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THE ADVOCATE Newsletter of The Baltimore County Bar Association VOLUME XXIX, NO. 4

November 2019

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Hon. Michael W. Siri

The Baltimore County Bar Association seeks to provide value to its membership; however, each member has his or her own opinion of what is most important to them. It may be networking with lawyers and judges. It may be CLEs on particular subject matters. It may be pro bono opportunities or charitable giving. The BCBA wants to provide value to all of its members and for those seeking an opportunity to help our community, we have organized an Adopt a Family Program for the holidays. It originally began a few years ago in conjunction with the Maryland State Bar Association and Y in Central Maryland. Firms, organizations, and groups were assigned a family without the resources to purchase holiday gifts. We were able to get toys, clothes, and presents to 10 families in need. We even had a few extra gifts, which could be delivered to the Y for distribution after the holidays.

On the evening of December 23rd, right before I closed up for the long holiday weekend and feeling

pretty proud of myself for helping facilitate the Adopt a Family program, I get an urgent email, which originated from a grandmother who had custody of her five grandkids but did not have anything for them for Christmas. She was not asking for a particular gift, but just anything to potentially put under the tree. My heart sunk and I was filled with a sense of guilt. While I was busy patting myself on the back for a job well done, I failed to realize that, unfortunately, there is always a need. Luckily, with some creative scheduling, we were able to get the toys to the grandmother in time for Christmas. We saved Christmas for this family and it felt good. The BCBA wants to help more families this year and we are seeking law firms, organizations, and groups to participate in the Adopt a Family Program. The program is fairly simple.

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Hon. Michael W. Siri

After you sign up, you will be assigned a family and provided a list of toys and clothing for the children. When you shop for your own family, you shop for your adopted family. Deliver all of the toys and clothing to the Y in Towson. Save Christmas or Hanukah or the Holidays for a family in need. Hon. Michael W. Siri BCBA President, 2019-2020


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2019-20 Officers President Pres-Elect Secretary Treasurer

Hon. Michael W. Siri Jay D. Miller Stanford G. Gann, Jr. John G. Turnbull III

Executi v e Council Lisa Y. Settles Sondra M. Douglas Richard Grason VI Robert K. Erdman, Jr. T yler J. Nowicki Michelle D. Siri Rebecca A. Fleming, Immediate Past President Whitney E. Wilder, Young Lawyers’ Chair

The Advocate Ada m E. Konstas Committee Chair

Michael S. Barranco Committee Vice-Chair

Cont ributi ng Writers Kyle Ashe Michael Barranco Hon. Pamila Brown Hon. Kathleen Cox Raymond Hein Adam Philips Raphael Santini Hon. Dorothy Wilson

The Advocate is a monthly publication of the Baltimore County Bar Association informing its members about current events relating to law. Articles do not necessarily reflect the official position of the BCBA and publication does not constitute an endorsement of views expressed. The contents of advertisements are the responsibility of the advertisers and are not recommendations or endorsements by The Advocate.

November 2019 1. 8. 9. 12.

Civics & Law Academy, 8:30am, CCBC Dundalk Young Lawyers ’ C hamber C hat, 12:30 p. m., Jury roo m TBD Court & Bar Office Closed —Veteran’ Day Family Law Co mmittee, Extraordinary Medical Expenses, 6pm, Woodho lme Co untry Club 13. Lawyer in t he Lobby Clinic, 4:30pm, Count y Courts Building 13. Historical Co mmittee Meeting, 5pm, BCBA Mezzanine Offices 14. Bench/B ar Co mmitt ee Meet ing, 8am, 14. Wine & Whis key Fundraiser, 6pm, Maryv ale Preparato ry School 18. Pro fess io nalis m Co mmittee, Dos and Don ’ts for Int ernet Market ing & Social Media, 5pm, Zest Social Media Solut io ns, 215 Was hingto n Ave, Towson 19. Real Property & SLLZ Committees, Mix & Ming le, 5pm, Nacho Mama’s, 2 W. Pennsylv ania Ave., Towson 20. Estates & Trusts Committ ee, Aug mented Estate & Elect ive Share Update, 5pm, Grand J ury Roo m 21. Annual Me mo rial Service, 3:30pm, Ceremo nial Courtroo m #5 23. Nat io nal Adoptio n D ay, 11am, Ceremo nial Courtroo m #5 25. Judicial Portrait U nveiling for Hon. Christian M. Kahl, 4pm, Courtroo m TBD 26. Pro fess io nalis m Co mmittee Meeting, 5pm, 210 W. Pennsylv ania Ave, Suit e 420, Towson 28. Courts & Bar Office Closed for Thanksgiv ing 29. Courts & Bar Office Closed for Thanksgiv ing

December 2019 Judicial Portrait U nveiling for Hon. Tho mas J. Bollinger, Sr., 4pm, Court roo m TBD 3. Family Law Co mmittee, Ment al Healt h Pro viders, 12pm, Grand Jury Roo m 4. Young Lawyers ’ Holiday Lunch and Toy Drive, 12pm, Ground Floor Lobby, Circuit Court 5. Annual Holiday Party, 5pm, Towson Tavern, 516 York Rd., Towson 6. Civics & Law Academy, 8:30am, CCBC Owings Mills 23—Jan 1. Bar Office Closed 2.

Publication deadline: 10th of the month preceding publication.


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TOWSON DISTRICT COURTHOUSE MOVE The Towson District Courthouse will temporarily move its staff and operations to the new Catonsville District Courthouse, located at 1 Rolling Crossroad in Catonsville, as of January 6, 2020. Signage has been placed in the current Towson District Courthouse, located at 120 E. Chesapeake Avenue in Towson, to alert individuals that have business with the courts of the upcoming location change. During the temporary move, all services provided at the Towson District Courthouse, including the commissioner’s office, will temporarily move to the new Catonsville District Courthouse for a THE ADVOCATE

period of up to six months. Towson phone numbers and overall docket structure will not change as a result of the move; however, on January 6, 2020, dockets will be limited to the domestic violence protective order/peace order docket and bail review docket. For more information, including a Press Release, FAQ’s and contact information, please visit the website at https://www.courts.state.md.us/ district/about/move

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Honorable Dorothy J. Wilson Administrative Judge


COURT NOTICES Circuit Court MDEC Reminder—Personal Identifying Information

redacted version. Maryland Rule 20-201(h)(2).

