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C O N T E N T S Birmingham Business Post Welcome to Edition 40 of the Birmingham Business Post packed with business news and comment from across the region. In this edition we extend our series of articles on Auto Enrolment by popular request, and shine a spotlight on Alternative Sources for Business Funding. We take a close look at Facilities Management, Eco Business, the benefits to the Tourism Industry of Autumn Breaks, and the latest Fleet Management Technology. Bev James has suggestions on avoiding the most common mistakes business start ups make and Rose George talks about “Deep Sea and Ocean Going.” It’s time too to Countdown to Christmas. Next time Bev James will cover Expanding Your Business; we look at Developments within the Delivery Industry, Security, NEST, and the growth of the Property Market.

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Rebecca Field, Trade Mark Attorney, writes on the protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property, namely trade marks and designs, with an emphasis on the retail and fashion sectors. The UK high street and online marketplace is at last on the road to recovery following the Rebecca Field recession and the sharp cut in consumer spending. The recent good weather and improved job market are all assisting with the growth of this fast moving and entirely consumer dependent sector. A consistent theme across all retail businesses is the continuing and growing commitment to Intellectual Property, the basic premise being that consumers buy by brand. A trade mark is essentially a badge of trade origin and serves to exclusively differentiate your product or service from a competitor. Clearly, retail businesses are defined by their brand name and the quality of produce or image which this brand conveys to the consumer, for example John Lewis and their much advertised slogan “Never Knowingly Undersold”. A brand name to a consumer can convey a memory of quality, a particular advert, the performance of the product and so on, thus given the volume of money spent on advertising it is crucial that the brand is protected and that any infringement by a third party is dealt with timely. Because the retail sector is so competitive, this has led to an increase in disputes around trade marks, copyright and designs, for example Topshop recently had to compensate pop star Rihanna because they used an image of her on a tshirt without permission and the conclusion was that this led to false endorsement and breached the “goodwill” which Rihanna has obtained due to her reputation as a fashion leader. Most major retail companies allocate significant spend and business time to ensuring the registration of their trade marks and the importance of securing the protection for the correct brand name, for the relevant goods and services and in the


right jurisdiction. As with all IP rights, trade mark rights are territorial and there is no “worldwide registration” but there are systems such as the Community Trade Mark which for an economical price provide protection in all 28 EU member states, but the core point is to register your brand in your key markets early, including anywhere a licence may be in place. Many countries operate a first to register system, so unlike the UK for example where rights can be built up via use into “goodwill”, in territories such as France it is the person who registers first who generally gets the rights. A costly mistake often made by retailers who are under pressure to launch brands quickly due to market demand, is not conducting clearance searches prior to launch. Not taking this important step can result in infringing another company’s trade mark and as such being put into the position of removing the products from shops and having to pay damages and legal costs, which is of course also a PR disaster.

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Once trade mark registrations have been secured which is the key first step, it is then about having a consistent policing policy and enforcing those rights effectively. An essential factor for any retail business is full control of the brand because the retail environment is so competitive given the entry into the market of, for example, mass production clothing companies such as Primark and fast fashion company ASOS which have all served to show that the key differentiator between these companies and others is the brand and the message this conveys and obtaining a trade mark registration affords a monopoly right to the owner to stop the use by a competing company of the identical or similar mark. Thus, having your trade mark registrations in place is a commercial weapon and an asset of the company which can be sold, and this is even more true for luxury brand names such as Chanel and Mulberry, which given the trend for “lookalikes” these companies rely on the equity in the brands to keep their market share. The retail sector is obviously a major player online and in a recent litigation case, Interflora v M&S, the court held that M&S infringed the Interflora trade mark by bidding on “Interflora” as a key word via the Google Adword programme.

It didn’t matter that M&S were not using the mark visibly; it was held that due to the commercial setup of Interflora as a network of businesses that this was enough for an association to be made by the consumer. Thus, retailers must be vigilant when using online media to advertise their brand name but also if making reference to a competitors trade mark, because there are laws concerning comparative advertisements which must be fair and not misleading and also retailers are routinely taking action against posts on Facebook and Twitter which they deem to infringe their trade mark rights. A key area of concern for all retailers is the trade mark position in China given the volume of manufacturing which is carried out in the country by UK businesses. If a business uses their trade mark in China either directly or through a distributor it is crucial that registration is sought, as brand hijacking is common place in China. A notable example of a trade mark dispute in China is Apple Inc having to pay $60m in settlement fees to a third party over the “iPad” name. Another key point with respect to China is to query the origin of the design of a product and indeed if you import this product into the EU for example, are you going to infringe anyone’s rights? There are many issues to consider for retailers with operations in China but the first step should be to seek registration of their trade mark. This article has intended to explore a few of the more pressing issues for retailers but is by no means exhaustive. Your brand is your business and thus spending time and money registering trade marks and conducting the relevant searches is core to success for a product because you need to be comfortable knowing that you can use and register the brand. Once you have your “house in order”, you can begin to develop a policing strategy for enforcement and of course not only should you be enforcing against conflicting trade mark applications and infringement in the market but also considering wider issues such as domain names and how well your brand is policed online too.

HGF is hosting a Retail and Intellectual Property Conference in London on 25th September 2013, if you would like to attend, please email Rebecca at A programme can be found by visiting our website at Rebecca Field is an experienced Trade Mark Attorney and advises a number of well known retailers on the development, protection and enforcement of brands.

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DEREK JACKSON ASSOCIATES When that light bulb moment comes, the one that comes from finally actually getting that special idea, process or concept down on paper, or creating a working model, it is very exciting.

Derek Jackson tells us, “We are reviewing our advice to clients to make best use of this major step forward, taking into account the uncertainties a unitary European patent will create.”

However, that moment which often comes after many hours, sometimes even years, of research and development is only the start. Then begins the process to establish intellectual property rights, one that can be long winded, complicated, and sometimes results in frustration and disappointment

With so many changes to the rules and regulations, the help of an experienced patent and trademark attorney has never been more necessary. Derek Jackson Associates was established in 1990, by Derek working alone, but has grown to need the services of two more specialists.

Derek Jackson Associates are Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys. That is, they assist clients to protect their intellectual property rights in the UK and abroad.

Derek Jackson

Establishing intellectual property rights can be very stressful and time consuming, with many clients needing support every step of the way. Derek Jackson Associates are able to advise their clients on all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trade marks and registered designs in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. They can represent clients before the UK and European patent offices and trade mark offices and this enables them to support clients at every stage, from pre-filing advice, through filing, prosecution and grant, to renewal. They also work with overseas patent and trade mark attorneys to secure intellectual property protection elsewhere. Derek Jackson Associates offer a friendly, personal, yet highly professional service to their clients, and are able, thanks to many years of expertise to keep their costs to a minimum. They have built a strong reputation mostly by word of mouth and referral from clients with whom they have worked since inception in 1990. So if your company has created or designed something you believe to be unique, contact Derek Jackson Associates straight away for commonsense advice on how to protect your light bulb moment.

Telephone 01905 755180 Fax 01905 755295 Email: The protection of intellectual property has become increasingly complex with the majority of European states having their own set of criteria. For a company or individual to protect their invention can be very expensive and time consuming. The process of standardising trade marks and designs across the European Union is largely complete, but after more than 40 years of negotiation, the majority of the EU member states have finally agreed to a “unitary European patent” which will most likely come into force in 2014.


DEREK JACKSON ASSOCIATES The Old Yard, Lower Town Claines Worcester WR3 7RY United Kingdom

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Bev James

CEO of The Coaching Academy and Director of Mentoring at Start-Up Loans

How To Avoid The Common Mistakes That Start-Ups Make It can be very inspirational to focus on business success stories but the truth is that for every Richard Branson, there are hundreds of people who never make it in business. In the UK, 250,000 new businesses are launched every year and the sad fact is many of those will fall by the wayside. Even though we are still going through some tough times, there are some simple steps people can take to avoid the obvious perils and pitfalls. 1 Not having a business plan When I first started out in business I was naive enough to think a business plan was just something you had to show the bank manager, nothing could be further from the truth. Many entrepreneurs tend to be impatient characters that just want get out there and do things rather than sit and draw up a strategy but I have learned that proper planning is not just important, it is vital.

2 Not knowing your market There is a big difference between running a business and indulging in a personal hobby or pastime. Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is going to share your passion. When you launch a business ask the question - Am I selling something that I like or am I selling something that lots of people are going to want? Do you know if anyone else is doing the same but cheaper and what’s your unique selling point? 3 Not having a sales and marketing strategy You may have the best product in the world but the truth is you’re not going to shift it if people don’t hear about it. Budgets do not have to be enormous but it is vital to get the message out there into the market place. Don’t wait until you launch your business to focus on sales. 4 Underestimating your costs Running a business can be a very expensive affair and in the early days it is vital to keep your costs to an absolute minimum. The temptation when money starts coming in is to splash out but I would always urge caution in the early days. In my experience it is always best to prepare for the worst-case scenario. 5 Be clear about your payment terms and contracts Always be clear about your charges from the very outset so there can be no room for doubt. Don’t be embarrassed when it comes to talking about money, the best approach is to be honest and up-front. Make sure that you get any agreement down in writing so there can be no room for confusion when it comes to settling the bill. 6 Not having a mentor It really is true when people say “running a business can be a very lonely place”, especially when it comes to getting honest advice and support. I’d urge anyone who has their own business to get a mentor as soon as possible. A great mentor will not just teach you about success but will also help you when it comes to dealing with challenges or even defeats. Bev James is a business mentor, best-selling author of DO IT! or DITCH IT, CEO of the Coaching Academy and Director of Mentoring at Start-Up Loans @Bev_James You can explore DISC further by downloading Bev’s free business App DO IT! OR DITCH IT, with access to a DISC profile questionnaire and a free DISC guide.

Bev James 7

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application process holding up the transaction and no charges outside those of actually using the facility. TradeRiver is an online funding solution that brings together the key components of trade finance into a single, digital process. It works by providing the buyer, at any point in the supply chain, with a pre-approved revolving facility that can be used to finance trade with multiple suppliers. Payments and administration are paperless and transparent via a secure online platform.

TradeRiver offers a new, faster, more responsive approach to trade finance. The UK economy is starting to improve but without access to funding the recovery will be slower than it needs to be. Banks are telling the treasury that businesses don’t want to borrow, while businesses are saying that the banks don’t want to lend.

Buyers and sellers in any supply chain can benefit from a level of flexibility, responsiveness and agility that simply isn’t available from traditional bank-based finance. Trade River’s solutions are available to UK businesses only and the buyer is always met face to face before hand, for Trade River’s experienced team’s initial assessment. This is not “soft” finance. A buyer’s creditworthiness is crucial to the smooth running of the process as the loan is unsecured, and AIG underwrite the Buyer risk. Buyers are allocated a sensible credit limit, and 10% of the funds drawn at any time is Trade River’s own money. Trade River’s guiding principle is to finance trade, so providing the transaction has a UK domiciled Buyer, the facility can be used for import or transactions within the UK and is far more convenient and secure than letters of credit.

What is actually happening is that the conditions placed by the banks on lending are too complicated and restrictive for most businesses. Banks only want to lend where there is no risk, and there is a serious skill shortage in our banks as far as assessing creditworthiness goes. While cheap money was freely available and loan applications generally conducted as a tick box exercise, many of the current generation of commercial bankers now lack the skills and experience to accurately assess risk. Alternatives sources of funding can take time and while factoring and invoice discounting certainly have their place, they can be expensive and complex, with more than 100 pages of terms and conditions in some cases. Peer to peer lending has been a life saver for many businesses, but is often not quick to obtain. The borrower’s creditworthiness has to be determined, the businesses’ viability considered and the proposition assessed, before the applicable interest rates and the term of the loan agreed. Businesses need short term and, ideally unsecured finance, available as and when they need it without a long drawn out


The whole system makes such perfect sense that buyers frequently turn to Toby Lanyon, Chief Operating Officer, and say “Why haven’t I been doing this before?” TradeRiver Finance Ltd is a Guernsey based company registered with the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), with offices in London and Guernsey

To see how Trade River can help your business please email telephone +44 (0)20 7788 7690 or visit

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Alternative Sources of Funding for Businesses Peer to Peer Lending Although the government has released funds to encourage the banks to lend, many smaller and start-up companies are still struggling to access finance to grow their businesses. With the high street banks still being reluctant to lend to even creditworthy companies, demand for funding has led to a range of alternative sources of finance which the financially savvy business owner would do well to investigate. Alternative options include several forms of finance provided by groups, thus spreading the investors’ risks, known as peer to peer lending. Small companies like peer-to-peer not simply for providing them with cash, sometimes when banks won’t, but for providing it relatively quickly and painlessly. And many individual lenders take pride in seeing exactly where their money is going – often on tangible projects which create jobs. According to the Open Data Institute, UK peer-to-peer lenders have provided £550m of credit to businesses and consumers, a solid start for an industry that’s barely five years old; however, compared to the £100bn that banks lend to small businesses, still just a drop in the ocean. Peer to peer lending is sometimes known as Crowdfunding, or crowd financing, and is a method of company finance, generated through a number of small investments from individuals, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.

Crowdfunding can be used to support of a wide variety of businesses and is an especially valuable resource for creditworthy small and start-up businesses which might have difficulty in raising the finance elsewhere. The concept has its origins in the concept of crowd sourcing, which is the broader concept of an individual reaching a goal by receiving and leveraging small contributions from many parties. Crowdfunding is the application of this concept to the collection of funds through small contributions from many parties in order to finance a particular project or venture. Crowdfunding can also refer to the funding of a company by selling small amounts of equity to many investors. Peer to peer lending allows private individuals to invest and support new companies, while spreading their risk by investing small amounts in a number of businesses very much along the line of the model established by Zopa, Quakle and RateSetter, in the domestic arena. One person lends to lots of creditworthy businesses, spreading their risk, while one business borrows from lots of different people and accepts the lowest interest rates offered. From small projects and modest amounts of money; maybe an artist wishing to stage an exhibition, an inventor needing to patent his idea, scientific research or software development, to more substantial sums, all that changes is how the project appeals to investors and how many investors will choose to back the idea, to what amount and at what rate of interest. Companies such as the Funding Circle act as an online marketplace to help businesses find low cost loans quickly and investors to get better returns. There are no middlemen, no banks, and no lengthy delays.

By directly connecting people who want to invest money with vetted, established businesses who want to borrow money, they eliminate the cost and complexity of the banking world. Such groups do not only connect private individuals with investment opportunities, the largest, operates as an investment club for experienced investors seeking low risk investments that produce a better than average return and regular, predictable income. Although they use the auction method adopted by most peer to peer lending platforms to arrange business loans they are unique in always requiring security and carefully selecting a small number of relatively large deals. Since commencing operations in January 2011 they have achieved an average interest rate for lenders in excess of 10%. Companies in the sector have flourished, with savers keen to access the high interest rates on offer. The industry that UK firms have pioneered, will have its lending and borrowing activities overseen by the UK’s new market regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, from April 2014, as there have been some concerns that a high profile failure in an unregulated market would see consumers lose their money and jeopardise its growth The industry’s trade body, the Peer-toPeer Finance Association, said regulation will help to bring credibility and stability to the fast-growing industry. Rhydian Lewis, chief executive of RateSetter, said the move “sends a signal that the Government recognises the growing relevance and scale of peer-topeer ... and has understood our potential to rival mainstream banking”.


32075 DPS.:HorseWorld 16/09/2013 12:59 Page 1 Business Loans Without Banks Make a difference! ThinCats, the peer-to-peer online lending platform, is urging finance professionals to help steer businesses looking for funding in the right direction. ThinCats’ network of finance professionals – known as sponsors – is a driving force behind the success of the peer-to-peer lender, which offers an innovative route to finance for creditworthy SMEs. Through ThinCats, private investors are brought together in syndicates to provide business loans from £50,000 to £2 million, via auctions of lending opportunities. Borrowers can choose the duration of the loan as well as the size and maximum interest rate. The success of the ThinCats approach is highlighted by the £31 million of loans it has made possible via since January 2011.

Ludgate’s Richard Mason said: “Since working with ThinCats, we have moved from fairly modest sums, of around £50,000, to much larger deals. The biggest we have been involved in so far was for £750,000 and we have completed a number of others for £250,000, which reflects the growth in available funding and a real appetite from investors. “The speed of the deals is also a key factor, with our fastest auction completed in around two hours. As a result of working with ThinCats, we have developed our relationship, with regular meetings and discussions. The fact that we are now tried and trusted as a sponsor enhances what we can bring to the table for borrowers and lenders.” The sponsor invests no capital of their own but uses their expertise to assess the applicant business and its creditworthiness and helps to put the funding proposal together before it is placed on the ThinCats site for lenders to bid on. As well as mentoring businesses through the fundraising process, sponsors also monitor loans post-auction, maintaining face-to-face personal support in the style of traditional bank managers. Remuneration for the sponsor’s services comes through a fee-based system. Ludgate’s successful relationship with ThinCats highlights the way that sponsors providing pre-vetted deals that represent attractive propositions for lenders can build a strong reputation for delivering high quality loan opportunities, enhancing their fee-earning potential.

The Business Loan Network Founders (L-R) Paul Meier, Kevin Caley and Peter Brown

In an economic climate where sourcing bank finance remains challenging, ThinCats and its sponsors – like West Midlands-based business finance specialists Ludgate Finance – can make a real difference to businesses looking for cash to grow, or support new acquisitions, and that want to raise additional working capital or need to refinance when banks want to exit. Ludgate, which has offices in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton, became a ThinCats sponsor in October 2011 and has since helped to raise over £12 million for 64 businesses.


ThinCats’ syndicate members are alert to issues such as whether a sponsor spots all the important risk factors and does a good job of monitoring business progress after the loan is in place. They are able to pool knowledge through an internal message system, so if lenders are impressed with a sponsor’s performance, they can help to build wider confidence in future deals from that sponsor. Borrowers are also able to choose between sponsors on the basis of their track record, reputation amongst lenders and proposed fees. As a result, successful sponsors will attract better quality deals and build fee earnings for their service. They also enjoy the professional satisfaction and reputation-building that helping worthwhile businesses to succeed – and rebuilding the economy – brings. ThinCats’ own success and that of its existing sponsors means it is now looking to expand its introducer network.

32075 DPS.:HorseWorld 16/09/2013 12:59 Page 2

ThinCats. With the success of the ThinCats concept based on the expertise and industry knowledge of the finance professionals who take up the challenge of unlocking access to finance, it is looking for the most reputable and experienced specialists to join the sponsor team. A recent case study illustrates the key role of a sponsor. Ludgate Finance was instrumental in achieving £600,000 for a mobile phone operator to assist in the company’s expansion. Shebang, which operates a mobile phone network from its Daventry base, has just secured the six-figure investment through the ThinCats peer-to-peer loan network (

Duncan Hay, managing director of Shebang, said: “We were introduced to ThinCats by Paul Stokes at Partner Commercial and David Grocott at Ludgate. They were very helpful and encouraging in guiding us through the process from the initial loan prospectus to the investor bidding, conclusion of contracts and delivery of funds. As well as conducting the due diligence on our application, Ludgate led the responses to questions from potential investors and have remained close to our performance – sales and financial – since the start of the deal. Ludgate were able to offer us a creative solution to our funding challenges at a time when mainstream lenders are taking a very cautious approach – and amazingly the whole endeavour from first meeting to receipt of funds only took about 6 weeks! When you factor in the arrangement fees and transaction charges levied by the banks we have probably also seen a drop in our cost of borrowing! The additional funding has given us the working capital required to pursue profitable growth streams as well as releasing us from the shackles of bank borrowing.” Kevin Caley, Managing Director of ThinCats, said “Our sponsor network is a clear strength for ThinCats – the expertise and relationship management service that they provide is crucial for our lenders and borrowers. We are delighted to support growing businesses and provide funding that banks are not supplying. Shebang’s story sends a strong message to other SMEs – for creditworthy businesses there are funds to lend and ThinCats is open for their funding needs.”

(L-R) Sarah Ward of ThinCats, David Grocott form Ludgate Finance, Paul Stokes from Partner Commercial and Duncan Hay from Shebang.

The company operates in a niche market by specialising in providing mobile phone agreements for people with low credit scores. Shebang, which provides sim-only tariffs as well as those including handsets, has used the ThinCats funding to support a restructure which is forecast to lead to the firm doubling its customer base over the next 12 months. The company currently has over 6,700 customers, and one of the key areas it will target for growth as part of its restructure, centres on designing and supplying bespoke corporate mobile networks. After being weighed down by the red-tape and fees incurred through its bank following the restructure, Shebang sought an alternative source of finance. The agreement with ThinCats came to fruition after Shebang had sought advice from Paul Stokes of Birmingham-based Partner Commercial Finance who then approached Ludgate Finance.

For more information please visit Potential Sponsors, Borrowers and Investors should contact or by telephone on 01827 830864

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor you can download the Specification as a PDF file, and if you are still interested please register your interest by sending an email to: 11

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An important invitation for CEOs, Business Owners and Managing Directors. Keeping up with Telecommunications is a big problem in the ever-changing world of communication technology. As you know when buying a new mobile phone, it is out of date before you have got to grips with it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. How much of your IT expenditure is future proof? It is imperative to get the right advice from people who know the industry and who understand the technology of the future, and its application for businesses of all sizes.

Ardencom consider their greatest asset to be the people they employ; experts in their field, trained in the most up-to-date technological advances with an enthusiasm for creating the best professional team knowledge possible. As a client of Ardencom, you will be allocated your own experienced account manager who will be your point of contact for all issues. They will strive to understand your business and its needs, both now and for the future. So if you are struggling to understand the latest innovations in communication technology for business, Ardencom are there to guide you. Ardencom's Chief Technology Officer says, ‘TDM connectivity is superseded by pure IP networks. ISDN lines, GSM Mobile networks, even standard analog line you might have at home will soon be history. Instead, businesses and residential users will receive multimedia trunks over internet connections which will deliver not only voice, but also video, presence, instant messaging, and more. All of this natively integrated to mobile phones, tablets or any other device in the office or out on the road. ‘Soon you’ll be able to plug your smartphone into your screen in the office making it into your own portable full-blown workstation. Is your business ready to integrate with current and future trends? Are you moving in the right direction? How will you control privacy, security and track your assets? What will be the next big thing? What about the one after?

