2010 4:45:37 PM


Pulling away, Alexander Vaughn (11) is closely followed by Reynolds opponents and the District meet. “Well, I was really only running fast because I had to go to the bathroom really bad,” admitted Vaughn. Pre-Race Preparation, Eric Dugwyler (12) sits in the grass stretching right before a big race. “Yeah, we pretty much stretched a lot in cross country. Before a race, after a race, on our own, at home, and at practice,” laughed Dugwyler.

Focused on the finish, Dylan Hanson (10) in the middle of running at the Rooster Rock course. “It was a good season over all, I had a lot of fun running,” said Hanson.




42 }


042-043_1-13833_000.indd 42




6/22/2010 9:44:55 AM

“There’s Only One Goal: WIN” Written by Lauryn Hartung and Lindsey Frilot

Running for the win is what it is all about for these cross country runners. It is not only about being physically able to run that far for that long, but it is also about being able to do it mentally. To go to practice everyday and try to run your best at every meet, your mind really has to be in the game. We all know that what they do is hard work, but how hard is it really? “Cross Country doesn’t seem very hard, but its harder than Football,” said Morgan Benson (10), “We have to do lots of strength and endurance workouts. Football may be a hard sport to play, but so is cross country.” “Our goal for each practice is to get the athletes to work as hard as they can and increase the ability to race harder,” explianed Coach Kylee Hutchins, “Every practice is just another chance to gain strength and really get ready to win a meet.” According to Assistant Coach Tim Collins, the toughest workout is Main City Park, also known as Pain City, and the hills at Clear Creek.


The team has to run 15 times up and down the hill, and it takes about 1 and 1/2 hours. Just like any other sport the team has goals and ways to bond. “I only have a goal for the whole boys varsity team, and that is to make it to the state competition which we have a rather good chance of doing,” said Michael Wilson (12). These boys stick together and work as a team even though you are always running on your own over the course of a race. “We have these things called spaghetti feeds where we all meet

State qualifying was a dissapoint for the boys, as none of them qualified for state. Jonathon Butcher (12), displays his dissapointment after realizing that he and his team wouldn’t be running at state, “We just should have done better,” said Butcher.

up at a teammate’s house and have spaghetti and hang out,” continued Wilson. This was the team’s way of bonding and really getting ready to win a meet the following day. Cross Country is about being physically fit to run, but it is also about the mental part of it. You need to be mentally tough to push yourself to the limit, especially when you’re tired and start losing hope. So, whether you help your teammates by bonding or working hard at practice, there’s only one goal: WIN.




042-043_1-13833_000.indd 43

{ 43 6/22/2010 9:44:57 AM






RUN Qualifying for State, Team captain, Marisa Benson (12) running at the district ccurse at Sandy Highschool in hopes of making it to state. “Even though we were not all together on the trail, we knew we were all out there and that we can make it to state.” I’m done. . ., Crossing the finish line at the district course Sandy High School, Haley McDonald (9) finishes amoungst the top finishers. “It was hard, but running is a love hate relationship,” admitted McDonald (9).




44 }


044-045_1-13833_000.indd 44


BONDING 6/22/2010 10:42:00 AM




VS PHYSICALITY By: Lauryn Hartung and Lindsey Frilot

Bonded team overcomes physical pain with mental toughness to another successful season. The finish line is the main goal. Just keeping focus on that is only half of the

mentality. Keeping your body going and adjusting your breathing is the other half. For these runners, cross country is all about being mentally though. “It’s a different kind of physical pain. Football players have a burst of pain, un-

like cross country runners who have to sustain it for a long period of time,” explained Coach Kylee Hutchins. The girls were always together. They practiced together,they bonded together and they never left anyone behind. This year the team was all about teamwork and what they could do when they put their minds to it. “My fastest time this season is 20:11 at Nike Pre Nationals. I am hoping to beat that by the end of the season though,” said Marisa Benson (12). Keeping positive was key to a good season, and with the mentality of a strong leader like Marisa Benson the team could be lead to victory. “We all go to spaghetti feeds before our meet the next day as a whole team. But us girls bond by hanging out and tie-dying and puff painting all of our clothes. Activities like these really get us closer as a team, which can make us stronger,” said Sadie Wierschke (10). Teamwork and support was what kept the girls motivated to try their hardest. With the help of each other they could accomplish any goals that they set their minds



NATIONALS DING 044-045_1-13833_000.indd 45


Keep improving, Running her 5K in hopes of improving her previous time, Marggherita Brioschi (12) pushes on through the race. “I really liked the team this season. Although it was really hard for me, being new to the whole running thing, but the team did awesome and made it to state,” Brioschi said.


All most there, Sadie Wierschke (10) runs at Gresham’s home course at Rooster Rock in September. “It was a good season, we all got faster times and had a lot of fun,” Wierschke said.


too. Being mentally tough lead these runners to a successful season.


{ 45

6/22/2010 10:42:03 AM

Break it down, The school was treated to the Trail Breakers as part of the assembly. The Trail Breakers follow the Trail Blazers as a half time performance for fans. Twirl it girl! Aobeida Gonzalez shows off her colorful clothes in the fasion show., representing Mexico. “I really enjoyed being able to wear the dress, it was something most people would not usually see or understand,” said Gonzalez.

Sweet spin, a student expessed her authentic hispanic wardrobe, as she strutted down the lit runway. “It was a good experience for once, we have never had an assembly that represented all of the cultures here in the school,” admitted Jono Butcher (12). Work it! The Pacific Asain Islanders performed their culture’s dance for the crowd. “We spent a lot of time learning the dance,” Amy Choa (12) said. “It really paid off at the assembly.”

46 } STUDENT LIFE | MULTI-CULTURAL ASSEMBLY 046-047_1-13833_000.indd 46

6/28/2010 2:06:46 PM

From Differing to Relating Written by: Katie Sewall

In the past, Gresham High School has had a yearly diversity assembly. This year, we had a multicultural assembly. When you change the words you change the meaning. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, diversity means to be different or unlike, and multicultural means to relate or adapt to diverse cultures. We reviewed again this year the many ethnicity we have walking our halls. Dea’Naisa and David Willingham sang the Black National

Anthem by James Weldon Johnson, while the lyrics were projected for everyone to see. Then the Portland Trail Breakers performed their break-dancing show for the excited crowd of students. “I just think they were awesome,” said Joseph Constien (10). “I was going to go because I was looking forward to the Breakers.” The Gresham Overtones performed twice before the assembly was over. Once singing “The Earth Song” by Michael Jackson and then again when only the girls sang “Mamma Who Bore Me” from the musical “Spring Awakening.” The largest event in the assembly was the fashion show, incorporating clothes from other countries.

Mamma! With the girls in Concert Choir, Nche Onyima (12) sang a solo in the song “Mamma Who Bore Me”. “I felt like the song really went well, it fit perfectly with the theme of the assembly,” admitted Onyima. Katie Brashear (10) and Nche Onyima (12) are part of the fasion show, showing off a stylish Nigerian look. “We had a super fun time a the fashion show, we’ve been friends for ever so I decided to wear something Ify and Nche would wear back home,” laughed Brashear.

“I was looking for all the clothes, all the traditional clothes, from Mexico, especially because that’s where I come from,” said Jorge Zurita (12). “I got my clothes in a trip from Korea this summer,” said Colleen Bailey (12). “I was wearing a traditional dress called a hanbok.” “I like how in the fashion show, they told actually about what the background of the clothes were instead of just showing them,” said Haley Schaeffer (09). The Asian Pacific Islanders Club then performed a dance for the audience. The club is made up of Hmong, Mien, Thai, and Laos members, and therefore the dance included motions from all those cultures. “It was a combination of those dances. We did hand motion stuff and we figured out the choreography,” said Any Chao (12). No multicultural assembly is complete without the representation of Italy, Norway, and the Czech Republic through our exchange students. A game was prepared for them to play. It consisted

of answering questions about the U.S. and then popping balloons. Renaissance coordinated and hosted the assembly. Sarah McGregor, head of Renaissance, spoke several times between events. “I thought it went really well. Everything fit together perfectly and it was just good to see all the school come together and to see all the acts from different places around the world and how it just made us realize how close we all are even thought we’re different,” said McGregor. Gresham High School should be proud that while we once were simply differing from each other, we are now relating.


046-047_1-13833_000.indd 47

{ 47 6/28/2010 2:06:56 PM


Sure you can through around words like square pass, or drop ball, or sweeper and sound all sophisticate not about age either, this year’s team has only two seniors where as last year they “They are learning the technical side of soccer,” said Weber. He values having a team where he can “We’re a really united team,” said Riley Protz (11), team captain, and center midfielder. Protz seems to have a knack f other time he scored by illegally using his hand but disguising it well enough the referees didn’t see and ther Another stand out player on this year’s team, if for no other reason than his sheer speed, is forward Isaac N lives with his whole family which is made up of his four sisters, four brothers, and his mothe “He understands most, he just doesn’t speak a lot,” said sweeper Jordan Olsen (12). “I think him being on the tea rundi, something you’re not going to find a lot of in his Algebra 1 class taught by Mrs. Lori Anders “Isaac does a pretty good job of communicating,” said AndersonNiyonkuru says there are many changes for him since moving here. Aside from not being around English in Tanz “I can eat anything n As far as on the soccer field he communicat “I don’t want to speak my native lan

Offensive minded, Isaac Niyonkuru (11) traps a ball and turns it up field. “We didn’t do the best like how we wanted to this year, but we made playoffs and hope to be the best next year,” Niyonkuru said.

Alfredo Hernandez (chasing down the ball against a Reynolds opponent. “I was really hoping to get the ball and score, so I knocked him down,” Hernandez admitted.

Get up for that ball, Riley Protz (11) and Alfredo Hernandez (10) contest for the ball against the keeper at a home game against Barlow. “We practiced really hard during practices, and I was just waiting for the rebound from Alfredo,” Protz said.



IMPROVING 048-049_1-13833_000.indd 48

6/22/2010 11:17:29 AM

ound all sophisticated, but this year’s boys soccer team proves it’s not about the words it’s just about playing the game. It’s ere as last year they had over 50% seniors. Head coach Jimmy Weber thinks this is a strength. team where he can start everyone from the same page. Some of the players agree that having this solid base is a bonus. ms to have a knack for scoring unbelievable goals. He once hit the ball with his left shin lobbing it directly over the goal keeper’s head. Ans didn’t see and therefore didn’t call it. Protz commented that his “handball” was definitely one of his season highlights. d, is forward Isaac Niyonkuru (11). Niyonkuru moved to Gresham from the African country of Tanzania about one year ago. He thers, and his mother. He knew very little English when he first moved here but he is improving rapidly. him being on the team has made it easier to be at a school where people don’t speak his language.” Niyonkuru’s native language is Kiby Mrs. Lori Anderson-Cook. According to her, Niyonkuru is just an exceptionally quiet, hard working student. ng,” said Anderson-Cook. “I’ve really enjoyed an opportunity to get to work with him.” ound English in Tanzania he wasn’t around our food either. He says he didn’t like pizza at all when he first came here but now he does. Written by: Katie Sewall Sure you can throw around words like square pass, or drop ball, “I can eat anything now,” said Niyonkuru. ield he communicates with his teammates in hisall broken English. but this year’s boys soccer or sweeper and sound sophisticated, speak my native language, I want to speak only English.” “Sometimes you have to talk slowly or physically go put him team proves it’s not about the words it’s just about playing the game. It’s not about age either. This year’s team has only two seniors where in his place on the field during practice,” said Olsen. However, it as last year more than 50 percent of their team were seniors. Head seems communication barriers are rare among this group of young men. And Niyonkuru is definitely a benefit on the team. coach Jimmy Weber thinks this is a strength. “He just runs so hard and so fast that it doesn’t really mat“They are learning the technical side of soccer,” said Weber. He values having a team where he can start everyone from the same page. ter what you do with him or where you put him he is always going to be good,” said Olsen. It just proves soccer is soccer anywhere Some of the players agree that having this solid base is a bonus. “We’re a really united team,” said Riley Protz (11), team cap- you go. The only real difference Niyonkuru could think of between tain, and center midfielder. Protz seems to have a knack for scoring unbelievable goals. He once hit the ball with his left shin lobbing it our team and playing back in Tanzania was that in Africa you play directly over the goal keeper’s head. Another time he scored by il- soccer with your feet, while here you play with shoes. Other than legally using his hand but disguising it well enough the referees didn’t that it seemed the same. “When you lose, you lose,” said Niyonkuru. As it is, the team see and therefore didn’t call it. Protz commented that his “handball” finished this season with a record of 5-6 and they made it all the was definitely one of his season highlights. Another stand out player on this year’s team, if for no other rea- way to the first round of playoffs. son than his sheer speed, is forward Isaac Niyonkuru (11). Niyonkuru moved to Gresham from the African country of Tanzania about one year ago. He lives with his whole family which is made up of his four sisters, four brothers, and his mother. He knew very little English when he first moved here but he is improving rapidly. “He understands most, he just doesn’t speak a lot,” said sweeper Jordan Olsen (12). “I think him being on the team has made it easier to be at a school where people don’t speak his language.” Niyonkuru’s native language is Kirundi, something you’re not going to find a lot of in his Algebra 1 class taught by Mrs. Lori Anderson-Cook. According to her, Niyonkuru is just an exceptionally quiet, hard working student. “Isaac does a pretty good job of communicating,” said Anderson-Cook. “I’ve really enjoyed an opportunity to get to work with him.” Niyonkuru says there are many changes for him since moving here. Aside from not being around English in Tanzania he wasn’t around our food either. He says he didn’t like pizza at all when he first came here but now he does. “I can eat anything now,” said Niyonkuru. As far as on the soccer field he communicates with his teammates in his broken English. Riley Protz (11) attempting to dribble the ball around defensive player Erick Lainez (12) “I don’t want to speak my native language, I want to during practice one day. “Despite losing two speak only English.” of our best players this year, we still made it to



playofffs and pulled it out the best we could,” Lainez said.

“The only real difference . . . in Africa you play soccer BOYS SOCCER | SPORTS { 49 with your feet, while here you play with shoes.”

048-049_1-13833_000.indd 49

6/22/2010 11:17:30 AM

Goalie Equals . . .


Urbanowicz leads the team in scoring while playing half the game as the goalie.

Written by: Alyssa Emoto

Though things did not always go their way this season, the girls varsity soccer team was determined to persevere. Their hard work paid off in rather unconventional ways. Their leading scorer was none other than their goalie, Erin Urbanowicz (11). “It’s really different playing up top,” said Urbanowicz, “I only played up there about a quarter of the time, but I really enjoyed the opportunity.” Some people would let something like being the leading scorer on their team and being nominated for 2nd Team Goalkeeper go to their head. However, Urbanowicz has kept a level head and will most likely continue to maintain this humble attitude. “Even though I scored the goals, it wasn’t all me,” claimed Urbanowic, “I had lots of help from my teammates.”

Making the most out of every 10 minutes When it comes to soccer, one might guess that someone who only gets ten minutes of playing time a game wouldn’t contribute all that much to their team. Generally this assumption would be accurate, but in the case of Kyleigh Jandro (9), the exact opposite is true. “Even though Kyleigh can only play about Out of my way, Reynolds opponent challenging Erin Urbanowicz (11) for the ball, getting physical and running into eachother, but it was no match for Urbanowicz as she kept the ball and dribbled towards the goal, scoring the win against the Raiders. “It was a good game, we all went out and played hard and came away with the win,” Urbanowicz said.

ten minutes because of a previous knee injury, every time she’s in, she scores. It’s remarkable,” said coach Kathy Childress. Despite this impressive feat, Jandro still wants to be able to do more for her team. “I just want to get out there and be with my team so I can score,” said Jandro, “It makes me frustrated that I’m limited to playing just ten minutes a game.” Jandro wants to be able to play more minutes in every game. Hopefully with time, her wish will come true. One can only imagine how many more goals she will score once she is given more than ten minutes a game to work with.


050-051_1-13833_0002.indd 50

6/22/2010 11:34:03 AM

STREN OPPORTUNITY GOAL10 MINUTES Nice shot, Diana Hernandez and Katie Brashear (10) in the home game against Centennial. Brashear watches on and waits as the ball is shot on goal. “Diana was new to the team, but she fit in well and turned out to be an awesome player,” Brashear said.

Chasing down the ball, Defensive player Kayla Erspamer (12) runs down the ball during the Barlow game. “Even though we lost to barlow, we still came out hard and never showed any signs of giving up,” Erspamer said. Holding position, Jessie Stone (9) keeps the ball away from Raider opponent during the Reynolds game. “Kayla was a great leader this year, and she taught me a lot and I looked up to her and I’m going to miss her when she’s gone next year,” Stone admitted.





050-051_1-13833_0002.indd 51

{ 51

6/22/2010 11:34:07 AM



They play for the Love of the Game. Written by: Heather Ries

At the usual water polo game, the players jump in the water and line up. The whistle blows, and both teams shotgun to the ball. The ‘fast breakers’ who got to the ball first, fight for it. Every second of every game our boys are fighting to stay above water, while whistles chime constantly to reduce the fouls, although not many Gresham students are there to hear the whistles blow. The intensity of waterpolo is hard to match. A player on the opposing team is relentlessly on your back, trying to make staying


above water as difficult as they can. “You can see the determination on the boys’ faces. They’re working during the entire game, swimming constantly. It’s not like they can ever just stand around,” said Kim Cage, the mother of player Adam Cage (12).

Tracking down the loose ball in open water, Dominic DiVito (11) sets up for an offensive attack at the away game against David Douglas.“I pretty much learn from the best, Shane Dye,” admitted DiVito.

Because water polo is played in a pool, it adds a whole new

“The reason we only have a few players is because there isn’t

dimension to the sport. In no other sport do you have to keep work-

a middle school water polo team. The first time someone hears of

ing just in order to breathe. Although water polo is one of the most

water polo is when they get to high school, and most people have

grueling and tough sports in high school, it remains virtually unat-

already become active in another fall sport,” Rand Campbell (12)

tended by students. Every day the players practice, even early in

said, “It sucks because you have to be a really good athlete to play

the morning while everyone is still sleeping, and no one comes to

water polo, but most athletic people already play another ‘cool’

support their hard work.

sport becuase they get the superfans and glory.”

“I think most people don’t even really know what water polo

Even without the attention of the student body, the boys con-

is,” Adam said, “They just think it’s a bunch of guys swimming

tinue to fight to win simply for each other. Without the glory and

around together in speedos with a yellow volleyball.”

fans that other sports attract, they truly play for the right reason;

Water polo isn’t the typical American sport. There is not a

the love of the game.

‘Friday Night Flights’ for water polo, and they don’t have their designated ‘Friday night game’ or ‘after game dance’. With no glory, school announcements, or cheerleaders many wonder, why play? “I play because polo’s the best. It’s really physically grueling and the strategy is what makes it fun also,” replied Johnny Dirksen (12) who has played water polo all of his four years at Gresham High School. The boys play because of the true essence of the sport. They don’t bask in the glory of having the entire school rally around them. They play hard for the sake of the game and each other. Although water polo players are truly playing for the game, this concept is slowly diminishing year by year. Losing seven seniors


next year is going to hurt the team considering only two freshman went out for water polo this year.




052-053_1-13833_000.indd 52



6/22/2010 12:05:19 PM




Fighting to get open look, Sean Ryan (12) for battles to get a pass with a Reynolds player determined to stay on him. While it was a good fight by the Reynold player, he was no match for Ryan pulling away for the win. “It sucks when someone is relentless, you have to just keep swimming and at some point they’ll back off, that’s when you go in for the shot,” replied Ryan, “you’ve got to be strategic.” I’m open, With more kick-outs than any other player on the team, Rand Campbell (11) is taking a break from fouling and is wide open for the pass from his teammates. “I try to squeeze in scoring between beating on the other team,” laughed Campbell.

Break-away opportunity, Jake Sundquist (10) and Ryan Lile trample over a Barlow player in the scramble for the ball. “I stop at nothing to get the ball, even if I have to swim right over my opponent,” joked Lile.




{ 53

6/22/2010 12:05:22 PM


GIRLS GET... In the past years there has been a lot of drama and conflict situations on the girls waterpolo team. This year is different. This year the girls got ‘Real’. Water polo is a very physical and mental sport. Unlike other sports, people don’t have to work to keep themselves above the surface, they don’t have to tread water to be able to keep breathing. In water polo, if the players are tired there is no stopping on a sideline to get a waterbreak. It’s just them, and all they have is their team to look to for support. “If we didn’t get along, we wouldn’t be able to work together and we would probably fight a lot,” said Dilynn D’Agostino (10), “It’d be bloody.” This year’s team is much smaller than usual for several reasons. The program almost got cut and freshman don’t usually hear about the sport until they reach high school by which time they are already involved in other sports and activities. Although the numbers are low, the team has worked hard in practices and they have all gotten along. “There is really good chemistry on the team, and there is no drama this year, so the team is on the verge of winning a lot more,” said assistant coach Sean Taylor. A definition of a leader is someone who rules, guides or inspires others. According to Jaimie Bartels (12) it is very important to have strong leaders on a team because it helps them excel as a team and in what they are doing. It also helps them have an understanding in the game. “Jaimie is a really good leader. She stands up for everyone against other teams and is responsible and an amazing player,” said D’Agostino.

Not only does the team consist of players who never put their heads down when they are losing a game, but they show excellence in everything they do. Not only does the team consist of good leaders, they alos never put their heads down when they are losing a game. “If we are down in a match, we don’t let it get to us,” said Sarah Triplett (10), “We don’t give up. Even afterwards we keep our spirits high and work harder in practice to do better next time.” “During practice we play like we are playing a game,” said Bartels. As a team, they have participated in activities together, like going to Wall Street Pizza or Red Robin after games, or tie dying sweatshirts together. According to D’Agostino they had a really fun car wash to raise money for the program, and that when they are together at practice they are a team with the best sportsmenship she has ever seen. “We are a team that doesn’t make fun of each other, and we do our best not to make anyone frustrated, and from what I have heard, this year is a great improvement from last year,” said Triplett.

Holding ground, Kelly Smith (11) holds her defensive ground as see fronts a David Douglas player while tredding water in the deep end of the pool. “This year was definately the most physical season of water polo I have ever played, “ Smith admitted. “I’ll remember it forever.”


054-055_1-13833_000.indd 54

LEADERS IN 6/22/2010 12:15:52 PM




Start of the quarter, Emily Kratz (11) swimming through the water in hopes of getting the ball. ““The team went throught some rough patches over the course of the season, but our team captains always managed to pull through and have everyone come together as a team,” admitted Kratz. Here is what we need to do. . . Sierra Blefgen (11) listening to coaches and team leaders for instructions on what to do next time she goes back into the pool. “When the coaches talked to us, it was always really important to listen to what they had to say, especially this year with all the new people,” said Blefgen. Ball up, Goaly on the team, Carley Gendron (12) blocks yet another ball for the team. “It was a ton of fun this year, compared to last year and we played our best,” said Gendron.

S INSPIRE 054-055_1-13833_000.indd 55


{ 55

6/22/2010 12:15:56 PM

acomfortable hom

away fr

Showing Pride and Poise at the multi cultural assembly there was a fashion show to show ethnic individuality. Sobeida (11) models her Latin American Heritage. “ Expressing their sentimental side..“Trumpet is a way for me to express myself. Since I’m more of a sports guy it’s nice to show the other side of my personality that not very many people see.” said Jake Roberts (11) along side Carl Blakke (10) at a band concert.

Taking what you have learned about who you would like

to be where you put that plan in action. It is in this time where

you realize that it is your time to shine, to leave your mark,

extendi extendin

to make sure people know who you are. Your boundaries are

pushed and you learn that life isn’t so scary when you are comfortable in your own skin. This middle ground is all about knowing it’s okay to be you.


056-057_1-13833_000.indd 56

6/26/2010 1:28:32 PM

me ble

That’s pretty crazy.Emma Bird (10) and Keiko Downing (10) took crazy hair day to a new heights. “It’s go-pher-it week! We’re supposed to be showing our school spirit, some people think they are too cool, but we know that this is what cool kids do.” defended Bird. Yeah! center of attention! Nathan Allen (11) participating in the kick off assembly the first week of school outside on the track. “I knew when I got the gopher-gram that I was going to be doing something crazy. But I didn’t realize I would be wearing flippers, and sloshing water everywhere,” said Allen.

NEWstepping up comfort zones Making your mark to helping others

from home: being involved

endingyour yourcircle circleofoffriends friends ending it is your time to shinepushing boundries


056-057_1-13833_000.indd 57

{ 57 6/26/2010 1:28:36 PM


To Remember Written by: Lauryn Hartung and Lindsey Frilot

It was the challenge that hadn’t been defeated since the winter of 2000. Gresham had returned

Taking it to the whole, In a close game against the Reynolds Raiders in overtime Brannon Dooley (12) takes it to the hoop, when normally he would pass. “My main goal is getting assists, I really like to distribute the ball but in this case I knew we just needed to get some more points on the board,” said Dooley. Preparing to step back for two, The game against Barlow was devastating one, but our boys did their best to defend Gopher Pride. Stockton Korst (12) says “It’s always hard to loose against Barlow, but they were a good team this year, and I think all of our team tried their hardest.”

to Central Catholic High School for another feud that had everyone at the edge of their seats. For the Super Fans, the game of the season is against Barlow, but for the team, their game of the season is against Central Catholic. Central Catholic was ranked number one in our conference and this was the game of the season. It was neck n’ neck, but Gresham held a six point lead for most of the game. With one minute left, Senior Zach Sherba scored at the free throw line which lead the Boy’s Basketball team to victory. Stockton Korst (12) scored 26 points throughout the game that night. “It was the best game of his basketball career,” Jake Bryant (12) said about his teammate. Korst replied, “It was our first conference win and Central Catholic was tied for first in the conference. Our whole team played really good.” The win wasn’t the only big thing about this season. It was also Coach Todd Nagel’s last year coaching boys basketball, and that was a big deal because he coached at Gresham for 13 years. With a win over Central Catholic, it made Coach Nagel’s last season as a varsity coach one he’ll never forget. “I had a good run. Some years were better then others, but the best part is the kids that I get to work with. I have had a lot of good kids on the team,” laughed Nagel. Spencer Kelly (10) tells us, “He’s a great coach. I’m glad I had the privilege of being a part of his team.” Over all, the team had great chemistry and worked their potential to the fullest. Even through the good and bad of the season. “There were eight seniors on our team. We all seemed to get along really well,” Korst adds. For the Gresham Gophers, this year was more then just whether you win or lose the game. It was about the last chance to learn and gain from such a great coach and all the players on the team. This season was a time that the teammates and Coach Nagel will always remember. Basketball teams to come will know about the legacy that Nagel left behind.



058-059_1-13833_000.indd 58

6/23/2010 7:34:43 AM

Unstoppable hook, During the third quarter Jake Bryant (12) is a risk taker by taking a jump shot against 1st team all conference Bryan Coruser. “Even he couldn’t stop my hook shot that night,” said Bryant. Bring it in here, Coach Todd Nagel takes a time out. “Coach reviews game plans and plays at half time, he reminds us of our objectives,” said Cameron Ell (12) “besides that he just wants us to be thinkers on the court,” added Ell.

Looking for the assist, Zach Scherba (12) seeing an open pass by the basket, sets up the team for another point. “I’m a wing, but I know that if my teammate is set up for a better shot, I need to feed them the ball, instead of risk a stupid shot,” commented Scherba.


058-059_1-13833_000.indd 59

{ 59

6/23/2010 7:34:49 AM

You may want it, but I want it more, Sage Cruser (11) Leslie Capps (11), Abby Bryant (9) look on as Adina Warner (12) dives for the ball. “Central is one of our biggest rivals, I wasn’t ganna just let her have it,” said Warner.


060-061_1-13833_000.indd 60

6/22/2010 11:52:37 AM

“ Coming together is a BEGINNING Keeping together is a PROGRESS Working together is a SUCCESS”

Written by: Hannah Phillips, Laura Phillips and Monica Kemp

“What I’m asking is that they do a complete 180, everything needs to change compared to last year. I know I’m asking a lot from them, but they chose to take on the challenge.” Coach Leitch stated. According to Leitch, her coaching philosophy has always been about tough defence and working hard on the fundamentals on both sides of the court. This includes passing, free throws, proper defense, and boxing out correctly. She hoped to see her players improve on those skills for the season. These core beliefs, Leitch thought, were the corner stones for achieving team chemistry and success. Leitch attended Wilsonville High School and began playing basketball when she was 17, she has always loved the game it was a family past time. When she was 17 her own basketball coach asked her if she would like to coach a Jr. team. “That’s when I realized that I could give back to other young girls and teach them the same things that I had learned,” Leitch said. Her High school basketball coach has had a big impact on the way that she coaches. In her own coaching philosophies she has blended some of her old coaches styles with her own. She saw many strengths from the way he coached, and used them in her own coaching. With her own unique style of coaching, she is sure to have an impact on the team. It wasn’t until about a third of the way through the season when Coach Leitch found her A-ha moment, “I guess my ‘A-HA’ moment was starting to practice what it sounds and looks like to be a team, and how people act to be apart of a team,” Coach Leitch explained. At that point Coach Lietch had realized two things. One was they need to find out how to be a team. And the other was to figure out how to win during close games. She knew it was possible. And with beliefs, came adjustments. The team endured a lot this season to make sure they could live up to SB’s (Coach Leitch’s) standards. “This year Leitch asked us for a lot more time. We just had to be responsible and listen to what she had to say,” player Sage Cruser(11) admitted. Everyone knew what had to be done. The team along with Coach Leitch were ready to work. “All we need to do as a team is work hard 24/7 and never give up. “Forward Erin Urbanowitcz(11) said. The girls were prepared to work hard for what they wanted to achieve. Leitch recognizes that she has a young team, but she still has high hopes for them in the future. This year it really didn’t matter if they won or lost. It was the growth that they

Deny them the ball, The Game was getting intense, Jasmin Williams blocks the shot using everything she’s got. Jasmin Williams says, “Yeah she better be scared.” Pushing the ball against tough D, Abby Bryant (9) brings the ball up the court in the early minutes of the second half, “I just wanted to even up the score so I gave it all I had,” said Bryant.

all endured that made this season stand out from the rest.


060-061_1-13833_000.indd 61

{ 61

6/22/2010 11:52:39 AM

The Junior Joker, On the float George Palmiter (11) acts as the joker from Batman. The junior float ended up winning the contest. “Being the joker was the best thing that has ever happened to me,” joked Palmiter. Thumbs up! Junior Travis Riley (11) shows everyone how easy it is to give bloos and save three lives at the fall blood drive. Gresham high school has the most successfull blood drives in all of the Mt. Hood Conference. How embarasing! Ariel Olvera (11), Julia Strohmaier (11), Allison Gallegos (11), Abbi Macias (11), Sarah De La Paz (11) and Riley Protz, laugh at the rediculous things that their friends are forced to do at assemblies. “Sometimes I’m jsut glad it’s not me out there, but I like making fun of them anyway,” commented Protz.

62 } PORTRAITS | JUNIORS 062-063_1-13833_000.indd 62

6/28/2010 6:23:49 PM

Dip, Duck, and Diving. Heather Ries (11) and Arielle Cortese (11) hiding in the back as to not get smashed in the face to the opposing team. “We never thought we would actually get into the final game, our boys; Kaleb Anderson (11), Logan Sheehan (11), Rand Campbell (11) and Jared Ell (11) pretty much got us there,� said Heather Ries.


062-063_1-13833_000.indd 63

{ 63 6/28/2010 6:23:50 PM

Laura Aguon John Akre Brandon Albrecht Hailey Albrecht Bryan Ali Nathan Allen Nicholas Allison Jamie Altenhofen Teddy Alverson Jacob Amano Kaleb Anderson Kyle Augur

Reyna Avila Jenna Ayin Giovanni Baez Duarte Shelby Baisden Carl Bakke Raquel Barajas Chandler Bartlett Ashley Bartz Titi Bates Jonathan Beiersdorf Madison Beland Kama Bell Warren Benavente Dannell Bender Trista Benitez Donyial Bieker Carrie Blacksmith Sierra Blefgen Ashley Bonneville Josi Bonneville Ashley Borman Ashley Brand Katelyn Brasesco Alexander Brodigan Brian Brose Kyle Brought Katelyn Buchanan Chris Buck Donald Bulow Aaron Burkholder

64 } PORTRAITS | JUNIORS 064-077_1-13833_000.indd 64

6/25/2010 4:02:07 PM

Ariel Burt Mark Cabrera Amanda Cain

Rand Campbell Leslie Capps Taryn Carbone

Samantha Castro Kristen Castro-Nevius Jose Ceja

De’Angelo Collins Ryan Compton Daniel Conner

Anthony Cook Chelsea Cook Ariana Cooley



Hannah Carlton Luke Casteel Clariflor Castelan

Melisa Chavez Matthew Chin Amy Chism

Would •

It be a the first day of Winter Break or the first day of Summer Break?

Go to Taco Bell or Wendy’s for lunch?

Go to CAL or ACE?

Go to an assembly or sit in the cafeteria?

Take summer school at Gresham or Mt. Hood?

Eat tofu for the rest of your life or big macs?

Be a valedictorian or the star athlete?

Have one true friend or 100 acquaintances?

Would you rather go to prom or have a fun night at home with friends?

Go to school for 5 days a week and 6 hours a day or go to school for 4 days a week, but 7.5 hours a day?

Be dumped by a significant other or never have dated them in the first place?

Do 100 push ups or swim 100 laps?

Be popular or smart?

Have everyone find out your biggest crust or have no one ever find out?

Have an x-box or wii?

Have a facebook or myspace?

Shave your head or your eyebrows?

Take a crowded hall or go the long way to cl ass?

Got to OSU or U of O?

Walk with your graduating class or graduate early?


064-077_1-13833_000.indd 65

{ 65

6/25/2010 4:02:11 PM

WhereCuptoO’buy your Heaven? Where to buy your

Written By: Heather Ries and Taylor Richardson

The lunch pick-me-up dilemma

As the winter cold sets in, kids begin to see their breath in the morning while they are taking the extra 5 minutes to de-ice their

holidays! The drinks at Dutch Bros. are less focused on straight coffee and more suited for those who want a sugary treat.

car. It’s at these times when a warm drink sounds like a little cup

“Dutch is more for the ‘I kinda like coffee, but I really like

of heaven. Because of the opening of the new Dutch Brothers on

chocolate milkey caramel cream deliciousness,” laughed Leaha

Burnside, students have been given more choices as to where they

Blake (11).

will purchase this cup o’ heaven. The ultimate question has become Dutch Bros. OR Starbucks.

Starbucks is great because it’s not only a place to have a sweet Hawaiian bagel or scone along with your drink, but it’s a place

They both have their positives. For those going with a guy, Dutch

where people meet their friends to have coffee together. The cozy

Bros. proves to be more appealing to the male sex because they offer

atmosphere and relaxed setting makes Starbucks a place of pure

flavored Red Bull. Raspberry Red Bull has become a favorite in the

bliss for those wanting to sit down and finish typing a paper while

hands of men all over Gresham. A bonus is that there is a fun little

utilizing the free internet. Another nice thing about Starbucks is

windmill on the cup throughout the year and snowflakes during the

that one can really personalize a drink. Their holiday options are

Jose Luis Corral Fernando Cortes Hugo Cortes Luis Cortes Arielle Cortese William Crawford Athena Cromoga Tarah Crompton Sage Cruser Jose Cruz Leaha Cruz Ian Cummings Devon D’Amico Shane D’Angelo Laura Damain Emerald Dash Meghan Daye Sarah De La Paz Monica DePiero Presley DeWolfe Cody Dean Marlana Declet Hamesha Demison Kayley Deyoe

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our cup o’ heaven? ? servin’ up smiles

A local worker handles the lunch time rush as she fills orders for Greshams students. When asked how she felt about the flood of students heading to Dutch Bros everyday she said “I love working during the time when all the kids come over! They give such a good energy and are a blast to serve!”

also something that is looked forward to as December creeps around the corner. Gingerbread Lattes and White Peppermint Mocha’s dance through minds in anticipation for the treat. For those who would rather grab and go, there are all those other places that can be found everywhere. The little guys who prefer quality over quantity are good too. Either one someone chooses, they are sure to be left satisfied with a yummy feeling in their tummy, and wanting to come back again.

Dominic Di Vito Tia Dinucci KÈah’chÈ Dixon Angel Dolores Erin Donohue Evan Donohue Haley Downey Angela Dunham Jared Ell Brittany Erickson Jacob Espinoza Victoria Espinoza-Dasalla Jazmin Estrada Manuel Estrada-Diaz Lorelei Estrera Michael Faulkner Liliya Fendich Megan Fera Brittany Fisk Taylor Francois Ray Fryer Daniel Gallagher Allison Gallegos Calvin Gibson


064-077_1-13833_000.indd 67

{ 67

6/25/2010 4:02:23 PM

Kyle, smile on three, Kyle Augur (11) posing for his last real school portrait that he’ll ever have to take again. “I didn’t even realize that this was our last picture day, I’ve gotten them sense I could remember, so I’m glad it’s over,” admitted Augur. No

school picture is ever good enough for

ID Card, Amy Wooten (11) Emily Kratz (11) and Ashley Pechmann (11) gauking at their junior pictures on their ID cards for the last time. “When I saw my ID picture, I thought a n


Ready 1,2,3. . .Smile

Written By: Laura Phillips, Hannah Philips and Monica Kemp

I never look good in these pictures

The juniors lazily walk into the auxiliary gym for the third time in their high school career, not realizing that this is the last time they will ever have to worry about what their picture looks like, and then only to be disappointed when they are handed their student ID card. Each year students prep their hair and makeup for a silly little picture that will only be shown in the yearbook a year later in black and white. “For some people, they have to really get ready and prepare themselves, so I feel bad for them, but

for people like me, there is no way to mess up a face like mine!” laughed Michael Nunziato (11). But does it really matter? Because, what’s the point of a freshman, sophomore, and junior portrait? Especially after one is handed an ID card and everyone is faced with some flaw in their picture. According to Robert Morgan (11), he could care less about his picture, and he thinks that everyone gets all worked up over nothing.

68 } PORTRAITS | JUNIORS 064-077_1-13833_000.indd 68

Picture Day!

After all, once someone becomes a senior they can do what ever they want for a picture. Being able to choose the lighting, background, focus, and angle of the picture. Most of all, however, they can take as many shots as they want, and choose the best one from the bunch. “Taking senior pictures will be a really fun experience, and we won’t have to worry about only getting the chance to take one photo,” said Emily Noyes (11). “We’ll be able to choose our own pictures and styles of photos for once.”

It really doesn’t matter, Travis Riley (11) laughs during his school photo while his friend, T Bone Heckman stands on the sidelines and makes jokes to het him to smile. “Picture day is pretty much a joke for me, I don’t care what I look like in a silly little picture,” stated Riley.

6/25/2010 4:02:30 PM

Tyeler Goche Sophia Gohl Paola Gomez Janet Gomez-Morfin Cindy Gonzalez Lesly Gonzalez Ricardo Gonzalez Saul Gonzalez Taylor Gordon Alexis Graham Sarah Greear Alec Greenaway Donald Grentz Brandon Guerrero Antonio Guzman Luis Guzman Kassandra Haddock Alexandra Hagel Nollen Hager Sarah Hager Erica Haide Jazmyn Halstead Tyler Hanefeld Cody Hanset Garren Harding Parker Harm Max Harris Joshua Heath T Bone Heckman Marina Heffner Cody Helvey Tanner Hemenway Estephania Hernandez Johnny Hernandez Jason Hickok Alyx Hicks Michael Hinton Kami Hobbs Conner House Alex Huddleston Jade Huey Chris Hughes


064-077_1-13833_000.indd 69

{ 69

6/25/2010 4:02:38 PM

Taryn Hultquist Christopher Hummel Shane Hummel Allison Humphreys Brianna Hunt Ashley Hurst Darian Hutchinson Brandon Ingram Julie Ionescu Jesse Ivie Everardo Jaime Chris James D.j Johnson Dalton Johnson Nikki Johnson Keegan Johnston Kristi Kachel Bahar Kasimi Aaron Katzke Mary Keathley Ryan Kelley Shannon Khal Joshua Kim Melissa Kitchens Sierra Kleiboeker Colton Kresse Cameron Krum Kevin Langman Kayla Larsen Nick Latimore Marissa Lawer Ilya Lebedev Jesse Lee Emily Leed Cori Lehr Hannah Leithem Jordan Lenchitsky Brittany Lewis Emily Lewis Jeremy Lewis Courtney Liebelt Becky Linares

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150 STUDENTS WERE POLLED, These results represent the top five responces with the current popularity trends.


