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bulletin CONGRATULATIONS TO BB&N’S CLASS OF 2021! Also: 2020-2021 Report of Giving

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Knight Corps Program Proves Essential During Pandemic

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bulletin Summer 2021

Honor your favorite faculty members through the Faculty Legends Fund The Faculty Legends Fund was established in 2019 as an opportunity for members of the BB&N community to honor the generations of faculty and staff who have transformed the lives of Browne & Nichols, Buckingham, and BB&N students, alumni/ae, and their families. Income from this endowed fund will provide financial resources in perpetuity for faculty and staff compensation and professional development, as well as financial aid for faculty and staff children. Over the past two years, BB&N has celebrated the retirement or departure of the following long-serving faculty and staff: • Lewis Bryant, Director of Multicultural Services • Woodie Haskins, Senior Development Officer • Libby Kenney, Lower School Physical Education and Health Teacher • Louise Makrauer, Upper School History Teacher • Soizick Munir, Lower School French Teacher • Paul Ruhlmann, Upper School Woodworking Teacher • Tom Siegel, Upper School History We welcome your support for the Faculty Legends Fund in honor of any of these recent retirees or other faculty “legends.” For more information about the Fund or to make a gift, visit bbns.org/faculty-legends or contact Janet Rosen at jrosen@bbns.org. PARENTS OF FORMER BB&N STUDENTS: Please help us stay in touch with your child! Update contact information online at bbns.org/updateinfo, email changes to alumni_programs@bbns.org, or send a note to Alumni/ae Programs, BB&N, 80 Gerry’s Landing Road, Cambridge, MA 02138

Letter From the Head


Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price reflects on a gratifying graduation to cap a challenging year.

Community News 4 Lower School Closing Ceremony,

Middle School Closing Ceremony, Spring Athletics, and Spring Arts

Features 12 Esteemed BB&N Faculty

Members Bid Farewell Tributes to Paul Ruhlmann, Soizick Munir, Tom Siegel, and Jose Marin

Faculty 16 Departing and Milestones

Graduation 2021 18 The Class of 2021 moves on,

Prizes Awarded, and more

Knight Corps 30 Innovative Program Essential During Pandemic Year

New program pays huge dividends by hiring educational support associates to serve all three campuses.

34 Senior Spring Project

“Beyond Our Echo Chambers” seminar fosters common ground between students in blue and red states, and individual student projects provide unique and interesting professional opportunities.

Special Section: 2020-2021 Report of Giving Alumni/ae News & Notes 40 Alumni/ae News and Notes 56 Alumni/ae Engagement Events Wrap-Up

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66 Milestones : FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT : www.bbns.org

Letter from Head of School Jennifer Price: The Class of 2021— Smart, Strong, and Resilient As we stand poised to start a new 2021-2022 school year, which is just four weeks away as I write this, I remain inspired by the amazing resilience with which our community battled through the formidable challenges of the past year and a half. The happiest day of the last 18 months at BB&N was June 11, 2021, when we were able to gather together (outdoors of course!) to celebrate the incredible Class of 2021 in person. I’m so proud of the members of this class, and of our entire community, and I’d like to share with you here not only my remarks from that occasion but also include some excerpted remarks from other speakers that day, which reflect BB&N’s core values of camaraderie, kindness, and principled engagement.

connection. What I’ve seen in you gives me hope that the new normal that replaces our pre-COVID world is more likely to have humanity, justice, and kindness in their proper place. CHRISTINE GROSS-LOH, P’19,’21,’25,’28 BB&N TRUSTEE --------------Dr. Price’s challenge to you today—”to engage with the world in a principled manner as you leave BB&N”—reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

--------------We’ve had our fair share of challenges, including tests, quizzes, projects, losing streaks, college applications, assigned bathrooms, and so much more. Through this all, though, we’ve always had each other and that’s what made this experience so formative. From the late-night FaceTime study sessions, to the 6:30AM practices, to even giving each other rides to Fourth Lot, we’ve always persevered and weathered our challenges together. We’ve been challenged by a one-of-a-kind senior year, which has left us isolated from each other. But through our at-home Zoom classrooms, modified team practices, and socially distant parking lot hangouts, we still managed to adapt and meet these unprecedented challenges. All along, we’ve been lucky to always have the support of our dear teachers, who are always there to help us out with whatever assignments or tasks we are given, including a graduation speech, and have slowly become friends and people whom we look up to and look to for advice. These challenges, alongside our teachers, have formed us into the people we are today, which we can always be grateful for. NIKHIL DATTA ’21 SENIOR CLASS SPEAKER --------------Every pandemic in history has been catastrophic, but has also led to revolutionary advances. After the Black Death, serfdom was abolished in Western Europe and conditions for the poor improved. After the flu pandemic of 1918, access to healthcare for the general public was greatly expanded around the world. We have already seen many technological and medical advances made as a result of COVID-19. But I have also seen the seeds of another kind of revolution, a revolution of kindness, especially among you. I’ve seen how your generation cares about each other, and about the rights of the disenfranchised, the lost, the voiceless. And I’ve marveled at how all of this was fostered at a time when we were so isolated—that in some ways it happened especially because of how the pandemic shone a light on the inequities in our society and on the importance of human 2

My hope for each of you is that you always give much more than you get. If you do so, I promise you will come to appreciate the great joy in life that comes from giving back. You’ve enjoyed a remarkable privilege to have studied at this extraordinary school. Now, as you begin your life after BB&N, you bear a special responsibility to use the gifts that you’ve been given to make the world a better place. Commit yourself to be an active and engaged citizen of the world. We know you will accomplish great things and we look forward to following your journey. CHUCK BRIZIUS, P’19,’21, CHAIR, BB&N BOARD OF TRUSTEES --------------Wow! We made it to the finish line of what has felt like the world’s longest marathon. Like so many of you here today, I am not sure whether I should cry, cheer, collapse, or keep moving. I guess I will keep moving. I want to begin with sincere gratitude. Thank you to the parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings—all of you in front of me. Fifteen months ago you made a decision to trust us. You sent your kids back to school in the middle of a global pandemic. You supported the students in front of me as they navigated a hybrid learning environment, adapted to a new schedule both in school and at home, raised funds to give our faculty and staff a New Year’s bonus, and supported our UKnighted Community Fund to make sure not a single family had to leave BB&N as a result of the economic impact of COVID. This past year has sadly divided many school communities. I am so proud that we emerged from this challenging year as a more UKnighted community, and that outcome is because of all of you. I cannot thank you enough. To our faculty and staff. Words simply cannot express what you have done this year to support and inspire our students. You have adapted your pedagogy to teach in person, online, with masks on, in gyms, and outside. You have become hall monitors, mask police, and for some of you, professional swabbers. You did whatever it took to provide a BB&N-caliber education for

our students this year, and for that this entire community is truly grateful. Finally, I want to thank the Class of 2021. You have led our student body with flexibility and care. Your actions in our classrooms, on our fields and courts, and on our outside stages have shown the rest of our students that we can get through this. We can make it together, and we can have some incredible experiences along the way. Thank you for all you have done this year to lead our school. Now, no graduation speech would be complete without an attempt to say something profound. I’m not sure I have anything left in my gas tank to have even a single profound thought, but, as a former History teacher, I have learned that when you are searching for meaning, look to the past, as there are always lessons there to help you navigate your present. Okay, Class of 2021, one final history lesson…. So, you all are known as Gen Z. It is interesting to think about different generations and how they are often defined. It is also interesting to think about the fact that many of our generations are cyclical…frequently taking on many of the same characteristics of a previous generation. Let me get specific. Tom Brokaw popularized the concept of the “Greatest Generation” in his 1998 book with that title. This generation was born between 1901 and 1927. Its members grew up during the first World War, the Influenza epidemic, and the prosperity and glamour of the Roaring ’20s. They came of age during the Great Depression and the stark realities and austerity of World War II. To say their formative years were challenging is an understatement.

Why is the story of the Greatest Generation relevant to you? As I said, often these generations are cyclical. I do not hope for you a World War or a Great Depression, but your generation has not had it easy…especially during these last 15 months. You have learned to deal with restrictions, political upheaval, a resurgence of racially, ethnically, and religiously motivated violence, increases in mental health needs, and a global health crisis. You have seen how coming together, as we have done this past year here at BB&N, is a key to emerging from these challenges stronger, more resilient, and committed to one another. It has been a hard time, as were the formative years for the Greatest Generation. Yet, that generation got its name not from the conflicts it lived through, but rather for what its members did after the challenges were met. For how they helped put our nation back together. So, what are you all going to do? My hope is that you engage in a principled manner as you leave BB&N and that your generation will be seen as the modern-day “greatest generation”—not because of what you lived through, but because of what you did as a result. I wish you the best of luck, Class of 2021. Go Knights!


Yet, this generation helped shape our society as we know it today. As Brokaw writes, “They married in record numbers and gave birth to another distinctive generation, the Baby Boomers. They stayed true to their values of personal responsibility, duty, honor, and faith.” They brought our nation out of World War II and led our country on a strong path of economic recovery. Many feel, as Historian Glen Elder states, that this generation emerged from their challenging formative years “with an ability to know how to survive and make do and solve problems.” They put their differences aside, and came together to confront common challenges. Now, I want to acknowledge that this generation was not perfect, as many faults that continue to divide our society today—including racism, sexism, homophobia, and antisemitism— persisted. Nevertheless, even while acknowledging these flaws, this generation managed to define its legacy through a shared sense of responsibility to rebuild and improve the broken world they had inherited. 3




4 5


Community News 6

Sixth Grade Closing Gathering on the turf field at Buckingham Street, BB&N’s Class of 2027 marked the culmination of their Lower School journey with a celebratory closing ceremony this spring. Lower School director Anthony Reppucci opened the proceedings with an address to the students. “Today’s ceremony marks your ending here at the Lower School, and it marks the beginning of your time at the Middle School. But the in between is a gap that gives you space to prepare, and recharge,” Reppucci said. “Don’t ignore the time you have and don’t try to speed it up. You’ve succeeded and overcome a lot this year—don’t forget you’ll always have a home here at the Lower School.”



PICTURED x 1 x Scarlett Hawkins ’27 x 2 x Callie Heppner ’27, Maia Soni ’27, Mimi Perkins ’27, and Quinn Reynolds ’27 x 3 x Lower School Director Anthony Reppucci x 4 x Alan Wang ’27, Langan Fisher ’27, and Tanner Oberg ’27 x 5 x Princess Adeoye ’27, Riley Meek ’27, Marina Kluzak ’27, Lucia Longstreet-Lipson ’27, and Sally Hoagland ’27 x 6 x Francisco Santos ’27 x 7 x Alan Wang ’27, Albert Wen ’27, and Jack Williams ’27 x 8 x Jack Reinfeld ’27 and Alec Liu ’27

Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price also spoke, thanking parents and particularly teachers about whom she noted, “I would put the Lower Sschool faculty at BB&N against anyone in this country for the job they did this year.” Price then turned her attention the students: “You guys were amazing,” she beamed. “We asked you to do the impossible, and each and every one of you made the decision to do it in a way that was collaborative and resilient. You are incredible, and we are so proud of you.” Three members of the Class of 2027 then took the podium to speak about their sixth-grade experiences. Scarlett Hawkins ’27 talked about beginning a new school in the midst of a pandemic. “I was so scared to start the year,” Hawkins said. “...but BB&N surprised me…now I can walk in to class confidently knowing that the BB&N community is with me.” As the last of four brothers at BB&N, Tanner Oberg ’27 noted that he had been coming to BB&N almost daily since he was 8-weeks old. “Despite all of the changes over the last 12 years, BB&N has been the one constant for me,” he said, noting the importance of the school to him. Oberg then listed some lessons he would take with him, including such gems as, “you can make every day a little better by saying ‘hi’ and giving a simple high five to everyone you see.” (A friendly nod to Lower School maintenance stalwart Tony Arruda.) Albert Wen ’27 used his time to express his thanks to the school for making a challenging year so rewarding. “I’m very grateful to our teachers who made this year a great experience,” Wen said. “I want to express my gratitude to the entire BB&N community, including the unsung heroes like the bus drivers, custodians, and cleaning crews.” The ceremony closed with a song, “You Will be Found.” It was an apt moment as the students’ voices rang out over the campus they had called home for so long, the notes floating into the air and off to new horizons.





4 6

5 6

Community News Middle School Closing Ceremony The Class of 2025 celebrated the completion of its Middle School journey on Wednesday, June 9th. Led by the traditional, melodious bagpiping of MS Assistant Director Tony Breen, the eighth graders were all smiles to mark the occasion. In her remarks, Middle School Director Mary Dolbear lauded the Class of 2025 while noting the challenging journey of the 2020-21 school year.

7 PICTURED x 1 x Lea Von Hilgers ’25 x 2 x Emilia Biotti ’25, Eva Mai Whyte ’25, and Anochie Azuakolam ’25 x 3 x Head of School Jennifer Price x 4 x Banner Recipients: (L to R) Robbie Baker ’25, Avery Sarzana ’25, Brady MacCutcheon ’25, Aleeza Riaz ’25, Arjun Shah ’25, and Dinero Jelley ’25 x 5 x Middle School Director Mary Dolbear x 6 x Eighth Grade students process into their Closing Ceremony. x 7 x Aparajita Srivastava ’25 x 8 x Niyam Badani ’25 x 9 x Presley Jacobson ’25 performs on the violin


“What do you say when you reach the finish line of a race you never signed up for? A race where the rules kept changing. Through guiding principles, patience, flexibility, and compassion, we made it—what a major accomplishment. We are so happy to be here to acknowledge and celebrate the growth of this class.” Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price opened her address with a heartfelt thank you to faculty and parents for trusting BB&N in a difficult year, before turning her attention to the students. “This class has always had a reputation in this institution for being kind, caring, and compassionate,” said Price. “That was never clearer than this year. You led this campus, and you showed this community that you were going to get through it. If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t have worked. Thank you.” Taking the podium to address his classmates, Niyam Badani ’25 offered a humorous take on the year that was, even coining a new term: “school-sick.” “Our class encountered a new phenomenon, being ‘school sick’,” Badani noted. “It’s like being homesick, but just for being in school—symptoms include missing pizza at lunch, missing your classmates, and some side effects include doing your homework four days before it’s due and begging your parents to get you to school early.” In her speech to the class, Lea Von Hilgers ’25 spoke of her classmates’ accomplishments in the face of a pandemic. Noting the “walls” they broke down in navigating a new normal, Von Hilgers pointed out the lessons that can be drawn from 2020-21.


“We are more empathetic than ever before—we appreciate the simple things in life. In the few and small, the large and meaningful can be discovered,” she said. “Looking outward and ahead, if we can work together as a scientific community to combat COVID, as a world community who’s to say that we can’t break down broken systems to reflect today’s standards?” As the students stood to receive their congratulations, each found a “goodie bag” containing celebratory pom-poms, essential gear for next year’s Bivouac, and candy (of course!). Amid the cheers and smiles, the sun-baked morning illuminated a class that had indeed achieved so much.


Spring Arts Utilizing all of their creativity, BB&N arts teachers brought campuses to life this spring through a variety of performances and artistic mediums. Theater and music classes often found themselves outside, using the natural surroundings to transform shows in interesting ways. And hallways and exhibit spaces across all three campuses flourished with the usual student-created art work.



3 5

4 8

Community News




9 PICTURED x 1 x Fifth graders perform an outdoor play as part of their “Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit” in drama. x 2 x Arjun Shroff ’26 works on a color scheme project. x 3 x The Upper School Orchestra performs their spring concert. x 4 x Sixth graders perform Happily Ever Before, one of two productions staged by the Class of 2027. x 5 x Rose Fahy ’24, Dahlia Roberts ’24, Alexandra Fabbri ’23, and Cecelia Wilson ’23 perform in the Upper School spring musical. x 6 x Dakota Parker ’33 plays the xylophone during a music class. x 7 x A Middle School plate decoration by Merit Hodgson ’25 x 8 x Sloane Francis ’29, Rafael Sabatini ’29, and Eleanor Chung ’29 work on their drumming skills during a Lower School music class. x 9 x Students enjoy a ninth-grade jazz concert in the Upper School courtyard. 9



Spring Sports Despite a lack of competitive seasons for most programs due to the pandemic, BB&N athletes eagerly took to the fields, courts, and water this spring for the “joy of the game.”



COACHES CUP WINNERS Sailing: Alan Bers ’21 and Ilsa Weinert ’21 Boys Tennis: Jack Qiu ’21 Girls Tennis: Caroline Knox ’21 Boys Lacrosse: Ethan Levy ’21 Girls Lacrosse: Julia Maimonis ’21 Baseball: Jackson Roloff ’21 Softball: Dehlia Fallon ’21 and Mia Biotti ’21 Track and Field: Claudia Cortell ’21 and Dana Yesson ’21 Golf: James Wade ’21 Rowing: Harriet Grant ’21, Oliver Shapiro ’21, and Charlotte Winton ’21


PICTURED x 1 x Nick Heisler ‘22 winds up for a delivery. x 2 x Alek Goodpaster ‘21 gets low for a nice save. x 3 x Aimee Seppenwolde ’21 goes high to shoot over a defender. x 4 x Zoe Dodge ‘22 unleashes some heat on an opposing batter. x 5 x The girls tennis team is all smiles after practice. x 6 x James Wade ’21 and Eli Jensen ’21 on the course for BB&N’s golf team. x 7 x Peter Lichtenberger ’23 clears 11 feet at the pole vault. BB&N’s sailing and boys tennis team not pictured


Community News 6




Congratulations to BB&N senior Samirah Moody for her astounding win in the 200m at the Nike National High School Championship this spring. Competing on Haywood Field at the University of Oregon, Moody’s time of 23.32 seconds topped a field of the best high school runners in the country. Moody also placed second in the 100m with a personal best of 11.51, the second-best time in the country this year.

By the time of this reading, BB&N’s own Cicely Madden ’14 will have proudly represented her country in the Tokyo summer Olympics as part of the Women’s Quad crew team. Throughout a storied rowing career at BB&N, Brown University, and beyond, Madden has enjoyed incredible success in both National and International events. Since striking gold in the youth eight at the 2010 Head of the Charles Regatta with a course record—in BB&N’s own back yard—she hasn’t looked back. Congratulations on achieving your Olympic dream, Cicely!

Samirah Moody ’21 wears her first place medal after becoming National Champion in the 200m.

Cicely Madden ’14 on the water.

Photo courtesy of runnerspace.com

Photo courtesy of Brown Women’s Crew


Paul Ruh lm ann

Upper School Woodworking

He’s had his own building since his arrival at BB&N in 1978. His first assigned task brought him a few hundred extra dollars to insulate it, put up interior walls, and apply some paint to the cladding (his original coat is still the coat you see). Yes, the Sloyd Building has moved, yielding first to the Smith Science Wing and then to the Etter Gym, before settling into its present location at the heart of the Upper School campus. But any former student who designed and built something in that building would find the interior space reassuringly familiar. The dust collection mechanics have been upgraded and the windows are now double glazed, but there is, still, the smell of sawdust and friction-burnt wood, safety lessons and protocols firmly, clearly, in place, and tools always beautifully maintained. On crisp winter days the slant of the sun still bathes the interior in the familiar, comforting, burnished glow that helps create the magic of one of BB&N’s most cherished spaces, Paul Ruhlmann’s Wood Studio. 12

In that space for 43 years, Paul has been an encouraging, nurturing presence and has overseen a studio governed by a measured pace vitally important as a counter to the demands of the evolving educational zeitgeist that so often abrades the BB&N community. So much of one’s life at BB&N can be hurried, pressured, or stressful. We get a lot done and we do it at a demandingly high level. In Paul’s Wood Studio, too, work is expected to meet a very high standard. But in that space and under his guidance, Paul has always made room in that making of art to breathe, to reflect, to pause and to think and think again, to see again before sketching the plan, before making the cut, before applying the stain. As the school has taken deserved pride in its standing as a place striving for excellence, it has recognized the need for such a space and, especially, for such a teacher. Alumni/ae comments spanning Paul’s career strike that same tone over the years:

- “What he does is help people find that courage in themselves to make it their own way,” says Zark Strasburger ’89. - “He taught me how to be creative”, notes Aremin Hacobian ’91. - “He held us to a really high standard so that we made pieces that we didn’t think we could,” praises Lukas Kauth ’17. And these comments are echoed by one of the last of Paul’s BB&N students, rising senior Sofia Chen ’22. “Woodworking is truly the highlight of my days at BB&N,” Chen says. “It’s the class that I can walk into and know will put me in a better mood or inspire me in some way. Mr. Ruhlmann has helped me, and many others see woodworking as true art and a way of expressing yourself rather than just building furniture. He is one of the kindest, if not the kindest, teachers at BB&N, and every time I step into the woodshed it’s like stepping into a completely different

D E PA RT I N G FAC U LT Y by Mark Lindberg, faculty emeritus

“On crisp winter days the slant of the sun still bathes the interior in the familiar, comforting, burnished glow that helps create the magic of one of BB&N’s most cherished spaces, Paul Ruhlmann’s Wood Studio.” world. No matter what has happened that day, he makes the class a way for me to truly be grateful for the moment and having the opportunity to create these amazing pieces of art.” Paul had been, of course, a presence outside his studio as well. For a guy committed to one of humankind’s oldest crafts—the utile and aesthetic shaping of wood goes back a few millennia—Paul has always had his eye on the next thing out there. 40 years ago, when BB&N first hosted the Ralph Bradley Arts Festival, Paul proffered to the Arts Department an impassioned extolling of the virtues of Tyvek when that then little-known material was still searching for usefulness beyond the Apollo Space Program. We were planning a fifteen-school arts festival that included a parade to Harvard Square down the center of Memorial Drive. “Balloons” cried Paul, “Tyvek balloons. We’ll fill them with helium, they’ll be six feet high, the hit of the parade. I’ll run a stilt making workshop and scores of students can march atop stilts with these giant balloons sailing above them.” And he did, and they did, and it was magnificent. If you root around an attic trunk for your Bivouac knife, you’ll recognize it by your name Paul helped wood burn into the handle. And some of you might still be using the rustic chair built in a Ruhlmann Bivouac furniture workshop. He designed and patented a tool, now standard equipment in wood studios worldwide, that would cut the necessary tenons to build the furniture more easily. Head of the Bivouac program David Strodel ’78 referred to it, not inaccurately, as “a pencil sharpener on steroids” before adding, “what always stands out to me about Paul is the quiet and willing spirit that he has

to share any idea, advice, or knowledge he has with students and faculty alike. His heart for passing on the best of what he knows and loves has impacted so many.” Paul coached sailing and cross-country skiing, brought his friends the Magliozzis, Lucille to teach dulcimer and brothers Tom and Ray (aka Click and Clack, NPR’s Car Talk guys) to teach auto mechanics, and, inspired by his devotion to his life in Concord with his wife, Terry, and sons Brian and Nicholas, he’s been a campus

leader well ahead of the curve in bringing environmental issues to the fore. The length of his tenure forges a link to BB&N names of a half century ago. Doc Walters, Barbara Zecher, John Petropoulos, Byron Bowman, and Bev Balise became his peers not too long after he left his young adulthood in Lockport, New York—30 miles north (!) of Buffalo—and settled in the Studio to offer his gifts, artistic and personal, to so many young adults in Cambridge. Alumnus, former trustee, and BB&N parent John Fulginiti ’81 P’24 sums it up well. “Paul is the complete package of excellence in teaching at BB&N, in terms of his dedication, his tirelessness, his concern and interest in every student he has, and how he used his class to teach many broader important skills that each of us could take through life.”

Ruhlmann in his famous BB&N studio with a wooden portrait of himself crafted by a former student.


S oiz ic k Munir

Lower School French Teacher

“Bonjour, Mademoiselle!” “Bonjour, Madame!” “Ça va?” “Ça va bien! Et vous?” “Moi aussi! Au revoir!” “À bientôt!” This cheery greeting to start one’s day will be missed in the halls of the Lower School next year as Madame Munir begins her well-earned retirement. It was a long, circuitous route that brought her to BB&N. Bev Malone, Lower School head at the time, hired her in 1988 after seeing on Soizick’s resume that she had made desserts with Julia Child! Soizick was raised in Brittany in the West of France. She pursued her love of teaching with a degree from the University in Grenoble. From there, she was one of three chosen to continue her studies in London, her first choice. It was in the UK that she met a tall, handsome Turkish Cypriot named Dr. Kerim Munir. After they were married, they moved


together to New York where Kerim pursued further studies in medicine and Soizick continued her teaching career. When Harvard brought Kerim to Boston, Soizick came with him, and it was there that they raised two sons. At the École Bilingue, she got the chance to teach a Kindergarten class and then a third-grade homeroom. This was where she was working when she connected with Bev Malone. Many aspects of who Soizick is as a person contribute to making her such an excellent teacher. She loves the kids, first of all, and responds to each as an individual. She is very creative, both in her day-today lesson plans and in considering new methods of teaching a language. How fun to learn a language by reading Tin Tin, singing, cooking a goûter, or even going into Harvard Square to Au Bon Pain for croissants!

Soizick’s efforts to teach her students about French culture as well as French language extended well beyond the classroom. She used her many talents to the school’s, and especially her students’, benefits. A few examples include the fact that she loves to sing, so that besides teaching her class French songs during class time, she regularly taught groups to sing in the school’s seasonal concerts; she had her cooking club challenge the Spanish group to a contest; and, maybe most significantly, her love of travel inspired her to organize trips that were much enjoyed! The first few were to Montreal with sixth graders and faculty chaperones. She eventually graduated to taking groups of students with parent chaperones on unique trips to France—exploring cathedrals to catacombs, patisseries to oyster flats—and creating French memories galore! John Reichenbach and his daughter Mimi ’12 went on one trip. He especially remembers the time they came upon a group including Dominique de VillePin, then Prime Minister of France. “Soizick was able to turn lemons into lemonade. We arrived at Mont-Saint-Michel a few minutes before de Villepin, with the expectation that we’d be able to tour the abbey and monastery at the top of Mont-Saint-Michel. He was coming to announce the redesign of all of the parking lots to remove them from the Mont-SaintMichel vista—that project has since been completed. But, as a result, the abbey and monastery were closed to public access for his party. As his party moved by us on the other side of temporary rope lines, Soizick intercepted them with the true line that we were a group of young Americans on a tour of France with their French teacher, and wouldn’t it be nice if he could say a few words. He paused, spoke for several minutes, and then stayed a bit longer so that we could capture those photos. While this was going on, Soizick wrangled an invitation from the detail head of the SDLP (Secret Service) for us to come visit Le Matignon, the Prime Minister’s residence. Because it was at 7am on our last day in

D E PA RT I N G FAC U LT Y By Kathy Dorkin, faculty emerita

France, only Soizick, Mimi, and I went. It was like a private White House tour, including the back of the house.” Academically, Soizick was always exploring the best ways to best reach her students. She attended many conferences, often with others in the Lower School language department. Occasionally, she delivered papers there, especially on how to use nursery rhymes and singing games in teaching the language. Her lesson plans were widely varied, as she has taught everything from kindergarten to older students whom she has tutored in her home town of Cohasset. She has especially enjoyed her interactions with the Lower School Spanish teacher, Omar Machado, and it is clearly reciprocal! Omar reflects, “If you’re looking for a compassionate teacher, Madame is it. If you’re looking for a wise listener, Soizick is always next to you with open arms and a word of wisdom. But if you’re looking for all of that and a co-worker/friendship that exemplifies kindness, professionalism, and even someone to have a good laugh with, then let me tell you that Madame Soizick Munir is all that and then some. I will miss you today and always dear professional friend. Have a blessed life in your new adventure!” Her compassion and awareness of others are essential parts of who she is. Beginning with her family—husband Kerim, son Erol, and his wife Kathryn and grandsons Olivier and Louis, and son Eren and his wife Janice and grandson Raphael—Soizick takes care of us all. She was an active member of the Faculty Concerns Committee and a co-founder of the Lower School Sunshine Committee. Bev Malone reflects that “Soizick has been the Sunshine of the Lower School. Her wonderful smile and French fashionista sense have always brightened up the dull institutional classroom. She has also been the chairwoman of the Lower School Sunshine Committee for years—

“Academically, Soizick was always exploring the best ways to best reach her students. She attended many conferences, often with others in the Lower School language department.” choosing gifts for faculty experiencing joy or sadness in their lives. But the treat I will always remember is her being the cook at Project REASON (the 5th grade camping trip the school ran for decades). She made crêpes for all 40 students plus 20 faculty. It was a marvel to behold!” BB&N deserves thanks for bringing Soizick into our lives. Her impact on the school was clearly widespread and will

be long remembered. I am especially grateful to have found her friendship waiting for me when I joined the Lower School faculty a year after she arrived. I look forward to continuing to enjoy her company as we knit and talk, share family events, and especially as she continues as my co-conspirator and travel planner, using her newly available free time! I can’t wait!

This artistic rendering of Soizick and Julia Child, commissioned for a 2010 Bulletin feature, still sits framed in Soizick’s home.


It’s a sad moment for BB&N soup aficionados; after 19 years as BB&N’s Lunch Production Chef (specializing in soups and sauces), Jose Marin is taking his ladle and going home. Although Jose was officially a school employee for 19 years, his actual tenure at the school dates back much further (beyond 30 years!), as he originally came to BB&N in the late ’80s as an employee of Sage Dining Services, the company that ran the kitchen at the time.

