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Broadcast Accessories Suppliers in UAE

Broadcasting systems, equipment and accessories are mainly used by  Production Houses,  News Stations, and  Radio Channels, & so on.

Broadcasting Accessories include various  Cables,  Lighting,  Scaling,  Charging,  Conversion and Tuning Equipment.

ď ś These converters are used to supply third-party broadcasting equipment with power. ď ś They are used along with power distribution units and power cables.

DC to DC Converters

Belt Packs support a stereo line input jack to mix recording into the broadcast.

Additional Belt Packs

ď ś High Capacity V-mount Lithium cell batteries to support longer shooting time without a direct power source. ď ś Built-in LED power indication, to indicate remaining power

Daylight Cameras

ď ś Camera-mountable Low-power consumption, Lithium battery-powered LED lighting systems. ď ś Used to provide uniform lighting over projected area, with a frosting diffuser to soften shadows and reduce contrast.

Rear Panels

Rear panels for broadcasting systems with additional inputs, audio delays, and video distribution.

Broadcasting Cables

Various cables are used to connect equipment to other pieces of equipment, accessories or power sources. These include,  Fiber cables,  Converter cables,  Power cables,  Output cables, and  Audio input cables.

ď ś High-quality audio reception microphones with superior sound quality and hi-res audio recording. ď ś Comes with wind muff for effective wind noisereduction.

Stereo Microphones

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