Harry Potter And Half Blood Prince New Moon The Hangover Avatar Paranormal Activity

TV Shows:

Made Secret Life of the American Teenager The Bachelor Jersey Shore CSI

Restaurants: Panda Express La Careta Olive Garden Chipotle Baja Fresh


iPhone, Samsung Solstice Voyager Blackberry Verizon Dare

Clothing Stores:

Nordstrom Rue 21 Old Navy Hollister Forever 21 Zumiez

Social Websites:

Facebook Myspace Skype Personal email

Things to do on Friday Nights:

Hang with friends/family Portland to dance clubs Listen to music Movies Read

Time Consuming Websites:

FML Youtube Pandora


Imma Be-Black Eyed Peas TiK ToK- Ke$ha In my Head- Jason Derulo Tie me Down- New Boys Whataya Want From MeAdam Lambert

Edgar Lopez Ida Lopez Tammy Louie Chandlir Luckett Christine MacIntyre Victor Maceda De Jesus Abigail Macias Katlin Macomber Trevor Madtson Lizbeth Maldonado Lindsay Malikie Miguel Marcelo Xiomara Marin Emmanuel Martinez Jose Martinez Miranda McCausland Marisa McCormick Emily McDonald Madison McGarity Ashly McKenzie Nikki McManus Ricardo Medina David Mejia JoseLuis Melendez


064-077_1-13833_000.indd 71

{ 71

6/25/2010 4:02:50 PM

Stori Mendoza Kelsey Merritt Alex Miletich Alexis Mills Christian Miranda Skyler Mofford Michael Moore Victoria Moore Eddy Morales Miguel Morales Robert Morgan Tracy Morris Lana Muller Heather Naef Sam Naydiuk Janelle Neal Codie Newell Isaac Niyonkuru Scout Northway Emily Noyes Michael Nunziato Jordan O’Connell Colby O’Guin Evan Olson Ariel Olvera Prangchai Onkhamla Elona Orel Jacob Page Rebekah Page George Palmiter Addison Pang Nicholas Pappas Dillon Paquette Megan Parker Joshua Parmenter Ashley Pechmann Travis Pederson Michael Pelett Joseline Perez Nicole Perkins Heather Peterson Meghan Phillips

72 } PORTRAITS | JUNIORS 064-077_1-13833_000.indd 72

6/25/2010 4:02:57 PM

I know that there are kids the same age that I am that say,

“I just wish people or my friends could understand what I am going through.” I am someone that can tell you,

I Know How You Feel Written by: Kayla Metcalf

I am writing this story as a seventeen year old senior who is really lost inside. Have you ever had someone say that they know how you feel, or that they understand, but deep down inside you knew they didn’t? This past year was a difficult one for me. I have always believed that I have grown as a person after facing different challenges in my live. Recently my family experienced two losses very close to us, the deaths themselves, indescribable. But it has been the day to day memories that have constantly rekindled the heartache and sadness we experienced that winter night. I always knew this day was going to come, but I never thought that it would happen so fast. When I was born in 1992 my father, Chuck Metcalf, was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. It is a type of cancer that travels trough your nerves. He was cancer free for about ten years and then the cancer was back in 2002. This time my family was told that there was nothing that could be done to help my father, and that it could happen any day. Seeing my father go through something like that, made me believe he was the strongest person I would ever know. I never thought that at the age of sixteen I could lose my father for good. The fact that my father wouldn’t be there to walk me down the aisle, or I couldn’t have my father daughter dance with him like my two older sisters had, scared me. Knowing my father wouldn’t be there to see his baby girl graduate from high school, seeing and being able to hold my children one day, and most of all just the fact of not having my big papa for all the little things in between hurt the most. My father became very sick to the point where he couldn’t get out of his hospital bed. On January 30, 2009 my father called my family into the room. I just remember sitting there and looking at him laying in his bed so helpless. He said to us “I am not gonna make it through the night.” When I heard that I didn’t cry. I just sat there lost, and didn’t know what to do. You may find it weird that I didn’t break down and cry, but my father always told me that I was his boy that he never had because I was his only girl that played sports. After him saying that I just felt that I had to be the strong one in the family, or the boy in the family, and normally you don’t see boys crying. They always hold it in so that’s what I did. I remember everyone in the room started crying and I was just sitting there in shock. My older sister Becky said to my father, “Dad it’s okay you can let go. We want you to be at peace. We want you to be out of all your pain.” She also said, “Dad I promise you that we will take care of Kayla. We will get her through everything.” Right then, that’s when I started crying really hard cause what she was saying wasn’t what I was thinking. I didn’t want my father to go. I didn’t want him to leave me. I just thought it all was happening way too fast and I was too young to be losing my

064-077_1-13833_000.indd 73

father. All of the sudden I heard my father yell, “Where’s my baby girl? Kayla come here.” I went to him crying so hard. He just held my hand and rubbed his fingers across my nails, and said to me, “I love you little girl.” I couldn’t even breathe. I was crying hard and I was feeling like I was gonna get sick to my stomach. At 11:00 pm on January 30, 2009 my father went into this very deep sleep and was breathing very fast, which doctors say happens when someone is going to pass away. My family and I just all sat around him crying and couldn’t believe this was going to be it. Then at 12:31 am on January 31, 2009 my father was gone. He just stopped breathing. When I couldn’t hear him breathing anymore I ran into the room and sat there and yelled “No! Dad please, Dad please.” But he was already gone. I was freaking out yelling and screaming. I felt like I was going crazy, and the weirdest thing to me was that my father’s body was just laying there right in front of me without his spirit there. My days after that became so hard, days I didn’t look forward to. I couldn’t sleep, eat, or do anything. I just felt lost and my face was swollen up like a basketball from crying so hard all the time. I quit playing the sport I love during the summer because my father was gone. It just didn’t feel right playing and not having my number one fan there. Softball became something that when I went to play I would just cry knowing that I had to be there without my father. I guess you can say that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my father. Whether it’s talking about him, telling a story about something that he told me or telling someone that “my Dad always told me to do it this way.” Just driving in my car and having a song come on will just make me think of my father and it will make me start to cry. I feel like there are so many songs that I can relate my father to. When the holidays came around, it became very dificult for my family, beacuse it was our first with my father gone. I put up my christmas tree by myself which was so hard beacuse my father would always sit there and watch me and make sure I was doing it right and if I wasn’t he would let me know. I couldn’t even do it without crying. All these special memories just came right back and it almost felt as if he really was there watching me decorate. As I write about this life experience, I am not writing it to get everyone to feel bad for me, I just want to let other people that have been through this same experience know that they are not alone. I know that there are kids the same age that I am that say, “I just wish people or my friends could understand what I am going through”. I am someone that can tell you, I know how you feel.


{ 73

6/25/2010 4:02:57 PM

facebook at school Senior Tanya Casas takes advantage of the fact that facebook isn’t blocked at school. “Yea, I get on all the time. Everyone does it, don’t they?” said Casas.

Mid class break Maria Flores (12) sneaks on facebook after finishing her english assignment. “Getting on my profile helps class go a lot faster and it’f fun to get on with my friends next to me during class,” explained Flores.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

I want to like your status, but we don’t really talk, so it would be awkward. Multiple choice thinking=Hmm...I haven’t used C in awhile. ”Dude, I’m not going if you’re not going” I change the date on my paper to make it seem like I did not procrastinate Trying to delete useless characters in a text message to make it under 160 characters. ”Mom, will you make me some food?” “Get it yourself” “Never mind, I’m not hungry” Realizing you were wrong in the middle of an argument but continuing to argue anyways Saying the entire alphabet because you can’t remember what letters come next It’s a status, not your diary I accidentally typed ;) instead of :)-now its awkward. Apples to apples: the Helen Keller Card Dude, calm down, it’s gym class. I feel my phone vibrate when it doesn’t Not remembering whether it happened in a dream or in real life When I tell stories about people I dislike, I give them ridiculous voices I’m not creepy, I just have a really good memory Oh... you weren’t waving at me...awkward... My email address is stupid because I made it when I was 11. ”Can I copy your homework?” “Yeah sure, I don’t know if they’re right” “I don’t care” English teachers put more thought into the novel then the actual author did. ”Are you going to school tomorrow?” No, I’m riding my unicorn to Alaska. If I miss 11:11 on 11/11/11, I’m gonna be pissed! I was owning at Mario Cart, until I realized I wasn’t on the top screen ”That’s going to be my status when I get home”

25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45.


Biggest lie ever “I have read and agree to the following terms” Seeing a really ugly guy and saying “that’s your boyfriend” ”My house is boring” “So is mine” “Ya but you have food” I know you’re reading my inbox while ‘playing’ with my phone Saving a file as dyjjyggfj because I’m too lazy to write a proper name I’d rather carry 10 grocery bags in each hand rather then make two trips I type things into Google to see if I spelled them correctly I was gonna post a status, but then I remembered I have family on facebook Waking up on the first day of summer and thinking “I would be in third period right now” Thinking of everything you have done when your parents say “come here now!” Thinking ‘oh my god’ when a kid is reading really slow Sending an important text, then being scared to open the reply you get back I would take a bullet for you, not in the head, but in the leg or something... Ooooh, that sounds a bit harsh, I better put ‘lol’ on the end of that After every good movie trailer I see, I lean over and say “I wanna see that” Awkwardly standing there as your friend talks to someone you don’t know I’m not very good at advice... can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? I got a text!! I hope its from.... oh my god leave me alone! I STILL didn’t hear what you said, but I’m gonna smile, nod and laugh anyways. Drawing an arrow on the bottom so the teacher knows to flip the page ”YES! WE’RE FINALLY LEAVING!! oh no, mom ran into a friend...”

74 } PORTRAITS | FACEBOOK GROUPS 064-077_1-13833_000.indd 74

6/25/2010 4:03:00 PM

Kate Piluso Riley Protz Brian Quach Mercedes Quinn Eddie Ramirez Maritza Ramirez Tony Ray R.j Relos Kelsey Resendiz Heather Ries Travis Riley Schyler Ritmiller Alana Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Jake Roberts Bonita Rodriguez Kortney Rogstad Angelica Romero Michael Rosenboom Rebecca Rust Olivia Rynevich Krystena Saenz Tatiana Salas-Munoz Luis Salazar-Lemus Christina Salgado Katie Samperi Harpriya Samra Samantha Sanders Ariell Sangolt Juana Santiago Santos Marcos Santos Avendano J.T Scott Jon Scroggins Lauren Searls Robert Senn Matthew Serino Christina Shackelford Shayla Sharp Logan Sheehan Chelsea Shepherd Courtney Shropshire Betania Silva


064-077_1-13833_000.indd 75

{ 75

6/25/2010 4:03:07 PM

Trae Sirimanodham Danielle Smith Dylan Smith Kelly Smith Rianna Smith Robert Smith Corina Solomon Tia Spahan Brooklyn Sprauer Julianna Stai Amanda Stanley Faith Steltzer Eric Stevenson Krissy Stewart Bryana Stockwell Breanna Stone Julia Strohmaier John Sutherland Jon Swails Aliya Sweet Christopher Tang Linda Thao Kaelly Thelander Daniel Thomas Jacob Tolai Martin Torres Robinson Tran Shelby Traughber Antonia Travis Kailee Turcotte Wendy Uc-Trujeque Chanel Underwood Chelsea Updike Erin Urbanowicz Olivia Urzua Austin Van Zant Salena Vang Alexander Vaughn Ana Velasco David Vorobyov Tyler Vrvilo Samantha Wanderscheid

76 } PORTRAITS | JUNIORS 064-077_1-13833_000.indd 76

6/25/2010 4:03:15 PM

Kailene Warner Zach Watson Maria Wendt Tre White Zach Wich Kalie Wilkinson Jasmin Williams Haley Wilson Shane Wilson Bryan Winegar Shad Woodruff De Andre Woods Amy Wooten Charlie Wright Kyle Wyatt Isaac Yang Chelsea Young Alina Zavelytsya

Joffre Zelinski Karen Zhou

not pictured


Israel Aranda Willow Barry Humberto Bautista-Gomez Jennifer Berndt Timothy Blanchard Isaac Bruder Brett Butler Lizett Carrillo Laura Damian Chris Damonte Tyeler Dyffy-Goche’ Dylan Eatherton Claudia Equihua Jessica Escobedo Osvaldo Estrada-Diaz Adrian Felix Jory Foix Josh Frazier Justin Gillespie Sophia Gohl Casey Green Cole Hoadley

Chelsea Kilburn Katherine Krisnek Nicholas Lal James Lambert Jon Long Desiree Lucero McKaya Mabbott Christine Maclntyre Aaron Madrosen Kian McDonald Nikki Mcmanus Gavin Michaels Carly Mosher Kaj Mulvihill Laurelea O’Halloran Elanine Palma Rosalba Pasaye Ryan Rees Cody Riley Jorge Salazer Colton Saludares Lindsey Schofield

Alex Stephens Darien Sumagaysay John Sutherland Michael Valenzuela Carlos Vazquez Jose Vazquez Solmaria Venancio Christina Veunnasack Rimma Vlasova Ashley White David Willingham Wendy Zepeda Carl Ziemianski


064-077_1-13833_000.indd 77

{ 77

6/25/2010 4:03:20 PM

Hold on, Gulia Gentili (12) and Keegan Johnston (11) having a blast from the past. “Wow, Giulia and I had so much fun, I don’t think she had ever swung dance before,” laughed Johnston. “Oh that move was crazy. It was so much fun, I have never danced like that before. I will remember that night for a long time,” smiled Giulia. This actually is fun, Sarah Hager (11) and Evan Olson (12) just can’t stop smiling and laughing at one another as they attempt to have some fun, and dance the night way. “I had a blast learning to swing dance, it was fun that we got the chance to learn how to dance like people used to in history,” admitted Hager. Making it look easy, Mr. Zac Enoch and his wife showed up all of the students and parents at the competition, even including their son at times, they dipped and spun the night away. “The toughest things we do in life teach us the most about ourselves.” explained Enoch.


078-079_1-13833_000.indd 78

6/22/2010 12:32:34 PM

“Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got N Swing” Written by: Lindsey Frilot, Lauryn Hartung, and Heather Ries


-Conner House (11)

Early skeptics found that a night of dancing was far more captivating than initially anticipated. Everyone of all ages entered the cafeteria with smiles and laughter on their faces for the annual Big Band Swing Dance. Parents came to watch their kids, students came to watch their friends, and even Barlow students attended for a night of swing dancing fun. Gresham’s staff wanted to join in on some old fashion dancing as well. It wasn’t anything like normal dances we have at Gresham. People got a chance to connect and get to know the people that they were dancing with when they were swing dancing. Some people would think it would be awkward and hard to dance with people they didn’t know in a form of dance they weren’t familiar with, but Alex Vaughn (11) and Sarah Hager (11) thought otherwise. “Its not awkward unless you make it awkward,” they explained. Everyone said it was way more fun to swing dance than to come to every dance that is always the same at Gresham. It was an opportunity to try something new while having a blast. Heads were thrown back and everyone had a smile on their

Can’t dance with out it, The Jazz band attended providing the key ingredient to the night: music. Prunk and the band provided lots of fun music to tap your feet too. “This year was the best turn out we’ve had, and it was a lot of fun that Mr. Daley incorporated swing dance moves in class,” Kama Bell (11) added. Is this how we do it? Margherita Brioschi (12) and her partner as they swing around the cafeteria, listening to the insturctors directions. “Swing dancing was such a blast! It was definately a lot of fun, and I think everyone should go next year,” exclaimed Brioschi.

face. Everyone had a positive attitude and gave it a shot. “I’m built for this. It’s something you should try and you won’t regret it,” exclaimed Edgar Lopez (11). He wasn’t the only one who really enjoyed himself. “It is a lot of fun for anyone, and everyone should try it,” Claire Palmeter (9) said. This event also brought some people together to try out new tricks. “I’m gonna flip her!” Keegan Johnston (11) said while trying to lead Giulia Gentili (12), “This is really fun, except when your partner doesn’t follow,” he continued as he shot Gentili a look. The band played incredible music that was enjoyed while dancing. They had a great turn out and everyone who was there had a blast.


078-079_1-13833_000.indd 79

{ 79

6/22/2010 12:32:39 PM

Best Performance Ever Stand Out Year

BRINGS TOUGH RESULTS AT STATE A miss-communication between the sight reading judge and the choir leads to no place for GCC After all the long classes and after school sectionals, and even placing first in league, knowing that missing one note meant not placing at State was what killed Gresham Concert Choir this year. They sang five songs for three judges and received scores above 90 out of 100 from all three people. Those were the highest scores Mrs. Kirstein has ever received in her eight years teaching here. “We did great at State,” said Kirstein. “We just had one mess up in the sight reading room.” There was no way to predict what would happen at State, especially considering how the choir felt going into it. “Everyone was really prepared and really excited for it and I knew we sounded good and I was really excited,” said Aaron Lyski (12). With everyone so focused and ready, the Concert Choir went on stage and sang their best performance ever. “We felt so good,” said Dianna Alarcon (10), “Everyone was screaming, everyone was yelling ‘we sounded so good’ and the crowd gave us a standing ovation and it was like the best we ever did any of those songs.” The energy that was flowing through all the students was

Doing what she Love’s, Kim Woods (12) embraces her solo before singing. Singing with all he’s got, Johnny Dirksen (12) performs his last solo in the Spring Concert.

enough to convince them of anything. “After performing we really thought we had a chance of winning because it was our best performance ever,” said Sarah De La Paz (11). Then the group went into the room where they had to sight read for a fourth judge and another score. “There are four exercises. The first one we nailed, the third one we nailed, the fourth one we nailed, the second one we pretty much took a poop on it ‘cause it was really bad,” recalled De La Paz. It wasn’t even as if they didn’t finish, they just weren’t aligned correctly. “There was a point when one of the tenors got off, and everyone was following them and some other guys

80 } ACADEMICS | CHOIR 080-081_1-13833_000.indd 80

6/30/2010 8:14:58 AM



started to follow them and the bases started to follow them and so then we got off by about a beat,” remembered Lyski, “We still did everything right we were just off.” Some students thought that the judge shouldn’t have marked them down for every note after the one they misplaced, but he did. “State can be ridiculously frustrating and we hate it sometimes but when we came back,” said Alarcon, “We had a good talk and we were just proud of ourselves so everyone grew closer in that way because we were all just really proud of ourselves and how we did.” The choir was disappointed that they didn’t come out with as high a placement as they had hoped for, but it wasn’t all that shocking after the course of the day, either. “I didn’t feel too bad,” said Vang Lor (12), “It was kind of obvious that we didn’t win first.” Still, to know the performance was so astounding and then realize that

Encore sings “Angel Breathing Out,” Nicole Norton (10) , Nicole Kobayashi (10), Savanah DeCourcey (10), Chole Forrester (10), Alexis Graham (11), Ashley Walls (10), Joelle Morris (10), Sarah Walton (10), Kaia Hazard (10), Jake Sunquist (10), and Alex Statler (10), singing in the fall performance. “Even though it was my first year in choir, in high school, I really enjoyed singing in Encore.” Hazard says. The show must go on, Diana Alarcon (10) about to perform her solo for Concert Choirs winter performance. “I had the solo that I was really looking forward to, and right before I went on, I ended up getting a bloody nose, but the show must go on. “ Alarcon tells us. Their last performance as Seniors, Nchekube Onyima (12) and Allie Piaza (12) singing in Overtones. “I had a great year in choir this year, and I’m really going to miss it, “Onyima explains. Piaza says “We become like a family, it’s weird to say goodbye.” Don’t take it for granted, students in concert choir sit back and relax, “Choir was amazing this year, we really worked hard and improved as a group.” Sarah Kuhn (10) said.

one mistake made them place eighth was an aggravating feeling. The Concert Choir will just have to remember this for their best performance and not dwell on the number eight.


080-081_1-13833_000.indd 81

{ 81 6/30/2010 8:15:04 AM

Throw’n it by, David Nelson (9)works for a take down on the edge of the mat against a rival Hood River opponent in the District Finals where he took second place. “It was an awesome experience at districts, especially taking second. I’m just glad I have 3 more years here to work and improve,” admitted Nelson. Almost there, With two minutes to go, Devon Gaboury (12) rode out his opponent from Sandy to earn the district title he has been working towards since his freshman year. “Districts were great, I’m proud of my experience in high school wrestling,” explained Gaboury. Pre-match strategy, Sophomore Dylan Hanson (10) battled against one of the best wrestlers in the state during District Finals, he gave an amazing effort but couldn’t quite pull out a win. “I worked hard to get to finals, but fell short in the end.”


District finals showcases standouts Within each team, there are several leaders who make the team who they are. Programs are recognized by their teams, but every team has their studs. Three guys from the wrestling team made it to District Finals this year. That left Devon Gaboury (12), Dylan Hanson (10), and David Nelson (9) with one last chance to battle one on one against a league rival for the top place in district for their weight class. Hanson lost his match in a tight battle ending up with the second place title in the 135 weight class. Gaboury on the other hand, came out on top in a competitive match and became champion of the 152 class. Lastly, Nelson also got runner up after intense rounds in the 112 pound weight class.

82 } SPORTS | WRESTLING 082-083_1-13833_000.indd 82

6/22/2010 1:02:04 PM



Written by: Taylor Richardson

Dirt tough, Gage Hernandez (9) wrestles one of the Japanese National Team members during a joint practice. “The Japanese wrestlers were crazy good,” said Hernandez, “It was an amazing experience.” All the wrestlers took a break to have a bite to eat. Subway, chips, and water, were things both teams could agree on. “It was really funny,” said Mark Bigler (12), “they loved the same food we did.” Nice to meet you, Brady Dooley (9) shakes hands with the National Wrestler he took home to his house for the night. “When he came to my house he just passed out on the floor and went to sleep,” laughed Dooley, “I offered him my bed, and I slept on the couch, but he was already out.” I’m Kaleb, Freshman Kaleb Crimp (9) attempts to communicate with one of the Japanese National Team members, but struggles with the language barrier. “They didn’t know a word of english,” said Crimp, “So that kept us from communicating very easily.”


sign language, video games, and Subway. They all said that the Japanese wrestlers were really tired from the time difference so that made it easier. The next day, they were to wrestle at Gresham. The guys knew that this team would be good, but they were surprised at just how good. Every single Gresham player was challenged by the national team and got to see what it was like wrestling someone from another country. “The coolest part was learning a different style of wrestling. Especially free style and international style,” explained Nick Moore (12). The boys learned not only new wrestling styles, but what it was really like to get their butts kicked. “The kid I had to wrestle for the whole practice dominated me,” admitted Crimp, “I probably scored 2 points on my guy the whole practice. I got worked but in the end it made me a better wrestler.”




WAAH, Nick Moore (12) and his exchange wrestler get ready to head home after finding out where everyone would be staying. “At first it was hard since we had no way of communicating,” said Moore, “but once we tried to get to know each other, they were really cool people who were just like us, was so funny.”



This year the varsity wrestling team had the opportunity to host the Japanese National Wrestling Team and do you think they took it?! Heck yeah! Japan's National Team took the 11 hour flight to the Portland airport and awaited meeting a local school team as a part of their United States exchange. With only a day notice, the Gresham team volunteered to host the international students due to another school backing out. The Japanese team was to stay with our players and coaches and have a practice with them. The Japanese wrestlers were matched up with the Gresham wrestlers by weight class and they were to stay with that person for the night. “The best thing about having him over was I got the chance to see how other people from a different country do things,” said Kaleb Crimp (9), “I also liked the thought of how I got to take care of a national champion wrestler from Japan.” There were a couple key details in this whole international sleep over. The wrestlers on the Japan National Team spoke hardly any English, virtually none. “We had to do like hand motions for him to understand. It was kind of hard to communicate,” explained Brady Dooley (9), “But he was very respectful and my family liked having him.” Also, their wrestling team wasn't just made up of a bunch of high students who loved to wrestle. Their team was made up of all national champions from every weight class. Every single person on their team would be equivalent to an All American Wrestler for us, so they were good. Really good. According to Jake Roberts (11), their wrestlers asked ours “Which ones are your All American wrestlers?” Roberts laughed “Umm, none of us are...?” The guys got through the night by makeshift


082-083_1-13833_000.indd 83

{ 83 6/22/2010 1:02:16 PM

Focused on the task at hand, Michael Roseboom (11) was dissecting a baby pig for his zoology class. “I really enjoyed opening it up and looking inside it. The only bad part was the smell,” Rosenboom said. Making the first cut, Marlana Declet (11) uses scissors to cut open the first section of the pig. “It was facinating to me to be able to compare the insides of the pig to the human body, we have a lot more in common than most people think.” explained Declet.


What What is that in there? Getting a closer look, juniors Ashley Pechmann, Josh Kim, and Everardo Jaime Jr., and senior Lauren Hickman work to complete the zoology dissection packet. “I guess the only thing I really hated about it was the smell, that little pig had a BIG stink!” laughed Pechmann. Great Group Participation, Nora Dobesova (12) and Fernada Flores (12) work together to cut open their baby pig. “It was kind of gross , but my group made it a lot of fun,” admitted Dobesova.

definitely a must see . . .


084-085_1-13833_000.indd 84

6/25/2010 4:11:57 PM

Not my thing, Watching from a distance Hannah Liethem (11) looks on as her group member Timothy Blanchard (11), analyses the fettle pigs intestines. “Was it gross? Yeah, it was really gross. I saw everything in it. I chose to be the scribe because there was no way I was going to touch that thing.” Liethem cringed.

Woah! What’s Are youthatin,Smell?! or out? Written by: Laura Phillips, Hannah Phillips, and Monica Kemp

Students walk down the science hall to see... baby pigs getting sliced open? Walking through the science hall is always a risky move. All the

The fetus pigs were already dead and preserved, and when dis-

smells from experiments and labs fill the air outside and can become

secting them students must simply cut open the little pig and analyze

very toxic to the nose. From the gaseous fumes in the chemistry room

the systems very similar to dissecting frogs like many of us did in mid-

to Formaldehyde in the biology room.

dle school. Zoology spends around three or four classes doing so.

As May comes around each year, students begin counting down

“It was disgusting! I couldn’t stand the smell or even

the days until summer arrives, and with the end of year comes the

watching. That’s why I just wrote the questions,” said Courtney

zoology classes dissecting fetus pigs as one of their last big projects

Shropshire (11).

before finals. Every year the zoology classes learn about animals and their body parts, along with the dissection of some of those animals. The


According to teacher Angela Christman, she hopes that the students learn more about the structure and functions of the systems of mammals.

classes dissect about ten animals every year, some being worms, crick-

So overall, the science department had a good year, causing a

ets, fish, and more. The pig being the biggest of them all, causes lots of

lot of curiosity in all of the classes including zoology, and a lot of talk

glances into the room from spectators walking by.

amongst the school and the student body. Hopefully next year will

“My favorite part was getting to cut off the head and take out the brain,” stated Michael Rosenboom (11). “But it was tough dealing

bring the same projects, experiments, and all of the fun that comes a long with it.

with the smell.”

084-085_1-13833_000.indd 85


{ 85

6/25/2010 4:12:00 PM

All together now, 1,2,3, Jump, Sophomores: Jessica Donnelly, Hannah Phillips, Morriah Gifford, Laura Phillips, and Kerri Ann Peetz celebrating over spring break. “My family, also known as Hannah and Laura hung out pretty much all of spring break, knowing that school was almost over,” said Gifford. No talking during the test! Zachary Millar (10) focuses on trying to complete his Geometry test with out failing. “ Oh man, Geometry was like the hardest thing ever for me,” admitted Millar. Peace Out! Friends Sierra Lindhorst (10) and Aric Scholer (10) hanging out during Springfest. “I’ve known Aric since middle school, I can always count on him to make me laugh,” said Lindhorst.

86 } PORTRAITS | SOPHOMORES 086-087_1-13833_000.indd 86

6/28/2010 6:19:28 PM

Sing it out! Diana Alarcon (10) got third in state this year for choir, “It was a huge accomplishment, and I look forward to next year,” Alarcon said. Fun in the Sun! Annie Nedeleski (10) enjoys one of the first sunny days outside during Springfest. “I had a lot of fun with my friends, I thought it was going to be lame, but it turned out super cool,” said Nedeleski. Mmm. . . Peanut Butter. . . Ashley Brashear (12) and Spencer Kelley (10), stepping up his game ‘off the court’ at the Winter Recognition Assembly during one of the audience participation skits; find the gum that’s covered with peanut butter on a plexiglass cut out. “It was a different experience, but there was so much cheering going on.. it was crazy,” said Kelley.


086-087_1-13833_000.indd 87

{ 87 6/28/2010 6:19:29 PM

Check these out, showing off their diverse plugs Katie Fravel (12) and Maxwell Montgomery (12) showcase a portion of their collection. “Why do I have them? I don’t know I had them for a long time, I don’t plan on going crazy and stretching them all crazy, I just think they are cool,”replyed Montgomery.

Gauges Earrings? No,


We got

Not for us,

Written by: Lauryn Hartung

Remember when having your ears peirced was really cool? And going to Claire’s with your mom to get new studs was so much fun? But then the whole phase of ear pericings changed forever. Instead of wearing studs and a dangle pair of earrings, people began to stretch their ear lobes to insanley large sizes. So what attracts us teens to such an odd self mutulation? In Africa, having gauged ears is a sign of beauty and freedom. Most parents here think it’s an act of rebellion. They wonder why their kids would want to stretch their ear lobes and ruin them forever. “I’ve always personally liked the way they looked, and I just decided that I was going to do it,” Brandon Eska (10) says. “It was my decision and my parents supported it,” he adds. So what keeps the trend going? “I wanted to stretch my ears because I wanted to be in a band. Everyone in bands had them and I thought it looked really cool,” Max Montgomery (12) explains. “But it hurts pretty bad to stretch them,” he says. “I just did it because I was bored. Most of my friends have them. It’s just a normal thing now,” Josh Koga (12) tells us. “The biggest size I have had was 1 inch. Hah, I haven’t regreted it... yet!” Koga laughs.

Plugs may be the most “cool” assesorie of this time, but what are the consiquences to gauging your ears? “After 3/4inches, they wont grow back to normal,” Aden Bjelland (12) says. Finding a job while having plugs can be hard. Parents, along with bussieness owners, don’t understand the reason wanting plugs. “They think it’s really unprofessional,” Montgomery tells us. “Owners wouldn’t want to hire someone who had huge holes in their ears,” Koga remarks. Plugs are misundertood by many adults and professionals, but either way, plugs will be here to stay for a long time. Highschoolers everywhere will continue this trend until they can’t gauge anymore! “If you wanna strech your ears, do it. Its your life and you can live it the way you want. If people dont like them, it’s there problem!” Montgomery exclaims.


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 88

6/26/2010 1:40:30 PM

Trevon Abshire Jessica Aguirre Nicholas Aicher Diana Alarcon Brodie Allen Connor Allen

Sam Alter Danice Alvarado Amin Amin Cris Angeles Jacob Argue Cody Armstrong

Chance Atencio Chris Austin Luis Edgar Baez-Duarte Matt Baird Julian Baker Jayna Balonzo

Tyler Becker Kehrsten Beegle Marina Benancio Erik Bennett Morgan Benson Jonathan Berkey

Tony Bernabo Jeremy Berndt Jacky Bertholomey Courtney Bielawski Emma Bird Stephanie Bishop

Dj Bisorca Travis Blanchard Aleck Blanger Ellie Bohrer Kai Boldt Aarion Booth

Kyle Boyd Katie Brashear Annie Brown James Brown Nicole Brown Amanda Brummel


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 89

{ 89

6/26/2010 1:40:38 PM

20 years from now . . .

Where do you see

in 20 years? yourself as apposed to

Where does your best

friend see you in 20 years? Self: Danika Hazard(9)-Working on a cruise ship, with one adopted son from Africa named Ace. Friend: Jordan Linn(10)- Stunt Double

Obore duissit praesto deliquisl irit alit in ea feumsan diatum qui tis del dit luptat dolore duis dolorperaese diat at acil eum zzriusto et alit atisi. Volorer ciduisi ercipit doluptat.

Self: Brady Dooley(9)-Teaching or being an athletic director, married with 2 kids. Friend: Jacob Williams(9)-Brady will be a wrestling state champion with 3 kids. Self: Travis Blanchard(10)-A professional basebal player or a fireman ‘Makin bank’ Friend: Clay Mott(10)-Travis? He’ll be pumping gas.

Veronika Bubnova Evan Burchell Mason Burgwin Hunter Busse Dwight Cameron Will Cameron

Jeffrey Campbell Caleb Carr Alex Carrasco-Gomez Makinna Carter Lorena Casteel Belicia Castellano

Maria Castellanos Todd Cha Vicky Cha Erin Chamberlain David Chao Cara Chase

Cristal Chavez Brian Chin Casandra Chonteco Grace Clemenson Erin Clements Aaron Cochran


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 90

6/26/2010 1:40:42 PM

Self: Eddy Morales(11)-Hopefully by then, a drama teacher Friend: Lyle Keathley(12)-He [Eddy] will be flying a space shuttle, that man is a genius!

Obore duissit praesto deliquisl irit alit in ea feumsan diatum qui tis del dit luptat dolore duis dolorperaese diat at acil eum zzriusto et alit atisi. Volorer ciduisi ercipit doluptat.

Self: Eduardo Ortiz(10)-I’ll be a News Reporter, filthy rich like Barbara Walters with my own unique accent just like her! Friend: Denice Alvarado (10)-Eduardo will be picking berries with his wife Maria Guadalu pay while she’s prego with their 20th child. Self: Holly Powell(12)-A nurse, married to a really rich husband that looks like the guy from Twilight. Friend:Madison Clark(12)-Stay at home mom with 3 kids. Living next door to her parents. Self: Sam Crouser(12)-Hopefully Gone to the olympics 3 times and working as a Coach for track and field and have a family. Friend: Jake Bryant(12)-I’ll be his manag er for sure. Sam will have 3 gold medals by then, and working with Kevin Davis to find the cure to cancer. Also, he will have 3 kids named Jake, Jake 2.0, and Zeus. Whittney Cole Victoria Conner Joseph Constien Kathryn Cook Timothy Cooke Baily Copeland

Kaila Copus Andrea Cord Paola Cortes Danielle Councilman Cory Courtney Garrison Cox

Eddie Crainic Ashley Cramblett Jassmine Crittenden Hailey Cromoga Daniel Cummins Dilynn D’Agostino

Kelsea Dahl Krista Dahlke Katie Davis Stefan Dawson Noemi De Leon Christopher Decair


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 91

{ 91

6/26/2010 1:40:46 PM

Savanah DeCourcey Tiannah Dela Cruz - Diaz Jesus Delgado Hayward Demison Eric Dezellem Jacob Diaz

Martha Diaz Juanita Diaz Hernandez Trevor Dietz Aaron Doering Kristopher Dolan Samuel Dominguez

Yeni Dominguez Jessica Donnelly Keiko Downing Elise Dugwyler Kevin Dunlap Trevor Earley

Mayumi Eda LaDajah Elliott Jordan Escutia Brandon Eska Brisa Estrada Santos Euan

Colton Evans Brandon Fast Cassie Fellows Anthony Fisher Michael Fisk Haley Fletcher

Chloe Forrester Trevor Francois Lindsey Frilot Alex Fuller Marcus Gabrielson Dylan Galbreath

Samuel Gandara Leo Garcia Andria Garriott Morriah Gifford Elizabeth Girdan Taylor Gjesdal


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 92

6/26/2010 1:40:55 PM

Giovanny Gomez Yancy Gonzalez Charley Gormley

Nicole Gould Jorgen Graham Arnold Gubchak

Gurme Gurme Luis Gutierrez Rhiannon Hagen

Dekwandre Hamilton Dylan Hanson Mackenzie Hardgrove

Chris Hardy Alex Harrison Lauryn Hartung

Kaia Hazard Jordan Helzer Christopher Henderson

Alfredo Hernandez Diana Hernandez Laura Hernandez

Stuff Overheard in the halls •

Is there anything going on this weekend?

Omg.. is she really going to lunch with him?

You’re kissing like you’re going to war!

Did you hear about that girl this weekend?

I didn’t really like that girl’s shirt

What is that guy thinking, like her?

Do I really got some bats in the cave?

Was that in my teeth the whole time he was talking to me?

Dude.. OSU is way better than U of O.. no dude, U of O is better.

Where are you going for lunch?

I swear that teacher gave me that grade because she hates me.

Ew do you smell something?-cooking hall

Guess who’s going to prom?

They’re dating? That’s random...

Why they muggin?

Chill banna

That’s what she said...

Dude.. You havent been to the spot yet?

They said whaaaat?!

OMG Where did you get that?

I haven’t seen you in forever!

Lets hang out this weekend!...(Rolls eyes)

When I say doin... I mean doin!


Wait, what? Are you breaking up with me? (while on phone by yearbook room

Gosh that HAS to be a freshman

What a scrub...

Wow you look really tired...(Aka you look terrible)


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 93

{ 93

6/26/2010 1:40:58 PM

Second Chance, Second Family Written by: Alyssa Emoto

Options helps struggling students to succeed Stand and address the flag, Donald Nutt (11) and Daphney Adams (12) Stand for the pladge of allegence. “We’re all a family in there,” said Adams.

Though most students don’t know it, the Options program run by Mr. Bartha and Ms. Weber-Welch has made a big impact on many students here at GHS. Mr. Bartha has been involved with Options since it was implemented 23 years ago. “The purpose of Options is to help struggling students to do better in school. We help students by showing them the benefits of changing their old habits into habits that will help them to succeed,” said Mr. Bartha. Students are in Options for one period every day. Plus, one class that they all have to take is an elective called Life Skills. This class is crucial because it helps students to move forward by teaching them how to set realistic but challenging goals. Through accomplishing these goals, Options students are able to rebuild their self-esteem through experiencing real success. “If everyone follows through on the mini goals they set every Monday, they get doughnuts,” said aide Taylor Richardson (12). Seniors also have to take Life 101. “In Life 101, Mr. Bartha gives us a list of things to do before we graduate like doing a mock interview and making a resume so that we’ll be more prepared for life after high school,” said Jordan Cooper (12). He has been in Options for 3 years. Along with consistent goal setting and learning life skills, attendance is highly promoted. “If 92% or better of the students comes to class over the course of six weeks, then the students get a free period and Ms. Weber-Welch and I make breakfast for them,” stated Mr. Bartha. Maria Bermudez (12) is one of many students who has benefited from increased attendance. “I used to be a ‘bad’ student. I skipped a lot and had bad grades. Now that I go to class a lot more, my grades are much better. I even got my friend to join Options.” “I like that the class sizes in Options are a lot smaller. It helps me to concentrate better. I had straight F’s my freshman year because I was sick for half the year. Now, I have almost a 4.0,” claimed Mary Cermack (12). Additional methods for success that are employed by Options include having only couches in the classroom (no desks!), helping students with their homework from other classes, offering credit recovery for English classes, and having Mrs. Francis - the ex-math department head - come in to tutor a couple of times a week. “Options also has its own Honor Roll. To get on it students have to get a 2.5 or above, so it’s a good source of motivation for them,” explained Richardson. “People seem to think that all we do in Options is sit around on couches and slack off, but that’s the total opposite of how things really are. We work really hard in Options. We count on each other and keep each other accountable. We’re like a second family,” stated Cooper.