Jo s e Ma rin

Soup Chef Savant By Andrew Fletcher

Much to the delight of students and faculty, Jose stayed on with the school when the shift to an in-house dining department was made. Modest and kind, Jose has relished his time at BB&N, and notes that he is grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful community. He also speaks fondly of his colleagues

Milestones 35 YEARS OF SERVICE Carol Fine Lower School Science Teacher Bill Hritz Lower School Math Teacher Heather Irving Lee Lower School Librarian

Jose’s tortilla soup will long be remembered as the crown jewel of the lunch buffet, a sentiment that Chef Jones heartily endorses, (as would any sane eater with working taste buds). “A well-deserved rest for a great chef and colleague,” Jones says. Amen to that.

Cecile Roucher-Greenberg Upper School French Teacher and World Languages Chair

Eugene Warner | 1 | Theater Design & Production Coordinator

Daniel McClure Upper School History and Social Sciences


Simone Esteves Middle School DEIG and Global Education

Thomas Lowery Upper School Math Teacher

Fred Coyne Associate Director of College Counseling

30 YEARS OF SERVICE Gabe Mejail Middle School History Teacher

Jesse Sarzana Middle School Math Teacher

Pandelis Karayorgis Upper and Middle School Jazz Teacher

“Jose’s specialties have been his expertise in making our soups and sauces for the lunch menu,” says director of dining services Chef Keith Jones. “But his most memorable talent might be his choice of gifts from his native Columbia. He always returns with some incredible coffees and candies—we’re going to miss those goodies!”


Beth McNamara Upper School English Teacher


and the students, all of whom will no doubt miss his warm smile and culinary talents.

Wendy Svatek Middle School Science Teacher and Chair

Monica Palacio Lower School Spanish Teacher Lauren Watson | 2 | Associate Director of College Counseling Jonathan Anderson Assistant Director of Information Technology Dudley Blodget | 3 | Senior Development Officer


Sarah Getchell Upper School English Teacher Sophia Culpepper Lower School Counselor Brian Sands | 4 | Upper School Facilities Manager Kwok Wong Middle School Technology Support Specialist

D E PA RT I N G FAC U LT Y After 16 years as an Upper School history teacher at BB&N, Tom Siegel’s retirement will certainly leave a hole in the Upper School community. Students in Tom’s class learned to “make green” or use past information to understand a new topic or idea. They learned to be wary of teleological arguments which resort to notions such as ends, goals, purposes, or objectives to explain phenomena. Matt Turnbull, one of Tom’s history colleagues, recalled a conversation he overheard one day between Tom and one of his students: This student asked, “How long should my essay be?”

Tom Sie ge l

Upper School History By Susan Glazer

Tom responded, “How long do your legs need to be?” The student said, “Ummmm…” Tom quickly answered his question, “Long enough to touch the ground.”





This was not the first time that Tom had given this answer, yet each time, I think the students who received this advice would probably leave his presence somewhat confused at first, but most students figured it out. Just like legs can get you where you need to go no matter the length, an essay that is well thought out and well supported can get the job done without needing a specific length or number of paragraphs. It’s good advice! I worked with Tom for eight years, and it’s hard to imagine what the department will be like next year without him. It will be strange to walk into office 172 and not see him sitting there in the corner next to the “comfy chair.” Who will fill his shoes with his encyclopedic knowledge of U.S. history? Who will we send kids to who need help finding a provocative topic in U.S. History to explore for their

research paper? Who will be our department historian, conversant and knowledgeable in department history as well as global and U.S. History? Tom has a special place in my heart. He’s been not only a friend and colleague but also a mentor and a close advisor. We’ve had conversations that start out something like “this will only take a few minutes” and next thing we know, it’s been an hour or more of deep discussion and also of laughs. He’s welcomed my kids on the days they have spent at school, showing off Sesame Street character accents. He has a running joke with my daughter about grapes that miraculously regrow out of the ceiling in the office despite constantly being eaten. Farah DiPasquale, another history colleague, recently rattled off a ton of accolades regarding Tom, and these sentiments are shared by the rest of his colleagues: “Tom impressed me so much with his passion for the subjects he teaches, dedication to teaching and the work of his students, his scholarly depth, unending work on his courses, how deliberate he is with each aspect of his classes, his mastery of the craft of teaching, his sharing of pedagogical materials as well as interesting articles, his collegiality, and also a whole paragraph could be written about how he engaged so well with the seniors in the seminar and helped elevate their inquiries.” I think she’s covered a lot, and it’s all true. Tom is fearless in his willingness to share so much of himself and to take risks to forge a true partnership. He shares his knowledge freely, listens carefully and offers thoughtful advice, and he has helped countless students (and colleagues) dig deep into history and to think about the past in new ways. Thanks for helping all of us “make green” all of these years. 17


CLASS OF 2021 GRADUATION Every BB&N graduation is a celebratory event, but none was possibly more jubilant than the one held for the Class of 2021 on June 11 on Nichols Field at the Upper School campus. Only months before it was unclear whether an in-person graduation was even feasible, but with many COVID restrictions for Massachusetts lifted, the graduation ceremony took place “in real life,” as students often like to say. The temperate, sunny day could not have been more perfect, or appreciated, by those in attendance. President of the graduating class, Eric Palace ’21, began the ceremony with a poem, as is the tradition. Senior Class Speaker and BB&N Lifer Nikhil Datta ’21 walked up to the podium next to address the 133 members of the Class of 2021, their families, and faculty and staff. Datta reminisced about BB&N traditions such as hiking Mount Monadnock during Bivouac and the sophomore history paper. His address focused on the strong friendships among the Class of 2021. “Just because we are leaving our schools’ campus for the first time as alums today, does not mean we will lose our deep-seated bonds,” Datta said. “To me, BB&N has not just been an educational institution, but a place where I have been given the opportunity to meet the most kind, thoughtful, and impressive people.” Another graduation tradition is to have a parent or guardian of a senior speak. Daniel Gross-Loh ’21 introduced his mother, writer Christine Gross-Loh, noting how he admires that she has always balanced her successful career with being a wonderful mother. It would be impossible to give a key-note address without considering the impact of COVID on the graduating class. Gross-Loh looked to pandemics throughout history and revolutionary advances which often resulted. She explained that the revolution she sees now is “a revolution of kindness.” She continued, “I’ve seen how your generation cares about each other and the rights of the disenfranchised, the lost, and the voiceless. What I’ve seen in you gives me hope that the new normal that replaces our preCOVID world has every chance of seeing humanity, justice, and kindness take their proper place.” After a musical interlude by the Senior Spring Quartet, Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price thanked parents, grandparents, siblings, and guardians for supporting their children through a challenging time, and faculty/staff for “doing whatever it took to provide a BB&N caliber education for our students this year.” Price also looked to history and compared Generation Z to the Greatest Generation, citing the cyclical nature of generations. Like Gross-Loh, she commented on what the Greatest Generation achieved after living through challenges such as World War II, and shared her aspirations for the Class of 2021 as part of Gen Z. “My hope is that you engage in a principled manner as you leave BB&N and that your generation will be seen as the modern-day Greatest Generation, not because of what we lived through, but because of what you did as a result.”


2 3


5 7

6 8

9 11 10 PICTURED x 1 x Daniel Gross-Loh ’21 addresses the crowd. x 2 x Quinn Liu ’21 receives his diploma from Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price. x 3 x Ava Levinson ’21, Ethan Levy ’21, and Isabel Gonzalez ’21 x 4 x Jaden Young ’21 and Nicholas Tao ’21. x 5 x BB&N’s Class of 2021 celebrates. x 6 x BB&N’s newest graduates process out of their graduation ceremony. x 7 x Anoushka Mahendra-Rajah ’21, Deviyani Patel, and Aanika Patel ’21 x 8 x Marie Quintanar ’21, Abigail Rabieh ’21, Sam Rabieh ’21, Saahil Raina ’21, and Nathan Roach ’21 x 9 x Gabby Blanco ’21, Samirah Moody ’21, and Christina Chaperon ’21 x 10 x Tim Donovan ’21, John Cassedy ’21, and Teejay Cardoso ’21 x 11 x Cece Garvey ’21, Chloe Fandetti ’21, Anna Garvey ’21, and Katie Gould ’21


Lifer Party

Gathering on the Morse Building playground where it all began, 15 graduating “Lifers” celebrated a BB&N journey completed at the annual Lifer Party this spring. Perhaps the slides and jungle gyms looked smaller than they recalled, but the memories were larger than ever.

Class of 2021 Lifers: Chloé Bancel, Caroline Brizius, John Cassedy, Nikhil Datta, AJ Fabbri, Katie Gould, Daniel Gross-Loh, Ava Levinson, Jack Lichtenberger, Eric Palace, Clio Quilter-Vagts, Lilla Velander, Charlotte Winton, Ella Wolff, and Emma Worthington.

BB&N’s Class of 2021 Elinor Katherine Attisani Chloé Josephine Bancel Lindsay Dorothea Behenna Aaron Bektas Eloise Mitzi Berman Zoe Lee Berman Samantha Tamara Bernstein Alan Ezra Bers Catherine Isabella Bertolini Phoebe Marina Binneman Mia Isabella Biotti Gabriella Blanco Michael Edward Bongiorno Daniel Aaron Borahm Gross-Loh Jordyn Olivia Britton Caroline Grace Brizius Vanessa Margaret Bulman Russell Alexander Campbell Teejay Cardoso John Robert Cassedy Sophie-Marie Chadha Christina Nehemie Chaperon Paolo Salvatore Cima Dalia Dainora Cohen Sophia Madeline Cohen Claudia Celeste Cortell Catherine Frances Coughlin Nikhil Datta Priya Jean Devavaram Michael Anthony DiPlacido Timothy MacDara Donovan Sofia Elizabeth Dushku Jack O’Reilly Elliott Mehdi Epee-Bounya Maximilian Darius Ewald Anderson James Fabbri Dehlia Mae Fallon Chloe Belle Fandetti Matthew Sullivan Fitzgerald Diego Francisco Garcia Anna Susan Garvey Caroline Hannah Garvey Lillian Devin Garvey Oliver Máire Garvey


Isabel Elena Gonzalez Canalle Alek Nikanor Goodpaster Katherine Abigail Gould Harriet Mathers Grant Leah Rose Grealish Stephanie Sofia Gutierrez Patricia Rose Halliday Elise Draper Hawkins Nicholas Antonio Hayre-Perez Jackson Wallace Helie Matthew Meyer Hong Charlotte Olivia Huang Victoria Avery Huang Jordyn Emilia Hunter-Coleman Eli Rowland Jensen Ian Maxwell Kaplan Jonathan Jiyu Kim Jonathan Klein Caroline Anne Knox Nanako Kuze Noah Jeremy Lang Siena Elizabeth Lerner-Gill Ava West Levinson Jonah Iisak Levis Ethan Philip Levy Ines Louise Levy Jackson Lichtenberger Quinn Liu Thomas Anthony Maguire Anoushka Jai Mahendra-Rajah Julia Jamie Maimonis Caitlyn Sharry McGourty Anne Plansky McKinley Alexander Mitchell Jane Mo Kimia Monzavi Samirah Julia-Ruth Moody Justin D. Moran William Nguyen Felix Nnaemeka Okwesa, Jr. Ruth Osaruwmien Osagie Karthik Sai Padmanabhan Eric Seth Palace Julian Isaac Parker-Sartori

Aanika Naimish Patel Deviyani Aman Patel Gerson E. Personnat Jayden E. Personnat Olivia Louise Pollock Henry Charles Price Jack Qiu Clio Alexandra Quilter-Vagts Marie Langlais Quintanar Abigail Marisa Rabieh Sam George Rabieh Saahil Raina Nathan James Roach Jackson Thomas Roloff Nora Ann Ryan Matthew Sanders Dylan Charles Saunders Beatrice Shay Scanlon Raia Gwon Schluter Aimée Margaux Seppenwolde Oliver William Shapiro Jared Silverio Ryan Michael Stewart Samuel James Subramanian Philip James Tabor Nicholas Alexander Tao Keesha Stacy Theodore Matthew George Thompson Christian James Trodden Charlotte Yates Velander James Francis Wade, V Dylan Wang Ilsa Violet Weinert Samuel McKenna Whitney Charlotte Durant Winton Ella Murray Wolff Yau-Meng Wong Emma Jane Worthington Alexander Chen Wu Dana Philip Yesson Jaden Earl Young Evan Tianhao Zhang Andrew Peng-yu Zhao

GRADUATION 2021 Class of 2021 Matriculation List (Colleges with students attending are in bold along with number of students attending.) Allegheny College American University Amherst College Arizona State University-Tempe Babson College Bard College Barnard College Bates College Bentley University Boston College Boston University Bowdoin College Brandeis University Bridgewater College Brown University Bryant University Bryn Mawr College Bucknell University California College of the Arts Case Western Reserve University Catholic University of America Claremont McKenna College Clark University Clarkson University Clemson University Colby College Colgate University College of the Holy Cross College of William and Mary Colorado College Colorado School of Mines Columbia University Connecticut College Cornell University Dartmouth College Denison University Dickinson College Drexel University Duke University Elon University Emerson College Emory University Fairfield University Florida Southern College Fordham University Franklin and Marshall College George Washington University Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Grinnell College Hamilton College Hampton University Harvard University Haverford College High Point University Hobart William Smith Colleges Howard University Imperial College London Johns Hopkins University

2 3 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 5



3 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2

1 1

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1 8

1 1

Kenyon College 3 Lafayette College Lake Forest College Lehigh University 1 Lewis and Clark College Loyola Marymount University Loyola University Maryland Loyola University New Orleans Macalester College Marquette University Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 McGill University MCPHS University Michigan State University Middlebury College 2 Mount St. Mary’s University Muhlenberg College New York University 1 2 Northeastern University Northwestern University 3 Oberlin College Occidental College Oregon State University Pace University Pennsylvania State University Princeton University 4 3 Providence College Purdue University Reed College 1 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2 Rhodes College Rice University 3 Rivier University Rochester Institute of Technology Rutgers University-New Brunswick Sacred Heart University Saint Anselm College Santa Clara University Scripps College Simmons University Skidmore College Smith College Southern Methodist University 2 St Lawrence University Stonehill College Suffolk University Syracuse University 1 Temple University The University of Alabama The University of British Columbia The University of Tampa 1 The University of Tennessee-Knoxville The University of the South 1 Trinity College Trinity University 1 Tufts University 6 Tulane University of Louisiana 2 Union College United States Air Force Academy 1

United States Naval Academy 1 University of Arizona University of California-Berkeley University of California-Davis 1 University of California-Irvine University of California-Los Angeles University of California-San Diego University of California-Santa Cruz University of Chicago 2 University of Colorado Boulder 1 1 University of Connecticut University of Dallas University of Delaware University of Denver University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Iowa University of Maine University of Manchester University of Maryland-College Park University of Massachusetts-Amherst 2 University of Massachusetts-Boston University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth 1 University of Massachusetts-Lowell University of Miami 2 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor University of Minnesota-Twin Cities University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Notre Dame 1 University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania 3 University of Pittsburgh University of Rhode Island 1 University of Richmond 2 University of Rochester 2 University of San Francisco University of Toronto University of Utah University of Vermont 2 University of Virginia University of Wisconsin-Madison 3 Vassar College Villanova University 2 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1 Wagner College Wake Forest University Washington College Washington University in St Louis 3 Wesleyan University 3 Westfield State University Wheaton College Whitman College Willamette University Williams College 1 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Yale University 1








THE ARTS DEPARTMENT PRIZE The Arts Department has chosen to recognize the following seniors who have challenged themselves and have shared their passion for their chosen art form with the school community. Catherine Bertolini ’21 Sophie-Marie Chadha ’21 Samuel Rabieh ’21 Oliver Shapiro ’21 Nicholas Tao ’21

THE GEORGE HENRY BROWNE ENGLISH PRIZE commemorates one of our school’s founders. A friend of Robert Frost, whom he several times invited to speak at the school, Mr. Browne was a highly esteemed English teacher, the writer of several books, and the headmaster of Browne & Nichols from 1883 until 1928. Sophie-Marie Chadha ’21 Elise Hawkins ’21

THE JOHN B. PETROPOULOS ART EXHIBITION commemorates a great teacher and friend. The following students were chosen to exhibit in this year’s Petropoulos show: Sofia Chen ’22 Sofia Dushku ’21 Lily Garvey ’21 Leah Grealish ’21 Siena Lerner-Gill ’21 Nanako Ruping ’21 Keesha Theodore ’21 Ella Wolff ’21 Emma Worthington ’21 Dana Yesson ’21 THE DESIREE ROGERS KING FUND was created by Sherwood King in memory of his wife, a member of the Buckingham Class of 1936, who had a life-long interest in the arts. The income from the fund is awarded annually to promising students of the arts at BB&N. This award may be applied to scholarship assistance, or to after-school or summer study in the arts. Alejandro Moro-Araujo ’24 Hanah Shemsu ’22

Athletics THE PATRICIA H. BIGGAR PRIZE is awarded to students who have achieved a standard of excellence in performance, spirit, and leadership by example throughout their athletic career. Sam Bernstein ’21 Raia Schluter ’21 Jaden Young ’21 THE CLASS OF 1933 ATHLETIC AWARD was established by the Class of 1933 and is awarded to the best all-around boy and girl athletes in the graduating class, faithful in practice, skillful in play, and winning or losing true to the highest ideals of good sportsmanship. Aimee Seppenwolde ’21 Matthew Thompson ’21 THE NICHOLS PRIZE is given in memory of former Headmaster Edgar Hamilton Nichols to two athletes in the upper classes who, throughout the year, attain the highest distinction jointly in scholarship and athletics. Mia Biotti ’21 Russell Campbell ’21 THE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL LEAGUE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE is presented at each Independent School League member school to that student athlete who best exemplifies the Independent School League ideals of integrity, sportsmanship, fair play, and good citizenship while participating as a multi-sport athlete during their ISL career. Victoria Huang ’21


THE PAUL M. JACOBS PRIZE was established by Mrs. Emilie K. Jacobs to honor the memory of her late husband, a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Buckingham. The award is given to that member of Grade 10 who has shown outstanding skill in debating. Gabrielle Martin ’23


THE HISTORY/SOCIAL SCIENCE TEACHERS’ PRIZE iis awarded annually to the senior who has demonstrated exemplary achievement, commitment, and potential in the study of history and social science. This year the prize is awarded to: Abigail Rabieh ’21

Mathematics THE HARRY DAVIS GAYLORD PRIZE is given in memory of the former mathematics teacher to a deserving senior for outstanding work in the field of mathematics. Andrew Zhao ’21


THE JEAN GORDON CAIRNIE CASTLES SCIENCE PRIZE was established in 1982 through a bequest from Mrs. Gordon C. Cairnie in honor of her daughter, Jean Gordon Cairnie Castles ’54, and is given to a graduating student who has demonstrated exceptional scientific ability in biological science. Zoe Berman ’21 Alex Wu ’21 THE JOHN H. WALTERS SCIENCE PRIZE is named in memory of John H. (Doc) Walters, who taught science from 1949 through 1989 and is given in recognition of sustained enthusiasm and effort in physical science. Jayden Personnat ’21 Nanako Ruping ’21

World Languages THE ARABIC PRIZE is presented to a student who has proven to be mutahamis/mutahamisa (intensely enthusiastic) for Arabic Language and cultures. Alan Bers ’21 THE CHINESE PRIZE is given to the student who excels in the study of Chinese. Claudia Cortell ’21

GRADUATION 2021 THE HELENE HERZOG FRENCH PRIZE is funded by faculty and friends of the former French teacher, and is presented for excellence in French and for consistent commitment to the study of French and French civilization. Bea Scanlon ’21 THE JAMES ARTHUR REEVES LATIN PRIZE is presented for excellence in translation and comprehension. Zoe Berman ’21 THE GEORGE DEPTULA RUSSIAN PRIZE is presented in honor of the founder of BB&N’s Russian program in 1956 and is given to a student who has distinguished him/herself by excellent academic performance in the Russian language and who has demonstrated a continuous passion for Russia and its people. Gabriella Blanco ’21 THE SPANISH PRIZE is given to the student in the upper grades who excels in the Spanish language and who demonstrates interest and enthusiasm for Hispanic literature and culture. Hattie Grant ’21 THE MARINA KEEGAN ’08 SUMMER FELLOWSHIP was established in the spring of 2012 by family, alumni/ae, faculty, and friends to honor

the memory of Marina Keegan, BB&N class of ’08. In multiple arenas, Marina stood out as a kind, intelligent, invested young woman known for her quick wit and irrepressible energy. This fellowship is awarded annually to one or more BB&N students pursuing projects focusing on either artistic pursuits or activist causes that reflect Marina’s spirit, talents, and ideals. Katie Baker ‘23 Annie Stockwell ‘22 THE CRAIG B. STONESTREET ’49 PRIZE was established in 1991 by family, friends, alumni/ae, and parents to honor the memory of BB&N’s respected alumnus, teacher, administrator, and coach. The prize is awarded to a student of the junior class in recognition of high scholarship, excellence in athletics, constructive influence within the School, and is to be used for travel or other personal enrichment of an educational nature. Jack Pappendick ’22

PICTURED x 1 x Nichols Prize winner Mia Biotti ’21 x 2 x Nichols Prize winner Russel Campbell ’21 x 3 x Harry Davis Gaylord Prize recipient Andrew Zhao ’21 x 4 x Helene Herzog French Prize recipient Bea Scanlon ’21






PRIZES AWARDED Citizenship THE BARRETT HOYT AWARD was established in 1972 in memory of a student and is awarded to a senior who acts responsibly and represents his or her classmates and school with honor. Kind, considerate, humble, and mature, this student holds herself to a high standard as a learner, a classmate, and a friend. Whether it’s in a cappella or in Chinese class, during semester away or on the cross-country team, she can be found putting in her best effort, supporting her peers, and overcoming obstacles with integrity, hard work, and determination. Priya Devavaram ’21 This student is an artist, an environmentalist, and is passionate about social justice. She is a caring individual who acts not only in the BB&N community but also in her wider community, promoting an awareness and respect for the natural resources available and the inequalities that exist surrounding access to these resources. She demonstrates a determined approach to overcoming challenges in situations that are close to her heart, she cares deeply about and advocates for human rights and is a kind, sensitive, and supportive friend. Clio Quilter-Vagts ’21 THE ANNETTE JOHNSON PRIZE honors the memory of a student whose life exemplified courage and commitment to scholarship. The prize recognizes optimism, perseverance and dedication to the community and its ideals. A scholar whose range of interests begins with her highestlevel academic courses and goes on to broaden the word “scholarship” to include her numerous achievements in Orchestra and Chamber Music, her co-presidency of Model UN, and her role as an editor for the Vanguard, this dedicated student has added much to the BB&N experience of her peers and the community at large. In Orchestra and Chamber Music, this student’s exquisite musicianship paired with a tenacious will to collaborate on every possible project and to share in the joys of ensemble playing with her peers. She is “viola power” personified. Abigail Rabieh ’21 Cheerful and outgoing, this student strives to make everyone feel welcomed. His perpetual smile, joyful nature, and concern for others make him the ideal Peer Counselor and Vanguard Opinions editor. In good times and in bad, he somehow manages to make those around him have a brighter day. Daniel Gross-Loh ’21 THE MERIWETHER OTIS KIMBALL PRIZE established in memory of Meriwether Otis Kimball ’32 by his parents and is awarded annually for faithful, conscientious work and


cheerfulness in meeting and overcoming difficulties. With her big heart and big smile always present, this young woman contributes in various ways that improve our community. In the classroom, she builds strong relationships with her peers and teachers by asking questions, engaging the discussion, and challenging both her own and her peers’ opinions. Whether playing on a team or in attending SHADES, Empower, GAINS or other interests, she demonstrates that through kindness, dedication, and activism, one can change her community for the better Ruthie Osagie ’21 Enthusiastic, kind, and thoughtful, this student always takes the time to celebrate her classmates and create team spirit. Whether helping lead varsity soccer to a New England championship or cheering on classmates with their projects and presentations, she always brings out the best in herself and in those around her and brightens each community of which she is a part. Charlotte Huang ’21 THE LUBETS PRIZE was established by Richard I. Lubets, Browne & Nichols class of ’51, in memory of his parents, to honor a student who has made an outstanding contribution during her or his senior year. This student has been described as respectful, careful, thoughtful, calm, steady, trustworthy, and caring deeply about the quality of his work. Whether serving as a Bivouac junior guide, creating music with his peers, or jumpstarting BB&N sports blog website The Benchwarmer, he has demonstrated a consistent commitment to bettering the BB&N community, and an ability to lead through action more than words. Future BB&N seniors will continue to learn and benefit from the exemplary model set by this young man. Jayden Personnat ’21 Quite simply put, this student is a force of nature. Witty, dedicated, thoughtful, ambitious, and curious, she is a gift to any classroom and to our school. She arrived just last fall, one of the only transfer juniors in the class. It is unusual for students to make such a seamless transition to BB&N, but she did just that, leaping into the classes, athletics, and clubs in a way that made everyone forget she had just arrived. She is a leader in the class, confident yet inclusive, willing to push others yet patient with those who have not yet caught up to where she is. These two years have gone quickly, but it is hard to imagine this class without her in it. Samirah Moody ’21 THE DAVID R. POKROSS PRIZE was established by the Pokross children and grandchildren to honor their father and grandfather, a former trustee at Buckingham Browne & Nichols. It is awarded to the student whose commitment to people in

GRADUATION 2021 need best embodies the ideals expressed in the Community Service Program of the Upper School.


This student has worked with Housing Families, Inc., a nonprofit program that works to end homelessness for families throughout his high school career. He has spent countless hours tutoring, providing support to students after school, and working as a summer camp counselor. He has raised over $20,000 by hiking 70 miles of the Appalachian trail, writing grants, and selling Origami through a website he and his sister operate. As a member of CELB this year, he has been instrumental in getting the website organized and usable. Extremely kind, thoughtful, humble and selfless, he took it upon himself to use his talents with website design and computers to help make our service learning hub better. His leadership and work will leave a lasting legacy at BB&N as the service learning program continues to evolve. Alex Wu ’21 This dedicated and compassionate leader has given generously of her time and energy to educate, support and serve the community. Her joyful personality is evident whether it be in service to her class as an elected officer, her volunteer work, or tutoring during the pandemic. Aanika Patel ’21


PICTURED x 1 x Annette Johnson Prize winner Abigail Rabieh ’21 x 2 x Annette Johnson Prize winner Daniel Gross-Loh ’21 x 3 x Meriwether Otis Kimball Prize recipient Ruthie Osagie ’21 x 4 x Meriwether Otis Kimball Prize recipient Chatlotte Huang ’21




PRIZES AWARDED THE APRIL TERUEL PRIZE, given in memory of a former student, is awarded this year to a senior who is kind and understanding to his peers and has been an active participant in the life of the school. Always happy, optimistic and energetic whether he was participating in class or SHADES, helping a fellow student as a Peer Counsellor or playing in the Varsity soccer team. He was hardworking and committed to make BB&N a better place while embodying carefreeness and kindness with his signature smile. Nikhil Datta ’21 This young woman’s kindness and care for her classmates helps to nurture the social dynamic of the class of 2021. As a captain for various sports, a member of myriad clubs/activities, an officer for her class, a member in Chorale, a Junior Guide for Bivouac, she demonstrated that inclusion means that everyone belongs. We’ll miss seeing her on the sidelines at friends’ games, listening to her sing at events, and watching her work her magic in any given social situation. Patricia Halliday ’21 THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRIZE was established by George Deptula, a former member of the faculty, to recognize strength of character, sensitivity to the needs of others, and willingness to use his or her education, talent, and time to assist those in need.

generously to friends and the school community, and whose lives exemplify the School’s motto: Honor, Scholarship, Kindness. The Class of 2021 would not have been the same without this young man. From the very first day when he decided to take “groupies” of his peers with an imaginary camera at Bivouac, it was obvious this young man cares about creating an inclusive, kind, and fun experience for everyone, which lasted for his four years at the Upper School. In the classroom, his genuine curiosity drives his academic pursuits and interests, and his humble nature encourages others to learn without a fear of failure. And, by working equally hard at improving himself as an athlete and leader on the field, he demonstrates how one balances personal achievement with team success. We’ll miss hearing his infectious giggle, his booming, “Hello!”, and seeing his welcoming smile each day. Jaden Young ’21 Genuinely engaged with the community, keenly aware of others, and dedicated to serving the greater good, this student—as a valued classmate, Student Council co-president, junior class president, and organizer of racial and social justice work—has led by unassuming, stellar example. Resilient, principled, and friendly, she garners gratitude from students and faculty alike for her crucial voice, and her consequential involvement in the daily life of the school. Siena Lerner-Gill ’21

Guided by his own inner compass, this student moves toward personal excellence and social justice with the same commitment, focus, work ethic, and passion. His even-keeled leadership reflects genuine caring whether tutoring 3rd graders in English at the Benjamin Banneker school, or articulating the purpose of BSAE (Brothers Seeking Academic Excellence) or cheering teammates on when things don’t go well on the pitch— be it for BB&N or Chelsea FC. With deep curiosity, with high expectations of himself and others, with supportive engagement, and with courage to stand up for an ethical perspective, this student explores possibilities for making the world better. Mehdi Epee-Bounya ’21


Dedicated, sincere, kind, and empathetic are just a few words that describe this outstanding human being. On a given day, this student can be seen studying diligently, grabbing her violin for an orchestra rehearsal, heading with music in hand to a Chorale or Voices of the Knight rehearsal, lugging hockey gear for a practice or game, or reading over submissions for the Spectator. No matter what she is doing, this student is always thinking about the needs of her friends and of the BB&N community. Sophie Marie-Chadha ’21


THE HEAD’S PRIZE is awarded to those students in the graduating class who, in addition to fine scholarship, have contributed

x 1 x April Teruel Prize winner Nikhil Datta ’21 x 2 x Head’s Prize winner Jaden Young ’21 x 3 x Head’s Prize winner Siena Lerner-Gill ’21



Cum Laude Society Berman, Eloise Mitzi Berman, Zoe Lee Bernstein, Samantha Tamara Chadha, Sophie-Marie Cortell, Claudia Celeste Datta, Nikhil Grant, Harriet Mathers Hawkins, Elise Draper Hong, Matthew Meyer Huang, Victoria Avery


Kim, Jonathan Jiyu Levy, Ines Louise Lichtenberger, Jackson Liu, Quinn Mo, Jane Jinjin Padmanabhan, Karthik Sai Personnat, Gerson E. Personnat, Jayden Egbert Qiu, Jack Yaowei Rabieh, Abigail Marisa Ruping, Nanako Kuze Scanlon, Beatrice Shay


Shapiro, Oliver William Wang, Dylan Whitney, Samuel McKenna Wu, Alexander Chen Zhao, Andrew Peng-yu


INNOVATIVE KNIGHT CORPS PROGRAM Proves Essential During Pandemic Year by Sharon Krauss, US English teacher

Knight Corps member Sebastien Ridore ’15 30

On a cool, drizzly Monday, Lower School French teacher Soizick Munir begins by asking her in-person sixth-graders about the weekend’s unseasonably warm, early-spring weather. From her Zoom box projected on the screen, she asks, “Quelle était la température samedi?” After Madame chirpily repeats the question with more detail a few times, the stumped students look to Sébastien Ridoré ’15, sitting before them in the classroom. He stage-whispers, “Seventy-five degrees.” When that fails to prompt a response, he suggests, “Say any number in the seventies.”

aspirations to pursue paths in education might be interested in this opportunity.”

