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We offer calipers to replace the original fitment for most classic sports cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s.


We specialise in the design and manufacture of brake caliper upgrades and high quality suspension systems for British classic cars. Our brake upgrades are designed to make driving classic cars safer and more fun, giving you the confidence that you can stop when you need to. Everything is designed, manufactured and tested in Cornwall, UK and there is a caliper in our range to replace the original fitment across the majority of classic sports cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. These include the great names of the era such as Jaguar, Daimler, Austin Healey, MG, Triumph, Jensen and Sunbeam, to name a few. We are passionate about product development, making sure the products you buy are produced and tested to the highest standards. We know our calipers and springs significantly reinvent your classic to perform as new, achieve outstanding performances and look exceptional. Over our 35+ year precision engineering heritage we have fine-tuned innovations behind the brake industry to become the best. Have a look through this brochure to find the right brake caliper, tailor-made to enhance the performance of your car. Quality really is our obsession. Take us for a spin. You won’t regret it.

Jon Crocker General Manager


Let’s face it, brakes are not the kind of thing you want to take a chance on. The original brakes on all classic cars are now inadequate in comparison to modern cars with ABS. This makes driving in mixed traffic at best problematic and at worst hazardous! We can’t give you ABS but we can give a level of brake performance way in excess of the original fitment, with no alterations to the rest of the car’s brake system. It is a straight forward alteration that makes your car safer and more fun to drive.

You want a brake kit that has been produced to the highest quality, to international quality standards, and tested to destruction in a number of formats – that’s where we come in. We control all of our design processes with a dedicated in-house product development team. We carry out our own testing until we are 100% satisfied that the product is fit for purpose and we control the manufacturing process in our own UK factory to ISO9001 quality standards.

Up to 42% reduction in stopping distance*

Upgrading your brakes isn’t only about safety. Better brakes improve control and handling, letting you drive quicker, with more confidence, so that you can drive reactively to road conditions.


Our innovative brake caliper technology increases stopping distances by up to 42% and the driver experience is enhanced through improved pedal feel and brake balance.


Original caliper


BCC caliper


STOPPING DISTANCE REDUCTION AT 60 MPH 48.1m – BCC Goodwood caliper kit brakes 60.2m – Original Dunlop brakes * Tests conducted with a MKII Jaguar at 60 mph at Millbrook proving ground in dry conditions


HOW IT WORKS The new front brake calipers are more efficient than the originals, so the rate of deceleration is increased and as a result there is an increase in load transfer onto the front axle. This, in turn, increases the load on the front tyres and in dry conditions, increases the adhesion of the tyres on the road surface. If you increased the brake performance of the rear brakes, as the weight comes off the rear axle, you run the risk of the rear brakes locking up. This can cause handling problems and the possibility of the rear getting out of shape. However, it is crucial that the rear brakes are in good condition, work correctly and are evenly balanced.

We work within the space envelope dictated by the size of the original brake disc and wheel rim. In order to increase the torque and therefore achieve increased braking efficiency, we select a brake pad design that increases the pad area at the maximum outside point of radius on the disc. The force is applied to the pad with four pistons (rather than the original two) which keeps the pressure evenly distributed over the pad surface. Additionally, the rate of heat dissipation from the aluminium in the new brake caliper is so much greater than the original cast iron units, that for normal, fast road use and when touring alpine routes with hill descents, we can eliminate heat fade even without a vented disc.



Our products go through a rigorous eight step process before being manufactured on the most technologically advanced CNC machinery. Adhering to the toughest ISO9001:2015 quality standards with the latest CAD/CAM software.

Our advanced manufacturing infrastructure offers an agility that ultimately makes us the best manufacturer and provider of brake calipers.



We have an extraordinary wealth of engineering experience which delivers our world-class, innovative brake calipers.

We are part of the WES Engineering Group, a precision engineering parent company who supply components to the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas and scientific instrumentation markets.


DESIGNED TO FIT All the calipers in our range have been designed to replace the original units on the front axle and are fitted as direct replacements with no interference to the rest of the car’s braking system. Our calipers are lug mounted, aligning with the original mounting points, and fit with the standard disc under the majority of factory fitted wheel rims. The cylinder volume is compatible with the original master cylinder and servo unit (if fitted) which means no increase in pedal travel or force is required. Whilst it might seem counter intuitive, by increasing the efficiency of the front brakes, we remove the need to make any changes to the rear brakes, in most cases. QUALITY IS OUR OBSESSION We ensure full traceability. Our approved suppliers deliver the material in billet form with

a certificate of conformity, traced right back to the mill where it was produced. We then mark the billets with traceable numbers and these are machined into the caliper during production, ensuring that should a caliper be returned, we can trace it back to the mill to confirm the material was correct. Using a suite of CNC machines including HAAS3 and 5 axis high speed machining centres, we machine our calipers to the highest standards. We only work with and insist on the very best external components and supply brake pads from EBC or Mintex, the highest quality pipes and adaptors from Automec, modern fluid and dust seals from Liberty, and specialist high specification Holokrome bolts. We take great care in selecting only the best quality assembly components that complement our calipers.