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 94

6/26/2010 1:41:02 PM

Monica Hernandez Diana Hernandez-Castaneda Trevor Hewitt Sage Higgins Sarah Hill Tanner Hockley

Dillon Hoecker Kassee Holmes Natasha Horgan Trey Huggett Megan Humphrey Jacob Hunt

Cody Hunter Shelby Jenner Karina Jimenez Justin Jiron Ashley Johnson Taylor Johnson

Zachary Johnson Megan Jones Blake Jossi Kevin Kaufman Spencer Kelley Monica Kemp

Christopher Kennard Tammy Kerr Wade Kimble T J Kitchen Nicole Kobayashi Preston Korst

Clayton Krakowski Jon Kratz Kaitlyn Krenzer Hanna Kristensen Cheyenne Kruse Sarah Kuhn

Veronika Kunda Kurtis Kveton Jaedon Lamberton Nikole Lane Derik LaPointe Austin Larsen


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 95

{ 95

6/26/2010 1:41:10 PM


Felicia Larson Jessica Lastivka Jillian Lauderback Briana Laxton Stephen Leathers Jacob Lemons

Chelsie Lentz Vince Lewis John Lilly Sierra Lindhorst Jordan Linn Ashley Lloyd

Osvaldo Lopez Xo Lor Gregory Louie LaKoda Lovan Lathanyol Lovan Timmy Lucas

Eric Luna Anna Lupanov Sabreena Lutz Jacob MacClanathan Erik Magistrado Corbin Mandzij

Macie Mann Calvin Marble Victoria Marcelo Reed Martin Maira Martinez Marcus Martinez

Matthew Martinez Kyle Masterson Chao May Samantha McAllister Sami McCauley Angelo McCoy

Heidi McGill Aly McKenzie Dani McMurray Victoria McVay Christian Mejia Cinthya Mejia


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 96

6/26/2010 1:41:20 PM

‘Nuggeting’ What did I ever do to Now!” you. No please don’t Right “Someone’s Probably

My Backpack

Written by: Hannah Phillips, Monica Kemp, and Laura Phillips

The shade that was casting over me disappeared and the footsteps I know so well drifted off into the unknown. It was silent for a moment until I heard a ‘thump, thump, thump’ coming right toward me. What was I going to do? Who was this? Then I was being raised off the ground, I tried to cry out, but then again I’m a backpack so what can I do? My zipper came undone, Oh no! Please! No, Please! Not again! This is the fourth time this week! My contents spilled out onto the floor until I was nothing but the bare plastic lining. The unfamiliar person began fiddling over me until I was turned completely inside out and everything went black. What did I ever do to you? What did I do to deserve this? Then, I heard the voice I know so well shouting angrily, “Why’d you just nugget my backpack!” Has this ever happened to you? You turn your back for one minute and when you turn back around. BAM! You’ve been nuggeted. But what does ‘nuggeting’ even mean? The root word, nugget, means a lump of something such as a precious metal or a small bite size piece of chicken. So how is turning a backpack inside out called a ‘nugget’? According to Clay Mott(10) it’s called nuggeting because once you’ve nuggeted someone’s backpack it looks similar to a small chicken nugget.

So why nugget a backpack? “Its funny and I love to see people’s reaction when they see what has happened,” Mott explained. We’ve all seen it happen. The victim is completely oblivious of what is going on to their helpless and innocent bag. In order to be a successful ‘nuggeter’ you’ve got to really know what your doing. Not only does it take practice but you’ve got to be quick like a bunny, subtle like a snake, and have a natural aptitude for the job. But how do you choose who to nugget? “The people whose backpacks get nuggeted are the kids who are dumb enough to leave their stuff in the open,” laughed Timothy Blanchard (11). Several people have taken caution to this cruel joke, but it can still happen to the best of us. “Once, it made me so mad I didn’t see it coming, but don’t worry I’ll get them back,” explained Edgar Lopez (11). You’ve all been warned. You might want to think twice the next time you decide to leave your desk and leave you precious backpack behind. You never know who you can trust. As Michael Rosenboom (11) left his class to talk to us, he was foolish enough to leave his own backpack unattended. “In fact, someone is probably nuggeting my backpack right now!” Rosenboom realized.

Go, go, go, he just went to the bathroom, Austin Vanzant (11) nuggets his buddie’s backpack when steps out of the room. “The reaction on my friends face after I nuggeted his back pack was hilarious,” Vanzant laughed.


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 97

{ 97

6/26/2010 1:41:21 PM

8 seconds

Are you kidding me, Written by: Laura Phillips, Hannah Phil

you do that for fun?

The rush. Your heart beating a million beats per second, you

can just hop off and hightail it to the gate or fence to insure safety, but

climb onto a 2000 pound animal, grab onto the ropes and wait, every

until then, hold on for dear life.

second seems like an eternity, just waiting for the gates to fly open

and the animal to whip out of the gates and try to send you flying

childhood dream of riding bulls when he was younger, proving that

through the air. Scary? You’d think so, but not for John Sutherland

what you can do in life if you just put your heart and mind into it.


Lebanon, Oregon (just Southeast of Salem) to practice his riding

Bull riding is a popular rodeo sport that involves a rider getting

Sutherland has been riding for ten years, all because of a simple

Two days a week, every week Sutherland drives two hours to

on a large bull and attempting to stay mounted for at eight seconds

skills. Unlike other sports, there are coaches there to teach and

while the beastly animal attempts to buck off the rider. The rider

guide you but not in bull riding. There are no coaches, everyone is

tightly fastens one hand to the bull with a long braided rope. It is one

left on their own. While practicing, Sutherland spends most of his

of the most risky sports out there, and it has been known as “the

time working on his balance, by holding on to the rope with only

most dangerous eight seconds in sports.”

one hand.

“To me, it’s just something I do, but I mean sometimes my mom

The practicing pays off though. Sutherland placed 2nd in state

gets mad at me for riding, and sometimes she worries and freaks out

amongst about 50 other young riders and athletes on September

while watching me,” admitted Sutherland.

19th at the Oregon Junior Bull Rider Association (OJBRA). From

The concept is simple: stay on a bull for 8 seconds. After that you

winning 2nd, he went on to placing 6th place in the entire nation in

Maria Mendez Alejandra Mendoza Cynthia Menera Lupita Meza-Segura Zachary Millar Brittany Miller

Kevin Miller Mitch Million Ryan Mitchell Mikayla Monnie Kirsten Moody Dillon Moore

Taylor Moore Itzayana Moreno Joelle Morris Paige Morris J Clayton Mott Reyna Murphy

Owen Murray Taylor Myers Celena Nafarrate Kadyn Nannini Gabe Narro Adeline Ndayishimiye


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 98

6/26/2010 1:41:27 PM

the Shawnee, Oklahoma national tournament from November 1624th.

“It’s crazy what John does,” said friend Austin Vanza (11).

“I’ve watched him multiple times. It’s just insane. He’s asked me a couple times if I’ve ever wanted to try it-but I’m just not prepared yet, but someday I’ll do it.” However, success comes with loss and injuries, but we as people can only grow stronger as athletes from those injuries and losses. Sutherland knows injuries alright. His biggest suffering came from an accident where he fell off of a bull, breaking four of his ribs and puncturing and splitting his entire liver in half.

“There is so much adrenaline running through your body at that

moment, that I didn’t feel any pain at all,” Sutherland admitted. To top off the broken ribs and liver, the bull then stepped on top of his body, smashing his kidneys. You may think bull riding is scary, or maybe even crazy but Sutherland is used to peoples’ reactions to his hobby. And for just 8 seconds, 8 long seconds Sutherland is thinking only one thing, “Don’t quit it, til’ you get it.”

Hold on John Anya Nead Annie Nedelisky Amanda Neffendorf Hannah Nelson Corey Newell Kelly Ngo

Nicole Norton Nathan Nutt Savannah O’Brien Miguel Olmos Ifunanya Onyima Wendy Ornelas

Eduardo Ortiz Brandon Orton Ali Padilla Alex Palmquist Kendra Parkinson Christian Parrish

Talon Pauker Kerri Ann Peetz Erica Perez Perla Perez Kristy Peringer Anthony Petersen


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 99

{ 99

6/26/2010 1:41:34 PM

Adiam, velit iriuscin ullam ectet augiat. Xer sed tat. Ut luptat accumsandrem augiamc onsendre esto od dolore dolobore ecte esed dolenis aciduis dolobor at la faccum vulla feuismodo do Adiam, velit iriuscin ullam ectet augiat. Xer sed tat. Ut luptat accumsandrem augiamc onsendre esto od dolore dolobore ecte esed dolenis aciduis dolobor at la faccum vulla feuismodo do Adiam, velit iriuscin ullam ectet augiat. Xer sed tat. Ut luptat accumsandrem augiamc onsendre esto od dolore dolobore ecte esed dolenis aciduis dolobor at la faccum vulla feuismodo do

While admiring our students art, we can also admire their clothing choices. You’ve got Brandon Guerrero (11) sporting the vans and nike socks. Ashley Brands (11)

Taking Notice

What Clothes Will You Remember? By: Alyssa Emoto

will be able to look back 20 or 30 years from now and immedi-

As a busy student, I feel that sometimes I get stuck on survival

ately recognize that we were in high school because of what we

mode: all I do is get up, go to class, go home, do my homework

were wearing. And though none of us will remember the same

and go to bed. I’ve never really taken the time to look around and

exact trends, we’ll each recall something different that epitomized

appreciate the various styles and trends in the clothing that my fel-

the trends that we witnessed everyday during our time in

low students are wearing. Once I realized this, I decided to make a

high school.

conscious effort to take a couple of days to look around and actually

“When I look back on high school, I’ll always remember how

notice of what trends were in at Gresham High School before they

drastically jeans for guys changed. We all seemed to go from

up and change. This is what I found:

wearing either really baggy or regular straight blue jeans to wear-

The first thing about clothes that I noticed was that no matter how different one student’s clothing may look from the next, they’re really wearing the same clothes. You might argue, “Hey, but I’m wear-

ing skinny jeans in a blink of an eye. I was kind of against them at first, but now even I wear them,” admitted Kyle Catchpole (12). Bailey Thomas (12) said: “I’ll never forget how many girls

ing purple skinny jeans and she’s wearing regular blue jeans.” I’d

wore Uggs. I can’t even go through a whole school day without

answer you by saying, “Yeah, your jeans may not look anything alike,

seeing at at least ten girls wearing them. It’s kind of crazy how

but you just proved my point. You’re both wearing jeans.”

popular they are.”

Now, I’m not trying to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that

Years from now, some of us may remember skinny jeans or

none of us are unique and that we’re all delusional to think that what

Uggs like Catchpole and Thomas as marking our time in high

we’re wearing is not exemplifying our personalities. No matter how

school. We may remember people wearing plaid shirts, or Vans,

crazy or abstract our clothes may get over the years, they’re really

or strappy sandals, or cardigan sweaters, or Gopher gear, or even

just the same basic clothing items that we were wearing as little kids,

those colorfully woven ‘friendship bracelets’ that became such a

they’ve just gone through multiple makeovers.

common sight this year. But if none of these things rings a bell,

It is because of these makeovers that our clothes undergo that we


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 100

I would seriously recommend that one of these days you take some time to look around and see what everyone is wearing. You only go through high school once, so make sure you remember as much of this four year experience as possible.

6/26/2010 1:41:41 PM

Leslie Pettigrew Peter Pham Bradley Phearson Kayla Phelps Hannah Phillips Laura Phillips

Pedro Pineda Andrey Pipchenko Sofiya Popova Emalie Radocchia Daniel Rafalski Jenny Ramirez

Jordan Randall Ashley Rea Naivan Reddy Amanda Reed Raistlin Reed Tiara Reese


Morgan Reid Logan Rekdahl Paloma Rendon Eduardo Resendiz Noe Reyes Suhiba Rezayee

Taylor Rice Chloe Ritmiller Johnathan Rivera Bianca Roberts Gabrielle Roberts Andy Robertson

Arie Robinson Monica Robles Christian Rodriguez Maritza Rodriguez Thomas Roebuck Dulce Roque

Courday Rose Brian Rydquist Tommy Saetern Nico Salgado Kimberly Sanchez Miguel Sanchez


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 101

{ 101

6/26/2010 1:41:49 PM

Lourdes Santos Olga Santos-Ascencio Jessica Sappington David Sause Emmaleigh Schaefer-Humphreys Danielle Schneider

Riley Schofield Aric Scholer Tanner Schrenk Morgan Schwab Cristal Segura Vitou Sek

Katie Sewall Tyler Shaw Sydney Shephard Brent Showalter Yuvanel Sierra Taylor Simms

Ashley Smart Ashley Smith Christopher Smith Cole Smith Rick Smith Shaylin Smith

Tanner Smith Katie Sorensen Alyssa Souza Amberly Sowers Ali Sparks Chris Spitzengel

Danielle Sprando Aubrie Stadelman Alex Statler Katelyn Steiner Alex Stephens Sasha Sterner

Dylan Stevens Kyle Stevens Lane Stickell Joshua Stout Jake Sundquist Zoey Talent


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 102

6/26/2010 1:41:57 PM

Charmaine Tano Angelica Tanzer Nathan Tarbet


Jared Taylor Clarice Terry Braden Thelander


Markese Brown (9) “When a girl has no confidence.”

Alex Lindstad (9) “When girls wear big skate shoes like guys.” Chloe Macaulay (9) “Guys with unibrows and ugly teeth.”

Jasmine Thill Heather Thom Samantha Thompson

Maggie Burgess (9) “Their style, how they present themselves.” Melissa Smith (9) “When they are too cocky”

Allen Tinkle Jennifer Tipton Brent Tolvstad

Bradley Pherson (10) “Gauges, and if they have piercings everywhere.” Kim Sanchez (10) “When a guy farts around a girl.”

Mario Torres Diana Tovar Alex Townley

Lauryn Hartung (10) “I hate when guy’s hair is too long and they have a jacked up grill. They also need to pull up their pants.” Lindsey Frilot (10) “Greasy, nasty, un-showered hair.”

Antawona Travis Maya Travis Jonathan Treloggen

Owen Murray (10) “Septum Piercings and High pitched annoying laughs.” Eddy Movales (11) “when a girls too clingy and when girls have mustaches.”

Sarah Triplett Kellie Tripp Kaitlyn Turpen

Josh Kim (11) “If she smells really bad” Leslie Capps (11) “When a guys overly cocky” Victor Sastre (12) “Girls that smoke”


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 103

{ 103

6/26/2010 1:42:01 PM

Lauren U’Ren Kit Vandenbroeke Emily Vang Tabitha Vanveen Alvaro Vasquez Endy Vasquez

Leticia Vega Santiago Velasco Brandy Velasquez Garren Vidalis Tori Volk Anthony Vorobyov

Marquese Walker Ashley Walls Sarah Walton Grant Warner Crystal Weber Bryce West

Khalyl White Brandy Wickham Sadie Wierschke Nick Wilkinson Brittiny Williams Andrew Wilson

Christopher Wingler Kira Woodring Marissa Wright Amanda Yacapin Jorge Yanez Clark Yeakle

Maria Yerkes Alla Yevsikov Jacob Young Juan Carlos Zamora Karmeliya Zavelytsya Taylor Westby


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 104

6/26/2010 1:42:07 PM

Not Pictured

SHY SOPHOMORES Jerry Anderson Jacob Carter Lucie Cervenkova May Chao Vivian Copado Raven Couturier Miguel Crawford Rigo De La Cerda Maria Delgado Johnny Dixon Michael Farrer Luis Garcia Brinidey Gil Silva Jose Gonzalez Jamie Hagen Sarah Hague Abagail Hill Abby Hill Ashlie Kennedy Alex Klym Rebeca Lazar Francisco Lorenso-Ascenc Nicole Majeski Lucia Martinez Skylor McArdle Devin McCoy Michael Muange Luis Navarro Garett Pacheco Vasiliy Pukay Antonio Rangel-Romero Margarita Rangel-Romero Brian Rickerd Rachele Roberts Daniel Rosales Antonio Santos-Santos Cody Soule Nicholas Stilwell Ciara Stinson Ashley Tracewell Kailee Turcotte Carlos Vazquez Morgan Wallace Nissa Weagel Tiffany Yost Austin Ziolkowski


088-105_1-13833_000.indd 105

{ 105

6/26/2010 1:42:07 PM

Doernbecher Helping make a difference

“I thought it was really touching that students were willing to donate to Doernbecher,” said Activities Director Bill Chisholm. “Renaissance worked really hard; that’s a lot of money for just collecting dimes and pennies,” he added.

in Children’s Hospital

Written by: Alex Hagel and Laura Phillips

In past years we’ve seen students go door to door in class asking for change for the coin drive. Students have always given, but this year we made a drastically larger donation. Half of the offerings will be going to Doernbecher Children’s hospital. Doernbecher Children’s hospital is an organization that provides health care to children all over Oregon. It was estab-

raised over 1,000 dollars altogether, allotting over 500 dollars for Doernbecher. “I thought it was really touching that students were willing to donate to Doernbecher,” said Activities Director Bill Chisholm. “Renaissance worked really hard; that’s a lot of money for just collecting dimes and pennies.”

lished in 1926 and consists of over 1,000 staff members that

This year was a great improvement when compared to

are dedicated to helping and understanding the needs of chil-

last year where Renaissance only collected an approximate


400 dollars. Renaissance worked really hard and put together activi-

“This year, Sarah did a good job of coming up with more

ties that got students more involved in donating rather than just

activities to get the school more involved and aware. It was nice

asking for change. There was a putt-putt golf course, and a

knowing that the 25 cents someone donated went to a better

wishing well that was placed in the cafeteria. This year students

cause than whatever it was in their pocket for,” said Chisholm


Doernbecher Childrens hospital is an or health care to children all ove .

This doesn’t hurt...Keely DiPietro (12) donates her blood for Dornbecker Children’s hospital. “I was really nervous at first, but then after it was over I felt better because I knew that I had saved three lives.” DiPietro announces. Hey! This is actually fun. Eddie Giblin (12) laughs it off while donating his blood for the first time, “I wasn’t all that nervous about it, kind of excited actually” Giblin admitted.

110 } STUDENT LIFE | LEADERSHIP DRIVES 110-111_1-13833_000.indd 110

7/1/2010 3:56:05 PM


Sophomores Outshine the Rest...Who Knew?

Laura Phillips, Hannah Phillips & Monica Kemp

This year, Gresham High School students donated cans of

choosing either the date, or a ten dollar Coldstone gift card.

food for an organization called Snowcap. SnowCap Community

For the first time this year, student council put on a class

Charities is a philanthropic organization created to provide food,

competition between the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior

clothing, advocacy and other services to the poor. Fresh, frozen and

classes to see who could bring in the greatest number of cans, and

commercially prepared foods can be distributed quickly as they

surprisingly, the sophomore class came through winning a pizza

feed an average of 50 families a day. Put on by Student Council, the

party on Jan. 6 in the main gym. Most sophomores were there, al-

student body raised a total of 3,000 pounds of food.

though you had to have your ID card to get in, which most students

“I was disappointed in the results [of the drive] but pleased that all the student council kids and a few teachers worked really hard to collect cans,” Chisholm admitted. To encourage students to bring cans of food, there was a

did not have, like Jordan Linn (10). “It sucked big time, because even though they knew I was a sophomore I couldn’t get in. But some friends of mine brought me pizza any ways so take that,” added Linn.

‘Cans for Cuties’ contest, where pictures of select students from

Overall, students donated a lot of cans, and helped many

each grade were posted in the gym and if you wished to win a

families in need by giving them a warm meal so they didn’t have to

date with one of the cuties you could just put cans under their pic-

worry during this joyful holiday season.

ture with your name on them. The winners had the opportunity of

A PIECE OF YOURSELF organization that provides

an all over Oregon

for others Oh gosh, What did I get myself into...Cameron Ell (12) patiently waits to donate his blood, “I wasn’t really nervous since I’ve done it a few times before.” Ell said. Wait, where am I? Teacher Brad Cook stepped into the gymnasium to say hi, but wound up in the blood chair... “I forgot to make an appointment time last week. I was glad that I was able to donate during my prep. I try and donate as often as I can, they like my blood,” Cook stated.


110-111_1-13833_000.indd 111

{ 111

7/1/2010 3:56:09 PM

nis msm the o t h l wiing fin he f ine mmto ish ini sw . psuwiinthe lin sh im shmgmt fi e. lin mi it iontnhis pu e. p ng to g e h l sh us to t thetofitniine it t h it he limhesh. pu o th to fin it.finlinsh e l the ish ishe. pit im lin linustho th it. e. p e. pit e l ush ustho itm h it t it t o th el Gasping for air Anthony Voboyov (10) taking one last breath before going back under the water during a freestyle race. “There is no other sport like swimming,” Voboyov said. “It takes everythinig in you to complete a race.”

Pushing off The moment before a big race, Ricky McElroy (12) is getting nervous and anxious as he counts the seconds until he can push off the wall and start the backstroke race. “Just waiting, each seconds seems like an hour. But once you start the race it’s over really fast,” McElroy said. Diving into the pool, Garrison Cox (10) competes the MHC District Swim Meet in hopes to keep his team in first place. “Districts were tough, and the competition was hard, but we put it all out there and came out on top,” admitted Cox.


District Title Written by: Laura Phillips

112 } SPORTS | BOYS SWIMMING 112-113_1-13833_000.indd 112

time of 1.00:82, and McElroy came in eighth with 1.05:59. “The backstroke was a big event for us, it got us a lot of points. We all did really well,” McElroy said. The crowds roared and cheered all day long, especially when it came to the relays. The girls did not make it to the finals on Saturday in the 200-meter relay; however, the boys team finsihed fourth with 1.36:71, only five seconds behind Reynolds first place of 1.31:94. The 400-meter relay, the final event was even closer. The second place team lost by a hundreth of a second to the first place team. Starting the relay Rafalski dived in bringing the team into fourth place. The second and third legs brought the team up to third, and Pedersen anchored the team, trying to bring the team up to second but finshed with a time of 3.25:96 and took the third place spot on the podium. The boys won the distrct title with the most points scored at the meet and the most won dual meets from the season beating the Bruins for the first time in 16 years. “We thought we were going to win before it started, and I was glad we did,” Rafalski said. There was much celebration going on after the victory, and the team ended the day pushing head coaches Shane Dye and Sean Taylor into the pool. Taylor was also awarded the swim coach of the year.

e fi nis lin h l e. p ine hiesh ush . pus te ofitnliine it t h i limhesh. pu o th t to fin it.finlinsh e l the ish ishe. pit im li

Once again, the boys swim team here dived into the pool at Mt. Hood Community College, Friday, Feb. 12 and Saturday, Feb. 13, competing against nine other schools for a district title. Starting early Friday morning the Mt. Hood Conference teams competed all-day long hoping to make it to the finals the next day. Top finalists from the boys side were Jordan Pedersen (12), Tyler Strand (12) and Ricky McElroy (12), Daniel Rafalski (10), Erik Magistrado (10), Jerred Taylor (10), and Thomas Simon (9). The boys team led the meet throughout both days, followed by the Reynolds Raiders and the Barlow Bruins by only a few points. “We definitely killed it, and it was a lot of fun,” Rafalski admitted. Magistrado placed high in the mens 100-meter breast stroke, Magistrado also placed third in the breast stroke last year and stayed in third this year. Along with placing seventh in the 100-meter butterfly, helping the boys team out even more. Some of the most anticipated events however were the mens 100 meter Backstroke, 100 meter Freestyle, 200-meter freesyle relay and the 400-meter relays. Four of the eight competitors in the mens 100-meter backstroke were from here, turning out to be a very competitive race. Pedersen took second with a time of 52.59 seconds following Central Catholics first place 51.89 seconds. Taylor took third behind Pedersen with a time of 57.13. Fifth went to Simon with a

6/28/2010 8:57:56 PM

h p i t e t m o u h fin it.finlinsh e l the ish ishe. pit im lim lin linustho th it. it. e. p e. pit e l usshw ustho itmi itm ithet t.l s tomti o itm wi s hneg heit. mm wim litmo lim in m sw s t i i i s g w h i n m t w t . e . im gt g t m i o f m i t t o n m o i h n m ish swin e f the mi the sw g t ing i n ng fin im o th to g i l f m i i i n n t s m o m the to t ish swin e fi the sw e. psuw inthe h li ish n h i n g i g i l l f m m f m s i e i e f i i n g t nis fins e. smto t sh nis m h itmtio itni . pu ine. i s o w i h m p l h n h h w n n i i suw inthe li shim ushimg e f ne lin g to tg e hf li sh push ishmg t fi ne. limn imto ini . p e. to heto itnine it t i i u t t t t m . s o n i s h o p n h l e h p n h s h ing it tiongthiesh ush . pgut to tgh etofinlin h it ush e fi imeitfinlpiunsh the to th o n s l f e e i t i h t ti t i i i . i e li e t Race to the finish, Team Captain Jordan Pedersen flys through the backstroke at the district meet at Mt. Hood. Pedersen placed second. “All the hard work we did during practice finally got to pay off at disticts, and I’m proud of it,” Pedersen said.

200 IM Jared Taylor (10) holds the lead during the first leg of the 200 IM. “I swam a 2:10 at david douglas.” He chooses to swim the IM because it’s a tough race, he’s good at all the strokes, and he wants to help out the team every way he can.

Waiting to get started, Jake Sundquist (10) patiently waiting to dive into the pool during the 200 IM. “The 200 was my favorite race, it was about the only race I was really good at,” admitted Sundquist.


112-113_1-13833_000.indd 113

{ 113

6/28/2010 8:58:00 PM

being ready for thL



You raised the bartrue for sense classes of self

Our new King and Queen, Kayla Erspamer (12) and Jake Bryant (12) stand on the risers during the homecoming coronation. As the blue balloon rose from her box Kayla smile says it all. “It was so exciting when I saw that blue balloon!” exclaimed Erspamer. Take that, Seniors Vanessa Bustamante, Khalia Tidwell, and Kelsey Drasfeldt take it to their opponents during the Dodgeball tournament, “My team did great, win or not, we killed it,” stated Bustamante. Seniors showcase Gresham Pride as Superfans, Ricky McElroy, Andrew Beekman, Nche Onyima, Chelsey Sann, and Taylor Richardson screaming on their fellow football players for one of the last times as seniors. “I’m gonna miss being a superfan, and all of the high school football games, but it was fun while it lasted.” admitted Beackmen.


116-117_1-13833_000.indd 116

6/26/2010 12:53:09 PM

the real world Leaving a legacy r raising leading others the bar being involved makes better you find friends everyting in new experiences


we have it all:

making memories put them together to shape your own life. end of your high school career,

By the end of your high school career, you feel like the school is yours. The only thing holding you back from the real world is graduation. You raised the bar for classes ahead and lead the school in everything from class competitions to superfanning. It’s at this point where you are leaving with a true sense of self and are capable to use all the pieces that high school gave you and put them together to shape your own life.

Peace Man, Chilling to some tunes on his iPod Devon Travers (12) hangs in the library computer lab while working on a school project. “Yeah, I getting some work done in the lab,” said Travers.


116-117_1-13833_000.indd 117

graduation is near


wining class competitions

{ 117 6/26/2010 12:53:10 PM

Looking up at the rocket before take off, Mr. Cyrus Harshfield and Becky Linares (11) begin to add pressure to the rocket launcher. “This was one of the most fun projects we did all year,” commented Linared. “It was a nice break from sitting in a classroom, and it was cool watching your creation fly up in the air.” We’re up next, As Whitney Turcol (9) prepares her bottle rocket for blast off, Edgar RiveraBoutista (9) and Lathanyol Lovan (10) stand together to waiting their turn to show off how well they built their bottle rocket. “Our rocket wasn’t the best, but we both had a lot of fun making it.” Rivera said.” It was a really fun project to do, it was a good project for the end of the year,” Turcol added. Blast off, After a hand full of pushes with the pump to build the pressure inside the bottle, they steps back to pull the string and watch it take off into the air. “It went pretty high, I think that if I built another one it could go even higher,” he commented.

118 } FRESHMEN SCIENCE | BOTTLE ROCKETS 118-119_1-13833_000.indd 118

6/26/2010 8:50:21 AM


Freshman in Rocket Launching for bragging rights. The most memorable part of freshman science class was by far

students use the basic skills of trigonometry. As one partner is pull-

the bottle rockets that were created. As the end of the year comes to

ing the plug out of the rocket launcher, the person with the angle gun

an end and the weather begins to finally clear up, students are given

points and shoots as the rocket is taking off, holding down the trig-

a simple challenge: create a rocket out of nothing other than a bottle,

ger until it reaches its highest point and begins to come back down.

paper, cardboard, some glue and tape. Are they up for the challenge?

After that, the gun will show how many degrees in elevation the

Creating the rocket itself is pretty simple. The difficult part is choosing what strategies to plan on using in order to out-do the rest

rocket went, from there they can just do the math of Tan (degrees) equals x over 100ft.

and launch the highest rocket. Students have the option of choosing

Other science teachers, had their students put an egg in their

the bottle size, whether it be a simple 16 ounce bottle or a large 2 liter

rocket, and they received a grade based on if the egg survived the

bottle. Then after that, they have to plan out the design.

crash or not. Harshfield on the other hand, based it off of height,

Design can be anything they think of, from small triangular fins to paper towel rolls as fins. The weight of the rocket can be whatever they choose, so they could use as little amount of supplies as possible, or go all out and fill the top of their rocket with rocks.

challenging his students to launch their rockets as high as they could, making a very competitive couple of classes. For every class period, the marks to beat were posted on the white board for all to see, and hopefully for all to try and beat.

“Strategy is key. The trick is to have a strong center of gravity, or

“Building a rocket, and trying to launch them was a lot of fun.

in other words, a heavy rocket in the middle, and a good aerodynamic

We put a lot of work into the building and creating of ours, so to see

structure with fins to make it fly straight,” commented freshman sci-

it take off in the air was cool,” said Leo Estrada (9).

ence teacher Cyrus Harshfield.

To motivate the freshman, Harshfield offered the winner or

So, the trick is to have a rocket that is heavy enough to push off

winners a donut for the highest launched rocket over all. The winner

of the ground, but not too heavy that the gravity takes over and pushes

who ended up earning a delicious donut and got all the bragging

it down. However, if it is too light, the rocket will not gain enough force

rights were Estrada, Jose Sanchez (9), and Nathan Stires (9) with

to push itself off the ground. After all, according to Newtons third law:

a launch of 197 feet.

for every action-there is an equal and opposite reaction. With the weight, the most important thing to make the rocket boom is the fuel, AKA the water. Filling the rocket too much will just turn into a dud take off, filling the rocket with not enough will not give the rocket the energy and power it needs to soar through the sky. To calculate the exact height of the rocket, as it is soaring through the air, someone stands 100 yards away with a degree gun, from there

“Our only real strategy was that we watched everyone else’s failures, and turned them around into our success,” stated winner Stires. So the rockets were once again a big hit. The incoming freshman are going to have a challenge in front of them if they want to beat the launches from this year, and all years in the past. Written by: Hannah Phillips, Monica Kemp and Laura Phillips


118-119_1-13833_000.indd 119

{ 119 6/26/2010 8:50:24 AM


Sardines, Bags & Boxes,



Laugh out loud comedy It’s about time Written By: Laura Phillips, Monica Kemp, and Hannah Phillips

Noises off, this years spring play was unlike Fid-

and characters. The second act however was what

dler on the Roof that was shown in the fall, or like A Mid-

most people don’t get to see-backstage. The entire

summer Nights Dream that was performed in the spring

two story set was transformed 180 degrees, and the

of 2009-Noises off was a laugh out loud comedy.

audience got to see the characters scrambling around,

There was a lot of talk and publicity about the

and arguing during a performance.

play in it being ‘The funniest play Gresham High has

“The play totally exceeded my expectations, the

ever had, and for many students they didn’t know what

whole entire auditorium was in full out laughter,” said

to believe, but by the end of the night most all students

Karen Zhou (11).

could come to the conclusion that it was an enjoyable

The third and final act was their last perfor-

production, full of lots of laughs, and not a dull moment.

mance of ‘Nothing On’ where as an audience you saw

The play was a lot better than I thought it

the play within a play take place on the stage. Every-

would be, it was really funny,” admitted Darian

one knew what was happening on stage and could

Hutchinson (11).

easily acuratly imagin what was happening backstage

Also, The cast was unbelievably small this year,

for the ‘Nothing On’ cast.

with only 9 roles, consisting of 4 girls and 5 boys. The

After being an audience member seeing Noises

play was about a cast of people who are trying to get

Off you wonder if it is that crazy for our crews putting

ready to perform their own play titled ‘Nothing On’

together all out shows here at GHS.

The characters are put through lots of practices trying

“Backstage, it is really easy going, nothing

to prepare themselves for opening night while their di-

like seen in the actual play, but sometimes there are

rector, Lloyed Dalles continually shouts out directions.

some moments where it’s like ‘Oh No!” laughed Josh

The actors get caught up in drama aside from the drama

Palmiter (11).

on stage such as characters getting drunk, or who’s in a

So much goes into a production here in the

relationship with who. It all adds up and causes lots of

Gresham High Drama Department which helped

missed lines, wrong entrances, and over all hilarity.

the Performance of Noises Off be a sucess. Overall,

“’As we would be reading over the script dur-

the spring show turned out to be a favorite amongst

ing rehearsles we would just burst out laughing

students here, and a great hit. hopefully the 2010 fall

reading the script, it was just so funny,” Actor Sarah Kuhn

musical can top it.

(10) admitted. There were 3 main acts. In the first act, the audience got to see the cast practicing the play and they had the chance to meet and see all of the cast members

120 } SPRING PLAY | NOISES OFF 120-121_1-13833_000.indd 120

6/26/2010 10:44:37 AM

Man down, Daniel Dempsey (12) played as the director of the play ‘Nothing On’ as he falls to the ground about to give up on his group of misfit actors. “That role was a lot of fun, it was reallyfunny and I enjoyed it a lot,” said Dempsey. Here is what I am thinking, Constructor Aaron Lyski (12) and director Daniel Dempsey (12) discuss the plans and jobs that need to be done to prepare for the opening of ‘Nothing On’ “Since it was such a small cast, we were all like a family, and I enjoyed tvery much, and I’ll miss it next year,” admitted Lyski. Standing alone, Lyle Keathley stands alone as Dempsey, Kimberly Woods (12), Tra Ford (12) and Breanna Stockwell (12) discuss other things that are going on. “My character in the play reflected me as a person,” said Keathley, “I was able to be myself with out acting.”


120-121_1-13833_000.indd 121

{ 121

6/26/2010 10:44:40 AM


Battle It Out At The Dean Nice Invitational Written by Hannah Phillips, Monica Kemp, and Laura Phillips

The 2010 annual Dean Nice meet hit the track again this year on May 7th, Great Anticipation, The girls track teem gathers after the closing moments of the District Meet awaiting the results for the top team honors. “We wanted it so bad, we had all worked so hard and knew it was going to be close,” said Marisa Benson (12). “Although we were announced CoCampions, I made sure that we received the award first,” Ceone Nojima (12) joked.

Girls fight for District title Last year at Districts, the girls track team dealt with a huge loss when placing fourth overall. It was a tough loss since they had been District champions for the last seven years in a row. This year however, they are out for vengeance. “I feel confident that our team has the ability to do well at districts. We have a strong element and a lot of natural ability,” said Clarice Terry (10). The first meet of the season was against Sandy and Hood River. Sandy was already set to win Districts this year, but they were quickly defeated with a score of Gresham: 74, Sandy: 71. Gresham then became the school set to take the District title. “It felt so awesome to beat Sandy,” said Nche Onyima (12). “It was the highlight of the season for me. I think if we compete how we’re supposed to compete and don’t let up, we will win.” Next came an easy victory over Reynolds and St. Marys, and with another boost of confidence, the girls defeated the Central Catholic Rams and the David Douglas Scots. The District title was practically in their grasp; the only thing in their way was the Sandy Pioneers, who were only three points behind them going into Districts. With the girls team suffering injuries, it would turn out to be a very close battle. The girls came through victorious however, and won back the title of district champions. “Districts was a lot of fun, and everyone did a really good job and it felt really good winning,” said Haley Crouser (9).

welcoming 15 other schools from around Oregon including Bend, Central Catholic, Clackamas, Dallas, Marist, Mountain View, Pendleton, Redmond, Rex Putnum, South Salem, Dalles Wahtonka, West Salem, and Wilsonville. Last year the girls team placed third, so this year the team was hoping to keep that winning streak. “When Harshfield first announced the outcome we were confused because we had calculated the points and we should have placed higher, but then Harshfield said we got second and we were happy,” laughed Ify Onyima (10). The girls kicked off the meet by winning the 4x100 meter relay and scoring the first 10 points for the team. Throughout the whole meet the gopher girls were placing in the top spots trying to keep the win going. However, competition was close, with South Salem only a few points behind them and by the 3000 meter race the two teams were tied for first with 88 points and only one event left; the 4x400 meter relay. The girls started off in the back during the first leg of the race, but by the fourth leg Khalia Tidwell (12) brought the team into fourth place, giving South Salem the first place trophy. “We went out, and we had a few people having to step up into Varsity spots, so to get second shows how good of a team we really are,” said Head Coach Cris Koenig. During the awards ceremony the teams gathered on the turf, and as the winning teams were being declared, announcer Cyrus Harshfield accidentally announced the wrong three winning teams spreading false excitement. “Excuse me, umm the three ladies who just got trophies, please bring them back, those are the wrong scores,” Harshfield announced. In the end, Mountain View placed third, Gresham took second, and South Salem stole first.

Near the finish, Eric Dugwyler pushes past his limits during the Dean Nice Invitational. “It’s hard. Running is hard. Most people don’t realize the kind of training we do to get in the kind of shape where running a couple of miles insn’t a huge deal,” stated Dugwyler. Running hard, freshman Hannah Phillips runs her fastest during the 800 meter run. “Running is like a release for me, after a certain point it just feels really good,” explained Phillips.


122 } SPORTS | TRACK 122-123_1-13833_000.indd 122

6/26/2010 5:36:04 PM

Set . . Bang, Zach Which (11) starts off the 4x100 relay. “The relays are always everyone’s favorite, being first I just wanted to get our team off to a good lead” Which said. She’s off, Ify Onyima (10) leaves the blocks for the 100 meters at State, “I did pretty good at state this year, the best part was hanging out and having fun with the track team.” Onyima said. Taking off after the leaders, turning to get the baton from Dylan Hanson (10), Dillion Hoecker (10) sets himself for one of the most exciting races of the meet, anchoring the 4 x 400M relay team it came down to the last step. “It was such a close race, in the end it was just me and this guy from sandy, we had no idea who had gotten first,” Hoecker said. In the end, however, Gresham placed second by .02 of a second.


Two hurdles to go, Haley Crouser (9) attacks the hurdles at Districts and qualified for state where she placed fourth overall. “Track was a really fun experience, and next year I hope to get even better in hurdles and Javelin.” Crouser said.

Co-District Champs! Gresham’s girls team poses for a group pic after winning districts with Sandy. “I was so proud of us! We really deserved it!” said Haley Crouser (9).


122-123_1-13833_000.indd 123

{ 123

6/26/2010 5:36:13 PM

A Gresham Legend, In the final round of the State Championships senior Sam Crouser starts his approach to a discus throw. Crouser ended up winning first place in discus. “My overall goal is to go to the 2012 Olympics in London, I’d like to head to 3 Olympics if I can. Winning a gold medal would be pretty cool too,” laughed Crouser.




Push yourself to the limit and then a little f Push yourself to the limit andand thenthen a little further Push yourself to the limit a little Push yourself to the limit and then a littlefurther further

124 } SPORTS | THROWING EVENTS 124-125_1-13833_000.indd 124

6/26/2010 2:10:21 PM

Hurling his first throw into the air, Sam Crouser takes his first attempt at the Dean Nice Invitational. His mark of 238 feet 8 inches, was only 6 feet under his national record set earlier in the season. It is not often that you see an entourage following a high school track athlete but people gathered around Sam as he put all his might into throwing the javelin in hopes of beating another National Record. “People would run over to the throwing area when they heard Sam was throwing,” Spencer Kelley said. “He was inspiring for the whole team.” Getting Focused, Jon Treloggen (10) prepares to throw the shotput during the Dean Nice Invitational. “I learned so much this year! I think a big part of the reason I learned so much was because of Sam. You see how driven he is and how much he has perfected his technique and you can’t help but want to be like him,” explained Treloggen. Get up girl! Senior Ceone Nojima attempts to qualify during the Dean Nice Invitational. She came up a little short but said “The Dean Nice track meet was one of the most memorable moeets of our season. Out team came through and placed second!” Powerhouse girl, Coleen Bailey (12) practices her shotput technique before she throws at the Dean Nice Invitaional. “I progressed a lot this year, training and lifting weights was a big factor for me and it really helped,” explained Bailey.