A significant number of deficiencies are still being issued by the Circuit Court for MDEC filings that contain personal identifying information in violation of the Maryland Rules. Two separate rules govern this issue. Maryland Rule 1-322.1 generally provides that a paper filed with the court shall not include the following: A social Security Number or taxpayer identification number Financial or medical account identifiers If the nature of the action requires that such information be included, the rule states that the filer may “include only the last four digits of the Social Security or taxpayer identification number, or the last four characters of the financial or medical account identified, unless that identifier consists of fewer than eight characters, in which event all characters shall be redacted.” Under the MDEC rules, a filing “shall not contain restricted information.” If the filer believes such information is necessary, they are required to (1) state the reason and the legal basis for including the information , and (2) file both an unredacted and a

There are two common situations that give rise to deficiencies under these rules. The first is DOD Active Duty Status Reports submitted with Certifications of Non-Military Service. The report can be filed with the entire number redacted, if the Affidavit attests that the report pertains to the appropriate party. If counsel feels it necessary to include a partial social security number on a DOD Active Duty Status Report, please classify that document as “confidential” rather than “public.” This will avoid a deficiency notice. The other common area is inclusion of account information. Unless that information is required based upon the nature of the pleading, all identifying account information should be removed. If account information is required, for instance, with QDROs or writs of attachment, the procedure to file a redacted and unredacted submission should be followed. Alternatively, if use of the last four characters only is sufficient, the account information should be redacted to demonstrate that the account identifier is one that contains more than eight characters. Honorable Kathleen G. Cox Administrative Judge

The Technology Committee presented an MDEC Town Hall program on October 16 in the Grand Jury Room. Participants were given the opportunity to ask the Court Clerk specific questions about MDEC procedures in Baltimore County. Be sure to check back next month for the full article on this most appreciated event.


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FAMILY DIVISION MESSAGE (1) Full Day Magistrate’s Hearings: Requests for a full day Pendente Lite Magistrate’s Hearing, must be made during the initial Scheduling Conference. The Scheduler will then tell you that your Pendente Lite Hearing will be set in for ½ day in the morning, but they cannot set in a full day hearing; you will have to request that in writing within 10 days of the Scheduling Conference, setting forth your reasons for the request. The afternoon session of that same date will only be held in reserve for 10 days following the Scheduling Conference. If a written request for a full day hearing is not received by the Court within that time, then the Scheduler will release the afternoon time on reserve and begin scheduling other matters for that afternoon. Thereafter, attorneys will have to either condense their one day trial into a half-day trial or to try to reschedule for a later date that can accommodate one full day. (2) Rescission of Mediation: Annamaria Walsh, Director of the Office of Family Mediation, has provided us with the new policy regarding requests for rescission of Court-ordered mediation sessions in cases as follows: The Director of the Office of Family Mediation will recommend to the Lead Family Judge that a courtordered mediation be rescinded only in the following circumstances: 1. Entry of a Protective Order subsequent to the date of the Scheduling Conference: A written request to rescind the mediation should be faxed or emailed to the Office of Family Mediation, along with a copy of the Protective Order that was entered after the Scheduling Conference. Absent a “fresh” Protective Order, a motion requesting the rescission of the mediation must be filed, to be ruled upon by the Lead Family Judge. 2. Settlement: A copy of the fully executed settlement agreement should be faxed or emailed to the Office of Family Mediation prior to the mediation. THE ADVOCATE



If a party has a conflict with the mediation date that was set in the Scheduling Order, it may be rescheduled if OFM has an available date and all parties consent to the new date. (3)

Important MDEC Coding Issues:

(A) We discussed the difference between "public" vs. “confidential" security classifications in our email of July 12, 2019 [Md Rule 20–201(h)(2)]. It seems the most common occurrence of the inclusion of restricted information involves Requests for Orders of Default and the filing of the DOD Certification of Non-Military Service. To spare the Clerk's Office a lot of extra work, or worse, to avoid receiving a deficiency, the best practice is to classify your Request for Order of Default as a "public" document; then, separately scan your DOD Active Duty Status Report and classify that as "confidential." Both documents must be filed in the same “envelope.” Judge Cox is reporting that many attorneys are scanning these documents as a single PDF, failing to make the distinction that the Status Report contains the last four digits of the other party’s Social Security number, which cannot be filed as a public document. (B) Another big problem is occurring when attorneys fail to properly code an Answer as an “Answer” and they call it an “Entry of Appearance” instead. Again, good practice dictates that an Answer should be uploaded as a separate PDF and coded as an Answer, while the Entry of Appearance should be uploaded as a separate document and classified as an Entry of Appearance (which is the only way to generate the remittance of the $20.00 appearance fee). Both of those documents should be filed within the same envelope. The problem is: if an Answer is coded as an “Entry of Appearance,” the case will not be queued for assignment, and the matter will languish until your disgruntled client calls you wondering why nothing is happening in their case.

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Bill 37-19 eliminated the 60 percent credit for outdoor private amenities, on-site or off-site. The Bill also eliminated a one-for-one credit for meeting separate open space requirements imposed by the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations in the C.T., D.T., and C.C.C. Districts as well as the R.A.E. Zone.

Greetings! The members of the Baltimore County Council are grateful for the opportunity to update the County Bar on the activities of our County’s legislative body. Your seven member County Council serves as the independent Legislative Branch of County government. The Council meets year-round, generally in bi-monthly Legislative Sessions (held at night) and bi-monthly Work Sessions (held during the day). All proceedings are open to the public, and the Legislative Session is broadcast on BCTV (Comcast & Verizon channel 25). The Council’s Website at www.baltimorecountycouncil.org provides helpful information as well. At its September 3, 2019 Legislative Session, the County Council approved Bill 37-19 that amends the open space requirements for residential development in the Adequate Public Facilities law. Under the open space requirements, when it was not feasible for a developer to meet the minimum of 1,000 square feet of open space per residential dwelling unit, the developer could submit a fee-inlieu proposal to the County and pay the fee once the amount was set.

At its September 16, 2019 Legislative Session, the County Council confirmed Paul Mayhew as the Zoning Commissioner/Managing Administrative Law Judge and Lawrence M. Stahl as the Deputy Zoning Commissioner/Administrative Law Judge. Judge Mayhew has served over twenty years in the County Attorney’s Office handling complex civil litigation with an emphasis on federal civil rights and employment. Judge Stahl has served as an Administrative Law Judge since January 3, 2011. **Reminder – For our land use and zoning practitioners, keep in mind that the County’s fouryear Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP) has begun. The Open Public filing period began on September 3rd and will continue through October 15th; the Planning Board/Planning Director filing period is from October 1st through October 30th; and the County Council filing period is from November 1st through November 29th. County agency review of the requested zoning change “Issues” will take place in December 2019 and January 2020. The Planning Board will conduct Public Hearings in March 2020, followed by County Council Public Hearings during the month of June 2020. This year-long process will culminate in the Council holding a Special Session to adopt the proposed Zoning Maps for each District, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday August 25, 2020.