To understand the latest innovations and what is on the horizon in communication technology for business, you should be talking to Ardencom, the experts in all areas of telecommunications; from fixed lines, broadband, mobiles and VoIP, to call logging, billing, recording and video conferencing. Ardencom have proved their versatility working with huge retail outlets, property management companies, education establishments, IT and engineering companies around the world. They have launched a brand new consultancy division for technical and engineering support to provide planning and delivery of bespoke telecoms, making valuable savings for clients for the foreseeable future.

‘Our job is not only to analyse current market trends and products but also be a step ahead and look out for the future, be it mobile operator’s future strategy in field of Rich Communication Services, worldwide “internet of things” and wearable technology or even MIT’s projects on the "brand new Internet"'.

For an initial consultation to see how your telecommunications can be streamlined, please contact Stephen Henstock on 08702 646465 or email


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Workplace Pensions Time is running out as experts warn of an auto-enrolment “capacity crunch”, with insurers struggling to meet the demands of employers as the reforms are rolled out to small and medium sized businesses. Many SMEs are facing the threat of significant fines for failing to comply with auto-enrolment, according to a report published by law firm, Irwin Mitchell. The study uncovered that a number of employers are yet to 'stage' auto-enrolment and fully consider the key issues that need resolving ahead of its implementation. Following its research of more than 250 small UK employers, almost two-thirds had failed to budget for the additional costs that can be incurred as a result of auto-enrolment, while nearly 40 per cent of respondents said their payroll system was non-compliant. Although big groups tend to have their own advisors – dedicated pension advice specialists in house, the problem lies with the already administratively overburdened SME sector, a large tranche of whom are due to come on line in 2014. Many companies who had comfortably assumed that the company pension plan they have in place will be suitable, are finding that their schemes either don’t qualify, the provider doesn’t want the workers at the lower end of the pay scale, or that their established scheme is simply not able to support the provisions of Auto Enrolment. Finding the right plan and obtaining professional advice is core to the ideals of the scheme, but companies need to be aware that the whole process can take at least a year. The Pensions Regulator advises companies, “Allow plenty of time to prepare. We recommend starting 12-18 months before your staging date, though this will vary depending on your individual circumstances - not all employers will need to allow so much time.” Although a year may seem a long time away, by 1st July 2014 companies with as few as 62 staff will need to have their schemes in place, and those with 90 + staff who haven’t started the process yet are already running late, as their staging date is May1st 2014.

An Aviva spokesman says: “Our first priority is to support our existing customers through auto-enrolment, and that is where we are applying our efforts. Scottish Widows head of corporate pensions Pete Glancy says: “Given how much time and effort is required to deliver autoenrolment schemes, we are not surprised some providers would express concerns about being able to deliver with less than six months notice. A Prudential spokesman says: “Our approach has been to open a dialogue with clients 12 to 15 months ahead of staging dates and in this way we have been successful in agreeing auto-enrolment solutions well in advance of deadlines. Companies who have not made adequate provision will be sucked into the government’s default scheme of NEST which has been created as part of the government’s pension reforms to help employers meet their new duties. Any UK employer can use NEST to meet their new workplace pension duties, no matter how large or small their organisation, but they must still have all their preparations made in good time, more information can be found on However, pension experts point out that NEST has a number of major drawbacks, although obliged to accept any employer, it lacks capacity, the management charge of 1.8% is not particularly cheap, and its provisions are relatively inflexible. So now is the time for employers to review their options.

AUTO ENROLMENT IS HERE! Every company must comply with the new regulations - most over the next 2 years. We have 3 versions of a Middleware system that will handle Auto-Enrolment Compliance for your company. Cost and tax efficient solutions for all employers and accountants that offer payroll services.

Scottish Life is turning away automatic enrolment business from firms that are less than six months from their staging date due to concerns they will be unable to deal with the administrative workload. A spokesman says they usually require a lead-in time of at least six months to prepare employers’ payroll systems and roll out communications to staff ahead of their auto-enrolment staging date. Legal & General will not confirm whether it has a specific cut-off period, although it is understood the provider will not deal with employers that are within three months of their staging date. An L&G spokesman says: “An employer should ideally be thinking about auto-enrolment at a minimum of six months ahead of their staging dates, preferably longer. “To date we have not turned an employer away but we are unable to provide a solution to an employer that has not embarked on their planning for auto-enrolment in good time.”

Call us now rather than miss out!

Other providers recognise the challenge posed by employers that do not begin preparations for auto-enrolment early but did not provide details of when they would consider turning business away.


Tel: 01746 716767


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Applegate has emerged as the UK business marketplace... a place where buyers and sellers meet to create sales.

HE online marketing leader for more than 15 years, Applegate offers a blend of digital power and old fashioned advertising that allows you to craft a company profile that serves as the foundation for the presentation of your products and services. Applegate gives you the opportunity to individualise your products to meet your marketing needs. E-T-A, a circuit breaker and engineering technology company based in Aylesbury, has helped grow its business exposure through the marketing of their sector-specific products with Applegate. By advertising targeted to individual industries including automotive, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and aerospace, as well as technical specifications and applications, they were able to increase their market presence and identify measurable sales enquiries through Applegate. “We advertised our automotive plant engineering solutions directly to the car makers,” said Albert Pipe, general manager of E-T-A UK. “Applegate and our account manager’s knowledge of both E-T-A products and Internet marketing gave us the ability to market specific products to our most relevant industries. That was vital for us.” Applegate’s powerful and focused B2B Products and Services pages will attract the right buyers for your products – buyers that have both the technical knowledge and purchasing resources. With multiple links back to your website and your Applegate Company Focus, B2B Products and Services pages give buyers so many options to contact you directly to purchase specific products.

“We have always been committed to putting knowledgeable buyers in front of our clients,” said Neil Tweedie, Product Development Director for Applegate. “Now, we feel we have a new website that showcases the unique products and services of our customers in a way never done before.” David Lenehan, director of Northern Industrial Electronics in Blackburn says he can easily determine the quality and validity of enquires from Applegate because of the level of information given, generally enquires will include volume required, value, sizes, and shipment queries. “Without Applegate, we might not have received these enquiries in the first place as it may not have been an area we were consciously targeting through Adwords or other marketing activities,” Lenehan said. The electronic parts company started with a basic presence and began getting a number of enquiries. After working with their account manager, they decided to advertise using Applegate’s free Company Focus, and they were very impressed with the results. Unlike traditional marketing tools, your Applegate experience can adapt and change as your business does. You can quickly add new products and services to your profile in order to generate instant interest. With our digital power on your side, you will have in an immediate impact in the marketplace. For more information, or to chat to someone about the new Applegate, please call 0845 600 7177 or email The site can be found at

Join the UK business marketplace by advertising your products and services on Applegate. Visit the site today and use the code “BBP” to receive a 15% discount. Offer ends 31/12/2013


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It’s a good job Gleeson Recruitment Group was founded by three qualified accountants because the business just keeps on multiplying. Having started in 2011 as a specialist accountancy recruitment business, quick arrivals have been divisions in Executive Search, HR, IT, Engineering and Manufacturing and Procurement and Supply Chain recruitment. Two of these - the Engineering & Manufacturing and Procurement & Supply Chain - were added this year, plus there’s been the establishment of an office location in Reading. The arrival of talented and experienced staff with backgrounds in the various sectors have helped to multiply Gleeson’s success. With co-director Tony Gleeson summing up: “Our expansion plans will continue throughout the year, with our headcount increasing by 50% from where we started in January,” it all totals up to a bright and busy future for the group. Such success in the face of Britain’s economic troubles over the last few years is something Tony and his fellow founders, Jason Blakey and Jason Granger, are incredibly proud of and put down to the strength of their team. “Our office has a strong team-based approach, whether it be working with Clients or taking part in the Great Birmingham Run,” says Tony. Gleeson has submitted a team of 14 to the running event, splitting all money raised between Cancer Research UK and Mind. “Some of us have only ever run baths before so it should be eventful,” laughs Tony. “Training has been hard, but we motivate each other. All the details are on our website blog if you fancy a laugh.”

(L-R) Jason Blakey, Tony Gleeson, Jason Granger

Having built the company on the straightforward values of ‘trust, transparency and integrity’, the results of the team’s efforts are clear to see, with a long list of established clients that includes multi-national organisations through to local SMEs. “We are committed to providing an exceptional service, whether you are a client seeking to fill a position or a candidate searching for a new role,” says Tony. “Our ultimate aim is, and always has been, the development of mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships and we have a genuine conviction to deliver the right result.” And, he points out; those long-term partnerships are the foundation of the business. “We have worked hard over the years to earn the respect of clients and candidates alike.” Whether the positions required are permanent, interim or temporary, across all the divisions, Gleeson’s industry-leading consultants draw on all their extensive skills and extensive network of contacts to provide referrals and match the right people to the right opportunity. For further information about the group and its services, go to Alternatively telephone 0121 631 1751 or email


GLEESON RECRUITMENT The power of Bullhorn’s recruitment software pays off in the continued success of our outstanding clients. Gleeson Recruitment, congratulations on a year of extraordinary growth and thanks for letting us help you reach this incredible achievement!

Contact us at: 0203 617 6262


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The Business Traveller Business travel has its own particular needs, from overseas travel on tight deadlines to meetings at the far end of the country. Today’s businesses are seizing overseas opportunities, but they need to arrive fresh and ready for negotiations; booking the cheapest last minute flight, and panicking over delays at the other end, is not going to produce the desired results. Travel arrangements should be handed over to a specialist, leaving companies to get on with what they do best. The Business Traveller provides a high quality service, specifically geared to the corporate traveller, whether you are a small “one-man” company or large international organisation.

to pharmaceutical, agricultural and manufacturing companies, but motorsport continues to hold a special place in their affections. In 2007 The Business Traveller purchased a local retail travel agency, and for the first time expanded into the holiday travel sector, by 2008 the company had evolved into two sister companies, The Business Traveller and The Leisure Traveller. Over that period the turnover has grown, with each side taking an even share and being equally successful. The skills honed by the experienced team have also proved to be invaluable in providing leisure travel arrangements, from typical holiday packages to customised world tours, sometimes even enabling business people to combine a family break with their other commitments. The team are very proud that a business started in the teeth of the recession continues to grow and that new names are added to the list of their regular clients year in year out.

Visit us: 211 Station Road, Balsall Common Coventry CV7 7FE Call: 01676 533233 Jetset one of the UK’s largest wholesalers of scheduled flights is proud to promote with the Leisure Traveller the Best rates with Emirates out of Birmingham

.Tours .Flights .Tailor Made Holidays

Using their many years of experience they will provide a bespoke package tailored to your precise requirements, using up to the minute systems to provide you with an excellent service at the most competitive price, from flights to ferries, a simple rail ticket to complex international itineraries. You can trust their fully qualified and experienced team to know not just how long your flight takes, but all the important details to ensure that you arrive fresh and unflustered at your meeting, such as the likely journey time from the airport to your destination, local transport, passports and visa requirements. Lynne Tucker, joint MD, stresses: “We are professional Business Travel Specialists who understand the importance of providing a personalised and superior level of service....nothing is ever too much trouble.” Using a small specialist company combines the wide range of choices available on the internet, with a professional, personal service tailored to your requirements. The company was founded in 1991, primarily for arranging international travel and freight movement for the World Rally Teams, the supporting motorsport industry and the television companies covering these events. As the business has expanded over the years, their customer base has diversified to include all types of businesses from sporting teams


Remember with over 40 years experience we have a reputation for service and reliability.

Jetset Flights would like to Congratulate all the Team at The Business Traveller on your continued success! The Business Traveller Tel No. 01676 532233 Email: The Business Traveller, 211 Station Road, Coventry CV7 7FE

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Germany A recession is unlikely but German exports are being hampered by the recessions in the core Eurozone countries and growth is sluggish. This has prompted Coface to downgrade their growth forecast for Germany to 0.3% in 2013 with household consumption and private investment growing moderately. Coface’s assessment of country risk assessment is A2. Coface country risk assessments for West Midlands’ exporters


There are signs that the UK’s economic recovery is gathering pace after a succession of positive announcements, including a monthly rise of 1.9% in manufacturing output in June and news of another strong month for car sales in July.

The UK’s third largest export market in the Eurozone is in recession with a high rate of insolvencies, particularly among SMEs. The highest risk business sectors are construction, automotive and transport, electronics and food. Coface has forecast negative growth for France of 0.4% in 2013 and their country risk assessment is A3.

Europe still in recession in 2013

The Netherlands

2013 GDP Growth Forecasts (% annual average, source: Coface) 6

4 3

4,8 4,9

2012 2013


2,8 2,7









0,6 0,0

0 -1

-0,5 -0,6






-1,4 -1,6






Euro zone






Exports represent a large proportion of GDP in the Netherlands which is therefore particularly sensitive to the problems in the eurozone, its most important market. The country is also struggling with depressed domestic demand, high levels of household debt and rising unemployment. Business margins are under pressure and bankruptcies grew by 21% in 2012, while payment incidents recorded by Coface increased. Coface’s country risk assessment is A3. References 1: Index of Production, June 2013, ONS, 6 August 2013

Source: Coface

When it comes to the Government’s project to rebalance the economy by focusing more on exports, the West Midlands is already leading the way. According to HMRC, the region exported goods worth £23.1 billion during the year to March 2013, an increase of 6.5%. Exports of £6.1 billion were reported for the first quarter of 2013, a record quarterly figure for the region.

2: Automotive industry raises 2013 new car forecast as July posts 17th consecutive monthly rise, The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 6 August 2013 3: Regional Trade Statistics – First Quarter 2013, HMRC, 6 June 2013 4: Table 2a, Regional Trade Statistics – First Quarter 2013, HMRC, 6 June 2013

While the business outlook is improving, the global economic situation remains uncertain, making it all the more important for exporters to monitor their key markets and reduce their exposure in higher risk countries. This is where Coface’s expertise in analysing trading risk can help. It’s country risk assessments of 158 countries, detailed sector and business environment assessments, are freely available on their website ( and can be used alongside their credit insurance, business information and debt collection services, to help exporters trade with confidence. Here are the highlights of Coface’s country risk assessments for the West Midlands’ top five export destinations:

USA Coface is optimistic about the prospects for the US in 2013 and forecast growth of 1.8% although growth in the private sector is tempered by the squeeze on net public spending. The country risk assessment is A2 (low risk of payment default).

China Coface still expects China to post growth of 8% in 2013 but like other BRIC economies the forecast has been downgraded because of questions over its long term sustainability. In China, the difficulty in obtaining finance has led many companies to use so-called shadow banks at often usurious rates, resulting in high levels of corporate indebtedness. This limits their ability to invest and makes them vulnerable to a downturn. Coface’s country risk assessment is A3 (satisfactory).

đ Credit Insurance solutions to protect domestic and export trading risks đƫBusiness and credit information on over 65m companies worldwide

Contact us 01923 478111

đƫDebt recovery solutions domestic and overseas

ENABLING COMPANIES TO DEVELOP IN A SAFER ENVIRONMENT Coface is authorised in France by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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alli et Limited The tricky business of day-to-day staff management is a whole lot simpler thanks to Gallinet Ltd’s software solution PeopleHours.

Other benefits include:

Delivering on-line scheduling and live employee monitoring with time and attendance, the powerful system is an internet-based application that can help bosses streamline procedures from anywhere in the world.

• Eliminated payroll errors and adjustments.

And it brings a whole host of benefits too, whether the company is a large organisation employing thousands across multiple locations or a small to medium-sized concern.

• Improved accuracy in tracking and recording hours worked.

• Simple or complex payroll calculations. • Accurate real-time information on staff costs and resource requirements. • Full audit trail of all scheduling and payroll data. • Employee selection and availability based on suitability, skills, overtime calculations and employee legislation. • Simplified communications to scheduled employees. • Easy schedule creation and distribution. • On-the-fly updating to cover changing daily requirements due to absence or extra staffing demands. Even more features are planned for this year as Gallinet prepares to bring new modules to the application, including online forms, HR and employee vetting and screening services. Says Marcus: “PeopleHours offers the most advanced time and attendance functionality on the market today, with sophisticated features using the very latest technologies.”

PeopleHours has been developed by Gallinet Ltd, a Coseley company launched in 2004 to develop business solutions and applications. It very quickly proved itself a worthy rival to established companies with greater resources and investment, recording growth of 10-25% for each ensuing year. “In most organisations creating duties and maintaining schedules is typically achieved with paper based or out-dated IT systems,” says Gallinet MD Marcus Kerr. “Traditionally, relying on manual time sheets to report time and attendance is time-consuming and can produce inaccurate results while many IT systems are prone to error and are not sophisticated enough to prevent unintentional breaches of local employment laws, union rules or unfair or inefficient allocation of labour.


For further information about PeopleHours and its extensive benefits, plus Gallinet’s full range of workplace management systems and services, visit Alternatively telephone 01384-237 333 or email

people hours alli et Limited

Cavendish Consultants

“With a rich feature list and optimised for the facilities management, security and cleaning industries, PeopleHours is ideal for companies seeking to manage their employee scheduling, skills matching, realtime attendance management, automated notifications, payroll, billing, employee portal for rosters, reporting and many other aspects.

Cavendish has assisted over 120 companies in UK and abroad, in a wide variety of industries and commerce, to achieve ISO9001 certification and SIA ACS.

“What’s more, it’s truly web based, fully hosted and managed and incorporates a VoIP automated time and attendance and employee welfare call system which can receive or make thousands of calls with no on-site hardware requirements.”

We are proud to support GalliNet in gaining and maintaining NSI Gold certification to the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard.

The knock-on effect of effective staff scheduling, Marcus adds, is increased productivity as the right employees with the right skills are deployed to the right jobs and reduced administrative costs.

Visit our website or give us a call now on 01926 490 456


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They are proud to say “If you can dream it, we can build it”

isplay MJ Design & Display want Midlands businesses to be aware of the range of services they can offer, especially when mounting shows at the NEC.

MJ Design & Display offers a management service to suit any type of graphic application, exhibition, conference, roadshow or event. Their experienced team works directly with clients, or jointly with their agencies to manage every element of a project.

Mindaugas Jonuskis, MD, explained the reasons behind their success, saying “Attention to detail is vital to the success of any display project, event or exhibition; our expert project managers work through every project, from the design stage to completion. They specify the correct materials, fixtures and fittings, deal with the organisers and third party suppliers, manage the logistics and deliver the complete package on time and on budget.”

The company which was launched in May 2011 doubled its turnover from year one to year two, by giving their clients a superb service, including solutions ranging from graphics production, 3D design to project management, installation and storage. They designed and installed the Diamonfire stand at the CMJ event at the NEC Birmingham, which won Best Stand.

Such attention to detail brings its own challenge when coping with rapid growth, but MJ Design & Display are rising to the occasion and are expanding the business by moving into larger premises, and increasing their investment in stock. ISO9001 and ISO14001 (Environmentally friendly) accredited. Telephone 01732 750789

Follow us 19

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Oldbury based Print & Marketing Solutions company, The Media Group, have just launched their Carbon Balanced Print solution. In partnership with national paper merchant Paperlinx, Media can now measure the carbon footprint of the print process and paper manufacture of any of their client’s print enquiries, they can then offset the carbon used through the ecological charity The World Land Trust. Paul Bussingham, Business Development Manager said “It is important for both Media and our clients that we have a strong environmental policy in place. We are delighted to be able to partner Paperlinx and The World Land Trust in such a credible Carbon Balancing scheme. The fact that The World Land Trust are a charity and that monies donated go to help preserving critically threatened tropical forests is crucial to us.

Media Chairman Sean Lippitt agreed “Due to heightened public awareness and Government legislation, companies are now looking more than ever to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. We have a solution that not only helps reduce our clients’ carbon footprint, but they can use a logo or strapline to add value to the company brand. “The way it works, is that with every print job we calculate the carbon emissions and then if the client goes ahead, we pay The World Land Trust the required amount of money to offset the carbon. The World Land Trust uses the money to buy up areas of critically threatened tropical forests to either preserve the existing timber or to plant trees. “We like the fact The World Land Trust are a charity, that Sir David Attenborough is a key patron and that the work that they do is in areas of the world where it’s really needed. “Our clients are given total piece of mind that the money donated is going to the right causes, and they like the fact that they can have an annual certificate of achievement to show what they have achieved. “We are also mindful of the other key pressures on all companies these days which is why there is no extra work for our clients, they simply tell us that they want their work to be carbon balanced and we do the rest, as long as we register it and pay the donation then they are Carbon Balancing. “The question everyone asks is “How much more will this cost?” Our answer is that we look to make savings for all of our clients, so you can quite simply do the right thing, add value to your brand and not pay any more money for the pleasure.”

Many responsible organisations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon impact and to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Media can now offer a Carbon Balanced solution for their corporate communications at no extra cost.”