COACHES STATEMENTS: Most athletes only specialize in one or two throwing events, but Crouser placed at the top of every meet in all three events; Javelin, Shotput, and Discus. “To have an athlete star in all the throwing events is really rare, Sam was an important asset to the team this year,” Coach Chris Koenig said. For four years Crouser worked like no other to improve each and every day, and it showed more and more this year. Crouser was even named the athlete of the decade! “Sam set goals, and he stuck with them and that’s what really helped him succeed in the ways that he has,” Coach and father Dean Crouser said.


en a little further urther ettlefurther further

124-125_1-13833_000.indd 125


{ 125 6/26/2010 2:10:32 PM

A new kind of competition, Brittany Williams (10) and Kathryn Cook (10) competing to be the best iron artist, a new activity at springfest dreamt up by Mrs. Pratt and Ms. Kruse. Teams of four had an amount of time to create an art piece out of random materiels, focusing on a given theme. “It’s basically Iron Chef on the Food Network, but instead it’s with art. It was such a fun idea,” remarked Cook. One more! Jose Cruz (11) tests his strength at the pull up bar with the National Guard, he even won a sticker just for trying. “I liked that there were a lot of different things to do at springfest this year,” Cruz commented. I see . . . lines on your hand. . . Palm reader and Psychic Madame Moselle read hundreds of students palms revealing future’s and other surprising things. Bubble gum or cherry? Kevin Dunlap (10) represents student council by serving snow cones for the sophomore class fund-raiser. “Springfest went really well for all of the classes fund-raising, ours was just really sticky, but we got a lot of money to use at next years Prom!” Dunlap said.

126 } STUDENT LIFE | SPRINGFEST 126-127_1-13833_000.indd 126

6/28/2010 2:28:38 PM

Ahhh, Katie Howard (10) flys through the air as she is launched by the workers at the bungy station. The bungee at springfest was a big sucess. Many students enjoyed the rush they got flinging through the air, something you don’t get to do everyday. “The bungy was so fun! It was my favorite thing at Springfest,” said Lending a...shoulder, Hayward Demison (10) assisting Justin Potter (12) with his slam dunk at the popular springfest contest. “I really just wanted to kill it so I could win that signed jersey.” Potter admitted. Sharing his tallent, Trae Sirimanodham (11) entertained the student body at the 2010 springfest with his rap. “It was great getting to share what I make with the school, I’m glad I was a part of springfest,” said Sirimanodham. Ouch! Kyle Wyatt (11) demonstrates a purfect belly flop during the first annual belly flop contest although he didn’t win... “The belly flop contest was a lot of fun, I’ll try again next year,” Wyatt said.


An Afternoon Of Fun Students Of Classwork

Written by: Emily McDonald and Alex Hagel

You wake up on just a regular morning. Brush your teeth,

comb you hair and run out the door so your not late to school. You make it to school on time, just as the bell rings. You work hard all day at school, eat lunch, then work even harder on the last two periods of the day. Finally, the last bell of the day rings. Just before you walk outside to go home, you see kids running to the fish bowl and cafeteria. You wonder what all the commotion is for. You follow the herd, curious about where the destination is. To your surprise, they go out side, on the JV outfield and outside the cafeteria. You see cotton candy machines, palm readers, bungee jumps... And the volley ball competition . One day out of the year that you plan and wait for. Volleyball teams finding a name and getting the best players, student council finding the best activities to mess around with, even staff members are able to have fun. Springfest in the time where prizes are being won for something like a Twinkies eating contest, or army fitness challenge. A bungee jump to through you in the air and flip around. Palm readers to tell you what’s going to happen to you in the near future. Mr. Daley and Mrs. Lundberg walking around ready to squirt you with water the moment you turn around, soon enough everyone begins to duck the moment they come into site, Giving a chance to get them back they sale water balloons to peg them with. “Amazing how fast students jump at the chance to get back at there students” Mr. Daley laughed.

126-127_1-13833_000.indd 127


{ 127

6/28/2010 2:28:44 PM

Back Back


YEARS After After it was a challeng Written by: Katie Sewall

“The percussionists had their work cut out for them."

The Gresham High School band program was invited to walk in the Starlight parade this year for the first time in 38 years. Since then, we had basically discontinued our marching program. So, unlike other schools such as Centennial and David Douglas, we were a concert band program, learning to march like a marching program. That meant for a lot of people, switching instruments, memorizing music for the first time, and a lot of laps around the track. Plus a little extra help from outside. Warren Murray was one of the people who volunteered. “I’ve known Mr. Prunk for a few years and he asked me to come in and work with his drum section,” said Murray. Out of all the instrument sections, the percussionists had their work cut out for them. “There was no marching percussion here until three weeks before the parade. Marching percussion and concert percussion are 2 completely different beasts and so it’s a whole different kind of training,” continued Murray. Some of the students enjoyed the changes.

“I thought it was really fun, but at the same time I thought it was really confusing because I learned the whole horn part and then I had to switch to mellophone and then all of a sudden they were like, ‘no do drum line’ so it was like, ‘OK I’ll do that’ but it was fun,” remembered Miranda McClausland (11). Aside from some different instruments, the students had mixed expectations for something they had never done before. “I was pretty excited,” said Brennan Norwood (09). “ I had a little bit of a doubt about how fun it was going to be because of how hard it might be, but it was great.” There were good things and bad things about the night. It was good weather but there was a lot of waiting. The band had a massive sound from all 145 of the players but they didn’t all fit comfortably on the buses. “It sucked and it was fun,” commented Heidi McGill. “It was a challenge. It was a new experience but overall I think there was more good than bad.” Looking back, and considering all the obstacles, the band felt they did respectably.

128 } ACADEMICS | BAND 128-129_1-13833_000.indd 128

7/1/2010 12:34:23 PM


Marching in formation, Proceeding thought the streets of downtown portland on June 5 2010, the Gophers entertained estimated 250,000 spectators from around the northwest. “It was pretty tight, I am glad that I had the opportunity be apart of night, said Kevin Dunlap (10)

“I liked it,” said Steven Parker (12). “ We did pretty good for our first time. I do have to admit there were some problems but hey, you know what, that’s very fine and it was awesome that the dance team and the cheer leading squad was there too.” This event meant hundreds of thousands of people would be seeing the Gresham band program, and that was some long overdue publicity for them. “All bands need to be recognized for everyone’s individual talent,” said McClausland. And they didn’t do that badly either. “I think that a lot of people weren’t expecting much and we gave them more than they were expecting,” said Norwood.

Keep your eyes on where your going, Katie Brashear(10) marches on as she carried her tuba for the entire parade. “I really didn’t want to do it, but the parade was pretty much our final so I had no choice.” admitted Brashear. Keep on playing! Bryce West (10) Plays the saxaphone and marches in the parade, “It was really fun, it seemed to go on forever, but i really enjoyed doing it.” West said.


128-129_1-13833_000.indd 129

{ 129

7/1/2010 12:34:27 PM

Singing Solo Aaron Larson (9) sang “Back at One” by Brian McKnight and dedicated it to his girlfriend Danielle Clifford (9). “I never sang in front of so many people before, it was an experience I won’t ever forget,” said Larson. Trying to stay afloat Abby Bryant (9) and Taylor Raines (9) participating in the freshman Gopher boat races. “Even though our boat was falling apart in the water and we almost sank, it was a ton of fun!” Bryant said.

130 } PORTRAITS | FRESHMEN 130-131_1-13833_000.indd 130

6/30/2010 8:17:40 AM

Silent Library, Freshman sits silently reading the class novel, Knight during english class. Boy’s and their toys, Paul Roberts (9) learning the basics of carpentry in woods class. “Woodshop was a pretty easy class, but I enjoyed it a lot,” Roberts said. Sweet melodies, the freshman boys choir singing at the winter choir concert. “I really enjoyed choir this year, I learned a lot and had fun with everyone in that class,” admitted Trent Pederson (9). Their first Homecoming Parade, Claire Palmiter (9) leads the freshman homecoming group across the track representing the “Incredibles” theme. “I thought our float was awesome, and we didn’t get last which was really unexpected so hopefully next year we can do even better,” added Palmiter.


130-131_1-13833_000.indd 131

{ 131

6/30/2010 8:17:44 AM

Kaylee Aalbers Brian Accuardi Dalton Adams Deandre Adams Devin Adams Luke Aguon

Mathew Akre Aron Aldrich Daniel Allen Makayla Allmaras Darius Alston Itan Altamirano

Caleb Anderson Chris Anderson Justin Anderson Ana Angel-Mercado Jessica Apodaca Marquis Arango

Angel Arciga Kaeli Arenas Jason Artz Tyler Augur Ivette Avalos Carlos Aviles

Ryan Baisden A.j. Baker Jocelyn Balonzo Kaylee Barcroft Kevin Barrera Taylor Bauer

Mariah Beegle Jasmine Beeson Joshua Beiersdorf Angelina Bencomo Zac Benefiel Jonas Benoit

Beau Black Meagan Boetel Nicolas Bonneville Alex Bosso Taylor Bott Jasmine Bowser


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 132

7/1/2010 5:17:52 PM

Paije Boyd Sargent Dalton Boyles Leslie Bravo Kendra Brestel Zach Brewer Christina Brown

Tyler Brown Markese Brown-Rushing Abby Bryant Mike Buck Alex Bump Maggie Burgess

Lauren Burns Rudy Busch Maile Byrd Tyleah Cain Anthony Calderon Xavier Caldwell

Yareni Camacho Ashley Cappa Taylor Carbone Cecilia Cardoso Danielle Carrithers Peyton Cartmill

Lauren Casto Taylor Castro Rolando Cecilio Micah Charleston Crystal Chau Gloryann Chilson

Kendall Chilson Jenica Christman Lee Chung Carrie Chupp Danielle Clifford Walter Clinton

Henry Cobb Amber Cole Hollyann Cornelius Heriberto Corrales Brian Cortes Orozco Andrew Crapser


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 133

{ 133

7/1/2010 5:18:00 PM

Competition is getting closer, Sean Marrs works on the robot as Mr. Cyrus Harshfield looks on, “Robotics was actuallly pretty cool,” Marrs Admitted. “Some people laughed when they found out I was in it, but at least I can build a robot!” Trista Benitez works with her fellow classmates to perfect their robot. “It was pretty hard making it, but together we worked hard and had a lot of fun.” Benitez said. Look out student body, The robotics team modified their robot to create a T-shirt rocket, propelling rolled t-shirts high in to the bleachers of the main gym during the Spring Recognition Assembly.


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 134

7/1/2010 5:18:06 PM

Chelsea Crapser Kaleb Crimp Haley Crouser Adriana Cruz Emily Culley

Taylor-Nicole Custer Maria Damian Sophia Damiani Claudia Dandrea Amber Daun Forrest Davis

Emily Declet David DeJesus Jordan Dodge Brady Dooley Christy Dorr Max Douglas

Danae Downer Brianna Dozark Betty Dzib Euan Hermogenez Elias Jordan Ellis Shannon Ernst

Daisy Escobedo Robert Esparza Nicholas Estibar Drew Estrada Natalia Estrada Leonel Estrada-Valentin

Colen Evans Zack Everett Brandon Falvey Joshua Farley Michael Farmer Kelsi Fasano

Bailey Ferguson Juan Fernandez Maximiliano Figueroa-Alvarez Michael Finnigan Kayla Fitzpatrick Ashley Fleck


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 135

{ 135

7/1/2010 5:18:14 PM

Freshmen Fridays? Frosh, Freshies, Fresh Meat...

Most things we hear are just rumors ele v ator

Taking my first steps into a new school, with nothing more


? ? ?

Written by Heather Ries, and Emily McDonald

made me feel like high school was not that big of a difference.”

than rumors I’ve been told, and the notorious ‘Mean Girls’ to antici-

As our first day of high school finally creeps to a halt, we go

pate, I scramble to find a familiar face. Entering the gym to freshman

home in shock. When I get home and my mom asks me how my first

orientation was nothing like what I expected. Smiling seniors were

day was, I could honestly say “pretty good.” But like everything else,

eager to show us around. Playing games and getting to know more

all good things must come to an end eventually. The next day hun-

about high school life made me think that high school might not be that

dreds of kids pour into the hallways pushing and shoving to meet up

bad,but then again I still hadn’t had my real first day. No one was there

with their fellow friends. While looking for my class, a junior pushes

selling us ‘elevator passes’ and not one freshman got a swirley or was

me to go faster, another bumps my shoulder while barging by. Sud-

beaten up. The myths were proved wrong.

denly, I realize that I am just a freshman, I am at the bottom of the

Haley Hashbrook agreed when she said, “I was shocked at

food chain, whether I like it or not. The only thing on a freshman

Orientation. With all the funny games it seemed really elementary. It

mind now is if ‘freshman Friday’ is really a day of beating up froshies

Jacob Fletcher Eugenio Flores Dillon Fornos Shanna Foss Rebecca Fravel Troy Frediani

Sonia Fuentes Derek Galarza Emery Galindo Miranda Gallagher Gary Garcia Tatyana Garcia

Tony Garthe Devin Gaspard Tabby Gee Carmella Gemmato Teagun Gentry Caitlin Gibbs

Willie Gibson Victoria Giddings Andrew Gillen Emily Gilson Brody Gines Nathan Girdan


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 136

7/1/2010 5:18:18 PM

or just a rumor like the elevator passes.

and eventually find out the teachers are on your side. They won’t

Although hazing is not allowed and is strictly monitored,

throw your papers away when you write on the last line of your

it still happens, but is seen as more of a joke. We’ve been told of

paper, or read your texts out loud if they see your phone out. The

‘locker room raids’.

upperclassmen are really just enjoying their last years and trying to

“The lights go off, they rip off our shirts, and then they start

have fun, or even trying to include you by being ‘mean’.

throwing books and anything they can find. No one gets hurt, it’s

“All of my brothers friends pushed me around because they

just to freak us out,” explained an anonymous sophomore, “when

already knew me. I got shoved in the hallways, but since I’ve known

they turn back on the lights they laugh at us all balled up not sure

them forever it was like a big joke at school and at home,” ex-

whats going on, it’s actually even funny as a freshman.” Games like

plained Joey Constein (10). Your friendships and relationships will

this become a part of high school. Not a life and death situation,

undoubtedly alter. But those same rumors you heard your fresh-

simply fun.

man year will reach your ears once again. Finally by your senior

Senior Justin Potter says, “I am strongly against hazing at Gresham. It is not allowed.” Most things we hear are just rumors,

year, it all comes together and you look back wondering ‘how could I possibly have have believed that?’.

until we are shocked by the stories of our fellow freshman. Freshman year you struggle through your first hard classes, Gerry Gomez Lety Gomez Brian Gonzalez Lety Gonzalez Milena Gonzalez Brittany Good

Chad Gordon Isaac Greene Drexel Grimes Amanda Grimm Ashley Grogan Leticia Guardiola

Josh Guerrero Gary Guzman Gloria Guzman Howard Hagen Mackenzie Hagger Marissa Haide

Dion Hairston Ethan Hamilton Mikayla Harding Rebecca Harris Samie Harris Spencer Harris


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 137

{ 137

7/1/2010 5:18:23 PM

Hailey Hasbrook Nicole Haskins Courtney Hatton Zachary Haworth Danika Hazard Hope Headings

Zach Hedeen Basky Heldart Austin Hergert Gage Hernandez Javier Hernandez Lucia Hernandez

Uriel Hernandez Oscar Hernandez Lopez Issac Hinojosa-Diaz Kyle Hoeft Devauntae Hoffman Jake Holland

Dj Holmes Leah Honn Lara Horine Katie Howard Anna Huber Ashley Huff

Sarah Hull Cassidy Hunt Tyler Huntwork Jacob Jackson Ryan Jacobs Kyleigh Jandro

Alina Jantz Clara Jasso Ronnie Jenner Jonathan Jimenez Samantha Jimenez Eric Johnsen

Lizzy Johnston Tyler Jordan Alberto Juarez Alexander Junker Alex Kaufman Jasmin Kennard


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 138

7/1/2010 5:18:30 PM

“I should have just called.” Aminah Khinnarath Ashley Kibbe Alicia Kilburn

Hannah Kim John King Brandon Kirby


When Texting Goes

Chad Gordon (9) “I was attempting to use sarcasm in a text and it turned out really bad the next day.” Tyler Jordan (9) “I was really mad at this girl so i wrote like a 10 page text to her and I wasn’t gonna send it to her but my friends stole my phone and hit [SEND]” Alicia Ramage (9) “I was having a bad conversation with

Tyler Klink Felisha Knori Julian Kousol

my friend and at the same time I was texting my dad and I sent a bad message to my dad instead of my friend.

Cody Hunter (10) “ I was texting my friend a very well thought out 5 and a half page story where instead of it being sent, it all deleted!”

Jose Kuder Saskia Kuehl Lauren Laakso

Lauryn Hartung (10) “So what’s going on? Can I stay the night at Victoria’s? Grandma wants me to go to church with her tomorrow.” [SEND] CONTACTS: MOM. 10 min later I get a text from a guy saying, ”What??” I frantically look back at the message and realized the message was sent to a cute guy from Barlow. This was so embarrassing! Mary Keathley (11) “One day I was texting a lot of people

Taylor Lagunsad Chelsea Lake Gerardo Lara

at once so the conversations got hard to follow. I was texting my friend about another friend. I accidentally texted the person we were talking about instead of my friend. I didn’t realize it until I looked at my phone and saw a text from that person saying “Umm what?” I’m pretty sure I talked my way out of that one!”

Anonymous girl (11) “I was texting my friend about sneaking out one night, when i accidentally sent the text message to my mom!” Aaron Larson Nicholas Lauritsen Greg Lawrence

Emily Kratz (11) “ I was texting this guy and I asked him what his middle name was and after he told me i texted my best friend making fun of him, but i actually sent it to him!”

Kelsy Smith (12) “I got stranded in Portland for 2 hours Ryan Lazaro Jazmine Learn Spencer Ledford

cause my ride never showed up, turns out my text never ended up sending.”

Aaron Lyski (12) “Some girl invited herself into our prom group so i meant to text my best friend saying “What the heck, why is she coming!!!” When i accidentally sent it to her.” Jessica Neffendorf (12) “I accidentally told Lyle that Lauren was in love with him!”


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 139

{ 139

7/1/2010 5:18:34 PM

Finding the inspiration to write, Rachel Kelley (12) engulfs herself in her work in the back corner of Cafe Delirium in downtown Gresham. “I really enjoyed writing at Cafe Delirium because there were nice alcoves to write at and I could spend multiple hours there.” -Rachel Kelley


‘ S hattered’ It’s Not Just a

She’s the Becoming of an Author

We think writing an essay for school is a challenge, but what about when a student is writing a book? Rachel Kelley (12) has decided to shock us all and do just that. “I tried writing a book when I was ten years old, but I just didn’t have the desire that I have now,” she says with a smile on her face. “I had this wild dream and when I woke up, I started to write the character development. From there, I just began to write.” How did she get into it and how did her parents react? “I played soccer my whole life, all the time. I just stopped all of a sudden, and I told my mom that I was going to write a book,” she explains. “At first she was shocked and didn’t know what to think about it, but now she’s excited. My parents are now all for it.” Kelley also let just one other person read this whole book; her best friend Valerie Haskins (12). “While I was reading the book I found it hard to believe that this was written by my friend, who is the same age as me,” Haskins states. “I found myself sucked into the story line, wanting to know what happened to the characters, laughing and crying at many parts of the book. It really sucked me in. I thought it was a great story, with strong characters.” Kelley started writing the book October 12th, 2008. She wrote her book mostly in Cafe Delirium and her room. “I finished completing the first draft on August 1, 2009, and my second draft was completed on November 29, 2009.” It takes countless drafts and editing before the book will able to be published. Her goal is to get her book out by 2011, which will be a challenge because it’s an extremely long and tough process. “I edited once, I had my mom go through it once, and now

Written By: Lindsey Frilot

Ms. Lundberg is editing it. Hopefully that will be enough to get it picked up by an agent. However, once it gets picked up, they may ask me to edit more. Then when it gets to the publisher, they may have an editor help me go through as many times as they see fit,” Kelley explains. How did the title ‘Shattered’ become the title of her book? “I hadn’t originally planned to title it until it was done but about halfway through the title “Shattered” just popped into my head and I knew it fit perfectly. I think it definitely reflects her (Elizabeth Jeffries, the main character) emotional state at the novel’s beginning,” she says. According to her website (, it’s a book about a girl who’s past is better left behind her. She is forced to face it, and death, and once more she gives everything away for love and the possibility of redemption. “I wasn’t interested in promotion at first, but then I opened my website to the public and got a fan club on Facebook,” says Kelley. She’s not only writing her own book and promoting it to her classmates, but she has started to promote it outside of school. “I hand out my card to authors to get myself into the industry. I do this by going to the author’s book signings,” she adds. This is so much more then just writing a book for the attention and just writing a book because she has the love for writing. This is her passion, something that will take her far and make her an author. “I would say this is only my beginning. It’s just me starting my career. It gives me knowledge and experience in what I want to do, which is writing novels. I would be a novelist in a heartbeat, and do it all the time if I could.”


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 140

7/1/2010 5:18:38 PM

Citlaly Leon Ryan Leveque Delaney Lewis Cole Lindhorst Alex Linstad Jake Logsdon

Morgan Lopez Mary Lor Eric Louie LaKyta Lovan Stephanie Lucas Taneesha Lucas

Elizabeth Luna-Rendon Alla Lupanov Alex Luster Chloe MacAulay Cory MacKay Stephen Madrosen

Hope Malecha Christopher Malloy Sergio Marquez Itzury Martinez Natalia Martinez Kristina Mathews

Tyler Maxfield Haley McDonald Justin McGreevy Kelsea McNaughton Kaela Meixner Alex Mendez

Ashley Meredith Taya Mick Alin Mihaltan Kelsey Miler Matthew Mills Kyle Moore

Trevon Moore Jaime Mora Nuni Muhammad Lindsay Nastav Svitlana Nazarets David Nelson


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 141

{ 141

7/1/2010 5:18:47 PM

Lane M Nelson Brenna Newman Ashley Nguyen Jack Nielsen Vastine Niyomwungere Jessica Norton

Jevin Odom Molly Mae O’Halloran Jordyn Olofson Jeremiah Olsen Brett Olson Willie O’Ree

Michael O’Shea Katrina Owens Jacob Palmer Claire Palmiter Lydia Palmquist Austin Parker

Haley Parker Melissa Parra Ryan Parrett Allan Parsons Hunter Pattock Austin Peacock

Kylee Pearson Heidi Pedersen Trent Pederson Marissa Pelham Deseray Perez Destiny Perez

Brett Peterson Paul Pham Brandon Pitts Anastasia Popova Tristan Press Taylor Raines

Alicia Ramage Enrique Ramirez Alvarez Claire Rehmke Savannah Reimer Santos Renteria Janika Reynolds


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 142

7/1/2010 5:18:55 PM

Celena Nafarrate (10) said that her and a few others stayed later because they did not have a first period class. They continued

September 23, 2009 See You


at the Pole

Written By Clarice Terry

to sing and pray for a few more minutes before the group finally dispersed. According to Reimer, it was cool to connect with other Christians. For her, the experience was very encouraging and she would definitely attend the meeting again. Peter Pham (10) said of the event, “People can hope. Most people believe in something so they can have hope in something.” According to Pham, even though it seems like it benefits the school community, he would not consider joining in because his

A national event called “See You at the Pole” is an event anyone can participate in, and it happens every year around the participating school’s flag pole. This year it took place, Sept. 23.

beliefs differ from those expressed at the gathering being that he is a Buddhist. Lauren Hartung (10) attended the gathering her freshman year but said that she would not go back. She agreed that joining to-

“See you at the Pole” started in 1990 by a group of students who

gether to pray was a good thing, but felt like there were too many

had attended a youth conference. By 1991 many young Christians

different views and that people clashed. Hartung decided not to

participated on campuses across the country.

attend this year for those reasons.

The Christian event allows people with similar beliefs to have

“Anytime kids feel they belong to something it’s good. I would

the chance to gather peacefully and pray. Students organize this

just hope that it’d be accepting to everybody because sometimes

ceremony. It is open to anyone to join or observe and could be a

religious things can be exclusive,” Kathy Childress, freshman sci-

learning experience for people who have questions.

ence teacher, said.

“I think the goal is to basically talk to God about our school and praise God for who He is,” Micheal Nunziato (11), who has attended “See you at the Pole” for three years, said. The students sing and pray, and according to Nunziato, gathering

She feels it is good to have events like this when they are open to everyone. Everyone who passed by was welcome to join in. The circle simply expanded when someone else arrived to join.

with other Christians by the flagpole is a good way to help others

Next year there will be another ceremony by the flagpole for

because it is a public event so it makes room for good conversa-

those who are interested. For Nunziato and Reimer both it has


been a positive experience they plan to take part in again and they

“It’s good to see from the beginning who shares similar beliefs so you can help them later on in the year,” Nunziato said. He feels that it sets the year off on a good foot, and that it is also a way to learn about other opportunities like a school Bible study mentioned during the gathering. During the meeting, a parent of a student here stopped at the group and gave them his blessing. As Nunziato said, the gathering is about connecting with other Christians and receiving their support.

hope to see everyone at the pole next year. Prayer Time Morgan Benson (10) Nicole Norton (10) and Hayley Karkkainen (12) praying together outside the school. “It’s nice to be able to have the chance to get together as a group and praise God,” admitted Karkkainen. Students gathered under the flag pole before school started, and shared their beliefs about God. “It was really nice, we all shared the same beliefs and I think everyone should come to the pole sometime next year,” admitted Nicole Kobayashi (10)

“I only thought there were going to be a few people, but when I got there, there were more and more coming and that was cool,” Savannah Reimer (9), who was new to “See you at the Pole”, said. About 20 people showed up to the event. It started with an opening prayer that went around the circle so everyone got to have their input. After the prayer, the group sang some popular worship songs. After the singing there was a closing prayer. Friendly goodbyes were exchanged, with ten minutes left before the bell rang. SEE YOU AT THE POLE | STUDENT LIFE

132-149_1-13833_000.indd 143

{ 143

7/1/2010 5:18:57 PM

Sawyer Rhinevault Danny Rice Dacia Rincon Paul Roberts Audrianna Rodriguez Junior Rodriguez

Whitney Rodriguez Jorge Rojas Monica Rojas Jessica Romero Victoria Romero Luis Romero Zamora

Austin Rose Nathan Rosenboom Nicholas Rumley Bianka Salazar Jaime Salmeron Alex Sanchez

Dayana Sanchez Favio Sanchez Jose Sanchez Vilga Sanchez Quinn Santangelo Marcos Santiago Santos

Salvador Santos Kais Saradi Jessica Saray Haley Schaeffer Sara Seid Emily Shaw

Jacob Shupp Austin Siliang Alexis Silva-Ramirez Thomas Simon Amanda Smith Jazzmen Smith

Makailan Smith Maya Smith Melissa Smith Rose Smith Alex Sobolevskiy Yaroslav Sokol


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 144

7/1/2010 5:19:05 PM

A [AUT O S H O P ]

Got Can a Car? you fix it?

Written by: Katie Sewall

The odds of everyone at Gresham High School eventually owning a car one day is pretty high. The odds of everyone understanding how that car works is pretty low. It is during the high school stage of one’s life that they have the chance to learn the fundamentals about cars for free. Still, not everyone chooses to take the auto shop class. “I took it ‘cause I wasn’t really into cars and I thought it would be a good idea to start knowing how to fix your own stuff,” said Joshua Koga (12). Taking the class has changed his mind about the automotive field being in his future. “For college I’m going to go to Mt. Hood for their auto program and after that, work for a shop,” continued Koga. For others, taking auto shop has a personal relevance. “I took auto shop because I’ve owned a dirt bike since forever, since I was like 6 years old and my dad always worked on it, and I wanted to help him, and I wanted to learn about motors and everything,” said Adam Cage (12). Even though the class isn’t always easy, he still likes it. “We have to memorize the parts by name and there’s a lot of them,” said Constantine Zavalin (12). Cage agreed that having to take all oral tests and quizzes to prove you know everything can be challenging. Still, it’s a beneficial class. “Cars are everywhere, so I just want to know how to fix them, just in case,” added Zavalin, “Even if I won’t go work in this career, I will know for myself if my car breaks down, I will be able to fix it.” Auto shop is also good for some students because it is one of the only trade skills classes we have here. “I like it because it’s a class that’s hands on,” explained Cage,


“I wish they had more hands on classes here, other than auto. I wish they had like metals and welding and stuff, like more hands on classes to take.” Usually, you don’t see many females in those types of classes, but these guys feel that should change. “I think a lot more women should take the class because they

need to know how to change their own oil, change tires, do their


you welding without a mask, and what is

? Eric Stevenson (11) looks in on an engine during an autowhop class. “The class was really fun, it was definatly a lot harder than I orginally thought it would be, but I learned a lot.” Stevenson said.

the screwdriver for

Twentieth Century Woman, Taking her final with Mr. Ruff ____ describes the different parts of the engin and their purpose. “I was one of the few girls in my class, but I really had a lot of fun, and also I learned a lot of things that will benefit me in the future.” admitted _______

132-149_1-13833_000.indd 145

brakes, stuff like that,” said Cage. Someone can choose to take auto shop for only a semester or a year. They don’t have to go all the way through. According to the auto shop teacher, Mr. Ruff, only about 25 kids every year complete the entire course. A course that he feels is good for everybody. “I think it’s a very important life skill to understand how a car

works since most of our transportation relies on cars,” admitted Ruff. AUTOSHOP | ACADEMICS

{ 145

7/1/2010 5:19:11 PM

Remy Somsanith Austin Spicer Kelcey Stauffer Sarah Steinbrugge Macey Steketee Trevor Stephen

Alicxandra Stewart Jessie Stone Shelby Strand Drake Strawser-Salisbury Paige Sturdavant Victoria Sturgill

Aryn Talbot Austin Talbot Meranda Taylor Tanya Tevs Abigail Thompson Randy Thompson

Gabe Thornton Paige Thurman Micah Tolai Taylor Tramposh Hayden Traughber Tierra Treloggen

Whitney Turcol Alyssa Updike Cristian Urzua Brayan Valencia Cody Van Dyke Hannah Vanbrunt

Kameryn Vandehey Charlie Vang Marcel Vargas Chelsie Vaughn Abner J Vazquez Jennifer Velazquez

Sally Veunnasack Delilah Villegas Austin Vinsonhaler Jake Wagner Pearly Walton Eden Wasmer


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 146

7/1/2010 5:19:19 PM

Movie Night: Papers the Movie: STORIES OF UNDOCUMENTED YOUTH

Written By Laura Phillips

No Future No Papers, 132-149_1-13833_000.indd 147

School. Simple enough, but it’s how we communicate between people.

Everyday we talk about recent movies we have seen, whether it was good or not. We talk about upcoming movies, but this year a certain movie went without recognition. “Papers” the movie is a story of undocumented youth and the challenges

students face as they turn 18 without any legal status. “Papers” was shot here in Portland and includes families of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Everyday, families cross the border into the United States and are forced to live

their lives as illegal citizens. They leave their homes, friends, and family to live in a foreign country where the languages and cultures are unfamiliar. People are taken

Translating into spanish, ____ talks about the movie before it began. “Jackie spoke in english, and then I said the same thing in spanish, explaining what ‘Papers was all about.’” ____ said.

out of their comfort zone and thrown into American society to grow up and learn English. Kids are raised thinking they are an American citizen, that they are just the same as everyone else, when really they cannot do the things that they dream of accomplishing. “Papers” represents a global issue that most people are against, but the film gives you an insight on what undocumented students really go through, and the obstacles they face. “Immigration is a very emotionally charged issue. The movie is very opinionated and yet it is filled with

excitement,” said Assistant Principal Ayesha Freeman. Imagine leaving your home, your childhood, and your memories. Then, not by your choice, moving to a

country you have never been to, in hopes of making a better life. After you have learned the ways of this new culture, you go to take your DMV test to get your drivers license and you’re denied. You send in college applications and again you’re denied. But why? You’re just like everyone else, but you’re not. This new place you came to, that you call home, isn’t your home. You’re denied your rights that everyone else has because for some reason your not a legal citizen of this country you’ve come to know so well. Most students in the school today will just turn their heads when they hear about ‘Undocumented Youth,’

or students will make racist comments or jokes toward students of other race or skin color, and that needs to stop, and hopefully ‘Papers’ will encourage students to do just that, and show them the reality of the situations. The film hit the big screen in Downtown Portland at the Hollywood theatre and the showings were sold

out each time. On June 6th, Gresham High School hosted a live screening of the movie here in the auditorium for all of the students to watch. “Papers gives people an understanding and shows how people get lost in the system, and yet they still succeed,” Joanna Zavala (12) explained. According to Jacqueline Altamirano (12), the film changes your view on different situations because people do not realize the situations and that you can really sit down and connect with these people that are not documented citizens. “I really like the movie. It was really realistic and accurate about the situations people face,” stated Altamirano. Not only did this film have sold out screenings, but it soon spread across the country to other local theatres. Director, Anne Galisky even made an appearance on CNN where she talked with news anchor Rick Sanchez and Walter Lara of the Dream Act Organization. During the show, Lara states that people need to be aware that undocumented students are not “illegal,” and that no human being can be “illegal” and that word should be banned from our vocabulary when describing a person. “It is good, everybody should see it,” announced Zavala. PAPERS THE MOVIE | STUDENT LIFE

{ 147

7/1/2010 5:19:21 PM

Alicia Welsh Dusty Wheeler Randi Wicht Shane Wiford Abbie Williams Kendra Williams

Dea’Montae Willingham Alyssa Wilson David Wilson Dj Wilson Ellie Wilson Jesse Winkler

Alexis Wright Zachery Wright Tiffany Yang Darya Zabrodchenko Vanessa Zapata-Gonzalez Silvia Zurita Mendoza

not pictured

SHY FRESHMEN Ana Argueta Casey Beals Elizabeth Belinskiy Fernando Bello DeJesus Jennifer Cecilio Cheyenne Connell Cody Coy Alexandra Crane Bradley Cummings Alla Danyuk Michael Darlington Alex Diaz Tom Gates Jill Gibbs Alicia Halvorson Saul Hernandez Cloey Hill-Pierce Adam Honn Samer Jordan Austin Joseph Miranda Kahklen Cindy Kennedy Dan Knapp Karrina Lucero Jaime Marquez

Ji Yun Martel Justice Martinez Gerardo Molinero Dimas Dorcas Muange Conrad Naydiuk Zach Nelson-Bryan Adam Nobes Brennan Norwood Erick Nuno Dominic Nutt Celia Ochoa-Cruz Hayden Orn Edgar Rivera-Bautista Christopher Rodriguez Adylene Romero Salvador Santos-Santos Yasmeen Shakalia Kristina Sotnikov Nathan Stiers Olga Tello-Mendoza Vastin Vastina Andrew Vigovskiy Tatyana VlasovaJ Tyler Warneke Jacob Williams


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 148

7/1/2010 5:19:24 PM

2 leter bottles, nice thought, Kelsi Fasano (09) and Sonia Fuentes (09) struggle with their floatation device made of bottles. PGE helmets warn for added touch, Kaylee Aalbers (09) and her partner get wet as they work their way across the pool. Here we go, Emily Culley (09) and Haley Crouser (09) prepare to battle the water with their paddles in their two person boat. Get in, lets do this, Taylor Raines (09) and Abby Bryant (09) attempt to get their craft in the water without it submerging. Maybe they should have used more ductape? There is no way you’re going to beat us, Cole Lindhorst (09) and Randy Thompson (09) make there way across the pool as the other boat seems to be having a few problems of there own.

freshmen boat races Any means necessary

Staying Afloat 12.12.2009


132-149_1-13833_000.indd 149

{ 149

7/1/2010 5:19:31 PM

You’ve got line, Sage Cruser (11) and Amy Wooten (12) patiently awaiting for the return ball. “The best part about the seasonw was definetely beating St. Mary’s,” admitted Wooten. Get there, Chelsea Sann (12) soaring across the court to make an outstanding return. “I just did my best in every match to keep the ball on the other side of the court,” Sann said. 40- Love, Karen Zhour (11) serves set point in her bout with the Central Catholic Rams on the Gophers home court this spring. “They were a tough team, but we did our best and we’re proud of how we played,” Zhou said.

152 } SPORTS | GIRLS TENNIS 152-153_1-13833_000.indd 152

6/23/2010 8:05:29 AM



By Arielle Cortese, Emily McDonald and Alex Hagel

Every match, and each player has different goals for themseleves but one thing they all have in common is winning. “Before every match the captains of our team will trade off and on to pick a quote of the day, and we all will put that quote in our left shoe,” says Alyssa Emoto (12). It’s a tradition that has been passed down to our generation and it’s a sign of good luck. “Last year during this time our biggest match was against St. Marys with an undefeated title in conference.” said Tammy Louie (11). “It was a fear that we would be just another tally mark of their winning streak. It surprised us this year to take home the win.” The girls this year have had a winning season of (3-1) in conference. They have been proving how much effort and practice they have been putting into tennis. “We want to prove to everyone that we’re more then just ‘girls tennis’, that we actually want to be recognized as a sport that we work very hard in but also have fun,” said Amy Wooten (11).

Alyssa Emotto (12) was voted team captain amonst the players, and was the most valuable player of the year. “I loved my team this year, we all had a ton of fun hanging out during matches,” exclaimed Emotto.

152-153_1-13833_000.indd 153


{ 153

6/23/2010 8:05:31 AM






An Emotional Sr. Night. Vanessa Bustamante (12) hugs Becca Moen (12) at the seniors last home game. “At senoir night we were all emotional, the seniors cried, the parents cried, but the saddest part ws seeing Lloyd tear up. We all get really close.” commented Bustamante. In Hood River

the team gathered on the

National Anthem. “The Hood River game was one of our best games,” said Heather Ries (11) “our defense was solid and our bats were looking strong. I think we might have even won...”

first base line for the

Making The Catch, Kayla Metcalf (12) saves the game by cathcing what would have been a winning homerun against David Douglas. “It’s just one of those things you don’t think about when you’re out there, I didnt think about it being the winning homerun, I just going to get that ball no matter being a dog. . . you fetch.”

Did that just happen? One of the funniest moments of the season, “uh that was definitely a left side of the field thing...”A fly ball hit between third, short and the pitching cirlce left the team laughing on the ground. “First becca went for it and like fell, then Kendra tripped over Becca, and the catch was made by Emma, we were all laughing so hard.” said Monica Hernandez (10).

156 } SPORTS | SOFTBALL 156-157_1-13833_000.indd 156

6/23/2010 8:56:54 AM

Desoute Obstacles, Tough Games, and High Goals,

Varsity Plays With Heart Written by: Lindsey Frilot and Lauryn Hartung

The goal is to be the best and make it a season full of wins. But what if the season starts out rusty? How do

Even the seniors are really sad to leave their team and Gresham High School behind.

you over come such frustrating obstacles? The girl’s varsity

“I’m actually really sad because I’ve gotten so close with

softball team put in all their effort to make their season one

the girls and the coaching staff,” explained Becca Moen (12).

that was worth watching. “Although it’s a rough season, we pull together and work even harder at practices, because we are all driven to become a better team,” explained Kaitlyn Krenzer (10). After continuously not meeting their own expectations of winning every game, they finally started to get it together and

“I’m excited to leave and move on in life, but it going to be a tough change,” said Groom. This year’s senior girls will leave behind something that can never be replaced. The upcoming teammates will soon live up to the expectations of the seniors and Gresham High School’s varsity softball team.

work to get to the biggest goal of all; making it to playoffs. “We hold our own pretty well,” said Monica Hernandez (10), “We’re competitors, even if our records don’t show it. Our best competition is against Barlow. We play our hearts out and leave it all on the field.” “I feel like our team is a tough competition compared to the other teams in the district. We had a tough first round, but we got things figured out,” added Kendra Groom (12). But what were the main goals for these girls after they started playing the way they really wanted to? “My goals are to win our last game and to get into playoffs,” explained Alyx Hicks (11). They continued to try their best at every game they played. The girls knew if they could win their game against Centennial, they would be qualified for the play offs.They pulled through and defeated Centennial. After the great win, they were thrilled to make it to the playoffs. Even though the team didn’t do so hot when it came down to the actual playoffs, the only valuable thing to them was that they played their hearts out and gave the seniors a season to remember. Playoffs are an essential part of a season, but its not the only important thing that they have lost this year. The returning seniors play a huge role in the team. The girls have bonded so much this year, and even over the past three years as well. “It’s my second year on varsity and when we lose our seniors, I wont only miss them as players, but as friends,” explained Emma Bird (10). “It will be sad to see them go, but I know they are moving on to bigger things,” said Taylor Carbone (9). “It’s really sad!” said Elise Dougwiler (10), “I’m going to miss all of them next year so much. Each senior brought

Right down the middle, Kendra Groom (12) slings one over the plate during the North Clackamas Tournament over Spring Break, the Gophers played Hermiston, Forest Grove, and McMinnville. “Pitching is a lot of fun, but at the same time its a lot of responsibility. It’s like what Spider-man said . . . well, . . .sorta,” explained Groom.

something to the team that can’t be replaced. I’ll miss them tons, but wish them best of luck next year.”