However, a developer could receive credits against the fee-in-lieu for providing outdoor amenities, onsite or off-site. The credits were worth 100 percent of the cost of outdoor public amenities and 60 percent of the cost of outdoor private amenities. THE ADVOCATE

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BENCH BAR UPDATE By Raphael Santini

The September meeting of The Bench/Bar Committee was called to order by Chairperson Chris Nicholson on September 12, 2019. At the start of the meeting, the Chairperson acknowledged all of the good work of the prior Chairperson, Fred Allentoff, during his term of office. Judge Dorothy Wilson gave the District Court report. The swearing in for Judge Friedman occurred on September 23, 2019, Judge Siri was sworn in on September 26, 2019 and Judge Porcarelli will be sworn in on October 15, 2019. All three ceremonies were or will be in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County. The new Catonsville District Court address will be One Rolling Cross Road, Catonsville, Maryland, 21228. The Court may open the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020. The Towson District Court will close for four to six months for repairs; however, the annex will remain open. The entire Court personnel will go to Catonsville. If you have any questions please go to the Maryland Judiciary home page or the Baltimore County home page. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE COURT NOTICES FOR LOCATIONS! The Judicial Institute will move to Harry S. Truman Parkway around October 28, 2019. The Maryland Judiciary home page will have more information. Maria Fields gave the District Court Administration report. The staff is continuing to work with MDEC. They are full services with the electronic filing; however, Landlord/Tenant is still using paper. Beginning September 16, 2019 repairs to the garage next to the Towson District Court will begin. Please plan accordingly for this situation. Julie Ensor gave the Circuit Court Clerk’s report. There are some slowness issues with the MDEC system. The Clerk’s office is experiencing vacancies and they are recruiting.


All are welcome to attend “ALL MDEC” on October 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm in the Grand Jury room. Circuit Court Administrator Tim Sheriden advised Magistrate Paliath started in September. An additional CINA and uncontested divorce docket is being added. President Michael Siri gave the Executive Council Report. The Association is focused upon the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee in an effort to attract new members and second, to develop a long term plan. The Bar Association participated at a Raven’s tailgate on Sunday, September 15, 2019, Free Yoga at the Towson YMCA on September 29, 2019 and Trivia War Night on October 3, 2019 at 7 Wet Bistro. Gregory E. Gaskins gave the Office of Law report. County Executive Olszewski has made the following appointments:

Delegate Steve Lafferty – Chief Sustainability Officer Delegate Eric Bromwell – Opioid Strategy Coordinator Troy Williams – Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Romaine Williams – Chief of Employee and Labor Relations The Magistrate report was given by Fred Allentoff. Report of Divorce and Annulment (a/k/a the “Blue Form”) must be efiled and it should be done prior to an uncontested divorce hearing. Submissions for Judgment must be efiled. These filings should be brought to the attention of the Family Magistrate. Judge William Evans gave the Orphans Court report. He will be clarifying the contempt procedures. The Register of Wills in Howard County has decided that the current contempt procedures are unconstitutional. Judge Evans disagrees with Howard County’s determination. Continued on page 8

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BENCH BAR UPDATE By Raphael Santini

More information will be forthcoming. Donald Zazemba gave the Public Defender’s report. The Public Defenders are suffering without air conditioning in their office. The Baltimore County Jail visiting hours for attorneys are 8:00 am to 10:30 am and 12:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Please plan your jail visits according to the schedule. Harry Chase gave the Baltimore City report. The postponement policy in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City remains unchanged. There is an opening for a Circuit Court Judge in Baltimore City. The Portrait Committee is active and seeking monies. The portrait unveiling has been scheduled for Judge Souder (10/19) and Judge Bollinger and Judge Kahl (11/19). The family of Judge Cahill is having the portrait redone. Contributions are being sought for Judge Dugan’s portrait. Each portrait costs approximately $4,200.00. The contributions are tax deductible. Debra Schubert submitted the Harford County report. Uncontested divorce hearings will be heard by a retired Judge every Tuesday. The hearings will be set every 15 minutes. Assignment will email attorneys with the date and time. The attorneys should bring their proposed decree to the hearing. If cases are settled please call the Magistrates. They have not been getting the notices of settled cases and not receiving the Consent Orders. The Harford County MDEC system does not send out orders. Eventually, a copy will be mailed or you can look online. There is an option to receive the Order by paying.

Discussion was introduced regarding DCM problems in domestic cases and the long wait for a hearing with no child support or visitation. This can be revisited when pre-trial is set. Also, there was discussion regarding Judges ordering discovery sanctions very early in a case that precludes a litigant from presenting evidence. The atTHE ADVOCATE

torneys agreed with ordering attorney’s fees for failure to comply with discovery as this will encourage clients to produce the information. The Judges will review this matter. The Circuit Court new courtroom will not open until next year. The new Jury room looks great. Currently you can only enter the Circuit Court through Office Street which has a new wheelchair accessible ramp. Alaina Storie gave the Family Law report. Please check the Baltimore County Bar Association home page for all the upcoming events. Whitney Wilder gave the Young Lawyers report. They will hold events in October, November and a Holiday lunch. Please see the Baltimore County Bar Association home page for dates and times.


On October 10, 2019 the Estates & Trusts Committee was provided a thorough legislative update by Jonathan G. Lasley, Esq. of Stewart, Plant & Blumenthal, LLC, The Honorable Grace G. Connolly, the Register of Wills for Baltimore County, and Michael C. Franco, the Chief Deputy, Register of Wills for Baltimore County. James J. Nolan, Jr., Esq., chaired the well-attended event. The most anticipated bill discussed was related to the augmented estate/spousal election, which goes into effect October 1, 2020. There is now a formula that includes non-probate arrangements in the calculation and satisfaction of the elective share. Attendees asked very substantive and creative questions and everyone walked away better prepared to advise their clients on the upcoming changes.

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In the October issue of The Advocate, Debra Cruz wrote on the topic of “What Does Professionalism Mean?” She cited the Ideals of Professionalism adopted by the Court of Appeals in Appendix 19-B of the Maryland Rules, immediately following the Maryland Attorneys’ Rules of Professional Conduct (Title 19, Chapter 300). As the introductory sentence in that Appendix, professionalism is defined or summarized as “the combination of the core values of personal integrity, competency, civility, independence, and public service that distinguish attorneys as the caretakers of the rule of law.”

Special Appeals, on which he served for two years until Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. elevated him to the Court of Appeals, effective January 22, 2004. With that appointment, Judge Greene achieved the rare distinction of becoming only the fourth judge (to that point) to have served on the bench at every level of the Maryland court system. Beyond merely serving, Judge Greene distinguished himself as a preeminent jurist at every level. He did so not just through his knowledge of the law and fairness in applying it but because he personified those previously mentioned core values that make up “professionalism.”

Few Maryland attorneys or judges have embodied professionalism with as much distinction as recently retired Court of Appeals Judge Clayton Greene, Jr. Last month I had the honor of attending Judge Greene’s retirement celebration dinner, which presented an occasion not only to recognize Judge Greene’s professional and judicial accomplishments but also to reflect on what a remarkable yet humble man he is.

