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Volume 80, Issue 2

Passing the Buckeye Boys State Bar Exam Mason Davis Reporter

With roots tracing all the way back to 1885 in the state of Massachusetts, the Bar Exam is one of the nation’s most famous testing practices. Made to test a prospective lawyer’s knowledge, it is required in order to practice law in a given state. Here at Buckeye Boys State, delegates interested in law were given the opportunity to take an emulation of the exam and explore an essential part of a career in law. The Bar Exam was offered three times between Monday and Tuesday in the Farmer School of Business. After paying a fee of $25.00 in Boys State currency, interested law candidates were given an hour to complete the 50 question test. Considering the reputation of the exam, it’s no wonder that many delegates opted to pursue different career routes throughout the week. However, there were benefits to taking it. When a delegate receives a passing score they become eligible for a number of occupations in the court system. These include positions such as chief justice, associate justice, county prosecutor, attorney general, and many other roles. Because of the complicated content, delegates were permitted to research answers in the Ohio Government Digest, better known as “the Blue Book.” While the words “open book” imply that the answers are easy to find, that is not necessarily true. The Blue Book is 242 pages and contains The Constitution of the State of Ohio. In both Boys State and the real world, failure is a common result of the exam. After all, there is a reason that there are three different occas-

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 Farmer School Business, where the BAR exam was taken

Photo by: Joe Boarman

ions to take the test! Zachary Weinheimer, a citizen of Voisard in McQuigg County, described his initial attempt. “The bar exam seemed easy. It was all multiple choice and open book. The only bad part was that some of the answers were tricky to find, and I didn’t have time to search, so I gave it a good guess. Some of the wording got to me as well.” One of the messages at Buckeye Boys State is that delegates should be perseverant. Throughout the week they are encouraged to push forward when confronted with obstacles. Many delegates embodied this ideal by redoubling their efforts with the Bar Exam. Bryan Waligura, a citizen of Balser in McQuigg County, described his strategy for his next attempt. “For me personally, I have a lovely memory of the test itself. I plan on going back to focus on my problematic areas of the test.” Similarly, Weinheimer added, “I plan on retaking the Bar exam, but next time I’ll know what it’s like. I’m planning on studying this time. Hopefully next time I pass, so I don’t ruin my dream at Buckeye Boys State.” In shor t, passing the Buckeye Boys State Bar Exam is no easy feat, however it is a very rewarding experience and provides delegates with essential law expertise, as well as a newfound sense of respect for students who take the test.

2 The Hetuck

Michael Kobulski is Defining the New Age of Eccentric Campaigning

Kobulski’s campaign strategy revolves around him being as boisterous as possible with words, dress and actions. His jeans replace the typical dress pants of other candidates, and his burly stature perfectly suits the command he takes among delegates. The most unanticipated aspect about Billy Bugara all of this is that it’s working, and it’s working Reporter well. When asked if the divide between a lively personality and a stern profile existed in the Boys For the delegates at Buckeye Boys State, a typi- State realm, Kobulski said he doesn’t see one, but cal politician fosters a somewhat established understands how people could. look. They are clean cut, well-spoken and exKobulski’s assessment reflects contemporary tremely composed. It’s simply what a standard politics. More and more during the information person thinks of when depicting a political offi- age, we are seeing the rise of provocative, unecial. This caricature is undoubtedly seen within quivocal, and animated leaders running for officBoys State in the myriad campaigning governors, es. The poster boy of course being our infamous attorney generals and more. President Donald Trump. He reinforces To many, this depiction of a politician is what Michael’s place as a unique and anomalous canall candidates strive for and execute. Their asdidate. sumptions would be correct if we consider the Here at Buckeye Boys State, we seem to be majority, but there has been a select few candimodeling our current government. This of course dates that are taking an unconventional style to means we are liable to depict the gradual shift in campaigning. Among these few, the delegate that modern campaigning. There is absolutely no one has made a large impression is Wagonseller better to symbolize this than our newest State County’s Michael Kobulski. Auditor, Michael Kobulski. From day one, Kobulski has undoubtedly been one of the most energetic and enigmatic members of Wagonseller County’s Jordan City. As soon as he arrives in a room, he takes it over with sheer charisma. He’s loud, boisterous and notably commanding. In a recent interview, Kobulski said that this personality is a direct result of a change in social stature after his freshman year of high school. During that year he was a straight-F student, and admitted to being lazy and unenthusiastic. This version of Kobulski is certainly not the one we see before us today. He claims recently joining his high school football team changed his outlook. Kobulski went on to detail how this experience reignited his confidence and personal outlook on both himself and the world at large. Now, he’s a straight-A student with all the enthusiasm in the Michael Kolubski, State Auditor world. Despite previous tribulations, he is here at Photo by Nick Connor Boys State making a name for himself with the confidence he never thought he’d have again.

