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Economy Minister, Edwina Hart AM, switching on the machines at the FireDragon plant

‘Wonderfuel’ fires up innovation When the Welsh Government’s Economy Minister, Edwina Hart AM, switched on machines at Stradey Business Park in Llanelli which are now whirring away producing a new eco-friendly solid cooking fuel made from sugar beet called ‘FireDragon’, she sparked an outdoor cooking revolution which is set to cement the town’s status as the home of both rugby excellence and green BBQs.

one block, the fuel outperforms many of the other fuels in the market. Because it can be re-ignited even when wet, this means that outdoor enthusiasts will be able to make a brew or cook their meals in adverse weather conditions. One fact that sparked interest among the military who attended the event was the revelation that FireDragon can be packed with food and can double as a hand sanitizer in the field. This is not the case with the standard issue Hexamine fuel whose toxicity means that it has to be packed separately from our troops’ rations. Being able to pack a fuel with the personnel’s rations which can also enhance their personal hygiene will help to reduce the Military’s transport and health bills. With an amazing retail price of £1.49 for a box of 6 fuel portions, whoever buys and packs ‘FireDragon’ in their rucksack is guaranteed to have an outdoor companion that will save them time, money and help protect the environment at the same time.

Edwina Hart AM, cutting the ribbon at the official opening event

With the launch of ‘FireDragon’, BCB International, has yet again proved itself to be a creative company which does not stand still. Like the rock that runs through Gilbratar, innovation is clearly at the heart of everything BCB does. From ‘Blast Boxers’ shorts which protect soldiers from blast injuries caused by roadside bombs to hand-sized surveillance drones and maritime entanglement systems which stop pirates and criminals in their tracks, over the last few years BCB have developed a series of award-winning and pioneering products which set it apart from the competition. At the ‘FireDragon’ Opening, guests from the Armed Forces, the Outdoor Industry, Finance and the world of politics were treated to a demonstration of the fuel’s enormous merits and versatility. Weighing in at just 6 grams per portion, FireDragon is lightweight and very easy to ignite. Capable of boiling 500 ml of water in 5 minutes with just E: T: +44 (0)2920 433 700 BCB International Ltd Clydesmuir Road, Cardiff UK, CF24 2QS

FireDragon official opening event in pictures Click ‘here’ to download in high resolution

Left to right: Councillor Meryl Gravell, Steve Hughes (BCB), Edwina Hart AM, Andrew Howell (BCB)

Left to right: Edwina Hart AM, Andrew Howell (Managing Director, BCB International)

Left to right: Suzy Curry (Office of Nia Griffith MP), Derek Taylor (FireDragon Inventor), Lt Col Neil Blekinsop (Welsh Transport Regiment)

A warm welcome to Llanelli from Councillor Meryl Gravell.

The FireDragon machinery kicks into action.

FireDragon site Manager Jason Hodge answers the Minister’s questions.

Left to right: David (G4S), Dickie Davis (Welsh Government), Wendy Walters Carmarthenshire Council), Nigel Lovering (ETS)

Lt Col Blekinsop and Janey Howell (BCB International)

Smiles all around.

Janey Howell introduces Outdoor Sales Officer, Rebecca Ratcliffe to Edwina Hart.

Andrew Howell discusses FireDragon’s market potential with Kim Stephens (Welsh Assembley Government)

An enjoyable day.

Left to right: Kim Stephens, Janey Howell, Wayne Preece, Andrew Howell

Left to right: Kim Stephens, Dickie Davis, Andrew Howell (BCB)

Left to right: John Crook (Henry Howard Finance PLC), Greg Warren (Lloyds TSB), Andrew Howell (BCB)

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FireDragon Newsletter  

The FireDragon launch event