Judge Greene retired from the Court of Appeals effective June 30, 2019. Having had the privilege of appearing before him while he was a Circuit Court judge and arguing many cases before him during his tenure on the Court of Appeals, I am personally grateful to Judge Greene for his courtesy, respectfulness and thoughtful consideration from the bench. On the occasion of his retirement dinner, other judges, Governor Ehrlich and past professional colleagues wove into their remarks the common themes of Judge Greene’s dedication to public service, commitment to justice and inherent decency. Unquestionably the greatest testimonials to Judge Greene’s character came from his wife and his two sons, who spoke eloquently (and sometimes humorously) of his commitment to family, community and hard work.

Judge Greene was born and raised in Anne Arundel County. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1973 and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1976. He practiced law as an Assistant County Solicitor for Anne Arundel County, in private practice, and as an Assistant and then Deputy Public Defender in Anne Arundel County before his initial appointment to the bench in 1988 as a Judge of the District Court of Maryland for Anne Arundel County. After serving 7 years on the District Court, including five as the District Administrative Judge for District 7, Judge Greene was elevated to the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County in 1995. He served on that court until January 2002, including five years as Circuit Administrative Judge for the Fifth Judicial Circuit. On January 4, 2002, Governor Parris Glendening appointed Judge Greene to the Court of THE ADVOCATE

As a memento of the evening, each of the attendees at Judge Greene’s retirement dinner received a rubber wristband inscribed with “WWJGD.” In last month’s column discussing the ideals of professionalism, one of the suggestions was to find (or be) a mentor. The right mentorship can be immensely helpful to a young lawyer in his or her development. But apart from direct personal mentorship, young (and not so young) lawyers also can benefit from observing the examples of professional role models on the bench and at the bar who demonstrate the core values of professionalism.

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The American Bar Association convened for its 142nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, on August 7 – August 13, 2019. San Francisco was once again, a great host city with an amazing waterfront, spectacular shopping and world-class restaurants. Association members from across the country also attended programs, special events, luncheons and receptions which allowed them to meet and greet and share ideas. There were wonderful networking opportunities as well. Those included the member’s refreshing SideBar, the President’s reception at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and a concert for the Legal Services Corporation (“LSC”) - one of the best nonpartisan events at the conference. It included noted Broadway, cabaret, and other entertainers doing a song or performance interspersed with speakers and clients who told inspiring stories about how LSC made a difference for their lives. Highlights from the conference included: The General Assembly: The processional of ABA State Delegates with state/territorial flags opened the event. ABA President Carlson introduced the keynote speaker, the Honorable Sidney R. Thomas, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and presented the ABA Medal to Dale Minami to recognize his exceptional distinguished service to the cause of American jurisprudence. Excellent Programming: The member’s favorite “CLE in the City”, provided another home run. It featured more than 50 CLE programs topics including immigration, domestic and sexual violence, social media, ethics, malpractice, child welfare, cybersecurity, legalization of recreational cannabis, the 19th amendment, partisan gerrymandering, climate change and natural disasters, U.S. infrastructure trends, criminal justice, model rules of professional conduct, the U.S. Supreme Court, responding to the national opioid crisis, #MeToo, etc. The ABA Forum also knocked the ball out of the park with its program discussion and screening of the ABA Silver Gavel award-winning documentary THE ADVOCATE

“And Then They Came for Us: The Perils of Silence” which provided a searing reminder that lawyers cannot remain silent when democracy and the rule of law is under attack. Honors and Awards: In addition to Dale Minami being awarded the 2019 ABA Medal, throughout the week many others were recipients of awards at special events. To name a few, the Thurgood Marshall Award Dinner where the legendary Congressman John Lewis – one of the original 13 Freedom Riders was honored, five notable women lawyers from California each received the 2019 Margaret Brent Award, Judge Margaret McKeown of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth District was bestowed the 2019 John Marshall Award, the late Hon. William Missouri formerly of the Circuit for Prince Georges County received the inaugural Willam D. Missouri Civility Award from the Judicial Division and the Pro Bono Publico Awards Luncheon awarded lawyers and law firms for demonstrating outstanding commitment to volunteer legal services for the poor and disadvantaged. The Membership Meeting: Candidates seeking officer positions answered questions of the membership; and the Nominating Committee voted on a revised proposal to present to the House to amend the current Principles and Guidelines on the Election of Officers.

House of Delegates Proceedings: The House met for 1½ days. The Daily Journal of the actions of the House and the Select Committee Report, can be found on the House of Delegates Webpage. The House gavel was passed to President, Judy Perry Martinez of Louisiana, and the House welcomed its newly elected officer, President-Elect, PresidentElect, Patricia Lee Refo of Arizona, Kevin Shepherd of Baltimore, Maryland was elected Treasurer-Elect and the new Board of Governors.

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Continued on page 12 November2019


The House also voted on amendments to the Association’s Constitution, Bylaws and House Rules of Procedures, including the principles and guidelines on the election process for officers of the association. The House also considered many resolutions on an array of topics and issues of law including, administrative law judiciary, civil rights and social justice, criminal justice, domestic and sexual violence, environment, energy, and resources, ethics and professional responsibility, gun violence, health law, homelessness and poverty, human rights, immigration, intellectual property, international law, law and aging, legal education, legal services, trust and estate law, professional regulation, sexual orientation and gender identity, specialization, women in the profession, well-being in the legal profession, young lawyers, and youths at risk. The House provided important video presentations, which included a Stigma Video addressed lawyers who have had mental health and substance abuse issues and urged those who need help to seek it. There was also an award winning video from the 2019 Resolution and Impact Video Challenge, produced by the Young Lawyers Division, which featured U.S Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois

regarding the bill she is supporting for lactation rooms in the courts and airports for mothers. Please visit the ABA Home page to see the most current news on issues impacting our profession and how you can help make a difference, and be sure to view ABA Member Advantage,the benefits discount program exclusively for ABA members, you can find products and services of value for your practice, your home and your leisure time. I hope you will be able to join us for the ABA 2020 Midyear Meeting in Austin, Texas, February 12 – February 18, 2020. Registration will be opening soon. As always, if you have any questions or comments, or if I can be of assistance helping you navigate the many programs and benefits of our Association, please call me. Regards, Hon. Pamila 1-410-480-7706 ABA Maryland State Delegate



2020 BCBA Member Dues Invoices are being mailed the first week in November, so please be on the lookout for yours in the mail. Along with your invoice will be ticket and table order forms for the 98th Annual Black Tie Banquet on Thursday, January 30, 2020. This is an attorney only event and 2020 dues must be paid in order to purchase a ticket at member price. Contact Rachel Fuller at rfuller@bcba.org if you do NOT receive your invoice by November 15.


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How A Digital Repository Helps You Organize Your Case There is a lot of talk right now about the Green New Deal. We’re not going to weigh in on politics here (you’re welcome!), but here’s a green deal we’re not tired of mentioning: Planet Depos Online Repository. This is a deal that works for everyone. The benefits of the repository are too big to ignore!

