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Why Shawarma Matic always hits the spot Ah, shawarma – one of the region’s most favored delicacies. We all tend to have different preferences when it comes to building our perfect shawarma: some of us prefer chicken, some meat, some prefer friesin or fries-out, pickles, tomatoes, and dare we say it, lettuce. That’s why Shawarma Matic is always going to be one of our favorite go-to spots to fulfill our shawarma cravings, whatever they may contain. And to sweeten their deal of the bespoke concoctions they have on offer, they’ve opened up shop in Mahboula, pleasing those of us who frequent the area for family visits and extracurricular activities. The Mahboula location, while small, is inviting. Scattered picnic tables are lined with shrubbery right outside of the restaurant, giving you the option to “dine in” and enjoy your meal with a friend or solo before going on with your day. Of course, you still grab and go, or have you shawarma delivered. The menu remains, as always, flawless. Shawarma is aplenty – as the concept’s name promises, offering a range between artful concoctions inspired by different cultures such as Mexican, American, Middle Eastern and even a hint of Roman influence, with the Caesar Shawarma concoction. And of course, we cannot forget the classic “do-it-your-way” type of made to order sandwiches. Craving a classic Roast Beef Sandwich? They got it. Shish Taouk? Kabab? It’s all there! Something that will make Lebanese patrons happy is the Kabbab Soujouk sandwich on the menu. What does it consist of? Soujouk with traditional spices to give it an authentic taste, coupled with your bread of choice. These are just little examples of the endless possibilities you can dig into. But nothing can compare to the classic “Matics” section of their menu. You can choose between the three types of bases they have in-house (rice, hummus or salad) and top it with the shawarma meat of your choice. They even take it further by giving you the best possible combination: Nachos with cheese, paired with chicken or beef shawarma! For the carb-conscious weight watchers, Skinny Matic beef or chicken options are available, complete with dips and sides. Couple your feast with with their amazing fries and their succulent and Crispy Halloumi Bites: a bite-sized twist on the Levantine classic that even your sassy grandmother would approve of. Western influenced tastebuds can opt for fiery Jalepeno Poppers and even fried pickles, if their palates choose to do so. Because Shawarma-Matic is a product of its forefather restaurant Mais Al Ghanim, you can be rest assured that the quality and authenticity of these favorites aren’t compromised. Much like their shawarma, expertly carved and slow roasted on the rotisserie spit, the most authentic, delicious and addictive taste with a hint of cardamom is always produced, without fail. With all the options offered at both of Shawarma Matic’s locations, it’s always going to be difficult to choose. But remember, when in doubt, go with your gut, and enjoy the fact that this glorious eatery is now available in both ends of the country. Shawarma Matic is open from 1pm to 1am. It is located in Mahboula, Block 2, Street 10, and in Salmiya, Block 9, Baghdad Street. Reach them by phone at 2225 6444 or check out their website at: You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: @shawarmamatic. 328