156-157_1-13833_000.indd 157


{ 157 6/23/2010 8:56:59 AM

Graveyard Reapers The every 15 minutes crew lines up in a local graveyard by West Gresham Elementary School as they reminise about what it would really like to be dead. “Every 15 minutes was an amazing experience and it was a great wake up call to my peers and I,” explained Ceone Nojima (12).

M 15

25 kids who were chosen, the expirience was something that they would never forget.

For those

Written by: Taylor Richardson

Every 15 minutes has always been a senior staple. As an underclassmen all it seems to be is a time for a bunch of seniors to dress up

like grim reapers and creep people out in the halls. Juniors just wish

day could be your last

they could get in there. They want to know what happens in that as-

day. That you might walk

sembly so bad. Stopping to eavsdrop by the gym becomes a popular

out the door without saying

method of getting a sneak peak into next year. But the reality is that you

“I love you” to your parents and

just don’t get it, not until you’re there.

never be able to say it again.

Seniors walked in, some came in feeling vulnerable, expecting

“It really hit me thinking about

the worst and knowing they were going to cry. Others walked in feeling

not seeing my family or my girlfriend

skeptical and not taking it seriously, thinking maybe this was all staged.

again, thinking about how one little decision

But no matter how you were feeling when you walked into the gym, you

can end your life. I will never forget this,” said se-

had to come in willing to take something away from that expirience.

nior Andrew Culley.

“When I walked in I was just looking around, trying to make light of it because I knew it was going to be sad,” remembered senior Tyler Adams. “But as soon as I saw how grim everyones expression was I realized what a big deal this was.”

Stories were told, poems and letters were read, and scenes were

For those 25 kids who were chosen, the expirience

was something that they would never forget.

“It was kind if weird to be around the school but not really be

there,” explained senior Lyle Keathly. “It really rattled me to see how effected my parents were to.”

renacted. Students were touched by the story of one father in particu-

Every year students wonder what really goes on with Every 15

lar. Officer Blanck told the story of his tragic loss of his 21 year old

Minutes, they wonder what it’s like to be a senior in your last days go-

daughter in a drunk driving accident. And throughout the whole time

ing to the assembly and going to prom. But the truth is that to really

sniffles could be heard from students all across the bleachers. They

get have- to be there.

all had the message that a drunk driving accident could happen at any

time, and that was a shattering message. Students realized that any

EVERY 162 } STUDENT LIFE | EVERY 15 MINUTES 162-163_1-13833_000.indd 162

6/26/2010 2:13:03 PM

M 5

Looking Back, Two ‘dead’ students lost in thought in a graveyard while imagining the possible outcome of drunk driving. “This whole thing really opened peoples eyes about the causes and effects of drunk driving.” stated Quintin Hardgrove (12). Standing at your own grave, Senior Lauren Summers looks upon her own grave in the front lawn of the school. “It really shook me up to see my own grave. And writting that letter to my parents was really hard to, I know I would be breaking their hearts as they read it,” remembered Summers.

Death stare, Senior Aden Bjelland poses for a creepy picture to be used during the slide show at the assembly for seniors only. “The whole thing changed my look on drinking. I’m going to be way more aware about not only myself driving but other people as well.”

Freaky! All ‘dead’ seniors stand in place and stay quiet during the lunch time rush as freaked out underclassmen pass by as quickly as they can. “It was so hard to try and keep a straight face! All my friends were trying to make me laugh but it helped to think about what this was really all about. Drunk driving is a really serious issue,” said senior Chelsey Sann.



162-163_1-13833_000.indd 163

{ 163 6/26/2010 2:13:10 PM

280 of us Had A Blast

By Taylor richardson

The picture you see here is supposed to represent the class of 2010. But if you really look at it, you would see that there are really only about 280 kids out of 340. That’s like 60 kids who aren’t here. At this moment we were together. We were sharing those few crazy minutes out of school to take this picture. There were silly ones and jumping ones and just plain wild ones. But the truth is that life is made up of little moments, little moments that you have to make count and take the chance to be a part of. This was one of those moments. There are few of them for our class has the opportunity to be all together, freshman first day, senior meeting, this picture, and graduation. And to understand what it’s like to be a senior and go out and take your class picture in the 10 minutes of non-rain, you had to be there. And to those 60 kids not pictured here, we really wish you would have.

SENIORS OF THE YEAR: Kayla Erspamer & Jake Bryant

BEST DRESSED: Allie Piazza & Sean Marrs

MOST LIKLY TO SUCCEED: Rachel Kelley & Kevin Davis

MOST HUMEROUS: Taylor Richardson & Tyler Adams

BEST LEADERS: Sarah McGregor & Westly Meng

BIGGEST FLIRTS: Chelsea Johnson & Brannon Dooley

BEST SMILE: Vanessa Bustamante & Kyle Simms


164-165_1-13833_000.indd 164

6/30/2010 1:40:08 PM

MOST FRIENDLY: Olivia Shropshire & Spenser Saling

Kim Woods & Daniel Dempsey

MOST ATHLETIC: Nche Onyima & Sam Crouser

MOST SPIRITED: Ceone Nojima & Tra` Ford

BEST COUPLE: Thea Oswald & Travis Guenther

MOST DEDICATED: Kelsey Dransfeldt & Jordan Olson


{{ 165 165


164-165_1-13833_000.indd 165

6/30/2010 1:40:38 PM

Diploma time! After verifying her name with Armando Gonzales, Caley Hubert (12) steps past Mike Melton to enter the stage and prepare to recieve her deploma. “Graduation was all a blur! I was so happy and sad at the same time, but I’m ready for the next step in my life.” Hubert said.


Final goodbyes Devonna Leiby (12) after grabing her diploma she gave teachers a final hug goodbye. “I can’t believe it was all over... where did the time go? Leiby said.

set taking new mark for enthusiasm ATradition the step June for yourself 10th, 2010 June 10th, 2010


Brings Some Firsts Written by: Taylor Richardson

Walking down the steps through the graduate entrance of the Memorial Coliseum makes the surreal feeling of graduation disappear. You realize that this is really happening; you’re graduating from high school. As the shock wears off, you enter the Georgia Pacific room to stand in line (alphabetically of course) and excitement takes its place. You check to make sure your tassel is on the left side at least a million times and try not to visualize falling down the stairs or your sleeve getting caught on the railing as you get your diploma. Administrators walk in to tell the seniors that they are about to walk out to begin the graduation. They tell the graduating class that they have one more time to yell out together as loud as they possibly can, they explain that no class has ever yelled louder than the class of 2007. On the count of three, they were all to scream, and scream really loud. One...Two...THREE! “AHHHH! WOOOO!” The coliseum must have shook as teachers covered their ears and administrators jaws dropped at the sound that was coming from the class of 2010. “Wow! You guys are the new champi-

ons, that was a 10!” exclaimed Vice Principal, Mr. Lonnie Wells. With a new zing of pride added to their spirits and their heads held high, the class of 2010 walked onto the floor of the Coliseum to take their place. You are greeted by the teachers who have made up your high school career. The ones that pushed you and made you appreciate and believe that there really are teachers who care about you, and the ones who, well, didn’t. Once everyone was settled and had listened to choir sing twice and drama give a little performance, it was time for the speakers. Aside from the other students chosen to speak, the senior class selected Activities Director Bill Chisolm to be the Graduation Speaker. It would be an understatement to say that his speech wasn’t exactly traditional. He spoke about everything from dirty dancing to fourth graders and mice in microwaves to leadership kids on his lawn. And right smack in between his speech he took time to have the audience “make it rain” by using several hand motions that make rain like sounds. But no matter how you spin it, the speech was something to remember, just like the class of 2010.

168 } SENIORS | GRADUATION 168-169_1-13833_0001.indd 168

6/30/2010 9:45:41 AM


It’s time to celebrate! Alex Arevalo (12) and Vanessa Bustamante (12) screaming and shouting in celebration right before they walked out on stage to recieve their diplomas. “All I could think was this is really it,” exclaimed Bustamante. “I never thought it would be over.” Lets make some rain, Principal Carol Daiberl and Superintendant John Miner enjoy the change of pace as the student selected keynote speaker Bill Chisholm gets away from the podium for moment to get the crowd involved. Using their hands the spectators worked together to create the spring Gresham experience this year,

rain, and more rain. “I have done it in leadership groups and at camps before, but I had 5 thousand people at my fingertips, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by,” laughed Chisholm. The end, Valerie Haskins (12) and Eddie Gibblin (12) listen and wait patiently for their moment to walk across the stage and grab their diploma. “Sitting their waiting, I just couldn’t believe that my four years of High school would finally be officially over,” Haskins said.


168-169_1-13833_0001.indd 169

{ 169

6/30/2010 9:45:47 AM

Diploma time! After verifying her name with Armando Gonzales, Caley Hubert (12) steps past Mike Melton to enter the stage and prepare to receive her diploma. “Graduation was all a blur! I was so happy and sad at the same time, but I’m ready for the next step in my life.” Hubert said. Final goodbyes, Devonna Leiby (12) after receiving her diploma she gave teachers a final hug goodbye. “I can’t believe it was all over... where did the time go? Leiby said.

set taking new mark for enthusiasm ATradition the step June for yourself 10th, 2010 June 10th, 2010


Brings Some Firsts Written by: Taylor Richardson

Walking down the steps through the graduate entrance of the Memorial Coliseum makes the surreal feeling of graduation disappear. You realize that this is really happening; you’re graduating from high school. As the shock wears off, you enter the Georgia Pacific room to stand in line (alphabetically of course) and excitement takes its place. You check to make sure your tassel is on the left side at least a million times and try not to visualize falling down the stairs or your sleeve getting caught on the railing as you get your diploma. Administrators walk in to tell the seniors that they are about to walk out to begin the graduation. They tell the graduating class that they have one more time to yell out together as loud as they possibly can, they explain that no class has ever yelled louder than the class of 2007. On the count of three, they were all to scream, and scream really loud. One...Two...THREE! “AHHHH! WOOOO!” The coliseum must have shook as teachers covered their ears and administrators jaws dropped at the sound that was coming from the class of 2010. “Wow! You guys are the new champi-


ons, that was a 10,” exclaimed Vice Principal, Mr. Lonnie Wells! With a new zing of pride added to their spirits and their heads held high, the class of 2010 walked onto the floor of the Coliseum to take their place. You are greeted by the teachers who have made up your high school career. The ones that pushed you

and made you appreciate and believe that there really are teachers who care about you, and the ones who, well, didn’t. Once everyone was settled and had listened to choir sing twice and drama give a little performance, it was time for the speakers. Aside from the other students chosen to speak, the senior class selected Activities Director Bill Chisholm to be the Graduation Speaker. It would be an understatement to say that his speech wasn’t exactly traditional. He spoke about everything from dirty dancing to fourth graders and mice in microwaves to leadership kids on his lawn. And right smack in between his speech he took time to have the audience “make it rain” by using several hand motions that make rain like sounds. But no matter how you spin it, the speech was something to remember, just like the class of 2010.

It’s time to celebrate! Alex Arevalo (12) and Vanessa Bustamante (12) screaming and shouting in celebration right before they walked out on stage to receive their diplomas. “All I could think was this is really it,” exclaimed Bustamante. “I never thought it would be over.” Lets make some rain, Principal Carol Daiberl and Superintendant John Miner enjoy the change of pace as the student selected speaker Bill Chisholm gets away from the podium for moment to get the crowd involved. Using their hands the spectators worked together to create the spring Gresham experience this year, rain, and more

rain. “I have done it in leadership groups and at camps before, but I had 5 thousand people at my fingertips, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by,” laughed Chisholm. The end, Valerie Haskins (12) and Eddie Gibblin (12) listen and wait patiently for their moment to walk across the stage and grab their diploma. “Sitting their waiting, I just couldn’t believe that my four years of High school would finally be officially over,” Haskins said.


{ 171


Written By: Taylor Richardson

getting a chance to hang out with people who I don’t normally get a chance to,” explained Erika Salisbury (12). A DJ played until the wee hours of the morning and the dance floor was constantly empty until around 2 in the morning when the

June tenth was a huge day for the class of 2010. Students rushed

brave soul of Derek Councilman (12) broke it down solo. Minutes later

from graduation to a celebration dinner with family back to Gresham

seniors Jake Bryant, Tyler Adams, and Eric Dugwyler fled to the dance

High to catch the bus to the Senior All Night Party. Four buses lined

floor to join him. The boys only showcased their moves for a song or

the front of the school, four buses packed full of seniors ready to let

two, but it was a sight that kept the party going.

loose for the night. This years party took up a few banquet rooms and a hallway in the Sheraton on Airport Way. Food of all sorts lined the hallway,

“I realized at the party that it was the last time I would see most of the people that made high school fun for me. That was a sad realization for me,” remembered Adams.

hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, pizza, and ice cream to start off with. A

Next on the agenda for the night was the raffle and the hypno-

game room and a green screen to play with were both popular choices.

tist. Top prizes were the esteemed iPad that everyone was after and a

In the main room, poker and black jack tables were set up, they were

couple of lap tops. Lucky Brianna Patterson (12) won the iPad and

also constantly filled with eager chip winners in hopes of being the top

Nche Oniyma (12) walked away with the laptop. The hypnotist took

winners and getting cash prizes. There were blow up obstacle courses

volunteers and had them do various embarrassing things for the last

that included jousting and the bungee run. Henna and air brush tattoos

hour before they reloaded the buses.

were popular, the only boundaries of tattoos were broken when Taylor

“The hypnotist was interesting and really weird. He had us do

Richardson (12), Sarah McGregor (12), Carissa Walczak (12), and

these things with our hands to show how easily we would go in a trance

Ceone Nojima (12) were the first to get air brushed designs on their

and I did it so easy! It kinda freaked me out...” laughed Sebastian

lower back. After that group got them, that became a popular spot for

Reynolds (12).

girls to get silly tattoos throughout the night. A money grab and minute to win it games kept kids occupied and helped win some extra cash. “I thought the coolest part of the night was that I got to enjoy


The night all together was a success and an amazing chance for the senior class to have one final night together filled with food, fun, and prizes.

“I’ll Stay”, Keely DiPietro (12) decides to stay on 13 in hopes the dealer will bust. “I actually wasn’t bad at 21! I lost all my money eventually but it took a lot longer than I expected,” laughed Dipietro. Fishing for the prize, Cameron Ell takes a chance at winning the prize. “ I think this was the best game there, I had so much fun trying to win. “ Playing with a poker face, Brad Norman placing his chips in for the bet. “The only thing running through my head was go big or go home, but then I remembered we’re not allowed to leave.” Stopping the puck, Caley Hubert trying to win a game of air hockey. “I haven’t played in such a long time, but I gave it a chance and remembered how much fun it can be.” Making bank, Olivia Dick playing to see how much money she can grab, “It was so much harder than it looks, there was so many rules to follow. I had fun with the cash I did win though.” Chalking up for the game, Bradley Shadwick enjoys a nice game of pool. “It was really chill to be able to eat food with my buddy while enjoying a good game of pool,” explained Shadwick. Laugh it up, Ceone Nojima tests out the green screen floating heads music video. “ I spent a lot of time over there, making my own music was the best thing there.”


{ 173

Congratulations Sam, On June 28, 2010 at 11:20 in the morning, our own Sam Crouser was honored as the Gatorade National Player Of The Year in Boys Track and Field. Raising the trophy into the air, Sam was congratulated by family and friends who looked on. In a candid speech that followed the trophy presentation he humbly thanked his family for all their love and support, and especially his Dad. “I never would have had this opportunity if my Dad wasn’t there by my side,” said Crouser.

Photo/Gatorade, Susan Goldman, handout.




The Gatorade Company, in collaboration with ESPN RISE, today announced Sam Crouser of Gresham High School as the 2009-10 Gatorade National Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year. By claiming the 221st National Player of the Year trophy to be awarded in the programs 25 year history, Crouser joins the late Art Skipper Jr., an NCAA champion javelin thrower, and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love as the only high school athletes from the state of Oregon to earn Gatorade Nation Player of the Year recognition in any sport. The award, which recognizes not only outstanding athletic excellence, but also high standards of academic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the field, distinguishes Crouser as the nation’s best high school boys track & field athlete. A national adcisory panel comprised of sport specific experts and sports journalists helped select Crouser from more than one half million high school track & field athletes nationwide. Crouser is now a finalist for the prestigious Gatorade Male High School Athlete of the Year award, to be presented prior to The ESPY Awards in July. The 6-foot-5 ½ senior shattered the national high school and Ameri-

can junior record in the javelin this past season by nearly 14 feet with a throw of 255 feet, 4 inches at the Portland Track Festival earlier in June, eclipsing the 22-year-old previous record. The only boys prep track & field athlete to set a a national mark this year, he also swept all three throwing events at Oregon’s Class 6A state meet, becoming he second prep boy in state history to earn that triple. His uncle, former two-time U.S. Olympian Brian Crouser, was the the other, in 1980. He is the only U.S. Prep ever to throw the international javelin more that 250 feet. “Without question, Sam is deserving of recognition as the nation’s best high school track & field athlete based on his statistics on the field and the impact of his accomplishments have had on Gresham’s success,” said Gatorade Senior Vice President of Sports Marketing Jennifer Storms. “But he is also a shining example to peers and aspiring young athletes of what a leader and a student-athlete should be. He represents everything we hope for in a Gatorade Player of the Year recipient.” Crouser has signed a National Letter of Intent to compete on an athletic full ride scholarship at the University of Oregon this fall.


{ 175

Cindi Acott

Our leaders closing thoughts, Following a humor filled staff breakfast on the last day before summer break, Principal Carol Daiberl made one last stand with the mic in hand, and on a serious note, she closed the mornings activities with: “. . . . .When I look at the faces of the people that I work with, primarily you guys, and our students, and when I have the opportunity to visit with parents, it makes it all worth it. You guys have made the absolute difference in my life. I said earlier this week, I have grown up here. I have learned so much from all of you. You need to realize that in the teaching that goes on in the school it does doesn’t just sit with what you do with just kids. You make all the difference in the world to your colleagues every single day. And, if I take anything away from here as I walk out the door in the next week or so, the single most important thing to me will be all of you and the relationships that I have built, and the opportunities that I have had with people both now and in my past who have long since retired and are off doing from things. From the bottom of my hart, I thank you for everything that you have taught me. You are an amazing group of teachers. And I hope that I will have contact with many of you in the future so I can continue to learn and grow with you. Have a great summer, a great great summer, and good luck next year.”

Main Office

Special Services

Social Worker

Kate Allen

Lori Anderson-Cook

Zhenya Antonov

Rick Bartha

Laura Blaser

Cara Burkamp


Peggy Adams


Liz Cannon

Chris Cansler

Bill Chisholm

Angela Christman


Activities Director

Brad Cook

Integrated Media

Social Studies


Carol Daiberl




Lisa Cavanagh

Kathy Childress

Lowell Clardy

Tim Collins

World Language

Special Services




Social Studies

Shawn Daley

Sara Dempsey

Robin Drews

Caleb Elliott

Ric Elsberry


Standing ovation, Following a closing statement by Principal Carol Daiberl at the staff breakfast on the last day for staff before summer break, the entire staff arose to their feet in applause. Her leadership and vision for Gresham HS over the last 32 years was so greatly appreciated that when she announced her retirement earlier in the school year, it actually caught some of the staff of guard and brought them to tears.


Joanie DeWitz Front Office

Tutoring Center



Rick Elsberry

Zac Enoch Math

Special Services

Hayley Etnier

Susan Fields Counselor


Lauren Goerke

Myra Gomez

Ty Gonrowski

Armando Gonzales

Doug Goodwin

Jenny Halley

Julie Hampton

Cyrus Harshfield

Kevin Hart

Janine Kirstein

Rick Jimison



Scott Halley


Technology Support

Special Services

Aaron Ingolia

Mark Jacobson

Tamara Kramer

Brandi Kruse


Educational Assistant

Scott Lipner Counselor



Christine Lotz

Educational Assistant



Performing Arts

Tracy Lacey

Educational Assistant

Kendra Maddox

College and Career



Sue Gant


Pat Grey

Olivia Green

IB Coordinator


Tara Hieggelke

Theresa Hubbard

Suzanne Johnson

Tracy Kent

Kathy Kowaleske

Katrina Levin

Michael Linblad

Jay Lehr

Sarabeth Leitch

Tori Maehara

Educational Assistant

World Language

Educational Assistant

Social Studies

Susan Gibson




Social Studies

Jim Gardenhire


Brain Malan

World Language


Social Studies

Donna Matteson

Principal’s Secretary



Social Studies

Mayko Mark

Special Services

Mike Melton

Damon Messer


World Language

Catherine Newberry

Kelly Norman

World Language

Stephen Rouffy

Attendace Moniter

Tim Taaca

Special Services

Kristin Nagel

Todd Nagel

Social Studies

Genevieve Raze

Danna Nelson Bookkeeper

MaryAnn Peterson

Carol Quarles

Tim Ramstad English

World Language

Special Services

Michael Ruff

Siefer Renice

Alan Simpson

Chris Smith

Julianne Standish

Wendy Switzer

Sean Taylor

Hoan Tran

Maureen Unruh

Tom Urbanowitz Social Studies

Social Studies

Jennifer Wilson

Joh Wilson

Robert Winters

Pro Tech - Auto


John Walker

Amanda Weber-Welch



Network Technician


Malynda Wolfer

Carmen Moore



Campus Officer

Integrated Media

Mike Molony


Aquatic Center

Lonnie Wells


Vice Principal

Mary Yakutis-Suit

Derek Yoshikane

Transition Services





Randy Williams

Athletic Director

Tahana Young




Vice Principal Secretary

Child Care

Study Hall

JoAnn Ross


Bart Walker


Congratulations, Mr. Brian Currier congratulates Hiromi Mizuno (12) in the receiving line formed by attending staff members following the graduation ceremony at the Memorial Coliseum on June 10, 2010 We can spell REAL, GHS staff congregates on the football field in the closing moments of the Welcome Back Assembly for students and staff and spells out the letters: R, E, A, L. on September 11, 2010.


you for your dedication to the stu-

Gresham High School. Retirees Rick Jimeson, Lonnie Wells, Susan Gibson, Carol Daiberl and Chris Cansler, stand before the Gresham HS staff after being honored by Retiring Superintendant John Minor, and Assistant Superintendant Jim Schachter, at the end of the year staff breakfast on June 18, 2010.

dents of


{ 179

Codie Blanchard

Codie Man, I am so proud of you! You have persevered through so much. Yet through it all you have not let anything stop you from smiling and showing your kind, warm-hearted funny self. You have touched so many lives in a positive way, been a wonderful role model and upstanding person. Continue to keep your heart open and hrowing in a loving manner. Never give up your faith in who you are or your integrity! You are becoming a wonderful young man!

Kyle Simms

Jake Foland “Congratulations JAKE you’ve made us all proud!” From fishing, crabbing, and skim-boarding the shore, you accomplish new things, and come back for more! Playing soccer at Hollydale, football at Dexter, and trumpet in Jazz Bands were very good years! Keep a smile on your face as graduation is here!


The Foland-Thorsen -Davies-Smith families

You are my Sunshine,



Bradley Norman Bradley James Norman, You have been a great joy since you were born. It is amazing the last 18 years have gone by so fast. It has been fun watching you play sports for most of your life. Keep your caring heart and knowing you can do whatever you want. Enjoy this next chapter in your life. Our love for you is enless and everlasting.


Mom, Kayela, and Gabrielle.

Dear Kyle, It seems like you went from birth to 5, skipped to 13 and now 18! You’ve grown into a great guy with a terrific sense of humor and we couldn’t be prouder. Nothing looks better on you than your smiling face. Now the future waits. Go out and grab it and make it your own!


Mom, Dad & Taylor

Westly Meng

Westly Meng, It was clear at a very early age that your passion in life would be in the sports arena. You just plain liked to keep busy, and kept us busy all year round with coaching and driving you to football, hockey, basketball, tennis, baseball, paint ball, and snowboarding, When you finally narrowed down your activities to just

football, basketball, and baseball we were somewhat relieved. The quote you chose for football, “It’s not the will to win that matters- everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” (Bear Bryant -football coach) really defines your work ethic, and we couldn’t be more proud of you


for the extra time and effort you put in to prepare. We know you are ready to move and play at the next level, but we will always remember the exciting days we shared watching you do what you love to do best, and that is to play, right here as a Gopher at GHS.


Dad, Mom, and Jack.

Chelsea Johnson

Holly Powell

Chelsea, We are so proud of the confident, intelligent, beautiful young woman you have become. We are honored to be your parents and feel blessed you were entrusted to us.  Stay true to who you are for your character, strength and commitment will serve you well.  Fulfill your dreams.  Keep reaching for the stars.

We Love You,

Dad, Mom & Jeffrey

Cameron Ell Cameron, From the day you were born you were full of smiles and adventure. You have grown into a strong, handsome young man with a heart for God. Always remember to keep your focus on Christ and your life will be filled with joy. You are amazing and we couldn’t be more proud .

We love you,

Mom and Dad

Katrina Pettigrew

TO OUR BABY GIRL: HOLLY, When you came into our lives you completed our family. Now you have grown up and will be moving onto an exciting chapter of your life called adulthood. We have no worries that you will succeed in everything you put your mind to. Holly you are thr driving force of your own destiny. you have and always will be a very kind, and sensitive person. Know that we will always be here for you!

All Our Love,

Dad, Mom, Chris & Stephanie

Chelsey Sann Dear Katrina, As I have watched you grow through each picture, from inside my tummy to your graduation day. All I can say is, “I am so proud of you!” All of your goals, aspirations, failures and mistakes, they are all the same. “Life” You are my daughter, now and always, so go, enjoy your future with your friends and family. Take life by the reigns and enjoy the ride. We love you- Hakuna Matata!

Love always,

Mom & Dad

Chelsey, We are so proud of everything you have done. You have worked so hard toward your goals, always pushing yourself to accomplish your best. We hope great things for you and happiness. We love being your parents and watching our little Pood grow. We love you very much!

Mom, Dad and Chad


{ 181

Jaimie Bartels J-A-I-M-I-E; French for “love.” You have lived up to your name with your academics, sports, and friends. Remember “Aim small, miss small,” “Stay the course,” and the words of your Savior, “If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.”

Dad and I send you forward with our love and blessing.

Erika Sailsbury Erika,You are an amazing person! A wonderful daughter! It's been a honor to watch you grow and have you apart of our lives. The way you look at the world is what keeps our lives exciting, interesting and so connected. Wherever your life takes you, enjoy each day, follow your heart and remember you are so loved!

We love you Erika Renée

Mom & Dad

Aaron Lyski Dear Aaron, We're not Ready for High School to be over. These last 4 years have gone by too fast, but then so have the last 18. You have done so many fun things during high school and you have always made dad and I very proud. always be true to your self. Continue to be involved and enjoy College.

Love, Dad + Mom

Caley Hubert

Dear Caley, Thank you for sharing this adventure with us! It's exciting for you to reach this important step in your development. We are so proud of you! Now, as

you move into the next phase of your life, please remember Proverbs 3:5-7 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he


will direct your paths. Don't be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn your back on evil.”

We love you,

Caley; you are such a blessing to us ! Love, Mom & Dad

Carissa Walczak Carissa, You have truly blessed our lives beyond measure. From the curly haired, laughing little girl to the self-assurred, accomplished young woman you have become, you have excelled in so many areas. We are so proud of you! As you move on to the next phase of life, we know that you will continue to do wonderful things. Thank you for being an amazing daughter and sister.

Sam Crouser

Hey Big Guy-We have been blessed with a funny, caring, hardworking son who has big aspirations and such a bright future! Good luck on your next path through life- it will truly be an incredible journey we are overjoyed to be part of. Work hard, follow your heart, put trust in yourself and you will never be let down!

Love you forever! Mom, Dad, and

Brianne (Sissy)

We love you,

Mom, Dad, & Hay

Taylor Ann,Big Girl! Remembering those gigantic blue eyes,how they lit up the stage,just four! M.J. Would've cried! And you and your dad's BIG WIN, “Tournament Champs,� OMG! What a day!!! How 'bout your 'sporty' spice debut,BUNCO night? I remember a 'Baby' spice,age 6,at that concert! You and your dad getting LAST MINTUTE Green Day tickets... CRAZY! Now,it's EMINE M coming to town!!!? Life is good. Enjoy it,Tay! Really smell those roses,girl! Big dreams await you! You're an amazing young women.

Taylor Richardson

Love you so much, Never prouder,

Mom, Dad, and Cassidy Jane your number 1 fan


{ 183

Kolton Meigs

Marissa Benson Dear Rissa, What a blessing you are to us. You have run the race with perseverance.  We know that God is not done working in you so keep running in such a way as to get the prize. We will continue to cheer you on with great expectation.  Congratulations on making it through the first mile.  

Love, Mom

Kyle Catchpole Kyle, You are amazing! May you be blessed in everything you do. Just remember.... be good, Learn something new, and have fun!

We love you,

Mom, Dad & Chelsea Kolton, Follow your heart and make a big splash with your life. We're so proud of you, you are our moon, our stars and our sun.

Love, Mom

and Dad

Chelsa Briggs

Olivia Shropshire

Dear Chelsa, Wow! It has been quite a Journey. I am so proud of you. You are the world to me and you will forever be my princess. I'm so excited for your future and all that it holds. Congratulations, I love you,

Dearest Liv, From a little baby girl struggling to survive, you have grown into the sweetest young lady! A young lady that has touched many lives in such a positive and loving way! We know that the past year has been very trying and sad year, but you continue to handle everything with grace and a heart of love, and forgiveness. We wish you luck playing volleyball in college and we want you to know that we are very proud of you and know that you are one in a million! Thank you for blessing us!

Love, Mommy


Dad & Mom

Brannon Dooley Dear Brannon,Time has gone by so fast can't believe its your senior year already. We are so proud of you more than you ever know. Continue to be true to yourself and make it happen.

Love always,

Dad, Mom, Brady


and Dad

Tyler Adams

Ryan Lile We have always been proud to be your parents. We love your quick wit, your humor, and most of all your big heart. We have no doubt you will be successful in whatever lies ahead. Just stay true to yourself and know we will always be there for you.

Love, Dad

& Mom

Lisa Sturges

Ryan, Wherever life's path takes you, may it be filled with love and happiness. Pursue your dreams and know that I am always there with you.

Dear Lisa, It has been a joy watching you become such a wonderful, and accomplished young women. You have brought so much beautiful music and laughter into the lives of everyone around you. We hope the future brings you as much happiness as you have given to us. You are our Super Hero!

-Your #1 fan! Love you,



Mom, Dad, Ali and Jesse

Ceone Nojima Ceone, Our beautiful baby- you took our breath away... You have amazed us with your talents as an artist, a scholar and an athlete. Your curiosity and sense of humor have always entertained us. You have humbled us with your inner strength and integrity. It is with great joy that we send you out into the world!

Kisses and hugs xxxooo!

Daddy, Mommy and Aria


{ 185

Jordan Huggett

Sebastian Reynolds Sebastian, We wish you all the best in your next adventure, it will be more exciting then learning to tie your shoes.


Mom,Tony, Damon and Family

Jordan, You did it! We are so excited for you. The last 18 years have gone by so fast. Our little Beany is all grown up. You're a talented athlete and have such a creative imagination. Remember, you can do anything you put your mind dream BIG, follow your heart, and ALWAYS be yourself.

We love you,

Mom, Sean, Trey & Rick Love you, G-ma Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. -Henry David Thoreau

Quintin Hardgrove Quintin, We love you always and forever. Always believe in yourself and in your dreams. Dream BIG and never lose that beautiful smile.


Mom Dad Mackenzie and Devin

Brandon Robbins Dear BYou are a gift that has blessed our hearts, and makes us so very proud. Congratulations on all that you have become. God’s grace brought you back into our lives. For that, we will never be the same. Our love goes with you always. For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


Stu, Laureen, and Jesse

Alex Tropser Dear Alex, You have worked so hard and accomplished so much. You amaze us and we are proud to be your parents.


Mom and Dad


Katie Brightwell My Dearesr Katey, I am very proud of you. You are my joy. You are beautiful and smart. You have a kind soul. Always know that your dad is watching out for you as you begin a new chapter in your life. He will be with you always. Just remember, be true to yourself and kind to others. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

I love you...


Travis Guenther

Ryan Edwards

Travis How precious you are in this picture. My once cute little boy, now grown, has become, a smart, handsome young man. How proud I am of you, as you should be of yourself. Your accomplishments are many and your future is bright. How blessed I feel, to have been a part of making that happen.

Dear Ryan Congrats Graduate! We want you to know how very proud we are of you and your many accomplishments. You are a wonderful young man who exudes kindness, thoughtfulness and intelligence. It’s been a joy watching you grow into the person you are today, seeing you accomplish everything you set your heart and mind to. Keep those drums beating and have fun exploring all you can be in college.

All of my love,


We love you,

Mom and Dad

Sam Steinbrugge Look how far you’ve come! We’re so proud of you. We are sure that whatever path you take, you will succeed because you are very determined! We hope you have a wonderful life-changing trip to Africa this summer and remember to look ahead, be positive and never lose your faith.

Luv ya! Mom & Dad

Christina Wohlers and Chelsea Johnson

Shauna Jones

At age six, they became bestfriends. Over the next eleven years these two adorable little girls were inseparable. They have shared so many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's laughing, shopping, boating, vacationing, or occasionally fighting and even crying, these two little girls have grown up together. You have turned into two remarkable and beautiful young women. Today, as you begin the next journey in your lives, somehow we know you both will forever remain bestfriends!

DearShauna, Our baby girl has accomplished yet another goal. You have always been a determined and compassionate child, and we are proud to see the young woman you have grown to be.  We know the world will benefit no matter what you choose.  Stand by your principles, keep your head held high, we are with you.


Mom and Dad

We love you both and are so proud of you,

Gary and Julie Wohlers , Jeff and Lori Johnson

Christina Wohlers Christina, To our energetic and happy-go-lucky child who is always running,jumping,tumbling and twirling. You are an awesome child and we are very proud of your many accomplishments over the past 18 years! You always stick to your beliefs and have such strong determination and perseverance. We know you will accomplish anything that you set you mind to do.

We love you so much,

Amy Docken Dear Amy,from before you were born I dreamed of someday having a daughter who was smart,funny,pretty and independent. Well,my dreams were answered when you were born! You have exceeded all of that and more. I’m so proud to be your Mom. I love you stinky pete! Enjoy your beautiful life.


Mom and Dad


{ 187

Bailey Thomas

Jake Elwess Jake, We love you forever, we like you for always, as long as we are living our baby you will be. Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

Love always, Mom, Dad and Samie

Bailey, We are so proud to have the best daughter and sister a family could ever hope for. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful, talented, confident and independent young woman. Whether playing your flute, or writing a poem, your creativity and imagination never ceases to amaze. High standards and intelligence have made you very successful in school and those attributes will serve you well in your very bright future. We love you Pickles.

Mom, Dad and Chelsey

Ashley Brashear

Ashley (Bird) From mud puddles to muddy soccer fields, from pigtails to prom and now, cap and gown. You have blossomed intoa beautiful woman right before our eyes. You will always be out sweet little girl! We are so very proud of you and know that you will follow your heart and achieve your dreams. We love you!

Signed, Your #1 Fam Club: Mom, Katie, Granny, Grandpa, Valerie, Aunt Shelly, Uncle Tim, Aiden, Daddy, Papa, Granny Kurth and your three guardian angels: Grandma Howe, Sissy and Mimi


Kendra Groom Dear Kendra, I can't believe it's your senior year – time has flown by so quickly. It seems like it was yesterday that you were going to your first day of kindergarten, and here you are graduating from high school. I am so proud of what you've accomplished and look forward to the next chapter of your life. As you prepare for the future, remember to make good decisions and keep only the truest friends closest to you. Please know that I'm always here for you and I love you very much. Best of luck!

Love always,

Your mother and friend

Heather Warmen

Allie Piazza

Dear Heather (Bug-a-boo), It has been such a joy to watch you grow from the sweet, intelligent, curious talented little girl into the mature young women you are. At the crossroads this time in your life represents, we look back with pride and forward with love- A wonderful daughter, who has shown you will love life your way.

-Mom & Dad

Ashley Isenberg Ashe, I am so very proud of YOU!!! You've grown up into an amazing young lady! There are many wonderful adventures coming your way. I am so excited for you and to see all that you accomplish along the way! You'll have a life full of everything you desire- Just be Patient and Enjoy!

Love always,

Mom oxox

Dear Allie, You bring such joy to our family. We have watched you dance, draw and dress up in costumes. You have worked hard at school and have achieved success at everything you set your mind to do. Your passion for fashion and art has always been strong. As you enter College this fall at F.I.T, we know you will do well. We love you and we are proud of the beautiful person you have become.


Mom & Dad


{ 189

Paige Harry

Lyle Keathley

Dear Paige, The years have flown since you were that sweet curly headed baby! We are so proud of the beautiful, smart young woman you have become. You can do whatever you want to do (like you've been saying since you were 18!). Find your passion and purse it. Don't forget to have fun! Stay strong, never give up, and always know that you are loved!


Mom, Dad, Patrick, Philip

What a ride it has been!! We have absolutely loved every minute of watching you grow to the young man you are today. We are so proud of you! As you leave the comforts of home, remember these few pieces of advice: Live with intention....walk to the edge....dare....listen hard....practice wellness....laugh....continue to with abandon....appreciate your what you love....and live as if this is all there is. We love you with all our hearts!

Kayla Erspamer

We are both so very proud of you, not just for all your accomplishments and successes, but more importantly for the woman you've become-a perfect balance of confidence and humility. You have developed all the defining characteristics of a leader and you are truly destined for greatness. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and now we will share our blessing with the world. You go girl!

Love, Mom &



Mom and Dad

Julianne Heater

Rebecca Moen

Dearest JuJu Bean: Its hard to believe our “baby” has graduated from high school! Wow! You've made us so proud. You are bright, beautiful, your uniqueness and you will go far. You have such a compassionate heart, a gift for laving and accepting. We can't wait to see what you become and do with your life! God bless you! “Be the bean! Love you lots!

Rebcca, We've often described you as the salsa on the burrito of our family. You add a special zest to our life. Your bright smile, quick wit and sweet personality have brought jou to us everyday. We love you and are very proud of you. You will be in our prayers as you head of f to college. And please.... take a cat!!

Love, Mom

Mom and Dad, Jamie, Tommy and Cassie

Cassandra Montgomery

and Dad

Derek Councilman

David Vacoe

Derek, From The First Day you Entered our world you Put such a Big Smile on Everyone's Face. We are so blessed to have Such a loving + Carring son. we are so very Proud or you. Dream Big But Live Bigger.. all our Love

Dearest Cassie: We've been so blessed to have you come join our family. You are a gift! You are a beautiful young lady, having the potential to go far in life, to succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Stay strong, remain focused, be the best you can be. We have faith in you, and love you, always & forever!

Dad, Mom, Nanna and Grandpa.

Momma J & Daddy D Heather Julianna, Tommy & Jamie

Wow high school is finally over! Now you have your whole life ahead of you so live it to The Fullest and Never give up. I'll miss you Big Brother


Dear David, We're proud of all you've become, not necessarily your accomplishments, but who you are and the quality of your character. We appreciate your caring heart, and most of all, that you are serving God. Our hope is that whatever you do, and wherever you go, you'll make wise choices and lead a purposeful life.


Mom and Dad

Jessika Brandt Jessika, Our “free spirited” little girl. You have always been so full of life. Bringing sunshine, joy and laughter into all of our lives. We are so proud of the beautiful, independent, young lady you have become. Your strength and determination will help you to succeed in achieving all of your dreams. As the next adventure in your life begins remember always that we love you.

