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St Patricks D ay Australia’s leading Irish pub P.J.O’Brien’s is hosting Melbourne’s biggest party, transforming the celebration of St Patrick into a three-day extravaganza from Friday 16 March – Sunday 18 March at the country’s most authentic destination for St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Are you doing any event rounds ups that you could include this in? Get your craic on early with a St Patrick’s Day Eve line up featuring three live music acts and all your favourite Irish food and drink, kicking off from 6pm and frolicking all the way to 2am on Friday 16 March. On Saturday 17 March, the main event will kick off from 9am with a traditional St Patrick’s Day Breakfast. In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, breakfast can be enjoyed with a pint of Guinness or a glass of sparkling for the special price of $28, while the little ones 12 and under can eat for $15. The live entertainment line-up is guaranteed to keep revellers in high spirits. The popular Irish bands and musicians set to perform on the day include The Coogans, Pat McKernan, The Hijacked Penguins and Marty Kelly. Live Irish dancers from McAleer Irish School of Dance and pipers will keep the crowd entertained with face painting and craic all day long. Sunday 18 March sees the family-friendly celebrations continue with Traditional Irish Breakfast served all day from 9am and an All Day Sunday Roast menu also on offer. The little ones will be entertained with face painting and live Irish music from 3pm until late, while the big kids will be kept happy with drink specials, making the most of the last day to celebrate the Emerald Isle. What: St Patrick’s Day at P.J.O’Brien’s Southgate Where: Ground Level, Southgate Melbourne, 3 Southgate Avenue, Southbank. Opposite Flinders St Station on the banks of the Yarra River. When: Friday 16 March – Sunday 18 March 2018

Friday 16 March 6.15pm: Live Irish Music from The Bad Penguins until 9.00pm 11.00pm: Live music from Marty Kelly and the Weekenders Celtic Rock Band until 2.00am

Saturday 17 March 9:00am: Full Irish Breakfast until 11am. Bookings essential. View Menu Book Online Now 9.30am: Live music from The Coogans Irish acoustic duo on guitar and fiddle until 11.30am 10.00am Face painting for all ages 10:30am: Irish Dancers from the McAleer Irish School of Dance 12:00pm: Pat McKernan: Irish entertainer and singer of Irish ballads of popular tunes until 2.00pm 12:00pm: Full lunch menu from 12pm - 3pm with dishes such as Beef & Guinness Pie, Irish Stew, McDonnell’s Irish Chicken Curry, Irish pork sausage, the new Irish Parma and other traditional dishes. 2:00pm: Live Irish Pipers 2:30pm: Live Irish music from Naomi Campbell Duo until 4.30pm 4.30pm Irish Dancers from the McAleer Irish School of Dance 5:00pm: Live Irish Pipers 5.30pm: Live Irish music by The Coogans: Irish acoustic duo on guitar and fiddle until 7.30pm 8.00pm Live Irish Music from the Marty Kelly Duo until 10.30pm 11.15pm Live Irish music with The Hijacked Penguins until close Guinness Pint Man special appearances all day! Bar menu is available from 12pm until late. Doors open 9am for St Patrick’s Day Breakfast. 11am Sittings now Sold Out with some availability for 9am sittings. Adults $28, the little ones $15 (12 years & under).

Sunday 18 March All day Irish Breakfast Face painting for all ages from 10am Sunday Roast from 12pm until Late 3.00pm Live Irish music from Pat McKernan until 5.00pm 5.30pm Marty Kelly Live until 8.30pm 9.30pm The Hijacked Penguins Live until 12.30am

Sydney St Patrick’s Day Sunday 18th March St. Patrick’s Day feature 390Shamrocks and Shenanigans John Durrant joins in the World’s biggest excuse for pissup, St. Patrick’sDay St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated days of any patron saint in the world and, with Australia’s huge Irish contingent, the land Down Under is a great place to celebrate the day. So, if you’re Irish and you are used to celebrating the event in a cold, wet and dreary Ireland then you’re really going to love the spectacle of a Paddy’s Day in sunny Oz. It’s no secret that the Irish, like most of us, like a good drink from time to time and on St. Patrick’s Day it’s the law that every Irishman, and anyone who has even the most distant of Irish blood in them, drinks their own bodyweight in Guinness. So the fact that your great, great, great grandfather’s sister’s dog was half Irish means you too are allowed to get full of the black gold. But of course St Patrick’s Day isn’t all about getting obscenely drunk and singing Danny Boy repeatedly until your mates throw you in a taxi home. There is lots to do in Australia over the period of St. Patrick’s Day, which as you all know is on March 18th. In Sydney, which has a huge number of Irish people, both backpackers and ex-pats, there are loads of Irish pubs offering Irish themed nights, live Irish bands and discount drinks over the week of St. Patrick’s and on Saturday, March 18th, a St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place in the city.

The Entertainment Quarter Moore Park, NSW 2021 The Sydney St. Patrick’s Day in partnership with Tourism Ireland is turning the iconic Sydney Opera House green on St Patrick’s Day. This is a welcomed return for the Sydney Opera House having last been lit up in 2014 under this initiative. Now in its ninth year, Sydney joins a host of other international cities to the take part in the ‘Global Greening’ initiative. The iconic Sydney Opera House will join other Australian sites getting in on the action, including the Big Kangaroo Border Village, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney Town Hall, The Bell Tower, Council House and Elizabeth Quay in Perth and QPAC in Brisbane. Among this year’s global landmarks to turn green are the iconic fountains in London’s Trafalgar Square, the Colosseum in Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sky Tower in Auckland, Niagara Falls and the London Eye. President of the Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Committee Robert Kineavy said: ‘as the national holiday that is celebrated in more countries around the world than any other, St. Patrick’s Day is the day when everyone wants to be Irish. Renowned as a day that fills our hearts and minds with Irish pride and the streets with all things green, 2018 is shaping up to be another big year for Sydney’. The Sydney celebration traditionally takes place on a Sunday and this year will be no different with the festivities taking place in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park on Sunday 18th March. There will be a variety of music on the big stage from 12pm, a children’s parade and play area with bouncing castles and face painting galore, Irish dancers and marching bands displaying the very best in local talent. With lots of amazing food and drink stalls to keep attendees refreshed during the day. Make plans to get there early, grab a great vantage point and enjoy the best celebration in the country. 5


Ross Noble

Dane Baptise (UK)

Who is El Hablador? It’s Ross Noble.

After selling out his debut at the 2017 Sydney Comedy Festival, the original, provocative and exceptionally prolific Dane Baptise returns to the Sydney Comedy Festival for a very special oneoff encore performance of his critically acclaimed show about our worldwide pursuit of wealth, power and pleasure.

No, but who is the one they call El Hablador? I just said, it is Ross Noble. You know? Long hair, does stand up where he dances about the stage, spinning out all the nonsense in his head into a show. But what is the legend of El Hablador? I don’t think it’s a thing. It’s clearly Ross coming up with a name for his show, so he can make out like he is some sort of mysterious shadowy figure. Ok I get it. Ross Noble returns to dance around the stage spinning out all the nonsense in his head into a hilarious stand up show. At some point, he may wander into a shadowy part of the stage and look a bit shadowy. Enmore Theatre Thu 19th Apr 2018 - 8:00 pm Fri 20th Apr 2018 - 8:00 pm The Concourse Sat 21st Apr 2018 - 8:00 pm

Baptiste made comedy history in 2014 as the first Black British act to be nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award. As seen on Live at the Apollo, Tonight at the London Palladium, Mock the Week, Live from the BBC, 8 out of 10 Cats, and his own BBC sitcom, Sunny D. Factory Theatre Wed 2nd May 2018 - 7:30 pm

David O’Doherty (IRE) Unhook your mindbras. David O’Doherty is coming back to Australia with a brand-new show made up of talking and songs played on a crappy keyboard from 1986. That is, if the demo tune

doesn’t go off on the keyboard as his suitcase is being unloaded from the plane like last time, and the Australian border police almost carry out a controlled explosion on it.

he attempts to host a night of serious discussions on current affairs whilst simultaneously attempting to smash the system from within. This is political satire at its finest.

A true Festival legend and fanfavourite, David O’Doherty has continued to gather award wins and nominations in Australia, Edinburgh and beyond. Don’t miss the high-flying king of the low-fi as he returns to Sydney!

Jonathan Pie is the global comedy sensation who satirises the world of politics and the media. A frustrated news reporter known for venting his spleen in unguarded “off-camera” rants, his online videos have been viewed by millions worldwide.

Enmore Theatre Wed 25th Apr 2018 - 7:15 pm

Jamali Maddix (UK) Jamali Maddix, host of hit show Hate Thy Neighbour (Viceland), heads to Australia for the very first time for a strictly limited run of intimate work in progress shows as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. As seen on Live at the Apollo, The John Bishop Show, and 8 out of 10 Cats. Enmore Theatre Thu 26th Apr 2018 - 8:15 pm / Fri 27th Apr 2018 - 8:15 pm / Sat 28th Apr 2018 - 8:15 pm / Sun 29th Apr 2018 - 7:15 pm

Jonathan Pie (UK) Following a completely sold out UK tour in 2017, the frustrated news reporter Jonathan Pie is making his Australian debut – and he’s angrier than ever! Join Pie for a night of political comedy that soon descends into chaos. In Jonathan Pie: Back To The Studio

Enmore Theatre Sat 19th May 2018 - 7:30 pm

Jason Byrne The Man With Three Brains is a brand new show from the highly acclaimed and extremely funny, Jason Byrne. Jason has three brains which kick into action when he hits the stage. His left brain scans the audience, looking for improv moments. His right brain collates stand-up material and stunts, poised to dish out the funnies at speed. His centre brain is Jason’s coach, pushing him to the limit. The fastest thinking comic around will not only trip himself up, but probably you too! Enmore Theatre Fri 27th Apr 2018 - 7:30 pm

John Kearns (UK) The only performer to win back to back Edinburgh Comedy Awards, John Kearns is a unique and

Our resident psychic, Crystal, tells you your misfortune for this week Don’t be disappointed when you wake up alone after a trip to the pub this week. That girl didn’t leave you completely alone. You’ve got a lot of tiny new friends. You might want to get to the doctor STAT, because Crystal is pretty sure she left you with a present. People at work are going to start to talk about you excessively rubbing your groin against the corner of your desk if you don’t get that pubic lice taken care of.

Sagittarius Like the song says: Girls just want to have fun. So don’t be so devastated this week when you’re out with that girl you’ve been pathetically pining over for the past year and she goes home with some other douche bag. You should’ve gotten the hint 8 months ago that she wasn’t interested in being anymore than friends and taken the offer off the table. Take heart, somebody will be able stand you one day, just not this one.

Aries Maybe the foundations of capitalism are cracking, but things really aren’t that bad, you whiny spoiled bastard. Perhaps a new world wide depression would be a good thing. It’s time for our soft cookie doe asses to start to toughening up. Take a

break from facebooking and your cell phone and go talk to your grandparents about what their hard times were like. Society is progressing so much that now we’re taking the simplest of pleasures for granted. Go ask grandpa what it was like taking a shit in an out-house and see if your cell-phone not always having service seems like such a tragedy.

Pisces Yes, you are an idiot, but that argument is not going to hold up in an argument with your Mrs. For some reason she’s going to have to probe for a deeper meaning and you’re going to have to stand there and take it. That is unless you cut the situation off at the pass. As soon as she walks in the room to bitch at you for leaving your wet towels on the bathroom floor again, you throw her on the nearest soft surface and proceed to eat the red snapper. She’ll find it a bit harder for her to yell at you with your head between her legs.

Taurus Don’t do it. You shouldn’t slit your wrists just because you can’t stand to look at yourself naked in the bathroom mirror anymore. Try switching to light-beer and not being a lazy bastard who wastes his weekend sitting in front of

John Kearns is a true comedy original, praised by crowds and contemporaries the world over. Fresh off the back of hit Edinburgh Fringe and London seasons, he delivers a delightfully absurd monologue about the idiosyncrasies of everyday life. But don’t be fooled by his purposely peculiar character - there’s far deeper humour to be uncovered. It won’t be an hour of conventional comedy, but definitely an hour you won’t regret, or forget! Giant Dwarf Tue 24th Apr 2018 - 7:00 pm

Larry Dean Amused Moose Comedy Award winner (EdFringe 2016) and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee 2015, Larry Dean returns to Australia with a brand new hour of “Hysterical” (Herald Sun, 2017) comedy following his debut world stand-up tour and appearances on The Melbourne Comedy Allstars Galas 2016 & 2017. As seen on BBC 2’s Live at The Apollo, Comedy Central At The Comedy Store, The Comedy Channel, Melbourne Allstar Gala, ABC Comedy Up Late. The Comedy Store Thu 3rd May 2018 - 7:00 pm / Fri 4th May 2018 - 7:00 pm / Sat 5th May 2018 - 7:00 pm

St. Patrick’s Day Jokes


unmissable performer. He takes stand-up to places few dare to tread as he balances simplicity and silliness with sublime comic timing.

the TV all day Saturday. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, try appetite suppressants like cigarettes and cocaine.

Gemini Hurry up and go right now and delete the browsing history on your computer. Your girlfriends little niece is going to be coming by and want to get on you’re the internet to look up Dora The Explorer clips on Youtube and she doesn’t need to see you that you shoot your man juice into dirty socks when watching girls take it up the ass then suck the bloke off.

Cancer The key word for the week is patience. When you’re on the bus this week and some little kid is being a brat, you’re going to have to show some restraint from punching the kid in the face. Remember you’re a grown person and if you punch a kid you might devastate their face, plus they might start to cry even more. And oh yeah, there’s that whole thing about child abuse.

Scorpio You get bombarded with words all day, every day, but this week you’re going to have to pay attention. Most of it is just stupid shit coming out of the holes in people’s faces, but you better listen for

“What’s the difference between God and Bono?

a change. There are going to be key phrases you’re going to need to give a second thought to. Phrases like, “Sir, you have insufficient funds” and “I’m leaving you” or “The kid is yours.”