Kingate Press are proud to be working with


If you would like more information, a visit, or if you have an enquiry, please contact Business Development Manager Paul Bussingham on 07711409193 or email

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Are your business practices costing the earth? They don’t have to As the world wakes up to man’s impact on the planet, the words eco-business and green practices have become much more than a buzzing corporate trend. Keeping an eye on the carbon footprint, championing sustainability and showing environmental awareness are all now critical elements of any strategy aimed at ensuring the long-term survival of a business - never mind the Earth. Whether its a large global enterprise, the local shop or just a one-man band, going green can reap golden opportunities in terms of costs and also in ways not just defined on a balance sheet. Back in 2007 a survey of UK workers found 69% believed it was highly important their employers were environmentally responsible while a further 40% said they would refuse a job with an eco-unfriendly company. They also favoured of ‘green’ company benefits, like incentives to switch to a sustainable energy provider, discounts on environmentally friendly products and subsidised fares for public transport. Now it seems those findings have been heard the world over and companies who adopted eco-business practices also reporting falls in day-to-day running costs and productivity rises. The CBI In its report last year, The Colour of Growth: Maximising the Potential of Green Business highlighted how green business in the UK has grown in real terms to carve out a £122bn share of a £3.3trillion global market with the same activity accounting for about 940,000 jobs. Green goods and services are also a strong contributor to UK trade, and the biggest links are to fastgrowing economies like China, which buys 7% of our green exports. The CBI believes that, with a smarter approach, green business could add £20bn to the the economy by 2014/15 and says it’s an opportunity the nation cannot afford to miss. Some benefits of being becoming an ecobusiness are obvious. Conserving resources tends to streamline operations, thus decreasing costs. Using both sides of a sheet of paper in the photocopier or printer is going to halve the paper bill - and use less trees. But installing that LED lighting/solar panels/low energy lightbulb is a bit like throwing a pond into the eco-pond and watching the ripples spread. Companies who develop sustainability plans with regards to energy efficiency and reduction of environmental impact are recognised by financial and investment analysts with top finance executives

revealing in one study that they believed their companies would increase revenue through strong sustainability initiatives. Then there’s those employees again. Companies with active corporate environmental and social programmes and staff wanting to work for those ‘doing the right thing’ make a pretty strong combination, resulting in high levels of loyalty and staff retention. And lets not forget brand awareness and the customer. Consumer research studies have found that knowing a company is mindful of its impact on the environment and society makes consumers 58% more likely to buy its products or services. Today’s purchasers make their buying decisions based on their personal, social and environmental values, some willing to spend an extra 20% on environmentally sound goods and services. Today’s consumer is a ‘conscious’ one; one more likely to buy from companies who manufacture energy efficient products, promote health and safety benefits, support fair labour and trade practices and are committed to environmentally-friendly practices. EARTH’S MOST ECO-FRIENDLY FIRMS You don’t have to be a small plant nursery to be a successful eco-business nowadays. Any company in any industry can introduce measures to help itself and the environment. Some of these appeared in The Huffinton Post’s online list of some of the globe’s most friendly of eco businesses, demonstrating the variety of industries that are making an impact - by lessening their impact. Munich Reinsurance Group Undertook its own research into the effects of climate change in 1974, long before most had even heard of the phrase. In 2009, it achieved complete carbon neutrality at its German headquarters..

British Telecom Leading the UK’s eco-friendly charge among companies, BT aims to cut carbon emissions by up to 80% by 2016 and global carbon intensity by the same figure before 2021. It’s also investing heavily in wind farm technology and has introduced flexible working and video conferencing in an effort to reduce employee travel. Hewlett Packard Was the first high-tech organisation to report on greenhouse gasses in its supply chain in 2008 and is striving to recycle and replace its own products with up-to-date energy efficient models. Philips Electronics In 2006, 15% of the Dutch manufacturer’s revenues were derived from green products. By the end of 2012 that figure stood at 45%. Philips is also looking to increase its investment in green innovations by 100% to one billion euros and lift its own operational energy efficiency by 25%. Johnson and Johnson In 2011, Johnson and Johnson announced its aim to become the world’s most socially responsible organisation in the world by 2015, building on measures introduced over the last 20 years. The company is America’s second largest user of solar power and over half of its energy is derived from solar, wind and biomass sources. Nike Works hard to ensure environmentally friendly practises in its supply chain, such as performing stringent checks on carbon and water use and chemical toxicity. At its Dutch HQ, underground energy storage is used together with recycled aluminium frames in the construction of the building itself.

IBM Working towards a greener future since 1971 and is generally recognised as the corporate forerunner. Between 1990 and 2000, it cut its electricity consumption by 5.1 billion kilowatt hours - enough to power a whole town. Today it’s working to reduce traffic congestion in major cities worldwide.

Yahoo Internet giant Yahoo actively encourages its 600 million global users to try all they can to go green. Its own 'green' site is widely acknowledged as the best for finding ecofriendly lifestyle tips. Its New York data centre uses 95% less water and 40% less energy overall than the majority of buildings of its type.

Ikea The giant furniture manufacturer has been working with sustainable practices for many years now and, forestry techniques aside, was first major retailer to switch off incandescent lights in its stores. It only sells energy efficient lighting.

National Australian Bank Achieved carbon neutrality in 2011 and purchases its energy from the country's wind farms. It has also spent $20 million on energy efficient products and operations, thus saving about 59,200 tons of greenhouse gases.


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Printing aside, John Burn is primarily a distributor of epoxy and polyurethane technology, wet resin system and block materials for CNC machining, with distribution agreements for many high profile manufacturers including Sika Tooling & Composites, EnvisionTEC, Sia Abrasives and Synthene.

It may be more than 100 years old, but its appointment as UK and Ireland reseller for one of the newest 3D printing processes to emerge in the last eight years proves there’s nothing old-fashioned about John Burn Ltd. Right from inception this is a company that’s always been at the cutting edge of its sector. Since launching in 1904 as a supplier of tools and pattern making equipment to the foundry and automotive industry, the Birmingham firm has spent a lifetime and more working with the latest materials and technologies relevant to its niche.

(Right) Business Development Manager Harry Curtis at TCT Show Birmingham NEC Mainly focused on the UK, it does sell some own brand products overseas and is the largest European distributor of Sika tooling products.

(L-R) Neils Apel (CEO Bluprinter) with Brian Lang (MD John Burn) Not only has the approach ensured its continued growth, it’s established John Burn as the UK’s leading distributor of pattern making and prototyping materials. From its 22,000ft2 warehouse/factory in Stechford, the company continues to adapt to industry and manufacturing changes, constantly adding to and developing its product range to meet the needs of product designers, engineers, pattern and tool makers and more. Its appointment as reseller for Danish 3D printer manufacturing company BluePrinter is causing much excitement at John Burn as 3D printing grabs a hold of the public imagination. Says Marketing Manager Ben Peterson: “The process is becoming more and more influential in industry and we have seen many new players introduce 3D printers to the market, but they have typically been based on similar technologies. “The BluePrinter’s Selective heat Sintering (SHS™) technology is new and offers users a distinct advantage when it comes to low cost and is a robust alternative to the traditionally expensive SLS process which is often beyond the reach of smaller companies.” John Burn, which also distributes a wide range of 3D printers for personal and industrial use, is planning to bring BluePrinter to September’s TCT Show at Birmingham’s NEC. However, it also welcomes interested users and customers to its studio for demonstrations of the BluePrinter and others, enabling them to view the different technologies first hand and gain a better understanding of which would suit their needs best.


The workforce is relatively small - 18 - but perfectly formed and incredibly loyal. Thanks to an average service record of more than 20 years, there’s a rich vein of expertise and experience running through the heart of the business. Until four years ago it had been a fourth generation familyowned concern and, since its acquisition by the Halifax Industrial Group, has grown by over 40%. With a sales turnover of £4.2 million it continues to attract new distribution contracts from premium brand companies. For further information about the company and its services

Telephone: 0121 508 4144 Email: visit: or ww

JohnBurn John Burn rn

Modern Mate Materials erial riaal ri alss Technology Tec echnology hn hnolo would uld ld like lilikke k to thank all of our customers & suppliers for th continued support and wish them all the very best th their of luck for the future.

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promotions that stimulate new business at each level of their distribution network, including professional and consumer audiences.” Clients choose either or both teams to assist them as appropriate.

chequers PROMOTING YOUR BRAND Promoting your brand has never been more important; as the country gradually moves out of recession it is time for companies to assert their individuality to maximise their sales and compete as effectively as possible in to-day’s fast moving markets.

Mark would like to encourage companies to plan far enough ahead when choosing promotional merchandise for an event or campaign; leaving it to the last minute sometimes leads to a lack of options and deadlines not always being achievable. The company are keen to promote their “Chequers Self Funding Promotions” where there are no up front costs incurred by the client, prior to any sales taking place. As the clients who have taken up this option say, “an absolute No Brainer.” The company can also provide warehouse and fulfilment services, quickly picking and packing your goods, and ensuring prompt delivery. Chequers expertise spans a huge range of market sectors from Automotive, Retail, Food and Beverage, Financial, Leisure, Public Sector, Charities, IT, Construction, Manufacturing, and Education.

Chequers, based in Wolverhampton, have been sourcing and supplying promotional merchandise for over 24 years. Companies find their experience invaluable, especially when it comes to organising Sales and Trade Promotions. The business started in 1989 producing corporate clothing for major brands using the family bespoke clothing factory in Turkey. The company has since diversified into a wider offering of promotional merchandise and trade marketing services, sourcing and supplying all types of promotional merchandise including clothing, gifts and point of sale materials to companies throughout the world. Mark Brazier, Business Development Director explained how Chequers works with marketing and sales teams to promote their brands and increase product sales by offering two services. “Team 1- Our dedicated Merchandise Source and Supply Team will help you select relevant 'on brand', ‘on budget’ merchandise and POS to help increase brand awareness and sales. We source and supply branded clothing, corporate gifts/incentives and point of sale materials from a global network of factories. “Team 2 - Our Trade Marketing team help manufacturers design, manage and deliver sales

Some of the brands that have benefited from their services include: Unipart Automotive, Sainsbury’s, Sunseeker Yachts, ALNO Kitchens, ASDA, HITACHI Power Tools, VW Group, WKD, Practice Plan, Aqualisa Showers, and Royal Mail. While in the Midlands they have helped Marston’s Brewery, Subaru, ISUZU, Goodyear Dunlop, VALEO Service, NHS, Birmingham City Council, ASSA ABLOY, Michelin Tyre, NOM Dairy, Jaguar and Coventry University. The company is looking forward to a fantastic future continuing to work with some great brands and helping them increase brand awareness and sales.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact Mark Brazier at Chequers on 01902 308888 or email: or visit the web site

Haines Watts are proud to be associated with Chequers and would wish them every success for the future.

As qualified Accountants and Tax Advisors we are able to provide assistance in all areas of direct and indirect taxation together with advice on business matters. For full list of our services, or to request a free initial consultation please contact:-

Haines Watts Chartered Accountants Keepers Lane, The Wergs, Wolverhampton, WV6 8UA Tel: 01902 793333 -


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bite, than bark!

born creative Here at Bareface Media we’re celebrating 5 years of being a creative agency. Growing faster than ever, our philosophy is that great communication has to connect emotionally and visually, our passion is delivering digital content that puts the user at the centre, creating experiences that engage and inspire. We take a holistic approach to our work, adopting a multiplatform structure. Our aim is to deliver results that inspire and connect with audiences. Digital marketing is now becoming the front runner in the modern business world, no longer is it how many people visit your business in person, but how their business is perceived online. Based in the heart of Digbeth, gone are the days of heavy industry, now Birmingham can really be said to be the city of imagination and opportunity. A business with creative outlooks requires an inspirational setting, the Custard Factory is perfect. of our work and attitude. Our unique understanding of creativity originates from a child’s frame of mind. Children are naturally inquisitive and have a great capacity for imagination and fantasy - both integral elements of play. Young children explore, ask questions and are unafraid of being judged by others.

Accepting that young children typically display more of the qualities that are associated with creativity than adults, we pride ourselves of being young at heart. Adding elements of play has become an integral part of how we levels of creativity with memorable savouries and sweets that takes everyone involved back to their childhood. We challenge our clients to explore their ideas with us as part of the team. That’s not always easy when you have clients that deal with more serious issues, such as haemorrhoids. However our methods are proven even in the most testing situations. We have just added to our team through the Creative Pioneers scheme run by the IPA, an initiative to help young aspiring talent into the advertising and marketing industry. Ryan our new apprentice who will learn the most valuable skills in the creative world with the aim to inspire an exciting new career. Our talent is realising clients vision and translating that into hard working creative. We relish the challenges faced working with both local and international clients across a diverse range of business sectors, and continue to meet and exceed expectations. get in touch: e:

t: 0121 270 0650 Authorised Reseller

Complete your Office Essentials Kit Enquire now at Hardsoft Birmingham

For only

£14.30 + VAT a week you can have a 27” iMac



per week

Designed in California Delivered in Birmingham

T: 0121 772 5952

F: 0845 345 2754

A: 2 Brandhall Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, B68 8DP

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Ideas that capture the imagination, spread a company’s word and leave clients positively beaming are all part of the service from creative communications agency GRIN. The Birmingham business is a melting of pot dynamic and forward-thinking creatives to whom delivering brand’s message across all media is second nature: from advertising, branding and design to digital and social media, strategic marketing and web design. Its fresh and original approach to every brief - and ability to see what many others don’t - has resulted in a prestigious list of clients, such as the National Trust, RLSS, the NEC and Admiral Taverns, and a string of highly effective campaigns. “Our ability to look at a company, brief or brand and see something that no one else has, is what makes us different,� declares Managing Director Phil Birchall.

However, with such a dynamic go-getting - and talented group of people making up the GRIN team, there was never any question of not overcoming any challenge that presented itself, and the ever growing agency has quickly diversified into a variety of sectors and industries including retail, leisure, food and drink, B2B, B2C, public sector and charities. Now it’s looking forward to further expansion. “We’re keen to find like-minded passionate creatives - designers and account handlers - and to work with more exciting and fun clients,� Phil says. “We love delivering work that makes clients smile time and time again. Each and every one of us loves what we do and do what we love really well. That, in essence, is the key to our success.� This company is not called GRIN for nothing.

For further details about the agency and its full range of services:

Contact Call: 0121 262 3903 Email: Online:

“We’re experts at translating what makes your brand special into truly effective creative communications and we put a whole lot of thought into what we do to make sure everything we produce is well informed, creatively stunning, and excellent.� GRIN’s fresh and imaginative thinking is underpinned by proven internal processes which ensure the team gets right to the heart of every client brand and capture their individual personalities. “Through this we create powerful campaigns that work across a wide range of channels for both private and public sector organisations,� adds Phil. Based in Fleet Street, GRIN launched in 2010 and has increased by 80% year on year, now providing PR and training services with its sister businesses Fleet Street Communications and Fleet Street Training as part of the Fleet Street Group. Remarkable when you consider the financial climate. Phil freely admits that the biggest challenge to date was launching an agency and convincing businesses to invest in great design and creative marketing while in a struggling economy.


The single source for all your litho, digital and screen printed marketing materials... s ,ITHO 0RINT s 3CREEN 0RINT s $IGITAL 0RINT s 0UBLISHING 3TOCK -ANAGEMENT s &ULlLMENT s 0RINT ON $EMAND s "RAND -ANAGEMENT s $ISTRIBUTION Contact Claire on 0116 202 2701 or email


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From conception to completion, Eastmount Building and Shopfitting Services provides the complete service. Whether it’s fitting a replacement tap washer or a whole new build, whether it’s creating someone’s dream home or fitting out the premises of some of the country’s most well-known brands, the Birmingham business can stay with its clients every step of the way.

Now its two divisions, each headed up by one of the company’s two directors David Bowen and Jason Hodgkinson, are busy on a wide range of schemes separately but, complementing each other, can fit together seamlessly on the same project if required. Store refit work can incorporate anything from a couple of shelving bays in a corner shop to a total revamp of a major stores. Again, the service, always of exceptional quality and close attention to detail, is total: all building works, new floors, ceilings, air conditioning, refrigeration, shop fronts, modular shelving systems and electrics and plumbing.

Based in Erdington, Birmingham, the company has worked with domestic and commercial clients on a multitude of projects over the last 29 years and prides itself on its ability to deliver on time and within budget.

And once the job’s done, the relationship with Eastmount doesn’t end there, for it also provides a maintenance/call-out service to host of companies in the area. “We will ensure your shopfit will be one that creates the right impression and entices customers into your premises while at the same time leave your competition aspiring,” promises David. All of Eastmount’s fully insured 20+ workforce, hold CSCS and asbestos awareness qualifications and have also completed and met the statutory health and safety requirements. All the work carried out by the company is completed in accordance with building regulations and the Health and Safety Executive.

It’s that reputation that has resulted in a loyal and ever-expanding customer base; one which includes some very familiar names such as Nisa, Tesco, 99p Stores, Marks and Spencer and Halfords. It was established in 1996 but its founders brought with them 13 years building experience with a local building and maintenance company and 10 years shopfitting experience. Using a core of experienced and skilled staff, Eastmount Building and Shopfitting Services started by doing smaller jobs such as laying patios, replacement windows, roof repairs etc, but quickly progressed to house extensions, replacement kitchens and bathrooms, loft conversions and new build projects in both the private and commercial sectors.

“We are one of the UK’s leading shop fitting contractors, delivering high specification bespoke projects,” says Jason. “We pride ourselves on our ability to respond and react to customers’ requirements quickly, determined to ensure that every project is completed on time, to budget and work is finished to the highest standards.” For further information about the company and its full range of services, visit

Alternatively telephone 0121 377 6578 or email


Northside Roofing are proud to support Eastmount Building and Shopfitting Services


0121 356 8451

Don’t forget you can


0845 900 2969 Stockists of S 50, the 50mm pitch quality engineered Retail Shelving system from Caem Suppliers of TN9 Retail system, Tegometall, Intrac AMX 35 system

Midland Retail Solutions are pleased to have a strong working relationship with Eastmount and wish them all the best for the future. 26

Northside roofing Contractors, 114 Little Hardwick Road, Streetly, Birmingham WS9 0SF E s W

SURFACE Restoration & Maintenance Ltd. We specialise in providing the following services: Spraying to shopfronts, ceilings, cladding, lifts and curtain walling. We also restorize bronze and most metals. To find out more about this Nationwide Service company visit our website We are proud to support Eastmount Buliding and Shopfitting Services and wish them all the best for the future. For more information call 01744 894 341 Mob.07734 550 005

Surface Restoration & Maintance Limited 75-77 Beacon Road, Billinge, Wigan, Lancs WN5 7HF


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whitespace consultants

We are often told how important it is to create the right first impression. In today’s fast moving business world there are no second chances to create that impression. Your premises say a lot about your business and they need to make a positive impact, projecting a clear statement about your company and business style. This statement needs to follow through, not just to the premises’ exterior and reception area, but to the parts clients don’t see. The right working environment, well planned and ergonomically designed, will pay dividends in staff welfare and increased productivity. Whether you are relocating, redesigning or refurbishing take the opportunity to rethink your space, and maximise it’s potential. Whitespace Consultants Ltd is an established office interior design consultancy, specialising in the design and delivery of workspaces that help project the best possible image. The company was established in September 2004 working from home, with just 2 members of staff, since then thanks to the quality of service and the innovative ideas they provide Whitespace has grown steadily and have themselves moved into spacious offices of over 3200ft2. Despite the economic downturn Whitespace has been able to maintain it’s market position and staffing levels, building a solid foundation to grow as the climate improves.

Nicola Young, MD, is justifiably proud of her company and it’s abilities, and has total confidence, “That we can design, build and furnish an ideal working environment. Our aim is to offer the very best in office refurbishment, space planning and interior design; resulting in an office that fulfils all practical needs, inspires staff and makes a great impression on visitors.”

For more information please visit their website or telephone 01204 599800 [ [[[ OSWGSMRXIVMSVW GS YO [[ OS SWGSMRXIVMSVW GS YO


Whitespace offer a complete service, from concept to completion; they will conduct detailed discussions in order to understand your requirements and just how your company works, provide detailed plans and follow through with a complete project management service. From space planning and design, to fit-out and furniture, even signage, plants and pictures! Whitespace use their comprehensive knowledge and expertise to work with clients across the UK to create modern and unique environments.


It is well worth while giving this experienced and imaginative team the freedom to come up with ideas that will transform your working environment into a bright, fully functional space from reception, boardroom, and meeting rooms through to the general office, that will surprise and delight you. Modern means of data storage have replaced the need for banks of filing cabinets, movable partitions provide privacy with flexibility, and modern lighting systems create an ideal working environment while being eco-friendly and economical to run. Although the company works with all sizes and types of companies across all market sectors they are especially delighted by the recent completion of a 600k refurbishment project of office premises in the centre of Manchester. The project was completed on time and on budget after a lengthy design consultation process with the client.

Bramhall Flooring offers a range of Commercial and Industrial flooring solutions to suit all businesses in a variety of locations across the UK.

For a free estimate, contact our team now on 0 0161 161 3665250 or visit our website ww

All at Bramhall Flooring are proud to be supporting Whitespace Consultants


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If you’re looking for a control or industrial management system delivered by people based who are passionate about delivering a real solution then Cougar Automation is the cat’s whiskers. It’s a company that’s definitely a big cat as it’s one of the country’s largest automation system integrators, employing more than 80 people in offices located in Coventry, Bristol, Hampshire, Warrington and Yorkshire. And now that it has received one of the most sought after industry accolades, the Presidential Award for 10 consecutive years of RoSPA Gold Occupational Health and Safety, to sit within a packed trophy cabinet of customer service awards, clients know they’ve made the purrfect choice to work with the Cougar Cats (which is what they like to call theselves). “Our ability to work from shop floor PLCs, through SCADA to the Management Information System means we can respond to customers’ varying requirements,” says Regional Leader Rick Johnson.

• Procter and Gamble. • BOC (GAMP validated projects) • Network Rail (Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring System for Merseyrail) • CHEP (deployment of monitoring system on multiple European sites) • Food processing (e.g. Rank Hovis, Twinings, Allied Bakeries, Premier Foods).



Proud to supply our Premier Partner, Cougar Automation with the following ro oducts aand nd d se ervvices products services:

“This is quite a difficult mix of skills to find in one company and even more difficult to find in individual engineers. However, we have been recruiting and developing engineers in this area for many years.” The client list is diverse and prestigious, showing how Cougar Automation is trusted to deliver mission critical control and monitoring systems. It includes: • Water utilities (e.g. Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, Yorkshire Water, Thames Water, Southern Water, Bristol Water and United Utilities). • Heathrow Airport (Cougar’s software controls and monitors the refuelling of all aircraft).