Mom and Dad Papa Joe and Mama Nancy


{ 191

Taylor Clements

Christiana Wilson

Taylor Rheann Clements! Congratulations! We are very proud of you, Be Safe- Be Strong- Live Well!

Dear Christiana, We are so proud of you. You're a beautiful young lady with a quick wit and a beautiful smile. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Don't let anything or anyone stop you from following your dreams. You are who God meant for you to be. We wish you love and happiness throughout your life time.

All Our Love,

Mom, Harold, Zachariah, & Erin


Mom & Dad

Stockten Korst

Dear Stockton, Its hard to believe you are graduating from high school already. Time has gone by so fast. You are a wonderful son and we are very proud of you. Follow your dreams and always, keep you faith.

We love you!

Mom, Dad, Krista + Preston

Vanessa Bustamon-

Vanessa, You're our little angel bright and beautiful we are blessed to have you are our daughter. Keep the values you have and the motivation that drives you to complete the tasks that challenge you. We know you will achieve all the goals you may have. Your hard work and determination has paid off, and will continue to serve you well. Don't expect less than what you deserve.

Love, Mom & Dad


Michael Wilson Dear Michael, We are so proud of you. You have a great sense of humor and a kind and gentle heart. Watching you grow, we are continually amazed and humbled by you. We enjoy talking with you and your willingness to see things from others perspective. We wish you love and happiness throughout your lifetime.


Mom & Dad

Jason Woung

Andrew Culley Dear Andrew, We can’t believe how quickly time has flown by! We are very proud of you and know that your future holds great promise. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love, Dad, Mom, Emily and Matthew

Kelly & Olivia Dick

Kelly & Olivia, To Kool For School!!

Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations Jason, Where did the time go? Thank you for all the joy and laughter you have brought to our home. It has truly been an honor to raise you. You have grown into an intelligent, caring and loving young man and we are so very proud of you.

Love Always,

Mom and Dad

Devon Gaboury Dear Devon, What a ride you have taken us on. From the little boy who tried everything to the strong, intelligent, driven man you have become, we have loved and appreciated all of it. We can’t wait to see your next move and know that you can do anything you set your mind too. Remember how much you are loved and that we are always here for you. Now go take the world by storm!

Devon, Your graduating... Finally. It’s been fun watching our little bro, grow-up and turn into a great young man. We are proud of you and know there are more amazing things in your future.


Laken, Brett, and Autumn

Love, Mom and Dad


{ 193

Zachery Scherba Zach. We are so proud of the young man that you have become. We have enjoyed watching you accept new challenges, make mistakes and achieve your goals. Your focus, sense of humor, drive and passion will offer you great potential in the years to come. Set your goals high and never give up on your dreams... Appreciate the love of family and friends and enjoy the pleasures of life each day. We love you so much...

Mom, Dad, Sis

Caitlynn Didlick Dear Caitlynn, From Hobbit to High School cheerleader, thank goodness at least now your skirt stays on! We are so very proud of the person you have become.

Love always, Mom, Dad and Jordynn


Country Pattock Dear Courtney , I still remember your first day of Montessori school at 2 1/2.  You were such an independent, strong willed confident girl. It’s been a joy to watch you grow and you’ve made me very proud! What a pleasure watching you play volleyball through the years and we can’t wait to see you play in college. Who can forget your “Taylor Swift” curls! Work hard these next four years, with your drive and dedication you will be set for a fabulous life.   We love you very much!

Mom & Hunter

Jesse Boda

Brandon Gustaveson

Dear J- Congratulations. You have succeeded so that another door may open. May you confidently accomplish now what your heart only dreamed before. You are a gift that has blessed our hearts, and makes us so very proud. Our love goes with you always. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Forever, Mom & Dad

Maxwell Montgomery I still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. Your brother wanted a sister so bad. The night before, I had a dream we had a boy, and sure enough there you were. Some people know what they want out of life, some never find it, I was lucky to find it in you and your brother. Here's to your life, hope you find what you are looking for.... Your a pain in the butt, but your my pain in the butt and I love you with all my heart.


B, You have been a great joy in our life. From the beginning we knew life with you would always be interesting. You bring an amazing amount of energy and entertainment to our family. Your fearless determination will guide you as you begin your own journey through life. No matter what you set your mind to, you will do it ‘your way’ and in ‘your time’. Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Congratulations!

Love, Dad, mom, and Sean.

Danielle Barnes

Savanna Bird

Danielle, From the moment you were born we all knew that your life would change ours- You have been a constant source of joy and laughter~we thank you for sharing your love and your amazing gifts and talents, such as playing the piano, with us and our extended family. We celebrate with you as you reflect on all you have achieved and look forward to sharing all that the future holds for you. Make your Dreams your Reality Angel~

Dear Savanna, Watching you grow from an infant into a bright young woman has been an amazing journey. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been well worth it. You have made all of us so proud over the years, and I am sure you will continue to do so in the coming years. Remember it’s not the mistakes we make in life, it’s what we learn from them that is important.

Love & Hugs,

Mom, Phil,Dad, and Mindy

Love Always, Mom, Dad, and Family


{ 195

Cameron Helzer

To my son, I remember the day I took you to your first day of Kindergarten, you looked at me and said “you don’t need to walk me in mommy I’m a big boy now” and as I watched you walk in so proud I of course fell apart and cried. Now I have the opportunity to watch you walk down the aisle and graduate, in which I’m sure I will fall apart and cry. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point in life, I am so proud of you as would your grandma’s would be. God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy eighteen years ago and now he has blessed me with a very grown up handsome young man. I have been so honored to be able to watch you grow; see your first steps which were running through the house, and say those first words even if they were dada. I know that you will go far in this life as you are a very determined and smart young man. You deserve the best in this world; even though I have to let you go to discover the world just know that I’ll be with you every step of the way anytime anywhere. You are my heart and soul and reason for my being you are my rock. I love you son very much and I thank you for some of the best years of my life.

Love always, mom


Jessica Neffendorf

Adina Warner Congratulations on getting though high school. It's been a long journey but it's finally over! Now you can move on to college and a new life. We'll miss you but I'm sure you'll have a good time and learn a lot.

Proud of you! Dad, Mom, Jenny, and Kailene

Ciera Marie-Frazier You have been so much fun to have as a daughter, you make me laugh daily. I know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to in life. So dream big and may love and happiness be with you always.

Love, Mom You are an amazing, beautiful young woman and we’re so proud of you. You have been a wonderful sister and a loving, caring daughter. Remember to stay true to yourself and follow your heart. Congratulations with love,

Your family.

Gunning Malone Hooray! A chance to embarrass you! On a serious note we love you so much! You are as unique as your name. You are polite, respectful, loyal, thoughtful and funny. Don't forget handsome! We love you so much! We are so proud of the young man you have become! It's GUNNING!, GUNNING!, GUNNING!

Love, Mom

Laney Strand CONGRATULATIONS! We are so proud of you and extremely excited for this next chapter in your life.

We love you! Mom and Dad.

& Dad

Samantha Christian From the beginning your life has been a melody of notes. Like music on a page of a sonnet is composed. The song is written with singing, dancing, reading, compassion, and laughter, with love for others.. We see in you the fulfillment of our prayers & dreams. Let your adventure begin. God's speed, God's blessing & our love.

Mom and Dad


{ 197

Justin Potter

Kayla Metcalf Our precious baby girl, you arrived in our lives to bring us Joy when we needed it most. Your Big Daddy loved to watch you play softball and he was so proud of you. Your sisters and I will always be here for you. Stay focused on your goals in life and everything will fall into place

Love, Mom

To define the young man you've become, “magnificent!� I am so proud of you, and all that you have accomplished. Through struggles, hardships, and life challenges, you have overcome so much. Thus, a young man before your time. God has been with you. We have seen each other through so much. My heart is heavy to see you go. College awaits you. Be inspired and grateful. Achieve greatness! Cherish years passed, God bless you in your life's journey.

Love, Mom

Kimberly Woods

Nick Moore You are an amazing young man! Life has not always seen the good in everything and everyone. We are excited to watch you grow and become a man who will always reach for his star and will always remember his dreams. NEVER GIVE UP! We love you!

Mom and Dad

For 18 years you have brought joy and laughter into our lives. It has been amazing to see you develop qualities that have given you such a strength of character! God blessed you with beauty, talent, integrity, confidence, intelligence and an adventurous spirit for a purpose. Now go share them with the world. We are incredibly proud of you,- can't wait to see where He takes you from here. Thanks for being a wonderful daughter!

Love always, Mom and Dad


Erica Heine My Dearest Erica, The moment you born, as you opened your big brown eyes to this world, I thought you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. What I have come to realize, though, as your grew into a young lady, you have become just as beautiful inside. Your heart, your soul and your personality are the keys to your success. Always remember where you came from, stay close to your family and friends, and never burn your bridges as you walk through life. I love you always and forever, Dad! Princess Erica, Babachan and I have watched you grow from a beautiful little girl to a beautiful young women. We have watched you dance from a three year old dancer to a polished dancer artist. You will be leaving soon for college you will be missed very much, but I know you will do just as well in college as your have in the past. We love you much. Love Papa Baby Girl, It’s very hard to believe that it’s already graduation. I’m so proud of you! Never change, you are a beautiful young women! Stand tall, be proud and Dance!

I love you,


Eddie Giblin You’ll never know what you mean to me until you have a child. It’s only then that you’ll understand the love and pride I have for you. The moment my beautiful baby boy was placed in my arms, I knew he’d grow into a great man and here you are!! Never stop growing! Congratulations my son!

Love you more,

Chelsea Chavez I love you Chelsea Bean! Always go for the ‘gusto:-- never settle.

Love, Mom


Thea Oswald It was a blessing from God to have raised you as my son. Congratulations!

Thea, So happy to be your mom! “Cupcake”, we love you.

Mom and Dad

Loving you always,



{ 199

Marcello Sifuentes

Emily Kelley Watching you grow has been so much fun. From repeating Disney movies for word, Song for Song in your sleep to choir and drama your senior year. You have so much fun to look forward to. Remember to always look for the positive in everyone you meet and everything you do. Keep your focus on God and your goals. Then HAVE FUN.

Love Mom, Dad Angie, Rachel & Ryan

Marcello (cello), It seems like yesterday you were our “Little Hammer.� We are grateful to have been a part of your school years and the opportunity to have your dad as a coach. No words can describe the warm memories and how proud we are of you now and as you grow to manhood. Make everyday count-live with passion, love deeply and laugh out loud.

We Love you,

Dad, Mom, Nick, Nate and Mariah

11 0 2 f o s s a l C n Attentio


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VARSITY Football

Front Row- Hayward Demison, Nate Allen, David Mejia, Devon Gaboury, Victor Sastre, Marcello Sifuentes, Sean Rogers, Gage Hawes, Chris Robinson, Managers-Vanessa Bustamante, Jenna Ayin, Second Row- Morgan Brittain, Warren Benavente, Brannon Dooley, Cody Hanset, Jake Roberts, Kaleb Anderson, Josh Heath, Salvador Santiago, Jason Hickok, Michael Girton, Brandon Guerrero, Thrid Row- David Payne, Zach Scherba, Shane D’Angelo, Clay Mott, Assistant Coach Melton, Assistant Coach Currier, Head Coach Nagel, Assistant Coach Koenig, Assistant Coach Meng, Logan Sheehan, Nick Moore, Max Harris, Josh Kim, Back Row- Wes Meng, Justin Potter, Miguel Morales, Jonathan Treloggen, Tanu Tolai, Spencer Kelley, Travis Pederson, Kolton Meigs, Andrew Culley, Quintin Hardgrove Overal Record: 6-4 League Record: 6-3 Sandy H 42-12, Central Catholic A 34-49, Hood River Valley H 41-0, Barlow H 32-10, Centennial A 14-16, David Douglas H 28-20, Reynolds A 35-7 Non-League: Roseburg A 17-38, McMinnville H 17-6 Playoffs: West Linn A 28-31 Team Awards: Outstanding Offensive Player: Brannon Dooley- Receiver, Zach Sherba- Quarterback, Justin Potter- Running Back Outstanding Defensive Player: Westly Meng- Defensive End, Josh Kim- Linebacker Outstanding Scout Team Player: Chris Robinson- Offense, Victor Sastre- Offense, Tanu Tolai- Defense Team Captains: Westly Meng, Josh Kim, Nick Moore All League Awards: 1st Team Offense- Brannon Dooley, Justin Potter, Andrew Culley 1st Team Defense-Westly Meng, Josh Kim, Zach Sherba 2nd Team Offense-Nick Moore, Jake Roberts, Quintin Hardgrove, Westly Meng 2nd Team Defense-Jake Roberts Honorable Mention Offense-Zach Sherba, Marcello Sifuentes Honorable Mention Defense-Max Harris, Devon Gaboury

JR. VARSITY Football

Front Row- Kadyn Nannini, Tony Bernabo, Lamerton Jaedon, Dwight Cameron, Travis Blanchard SecondRow- Brodie Allen, Matt Baird, Cody Hunter, Christopher Smith, Timothy Cooke, Tanner Schrenk, Ryan Mitchell, Third Row- Hayward Demison III, Clay Mott, Kai Boldt, Coach Brink, Coach Graham, Marcus Martinez, Charley Gormley, Samuel Gandara Back Row- Nico Salgado, Aric Scholer, Thomas Roebuck,

Brent Tolvstad, Caleb Carr, Kevin Dunlap, Hunter Busse, Mackenzie Hardgrove

Overall Record: 7-2 League Record: 6-1 Sandy A 44-14, Central Catholic H 34-40, Hood River Valley A 48-40, Barlow A 42-26, Centennial H 52-14, David Douglas A 33-0, Reynolds H 43-20 Non-League: Beaverton A 20-52, McMinnville A 44-26


Aadams, Daphney 20, 39, 169 Aalbers, Emily 20, 13, 217 Aalbers, Kaylee 31, 153, 151, 215 Abdelmalek, Tyler 39 Abshire, Trevon 89 Accuardi, Brian 134

Accuardi, Nick 36 Acott, Cindi 176 Adams, Dalton 134 Adams, Deandre 20, 205, 211 Adams, Devin 176 Adams, Kayla 89 Adams, Peggy 64 Adams, Tyler 134 Aguirre, Jessica 89 Aguon, Laura 134, 210 Aguon, Luke 87, 205 Aicher, Nicholas 64, 221, 207, 220 Akre, John 134, 206 Akre, Mathew 20, 221, 211 Alarcon, Diana 64, 89, 221

204 } INDEX | A - B

Albrecht, Brandon 89 Albrecht, Hailey 134, 220 Aldrich, Corinne 176 Ali, Bryan 149 Allen, Brodie 20, 215, 204 Allen, Connor 20, 215, 220 Allen, Daniel 89, 205, 209, 215, 221 Allen, Kate 91 Allen, Nathan 13, 204, 221, 215 Allison, Nicholas 39 Allmaras, Makayla 134 Alston, Darius 134 Altamirano, Itan 39 Altamirano, Jacqueline 20, 105 Altenhofen, Jamie 39, 207 Alter, R.J. 134

Alter, Sam 134 Alvarado, Danice 20, 176 Alvarez, Enrique 20 Alverson, Teddy 20, 220, 221 Amano, Jacob 134 Amin, Amin 77 Amin, Karen 39 Anderson, Caleb 134, 220, 221 Anderson, Chris 39, 205 Anderson-Cook, Lori 2, 205, 214 Anderson, Jerry 75 Anderson, Justin 134, 205, 210 Anderson, Kaleb 59, 204, 210, 215 Anderson, Kalie 224 Andrade, Julio 89 Angeles, Cris 64 Angel-Mercado, Ana 89 Annette, Chris 64 Apodaca, Jessica 220 Arango, Marquis 221 Arenas, Kaeli 212, 209 Argeta, Ana 221 Augon, Luke 215 Ault, Cody 221 Ault, Katy 221 Ayin, Jenna 204


Baez-Duarte, Luis Edgar 125 Bailey, Colleen 13, 36, 89, 215 Baird, Matt 134, 204 Baird, Savanna 64, 163, 208, 211 Baisden, Ryan 89, 206, 220, 221 Baisden, Shelby 64, 221 Baker, A.J. 89, 205, 211 Baker, Julian 134 Bakke, Carl 134, 215, 217 Balonzo, Jayna 39 Balonzo, Jocelyn 134, 212 Barajas, Raquel 77 Barber, Dajanique 54 Barcroft, Kaylee 20, 217, 220 Barnes, Danielle 64, 22, 221 Barnum, Austen 64 Barrera, Kevin 64, 205 Barry, Willow 77 Bartels, Jaimie 89,150, 207, 221 Bartha, Rick 89 Bartlett, Chandler 134, 221 Bartz, Ashley 39 Bates, Titi 64 Bauer, Taylor 134, 221, 205 Beals, Casey 64 Becker, Tyler 39 Beegle, Kehrsten 89, 221 Beegle, Mariah 20 Beekman, Andrew 116 Beeson, Jasmine 221 Beiersdorf, Jonathan 134, 220 Beiersdorf, Joshua 64, 220 Beland, Maddie 64, 106, 207 Belinskiy, Elizabeth 89 Bell, Kama 39, 217, 220

Benancio, Marina 134, 221 Benancio, Yovana 20, 220 Benavente, Warren 13, 15, 204, 211 Benavente, Whitney 11 Bencomo, Angelina 89 Bender, Dannell 20, 220 Benefiel, Zac 89, 220 Benfield, Devyn 39 Benitez, Trista 89 Bennett, Erik 89, 210 Bennett, John 64 Benoit, Jonas 4 Benson, Marisa 39, 89, 206, 215 Benson, Morgan 89, 206, 215, 221 Berecek, Shalena 25 Berkey, Jonathan 24 Bermudez, Maria 56 Bernabo, Tony 66, 204 Berndt, Jeremy 9 Bertholomey, Jacky 90, 208 Bieker, Donyial 89, 221 Bielawski, Courtney 55 Bigler, Mark 20, 210 Bird, Emma 5, 109, 208, 214, 221 Bird, Savanna 134 Bishop, Stephanie 89, 209 Bisorca, Dj 22 Bjelland, Aden 64 Bjoernsrud, Merete 64, 216 Black, Beau 134 Blacksmith, Carrie 64, 89 Blair, Coach 206 Blake, Beth 205 Blake, Leaha 134 Blakke, Carl 134 Blanchard, Codie 134, 224, 208, 224 Blanchard, Timothy 8, 221 Blanchard, Travis 100, 221, 204 Blanger, Aleck 36, 217 Blankenship, Brittany 64 Blanshan, Emily 217 Blefgen, Sierra 39, 207, 209 Blodgett, Chelcie 191 Boda, Jesse 22, 221 Boetel, Meagan 22 Bohrer, Ellie 135, 220 Boldt, Kai 135, 204, 210, 220 Bone, Cassie 9 Bonneville, Josi 39 Bonneville, Nicolas 64 Booth, Aarion 64 Borman, Ashley 186 Bosso, Alex 89, 221 Bott, Taylor 7 Bowser, Jasmine 89, 221 Boyd, Kyle 89 Boyles, Dalton 135, 207, 209 Brand, Ashley 77, 135 Brandt, Jessika 9, 89, 220, 224 Brasesco, Katelyn 39 Brashear, Ashley 64, 217, 209 Brashear, Katie 29, 209, 220, 209 Bravo, Leslie 22 Breckenridge, Steven 135, 216 Brentano, Grayson 90

Brestel, Kendra 103, 220 Brewer, Zach 135 Briggs, Chelsa 90 Brightwell, Katey 22, 221 Brimm, Amanda 221 Brink, Coach 204 Brioschi, Margherita 135, 216 Brittain, Morgan 13, 204 Brown, Annie 206 Brown, Christina 217 Brown, Nicole 208 Brummel, Amanda 212 Bryant, Abby 206, 211 Bryant, Jake 210, 220, 224 Bump, Alex 211 Burgess, Maggie 212 Burkholder, Aaron 218, 220, 224 Burt, Ariel 220, 224 Busch, Rudy 205 Busse, Hunter 204, 211 Bustamante, Vanessa 204, 214 Butcher, Jonathan 206, 209, 215

Cain, Tyleah 135 Calderon, Anthony 135 Caldwell, Xavier 39, 221 Camacho, Eduardo 135 Camacho, Yareni 39 Camara, Monica 39 Camarillo, Olga Paz 90 Cameron, Dwight 90, 204 Cameron, Will 90 Campbell, Jeffrey 52 Campbell, Rand 176, 207 Cannon, Liz 135 Cappa, Ashley 24 Capps, Leslie 11, 24, 209, 211, 215 Carbone, Taryn 65, 90, 221 Carbone, Taylor 90, 214, 221, 205 Cardoso-Bustamante, Cecilia 77 Carlton, Hannah 135 Carr, Caleb 22, 204, 217, 220 Carrasco-Gomez, Alex 90 Carrasco-Gomez, Giovanny 216


Front Row- Nico Estibar, Tyler Klink, Daniel Allen, Micah Tolai, Jaime Salmeron, Bryan Valencia, Devaunte Hoffman, Josh Guerrero, Cory MacKay, Remy Somsanith Second Row- Hunter Pattock, Jose

Kuder, Kyle Moore, Randy Thompson, Jacob Williams, Sawyer Rhinevault, Brady Dooley, Luke Aguon, Taylor Tramposh, Kevin Barrera, Deandre Adams Third Row- A.J. Baker, Cole Lindhorst, Eric Johnsen, Assistant Coach Fogarty, Assistant Coach McGowan, Head Coach Gardenhire, Assistant Coach Kramer, Issac Hinojosa-Diaz, John King, Santos Renteria, David Nelson Fourth Row- Aaron Larson, Austin Peacock, Dion Hairston, Trevor Stephen, Austin Joseph, Rudy Busch, Willie O’Ree, Lincoln Yeatman Back Row-Justin Anderson, Chris Anderson, Drew Estrada, Kaleb Crimp, Gerry Gomez, Dillon Fornos Overall Record: 4-5 League Record: 4-3 Sandy H 12-13, Central Catholic A 6-46, Hood River Valley H 47-13, Barlow H 42-18, Centennial A 38-15, David Douglas H 26-8, Reynolds A 25-13 Non-League: Beaverton H 15-38, MCMinnville H 14-34

[June 25, 2009]

Jackson Dies; ThewasMichael super star pronounced dead of cardiac arrest

at the age of


VARSITY Volleyball

[January 10, 2010]

Michael Jackson WAS murdered:

Death certificate amended by coroner after police investigation By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 4:27 PM Michael Jackson’s death has been officially ruled as murder, it was revealed today. The cause of death on the 50-year-old’s death certificate has been amended to ‘homicide’ after months of speculation. According to the document the King of Pop died from ‘acute Propofol intoxication’ due to an ‘intravenous injection from another’.

Ceone Nojima, Taylor Richardson, Haley Crouser, Ashley Pechmann, Amanda Neffendorf, Heather Ries, Taryn Hultquist, Coach Anderson-Cook, Coach Hartner, Chelsey Sann, Kelsey Merritt, Courtney Shropshire, Courtney Pattock, Olivia Shropshire, Hannah Leithem, Amy Wooten Overall Record: 18-8 League Record: 12-4, Sandy A 3-0 H 3-0, Barlow H 0-3 A1-3, David Douglas A 3-0 H 3-0, Centennial A 3-0 H 3-0,St. Mary’s A 3-0 H 3-0, Hood River Valley A 3-0 H 3-0, Reynolds H 3-0 A 3-0, Central Catholic A 0-3 H 1-3 Non-League: Lakeridge A 2-1, Silverton A 2-0, Sunset A 2-1, Jesuit A 0-2, Crook County A 1-2, West Salem A 3-0, Lakeridge H 3-1, Jesuit A 0-3, Barlow A 3-1, Sheldon A 1-3 Team Awards: MVP-Olivia Shropshire, Most Inspirational-Ashley Pechmann, Ceone Nojima, Most Improved-Haley Crouser, Amy Wooten League Awards: 1st Team-Olivia Shropshire, Courtney Pattock, Kelsey Merritt 2nd Team-Ceone Nojima Honorable Mention-Taylor Richardson, Chelsey Sann, Hannah Leithem

Murdered: A coroner has officially ruled that singer Michael Jackson’s death on June 25th 2009 was homicide On the original certificate issued on July 7 deputy coroner Cheryl MacWillie refused to give a cause of death. However after further investigations, the certificate was amended and rereleased in August by medical examiner Christopher Thomas. It now states the cause of death on 25th June 2009 as ‘homicide’.


Cabrera, Mark 65 Cage, Adam 65, 24 Cain, Amanda 135

Carrillo, Lizett 90 Carrithers, Danielle 65, 220 Carter, Jacob 39 Carter, Makinna 90 Cartmill, Peyton 90, 209 Casas, Tanya 135, 207 Casteel, Lorena 65, 220 Casteel, Luke 65 Castelan, Clariflor 135 Castelan, Mary 22

JR. VARSITY Volleyball

Front Row- Katelyn Steiner, Ifunanya Onyima, Claire Palmiter, Morgan Schwab, Emily Culley, Abby Bryant Back Row- Emily Gilson, Maria Castellanos, Brandy Velasquez, Coach Blair, Victoria Conner, Pearly Walton, Annie Brown No Records Submitted


{ 205

[November 29, 2009]

Tiger Woods accused of cheating,

Whatmysterious started as car a crash,

quickly turned into multiple claims JV2 Volleyball

Front Row- Taylor Bauer, Hannah Kim, Jordyn Olofson, Anna Huber, Sarah Walton, Becca Harris Back Row- Taylor Carbone, Cassie Fellows, Taya Mick, Head Coach Beth Blake, Savannah Reimer, Amber

Daun, Meranda Taylor, Not Pictured- Mikayla Harding No Records Submitted .

GIRLS Cross Country

Front Row- Adeline Ndayishimiye, Miranda McCausland, Laura Damian, Haley McDonald, Moriah Gifford, Marisa Benson Back Row-Sarah Greear, Elise Dugwyler, Head Coach Kylee Hutchins, Assistant Coach Tim Collins, Sadie Wierschke, Clarice Terry No Records Submitted

BOYS Cross Country

Front Row- Jonathan Butcher, Ryan Baisden,Dylan Hanson, Morgan Benson, Eric Dugwyler Back Row-

Alexander Vaughn,Michael Wilson, Head Coach Kylee Hutchins, Assistant Coach Tim Collins, Ian Cummings, Spencer Saling, Not Pictured - John Akre Overall Record: 3-4 League Record: 3-4 Reynolds H 18-39, Centennial H 24-31, Hood River Valley A 33-24, Central Catholic A 17-46, Sandy A 45-15, David Douglas A 45-15, Barlow A 24-31 NonLeague: Marist Invite 2nd, Crossover NA, New Balance 16th, Pre Nationals NA, Gresham Classic 3rd, Oxford Classic 3rd, District Meet 5th Team Awards: MVP-Jonathan Butcher, Most Inspirational-Alex Vaughn, Most Improved-Michael Wilson League Awards: Honorable Mention-Jonathan Butcher, Dylan Hanson

206 } INDEX | C

golf star

that the international

had been involved in multiple affairs.

Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren have hammered out a divorce settlement that reportedly will net the ex-model $750 million, which translates to three-fourths of the golfer’s known $1 billion fortune, in exchange for her silence. reports.

Castellano, Belicia 150 Castellanos, Maria 176, 206, 215 Casto, Lauren 135, 221 Castro-Nevius, Kristen 22 Castro, Samantha 105 Castro, Taylor 94 Catchpole, Kyle 39, 220 Cavanagh, Lisa 105 Cecilio, Jennifer 39 Cecilio, Rolando 90 Ceja, Jose 22 Celestine, Destry 47 Cerda, Rigo De La 105 Cermack, Mary Helen 90, 135 Cervenkova, Lucie 22 Cha, Lisa 90 Cha, Todd 65 Cha, Vicky 135 Chamberlain, Erin 27, 221 Chaney, Manon 90 Chao, Amy 24, 39, 135 Chao, David 50 Chao, May 135 Charleston, Micah 135 Chase, Cara 90, 217, 220 Chau, Crystal 110, 220 Chavez, Chelsea 65, 91 Chavez, Cristal 10 Chavez, Diana Gonzalez 46, 210 Chavez, Irvin 39 Chavez, Melisa 22 Chavez-Salazer, Yuki 85 Chelsie Blacksmith 135 Chicas, Joanna 135 Childress, Kathy 36, 208 Chilson, Gloryann 39 Chilson, Kendall 90 Chin, Brian 176, 216 Chin, Matthew 90, 216, 221 Chisholm, Bill 22, 135 Chonteco, Casandra 90 Chora, Inez Marquez 10 Christian, Samantha 91, 220, 221 Christman, Angela 65, 176 Christman, Jenica 43 Chung, Lee 210 Chupp, Carrie 65, 209 Clardy, Lowell 37 Clark, Madison 39, 207,

218 Clawson, Mychele 65 Clemenson, Grace 111, 220 Clements, Erin 65 Clements, Taylor 91 Clifford, Danielle 65, 221, 212 Clinton, Walter 105 Cobb, Henry 91 Cochran, Aaron 22 Cochran, Emily 221 Cole, Amber 135, 172 Cole, Whittney 66 Collier, Rahne 66 Collins, De’Angelo 66 Collins, Tim 39, 206 Compton, Ryan 91, 221 Connell, Cheyenne 208 Conner, Daniel 39 Conner, Victoria 23, 206, 216 Constien, Joey 11, 91, 211 Contreras, Karina Bribiesca 105 Contreras, Marco 150 Cook, Anthony 135 Cook, Brad 23, 224, 210 Cook, Chelsea 66 Cooke, Timothy 66, 204 Cook, Gavin 224 Cook, Kathryn 122, 193 Cooley, Ariana 23, 208, 217, 221 Cooper, Jordan 61, 179 Copado, Vivian 66 Copeland, Baily 137 Copus, Kaila 66 Cord, Andrea 208, 221 Cord, Kayla 137, 217, 220 Cornelius, Hollyann 150 Corrales, Heriberto 91 Corral, Jose Luis 137 Cortese, Arielle 220, 224, 207 Cortes, Hugo 210 Cox, Garrison 207, 209, 217, 220, 221 Crainic, Eddie 221 Cramblett, Ashley 208 Crapser, Andrew 221 Crawford, William 220 Crimp, Kaleb 37, 205, 210 Cromoga, Hailey 221 Crouser, Haley 205, 215 Crouser, Sam 23, 124,167,

174, 175 Cruser, Sage 211 Cruz, Adriana 221 Culley, Andrew 204 Culley, Emily 206, 221 Cummings, Ian 206 Cummins, Daniel 220 Currier, Brian 204


D’Agostino, Dilynn 54, 91, 209, 207 Dahlke, Krista 1 Dahl, Kelsea 39, 208 Daiberl, Carol , 11 Dailey, Gabe 176 Daley, Shawn 66, 79 Dalzell, Micah 27, 221 Damian, Laura 77, 137, 206 Damiani, Sophia 66, 221 Damian, Maria 66, 212 D’Amico, Devon 24 Damonte, Chris 150 Dandrea, Claudia 39, 221 D’Angelo, Shane 120, 204 Daniel Dempsey 16, 150 Danyuk, Alla 66 Danyuk, Anna 21 Darlington, Michael 23 Dash, Emerald 137 Dau, Hoa 91 Daun, Amber 23, 205, 220, 216 Daun, Brandon 91, 217 Davis, Forrest 23, 210 Davis, Katie 66, 217 Davis, Kevin 47, 209, 217, 220 Dawson, Stefan 66 Day, Austin 3 Daye, Meghan 137

Dean, Cody 81 Decair, Christopher 4 Declet, Emily 92, 219 Declet, Marlana 105, 219, 221 DeCourcey, Savanah 39, 107, 221 DeJesus, David 66 DeJesus-Navarro, Rosario 16 Delgado, Jesus 176 Delgado, Maria 4 DeLong, Nathan 66 Demison, Hamesha 66 Demison, Hayward 12, 13, 204 Dempsey, Daniel 150, 221 Dempsey, Sara 92 DePiero, Monica 5, 23 DePietro, Keely 221 DeRemer, Wyatt 210 DeWolfe, Presley 150, 217, 221 Deyoe, Kayley 67, 209 Dezellem, Eric 23, 209, 221, 216 Diaz, Alex 37 Diaz, Jacob 105, 217 Diaz, Martha 67 Dela Cruz-Diaz, Tiannah 37 Dick, Kelly 23, 220, 224 Dick, Olivia 16, 128, 131 Didlick, Caitlynn 92, 107, 137, 207, 218 Dietz, Trevor 67, 211 Dimas, Gerardo Molinero 92 Dinucci, Tia 86 DiPietro, Keely 11, 67, 172 Dirksen, Johnny 207, 220, 221 DiVito, Dominic 137 Dixon, Johnny 137 Dixon, Ke’-Ke’ 159 Dobesova, Nora 137, 216 Docken, Amy 207


Front Row- David Vorobyov, Dalton Boyles, Dominic Di Vito, Ricky McElroy, Rand Campbell, Kyle Stevens, Anthony Vorobyov, Michael Finnigan Back Row- Ryan Lile, Cody Gross, Garrison Cox, Jake Sundquist, Nicholas Aicher, Johnny Dirkson, Adam Cage JR Not Pictured: Travis Guenther, Sean Ryan, Thom Simon, Jared Taylor, No Records Submitted

GIRLS Water Polo

Front Row- Sarah De La Paz, Amy Docken, Madison Clark, Delaney Lewis, Sierra Blefgen, Kelly Smith Back Row- Dilynn D’Agostino, Bryana Stockwell, Olivia Rynevich, Carly Gendron, Sarah Triplett, Kristen

Stout, Jaime Bartels, Not Pictured: Rebecca Rust, Emily Kratz, No Records Submitted

[January 12, 2010]


7.0 Magnitude Earthquake

Haiti, With an epicenter near Port-au-Prince, the quake was estimated to have killed over 200,000 people.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (CBS) The largest earthquake to hit Haiti in more than 200 years rocked the Caribbean nation Tuesday, collapsing a hospital where people screamed for help and heavily damaging other buildings. The strongest earthquake in more than 200 years rocked Haiti on Tuesday, collapsing a hospital where people screamed for help and heavily damaging the National Palace, U.N. peacekeeper headquarters and other buildings. U.S. officials reported bodies in the streets and an aid official described “total disaster and chaos.” According to official estimates, 222,570 people killed, 300,000 injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince area and in much of southern Haiti.


Front Row- Jamie Altenhofen, Marissa Lawer, Arielle Cortese, Second Row- Sarah McGregor, Chelsea Johnson, Christina Wohlers, Caitlyn Didlick, Krissy Stewart, Tanya Casas, Third Row- Allison Gallegos, Abigail Macias, Davontra Ford, Alexis Mills, Julia Strohmaier, Back Row- Carissa Walczak, Maddie Beland, Ariel Olvera, Paige Harry, Erica Haide, No Records Submitted


{ 207

JV CHEER Front Row- Marissa Haide, Lindsay Nastav, Jacky Bertholomey, Keiko Downing, Lauren Laakso, Sami McCauley, Mayumi Eda. Second Row- Emma Bird, Nicole Brown, Ashley Cramblett, Kelsea Dahl, Taylor Westby. Third Row- Alex Townley, Cheyenne Connell, Kassee Holmes, Samie Harris, Cheyenne Kruse. Fourth Row: Kaelly Thelander, Chloe MacAulay, Andrea Cord, Brittany Good, Kylee Pearson.