“Dix? Soixante-dix?” Antonio offers.

Indeed, Ridoré was in just that disrupted situation when he learned about the Knight Corps. One of three alums hired, he is in the middle of the group’s 19–27 age range and, like most of the Knights, has worked with youth in other capacities. A “lifer” at BB&N, where he played in the orchestra, he majored in Viola Performance at Sunderman Conservatory of Music at Gettysburg College, after which he freelanced in the music world—on the string faculty at the Community Center of Boston, as a teaching artist at the Boston Music Project, and running the music program at the Immigrant Family Services Institute. But when everything went virtual, he lost a lot of working hours.

“Yes!” says Ridoré.

“Oui!” says Munir, raising a celebratory fist in her Zoom box.

“The Knight Corps job was in education, related to what I was doing at the time, and it was also a reason to come back to the community. I thought—man, I got so much out of BB&N, so much was given to me,” Ridoré says. “I sort of felt like this was the universe offering me a chance to give back.”

Madame adds, “It is a difficult number en français.” Antonio starts to reply, but Ridoré interrupts, a masked smile heard in his voice. “Your mic is muted, buddy.” It is Monday, after all. Trying again, Antonio asks, “Is it ‘sept cent’ or something like that?” Ridoré replies, “Start with ‘soixante’ and then add ‘ten.’ Soixante…?” A murmured recognition of the concept hums among the students.

On any given day, Ridoré “explains things if what I said didn’t go through,” says Munir, teaching remotely in her thirty-third year at BB&N. “He can repeat it because his French is so good; he can make it simpler. Sébastien also is my tech guy, my hands and feet. He makes photocopies and hands them out. He takes the students for their mask break. He’s the presence in the room—an amazing presence, so warm and so kind. The kids love him. They count on him.” Ridoré is one of 31 educational support associates hired in August 2020 to form the Knight Corps, as it is colloquially known, to serve all three divisions. The brainchild of Head of School Jennifer Price as she was facing the myriad challenges of planning for the ’20–’21 school year, “the idea is to have hands on deck to deal with the numerous new realities of running school during a pandemic,” explains Chief Learning Officer Jed Lippard, who, along with Co-Director of Extended Year Services Emma O’Loughlin, took on the task of quickly developing the idea, hiring the Knights, and overseeing the plan’s implementation. “The way I always describe it to people,” says Knight Corps member Helen Murray, “is that I’m kind of a pandemic TA. I was really impressed with the ingenuity of a role like this. I wanted to be in a space that was problem-solving in that way.” Middle School Assistant Director Tony Breen, who serves as the Knight Corps coordinator on his campus, says, “The bottom line is the Knights basically have enabled us to function in full format this year. Thanks to their presence, we were able to avoid multiple episodes where we would have otherwise been up the creek without a paddle.” “Dr. Price used the analogy of a baseball team’s utility player,” Lippard continues. “Her thought was that young people whose years are also disrupted by the pandemic and/or who have

Ridoré also works with Lower School Spanish teachers Monica Palacio and Omar Machado to teach first- and fourth-grade classes, respectively. “That’s given me the skills to think on my feet because I’ve never taken Spanish before! I’ve done Duolingo every day to learn the basics and stay a few steps ahead of the students. You have to keep up the illusion with the students that you know all,” he says with a laugh. Appreciative of learning a new language in the process, Ridoré is also glad to have brushed up on his French, which he studied throughout BB&N and was primed for by the Haitian Creole he’d grown up speaking at home, and to have reconnected with his former teacher. “I still kind of see Soizick as a mentor. But we’re in a different place now; it’s awesome to have that relationship with her.” Ridoré has also established great rapport with the sixthgraders, especially. Alec Liu ’27, one of Munir’s students, says, “Sébastien is super helpful, funny, and chill. He’s really good!” After facilitating classroom activities, helping students find online resources for research projects, chatting and playing games during mask breaks, Ridoré notes, “Those connections have been growing and growing. And now a lot of the students will come up to me just to hang out and talk—like during dismissal time when we’re waiting for the parents.” Lower School Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Global (DEIG) Education Practitioner Emma Price, who also serves as the LS Knight Corps Coordinator, points out that the Knights have notably reduced the student-adult ratio. Especially since students could not be with their teachers last spring, she says, “the Knights have provided important opportunities 31

for students to have more contact with adults. They’ve developed really sweet relationships with our kids.” On the Middle School campus, Charlie Salkever, an “absolute stellar, rock-solid, go-to Knight,” according to Breen, has done everything from substitute-teach art class to proctor quizzes to help in math classes, but his primary position has been in the science lab—particularly, connecting with the students learning remotely. “I make sure they feel engaged in the labs and class activities and understand the content,” Salkever says. “It’s felt very meaningful to be a resource for students who may be struggling with remote learning, as well as give them some much-needed social interaction.” Overall, Salkever has found getting to know the students the most rewarding part of his job. “Every day I’m impressed,” he says. “They’ve taught me so much.” Student interaction with the Knights was integral to the Knight School program, which, until the hybrid mode ended, offered a structured environment and a chance to socialize for MS and US students who otherwise would have been at home on remote days. “The Knights provided academic support where needed and played games during down times. They’re what made Knight School so enjoyable!” says O’Loughlin. At the Upper School, too, Knights play an essential gobetween role. Knight Maggie Hersam learned to toggle between being a friendly presence, one who chats with students before classes, and being the authority figure who keeps them socially distanced and walking in the stipulated direction. “A big part of the job was trying to keep the students safe,” says Hersam, “and promoting the idea that we’re very lucky to be open this year, to be able to see friends—and we want to keep it that way.” Junior Connie Yang’s whole U.S. History class is grateful to Hersam, she says, “for supporting us in an unfamiliar year by connecting us with our fully remote teacher, Mr. Sternberg. Ms. Hersam worked us through the countless technological issues, and she is constantly patient and kindhearted.” Hersam was also paired with Upper School history teacher Jessica Stokes, Zooming in until fully vaccinated after Spring Break. “I really needed to be able to partner with a Knight to clue me in on the class vibe that you can’t get when you aren’t there, to observe and provide a third perspective on how well something worked,” says Stokes. “Maggie did all of that, and she was excellent at promoting camaraderie among the students while also helping them stay on task.” Eager to learn more about teaching as she considers that career path, Hersam, who will return next fall to Bucknell University as a senior after taking time off, reached out to Stokes and Sternberg for some mentoring. “They actually went out of their way to meet with me pretty often outside of class. It was really cool to develop a relationship with them and to see them in action. I feel lucky for that,” she says. Hersam is also grateful for the chance to broaden her experience by moving to the Lower School after Spring Break when a need developed there. Working with first- and second-graders, she helps out in math classes and is the only 32

adult in the room teaching Spanish, which she had studied in high school and college. “It’s been a big adjustment, but I’m really happy with it.” Encouraged by Lippard and others to use their particular skills and seek out additional opportunities and roles, the Knights have sat in on other teachers’ classes, helped coach, contributed to DEIG initiatives, and lent a hand in Admissions and research-analysis work. When the Middle School was down two Tech Team members in December, Knight Peter O’Leary’s college-job experience in classroom technology support came to light, and he was soon hired as a full-time academic technology specialist, while still working with French teacher Youssef Talha in his seventh-grade classes. “That class work helps me stay in the loop about tech needs and gives me a useful perspective on what teachers and students are experiencing on a daily basis,” O’Leary says. “This has been a tremendous opportunity for me to be immersed in many aspects of a K–12 school and to explore education as a career path.” Crucial among Lippard’s goals for the Knight Corps was providing these opportunities for growth. In addition to giving the Knights a robust orientation, he designed into the program a weekly seminar called ACT—Acting, Caring, and Thinking like an educator—which he convenes to help the group “use each other as a sort of professional learning community to get feedback, to strategize and problem solve, to share frustrations and successes,” Lippard says. The Knights also participate in monthly SEED training (Seeking Educational Excellence and Diversity), led by Emma Price, who sees the Knight Corps program as “an opportunity for their growth and for our mentorship and growth, as well,” she says. “I really like the service-corps model; I think that’s very powerful for our institution.” Given the faculty support for the innovative concept and the Knights’ own reactions to the experience, plans are underway, Lippard says, to launch another version of the Corps next year. These pioneering Knights are also making plans— several of them eyeing the territory ahead with clarified vision, a new sense of self. Hersam says, “The experience has taught me a lot about adaptability and flexibility, as well as teaching. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I can see that education might be the right path for me; I’m really grateful that I got to figure that out.” Although Ridoré still wants to be a performing artist, this past year has altered his life vision; he is now applying to music education graduate programs. “BB&N has taught me how much gratification you can get out of the relationships you build with the students and with the faculty and staff. That has been the best part of this year—the community,” he says. “If I can work in an environment where I can cultivate those same relationships that I have at BB&N, that would be awesome.”

Knight Corps member Carly Chelton assists Upper School English teacher Sarah Getchell with an English class.

“BB&N has taught me how much gratification you can get out of the relationships you build with the students and with the faculty and staff.”

Knight Corps member Maggie Hersam and first grader Eli Sidman ’32 Knight Corps members Richard Reid and Henry Bellew at the Lower School.


Beyond our echo chambers In the past year as COVID raged and vast swathes of the country quarantined, fundamental rifts in America surfaced in dramatic ways, drawing bold lines between culture, geography, and ideology. To BB&N students, never had their country felt more divided. In thinking about this challenging and scary new reality’s effect on students, BB&N Chief Learning Officer Jed Lippard took action. Lippard designed a Senior Spring Project course called “Beyond Our Echo Chambers” that would seek understanding and common ground through the following course description: If the 2020 Presidential Election taught us anything, it’s that our nation is polarized, the likes of which we have not seen since the Civil War. In this seminar, Seniors will engage via videoconference with high school Seniors from the “other” part of America—the deep red states—to engage in critical dialogue about some of the most controversial issues of our day: abortion rights, gun control, immigration, climate change, LGBTQA+ equality, police reform. The goal is to practice civil discourse, to humanize the other, and to expand our perspectives beyond our immediate echo chambers. With a mixture of ambivalence, nervousness, and excitement, 12 BB&N seniors signed up to engage in a discourse with 10 students from Sam Houston High School, a comprehensive public high school in Moss Bluff, Louisiana. The results were surprising and productive, allowing many students to find nuggets of hope in the future despite the numerous outward differences between them and their Sam Houston counterparts. “I was blown away at the thoughtfulness and compassion of the students,” Lippard notes. “For this little laboratory or petri dish we created, humanizing the ‘other side’ proved that productive discussions can be had around topics that initially seem daunting to reconcile. As educators, we have a moral imperative to teach these skills—empathy, understanding conflicting perspectives—and give this generation the tools to find common ground and compromise.” What follows are a few excerpts from BB&N student reflective journals recounting their experiences and emotions during the course. 34

“Surprisingly, the students that I

“I matched with a student at

“I enjoyed our last session with

ended up talking to fully agreed

Sam Houston High School to

Sam Houston High School. We

discuss The Constitution. This

were able to ask the questions

exchange, also our penultimate

that we were most curious about

change, and finding ways to

one, marked the first time we

and have a conversation about

give marginalized minorities

could dive into unregulated

what our beliefs were. When first

better opportunities to break into

and unfiltered conversations

going into the activity, I think I

with conservative students. This

already had preconceived ideas

find with the other students, to

student had previously launched

about what they were going to

the point where I almost wonder

into a tirade about how stripping

say. But when we finally started

if my experience in the BEC

away our Second Amendment

the exercise, most times, they

rights would cascade into the

said the exact opposite of what

government rescinding all of our

I expected to hear. I think that

kids who consider themselves

rights, an argument parroted by

this helped me be more open

conservatives because of their

some conservatives. As you could

and honest about my beliefs


imagine, I was both terrified and

and opinions because they were


willing to be honest and share all

of theirs whether they agreed or

is more liberal than any of the

“Upon joining my breakout rooms,

previous ones. I feel sad that

I discovered that my fears were

disagreed with our side.”

many of them most likely feel

largely unfounded. Although

with me on many of the things they asked about. We all believed in immigration reform, climate

society. I’m really surprised by the amount of similarities I could

Seminar really put me in touch with hard core conservatives or if it just put me in touch with

“I think that this might have to do with the fact that my generation

like it’s required for them to be Republicans, as my conversations

she had previously ranted in the

with them indicate that they

larger Zoom room, I agreed with

really aren’t that conservative.

her more often than not once

It could also be, though, that I

we launched into more nuanced

just had a very incorrect view of conservatives, but based on what I’ve heard from Republican

Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution: we agreed

would vote for), I think that there

that justices should interpret The

really are conservatives out there

Constitution with beliefs rooted in

terrified of.

the modern day, as compared to the 1700s. That said, they should

“Although I came to the BEC

also have a healthy respect for

course looking for concrete

precedent—I found this ironic,

answers about the conservatives,

considering how the current

I’m walking away from it more confused than I initially was. I think this just goes to show how complicated our country’s political landscape is and how


conversations. Concerning the

politicians (people who they

who believe in ideals which I am


conservatives justices often invent


precedent on the fly.” ANDREW ZHAO ’21

categorizing people’s opinions into larger groups is often very misleading and ineffective.” NIKHIL DATTA ‘21


Seniors Embrace Extracurricular Activities with Spring Project Every year following March break, BB&N seniors embark on Spring Project, a semesterlong opportunity to take classes they never had a chance to take, engage in independent study, follow their passions to new experiences, and perform meaningful work in the community. Read on a for a taste of the interesting projects undertaken by seniors this spring.





LOWELL SCHOOL DISTRICT INTERNSHIP My Spring was hectic…but it was the best two months I could have asked for. I had two internships that helped encompass my SSP: an internship at the Lowell District Office shadowing the Chief Equity Officer, Latifah Philips, and an internship with the start-up company Five Fifths, under BB&N alumni Andre Joseph ’10 and Kyle Umemba ’11. I ran for BB&N track and my club track team, the Metropolis Cobras. I volunteered with the Metro Cobras on my days off from training, or would just double up, and attended the virtual seminar Beyond Echo Chambers with students from Sam Houston High School. My goal was to achieve some form of personal growth and maybe get more of an idea as to what I want to do with my life moving forward, both of which were accomplished with flying colors.

Lowell proved to be extremely rewarding, as I spearheaded the formation of the Lowell Student Advisory Council with the high school students within the district. The idea blossomed out of a protest in the city of Lowell during the Summer of 2020 in the wake of the death of Moses Brown, an unfortunate tragedy happening in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests erupting across the country. It was at this protest that students expressed a desire to change how their schools are run and emphasize the need to prioritize equitable education for students.

Fast forward to March of 2021, where I entered a room full of bright-eyed students who looked just like me, and yet had such different experiences. Week one was a lot of preliminary research on my part, looking into comparable districts (ones with similar demographics) that had student advisory councils. I mainly used the Boston Student Advisory Council as a model

to create a presentation surrounding the structures and policies to be used to form the Lowell Student Advisory Council. The first meeting was nerve racking, and I felt ill-prepared to be presenting in front of the superintendent, office staff, and students about two districts I knew very little about, and yet I did it without missing a beat. From there on we were off rolling with weekly meetings that I facilitated to create a mission statement and finalize a recruitment plan.

All the planning and official work was fruitful, but not even close to being where I learned my greatest lessons. For one, these eight students are passionate about the numerous fights for social justice, and yet they often don’t have the access to know about all the resources out there. We created a group chat where I would share articles or other social media accounts surrounding current day battles for equal opportunity, and they were so grateful it made me sad; for they should know and have such tools at their fingertips, because with such knowledge they are that much more powerful. They have grit and are the definition of perseverance in the face of adversity—just being in their presence made me want to push through anything.

Secondly, my boss, Latifah Philips, is a black woman in a position of power. She’s traveled, she’s studied, and she’s seen firsthand what it’s like for people to try to knock her down a peg. I attended a school board meeting where a white male member of the school committee tried to convince the community that Ms. Philip was wrong for advocating for more language services in a district where almost half the students are ELL or have first languages other than English. I know it’s a grueling task to defy the odds and be more than what you’re expected to be in society, but she showed me it could be done, so I’m grateful.

proofreading could be done to increase the quality of any given transcription. For me in particular, this was fascinating, because I got to see how different people would interpret and try to decipher the same piece of text from different angles.

Yet, as my experience with transcribing increased, I became more and more fascinated with the actual literary works I interacted with. By transcribing different works from different periods of time, I felt as if I was immersing myself in various periods of history. I was able to study the data of early Harvard Astronomers, and examine how they used pages and pages of notebook paper to investigate and measure cosmic phenomena. I had the chance to look at the products of artists firsthand and observe how different press outlets interpreted them in various ways. I could study letters and memoirs written by people involved with the day to day function of the Freedmen’s Bureau, and gain an inside look into the function of that governmental organization. These valuable experiences were something that also helped me develop on a personal level and move toward a more multicultural, diverse outlook in general.

Ultimately, while my SSP has come to an end, the valuable lessons I’ve learned as a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer will stay with me forever. Moving forward, as I go into this summer, as well as my upcoming undergraduate journey, I will certainly keep transcribing various documents, in the hope of gaining new knowledge and experiencing new portions of history.

Samirah Moody ’21 helped empower other high school students to take action.


SMITHSONIAN DIGITAL VOLUNTEER WORK This spring, as part of my Senior Spring Project (SSP), I had the opportunity to serve as a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer and collaborate with more than 15,000 other individuals to transcribe primary documents and works of literature via the Smithsonian Transcription Center. According to the Transcription Center, the purpose of this transcription is to improve internet accessibility and readability of documents, facilitate research for both the arts and sciences, and afford volunteers the ability to engage directly with primary sources.

This activity initially captivated me because of a mixture of flexibility and collaboration. I was able to transcribe whenever I wanted without any specific time limitations, simply because work was done through a digital platform. Additionally, since multiple volunteers could work on one document, editing and

Jack Qiu ’21 and a sample of his transcription work at the Smithsonian




three times a week and would help out with whatever lab work Erik was doing.

A highlight of the work I did was one of the first experiments that I performed on my own with Erik’s guidance where we got good data. The experiment was testing to see whether heparin, a drug that was serendipitously discovered to have an impact on immune responses in tumors, did in fact boost the impact of an immune therapy on a cancer cell line that was grown in the lab. For this experiment I plated and treated the cells, which included a lot of precise pipetting and required a sterile work environment. The fact that it was the first experiment that I did myself created a lot of room for error and we were worried the experiment would need to be re-done. However, three days later when we got the results back everything worked and we got positive results showing that heparin in combination with an immune therapy did enhance the immune response. This was incredibly exciting because it is research that could eventually be used in actual patients in the future.


DANA FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE INTERNSHIP For my SSP this year I had an internship at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in the Barbie Lab, which focuses on research and discovery of immune therapies for lung cancer and other thoracic cancers. I specifically worked with Dr. Erik Knelson who is an oncologist at Dana Farber and does research in the Barbie Lab about lung cancer and mesothelioma. Erik was an amazing mentor and made lots of time for me in his busy day to go into the lab to perform experiments and go over data. I was extremely excited when I heard that my internship would actually be in person because I originally planned for it to be virtual, but thanks to the vaccines it was fully on site. I would go into the lab, which was located in the Longwood Center, around


I learned more in this internship than I ever could have expected thanks to Erik and his guidance. Although I thought that he sometimes trusted me too much, I realized that part of the reason I learned so much and became increasingly comfortable in the lab was because I was actually doing and not only watching. I felt like this internship was incredibly valuable for me, especially going into college next year where I have to figure out what I want to do. I learned that I do like research, but more importantly research and work that impacts people and can make a difference in their lives. One of the things that is so great about Senior Spring Project is that you can have opportunities like these to do work that excites you outside of the curriculum, and even though my role was so minimal, I felt like I was helping and making a small difference. Alan Bers ’21 at his internship with the Dana Farber Cancer

“I see this as an opportunity for BB&N to invest for the future, and to make choices that will benefit their future students and our planet.” CLIO QUILTER-VAGTS ACTIVITAS ARCHITECTURAL INTERNSHIP Part of my SSP this spring was to learn about new, sustainable building practices and materials, native plants, and alternative hardscapes that could hopefully be implemented into BB&N’s new Grove Street project design plan. I am so passionate about the changing climate, and hope to really push BB&N to make a commitment to a sustainable future. I see this as an opportunity for BB&N to invest for the future, and to make choices that will benefit their future students and our planet.

Learning about native plants, and how they support our local ecosystems, has also been a highlight of this project, and was what I originally focused on. I was especially interested in

finding ways to bring both beauty and practicality into the space.

The architecture firm (Activitas ) I worked with was so kind, and included me in many ways throughout the spring, allowing me to learn so much. They invited me to meetings, shared design plans, and even met one-on-one with me throughout the process to try to involve me in all that they’ve been doing. It has been so fun to have the opportunity to envision a more sustainable future for our school, and I am excited to see what BB&N decides to do. Clio Quilter-Vagts ’21



Alexsa Caron ’24


We are delighted to report that BB&N received more than $12 million this past year in support of The BB&N Fund, endowment, and capital initiatives. The total is, indeed, impressive, but what’s most important is the impact that these gifts—of all sizes—have had and will have on our students and faculty. We are humbled by the compassion and outpouring of generosity and support from the BB&N community. At the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year, Head of School Jen Price and the leadership team shared a reopening plan with the BB&N community. The plan stressed that the school would need to remain nimble throughout the year as COVID-19 continued. Throughout the year, our ability to respond to the increased and evolving needs of our students and teachers was due to the generous support of our community. In addition to helping fund the school’s traditional budget needs, your gifts provided the flexibility to help us keep our community safe, whole, and engaged with learning and teaching as we faced the year’s unexpected challenges. We’re pleased to share in this report some of the highlights and accomplishments that your generosity made possible, and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this unprecedented year. With gratitude,

Julie Gray Chief Advancement Officer

Leslie Riedel P’15, ’18, ’26, ’28 Trustee, Advancement Committee Chair




Ricardo Pontes, Dining Services

“ Thank you to the entire BB&N family— the teachers, administration, donors, food service, environmental service, athletic staff, and any others who are hidden heroes in the wings—for doing your best to keep everyone safe while championing the best from the educators and students. We are profoundly impressed and grateful.” — Upper School Family


2020-2021 was a year like no other for BB&N students, faculty, and staff, as well as the many Parents’ Association volunteers who were unable to come on campus for their usual faculty and staff appreciation events. Undaunted by the challenge, the Parents’ Association leadership team came up with an alternative but equally meaningful opportunity to recognize the incredible hard work and dedication of BB&N’s faculty and staff in this extraordinary year. The answer took the form of an all-school online initiative to raise funds for a holiday appreciation gift that would be distributed equitably to faculty and staff members during the holiday season. The response to the launch of the Parents’ Association Faculty and Staff Appreciation Fund was immediate: within 24 hours, nearly $15,000 had been contributed. The tremendous outpouring of support from the parent community continued steadily until the winter break, resulting in a total of $171,421 received from 362 families. This allowed the Parents’ Association to provide each full-time faculty and staff member with a gift of $525 on their final paycheck of 2020. A happy new year indeed!

“ The grace, kindness, and unconditional support with which the BB&N faculty and staff have approached this unprecedented school year is hard to put into words. We are so grateful for all of you and the big and small actions you take every day to give our kids the joy and love for learning that is even more precious during these times.” — Middle/Upper School Family

“ A BIG thank you to all the BB&N faculty and staff. This year truly demonstrates your care and commitment to developing the future citizens of our world. Our children are very fortunate.” — Lower/Upper School Family

“ Thank you very much to BB&N families for your incredible support during these past few months. The Faculty and Staff Appreciation Gift was a special surprise and I am touched by the generosity of the parent community. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a kind, caring, and thoughtful community!” — Lower School Faculty



More than $171,000 was received from 362 BB&N families as part of the Parents’ Association Faculty and Staff Appreciation Fund, enabling the school to provide a holiday gift of $525 to every faculty and staff member.

“ Thank you for your generosity and for thinking of us with your gift! Your students have all done such an amazing job and are the inspiration that I need every day.” — Upper School Faculty







Class of 2021 parents contributed more than $1 million to BB&N this year through the 2021 Senior Parents’ Gift, representing 87% of parents in the class. (front row left to right): Nanako Ruping ’21, Emma Worthington ’21, Lindsay Behenna ’21, Kimia Monzavi ’21; (back row left to right): Marie Quintanar ’21, Hattie Grant ’21, Charlotte Winton ’21, Ruthie Osagie ’21, Ines Levy ’21, Chloe Bancel ’21



For more than 30 years, the BB&N Senior Parents’ Gift—an opportunity for senior parents to celebrate their children’s BB&N experiences— has inspired meaningful support for the school’s highest priorities. The Class of 2021 Senior Parents’ Gift Committee endorsed two priorities for the designation of their Senior Parents’ Gift: The BB&N Fund and The Parents of the Class of 2021 Endowment Fund for a uKnighted Community. Inspired by the impact of the uKnighted Community Fund this year, this new endowment fund will provide income to support BB&N initiatives aimed at ensuring that all members of the community—students, current parents, faculty, and staff—can continue to participate in the full BB&N experience, even in challenging times when unanticipated needs may surface. Primary focuses of the Fund include additional resources for families, faculty, and staff in areas such as financial aid, technology, food security, and transportation. These resources will allow BB&N to respond to emergent needs so that the community can remain whole, connected, and uKnighted.

above: (left to right) Jaden Young ‘21, Christina Chaperon ‘21, Samirah Moody ‘21, Ruthie Osagie ‘21, Nate Roach ‘21, Jordyn Britton ‘21, Alex Mitchell ‘21, Mehdi Epee-Bounya ‘21 below: Class of 2021




“ These two exemplary teachers not only taught my daughter academically but became trusted friends and mentors as well. She will always remember them with pride and the strength she took from being in their classrooms.” — Upper School Parent


April 9, 2021, marked BB&N’s fifth annual Day of Giving, during which all members of the community were invited to come together in their combined support for the school by making a gift to The BB&N Fund. This year’s drive was aimed at honoring all faculty and staff—BB&N’s Superheroes—whose responsiveness and innovation over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year was truly heroic. The goal of the Day was simple: to secure 336 gifts in honor of BB&N’s 336 faculty and staff members. Thanks to the tremendous support of the community, we far surpassed that goal and set a new Day of Giving record of 454 gifts! Over the course of the Day, gifts received from alumni/ae, parents, past parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and students helped to unlock not just one but two challenge gifts, and raised $524,196 in support for The BB&N Fund. Donors were encouraged to make their gifts in honor of any or all of the 336 members of BB&N’s faculty and staff, and many included testimonials about why they chose to honor their BB&N Superhero(es), like those shared here.

“ Thank you to all BB&N faculty and staff for your dedication, perseverance, and patience!” — Middle School Parent



BB&N’s fifth annual Day of Giving raised more than $524,000 from 454 donors—an all-time record— in honor of all 336 BB&N faculty and staff. Ja’Niya Ellcock-Crayton ’23 and Christian Tonsgard, Upper School Ceramics

“ He helped me realize how much I love history. He always encouraged me to dig deeper and find answers. This is a skill that I will have for the rest of my life.” — BB&N Alumnus




The generosity of our community helped fund the following expenses to keep our campuses open safely this year.