Virgo You know how you lost all that money on the Paully Briggs fight. Don’t worry, the world is going to reward you for not throwing him under the bus like everyone else has. Go to the track and lay it all on the dog you think. That way at least one bitch will pay out this week. By the great Gods of Gannamush thy name is thrice cursed! If you value your life mortal, then you would do well to change your name by deed poll to that of the one predicted to save all mankind with his wonder and beauty. And lo, that name is Chris Kamara – King of All Bradford. You always used to laugh at the actors in those Just for Men adverts. Well the jokes on you, you grey-haired freak because there’s definitely a few white-looking strands appearing in those locks of yours. Don’t panic. Help is at hand. Actually, we lied. You’re screwed… oops, there’s another peeking through.

God doesn’t wander around Dublin thinking he’s Bono.” Ciaran, Surry Hills Billy stops Paddy in Dublin and asks for the quickest way to Cork. Paddy says, “Are you on foot or in the car?” Billy says, “In the car.” Paddy says, “That’s the quickest way.” Ian, Northbridge The drunk rang Dublin airport and inquired: ‘How long does it take to fly to New York from Dublin?’ ‘Just a second,’ said the receptionist. Thank you,’ said the drunk and replaced the phone. Mickey, Adelaide An Englishman, a French and a Scotsman were reading a newspaper article about which nationalities’ brains were for sale for transplant purposes. A French or a Scotsman’s brain could be bought for $500 but an Englishman’s brain cost $10,000. That proves,’ said The Englishman, ‘that Englishmen are much cleverer than Frenchmen or Scotsmen.’ ‘No it doesn’t,’ said The Scot, ‘it just means that an Englishman’s brain has never been used.’ Karen, Manly Beach An Irishman walks into a pub and orders dozens of martinis, removing the olives, placing

them in a jar, and drinking the martinis. When the jar is filled with olives and all the martinis drank, he starts to leave. The bartender stops him and asks, “Excuse me but, what was that all about?” The Irishman replies, “My wife sent me out for a jar of olives.” Michael, Margaret River “What are you doing”, “Hunting Flies” “Killed any?”, 3 males, 2 Females,” he replied. Intrigued, she asked. “How can you tell them apart?” He responded, “3 were on a beer can, 2 were on the phone.” Jimmy, Brisbane Q: What has eight arms and an IQ of 60? A: Four girlfriends drinking on St Patricks Day! Laura, Surry Hills “Q: Why do leprechauns giggle when they play soccer? A: Cause the grass tickles their balls” Sean, Townsville Here’s to a long life and a merry one, a quick death and an easy one, a pretty girl and an honest one. A cold beer and another one! Ryan, Nowhere Else Drink green beer on St Patricks Day! It counts as a vegetable! Wayne, Oyster Bay Email your jokes to 7


: s w e i v r Inte

Booka Shade The Get Physical co-founders and Blaufield bosses will play at Melbourne’s esteemed Prince Bandroom on 11th March, completing the line up for their 2018 tour of Australia and New Zealand. Our very own Frankie Salt caught up with the guys ahead of their six date tour which will see the duo play live shows at Pitch Music and Arts Festival (09/03) as well as Days Like This, Sydney (10/03), before further performances at The Met, Brisbane (16/03), Powerstation, Aukland (17/03) and Adelaide Fringe Festival (18/03). Since co-founding the now legendary dance label Get Physical Music alongside M.A.N.D.Y. and Thomas ‘DJ T.’ Koch in 2002, Booka Shade, aka Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, have gone on to become one of electronic music’s most revered acts of recent times, releasing an extensive body of original productions and notable remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode, Moby, Hot Chip and Kings of Leon. Twenty years and numerous EP’s later, April 2018 will welcome the arrival of a brand new album ‘Cut The Strings’, with the lead single of the same title released on 16th March.

Booka Shade Australia Tour Interview First of all, please tell me how you both came together over a decade ago, & the name Booka Shade was born? WALTER: We first met in a school band a loooong time ago and realised quickly that we shared the same dream of becoming musicians, and maybe even being able to pursue it as a profession. We worked very hard on production and song writing, and over the years we actually had multiple different projects. Then when the techno virus infected us in the early 90’s we released music under a great number of individual project names. Booka Shade was one of those projects. When we got together with M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. in 2002 to found our label Get Physical we remembered that name and we’ve used it for our productions ever since. You have a crazy busy schedule coming up for your tour in Australia, what do you hope to do if you get any time out? ARNO: We love Australia and enjoy touring and spending time there. Most of the time we don’t have a lot of spare time, but during an earlier tour we made a trip to the Blue Mountains. Similarly, on another tour I was able to bring my family and we went up to Queensland to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef (from Port Douglas). On this tour we’re planning a trip to Stradbroke Island What home comfort do you miss the most when you are out on the road? Do you both call Frankfurt home? WALTER: We moved from Frankfurt to Berlin in 2002, so we’d rather call Berlin our home. Since we both have families, we plan the tours so that we’re rarely away for more than two weeks (Big Day Out was an exception a couple of years ago, as was one of our USA tours which was four weeks). Spending time with the family is something very precious for us. Best moment of your incredible career thus far? ARNO: Oh, there are so many remarkable moments… it’s

Mashd N Kutcher

Actually the epic shows at the Prince Bandroom in Melbourne are certainly in our top 5 of best moments! We can’t wait to return there on March 11th, before playing two further headline shows at The Met, Brisbane (March 16th) and Powerstation, Auckland (March 17th).

‘Mashd N Kutcher’ have kicked off the year with the release of their brand new single ‘Need Me’ (feat. Sammi Constantine). With its infectious chorus and summer laden beat, ‘Need Me’ pays homage to The Cardigans’ international hit ‘Lovefool.’ The NEW video has just dropped & meshes Art, Dance & Music. We managed to pull the guys away from their super busy schedule for a quick fire chat.

I am a huge fan of Giorgia Angiuli so I was psyched to see her featured on your new album (I think there needs to be lots more collaborations with female artists, and more female artists on line ups so this brought me a lot of joy) how did you guys end up working together?

We’re really excited to hear you guys are joining the Road to Ultra, the line up looks epic. Who are you most looking forward to seeing play on the night? Probably KSHMR actually he’s the only one on the lineup we haven’t seen!

ARNO: We were first introduced when we were asked to do a remix for one of here songs for the Spanish label SUARA.

You guys are super busy and just seem to be going from strength to strength, how are you keeping up with touring and studio time? Where are you based? Based in Brisbane Australia, but it’s all about time management really!

a wonderful privilege to work as a musician and travel the world. Coachella in the USA is definitely always a highlight. We also played a sold out show at the legendary Royal Festival Hall in London on the ‘Movements 10’ tour in 2016. And of course, the first ever show in Australia at The Metro in Sydney will always be in our hearts. Great memories. One of my favourite ever videos online is the video of you playing live at Love Parade, which venue/festival has been a highlight for you? WALTER: Yes, playing for 300,000 ravers was exciting!

We liked her voice so much that we asked her for a collaboration. She’s got great talent, and I hear her live act is also very good too. Your album Cut The Strings is out in April- what was your inspiration to release an album this year? WALTER: As a musician, the aim is always to find new ways of expression. On our previous album ‘Galvany Street’ we experimented with pop songs, used a lot of vocals, we collaborated with Fritz Hilpert (member of the legendary German group KRAFTWERK), we produced a Dolby Atmos mix. We challenged ourselves to try out new ways of working. All of this gave us a lot of energy and a new perspective to return to what we are originally stood for – melodic club music. On our new album ‘Cut The Strings’, which will be released in April, we return to these club sounds that we love so much. Is there anywhere in the world you dream of throwing a party or a party you want to play at which hasn’t happened yet? ARNO: You know – we’ve had some of the greatest after parties in private houses in Australia. I remember a pretty relentless tour in 2010 where we ended up partying with Sven Vath who also played on the same festival tour. We can’t wait to set foot on Australian ground again soon!

Booka Shade Australia Tour Dates 09/03 Pitch Music & Arts Festival, Mafeking, Victoria // 10/03 Days Like This, Victoria Park, Sydney // 11/03 Prince Bandroom, Melbourne //

What’s been the highlight gig of your career? There’s definitely a few but playing Nickelodeon slime fest was definitely up there Ultra is an amazing festival that’s just blowing up and up and up. What’s it like playing there? It’s definitely a prestigious name to be involved with indeed! Why should Croatia and Ultra be on our travel bucket lists for 2018? Amazing country, amazing festival can’t go wrong really! What’s your favourite holiday destination? Keen to go to Greece, haven’t been there yet but heard many good things! What’s the best bar/club you’ve ever been to? and why? Eleven Miami is pretty unbeatable! Not many super club strip clubs are open 24/7! Anything else you would like to add? Ultra – keen – get excited haha!! The boys play ‘Road to Ultra’ this Saturday in Melbourne – the First time the Mega brand ‘Ultra Music Festival’ hits Australia!!


16/03 The Met, Brisbane //

SAT 17th MAR – Cartel Nightclub, MACKAY

17/03 Powerstation, Auckland //

SAT 24th MAR – Flinders HQ, TOWNSVILLE

18/03 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide //

THU 29th MAR – Carmen’s Nightclub, MIRANDA SAT 31st MAR – Gilligan’s Nightclub, CAIRNS 9

Living In Fitzroy

Lip-smackingly good coffee Melbourne is famous around the world for its coffee, and Fitzroy epitomises this. Two of the city’s best coffee houses are right here, with Addict on Johnston Street and Industry Beans on Rose Street. Addict serves delectable plates of food until 4pm every day of the week, including the inviting breakfast sharing board, meanwhile Industry Beans releases a new menu every season with everything from porridge to pulled pork in an award-winning warehouse conversion. And they both serve lipsmackingly good coffee. As a central part of the city, Fitzroy is just a 20-minute walk from the CBD, so walk around during the day and explore the back streets, where you will find cool pubs like The Standard Hotel and The Rose Hotel. The Standard boasts one of the most secluded beer gardens in Melbourne as well as a cosy interior with a roaring fire in winter, while The Rose welcomes the summer sun with the upstairs terrace. No doubt, you’ll also discover the wonderfully creative, colourful and rather quirky street art that

If you’re looking for an alternative of the CBD, Fitzroy provides an independent café and nightlife culture that is everything you’ve heard about Melbourne and more.

Fitzroy has become known for.

There’s plenty of beer to choose from When day turns to night, head to The Old Bar on Johnston Street for beer and live music. Bands perform seven nights a week, with Friday and Saturday being the busiest nights for crowds, but the quality doesn’t dip even in midweek. There’s plenty of beer to choose from, but the Mountain Goat Steam Ale on tap comes highly recommended, as it’s brewed just down the road in Richmond. A hub for music lovers, the atmosphere is like that of a house party that’s about to get out of control, but never actually does. If you like being in the heart of a city surrounded by people from all walks of life, then Fitzroy is the place for you. There’s a great mix of apartments and four-bedroom houses to suit everyone from all over the world, and tourists flock here for the never ending entertainment, street culture and eating out. Whether resident or visitor, there really is a place for everyone.


THE GUM BALL 2018 The Dashville team has announced the first round of artists to perform at The Gum Ball on Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29, 2018. The annual Hunter Valley based three-day camping event returns for its 13th instalment in April, continuing its legacy of a supreme family friendly escape with thoughtfully chosen acts, both new and legendary, in a mix of genres.

THE LINE UP REMI / The Aints (Play the Saints, ’73 to ’78) / Butterfingers / Dave Graney ’n’ the Coral Snakes / The Creepshow (CA) / Hat Fitz and Cara / Screamfeeder / Wanderers / Terra Lightfoot (CA) /New Venusians / Coda Chroma / Lachlan X. Morris / Plus many more to be announced. Leading this first announcement is one of Australia’s finest hip hop acts, REMI. Alongside his musical collaborator Sensible J, in 2017 REMI has taken his impressive, high energy performances to sold out venues all around the country. No stranger to the international circuit, around the world he has shared the stage aside acts like Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, De La Soul and Danny Brown to name a few. Excitedly, REMI will perform at The Gum Ball with his six-piece band. This is a chance to see a future superstar in a serene bushland setting. “Rock music in the seventies was changed by three bands—the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints.” (Bob Geldof). On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints’ classic album ‘(I’m) Stranded’, founding member, guitarist and songwriter Ed Kuepper will revisit the material performed by that seminal band from an era when a suburban Brisbane band took their sound to the world.

The Aints, the powerhouse vehicle of founding member and songwriter for The Saints Ed Kuepper, bassist Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), drummer Paul Larsen (The Celibate Rifles), keyboardist Alister Spence (Laughing Clowns), complete with a 3 piece horn section, will performing the material from the holy trilogy of Aussie Punk Rock: The Saints era defining albums ‘(I’m) Stranded’ (1977), the hugely influential ‘Eternally Yours’ (1978), and the genre-defying ‘Prehistoric Sounds’ (1978) Alongside these two diverse top liners is Australia’s favourite musical misfits, Brisbane based larrikins Butterfingers, who after a few years in hiatus, are back in a big way with new vigour and a swag of fresh material. They dropped new single ‘Big Night Out’ in 2017 and have lost no time in reclaiming their status as one of Australia’s most fun live acts. Rounding out the first round of acts are legendary ARIA award-winning band Dave Graney ’n’ The Coral Snakes, Canadian psychobilly punk rockers The Creepshow (CA), the beauty and the beast blues of Hat Fitz and Cara, seminal ’90s fuzz-pop gurus Screamfeeder,, captivating soul trio Wanderers, Canadian blues/rock powerhouse Terra Lightfoot (CA), Sydney sevenpiece indie soul maestros New Venusians, the gorgeous space-folk alt-pop of Coda Chroma and local rising star and purveyor of dad-rock, Lachlan X. Morris. The Gum Ball is a BYO all age camping festival featuring an array of amazing gourmet food and markets, licensed bar precinct, popular late night silent disco, a night-time kids crèche, various workshops and activities, morning yoga, pro skater demos and live artworks. The Gum Ball 2018 is on Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29, 2018. Early Bird tickets sold out in record time for 2018. Standard tickets and discount bundles are now selling and available via the website.