Visit our website for more information 0161 495 4600

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It’s an impressive group and one that Cougar has carefully nurtured. Explains Rick: “We have always sought to identify like-minded customers with whom we can work in the long term and so enjoy enduring relationships. “Therefore we are fairly selective when bidding for new opportunities and do so with genuine commitment and enthusiasm. It’s Cougar Automation’s commitment to success through service excellence that makes it top cat among those with similar technical skills and project delivery track records. “We don’t always get things right but we do care and try our best to do the right thing,” insists Rick. “In 2005 we won the coveted Service Excellence Award, were finalists in 2006 and 2007 and won again in 2008’s renamed Customer Experience Awards. Our commitment to our people was featured in the Sunday Times Best Companies to work for in 2009, 2010 and 2011.” Excellence achievements illustrate Cougar Automation’s greatest success but they also present the biggest challenge - finding engineers just as passionate about delivering service and value. Now the hunt is very definitely on as the company looks to recruit PLC engineers to meet demand, intensified by the Coventry office’s recent win of two water utility frameworks that have led to a move to larger premises on Binley Business Park. To find out more about Cougar Automation and its services, visit Alternatively telephone 023 9226 9960 or email

Electrical Engineers & Contractors We are proud to be associated with Cougar Automation on all projects past and present, and we would like to wish Rick and his team good luck in there new premises.

I.C. Electrical Ltd offers complete electrical engineering solutions from cost analysis and budget preparation, through to in-house electrical design within:

Utilities and process industry . Beverage industry . Dairy industry Power generation . Fruit processing and milling . Pharmaceutical industry Beauty product industry . Bio-Ethanol plants . Brick and tile plants Biomass plants . Water and sewage plants I.C. Electrical Ltd Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1SN T: 01283 530666 F: 01283 538666 KNOWLEDGABL% s EXPERIENCE$ s DESIGN EXPERT3 s ATTENTION TO DETAI, s FULL PROJECT CONTRO, s UK BASE$ s PROBLEM SOLVER3 s DEADLINE RELIABLE


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Grenville Engineering (Stoke-on-Trent) Ltd

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrications Engineering company invests into new machinery following record month Stoke-on-Trent based Precision Sheet Metal Fabricators Grenville Engineering Ltd have invested 50k into new machinery following a very successful month which has marked a record in the history of the company.

According to the company’s Managing Director, Mark Barratt, “We are delighted about the recent surge of sales which has marked a record in our company history. This achievement has also allowed us to continue our investment in new technology which goes hand in hand with our commitment to provide outstanding customer service, quality and technical expertise to our diverse range of customers.” He adds, “Throughout an economically challenging climate, we have managed to sustain growth which acts as a testament to the strategic planning and vision carried out by our business.”

Grenville's MD Mark Barratt and Tony Fryer - Sales and Production Director Several big order wins as well as successful account management have led to an exceptional company performance during this year’s second quarter. As a result, Grenville Engineering have purchased a new Bystronic Press brake Excel 50 which allows the firm to process orders more efficiently whilst offering the best possible value at competitive prices to their customers. Adding to the company’s already impressive collection of laser cutting, metal pressing, punching, welding, machining, grinding and finishing equipment the new press brake offers a bending length of 1600mm and can process sheet thicknesses of 1-5mm.



31908 2pg DPS 3_Grenville Engineering 2pg DPS 17/09/2013 11:08 Page 2

The company offers a wide range of services ranging from design, prototyping, metal cutting, machining and drilling to pressing, forming and welding to assembly, grinding, deburring, final assembly and delivery. In addition, the firm serves a variety of sectors including automotive, earth-moving, rail engineering, structural steelwork, petro-chemical, security, food and materials handling.

Grenville Engineering (Stoke-on-Trent) Ltd

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrications

Tony Fryer - Sales and Production Director with Nick Wilshaw - Production Team Leader with the new press brake

Besides showing a consistent growth over the past years, Grenville Engineering Ltd also takes pride in its commitment to nurture new talent within UK manufacturing. Running a regular apprenticeship scheme, the firm currently employs two apprentices who are being trained in various engineering disciplines. This approach has proven successful in the past as many of the company’s previous apprentices have remained with the firm ever since. Offering a one stop shop for precision sheet metal fabrication requirements, complete from concept through to delivery, Grenville Engineering Ltd is continuously striving to maintain excellence within its industry which is also reflected in the firm’s future investment plans which are steadily being put into action as the company develops.


For further information on their range of services please telephone 01782 577929 or visit the web site

We would like to wish Grenville Engineering Continued success Tel: 01782 822442 Fax: 01782 839125 Email: Our Services:-

A Staffordshire Staffordshire Broker Broker for for Staffordshire Staffordshire Business Business

Zinc Electro Plating Trivalent Passivation Iridite NCP Powder Coating Rogard Supreme Seal 500


JS500 Alocrom 1000 Iron Phosphate Alocrom 1200 Lacquering

GRENVILLE GRENVILLE ENGINEERING ENGINEERING LTD LT Telephone: Telephone: 01782 01782 843700 843700 Email: Email: Underwriting Group Group Limited. Limited. Towergate To wergate Insurance Insurance is is a trading trading name name of of Towergate Towergate Underwriting Registered in in England England No. No. 4043759. 4043759. Registered Registered address: address: Towergate Towergate House, House, Eclipse Eclipse Park, Park, Sittingbourne Sittingbourne Road, Road, Registered Maidstone, Kent Kent M E14 3EN. 3EN. Authorised Aut Authorised and and regulated regulated by the the F inancial S ervices Authority Aut A uthority Maidstone, ME14 Financial Services

Unit 6 &7a Newfield Industrial Estate High Street Tunstall Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5PD

V 1/04/2013 G RENVILLE V1/04/2013 GRENVILLE


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Collaborative partnerships that deliver results for the customer By developing collaborative partnerships with its suppliers and customers, fwb’s knowledgeable team offers a high level of technical expertise, market insight and sound product advice. Customers are given extra support from fwb’s area sales executives and dedicated key account managers to ensure value at all times.

Experts in seamless supply chain management for 50 years. Established supply chain partner fwb is a main product distributor to major market sectors including the infrastructure, construction, industrial and public sectors, throughout the Midlands and nationwide. Dedicated to delivering the best product and procurement solutions through an unrivalled service and product offer, fwb is one of the few remaining family-owned independent procurement specialists.

Approachable through easy access Products are available via fwb’s efficient telephone order service, where customers can discuss specific requirements with a technical expert. Over 22,000 products can be viewed, selected and purchased via fwb’s leading website – - and the recently launched Catalogue App. To ensure account-specific discounts are applied to orders however, fwb trade account customers will benefit by placing orders by phone, fax or visiting an fwb trade centre. Providing a nationwide service, with three centres in Stoke, Wrexham and Truro, fwb’s approachable team offers local support and knowledge, together with a convenient call and collect service. Organised efficiently, the company’s infrastructure and logistics provide next day delivery throughout the UK for a seamless supply chain process. Fifty years on, fwb is as committed to its customers as the day it was founded in 1963. Striving for satisfied customers and employees, first time, every time, fwb remains focused on always being the customer’s preferred supply chain partner of choice.

Find out more about fwb here and see the benefits of opening an fwb trade account, or call 01782 744 333 to talk to one of our approachable experts.

Need a single-source supplier with exceptional customer service levels? An experienced single-source supplier, the company is committed to understanding both the demands of the supply chain process and the changing landscape of the market sectors in which it operates. Competitive procurement and leading brand product range As procurement experts, fwb sources competitively. The company offers a full range of leading brand products, with major brand alternatives available where best value is crucial. An extensive nine core product groups allows fwb to meet individual project specifications and demanding timeframes for contracts large and small.

Experts in seamless supply chain management for 50 years

fwb’s core product groups include: • Pipeline & Fittings

Proud to be supporting

• Fasteners & Ironmongery

Grenville Engineering Ltd

• Tools • P.P.E & Workwear • Electrical • Pneumatic Controls & Instrumentation • Metals

Simply Click, Call or Visit today

• Rubber & Plastics Call: 01782 744333 fwb, Whieldon Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4JE

• Janitorial & Site Safety


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Survirn has been involved in many exciting projects over the years such as the Trust SSC Land speed record car, and Red Bull FI team’s new wind tunnel as well as many major aircraft projects, working with the big names in the Aerospace industry. The core of their business is Aerospace tooling, including Assembly fixtures, Invar Lay-up mould tools, High Nickel Alloy SPF Tools, Jigs and assembly fixtures. Survirn work closely with their customers to optimise both design and component manufacture.

The company that started from such modest beginnings has grown over the years to a business with a £2,300,000.00 turnover. Not bad for a business that Norman Kench modestly described as starting with “two old boys in a shed in Birmingham”! Phone number 01214537718 or 07778591904

Relax...we shop around so you get the best deals

.Commercial Insurance .Motor Insurance .Household Insurance .Travel Insurance Remember

Their attention to detail and engineering excellence has led to them becoming the main tooling supplier to GKN Aerospace and Airbus. The company are at the top of their game, both in machining and up to the minute equipment and machinery, their advanced CAD/CAM department houses IBM CATIA, CADDS5 and Delcams Power Solutions workstations - the most powerful CAD systems available today.

We offer both commercial and personal insurance and have been since 1959!

For more information visit Insurance would would like like to to CCongratulate ongratulate al eam aatt Survirn Engineering CJN Insurance alll the TTeam your continued continued suc cess! on your success!

1 - 3 TTeme eme Street, Street, TTenbury enbury W Wells, ells, W Worcestershire orcestershire WR15 8BB 8

This design equipment is fully integrated with the specialised CNC machines, enabling the company to produce complex, threedimensional products up to 14 metres long and weighing up to 15 tonnes, without the need for conventional drawings. To complement Survirn's machining excellence, a comprehensive Inspection Facility is available, comprising a conventional inspection department and state of the art technology in the form of a Faro Laser Tracker, 7 meter x 7 meter Co-ordinate Measuring Machine and Helium leak detection equipment. In November of last year they became part of Groupaero which is a USA based group who wanted to expand into the UK and Europe. It is their intension to grow the business over the next few years which will not only secure the existing jobs but will create many new opportunities for many new jobs.


Tel No Tel No.. 01584 819 545 Fax Fax No. No. 01584 819 544 Email:

S Services rvviicceess Lt Ltd IIInsurance nnssuura rraannce ccee Se S eerrv LL ttdd td

OUPE FO U ND RY We are proud to support Survirn Engineering and wish them all the best for the future Coupe Foundry is the UK’s largest jobbing foundry, supplying s Cast Iron s Ductile Iron (sg iron) s Alloyed Irons s Steel Castings

Call us now on

:01772 338151

F: 01772 627609 E: Providing castings services for over 100 years

SAFE Cronite

The company take great pride in the training and development of the many young people who have come to them, developing over time into a very high skilled workforce The company was started in 1986, when Norman Kench and David Houghton were made jobless when their employer ceased trading. Four years of determination and perseverance later saw the business move and take over an engineering company in the centre of Birmingham, buying out the existing company in the process. Ten years later they moved again to the present, larger site on Bristol Road South, Longbridge.

Ca Nickel Chromium Tools for High Temperature Cast FFoorming of Titanium. Cast Ca Invar Tools for Forming of Composites. Cronite Castings Ltd Blacknell Lane, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7YA, UK Tel 01460 270300, Fax 10460 270344 E-mail - website


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European Heathyards is now well established in its new purpose built 110,000 sq ft workshop and storage facility in Brownhills, commissioned in 2011. The move has brought the work force of Heathyards Engineering Company, established in 1974 in Brownhills, West Midlands, and the team from East Midlands based European Steelcraft together under one roof, finally completing the merger of the two companies.

Thus European Heathyards was formed. The merger has doubled the size of the company, whose expertise includes high integrity fabrication, welding, plating and tube manipulation. Since the acquisition they have diversified, expanding their scope of supply to include much larger land and marine water tube boilers, tubular heat exchangers and vaporiser assemblies with a capability of lifting up to 100 tonnes. Extra investment in up to the minute plant and machinery has consolidated the company’s already outstanding engineering capabilities and their excellent reputation in the industry for their ability to manufacture products to client specific requirements.

European Steelcraft acquired Heathyards Engineering in 2007, to broaden their customer base. As Barry Nash, Managing Director of European Heathyards explained; “The synergy between the two companies provided an opportunity for us to pursue our expansion plans, and offer our clients a complete package”.

Craig Nash, Operations Director, told us “Innovation and engineering excellence have been synonymous with European Heathyards since its inception, helping us to stay at the forefront of our industry, not just in the UK, but internationally.”

ATUM ENGINEERING C.N.C. Tuning & C.N.C. Milling We provide a sub-contract engineering service for local Industry. Together with a first class machine shop, we offer a manufacturing service that wil take your components from drawing to completion. Machining | Welding | Surface Treatment | Assembly | Packaging | Final Delivery We are proud to support Heathyards Engineering and wish them all the best in the future.

7 Wall End Close, Leamore Enterprise Park, Bloxwich, Walsall WS2 7PH Tel. 01922 402384 Email.


32025 2pgs_HorseWorld 11/10/2013 13:56 Page 2

“Achieving ASME U stamp recognition will not only strengthen our existing relationships with the likes of Alstom, E-ON and EDF, but also engineer confidence to prospective new customers in selecting European Heathyards as a preferred manufacturer of pressure vessels and steam boiler equipment.” Barry Nash is proud of the company’s first class reputation, for delivering competitively priced quality products and services to tight deadlines, saying “our highly skilled and dedicated team will ensure that we remain our clients preferred choice.”

Their impressive client list includes many internationally known names in the power generation, petrochemical, environmental, process plant and off shore sectors, such as EDF, Alstom, BAE Systems, Esso, JCB, BOC, General Electric and E-ON.

For more information please visit their website or request a brochure pack from T: 01543 376 754 E: The company’s next strategic objective is to increase exports; to this end they are working towards ASME U stamp (American Society for Mechanical Engineers) accreditation. The process will potentially involve up to £50,000 in investment.


We are proud to support Heathyards Engineering and wish them all the best for the future!

40 Years of Insurance Broking Excellence


Proud to be associated with Heathyards Engineers Ltd Call us on 01623 649 931 or visit

Shropshire Welding Supplies; Specialists in all kinds of welding equipment.

All at Shropshire Welding Supplies would like to congratulate Heathyards Engineering on 40 years in business.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓






Give us a call to see what equipment we can supply for you on 01952 290610

Roma Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B11 2JH Email: Tel: 0121 708 1188 Fax: 0121 706 3390 IN HOUSE HEAT TREATMENT FURNACES


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Wrekin Sheetmetal has dual cause for celebration this year, not only is it their 10th anniversary but they have moved into new 38,000 sq ft premises on Telford’s Stafford Park 18.

Claire explained that the company is “Flexible with our manufacturing planning, we have a very experienced team within the sheetmetal industry, and with the level of equipment we have this allows quick turn around if needed. Strict ISO 9001 quality procedures ensure the quality of our products.” Wrekin Sheet Metal was originally established in December 2003. When Claire Robinson and Simon Orpe completed a management buyout in July 2009, Claire continued with the role of Managing Director, whereas Simon took up a new role as Sales Director, continually sourcing new opportunities for the company. The company offers full fabrication services such as CNC punching, CNC Press Breaking, Laser Cutting, welding, powder coating and assembly. Since the management buy out the company has invested heavily in plant and machinery to broaden the scope of its core contracts from specialising in just two main areas to producing products for a wide variety of industries such as refrigeration, automotive, retail, robotics, lighting and is even producing some specialised parts for Formula 1 motor cars. Their customers range from Blue Chip companies to up and coming SME’s. Sales director Simon Orpe said: “Going into the new site has given us incredible efficiencies in the flow of our material and products around the shop floor; also as we are very much a sub-contractor for manufacturing steel products, our aim is to make our factory a welcoming site that our customers can visit at any time. “We have forecast in our planning to achieve £10million turnover by 2019, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it in the factory we were in. “As part of our expansion plans we have invested just under £750,000 in a new Amada Laser machine, in a bid to speed up our lead times and also allowing us to pursue new contracts which would have been out of reach with our previous laser machine.” He added: “I have recently estimated in the last two months we had quoted for more than £1million worth of work. “That gives me considerable confidence in what’s happening within our industry and that the constant media talk of recession in my view is not reflected in our current situation as long as you are active in pushing your business forward.”


Claire went on to discuss the effects of the recent downturn saying, “Manufacturing in the UK has experienced very turbulent times during the recession, at Wrekin we are very proactive to these problems, and have created a structure and framework to enable us to continue business with little effect, and have experienced steady growth. “We like to think outside the box, we are commercial in our decision making, and we invest in our products which are mainly designed in partnership with our clients. We offer complete manufacturing support which our customers like, offering as it does, confidence of supply. “Our staff knows the importance of growth for the company and all staff have recently acquired NVQ levels in “Best business practice”, we have an intelligent workforce who are committed to Wrekin, forming an important part of the framework along with our loyal customers and suppliers with which we create strong partnerships. We also invest everything back in to the company and innovative machinery to ensure our customers receive the very best value.”

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CNC Punching CNC Forming Laser Cutting Fabrication Powder Coating Finishing & Design

The future is looking very bright for Wrekin, their careful strategies and planning having placed them in an ideal position to take advantage of the opportunities that the current up turn within the manufacturing sector is providing.






We are proud to support Wrekin Sheetmetal and wish them all the best for the future...


Specialising within energy efficent S CA air Tcompressed systems for industry AN R E D S OM




Unit 20, Stafford Park 12, Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BJ 01952 292121
















Unit D9, Court 2000, Bridgnorth Road, Madeley TF7 4JB 01952 586222



Unit L, Tweedale Industrial Estate Madeley, Telford TF7 4JR T: 01952 587387 E:

Machining Services - Suppliers of machined parts to Wrekin Sheetmetal





please visit their new web site

Machining Services would like to congratulate Wrekin Sheetmetal on a successful 10 years in business and all the best in their new premises



For more information,



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Tatnell T atnell Engineering Engineering S Services er vices Precision Engineering in Northampton Do you need help with precision engineering in Northamptonshire and throughout the surrounding areas? Whatever you need when it comes to engineering work, make sure you call on the specialist services provided by Tatnell Engineering Services. Tatnell Engineering Services was established in 1980 and has been providing professional and reliable precision engineering services throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas ever since.

Our range of work is highly diverse from the production of up to the minute parts for high end motor sport clients to producing parts and components for vintage cars and motorcycles. We hold our relationships with our sub-contractors in very high regard, meaning that all of our playing and finishing work is completed quickly, but without compromising on quality or price.

We have built up a fantastic reputation for our firm thanks to the exceptional standard of our work and our competitive pricing. We can help with: 3 Precision Engineering 3 CADCAM Design 3 Prototyping 3 Component Manufacturing 3 Auto Turned Parts 3 CNC Milling and Turning

We tailor all our products to our customers’ requirements, so to see if we can help you with component design or prototype manufacturing; make sure you come to the industry specialists here at Tatnell Engineering Services To discuss your requirements for CNC milling and turning or prototype engineering in Northamptonshire, don't hesitate to get in touch with Tatnell Engineering and we will be happy to help you with your plans and design requirements. We use the latest equipment to ensure a smooth and reliable process, as well as top quality manufacturing. Our workforce are highly skilled and very experienced and we are able to work across a variety of materials including carbon based, stainless steels, titanium, brass, copper and plastics including basic nylons to peek.

Although we provide our engineering services in Northampton, we are more than happy to offer our products and services throughout the UK upon request. We are ideally located with easy access to the motorways, meaning that we can get your products and components to you promptly and with a minimum of fuss. We are proud to have a diverse and rapidly expanding client base, and we are very pleased to be regarded as one of the top companies to offer precision engineering across Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas. We have clients from across the automotive industry as well as bio medical and chemical industry clients.

Like us on Facebook 38

We are the region’s experts when it comes to precision engineering and component manufacturing, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call for assistance. When you need help with custom engineering work, be sure to give us a call for a comprehensive service at a great price.

Telephone 01604 587947 Fax: 01604 587950 Unit 5/6, Lyttleton Road, Northampton NN5 7ET

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The future is A+ rated for midlands based Truframe as they celebrate winning the Leicestershire Manufacturing Business of the Year Award for 2013. The company has also enjoyed great success at their first ever industry exhibition, the FIT (Fabricator, Installer and Trade) Show at Telford in April, so much so that they have already booked for next year’s event.

The company has grown dramatically over the last few years, and now produces in excess of 2,800 uPVC windows and doors each week. The upswing in the company’s fortunes came in 2010 as a result of David coming out of semiretirement to take back the daily management of the company, whilst consolidating and refocusing their business activities. To achieve the level of quality which Truframe has become synonymous with, the company employs an unconventional practise of manually hand finishing every single window and door at the end of the automated production line. Patrick explains, “The craftsmanship mentality runs right the way through the company; it’s an ethos that everybody holds very close to them. We are all incredibly proud of the product we manufacture and it shows.” With a rueful reference to the company’s modest start, Patrick explained that the advanced technology used today requires major capital investment. Over the last 2 years the company have invested over £1.3 million pounds in new equipment including over £350,000 on a new CNC machining centre from France. They have also developed their existing site with a new warehouse and goods out depot, a 15,000 sq/ft extension to the main factory and the acquisition of additional office apace nearby. Truframe are totally focussed on customer satisfaction and pride themselves on their service, with white product being turned round in just 5 days from point of order.

The business has undergone a complete rebranding exercise this year to align their corporate image with the high quality product they produce and the modern attitudes towards customer service they adhere to. A strong advocate of UK engineering and manufacturing, Truframe are the largest fabricator of the Liniar uPVC profile system, the first new system to be developed for over 10 years, which is extruded by HL Plastics in Denby, Derbyshire.

Patrick says, “Quality is paramount, as is service, we take responsibility to deliver right on time every time.” Contact them by telephone on 01664 410140, email or visit the new website

Truframe will be the first fabricator in the UK to offer A+ energy rated windows, supplying the pinnacle of energy efficiency, without the need for expensive triple glazing, by utilising multichambered profiles and clever ancillary gaskets.

Patrick Firmager, Marketing Director, who is passionate about windows, proudly asserts that Truframe supplies: “The highest quality and most thermally efficient uPVC windows on the market - bar none.” Truframe is a family run business, established by David Firmager in 1994, making the company one of the longest standing players in the industry. Approaching his 20th year at the helm, David is still a very much active part of the business ably assisted in all the day to day running by son Patrick.


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Bullbarrow also produces a wide range of products for garden and leisure including the Bullcart (Launched at GLEE 2012), a revolutionary two wheeled cart that’s easy to push or pull thanks to its low centre of gravity, the Scoot a handy 4 wheeled trolley providing maximum convenience for gardeners, flexi tubs, snow shovels and children’s sledges.