TESTED TO DESTRUCTION We test every caliper we produce using our dedicated pneumatic test rig which pressurises the caliper and monitors any reduction in the pressure to identify any leaks. The software will tell us if the caliper passes or fails the test and if it passes it will produce a certificate that we include in the box. We use FEA (Finite Element Analysis), 3D modelling techniques, destructive testing and on-car performance track testing to ensure optimal performance.


Key features BCC Brake Kits come complete with everything required, just bolt on and bleed the brakes No brackets or adapters required, designed to fit your car directly on standard discs Modern automotive OEM fluid and dust seals – no more dust boots that perish! Bridge pipes are used instead of internal porting to keep the fluid cooler and eliminate brake fade Hard anodised in a choice of colours Reduced unsprung weight

Copper-Nickel pipes, brass bleed and feed unions to BS EN 12451.1999 High tensile Holokrome M10 steel bolts certified to grade 12.9 EBC and Mintex brake pads available Manufactured in our own UK factory to ISO9001 quality standards Extensive design and testing processes during product development Each caliper is tested for leaks on an automated system after assembly and a test certificate produced

High grade billet aluminium caliper bodies

Discs, stainless steel braided hoses and other ancillary items available

Stainless steel pistons and pad retaining pins

Laser marking – we can laser mark almost any artwork on to your caliper

For further information, call us or visit


We hold stock of leaf springs for the main classic sports cars and family saloons of the 50s-70s. We promote, stock and manage the classic car range in partnership with our supplier, who manufacture springs for us in Sheffield from British steel. Our suppliers are specialists in producing leaf springs for a range of applications including commercial vehicles and trains.

The library of spring specifications held means we can make, to order, the less common cars of the last 60 years, with some applications going as far back as the 1920s. If, on the rare occasion, of us not knowing a spring, we can replicate it from a sample.


BCC Springs are not imported. They are made from British steel, in a UK factory with a history of investment and long-term success and are manufactured to an exact standard using an ISO 9001 quality control system to ensure the production processes for forming, tapering, eye rolling and tempering each spring are done to a consistently high standard. We manufacture springs that are as close to the manufacturers original specification as we can, we use the correct Imperial gauge steel sizes whenever possible whilst matching the interleaving and fixings as best we can to the original.

Some detail can sometimes be lost over time so we are always open to information from marque experts. Please note that manufacturers sometimes altered the spring specifications between similar models, for instance the ‘L’ and the ‘GL’ model of an otherwise identical car may have springs with different rates to give a smoother more luxurious ride, conversely export cars often had tougher springs to cope with rougher roads.

The springs on your car may not be the originals, a lot can happen in 50 or 60 years, and so our listing may differ from the springs you have on your car.

Key features

It is therefore important to try to give us as much information as you can; the year of manufacture (not always the same as the date of first registration) the model designation and variant, e.g. Mk2 Escort Estate GL are all important but if it is available any information from the owner’s manual or parts book for the original part number or the spring rate will be ideal, but failing that the number of leaves and the approximate spring width, will help us to identify the correct spring.

For further information, call us or visit

ISO 9001 quality control system tested Made to the original manufacturer’s specifications wherever possible


We’re really proud of our products and our team. With years of classic car and engineering experiences behind us, we are readily available to talk through any specifics regarding your product enquiries. Call us, anytime (well, during working hours!).

“I chose BCC because of the company’s pedigree and extensive reputation internationally for engineering. It’s a good product, technically capable of doing what I need it to do and embellished with the Jensen logo courtesy of Martin Robey” Andy Medland



Our products can be found all over the world. We’ll deliver your product to wherever you need it in the UK with a 2-5 day courier delivery for anywhere else.

If it isn’t the perfect fit, return it free of charge (within a 30 day period) and we’ll find the right fit for you.

Explore our world Go behind the scenes and check us out at or on Facebook and Twitter. britishclassiccarparts bccparts

Other products Our world is leaf springs and brake calipers but we also stock: • Steel braided hoses • High quality brake discs • Brake pad upgrades • Jaguar manifold & oil sumps View our full range and order at

“Once successfully fitted, the performance of the Calipers were spectacular. The handling of the steering and front suspension is noticeably a lot ‘sweeter’, and the stopping power is phenomenal. I believe you claim a 40% improvement, well I can tell you that’s an understatement. A very happy customer.” Michael Meston, MGB GT owner, Australia

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