Photo Credit Renae Saxby

WIDE OPEN SPACE 2018 Australia’s most “out there” music and arts festival is happening again in early May 2018! The multi-day festival is held at Ross River Resort, nestled in the East MacDonnell Ranges under an hour's drive from Alice Springs. The festival celebrates desert culture and the incredible landscape through its incredibly diverse creative program of music, art, workshops and performance. Expect headliner artists from around Australia and some big-name Internationals. “We attract people who are seeking adventure and experience. The very active arts community in the Centre mobilises for the event every year and builds an incredible space which attracts lots of interstate visitors” says Artistic Director, Scott Large. “We’re really proud of what we have achieved and look forward to hosting our biggest event to date in 2018!” Tickets and volunteer applications are now open via the website: Dates for your diary: Weather: Location:

4-6 May 2018 Warm days, cool nights – perfect festival weather. Ross River, Resort- Oasis in the desert 70 kms out of Alice 11




Drum & bass duo return to Aus/NZ off the back of a massive release! Hard-hitting UK drum’n’bass duo Delta Heavy are coming in hot with their debut single signed to Monstercat, ‘I Need You’. Never shying away from a roaring bassline or distorted wobble, ‘I Need You’ perfectly demonstrates the Delta Heavy sound without question. So much so that for the past six months the single has been used as their intro when playing live on tour – setting the scene for dancefloor decimation. Masters of their craft, Delta Heavy encapsulate a flawless balance between melodic beauty and futuristic bass, with plenty of punch. Known for their past work including ‘Gargantua’, their remix of Zeds Dead ‘Lights Out’ and their Hans Zimmer tribute ‘S.T.A.Y.’, ‘I Need You’ is the ideal next step for the duo.

Flowertruck dance on the precipice of an ebullient pop gem and the casual cruelty of suburban heartbreak in second single ‘Come Across’ - the closing track lifted from their debut LP Mostly Sunny, out March 16 via Spunk Records.

Tour Dates Friday 16th March: Electric Circus, Adelaide Saturday 17th March: Paradise Lost @ The Court, Perth Friday 23rd March: Royal Bass, Newcastle Saturday 24th March: Home the Venue, Sydney Wednesday 28th March: 10 Bar, Dunedin Thursday 29th March: The Cube, Christchurch

Forever the contrarians, the Sydney fourpiece weaponise a melody shouldered by a glittering piano hook and offset it with lyrics depicting the breakdown of relationship and the effort to piece it back together on new track ‘Come Across’. Following first single ‘Enough For Now’, premiered via Klatblut last month, ‘Come Across’ traces a futile attempt to heal a damaged relationship. In Charles Rushforth’s words, “The seeds of the song were spread when I realised I’d done the impossible and killed all of these indoor-plants that had been entrusted to me. It’s wanting to repair a relationship with someone while worrying about your capacity to do that. ‘Come Across’ is my attempt at an olive branch.”

Saturday 31st March: San Fran, Wellington

Ready and rearing to share the new record with audiences in a live setting, Flowertruck will hit the road in April for a six date tour in support of Mostly Sunny, gracing the stages of all the best local haunts along the East Coast.

Sunday 1st April: TBC Club, Brisbane

Flowertruck’s debut LP Mostly Sunny out on

Friday 30th March: Studio the Venue, Auckland

Spunk Records on Friday March 16. ‘Come Across’ is OUT NOW with tickets for the Mostly Sunny tour on sale now. SPUNK, 123 AGENCY & MUCHO BRAVADO PRESENT MOSTLY SUNNY ALBUM TOUR ON SALE NOW FRI 6 APR | THE WORKERS CLUB, MELBOURNE w/ Real Love & more TBA SAT 7 APR | BY THE MEADOW, BAMBA FRI 13 APR | THE BASEMENT, NAMBOUR w/ Chakra Efendi & Felivand SAT 14 APR | THE FOUNDRY, BRISBANE w/ Sleep Club & Chakra Efendi SUN 15 APR | NORTH GONG HOTEL, WOLLONGONG FREE EVENT SAT 28 APR | THE LANSDOWNE, SYDNEY w/ Gauci & Dominic Brean

Off The Beaten Track:

Explore Eastside Sydney

Made up of the neighbourhoods of Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Kings Cross, Surry Hills and Woolloomooloo, the eclectic Eastside stacks up against other international areas that bear a similar compass point, such as East London and East Village NYC, in that they are stylish while being gritty and arty, and are packed full of entertainment venues, killer bars and restaurants, vintage and new street fashion, co-working spaces for the digital nomad and above all, are where local creatives love to hang out.

Do Darlo Darlinghurst, or Darlo as the locals affectionately call it, is home to the world’s largest Mardi Gras Festival in March, and is also an enclave for cool restaurants, rooftop bars, music venues and record stores. This is where you can get some of the city’s best coffee and chow down on a ramen roll at the Scandi-Japanese Edition Coffee Roasters, see some of the best international

and Australian bands at Oxford Art Factory, or sidle up to a 1920s New York-style wine bar like the brand new Johnny Fishbone, where you’re sure to be served by a tattooclad, but friendly-as-hell bartender, eager to recommend some of their tasty bar snacks. If you have ever tasted the wines and snacks at Buffalo Dining Club or Chester White, you know you’ll be in for a treat at the owners new Spanish-style tapas enclave. Did we mention the wines are sorted in reference to some famous Johnnys? Jon Bon Jovi, John Travolta, and more. Be sure to take a stroll down the top end of Goulburn Street, where you’ll happen upon some prime examples of the city’s favourite street artists, like Mulga and Sindy Sinn, or have the chance to go record-digging at aptly-named The Record Store. Thought Melbourne has all the cool laneways? Potts Point, or the Paris end of Kings Cross, is crammed with designer shopping and artisanal delicatessens, and

some of Sydney’s best bars and restaurants in a village of beautiful tree-lined streets and one particularly hip and revitalised laneway – Llankelly Place. Dear Saint Eloise, on the corner of Orwell Street, feels more like you are relaxing in your friend’s dining room with one of the best wine libraries and selection of tasty bites around. The roe boats, burrata with charred bread and mint, and smoked mussels are simply to die for. Take a stroll down Macleay Street and you could think you were somewhere on the Left Bank of Paris. Want to see some great theatre on the cheap? Check out the Darlinghurst, Hayes and Kings Cross Theatres for culture on a budget, and if you plan on getting some work done while in town, check out TwoSpace, where you can work from the rooftop of Kings Cross Hotel.

Creative Surry Hills Just over the road (Oxford Street) head to Surry Hills, once the home of Sydney’s salubrious set, but now filled to the brim with hipsters, creatives and organic cafés. Feeling thirsty? Corner store come cocktail haven Rosie Campbell’s offers a range of rum based beverages to whet every whistle (perhaps try the epic ‘Rosie’s Coco Colada’ with Pampero Dark Rum infused with Pimento, pineapple, coco lopez, sugarcane, lime and banana foam). Crown Street is lined with boutiques, bars and bookstores, and Surry Hills also has its own art house Golden Age Cinema and an annual neighbourhood festival – can this suburb get any cooler?

Wonderful Woolloomooloo Knowing how many l’s are in Woolloomooloo is the hard bit, but finding somewhere to have a great coffee and a bite to eat is easy. Woolloomooloo has had a somewhat chequered past, filled with tales of travelling sailors, but is now one of Sydney’s fastest changing suburbs. Bordered by the Royal Botanic Gardens, a public pool with the best views of the harbour, and the Garden Island Naval Base (aye aye Captain), the suburb is also home to one of the fanciest and longest wharves in the world. Not only are there are a number of world-class restaurants of the elk of China Doll and Otto, the Finger Wharf also boasts a newly renovated Ovolo Hotel. The lobby is an Intagrammer’s dream, and rooms are filled with cool art, free goody bags, enough plugs for all your tech needs and views to kill for. We don’t want to give all their secrets away but you should probably ask about the kissing booths and the ‘rockstar’ rooms on offer. Fancy an afternoon snack or something indulgent for breakfast? Check out the local bagelry with a wood-fired oven sent directly from Montreal – bagels that are baked so they are crunchy on the outside and soft and squishy inside. Smoking Gun Bagels offer a number of treats to get you in the mood – ‘Bitch Peas’, ‘Honey I’m Comb’, ‘Miso Hungry’ and the best cream cheese this side of NYC.

Words by Jacqui Smith

If you’re visiting Sydney for the first time, you’re sure to make a bee-line for the sparkling harbour, followed shortly after by iconic Bondi Beach, but for a truly authentic Sydney experience, make like a local and discover Eastside Sydney, which is nestled between the two and a mere stone’s throw up the hill from the CBD. 13


GIG GUIDE Friday 16th March Motor City Drum Ensemble The return his first intimate club show in Australia for 7 years. MCDE’s technical ability and vast musical taste has taken him all over the globe to showcase his turntable skills. Playing the premier venues and festivals on all continents, he’s now known as of the most exciting acts on the globe. Friends of Friends will be MCDE’s only club show during his Australian tour. Joining MCDE will be Tornado Wallace, first blowing a gale as a forerunner of the new wave of Melbourne dance producers, Tornado Wallace’s distinct and perceptive electronics now find him in a constant rotation of both hemispheres, spending most of the year based in Berlin.

Debauchery guaranteed. Where: Villa Night Club, Perth

KEYS N KRATES Saturday 7th April With special guest PACES! Keys N Krates carved their own path via a bass-centric, sample driven sound which melded the realms of electronic, hip-hop and beyond. Over the years their sound has evolved and in 2018, their first full length album, Cura, was born. Cura sees Keys N Krates transforming from revered instrumental beat-makers into musically sophisticated producers and songwriters.

The Syndicate Ft. Badklaat & Avance

Since forming in 2008, Keys N Krates have logged countless hours on the road and their incredible live show have enabled them to perform huge shows at international music festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and Tomorrowland. Anybody that has seen Keys N Krates perform will tell you that their energy, stage presence and finesse cannot be matched, and we can’t wait for their Australian and New Zealand fans to experience Keys N Krates in a whole new light.

Saturday 24th March

Where: Villa Night Club, Perth

Next up, we are honored to bring you one of the hottest dubstep acts in the world right now: Badklaat! Supported by Perth rising star Avance.


Where: Brown Alley, Melbourne

This will be one for the books... SATURDAY MARCH 24TH AT VILLA BADKLAAT (UK) + AVANCE (AUS) + F.R.Y, Dubbla & Kai Zen

29th March There is no one smoother than GoldLink, and BBE, triple j and Complex AU are elated to announce that the alluring, multitalented artist is coming down under for his ‘At What Cost’ album tour. GoldLink will be gracing the stage with his vivacious show at Villa, Perth on the 29th March 2018.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Upslash

Friends of Friends with Motor City Drum Ensemble + Tornado Wallace + Merve

Helmed by the monstrous, platinum single ‘Crew’, his major label debut album, ‘At What Cost’ has propelled GoldLink to hip hop super stardom and his irresistible flow and infectious stage presence has seen him dominate sold out shows all around the world. GoldLink’s sound is a richly textured form of hip hop that bridges the gap between dance, soul and rap, a sound which is undeniably his own. Paired with his contagious energy and irrefutable charm, there is no question as to why he is becoming the hottest name in the hip-hop game. Where: Villa Night Club, Perth

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Thursday 22nd March Southern California crossover Thrash/ Hardcore Punk/ Skate Punk legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES announce much-

anticipated Download Festival sideshows. “Breakneck riffs, memorable anthems and outrageous thrills and spills” – May The Rock Be With You Get amped for pit bangers Institutionalized, Subliminal, You Can’t Bring Me Down, Cyco Vision, Possessed to Skate, and a stack more! “They’re masters of the art of whipping up a frenzy” – Louder Than War SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have continuously led the charge within the Skate Punk/ Thrash Metal movement for almost 3 decades. If you’ve been to a ST live show, you know. If this will be your first time, get ready for something special. Don’t be Institutionalized… make sure this is one show you don’t miss. Metro Theater, Sydney 15

RUGBY SEVENS The Commonwealth Games is one of the largest elite multi-sport events in the world, equivalent to staging 15 world championships simultaneously. GC2018 will be the biggest international sporting event staged in Australia for a decade and the largest ever hosted by the city of Gold Coast.

including King George Square. From the City Botanic Gardens to Roma Street Parklands and laneways in between; as well as Brisbane Powerhouse, Flowstate, Griffith Film School, Museum of Brisbane, Queensland Art Gallery, Reddacliff Place, Tony Gould Gallery and the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium.

More than 6600 athletes and officials from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories will take part in 11 days of competition from 4 to 15 April 2018.

• 35 world premieres

Rugby Sevens 13th April

• 15 Australian premieres

Robina Stadium, GOLD COAST

Festival 2018 Gold Coast Highlights

• 20 Indigenous works and

Festival 2018 Gold Coast – 12 action-packed days of free culture celebrating the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

• Over 1000 performances, half of which are from the Gold Coast and across Queensland.

What sport combines bone-crunching hits, silky ball skills, elusive running and dynamic team work all in an actionpacked 14 minutes? It’s Rugby Sevens, rugby played at lightning speed.

Festival 2018 and the City of Gold Coast will present the best local contemporary works and artists on the world stage, providing a fantastic opportunity for local artists to perform in an international event. Festival 2018 Gold Coast employs 1440 artists with close to half being from the Gold Coast and over a quarter, Indigenous Australian artists. This free festival offers something for everyone with music, theatre, circus, dance, ideas, visual arts and film by artists from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and across the globe, including:

The highlights of the Festival 2018 include the Festival Hub, presented by The Star Gold Coast at South Bank’s Cultural Forecourt, which will feature headline acts including Alex the Astronaut, Archie Roach, Bob Evans, Regurgitator, The Preatures and Urthboy. Celebrate our First Nations people with Blak Friday and hear intimate stories from Brisbane’s refugees at The Village. Families can enjoy Megafauna, Sally and Possum Live, The Owl and the Pussycat as well as Botanica, a free day-to-night exhibition in the City Botanic Gardens.

Locations The Festival will extend from South Bank across the CBD,

Renowned for generating a party-like atmosphere, Rugby Sevens will leave fans at the 27,500-capacity Robina Stadium breathless. The crowd will marvel as a try is scored every 70 seconds. The kicking, passing and tackling ability of these players will lift spectators off their seats. It’s an experience not to be missed. And history will be made too. Not only will the men play for glory, but GC2018 will host the first women’s competition at a Commonwealth Games. This will provide an explosive finish to the Games, featuring some of the best Rugby Sevens teams in the world.