Bullbarrow will be exhibiting at GLEE once again this year, bringing their highly successful, colourful and durable wheelbarrows to this premier trade gardening exhibition between 15th – 17th September.


Bullbarrow Products are the market leader in the manufacture and supply of wheelbarrows for the gardening, hardware, equestrian and building industries.

The innovative range of more than 50 varieties of wheelbarrows is manufactured at their Tipton based premises and supported by its dedicated customer service team to ensure a first class experience for customers. Bullbarrow has the most diverse range of wheelbarrows in the world and can be supplied as either self or factory assembly, from the Picador- self assembly through to the substantial Bronco Duo. The range has been developed in response to feedback from their customers to provide something for everyone. At GLEE Bullbarrow will be exhibiting their new 200 Litre Titan wheelbarrow specially designed for the equestrian, farming and home garden market. Where Bullbarrow leads other follow as can be seen by their range of polypropylene pans in a vast range of colours from pinks and lilacs, through to yellow, red or blue; together with its range of steel pans in Black, Silver and Green.

When you have an accident, even just a minor bump or scrape, who can you trust to return your vehicle to good as new condition? It is the proud boast of Gerrards, at East Street, Cannock who is approved by all major insurance companies that: “Any car, any make, any model, we will repair it.” Established in 1986, Gerrards have built a fantastic reputation in the area for their excellent quality of work and attention to detail. Gerrards manufacturer trained technicians are highly experienced in all aspects of bodywork repair, from cosmetic to full accident damage repair, using only genuine parts, they will return your vehicle to its original condition. Mr Leason, Director, says: “We are constantly investing in our staff, facilities and equipment to ensure that we remain highly skilled in our field.” As a small local business Gerrards are very committed to their longstanding customers, who appreciate their very hands-on approach and know that they will take the greatest care of their vehicles.


Bullbarrow’s associated company Spyrabase Products Limited also has an extensive range of products suitable for many garden applications which are also available in B & Q stores. New products within the Spyrabase range will be shown at GLEE in September. GLEE, visit them on stand 5B/31 to see what’s new.

For more information visit or telephone 0121 520 2345

JJR Toolm


Ltd akers

We are proud to support Bullbarrow




Units 2 & 3 Ward Street Willenhall WV13 1EP t: 01902 637 847 e:

Providing you were not at fault Gerrards will provide a courtesy car while yours is off the road. If you need help, Gerrards deal with a claims management company who work with a group of solicitors offering help and advice after an accident. The main thing to remember is that it is your vehicle, and therefore, following an accident, it is YOUR choice where your vehicle is repaired. For more information visit their web site or telephone 01543 571379 or 07831 533509

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Fleet Management for the Modern World Increasingly, software savvy, IT literate, fleet decision-makers are waking up to the fact that today’s hi-tech vehicle management systems can seamlessly interact with other internal and external software to dramatically improve operating effectiveness and efficiency. Ever-evolving sophisticated web-based software developments mean that fleet operators no longer need to manually input every item of information, from a driver’s name to a car’s number plate and from a fuel purchase to a vehicle service. Hours spent on form filling are now being put to more efficient use. Such techno-awareness couldn’t be more critical at a time when the revenues of the $9billion global fleet management industry are expected to triple within the five years. UK-based reported the recent findings from market research company ABI Research. Market penetration in the commercial freight segment is already high, said the company, which has forecast that the main drivers for the extended growth out to 2018 are based on four key elements: 1 Many HGV manufacturers are offering fleet management systems that are preinstalled during vehicle manufacturing as a result of OEM partnerships. Major manufacturers like IVECO, DAF, Scania and Volvo already offer such a package but the number of truck suppliers providing built-in fleet management is expected to grow.

2 Some fleet management system suppliers are focusing on specialist segments or smaller fleets, creating markets where companies would not otherwise consider fleet management as an option. 3 New and emerging markets will come on stream including Russia, South America and Asian countries. 4 An increased level of knowledge of the benefits of fleet management within the market especially in such areas as improved road safety and better fuel consumption is driving additional demand and enabling fleet management vendors to consolidate on existing markets. With such a major upturn in the fleet management industry forecast, operators will not be able to afford to spend time in the ‘Dark Ages’ entering every single detail relating to a company fleet. Jason Francis, Managing Director of fleet software and occupational road safety expert Jaama says increasing numbers of fleet decision-makers understand the importance of choosing technology that can fully integrate with systems operated by external suppliers and other company departments, such as HR, payroll and finance, and which can also be accessed by drivers. “Until only a few years ago, they still had to manually enter virtually every single piece of fleet relevant information,” he says. “Not only was this time-consuming and administratively cumbersome, it could be prone to mistakes. Additionally, the way data was stored meant that it was difficult to

monitor, measure and compare and contrast the performance of individual drivers and vehicles effectively. Today’s computer software is able to seamlessly populate systems in real time, ensuring up-to-theminute accurate management information.” Data and information feeds from contract hire and leasing suppliers, daily rental companies, fuel management operators, fast-fit organisations and residual value suppliers, for example, can now update fleet management systems, along with information supplied by drivers - mileages, expense claims and working hours - and information from other departments on, for example, new starters, employee promotions and changes in driver circumstances. Says James: “The technology is now available and today’s forward-thinking fleet operators can use it to their advantage. In turn the management information they can supply to their bosses on every facet of fleet functionality has never been more detailed or more accurate. For those fleet managers who fear the advance of technology would leave them without a job, James advises: “This is far from the truth as the technology revolution enables fleet decision-makers to be far more strategic in their job and less processdriven.” He also has plenty of reassurance over fears that the volume of data available and reports generated by super-efficient software could prove unmanageable. “It is true that data available to fleet operators has increased by a factor of 50 in the last decade and will continue to increase,” he acknowledges. “However, they can decide what they want to monitor and measure by exception and can customise the software to meet their own individual requirements.” So decide what would benefit your company, from simple GPS tracking to sophisticated real time feedback, do your research, and start saving both time and money!


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Birmingham-based naƟonal liŌing equipment specialist Lloyds BriƟsh TesƟng is set to save almost £1/4m a year with a complete overhaul of its Ňeet of over 90 commercial vehicles operated through a network of 11 centres naƟŽnwide. The move, which comes as research by naƟonal insolvency body R3 shows that spiralling fuel costs are the biggest obstacle to company growth, will ‘right size’ the company’s Ňeet, saving Lloyds around £200 per month for each of its vehicles and creaƟng extra funds for reinvesƟng in the organisaƟŽn’s services. Lloyds BriƟsh TesƟng managing director Gus Zona said: “With worldwide economic condiƟons so arduous and fuel prices shooƟng upwards, it is essenƟal for us to look at every aspect of our business to guarantee our eĸcient operaƟon and promote a posiƟve relaƟonship with our customers. “’Right sizing’ the vehicle Ňeet makes absolute sense. As we streamline and focus our business operaƟons, our transport costs have to follow suit. The majority of our medium-sized panel vans are being downsized to smaller, more fuel-eĸcient models as they are now only required to carry toolkits rather than bulkier items. “We have also been able to reduce our carbon footprint by selecƟng eco-friendly models, a decision which has been welcomed by our employees. We have just presented the iniƟaƟve at our naƟonal conference and we have been overwhelmed by the posiƟve response, both from our workforce and our customers. “UlƟmately, we are very aware that keeping overheads under control is absolutely fundamental to our business success. We will deĮnitely conƟnue to look for other ways in which we can produce such a win:win situaƟŽn for both Lloyds BriƟsh TesƟng and for the companies with which we do business. For over 200 years the name of Lloyds BriƟsh TesƟng has been synonymous with the very best in liŌing soluƟons oīering an unrivalled service in InspecƟon, TesƟng, CerƟĮcaƟon, Design, Repair, Manufacture, Crane Maintenance, Training, Defence and Product Sales. Our naƟonal network of service centres is supported by our InternaƟonal oĸces and can provide you with in-house or onsite tesƟng, statutory inspecƟons for liŌing equipment, cranes, presses, pressure vessels and local exhaust venƟůaƟŽn (LEV). Our in-house design team can design and manufacture for installaƟon on-site all your bespoke liŌing equipment from specialist liŌing beams, runway systems and liŌing frames to special designs. Lloyds BriƟsh also supply, install, test and maintain the following; cranes, building maintenance units, fall arrest. Their Somers and Rota divisions provide further specialist and bespoke engineering from runway beams to coil grabs to rail grabs. 42

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Your Fleet Partner

Right Time for Right Sizing Having the right sized vehicle for the right job seems fairly obvious! Yet due to rapidly developing vehicle design, and supply chain partners happy to work around you, it is easy to lose sight of potential savings and run oversize vehicles which are used infrequently. CBVC Vehicle Management client Lloyds British Testing for instance have a fleet of 90 commercial vehicles, mainly panel vans, operated through 15 branches nationwide and set CBVC a challenge to reduce monthly operating costs by £100 per van by month. “We discussed with the board the principles behind rightsizing” said CBVC Vehicle Management Ltd Managing Director Mike Manners. This can take 2 principal forms: > Reducing the size of vehicles to adequately reflect their true nature of use > By increasing the size of the vehicle to improve “first time fix rates”

“In Lloyds’ case, it became obvious that there were a number of medium sized vans on fleet which could quite easily be downsized to a car derived small van, as they were only carrying a toolbox 95% of the time. By identifying these vehicles and using Whole Life Costs modelling , with “actual” fuel consumption data rather than published figures, lower monthly lease rental, and reduced SMR, has meant we are set to achieve savings of £195 per month (30,000 miles per annum) per vehicle, or nearly double our target,” continued Manners. “Conversely, another client of ours, operating a fleet based engineering fleet, has calculated that their bottom line profit would improve by £1.5m if they could increase productivity by 1 additional completed job per day per van. In this instance with a greater capacity van capable of holding a larger amount of impress stock “right first time” fix rates should improve dramatically. Apart from delivery drivers, having vans driving round is very expensive and having to go back to fix a machine is also very expensive. We are working with another client to quantify the benefits of having materials delivered directly to site, to again significantly reduce the size and cost of their vehicles,” added Craig Watson CBVC’S Operations Director. “Of course reducing costs on paper is great” commented Lloyds British Managing Director Gus Zone “but as with all initiatives, success depends upon employee buy in. CBVC produced background specifications that showed the savings each branch could achieve, we presented the case at our National Conference, and we have been delighted not only with the take up, but also the with the enthusiasm of the take up. The right sizing model not only helps us save overheads, it also helps us deliver on reducing our C02” To discuss how CBVC Vehicle Management can help you, please contact Mike Manners at CBVC Vehicle Management on 0844 770 6845 or email

Pictured Kim Noble & Craig Watson of CBVC “Our winners really are the best of the best. The message for SMEs is clear: if your business is in the market to lease its company cars or vans, then this is the definitive list of the best small fleet leasing companies around.” said Ralph Morton, Managing Director of Business Car Manager Magazine.





Vehicle solutions for corporate and private clients


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Saren ENGINEERING A growing partnership is sparking between Birmingham’s Saren Engineering and one of the country’s leading providers of electric and plug-in vehicle charging products.

Saren’s increasing involvement with Charging Solutions in the production of the mechanical fabrications for electric vehicle charging points has brought an increased workload and hopes of future expansion. “We are handling the extra work within our current capacity but this involvement with the "Plug In" cars industry can only be good for Saren,” says Managing Director Mike Eager. “We are expecting to invest in the near future and this may lead to expansion and recruitment.” The partnership is the latest good news for the company which has had a bit of a recharge itself since the 2008 economic crash. “Rebuilding sales afterwards was one of our biggest business challenges but, other than one two-month period we avoided short time working and profitability has increased ever since,” Mike says.


Saren Engineering, in Great Lister Street, has been on the West Midlands industrial scene since Mike founded it in 1987 and it knows how to weather an economic storm.

A stampings and presswork and assemblies supplier to many industries in the UK and abroad including major automotive companies, lighting, DIY and textile machinery and the domestic equipment market, the family business puts its organic growth down to the workforce’s excellent levels of service and customer support. “They come very naturally to the team,” smiles Mike. “We are professional and committed in our approach to, and execution of, business.” From day one, Saren has focused on pressed parts and components production, light assembly projects, electrical mechanical assembly, tapping and riveting work, bolted and screwed sub-contract assembly and spotwelding assignments, enabling it to develop a capability and superior technical expertise catering for its wide-ranging customer base’s diverse requirements.

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“This is why we only use the finest technical skills and equipment to ensure permanent high standards, zero rejects and high quality pressed parts and components. “Customers tell us that they put high value on our dependability, our fast response, the quality of the goods and that we anticipate their needs. We will not let them down”

For further information about Saren Engineering and its services, visit Alternatively call 0121 359 4890 or email It also has a branded product range of buckle clips in different metals for electricity supply companies and electrical contractors and non-ferrous washers for fluid and gas valves and electrical terminals. “Our press sizes range from 15 tonnes to 150 tonnes and, mainly, we produce medium batch sizes, that’s 2,000 -10,000 parts,” says Mike. “But we regularly produce some items in batches of 250,000 and more.” Whether the order is large or small, what always remains big is Saren Engineering’s commitment to customer satisfaction. “It’s our number one priority,” nods Mike. “Everyone throughout the business is aware that our performance in regard to cost efficiency, quality of workmanship, on time delivery, active communication and order processing to agreed programmes, is crucially important to clients.

nice doing business with you! call the business insurance specialists Proud to support Saren Engineering. Wishing you all the best for the future Manufacturing & Warehousing Contractors & Allied Trades Fleets & Commercial Vehicles Offices & Shops Liability Insurance Professional Indemnity

insurance 01604 666777

Cotters Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Park House, Sandy Way, Northampton NN4 5EJ

Servicing your Business Community



£13,995* O



Stunning design Quiet yet responsive Ultra-low running costs Visit us to find out more 75-80 High Street Digbeth Birmingham B12 0LL

*Recommended Retail Price after PICG***

TEL 01902 439 251 | MOB 01902 439 251 |




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These awards have been devised as a means of recognising those who have shown loyalty and dedication, to the UK road transport industry in general and to the Road Haulage Association in particular. Categories cover Industry Personality of the Year, Transport Manager of the Year, Sub-Contractor of the Year, Unsung Hero of the Year and RHA Employee of the Year.

Silver Knight

Haulage & Machineries Ltd Moving Premises? Changing your plant and machinery, exporting large pieces of machinery?

Silver Knight Ltd takes pride in their professionalism in planning and executing the requirements of each project, from relocating a single piece of equipment to a complete plant. Dave Asbury, managing Director is proud of his team and of the range of services they offer, he says: “We offer a quality assured service, and as plant and machinery experts, we specialise in packing and container loading. We offer a complete door to door service with full documentation.” Silver Knight Ltd owns a large number of machines, and transport vehicles, required for the handling and transport of plant and machinery, within the UK, and for export worldwide. They have the capability to transport equipment of all sizes including wide, abnormal loads for which they also provide the escort vehicles.

There is a name you can trust, Silver Knight are a family run business, that was established in the West Midlands in 2005 with the aim to provide a cost effective, yet professional service to businesses for the removal, transportation and installation of machine plant and equipment here in the UK, and worldwide.

In the unusual event of a project needing additional equipment, Silver Knight will be able to source and hire anything necessary to complete the project to their own and their client’s satisfaction. All their equipment is fully maintained and tested, and test certificates will be provided on request.

The experienced team, over 50 years between them, understand machinery and its workings and can be relied on to move all types of machines in the most appropriate way. They are skilful, dedicated and committed to doing every job to the best of their ability.

Silver Knight’s expertise and professionalism has built an enviable client list including many well know names such as, British Rail, the Forestry Commission, JTB Pressings, the Ford Motor Company, BSA, Apex Auctions, and Falcon Shipping, the well established Freight Forwarding service for exporters and importers, among many others.

The company are members of the Road Haulage Association, who recognised the high standards the company achieves by awarding them Sub-Contractor of the Year in the Association’s Awards for Excellence 2010.


Visit their web site or phone on 0121 544 8118 to see how they can solve your heavy machinery transport problems.

Falcon Shipping have been exporting and importing machinery worldwide for over 30 years. Our expertise offers the customer a complete service including dismantling, packing, shipping, export documentation and presentation of letters of credit

P Palmer Palmer Commercials Ltd are based in Oldbury in the heart of the West West Midlands, with a garage fully equipped for HGV GV repair. repair.

Best wishes to Silver Knight Haulage & Machineries

Proud to be supporting Silver Knight Haulage & Machineries

For more information, conatct Philip Lewis on 07775 808030, email or visit the website

Call us for a chat on 0121 552 2112, 07850 746810 or visit our website

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Rose George Deep Sea and Foreign Going At a time when people are anxious about globalisation – food miles, sweatshop clothing, and terrorism – why are we moving more commodities around the globe than ever before? “Because the development of a global transport system based on the container has made the shifting of goods incredibly cheap. That’s not the only thing that has fuelled globalisation – outsourcing and cheap labour have played their part – but the box is certainly fundamental to the kind of world we now live in.

Rose George There are 100,000 freighters on the seas. Between them they carry nearly everything we eat wear and work with, but this is an industry that remains obscured from view, until a wreck or a spill puts it briefly in the spotlight. In her new book Deep Sea and Foreign Going, Rose George explores this hidden world. With stories of pirates, pollution, wreckage, rescue, whales and dolphins, mapping, navigation and invisibility this is essential reading for any one curious about the complex systems behind our convenient modern world. Once a major part of our national identity, the seafaring world is now obscure, badly regulated and yet with so many freighters on the seas, far more influential to our daily lives than at any time in history. Rose answered a few questions about her sea going experiences. What first interested you in the subject of sea freight? I was intrigued by how in Britain we see ourselves as a maritime nation, but really we just think the sea is for leisure or to be flown over. Somehow as sea trade has become even more fundamental – it carries 90% of world trade – we ignore it more and more as a place of industry that underpins our consuming everyday existence. That was too intriguing to ignore.

“The cost of transporting goods used to make it not worthwhile to ship them great distances. When the US shipper Malcolm McLean began “multi modal” shipping using a unit - the container – that could fit ships, trains, and trucks, the industry was transformed, though not without a fight from dockers and the ports who had to dig deeper harbours, and so did the modern world.” How did the 2008 financial crisis affect the world of shipping?

Things have changed because ships are following “best management practices”, - (better zig zagging, having good safe rooms etc.), because more ships now carry armed guards; and because of military patrols, and much more importantly, because countries are now actually prosecuting pirates, which wasn’t the case a few years ago. That said, piracy is now a growing problem in West Africa instead. There are still about 100 hostages being held by Somali pirates, too. Your book seems to throw up lots of superlative statistics about the world of shipping, do you have any favourites? That the containers on my ship unloaded onto trucks would form a line 60 miles long. Rose George is a renowned journalist and author of A Life Removed: Hunting for Refuge in the Modern World, and the Big Necessity: Adventures in the World of Human Waste, which was short listed for the BMA Book Prize and an Economist Top Ten Book of the Year.

“It was catastrophic. The previous few years had been incredibly good for shipping. Shipping people now talk about the hubris that was visible pre2008. This translated into ship owners ordering loads of ships. Then when the crash came it was devastating for shipping. You could see hundreds of ships parked at anchor off Singapore and other ports. “There were ships parked up the river Fal in Cornwall for years because they suddenly became too expensive to operate. Things are improving but only slightly. It’s a tough industry with tight margins. Very boom and bust very Wild West in many ways, despite its genteel exterior.” To what degree is piracy a serious problem? “Somali piracy is, for now, less of a problem than it was when I went to sea in 2010. At that time 544 seafarers were being held hostage by Somali pirates.


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For next day parts delivery in Birmingham, visit or telephone 01484 544 221

Calling all Midlands garages and bodyshops, Perrys of Huddersfield, are offering next day, am, delivery of genuine parts from fifteen franchises to customers in Birmingham.

At any one time the company holds £2 million pounds of genuine parts in stock and their 12 fully trained telephone operators have the expertise to help and advise across the range.

As part of the next stage of their planned expansion the company will be taking on some new franchises this year including Chrysler / Jeep / Kia / Chevrolet / Landrover.

Perrys operate a multifranchise call centre covering 15 different manufacturers and deliver genuine car and van parts across the UK.

Robert Lightowler, General Parts Manager, explained that one of the greatest challenges that any supplier of genuine manufacturer parts faces is competition from non-genuine parts. Such parts are always a false economy, and their use frequently results in a damaged vehicle that will cost a great deal more than the initial saving to repair, especially in light of Perrys’ competitive discount structure.

Perrys are rapidly developing into one of the largest wholesale distribution centres working with a multitude of manufacturers and providing a parts distribution network across the UK.

Since being established in 2000 with just 3 vans and 11 staff, the company has grown to 50 employees and has 23 vans busily delivering genuine parts promptly to businesses all over the country.

Why Perrys? ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■


Multifranchise Parts Operation One stop shop 23 Vans 2 Million stock 50 Experienced Staff Competitive discounts

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Originally with eight staff and an inaugural 45-shareholder members, the network now has over 70, having grown faster than any of its competitors, with more than 100 employees and combined group turnover of £60 million pounds the company now handles an average 8,000 pallets nightly. From 5 forklifts the fleet now stands at 46, each one carrying specialised efficiency-boosting features, which have resulted in the industry’s lowest damage rate.

Ten million pallets moved through one hub and not a single one lost en route. That’s some milestone to mark a decade of freight distribution, but it’s one that is unequalled in the palletised freight industry and one about which Wolverhampton’s Pallet-Track is shouting loud and proud as it counts down to 2014 and its 10th anniversary.

The network’s IT investment has also been critical to its market leading position. From the very first night in 2004 it has used barcode labeling and has run ahead of its competitors by building a real time web-based operating platform for shareholder members as well as pioneering a program which enables members and customers to view completed proof of deliveries on line.