Paper files are steadily becoming obsolete. Storing files electronically is also more cost-effective, efficient and tidy, as files stay in pristine condition, take up less space and are easier to locate when needed. For legal professionals ordering transcripts and videos, electronic delivery is a no-brainer, and fewer and fewer firms request hardbound copies of transcripts and video CDs or DVDs. Most laptops don’t even contain a CD/DVD drive anymore, after all. The repository is an easy way to access all the files. Access to the fully secure repository is complimentary with the purchase of transcripts in the case. All transcript and exhibit files will be accessible for download from the repository for a period of 3 years from the date they are uploaded, and video files for a period of 1 year. When those transcript files show up in your inbox, simply follow the link to your complimentary repository login screen. Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the “Transcripts” tab, where you can enter search criteria on the left. A “less is more” approach is best when entering search criteria. For example, just the witness’ last name, or one unique word/name from the case name should bring up the files you are seeking. If you have a standing order, all your preferred files will be available for your perusal. THE ADVOCATE



Available load file formats include LiveNote (LEF), TrialDirector (CMS), TextMap (XMEF), Case Notebook (PTZ) and more. First-time users can contact Planet Depos for login instructions and case-specific standing order forms. Hardbound transcripts are still available upon request, along with CDs and DVDs. The repository simply provides a speedy, secure means of accessing the files you need for your case. The repository is a fantastic organizational tool as well, not only storing files, but providing a calendar of your scheduled depositions. Paralegals can use the repository to keep tabs on what has been scheduled, canceled, as well as communicate and track time and/or location changes. You can quickly log on, view the case schedule, submit any changes in an instant, or request confirmation once the schedule is finalized. For paralegals always juggling so many important details, this is a terrific time-saving resource! Planet Depos provides best-in-class court reporting and litigation technology throughout the United States as well as abroad, with reporters, videographers, and interpreters living across the globe. We’re conversant with the latest technologies and works closely with clients implementing case-winning tools. Equally important is our dedication to superlative service, keeping the process from scheduling to production pleasant, and surpassing clients’ expectations. For added ease, you can schedule depositions domestically or even internationally by emailing scheduling@planetdepos.com or calling us at 1-888 -433-3767.

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On Thursday, October 3, 2019, the BCBA hosted its second semi-annual “Bar Wars Trivia” night at local Towson restaurant favorite, 7 West. Those present bore witness to what can only be described as “an upset of historic proportions.” The event was a huge success, and the place packed with teams overflowing with trivia savants, all hungry – pun intended – for the chance to dethrone the reigning champion hailing from the Office of the Public Defender, the “Get Out of Jail Free” team. This year, the BCBA is collaborating in its fundraising with The Orokawa Y in Towson, led by YMCA Executive Director, Amy Gantz-Cheatham, to benefit the Y of Central Maryland’s ongoing efforts in promoting wellness and building a stronger community. All entrance fees for the event and 10% of 7 West’s food and drink sales from the evening were donated to the Y of Central Maryland. Showtime Trivia again graciously provided the necessary trivia resources and equipment. Additionally, thanks to 7 West having kindly provided its available space, lawyers and legal professionals from Baltimore County were able to gather and enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge outside of the courtroom over delicious plates and cocktails. Overall, a total of 137 players signed up for the event and divided into 16 teams, collectively raising over $2,100 in donations. All lottery prizes won were donated by the BCBA and the Y of Central Maryland. John Cox was the lucky winner of the evening’s 50/50 Raffle. In addition to Get Out of Jail Free, the teams competing this round were “Clearly Erroneous” from THE ADVOCATE

Bodie, Dolina, Hobbs, Friddell & Grenzer; “Steel Magnolias” from Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler; “Asked & Answered” from The Law Offices of Frank F. Daily; “Law Slayers” from The Wobber Law Group; “Badgering the Witless” from Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders; “We Thought This Was Speed Dating” from the Turnbull Brockmeyer Law Group; “The Royston Rockers” from Royston, Mueller, McLean & Reid; “Torts Illustrated” from Franklin & Prokopik; “It’s Always Sunny on Pennsylvania Avenue” and “Call the Jury Office or Die,” which were two teams put together by this year’s law clerks; “We See Guilty People” from the State’s Attorney’s Office; “The Y’s Wise Ones” from the YMCA; “Just Us,” consisting of the District Court Judges; “Bond Squad” from McKennon, Shelton & Henn; and “PKLawsome” from Pessin Katz Law. Once the questions became more challenging, tensions grew high, and the competition was fierce as Elizabeth Herndon, Esq. reprised her role as the event’s knowledgeable emcee, along with the assistance of her husband and co-host, Brian Herndon. While all the focus remained on the returning champions, law clerks and judicial assistants surreptitiously assembled two motley teams, stacked to the nines with knowledge on a wide array of subjects, as they endeavored to take the crown. In a risky maneuver, Call the Jury Office or Die went all -in with their wager and correctly answered the Final Question, leading them to a resounding victory. The Royston Rockers came in second place with the Law Slayers taking third. To this day, many wonder how this was even possible. Was it the fact that they had a former Disney princess on their team, or because the other teams were distracted because their name was so offputting? We may never know. But as the Steely Dan song goes, “if you live in Baltimore County, you’re feeling the change of the guard,” . . . or something along those lines. Till next time.

Join us on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at Greene Turtle in Towson for the next Bar Wars Trivia Competition.

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Look for familiar faces behind the bar…. November2019



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By Michael Barranco

Judge Friedman’s community service, coaching of sports teams and his devotion to his family, stating that in his opinion, Judge Friedman is a “true mensch.” Judge Berger concluded that Judge Friedman’s respect of other persons and his respect of the law will serve him well on the bench to promote civility and to secure justice.

The Investiture Ceremony for recently appointed District Court Judge, Bruce E. Friedman, was held on the afternoon of September 23, 2019 in Ceremonial Courtroom Five of the Old Courthouse. The ceremony began with Administrative Judge Dorothy J. Wilson welcoming all guests and participants and introducing the Honorable John P. Morrissey, Chief Judge of the District Court of Maryland. Judge Morrissey spoke of the importance of fairness and impartiality on the part of judges, the role of judges in safeguarding ideals and principles of law and the difficult decisions which judges are required to make on a daily basis. Judge Morrissey concluded by commending Governor Hogan on his selection of Judge Friedman to the bench of the District Court for Baltimore County. Counsel to the Governor, Robert F. Scholz, spoke on behalf of Governor Hogan, noting that he found it inspiring to see qualified individuals with good character and wisdom, such as Judge Friedman, aspire to serve on the bench. The Honorable Stuart Berger, Judge of the Court of Special Appeals, formally moved for the investiture of Judge Friedman. Judge Berger commented that Judge Friedman was known as a “lawyer’s lawyer” and predicted that he will earn the reputation as a “lawyer’s judge” in part because he has an “unruffled” demeanor. Judge Berger also spoke of THE ADVOCATE