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Claim back your uk tax refund


First Floor, 1A Morts Road Mortdale NSW 2223 +61 (0) 2 8065 5668

CONTACT marketing@ to advertise your services.

Extend your stay in Australia and develop your career Are you looking for colleges in the Gold Coast and opportunities to extend your stay in a Australia? Do you want to explore the student visa option? Based in the vibrant Gold Coast with easy accessibility to Brisbane, Blue Bay college offers flexible and Australian Government recognised courses with further study pathways as well as Australian visa and migration assistance. Blue Bay College offers: • flexible study options • nationally recognised qualifications • regular intakes • further study pathways • visa and migration assistance • flexible payment terms • practical courses And all at the exciting of living in Australia’s Gold Coast! The best part is that by choosing to study in the Gold Coast, you’ll be bettering your education and adding important skills to your resume. Taking a gap year for a working holiday is one thing, but studying in Australia will give you so many new opportunities to make the most of your overseas experience. Employers and the

Australian Government favour applicants who have fitting skills and in some cases, it’s a necessity that your formal certificates actually match your employment history, and for many of us, this isn’t the case as our careers develop. And you’ll be pleased to it’s not as difficult or expensive as you might think!

What courses can you study in the Gold Coast? •

General English

• Certificate IV in Leadership Management • Diploma of Leadership and Management Blue Bay College Gold Coast, Suite 1, Level 1, 72 Nerang Street, Southport, Queensland, 4215 07 5661 6945 17

Everything You Need To Know About Superannuation Lodged within the Australian Superannuation system is a savings account that you would not have had otherwise. From your very first pay check, the Australian Government have been collecting Super payments and slowly, but surely, you have unknowingly been saving your pennies on the side. The professionals from has told us everything we need to know, which is likely why so many travellers turn to their services to get back all the dollar bills they have been saving. Everything you need to know Ok. Declaring itself as super is a tad outlandish as superannuation is basically a pension arrangement. Yup. That’s not even barely stirring is it, let alone super. However, in Australia this is governmentsupported which also means that minimum provisions are enforced for employees, which is kinda nice. From July 1st 2013 employers were required by law to contribute a minimum of 9.25% of an employee’s ordinary time earning into a superannuation fund, which is called a ‘Superannuation Guarantee’. The detail that is really super is that this is an additional payment borne by your employer; it is not deducted from your gross pay. There are also plans to increase the proportion to 12% by 2019, which is nice.

The payment is based on your pre-tax earnings so if you earned $500 before tax for the month you should be entitled to an additional $46.25. However, do not be alarmed if your superannuation balance looks a little skinny as 15% is taxed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and funds constantly charge administration and insurance fees which can amount to $5-10 per week. To be eligible the employee must be over 18, working over 30 hours a week and earning over $450 per month from one employer, so it would be beneficial to hold a single job instead of several. As far as assurances go the Australian Government have that covered too as from 1st January 2014 employers were obligated to pay default contributions to an authorised MySuper product, with the most well known

being AustralianSuper and AustSafe Super. This means that losing your payment due to a suspect provider is now far less a risk. That all sounds grand and all for Australian citizens yet for short-term visitors such as those on Working Holiday Visas the reality is a little different. Of course, if you meet the criteria then you can expect the contribution. Remember, as long as you earn over $450 a month from one employer you will be entitled. The arrangement is for any worker; whether permanent or casual, resident or non-resident for tax purposes (that would be you by the way). Arranging your superannuation is relatively straightforward. You can set up your own super account, which is the simpler choice if you intend of taking on temporary work or travelling while in Australia. You could also ask the bank to set up your super when you open an account with them or you can join the super account set up by the employer. If you do opt for the company’s super account and lose the paperwork do not fret, simply contact the ATO and they can help locate your super. For anyone being paid in cash it may seem great to have your wages in your hands to hold and then spend but you will be missing out on superannuation. You read that correctly. For all those lovely, crisp banknotes in your pocket you will be losing out on FREE MONEY. Working holiday makers are allowed to withdraw their superannuation either when their visa expires or whenever they leave permanently. This is known as the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment or DASP. A point to note is that you must have left Australia before this can be paid; the application includes checking that any

temporary visa has been cancelled by the Department of Immigration. Indeed, The Australian government must get really irked with these departures as they then take out a further 35% when you apply for the withdrawal. Bit harsh. Another point to note is that you are much better off claiming it sooner rather than later. In fact, if you do not claim your super within six months of leaving Australia, or within six months of the cancellation or expiry of your visa, the ATO will claim the money and it could be a while to organise its release from their tight grasp, especially from abroad. Still, the money is yours but if you are having trouble working out how to claim it then do not worry. If you have already claimed your taxback then the same company, and even the very same tax professional, should be able to assist you in claiming your superannuation. All you need to do is provide your membership details, fill in some forms and the tax professionals will do the hard work while you wait for the payment to arrive. Most charge a flat fee of around 15% for the service and you should receive your super within 28 days of the Australian Tax Office receiving your application. Superannuation may not exactly be super but it is free money that you should be entitled to when working in Australia. Setting up your account is simple and claiming it back once your visa has expired is not that hard either. Just do not forget about it, it is free money after all. For the Fastest Track To Receive Your Super, Visit


Shipping to Australia There are quite a few of you in recent years who have taken the big step and started a new life in Australia after leaving the United Kingdom. And we’d just like to say well done. It can’t have been easy.

budget for the durations of your travels.

pack and bring with your carefully.

making sure you receive:

Similarly, many of us simply can’t travel without buying something from every place we visit. If you end up carting around gifts for everyone back home, or souvenirs from your travels, then you may want to consider sending some of it back home. That way you can travel light and keep everyone back home happy!

Not only do you need to check what you can legally bring to Australia but there’s also the cost of shipping. If you’re sending bags or boxed items you may be charged by weight, but if you’re taking a container, then the shipment may be based on size.

Packing of your belongings in the strongest, industry-approved materials

Shipping with an international removal company

Belongings cleared at customs and delivered to your desired address and unpacked

For those of you considering settling in a city such as Sydney or Melbourne for a few months you may want to save yourself some money by shipping some of your belongings to Australia. With many rental apartments coming unfurnished, it can end up being terribly expensive to kit out your digs – especially when you may be on a

Check what you pack

But before you send any of the items to or from Australia there are few things you might want to know, After all, we’ve all seen Australia Border Security before.

Learn from the people who have gone through the process and learn all the obstacles coming your way and arm yourself, before facing them. And whether you’re going to manage the process yourself or not, always consider what you

When you decide to go forward with a removal company you will have to pay more than when you do it yourself but you will get your valuables in one piece to your new destination unharmed. And considering the amount of time you save and avoiding the stress of having to go through the mammoth task list alone should make you feel like you saved a million. Most of the reputable companies will make sure you get a service worth your money by

Loading of your items onto a shipping container and shipping to your chosen country

Customs clearances, terminal fees, shipping fees and insurance If you decide to handover your valuables to a company, you might want to be sure about Company’s reputation and the services provided to measure if you receive a package to match your fees. Visit 19

jobs. visas. shipping. mortgages. fx. health insurance.

Questions To Ask When Starting a New Teaching Role January brings the start of a new school year for Australian students and you’ve taken the leap and decided to teach down under… great choice! The amazing weather, people and lifestyle makes Oz a highly attractive relocation destination. However, going into a new school in another country can be daunting, regardless of whether you’re an experienced teacher with several years under their belt or just starting out. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions to ask when you enter a new school, ensuring you you feel less out of your comfort zone and more able to do your job with ease. What is the behavioural system? This will differ between schools, but is important to know so you are aware of how to respond if a student misbehaves. Whilst some schools favour a traffic lights system, which aims to reinforce positive ‘green light’ behaviour, others may use ‘bronze, silver and gold’ rankings – learn which one your school uses to help maintain good behaviour in the classroom.

What is the marking policy? Like the behavioural system, this will vary between schools. Some will use colour coding, some stickers, and some may require you to outline the positives and potential areas for improvement for a piece of work. Find out how this system works early on so you can master giving helpful feedback. Also find out how the school likes to track students progress, and whether this will be part of your role or another member of staff.

What are the daytime routines? Ask when break and lunchtime are so you’re not left with an empty classroom halfway through

a lesson. Also check the end of school routines, as this is important for safety – do the children stay in the classroom to be picked up, or should you take them to the playground?

What is the assessment structure for teachers? Ofsted doesn’t operate in Australia, nor is there an equivalent, but there are still procedures in place to ensure teachers are doing their jobs. There are non-government bodies, some of which are nonprofit, which assess the quality of schools based on different factors.

Are there afterschool clubs and groups for teachers to run? Extra-curricular activities are a great way to get involved in school life, particularly when first starting out and wanting to make a good impression. If you have any particular skills, ask if you can offer your services to teach or help out in an after-school club – you may see the rewards in the classroom too. Need advice or help finding a teaching job in Australia? Check out for helpful information and loads of excellent opportunities

CARPENTERS. ELECTRICIANS. CHEFS RECRUITERS. NURSES. SKILLED JOBS. BBMLIVE.COM/JOBS Our clients are seeking professionals from overseas to fill a range of jobs across Australia. If you’re serious about staying in Australia and are seeking permanent employment or looking at skilled visas options, we want to hear from you. If you’re coming to the end of your first or second year working holiday visa, or if you’re already in employment and are looking for a new sponsor please get in touch with our team asap. Our clients are looking for top talent and willing to sponsor for the right candidates. Call 02 8005 8162 or email your CV to


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Your mother looks at you, holding some coins in her hand. ‘For every dollar that I give you, you need to give me fifty cents back.’ As she hands over two dollars, you hand back your one dollar tax, before going off to by a forty cent lolly with your left over money, leaving you with sixty cents. However, what if your mother took the money out for the lolly first, and instead of handing over two dollars, handed over one dollar and sixty cents, as well as the lolly.

As she has only given you a dollar and sixty cents, you hand over eighty cents in tax and are left with ninety cents, as opposed to the sixty cents you would have had originally, saving you thirty cents. It’s a simplified concept, but in essence this is salary packaging – being able to package your pay in order to pay for items (that you would have paid for anyway) before you pay tax. As a result you are only taxed on the lower gross income, and never have to pay tax on salary packaged income.

How can you benefit? Salary packaging is a means of restructuring your income which is approved by the Australian Taxation Office. As a business it offers a way to reward your employees with minimum or no cost to you, while for employees

it’s a way to maximise your take home pay. A business can raise its value in the eyes of their employees, which has a knock on effect on both the loyalty of your employees and the culture of your workplace. Individually, employees benefit from walking away each week with a little extra money in their pocket.

Who can salary package? Any employee can salary package, dependant on what the employer is willing to include in their benefits. Most employers can salary sacrifice super, but employees will need to discuss what other options they have.

What can be salary packaged? Benefits fall into three categories:

fringe benefits, exempt benefits and super. Fringe benefits will appear on your payment summary at the end of the financial year, and your employer may have to pay some tax on these, e.g. cars, health insurance, school fees etc. Exempt fringe benefits are benefits you receive that will not be included in your payment summary. Your employer will not have to pay fringe benefits tax on these, e.g. portable electronic devices, tools of the trade, briefcase etc

Are there any exceptions? Unfortunately, employees working under a 457 Visa may not be able to utilise benefits of salary packaging. This is due to the fact

that they have a minimum salary requirement that they have to be paid, so reducing this through paying out deductions prior to tax may possibly jeopardise their visa. If you are on a 457 Visa and want to see if you are eligible for salary packaging, discuss it with your sponsor. Also, if an employee chooses to include a tax deductible item in their salary packaging plan, that item will no longer be eligible for deduction when filling out the tax return.

How can we help? If you have any questions about how you can salary package your income and whether out MAXpay system can work for you, contact Pendragon Management and we will assist you

IT Jobs in Australia with sponsorship There is a misconception about Jobs in Australia with sponsorship is hard to come by. Yet thousands migrate to Australia with sponsorship visa every year. On 18 April 2017, the Government announced that the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 visa) will be replaced with the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa from March 2018. Under this new TSS visa program there will be three options available Short-term stream: Where employers need to find genuine temporary overseas skilled workers in occupations for a maximum of two years Medium-term stream: Where employers need to find highly skilled overseas workers to fill medium-term critical skills in occupations for up to four years, with eligibility to apply for permanent residence after three years Labour Agreement stream: Where employers need to find overseas skilled workers in accordance with a labour agreement with the Commonwealth, on the basis of a demonstrated need that cannot be met in the Australian labour market and standard visa programs are not available, with the capacity to negotiate a permanent residence option.

How to find a sponsored job A sponsored job comes about when an Australian employer sponsors an overseas candidate to come and work in Australia on either a temporary or a permanent basis. This is usually done for in demand roles that the employer is struggling to fill. Sponsored jobs do get a lot of applicants; this may be because expats want to secure a job in Australia before moving there. You can secure a sponsored job in 2 ways; either find a sponsor yourself or wait until a sponsor finds you. Waiting for a sponsor to come to you is less work but could take slightly longer. You will need to enter your employment history and qualifications on an online database known as Skill Select. Employers can then view your details and get in touch if they have a position available that might interest you. You will have the most success with this if your job is considered in demand; this means that Australia currently doesn’t have enough people to fill these roles. If you wish to look for a sponsor yourself then take the time to do some research on which companies you would like to work for and then send a professional resume in. If you feel that you are not getting anywhere then consider volunteering for a few months as this could then lead to sponsorship. You could also go to Australia for a working holiday and meet people and network whilst you are there. The important thing is to remain positive, confident and professional and try not to be deterred if you don’t get sponsored straight away. 21

Outpost Set to Become Bali’s Hottest Coworking Destination New Canggu Campus Opens June 2018.