There’s more, despite five of its 9 years existence containing one of the worst economic downturns of a generation, this company has recorded double digit growth from its giant 267,000 sq ft distribution centre in Millfield Road. It has also consistently broken movement figures, including its shipping 9,000 pallets in just one evening. Pallet-Track has been a record breaker and an industry leader from the start. Rooted firmly in the heart of the Black Country, the overnight palletised freight distribution network was established in Wednesbury but quickly expanded into its state-of-the art Titan Distribution Centre. Nigel Parkes in the warehouse

overnight pallet distribution The Pallet-Track service portfolio is extensive and highly competitive, offering our customers a choice of service options. With greater demands being placed on independent road haulage operators to provide quality services at home and abroad for their customers, Pallet-Track can provide a flexible link to cater for every delivery requirement. From our modern and impressive Titan Distribution Centre, PalletTrack members are able to offer an unparalleled level of service. Through investment in people, information technology, and stateof-the-art materials handling, our network enjoys a fully structured service that is second to none in our industry. Our operation is equipped to cater to our rapidly increasing volumes of palletised freight, all of which is electronically scanned and tracked.

Managing Director Nigel Parkes commented: “Pallet-Tracks investment in IT is fundamental to growth and we have several new operating systems that will be completed for 2014.” But it’s not the techno wizardry or the machines at the very heart of Pallet-Track’s success. It’s the people. “We have a very loyal team of people who believe in Pallet-Track and give 110% every day,” praises Nigel. “We say ‘we don’t do any one thing 100% better than anyone else, we do 100 things 1% better than anyone else’. That’s what our team does every day. “We win business because we offer a great service at a reasonable rate and we pride ourselves on working hard to get the products safely and securely to where they need to be.

0870 385 0055

“These are strengthened by our ‘get it right first time’ and no-loss policy, which brings not only repeat business but new business partners, promoting expansion and pallet volume.” Pallet-Track offers: Next day delivery, economy delivery, time specific collection, morning/afternoon delivery, Saturday delivery, tail-lift delivery, worldwide delivery.

For further information go to Alternatively telephone 0870 385 0055 or email 49

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NATIONWIDE LIMITED The grey and red sign written vans of Fast Fit Nationwide are rapidly becoming a familiar sight throughout the country, as their mobile service speeds to the aid of motorists, carrying the required replacement parts.

From the smallest Smart car to the heaviest of HGVs, Fast Fit Nationwide will have the correct product for your vehicle. From Sat Navs to seat conversions, hand controls for disabled drivers to vehicle security, tail lifts to daytime running lights, they have it all. Products can be supplied as supply and fit, or supply only; or they will also just charge for the labour to fit your own products, a fitting service for all vehicle accessories is highlighted in the pages of the web site.

The company was originally established in 1990 in the Bromsgrove area by David Bradley and David Fowler as a Vehicle Glazing Replacement Company and has expanded steadily throughout the Midlands. They now have 2 other depots besides their original Bromsgrove site. In 1994 they opened in West Bromwich and then in 1998 their Stratford on Avon branch was opened to access a still wider area.

A recent addition to the range is a handbrake warning system with real speech. Although it is suitable for any type of vehicle, agricultural, waste, bus or coach, lorries, vans or cars, it should prove a boon to taxi drivers as the alarm is activated on the opening of the cab door if the handbrake is not applied.

Congratulations to Fast Fit from

The two Davids soon came to realise that they could offer their customers a much wider range of products and services, and now boast a complete aftercare service supplying and fitting any bolt on vehicle accessory. A real “one stop shop�, the company supplies any product relating to cars and vans, including phone kits, ply kits, roof bars, windscreens, sunroofs etc please visit the web site to view the catalogue


Providing the company with Personnel & Employment Law Health & Safety Support 01384 346 860

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Fast Fit Nationwide has also opened its service offering to the fleet market. In today’s tough economic conditions, a vehicle off the road often means loss of business or broken delivery promises, which can have a major impact especially for the small to medium sector. Fast Fit Nationwide, can be relied upon to keep your fleet moving wherever in the UK your vehicle is. In all the excitement of new products and services and new markets, Fast Fit Nationwide never forgets its roots, and they are still the go to company for quick efficient and economical replacement automotive glazing.

For more details please visit the website or telephone 0121 522 4949, 0152 757 5729 or FREEPHONE on 0800 220 886


Unit 3, Phase 3 Buntsford Park Road Bromsgrove B60 3DX

Commercial Body Fittings would like to wish Fast-Fit Nationwide all the best for the future

80 Bridge Road East Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire AL7 1JY tel: 01707 371161 fax: 01707 372603

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of towbars, towing electrics and commercial vehicle accessories

Midlands Division Budden Road Coseley West Midlands WV14 8JN tel: 0121 520 0100 fax: 0121 522 3889



Proud suppliers to FAST FIT NATIONWIDE for 20 years

To find out more, visit our website


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Luxury travel at affordable prices from Endeavour Coaches Endeavour coaches are a well established, 30 years plus, company who have built up a first class reputation for service and comfort.

Endeavour Coaches offer local, national and continental travel; they have a wide programme of interesting tours throughout the UK including scenic tours of North Wales, beautiful Suffolk, and Hayling Island, with their 2013 programme culminating in a superb 5 day, 4 nights, half board, Turkey and Tinsel break on the Isle of Wight. They also have a very popular day tour programme, which runs throughout the year, from visiting popular seaside resorts such as Weston and Skegness to the more relaxed day tours such as the West Somerset train and Llangollen Boat.

Endeavour Coaches always go that extra mile to ensure your comfort; they believe that every customer should have a luxury travel experience on each and every journey. However, they also believe that your travel it shouldn’t cost extortionate amounts of money. The team at Endeavour Coaches strive to make your journey an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. All their staff are well experienced, and will assist you in every way possible to make your journey that little more memorable.

Endeavour Coaches are not just about luxury travel, their sister company, DEM Services specialises in vehicle maintenance. Their highly skilled, fully qualified and experienced mechanics have built up a reputation for consistently delivering on all our customer promises. John Mitchell of Endeavour Coaches says, “Not only do we service and look after our own vehicles but we also service and maintain other companies’ vehicles and other coach companies' vehicles”.

Endeavour Coaches offer travel ranging from one-off trips to continental Europe to regular local services. Perfect for holiday transport or group day trips. Endeavour Coaches also provide pre and post school services for several junior and secondary schools around Birmingham.

For further information go to Alternatively telephone 0121 326 4994 or email As well as school hire, their coaches are often booked for special days out, weddings, societies, tours and airport transfers and with coaches ranging in size from 16 – 70 seats, they will be able to provide a suitable vehicle for your purpose. Endeavour Coaches are not just one of Birmingham’s most superior coach companies, but also providing the largest number of coaches with full wheelchair access within the city, and take real pride in being Birmingham’s premier coach company for disabled facilities. Disabled access is available on several of their 50 seater coaches as well as the 70 seater coach. This includes Tail lift access to aid access on and off the coach. The company can also provide wheel chair clamping. This is available with up to 8 wheelchairs being clamped at one time.


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Keeping your Unoccupied Buildings Secure Unoccupied buildings and ghost estates are becoming more and more prevalent in recent times. Increasing along with these vacant buildings is the anti-social behaviour taking place on such sites. In order to tackle this growing trend adequate security measures need to be put in place. David Walsh, Group CEO of Netwatch, a leading remote visual surveillance company explains "The "eyes of the street" that typically act as a deterrent to criminals do not exist in empty premises or estates, so the opportunity to engage in criminal activity is heightened. Vacant properties are often readily accessible, and criminals can engage in activity without detection�. “Due to the economic downturn, there are ever increasing number of unoccupied buildings. We are now monitoring over 60% more unoccupied premises than we were 5 years ago. Criminal activity increases in times of economic hardship, so it is feasible to assume that we will continue to see increased vandalism and theft from these premises over the next few years. It is critical that local authorities, building owners or other relevant bodies put appropriate systems in place now to stop the degeneration of certain areas." The nature of criminal activity ranges from the theft of materials from completed units, to criminal damage, loitering and activity associated with drug use. Leading industry professionals have also detected a positive correlation between the lengths of time a premises lies empty and incidences of criminal behaviour. A key problem with unoccupied buildings is a lack of surveillance, which allows anti-social behaviour to develop, undetected.

Traditional methods of security, such as manned guarding are very expensive, particularly in buildings or estates that are already in negative equity or revenue neutral. CCTV cameras alone can be targeted for criminal damage and don’t actually prevent crime, they simply record it. Real time remote security monitoring for businesses and property owners is available which allows action to be taken while the attempted intrusion is taking place, which most often results in criminals leaving the scene before doing any damage. This is possible through the use of advanced protection technologies, wireless perimeter security cordons and audio visual detection. Criminal activity is only one of the risks that exist with unoccupied premises. If a building, either commercial or residential, is unoccupied or untenanted for more than 30 days it typically won't be covered under a standard property owner's insurance policy. Property owners have to consider their own liability if there is an accident on their premises. In the current climate, property owners cannot take an ad hoc approach to their security provisions. Evaluating protocols or insurance policies after an incident has taken place is redundant. Property owners need to take the necessary steps now, to protect their property and ensure it is not targeted by criminals or youths engaging in anti-social behaviour.

No need for drastic security measures...

netwatch creating a fearless environment

Netwatch has prevented over 35,000 crimes. Contact Us: 0800 917 9909


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S EC U R I TY G R O U P The aptly named SafetyNet Security Group is an established Security Consultancy.

Looking to the future, SafetyNet Security Group are continuously pursuing the finest qualities in security provision and challenging ‘the norm’. SafetyNet are always seeking new opportunities and are willing to consult with any parties that may be interested in security provision. In the words of Otis Hanley, CEO “These are exciting times for future of SafetyNet Security Group, and we welcome all who want to share in its vision”

The national premier supplier of security services in the UK is celebrating its tenth anniversary by embarking upon a carefully planned expansion, which could see the firm catapulted into becoming one of the leading security providers in the UK Founded in August 2003, they provide consultancy, man guarding, door supervision, close protection, alarm response, large event management, key holding, industry training, stewards, match day stewarding, and car park security Security is a tough market to break into and tends to be dominated by one or two household names, but founder, Otis Hanley, was sure that there was a gap in the market which he could fill by providing a better more personal service. It took 12 months to obtain his first client and during this time he set about putting a workforce of 25 staff together, and ensuring that they were all S.I.A. licensed. Since those early days the company has expanded into a major player, employing over 200 staff, with plans to more than double the workforce, as they expand into a national brand, recognised and respected amongst their industry peers. The group has multiple industry awards and accreditations and co-operates with fellow security professionals to establish high standards and quality training. In October 2012 the group underwent a rebranding exercise, and has added new departments to its Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter head office including a new PR and marketing department and a business development department, in order to keep one step ahead of its competition, and is growing in size, capacity and strength. The company works alongside multiple corporate organisations and businesses, as well as providing services for Birmingham City Football Club, and a variety of Schools and Universities. Otis Hanley, CEO, attributes much of the company’s success to their philosophy of “Working in partnership with clients and customers to ensure satisfaction and a quality service.” He continued, “By providing professional and personalised advice, SafetyNet helps businesses throughout the Midlands to ensure they always operate within the most current and up-to date legislation. In turn this ensures local businesses enhance and maintain positive relationships with local authorities, and the Police.”


For more information please telephone 0845 634 9005, or visit their web site Why Take Risks? Call with confidence today


Barretts Contractors is a small, local, family business with over 25 year experience within the Roofing & Building industry. During that time, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise which we ensure is applied to every job we undertake. We offer a professional and trustworthy service covering Solihull, Birmingham and extended areas.

Proud supporters of Safety Net A range of services including: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

ROOFING Slating Tiling Flat roofing Lead work UPVC fascias and soffits Guttering systems Demestic and commercial FREE QUOTATONS

Call with confidence

0500 821 602


Free survey and quotations

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“We have a wealth of security experience in the Fire and Security sector and give clients the same attentive level of service, whether they are domestic or blue-chip companies,” he says.

MES SYSTEMS It’s been a bumper 25th year in business for Nuneaton’s MES Systems.

There are long warranties on all parts and all workmanship comes with a guarantee.

This May saw the family-run security specialist move into new premises at Watling Court, Ptarmigan Place, and it’s now gearing up for a second silver anniversary gift the taking on of a new apprentice in September.

The SSAIB accreditation means all the company’s work meets the relevant British and European standards for fire and security systems and that its own processes are regularly reviewed in line with best practice.

Combined with further plans to open a new showroom and trade counter to celebrate their anniversary in October the rest of 2013 is shaping up very nicely.

It’s also subject to twiceyearly inspections to maintain consistency over time and is part of the CHAS scheme, meaning that its operations are approved in line with the Health and Safety Executive.

“Most of our work, 96%, comes from recommendations or repeat business,” says Managing Director Andy Morgan. “All our staff understand the importance to our successful and thriving business of treating customers with the respect they deserve. Our approach is ‘the customer is king’.” Established in 1988, SSAIBapproved MES Systems supplies, installs and maintains a wide selection of fire and security products, ranging from a bespoke access control system to a domestic wireless burglar alarm. In between it can handle requirements for residential, commercial and industrial CCTV systems, integrated fire alarms and intruder alarm monitoring as well as provide an array of maintenance agreements to suit individual customer requirements.


“Taking part in this scheme enables us to demonstrate our commitment to the overall health and safe working of our employees, customers and the general public.” says Andy. “We’re also subject to annual health and safety assessments and all our employees undergo regular health and safety training.” To emphasize this we have recently ordered our own 12metre cherry picker for working at heights and hope to take delivery in Sepetember.

“We bring politeness, understanding and a professional manor to every project and often allocate specific engineers to a specific job, thus eradicating time spent briefing a new engineer about a project. “What’s more, we treat customers like people and not contract numbers. We understand that some may not only want our professional advice, but a good old chat - and we’re more than happy to oblige!”

For further information; 0800 096 0896

RISCO Group produce high quality and reliable security products for every type of security installation. From intrusion alarm systems for residential and commercial installations, including a full range of accessories, to large scale access control and integrated security and building management platforms, we aspire to provide our customers with a stream of top of the line security management solutions.

Congratulations to M.E.S. Systems Ltd on your continuing success.

The accreditations also help reinforce the trust customers have in working with MES Systems - something Andy is keenly aware, especially considering the firm’s line of work, is not given lightly and is built up over time.





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“Using every species of timber available from around the world, our expert joiners combine their traditional skills with the latest technology to manufacture everything in our modern, purposebuilt workshop.” “Whether the requirement is for traditional heritage or contemporary modern, we can meet it; our team, which is trained to the highest standard, takes pride in every piece of work.”

CONTRACTS A good night out isn’t just down to excellent food and drink or great music. The look and comfort of a venue has to be right too. Which is where Xylo Contracts comes in. As a specialist manufacturer of bespoke furniture for bars, clubs hotels and shops, the Nuneaton family business has played a key role in ensuring some of the region’s most successful venues have ‘got the look’. Xylo Contracts’ commitment to completing every project on time to clients’ budgets and satisfaction has paid dividends very quickly. The company, based on the Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate, covers the length and breadth of the country undertaking projects for all the major pub chains and some of the nation’s leading hotels as well as independent pub, restaurants, night clubs and music venues. Whether it’s fitted and loose hotel furniture in all styles and finishes or bars manufactured in timber, acrylic, stainless steel or Corian, Xylo Contracts can supply the furniture to make a venue really stand out from the crowd. With managing director Andrew Wilson’s 30 years of experience driving the business, it has flourished into a successful and busy organisation specialising in joinery, such as windows, doors and stairs, bar, office and shopfitting.

For further information about Xylo Contracts and its services, please visit It also provides a wealth of other associated services including: laminating, spray finishing and CNC machining, all carried out using the very best technology in the form of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. “We cover all aspects of joinery, from a garden gate to flights of stairs, box sash windows and everything in between,” says Andrew.

56 Alternatively telephone

02476 326331 or email

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Centrick Property was established in 2005 with one simple goal; to deliver a better, friendlier and more efficient service than that offered by other property service companies in the market. Their determination to deliver exceptional quality on each and every site was soon awarded recognition from ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents).

Centrick are “all round” property specialists, and have excellent knowledge and expertise in most property sectors. So, if it's better for you to sell rather than rent, they can advise you of all your options, not just the one you enquired about. If you have a problem with your current block management agent that is affecting your rental value or holding up your sale, they have an experienced block management team that can offer free advice to get things resolved. Centrick’s mantra is “You want the best property agent in the business – we want to be that agent! It’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning!”

For more information please visit

Impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the burgeoning business, developer and freehold investor clients started to enlist the services of Centrick Property in more comprehensive property asset management, involving not only facility management of communal areas, but also the marketing of residential units for sale and to let.

Email: or Telephone: 0121 347 6116

Now a leading independent property agent, they have five customer-friendly offices - two in central Birmingham, one in Knowle, Solihull, one in Nottingham and an office in central London – with circa 60 staff looking after over half a billion pounds worth of client assets. The opening of the company’s second Birmingham office on Colmore Row coincided with the award of the prestigious instruction to sell the remaining residential apartments at The Cube, adjacent to Centrick’s first city office on Commercial Street. Of the remaining units in the development, a few have large balconies and terraces overlooking the canal. Some of the best have definitely been saved until last. “We are over the moon to have such a close involvement with this iconic building,” enthused Centrick Property Chairman, James Ackrill. “Its ‘visionary’ individuality makes it a “must have” for those looking for high-end, contemporary living that is vastly different to other apartment schemes on offer in the city. Plus, with few planned new developments on the horizon and little available land in Birmingham to build something of this scale again, for many of our team this is a once in a career chance to work on something this ‘cool’.” Centrick Property announced its instruction to sell The Cube apartments at its recent Colmore Row office launch. “We had clients and key members of the business community literally queuing around the block to come and see what were are up to and to find out more about what we have to offer at The Cube.” said Ackrill

* your sales and letting fees redeem your voucher now - can you afford not to call us? 102 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3AG 16 Commercial Street, Birmingham, B1 1RS

0121 347 6116

* Offer available during October only terms and conditions apply



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Samuel & Co is sending its congratulations to Bond Wolfe on its 30th anniversary - but is also celebrating a birthday of its own.

September sees the real estate company open a premier branch in West Bromwich High Street, through which it plans to bring a real boost to the Black Country property scene. West Bromwich is witnessing huge growth with one of the largest regeneration programmes taking place anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Managing Director Sam Ginda says “this played a huge part in selecting West Bromwich as the location for the new premier branch.” “We wanted to offer something new and fresh to complement the regeneration program. The stand out contemporary office is surely unique and a cut above the rest of any Real Estate firms around” says Sam.

It’s the latest chapter in the success story of the business which started as a home-based lettings firm and, having experienced rapid growth, is now responsible for the care of more than £10 million worth of property assets throughout the UK. Samuel & Co provides the complete property service, offering: residential sales and lettings, auctions, commercial property management, valuations, eviction solicitors, and a mortgage Centre. “Our ethos is to provide the highest quality service to clients across the West Midlands but especially within the Black Country as there is no other firm which can provide such a competitive and comprehensive service,” says Managing Director Sam Ginda. “There is a clear need for clients within the Black Country to have such a comprehensive service on offer, as all other firms providing similar services are based in Birmingham city centre” says Sam.

“In addition by working with our associate companies and bigger firms like Bond Wolfe, we will offer clients an even more comprehensive service, delivered by expert staff with extensive local knowledge. It’s a combination we believe is second to none.” That winning combination is enriched by investment in the latest and most efficient 21st century high-tech communications and computer tools of the trade to ensure property information. Buyers’ requirements are quickly shared throughout the district, enabling Samuel & Co to offer a thorough and informed response to clients’ needs. No matter whether it’s working on behalf of buyers or sellers, landlords or tenants, commercial or residential, the agency brings its full range of expertise to bear. The residential lettings market is extremely buoyant and, as members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents, the regulatory body for the industry Samuel & Co is proud of its unrivalled services to landlords and investors which are tailored to individual clients. “We have great packages we offer Landlords which no other letting agent can offer, due to the in house property specialist we have” says Nicolas Gordon the Director of Evict a Tenant UK LTD.


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Evict a tenant UK LTD are specialists in tenant evictions and debt recovery throughout England and Wales. With over 20 years of experience in the letting and eviction industry we have the ability and resources to act on behalf of individual private landlords, managing agents, local authorities and housing associations. “Our bespoke service is tailor made to each individual landlord and letting agents throughout the UK. Our resources enable us to serve notice(s) throughout England and Wales and provide full representation in all 217 county courts nationwide “says Nicolas Gordon.

“Plenty of buyers are attending auction salerooms to invest in the property market and, more importantly, the sellers are happier than ever,” smiles Sam. Moreover, with property auctions soaring in popularity in recent times, Samuel & Co welcomes enquiries from vendors looking to place a lot in one of its regular events. Samuel & Co will be offering a property auction service in association with Pennycuick Collins Chartered Surveyors, one of the Midlands leading auctioneers, to ensure the hammer comes down on a trouble free auction process. “We welcome this move as it enables dynamic Back Country & Birmingham property services firms to join together to create something unique” says Stuart Tullah head Auctioneer.

For further information about Samuel & Co’s services and to register for the property auction mailing list, visit Alternatively telephone 0121 500 5111 or email 59

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Bond Wolfe, the Black Country and Sandwell’s premier commercial property specialist is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and as they commemorate the occasion, would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been with them on the journey. The company was established in 1983 and with the founding partners’ ongoing active involvement, has developed into a major commercial property practice, specialising in sales, lettings, acquisitions, investments, development sites, and all aspects of property management, commercial property sales, lettings, acquisitions and management

Managing partner, James Mattin said: “Historically, we have focused on the sales and lettings of properties within our inhouse investment portfolios. “However our in-depth knowledge of the local market in Sandwell and the Black Country has enabled us to expand our interests across the board – retail, office and industrial premises as well as investment properties.

James Mattin

Managing partner

At its inception Bond Wolfe was a residential estate agency practice which then developed into a major property auction house within the West Midlands. Bond Wolfe has, since then, developed its strengths in the commercial property sector and has steadily grown into a multi divisional, commercial practice with a management division that manages £80 million pounds worth of property.

“Our core business of office and retail lettings remains robust and this continues as we take on more client work, but we are putting extra emphasis on industrial units”. The company has major plans for expansion next year, including the recruitment of additional staff, and will be moving to substantial new premises, previously the headquarters of the West Bromwich Building Society in Bromwich town centre.