Knight Corps member Charlie Salkever in the Middle School science lab

31 Knight Corps members were hired to support faculty and students learning and teaching remotely, both in classrooms and at the new Knight School on our 46 Belmont Street campus.


More than 20,000 COVID tests were administered on campus for faculty, staff, and students, as well as personal protective equipment for on-campus learning and teaching.

Yafet Ayalew ’27 8


additional desks were purchased to ensure students were able to socially distance.

An additional


classrooms were created in the Nicholas Athletic Center.


Chromebooks and iPads were distributed to Lower School students.


iPads were purchased for faculty to support dynamic teaching in a hybrid environment.


mobile screens were installed in campus classrooms to support remote students.


tents were set up to create outdoor classrooms on our three campuses.

More than


hand sanitizer and disinfecting stations and

were installed in classrooms and shared spaces.



touch-free faucets

HEPA air purifiers and MERV 13 filters were installed to enhance air circulation,

ventilation, and air exchange systems on all three campuses.





The BB&N Fund

Current Parents

Capital and Endowment Giving*

Non-BB&N Fund Operating Support**

Total Support










Parents of Alumni/ae & Former Students








Current Faculty and Staff


Students, Friends and Other Donors


Total Support:





$25,250 $8,559,326




* Includes documented commitments to BB&N’s comprehensive campaign and planned gift intentions. ** Includes gifts to the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Initiative, uKnighted Community Fund, and other gifts for non-budgeted expenses


Members of the BB&N community contributed $12.61 million in support of The BB&N Fund, capital, endowment and other special fundraising initiatives in 2020-2021.


Members of the BB&N community contributed nearly $3.5 million in support of The BB&N Fund in 2020-2021.



$50,000 - $99,999


$25,000 - $49,999 $15,000 - $24,999 $10,000 - $14,999

$377,165 $709,360 27 $264,046 15 $479,128 46 $509,114

$5,000 - $9,999

92 $319,266 112 $209,898 170

$2,500 - $4,999 $1,000 - $2,499 $500 - $99 $250 - $499 $100 - $249 $1 - $99



$100,000 and above

$76,388 144 $55,358 189 $67,670 378 $22,541 443 Donors

Total Gifts

BB&N FUND BY YEAR 2012-2021

$4,000,000 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0











*Includes $545,236 for the uKnighted Community Fund


$105,000,000 $90,000,000 $75,000,000 $60,000,000 $45,000,000 $30,000,000 $15,000,000 $0























THE 1974 LEADERSHIP SOCIETY The 1974 Leadership Society recognizes BB&N alumni/ae, parents, parents of alumni/ae, grandparents, and friends who have provided the school with an especially strong financial foundation. The name of the Society recognizes the year in which two Cambridge academic institutions, Browne & Nichols and Buckingham, merged and brought together their traditions of excellence to form what we now know as Buckingham Browne & Nichols School. The 1974 Leadership Society donors listed below made gifts, pledges, or pledge payments totaling $2,500 or more for operating, capital, or endowment purposes between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. NOTE: In recognition of BB&N’s continuing commitment to equity and inclusion throughout the school and in all programs, we have eliminated the levels of giving within the 1974 Leadership Society donor list, and are pleased to acknowledge the generosity of all leadership donors listed below. Anonymous (7) Brooke W. Ablon ’85 Rory Altman and Rebecca Mayne Jake Anderson-Bialis ‘98 and Deborah Anderson-Bialis Rox Anderson and Fernanda Sakamoto Christopher Andreoli and Denise Gee Chris and Jonna Angelone Philip and Yuriko Anton Eliza Appleton ’09


(dec.) - deceased

Rayce G. Anselmo and Rosa Martha Anselmo Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 and Eric Aronson David and Andrea Attisani Mathew and Alison Avram Dennis Baden and Nicole Morales George S. Bain ’69 Jesse Baker Pam Baker David M. Banash ’68 Stèphane and Brenda Bancel Alexander Band and Abby Fung Judith Barr Mark and Irina Barrocas Matthew Beagle and Lisa Scopa Thomas and Rebecca Behenna Tracy Bellavance Luis and Misha Beltran Adam and Nicole Benjamin Seth and Mandy Berman Andrew Bernstein and Jacqueline Shoback Kevin and Marijoy Bertolini James T. Berylson ’00 Mohit Bhatia ’93 Corey and Nikki Bialow Chris Bierly and Margaret Boasberg Jon Biotti and Leslie Jeng Kate Cetrulo Bjornlund ’05 Thomas Blackburn and Maria Durant Jennifer Berylson Block ’97 and Jonathan Block Taylor and Willa Bodman Ethan and Sandra Bornstein Susan Herzlinger Botein ’91 and Matthew Botein Michael and Deedie Bouscaren James Bowen and Carmen Arce-Bowen Craig L. Boyan ’81 Gil and Hilla Breiman Daniel and Lisa Brennan Robert Brenner ’86 and Molly Brenner Joshua Bresler and Katherine Ferguson Annie Brewster ’86 and Rick Weyerhaeuser Chuck and Kate Brizius Jason Brown and Claudia Epelbaum Brown Keith and Susan Brown Christian Brunet and Whitney Dayton Brunet Michael J. Bucuvalas ’66 and Martha Bucuvalas Ben Butcher Eleanor S. Campbell-Swank ’76 Ryan and Bronwen Carroll Joseph and Kristin Casey John and Jennifer Cassedy Brett and Sarah Catlin Alberto Cavallo and Pilar Iglesias Cavallo Larry and Lynn Cetrulo Ajay and Layla Chadha Raymond and Tiffany Chang David Chen and Joanne Wu

Mike and Debra Chen Lesley Chin ’00 Dennis W. Choi ’70 Kendrick Chow and Ellie Choi Joe and Lucy Chung Myung Soon Chung Michael Cima and Tina Cortessi Michael and Angela Cirami Pieter Cohen and Lauren Budding Randolph Cohen and Audra Dainora Steven Cohen and Mary Akerson Tim and Christina Cohen Steven and Alexi Conine Aaron and Emily Cooper Jerry and Stephanie Coughlan Joseph and Emily Coughlin Julia Petropoulos Coupland ’93 John Crocker III ’73 Glenn and Katherine Cross Jared Curhan ’89 and Katie Curhan Arup Datta and Madhuleena Saha John Dayton Carl and Denise DeFranco Anthony and Sarah Deighton David Deming and Janine Santimauro Barbara Greenberg Denton ’77 Amit and Gitika Desai Constantine and Susan Dimizas Jeff and Neely Dodge Nina S. Donnelly ’81 James Donovan ’61 Nathan and Patricia Dowden Craig and Joan Driscoll Erik Dubovik and Shirley Chung John Durfee and Preeti Patel Scott and Kristi Eckert Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 and Chris Egan Ryan and Dena Enos Sam and Alexandra Epee-Bounya Aron Epstein ’97 and Jacqueline Bell Oliver and Negin Ewald Leslie Ahlstrand Fitzgerald ’08 and Bobby Fitzgerald William and Virginia Foote Roger and Gwen Forman John Friedbauer and JianJian Wang Scott Friend and Leslie Riedel Nancy Hoadley Fryberger ’54 and Richard Fryberger Robert M. Gailey ’81 Devesh Gandhi and Rinaa Punglia Harry and Fei Gao Jerry and Kathleen Garvey Estate of Theodore B. Gazarian ’49 Keith and Debbie Gelb Iraklis Gerogiannis and Sheila Borboli-Gerogiannis Charles and Betsey Gifford Steve and Dorothy Gilman

Peter H. Glick ’81 Tricia Glynn Scott and Amy Goebel Carlos Gonzalez and Zeynep Ton Jonathan J. Goodman Chris and Mary Beth Gordon Rosalind Gorin ’62 and Matthew Budd Nathaniel M. Gorton ’56 and Jodi Gorton Janice Gould Graeme Grant and Meredith Saillant R. Jeremy and Hanne Grantham Timothy and Kathleen Gregor David and Christine Gross-Loh Bud Gruenberg, Jr. ’60 and Jennifer Gruenberg Jason P. Hafler ’00 and Abigail Bristol Hafler Rachel Kroner Hanselman ’89 and John Hanselman Jack Hardy ’61 and Margaret Sandoz Hardy ’61 Lionel and Irene Harris Tim Hartshorn and Melissa Reilly Robert and Kathryn Hassell Bartlett M. Hauthaway ’42 (dec.) Jeff and Christa Hawkins Matt and Elena Hawryluk James Hayes and Molly Wanner Lee Ginsburg Herbst ’53 and Arthur L. Herbst Bob and Kristine Higgins Andrew and Allison Hirsch Eric M. Hoagland ’88 and Cyndee Hoagland William and Mari-Ann Hogan Richmond Holden III ’01 and Kathryn Kargman Holden ’01 Michael Hong and Alison Meyer Hong John and Holly Huehn Freddie and Nikki Jacobs Rushan Jiang and Qing Zhai Xiaofeng Jiang and Shuojia Bai Abigail P. Johnson ’80 and Christopher McKown Kari Jorgenson ’93 and Kenneth Beausang Valdas Jurkauskas and Melody Mak-Jurkauskas Avak and Christine Kahvejian Karen Kalina ’81 and Erik Yesson David and Kay Kane Fiyaz and Azra Kanji Bill and Lynn Kargman Estate of Matthew A. Keenan ’46 Bill Keravuori and Jennifer Epstein Induprakas and Veena Keri Jeff and Lisa Kerrigan Bill King Gordon and Tania Kluzak Walter and Karameh Kuemmerle Sol and Elizabeth Kumin George and Patricia Kung Paul Kwon and Hyejin Park David Laibson and Nina Zipser Butler and Lois Lampson

Ken and Vicky Lang Stallworth and Juliette Larson Sang Lee and Minjung Kim Young J. Lee and Dr. Young Ju Rhee Charles Lesburg and Christine Lukacs-Lesburg Eric and Michelle Lev Alan Leventhal ’70 and Sherry Marcus Leventhal Stuart Levinson and Jennifer Keddy Peter K. Levitt ’84 and Adriana A. Levitt Benjamin and Eden Levy David and Persis Levy Sarah Montgomery Lewis ’01 Bo Li and Chengqin Tian Francis and Marjorie Lichtenberger Richard and Pat Light Hui Liu and Lily Shen Carl and Bridget Long Chuck and Susie Longfield Philip and Elizabeth Loughlin Lin Ma and Angela Zhu Paul Maeder and Gwill York Prashanth and Revathy Mahendra-Rajah Hiren Mankodi and Devika Kapoor Marty and Tristin Mannion Nicolas Massard and Emily McComb George and Jacqueline McCabe Arthur and Jennifer McGivern Bill McKinley and Susan Anderson McKinley William and Jennifer McKinley PJ McNealy and Rosemary Reilly Daniel Medwed ’87 and Sharissa Jones David and Kelly Meek Samir and Rania Melki Richard Miner and Corinne Nagy Andrew and Anne Moller Hossein Monzavi and Nasrin Sadeghi Marc and Yueling Moran Andrew and Sara Myerson JK Nicholas ’85 Pete and Ginny Nicholas Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. ’88 and Christy Nicholas Robert and Sabrina Nicholson Christian Nolen and Susan Denny Timothy and Corinne Noyes Soren and Caroline Oberg Jason Oppenheim ’98 David Orfao ’77 and Mary Beth Orfao Paris and Marie-Claire Panayiotopoulos Frank and Kelly Panayotou Ted Pappendick and Erica Gervais Pappendick Andrew Paradise ’00 Aman and Asha Patel Naimish and Radhika Patel Liam Patrick Tavan L. R. Pechet ’89 Tiron Pechet ’81 Shep Perkins and Lisa Mullan Perkins

Massimiliano Pieri and Jeanne Huang Christopher and Allison Poirier Kirk and Nancy Pond Mary A. Poor Jennifer Price and Katya Salkever Mark and Stephanie Price Daniel Qiu and Victoria Xiang Gerard and Diane Quintanar Vikrant Raina and Pratima Abichandani Leah Ramella ’95 and Carlos Agudelo Mohak Rao and Ami Pourana Ravi Reddy and Veena Molagavalli Reddy David and Amanda Reinfeld Robert J. Reiskin ’84 Ian and Marlene Reynolds Shadman and Faiza Riaz Donald Richards and Lydia Sankey Justin Roberts and Dana Popkave Hartley R. Rogers ’76 Jamie and Leila Rome Stuart Roseman and Daniela Corte Joshua and Sara Ross Selina Wood Rossiter ’89 Matthew Rubins and Meredith Rosenberg Charles Rudnick and Ilyse Greenberg Israel Ruiz and Maria Minguell Edward Saad and Jane Shih Gadi and Jaka Saarony Daniel Sachs and Thais Sakamoto Laura Meeks Saltonstall ’92 Rob and Spring Salvin Hashim Sarkis and Diala Ezzeddine John Scanlan and Agnes Bundy Scanlan James Scanlon, Jr. and Kathleen Scanlon Robert Scherfke and Juhi Dhawan Mark and Audrey Schuster Angus Scott and Ana Yankova Avi and Fleur Segal Sepehr Sekhavat and Gena Heidary Rajeev and Ila Shah Virginia Shannon Robert K. Shavell ’92 and Abbey Shavell Lauren E. Sherman ’01 Hope Sidman ’88 and Steve Wymer Elizabeth F. Silverman Dorothy Simboli Bill and Theda Skocpol Soyoun and Megan Song John Sorgini and Shari Wolkon Paddy Spence ’85 Erik and Annette Stafford Janet Storella ’74 and Andrew Karron Guhan Subramanian and Helen Clement Ali Sultan and Linda Zarifi Lei Sun and Hong Chen Prem Swaroop and Prashanthi Krishna David Sze ’84 Stanley and Nathalie Tabor



Kingsley Taft and Gillien Todd Eric Taitano and Colleen Murphy Laura Hodges Taylor ’74 and Scott Taylor Qing Tian and Hongyi Ma Estate of Jane Hewitt Tierney ’40 John Toupin ’81 Vince and Leif-Ann Tuohey Frederica C. Turner ’91 and Alejandro P. Heyworth Rajesh Roy Vaid and Dina Y. Chen Eva Douzinas Veson John Veson Jim and Margaret Wade Sam Wang and Linda Lin Randolph and Jing Watnick Kyle and Susan Weaver Kevin and Cam Welch Christian Westra and Sophie Powell-Westra Ogden White III and Elizabeth White Beth Whitlock ’85 Robert F. Whitman ’43 and Marina Whitman Clarence G. Williams, Jr. ’85 and Joanne Taylor David Williams ’78 and Judy Williams John and Towne Williams Eric Winn and Arti Ori Nick and Tricia Winton Sam Wolff ’88 and Meredith Wolff Fan Wu ’98 Jim and Ann Wu King Yao and Shirley Woo Agnes Yapp Bracebridge Hemyng Young, Jr. and Landis Becker Young David Yu and Angela Lin Feng Zhang and Yufen Shi Jeff Zhang and Ranxi Ma Jun Zhang and Wenfang Liu John Zhao Yuli Zhao and Cunyuan Zhang Zilu Zhou and Xiaotong Yu Adam Zalisk ’03 Jixiang Zhu and Qian Wang

YO U N G A LU M N I / A E LEADERSHIP SOCIETY We greatly appreciate the thoughtful and generous philanthropic support of the Young Alumni/ae Leadership Society donors listed below. The Young Alumni/ae Leadership Society recognizes alumni/ae of the last two decades (Classes of 2001-2020) for their generous contributions of $1,000 or more in 2020-2021, and alumni/ae of the last decade (Classes of 2011-2020) for their generous gifts of $100 to $999. Anonymous (2) Michael I.M. Abrams ’05 Eliza Appleton ’09 Magnus Aske ’19 Haley Elizabeth Barrows ’11 Andrew Benson ’03 Kate Cetrulo Bjornlund ’05 Victoria Bresnahan ’06 Kelly Chan ’03 Victoria Clark ’15 Giselle Clarke ’12 Meredith L. Coburn ’03

Alexander Reid Cohen ’17 James P. Collins IV ’05 Katherine Falb DeNitto ’11 James Gerard DiBlasi ’11 Samuel Duboff ’06 Edward T. Fish ’01 Cameron Eileen Fitzgerald ’15 Leslie Ahlstrand Fitzgerald ’08 Armeen Golshan ’19 Kian Golshan ’17 Benjamin Noah Gross-Loh ’19 Theodore R. Hattemer-Maier ’14 Ethan Lee Hodges ’15 Kathryn Kargman Holden ’01 Richmond Holden III ’01 Haley Kaloostian ’12 Francis Charles Kelley ’20 Elizabeth Kidder ’06 Robert Krentzman ’11 Zachary Lang ’19 Sanghoon Lee ’13 Sarah Montgomery Lewis ’01 Julian King Li ’20 Amanda Loeb Lifford ’15 Jackson Loeb Lifford ’17 August Lin ’14 Christopher Loughlin ’13 Alexandra Lovett-Woodsum ’06 Chase Lovett-Woodsum ’08 Michelle Lorraine Meredith ’17 Jacqueline E. Modica ’05 Robert Nagel ’13 Daniel Haruki Oshima ’06 Nikhil Pereira-Kamath ’06 Peter Anthony Savarese ’11 Scott Schlager ’08 Paul McAuliffe Selker ’04 Brooke Harris Shachoy ’18 Lauren E. Sherman ’01 Daniel Slavin ’11 Juliet Paige Solit ’16 Spencer James Solit ’19 Natasha Pereira Sommerfeld ’04 Alexander Gustavo Sorets ’15 John Emerson Steverman ’15 Emily Wang ’07 Jocelyn Wang ’18 Nicholas Wang ’20 Henry Decker Winton ’13 Eric D. Wolkoff ’01 Adam Zalisk ’03

Gerson Personnat ‘21, Jack Qiu ‘21, Jayden Personnat ‘21


(dec.) - deceased

THE ALMY SOCIETY Each year, thoughtful individuals and families invest in the school’s future through their estate plans. There is a unique story behind every one of these legacies, but they all have the same ultimate goal: to maintain the strength, integrity, and value of the BB&N experience for future generations of students. If you have arranged to support BB&N through your charitable estate plans like the generous alumni/ae, parents, and friends recognized here, please contact Roger Fussa at 617-800-2722 or rfussa@bbns.org so we can welcome you as a member of The Almy Society. To read more about BB&N’s Planned and Deferred Giving program, visit giftplanning.bbns.org.

The Almy Society gratefully recognizes the following alumni/ae, parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends who have included BB&N in their long-term philanthropic plans.

Anonymous (4) Meghan Barry ’93 and Peter Hoffmeister Michael J. Bucuvalas ’66 and Martha Bucuvalas Edward C. Bursk, Jr. ’50 Arthur M. Bylin ’54 Elizabeth S. Cahn ’85 Cynthia Chace ’70 Richard M. Chalfen ’60 Christopher R. Decker ’82 Talinn M. Demirjian ’94 Robert Dole ’52 and Marguerite Dole James M. Donovan ’61 Laurence Etter (dec.) and Elizabeth Etter Thomas A. Fitzgerald, Jr. ’53 Nancy Hoadley Fryberger ’54 and Dick Fryberger Lincoln B. Gamble ’76 Seth Gibson ’53 John P. Grinold ’53 (dec.) and Catherine Grinold Jonathan Hodgson ’91 and AJ Hodgson Pamela Hardee Jackson ’62 and F. Gardner Jackson, Jr. Adilia James ’03 Karen J. Kalina ’81 Mark P. Leeds ’83 Margaret R. Loss ’64 Brenda Luquer ’62 Deirdre Nansen McCloskey ’60 Scott G. McMullin ’63 Jason Oppenheim ’98 Jay Myers ’03 Thomas R. Pollock ’77 and Eileen Tabios John B. Read, Jr. ’53 Jeffrey Rudman ’66 George and Nancy Rupp Linda Samay (dec.) and Robert Rosenthal Linda Samuels Mark E. Satterfield ’73 and Marian Satterfield William D. Saunders ’59 Ann Imlah Schneider ’51 Mallory H. Slate ’56 Duncan Smith ’48 (dec.) and Joan Smith Janet M. Storella ’74 Nancy Morse Torti ’60 John P. A. Toupin ’81 Klaus E. von Stutterheim ’62 Richard C. Walton ’72 Henry N. Winslow ’56 Charles F. Woodard, Jr. ’58 Natalie Zervas ’01

For their lasting legacies to the school, we recognize in perpetuity the following individuals whose estate gifts have been realized. Their thoughtful generosity fortifies the foundation of learning and excellence at BB&N. Anonymous (1) James B. Ames George W. Barnes ’25 Margaret Follin Bird ’25 Morrison P. Blake ’19 Horace O. Bright ’13 Edward C. Browne ’37 Harriet Ropes Cabot ’25 John Moors Cabot ’19 Anna M. Cairnie Erica Barth Cawley Frank S. Cawley Edward P. Chase ’27 Adelaide Comegys ’48 James and Mary Couzens Nicholas and Antigoni Damalas Clarence G. Davenport ’26 Dan H. Fenn ’40 Suzanne A. Fleischner ’48 Theodore B. Gazarian ’49 Malcolm S. Hayden ’45 Peter M. Hewitt ’44 William S. Howe ’47 Natalie Hoyt Nancy Griffin Jackson ’60 Herbert B. Jacobs ’43 George W. Jones ’47 Matthew A. Keenan ’46 Harrison E. Kennard ’20 Harvey and Farla Krentzman Andrea L. Kusko ’66 Arthur J. Lawson ’26 Christopher T. Mahan, Jr. ’45 Ruth Rosenberg Medalia ’42 Mary Potter Meeker ’53 Mary K. Merrill Constance R. Milton ’28 Donald Mordecai ’56 and Patricia C. Mordecai Nancy Morse Margaret E. Oakley Ellen C. Oppler ’46 Sarah Osborn Louise A. Pfeiffer ’36 David and Muriel Pokross Mabel C. Richardson ’38 Alice Woodman Rossiter ’33 William C. Sawyer ’47 Allan H. Seigal ’51 Jane Hewitt Tierney ’40 Patricia Blevins Till ’44 Anna Minot Warren ’35 Benjamin T. Wright ’40

Y O U N G A L U M N I / A E L E A D E R H I P S O C I E T Y, A L M Y S O C I E T Y



This year, BB&N welcomed 9 new Almy Society members who made gifts from the estate or shared information about their intentions to include BB&N in their estate plans.

Sanvi Chetty ’34 and Holden McLaughlin ’34

Isabella Ziewacz ‘32

822 BB&N honored 822 alumni/ae, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends as members of the Knights’ Circle, which recognizes five or more years of consecutive giving in support of the school’s annual, capital, and endowment programs.


Knights’ Circle Member

C U R R E N T PA R E N T S BB&N is extraordinarily grateful for the generous financial support provided by current families, 75% of whom made gifts and other commitments totaling $8.3 million this year to The BB&N Fund as well as to the school’s capital and endowment priorities. Listed below by grade are all parents who made gifts or pledges to either The BB&N Fund or to a capital/ endowment initiative between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Those parents with a


their name are members of BB&N’s Knights’ Circle which recognizes those who have made gifts to BB&N for five or more consecutive years. We are truly grateful for their consistent and loyal support which helps BB&N sustain the academic excellence for which the School is known. BEGINNERS Rox Anderson and Fernanda Sakamoto Christian Brunet and Whitney Dayton Brunet Joseph and Kristin Casey* Brett and Sarah Catlin Lucien and Trishna Dorlean Sayon Dutta and Pratima Patil Darren Goldman and Susanne Richman William Goodman ’00 and Elaine Goodman Jason P. Hafler ’00 and Abigail Bristol Hafler Jonathan and Courtney Hayden Fiyaz and Azra Kanji David Keith and Caroline Adler Sang Lee and Minjung Kim Benjamin and Eden Levy Tim McLaughlin and Suzanne Daley Betsy Osborn ’89 and Loay Abdelkarim Abhijit Prabhu and Mahshid Pirzadeh Christopher and Angela Tabb Joey and Eric Webster Christian Westra and Sophie Powell-Westra Zachary Zwerko and Sandra Gutierrez

K I N DERGARTEN Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 and Eric Aronson Beth Myers Azano ’95 and Chip Azano Alexander Band and Abby Fung Puneet and Nandita Batra Ed Bourget ’96 and Tracy Bourget Pavlo Chikosh and Diana Dengo Michael DeMichele and Elizabeth Shelburne Constantine and Susan Dimizas Lucien and Trishna Dorlean Jason and Myriam Efstathiou Philip and Erika Giampietro Tricia Glynn Andy Gupta and Deepa Acharya Robert and Kathryn Hassell Rees and Allison Hawkins Matt and Elena Hawryluk Joshua and Shelly Heacock Thomas and Mirjeta John Kari Jorgenson ’93 and Kenneth Beausang Valdas Jurkauskas and Melody Mak-Jurkauskas Chris and Betsy Lavoie Andrew and Sara Myerson John Oh and Tara Fisher Oh Daniel Parker, Sr. and Darlena Fulp Liam Patrick Sarah Schwartz ’00 and Kasey Russell Robert K. Shavell ’92 and Abbey Shavell John Sorgini and Shari Wolkon David Sosnovik and Debbie Goldstein Jeffrey Thorn and Devon Quasha Vince and Leif-Ann Tuohey Eric Winn and Arti Ori GRA DE 1 Bunmi and Emily Adekore Rayce G. Anselmo and Rosa Martha Anselmo Dennis Baden and Nicole Morales Philip Berk and Jamie Wacks* Joshua Bresler and Katherine Ferguson Christian Brunet and Whitney Dayton Brunet Michael and Angela Cirami Glenn and Katherine Cross Jared Curhan ’89 and Katie Curhan Frédéric and Deirdre DeBruyn Rubio Neil Priyakant Desai and Priya Giri Desai Aron Epstein ’97 and Jacqueline Bell Peter and Colleen Fiumara Darren Goldman and Susanne Richman Lionel and Irene Harris James Hayes and Molly Wanner Ted and Sadie Higgins Jeffrey M. Hodess ’97 and Michelle Goldman Kris Karson and Meenu Chhabra Jared and Dara Kesselheim Pritesh Mehta and Amy Sarma George Qiao and Hong Liu Leah Ramella ’95 and Carlos Agudelo

Mohak Rao and Ami Pourana Justin Roberts and Dana Popkave Daniel Sachs and Thais Sakamoto Angus Scott and Ana Yankova Hope Sidman ’88 and Steve Wymer Ali Sultan and Linda Zarifi Jeremy and Orit Tobin George and Carole Varghese Kyle and Susan Weaver John and Towne Williams Hoony Youn and Hyunsu Ko Feng Zhang and Yufen Shi Jeff Zhang and Ranxi Ma Doug and Laura Ziewacz GRADE 2 Richard and Mia Able Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 and Eric Aronson Kaveh and Farnaz Bakhtari Ryan and Bronwen Carroll Brett and Sarah Catlin Mike and Debra Chen Kendrick Chow and Ellie Choi Mark Cornwall and Susan Farbstein Michael DeMichele and Elizabeth Shelburne Constantine and Susan Dimizas Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 and Chris Egan Ryan and Dena Enos Gregory Galperin and Polina Golland Carlos Gonzalez and Zeynep Ton Chris and Mary Beth Gordon Timothy and Kathleen Gregor Daniel and Ria Hart Rees and Allison Hawkins Matt and Elena Hawryluk David Keith and Caroline Adler George and Jacqueline McCabe Daniel Medwed ’87 and Sharissa Jones Hyunil and Stephanie Moon Cameron and Amy Pratt Anthony and Yuka Reppucci Edward Saad and Jane Shih Michael Shohl Nitesh Singh and Gitika Srivastava Rahul and Jo Swani Prem Swaroop and Prashanthi Krishna Morris and Joanna Tansky Vanessa Taylor Nicole V. Tennermann Jeffrey Thorn and Devon Quasha Kaiyuan Wang and Liannan Jin Christian Westra and Sophie Powell-Westra



GRADE 3 Christopher Andreoli and Denise Gee Alexander Band and Abby Fung Jeffrey Barber and Kimberly Hsu-Barber Andrej Barbic and Carolina Pierry Christian Brunet and Whitney Dayton Brunet John and Jennifer Cassedy Reginald and Jennifer Cheatham Michael and Angela Cirami David Deming and Janine Santimauro Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 and Chris Egan Bradford and Sylvia Elmer Scott and Melissa Friedman Harry and Fei Gao Tricia Glynn Carlos Gonzalez and Zeynep Ton Tarek and Adriana Hassan Robert and Kathryn Hassell James Hayes and Molly Wanner Valdas Jurkauskas and Melody Mak-Jurkauskas Fiyaz and Azra Kanji Induprakas and Veena Keri James and Anastasia Leyden Debra Longstreet and Peter Lipson Kathryn Young McCullough ’97 and Gregory McCullough Liam Patrick Niels and Meredith Peetz-Larsen Massimiliano Pieri and Jeanne Huang Avi and Fleur Segal Sepehr Sekhavat and Gena Heidary Rajeev and Ila Shah Soyoun and Megan Song David Sosnovik and Debbie Goldstein George and Carole Varghese Shiyou Wang and Michelle Zhang David Williams ’78 and Judy Williams John and Towne Williams GRADE 4 Anonymous (1) Chris and Jonna Angelone Beth Myers Azano ’95 and Chip Azano Dan and Fina Barouch Karina Baum and Itai Vardi Philip Berk and Jamie Wacks Joshua Bresler and Katherine Ferguson Keith and Susan Brown Joseph and Kristin Casey Jonathan Caverley Daniel Chung and Joseph Chart Jennifer Chunias Michael DeMichele and Elizabeth Shelburne Sayon Dutta and Pratima Patil Aron Epstein ’97 and Jacqueline Bell Sherman Francis and Shanalee Saunders-Francis Keith and Debbie Gelb