1.7 million people globally will be working in coworking spaces, and the popularity of Bali as one of the most aspirational coworking destinations worldwide continues to grow. “This strategy places us at the forefront of the global trend towards digital nomadism and destination coworking, and the phenomenal growth of the coworking movement in Asia,” explains Bryan Stewart, Outpost co-founder. “We believe our unique neighborhood approach to offering our members combined coworking, coliving and colearning packages sets us apart from others in the field, with our Life Design Lab professional development program fully integrated as part of our membership options.” “In our view, each of our campuses offers members a signature experience,” says David Abraham, Outpost co-founder. “Outpost Ubud is renowned for providing a productive and collaborative space for business evolution, innovation and creativity, while we see Outpost Canggu as offering an opportunity to dive into the quintessential Bali remote work experience of surf, sun and start-ups.” The Outpost Canggu community will have a focus on dynamic networking and collaboration opportunities, and will feature an in-depth program of learning seminars, casual events and workshops. This will include Outpost’s signature Life Design Lab, with an integrated surfing workshop element specifically designed for the Canggu coast.

Bali, 12 March 2018 — In response to growing demand, Asia-based destination coworking, coliving and colearning provider Outpost has unveiled plans to open its third regional location in Canggu, Bali in June 2018.

The new location complements Outpost’s existing campus in Ubud, Bali and makes it the first coworking space to offer global entrepreneurs the opportunity to base themselves at both of Bali’s hottest ‘digital nomad’ locales. With the expansion, Outpost community members will be able to bounce between each of the Outpost Bali campuses and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, over

Opening in June 2018, Outpost Canggu will boast 400+m2 of coworking space with 85 seats, private meeting rooms, Skype booths, private pool and deck area, and a small healthy options café/bar. Teams will be able to book one of three private office spaces. Enquiries into Outpost Canggu coworking, coliving and colearning membership packages are now being taken, with bookings opening in April 2018. Nursing Under-Grads (Assistants in Nursing)

Registered Nurse Dementia Specific Care Home (North Sydney)

Bower Healthcare is selectively seeking experienced nursing students (year 2 +) for work as Assistants in Nursing in acute general and specialty areas in hospitals around Sydney’ north. As a preferred supplier to NSW Health Local Health Districts, we are recruiting in preparation for an expected upturn in requests.

Set in its own grounds in a leafy northern Sydney suburb, this brand new unit opens next month and Bower Healthcare has been provided the opportunity to assist with staffing shortfalls. The 57 bed residence provides care for residents with low to high range dementia, living in shared units serviced by a regular team of support staff.

Essential Requirements: Must have a current work visa, or work rights in Australia, 100% compliance with the NSW Health Department’s immunisation policy, Must be nursing undergraduates, 2nd year onwards (no Cert III applicants will be considered), NSW Working with Children Check (paid employee version) and National Police Check. Need to live within easy travelling distance of the hospitals (to fulfil last minute booking requests).

Got a question?

The Registered Nurse oversees the support and care provided to residents, assisting with clinical needs where needed but mainly coaching and encouraging the staff to utilise their skills to the best of their abilities.

The Unit manager is on site during office hours between Monday to Friday. Shifts range across mornings, PM’s and night duties. Because of the specialist nature of the work and the autonomy afforded to the RN in charge, only those that have regular availability and can attend an on-site induction can be considered.

Hospital Orderlies Salary: $24 to $40 Hourly Rate We are seeking a number of experienced staff to work as orderlies in various general (surgical, medical, aged care) and specialty (mental health, OT, ED, ICU, etc) areas in public hospitals in Sydney’s east and southwest. We can offer an immediate start with shifts booked 2-3 weeks in advance, as well as on an ad hoc basis. Essential Requirements: Regular, on-going work for reliable performers Many shifts available, including weekends Advanced roster, in addition to day-to-day bookings Essential requirements: Must have current work rights in Australia Preference given to those with full-time equivalent availability 100% compliance with the NSW Health Department’s immunisation policy Must posses more than 6 months relevant experience from here or overseas (as an orderly, AIN or PCA) Recent, professional local references Current criminal record and working with children checks Please note that if you do not satisfy all of the above requirements but still apply, you will not receive a return response.

Do you qualify for our Australian Working Holiday Visa Package? To qualify for a Bower Healthcare working holiday package you must either be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa and meet the following employment requirements: • You must qualify for an Australian Working Holiday Visa or other relevant work visa for Australia. • You must either be a registered nurse and possess a minimum 12 months postgraduate clinical experience • Or be an experienced healthcare worker, eligible for work as an Assistant in Nursing or Community Support Worker Registered Nurses must possess provisional approval for registration with AHPRA • Click here for full details on our candidate requirements and working for us Our Working Holiday Packages combine everything you need to get started in Australia including accommodation and your all-important Tax File Number as well as some great tours to get you in the mood for your working holiday in Australia.


RIVER DRIFT SNORKELLING TOUR WITH BACK COUNTRY BLISS So what is exactly is a River Drift Snorkelling Tour? Our River Drift Snorkelling tour is an immersive rainforest experience through a tropical rainforest river. After being fitted out with a wetsuit, boots, snorkel Mask and an inflatable River Sled (all provided), guests are taken on an educational, and really fun, journey through

a crystal-clear river; with a roof of palms and ferns passing by overhead.

are definitely welcome as your guide will entertain you along the way.

It’s the best way to experience the Rainforest!!

Is there anything else you would like to add / tell us about?

What kind of wildlife or sights can we expect to see?

The most common question is: Are there Crocodiles in the river?

The wildlife is abundant, with freshwater fish guaranteed; more than 30 species live in this stretch of river. Other common sights include freshwater turtles, easter water-dragons (like an iguana), colourful butterflies, birds and frogs.

Thankfully it’s big NO. We have a very safe section of river to explore below Mossman Gorge. The water is too clear, too cold and too shaded to be suitable for crocodiles.

Depending on the time of year, we can also find native passionfruit growing along the side of the river, an incredible mid-tour treat!

Why should River Drifting be on travellers to do list?

Is River Drifting a group activity or can solo travellers take part? Who is the usual type of person who comes on your tours?

You’ll feel as if you’re in a giant aquarium as you explore the underwater environment in search of turtles, fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

All ages and types of people join our tour; as long as you can walk on uneven ground and loose rocks, we can ensure sure you have an experience of a lifetime.

The final section of the tour, guests can lay on their back, as they drift effortlessly down

Our scheduled tour has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10. Solo travellers

this beautiful ecosystem.

Plus, there’s also 2 popular swimming areas between us and the ocean end of the river. During our wet season, December – April, the river can increase in height and speed. When this happens, we strongly advise guests to be confident swimmers. If in doubt, simply give us a call and we can advise you on the current conditions. We provide PFD’s (lifejackets) FOC for guests that are a little unsure about the water, plus all guests can use our River sleds to float down the river on. Our River guides are also Swift Water Rescue trained, ensuring our guests are in good hands. More info:

Top 20 Things to Do in Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland If you are heading to the skyrail you will also visit Kuranda, the village in the rainforest of Tropical North Queensland. And you may be surprised by how much there is to do in the quaint little rainforest village. There are 2 very popular ways to see Kuranda and this is with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Kuranda Scenic Railway. After arriving via Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, make sure you leave yourself at least 2-3 hours to wander around Kuranda’s shops and markets, stop by the cafes and art galleries, explore the rainforest walking tracks or take in a boat cruise along the Barron River and visit a couple of wildlife attractions and so much more! The beauty of Kuranda is everything is close by, so it is easily explored on foot. There is a diverse range of restaurants and cafes with great local food as well as international flavours and they are all within a five-minute walk of each other. Food crawl anyone? Shopping is the other great experience when you wander the village. Put on your hiking shoes and take one of the many scenic walking tracks and trails in Kuranda where you can explore the rainforest and see then iconic Barron Falls.

5. Say hello to a life-size Allosaurus Dinosaur 6. Buy a home-made ice cream from the world famous Red Ice Cream Van 7. Check out how bees make honey (and taste it at the honey house.. yum!) 8. Cruise the calm waters of the mighty Barron River on the Kuranda Riverboat 9. Explore the picturesque rainforest walks around the village 10. Discover the amazing world of butterflies at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary 11. Hand feed kangaroos and wallabies at Kuranda Koala Gardens

Top 20 things to do in Kuranda

12. Make some new-feathered friends with giant Amazonian Macaws and many others at Birdworld

1. Visit the world famous Kuranda Markets every day of the week

13. Take a ride in a WWII amphibious army duck through the rainforest

2. Play a game of mini golf, hidden in a lush rainforest setting

14. Visit the Heritage-listed Kuranda Railway Station and its well-manicured gardens and have tea and scones or a mango smoothie

3. Watch old-fashioned candy being made (and then buy it and eat it!) at the Kuranda Candy Kitchen 4. Relax and savour local coffee at one of the many quirky cafes

15. Try even more sweet treats, and take some home as a souvenir! 16. Capture the Barron Falls in all its glory

17. R  ide an ATV quad bike through the rainforest. For thrills and spills go with Down and Dirty Quads and for a more relaxed journey through tropical fruit orchards and rainforest check out Barron Falls Estate 18. W  atch an indigenous cultural performance at Tjapukai or Rainforestation, put your hand up to go on stage and learn to shake a leg! 19. S  ay hello to a Cassowary in the rainforest

20. Cuddle a Koala or kiss a baby Crocodile at Koala Gardens or Rainforestation Visiting Kuranda has never been easier with a multitude of different tours departing every day; if you have your own car, selfdrive is among the most popular option to visit the Village in the Rainforest including the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway with your Skyrail Rainforest Cableway experience. Make sure you include a visit to Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Kuranda on your next Tropical North Queensland Holiday. Visit: to find out more. 23



When it’s hot, frolic in K’gari’s (aka Fraser Island’s) freshwater lakes and creeks! When it’s hot, frolic in K’gari’s (aka Fraser Island’s) freshwater lakes and creeks!

With the heat of the summer sun, K’gari’s rainforest (that grows out of sand, don’t you know?) gets incredibly humid with sometimes-extreme temperatures. Luckily, the island is blessed with natural lakes and pools that provide relief from the heat. With more than 100 freshwater lakes dotted around the island, there’s every chance you’ll find one that can accommodate your refreshment needs. 40 of these lakes are

perched – the water doesn’t come from streams or flow into the ocean, but it is, in fact, rainwater. The most famous of these lakes is Lake McKenzie. A sparkling azure jewel surrounded by trees, Lake McKenzie is about 150 hectares and five metres deep. Swimming in it is like swimming in a very large manmade pool, only cleaner. The water is so clean that the use of sun lotion and soap isn’t advised, as they act as pollutants. While crystal clear, the acidity in Lake McKenzie means no animals can survive in it – it’s perfectly safe to go swimming in, though. And the lovely, soft,

white silica sand is also a great natural exfoliator. Another of K’gari’s perched lakes is Lake Wabby. At 11.4 metres, it’s the deepest on the island, and has much lower acidity levels than Lake McKenzie, making it home to catfish, rainbow fish and honey blue-eye. Make sure to enjoy it while you can – in around 100 years, it may be no more due to the bordering sand dune blowing into the lake and eventually anticipated to swallow it whole! For nature lovers, Lake Allom is the lake for you. While it’s not as pretty as Lake

McKenzie nor as mysterious as Lake Wabby, it does have one trick up its sleeve – turtles. Hundreds or adorable freshwater turtles live in the waters of Lake Allom. While feeding them isn’t allowed, you can clap to gain their attention and watch them pop their tiny little heads out of the water. Discover K’gari’s lakes and more with Drop Bear Adventures. Providing 2 and 3 day camping and beach house tours, you can 4-wheel-drive to many of the beautiful spots on Fraser Island. Book your tour now at

An Insider’s Guide To Ocean Rafting in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is on every travellers bucket list, with the eye bursting beauty in every direction you look and the kind of activities which will give you memories for a lifetime, it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t. Many turn to tour companies like Ocean Rafting to ensure they get the best out of their Whitsundays experience. Our travel editor caught up with their team to find out about why this part of Australia remains to be on every travellers bucket list and we got the inside tips on the phenomenon known as Ocean Rafting. What do you believe are the highlights of experiences when travellers come to you guys? The tours are built so that travellers get to see one attraction after the other, what really strikes those who join us on our tours is the

way in which they see these attractions. Nothing can prepare you for the stunning scenery whilst sun gazing on our charter boats, it all adds to an unbelievable effect. Why do travellers recommend others to

do this tour? Travellers usually recommend our tours because of the overall experience; they get to see attraction such as Whitehaven Beach and a few hours later will get to snorkel in secret locations. Meals and accommodation aren’t included in the Ocean Rafting tour, but an optional tropical buffet lunch is available for guests to enjoy on the beach. Is there anything travellers should pack? You should always come prepared for the sun, sunblock, a peaked hat, glasses and also a water container. We have many water based activities so travellers should bring their swimwear and definitely bring a camera. What is the difference between the Northern Exposure tour and the Southern Lights tour?

The main difference between the two tours is that the Northern Exposure tour has more snorkelling time and the Southern Lights tour offers more beach time. We also offer a Double Deal for both cruises allowing you to experience more adventure for less! Both offer the ultimate in Hill Inlet tour. Are there amazing friendships that are formed on your tours? Friendships are always made on our tours, with so many individuals from so many different places in the world, there is plenty to talk about and learn from one another. On top of this everyone comes to have the time of their life and whilst doing so they are sharing this time with those around them. For More Information on Ocean Rafting Tours, Visit Today! 25


Being pleasantly marooned in paradise is nothing short of the Australian dream. Kangaroo Island is the ultimate display of nature and adventure entwined in ecstatic experience. The 2 Day Kangaroo Island Adventure Wilderness Explorer Tour opens the door to Australia’s 3rd largest island and the wonders of its incredible array of activities and its staggeringly stunning eco system. This 2 day backpacker tour brings everything to the table. Relish in a parade of adventures which cater for the wilderness traveller who thrives on exploring the attractions that are hosted from off the beaten track. Moments that are shared are moments to remember; bring you partner and your friends to experience the ultimate adventurer’s playground whilst absorbing local wisdom over the duration of your 2 day tour. Discover the hype for yourself and take in Kangaroo Island’s internationally famous hotspots such as; Admiral Arch, Seal Bay, Little Sahara and the divinely beautiful North coast of the island. Parallel the way in which the locals live and grow a deeper understanding of the island wildlife. Stand side by side with some of the more prolific animals that call Kangaroo Island their home. From the wallabies to the penguins, sea lions to koalas and fingers crossed

you will meet them all, including the infamous Kangaroo! This 2-day tour takes care of everything! Inclusive transport with free hostel/hotel pick up inside Adelaide and return coach and ferry transfer to Kangaroo Island. Furthermore, delicious grub and a phenomenal lodge apartment with all linen provided. For those who desire something a little more private than the antics of an 8-person dormitory, there are single rooms, as well as a 2 and 4 bed shared rooms available to upgrade your stay. Indulge at Kangaroo Island’s world class wineries, tantalise your taste buds with award winning sheep’s cheese and yoghurt and explore the wilderness of this beautiful island with the exclusive Kangaroo Island Adventure tours! Grab Your Tour Information and Visit Today!