The Hetuck 3

Seventh Times a Charm

NNHe states “ I probably would not have run for any others, but I would probably have run for the school board again”. So why did NichoTavis Barton las Borillo continuously go for position after Reporter position despite being outvoted time and time again? Well, a mixture of determination and hope in the election process was what kept Borillo going and he had faith in his fellow deleNNUsually when an individual claims that “third time's a charm” it can usually be inferred gates. He states that he made it to the finals in his first run for sheriff following that up with that you didn't succeed at whatever you tried doing the first two times. Thing is though, deter- “people wanted to have me in a position”. He goes on to say that he tried for the other posimination is everything, especially when you tions because they “sounded like cool posidon't strike your luck until about the sixth and tions”. So what ultimately changed the people's seventh time around. This is exactly what hapminds and how did Nicholas Borillo fully conpened in the county caucus held by the Nationnect with the delegates to eventually win him alist Party with Nicholas Borillo. votes to obtain the nominee for two positions? NNBor illo is par t of the city Estepp and is a Well, he claims that his superpower was his member of the nationalist party. In the county caucus, Borillo would had not expected to walk speeches. Borillo says that his speeches are “fun to listen to” and people connect much more out as a candidate for two positions that he had no intent on even trying for. Originally, Borillo with a fun speech then they do a boring one that was looking to run for the county sheriff, a posi- about a candidate's achievements. When running for the county sheriff position he quoted sheriff tion that he claims he had been anticipating Woody from toy story and then when running since he got here. Although he was close, narfor engineer he quoted his “close friend” Bob rowing down to him and one other candidate, the Builder. Borillo states that this is what Borillo was outvoted in the end leaving him to brought the delegates alive and gave his politiresort to plan B. NNHowever , plan B soon tur ned into plan C. cal career life. NNAll in all, Bor illo is happy about the way Then plan C turned into plan D and eventually Nicholas ended up at plan F where he was offi- the election process turned out and is happy with the results of the county caucus. He already cially elected as the nationalist candidate for head of the school board. Yet, Borillo’s luck did has plans for his positions and is looking forward to making life better for everyone at Bucknot stop there. on his seventh try for a position he was elected in as the nationalist nominee for eye Boys State. In fact, he stated that he is looking to set “new regulations” on the education the county recorder. This event, for many supsystem now that he is part of the board of educaporters of Borillo and even for Borrillo himself tion and claims that he is looking to appeal to was major surprise. Nicholas claims that he is not upset that he didn't get his intended position the nationalist platform but also wants to make sure everyone is represented equally. of sheriff he wanted, struck his interest. NNI suppose you could say the seventh times NNNicholas claims that he is not upset that he a charm whenever looking to Borillo’s case, didn't get his intended position of sheriff he however, what kept Borillo from giving up was wanted, but he wanted that position because it was something fun that struck his interest. When his determination to make life better for the delasked if this changed his plans altogether, Boril- egates at Buckeye Boys State and his devotion lo carrying on stated that if he were to have got- to enacting a change. If you see something that ten the position as county sheriff the only thing you like, you should go for it, because you never know when your luck’s going to strike, neilikely to have changed would be the number of ther did Nicholas Borillo. positions he ended up running for.

4 The Hetuck

Busy Start to “A Week to Shape a Lifetime” Jacob Mantle Reporter

Grey clouds, roadways, construction and collegiate buildings cover Miami University’s campus. However, this week is unlike any other week of summer for the campus. Over 1200 young men from all over Ohio are present this week for The American Legion Buckeye Boys State. After rising and shining at 6:15 a.m., hundreds of students crowd the atrium of the psychology building. Hopeful students dressed in t -shirt and shorts or suit and tie wait anxiously for the Campaign Headquarter to open up. All of the candidates are running for different positions in office and for different reasons. Aidan Powell, from Canton, Ohio, is running for Wagonseller County Representative for State Legislature. He said he was always interested in government and politics--taking AP Government last school year. Powell’s campaign strategy consists of shaking hands, talking to people, and hanging up posters. He added, “I think my party has my back so I am feeling pretty good. I am going to keep campaigning and we will see what happens.” nnThere are multiple positions available in the city government. Each city is made up of about thirty-five students. The city positions are the most local level and achievements of the city officials can be seen at the evening’s assembly. Campaign posters for Merritt City of Warner County Photo by: Taylor Colaizzi

Legionnaires decide which city performed the best during the day. Vincent Ruscio, of Lima, Ohio, is running for the Mayor of Favreau (first floor of Symmes Hall). The candidate did not know he wanted to run for mayor initially, however, after meeting other citizens from Favreau, he realized he should. Ruscio has been talking to people in the city trying to secure their votes. The resident of Lima said, “I feel fairly confident I will be elected. I have had several people from the opposing party--Nationalist-- that said they would vote for me.” Ruscio is a member of the Federalist Party. Austin Sheets, from Convoy, Ohio, is running for Sec. of State. The candidate said he is running because he enjoys official papers and paperwork signatures. His campaign has a different approach. Sheets said, “I am not really doing posters or anything because I want to save my money. It was a big fee--$300--to pay.” He has a plan if he does not get elected to Secretary of State. Sheets said, “I am friends with a lot of the Governors and so they said that they would appoint me to a position if I did not win my election.” Chandler Lumbrezer, of Toledo, Ohio, is running for Lieutenant Governor. The candidate said that the role of Lieutenant Governor is to “serve directly under the Governor” and would “ take over for the Governor in case of impeachment or things like that.” Lumbrezer is running with a governor he found in his city. He said, “We began in our city and county to create a strong base. Now, we are starting to fan out to other cities and counties to get our names out there.” The duo has a slightly different approach to campaigning. Lumbrezer said, “We think that the most important thing in campaigning is to leave a good first impression because of the short time period.” The busy week is just getting started, many hopeful candidates are campaigning, making connections, and getting their name out.

Hetuck 2018 Tuesday Edition  

The second edition of the 2018 Hetuck, the daily newspaper from our delegate-driven media department at the American Legion Buckeye Boys Sta...

Hetuck 2018 Tuesday Edition  

The second edition of the 2018 Hetuck, the daily newspaper from our delegate-driven media department at the American Legion Buckeye Boys Sta...