Knights’ Circle Member

Nael Hafez and Shahla Almasri Hafez Robert and Kathryn Hassell Adam Hundesa and Mulu Gedlu Kari Jorgenson ’93 and Kenneth Beausang Jared and Dara Kesselheim Gordon and Tania Kluzak Allison Kornet* Prashanth and Revathy Mahendra-Rajah Jeremiah Manion and Staci Fields Paulash and Simeen Mohsen Shep Perkins and Lisa Mullan Perkins Cameron and Amy Pratt Todd Rothenhaus and Deborah Wong David Sabatini and Valentina Nardi Prem Swaroop and Prashanthi Krishna Shiyou Wang and Michelle Zhang James and Karla Winter GRA DE 5 Alberto Abadie and Judith Lok Christopher Andreoli and Denise Gee Jesse Baker Pam Baker Tracy Bellavance Miles and Felicity Billings James Bowen and Carmen Arce-Bowen Robert Brenner ’86 and Molly Brenner Ryan and Bronwen Carroll Brett and Sarah Catlin Alberto Cavallo and Pilar Iglesias Cavallo Kendrick Chow and Ellie Choi Aaron and Emily Cooper Andre and Maria Elena Derrien Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 and Chris Egan Dave and Mariana Egan Kimathi Foster Scott Friend and Leslie Riedel Gregory Galperin and Polina Golland David and Christine Gross-Loh Xiaofeng Jiang and Shuojia Bai Walter and Karameh Kuemmerle Carl and Bridget Long Debra Longstreet and Peter Lipson Ross and Alison MacDonald Nicolas Massard and Emily McComb Kathryn Young McCullough ’97 and Gregory McCullough* Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. ’88 and Christy Nicholas Leah Ramella ’95 and Carlos Agudelo Steven and Genieve Rankel Ian and Marlene Reynolds Donald Richards and Lydia Sankey Joshua and Sara Ross Israel Ruiz and Maria Minguell Edward Saad and Jane Shih Nada Shadid Neil Shephard and Heather Bell Soyoun and Megan Song

John Sorgini and Shari Wolkon Rahul and Jo Swani Roy Vaid and Dina Chen David Yu and Angela Lin Bin Zhao and Hui Hu GRADE 6 Desta Adafre Rebekah Adeleke Brian Bai and Christina Zhang Joshua Bresler and Katherine Ferguson Keith and Susan Brown Steven and Alexi Conine* Steve Dai and Rebecca Le Ethan and Jennifer Davis David Deming and Janine Santimauro Erik Dubovik and Shirley Chung Devesh Gandhi and Rinaa Punglia Mark Goulthorpe and Ashley Schafer Tom and Jeanne Hagerty Rachel Kroner Hanselman ’89 and John Hanselman Jeff and Christa Hawkins Justin Hildebrandt and Ying Chen Eric M. Hoagland ’88 and Cyndee Hoagland Richard Hu and Lei Li Jared and Dara Kesselheim Gordon and Tania Kluzak Allison Kornet* Sol and Elizabeth Kumin Paul Kwon and Hyejin Park Peter K. Levitt ’84 and Adriana A. Levitt* James and Anastasia Leyden Lin Lin and Qi Li Hui Liu and Lily Shen Debra Longstreet and Peter Lipson David and Kelly Meek Marc and Yueling Moran Chris and Duo Neil Soren and Caroline Oberg Shep Perkins and Lisa Mullan Perkins David and Amanda Reinfeld Alexander and Laura Reynolds Khaled El Rouayheb and Manja Klemencic Rob and Spring Salvin Andrea Serlin Rob and Fiona Soni Jennifer Duval Souza ’93 and David Souza John and Kelly Tsay Gang Wang and Xiaorong Hou Jed and Asia Webber Guolin Wen and Lin Xu John and Towne Williams Hong Xie and Vicky Wang

GRADE 7 Alberto Abadie and Judith Lok Christopher Andreoli and Denise Gee Chris and Jonna Angelone Ara Arakelian and Maro Tir Arootunian Jed Bailey and Kate Hardin Thomas Blackburn and Maria Durant Susan Herzlinger Botein ’91 and Matthew Botein Robert Brenner ’86 and Molly Brenner Jason Brown and Claudia Epelbaum Brown Anshul and Shipra Chadda Jane Chen-Fulop and Ric Fulop Catherine Chu and Mark Kramer Aaron and Emily Cooper Scott and Christina Crabtree Amit and Gitika Desai Guerson Doricent and Josee Genty Dave and Mariana Egan James and Colette Ferreira Patrick Fischoeder and Allison O’Neil Raymond Fisman and Ellie Grossman Sherman Francis and Shanalee Saunders-Francis Scott Friend and Leslie Riedel Ilya Fuchs ’90 and Suzana Fuchs Jay and Tara Gohlmann Carlos Gonzalez and Zeynep Ton Tim Hartshorn and Melissa Reilly* Bob and Kristine Higgins John and Melissa Hughes Adam Hundesa and Mulu Gedlu Elena Iboucheva-Resnick Kevin and Shannon Jones Avak and Christine Kahvejian Sebastien and Laurence Kouame Bo Li and Chengqin Tian Carl and Bridget Long David and Alyssa Mack Sam and Mandana Namiranian Lewis and Elizabeth Nassikas Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. ’88 and Christy Nicholas Frank and Kelly Panayotou Rajesh and Panna Patel Richard and Petra Paulson Niels and Meredith Peetz-Larsen Frandieu Pierre and Raymone Danier Kyle and Erika Pond George Qiao and Hong Liu David Quilter Steven and Genieve Rankel* Ravi Reddy and Veena Molagavalli Reddy Matthew Rubins and Meredith Rosenberg Sepehr Sekhavat and Gena Heidary Soyoun and Megan Song Apple Stephen ’88 and Andrew Kirk Natashia Tidwell Lydia E. Vagts ’81

Fredrik and Becky Velander David Walsh and Theresa Lagos Jason and Judith Walsh Randolph and Jing Watnick Kyle and Susan Weaver James and Karla Winter Jay and Nancy Xiong Xiaojing Zhang and Si Wang Yuli Zhao and Cunyuan Zhang Jerry Zhu and Jenny Gao GRA DE 8 Ashesh and Radha Badani Jesse Baker Pam Baker Jeffrey Barber and Kimberly Hsu-Barber Dan and Fina Barouch Karina Baum and Itai Vardi Luis and Misha Beltran Adam and Nicole Benjamin Seth and Mandy Berman Miles and Felicity Billings Jon Biotti and Leslie Jeng Gregg and Lauren Brodsky Jimmy and Jessie Chen Tzu-Mainn Chen Theodore Constan and Alison Franklin Thomas Cox and Lynne Lewis Jared Curhan ’89 and Katie Curhan Erik Dubovik and Shirley Chung John Durfee and Preeti Patel Michael and Manisha Eckton Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 and Chris Egan Patrick Fischoeder and Allison O’Neil William and Virginia Foote Roger and Gwen Forman Devesh Gandhi and Rinaa Punglia Adam Gershenson Jason Grapski and Sonya Marquez Michael and Stacey Grealish David and Christine Gross-Loh Laroy and Ashley Harding Jonathan W. Hodgson ’91 and AJ Hodgson Kenneth Hung and Rebecca Kolp Hiroshi Ishii and Akiko Sugaya Bradley and Beth Jacobson Darla Jelley Neville Jiang and Elizabeth Wang Jeff and Lisa Kerrigan Jacob and Maria Khoury David and Kara Kilpatrick David Laibson and Nina Zipser Sang Lee and Minjung Kim Eric and Michelle Lev Peter K. Levitt ’84 and Adriana A. Levitt Michael and Ashley MacCutcheon Hiren Mankodi and Devika Kapoor Arthur and Jennifer McGivern

Michael and Amy McGrath Daniel Medwed ’87 and Sharissa Jones Richard Miner and Corinne Nagy Vinay and Namita Mohta Andrew and Anne Moller Daniel Nagin and Tomiko Brown-Nagin Lewis and Elizabeth Nassikas Shemsu Negash and Merema Hassen Paris and Marie-Claire Panayiotopoulos Richard and Petra Paulson Shirin N. Philipp ’87 and John M. Higgins Kyle and Erika Pond Anthony and Yuka Reppucci Shadman and Faiza Riaz Ingeborg Rocker Stuart Roseman and Daniela Corte Gadi and Jaka Saarony Jesse A. Sarzana ’93 and Autumn Sarzana Rajeev and Ila Shah Amit Srivastava and Maitreyi Mazumdar Erik and Annette Stafford Kingsley Taft and Gillien Todd Geoff and MaryCate Theobald Dana Thomas and Anita Chung-Thomas John and Kelly Tsay Frederica C. Turner ’91 and Alejandro P. Heyworth Atul and Manisha Varma Yong Wang and Ying Tian William Whyte and Stephanie Ault Torsten and Beebe Wiegand John and Towne Williams Folk-Man and Monera Wong GRADE 9 Desta Adafre Chris and Jonna Angelone Kenneth and Christine Baily Loren and Eydie Balsam Jeffrey Barber and Kimberly Hsu-Barber Mark and Irina Barrocas Matthew Beagle and Lisa Scopa Ed and Lori Belz Andrew Bernstein and Jacqueline Shoback Martin Bernstein and Michele Greenwald Michael Blum and Teri Scibelli Daniel and Lisa Brennan Thomas and Carolyn Britt Chuck and Kate Brizius Robert Burkitt and Gretchen McCarey Jonathan Caverley David Chen and Joanne Wu Heather Cheney Pieter Cohen and Lauren Budding Steven and Alexi Conine Jerry and Stephanie Coughlan Tegegne Damena and Etsegenet Assefa Anthony and Sarah Deighton



Amit and Gitika Desai Craig and Joan Driscoll Shamus and Christine Egan Andy Elliot and Christin Meade Scott and Suzanne Elliott Sam and Alexandra Epee-Bounya John Fulginiti ’81 and Diane Fulginiti John Gerah, Jr. and Shannon Gerah Iraklis Gerogiannis and Sheila Borboli-Gerogiannis Jacob Gersen and Jeannie Suk Gersen Scott and Amy Goebel Carlos Gonzalez and Zeynep Ton Michael and Stacey Grealish Julia Gwynne Tom and Jeanne Hagerty Stephanie Levinger Harvey Timothy Hawk and Olivia Lambros Jeff and Christa Hawkins James and Deborah Helie Michael and Monica Higgins John and Holly Huehn Elena Iboucheva-Resnick Rushan Jiang and Qing Zhai Wayne Jiang and Qiongfang Cao Jared and Laura Johnson Kevin and Shannon Jones Avak and Christine Kahvejian Ranch and Alexa Kimball Kamal and Brinda Kirpalani Gordon and Tania Kluzak George and Patricia Kung Li-yun Kung and Eunice Park Ken and Vicky Lang Baron A. Langston, Sr. ’99 and Nikia Londy Young J. Lee and Dr. Young Ju Rhee Charles Lesburg and Christine Lukacs-Lesburg

Mary and Jennifer Lewis-Pierce Robert and Elizabeth Mara Christos Maravelias and Georgia Vasilakis Christopher and Danielle Matosic Richard Miner and Corinne Nagy David Murray and Linda Navin-Murray Daniel and Marlene Najarian Sam and Mandana Namiranian Catherine Ng and Kathy Wren Felix Osagie and Uwa Ogbebor Frank and Kelly Panayotou Frederick Park and Bonnie Wargo Giovanni Parmigiani and Francesca Dominici Ranbir and Karun Rai Anthony and Eileen Rhie Brian Roberts Mary Skelton Roberts Jamie and Leila Rome Philippe Rosier Joshua and Sara Ross Bernardo Sabatini Rob and Spring Salvin Avi and Fleur Segal Dorothy Simboli Soyoun and Megan Song Rob and Fiona Soni Apple Stephen ’88 and Andrew Kirk Stanley and Nathalie Tabor Ted and Lynn Trodden Andrew F. Upton ’81 and Alison Mitchell Bernard and Kristen Van Tassell Louis and Katharine Varadi Chad and Christine Vella Andrew and Beth Waisburd Frank and Alice Wang Yuxin Wang and Anny Zhou Brian and Kristen Winikoff

Mehdi Epee-Bounya ’21


Knights’ Circle Member

Heming Xing and Ying Li King Yao and Shirley Woo Guoliang Zhu and Lina Gu Jixiang Zhu and Qian Wang GRADE 10 Ahmed Ali and Wudade Mohammed Mathew and Alison Avram Ashesh and Radha Badani Jed Bailey and Kate Hardin Jesse Baker Pam Baker Peter Baltatzidis Justin and Kristina Barclay Albert Benmayor Thomas Berentes and Betsy Brainerd Joshua Bers ’89 and Jennifer Dupee Jonathan and Jenny Berz Corey and Nikki Bialow Rafal and Jacqueline Boni David Bowen and Wenken Ling Daniel and Lisa Brennan Annie Brewster ’86 and Rick Weyerhaeuser Eric and Sofia Bulman Alexander Casale and Antonella Spinace-Casale Raymond and Tiffany Chang Jimmy and Jessie Chen Victor Chin and Stella Lee Tim and Christina Cohen Kate Coyne Jared Curhan ’89 and Katie Curhan Nathan and Patricia Dowden Adrienne Dunne John Durfee and Preeti Patel Gian and Karen Fabbri Mark and April Fitzgerald

Jay and Tara Gohlmann Jonathan J. Goodman Rong Guan and Min Ping Liu Andrew and Allison Hirsch Patrick and Lisa Holland Joern Hopke and Sunghae Park Hiroshi Ishii and Akiko Sugaya Ardjan Kadaifciu and Evis Myftiu Avak and Christine Kahvejian Arthur and Pamela Kelleher Manish Khera and Rekha Sampath Jacob and Maria Khoury Onetae and Yuna Kim Rosemary Knox Christopher and Heidi Legg Eric and Michelle Lev Stuart Levinson and Jennifer Keddy Francis and Marjorie Lichtenberger Hui Liu and Lily Shen Debra Longstreet and Peter Lipson Lin Ma and Angela Zhu Sean Ma and Qing Yao Edward and Heather Maguire Charles and Kimberly Mallio Serge Mathieu and Rose Cornet-Mathieu Daniel and Stacey McNeill Vijay Modur and Netra Bellur-Modur Rodrigo Navarro and Maria Flavia Crespo de Navarro JK Nicholas ’85 Robert and Sabrina Nicholson Timothy and Corinne Noyes Jonathan Parker and Anne Sartori Rajesh and Panna Patel Orlando and Anita Patterson Frantz and Ellen Prenelus Jennifer Price and Katya Salkever Vikrant Raina and Pratima Abichandani Ravi Reddy and Veena Molagavalli Reddy Donald and Kimberly Robbins Sean and Lori Roche Stuart Roseman and Daniela Corte Matthew Rubins and Meredith Rosenberg Charles Rudnick and Ilyse Greenberg Tim Ryan and Adrienne Brodeur Afshin Salehian and Niloufar Fekrazad Javier Segovia and Rosario Sánchez Gómez Mason Sandell and Jacquelyn Fahey Sandell Jesse A. Sarzana ’93 and Autumn Sarzana Alan and Nichole Savenor Robert Scherfke and Juhi Dhawan Mohamed and Rakie Sesay Virginia Shannon Elizabeth F. Silverman Gregory Surenian Stacey Surenian Eric Taitano and Colleen Murphy Eva Douzinas Veson

John Veson Allison N. Wade Philip and Allison Walton Randolph and Jing Watnick Kevin and Cam Welch Ogden White III and Elizabeth White Mark and Nicole Wilson Jim and Ann Wu Konstantinos Zafiriou and Domenica Karavitaki Zilu Zhou and Xiaotong Yu GRA DE 11 Anonymous (1) Rory Altman and Rebecca Mayne Stèphane and Brenda Bancel Mark and Irina Barrocas Matthew Beagle and Lisa Scopa Steve and Liz Beckhardt Adam and Nicole Benjamin David Berger and Micki Rowaan Timothy Bernstein and Suzanne Schwartz Chris Bierly and Margaret Boasberg Ethan and Sandra Bornstein Gil and Hilla Breiman Stephen and Sara Brown Robert Burkitt and Gretchen McCarey Geoffrey Capraro and Summer Getzen Rachel Smollen Carter ’81 and Richard Carter David Chen and Joanne Wu Jimmy and Jessie Chen Zheng-Yi Chen and Elisabeth Battinelli Joe and Lucy Chung Joe and Susan Ciaffoni Rob and Yola Cobert Kelly Cole and Christine Gaynor Steven and Alexi Conine Theodore Constan and Alison Franklin David and Debra Cox Ethan and Jennifer Davis Amit and Gitika Desai Jeff and Neely Dodge Scott and Kristi Eckert Michael and Manisha Eckton Tim and D’Jamila Fitzgerald William and Virginia Foote Ernest and Ketly Francisque John Friedbauer and JianJian Wang Ian Gaisford and Louise McCarthy Bradley Galle Charles and Betsey Gifford Hank and Janet Goddard* Scott and Amy Goebel Steven Goldman and Kathryn Rexrode Michael Grabowski and Amy Richardson William Haining and Hadine Joffe Joseph and Mary Hallice Damon and Kathy Hart

Timothy Hawk and Olivia Lambros Adam and Deirdre Heisler Kenneth Hung and Rebecca Kolp Alexander and Tatyana Katz Jeff and Lisa Kerrigan Ken and Vicky Lang Boaz and Tamar Levy Qi Li and Yiqi Jin Lixin and Yu Liu Mikhail Lukin and Susanne Yelin DuanDuan Ma Marty and Tristin Mannion Mark and Naomi Martin Jocelyn McCree ’88 and Allen Waters Michael and Amy McGrath PJ McNealy and Rosemary Reilly Kyonggu Min and Minsuk Lee Shemsu Negash and Merema Hassen Felix Osagie and Uwa Ogbebor Paris and Marie-Claire Panayiotopoulos Frank and Kelly Panayotou Ted Pappendick and Erica Gervais Pappendick Sanjiv and Sonal Patel Elizabeth Pflaumer Shirin N. Philipp ’87 and John M. Higgins Peter Piccirillo and Stella Pang Thomas and Christine Porell Alison Randall Sean Roche and Cindy Klein Roche Jamie and Leila Rome Micheal and Margaret Rorick Hashim Sarkis and Diala Ezzeddine Michael and Laurie Sheft Neil Shephard and Heather Bell David and Meg Staknis Eric and Sarah Stellwagen Kim Druker Stockwell ’86 and Pel Stockwell Kevin and Nausikaa Sullivan Lei Sun and Hong Chen Geoff and MaryCate Theobald Qing Tian and Hongyi Ma Eva Douzinas Veson John Veson Jim and Margaret Wade Andrew and Beth Waisburd Alexis and Nathalie Wallace Fanseay Wang and Jessica Sun-Wang Sam Wang and Linda Lin Christine Hogan Ward ’86 Ogden White III and Elizabeth White James Wood and Claire Messud Jijin Yang and Yunzhe Li Jun Zhang and Wenfang Liu



GRADE 12/SENIOR PA R E N T S ’ G I F T Under the inspiring leadership of Senior Parents’ Gift Co-Chairs Alex and Sam Epee-Bounya and Negin and Oliver Ewald and a committee of 31 dedicated parent volunteers, the Class of 2021 Senior Parents’ Gift raised an impressive total of $1,062,553 to support BB&N’s annual giving and capital priorities. The 2021 Senior Parents’ Gift included $289,577 to establish The Parents of the Class of 2021 Endowment Fund for a uKnighted Community. This new fund will support BB&N initiatives aimed at ensuring that all members of the community can continue to participate in the full BB&N experience, even in challenging times when unanticipated needs may surface. Class of 2021 parents also contributed a generous $490,595 to The BB&N Fund, as well as gifts to support other capital initiatives. We are particularly appreciative that 87% of senior parents participated in this milestone fundraising program. Those parents with a


their name are members of BB&N’s Knights’ Circle which recognizes those who have made gifts to BB&N for five or more consecutive years. We are truly grateful for their consistent and loyal support which helps BB&N sustain the academic excellence for which the school is known.


Knights’ Circle Member, (dec.) - deceased

David and Andrea Attisani Stèphane and Brenda Bancel Thomas and Rebecca Behenna Huseyin and Carolyn Bektas Seth and Mandy Berman Andrew Bernstein and Jacqueline Shoback Joshua Bers ’89 and Jennifer Dupee Kevin and Marijoy Bertolini Jon Biotti and Leslie Jeng Kerry Black Rodrigo and Ibis Blanco Milton Britton, Jr. and Lori Smith-Britton Chuck and Kate Brizius Eric and Sofia Bulman Joao Cardoso John and Jennifer Cassedy Ajay and Layla Chadha Michael Cima and Tina Cortessi Randolph Cohen and Audra Dainora Pieter Cohen and Lauren Budding Hugh Coleman and Emily Hunter-Coleman Eric Cortell and Julia Wong Joseph and Emily Coughlin Arup Datta and Madhuleena Saha Prabhakar Devavaram and Leann Canty Eric and Veronica Donovan Aaron and Arlenin Dushku Scott and Suzanne Elliott Sam and Alexandra Epee-Bounya Oliver and Negin Ewald Gian and Karen Fabbri Nicholas and Jennifer Fandetti Mark and April Fitzgerald Jerry and Kathleen Garvey Brian Gill and Jennifer Lerner Edgar Gonzalez and Sheila Canalle-Gonzalez Janice Gould Graeme Grant and Meredith Saillant Michael and Stacey Grealish David and Christine Gross-Loh Roberto Gutierrez and Magdelena Martinez Alasdair Halliday and Diane Vetrano Pahada Hanscom Jeff and Christa Hawkins James and Deborah Helie Michael Hong and Alison Meyer Hong Cathy Hu Ed and Tami Huang Christopher and Erin Jensen Karen Kalina ’81 and Erik Yesson Jill Litner Kaplan ’82 and Benjamin Kaplan Albert and Kate Kim Rosemary Knox Philipp Lang and Natalie Salem Stuart Levinson and Jennifer Keddy David and Persis Levy Francis and Marjorie Lichtenberger Dong Liu and Xin Wang

Carol Looby Edward and Heather Maguire Prashanth and Revathy Mahendra-Rajah Dean and Diane Maimonis Edward and Marcy McGourty William and Jennifer McKinley Samir and Rania Melki Ronald and Lisa Mitchell Hossein Monzavi and Nasrin Sadeghi Kwesi and Jaime Moody Tung Nguyen and Loan Pham Felix and Edith Okwesa Felix Osagie and Uwa Ogbebor Vasant and Seema Padmanabhan Marjorie S. Palace Jonathan Parker and Anne Sartori Aman and Asha Patel Naimish and Radhika Patel Egbert and Linda Personnat Marie Personnat Roy and Linda Pollock Mark and Stephanie Price Daniel Qiu and Victoria Xiang David Quilter Gerard and Diane Quintanar Michael and Linda Rabieh Vikrant Raina and Pratima Abichandani Sean and Lori Roche Thomas and Michelle Roloff Karl Ruping James and Christina Ryan Mar Santamaria James Scanlon, Jr. and Kathleen Scanlon Scott Schluter and Cally Gwon Steven Seppenwolde and Annemarie Swager Gregg Shapiro and Stacey Dogan Guhan Subramanian and Helen Clement Stanley and Nathalie Tabor Jean Theodore and Marie-Dona Joseph John and Lisa Thompson Ted and Lynn Trodden Lydia E. Vagts ’81 Fredrik and Becky Velander Jim and Margaret Wade Weiwen Wang and Lan Fang Christopher G. Weinert ’90 and Bridget Weinert David and Sharon Whitney Nick and Tricia Winton Sam Wolff ’88 and Meredith Wolff Folk-Man and Monera Wong Janet Costello Worthington ’93 and Michael Worthington Jim and Ann Wu Agnes Yapp John Zhao

ALUMNI/AE BB&N alumni/ae continued to provide crucial support for The BB&N Fund, capital and endowment giving programs during 2020-2021, with 14%

1946 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Estate of Matthew A. Keenan Whitton E. Norris, Jr. 1946 - B UCKINGHAM Edith Anderson March Betty Spelman

of alumni/ae contributing more than $3.8 million for these philanthropic priorities. Listed below, by class and school, are all alumni/ae who gave to The BB&N Fund or to a capital/endowment initiative during the 2021 fiscal year ( July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021). Those alumni/ae with a


their name are members of BB&N’s Knights’ Circle which recognizes those who have made gifts to BB&N for five or more consecutive years. We are truly grateful for their consistent and loyal support which helps BB&N sustain the academic excellence for which the school is known. 1940 – BROWNE & NICHOLS Estate of Dan H. Fenn, Jr. 1940 - BUCKING HAM Estate of Jane Hewitt Tierney 1941 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Peter J. Lehner 1942 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Bartlett M. Hauthaway (dec.) 1943 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Robert F. Whitman 1943 - BUCKING HAM Carolyn Taylor Farrow Emily Evarts Gordon 1944 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Melvin H. Chalfen 1945 - BROWNE & NICHOLS George Hansen, Jr. 1945 - BUCKING HAM Persis Gleason Laverack Elizabeth R. Taylor

1947 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Igor R. Blake Kirk Bryan, Jr. Norman E. Hansen 1947 - B UCKINGHAM Ruth Hadley Dunbar (dec.) Laura Richardson Payson Mary Louise Slichter Whaling 1948 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Frederick A. Stevens, Jr. Roger M. Thomas 1949 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Ralph S. Brown Estate of Theodore B. Gazarian 1950 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Edward C. Bursk, Jr. Malcolm J. Rohrbough Pete White David S. Wise 1950 - B UCKINGHAM Elizabeth Fleischner Rosenman 1951 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS John F. Walsh, Jr. 1951 - B UCKINGHAM Ann Imlah Schneider Frances Smith Wetherell 1952 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Robert Dole Paul G. Kirby J. Gordon Lunn 1953 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Charles D. Bonanno Fred Cohen C. Thomas Crosby, Jr. Thomas A. Fitzgerald, Jr. Seth Gibson Alfred W. Hoadley (dec.)

1954 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Frank F. Chin Henry H. Hammond George F. Olesen, Jr. 1954 - BUCKINGHAM Nancy Hoadley Fryberger Cornelia Dunning Hollister Elizabeth MacMahon Jochnick Karen Thimann Romer 1955 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Edwin R. Sage II 1956 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Edward A. Duane John T. Giblin Nathaniel M. Gorton Melville T. Hodder Gardner M. Stultz Henry N. Winslow 1956 - BUCKINGHAM Sally MacLean Templeton 1957 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Carl D. Canner Mark DeVoto James J. Fitzgerald III George A. Nelson A. Laurence Norton, Jr. John B. Wheeler Douglas C. Whitney, Jr. 1957 - BUCKINGHAM Ellen Tague Dwinell Diana Volkmann Pratt Charlotte Pratt Sudduth Sarah Kibbee Weinberg 1958 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Richard M. Boonisar Richard D. Craven Peter S. Gove Charles Woodard 1958 - BUCKINGHAM Margery Brown Blacklow Sara Hunter Hudson

1953 - B UCKINGHAM Frances Tubby Chilcote Lee Ginsburg Herbst

1959 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Michael L. Altman William G. Collins, Jr. Tom M. Hennessey, Jr. Arthur D. Mason Peter H. Smith Robert B. Stephenson Paul A. Vernaglia

S E N I O R PA R E N T S G I F T, A L U M N I / A E


1959 - BUCKING HAM Toby Lerner Ansin 1960 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Richard M. Chalfen Leonard F. Conway, Jr. Robert Allyn Goldman Bud Gruenberg, Jr. Frederic G. Houle Arthur E. Schoepfer 1960 - BUCKING HAM Eleanor Weiss Angoff Nan Kindall Holmes Cay Stratton 1961 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Ned Brooks Christopher I. Bursk Keilah D. Coon Ferdinand V. Coroniti James Donovan Jack Hardy Charles H. Shurcliff Samuel R. Tyler III 1961 - BUCKING HAM Sue Hyman Besharov Margaret Sandoz Hardy Stephanie Shires Hooper Susan Rich Rona Deborah Willard Sawyer 1962 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Kenneth J. Berk Joseph L. Butera William C. Caddoo David R. McCann James McLendon Christopher M. Meyer Daniel Singal 1962 - BUCKING HAM Louise Bingham Bennett Ellen L. Frost Rosalind Gorin Trina Barnett Grantham Katharine G. Gregg Katharine Winslow Herzog Pamela Hardee Jackson Virginia Simonds White 1963 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Peter R. Bono Bruce H. Brehm Peter W. Fink David L. Kasdon (dec.) Thomas D. Lincoln Richard E. (Ted) Wengren, Jr.