Margaret River Region Open Studios 28 April – 13 May Margaret River Region Open Studios is the largest open art studios event in Australia. More than 130 artists from Busselton to Augusta in Western Australia’s south west will open their studios to welcome in visitors for a behind-the-scenes experience, making it the largest event in its five-year history. Margaret River Region Open Studios celebrates and shares the wealth of artistic talent located in the beautiful Margaret River region. By inviting artists to open their studios and homes, art lovers have the opportunity to meet the people behind the amazing art, and get a peek into their creative lives and inspirational spaces Local artists are the stars of the show and talent this year includes renowned landscape artist Douglas Kirsop for the first time, as well as returning artists Rachel Coad, Leon Pericles, Rebecca Cool, Mary Lynne Stratton and many more. We caught up with Jim Davies, Chariman or the Margaret River Region Open Studios to

hear more about the project and why it’s a must do activity for anyone travelling to the region.

What was the inspiration behind Margaret River Region Open Studios? Margaret River Region Open Studios was born from a chance meeting between our two founders Bill Castleden and Jillian Taylor in 2012. They both had experience of open studios events in the UK and thought they could replicate the experience for WA’s Cape to Cape region. They gained support from local tourism and art organisations, and a feasibility study showed there was strong support for the concept. We are now in our fifth year, and each year have new artists on board and 2018 is our largest year yet with 131 local artists opening their studios to art lovers, providing the opportunity to meet artists in situ, learning more about them and their work and showing their work in progress – art coming to life before the visitor’s eyes! Does the show only include local artists? Yes. Our local artists are the stars of the show. Our region stretches from Busselton to Augusta encapsulating 131 artist studios this year. Margaret River Region Open Studios all about celebrating and shining a light on our local artistic talent and providing a

unique opportunity to visit artists in their own creative spaces.

Why should travellers coming through the region visit Margaret River Region Open Studios? There are many reasons! It’s free, it provides a ‘behind the scenes’ experience for visitors, they get to meet some fascinating locals and see some beautiful regional studios and get off the beaten track to explore some lovely parts of the region not on the tourist trail. The event runs over 13 days and we provide a detailed map with profiles on each artist so it is easy to plan your time by selecting which locations, artistic styles or mediums you would like to see.

How does the event help showcase the local region and cultures? Visitors to the region have a one-off experience, being able to visit and meet creative and fascinating locals, understand the region through their beautiful and varied artwork, get off the beaten track and onto the back roads to visit some beautiful studios and properties and gain first hand knowledge and appreciation of the beauty of the region.

Are there any artists in particular that are inspired by the local region?

I think it would be safe to say all of our artists are influenced in some way by the natural beauty of the Margaret River region, whether it be the Indian ocean and our stunning beaches, the dramatic coastline, karri forest or native flora and fauna. You can certainly see the colours of the region even through the most abstract art.

Is there anything else you would like to add? We encourage people to visit our website ( and plan a few days in the Margaret River region to be inspired, surprised and delighted! When: 28th April to 13 May, 2018 Where: The event spans the entire Margaret River Region of Western Australia from Busselton in the north to Augusta in the south. Cost: Margaret River Region Open Studios is free to attend and no bookings are needed – it must be the most accessible event in the south west!


I get so many questions on my trips, a few of my favourites include: • Do we saddle emu’s and ride them like we do with the kangaroos? • If it’s raining will the sea lions still come into the water and play? • Why is the road so straight? • Do the camels actually live out here in the middle of nowhere? • Why is the sky so blue? • How long is the 90 mile straight?  • Why are there so many bugs out here in the bush? I could go on all day! The two questions I get asked the most though are one, “Do you ever get bored doing the same trip across the Nullarbor?” Every month for the last 8 months I have driven 8500kms with two groups of Nullarbor Traveller passengers. I can stand with my hand on my heart and say that no moment in my 60,000kms this season has been the same as the last. These epic adventure tours across the Nullarbor are so unique and there is an unbelievable amount to be seen between Adelaide and Perth. It is two thirds of Australia after all! Plus if you have seen any of the videos we put up on the Nullarbor Facebook page, you would understand there is no time for getting bored with such shenanigans to be created!

The second most common question is about one of my many favourite places on the Nullarbor trips. People ask, “The Great Australian Bight - what does it mean”? Great - large, magnificent, epic (yes its certainly all of those!) Australian - part of this great big amazing country we call home, Terra Australis. Bight - in nautical terms, a large open bay. Large as in 1160kms running from Cape Carnot in South Australia t- Cape Pasley in Western Australia. The Great Australian Bight is the longest continuous cliff coast line in the Southern Hemisphere. Epic indeed and a place that takes my breath away every single time I stop there and proudly showcase it to my passengers. Seeing their responses, the emotion and their reconnection to nature is absolutely one of the best parts of the job and makes those 60,000km so enjoyable! My passengers and the questions and enthusiasm they share are one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I meet so many amazing individuals and there is always at least one question on tour that is a new one! 

Tour Guide Tales –Magical memories of the South West of WA In my last blog I spoke about the 60,000km I’d clocked up as a guide for Nullarbor Traveller this season and even though the itineraries stay the same, every single tour is different and that’s what keeps my job so interesting! As an experienced tour guide I am trusted to make decisions based on the group of people I have on board. Their

individual interests, bucket lists and abilities are all factors in providing our travellers with the best adventure tour experience we possibly can. Does it kind of sound like we make it up as we go? Well don’t tell the boss but we kind of do! To give you an example, one of our amazing travellers turned 70 on board a trip from Adelaide to Perth recently. The Nullarbor had been a bucket list item for her for decades and finally she was doing it! When she asked about stopping at a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere to take a photo on the Nullarbor Links golf course, (the worlds longest golf course albeit very brown), of course I replied “Sure, lets do it”! On the same trip we had our oldest sand boarder ever at a ripe young age of 82, take his first run down the sand dunes in Fowlers Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. This was such an amazing moment and a reminder to me that age is no barrier. Travel keeps us young at heart!  And in my case brings back fond childhood memories. Something I get asked all the time by passengers is “Jodie, what’s your favourite part of Australia?” This is the hardest question to answer and it would just be impossible to pick one spot! I’ve been lucky enough as a tour guide to travel a large amount of this beautiful country we call Australia. There are a lot of spots that I could quite easily disappear to and happily call home. Places of beauty and nature that are far enough off the beaten track that they are relatively untouched. However the place I really call home is the South West of Western Australia. This is my favourite part of Australia. I grew up on a farm for most of my

childhood in a small country town in the middle of the South West, about 400km from Perth. My Nanna and my Dad love to explore and from a very early age they’d take us camping, fishing and holidaying to some pretty amazing spots. This is when my passion for the outdoors began. These childhood experiences gave me such a passion and enthusiasm about the area and how lucky am I the Nullarbor tours pass through these regions and I get to show them off to people from all over the world. Every time I come to this beautiful place words slip out of my mouth like “this is where we used to camp when my Dad would take me fishing as a kid” or “my school holidays were spent at this beach”. Passengers even learn where my Nanna’s favourite spot is and see the beach a rogue wave swept me out to sea. Luckily my dad reefed me out of the back wash by my leg”. There are many stories of the area that fill my heart with happiness. These stories make the white sandy beaches of Lucky Bay, crystal clear waters of Twilight Cove, magical tingle forests of Walpole, picturesque hikes and exquisite mountains of the Stirling Ranges, even more beautiful. Stories and memories of locals that grew up in the area in a time before smart phones could capture it all, that are forever held by the landscape. My passengers seem to love that they are reliving my childhood with me! Getting to see all of the best bits of the area that has been well explored in years gone by. Or at least they never seem to complain about it.​ 27

Integrity Coach Lines Hop On Hop Off Travel Pass

So you’re ready to get moving? And no doubt with slight apprehension!... You’ll likely be exploring the possibilities of where it is you wish to be headed and how it is you wish to get there... Western Australia is nothing short of a gold mine when it comes to experiencing a primitive land that is literally painted with astonishing beauty. This is why Integrity Coach Lines Hop On Hop Off  service delivers the ultimate West Coast travel experience with routes from Perth to Broome and all that there is in between. Tick off a Few Places along the way: Visit iconic attraction such as Kalbarri National Park, witness the stunning coast

line of Monkey Mia and feed dolphins, head to Coral Bay and Snorkel in the Ningaloo Reef and even experience Karijini National Park. With even more to see you’ll never find yourself lost for things to do or places to be!

A Hop on Hop off ticket provides absolute freedom when travelling North or South between Perth and Broome. You’ll be able to take your time and journey at your own pace as the Hop On Hop Off service unshackles you from rushing between locations; you can stay at each destination for as long as you wish! Forget about petrol and timing your routes around inconveniences such as driving hours on end, because with Integrity Coach Lines your only duty is to kick back and take in all of which passes by on the Western Australian coastline. There is little to plan other than simply choosing where it is you wish to go next, and with such a luxury as time, you’ll be

able to make sure nothing is missed out! With absolutely nothing to think or worry about, you’ll find yourself amongst the bliss of the Australian West Coast. Western Australia hosts the most abundant list of attractions and activities for you to experience and Integrity Coach Lines are passionate about turning your imagination into reality by getting you where it is you wish to go!! Get 10% off hop on and hop off coach services from Perth to Broome with Integrity Coachlines promo code BBMLIVE5 when you book online. Visit


Aussie Wanderer Tours and Safaris opens up the doors to Western Australia’s and The Northern Territory’s most iconic locations and prolific attractions. As long as it is wild and far out, Aussie Wanderers are out there, connecting a diverse landscape with the Outback roads and bringing everything you could possibly imagine to your experiences with every single tour.

Aussie Wanderer – The Ultimate West Coast Travel Guide

‘’These Australian outback tours which are the ultimate West Coast tour guide, taking you beyond the best hiking spots in Perth by showing you the top of the list of things to do while in Australia”

• 4 Day Perth to Monkey Mia

“Exploring the West Coast of Australia and the Northern Territory, the Aussie Wanderer Tours and Safari’s touch base on untouched land, un-familiarised by pop tourist industries and therefore ensure each tour to be an authentic adventure.” Aussie Wanderer Tours and Safaris is Western Australia’s most popular locally owned establishment who specialise in all inclusive, thrilling action packed overland tours for the travel junkies. As well as leading the way of thrilling expeditions, Aussie Wanderers focus on natural attractions and cultural activities, operating award winning tours throughout the West Coast of Australia, reaching further up through the Kimberley and along “The Top End”, across the Northern Territory to Darwin.

• 8 Day Broome to Darwin Safari

Some Tours of Mention: • 3  Day South West Perth to Albany

Broome to Bungle Bungle five day tour

• 5  Day Perth to Exmouth One Way • 7 Day Perth to Exmouth Return

• 9 Day Perth to Broome • 4  Day Exmouth to Broome One Way • 14 Day Perth to Broome Return • 1  4 Day Exmouth to Darwin Safari • 19 Day Perth to Darwin Safari With such a vast list of tours which all exploring the grandest sights and attractions, it is hard not to join a band of traveling comrades and make new friends who also relish the fruits of exploration, and wish to look back in disbelief as you share stories with those “less fortunate”. For More Information On Your Aussie Wanderer Tour, Visit Today!

Looking for short and sweet trips in the Kimberley for an affordable price? Check out this trip with Kimberly Wild Expeditions, taking you to one of the world’s most unique landscapes at the famous Bungle Bungles. Adventure for five days and four nights through the outback of Windjana Gorge; see local wildlife and indigenous bush tucker. Venture into Tunnel Creek to discover hidden caves and be sure to not miss a cruise on the waters of Geikie Gorge whilst you’re there too.

What You Need To Know

Tour Style: Kimberley Expedition

enjoy a Kimberley BBQ.

Maximum Passengers: 20 (Minimum 2)

Spend the next day exploring the highlights of the National Park, famous for the Bungle Bungle domes. There is time in the afternoon to take an optional scenic flight and enjoy a birds-eye view of the beehive domes (approx $350pp, own expense)

Price: 5DBB Camping: Adult $1695, Child (4-12yrs) $1595 *No Single Supplement 5DBB1 Camping Plus: Adult $1995, Child (4-12yrs) $1895 *Single Supplement $295

Tour Route: Broome-Broome

Departs MAY-OCT: Tuesdays

Accommodation: 5DBB Camping: Camping (2nts), Bungle Bungle Safari Camp - shared facilities (2nts)

Meals : 4 x Breakfasts, 5 x Lunches, 3 x Dinners

5DBB1 Camping Plus: Safari Cabin - with ensuite (2nts), Bungle Bungle Safari Camp - shared facilities (2nts)

Luggage: Max 15kg in Soft Bag/Backpack & Day Bag (No Suitcases) Validity: 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Vehicles: 4WD Vehicle

The Expedition

Fitness: Moderate

Visit the Old Fitzroy Crossing, Mangkaja Aboriginal Arts Centre and a guided cruise through the Geikie Gorge. Enjoy an evening camp by the Fitzroy River and

Tour Code: 5DBB Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Travel to the ancient realm of the Mimbi Caves, one of Western Australia’s largest cave systems. These limestone caves are one of the oldest identified sites of human occupation in Australia. Freshen up with a swim in the hydrating waterhole at the end of the tunnel before going to the geological wonder of Windjana Gorge, a delightful oasis in the outback. The Gibb River Road leads from the picturesque Napier Ranges as you return to Broome via the Derby ‘Boab Prison Tree’. Book your place on this fantastic expedition before it’s too late at 29


Since tourism came to the centre of Australia, thousands of people have climbed Uluru. Some have died in doing so. These days, there’s no legal requirement stopping visitors from climbing Ayer’s Rock (the Hawk government gave native title back to the Anangu people in 1983, but Uluru is technically on lease to the Australian Parks and Wildlife service – it’s a tricky system). To the local Anangu people though, climbing Uluru is essentially a desecration of one of the most sacred sites in all of Australia. It’s why we were the first tour operator to stop climbing the rock, and why we’ve spent nearly every day since campaigning for others to stop as well. We sat down with Leroy from Red Spaces, the company we work with on our Red Centre tours, to chat about why climbing Uluru has become such a contentious issue.