“Purchasing such an iconic building was further testament to the firm’s commitment to the area and represents significant strategic development for Bond Wolfe,” said Mr Mattin. “It will provide the company with the right facilities to continue its growth and consolidate its market leadership. We are also rapidly developing our agency business and felt that this building provides us with the perfect opportunity within which to expand.” Mr Mattin said “We are already in talks with a number of firms about leasing space with us there.” It is plain that this forward looking company has not only risen to the recent challenging market conditions in the sector, but has grown to become established as “the” local commercial property experts in the region.

Based in West Bromwich their primary focus continues to be on the Sandwell and Black Country region where they have built up a substantial commercial portfolio of property including their headquarters at West Plaza, High Street – a 100,000 square feet hotel and office complex. Additional ownership includes Landchard House, Victoria House, West House, Court House, Bridge House and Duchess Parade, totalling over 500,000 square feet of offices.

Forgewood Midlands

helping to build the future

We are the leading construction and retail fit out company. Our wide range of services include

Construction Refurbishment and Fit-Out Energy saving We are proud to support Bond Wolfe and wish them all the best for the future. For more information about our services, please call us on 07894 138 491 email 3 Goodyear Road, Smethwick, West Midlands B67 6JY


For more information visit the website or telephone 0121 525 0600

Visit us on:

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The Developing Role of Facilities Management Fifty years ago Facilities Management, if it existed at all, might have involved one person in overalls with a toolbox or another wielding a mop and bucket. Today, it’s one of the fasting growing professions in the UK, with managers responsible for many companies’ buildings and services and their impact upon people and the workplace. The European Committee for Standardisation’s definition of Facilities Management, (FM), ratified by BSI British Standards and formally adopted by the British Institute for Facilities Management, is: “the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities”. In slightly plainer English, that means FM professionals have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing a host of services that support business. Their roles can cover management of areas such as: health and safety, risk management, business continuity, procurement, sustainability, space planning, energy, property and asset management, as well as catering, cleaning, building maintenance, environmental services, security and reception. At a corporate level, the sector contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives and on a day-to day basis, effective FM provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business. With the UK market valued at a potential £106.3 billion in 2012, the sector has come a long way from its early days in the 1970s and ‘80s, which was when the requirement for the effective management of combined resources and activities grew out of cost-cutting initiatives leading to outsourced ‘non-core’ services. It continued to grow with the further integration of the planning and management of ‘hard’ (e.g. building fabric)

and ‘soft’ (catering, cleaning, security, mailroom, and health and safety) services in bids to achieve better quality and economies of scale. In 2013 and up to 2017, according to a recent industry report, the UK FM market is anticipated to increase, with annual growth levels expected to fluctuate around 2% in real terms. Such predictions are welcome news for the sector which recorded low levels of change after modest growth in 2011, little change in 2010, and a decline in 2009. However, the continued trend towards outsourcing is expected to ensure future growth opportunities for facilities management companies, with bundled services and integrated solutions, in particular, showing the strongest growth potential. As we have moved further into the 21st century with its continuous changes in business and technology and increased emphasis on effective utilisation of all corporate resources, FM has become established as a key business discipline. Today’s facilities managers have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing myriad services ranging from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management. The sector itself is also large and complicated, comprising a mix of in-house departments, specialist contractors, large multi-service companies, and consortia delivering the full range of design, build, finance and management. Not surprisingly, FM requires a high degree of professionalism but, get it right, and the benefits are many.

Among other things the best FM can: •

Deliver effective management of an organisation’s assets.

Enhance people skills within the sector and offer many career options.

Enable new working styles and processes – of key importance in this technology-powered age.

Enhance and project an organisation’s identity and image.

Help the integration processes associated with change, post-merger or acquisition.

Deliver business continuity and workforce protection in an era of heightened security threats.

Organisations have always relied on a mix of functions and services to provide the essential support to their core business operations but as the business environment has evolved into a fastpaced, ever-changing, multi-technological world, FM has evolved and grown along with it and has now come of age. Its practitioners require skill and knowledge and, as the sector definition continues to expand to cover management of a wider and wider range of tangible assets, support services and people skills, it’s essential that those practitioners can provide support of the right quality and for the right cost. Today’s facilities manager is a familiar face, performing a vital function in offices, retail centres, industrial buildings, schools and hospitals. FM can be difficult to define in practice but, essentially, it’s about overseeing non core services, thus freeing businesses to concentrate on what they do best.


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Squires Electrical Ltd Local, professional and reliable, Squires Electrical Ltd are a friendly family run business who specialise in most kinds of electrical work large or small, from fitting a plug to a full rewire for domestic, industrial and commercial customers in and around Stafford. The business has grown steadily since Colin Squires and his wife Carol started the company as a sole trader many years ago. As the business expanded they were joined by their son Andy as a partner, and became a limited company on the 1st September 2003.

Squires provide a comprehensive range of commercial electrical services mainly in the Staffordshire area but also throughout the UK. They have extensive knowledge and experience of working on projects ranging from office refurbishments and three phase installations in factory units, through to electrical installations in tyre distributors throughout the UK. They also have a wealth of experience in new build and site work Squires, in common with many other of the trades aligned with the building industry, felt the effects of the recession, but managed to find enough work without anyone having to go on short time or reduced hours.

They are extremely proud of their loyal and experienced employees, and it is one of their sources of greatest satisfaction that they have kept going throughout the years without making anyone redundant or laying anyone off. They are always happy to take on new clients and have many satisfied customers who will be delighted to act as a reference. At the time they only had one apprentice but now they employ 4 electricians full time, 3 of whom started with them as apprentices, and are able to call upon a reliable bank of subcontractors who they use on a regular basis – at least one of them was one of the apprentices Squires had trained. The company are proud that the majority of their business comes from word of mouth and repeat business, which they firmly believe is a testament to the quality of their service.

Call: 01785 600 461 Email: Visit: 27 Tillington Street, Stafford ST16 2RP city electrical factors ltd

They are "Part P" registered, which gives all their customers the reassurance that all their work is carried out to National Standards and is recognised under UK Building Regulations. All electrical work carried out by Squires is compliant with current UK Building regulations. They are a fully registered member of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and a registered domestic installer with the NICEIC and hold TrustMark approval. All their electricians and work is fully insured and covered by a 15 year guarantee. In addition to a complete range of electrical services for the home, the company also carries out inspection, testing and certification for landlords or prospective house buyers.


We are the United Kingdom’s leading Electrical Wholesale Network with almost twice as many distribution outlets as our nearest competitor...

We would like to Thank

Squires Electrical for supporting Eric and the new team at

CEF Stafford.

Unit 1/2, Astonfields Road Astonfields Ind Est, Stafford West Midlands ST16 3UF Tel: 01785 244 238

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Their products include, Glass Clamps, Glass Brackets, Glass Adapters, Panel Clips, Saddle Stems, Ball Saddle, Saddle Stems, End Caps, Elbows, Posts, Base and Cover Plates among many others. For a full range of their products, please visit their web site

Balustrade UK was founded by Trevor Bennett on a very simple principle, to offer a wide range of high quality railing products at competitive prices. He must have got something right, as the company will be celebrating 31 years in business this year, and has grown into a major supplier of architectural metal products.

The company usually offers next day delivery throughout the UK and Ireland, with a few exceptions in rural areas. Balustrade UK also offers a full fabrication package, which includes:

• • • • • •

Site surveying Structural drawings Manufacturing Complete fitting service 304 grade stainless steel for internal use 316-grade stainless steel for external use The company have a number of large contracts with household names such as Sainsburys, Bowman and Kirkland, and Tesco, and are positioned to expand still further to take advantage of the renewed confidence in the housing and property development sectors.

Trevor said that he came into the business almost by chance; he started a YTS course as a youngster, found the business interesting and stayed. Trevor is helped in the business by his wife, Elizabeth, and over the years the business has grown steadily. So much so, that 4 years ago they moved to larger premises on Washington Street Industrial Park, Dudley, West Midlands. Balustrade UK holds extensive stock and provides a range of stylish easy to use, affordable products to both the metal and glass industries. They can also adapt standard products to meet their customers’ requirements for a more bespoke style and feel. Their range of products features everything an architect, developer or designer could wish for to create from a simple stylish balcony or staircase, through to ornate and complex railing designs.



For more details simply call 0845 389 3456 and their helpful staff will answer any of your questions or email them your enquiries at

Architectural Metal Work Supplies Stockist of

The products are also used creatively in the hospitality industry for room dividers, screens, bars and bar rails in sleek modern locations. Balconies, railings, and stylish staircases are very much a feature of modern design; stylish apartment blocks feature architectural detailing providing at least some outside space for residents. Schools, hospitals offices and public buildings all need secure, attractive balconies and railings; in fact the list of applications is endless.

S B Railing AMG Balustrades Grande Forge and other high quality components

Kensington Balustrade Systems 23-25 Ribocon Way, Progress Park Leagrave, Luton LU4 9TR T: 01582 563 794 F: 01582 491 925 FREEPHONE: 0800 731 5528 W:

Warwick Brass Engineering C N C Machined Parts in all Materials Very proud to be supporting Balustrade UK For more information, phone us on 0121 440 0901 or visit our website 63

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Most recently the estate gained national recognition winning a Bronze award in both the 2012 and 2013 VisitEngland national tourism awards for excellence in self-catering and is the only winner to be recognised two years running.

If you have set your sights on luxury, award-winning, four and five-star self-catering accommodation, you’d best be targeting Eaton Manor Country Estate. And that’s not just because one of its outstanding facilities includes an Olympic-sized archery range which was used for training by Team GB and visited by the BBC’s Countryfile with presenter Matt Baker.

“This has been a huge achievement for us, particularly two years in a row” smiles Nichola. “The awards recognise that we offer a unique venue focusing on first class, personal service and ensuring our guests’ stays and celebrations are truly special and memorable.” Renovation and improvement has been an ongoing theme throughout the estate’s development and it shows no sign of stopping. Now displaying a brand new logo on its new bespoke website and brochure, the estate is also boasting new on-site signage while a croquet lawn and indoor badminton court have recently been opened. Bespoke team building and leadership courses with qualified instructors are now also being offered as part of the comprehensive business breaks package. Says Nichola. “We have facilities and expertise to cater for everything from training sessions by day to dinners in the evening and can devise tailored itineraries to meet your needs.”

For further information about Eaton Manor Country Estate, visit To make an enquiry or booking email or telephone 01694 724814

You might not even be looking for a relaxing holiday - you may be seeking somewhere with outstanding facilities to help your team building/leadership training event to be super-effective or maybe require a business group/private meeting in an exclusive-use venue.

All of these can be found at Eaton Manor Country Estate, near Church Stretton, the rich harvest of a farm diversification which began in 2001. Carried out by the fourth generation of the Madeley family to live and work here, the brother and sister team of Julian Madeley and Nichola Cariss has created a spectacular destination that will leave long-lasting memories with all its guests, whether the visit was business or pleasure. Originally one property sleeping eight, the estate now comprises five able to accommodate 58 guests: including a 17th century Manor House, barn conversions, properties suitable for reduced mobility and a stunning cottage boasting its own private swimming pool. All are unique and feature fully-equipped kitchens, spacious dining areas indoors and out and comfortable furnishings. In fact, the standard of accommodation is so high, it’s led to numerous awards and accreditations, including four VisitEngland Golds, VisitEngland four and five-star ratings and a Green Tourism Silver.


Professional portrait and lifestyle photography for guests and their families during their stay at Eaton Manor. Informal, relaxed and fun capturing moments to treasure forever.

we love what we do!

It could be the wellequipped games room, the large playing field, the opportunity to explore 500 acres of stunning Shropshire countryside, not to mention staying in the home-fromhome properties within this glorious rural retreat, or the hand-picked additional services, such as professional photography by Gill’s Images.

We are proud to supply Eaton Manor with professional photography and wish them all the best for the future.

Commercial photography for businesses on site, on location, contemporary company images shot for websites, PR and brochures.

Contact us... Tel 07813 812511 Email

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Travel Industry Reaping Rewards of

Autumn Breaks Memories of the summer sunshine are fading, the temperatures are cooling, the longer dark nights are not so far away and the Christmas festivities have yet to sparkle. Autumn in the UK officially begins on September 21 and winter on December 21, and it’s the perfect time to make a getaway, falling as it does, between the traditionally busy summer and festive seasons. For a start, it’s easier on the purse strings, with many accommodation providers and travel operators offering lower prices at this traditionally quieter time of year. Everything also tends to feel a little bit more relaxed as, with schools back in term time, there are fewer people travelling. So, it couldn’t be a better time to take an autumn break. If you’re not yet ready to give up the sunscreen and flip flops, now’s your chance to get a final blast of sunshine, and not too far from home either.

And if you want to really roast, ever-warm Egypt has plenty of super holiday destinations. Autumn is also the perfect time to visit other European places that are hotspots in other ways - such as Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona and Rome. Take a city break at this time and it’s when the cooling temperatures work to your advantage, with sightseeing becoming a lot more bearable; particularly as the crowds are often thinner as well, meaning less time spent queuing. What’s more, this is when the calendars of these cities are filled with festivals and celebrations, giving you the perfect reason to slip away for a long weekend, either by hopping on a ferry, boarding the Eurostar or taking a flight. For millions, a holiday at this time of year is not all about chasing the last of the summer sunshine. The UK itself is a place of beauty, thanks to the trees’ spectacular displays of colour.

Short haul flights - with Birmingham and Bristol Airports right on the doorstep - put some of Europe’s top tourist destinations within hours’ reach.

In fact, autumn is seen by millions of foreign visitors as the most spectacular season in which to visit these shores.

Sunseekers determined to grab that last bit of extra warmth can jet off for Tenerife, for example, where September temperatures regularly hit the late 20s, or Crete, which bathes in one of the Mediterranean’s longest summer seasons.

The country’s forests and woods burst into a range of golden shades and, forget the old ‘seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ line, there’s often some surprisingly good weather in which to get out and enjoy nature’s spectacular show.

Certainly the experience of crunching through piles of golden leaves and collecting conkers (the presence of children optional!) is one that’s hard to beat. And, oh, the joy of returning to a comfy cosy country pub or hotel with a crackling log fire by which you can relax and plan your following day’s activity. Being in the heart of England, Birmingham is perfectly placed to access some of the country’s most beautiful rural spots such as the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Cotswolds while Bristol is practically only a hop, skip and a jump away from Devon, Cornwall and south Wales. You can take over a country house or cottage as a group of friends and family, you can relax in hotels, pubs or B&Bs or you can be pampered within an inch of your life at a spa break - whatever you choose, all make the perfect choice for an autumn break. Of course, away from the beautiful countryside, the UK also has its own city break hotspots - you don’t need to go abroad for an action-packed trip. London ranks up there with Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and the rest. For thousands, the opportunity to catch a West End show is reason enough for a short getaway and some of those older theatres are, at this time of year, much cooler places in which to enjoy the performances. Bath, with its Roman Spa and Jane Austen connections is an extremely popular destination as is York with its rich Viking heritage, and Edinburgh. One final thought, while the temperatures may not automatically have you reaching for the bucket and spade, don’t forget the beach. Some of the country’s seaside resorts such as Brighton and Blackpool have plenty going on which will keep you entertained whatever the weather.


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Hagley Hall


The Historic Houses Association (HHA), which marks its 40th anniversary this year, represents 1500 privatelyowned historic houses, castles and gardens throughout the UK. The HHA’s members are listed buildings or designated gardens, usually Grade I or II*, and are often outstanding. Many are icons of Britain's unique heritage including such names as Burghley, Chatsworth, Highclere Castle and Castle Howard and, nearer to home, Ragley Hall, Hagley Hall, Weston Park and Chillington Hall.

successful annual world marmalade festival! The winning entry is then sold at Fortnum and Masons in London.

It surprises people to hear that there are more historic houses and gardens in HHA membership open to the public than in the National Trust, English Heritage and their equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined – and together these houses welcome 13 million visitors each year. Today the HHA has a small army of supporters through its 36,000 ‘Friends’ who, for a modest subscription, enjoy free admission to nearly 300 of these properties, and special tours to many more.

Richard Compton took over the presidency of the HHA in November last year. Himself the owner of Newby Hall in North Yorkshire, which attracts 140,000 visitors a year to its award winning gardens and spectacular house, he is well-placed to lead the HHA’s campaign for a fiscal, political and economic climate in which private owners can continue to look after Britain's historic houses and gardens for the benefit of the nation and for future generations.

Many HHA houses are also available for weddings, corporate events or special interest visits, and others host festivals, concerts and conferences or provide accommodation. Owners are innovative at attracting people to visit. A mud running competition (where competitors run and swim in mud over a course of several miles) now takes place at Eastnor Castle three times a year, Brazilian street artists have painted psychedelic murals on the external walls of Kelburn Castle in Scotland and Dalemain in the Lake District runs a highly

Back in 1973 the world was also in the grip of economic turbulence, threatening the survival of many much loved historic houses. One of the great achievements of the last forty years, in which historic house owners and the HHA have played no small part, is the recognition that heritage is a key driver for tourism, inward investment, employment, and economic growth, quite apart from the enjoyment and sense of pride in our country that it gives us as visitors to these unique places.

Owners have to be innovative to survive. Together, and despite spending £140million on maintenance per year, they face a backlog of repairs of £390million. Grants for repair have all but disappeared, and repair costs are higher for listed buildings, so ensuring the economic viability of historic houses is of great importance and continues to be an area of major focus for the HHA.

Visiting a historic house, castle or garden is the activity most often quoted by inbound tourists among their reasons for their trip to the UK. Reminding us of that fact – and persuading politicians to help, rather than hinder, owners to maintain such a hugely important national asset – will remain a primary objective for the HHA for the next forty years.

Building Insurance Valuations

32070 2pg_Grenville Engineering 2pg DPS 28/09/2013 22:51 Page 2


Contact Us HHA Chester Street: Historic Houses Association, 2 Chester Street, London SW1X 7BB T: +44 (0)20 7259 5688 F: +44 (0)20 7259 5590 E: Friends Membership Department: Heritage House, PO Box 21, Baldock, Herts SG7 5SH T: +44 (0)1462 896688 F: +44 (0)1462 896677 E:

Barrett Corp & Harrington is a leading supplier of building insurance valuations to the UK

insurance market.

We are proud to support Historic Houses Association

We provide national coverage and value all types of residential and commercial buildings, including historic and listed buildings and large property portfolios. We don’t have a one size fits all approach; each assessment is as unique as the property itself Local valuers, rarely beaten on price and RICS Compliant.

Please feel free to contact us... Tel 0844 412 4495 Email


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Andy can also script film and produce a high definition 2 – 3 minute film which can be used for training purposes or sales.

West Midlands based APS Video Productions have been filming and editing high quality videos since 1983.

As an example of the diverse work APS Video Productions can be called upon to provide, they filmed and produced Brigadier Mike Calvert and the Chindits. A captivating 60 minute documentary of ten special force soldiers sharing their amazing stories of survival four hundred and fifty miles behind enemy lines, which was updated to cover the “Laying – up” of the Chindit’s Standard in Lichfield Cathedral in 2009, marking their 65th anniversary.

Andy Stokes, film maker, is a true people person, and his wedding videos capture the essence of the occasion and the personalities of all the participants, providing memories of one of the best days of their lives.

At the other extreme, Andy was recently requested to provide a film of a precision engineering process for use on that company’s stand at an exhibition. To get an idea of the range and standard of their work visit the APS website, The day can even start in the home with a two camera shoot; while Andy films the groom, Andy’s partner will be filming the bride. They have just the knack of focussing on the little details that will enable you to relive your day.

Among their other services Andy offers some technologically very advanced processes, not just transferring video from a wide range of media types including VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD, slides to DVD, cine films to DVD, USB sticks or SD cards. They will also repair broken video and camcorder tapes. A variety of films are shown on vimeo in high definition on both websites.

For further information Telephone: Office 0121 574 6668 Mobile 07813 709561 Email

Andy spends two days editing after filming, so that each wedding is individual and tailor made to the couple’s requirements. Andy’s thirty years of experience enable him to produce a film of outstanding quality, branching out into filming all sorts of family events and occasions. He has accumulated hundreds of thank you letters, which can be viewed on his website. On the commercial side of the business, APS Video Productions, Andy has enabled customers to promote and advertise their services via the internet, saying that film is the best selling tool.


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Hobgoblin, the folk and acoustic musicians’ music store is celebrating 10 years this month at the heart of Birmingham’s dynamic creative community, the Custard Factory. Hobgoblin Music was born in 1976, when Mannie and Pete McClelland were looking for a concertina to play, but couldn’t find one. During their search many other interesting instruments came to light, and the idea of a type of folk music supermarket, was born. One where you could walk among shelves and shelves of folk instruments, accessories and tune books, acquiring everything you needed to play folk under one roof. A place where friendly knowledgeable staff would be on hand to help and advise and where musicians could actually try the instruments out before buying, giving beginners a chance to take up a folk instrument, as well as to provide the best for those who already play From a humble start, on a stall at Burgess Hill Market, the company has become hugely successful. Hobgoblin opened their first retail store, in Crawley in 1977. In 1992 they opened a second branch in London. Since then they have opened up in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Wadebridge, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and their newest shop, in Canterbury, in 2010. All Hobgoblin’s stores offer musicians a unique range of unusual and exciting acoustic instruments from all over the world, and offer music lessons

strong. The people in each shop are among the most friendly and approachable in the business.

on your chosen instrument to make sure that you get the best from choice. They constantly introduce new lines from British makers and designers as well as their trusted long term overseas partners, and stock hundreds of secondhand and one-off items. With the aim to make real acoustic instruments as widely available as possible, they have also established a very successful mail order service. Every item in their catalogue is there on merit, and they constantly review the range to supply the best quality available at each price level. Folk enthusiasts everywhere look forward to each Hobgoblin catalogue. Everyone at Hobgoblin is involved in folk music and most of them are regularly gigging musicians. Hobgoblin provides employment to a growing number of folk musicians, makers and repairers; they support many live music events across the country and their record label gives an outlet to some of the best new folk and acoustic talent.