Knights’ Circle Member, (dec.) - deceased

1963 - B UCKINGHAM Janet Griffin Abbott Megan Lehmer Victoria Guy Smith Schilling Elspeth Eustis Taylor 1964 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Kenneth R. Andrews Matthew C. Couzens Charles N. Dermenjian, Jr. Robert Franklin Frederick Good Douglas M. Haigh Joseph E. McKeigue William J. E. Morton Joseph A. Sammartino, Jr. 1964 - B UCKINGHAM Helen Chen Emily Pond Clarke Priscilla Cogan Margaret R. Loss Lucy W. Young Robinson Carol Foster Whitlock 1965 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Fred Berk David Curtis Hunt Dowse John M. Leventhal Charles Thurlow IV Tim N. Whiting 1965 - B UCKINGHAM Martha Siegfried Fritz Karen Friedman Hawthorne Laura Stratton Thoresby Jill Totenberg 1966 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Theo Armour Michael J. Bucuvalas David D.F. Kennard Thomas W. Kensler Peter D. McManmon Anthony Morse III Bob Nye

George P. Kacoyanis Stephen B. Nilsen David B. Roberts Charles P. Rogers 1967 - BUCKINGHAM Martha Campbell Gellens 1968 - BROWNE & NICHOLS David M. Banash Don Berk David R. Epstein Richard N. Jacobson Peter A. Rossetti, Jr. Dolph J. Vanderpol 1968 - BUCKINGHAM Jane Willard White 1969 - BROWNE & NICHOLS George S. Bain Peter Cole Gannett Theodore L. Westlake Richard M. Wyman, Jr. 1969 - BUCKINGHAM Ann Nemiah Conway Katherine Jacobs Eyre 1970 - BROWNE & NICHOLS David C. Bono Dennis W. Choi Alan Leventhal David T.W. Minot Edwin L.F. Worrell 1970 - BUCKINGHAM Cynthia Chace Margie Bain Huoppi Joy Pheeney Messineo Linda Burnett Perry Margaret Bates Sharis 1971 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Thomas K. Blake John N. Fisher, Jr. Arthur L. Lewis II David C. Merrill

1966 - B UCKINGHAM Katharine G. Brooks Gail Wallins Plotkin Vida Epstein Poole

1971 - BUCKINGHAM Catherine Reurs

1967 - B ROWNE & NICHOLS Edward M. Alt Stephen Besse Seth A. Goldfine Gordon P. Hugenberger

1972 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Lee T. Archung Geoffrey R. Booty Steven Damalas David C. DiBenedetto Peter Gergely Michael R. Glendon

David Joseph Murphy Peter T. Needham James G. Vouros, Jr. 1972 - BUCKING HAM Erica Lenk Emmet Barbie Butler Foster Alice Medalia 1973 - BROWNE & NICHOLS Henry W. D. Bain John Crocker III Bradford Hardie II Prescott F. Huidekoper III 1973 - BUCKING HAM Leslie Eloise Gredler 1974 - BB&N Mark R. Bernfeld Jonathan T. Floe William D. Gardner Marsden H. McGuire William M. Petkun Jane Gair Prairie Janet Storella Laura Hodges Taylor Juliet Teixeira Claire F. Umanzio 1975 - BB&N Gemma M. Burns Michael J. Connolly Carolyn L. Greenberg Brett M. Harrison Peter Slavin Katharine Malcolm Stohlman Robin McCree Torres

1976 - B B &N Morgan Baker Brelis Eleanor S. Campbell-Swank Ann S. George William Lawrence Jane E. Minasian Bean Baddour Nardi Hartley R. Rogers Rebecca Verrill Smith Marilee Moy Thompson 1977 - B B &N Barbara Greenberg Denton Todd M. Harrison David Orfao Michael M. Slavin 1978 - B B &N Hans-Peter Biemann Colette de Marneffe Sean Delaney Sarah P. Hoffman Leslie Weckstein Hyman Omar H. Khudari Jennifer J. Payette Virginia Pye David Strodel Mark H. Vanger David Williams 1979 - B B &N Dina Wolfman Baker Kristen Quigley Coe Janna O’Loughlin Jon Pressman William A. Rome


The Class of 1981 set a new giving participation record of 50% for their 40th Reunion, a record previously held by the Class of 1978.

1980 - BB&N David D. Ackerly Carolina Caldini Sarah A. Emerson Matthew T. Fremont-Smith Nora Ghillány Abigail P. Johnson M. Sherif Lotfi Paul E. Lustiber Katrina Scully Ohl Geoffrey A. H. Steadman Amy F. Steffian 1981 - BB&N Andrew T. L. Anderson-Bell Deborah Grassi Baker Adam Balogh Eric D. Beinhocker Rachel Heart Bellini Deborah Freedman Belt Craig L. Boyan Caroline Rogers Broderick Michael E. Burns Laura Heer Carle Andrew Carman Alison B. Carnduff Rachel Smollen Carter Eric Cole David R. Corey Charles L. Coulson, Jr. Carolyn Gomatos Del Gizzi Jamin S. Dershowitz Angela DeVecchi Nina S. Donnelly Catherine Brosens Francis John Fulginiti Robert M. Gailey Lisa Gianelly Peter H. Glick Elissa Sabin Goldner G. Wouter Habraken Rosa C. Hallowell Sarah A. Hartry Karen Kalina Rachel King Rebecca Lay Joseph Lehár Kate De Normandie McCarey Melinda L. McGraw Jessica Meltsner Kate Champion Murphy Tiron Pechet Jacob M. Reider Scott A. Robins William R. Rodriguez Carrie Smotrich Lisa Ann Sorbera Teddy Hartry Springer John Toupin


Andrew F. Upton Lydia E. Vagts David Waldstein 1982 - BB&N Robert A. Cohen Ross L. FitzGerald Jeffrey M. Glauber Jill Litner Kaplan Paul Lee Deborah Alpert Levin William L. Marshall IV Paul G. Peczon Jeannine Privitera Alice Reich Deborah Cohen Strod 1983 - BB&N Kevyn Barbera Fusco Daniel P. Karnovsky Mark Leeds Steven Levin Brendan T. Mernin 1984 - BB&N Elizabeth A. Bianchi Robert J. Coscia, Jr. Paul Deutch Brendan G. Diffley Benjamin A. Holtz Scott Krentzman Peter K. Levitt Jack Lifford Michelle Allard McMahon Maura Griffith Moffatt Robert J. Reiskin Ken Smurzynski David Sze Lars A. Vaule 1985 - BB&N Brooke W. Ablon Elizabeth Cahn Julie May Daniels Daniel A. Kaufman Edward J. Murphy, Jr. JK Nicholas Mark F. Rooney Paddy Spence Beth Whitlock Clarence G. Williams, Jr.


Knights’ Circle Member

1986 - B B &N Tamara Ashford Robert Brenner Annie Brewster Mark Cobb Adam R. Cohen Jonathan Coon Nina Biggar Del Vecchio Rick Foresteire Jenny Nauss Jenifer Curhan Panner Margaret Danenbarger Royston Suzanne Siner Kim Druker Stockwell Sarina Tcherepnin Christine Hogan Ward 1987 - B B &N David J. Braemer Mark Costa Catherine Bronnert DeSchepper Laura Klatt Fine Joel Goldberg Samantha Malm Robert G. Mather Daniel Medwed Shirin N. Philipp Catherine Giles Stecher Christopher N. Travers Allison C. Warren 1988 - B B &N Anonymous (1) Karin E. Elliott Eric M. Hoagland Jocelyn McCree Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. Hope Sidman Jonathan M. Siner Apple Stephen Caitlin Glasser Travers Sam Wolff 1989 - B B &N Elizabeth A. Abbott Joshua Bers Jennifer Gelfand Church David Cramer Jared Curhan Wendy Falchuk Jamie Hale Rachel Kroner Hanselman Christopher Harris Daniel Hayden Erin Stokes Majernik Betsy Osborn Tavan L. R. Pechet Bronwyn Roberts Selina Wood Rossiter

1990 - BB&N Anonymous (1) Michelle Cherande Sarah Thiemann Connolly Holly Coombs Brian C. Crounse Eric B. Davis Cory Liebergott Floyd Ilya Fuchs Deborah Gordon Morgan Gaspar Herman Michelle Heuer Icard Elin Norberg Lamb Allegra Wechsler Lowitt Elizabeth Labovitz Smith Samuel B. Truslow Maria Whitehorn Votsch Christopher G. Weinert Oliver Weir Caleb Winder 1991 - BB&N Susan Herzlinger Botein Rachael V. Cobb Caroline Schaefer Del Col Jonathan W. Hodgson Robert B. Knight Sarah E. Light Nicole Eldridge Marcus Matthew A. Petersen Michael Stacchi Michael J. Stephen Frederica C. Turner Kim Ablon Whitney 1992 - BB&N Jennifer Winn Aronson Marya Hill-Popper Besharov Emily Schantz-Dunn Cope Robert Eric Ditzion Caroline Good Laura Meeks Saltonstall Michael Schnitman Rebecca Lewin Scott Robert K. Shavell Sarah Spitz Alison Tsoi Cecily Tyler Matthew R. Webster 1993 - BB&N Mohit Bhatia Aaron B. Brown Julia Petropoulos Coupland Sumi Paek DeBenedittis Alexis Boyle Egan Carrie Ardito Fanlo David Jellinek Kari Jorgenson Emilie Schnitman Liebhoff

Brett D. Lovins Nathaniel Morris MacDonald Maryssa Schneider McLean Elizabeth Zug Moore Brad Murray Danielle Weller Ranson Arielle Strem Ruys Jesse A. Sarzana Samuel E. Sherry Jennifer Duval Souza Rosemary Suh Matthew Aron Weissman Emily Berman Welch Janet Costello Worthington 1994 - BB&N Kenton Beerman* Catherine Counselman Catucci Talinn M. Demirjian Brian M. Leahy, Jr. Lisa Bard Levine Sharon Kams Shaff Erika Tower 1995 - BB&N Beth Myers Azano Sam Ditzion Matthew Hawkes Toby Nanda Genevieve O’Connell Alison Powers Leah Ramella Irina A. Telyukova Katherine Tomford Courtney Stokes Willett 1996 - BB&N Amelia Ames Sahar Aminipour Jessica Ko Beck Ed Bourget Lilian Faulhaber Morgan A. Faust Benjamin Godsill Adam Howarth Greg Kern Emily Leventhal David M. Lieberman Jesse Needleman Kerri Tyman Obstein Eliza Petrow Cara Shortsleeve 1997 - BB&N Jennifer Berylson Block Kathryn Dingman Boger Wendy A. Cohen Emiko Domoto-Reilly Aron Epstein

Bryan D. Falchuk Jeffrey M. Hodess Eric Leslie Kathryn Young McCullough Jacob H. Peters Caroline Hardy Pierce Katiuscia S. Potier Julia S. Powell Jennifer Murray Talmadge Adam J. Zucker 1998 - B B &N Jake Anderson-Bialis Philip Davidson Ben Grossman Emily Hennigar Hill-Wisniewski Nathaniel Houghton Greg James Caitlin Loesch Jones Jason Oppenheim Bill Park Ambika Patel Charlotte Porter Alisa Ray Elizabeth Horst Redman Alexander E. Ropper Jed J. Rosenbaum Nathaniel Schwartz Christopher Taylor Fan Wu 1999 - B B &N Kathrene Tiffany Bell William Droste J. Patrick Duffy Michael Ellis Pauline Kim Han Joseph P. Kennedy III Matthew R. Kennedy Baron A. Langston, Sr. Alexander D. Moore Alyssa Muros-Bishoff Oliver Uhl Nordlinger Milyna Phillips Descatur Potier Katayoun Shahrokhi 2000 - B B &N Anonymous (1) James T. Berylson Kristin Tyman Brawn Jacob S. Carney Lesley Chin Jason P. Hafler Rick Massey Robert McManmon Justus Meyer Andrew Paradise Sarah Schwartz

2001 - BB&N Jennifer Abramson Katherine M. Alexander Ed Fish Joshua D. Goldman Kathryn Kargman Holden Richmond Holden III Jubin Kwon Sarah Montgomery Lewis Alessandra Croffy Lovett Steve Myrick Timothy J. Parks Morgan Pierson Ariane Schwartz Chloe Randall Schweinshaut Lauren E. Sherman David F. Sontheimer Lauren Plumley Thompson William John Nicholas Tomford II Eric D. Wolkoff Natalie Zervas 2002 - BB&N Kenneth Aulet Mollie Wertlieb Barnathan Elliot Cless Jameson Henn Salim Khanachet Taylor Gill Lyden Diana Leader-Cramer Moskowitz Zach Schwanbeck Ada Gropper Waks 2003 - BB&N Anonymous (2) Andrew Benson Dan Carroll Meredith L. Coburn William Coleman Jennifer Crombie Bailey Fidler Lila Bouscaren Garcia Liz Herrup Garrett Leahy Katherine Mackey Ania Warczyk Payne Altair L. Peterson Adam Zalisk 2004 - BB&N Kara Borodkin Jared Cohen Benjamin Kuritzkes Tony Lo Paul Selker Caroline Sherman Natasha Pereira Sommerfeld


2005 - BB&N Anonymous (2) Michael I.M. Abrams Kate Cetrulo Bjornlund Alexandra Bielawski Chiurri Ed Colburn James P. Collins IV Dan Coughlin Dana Flanders Christina Lucia James Kimberly Kargman Philip H. Kim Johanna Forman Lam Jacqueline Modica Emma Reilly Jessica Hsu Roe Kyle Sullivan Terrance William Sullivan David Kent Wyman 2006 - BB&N Anonymous (1) Victoria Bresnahan Margaret Shurcliff Cook Sam Duboff Rebecca Heymann Rebecca Jackson Erik R. Johnson Jonathan Kalick Elizabeth Kidder Alexandra Lovett-Woodsum Peter Nowd Dan Oshima Nikhil Pereira-Kamath Mary Potter Marc Pulde Michael Skocpol Robert Warner

2007 - B B &N Biyi Animashaun Samuel Bean Nastaran Hakimi Benjamin Housman Joelinda Coichy Johnson Nicole Panico Krensky Rebecca Glaser Ross Hannah Schriesheim Kate Selker Abigail Smitka Emily Wang

Samuel Pokross Colin Quirk Benjamin Santucci Ryan Segal Kelly Wulff 2010 - BB&N Anonymous (2) Tanzila Ahad Anna Ancona Camilla Bennett Graeme Blackman Emily Bliss Joseph Bradlee Maggie Brelis-Farrell Eric Danilchuk Kaeghan Kelly Justin Kirchner Kleida Martiro Kathryn Medeiros Stephen Melia Lyndia Personnat Moravia Kathleen Oshima Adrian Pforzheimer Emma Sagan Bethany Crombie Sanders Zach Sanders Brianna Smith Karen Su Alexandra Wozniak

2008 - B B &N Diane Amanti Leslie Ahlstrand Fitzgerald Chase Lovett-Woodsum Amy McNabb Emily Nahas Leeds Pierce Scott Schlager Nicholas Taylor Anthony Zappala 2009 - B B &N Anonymous (1) Felicia Aikens Eliza Appleton Philip Balboni Daniel F. Berenson Jen Bowser Michael DiChiara, Jr. Addie Doyle Misha Gordon-Rowe Emma Huvos Emily Leinbach John Lieberman Paige Madden Isaac Maze-Rothstein Philippe Panico

2011 - BB&N Anonymous (2) Melissa Alvarez Haley Barrows Matthew Castaldo Katherine Falb DeNitto James G. DiBlasi Déborah Xiadani Guzmán-Buchness Rob Krentzman



The second annual “Bucks for Bucky” participation challenge for alumni/ae in the 20 youngest classes (2001 - 2020) exceeded the previous year in number of donors (134) as well as dollars raised ($27,907). For the second year, the Class of 2010 topped the leaderboard with the highest number of donors.


Knights’ Circle Member

Caroline Kim Leahy Thomas Bell Leith Isobel Young MacLeish Talia Deven Mercado Nina Blanch Newport Stephan Douglas Panico Peter A. Savarese Ben Karl Schwartz Daniel Slavin 2012 - BB&N Anonymous (3) Alice F. Berenson Katherine Emily Berk Giselle Narcisse Clarke Daniel P. Connaughton Nicholas J. DiChiara Harrison Hill Alexa Bryn Horwitz Haley Rose Kaloostian Brian Leland Ariana T. White 2013 - BB&N Anonymous (1) Wenli Bao Caroline Davitt Brendon Kerrigan Sanghoon Lee George D. Lober Christopher R. Loughlin Lily Ma Meaghan Merullo Robert T. Nagel Henry D. Winton Michaela Wozniak 2014 - BB&N Adam Carlson Emily Carter Elliot O. Eton Theodore Hattemer-Maier Sandy Li August Lin Aileen Pena-Herrera Anya Pforzheimer Taylor K. Richard Henry C. Ritter Skylar W. Smith Lydia Zaleski 2015 - BB&N Anonymous (1) Victoria T. Clark Cameron E. Fitzgerald Ethan L. Hodges Nicholas G. Jacobs Emily B. Kohlberg Amanda L. Lifford Gerald B. Nvule

Alexander G. Sorets Michael A. Stellati John E. Steverman Adon Wade-Currie Michelle L. Zhang

2021 - BB&N/SENIOR CLASS GIFT Thank you to those members of the Class of 2021 listed below who

2016 - B B &N Jackson C. Bramley Michael P. Brunelli, Jr. Erica M. Connell Zachary D. Horwitz Joshua S. Levin Maxwell L. Lyons James R. O’Regan Isabel C. Ruehl Juliet P. Solit 2017 - B B &N Anonymous (1) Alexander Reid Cohen Menelik Épée-Bounya Bayard A. Eton Kian Golshan Ryan Guan Lauryn N. Jacobs Lukas W. Kauth Jackson L. Lifford Michelle L. Meredith Gautam Mitra Olivia E. O’Regan 2018 - B B &N Anonymous (2) Andreas F.M. Frank Kayla L. Kaloostian Benjamin I. Morris Carly M. Newell Daniel J. Noenickx Sophia K. Scanlan Brooke H. Shachoy Jocelyn Wang 2019 - B B &N Magnus Aske Chloe B. Boudreau Armeen Golshan Benjamin N. Gross-Loh Pierce J. Haley Zachary Lang Philip A. Melki Spencer J. Solit Lauren M. Yun

contributed to the Senior Class Gift this year. The Senior Class Gift is an opportunity to leave a legacy at BB&N through a collaborative fundraising effort aimed at giving back to BB&N. The collective support will impact the future generations of Knights. Anonymous (8) Lindsay D. Behenna Eloise M. Berman Zoe L. Berman Alan E. Bers Caroline G. Brizius Christina N. Chaperon Dalia Dainora Cohen Nikhil Datta Anna S. Garvey Caroline H. Garvey Lillian D. Garvey Katherine A. Gould Daniel A. B. Gross-Loh Nicholas A. Hayre-Perez Ian M. Kaplan Siena E. Lerner-Gill Jackson R. Lichtenberger Samirah J.R. Moody Ruth Osagie Aanika N. Patel Jayden E. Personnat Marie L. Quintanar Abigail R. Rabieh Nanako K. Ruping Nora A. Ryan Charlotte D. Winton Evan T. Zhang

2020 - B B &N Anonymous (1) Chongyuan A. Hong Francis C. Kelley Julian K. Li Ryan J. Loughran Nicholas Wang


PA R E N T S O F A L U M N I / A E A N D PA R E N T S O F F O R M E R STUDENTS BB&N is honored and grateful to have the continued financial support of parents of alumni/ae and former students who generously supported The BB&N Fund and other fundraising initiatives in 2020-2021. We continue to welcome all parents of alumni/ae and former students to participate in community events throughout the year. We treasure the value of these relationships that continue to anchor and define the broader BB&N community. Past parents with a

following their

name are members of BB&N’s Knights’ Circle which recognizes those who have made gifts to BB&N for five or more consecutive years. We are truly grateful for their consistent and loyal support which helps BB&N sustain the academic excellence for which the school is known. Anonymous (1) Alex Ablon Brooke W. Ablon ’85 Steven and Gridth Ablon John and Lauren Addonizio Abdul and Selina Ahad Michael L. Altman ’59 Eleanor Weiss Angoff ’60 Philip and Yuriko Anton Eric and Sara Aske Lotte Bailyn Marc and Carol Bard Tom and Pauline Barkalow David Baron and Pamela Mann Timothy Barrows and Margaret Flanagan Moungi Bawendi Alex and Linda Beavers James Belmont and Joyce Kinoshita Chuck and Lynn Benson Richard and Barbara Berenson Samuel and Carly Berk Anita Bers Hamish Blackman Taylor and Willa Bodman Charles D. Bonanno ’53 and Lena Bonanno


Knights’ Circle Member

David C. Bono ’70 and Andrea J. Galvin Joe and Maureen Bosco Edward and Bernadette Bourget Michael and Deedie Bouscaren Berit Bowman Lynda Boyages Morgan Baker Brelis ’76 and Matthew Brelis Michael Bresnahan and Maria Lopez-Bresnahan Robert and Jessica Broggi Jacob Brown III and Lori Catallozzi Lewis H. Bryant Jeanne Fiol Burlingame Alison B. Carnduff ’81 and Vincent Tompkins Larry and Lynn Cetrulo Melvin H. Chalfen ’44 Wayne and Anne-Marie Clarke Downing A. Cless and Alice E. Trexler Steven Cohen and Mary Akerson Francis and Susan Colannino Kenneth and Virginia Colburn Richard and Ruth Cole Charles Mironko and Susan Cook Keilah D. Coon ’61 Daniel and Jean Coughlin Ernest Cravalho and Ruth Tuomala Bill and Francine Crawford Lodowick F. Crofoot III and Carolyn Crofoot Ronald and Joan Curhan David Curtis ’65 and Elizabeth Cabral-Curtis ’65 George Davitt and Lynda Ceremsak Carl and Denise DeFranco Jonathan Delgado and Catherine Bird Barbara Greenberg Denton ’77 Angela DeVecchi ’81 Sunil and Margo Dhaliwal Michael and Maureen DiChiara Mary Dolbear and Gabriela Gonzenbach Robert Dole ’52 and Marguerite Dole Doran and Karen Donovan James Donovan ’61 Kathleen and Henry Dorkin Sandy Dow (dec.) James Doyle and Meg Macri Kien Minh Duong and Cynthia Duong Chip and Jane Elfner Brent Elkins David R. Epstein ’68 and Betsy Banks Epstein Len Evenchik and Suzanne Kirschner Lee and Philippa Ferridge Mark and Tobey Fidler Laura Klatt Fine ’87 and Andrew Fine Chantal Firmin Stephen Foell and Martha Martin Jonathan and Barbara Foot Catherine Brosens Francis ’81 and Dennis Francis

Robert Franklin ’64 and Anne Wulsin Kevyn Barbera Fusco ’83 and Scott Fusco Steve Gallant and Julia Todd Fen-Biao Gao and Kim Huang Alexander and Jane Gavis Ann S. George ’76 Nora Ghillány ’80 and Joseph Lehár ’81 Ward Ghory and Anne Ghory-Goodman Lisa Gianelly ’81 and Jeffrey Levinson Karen Gill and Christian Elliot Joel Goldberg ’87 and Cybill Goldberg Jimmy and Toni Golen Mehra Golshan and Parisa Lotfi Frederick Good ’64 and Susan Good Rosalind Gorin ’62 and Matthew Budd Nathaniel M. Gorton ’56 and Jodi Gorton Phyllis Grant R. Jeremy and Hanne Grantham Rex Green and Melissa Der Paul S. Grogan and Lauren Louison Frank Feng Gu and Hua Hai David Hajian and Mary Greenwald Pierce and Alison Haley John and Ann Hall Sharon Hamilton George Hansen, Jr. ’45 and Ellen Hansen Jack Hardy ’61 and Margaret Sandoz Hardy ’61 Todd M. Harrison ’77 and Alicia Crothers-Harrison Woodie Haskins and Andrea Mattisen-Haskins Bob Hesslein and Chris Ciotti D. Fleet Hill and Walter J. Popper Ron Hirsch and Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch Molly Hoagland Melville T. Hodder ’56 and Lissa Hodder Leigh P. Hogan William and Mari-Ann Hogan Hugo and Janet Huettig Bradley Hunter and Mary Palaima John P. Iappini and Carole Mathieson Howell E. Jackson and Elizabeth V. Foote Freddie and Nikki Jacobs Dick Jacobson (dec.) and Beth Jacobson* Charles R. Kalina Peter and Lisa Kaloostian David and Kay Kane Bill and Lynn Kargman Jerry and Marti Katz Chris Kauth and Lynda Dugas Andrew and Emilie Kendall Sheila Rauch Kennedy Bill Keravuori and Jennifer Epstein John S. Kerr II Wilbur Kim and Margaret Potter Bill King Paul G. Kirby ’52

Georg Kirchner and Marjorie Sagan-Kirchner Scott Krentzman ’84 and Amy Krentzman Philip and Nancy Kukura Butler and Lois Lampson Susan B. Lehman Michael and Monica Lehner Christopher and Judith Leich Rob and Mary Joan Leith Alan Leventhal ’70 and Sherry Marcus Leventhal Deborah Alpert Levin ’82 and Steven Levin ’83 Edward and Marjorie Levin Ofer and Sharon Levy Zhen He Li and Qiao Hua Chen Carl and Karin Lieberman Jack Lifford ’84 and Karen Lifford Richard and Pat Light Mark Lindberg and Aline Gery Cynthia Livingston Mary Loeken Dan and Eileen Logan Chuck and Susie Longfield Jay and Patricia Lorsch Philip and Elizabeth Loughlin Ken and Susan Lubar Yue Jin Ma and Wenhua Jiang Diana F. MacPhail Paul Maeder and Gwill York Richard and Beverly Malone Kenneth Martin and Helen Glotzer Peter and Deirdre Martin Richard and Maria Massey Kate De Normandie McCarey ’81 and Kevin McCarey Ramon McCree Judith B. McDonough Leslie Forkner McIntosh William and Sarah McKenna Pat and Tammy McLeod Peter D. McManmon ’66 and Linda McManmon Donald K. and Charlene M. Medeiros Chris and Marlyn Meredith Suzanne and Peter Merullo Paul Milbury and Heidi Lehner Jane E. Minasian ’76 and J. Grant Monahon Mary Laverne Wright Miner Geordie and Mary Mitchell Maura Griffith Moffatt ’84 and Gregory Moffatt Scott Moriearty and Yolanda Kodrzycki Kate Champion Murphy ’81 Bob and Joan Murray Karen Myers Said and Ashley Nazemi Courtney and Donna Neff

Pete and Ginny Nicholas Britain Nicholson and Celeste Robb-Nicholson Joseph and Carol Noenickx Christian Nolen and Susan Denny Phillip Nurse and Christina Day Evan and Elizabeth Olson Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan David Orfao ’77 and Mary Beth Orfao David and Jane Otte Christine Oulton Mark and Deb Pasculano Vincent and Sumalee Passaretti Randy Peeler and Kate Kellogg Andrew Pesek and Holly Edmonds Marna D. Peters Gary and Mary Pforzheimer Marilyn Pike Andrew and Suzanne Plump Christopher and Allison Poirier David Pokross, Jr. and Laurie S. Gill Mary A. Poor Ute Possekel and James Satterthwaite Arthur and Barbara Powell Tom and Donna Quirk Jane M. Rabb Jerald and Sara Reisman Nina Revis-Barresi Chuck Richard and Sandra Fay-Richard Edwina L. Rissland David B. Roberts ’67 and Barbara Roberts Susan Rich Rona Al and Selina Rossiter Cecile Roucher-Greenberg Larry Rowe and Wendy Gordon Michael and Rhonda Sady Panit Satyasai-Crimmin John Scanlan and Agnes Bundy Scanlan Ernst and Mary Schaefer Bob and Natalie Schlundt Mark and Audrey Schuster Richard S. Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds Fred and Judith Server Kathleen and Fereydoun Shahrokhi Hisham Shamari and Nadia Diab-Shamari Benjamin Shapiro and Kerry McGill Catherine E. Shavell Donald Shepard and Emily Maitin Michael and Catherine Shortsleeve Thomas J. Siegel Suzanne Siner ’86 and Daniel Mirel Bill and Theda Skocpol Peter Slavin ’75 and Lori Slavin Adrian Slywotzky and Christine Balko Slywotzky

John Smitka, Jr. and Amelia Bormann Roberta Steele Loring Low Stevens Rachel Stevens Carol Strasburger David Strodel ’78 and Joan Strodel Karen A. Sunnarborg Mark and Cheryl Synnott Laura Hodges Taylor ’74 and Scott Taylor Sarina Tcherepnin ’86 and James Morris Beth Thiemann William Mills Todd and Eva Andenaes Todd Bill and Heli Tomford Robin McCree Torres ’75 Brigitte Tournier Peter and Ann Tower Peter and Mary Jeanne Tufano Pamela W. Turner Samuel R. Tyler III ’61 and Sandra Tyler Jonathan Uhrig and Jennifer Stonestreet Uhrig Sandra A. Urie and Frank Herron Mark H. Vanger ’78 and Eileen Span Pirooz Vatan and Roya Esbah Vatan Rosamond Vaule David Warner and Mary Beekman Jennifer Steffan Weissman Kent Werth and Nina Barwell Austin Wertheimer and Caryl Goodman Jane Willard White ’68 and Robie White Preston and Constance Williams Hilary Wodlinger Bracebridge Hemyng Young, Jr. and Landis Becker Young Steve and Kathleen Young Robert and Eileen Zalisk