To climb, or not to climb “My name is Leroy and I have lived here at Yulara, near Uluru, since 1997. The question of whether to climb or not to climb is one I’ve had heard answered thousands of times by the local Indigenous people, the Anangu. I’ve worked with them for 20 years. Here’s my attempt at an answer Firstly, it’s important to understand that the Anangu have no concept of the word “own”, unless it has to do with stories. Basically, you can only own the stories of your own Country. Not possessions, and certainly not the land. So when a ‘traditional owner’ is asked a question about laws and rules, they can only really answer in regard to their own ‘Country’.

Traditional owners Since the coming of the white man, many Indigenous people from around Australia have been displaced and now reside on Country, here at Uluru, where the stories do not belong to them. When they’re asked questions – like the classic ‘to climb or not to climb’ – they often give answers that the questioner wants to hear. Sometimes these aren’t correct. Having spent the last 20 years with the traditional owners, of this land, I’ll try and put 50,000 years of oral law into context.

any welcomes visitors (as all travellers are, having paid their visitor fee). This traditional protection is considered so vital that punishments are in place for those that break the bond. It’s a responsibility the Anangu feel for all that travel here. So when a visitor climbs Uluru, falls and gets hurt, the traditional owner is put in a terrible situation. The Anangu simply ask us not to put them in this position. Not to take stupid risks in a harsh landscape that we don’t understand.

Why no ban? Even though the Anangu can’t understand why visitors continually put themselves in harms way, they choose not to ban the climb. Why? Simple. For 200 years we have kept them from their desires and told them what they can and cannot do. They know how it feels to be told ‘no’, and unlike us, they’re not hypocrites. The good news is, in the last few years we’ve seen the numbers of climbers dwindle. There’s a few reasons for this. First, the number of adult park entry tickets has fallen from 480,000 a year in 2004 to about 280,000 now. Secondly, tourists are becoming more sensitive to cultural issues. This probably means that those who only wanted to visit for climbing now go elsewhere. Some Anangu Elders are aware of this pattern, and it’s another reason they’re hesitant to ban the climb entirely: a drop in tourism and job numbers could be blamed on their communities. With the Anangu now actively involved in training tour guides, as well as the media highlighting the issues and government Rangers closing the climb during bad weather, we’ve been able to avoid a fatality on Uluru for many years. Some illegal climbers have fallen and injured themselves recently, but no amount of regulating is going to stop that sort of thing. In fact we now have more problems with people walking around the rock: it’s a 12km track and there’s only one water-station.

So, should you climb? As I explained earlier, the Anangu will never tell you not to climb. They’d rather you decide the correct path for yourself. With no reward at the top other than a view and a satisfied ego, they say it’s foolish to risk injury or death…especially while on a holiday. With about 35 deaths now and hundreds of severe injuries (many from dehydration) I tend to agree with them. As the only tour company in the northern territory to commit to Anangu employment every day of the year, I feel the Anangu will want you to not only know the truth…but print it.”

3 things you may not know about climbing Uluru…

‘’That’s a really important sacred thing that you are climbing… You shouldn’t climb. It’s not the real thing about this place. And maybe that makes you a bit sad. But anyway that’s what we have to say. We are obliged by Tjukurpa to say. And all the tourists will brighten up and say, ‘Oh I see. This is the right way. This is the thing that’s right. This is the proper way: no climbing.’’ – Kunmanara, traditional owner

Uluru’s iconic red sandstone is easily eroded. In fact you can easily spot the traditional climbing route, trodden for decades. It’s known as the ‘Scar of Uluru’.

The ‘traditional owner’ of an area is not only a custodian of the land, but also custodian of all the creatures, plants and people on it. This includes

Uluru has claimed the lives of 35 travellers so far. 348 metres might not seem like much, but it’s basically like climbing a 95-story building in 36 degree heat.

There are no facilities or toilets on top of Uluru. Many travellers not only leave rubbish on the rock, but (finding themselves stranded) are also forced to relieve themselves. As you can imagine, this is incredibly disrespectful (not to mention gross).

Article by Adventure Tours Australia - Australia Outback Yarns Blog

When you walk around the base of Uluru, you reach a spot that’s divided travellers, locals and politicians for decades. A simple chain handrail snaking up the rock face, and a sign that says ‘We don’t climb’. It’s at this point you have a choice.


8 Animals to look out for between Darwin and Uluru The northern part of the Red Centre may look barren and lifeless, but there are plenty of seriously cute critters that call this beautiful wilderness home. Keep your eyes peeled and you may be lucky enough to spot a few, if not all, of these remarkable animals during your Outback adventure. Thorny Devil This beautiful lizard is one of the icons of the Outback. Coming in at a tiny 20cms in size, the Thorny Devil is part of the Dragon Lizard family and live for up to 20 years. Despite their fearsome appearance – their skin is covered in tiny spines – and name, they are one of the least aggressive lizards in Australia and have a gentle, shy nature. Difficult to spot, you’re most likely to see one sunning itself by the side of the road, soaking up the sunlight they need to raise their body temperature. Look out for its erect tail and keep your eyes peeled and to the ground during any hikes. Populations are suffering due to habitat loss so seeing one is a real privilege.

Goanna The goanna is a large lizard which loves to laze around in the sun, and are widespread throughout Australia, so you’ve got a good chance of spotting one while travelling through the Outback. The goanna is actually a monitor lizard, given their distinctive name by early settlers from Europe who thought they looked like iguanas! They can reach over 2 metres long and eat snakes, insects and even birds. They love to dig holes, so wherever you see holes in the ground, a goanna is likely to be close by.

Red Kangaroo One of Australia’s best loved icons, the red kangaroo is likely to top anyone’s list of wildlife to spot while in the desert. The “big red” is the biggest marsupial in the world, and you’ll spot them in droves throughout the desert regions. Their hopping isn’t just cute, it’s also energy efficient and quick (they can reach speeds of 60mph), enabling them to travel large distances to find the small amounts of food available. When it’s hot, you’ll find them lazing around in the scrub. Very sensible indeed.

Desert Dingo Another iconic Aussie animal, the dingo is an intelligent and gorgeous wild dog that has been around these parts for more than 3,500 years. Fully grown, these sandy coloured beauties can grow up to 20kg in weight and are unique in that they don’t bark, but howl. Over the years they’ve been crossed with European dogs and the famous blue heeler is a well known dingo cross. Dingoes are omnivores meaning they eat both

meat and anything else they can find, and mostly hunt at night. They have an unjustly deserved bad reputation but are graceful and shy and a top sight during any desert adventure.

Spinifex Hopping Mouse These nocturnal mice are one of the creatures you’re most likely to see while out walking at night. They have a distinctive tufted tail and bound along at night on their long legs and giant feet. Growing up to 5 inches in height, they live in small family groups in burrows underground to protect themselves from predators. Keep your torch pointed towards the ground and keep a sharp eye out for these bouncing beauties.

Woma Python Another nocturnal sight is the woma python. Growing up to 3 metres in length and with pretty striped, brown markings, they make their home in sandy burrows left behind by other animals. They hunt by suffocating their prey with their body before swallowing them whole. They are no danger to people and are not venomous. They are also critically endangered so if you do see one, count yourself very fortunate.

Camel These “ships of the desert” are not native to Australia, but have become one of the ubiquitous sights of the Outback. Tall and graceful, often with a grumpy temperament, they can travel huge distances with little to no water and move in large groups. They do so well in the harsh Outback environment that Australia is now one of the world’s top producer of camels, exporting them to the Middle East and beyond. Look out for them both on the road and on the menu, if that’s your bag.

Bilby Possibly the cutest of all, but also the rarest, the pretty bilby is a small marsupial with a huge snout and large ears, in a tiny package coming in at around 30 inches long, so you’ll definitely need to keep your eyes peeled for this one. Like most desert creatures, the bilby tends to hide away from the sun during the day, so look out for them at dawn and dusk. Want to see these beautiful creatures and more?! Check out the tours on offer with Mulgas Adventures and our awesome guides will do there very level best to seek them out for you!

Kakadu Wild Tours deliver “The Great Australian Adventure” Kakadu Wild Tours deliver “the great Australian adventure” that all travelling nomads are hoping for. With local knowledge and years of experience, Kakadu wild take you through the heart of the Outback and along The Top End in the Northern Territory, across staggering landscapes and National Parks, and up or down the Western Australian Coastline. Kakadu Wild operate between Perth, Broome and Darwin so that no stone of exploration is left unturned when joining the locally run guides for an adventure. Kakadu Wild has tailored their tours to suit all kinds of travellers, ensuring everyone experiences the type of journey they are after. These tours range from a half day Broome tours all the way to 22 day expeditions from Perth to Darwin. Naturally such endeavours are packed with everything that Western Australia and the Northern Territory has to offer. Western Australia and the Northern Territory is scattered with attraction and after years of carrying out guided tours, Kakadu Wild have adopted an off road tour bus to ensure that you also see the incredible parts of Australia that is not accessible otherwise. Making tours and safaris a trip beyond what is usually seen in the magazines. These tours are designed to give you the best of Land and Sea activities, for it is not often that we are abseiling down cliff faces on one day and then on the next, having our minds blown by the largest fringing Coral Reef in the world (Ningaloo Reef), coming face to face with diverse sea life and under water ecosystems, painted with colours you didn’t know existed.

Kakadu Wild Tours are passionate about showing travellers the country they call home, and meet expectations by delivering epic tours that give you a chance to see everything Western Australia and the Northern Territory has.

5 Day Top End Explorer The highlights of this trip include 4WD adventures, learning about Aboriginal culture, visiting Twin Falls as well as the breath taking Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park. We visit Litchfield National Park as well as the beautiful Katherine Gorge. You’ll have the chance to go croc-spotting on a wildlife boat trip and spend a night under the stars at our private campsite. This tour starts and ends in Darwin. Tour Style: Aboriginal Culture, Camping Tour, Family Friendly, Short Breaks For More Information, Visit Today! 31

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The World’s Best Beach Clubs [part#1] Scorpios Mykonos

On a sun-drenched southern tip of the stunning island of Mykonos, there’s a beach club that is setting a new trend on the island. Set in a rugged whitewashed stone house with custom built stages for daily sunset rituals and ample open-air terraces with stunning views of the Cycladic coastline, Scorpios is far more than a beach club. This unique venue has successfully created a destination within a destination that you can’t miss if you have the pleasure of visiting Mykonos. At one of the very rare beach locations on Mykonos offering uninterrupted views across the open sea, horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds, and pinks born of the generous Cycladic sun. Be it a chilled gathering of friends or a day

Ulu Cliff Tops Bali The jewel of Uluwatu, Ulu Cliffhouse’s clifftop playground showcases a 25-metre infinity pool, a stunning restaurant just voted one of the world’s most beautiful by Conde Nast Traveller, an amazing bar serving some of the area’s best cocktails, a music recording studio, an art space, a kids club, and its open-air “Ocean Deck” a cliff side rock bar hanging provocatively over the waves and above Ulu’s own private beach. Since opening in December 2017, world famous DJ’s such as Beastie Boy Mike D, Grammy-award-winning DJ Nic Fanciulli, Bushwacka! and Sir Norman Jay MBE have all performed at Ulu Cliffhouse. Commanding jaw-dropping views of the ocean, Ulu Cliffhouse is home to Bali’s creative crowd, as well as being a space for wanderlusters to unwind or let loose. Designed by Shed London, the beach club draws on the iconic 1950’s Palm Springs

of contemplative, creative solitude, this beach club is a sublime retreat. A few dozen wooden cabanas and sunbeds, elegant in their simplicity, blend discreetly with their natural surroundings. Privacy reigns supreme until the Sunset Rituals begin around 18:30 each day, igniting the nocturnal energies of Scorpios Beach. A masterpiece of synthesis and expression, the whitewashed stone House has been opened on all sides, allowing air, people, and energies of all sorts to flow in and out freely. Its design nods to the ancient Greek concept of agora—a gathering place meant to galvanize the artistic, spiritual, and political life of the community. Like everything else at Scorpios, its form and function arose from collaborative effort, in this case by architects Dimitris and

Konstantinos Karampatakis of Athensbased K-Studio and Berlin-based designers Michael Schickinger and Annabell Kutucu of Lambs & Lions. Scorpios music program curates a collective of rituals meant to raise awareness of like minded people and connect them with an experience that blends together mindfulness, inspires change through their daily sunset rituals. With artists affiliates and residence held by the likes of Blondish, Kaz James, Jean Claude Ades and Bedouin, the team at Scorpios are fast setting a new standard for music and cultural holidays in Mykonos that are shining a positive spin on the islands typical ‘EDM’ scene. Watch out Paradise Beach - Scorpios has got a sting with your name on it....

aesthetic, enhancing its raw environment with modern edges, effortless chic and youthful cheek. Food by world-renowned Peruvian Chef Diego Muñoz, who led Astrid & Gaston to #14 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List and now free rider chef, Ulu Cliffhouse’s culinary offering goes beyond the typical beach club menu by incorporating the influence of Diego’s travels around the world and Bali’s local produce - resulting in a menu that showcases his personal take on ceviches, tiraditos, and an array of other culinary delights – all created tastefully to complement Uluwatu’s laidback lifestyle. With drinks designed by the same team behind Operation Dagger, number 22 bar in the world top 50, guests can choose from a formidable menu of beverages. Ulu Cliffhouse’s drink makers have spared no expense to ensure every tipple quenches the thirst of both casual drinkers and

aficionados. From in-house cold pressed juices including herbs and vegetables from the area, body tonics, kombucha and Jamu made locally in the Bukit peninsula, there is something for everyone. Ulu Cliffhouse is set to host Carl Cox and Eric Powell’s fantastic mobile disco on Saturday 19th May 2018 as part of its new SATURDAY social event series. With a

capacity of 2,000 people, and some of Bali’s most awe inspiring views, combined with the king CARL COX AND HIS PARTNER IN CRIME ERIC POWELL will DJ back to back for an incredible non stop 8 hour set, this will be one of the highlights of the event calendar for 2018. Read the full feature on the World Best Beach Clubs at 33

l e v a r T s t a e B x l a v i t s e F T I EX Get ready for a bespoke international music tour incorporating culture, private parties, history, and an international music festival, surrounded by the unique landscapes of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. We welcome you to join the Beats Travellers for what is sure to be an unmatched experience incorporating the rich history and culture of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, soundtracked by the worlds best artists at the pinnacle event - EXIT Festival 2018. EXIT Festival and Beats Travel have partnered to offer an innovative music and tour experience, taking in the cultural sights of the Balkans as well as the underground music scene, all leading up to the pinnacle festival of the year in Novi Sad. Freedom is not just about being able to do as you please, it’s the ability to open yourself up to new experiences, new cultures, sounds, tastes and friendships!