Front Row- Isaac Niyonkuru, Codie Blanchard, Eddie Ramirez, Nick Latimore, Erick Lainez Middle Row-Riley Protz, Martin Torres, Jacob Young, Yancy Gonzalez, Tanner Hockley Back Row- Jordan Olson,

Michael Nunziato, Alfredo Hernandez,Assistant Coach Rex Moffit, Head Coach Jimmy Weber, Zach Wich, Keegan Johnston, Alex Harrison Not Pictured- Erik Gomez

Overall Record: 5-6 League Record: 5-6 David Douglas H 1-0 A 1-1, Sandy H 2-0 A 2-1, Reynolds A 2-2 H 1-0, Centennial H 1-2 A 1-3, Central Catholic A 0-2 H 0-2, Hood River Valley H 2-5 A 0-4, Barlow H 2-2 A 3-2 Team Awards: MVP-Riley Protz, Most Inspirational-Codie Blanchard, Most Improved-Zach Wich League Awards: 2nd Team-Riley Protz, Alex Harrison Honorable Mention-Nick Latimore, Isaac Niyonkuru, Zach Wich, Eddie Ramirez

Dodge, Emily 57 Dodge, Jordan 137 Dolan, Kristopher 116 Dolores, Angel 64, 220, 216 Dominguez, Samuel 92 Dominguez, Yeni 39 Donnelly, Jessica 176, 208, 215 Donohue, Erin 67, 221 Donohue, Evan 92, 221 Dooley, Brady 17, 205, 210 Dooley, Brannon 12, 204, 210 Dorr, Christy 77 Douglas, Max 148, 220 Downer, Danae 221 Downey, Haley 208 Downing, Keiko 208, 221 Dransfeldt, Kelsey 216 Dugwyler, Elise 206, 214 Dugwyler, Eric 210, 215 Dunlap, Kevin 204 Durland, Sebastian 219


Earley, Trevor 92 Eatherton, Dylan 77 Eda, Ayako 9, 59, 163, 217 Eda, Mayumi 92, 208, 216 Edwards, Ryan 23, 187, 217, 220 Elias, Hermogenez 137 Ell, Cameron 92, 50, 24, 173, 181 Elliott, LaDajah 137 Ellis, Courtney 23, 217, 218, 221 Ellis, Jordan 220 Ell, Jared 59, 175, 176, 210 Elsberry, Ric 155, 175 Elwess, Jacob 25, 109, 163

Elwood, Cory 26 Emoto, Alyssa 26, 27, 216, 224 Enoch, Zac 88, 210 Equihua, Claudia 67 Erickson, Brittany 67, 92, 220, 224, 217 Erickson, Danny 137 Ernst, Shannon 77 Erspamer, Kayla 67, 208 Escobedo, Daisy 39 Escobedo, Jessica 137 Escutia, Jordan 67 Eska, Brandon 119 Esparza, Robert 137, 221 Espinoza-Dasalla, Victoria 137, 218 Espinoza, Jacob 92 Estibar, Nicholas 137, 211, 216 Estibar, Nico 205 Estrada, Brisa 137, 215 Estrada-Diaz, Manuel 137 Estrada-Diaz, Osvaldo 177 Estrada, Drew 205 Etnier, Hayley 208, 209 215 Euan, Betty Dzib 221 Evans, Colen 220


Falvey, Brandon 137 Farley, Joshua 137 Farmer, Michael 137 Farrer, Michael 10 Fasano, Kelsi 137, 151 Fast, Brandon 92, 220 Faulkner, Michael 67 Felix, Adrian 92 Fellows, Cassie 67, 205, 218

[February 7, 2010]

New Orleans Saints are,

Super Bowl XLIV champions Saints defeat Colts,



Front Row- Kyleigh Jandro, Jessie Stone, Dani McMurray, Taylor Simms, Hannah Kristensen Middle Row-Assistant Coach Haley Etnier, Kennedy Martin, Melissa Smith, Haley Downey, Erin Urbanowicz, Mary Keathley, Jessica Donnelly, Head Coach Kathy Childress Back Row- Assistant Coach Kate Frank-

lin, Savanna Baird, Kayla Erspamer, Rachel Kelley, Ariana Cooley

Overall Record: 5-9 League Record: 3-5 Reynolds 3-0, St. Mary’s 0-2, David Douglas 5-0, Sandy 1-2, Centennial 0-1, Central Catholic 1-3, Barlow 1-5, Hood River 1-0 Non-League: McKay 3-0, Madison 6-1, Canby 1-3, Southridge 0-2, Tigard 1-5, Forest Grove 0-4 League Awards: 1st Team Defender-Kayla Erspamer, 2nd Team Midfielder-Ariana Cooley, Haley Downey, 2nd Team Goalkeeper-Erin Urbanowicz, Honorable Mention defender-Savanna Baird, Kennedy Martin

The celebrations have begun in New Orleans, as the city’s National Football League team - the Saints - have won their first Super Bowl championship title, bringing joy to a city still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Saints surprised the favored Indianapolis Colts 31 to 17 Sunday evening before a packed stadium in Miami, Florida - and an expected 100 million television viewers in the United States and millions more around the world

Fendich, Liliya 137 Fera, Megan 137 Ferguson, Bailey 26 Fernandez, Juan 177, 220, 221 Ferron, Malia 137 Fields, Susan 137 Figueroa-Alvarez, Maximiliano 39 Finnigan, Michael 137 Fischer, Jesse 39 Fisher, Anthony 137 Fisk, Brittany 92 Fisk, Michael 138 Fitzpatrick, Kayla 138, 209 Fitzpatrick, Kyle 84 Fleck, Ashley 26, 221 Fletcher, Haley 26 Fletcher, Jacob 24 Flores, Eugenio 24 Flores, Fernada 138 Flores, Maria 26 Fogarty, Assistant Coach 205 Foix, Jory 92 Foland, Jake 81, 217, 220 Ford, Davontra 207 Ford, Tra’ 26, 92, 148, 221 Fornos, Dillon 26, 205 Forrer, Joshua 1 Forrester, Chloe 24, 67 Foss, Shanna 92 Franklin, Kate 208 Frilot, Lindsey 143, 220, 221, 224


Gaboury, Devon 15, 26, 82, 135, 193, 204, 210 Gabrielson, Marcus 138, 220 Gabrielson, Natalie 92, 218 Galarza, Derek 39 Galbreath, Dylan 149 Galindo, Emery 67 Galindo-Rodriguez, Pedro 138 Galisky, Anne 92 Gallagher, Daniel 114 Gallagher, Miranda 39 Gallegos, Allison 138, 207 Gandara, Samuel 138, 210 Gant, Sue 150, 92 Garcia, Anddy 169 Garcia, Gary 138 Garcia, Leo 27 Garcia, Luis 27 Garcia, Tatyana 26 Gardenhire, Jim 138, 205, 210 Garriott, Andria 26 Garthe, Tony 138 Gaspard, Devin 26 Gates, Tom 86 Gee, Tabby 77 Gemmato, Carmella 7, 15, 221 Gendron, Carley 92, 207, 221 Gentili, Giulia 26, 138 Gentry, Teagun 92

Gibbs, Berakhiah 69, 221 Gibbs, Caitlin 77, 221 Gibbs, Jill 39 Giblin, Eddie 139 Gibson, Calvin 93 Gibson, Susan 139 Gibson, Willie 69 Giddings, Kevin 69 Giddings, Victoria 139 Gifford, Morriah 69, 206, 215, 220 Gillen, Andrew 177 Gillespie, Justin 105 Gilson, Emily 177, 206 Gines, Brody 9 Girdan, Elizabeth 139, 221 Girdan, Nathan 139, 221 Girton, Michael 69, 204 Gjesdal, Taylor 69 Goche, Tyeler 39 Goerke, Lauren 139 Gohl, Sophia 139 Goldberg, Cherrian 11, 218, 224 Golh, Maggie 93 Gomez, Becky 224 Gomez, Erik 93, 208 Gomez, Gerry 69, 205, 215 Gomez, Giovanny 69 Gomez, Lety 77 Gomez-Morfin, Janet 177 Gomez, Myra 69 Gomez, Paola 139 Gonrowski, Ty 27, 212 Gonzales, Armando 177 Gonzalez, Brian 27 Gonzalez, Cindy 39 Gonzalez-Diaz, Jessica 221 Gonzalez, Jose 139 Gonzalez, Lesly 8 Gonzalez, Lety 37 Gonzalez, Milena 69 Gonzalez, Ricardo 139, 210 Gonzalez, Saul 39 Gonzalez, Sobeida 93 Gonzalez, Yancy 27, 208 Good, Brittany 27, 208 Goodwin, Doug 39 Gordon, Chad 93, 141 Gordon, Taylor 69, 217 Gormley, Charley 29, 204 Gould, Nicole 139, 221 Graham, Alexis 69, 221 Graham, Jorgen 39 Greear, Sarah 206, 218, 220 Greenaway, Alec 209 Greene, Isaac 221 Grimes, Drexel 220 Grogan, Ashley 221 Groom, Kendra 214 Gross, Cody 207 Guenther, Travis 207 Guerrero, Josh 205, 209 Guerrero, Brandon 204 Gustaveson, Brandon 210


Haddock, Kassandra 3, 16, 69, 221 Hagel, Alex 39, 11, 27, 139, 215, 220, 224 Hagen, Braden 105


Front Row- Kaeli Arenas, Jillian Lauderback, Hannah Phillips, Kayla Fitzpatrick, Middle Row- Carrie Ch-

upp, Victoria Sturgill, Tiara Reese, Stephanie Bishop, Kelsey Resendiz, Laura Phillips, Katie Brashear

Back Row- Shaylin Smith, Leslie Capps, Jordan O’Connell, Head Coach Haley Etnier, Nikki Johnson,

Taylor Rice, Taylor Raines

BOYS Swimming

Front Row- Josh Guerrero, Brennan Norwood, Alec Greenaway, Jared Taylor, Erik Magistrado, Jordan Pederson, Jono Butcher, Daniel Allen, Dalton Boyles Back Row- Dillon Paquette, Daniel Rafalski, Tyler Strand, Ricky McElroy, Kevin Davis, Jake Sundquist, Garrison Cox, Ryan Jacobs, Derek Sturdavant, Eric Dezellem, Constantine Zavalin

Overall Record:7-1 League Record:7-0, Conference Champions, David Douglas H 103-67, Hood River Valley A 124-36, Centennial H 122-48, Reynolds A 96.5-73.5, Sandy H 111-43, Central Catholic H 93-77, Barlow A 92-78 Non-League: Grant H 75-9 Team Awards: MVP-Jordan Pedersen, Most Inspirational-Jono Butcher, Most Improved-Dillon Paquette, Jake Sundquist League Awards:1st Team- 100 Fly-Dan Rafalski, 100 Free-Jordan Pedersen, 100 Medley Relay-Jordan Pedersen, Erik Magistrado, Tom Simon, Jared Taylor, 2nd Team-100 Back-Jordan Pedersen, 500 Free-Tyler Strand, Honorable Mention-200 Free, 100 Back-Jared Taylor, 200 IM-Dan Rafalski, 50 Free, 100 Free-Garrison Cox, 100 Fly, 100 Back-Tom Simon, 500 Free-Alec Greenaway, 100 Back-Ricky McElroy, 100 Fly, 100 Breaststroke-Erik Magistrado, 100 Breaststroke-Kevin Davis, 200 Free Relay-Alec Greenaway, Dan Rafalski, Tom Simon, Garrison Cox, 400 Free Relay-Jared Taylor, Jordan Pedersen, Dan Rafalski, Erik Magistrado All State Awards: 2nd Team-100 Back-Jordan Pedersen, Honorable Mention-200 Medley Relay-Jordan Pedersen, Erik Magistrado, Tom Simon, Jared Taylor

GIRLS Swimming

Front Row- Ashley Brashear,Kelly Smith,Siera Blefgen,Shelby Strand,Jillian Lauderback, Delaney Lewis, Kelcey Stauffer, Haley Schaeffer, Annie Nedelisky, Katie Brashear, Ashley Smart, Emily Kratz, Back Row- Lauren Hickman, Kirsten Moody, Kayley Deyoe, Molly Mae O’Halloran, Paige Sturdavant, Brenna

Newman, Dilynn D’Agostino, Katrina Owens, Christina Shackelford, Peyton Cartmill, Haley McDonald

Overall Record:3-5 League Record:3-6 David Douglas H 43-127, Hood River Valley A 96-70, St. Mary’s A 58-113, Centennial H 95-75, Reynolds A 82-88, Sandy H 80-90, Central Catholic H 110-58, Barlow A 74-96 Non-League: Grant 75-95 Team Honors: MVP-Dilynn D’Agostino, Most Inspirational-Kayley Deyoe, Most Improved-Katrina Owen League Honors: Honorable Mention-Dilynn D’Agostino-200 IM, 100 Breast, Shelbi Strand-100 Fly, 500 Free, Haley Schaeffer-500 Free, 200 Medley Relay-Haley Schaeffer, Dilynn D’Agostino, Shelbi Strand, Katrina Owen, 400 Free Relay-Haley Schaeffer, Dilynn D’Agostino, Shelbi Strand, Katrina Owen

VARSITY Wrestling

Hagen, Howard 69 Hagen, Jamie 69 Hagen, Rhiannon 139 Hager, Nollen 105 Hager, Sarah 69, 19, 215 Hagger, Mackenzie 139 Hague, Sarah 139 Haide, Erica 39, 207 Haide, Marissa 177, 221, 208 Hairston, Dion 177, 205 Hall-Annette, Ronnie 139 Halley, Jenny 177 Halley, Scott 69 Halstead, Jazmyn 37 Halvorson, Alicia 24 Hamilton, Dekwandre 69 Hamilton, Ethan 27, 211, 221

Haskins, Nicole , 214 Haskins, Valerie 93 Hatton, Courtney 93, 216 Hawes, Gage 13, 140, 204, 210 Haworth, Zachary 48 Haynes, Michelle 28 Hazard, Danika 95, 216 Hazard, Kaia 29, 70, 221 Headings, Hope 83, 215 Heater, Julianne 28 Heath, Joshua 69, 204 Heckman, T Bone 92 Hedeen, Zach 140 Heffner, Marina 95 Heikkila, Danelle 150

Front Row-Diana Gonzalez Chavez, Nicole Kobayashi, Laura Aguon, Laney Strand, Katie Samperi, Julianna Stai, Alicia Turcotte, Second Row- Cory MacKay, Hugo Cortes, Eric Dugwyler, Ricardo Gonzalez, Marcello Sifuentes, Gage Hawes, David Nelson, Brady Dooley, Sage Higgins, Third Row- Coach Eddie Sifuentes,

Coach Brad Cook, Coach Jim Gardenhire, Devon Gaboury, Lane Stickell, Dylan Hanson, Justin Anderson, Alex Statler, Issac Hinojosa-Diaz, Coach Zac Enoch, Coach Wyatt DeRemer, Coach Alex Rojas Back RowTaylor Meyers, Kai Boldt, Evan Olson, Jon Treloggen, Kaleb Crimp, Brandon Gustaveson, Nick Moore League Record: 1-5 Sandy A 24-56, Centennial H 34-35, Barlow H 15-51, David Douglas A 16-51, Reynolds A 47-21, Hood River Valley H 28-33 Team Awards: MVP-Jake Roberts, Most InspirationalNick Moore, Devon Gaboury, Most Improved-Brandon Gustaveson League Awards: 1st-Devon Gaboury, 2nd-David Nelson, Dylan Hanson, 3rd-Jake Roberts, Nick Moore, Honorable Mention-Isaac HinojosaDiaz, John Treelogen

[February 12-28]

2010 Olympics in Vancouver;

The United States took home the most medals,


but Canada won the gold in Men’s Ice Hockey.

The United States sent 215 athletes to compete in all 15 sports at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 215 athletes is the most of any nation at the 2010 Olympics, just topping the host country of Canada, who provided 206 athletes.


Front Row- Laura Aguon, Diana Gonzalez Chavez, Laney Strand, Alicia Turcotte, Julianna Stai, Nicole Kobayashi, Katie Samperi, Second Row- Lee Chung, Sawyer Rhinevault, Brett Olson, Jon King, Jaime Salmeron, Taylor Tramposh, Jorge Rojas Third Row-Coach Rojas, Coach Sifuentes, Coach Enoch, Mark

Bigler, Danny Rice, Christian Miranda, Jacob Hunt, Alin Mihaltan, Alex Stillwell, Coach Gardenhire, Coach Cook, Coach DeRemer Fourth Row-Tyler Jordan, Gage Hernandez, George Palmiter, Samuel Gandara, Tanner Hemenway, Erik Bennett, Jake Wagner, Forrest Davis No Records Available.


Front Row- Jared Ell, Kaleb Anderson, Zach Scherba, Brannon Dooley, Cameron Ell Back Row- Assistant Coach O’Gallagher, Wes Meng, Jordan Huggett, Spencer Kelley, Jake Bryant, Travis Pederson, Quintin Hardgrove, Stockton Korst, Head Coach Todd Nagel

Overall Record: 7-17 League Record: 3-11 David Douglas A 55-68 H 52-54, Centennial A 47-63 H 62-63, Barlow H 44-65 A 45-47, Reynolds H 50-54 A 48-59, Sandy A 42-48 H 65-51, Central Catholic A 65-59 H 51-61, Hood River Valley H 69-70 A 67-63 Non-League: McMinville 33-68, Milwaukie 63-75, Tigard 40-49, Putnam 57-38, Forrest Grove 50-48, Glencoe 51-63, Canby 58-44, Skyline 39-50, McKay 49-55, McNary 69-63 Team Awards: Outstanding Offensive Player-Jake Bryant, Outstanding Defensive Player-Brannon Dooley, Most Inspirational-Cameron Ell League Awards: 2nd Team-Jake Bryant, Honorable Mention-Zach Scherba

Gold - 9, Silver - 15, Bronze - 13

Hampton, Julie 42 Hanchett, Charlie 93, 220 Hankerson, Jasmine 216 Hanset, Cody 139, 204, 221 Hanson, Chrstina 37 Hanson, Dylan 39, 206, 210, 215 Hardgrove, Mackenzie 139, 204, 211 Hardgrove, Quintin 13, 15, 204, 210 Harding, Garren 11 Harding, Mikayla 43, 221, 205 Harm, Parker 138 Harris, AlexaRae 140 Harris, Max 204 Harrison, Alex 208,215 Harris, Rebecca 140, 205, 221 Harris, Samie 1, 208, 221 Harris, Spencer 90 Harry, Paige 9, 28, 207, 220, 224 Harshfield, Cyrus 140 Hart, Kevin 214, 218 Hartner, Jim 205 Hartung, Lauryn 69, 220, 224 Hasbrook, Hailey 109, 140

Heine, Erica 8, 140, 217, S224 Helzer, Cameron 28 Helzer, Jordan 95 Hemenway, Tanner 210, 221 Hergert, Austin 69 Hernadez, Gage 37 Hernandez, Alfredo 105, 208 Hernandez, Armando 28 Hernandez-Castaneda, Diana 105 Hernandez, Diana 9 Hernandez, Estephania 150 Hernandez, Gage 95, 210 Hernandez, Jaunita Diaz 69, 221 Hernandez, Javier 39 Hernandez, Johnny 140 Hernandez, Laura 39 Hernandez, Lucia 77 Hernandez, Monica 95, 214 Hernandez, Saul 39 Hernandez, Uriel 123 Hernandez, Wendy 28 Herrera, Maricela 28, 69 Her, Timothy 28, 221 Hettinger, Kailey 28 Hewitt, Trevor 43 Hickman, Lauren 28, 209 Hickok, Jason 13, 69, 204

Hicks, Alyx 69, 173, 214 Hieggelke, Tara 69 Hiff, Ashley 221 Higgins, Sage 150, 220, 210 Hill, Abagail 70 Hill, Abby 95 Hill, Danielle 28 Hill-Pierce, Cloey 70 Hill, Sarah 70 Hinojosa, Brianna 28, 218 Hinojosa-Diaz, Issac 70, 205, 210, 221 Hinton, Michael 129, 215 Hoadley, Cole 126 Hobbs, Kami 95 Hockert, Assistant Coach 211 Hockley, Tanner 95, 208 Hodges, Jacob 28 Hoecker, Dillon 95, 140, 215 Hoeft, Kyle 95 Hoffman, Devauntae 140, 205, 215, 211 Holmes, Kassee 208 Horine, Lara 221 House, Conner 215 Ho, Vivian 224 Huber, Anna 205 Hubert, Caley 221 Huggett, Jordan 210 Hughes, Chris 221 Hull, Sarah 221 Hultquist, Taryn 205 Hummel, Chris 211 Hummel, Shane 211 Hunt, Cassidy 221 Hunter, Cody 204 Hunt, Jacob 210 Hutchins, Kylee 206 Hutchinson, Darian 22

Ii Jj

Ingolia, Aaron 70 Ingram, Brandon 70, 220 Ionescu, Julie 70 Ivie, Jesse 70

Jackson, Casey 28, 221 Jackson, Jacob 140 Jacobson, Mark 70 Jacobs, Ryan 70, 209 Jaedon, Lamerton 204 Jaime, Everardo 39, 221 James, Chris 140 James, Jenavieve 224 Jandro, Kyleigh 95, 212, 208 Jantz, Alina 39 Janzen, Cole 28 Jasso, Clara 1 Jenner, Ronnie 95 Jenner, Shelby 140 Jesus, Adair De 95 Jesus, Rebecca Tello De 39 Jesus, Victor Maceda De 2 Jimenez, Jonathan 95 Jimenez, Karina 19 Jimenez, Samantha 70, 221 Jimison, Rick 70


Front Row- Joey Constein, Robinson Tran, Preston Korst, Michael Muange, Warren Benavente, Addison Pang, Back Row- Assistant Coach Hockert, Mackenzie Hardgrove, Trevor Dietz, Shane Hummel, Chris

Hummel, Hunter Busse, Logan Sheehan, Head Coach Mike Melton

Overall Record: 10-13 League Record: 6-8 David Douglas A 47-56 H 59-55, Centennial A 46-51 H 48-26, Barlow H 35-46 A 40-48, Reynolds H 61-45 A 43-41, Sandy A 51-55 H 38-45, Central Catholic A 46-68 H 34-76, Hood River Valley H 67-38 A 70-30 Non-League: McMinville 39-47, Milwaukie 54-58, Tigard 29-44, Putnam 48-43, Forrest Grove 45-34, Glencoe 55-48, Canby 5960, Barlow 35-43, Mcnary 47-44



Front Row- Devauntae Hoffman, Nicholas Estibar, Aaron Larson, Lane Nelson, Austin Spicer, Micah Tolai, Back Row- Head Coach Alan Simpson, AJ Baker, Hunter Pattock, Matt Akre, Ethan Hamilton, Deandre Adams, Alex Bump, Willie O’Ree No Records Available

[March 26, 2010]

The Hills: MTV Reality Show Ending, No Season Seven

What will “Speidi” do

without an outlet for their antics?

MTV and producers have decided the upcoming season will be the last for The Hills reality series. From what we saw in the offseason, it doesn’t seem like that’ll be the last we see of Heidi and Spencer Pratt.


Front Row- Savanna Baird, Haley Downey Middle Row-Jasmin Williams, Melissa Smith, Rianna Smith, Adina Warner, Sarah Hager Back Row- Assistant Coach Leitch, Abby Bryant, Erin Urbanowicz, Nikki Johnson, Kate Piluso, Sage Cruser, Nche Onyima, Leslie Capps, Head Coach Leitch Overall Record:3-19 League Record:2-14 Sandy A 28-39, H 41-31, David Douglas H 68-56, A 32-53, Hood River Valley H 24-47, A 47-53, Central Catholic A 27-58, H 24-51, St. Mary’s H 35-44, A 31-74, Centennial H 25-36, A 20-49, Barlow H 23-48, A 32-50, Reynolds A 39-55, H 49-54 NonLeague: Milwaukie 28-48, David Douglas 50-57, Beaverton A 22-64, Hillsboro 42-44, The DallesWahtonka 55-45, Reynolds 33-34 Team Honors: MVP-Sage Cruser, Most Inspirational-Nche Onyima, Most Improved-Adina Warner, Melissa Smith League Honors: 2nd Team-Sage Cruser


{ 211


Front Row- Jasmin Williams, Shaylin Smith, Taylor Raines, Mary Keathley, Back Row- Taylor Simms, Claire

Palmiter, Amanda Brummel, Rianna Smith, Ify Onyima, Kailene Warner, Heach Coach Tye Gonrowski

Overall Record:4-18 League Record:2-13, Sandy A 32-39, H 36-40, David Douglas A 44-47, H 34-40, Hood River Valley H 24-33, A 22-37, Central Catholic A 25-66, H 29-71, St. Mary’s H 31-56, A 2831, Centennial H 22-29, A 43-28, Barlow H 34-65, A 29-53, Reynolds A 33-43, H 40-30 Non-League: Milwaukie H 36-29, Tigard H 18-49, Beaverton 13-75, Hillsboro 32-39, The Dalles-Wahtonka 25-39, Union 38-34 Team Honors: MVP-Ify Onyima, Most Inspirational-Taylor Raines, Most Improved-Mary Keathley, Practice Player of the Year-Claire Palmiter


Front Row- Maggie Burgess, Kyleigh Jandro, Maria Damian, Kaeli Arenas, Jocelyn Balonzo, Back Row-

Danielle Clifford, Jessie Stone, Taya Mick, Quinn Santangelo, Sara Seid, Head Coach Mr. Manley

Overall Record: 7-13 League Record: 7-9, Sandy A 26-28 H 36-35, David Douglas H 33-26 A 39-28, Hood River Valley H 23-41 A 23-47, Central Catholic A 6-56 H 35-39, St. Mary’s H 27-49 A 21-30, Central Catholic JV2 H 35-15 A 45-20, Barlow A 15-34 H 30-27, Reynolds A 31-27 H 35-37 NonLeague: Tigard 13-38, LaSalle 27-35, Beaverton 20-51, Bellevue 30-52 Team Awards: MVP-Dani Clifford, Most Inspirational-Sara Seid, Most Improved-Taya Mick, Kyleigh Jandro, Jessie Stone

[Released December 18, 2009]

in History

Avatar Highest Grossing Movie; James Cameron’s science fiction 3-D movie broke the director’s previously held record

of highest earning film.

Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time with $2.7 billion worldwide, and that doesn’t even factor in DVD/merchandise sales or the forthcoming theatrical re-release. As a raw number, $350 million is an astoundingly high paycheck for writer/director James Cameron. But as a percentage of the theatrical gross, 13% actually seems kinda reasonable.

212 } INDEX | J -L

Jiron, Justin 70 Jobin, Andrew 177 Johnsen, Eric 30, 205 Johnson, Ashley 39 Johnson, Chelsea 95, 207 Johnson, Dalton 70 Johnson, D.j 140 Johnson, Nikki 95, 209, 211 Johnson, Suzanne 84 Johnson, Taylor 150, 221 Johnson, Valerie 120 Johnson, Zachary 95 Johnston, Keegan 140, 208, 216 Johnston, Lizzy 140 Jones, Ashley 224 Jones, Megan Jordan, Tyler 210 Joseph, Austin 205, 221

221 Koenig, Chris 39, 70, 95, 177, 204, 215 Koga, Josh 77, 81 Korst, Preston 95, 211 Korst, Stockton 95, 128, 210 Kousol, Dillon 95, 217 Kousol, Julian 141, 220 Kowaleske, Kathy 141 Krakowski, Clayton 177 Kramer, Assistant Coach 205 Kratz, Emily 207, 220, 224, 209 Kratz, Jon 221 Krenzer, Kaitlyn 214, 221 Kristensen, Hanna 208, 215, 217, 218 Kuder, Jose 205, 221 Kuhn, Sarah 217, 220, 221 Kveton, Kurtis 220

Kk Ll Kachel, Kristi 70, 221 Kahklen, Miranda 24 Karkkainen, Hayley 70, 13, 221 Kasimi, Bahar 140, 216 Katzke, Aaron 30 Kaufman, Alex 95 Kaufman, Brett 30 Kaylee, Aalbers 220 Keathley, Lyle 70, 221 Keathley, Mary 11, 71, 208, 215, 212 Kelley, Emily 58, 221 Kelley, Rachel 27, 208 Kelley, Ryan 24, 221 Kelley, Spencer 12, 13, 70, 95, 105, 204, 210, 215, 220, 221 Kelly, Ryan 150 Kemp, Monica 70, 217, 218, 220, 224 Kennard, Christopher 141 Kennard, Jasmin 24 Kennedy, Ashlie 141 Kennedy, Cindy 15 Kent, Tracy 12 Kerr, Tammy 30 Khal, Shannon 12 Khinnarath, Aminah 30, 216, 220 Kibbe, Ashley 15 Kilburn, Alicia 80 Kilburn, Chelsea 39 Kimble, Wade 70 Kim, Hannah 95, 205, 221 Kim, Joshua 39, 70 King, John 141, 205, 210 Kirby, Brandon 150 Kirstein, Janine 141, 95 Kiss, Hanna 30 Kitchens, Melissa 30, 221 Kitchen, T J 122, 221 Klager, Alexander 21 Kleiboeker, Sierra 30,218 Klink, Tyler 30, 205, 220 Knapp, Ben 37, 221 Knapp, Dan 55 Knori, Felisha 192 Kobayashi, Nicole 39, 210,

Laakso, Lauren 141, 208, 221 Lacey, Tracy 177 Lagunsad, Kalyn 141, 224 Lagunsad, Taylor 37 Lainez, Erick 30 Laitinen, Wesley 39 Lake, Ashly 141 Lake, Chelsea 77, 221 Lal, Nicholas 77 Lambert, James 95 Lamberton, Jaedon 95 Lane, Nikole 95, 220 Langman, Kevin 39 LaPointe, Derik 141 Lara, Franco 39 Lara, Gerardo 95 Lara, Rogelio 70 Larsen, Austin 96 Larsen, Kayla 96 Larson, Aaron 70, 211, 221, 205 Larson, Felicia 96 Lastivka, Jessica 70, 220, 224 Latimore, Nick 141, 208 Lauderback, Jillian 30, 209, 214, 220 Lauritsen, Nicholas 24 Lawer, Marissa 141, 106, 207 Lawrence, Greg 70 Laxton, Briana 141 Laxton, Zachary 96 Lazaro, Ryan 70 Learn, Jazmine 30 Leathers, Stephen 39 Lebedev, Ilya 177 Ledford, Spencer 70 Leed, Emily 70 Lee, Jesse 96 Lehr, Cori 39, 221 Lehr, Jay 96 Leitch, Sarabeth 29, 211 Leithem, Hannah 115, 177, 205 Lemons, Jacob 70 Lenchitsky, Jordan 70, 218 Lentz, Chelsie 96 Leon, Citlaly 85, 221 Leon, Noemi De 39 Leon-Rosales, Valeria 70 Leveque, Ryan 96, 221 Levin, Katrina 86 Lewis, Brittany 143

Lewis, Delaney 177, 207, 209, 220 Lewis, Emily 17, 221 Lewis, Jeremy 39, 221 Lewis, Kaylyn 103 Lewis, Vince 77 Liebelt, Courtney 96 Lile, Ryan 143, 207, 217 Lilly, John 71 Linares, Becky 71, 155 Linblad, Michael 38 Lindhorst, Cole 140, 205 Lindhorst, Sierra 96 Lindqvist, Adam 105 Lindstad, Alex 39 Linn, Jordan 96, 221 Linstad, Alex 71 Lipner, Scott 143 Livingston, Austin 177 Lloyd, Ashley 77, 221 Logsdon, Jake 96, 220 Long, Jon 143 Lopez, Edgar 96, 215, 217 Lopez, Eric 71 Lopez, Ida 143 Lopez, Morgan 143, 214, 221 Lopez, Oscar Hernandez 96 Lopez, Osvaldo 96 Lorenso-Ascenc, Francisco 150


Mabbott, McKaya 77 MacAulay, Chloe 103, 143, 208, 221 MacClanathan, Jacob 62 Macias, Abigail 30, 71, 106, 207, 220 MacIntyre, Christine 77 MacKay, Cory 71, 205, 210 MacKay, Kayleigh 77, 221 Mackenzie, Ali 218 Maclntyre, Christine 143, 220 Macomber, Katlin 9 Maddox, Kendra 177 Madrosen, Aaron 96 Madrosen, Stephen 105, 221 Madtson, Trevor 177 Maehara, Tori 71 Mae, Molley 220 Magistrado, Erik 71, 209 Majeski, Nicole 143 Malan, Brain 37

VARSITY Baseball

JR. VARSITY Baseball

[April 15, 2010]

Volcano Erupts in Iceland

The ash cloud to follow forces the UK to close all airports and ground all flights. In this Wednesday April 14, 2010 photograph, smoke and steam are seen rising from the volcano under the Eyjafjalla glacier in Iceland, which erupted for the second time in less than a month, melting ice, shooting smoke and steam into the air and forcing hundreds of people to flee rising floodwaters. (AP Photo/Icelandic Coastguard)


[January 2010]

New Cell Phone



Lor, Mary 96, 221 Lor, Vang 96, 220, 221, 224 Lor, Xo 143, 221 Lotz, Christine 143 Louangsisongkham, Sylvana 143 Louie, Tammy 216 Lowe, Ali 221, 216 Lyski, Aaron 217, 220, 221

Maldonado, Lizbeth 39 Malecha, Hope 96 Malikie, Lindsay 96, 217, 220 Malloy, Christopher 96 Malloy, Leann 71 Malone, Gunning 96, 197 Mandzij, Corbin 9 Manley, Mr. 212 Mann, Macie 177 Marble, Calvin 37, 220 Marcelo, Miguel 39 Marcelo, Victoria 150 Marie-Frazier, Ciera 71 Marin, Xiomara 8 Mark, Mayko 143 Marquez, Jaime 105

House Bill 2872 House Bill 2377 Prohibits drivers that are under 18 years of age from using any type of mobile communication device such as a cell-phone. This includes text-messaging and does not allow for hands-free operation of a cellphone. This law applies if you are under 18 and driving with a provisional drivers license, a special student driver permit, or a instruction driver permit. Under the new law, if you are over the age of 18, you may use a wireless device if you are using a hands free accessory that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel while you are driving.


{ 213

Menera, Cynthia 15 Meng, Assistant Coach 204 Meng, Westly 13, 59,158, 191, 204, 210 Menicosy, Chad 98 Meredith, Ashley 179 Merritt, Josh 161 Merritt, Kelsey 8, 205, 224, 220, 224 Messer, Damon 39 Metcalf, Kayla 8, 214, 224 Meter, Hannah Van 178 Meyers, Taylor 210 Meza-Ramirez, Yovana 98 Meza-Segura, Lupita 72 Michaels, Gavin 72 Michaud, Anthony 143 Mick, Taya 98, 205, 212 Mihaltan, Alin 72, 210 Mihaltan, Stefan 68 Miler, Kelsey 143 Miletich, Alex 178, 216 Millar, Zachary 143 Miller, Brittany 98 Miller, Dakota 72 Miller, Kevin 77, 220, 221, 216 Million, Mitch 72 Mills, Alexis 90, 207, 217, 221 Mills, Andrea 98 Mills, Matthew 103 Minor, John 105 Miranda, Christian 98, 210 Mitchell, Athina 143 Mitchell, Bekah 130, 218

VARSITY Softball

Back Row - Coach Kevin Hart, Becca Moen, Kayla Metcalf, Alex Hicks, Vanessa Bustamante, Emma Bird,

Coach Paul Truttman, Middle Row - Coach Kenny, Taylor Carbone, Monica Hernandez, Kaityln Krenzer, Kendra Groom, Coach Wright, Front Row: Heather Ries, Holly Powell, Elise Dugwiler No Records Available

Mitchell, Ryan 220, 204 Mizuno, Hiromi 217 Moen, Becca 214 Moffit, Assistant Coach Rex 208 Monnie, Mikayla 221 Moody, Kirsten 209, 221 Moore, Dillion 220 Moore, Kyle 205, 220 Moore, Michael 220, 224 Moore, Nick 204, 210 Moore, Taylor 215 Moore, Victoria 217 Morales, Eddy 221 Morales, Miguel 204 Moran, Alicia 224 Morris, Joelle 221 Morris, Paige 221 Mosher, Carly 217 Mott, Clay 204 Muange, Michael 211, 221 Murray, Owen 221


Naef, Heather 9, 72, 220, 224 Nafarrate, Celena 98, 145, 221 Nagel, Todd 59, 105, 159, 48, 204, 210, 216 Nannini, Kadyn 98, 204 Narro, Gabe 143, 221

JR. VARSITY Softball

Back Row: Coach Lori Anderson- Cook, Jillian Lauderback, Quinn Santangelo, Tori Volk, Claire Palmiter, Bianka Salazar, Middle Row - Randi Wicht, Morgan Lopez,Nicole Haskins, Brenna Newman, Front RowAlicia Welsh, Shaylin Smith

Marquez, Sergio 24 Marrs, Sean 96 Marshal, Ronnie 96 Martel, Ji Yun 30 Martinez, Baruc 39 Martinez, Emmanuel 96 Martinez, Itzury 115 Martinez, Jose 18 Martinez, Justice 96 Martinez, Lucia 39 Martinez, Maira 8 Martinez, Marcus 39, 204 Martinez, Matthew 143 Martinez, Natalia 177 Martinez, Remi 96 Martinez, Selene 71 Martin, Kennedy 96, 208, 215 Martin, Reed 39, 220 Masterson, Kyle 31, 221 Mathews, Kristina 105 Matteson, Donna 45 Matthews, Daven 39 Maughmer, Ryan 71 Maxfield, Tyler 15

May, Chao 96 McAllister, Samantha 96, 221 McArdle, Skylor 220 McCauley, Sami 77, 208 McCausland, Miranda 29, 71, 206, 217, 220, 221 McClure, Zachary 96 McCoy, Angelo 96, 219 McCoy, Devin 143 McDonald, Cassie 71 McDonald, Emily 31, 98, 217, 220, 224 McDonald, Haley 31, 206, 209, 215 McElroy, Ricky 39, 207, 209 McGarity, Madison 96, 221, 216 McGill, Heidi 96, 184, 220, 221 McGowan, Assistant Coach 205 McGreevy, Justin 71 McGregor, Sarah 106, 166, 172, 207, 217, 218, 216

214 } INDEX | M - N

McKenzie, Aly 98, 217 McKenzie, Ashly 98 Mcmanus, Nikki 12, 98 McMurray, Dani 150, 208 McNaughton, Kelsea 10 McPherson, Da’Naiya 35 McVay, Victoria 37 Medel, Jenny 143 Medina, Ricardo Meigs, Kolton 39, 98, 204 Meijia, Maria 39 Meixner, Kaela 72 Mejia, Christian 86 Mejia, Cinthya 143 Mejia, Daniela 178 Mejia, David 143, 204 Mejia, Robert 39 Melendez, JoseLuis 98 Melton, Mike 59, 204, 211 Mendez, Alex 72 Mendez, Gabriel 32 Mendez, Maria 32 Mendoza, Alejandra 143 Mendoza, Silvia Zurita 32 Mendoza, Stori 98, 221

[Feb. 24, 2010 at 9:43PM ]

iTunes Approaches

10 Billion Downloads, Reveals Top Selling Song

1) Black Eyed Peas: ‘I Gotta Feeling’ (2009) This No.1 downloadable iTunes song won a 2010 Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. As of April 25, it has become the best-selling song in digital history with 5,561,000 copies sold in the US. In celebration of iTunes’ 10 Billion download marker (which was met on Feb. 24, 2010 at 9:43PM GMT), Apple has revealed the Most Downloaded iTunes Songs of All Time. Covering singles from Kesha, GaGa and the Black Eyed Peas, among others, these iTunes singles prove that when it comes to downloading music by the masses, we chose to fill our iPods and nanos mostly with retro club beats and dance-floor jams -- but also muse over romantic ballads by Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift, even the string-driven melody in Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida.’ Check out the entire list of songs (all released within the last few years) after the jump!

Nastav, Lindsay 99, 208 Navarro, Luis 72 Naydiuk, Sam 99 Nazarets, Svitlana 11 Ndayishimiye, Adeline 82, 206 Nead, Anya 99 Neal, Janelle 178 Nedelisky, Annie 24, 72, 209, 221 Neffendorf, Amanda 99, 205, 216 Neffendorf, Jessica 11, 220, 224, 216 Nelson-Bryan, Zach 32 Nelson, Danna 144 Nelson, David 205, 210 Nelson, Hannah 144 Nelson, Lane 11, 32, 211, 220, 221 Newberry, Kathy 72 Newell, Codie 81, 221 Newell, Corey 39, 221 Newman, Brenna 144, 209, 214 Ngo, Kelly 178 Ngo, Thanh 221 Nguyen, Ashley 130 Nielsen, Jack 99, 221 Niufjadkfja, Isaac 145 Niyomwungere, Vastine 150 Niyonkuru, Isaac 208 Nojima, Ceone 205, 173, 215 Norton, Nicole 221 Norum, Max 220 Norwood, Brennan 209, 220 Nunziato, Michael 208, 215


O’Brien, Savannah 150 Occhiuto, Rj 72 Ochoa-Cruz, Celia 72 O’Connell, Jordan 77, 209 Odom, Jevin 99 O’Gallagher, Coach 210 O’Guin, Colby 144 O’Halloran, Laurelea 24 O’Halloran, Molly Mae 144, 209, 220 Oldenkamp, Jenny 49 Olivo, Octavio 24 Olmos, Miguel 32 Olofson, Jordyn 62, 205, 220 Olsen, Evan 172 Olsen, Jordan 72 Olson, Brett 210 Olson, Evan 38, 210 Olson, Jordan 144, 217, 220, 208 Olvera, Ariel 135, 207 Onyima, Nche 99, 211, 215, 221 Onkhamla, Prangchai 39 Onyima, Ifunanya 144, 206, 221 Onyima, Ify 114, 212, 215 O’Ree, Willie 205, 211 Oswald, Thea 220, 224 Owens, Katrina 209, 221


First Row: Christina Salgado, Collen Bailey, Hope Headings, Diana Tovar, Marisa Benson, Jessica Donnelly, Hannah Phillips, Morriah Gifford, Laura Phillips, Second Row - Jasmine Willliams, Sarah Hager, Melissa Smith, Mary Keathley, Taylor Raines, Kennedy Martin, Brisa Estrada, Hanna Trapold, Kayla, Pearly Walton, Third Row- Maria Yearkes, Hanna Kristensen, Katelyn Steiner, Coach Gabriel, Coach Chris Koenig, Coach Gary Stouts, Coach Hayley Etnier, Alex Hagel, Clarice Terry, Haley McDonald, Fourth Row- Leslie Capps, Kaylee Aalbers, Maria Castellanos, Erin Urbanowicz, Ify Onyima, Ceone Nojima, Haley Crouser, Hailee Trapold, Rianna Smith, Sadie Wierschke, Nche Onyima No Records Available

BOYS Track

Front Row- Nathan Allen, Edgar Lopez, Devauntae Hoffman, Eric Stevenson, Kaleb Anderson, Remy Somsanith Second Row- Luke Augon, Sawyer Rhinevault, Conner House, Jonathan Butcher, Eric Dugwyler, Daniel Allen, Brodie Allen, Third Row- Taylor Moore, Morgan Benson, Conner Allen, Coach Gabriel, Coach Koenig, Coach Stouts, Coach Etnier, Hunter Pattock, George Palmiter, Alexander Vaughn, Gerry Gomez Fourth Row- Alex Harrison, Michael Wilson, Zach Wich, Michael Hinton, Jon Treloggen, Spencer Kelley, Carl Bakke, Dillon Hoecker, Michael Nunziato, Dylan Hanson No Records Available


[March 23, 2010]

Healthcare Bill became Law,

President Obama signed a healthcare reform

he was able to get through Congress.

It insured 32 million previously uninsured Americans.