PA R E N T S O F A L U M N I / A E


Noah Williams ’30

Lindsay Kwon ’27 and Francisco Santos ’27 in the 6th grade play


Knights’ Circle Member

C U R R E N T A N D PA S T G R A N D PA R E N T S BB&N greatly appreciates the generous financial support provided by current and past grandparents, and we welcome all of our grandparents and grandfriends to join us for a variety of community events throughout the year. We warmly embrace these relationships and treasure the opportunity to share the BB&N experience of each child with their enthusiastic supporters. Grandparents with a


their name are members of BB&N’s Knights’ Circle which recognizes those who have made gifts to BB&N for five or more consecutive years. We are truly grateful for their consistent and loyal support which helps BB&N sustain the academic excellence for which the School is known. Anonymous (2) Steven and Gridth Ablon Robert and Judith Adams Leonard and Sarah Aronson Ronald and Janice Baker Thomas and Lorraine Barber David and Elaine Batchelder Dorothy Bean Arthea Bellavance Chuck and Lynn Benson Richard and Carolyn Bentley Linda Berger Harris Berman and Ruth Nemzoff Gloria Bernstein Anita Bers Edward and Bernadette Bourget Thomas and Judy Bracken Thomas and Judith Britt Lewis H. Bryant David and Laura Burke Anne Chappell Ning and Kit Chow Myung Soon Chung Robert Ciri Stephen and Arlene Cormier Ronald and Joan Curhan David and Katharine Davis John Dayton Terry and Vickey Dodge

Kostas Douzinas and Nancy Rauch Douzinas Larysa Dubovik Robert and Jean Durfee Sean and Patricia Egan Chip and Jane Elfner David R. Epstein ’68 and Betsy Banks Epstein Stanley and Beverly Erdreich Chester and Nancy Fantozzi Mark and Hannah Farbstein Peter W. Fink ’63 and Joan Fink Thomas A. Fitzgerald, Jr. ’53 Maxine Flavin Noreene Foster Richard and Marsha Frances David and Diann Frantz Gail Friedman Stuart Friedman Russell F. Gervais Richard and Paula Getnick Steve and Dorothy Gilman Bill and Roberta Greenberg Carole Griffin Ma Guangwu and Yang Demei Terry Guilford and Claudette McFadden Guilford Samuel and Sarah Gustin Donald and Shirley Harding Minnie Marie Hayes Gloria Heppner Katharine Winslow Herzog ’62 and Al Herzog David and Hope Hirsch Molly Hoagland William and Mari-Ann Hogan Malabar Hornblower Brewster Kimberly R. Irish Richard and Carolyn Jacobus Leonard and Marcelle Joffe Charles R. Kalina James Kerrigan Howard and Tina Kesselheim Mark and Sandra Kryder Steve and Tammy Kumin Stallworth and Juliette Larson Peter J. Lehner ’41 Andrew Leighton Alan Leventhal ’70 and Sherry Marcus Leventhal Richard and Pat Light Linda Limon Jay and Patricia Lorsch Mason and Susan Lowance Arvind and Sunita Marathay Charles and Barbara Martel Thomas and Judy McCarey Ramon McCree Margaret McGrath Bill McKinley and Susan Anderson McKinley

Qaiyum and Zulekha Mujtaba Kathy Murphy Karen Myers Pete and Ginny Nicholas Steven Olitsky Elinor R. O’Neil Robert Oppenheim Annasaheb and Shubangi Patil Jim and Patsy Payette Kirk and Nancy Pond Diane Portnoy Vikki Pryor Elvira Quilter Lamson and Sally Rheinfrank William and Shirley Richards John and Betsy Richardson Marvin and Amy Richman John and Joan Riley Bruce and Sue Rittenour Kathleen Rorick Al and Selina Rossiter Steve and Marsha Roth Cynthia Ryan David D. Sabatini and Zulema Lena Sabatini David and Mary Salkever Richard S. Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds Abbass and Mehry Sekhavat Glenn and Voula Shanks Catherine E. Shavell Lillian Sherman Richard and Linda Silverman John and Christine Sorgini Katherine Stahl Roberta Steele David and Sara Taft Elise Tsay Pamela W. Turner Kirk and Jacqueline Weaver Ogden and Bonnie White Preston and Constance Williams Richard and Barbara Wong Steve and Kathleen Young Zhu Zhengguo and Hexi Yu

G R A N D PA R E N T S 3 3

CURRENT AND FORMER FA C U LT Y A N D S TA F F BB&N faculty and staff members define and enrich the BB&N student experience on all our campuses. We are especially grateful for the generous financial support for The BB&N Fund from current faculty and staff, which was particularly meaningful during this challenging year. The school is also grateful to former faculty and staff who continue to provide financial support for the school’s mission and programs. Faculty and staff with a


their name are members of BB&N’s Knights’ Circle which recognizes those who have made gifts to BB&N for five or more consecutive years. We are truly grateful for their consistent and loyal support which helps BB&N sustain the academic excellence for which the school is known. Anonymous (1) Alex Ablon Maria Graciela Alcid Henri Andre Leila Bailey-Stewart Karina Baum Jorge Delgado Sasha Bergmann Palmer Berry Miles Billings Sanchali Biswas Graeme Blackman ’10 Dudley F. Blodget Willa Chamberlain Ed Bourget ’96 Lynda Boyages Katharine G. Brooks ’66 Whitney Dayton Brunet Lewis H. Bryant Lucinda Burk Tony Cai Diane Cannata Caitlin Cavanaugh Michael Chapman Beth Clark Elliot Cless ’02 Joseph P. Clifford Leah Cataldo Louisa Connaughton


Knights’ Circle Member, (dec.) - deceased

Lisa Conway Susan Cook Al Coons III Anne Coughlin Frederick J. Coyne Althea B. Cranston Sam Crihfield Marc Vincent Cronin Isabel Dau Joe Decastro Maria Elena Derrien Angela DeVecchi ’81 Robert Dickinson Farah DiPasquale Mary Everett Dolbear Kathleen Dorkin Sandy Dow (dec.) Hunt Dowse ’65 Ariel Duddy Lynda I. Dugas Robert Duggan Laura Duncan Sylvia Elmer Mark T. Fidler Carol M. Fine Thomas A. Fitzgerald, Jr. ’53 Rick Foresteire ’86 Kevyn Barbera Fusco ’83 Roger Fussa Jennifer Garcia Jennifer Gatti Katie Gayman Aline Gery Ward Ghory Karen Gill Susan Glazer Tara Gohlmann Kim Gold Ben Goldhaber Steven Goldman Gabriela Gonzenbach Julie Gray Nastaran Hakimi ’07 Sharon Hamilton Pauline Kim Han ’99 Margaret S. Hardy ’61 Katushka Montes Hart Woodie Haskins Lee Ginsburg Herbst ’53 Rebecca Heymann ’06 Ted Higgins Lissa Hodder ’56 Jeffrey M. Hodess ’97 Leigh P. Hogan Prescott F. Huidekoper ’73 Nicholas G. Jacobs ’15 Beth Jacobson Sufia Jamal

Joelinda Coichy Johnson ’07 Nicole Kahn Meena Kaur Kaeghan Kelly ’10 Janna Kerpelman Kelley P. Kingman Allison Kornet Sharon E. Krauss Neville Lake Andrew Leighton Rob W. Leith III Sarah Levesque August Lin ’14 Mark C. Lindberg Jed Lippard Carol Ann Loftus Rebecca Lombardo Ellie Loughlin Jo-Ann Lovejoy Ross MacDonald Libby Maclaren Meg Macri Louise Makrauer Beverly Malone Andrew Marcinek Amie Margolis Serge Mathieu Gabby Mbeki Beth McNamara Gus Means Rania Melki Geordie Mitchell Joel Monell Stephanie Moon Alexander D. Moore ’99 Kathy Murphy Jake Nagy Doug Neuman Sarah Ngo Kristi O’Connor Christine Oulton Ric Pontes Amy Pratt Emma Price Jennifer Price Lauren Rader Genieve Rankel Brian Reasoner Anthony Reppucci Nina L. Revis-Barresi Chuck Richard Rachel Riemer Bill Rogers Chip Rollinson Carrie Rose Janet B. Rosen Tamah Rosker Elinor S. Ross

Al Rossiter Cecile Roucher-Greenberg Rosario Sánchez Gómez Juliana Santoyo Jesse A. Sarzana ’93 Amy R. Selinger Thomas Siegel Deborah D. Slade Brianna Smith ’10 Fiona Soni Rachel Stevens Jessica Stokes Nicole Stone Carol D.M. Strasburger David Strodel ’78 Angela Tabb Jennifer Talmadge ’97 Laura Tangusso Zoe Tarshis Vanessa Taylor Geoff Theobald Beth Thiemann Orit Tobin Brigitte Tournier Peter P. Tower Matthew Turnbull Samuel Tyler III ’61 Ana Maria Valle Carole Varghese Sofia Vergara Sarah Vollmann Jamie A. Wallace Alice Wang Eugene Warner Kim Ablon Whitney ’91 Monika Wilkinson Courtney Stokes Willett ’95 David B. Williams ’78 Kelly Wulff ’09 Richard M. Wyman, Jr. ’69 Amena Zavery

FRIENDS Each year BB&N is pleased to receive gifts from current students, friends, and other individuals in support of BB&N’s mission or in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. Andreas Tsz Ya Bai ’27 Judith Barr Ben Butcher

Suzanne Whitman Diehl Ram Hari Kristin MacCutcheon Art and Terry Marshall and Family Shane McMahon and Dorian Thompson Nienna Moon ’31 Brian Nevins Luis Ottley Luis Padilla Eleanor Ming Tansky ’31 Kate Villa Bill and Cynthia Westerman Steve Wymer

Nanako Ruping ’21


1838 parents, alumni/ae, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends supported The BB&N Fund and other fundraising initiatives in 2020-2021.



C O R P O R AT I O N S , M AT C H I N G G I F T C O M PA N I E S , F O U N D AT I O N S A N D O R G A N I Z AT I O N S BB&N is pleased to recognize the following corporations, foundations, and other businesses who provided important support for the school’s annual and capital giving programs in 2020-2021. The school is especially grateful to the many parents, past parents, alumni/ae, and friends who took advantage of matching gift opportunities through their employers or board relationships to increase the value of their gifts to the school last year. The companies and foundations listed below contributed more than $50,000 in matching gifts to support The BB&N Fund and capital priorities in 2020-2021, providing important resources for all areas of our academic programs.

Alex Sandell ‘23


(dec.) - deceased

Anonymous (4) Adage Capital Management, L.P. Adobe Systems Matching Gift Program AmazonSmile American Endowment Foundation Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Analog Devices Inc. Apple Matching Gifts The Archibald Family Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Barings LLC Matching Gift Program Benjamin Sherman Butcher Family Foundation Harris Berman & Ruth Nemzoff Family Foundation Biogen Idec Matching Gift Program The Boston Foundation Cambridge Boat Club Chevron Matching Gifts Program Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston Community Foundation of New Jersey The Crawford Foundation Cummings Properties Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. Ruth Dunbar Trust Eaton Vance Management Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program Fremont-Smith Family Charitable Fund Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Google Inc.

Gorton’s Great Island Foundation John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Herbst Family Foundation The Jeffrey Horvitz Foundation Howe Family Fund IBM Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund Juniper Networks Foundation Fund The Kargman Family Foundation Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation The Merck Company Foundation Microsoft Corporation Mizuho Bank Matching Gifts Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust Inc. National Philanthropic Trust NetApp Matching Gifts Program New Hampshire Charitable Foundation The New York Community Trust Novartis US Foundation The Orchard Foundation PerkinElmer Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program The Pond Family Foundation The Rhode Island Foundation RMB Capital E&R Rosenman Charitable Foundation Cele H. and William B. Rubin Family Fund Sacajawea Charitable Foundation Sand Dollar Fund Sanofi Foundation for North America George H. Scanlon Foundation The Schwab Charitable Fund Sibbri Foundation The Sidman Family Foundation Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation The Sooner Foundation Jane H. Tierney 2005 Trust ToneyKorf Partners, LLC TripAdvisor, Inc. UBS Matching Gifts Program U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Varallo Orthodontics Partners in Education Program Vertex Pharmaceuticals Matching Gift Program VMWare Foundation Wade Family Foundation Walmart Foundation Wellington Management Company, LLP F.T. Weyerhaeuser Family Fund Whitman Family Foundation Willborough Foundation YourCause for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

HONORARY GIFTS Each year BB&N is pleased to receive gifts from parents, alumni/ae, grandparents, and friends in honor of a faculty or staff member, family member, friend, or loved one like those listed below, or to recognize a special occasion. This past year, all 336 current faculty and staff were honored as BB&N “Superheroes” for the fifth annual Day of Giving (see article on page 6), while many others were recognized through the Parents’ Association’s Faculty and Staff Appreciation Initiative (highlights on page 2). 3rd Grade team, Specialist Teachers, and Knights! 6th Grade Teachers and Faculty 6th Grade Team - with gratitude 7th Grade Parents 8th Grade Teachers Sarah Abrams Amani Abu Shakra Mark Addonizio ’16 and Daniel Addonizio ’20 Princess Omojolaade Adeoye ’27 Julia Agudelo ’28 and Sara Agudelo ’32 Maria Graciela Alcid All 336 BB&N faculty and staff All of the 6th and 9th grade superheroes All the amazing teachers at BB&N All the great staff at BB&N! The amazing DEIG team The amazing Middle School team Henri Andre Audrey Aronson ’31 and Eleanor Aronson ’33 Alexandra Avram ’23 Yonathon Ayalew ’24 Elisabeth Baird Katie Baker ’23, Robbie Baker ’25, and Sarah Baker ’28 Zoe Balaconis Bridget Barber ’24, Connor Barber ’25, and Tatum Barber ’30 Ashley Bartlett BB&N Advancement Team BB&N Dining Services BB&N Faculty, Staff, and Coaches BB&N Foreign Languages Department BB&N Girls Ice Hockey BB&N Lower School Faculty and Staff BB&N Middle School Faculty and Staff BB&N Superheroes! Behavioral Health

Lindsay D. Behenna ’21 Lee H. Behnke Alice F. Berenson ’12 Daniel F. Berenson ’09 Jake Berger ’20 and Nico Berger ’22 Hannah Bernstein ’24 Alan Ezra Bers ’21 and Nico Bers ’23 Tish Biggar Miles and Felicity Billings Sanchali Biswas Bivouac Staff Kate Cetrulo Bjornlund ’05 Frederick and Patricia Black Gabriella Blanco ’21 Nathan Bornstein ’22 Ed Bourget ’96 Ryder Bourget ’33 Danielle Brennan ’23 and Sylvia Brennan ’24 Madeleine Brodeur ’23 Hannah Brodsky ’25 Jacob B. Brown IV ’20 Lewis H. Bryant Vanessa M. Bulman ’21 Lucinda Burk Diane Cannata Teejay K. T. Cardoso ’21 Alexsa Caron ’24 Maggie Caso Michael Cassin Christina N. Chaperon ’21 Michael Chapman Christian Chow ’28 and Gabriel Chow ’31 Joe and Lucy Chung Class of 1945 Class of 1950 Class of 1953 Class of 1956 Class of 1957 Class of 1964 Class of 1965 Class of 1970 Class of 1972 Class of 1980 Class of 1981 Class of 1990 Class of 1992 Class of 1993 Class of 2002 Class of 2005 Class of 2006 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2021 Class of 2025

Class of 2033 Sophia M. Cohen ’21 The colleagues who inspire me every day Gabe Cooper ’26 and Leah Cooper ’28 John Cotter Melissa Courtemanche Terry Cox Fred Coyne Althea Cranston Christa Crewdson Carter Davidson ’25 Zane Davis ’22 and Hugo Davis ’27 Mike Derrenberger Zoe Dodge ’22 Kindyll Dorsey Beckett Dubovik ’25 and Harper Dubovik ’27 Ariel Duddy Laura Duncan Ava Elliot ’24 Sylvia Elmer Simone Miles Esteves A.J. Fabbri ’21 and Alexandra Fabbri ’23 The Facilities Team Christian Falasca ’32 Daniel L. Farber Alda Farlow Mark Fidler Carol M. Fine Joel Fisher Ronan Fitzgerald ’19 and Tristan Fitzgerald ’22 Ryan Mar Fiumara ’32 Hannah Foell ’00 The Foote Family William A. Fregosi Freshman Year Allison Friedman ’30 Austin Fuchs ’26 Katrina Fuller Roger Fussa Chris Gaines Jennifer Gatti Katie Gayman Lily Gelb ’29 Sarah Getchell Diana Perez Glass Susan Glazer Ryan Glennon Ben Goldhaber Harry J. Golen ’19 Isabel E. Gonzalez ’21 Henry Goodman ’20 and Charlotte Goodman ’23 Henry Grabowski ’22 Julie Gray Cooper Griffin Gifford Griffin Matthew Grogan ’08 Timothy Grogan ’14 Stephanie Guilmet



Peter K. Gunness Bobby Hahn Margaret Sandoz Hardy ’61 Woodie Haskins Elise D. Hawkins ’21 Tyler Hayden ’34 Maya Hayes ’30 and Camila Hayes ’32 Merit Hodgson ’25 Leigh P. Hogan Adam Holland Joe Horning Bill Hritz Alex Hu ’27 Charlotte O. Huang ’21 and Victoria A. Huang ’21 Jordyn E. Hunter-Coleman ’21 Lauryn N. Jacobs ’17 Nicholas G. Jacobs ’15 Michael Jiang ’25 Keith Jones Andri Kadaifciu ’23 Ian M. Kaplan ’21 Pandelis Karayorgis Priscilla Karnovsky Daniel Katz ’22 Lukas W. Kauth ’17 Kaeghan Kelly ’10 Paige Kemezis Janna Kerpelman Zachary Kesselheim ’27 William J.P. Kim ’20 Kelley P. Kingman Jean Klingler Knight School The KNorth teachers! Caroline A. Knox ’21 Allison Kornet Kristen Kosich Jenny Kramer Sharon E. Krauss Samuel Krem ’22 Ross H. Kukulinski ’05 Heather Lee Oliva Lee ’25 and Ethan Lee ’34 Rob Leith Siena E. Lerner-Gill ’21 Parker Lewis-Pierce ’24 Patrick Leyden ’27 and Isabel Leyden ’30 Huiqin Li John Lieberman ’09 and Sarah E. Lieberman ’12 Mark C. Lindberg Lucas Liu ’23 and Alec Liu ’27 Lower School Faculty and Staff Yuanxin Ma ’23 Brady MacCutcheon ’25 and Nora MacCutcheon ’28


Ross MacDonald Isis MacFadden ’33 Ryan Magnuson Louise Makrauer Natalie Mannion ’22 Molly Martin ’22 and Tyler Martin ’22 Lora Mazaheri Anne P. McKinley ’21 Zack McLeod ’10 Beth McNamara Rebecca U. Mironko ’19 Alexander Mitchell Geordie Mitchell Anthony Moccia ’10 Model UN and Debate Team Kimia Monzavi ’21 Rory Morton ’81 Jessica Mulligan ’10 My amazing teachers My BB&N Friends My son’s Middle School teachers Al Myles Julius B. Nagin ’20 Jake Nagy Shelly Nemirovsky Doug Neuman Kathy Newell Martha Newport Sarah Ngo John C. Norton Devonte P. Nurse ’19 Joseph S. O’Loughlin ’78 Charles O’Rourke Christine K. Oulton Our son Lucian’s amazing Upper School teachers Eric S. Palace ’21 Monica Palacio Aanika N. Patel ’21 Deviyani A. Patel ’21 Kieran Patrick ’30 and Isla Patrick ’33 Peggy Payne Sonja Peetz-Larsen ’26 a nd Christian Peetz-Larsen ’30 Jennifer C. Peters ’90 Giovanni Pieri ’30 Declan Pflaumer ’22 Max Poirier ’25 Thomas Porell ’22 Griffin Pratt ’29 and Bennett Pratt ’31 Jennifer Price Cindy Qiao ’26 and Stephen Qiao ’32 Clio A. Quilter-Vagts ’21 Genieve Rankel Nicole Resnick ’24 and Adrian Resnick ’26 Quinn Reynolds ’27 and the Class of 2027 Charles Richard

Bill Rogers Chip Rollinson Janet B. Rosen Tamah Rosker Ethan C. Rossiter ’93 W. Allen Rossiter Cecile Roucher-Greenberg Paul Ruhlmann Asher Russell ’33 Marcelo Sakamo-Sachs ’32 and Julia Sachs Charlie Price Salkever Rosario Sánchez Gómez Candie Sanderson Jesse Sarzana ’93 Beatrice S. Scanlon ’21 Raia G. Schluter ’21 Nathaniel Schwartz ’98 Sarah Schwartz ’00 Amy Selinger James Sennette Charlotte L. Shapiro ’20 Harper Shavell ’33 Thomas J. Siegel Jared Silverio ’21 Brianna Smith ’10 Jaylen C. Smith ’19 Courtney Soule Roger F. Stacey Dinero Starr ’25 Steele Sternberg Maya Stiles-Royall ’04 Camille T.D. Stockwell ’20 and Annie Stockwell ’22 David Strodel ’78 Ben Surenian ’23 Wendy Svatek Kathleen Tan Scott Tang Geoff Theobald Keesha S. Theodore ’21 Matthew G. Thompson ’21 Christian J. Trodden ’21 Matthew Turnbull Rebecca T. Upham Saskia Van Vactor Louie Varadi ’24 Varsity Volleyball Team Joshua Walker Dylan Wang ’21 Leo Wang ’24 William Wang ’31 Andrew M.K. Warren Lauren Watson Tess Webber ’27 Ilsa V. Weinert ’21 Cristina West Katherine White ’22 and Caroline Ogden White ’23

Michael Willey Clarence G. and Mildred Williams Wesley Williams Charlotte D. Winton ’21 Alexandra Wozniak ’10 Edward T. Wright ’86 Alexander C. Wu ’21 Yaotang and Lixiang Wu Helena Wurzel Yinong Yang Konstantin Lukin Yelin ’22 Walter Young Samantha Zegarelli Charlie Zhang ’26 Sara Zur

MEMORIAL GIFTS We greatly appreciate the generosity of donors who made gifts to BB&N this year in memory of the deceased faculty, classmates, family, and friends listed below. John Anderson Bernard Bailyn Maureen Baker Oliver T. Banks ’58 Harry C. Barr ’51 Roberta J. Biery Jenny Fiol Birch ’87 Byron Bowman John J. Brisbois Andy Bruce Ann Lee Smith Bugbee ’54 Lawrence T. Cabot Henry T. M. Chen ’63 Charlene Colgan Jonathan E. Diehl ’72 Sandy Dow Timothy C. Emerson ’69 John H. Etter ’49 John N. Fisher, Sr. ’45 Bill Flavin and Ming Shih Elizabeth Gardner Nora and John Gergely Cary Girod Anna Grote Ralph Hoagland Christopher D. Horner ’86 Xiaochuan Hu David L. Kasdon ’63 Marina Keegan ’08 Christopher James Kern ’99 Sheila Malone King ’50 Ruddy P. A. Ligonde ’10


King F. Lowe Helen McCann Joseph F. O’Neil Harold P. Melcher, Jr. E. Vincent Merry Amy Valor Meselson ’90 Keith L. Miller ’71 Jonathan Moore ’50 Katherine A. Moore Ryan C. Neff ’89 Mary Newmann John B. Petropoulos John J. Powers ’67 Kendric Price ’05 Sheldon Randall Lynsey Graham Rea ’90 Bess Rosenzweig ’09 Anasuya Shankar and Sunita Mar Alexandros Souris ’10 Peter Steffian ’54 Craig B. Stonestreet ’49 Elizabeth Stowe Alanson H. Sturgis, Jr. John H. Walters, Jr. Charlotte Waterlow Susanne B. Williams Mary Winton

BB&N greatly appreciates the generosity of alumni/ae, parents, and friends who contributed goods or services to the school that were used to enhance academic programs or to offset budgeted expenses. Ted Albers ’75 Nick Booth Andrea Chaprales Linda Harding Michael W. Kahn ’74 David and Kelly Meek Timothy Simpson and Cheryl Pearson H. Guyford Stever, Jr. ’66

Dinero Jelley ’25 and Will Benjamin ’25





268 students were supported by financial aid this year.




BB&N’s financial aid budget of $10.049 million provided grants to 26% of BB&N students, including additional funding to enable families impacted by the pandemic to remain at BB&N.

60 BB&N faculty and staff across all three campuses received summer curriculum development grants in 2020 totaling more than $64,000, enabling them to adapt their teaching to a hybrid and remote teaching environment.

Upper School math teacher Meena Kaur (with

Lower School Technology Integration/Interdisciplinary

Alex Wu ’21) was honored this year as the recipient

Facilitator Maria Elena Derrien—named this year

of the Honestas Future Leader Instructorship,

as the next recipient of the Edgar H. Nichols Future

established by parents of the Class of 2013.

Leader Instructorship—working with students Charley Perkins ’27, Maia Soni ’27, and Lucia LongstreetLipson ’27 (rear).


(dec.) - deceased

D O N O R S TO E N D OW E D AND SPENDABLE FUNDS A N D S P E C I A L I N I T I AT I V E S BB&N greatly appreciates the generous support of the parents, alumni/ae, and friends listed below who made gifts, payments, or pledges to endowment and spendable funds and other special fundraising initiatives during the 20202021 fiscal year. For more information about these and other BB&N Endowment and Spendable Funds, visit bbns.org/endowment.

DONORS TO ENDOWED AND SP ENDABL E FUNDS Anderson-McKinley Family Athletic Director’s Discretionary Fund Bill McKinley and Susan Anderson McKinley Barrocas Family Fund for Faculty and Staff Exchange and Travel Mark and Irina Barrocas Jenny Fiol Birch 1987 Financial Aid Endowment Fund Jeanne Fiol Burlingame Joel Goldberg ’87and Cybill Goldberg Patricia Ann Blevins ’44 Drama Fund Ben Butcher Brizius Family Financial Aid Fund Chuck and Kate Brizius Andy Bruce BB&N Camp Scholarship Fund Art and Terry Marshall and Family John and Archontoula Bucuvalas Scholarship Fund Michael J. Bucuvalas ’66 and Martha Bucuvalas Class of 2021 Parents Endowment Fund for a uKnighted Community David and Andrea Attisani Stèphane and Brenda Bancel Thomas and Rebecca Behenna Huseyin and Carolyn Bektas Seth and Mandy Berman Andrew Bernstein and Jacqueline Shoback Kevin and Marijoy Bertolini

Jon Biotti and Leslie Jeng Kerry Black Rodrigo and Ibis Blanco Milton Britton, Jr. and Lori Smith-Britton Christian Brunet and Whitney Dayton Brunet Joao Cardoso John and Jennifer Cassedy Ajay and Layla Chadha Michael Cima and Tina Cortessi Pieter Cohen and Lauren Budding Randolph Cohen and Audra Dainora Hugh Coleman and Emily Hunter-Coleman Eric Cortell and Julia Wong Joseph and Emily Coughlin Arup Datta and Madhuleena Saha Prabhakar Devavaram and Leann Canty Eric and Veronica Donovan Scott and Suzanne Elliott Sam and Alexandra Epee-Bounya Nicholas and Jennifer Fandetti Mark and April Fitzgerald Brian Gill and Jennifer Lerner Janice Gould Graeme Grant and Meredith Saillant Roberto Gutierrez and Magdelena Martinez Alasdair Halliday and Diane Vetrano Pahada Hanscom Jeff and Christa Hawkins James and Deborah Helie Michael Hong and Alison Meyer Hong Ed and Tami Huang Christopher and Erin Jensen Karen J. Kalina ’81 and Erik Yesson Jill Litner Kaplan ’82 and Benjamin Kaplan Rosemary Knox Philipp Lang and Natalie Salem Stuart Levinson and Jennifer Keddy David and Persis Levy Francis and Marjorie Lichtenberger Dong Liu and Xin Wang Carol Looby Edward and Heather Maguire Prashanth and Revathy Mahendra-Rajah Dean and Diane Maimonis Edward and Marcy McGourty Ronald and Lisa Mitchell Hossein Monzavi and Nasrin Sadeghi Kwesi and Jaime Moody Tung Nguyen and Loan Pham Felix and Edith Okwesa Felix Osagie and Uwa Ogbebor Vasant and Seema Padmanabhan Adam G. Balogh and Marjorie S. Palace Aman and Asha Patel Naimish and Radhika Patel Egbert and Linda Personnat Marie Personnat Roy and Linda Pollock Mark and Stephanie Price

David Quilter Gerard and Diane Quintanar Michael and Linda Rabieh Vikrant Raina and Pratima Abichandani Karl Ruping James and Christina Ryan Mar Santamaria James Scanlon, Jr. and Kathleen Scanlon Scott Schluter and Cally Gwon Steven Seppenwolde and Annemarie Swager Gregg Shapiro and Stacey Dogan Guhan Subramanian and Helen Clement Stanley and Nathalie Tabor Jean Theodore and Marie-Dona Joseph John and Lisa Thompson Ted and Lynn Trodden Lydia E. Vagts ’81 Fredrik and Becky Velander Weiwen Wang and Lan Fang Christopher Weinert ’90 and Bridget Weinert David and Sharon Whitney Nick and Tricia Winton Janet Costello Worthington ’93 and Michael Worthington Jim and Ann Wu John Zhao Ewald Family Financial Aid Fund Oliver and Negin Ewald Financial Aid Endowment Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 and Eric A. Aronson Jesse Baker Pam Baker Michael DeMichele and Elizabeth Shelburne David and Christine Gross-Loh Randy Peeler and Kate Kellogg Rajeev and Ila Shah General Endowment Estate of Theodore B. Gazarian Estate of Matthew A. Keenan Charles P. Rogers ’67 Estate of Jane Hewitt Tierney Gordon Rowe Family US Faculty Enrichment Fund The Gordon and Rowe Family Fraulein Grote Fund for Upper School Languages Dan H. Fenn, Jr. ’40 (dec.)