Next, Senior Rabbi Steven Schwartz of the Beth El Congregation delivered his remarks. Rabbi Schwartz observed that Judge Friedman had always wanted to be a judge, guided by the role model of his father, the Honorable Sol J. Friedman who served for many years as a District Court Judge in Baltimore City. Noting that the “apple did not fall far from the tree” Rabbi Schwartz spoke of Judge Friedman’s high character and many service contributions to the Beth El Congregation. Rabbi Schwartz noted that by coincidence, the investiture was being held on the 70th birthday of “another Bruce” by the name of Bruce Springsteen, much to the delight of Judge Friedman. The Honorable Sally C. Chester, Judge of the District Court, responded on behalf of the bench. Judge Chester fondly recalled that Judge Friedman was a law clerk 36 years ago at the firm in which she was practicing at the time and attended her baby shower. Over the years, Judge Chester has followed Judge Friedman’s success in the practice of law, his support of community and nurture of his family. Judge Chester offered her advice to all new judges which includes “ask questions and follow the law where it leads, uphold the law and constitution and protect it from any and all attacks, and have the courage to do what is right with kindness and grace.”

The Honorable Michael W. Siri, as President of the Baltimore County Bar Association, presented Judge Friedman with a robe which was delivered in the Nordstrom gift box first used in Circuit Judge Kathleen Cox’s investiture twenty years ago. Following tradition, Judge Friedman added his

Page 16





By Michael Barranco

signature to the box, making him the 31 st judge serving in Baltimore County to do. Robert Scholz then read the Commission and the oath of office was administered by Clerk of the Court, Julie Ensor. Judge Friedman’s mother held the family bible for the swearing-in. Judge Friedman’s wife and sons assisted with the robing and his family escorted him to the bench. Judge Friedman addressed the assemblage and first thanked Governor Hogan for having confidence in him and appointing him. Judge Friedman next spoke about “who” he is. He spoke of the importance in his life of his grandparents, parents and family, including his mother who instilled in him the importance of caring for others in their time of need. He spoke of his father, who served as an associate judge on the District Court of Baltimore City and the many valuable life lessons learned from his father which have shaped him as a lawyer and person. Judge Friedman thanked his wife, Lori, for all that she has done which ultimately made it possible for him to become a judge, and thanked his sons for helping to make him a better person. Crediting Warren Buffett for the principal that “it is important to associate yourself with people that are better than yourself” Judge Friedman thanked all his friends who were present to share his investiture. Judge Friedman observed that he “learned so much from so many,” and has been the recipient of much support and assistance, whether it be from religious leaders, mentors, lawyers, co-workers with whom he has practiced over the years, judges, past employers and many others. Quoting from Shakespeare, Judge Friedman concluded by pledging that it was his intention to “season justice with mercy,” to treat his neighbor as himself and to always remember where he came from, both professionally and personally. After receiving congratulations from the bench, Judge Friedman adjourned the ceremony. Photos courtesy of Marc Summerfield of

Guill Photo. Www.guillphoto.com THE ADVOCATE

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THE Y IN CENTRAL MARYLAND— MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOMORROW, TODAY Tradition. Family fun. Health. Friendship. Fitness. Giving back. A second helping of pie! These are just a few reasons our community comes out on Thanksgiving morning for the Y's Turkey Trot Charity 5K! Open to individuals of all ages and abilities, everyone (including the family dog!) is invited to walk, run or leisurely stroll a 3.1-mile course and soak in the feel-good vibes of the day! Towson Takes the Lead! The history of the race dates back 25 years to 1994 when a group of committed and engaged Towson Y members and volunteers decided to start a 5k race to raise money for Y programs. Since then, other Y Center races within central Maryland have been added and now the race spans seven Y locations and almost 15,000 runners. It is among the largest and most successful Y Turkey Trots in the country! In 2018 alone, together with our sponsors, volunteers, donors and runners, we raised $850,000 for children in families in central Maryland who otherwise would not be able to afford Y programs and services which keep everyone healthy, engaged, learning and connected. Whether you want to run, walk, volunteer or raise money to support our community, we hope you'll join us this year! Visit ymdturkeytrot.org to learn more or sign up!

Register for the Turkey Trot team ‘Baltimore County Bar

Association’ and join us on Thanksgiving morning. Go to https://fundraise.ymaryland.org/Baltimore-County-BarAssociation


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Class A office space available to share in Towson.

May 27, 2020

1122 Kenilworth Drive. 700 sq. ft. suite is divided into 3 offices and a common area. One office is 120 sq. ft. with a window and will rent for $625/mos. One office is 80 sq. ft. with no window and will rent for $250/mos. Rent both spaces for $750/mos. Included in rent is: Wifi, copier, access to postage meter, fax line, plentiful free parking and some furniture if needed.

Eagle’s Nest Country Club

Call Craig at 410-825-0612


Phoenix, MD

Holiday Party

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Page 20


Lawyer in the Lobby Clinic Wednesday, November 13, 2019

4:30—6:30 p.m. County Courts Building, 1st Floor, 401 Bosley Ave, Towson Lawyer in the Lobby is held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Walk-ins are assisted in General Civil and Family Law matters. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Rae Wyatt at rwyatt@bcba.org or 410-337-9100. Thank you to our volunteers for October: Julius Blattner Marie-Yves Jean-Baptiste Sherry Myers James Nolan, Jr.

The 2019-2020 Lawyer Referral & Information Service Panel Application is now available. Contact Rae Wyatt at rwyatt@bcba.org if you are interested in participating in Lawyer Referral. All current panel members will receive the new application via email. CLICK HERE for panel application, rules, and minimum qualifications. Do you practice the following areas of law? Would you like more clients? If so— Lawyer Referral needs you! Civil Rights (includes Abuse of Power, Americans with Disabilities Act, False Imprisonment, HIPPA violations, Other Human Rights/discrimination) Consumer Law (includes Class Action, Credit Problems, Identity Theft, Lemon Law, Repossessions, Warranties) Intellectual Property Patent, Trademark)





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Committee News Please visit www.bcba.org to register for any events listed Watch your inbox as emails regarding committee planning meetings will be sent soon. We welcome all ideas for programs and events! Adr Committee February 3, Committee Meeting, 4:30pm, Grand Jury Room February 19, Joint Dinner Program with Family Law Committee, 6pm March 5, 2-Hour Mediation Training, 4:30pm, Grand Jury Room March 25, Joint Program with Family Law Committee on Mediation, 6pm, Country Club of MD Advocate Committee Please submit any ideas for articles to Rachel Ruocco at rruocco@bcba.org or Adam Konstas at akonstas@pklaw.com Bench/Bar Committee This committee (appointed by the BCBA Presidents) meets the second Thursday of each month, 8 a.m., in Judicial Conference Room 412. If there are issues to be brought to the attention of this committee please contact Chairperson Chris Nicholson, 410-339-4100 or cnicholson@tnsfamilylaw.com. Criminal Law Committee