Anyone of any standard is welcome in a Hobgoblin shop to pick up an instrument to try without feeling pressured or intimidated. Give them a call, or visit one of the shops, and they will do their best to help you find the instrument you want, and arrange some lessons if you wish. Mannie did eventually find her concertina, a Jeffries Anglo, and still plays it to this day!

For further information; Call: 0121 772 7780 Email: Or call in; 1 Gibb Street, The Custard Factory Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AA You can also find us on:

Providing quality quality instr instruments uments and accessories to the music trade

35 years after Pete and Mannie began trading at Burgess Hill market, Hobgoblin Music is recognised as ‘Britain’s first choice for Folk’. The original shop in Crawley is still going

Congratulations to Hobgoblin for over 35 years of continued business in the music industry. Thank you for supporting HOHNER products. All the best for the next 35 years! Sutherland Trading

Unit U nit 3, 202-2 202-210 10 Brighton R Road oad Shoreham by Sea BN43 6RJ Call 0 01273 1273 440442 Visit www .string Join us on


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Guitar & Son

Since it’s opening in 1995 local Stafford music store guitar & Son has been anything but an ordinary run of the mill music store. Guitar & Son make it their business to actively promote new music, young bands old bands established bands and anyone who has a desire to play live music. ‘I can’t just shut the shop at 5pm and go home’ explains Store owner Eric Furze. ‘There’s always a gig to help set up or a p.a. to deliver and for a lot of these younger bands their first gig is the most important night of their life so it has to go just right.’

Guitar & Son is still a general music store with a variety of new and used instruments but it excels at promoting live work and working with up and coming bands, so you may walk into the store to pick up your first guitar and walk out with your first gig booked! ‘Live music is the lifeblood of all music shops so I work closely with all local venues to help, encourage and nurture new talent and there is a lot of talent knocking around in the Midlands’, says Eric.

We are proud to support

Guitar & Son and wish them all the best for the future


32066 2pg_Guitar 16/09/2013 13:15 Page 2

So what does the future hold for the shop known as ’Stafford’s Friendliest Music Store’? Eric shrugs, ‘Who knows? I’ve always been after my own rehearsal rooms, maybe even my own venue or record label’, Watch this space because you don’t move forward by standing still and this store is constantly moving along with the times.

Guitar & Son much more than a music store

The shop also offers a repair service and lessons and the occasional drum or guitar clinic where Eric will hire in a professional player to come down and impart their wisdom and skills to an ever hungry audience, these shows are important to keep players interested in honing in their craft and also to show new products that are available to the end user. And if that’s not enough input into the local music circuit Eric also has his own radio show on entitled ’Totally Local’ showcasing all the best in local music. He says, ‘I don’t mind what genre of music I play on the show as long as it’s music and the response I get when I play a bands new demo or C.D is just fantastic and makes putting in the extra hours worthwhile’.


orcestershir W

olf Club eG

The N ort h

32113 2pgs_HorseWorld 11/10/2013 12:24 Page 1

North Worcestershire is a very friendly club and extends a warm welcome to golfers young and old, particularly to beginners, and improvers, offering excellent value coaching in all aspects of golf, and reduced green fees. There is a range of memberships available, including Corporate, Junior, Full 7 and 5 day, and Country, for those who are away from home a lot.

Founded 1907 A hidden gem, set in South Birmingham, North Worcestershire Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in the Birmingham area, providing both fun and competitive golf for men, ladies and juniors of all abilities.

A new Apprenticeship membership is planned for next year offering those new to golf the chance to learn the game at very reasonable rates and at the same time experience what it is like to belong to the club. The etiquette and rules of golf encourage care and respect for others and individual differences disappear as playing the game becomes a common focus. Many a golfer will say ‘the worst day of golf is still better than a good day at work!’ and this is especially so at North Worcestershire.

The club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007 and has a fascinating history. In 1905 Edward Cadbury, started the ball rolling by allowing up to 50 people access to his private 9 holes course. Fired with enthusiasm, some nearby farmland was obtained by the founding members, on the understanding that no hedges were to be cut, there should be no Sunday play, and that no dogs should be allowed on account of the grazing of sheep over the land! A really good nine holes were played on for a time, despite no made bunkers, the hedges being considered sufficient hazards. Set among mature trees the present 18 holes course was designed by the champion golfer, James Braid, and remains substantially the same, providing a well established and challenging course for all golfing abilities. A recent extensive programme of drainage and ditching means that the course is now the best it has been for many years and compares favourably with any other club in the area. All visitors coming to the club either in societies, competitions or professionally, comment on the superb condition of the course.


A favoured venue for visiting clubs and societies, the welcoming club house and bar can cater for private functions and business meetings. The club is also developing a well earned reputation for hosting weddings.

SWALLOW Birmingham’s leading independent drinks wholesaler

swalllow drinks... are proud to support north worcestershire golf club and wish them all the best for the future

Call us today 0121 4154145

32113 2pgs_HorseWorld 11/10/2013 12:24 Page 2

Please visit the web site for more information The beautiful grounds form a stunning backdrop for those all important photographs, while the catering staff will devise a menu using fresh produce that will delight guests and principles alike. Members participate in the 100 club, a draw which raises money towards the upkeep of the course, and there are plans to attract more corporate sponsorship to keep this lovely club fresh and green for at least another 100 years. Whether you have visited before or not, call in for a few rounds, the greens are superb and every hole has its own unique challenge for even the most experienced golfer, you will be made very welcome. Email: or telephone 0121 475 1047 (Office hours 9am -1pm)

North Worcestershire Golf Club Hanging Lane, Northfield Birmingham B31 5LP


32076 1pg_Manor Golf Club 1pg 16/09/2013 14:27 Page 1

Manor Golf Club (Kingstone) Ltd

Recently there has been extensive work has been carried out to several paths around the course, to allow better negotiation of busy areas as well as enhancing the look of the course. As part of a friendly, family run enterprise, the recently refurbished clubhouse, which over looks the whole course is an important focus of activities. The new Spike Bar on the ground floor is completed and an extension is being undertaken to accept party, conference and wedding bookings as due to the stunning location the club has become a popular local venue. Prestige Catering have devised a delicious daily selection of freshly prepared meals and snacks using fresh local seasonal produce and enter into meal planning for special events with enthusiasm. This active lively club has a busy programme of events, including Golf Corporate Days, Society days, and away days, with the Ladies recently enjoying two very competitive days of golf at the Celtic Manor Course in Wales. Contact the club Professional, Chris Miller, for more details.

Golfers looking for a challenge are shouldering their clubs and travelling from far and wide to play on an exciting award winning course set in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside. The par 71, 6,215 yard long course, has been prepared and laid out as a traditional English golf course, and provides a satisfying challenge for both low and high handicap golfers alike, with numerous short hazard ridden challenging par 4’s interspersed with long par 4’s and 5’s. Known as “the thinking mans course”, no two holes are the same, it presents a unique combination of greens to test all skill levels. It was Golf Club of the Year two years running, has been named as the best course in the area. When the Bathew family, who still own and run the club today, decided over Christmas lunch in 1989 to turn their farm into a golf course, Sarah Bathew, Club Secretary, explained “It all sounded pretty straightforward, but it took a lot of hard work and a very steep learning curve. However, it was all worth it and we now have something that we and our members are very proud of.” From 1992 when the club was first established with an interesting 9 hole course, that was apparently “great fun to play”, the course has undergone numerous changes and expansions, with new larger tees being constantly constructed. The present design is as a result of the hard work, golfing experience and expertise of Course Manager, Ant Foulds, who designed and developed the present course on this challenging and beautiful site.

Non golfers are catered for at the Manor too, enjoying the friendly atmosphere, wonderful views and the proliferation of wildlife attracted by the wooded greens and the River Blythe running through the course.

A great day out for golfers of all levels and non golfers alike, ring on 01889 563 234 or visit the web site for more details Leese Hill, Kingstone, Uttoxeter, ST14 8QT

Marston’s are privileged to be major suppliers to the Manor Golf Club


32294 1pg_CD Engineering 10/10/2013 16:24 Page 1

The team that masterminded the catering for more than 3,000 guests at superstar boxer Amir Khan’s wedding this summer, is bringing its spectacular style of event and Asian wedding planning to Birmingham.

Having branched out into catering and decor, in 1995 Payal opened its Manchester office and kitchens and the growth continued. Four years ago it opened its London Bridge office and awareness down South of the Payal style of event organisation continues to blossom. Today the company, still very much a family business, can deliver the most opulent of birthday, wedding, reception and themed parties or the most intimate of family dinners in a client’s own home. Its full range of services includes: Asian and Fusion catering, event design, co-ordination and operation, entertainment and production, decor and flowers, venue searching, cutlery, crockery, linen and glassware and mandap and stage provision. “Just come to us with an idea and we’ll take it from there,” says fellow Managing Director Sheetal Somaiya. “Our creativity and passion ensure your event is the one that gets talked about. Whether you have a weird and wonderful idea, or require us to provide you with a unique concept, we’ll bring it to life with style and panache. We take care of every conceivable detail with meticulous precision adding that all important, personal touch.”

And Second City couples are welcoming Payal Events with open arms.

“We understand that everything has to be just right and embrace the necessity for careful management, attention to detail and an unrivaled willingness to go that extra mile to ensure the success of every event.”

“We’re averaging five enquiries a day since we opened our office in Birmingham” reveals delighted Managing Director Raj Somaiya.

For further information about Payal and its services or to email an enquiry, please go to

“It’s an amazing response from brides and grooms-to-be and we’re already building up a great working relationship with venues in the area. We aim to have generated £250,000-worth of business in the Midlands by the end of this year alone and are confident of building on our previous successes in Manchester and London.” Alternatively, contact the Birmingham office on

0845 3400 195

Payal expanded into Birmingham having already notched up a number of successful events there and, fresh from its Caterer of the Year success in September’s English Curry Awards 2013, is looking forward to delivering outstanding celebrations to the region. With a reputation for being the best in the business, delivering around 200 events to top-end clients around the UK annually, the company can reflect with pride on 20 years of creating unforgettable experiences. Payal Events began with Tarla Somaiya creating floral decorations and garlands for Asian weddings in south Manchester. Such was her expertise and eye for colour and design that word of her talent grew and she quickly became the ‘go to’ person for local hotels and brides-to-be.


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Masquerade at the ICC JD Parties have been successfully hosting Christmas Parties for nearly 20 years and in that time entertained over half a million guests – now that’s a lot of bubbly! Their highly dedicated team of party planners can help with any aspect of organising your Christmas Party whether you’re a group of 2 or 1200 they’re always on hand to offer help and advice to ensure the role of party organiser is as stress free as possible.

Last year JD Parties played host to over 50,000 party goers, with the Parisian Spectacular at The ICC enjoying rave reviews.

Be wowed by a cast of singers and dancers and enjoy a night of pure entertainment from start to finish with a sumptuous 3 course meal under the starlit canopy, spectacular ‘Venetian Masquerade’ show, all before you party the night away with our DJ and disco or perhaps have a flutter on our charity fun casino. With tickets starting from just £49.50 including VAT, and no minimum party size, our parties are even better value than ever before!

Your part night includes •

Spectacular Venetian entertainment with West End performers

State-of-the-art sound and lighting effects

Crackers and novelties for all guests

Sumptuous 3 course meal

Dance competitions

Balloon modelling competition

Charity Fun Casino including; Roulette, Blackjack and Poker tables – over £18,500 raised on behalf of the British Heart Foundation in 2012

Disco with professional DJ until the early hours

On site photographers to capture you and your guests as you enjoy your evening

Free cloakroom facilities & Disables access

On site security

Free parking available

Join them this year at The ICC for The Ultimate Christmas Party and we promise you’ll be treated to an even bigger and better Christmas Party like no other!

A JD Christmas Party is quite simply the biggest and most glamorous Christmas Party in town! With many tickets already sold, don’t delay. The Venetian Masquerade themed party will transport you and your guests into fantastic and mysterious world of ancient Venice, to a time of elegance and excess, where they mystery and drama of the world’s most famous masked carnival awaits.


Get your dancing shoes ready and book your tickets online at

or call us now on 0844 318 3903

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Christmas The countdown to the Christmas party season is well and truly on. Decorations, cards and wrapping are appearing in the shops and the party frocks are appearing on clothes rails up and down the high street. Pubs, restaurants and hotels throughout the region are bracing themselves for what is, traditionally, one of their busiest times of the year.


So that involves plenty of planning. Go to any party planner’s website and they’ll all tell you that it’s never too early to book to ensure you get the Christmas party you want, where you want and when you want.

But the other side of the coin means it’s never too early for the hospitality sector to start drumming up some festive cheer, to ensure a healthy level of holiday business. The Midlands, as one would expect, is not spoilt for choice with Birmingham and Nottingham in particular, enjoying reputations for being entertainment hot-spots, with people traveling in from miles around to parties at venues in their centres. But you don’t have visit urban hotspots to party on down. Every pub, restaurant and hotel worth its salt will be going all out to ensure your celebration will be one you remember until it’s time for the next one, with many offering packages involving overnight accommodation so guests can avoid falling foul of drink driving laws.

With the worst of the economic crisis apparently behind us, we all have lots to celebrate, so this Christmas should be one of the best ever. For a few short weeks - because, yes, the party season starts at the beginning of December and goes through to January 1 good cheer, plenty of treats and general jolliness rule the roost. New trends for themes at corporate Christmas events emerge each year, with films having a big influence on this, so chances are, many are reaching for their spats and flapper outfits (1920s, and The Great Gatsby), looking out rags and cockades to man the barricades (Les Miserables), or bright fur (Monsters Inc.). Hoteliers and restaurateurs stand ready to serve turkey and all the trimmings to Jean Val Jean, Harry Potter, a Hobbit or a super hero, just as readily as to the black tie brigade. Fun stuff aside, importantly for restaurateurs, pub landlords and hotel bosses Christmas presents the perfect opportunity for them to be not only the most welcoming of hosts to all the extra people who come through their doors, but also to showcase menus, drinks lists, facilities and services in a way that will bring new visitors back.

Maybe just a small group tucking into some of the best gourmet food and fine wine a place can offer - well who doesn’t like to push the boat out at Christmas? Some establishments can offer real contemporary alternatives to reflect the party mood, such as food stations for added entertainment, or an eye-catching seafood bar or bowl food for a more sociable event. Always popular is the buffet spread in gaily decorated surroundings, followed by dancing into the early hours to tunes spun by the venue’s own DJ as many lay on dinner dances throughout the run-up to the big day. Others take a more restrained route, ending what is usually a grand meal with a live performance of seasonal music and carols by candlelight.

What ever way you want to party be it relaxed and restrained or all out in-your-face madness, somewhere out there is a venue for you.


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Christmas parties are back!

When the economic downturn took hold in 2008 one of the first business sectors to feel the effects was the leisure industry and in particular corporate entertainment and hospitality spending. Many companies saw this as unnecessary expenditure and an easy way to tighten the purse strings. The ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ Christmas party turned into chicken and chips at the local, and the fancy Ascot race day was replaced by a bucking-bronco in the office canteen! In some cases corporate spending and office Christmas parties were banished completely with an obvious and understandable negative impact on staff moral. As the Chancellor makes claims we are now well and truly out of recession and his austerity programme is finally paying dividends, economic growth seems to be moving in the right direction. Reports from key players in the corporate entertainment industry are that companies are once again looking to the benefits of incentivising and rewarding staff for their hard work through the year, and in particular the Christmas party market is experiencing a noticeable upturn. Some of the established operators of larger bespoke Christmas party venues have opened new venues for 2013; Vivid Experience, one of the UK’s leading Christmas party operators with venues across the Midlands, has joined forces with the NEC


to produce what will become the UK’s largest Christmas party venue, seating between 500 and 2000 per night with the ability to expand if necessary. Created within a 10,000sqm hall at the NEC, the 2013 theme will be ‘Cirque de Lumière’, translated as ‘Circus of Light’; a fusion of cirque entertainment and a mesmerising light show. Guests will be treated to a full evening of aerial acrobatics, fire shows and dance, together with a superb dining experience – starting with a canapé reception.

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The new party space launched back in May, has already sold out some of its peak nights, with over 10,000 tickets sold. Managing Director Richard Longhill expects the venue to sell around 12,000 tickets in their first year: “The response has been very encouraging – as well as local Birmingham companies, we’ve also taken bookings from national brands looking for a centrally located, high quality venue with good transport and hotel links.” of pubs, bars and hotels throughout the City. Longhill commented, “As businesses across the UK are getting back on their feet and releasing budget, a Christmas party can be a very effective and economical way to reward and incentivise staff, especially as many have had a tough slog over the past few years. The key thing is not to underestimate the positive effect these gestures have on your workforce.” The space at the NEC gives Vivid the ability to create a party experience without the limitations usually found in venues… Indoor dodgems, waltzer and a giant twist ride will all feature inside the venue! Birmingham itself offers a wide variety of Christmas parties to suite a range of budgets. From flagship events such as Vivid’s parties at the NEC, down to a great selection


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FESTIVE CELEBRATIONS AT LEA MARSTON HOTEL It may seem far away, but the festive season now is just around the corner, so let the 4 star Lea Marston Hotel & Spa in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire take care of your Christmas arrangements for 2013. Lea Marston Hotel is the ideal venue for your Christmas company party this year or simply for just celebrating a festive night with friends or family. And with Christmas Party Nights starting from only £20.13 per person for a delicious 3 course meal and disco, there really is a package to suit all budgets. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are a whole host of themed Christmas Party Nights available, including a Robbie Williams Tribute Night, Millionaire Casino Nights, plus the West End comes to Lea Marston Hotel with a Musical Mayhem Night with sounds from Wicked, Chicago and Mamma Mia. There is no need either to worry about driving home or trying to find a taxi at the end of the night, with exclusive party night accommodation rates from only £42.00 per person including a full English breakfast and use of the fabulous Lea Marston Health Club. Food really is a speciality at Lea Marston Hotel, which boasts an award winning 2 AA Rosette Restaurant. With 3 course festive lunches priced from only £14.95 per person, diners will really be in for a delicious treat! Book today on 01675 470 468. The festive season can be stressful, so why not indulge in a Spa Day. Our favourite on offer at Lea Marston Hotel is the “Mud & Pud” Rasul Day from only £45.00 per person. This lovely Spa Day includes full use of the Health Club and Spa Relaxation Lounge with refreshments, a delicious 3 course lunch with mince pies and a Christmas scented mud Rasul session. In the Rasul chamber, which holds up to 4 people, medicinal chakra muds are used to detoxify, moisturise and exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin incredibly soft and renewed, a fun experience to share with friends! Make this New Year’s Eve one to remember at Lea Marston Hotel’s spectacular New Years Eve Ball. The evening will commence with a champagne and canapés reception followed by a superb 4 course meal and coffee and petit fours. Guests will then enjoy live entertainment from vocalist “Big Man Big Voice” paying tribute to some of the classics including Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Nat


King Cole & many more... Then the disco will kick off allowing you to party through to the early hours of 2014. Plus if you’re still hungry, midnight munchies of bacon butties and chipped potatoes will be served at 12.30am. Evening only price is £85.00 per person or you can include overnight accommodation and breakfast with this event for only £155.00 per person. If you are dreading the thought of Christmas shopping, then leave the inspiration, wrapping and delivery this year to Lea Marston Hotel! A gift voucher can be used in full or part payment for any of the hotel’s offerings including spa treatments, golf lessons, overnight breaks, afternoon tea and much more... Visit the online gift voucher shop for full details

There is so much to enjoy this Christmas at Lea Marston Hotel don’t delay and book today call: 01675 470 468

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LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED! The season of goodwill will soon be upon us, so let the 4 star Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa in Redditch share an array of Christmas spirit with you! Set in 175 acres of beautiful Worcestershire countryside; relax at the Abbey during the Christmas festivities with top quality food and impeccable service. There is so much to enjoy this festive season at the Abbey including delicious Christmas lunches priced from only £9.95 for 2 courses, Christmas packages where you can make the most of their gorgeous Spa and superb championship 18 hole Golf Course and also spectacular themed party nights including a Millionaire Casino Night, Robbie Williams Tribute Night and if you enjoy the soulful grooves of disco, Motown and funk don’t miss the Soul Disco Night on 22nd December for only 27.50pp!

To set you up perfectly for 2014 the Abbey has two New Year’s Eve functions on offer. Black ties, posh frocks, DJs, champagne, exquisite cuisine and dancing are the order of call for the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball priced at only £85.00pp or £125.00pp to also include bed and breakfast. Alternatively choose the New Year’s Eve Gala Night which includes a Bucks Fizz Reception followed by a superb hot and cold buffet and disco for you to party into the early hours of 2014, at £59.50pp or £110.00pp to include bed and breakfast.

The Abbey Hotel’s Head chef and his team have designed a fabulously festive 5 course lunch for Christmas Day offering a special mix of traditional and elegant cuisine to treat you at £65.00 per adult, or £30.00 per child. And on Boxing Day they have another deliciously seasonal menu to tempt you with a mouth watering 4 course carvery lunch priced at only £21.95 per adult or £10.00 per child. The Abbey also offers a selection of dates where you can join in the fun of one of their organised Christmas Party Nights starting from only £27.50 per person for 3 courses and disco, or they can cater for a private party tailor made to your own requirements. Plus with the Abbey’s special “don’t take the sleigh stay” accommodation rates from only £34.50 per person including breakfast and use of the Health Club, they can save you the hassle of booking taxis and allow you to have a truly relaxing Christmas party.

The Abbey Hotel’s Christmas & New Year’s Events are more popular than ever, so don’t leave it until the last minute, call today and make your reservation on: Call: 01527 406600 Email: To download Christmas Brochure or purchase Christmas Gift Vouchers visit Whatever you choose, we look forward to welcoming you over the festive period.

If you are looking for a break away, the Abbey’s Twixmas Breaks, which run between Christmas and the New Year, are the ideal way to escape the post-Boxing Day rush or to stretch your festive celebrations out that little bit longer. The Abbey will take good care of you, helping you unwind after Christmas and setting you up perfectly for the New Year. Twixmas Break prices start from only £55.00 per person including overnight accommodation, 3 course dinner, breakfast and use of the Health Club.


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