Margaret S. Hardy ’61 Financial Aid Fund James Donovan ’61 Jack Hardy ’61 and Margaret Sandoz Hardy ’61 Head’s Discretionary Fund Andrew Paradise ’00 Kargman Family Fund for Faculty Salary Endowment Bill and Lynn Kargman Marina Keegan ’08 Memorial Fund Kate Selker ’07 Paul Selker ’04 Christopher James Kern Scholarship Fund William C. Droste ’99 and Alyssa Muros-Bishoff ’99 Michael Ellis ’99 Adam Howarth ’96 Joseph P. Kennedy III ’99 Matthew R. Kennedy ’99 Sheila Rauch Kennedy Keystone Scholars Fund Jason Oppenheim ’98 Lehner Financial Aid Endowment Fund Monica and Michael Lehner Legacy Foreign Language Fund Eleanor S. Campbell-Swank ’76

E. Vincent Merry Fund Lee T. Archung ’72 Tamara W. Ashford ’86 Thomas D. Lincoln ’63 Andrew Paradise Financial Aid Fund Andrew Paradise ’00 Past Parents Financial Aid Fund Linda and Alex Beavers Ruth and Richard Cole Francine and Bill Crawford Betsy Banks Epstein and David R. Epstein ’68 Caryl Goodman and Austin Wertheimer Hanne and R. Jeremy Grantham D. Fleet Hill and Walter J. Popper Nancy Kukura and Philip Kukura Heidi Lehner and Paul Milbury Eileen and Dan Logan Barbara Roberts and David B. Roberts ’67 Christine Balko Slywotzky and Adrian Slywotzky Hilary Wodlinger Petropoulos Art Scholars Program Fund Eric Cole ’81 Raina Family Global Education Fund Vikrant Raina and Pratima Abichandani W. Allen Rossiter Faculty Professional Development Fund Lisa Gianelly and Jeffrey Levinson Selina Wood Rossiter ’89 and Alexander H. P. Colhoun

Spendable Financial Aid Fund Michael and Deedie Bouscaren Craig B. Stonestreet ’49 Scholarship Fund Robert Duggan Peter and Ann Tower Jennifer Stonestreet Uhrig and Jonathan Uhrig uKnighted Community Fund James T. Berylson ’00 Chuck and Kate Brizius Mike and Debra Chen Tim and Christina Cohen Joe Decastro Scott Friend and Leslie Riedel Edgar Gonzalez and Sheila Canalle-Gonzalez Peter Levitt ’84 and Adriana Levitt Francis and Marjorie Lichtenberger Marty and Tristin Mannion JK Nicholas ’85 Niels and Meredith Peetz-Larsen Alisa Ray ’98 Elinor S. Ross Jay and Nancy Xiong Upham Scholars Fund Rosalind E. Gorin ’62 and Matthew Budd Peter K. Levitt ’84 and Adriana A. Levitt Chuck and Susie Longfield Susanne Williams Fund George S. Bain ’69 Wu Scholar Fund Fan Wu ’98

DONORS TO SPECIAL INIT IAT IVE S Athletics Program and Equipment Steven and Alexi Conine Oliver and Negin Ewald Class of 2020 Senior Parent Gift -US Library Renovation Project Bill Keravuori and Jennifer Epstein



More than 550 parents, alumni/ae, and grandparents volunteered their time to support BB&N’s mission in 2020-2021 through the school’s fundraising, Parents’ Association, admissions, alumni/ae engagement, and reunion programs.

Lutti Zhang ‘32

Andrei Buchatskiy ’22 and Diego Garcia ’21

E N D O W E D A N D S P E N D A B L E F U N D S , S P E C I A L I N I T I AT I V E S


BB&N VOLUNTEERS We are deeply grateful to the many parents, alumni/ae, and grandparents listed below who contributed countless hours of volunteer time to BB&N last year through various activities in support of the school’s mission. Their efforts were particularly impressive and appreciated given the restrictions of volunteering on campus this year. Without their efforts, BB&N could not have achieved the

TRUSTEE ADVANCEMENT COMMI TTEE Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 Pam Baker Tim Cohen Alexandra Epee-Bounya Jason P. Hafler ’00 Jeff Hawkins Lisa Kerrigan Marjorie Lichtenberger JK Nicholas ’85 Erica Gervais Pappendick Leslie Riedel Adam Zalisk ’03

results and accomplishments celebrated in this report.

2020-2021 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chuck Brizius III, Chair Jason Hafler ’00, Vice Chair Bob Higgins, Vice Chair/Treasurer Erica Gervais Pappendick, Vice Chair/Secretary Jake Anderson-Bialis ’98 Eliza Appleton ’09 Carmen Arce-Bowen Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 Pam Baker James T. Berylson ’00 Margaret Boasberg Tim Cohen Alexi Conine Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 Alexandra Epee-Bounya Leslie Ahlstrand Fitzgerald ’08 Christine Gross-Loh Rachel Kroner Hanselman ’89 Jeff Hawkins Freddie Jacobs Lisa Kerrigan Peter Levitt ’84 Marjorie Lichtenberger Bridget Long Tristin Mannion JK Nicholas ’85 Shep Perkins Leslie Riedel Jesse Sarzana ’93 Ila Shah Fan Wu ’98 Adam Zalisk ’03 Jennifer Price, Head of School


CA MPA I GN STATEMENT TA SK FORCE Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 Pam Baker James T. Berylson ’00 Priya Giri Desai Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 Jason Hafler ’00 Lionel Harris Rob Krentzman ’11 JK Nicholas ’85 Leslie Riedel Ila Shah Adam Zalisk ’03 CA MPA I GN PARENT A DVI SORY TASK FORCE Leslie Riedel, Chair Pam Baker Alexander Band and Abby Fung Susan Brown Alexi Conine Amit and Gitika Desai Azra Kanji Indu and Veena Keri Gordon and Tania Kluzak Young Jin Lee Michelle Lev Melody Mak-Jurkauskas Kelly Panayotou Preeti Patel Richard and Petra Paulson Marlene Reynolds Faiza Riaz Gillien Todd Molly Wanner Susan Weaver Christian Westra Towne Williams

CAMPAIGN ALUMNI/AE ADVISORY TASK FORCE Michael I.M. Abrams ’05 Tamara W. Ashford ’86 John Crocker III ’73 Leslie Ahlstrand Fitzgerald ’08 Jason Hafler ’00 Kathryn Kargman Holden ’01 Richmond Holden III ’01 Joelinda Coichy Johnson ’07 Tony Lo ’04 JK Nicholas ’85 Tavan L. R. Pechet ’89 Jesse Sarzana ’93 David Williams ’78 Adam Zalisk ’03 FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEE RS BB&N Fund Parent Volunteers Beth Myers Azano ’95 Pam Baker Kate Coyne Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 Darla Beth Jelley Christine Kahvejian Domenica Karavitaki Linda Lin Melody Mak-Jurkauskas Faiza Mujtaba Riaz Angela Zhu BB&N Fund Grandparent Volunteers Joan Curhan Katharine Winslow Herzog ’62 Howard and Tina Kesselheim Pat Light Karen Myers Betsy Richardson Connie Williams 2020-2021 Senior Parents’ Gift Committee Sam and Alexandra Epee-Bounya, Co-Chairs Oliver and Negin Ewald, Co-Chairs David and Andrea Attisani Andrew Bernstein and Jacqueline Shoback Chuck and Kate Brizius John and Jennifer Cassedy Arup Datta and Madhuleena Saha Karen Fabbri David and Christine Gross-Loh Alasdair Halliday and Diane Vetrano Jeff and Christa Hawkins Karen J. Kalina ’81 and Eric Yesson William and Jennifer McKinley Vikrant Raina and Pratima Abichandani Pat and Kathleen Scanlon Guhan Subramanian and Helen Clement Nick and Tricia Winton Folk-Man and Monera Wong

PARENTS’ ASSO CIATION VOLUNTEERS 2020-2021 Parents’ Association Executive Board Lisa Kerrigan, President Towne Williams, Vice President Meredith Peetz-Larsen, Secretary Allison Hirsch, Treasurer Susan Brown Alexi Conine Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 Karen Fabbri Christine Kahvejian Marjorie Lichtenberger Melody Mak-Jurkauskas Preeti Patel Erika Pond Melissa Marie Reilly Micheal Rorick Avi Segal Gillien Todd Judy Williams Parent Group Representatives Jennifer Winn Aronson ’92 Radha Badani Nicole Benjamin Beth Clark Priya Desai Mariana Egan Sylvia Elmer Maria Khoury Yunzhe Li Anita Patterson Carolina Pierry Leslie Riedel Shanalee Saunders-Francis Morgan Taylor Nicole Tennermann Jing Watnick Karla Winter Joanne Wu Lower School Parent Volunteers Jennifer Cassedy Jennifer Cheatham Ellie Choi Shirley Chung Angela Cirami Emily Cooper Suzanne Daley Diana Dengo Erik Dubovik Myriam Efstathiou Melissa Friedman Abby Fung Fei Gao

Michelle Goldman Christine Gross-Loh Shahla Almasri Hafez Abby Bristol Hafler Jeanne Hagerty Rachel Kroner Hanselman ’89 Courtney Hayden Hui Hu Jeanne Huang Induprakas Keri Dara Kesselheim Tania Kluzak Debra M. Longstreet Kathryn Young McCullough ’97 Daniel Medwed ’87 Kelly Meek Yueling Guo Moran Betsy Osborn ’89 and Loay Abdelkarim Pratima Patil Ami Pourana Sophie Powell-Westra Marlene A. Reynolds Susanne Richman Meredith Santos Abbey Shavell Jane Shih Jennifer Duval Souza ’93 Jamie L. Wacks Joey Webster Danielle West Karla Winter

Rebecca Susi Lydia E. Vagts ’81 Khalida Waheed Nadia Waheed Jing Watnick Susan Weaver

Middle School Parent Volunteers Zinnaida Alekseeva Elizabeth Angelino Jessie Chen Shirley Chung Anita Chung-Thomas Manisha Eckton Alison Franklin Suzana Fuchs Pamela Harris Alejandro Heyworth Kristine Higgins Darla Beth Jelley Christine Kahvejian Michelle Lev Alpa Maheshwari Sonya Marquez Jacqueline Martin Megan McMillin Mandana Namiranian Allison O’Neil Marie-Claire Panayiotopoulos Petra Paulson Faiza Riaz Jaka Saarony Annette Stafford Apple Stephen ’88

Cooking Hosts/Sunday Supper Leaders Genevieve Cremaldi ’87 Adrienne Dunne Debbie Goldstein Namita Mohta Faiza Riaz Katya Salkever Apple Stephen ’88 Jessica Sun Morgan Taylor Manisha Varma

Upper School Parent Volunteers Zinnaida Alekseeva Elizabeth Angelino Heather Cheney Genevieve Cremaldi ’87 Sarah Deighton Patricia Dowden Adrienne Dunne John Friedbauer Yiqi Jin Domenica Karavitaki Jennifer Keddy Jodi MacKinnon Marjorie S. Palace David Quilter Diane Quintanar Veena Molagavalli Reddy Gregg Shapiro and Stacey Dogan Diane Vetrano Alice Wang Christine Hogan Ward ’86 Elizabeth White Patricia Winton Konstantinos Zafiriou

Spiritwear Sale Chairs Vicky Lang Kelly Panayotou Asha Patel


ADMISSION VO LUNTEERS Mia Able Deepika Aggarwal Zinnaida Alekseeva Sophie Allende-Richter Rox Anderson and Fernanda Sakamoto Carmen Arce-Bowen Radha Badani Fina Barouch Nicole Benjamin Margaret Boasberg Joshua Bresler and Kate Ferguson Lauren Brodsky Sara Brown Sofia Bulman Sheila Canalle-Gonzalez Rachel Smollen Carter ’81 Jennifer Cassedy Shipra Chadda Tiffany Chang Raj Chetty Pavlo Chikosh and Diana Dengo Victor Chin Lucy Chung Christina Cohen Nancy Cohen Alexi Conine Aaron and Emily Cooper Kate Coyne Jennifer Davis Deirdre DeBruyn Rubio Sarah Deighton Gitika Desai Lucien and Trishna Dorlean Joan Driscoll Maria Durant


Sayon Dutta and Pratima Patil Jason and Myriam Efstathiou Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 and Chris Egan Bradford and Sylvia Elmer Ryan and Dena Enos Karen Fabbri Susan Farbstein Kimathi Foster Melissa L Friedman Suzana Fuchs Mulu Gedlu Denise Gee Darren Goldman and Susanne Richman Michelle Goldman Cally Gwon Lionel Harris Stephanie Levinger Harvey Robert and Kathryn Hassell Matt and Elena Hawryluk Andres F Henao Sadie Higgins Allison Hirsch Alison Meyer Hong Jeanne Huang Melissa Hughes Nikki Jacobs Beth Jacobson Yiqi Jin Hadine Joffe David Keith and Caroline Adler Antoinette Kennedy Lisa Kerrigan Dara Kesselheim Kara Kilpatrick Walter and Karameh Kuemmerle Patricia Kung Chris and Betsy Lavoie Heidi Legg Michelle Lev Adriana Levitt Benjamin and Eden Levy Mary Lewis-Pierce Francis and Marjorie Lichtenberger Linda Lin Carl and Bridget Long Carol Looby Carine Luxama Ashley MacCutcheon David Mack Revathy Mahendra-Rajah Alpa Maheshwari Jacqueline Martin Nicolas Massard and Emily McComb Katie Young McCullough ’97 and Greg McCullough Jennifer McGivern Jennifer McKinley Megan McMillin

Alison Mitchell ’81 Namita Mohta Narayan Nallicheri Mandana Namiranian Linda Navin-Murray Christy Nicholas Sabrina Nicholson Uwa Ogbebor Betsy Osborn ’89 and Loay Abdelkarim Kelly Panayotou Radhika Patel Sanjiv and Sonal Patel Anita Patterson Meredith Peetz-Larsen Massimiliano Pieri and Jeanne Huang Steven and Genieve Rankel Ian and Marlene Reynolds Faiza Mujtaba Riaz Donald Richards and Lydia Sankey Leslie Riedel Brian Roberts Mary Skelton Roberts Micheal Rorick Micki Rowaan Matthew Rubins Edward Saad and Jane Shih Meredith Saillant Shanalee Saunders-Francis Angus Scott and Ana Yankova Ila Shah Laurie Ann Sheft Neil Shephard and Heather Bell Soyoun and Megan Song Annette Stafford Durga Suresh-Menon Morris and Joanna Tansky Nicole Tennermann Natashia Tidwell Gillien Todd John and Kelly Tsay Vince and Leif-Ann Tuohey Nadia Waheed Beth Waisburd Vicky Wang Bonnie Wargo Jing Watnick Christian Westra and Sophie Powell-Westra Elizabeth White David Williams ’78 and Judy Williams Towne Williams Karla Winter Nancy Xiong David Yu and Angela Lin Qing Zhai Jeff Zhang and Ranxi Ma Michelle Zhang Anny Zhou Doug and Laura Ziewacz

ALUMNI/AE VO LUNTEERS 2020-2021 Alumni/ae Council Adam Zalisk ’03, Chair Joelinda Coichy Johnson ’07, Vice Chair Kathryn Kargman Holden ’01, Chair Emerita Michael I.M. Abrams ’05 Felicia Aikens ’09 Eliza Appleton ’09 Kathrene Tiffany Bell ’99 Emily Bliss ’10 Maggie Brelis-Farrell ’10 Meredith L. Coburn ’03 Jared Cohen ’04 Caroline Schaefer Del Col ’91 Sam Duboff ’06 Carrie Ardito Fanlo ’93 Nastaran Hakimi ’07 Kaeghan Kelly ’10 Salim Khanachet ’02 Rob Krentzman ’11 Eun-Joung Lee ’91 Mark P. Leeds ’83 Sarah Montgomery Lewis ’01 Brendan T. Mernin ’83 Lyndia Personnat Moravia ’10 Edward J. Murphy, Jr. ’85 Betsy Osborn ’89 Milyna Phillips ’99 Leeds Pierce ’08 Jeannine Privitera ’82 Robert J. Reiskin ’84 Peter Savarese ’11 Scott Schlager ’08 Ariane S. Schwartz ’01 Abigail Smitka ’07 Jennifer Duval Souza ’93 Emily Wang ’07 Robert Warner ’06 Pete White ’50 Alexandra Wozniak ’10 Reunion Volunteers Shehime Arshad ’90 Adam G. Balogh ’81 Thomas Blake ’71 Morgan Baker Brelis ’76 Annie C. Brewster ’86 Michael Paul Brunelli, Jr. ’16 Michael E. Burns ’81 Cynthia Chace ’70 Richard M. Chalfen ’60 Randi Stempler Chen ’80 Michelle B. Cherande ’90 Eric B. Davis ’90 Christopher R. Defilippi ’80 Nina Biggar Del Vecchio ’86 Nina S. Donnelly ’81 Jim Donovan ’61

Lucy Floor Douglass ’90 Sam Duboff ’06 Sarah A. Emerson ’80 Cory Liebergott Floyd ’90 Keith L. Foxx ’90 John Fuller ’71 Nura Khudari Funda ’80 Ann Schipanni George ’76 Lisa L. Gianelly ’81 Keith M. Gilbert ’80 Katie Glick ’85 Deborah Gordon ’90 Eric D. Grunebaum ’80 Eric X. Hamilton ’80 Morgan Gaspar Herman ’90 Kathryn Kargman Holden ’01 Suzanne Balise Holmes ’81 Michelle Heuer Icard ’90 Karen J. Kalina ’81 Barbara J. Katzenberg ’80 Josh Klein ’80 Julius J. S. Knowles ’80 William S. Lawrence ’76 Sarah Montgomery Lewis ’01 Allegra Wechsler Lowitt ’90 M. Sherif Lotfi ’80 Edward J. Murphy, Jr. ’85 Katherine Nicholas ’90 Kate Novack ’90 Daniel Haruki Oshima ’06 Vincent James Patalano II, M.D. ’80 Jane Coles Ryter ’80 Polly Scannell ’76 Lauren E. Sherman ’01 Matthew K. Sidman ’90 Elizabeth Labovitz Smith ’90 Jennifer Duval Souza ’93 Katharine Malcolm Stohlman ’75 Roger B. Sturgis ’70 Marilee Moy Thompson ’76 Andrew F. Upton ’81 Demetra Kate Vernet ’16 Edwin J. Wang, Sr. ’80 Richard Waring ’70 Pete White ’50 Susan B. Whitlock ’80 Eric D. Wolkoff ’01 Natalie Zervas ’01 Alumni/ae of Color Steering Committee Milyna Phillips ’99, Founding Director Che Edouard ’10 Kendrick Terrell Evans ’10 Joelinda Coichy Johnson ’07 Jubin Kwon ’01 Eun-Joung Lee ’91 Diana Mirabeaux-Saker ’05 Brianna Smith ’10 David Williams ’78

Distinguished Alumni/ae Committee Kathrene Tiffany Bell ’99, Chair Ariane Schwartz ’01, Chair Maggie Brelis-Farrell ’10 Lewis Bryant Caroline Schaefer Del Col ’91 Samuel Duboff ’06 Carrie Ardito Fanlo ’93 Leslie Ahlstrand Fitzgerald ’08 Kathryn Kargman Holden ’01 Joelinda Coichy Johnson ’07 Kari Jorgenson ’93 Kaeghan Kelly ’10 Mark Leeds ’83 Rob W. Leith III Brendan T. Mernin ’83 Edward J. Murphy, Jr. ’85 Milyna Phillips ’99 Jeannine Privitera ’82 Laura Meeks Saltonstall ’82 Scott Schlager ’08 Nicholas Taylor ’08 Adam Zalisk ’03 Class uKnighters C. Richard Anderson ’61 Alison Koff Arnstein ’82 Charles A. Atherton ’64 Frances Atherton ’67 Philip J. Auerbach ’97 Beth Myers Azano ’95 Sara Ciotti Bavaro ’91 Kathrene Tiffany Bell ’99 Thomas K. Blake ’71 Jennifer Berylson Block ’97 Kristin Tyman Brawn ’00 Ann Simmons Butler ’47 Cynthia Chace ’70 Melvin H. Chalfen ’44 Richard M. Chalfen ’60 Randi Stempler Chen ’80 Meredith L. Coburn ’03 Adam F. Cohen ’01 Robert A. Cohen ’82 Lilla Curran ’98 Elizabeth Howie Dank ’00 Sumi Paek DeBenedittis ’93 Anne C. Diamond ’98 Alexis Boyle Egan ’93 Michael Ellis ’99 Sophia A. Fregosi ’94 Nancy Hoadley Fryberger ’54 Kevyn Barbera Fusco ’83 Robert N. Ganz, Jr. ’43 Joe Ghory ’98 John T. Giblin ’56 Sarah Gottlieb ’10 Trina Barnett Grantham ’62


Matthew T. Griffin ’97 Brenda Gross ’75 Lauren B. Gross ’01 Ben Grossman ’98 George Hansen, Jr. ’45 Norman E. Hansen ’47 Katharine G. Herrup ’00 Richmond Holden III ’01 Joan Floe Holdgate ’57 Cathleen Howard Holmes ’80 Caroline Howard ’64 Eleanor L. Hunter ’56 Ethan E. Jacks ’72 Nathaniel Bigelow Jacks ’99 Eric S. Jacobson ’90 Matthew E. Javitch ’00 Andrew H. Jewett ’01 Rory Jones ’01 George P. Kacoyanis ’67 Katherine Thorpe Kerr ’00 Keri-Anne Gill Laidlaw ’89 William S. Lawrence ’76 Mark P. Leeds ’83 Emily Leinbach ’09 Carolyn Levitan ’09 Richard J. Litner ’63 Betsy Ludwig ’88 Lauretta Katz MacColman ’66 Edward H. L. Mason ’51 Phillip A. McCarthy ’97 Robert A. McManmon ’00 Amy McNabb ’08 Jacob E. Meyer ’97 Nathaniel S. Meyer ’97 Jennifer Borden Mikell ’83 Mary Whiston Moura ’69 Sarah Puglia O’Brien ’97 Geoff Pardo ’89 Alison Parker ’09 Timothy J. Parks ’01

Gail Wallins Plotkin ’66 Susan Harwich Pollock ’55 Jon R. Pressman ’79 Jeannine Privitera ’82 Virginia C. Pye ’78 Alisa Ray ’98 Joanna deVaron Reynolds ’67 Peter A. Rossetti, Jr. ’68 Aldis Russell ’94 Patrice Ryce ’02 Jane Coles Ryter ’80 Rebekah Splaine Salwasser ’97 Carolina Samudio-Ortega ’99 Lawrence M. Schell ’66 Michael W. Schnitman ’92 Michelle Shortsleeve ’03 Matthew S. Slovik ’00 Christine Hill Smith ’73 Bradford Sohn ’98 Ali Gifford Stevens ’86 Roger B. Sturgis ’70 Elspeth Eustis Taylor ’63 Elizabeth G. Terry ’84 Derek B. Townsend ’94 Natasha Velickovic ’97 Richard E. Waring ’70 Lindsay White ’05 Pete White ’50 Amy Tobin Wilson ’97 Leverett L. Wing ’86 Mia Weiss Wittels ’07 Eyob Yohannes ’04 Adam Zalisk ’03 Natalie Zervas ’01 Buckingham Five Cynthia Chace ’70 Nancy Hoadley Fryberger ’54 Rosalind E. Gorin ’62 Pamela Hardee Jackson ’62 Nancy Morse Torti ’60

GUEST SPEAKERS/PANEL ME MBE RS Nathaniel S. Bacon ’91 Stephane J. Bancel Zoe Clara Bornhorst ’15 Lewis Bryant Chelinde Edouard ’10 Tara Gohlmann Melissa Norgaisse Griswold ’07 Amy Gu ’16 Ryan Guan ’17 Chong Hong ’20 Joelinda Coichy Johnson ’07 Cassandra Jai-lei Kane ’17 Kaeghan Kelly ’10 Eun-Joung Lee ’91 Alethea Walton McCormick ’93 Cody Meissner ’63 Ben Ming ’99 Laura Nicholson ’05 Gerald B. Nvule ’15 Milyna Phillips ’99 Diane Portnoy Chuck Richard Rachael Splaine Rollins ’89 Al Rossiter Suvayan B. Roy ’11 Nicholas Michael Sadler ’14 Charles Samuels ’98 Avik Sarkar ’19 Amy Selinger Margaret A. Shear ’00 Aaron Joseph Sipser ’15 Alexander John Trautman ’11 Robert Warner ’06 Matthew Aron Weissman ’93 Andrew N. Winig ’87 Jeffrey Guangxi Yao ’17 Kevin Ye ’19 Claire Zhang ’20

GRANDPARENT VOLUNTEE RS Grandparent Committee Joan Curhan Katharine Winslow Herzog ’62 Howard and Tina Kesselheim Pat Light Stephanie Meyer Karen Myers Betsy Richardson Al Rossiter Connie Williams


From the Archives: Graduations Past This year’s sun bedecked Graduation inspired us to dig deeply into the BB&N archives for some other Graduation memories. Spanning from the ‘50s to the 2000s, the following photos capture that proudest of BB&N moments, and some excellent fashion along the way. We have a number of photos in the archives that have not been identified yet. If you recognize any of these faces, please reach out!


1 3

Get Involved! We love to hear from you! You might reach out to ask us questions about school history, request digitized copies of photos, donate school-related materials you have lying around, tell your stories, or help us out with identifying mystery photos — we welcome it all! You can use the contact button on our website at bbns.org/archives or email us at archives@bbns.org.

x 1 x Buckingham Graduation, Class of 1954 x 2 x Browne & Nichols, Class of 1973: Seniors singing "When I'm 64" by The Beatles x 3 x BB&N, Class of 2004: two graduates with faculty emeritus Lewis Bryant x 4 x BB&N, Class of 1987 x 5 x Mystery photo (Can you identify these students?) 84

4 5


Family, Philanthropy, and a BB&N Education On July 4, 2019, Warren F. Myers, Sr. passed away in hospice, ending an honored, well-lived life surrounded by family. Warren Myers and his wife, Karen Myers P ’95, ’03, GP ’29, ’33, loved BB&N, a community with lifelong friends made over four decades. Because their children, Beth and Jay, were “lifers,” Warren and Karen Myers were BB&N parents for over two decades. That entailed innumerable car trips from their home in Revere, where Warren Myers owned a home appliance business. A BB&N education also meant stretching to cover tuition bills when business slowed. After his father died, Jay wanted to find a way to honor his parents’ sacrifices. Recalling how his parents believed in a top education’s lifelong benefits, Jay says, “I’m incredibly grateful that my parents felt that way, because I see the benefits of going to BB&N every day of my life.” A Providence College graduate (magna cum laude with degrees in American Studies and Italian), Jay earned a J.D. from Boston College. Today, he is a senior counsel with the Boston Office of the international law firm

Locke Lord LLP, where he primarily focuses on regulatory and legislative matters. “There are practical skills from BB&N that benefit me professionally every day: knowing how to write and communicate effectively, knowing how to research, knowing how to approach a project in a well-organized manner,” Jay notes. Jay regards BB&N as more than academics, saying it “instills kids with an interest in becoming responsible members of society who try to live their lives in ways that benefit others.” BB&N’s mission calls for “preparing students for lives of principled engagement in their communities and the world.” Over text or phone, Jay connects daily with close friends from the Class of 2003—friends with busy, successful careers who also believe a well-lived life includes serving others. For his part, Jay joined the Young Professionals Board of Jumpstart, which provides programming for at-risk preschool children. Then he recruited his close friend Andrew Benson ’03 to join him. Describing BB&N as “extremely important to my parents,” Jay wanted to make a gift consistent with his family’s values

and priorities. Married and now a father, Jay also wanted to do it “in a way that would extend my family’s commitment.” That commitment is extensive; Jay has served as a reunion committee and Fund volunteer, his sister, Beth Myers Azano P ’29, ’33 was a BB&N trustee, and his mother helped to found BB&N’s Grandparents Committee. Honoring a multi-generation commitment, Jay decided to make BB&N the beneficiary in his estate of an investment property he recently purchased. He hopes his gift will encourage others to make similar or other types of planned gifts to BB&N. Encouraging others is important for the future BB&N Jay envisions: a school with a significantly increased financial aid budget that allows any deserving student to attend regardless of financial circumstance. Providing “financial aid for those who don’t necessarily have the means,” is essential, Jay says “because attending BB&N can provide a truly life-changing advantage of an outstanding academic

(L to R) Cecily Myers, Alexandra Myers, Jay Myers ’03, Karen Myers, Elizabeth Myers Azano ’95, Chip Azano, Brigid Azano ’33, and Katherine Azano ’29.

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Worcester, MA Permit No. 2

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School 80 Gerry’s Landing Road Cambridge, MA 02138-5512 www.bbns.org

Homecoming Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Head Of The Charles Weekend October 23-24, 2021