Stay tuned for more programming information CLE Committee March 31, Bar Complaints –How to avoid them and What to Do When You Receive One, 5pm, Grand Jury Room Entertainment Committee November 14, Wine & Whiskey Fundraiser, 6-9pm, Maryvale December 5, Holiday Party, 5pm, Towson Tavern


Estates & Trusts Committee November 20, Elective Share Background, 5pm, Grand Jury Room January 15, Custody vs. Guardianship Joint Program with Family Law Committee, 12pm, Pessin Katz Law February 13, Ethical Considerations, 5pm, Grand Jury Room April 21, Panel on Elective Share, 5pm, Grand Jury Room May 20, Annual Dinner, 5:15pm, Country Club of Maryland Family Law Committee November 12, Extraordinary Medical Expenses, 6pm, Woodholme Country Club December 3, Mental Health Providers; the Various & Sundry Complications, 12pm, Grand Jury Room January 15, Joint Program with Estates & Trusts Committee, 12pm, PK Law January 23, Our Family Wizard, 12pm, Grand Jury Room February 19, SOLDIER-Working with Emotional Clients, 6pm, Vito’s March 25, Joint Program with ADR Committee on Mediation, 6pm, Country Club of MD April, Multi-Jurisdictional Dinner, 6pm, Woodholme Country Club May 14, Case Law & Legislative Update & Happy Hour, 4:30pm Historical Committee November 13, Committee Meeting, 5pm, BCBA Mezzanine Level If you are interested in taking part in the planning of our 100th Anniversary Celebration, please contact Matt Nelson at mnelson@tydingslaw.com. Law Day Committee Law Day theme for 2020 is Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment at 100. May 1, Law Day Breakfast, 7:30am, Martin’s Valley Mansion May 1, Law Day Noon Ceremony, 12pm, Ceremonial Courtroom #5

Page 22


Committee News LRIS Committee The 2019-2020 LRIS Panel Registration and Renewal Packet can be found HERE. Contact Rae Wyatt at rwyatt@bcba.org if you would like it emailed to you.

Membership Committee Online Membership Application can be found here

Public Awareness & Speakers Committee aka Civics & Law Academy December 6, Civics & Law Academy, 8:30am, Owings Mills Community College Real Property Committee

Memorial Committee Please notify Rachel Ruocco at the Bar Office of the passing of any BCBA member. If this information is received in a timely manner, it will be emailed to all members. Thank you.

November 19, Real Property/SLLZ Mix & Mingle, 5pm, Nacho Mama’s, 2 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Towson

BCBA members who will be honored at next year’s service on November 21, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. Howard A. Roland Jim Beach III Hon. John G. Turnbull II The reception for family, friends and BCBA members to honor and remember loved ones will be held immediately following the service.

Stay tuned for more programming information.

Monetary contributions are greatly appreciated to support the Memorial Reception, and can be made payable to the BCBA, 100 County Courts Building, 401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, MD 21204. Donors will be acknowledged on the printed program. Negligence, Committee





Stay tuned for more programming information. Pro Bono Committee

Solo & Small Firm Committee

State & Local Laws (SLLZ) Committee February, Meet & Greet with the County Council April, Joint Dinner with Real Property Techonolgy Committee Stay tuned for more programming information. Young Lawyers Committee November 8, Chamber Chat with Judges Cox & Jakubowski, 12:30pm, Jury Room TBD December 4, Holiday Party Toy Drive, 12pm, Circuit Court Gound Floor Lobby April 5, Bull & Oyster Roast & Silent Auction, 26pm, Towson American Legion. **Please contact Whitney Wilder at wwilder@bodie-law.com if you would like to donate any items for the silent auction.

April 4, Pro Bono Clinic, 9am-12pm, Woodlawn Public Library Professionalism Committee November 18, Ethical Violations in Online Marketing, Advertising & Social Media, 5pm November 25, Committee Meeting, 5pm, 210 W. Pennsylvania Ave, Towson ***Submit Nominations now for the J. Earle Plumhoff Professionalism Award. CLICK HERE for the 2020 nomination form.


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Page 24



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Page 26




Sarah P. Belardi

Taylor Deer

Stephen Demos

Onyejiaka Francis

Jetonne’ Ellis

Jay Hong

Jenifer Lynn Mindel

Alex Kim

Azzeez Emmanuel Shodeinde

Joanna LaBoue

Ken C. Gauvey

Meredith Riley Kayla York

Kevin C. Salkowski

1st Year Attorneys

Thomas Tompsett, Jr.

Melissa Nichole Paddy Colin Charles Smith

Matthew Thomas West Jessica Marie Whitney

Lutherville, MD 21093 Fax: 410-296-1290 richard@obyrnelawoffice.com

John Schueider

James Almon

1400 Front Avenue, Ste. 303 Phone: 410-321-5800

Shimon Akiva Kafka

Brett Tarzy


Richard L. Adams, III is now with

Nicholas John Comaromi

Rakhshi Mahwish


Government/Non-Profit Matthew Breault

Sandy Steeves is now with The Law Office of Sandy Steeves, LLC

John Francis Simanski

1002 Frederick Road, Suite 3

Jessica Marie Whitney

Catonsville, MD 21228

2-Plus Years in Practice

410-847-7529 sandy@steeveslawmd.com Www.steeveslawmd.com

Call for Members! Are you a history buff or imagine yourself as an amateur sleuth? If so, the Historical Committee needs you! The Historical Committee is seeking all interested members to assist with cataloguing our archives and drafting a history of our association that will be unveiled during the 100th year celebration in 2021.

William F. Alcarese, Jr. is now with

As this is a large and important endeavor, we welcome the assistance of all BCBA members. If you are interested, please email Matt Nelson at mnelson@tydingslaw.com for more information!

Office: 410-299-8605


Page 27

Alcarese Law, LLC 1301 York Road, Suite 200 Lutherville, MD 21093 bill@lawwfa.com Www.wfa.com



Page 28



The Professionalism Committee is requesting nominations from Bar Association Members for the annual recipient of the J. Earle Plumhoff Professionalism Award, which will be presented at the Annual Black Tie Banquet on January 30, 2020.

Past Recipients

Recipient of this award must be:

2006 Keith R. Truffer

A Baltimore County Bar Association member at least 5 years; Have made professional contributions to Baltimore County Bar Association activities; Have made contributions of time and re sources that have gone largely unnoticed; and High marks for dignity, integrity and civility. Nominations forms can be found here and should be sent to the Bar Office. Deadline for submission is November 16, 2019. Contact Rachel Ruocco at rruocco@bcba.org or Professionalism Committee Chair, Bill Alcarese at bill@lawwfa.com for more information.