“Congressional Democrats have released a final version of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul bill in advance of a House vote planned for Sunday. Some of the main features of the legislation, which makes changes to the bill the Senate passed on Christmas Eve: COST: $940 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | 03/18/10 06:38 PM |


Paquette, Dillon 72, 209 Parker, Austin 144, 220 Parker, Haley 99 Parker, Megan 144 Parker, Steven 39, 217, 220, 221 Parkinson, Kendra 39 Parmenter, Joshua 32, 221 Parra, Melissa 39 Pacheco, Garett 105 Parrett, Ryan 194 Padilla, Ali 99, 221 Parrish, Christian 221 Page, Jacob 32 Parsons, Allan 32 Page, Rebekah 77 Partina, Kristina 144 Page, Steve 39, 221 Partridge, Gabriel 99 Palma, Elanine 120 Pasaye, Rosalba 32 Palmer, Jacob 133 Pasi, Katelyn 221 Palmer, Shawna 62 Palmiter, Claire 72, 59, 99,144, Patterson, Brianna 144, 221 Patterson, Kalyx 40 206, 212, 214, 220, 221 Palmiter, George 72, 131, 210, Pattock, Courtney 15, 113, 144, 205, 224 215, 220 Pattock, Hunter 133, 211, 215, Palmquist, Alex 72 205 Palmquist, Lydia 144 Pauker, Talon 39, 220 Pang, Addison 144, 211 Payne, David 204 Pappas, Nicholas 39


{ 215

Protz, Riley 208 Prunk, Director Justin 217 Pukay, Vasiliy 220

Qq Quach, Brian 178 Quarles, Carol 75 Quintero, Seiji Nandu 216

GIRLS Tennis

Front Row: Sara Seid,Courtney Hatton,Kelsey Dransfeldt,Tammy Louie, Chelsey Sann, Victoria Conor, Aminah Khinnarath, Charmaine Tano Second Row-Bahar Kasimi, Mayumi Eda, Karen Zhou, Amber Daun, Sarah McGregor, Madison McGarity, Ali Lowe, Danika Hazard Back Row- Coach McGarity, Margherita Brioschi, Amanda Neffendorf, Jessica Neffendorf, Amy Wooten, Jasmine Hankerson, Nora Dobesova, Alyssa Emoto, Coach Alan Simpson Overall Record:9-3 League Record:6-2, St. Marys A 5-3, David Douglas A 7-1, Centennial H 7-1, Hood River A 4-4, Central Catholic H 3-5, Barlow H 5-3, Sandy A 6-2, Reynolds A 8-0 Non-League: Hillsboro A 7-1, Putnam H 8-0, Benson A 6-2, Westview A 3-5 Tournaments: District Tournament A 2nd Place Team Awards: MVP-Alyssa Emoto, Most Inspirational-Kelsey Dransfeldt, Most ImprovedJessica Neffendorf and Tammy Louie League Awards: Alyssa Emoto 2nd Team, Aminah Khinnarath 2nd Team, Amy Wooten Honorable Mention, Sage Cruser Honorable Mention, Chelsey Sann Honorable Mention, Tammy Louie Honorable Mention


Radocchia, Emalie 31, 101, 153 Rafalski, Daniel 75, 33, 209 Raines, Taylor 101, 209, 212, 215, 221 Raistlin, Reed 220 Ramage, Alicia 141, 178 Ramirez, Eddie 105, 208 Ramirez, Jenny 105 Ramirez, Maritza 75 Ramstad, Tim 178 Randall, Jordan 101, 219 Rangel-Romero, Antonio 101 Rangel-Romero, Margarita 33 Ray, Tony 101 Raze, Genevieve 101

Rea, Ashley 144 Reddy, Naivan 101 Redfern, Ryan 144 Reed, Amanda 101 Reed, Raistlin 75 Reese, Tiara 144, 209 Rees, Ryan 178 Rehmke, Claire 75, 217, 220, 221 Reid, Morgan 39, 221 Reimer, Savannah 101, 172, 205 Reis, Heather 220 Rekdahl, Logan 144 Relos, R.j 33 Rendon, Paloma 146 Renice, Siefer 146 Renteria, Santos 39, 205 Resendiz, Eduardo 39 Resendiz, Kelsey 101, 209 Reva, Anna 40 Reyes, Noe 3 Reynolds, Janika 39 Reynolds, Sebastian 3 Rezayee, Suhiba 39 Rhinevault, Sawyer 77, 205, 210, 215, 220 Rice, Danny 62, 210 Rice, Shawn 75 Rice, Stevie 146 Rice, Taylor 101, 209 Richardson, Taylor 10, 39, 41,116, 164, 166, 169, 170, 172, 205, 224, 220, 224 Rickerd, Steven 75 Ries, Heather 205, 214, 220, 224, 214 Rigby, Gennifer 133 Riley, Cody 105 Riley, Travis 101 Rincon, Dacia 34 Ritmiller, Chloe 34 Ritmiller, Schyler 75 Rivera-Bautista, Edgar 101, 118

BOYS Tennis

Front Row- Giovanny Carrasco-Gomez, Steven Breckenridge, Brian Chin, Michael Yang, Kevin Miller, Seiji Nandu Quintero Back Row-Coach Todd Nagel, Christopher Robinson, Eric Dezellem, Alex Miletich, Keegan Johnston, Nicholas Estibar, Matt Chin, Assistant Coach Angel Dolores

Overall Record:1-7 League Record:1-6, David Douglas H 0-8, Barlow A 0-8, Central Catholic A 0-8, Hood River H 1-7, Centennial A 2-6, Reynolds H 9-8, Sandy H 3-5 Non-League Hillsboro H 3-5 Team Awards: Most Outstanding-Alex Miletich and Kevin Miller, Most Improved-Nico Estibar, Most Inspirational-Alec Yoshizumi League Awards: Honorable Menion-Kevin Miller, Alex Miletich

Paz, Sarah De La 86, 217, 221, 207 Peacock, Austin 72, 205, 221 Pearson, Kylee 144, 208 Pechmann, Ashley 144, 205 Pedersen, Heidi 99 Pedersen, Jordan 33, 39, 72, 209 Pederson, Travis 59, 145, 204, 210 Pederson, Trent 72, 221 Peetz, Kerri Ann 27, 220 Pelett, Michael 99 Pelham, Marissa 144 Perez, Denise 178

Perez, Deseray 12, 221 Perez, Destiny 181 Pereze, Felipe 101 Perez, Erica 144 Perez, Felipe 101 Perez, Joseline 101 Perez-Magdaleno, Marco 101 Perez, Perla 103 Peringer, Kristy 68, 221 Perkins, Nicole 14 Pertl, Kellie 33 Petersen, Anthony 61 Peterson, Brett 81 Peterson, Heather 33 Peterson, MaryAnn 75 Pettigrew, Katrina 144

216 } INDEX | R -S

Pettigrew, Leslie 4 Pham, Paul 220 Pham, Peter 39, 220 Phearson, Bradley 38 Phelps, Kayla 39 Phillips, Hannah 48, 62, 128, 209, 215, 220, 224 Phillips, Laura , 209, 218, 224, 215 Piazza, Allie 166, 221 Piluso, Kate 211, 218, 221 Popova, Anastasia 217 Popova, Sofiya 217, 221 Potter, Justin 204 Powell, Holly 214, 218 Press, Tristan 221

[April 20, 2010]

Oil Spill in the Gulf,

The BP oil rig that exploded

in the Gulf of Mexico

would then continue to spill oil

into the ocean for months.

Oil Ticker from

On April 20, 2010, an explosion and fire erupted on an offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico called the Deepwater Horizon, which had just completed an exploratory well 52 miles from shore in 4,992 feet of water. The incident led to the death of eleven workers. The fire destroyed the rig, which sank on April 22, 2010. The sinking rig damaged the oil well, and the oil spill resulted from the failure of the blowout preventer, a safety device intended to stop the flow of oil from the well.

Rivera, Ivan 146 Rivera, Johnathan 39 Robbins, Brandon 101 Roberts, Alana 150 Roberts, Bianca 146 Roberts, Elizabeth 101, 218 Roberts, Gabrielle 146 Roberts, Jake 13, 204, 217 Robertson, Andy 75 Roberts, Paul 146 Roberts, Rachele 146 Robinson, Arie 150 Robinson, Chris 38, 204 Robinson, Christopher 146, 216 Robinson, Sara 217, 220 Robles, Monica 39 Rodriguez, Audrianna 105 Rodriguez, Bonita 84 Rodriguez, Christian 146 Rodriguez, Christopher 34 Rodriguez, Junior 75 Rodriguez, Maritza 101 Rodriguez-Ramos, Cinthia 34 Rodriguez, Sadie 221 Rodriguez, Whitney 146 Roebuck, Thomas 39, 204, 221 Rogers, Sean 34, 204 Rogstad, Kortney 34 Rojas, Alex 210 Rojas, Jorge 39, 210 Rojas, Monica 178 Romero, Adylene 178 Romero, Angelica 147, 217, 221 Romero, Diana 75 Romero, Jessica 146 Romero, Victoria 38 Romero-Zamora, Moises 75 Roosenboom, Michael 11 Rose, Brittany 224 Ross, Cody 221 Rust, Rebecca 220, 224, 207 Ryan, Sean 207 Rydquist, Bryan 221 Rynevich, Olivia 207


Saenz, Krystena 39 Saetern, Shawn 101 Saetern, Tommy 75 Salas-Munoz, Tatiana 77 Salazar, Bianka 75, 214 Salazar-Lemus, Luis 101 Salazer, Jorge 34 Salgado, Christina 34, 221, 215 Salgado, Nico 77, 204 Saling, Spenser 75, 206 Salisbury, Erika 21, 75, 220 Salmeron, Jaime 146, 205, 210 Saludares, Colton 146 Samperi, Katie 146, 210, 220, 224 Samra, Harpriya 39, 58 Sanchez, Alex 119

[April 2, 2010]

Apple’s iPad is released, “Leaks have prepared us all for an

“iPhone on steroids”

It starts at $499 for 16GB, 32GB for $599, and $699 64GB. Adding 3G costs a $130 per model, so the most expensive model (64GB / 3G) is $829. The WiFi-only model will ship in 60 days, and the 3G models will come in 90.

Sanchez, Dayana 103 Sanchez, Favio 101 Sanchez, Irvin 101 Sanchez, Jose 146 Sanchez, Kimberly 75 Sanchez, Miguel 154 Sanchez, Vilga 9 Sanders, Samantha 39, 217 Sangolt, Ariell 9 Sann, Chelsey 75, 102, 205, 216 Santangelo, Quinn 102, 212, 214 Santiago, Erik 146 Santiago, Salvador 8, 204 Santos-Ascencio, Olga 150 Santos, Juana Santiago 102 Santos, Lourdes 146 Santos, Salvador 146 Santos-Santos, Antonio 135 Santos-Santos, Salvador 9 Sappington, Jessica 102 Saradi, Kais 102 Saray, Jessica 47 Sargent, Paije Boyd 102 Sastre, Victor 15, 204 Sause, David 102 Schachter, Jim 86 Schaefer-Humphreys, Emmaleigh 102 Schaeffer, Haley 102, 209 Scherba, Zach 13, 102, 204, 210 Schneider, Danielle 102 Schofield, Lindsey 146 Schofield, Riley 102, 220 Scholer, Aric 39, 204 Schrenk, Tanner 75, 204 Schwab, Morgan 16, 206 Schwartz, Shelby 16, 218 Scott, J.T 34 Scroggins, Jon 39 Searls, Lauren 75, 221 Segura, Cristal 102 Seid, Sara 146, 212, 216 Sek, Vitou 75 Senn, Robert 102 Serino, Matthew 34, 217,

221 Severs, Dora 146 Sewall, Katie 102, 161, 217, 220, 224 Shackelford, Christina 75, 209 Shackelford, Melanie 105 Shadwick, Bradley 39 Shaffer, Amand 34 Sharp, Shayla 112 Shaw, Emily 76 Shaw, Tyler 39 Sheehan, Logan 12, 204, 211 Shephard, Sydney 102 Shepherd, Chelsea 178, 221 Showalter, Brent 76 Shropshire 76 Shropshire, Courtney 39, 205 Shropshire, Olivia 178, 102, 205 Shupp, Jacob 146 Sierra-Tello, Osvaldo 54 Sierra, Yuvanel 141 Sifuentes, Eddie 210

Sifuentes, Marcello 15, 204, 210 Siliang, Austin 76 Silva, Betania 102 Silva, Catalina 102 Silva-Ramirez, Alexis 146 Simms, Kyle 102, 167 Simms, Taylor 76, 208, 212 Simon, Thomas 146, 207 Simpson, Alan 146, 211, 216 Sirimanodham, Trae 150, 220, 224 Slate, Craig 102 Slayton, Cassy 102 Smart, Ashley 34, 209 Smith, Amanda 148 Smith, Ashley 102 Smith, Chris 76 Smith, Christopher 102, 204


Front Row: Samantha Sanders, Danielle Sprando, Anastasia Popova, Angelica Romero, Sofiya Popova, Back Row: Brittany Erickson, Kennan Vieira, Kayla Cord, Emily Mcdonald, Presley DeWolfe, Monica Kemp, Merete Bjornsrud, Erica Heline, Ayako Eda

Wind Symphony

Hanna Kristensen, Aly McKenzie, Miranda McClausland, Kama Bell, Carly Mosher, Karen Zhou, Aaron Lyski, Michael Yang, Alexis Mills, Sarah De La Paz, Claire Rehmke, Cara Chase, Anthony Vorobyov, Taylor Gordon, Katie Davis, David Vorobyov, Assistant Director Emily Blanshan, Courtney Ellis, Sarah Robinson, Ayako Eda, Hiromi Mizuno, Katie Sewall, Christina Brown, Sarah McGregor, Victoria Moore, Jake Foland, Alec Blanger, Alex Trosper, Katelyn Steiner, Director Justin Prunk, Alec Yoshizumi, Ariana Cooley, Sarah Kuhn, Ashley Brashear, Mathew Serino, Bailey Thomas, Heather Warman, Jake Roberts, Emily Aalbers, Edgar Lopez, Lindsay Malikie, Dillion Kousol, Ryan Edwards, Jacob Diaz, Kaylee Barcroft, Kevin Davis, Jordon Olson, Ryan Lyle, Carl Bakke, Caleb Carr, Garrison Cox, Brandon Daun, Steven Parker.


{ 217

[May 18, 2010]

Lost Comes To An End

“The End”


Key Club

Front Row- Jessica Yang,Tammy Louie,Titi Bates,Karen Zhou, Emily Lewis, Allison Gallegos,Charmaine Tano, Cara Chase, Middle Row-Courtney Ellis, Madison McGarity, Katie Howard, Valerie Haskins,David Vorobyov, Savanah Decourcey, Marisa Benson,Nicole Kobayashi, Back Row- Alyssa Emoto,Bailey

Thomas,Kayley Deyoe, Natalie Gabrielson, Negar Sadat Pourmanouchehri, Angel Dolores, Michael Nunziato, Emerald Dash,Sierra Lindhorst

Whether you loved or hated the series finale of “Lost,”

one thing is certain. . .

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are masters at making us ask, “What just happened???” From the first episode in 2004 until Sunday night’s season finale, “Lost” has been providing discussion topics for most of this world’s coffee gatherings. What I loved most about the series was it was impossible to predict as each episode could start from anywhere in the world, at any point in time, and connect to the island’s inhabitants. No one could claim that “Lost” had a formula other than telling a good story from episode to episode centered around each character’s unique “lostness.” Written by winkfarrand on May-24-10 4:38pm From:


Front Row-Carrissa Walczak, Caitlynn Didlick, Sarah McGregor, Tanya Casas Back Row-Charmaine Tano, Cassie Fellows, Monica Kemp, Hanna Kristensen, Director Kevin Hart , Brianna Hinojosa, Holly Powell, Madison Clark

TEACHERS Outdoor School

Front Row - Ali Mackenzie, Kellie Tripp, Laura Phillips, Maria Yerkes, Second Row - Sierra Kleiboecker, Elizabeth Roberts, Sarah Grear, Kailene Warner, Natalie Gabrielson, Courtney Ellis, Sarah Triplett Thrid Row - Shelby Schwartz, Cherrian Goldberg, Bekah Mitchell, Michael, Aaron Burkholder, Kate Piluso, Jordan Lenchitsky, Victoria Espinoza- dasalla

218 } INDEX | S - T

Smith, Cole 76, 220 Smith, Danielle 34 Smith, Dylan 76 Smith, Jazzmen 81 Smith, Kelly 148, 207, 209 Smith, Kelsy Ann 148 Smith, Makailan 102 Smith, Maya 39 Smith, Melissa 187, 208, 211, 215, 221 Smith, Rianna 76, 211, 212, 215 Smith, Rick 148, 220 Smith, Robert 77 Smith, Rose 102 Smith, Shaylin 148, 212, 214, 209 Sobolevskiy, Alex 76, 220 Sokol, Yaroslav 76 Solomon, Corina 148 Somsanith, Remy 39, 215 Sorensen, Katie 102 Sotnikov, Kristina 105 Soule, Cody 17 Souza, Alyssa 121 Sowers, Amberly 76 Spahan, Tia 38 Sparks, Ali 51, 221 Spicer, Austin 16, 211 Spiers, Joshua 35 Spitzengel, Chris 38 Sprando, Danielle 148, 217 Sprauer, Brooklyn 62 Stadelman, Aubrie 148 Stai, Julianna 16, 210 Stake, Courtney 115 Standish, Julianne 35 Stanley, Amanda 77 Statler, Alex 148, 210, 221 Staton, Paul 35, 221 Stauffer, Kelcey 53, 209, 220 Steinbrugge, Sam 11, 76, 77

Steinbrugge, Sarah 76 Steiner, Katelyn 215, 217, 221, 206 Stephens, Alex 221 Stephen, Trevor 205 Stevens, Kyle 11, 207 Stevenson, Eric 215 Stewart, Krissy 207, 221 Stickell, Lane 210 Stiers, Nathan 221 Stillwell, Alex 210 Stockwell, Bryana 207, 221 Stone, Jessie 208, 212, 221 Stout, Joshua 221 Stout, Kristen 207 Stouts, Gary 215 Strand, Laney 210 Strand, Shelby 209 Strand, Tyler 209 Strohmaier, Julia 221, 207 Sturdavant, Derek 209 Sturdavant, Paige 209 Sturges, Lisa 221 Sturgill, Victoria 209 Sundquist, Jake 207, 209, 221


Taaca, Tim 178 Tafolla, Erick 39, 220, 224 Talbot, Aryn 148 Talbot, Austin 102 Talent, Zoey 76, 220 Tang, Christopher 103, 221 Tano, Charmaine 103, 221, 216, 218 Tanzer, Angelica 39 Tapec-Corniel, Justin 103 Tarbet, Nathan 24, 220

Taylor, Jared 54, 150, 207, 209 Taylor, Meranda 103, 205 Taylor, Olivia 148, 221 Taylor, Sean 76 Tello-Mendoza, Olga 76 Terry, Clarice 103, 206, 215, 220 Tevs, Tanya 39, 221 Thao, Linda 76 Thelander, Braden 103, 221 Thelander, Kaelly 148, 208 Thill, Jasmine 148, 221 Thom, Andrew 103 Thomas, Bailey 148, 217 Thomas, Daniel 148 Thom, Heather 35 Thompson, Abigail 103, 221 Thompson, Marissa 103 Thompson, Randy 117, 205 Thompson, Samantha 148 Thornton, Gabe 39 Thurman, Paige 103 Tidwell, Khalia 76 Tinkle, Allen 103

215, 221 Triplett, Sarah 207, 221 Tripp, Kellie 218, 220 Troglin, Raven 221 Trosper, Alex 217, 219, 220 Truttman, Coach 214 Turcotte, Alicia 210 Turpen, Kaitlyn 221


Uc-Trujeque, Mari 35 Uc-Trujeque, Wendy 76 Underwood, Chanel 178 Unruh, Maureen 76 Updike, Alyssa 50 Updike, Chelsea 61 Urbanowicz, Erin 39, 208, 211, 215 Urbanowitz, Tom 104 Urcino, Oscar 9, 221

Bowling Club

Alex Trosper, Marlana Declet, Emily Declet, Sebastian Durland, Angelo McCoy, Jordan Randall


[June 17, 2010]

Kobe Wins His Fifth,

and Phil Wins His Eleventh:

Kobe Bryant won his fifth championship

last night, which, kind of amazingly,

Michael Jordan.

is just one behind 6/18/10 at 10:30 AM

Tolai, Jacob 15 Tolai, Micah 148, 205 Tolai, Tanu 204 Tolokovoy, Denis 148 Tolvstad, Brent 178, 204, 220 Torres, Mario 103 Torres, Martin 76, 208 Torres, Nancy 103 Tovar, Diana 125, 215 Townley, Alex 24, 134 221, 208, Tracewell, Ashley 11 Tramposh, Taylor 133, 205, 210 Tran, Hoan 54 Tran, Robinson 103, 211, 221 Trapold, Hanna 35, 215 Traughber, Hayden 148 Traughber, Shelby 76, 221 Travers, Devon 186 Travis, Antawona 103 Treloggen, Jon 204, 210,


Vacoe, David 191 Valencia, Brayan 77, 205 Valenzuela, Michael 148 Vanbrunt, Hannah 104 Vandehey, Kameryn 76 Vandenbroeke, Kit 104, 220 Vang, Charlie 99 Vang, Connie 97 Vang, Emily 16 Vang, Jessica 220, 224 Vang, Salena 104 Vanveen, Tabitha 39 Vanza, Austin 21 Vanzant, Austin 150 Varcoe, David 79 Vargas, Marcel Vasquez, Alvaro 148 Vasquez, Angelica 39 Vasquez, Endy 35 Vastina, Vastin 77, 221

International Club

Mecha Club


{ 219


Nicholas Aicher, Hailey Albrecht, Connor Allen, Teddy Alverson, Jonathan Beiersdorf, Yovana Bernancio, Dannell Bender JR, Ellie Bohrer, Kai Boldt, Katie Brashear, Lorena Casteel, Kyle Catchpole, Samantha Christian, Grace Clemenson, Kayla Cord, William Crawford, Danial Cummins, Johnny Dirksen, Angel Dolores, Brandon Fast, Marcus Gabrielson, Morriah Gifford, Sarah Greear, Sage Higgins, Brandon Ingram, Spencer Kelley, Kurtis Kveton, Nicole Lane, Jullian Launderback, Christine Maclntyre, Abigail Macias, Calvin Marble, Reed Martin, Miranda McCausland, Heidi McGill, Kevin Miller, Ryan Mitchell, Max Norum, George Palmiter, Steven Parker, Kerri Ann Peetz, Peter Pham, Vasiliy Pukay, Reed Raistlin, Erika Salisbury, Riley Schofeild, Cole Smith, Rick Smith, Zoey Talent, Nathan Tarbet, Clarice Terry, Brent Tolvstad, Kellie Tripp, Kit Vandenbroeke, Kailene Warner, Bryce West, Joey White, Zach Wich, Shane Wilson.


Aalbers Kaylee, Caleb Anderson, Jessica Apodaca, Ryan Baisden, Kaylee Barcoft, Joshua Beiersdorf, Zac Benefiel, Kendra Brestel, Danielle Carrithers, Crystal Chau, Amber Daun, Max Douglas, Jordan Ellis, Colen Evans, Juan Fernandez, Drexel Grimes, Zachary Haworthm Aminah Khinnarath, Tyler Klink, Julian Kousol, Delaney Lewis, Jake Logsdon, Skylor McArdle, Heidi McGill, Dillion Moore, Kyle Moore, lane Nelson, Brennan Norwood, Molley Mae, O’Halloran, Jordyn Olofson, Claire Palmiterm Austin Parker, Steven Parkerm Talon Pauker, Paul Pham, Claire Rehmke, Sawyer Rhinevault, Alex Sobolevskiy, Kelcey Stauffer, Chelsie Vaughn, Austin Vinsonhaler, Ellie Wilson, Tiffany Yang, Darya Zabrodchenko.


Kaylee Barcoft, Kama Bell, Caleb Carr, Cara Chase, Garrison Cox, Daniel Cummins, Kevin Davis, Ryan Edwards, Jake Foland, Charlie Hanchett, Sarah Kuhn, Aaron Lyski, Lindsay Malikie, Jordan Olson, Claire Rehmke, Sara Robinson, Nathan Tarbet, Alex Troper, Anthony Vorobyov, David Vorobyov, Michael Yang, Alec Yoshizumi.

[July 5, 2010]

The 10 Best

Video Games of 2010

#1: Red Dead Redemption Systems: PS3, 360 Release Date: May 18 #2: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Systems: Wii Release Date: May 23

(So Far),

#6: MLB 10 The Show Systems: PS3 Release Date: Mar. 2

#7: 2010 FIFA World Cup #3: Battlefield Bad Company 2 South Africa Systems: PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, iOS Systems: PS3, 360, PC Release Date: Apr. 27 Release Date: Mar. 2 #4: God of War III Systems: PS3 Release Date: Mar. 16

#8: Splinter Cell: Conviction Systems: 360, PC, iOS Release Date: Apr. 13

#5: Mass Effect 2 Systems: 360, PC Release Date: Jan. 26

#9: Blur Systems: PS3, 360, PC Release Date: May 25 #10: Alan Wake Systems: 360 Release Date: May 18


First Row: Jessica Lastivka, Lauryn Hartung, Heather Reis, Alex Hagel, Kelsey Merritt, Arielle Cortese, Hannah Phillips, Laura Phiilips. Second Row: Tori Volk, Taylor Richardson, Jake Bryant, Emily Mcdon-

ald, Aaron Burkholder, Monica Kemp, Katie Sewall, Lindsey Frilot.

PRODUCTION Photography

Jessica Brandt, Ariel Burt, Kelly Dick, Brittany Erickson, Paige Harry, Emily Kratz, Vang Lor, Michael Moore, Heather Naef, Jessica Neffendorf, Thea Oswald, Rebecca Rust, Katie Samperi, Trae Sirimanodham, Erick Tafolla, Austin Van Zant, Jessica Vang

Vaughn, Alexander 42, 77, 215, 206 Vaughn, Chelsie 39, 220 Vaughn, Eric Dugwyler Back Row-Alexander 206 Vaughu, Chelsie 221 Vavrecan, April 104 Vaylon, KK 76 Vazquez, Abner J 35 Vazquez, Carlos 104 Vazquez, Jose 104 Vazquez, Prysila 35 Vega, Alex Rodriguez 77 Vega, Leticia 77 Velasco, Ana 148 Velasco, Griselda 104 Velasco, Santiago 25 Velasquez, Brandy 109, 206 Velasquez, Marissela 148 Velazquez, Jennifer 148 Venancio, Solmaria 67 Veunnasack, Christina 150 Veunnasack, Sally 77 Vidalis, Garren 112, 221 Vieira, Kennan 76, 104, 217, 221 Vigovskiy, Andrew 76 Vinsonhaler, Austin 220 Volk, Tori 214, 220, 224 Vorobyov, Anthony 207, 217, 220 Vorobyov, David 217, 220, 221, 207


Wade Kimble 24 Wagner, Jake 148, 210 Wainwright, Steven 36 Walczak, Carissa 36, 39, 81, 107, 207, 218 Walker, Bart 104 Walker, James 105 Walker, John 27 Walker, Marquese 148 Wallace, Morgan 81 Walls, Ashley 36, 221 Walton, Pearly 106, 206, 221, 215 Walton, Sarah , 36, 205 Walton, Tanner 76 Wanderscheid, Samantha 189 Warman, Heather 77, 217 Warmen, Heather 148 Warneke, Tyler 77 Warner, Adina 105, 211 Warner, Grant 38, 131 Warner, Kailene 36, 212, 218, 220 Wasmer, Eden 49 Wasmer, Todd 104

Watson, Zach 1 Weagel, Nissa 36 Weaver, Sarah 77 Webb, Sarah 104, 221 Webe, Jimmy 104 Weber, Crystal 150 Weber, Jimmy 208 Weber-Welch, Amanda 77 Wells, Lonnie 104, 77 Welsh, Alicia 39, 214 Welsh, Gillian 150, 221 Wendt, Maria 104 West, Bryce 45, 220 Westby, Taylor 150, 208 Wheeler, Dusty 77 Which, Zach 104 White, Ashley 150 White, Joey 104, 220 White, Khalyl 39 White, Shakell 61 White, Tre 150 Wicht, Randi 150, 221, 214 Wich, Zach 9, 208, 215, 220 Wickham, Brandy 150 Wierschke, Sadie 178, 206, 215 Wiford, Shane 104 Wilkinson, Kalie 36 Wilkinson, Nick 150 Williams, Abbie 150 Williams, Brittiny 77, 150, 221 Williams, Danielle 36 Williams, Jacob 77, 205 Williams, Jasmin 104, 211, 212 Williams, Kendra 39 Williamson, Alex 178

Wohlers, Christina 207 Woods, Kimberly 221 Wooten, Amy 205, 216 Woung., Jason 221 Wright, Zachery 221

YZ Yacapin, Amanda 104 Yakutis-Suit, Mary 178 Yanez, Jorge 104 Yang, Isaac 77, 221 Yang, Jessica 39 Yang, Michael 36, 217, 220, 216 Yang, Tiffany 150, 220 Yeakle, Clark 27, 221 Yeatman, Lincoln 205 Yerkes, Maria 104, 215, 218 Yevsikov, Alla 104 Yongnoo, Pair 39 Yoshikane, Derek 178, 224 Yoshizumi, Alec 105, 217, 220 Yost, Tiffany 39 Youngblood, Josh 77 Young, Chelsea 104 Young, Jacob 25, 208 Zabrodchenko, Darya 150, 220, 221


Teddy Alverson, Cody Ault, Katy Ault, Kehrsten Beegle, Morgan Benson, Emma Bird, Erin Chamberlain, Emily Cochran, Eddie Crainic, Hailey Cromoga, Savanah DeCourcey, Eric Dezellem, Jaunita Diaz Hernandez, Keiko Downing, Lindsey Frilot, Berakhiah Gibbs, Elizabeth Girdan, Nicole Gould, Alexis Graham, Kaia Hazard, Chris Hughes, Kristi Kachel, Emily Kelley, Ryan Kelley, T J Kitchen, Melissa Kitchens, Nicole Kobayashi, Jon Kratz, Kaitlyn Krenzer, Jordan Linn, Ashley Lloyd, Xo Lor, Samantha McAllister, Madison McGarity, Stori Mendoza, Mikayla Monnie, Kirsten Moody, Eddy Morales, Joelle Morris, Paige Morris, Owen Murray, Celena Nafarrate, Annie Nedelisky, Nicole Norton, Ifunanya Onyima, Ali Padilla, Kristy Peringer, Sofiya Popova, Morgan Reid, Sadie Rodriguez, Thomas Roebuck, Bryan Rydquist, Christina Salgado, Ali Sparks, Alex Statler, Alex Stephens, Joshua Stout, Jake Sundquist, Charmaine Tano, Braden Thelander, Jasmine Thill, Alex Townley, Sarah Triplett, Kaitlyn Turpen, Garren Vidalis, Ashley Walls, Sarah Webb, Brittiny Williams, Andrew Wilson, Jason Woung.


Diana Alarcon, Nathan Allen, Shelby Baisden, Danielle Barness, Jaimie Bartels, Chandler Bartlett, Morgan Benson, Donyial Bieker, Timothy Blanchard, Jesse Boda, Katey Brightwell, Matthew Chin, Samantha Christian, Ryan Compton, Ariana Cooley, Garrison Cox, Micah Dalzell, Sarah De La Paz, Presley DeWolfe, Daniel Dempsey, Eric Dezellem, Keely DePietro, Johnny Dirksen, Erin Donohue, Evan Donohue, Tra’ Ford, Carley Gendron, Kassandra Haddock, Cody Hanset, Tanner Hemenway, Timothy Her, Caley Hubert, Darian Hutchinson, Casey Jackson, Everardo Jaime JR, Taylor Johnson, Hayley Karkainen, Lyle Keathley, Spencer Kelley, Ben Knapp, Sarah Kuhn, Aaron Larson, Cori Lehr, Emily Lewis, Jeremy Lewis, Vang Lor, Ali Lowe, Aaron Lyski, Kayleigh MacKay, Kyle Masterson, Miranda McCausland, Heidi McGill, Kevin Miller, Alexis Mills, Gabe Narro, Annie Nedelisky, Lane Nelson, Codie Newell, Corey Newell, Thanh Ngo, Nicole Norton, Nche Onyima, Steven Parker, Joshua Parmenter, Brianna Patterson, Allie Piazza, Kate Piluso, Angelica Romero, Cody Ross, Lauren Searls, Matthew Serino, Chelsea Shepherd, Paul Staton, Alex Stephens, Krissy Stewart, Bryana Stockwell, Julia Strohmaier, Lisa Sturges, Jake Sundquist, Christopher Tan, Olivia Taylor, Robinson Tran, Shelby Traughber, Jon Treloggen, Oscar Urcino, Austin Van Zant, Kennan Vieira, David Vorobyov, Gillian Welsh, Kimberly Woods, Zachery Wright, Isaac Yang, Clark Yeakle

MENS Choir

Mathew Akre, Daniel Allen, Caleb Anderson, Marquis Arango, Ryan Baisden, Alex Bosso, Xavier Caldwell, Andrew Crasper, Robert Esparza, Juan Fernandez, Nathan Girdan, Isaac Greene, Ethan Hamilton, Issac Hinojosa-Diaz, Austin Joseph, Jose Kuder, Aaron Larson, Ryan Leveque, Stephen Madrosen, Michael Muange, Lane Nelson, Jack Nielsen, Steve Page, Christian Parrish, Austin Peacock, Trent Pederson, Tristan Press, Zachery Wright


[July 8, 2010]

ESPN - The Decision, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami Updated: July 9, 2010, 8:22 PM ET

LeBron James will be joining

Taylor Bauer, Marina Benancio, Jasmine Bowser, Taylor Carbone, Lauren Casto, Betty Dzib Euan, Caitlin Gibbs, Amanda Brimm, Ashley Grogan, Marissa Haide, Lara Horine, Cassidy Hunt, Chelsea Lake, Citlaly Leon, Morgan Lopez, Katrina Owens, Taylor Raines, Melissa Smith, Tanya Tevs, Abigail Thompson, Raven Troglin, Vastine Vastina, Alicia Wlsh, Dea’Vontae Willingham, Alyssa Wilson, Ana Argeta, Jasmine Beeson, Danielle Clifford, Andrea Cord, Adriana Cruz, Emily Culley, Sophia Damiani, Claudia Dandrea, Mariana Declet, Danae Downer, Ashley Fleck, Carmella Gemmato, Jessica Gonzalez-Diaz, Mikayla Harding, Rebecca Harris, Samie Harris, Ashley Hiff, Sarah Hull, Samantha Jimenez, Hannah Kim, Lauren Laasko, Mary Lor, Chloe MacAulay, Claire Palmiter, Katelyn Pasi, Deseray Perez, Claire Rehmke, Chelsie Vaughu, Pearly Walton, Randi Wicht, Darya Zabrodchenko.

“. . .This fall I am going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat,” stated Labron James.

Williams, Randy 178 Willingham, David 3 Willingham, Dea’Montae 104 Willingham, Dea’Naisa 8 Willingham, Dea’Vontae 221 Willliams, Jasmine 215 Wilson, Alyssa 36, 221 Wilson, Andrew 40, 221 Wilson, Christiana 36 Wilson, Cody 150 Wilson, David 77 Wilson, Dj 104 Wilson, Ellie 150, 220 Wilson, Haley 77 Wilson, Michael 206, 215 Wilson., Shane 220 Welsh, Alicia 221

Zacarias, Jesus 39 Zamora, Juan Carlos 146 Zamora, Luis Romero 76 Zant, Austin Van 150, 220, 221, 224 Zapata-Gonzalez, Vanessa 36 Zavala, Joanna 36 Zavalin, Constantine 104, 120, 209 Zavelytsya, Alina 77 Zavelytsya, Karmeliya 77 Zelinski, Joffre 39 Zepeda, Wendy 77 2010 Snoball Court Zhang, Emily 154 Travis Blanchard, Jessie Stone, Courtney Ellis, Katelyn Steiner, Nche Onyima, Terryn Carbone, Zhou, Karen 77, 105, 217, 216 Nathan Stiers Ziemianski, Carl 39


{ 221


My Letter as the

I have been putting off writing this. It’s

being scared of you as an underclassman. In fact, I think that’s how I got in this

11:28pm on July 2nd, we’re virtually done with

yearbook mess, I was too scared to say no to you when you asked me to join.

the yearbook and I’m just doing this now. It’s

Ha, just kidding. But really, you are amazing. You do so much for everyone. You

especially weird for me because I am known to

never say no, you just add to your plate until you absolutely can’t take anymore.

be able to whip out/b.s. any story in around

You don’t get thanked enough. So thank you. From me, and everyone else who

20 minutes. But this one is different. I think

forgot to say it. Somehow through all the stress and crappy mornings, I can’t

the reason I have been waiting so long is that

remember a single moment where you didn’t have me laughing. To this day I

because when I write this it’ll all really be over.

still don’t know how we are sane, but we are...mostly. (also, I love your sister)

This chapter in my life will be complete as

Last I need to thank my family and boyfriend for not killing me this

soon as we send in the last of the PDF files. I didn’t cry at graduation, not

summer when all I did was work on this book. I missed everything from family

at the paper toss or all night party either, because school just didn’t feel over,

cleaning days (YES!) to family movies and summer night with Jacob. I love you

but honestly, it wasn’t. There were interviews to be done, captions to be made,

all and now the rest of my summer is reserved for you. Promise.

and hilarious one liners to be said during yearbook “work parties” that consist

And for you reading this, I hope you like this book. And if you don’t, I

of (sometimes) the triplets, Jake, Heather, Arielle,and Kelsey. But, sometimes

hope you like it in 20 years when you see a picture or story that you wouldn’t

it was just Cook and I. Some of these work days had way more facebooking,

have remembered without it. That’s what it’s all about. Remembering how an

energy drinks, laughing and singing than necessary, but that is what keeps you

event from this year made you feel, or how seeing your crush’s senior picture

going at 8 in the morning during summer.

makes you smile, or even just seeing yourself in here and realizing that you are

But as I write this, my eyes get all misty and I am overcome with a sense that it really is all over. This comfort zone that I have built over the last

a part of a lot more that just your group of friends. I guarantee your life would be a lot more difficult by yourself. And if you can just retain one thing from this book, let it be that you

4 years will be virtually worthless besides what I have learned about myself and a few of the amazing friends I’ve made along the way. Sarah M, Chelsey,

remember we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Sarah F, Heather, Seb, and of course, Tyler. You guys made high school what it was for me. And I thank you for putting up with my wild and weird self. I love you for it. Mister Bradly Cook, my wittle advisor. I’m laughing right now thinking of how much my opinion of you has changed over the years. I remember

Taylor Richardson Editor-in-Chief.

Yearbook Name: Munhinotu Issue Title: “Together We Have It All” Issue: 94 Yearbook Staff: 26 Production Photography Staff: 17 Number of Pages: 224 Number of copies printed: 700 Price per copy: $50.00 Publisher: Walsworth Publishing Co. Marceline, Missouri Walsworth Representative Matt Holmes Software Used: Adobe Indesign CS3 Type Usage Font Name Body Copy: Salernomi J Caption Body: Salernomi J Headlines: Beautiful ES Porcelain BellGothic BT YEARBOOK STAFF: Advisor: Editor-in-Chief: Design Editor: Story Editor: Groups Editor: Baby Gophers Manager: Cover Design:

Size Leading 10pt. 16pt. Lead 8pt. 10pt. Lead

Designers: Jake Bryant, Aaron Burkholder, Arielle Cortese, Kalyn Lagunsad, Tori Volk Writers: Alyssa Emoto Lindsey Frilot, Alex Hagel, Lauryn Hartung, Erica Heine, Monica Kemp, Jessica Lastivka, Emily McDonald, Kayla Metcalf, Hannah Phillips, Laura Phillips, Taylor Richardson, Heather Ries, Katie Sewall Records/Production: Codie Blanchard, Arielle Cortese, Cherrian Goldberg, Erica Hiene, Kelsey Merritt, Kayla Metcalf, Courtney Pattock, Brittany Rose, Adverstising/Marketing Codie Blanchard, Becky Gomez

PRODUCTION PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Photography Advisor: Yoshikane, Derek Brad Cook Taylor Richardson Jake Bryant Kate Sewall Courtney Pattock Codie Blanchard Brad Cook

Photographers: Jessica Brandt, Ariel Burt, Kelly Dick, Brittany Erickson, Paige Harry, Emily Kratz, Vang Lor, Michael Moore, Heather Naef, Jessica Neffendorf, Thea Oswald, Rebecca Rust, Katie Samperi, Trae Sirimanodham, Erick Tafolla, Austin Van Zant, Jessica Vang

Summer Crew: (June 12-July 12) A special thanks to those individuals who came in during the summer months to finish “Together We Have It All” First Team All Yearbook: Brad Cook Taylor Richardson Lori Cook Second Team All Yearbook: Jake Bryant Arielle Cortese Lindsey Frilot Monica Kemp Kelsey Merritt Hannah Phillips Laura Phillips Heather Ries Katie Sewall Honorable Mention: Kalie Anderson Gavin Cook Emily McDonald

2010 GreshamHS Yearbook  

2010 Gresham High School Yearbook, Created In Adobe Indesign CS3.

2010 GreshamHS Yearbook  

2010 Gresham High School Yearbook, Created In Adobe Indesign CS3.