• Experienced Beats Travel guide •E  xclusive Beats Travel warm up party

Optional Extras: • Tours of Novi Sad(Tunnels, Wine tasting & more) The premise of the Beats Travel ‘add-on package’ will offer groups or solo festival goers the chance to attend a festival whilst also having the opportunity to experience the culture of the country with the confidence that they will meet other likeminded people who love music and travelling as much as they do.

On the EXIT Freedom Tour we take you on a journey through the underground music scene in Belgrade, the beauty and serenity of Sarajevo, and the culture and thriving nightlife of Novi Sad, not to mention EXIT festival itself!

When: 9th-18th July 2018(Full Experience) OR 10th-16th July 2018(Solo Experience).

EXIT Solo Freedom Package(Serbia) €399*

Duration: 6 OR 9 Nights

The Eastern European FREEDOM experience (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia) €799*

More info and tickets:

*Optional extras and upgrades available upon request.

Why Sonus Croatia is your must do summer festival in 2018

What’s Included? • EXIT Festival Pass • Travel • 6 or 9 nights Ho(s)tel accommodation

Where: SPLIT - ZADAR - BELGRADE - NOVI SAD - SARAJEVO - DUBROVNIK (Croatia/ Serbia/Bosnia/Croatia)

It’s no secret that Sonus Croatia has become the must go destination for summer music festivals, and with its many islands, stunning sea, ancients forts and fantastic weather the destination remains the premier rival to Ibiza when it comes to the European summer music scene.

So why is Sonus Croatia is a MUST on your 2018 Festival calendar? Now in its sixth year, Sonus Festival returns for yet another edition of world class entertainment upon the shores of Pag Island. With the festival taking over the Island in August, revellers can party on the world famous Zrce Beach, dance the night away at the open air Kalypso club, or party at Papaya overlooking the clear Adriatic Sea and Velebit Mountain. Whilst at Sonus you can also take advantage of the boat parties, taking to the high seas to party under the sun soaked skies of Croatia. When it comes to visiting Pag Island there’s also an abundance of great restaurants to fuel you for your days and nights partying. The main city, Novalja stands out due to the beauty and uniqueness of its beaches, its unspoilt landscapes, its entertainment and nightlife, the quality of its cultural and historical sites, the multitude of facilities for recreation make it your main hub whilst at Sonus Festival.   The great thing about this beachside festival is that it’s flexible depending on what budget you have. With camping readily available, you and your friends can save money – and with the weather remaining pretty good in August, there’s slim to no chance of having any wash outs. If camping isn’t your thing you can look at a package that includes accommodation, or simply look online for an apartment or hotel that’s near to the festival.

Sonus Croatia Line Up

Sonus Festival set for legendary 6th edition with Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Jackmaster, Nicolas Lutz, Peggy Gou, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Ryan Elliott, Seth Troxler, Solomun, Sven Väth and 34 more! More info and tickets:

Sail Beats Croatia 2018 Party, sail, restore and relax in equal measure on this coastal retreat aboard a luxury yacht. Destined for the Croatian islands of Brac, Hvar and Makarska you’ll discover hidden gems on the Adriatic coast and sail on idyllic turquoise waters. Ease into the your mornings with healing yoga or ‘voga’ and revitalising swims. Eat fresh breakfasts and lunches served aboard your yacht before going off deck to explore to historic coastal towns, snorkeling in coral reefs, or just kick back to soak up the sun. By night, Beats resident DJs host parties aboard taking you on a different listening journey into the night. Party with likeminded friends old and new as the sun goes down and keep the party going until the sun comes up in all it’s majestic glory on the Adriatic sea.

Sail Beats Tour Dates 4-7th July 2018 Prices from £499 More info and tickets:


ACCOMMODATION New South Wales Sydney The Globe Backpackers 40 Darlingurst Road Kings Cross, Sydney NSW 2011 Free: 1800 806 384 Ph: (02) 9326 9675 West End Backpackers 12 Pitt St Sydney NSW, 2000 Ph: 02 9211 4588 Free Phone: 1800 013 186 Porterhouse Hotel 233 Riley St Surry Hills NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9211 4454 Big Hostel Single and double & Dorm rooms available Max 4 bed dorms. 212 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 92816030 Free: 1800 212 244 O’Malley’s Hotel 228 William Street, Kings Cross Sydney, NSW 2011 Ph: 02 9357 2211 Sydney Central Hostel 428 Pitt Street Sydney 2000 Ph: (02) 9211 7323 Kanga House backpackers 141 Victoria Street, Kings Cross, Sydney Ph: (02) 9357 7897 Sydney Northern Beaches Sydney Beachouse - YHA 4 Collaroy St, Collaroy, 2097 Ph: +61 2 9981 1177 Guaranteed jobs/work all year. Cheap weekly rates by the beach with free Surfboard, Bodyboard & Bike hire

Port Stephens

Melaleuca Surfside Backpackers 2 Koala Place, One Mile Beach, NSW 2316 Ph: (02) 4981 9422 Mobile: 0427 200 950

Katoomba Blue Mountains Backpackers Hostel 144 Bathhurst Road, Katoomba, NSW 2780 Ph: 02 4782 9630 bluemountainsbackpackerhostel.

CEDAR CREEK LODGES THUNDERBIRD PARK Cnr of Cedar Creek Falls Rd & Tamborine Mountain Rd, Tamborine, QLD 4272

Byron Bay

Backpackers in Paradise 40 Peninsular Drive Central Surfers Paradise Queensland, 4217 Ph: (07) 5538 4344 Free: 1800 268 621

Byron Bay Accom Ph: 02 66 808 666 Email: bookings@byronbayaccom. net Aquarius Backpackers 16 Lawson Street Byron Bay NSW 2481 Ph: (02) 6685-7663 Free: 1800 028 909


Nomads Byron Bay 1 Lawson Lane, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 Ph: 02 6680 7966 Free: 1800 766 673

JJ’s Backpackers 11-13 Charles Street Cairns QLD 4870 Ph - (07) 4051 7642 Free- 1800 666 336 Heron Island Ph: 02 9538 0751

Arts Factory Lodge 1 Skinners Shoot Road, Byron Bay, NSW Ph: 02 6685 7709 An essential part of your journey Maca’s Camping Ground Ph: 02 6684 5211 1156 Main Arm Rd, Upper Main Arm NSW 2482, Australia LAKE TABOURIE TOURIST PARK Princes Hwy, Lake Tabourie, NSW 2539 Ph: (02) 4406-3101

Queensland The Deck 117 Harcourt St, New Farm Brisbane QLD 4005 Ph: 0433 777 061 Designed with the working Traveler in Mind. Minimum 2 week stay Brisbane City YHA 392 Upper Roma St, Brisbane QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3236 1004 Aquarius Backpackers 44 Queen Street Gold Coast, Queensland Ph: 07 5527 1300 Free:1800 229 955

Katoomba Mountain Backpackers Lodge 31 Lurline st Katoomba, NSW Ph: 04782 3933

Cairns Share House 17 Scott Street, Cairns, QLD 4870 Ph: (+617) 4041 1875

Western Australia Perth

western beach lodge 6 Westborough Street COOLIBAH LODGE 194 Brisbane Street Northbridge Perth WA Ph: (08) 9328 9958

Scarborough, Western Australia, 6019 Ph. (08) 9245 1624 OCEAN BEACH BACKPACKERS

1 Eric St Cottesloe Beach Ph: 08 9384 5111 BILLABONG RESORT 381 Beaufort Street, Perth WA Ph: 08 9328 7720 Britannia On William 3 William Street, Northbridge, WA Ph: 08 9227 6000

Ph: (08) 9221 9991 Beatty Lodge 235 Vincent Street West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9227 1521

Boranup Boranup Forest Retreat 422 Sebbes Road, Forest Grove Ph: +61 404 895 901 monkey mia Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Monkey Mia Road, Shark Bay 3537 Ph: +61 8 9948 1320

Kununurra Kununurra Backpackers Adventure Centre 24 Nutwood Crescent, Kununurra WA 6743 Ph: (08) 9169 1998 or 1800 641 998 broome


Alice Springs

Discovery Melbourne 167 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC 300 Ph: 03 9329 7525. Freecall 1800 645 200

Annie’s Place 4 Traeger Avenue, Alice Springs , NT, 0871 Ph: 1800 359 089

Independent & Budget Traveler Accommodation Provider Victoria Hall Accommodation 380 Russell Street, Melbourne 3000 Ph: 03 9662 3888

Northern Territory Darwin Youth Shack 69 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 1300 793 302

Haven Backpacker Resort 3 Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs Ph: 1800 79 4663 / 08 8952 4663

South Australia Adelaide Adelaide Travellers Inn Backpackers 220 Hutt St Adelaide 5000 Free call 1800633747 Ph: +61 08 82240753 bookings@adelaidebackpackers.

Melaleuca on Mitchell 52 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 09 8941 7800 Chillis Backpackers 69 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 1800 351 313

Beaches of Broome 4 Sanctuary Road, Cable Beach, Broome, WA, 6725 Ph : 1300 881 031 au

Victoria redcliffs hotel 25 Jacaranda St, Red Cliffs VIC 3496 (03) 5024 1704 Johanna Beach Cottages 225 Blue Johanna Road Johanna Heights Victoria 3238 (03) 5237 4224 Brambuk Backpackers Hostel 330 Grampians Road, Halls Gap, VictoriaPh: 03 5356 4250 backpackers.htm Brambuk Backpackers offers travellers an affordable and comfortable range of accommodation, ideally situated within the stunning Grampians National Park.

EXCLUSIVE BACKPACKERS 158 Adelaide Tce, Perth 6000

THINGS TO DO Skydiving iFly Downunder

123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith, Sydney Ph: 1300 366 364

Sydney Skydivers

745 Picton Road, Wilton, New South Wales, Australia 2571 Ph: 1800 805 997

Southern Skydivers

2 hours South from Perth Busselton Ph: 1300 449 669

Scuba Diving NINGLAOO WHALE SHARK & DIVE CENTRE Located inside reception at the Exmouth Cape Holiday Park: 3 Truscott Street, Exmouth, WA Ph: 1800 224 060 www.ningaloowhalesharkndive.

The Dive Shed Busselton

21 Queen Street, Busselton, WA Ph: 08 9754 1615

Adventure Tours Awesome Whitsundays

Ph: 1800 293 7663

Australian Kayaking Adventures

PO Box 1055, Ashmore City, QLD Ph: 04 1294 0135 www.australiankayakingadventures.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway Cnr Captain Cook Highway and Cairns Western Arterial Road Smithfield, QLD Ph: 07 4038 5555 Contiki Ph: 1300 188 635

aussie wanderer

Ph: 0894382070

Crocosaurus Cove

58 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 08 8981 7522

Wild Expeditions

Shop 20, Johnny Chi Lane, Broome Ph: 1300 73 88 70

Margaret River Vintage Wine Tours

Ph: 0417 948 933

The Peel Region Tourism

75 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah Ph: 08 9550 3999

Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours Vivonne Bay, Kingscote, SA Ph: 08 8202 8678


Four days, two famous Aussie icons, one awesome tour Ph: 1800 009 858


Ph: 02 4730 4333

Drop Bear Adventures

Ph: 1800 061 156

Territory Expeditions

Ph: 1300 115 922

Mulgas Adventures

Ph: 08 8952 1545

Kakadu Wild Expeditions

Ph: 1300 73 88 70

Kakadu 4WD Safaris

Ph: 1300 525 238

Adventure Tours australia Ph: 1300 654 604

Sydney Outback Tours

Ph: 1300 307 634

Real Sydney Tours

Ph: 0402 049426

The Travel Yoga Company

Ph: 0411301820

Kimberley Wild Expeditions Ph: 1300 73 88 70

The Official Home And Away Tour To Summer Bay

Ph: 02 9977 7890


10-18 Jacka Blvd. St.Kilda Sea Baths Complex, St.Kilda, 3182, Melbourne, VIC Ph: 03 95370644


55B Surf Coast Highway, Torquay, Victoria, 3228 Ph: 03 5261 3730


9 Chapman Terrace, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA Ph: 0427 315 286


7 Hastings Street, Glenelg South, SA Ph: 08 8295 8812


Jetty ‘C’ Mariners Cove Marina, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach Qld 4217 Ph: 1300 JET BOAT (1300 538 262)


Nationwide Ph: 1800 670 232


Nationwide Ph: 1800 703 357

Integrity Coach Lines

PO BOX 1131, Midland, 6936 WA Ph: 08 927 47464

Go Camper

90 Parkin Street, Rockingham, WA Ph: 1300 667 363 35

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Australia work & travel paper march 2018  
Australia work & travel paper march 2018  

In this issue we explore Australia's outback, meet some amazing local creatures of the wild and urban kind. We catch up with one of the worl...