2007 Carolyn H. Thaler


1984 Myles F. RECIPIENT



2003 Richard A. Reid 2005 Leon Berg (presented at Family Law dinner)

2008 Jennifer B. Aist 2009 Christopher W. Nicholson 2010 Kristine K. Howanski

2011 Harris J. “Bud” George 2012 Mary Roby Sanders 2013 Robert L. Hanley Jr.

2014 Judge Robert J. Steinberg 2015 Herbert R. O’Conor III 2016 Drake C. Zaharris 2017 Carl R. Gold 2018 Dominick A. Garcia 2019 Judge Vicki Ballou-Watts

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Page 36


Do you have ideas for better Bar Programming? We want your input! Contact Rachel Ruocco at rruocco@bcba.org or 410-337-9100 with your creative, engaging ideas.

Paul E. Alpert, Retired Judge Available for Mediation and Arbitration Former Judge of District Court, Circuit Court and Court of Special Appeals

National Adoption Day


Saturday, November 23 11:00am Ceremonial Courtroom 5

ARE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS CAUSING PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE? There is a way up and a way out — for ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL help, call us today ... Baltimore County Lawyer Assistance Program A CONFIDENTIAL resource for Baltimore County attorneys, assistants and judges. Our services include help for a broad range of problems and personal concerns, such as: Depression Marital and Family Relationships Alcohol and Drug Abuse Stress and Burnout Prescription Drug Concerns Career Concerns

Gambling Internet Addiction Sexual Addiction Compulsive Spending Eating Disorders Balancing Work and Family

WE DO NOT KEEP RECORDS. Our sole purpose is to provide help. We can assist with providing access to treatment facilities and provide emergency practice management, as well as referrals to professional counselors. RICHARD LYNAS, Chair STUART AXILBUND JIM BEACH MARY CHALAWSKY MARISSA JOELSON JAY MILLER JOSE MOLINA SAM MOXLEY JOE MURTHA JIM QUINN BILL SALTYSIAK


410-288-1099 410-832-7579 410-241-8538 410-649-2000 917-226-6472 410-951-7165 443-851-7353 410-733-3306 410-583-6969 443-703-3041 410-583-8883

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Office Available in the Heart of Towson Opportunity to own your office in Towson Core at 606 Baltimore Ave. 1,302 SF. Prime location for law firms and CPA offices. On site reserved parking and public parking available. Newly renovated common area hallways, main lobby and elevators. Walking distance to Baltimore County Courts, shopping and restaurants. Close proximity to Towson University, Goucher College, GBMC, and UM St. Joseph Medical Center. Condo suite 404 available. Price: $195,300. Will consider lease.

Contact Chris Smith at 410-472-3510 or csmith@trialliance.com.

Signature Sponsors The Baltimore County Bar Association continues its Signature Sponsor program, which enhances the opportunities for our sponsors, as well as our members. This singletier program provides more engagement between our sponsors and our members. Each Signature Sponsor can host an event during the year, thereby reducing the cost of the event for members while providing added benefits. Sponsorships help the Bar Association maintain its current dues level despite the increasing costs of providing top-shelf legal education programs, social events, networking opportunities and Bar Office services available in the County Courts Building. If you know of a business that would be interested in one of these limited sponsorship opportunities, please contact Rachel Ruocco (410) 337-9100 or rruocco@bcba,org).


Page 38

YOUR AD COULD BE HERE! Contact Rachel Ruocco at rruocco@bcba.org or 410-337-9100 for advertising rates and to place your ad.


LAW PRACTICE FOR SALE Sole practitioner based in Columbia, active for 42 years. Focus on Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law, some traffic/dui. Have extensive client list and many wills on file. Contact for details: lawpracticesale@aol.com

Divorce, or probating an estate. Your client has options when it comes to the real estate. Hawk Mortgage Group can help you and your client sort out the options and strategies they have at hand, to help at this time ‌ and down the road.

Jeffrey T. Hawk, President 443-619-7900 - Office 410-241-7071 - Cell Jeff@hawkmortgagegroup.com


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Baltimore County Bar Association

Presort Standard U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 1262 Baltimore, MD

100 County Courts Building 401 Bosley Avenue Towson, MD 21204-4491 410-337-9103-Telephone 410-823-3418-Facsimile www.bcba.org

Member Advertisements TOWSON. 303 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Towson across Bosley Avenue from the Circuit Court Building, three offices with bathroom on the second floor, 3rd floor four offices available, conference room, bathroom and kitchen on first floor, free parking space available, rent negotiable $50 to $100 less than comparable spaces. $400-$500 per office, great satellite office with possibility of overflow work. Contact Joe Glass at 410-823-4214 or 410-790-1980. CATONSVILLE. Office Space for Rent. Catonsville, 1002 Frederick Road, 2nd floor office. Private entrance, semi private restroom, use of conference room and kitchen on first floor. Free parking. Would be a great satellite office. Please contact Lou Weinkam, Jr. at 410-744-3256 ext. 103. TOWSON. 309 Allegheny Avenue. 2nd floor offices with private restroom, 3 regular offices, partially furnished, 1 executive office (can be made into five offices) fully furnished. Private restroom. Tenant will have available to them a conference room, print/scan/fax center and kitchenette on 1st floor. Additionally, 2nd floor has 2 private entrances, 5 free parking spaces, and approximately 800 sq. ft. of combined dry/secure storage on 3rd floor and basement. TOWSON. Sublease available one block from courthouse. Space in excellent condition. Spacious conference rooms, 34 offices, reception area, copy/supply room, and kitchen. Sublease until August, then take on new lease. Rent negotiable. Contact towsonfirm@gmail.com to schedule a tour or get more information.

TOWSON. Office for Rent: $990/month for one office with reception area right off the elevator. Located in Towson within walking distance to courthouse. Newly renovated and furnished. $1,200 to add an additional office connected to entire suite. Includes electric, internet and one parking space. For more information email doug@dbmcommunications.com or call 410-825-7400. TOWSON. Three Office Spaces Available: Rent one office, four offices with reception area, or whole floor. Two blocks from circuit courthouse. Free parking. Rent and utilities are negotiable. More info at nicole@whitakerlegal.com or 410-207- 9272. TOWSON. Office sharing available. One block from Courthouse. Use of phone system, copier, fax and secretarial available. Please call Beverly at 410-296-6820. PERRY HALL/NOTTINGHAM. Real Estate Firm is hiring a title processor for residential real estate closings. Some experience in real estate closings, real estate title work and/or residential lending preferred but not required. Salary commensurate with experience; pleasant work environment. Please send resumes to Lisa Eisemann, Esq. at leisemann@mcrllaw.com , or mail to Moore, Carney, Ryan & Lattanzi, L.L.C. Attn: Lisa Eisemann; 9649 Belair Road; Suite 302; Nottingham, MD 21236


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Profile for Baltimore County Bar Association

Advocate November 2019  

Advocate November 2019